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January/February 2012 Delivered to areas of: Tettenhall, Perton, Wightwick, Compton, Pattingham, Burnhill Green, Ackleton, Chesterton, Seisdon, Trysull, Claverley, Wombourne, Lower Penn, Worfield, Hilton & Albrighton.

Great Prizes to be Won inside this Issue: Meal for 2 at The Bentlands Tickets for On Golden Pond at The Grand Theatre ÂŁ50 Cash Inside this New Year Issue: Local features including the History of Tettenhall, the Benham Olympic Challenge, meet local band - Jump The Shark, catch up on the Local Property Market and Home Interior Ideas, places to go to get fit and healthy in 2012, local Eating Out reviews, Education, Motoring, The Social Scene plus lots more! 01

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Hello Readers A New Year dawns and a golden glow gilds the prospect of good times ahead with Wolverhampton West Magazine. Our aim, as ever, is to banish ‘them ‘ole blues’ and not content with that, we make a pledge to transform the highways and byways of life into glittering pathways of promise. So - we’ve ordered a million welcome mats to embrace the new year, since never before in the annals of time does a new year deserve to be welcomed so rapturously. As I toil at my old Remington typewriter well into the small hours beneath the light of a silvery moon, I hear a carolling nightingale singing as if to say ‘Here comes the new year - and how better it will be than the last’. Is this nightingale aware of some hope? We ‘out west’ believe so. As always, we bring you - the smartest of consumers the low down on carefully selected businesses to help you banish gloomy days and burst into the sunshine of life. We have your best interests at heart, so ‘chin up’, best foot forward and take heed. The Doctor recommends a roll neck jumper, sensible shoes and trousers and an expression of keen determination and resolve. Hang on! Hold tight! Stay with us as we tear pell mell towards tomorrow - the tomorrow you always promised yourself. With a flourish we look to transform the staid into the spectacular and the sombre into the splendid and so we remain gloriously optimistic - and why not? Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our readers!

Enjoy your read...


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Leap Year T.A.Henn Competition Winners 2011 The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman Make Your House A Home Recipe of the Month Local Business Man Conquers Mont Blanc Travel Bureau Competition Winner Local Band – Jump The Shark Wolverhampton Racecourse Competition Winner The Calendar ‘Worfe’ Looking At Crosswords & Puzzles Tettenhall – Tempus Fugit Grand Theatre Competition Carvers Marathon Cheque Presentation Local Businesses Get Festive For Charity Rotary Club of Wolverhampton A Locomotive Called “Wolverhampton Wanderers” Bentlands Competition Chinese New Year – Year Of The Dragon Local Business Owner Shines On TV The Benham Wolverhampton Olympic Challenge Gardening with Ann Winwood Golf Tip of the Month with Piers Ward Bella Italia Eating Out at The Cross Guns Eating Out at Penn Tandoori New Year – New You Mens Fashion – Something for the Weekend Welcome to Swishing A Great Achievement for Hayley £50 Cash Competition Fashion – Work Wear Think Yourself Happy AFC Wulfrunians The Social Scene Benham MINI Benham BMW Maserati Gran Cabrio Audi Q3 Beauty and the Beast – the New Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG Answers to Puzzles

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Congratulations to: Winner of the 5 Star Holiday for 2 in Cyprus, courtesy of The Travel Bureau Helen Malone, Tettenhall Winner of the £50 cash competition Linda Davies, Albrighton Winner of the Meal for 2 at Wombourne Tandoori Mrs A Woolley, Pattingham, Winners of the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs competition at The Grand Theatre Mrs Val Harvey, Perton Mrs I Gibbons, Perton Mr David Francis, Perton Winner of the Apley Farm Competition Mrs Lorraine Gill, Tettenhall Winner of the £300 Shopping Spree with Beatties Mrs Sienna Sophia Sinclair, Pattingham


Leap Year It is to Julius Ceasar that we owe the existence of the Leap Year. He it was who, in 46BC, reformed the old Roman calendar adding one extra day every fourth year to take account of the fact that the Earth took 365 days and 6 hours to circle the sun. This was done by doubling the sixth day before the Calends of March. This year was called bisextile. As every schoolboy (and girl) probably knows, you can determine if a year is a Leap Year by dividing it by four. However, things are not as simple as that. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII further adjusted the calendar taking into account the fact that even Caesar’s calculations were somewhat out. By Gregory’s calculations, years divisible by 100 did not qualify, so ‘century leap years’ were disregarded, which is why, although 1896 was a leap year, 1900 was not. However the plot thickens. Even this adjustment was insufficient to bring the calendar accurately into line with the facts of astronomy. Gregory further declared that ‘century leap years’ that were divisible by 400 could qualify for the extra day. Hence the year 2000, beginning of the new millennium, was a leap year. This rule means that only comparatively few ‘new century years’ can be leap years - after 2000, the next one will not occur until the year 2400 . This adjustment of the calendar was not universally accepted by the then 04

civilised world. Britain in fact refused to countenance it until 1752, by which time the error had mounted to eleven whole days. At a stroke, the 3rd September 1752 became the 14th September, and caused riots amongst the populace convinced they had had their lives commensurately shortened. There was even a popular song written called, “Give us back our eleven days” Russia was even more resistant and didn’t accept the change until the October revolution of 1917. The name ‘Leap Year’ is thought to have derived from the fact that the intercalary (extra) day, called ‘bisextus’ or ‘Leap Day’ that is added to the month (February), is not simply pushed on one day of the week as in other years, but leaps over one day additional! There have been many odd beliefs and customs built around Leap Years. February 29th is said to be a very bad day on which to send love letters. However, quarrels made up and apologies offered on this day should tie the contenders as friends for life. One tradition that has endured for many hundreds of years

and which is still occasionally practised is that governing marriage proposals. It has long been permitted for the lady to ‘pop the question’ on February 29th. There are stipulations however. Traditionally she should wear a red flannel petticoat to advertise what she has in mind and should carry an open fan. The man of course, does not have to accept but, if he refuses, he has traditionally been expected to pay over a forfeit. This varies depending on the part of the country involved and can range from £10 to a pair of fine, white kid gloves. Some authorities maintain that promises made on Leap Day must be kept if the maker of the promise doesn’t wish to fall victim to something extremely nasty before the next Leap Day. However, secrets told on this day need not be kept - unless of course, a promise is involved. You have been warned!

THE LARGEST SELECTION OF WALL & FLOOR TILES THROUGHOUT THE MIDLANDS If you are looking for an up to the minute design for your kitchen, bathroom or en-suite, traditional style or a modern and contemporary design for your lounge, hallway or conservatory. Tile Choice can meet your every requirement at exceptional prices. Our fully trained and experienced staff will assist you in planning your room layout, how to prepare the surfaces to be tiled and advise you on the correct tiles and tools to complete the project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 8.00am - 5.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm





7 Millfields Road Bilston Wolverhampton WV14 0QJ

Unit 6 Easter Park Worcester Rd (Opp. Hoo Farm) DY11 7AR

Unit B & C Arrow Point Retail Park Brixton Way SY1 3GB

Units 25&26 Longford Ind.Est Longford Rd WS11 0DG

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2011 T.A. Henn winners… The T.A. Henn ‘team’ hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones and we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you, the readers of Wolverhampton West Magazine all the very best for 2012. We thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at 2011 and have a quick recap of our winners from competitions ran throughout the year. Sue Curtis, May winner of the Limited Edition Royal Wedding Pandora charm.

Rose Judeh, September winner of the Merry Hill Wedding Fayre competition presented with a T.A. Henn pearl necklace & matching earrings.

Winner Winner Wendy Page, October winner of the in-store Ice Watch Competition.

Elizabeth Vjestica, August winner treated to a special prize presentation by Jean Martyn.



The T.A. Henn team wishes to thank you for your your feedback, support and big congratulation again to our 2011 winners. Remember, winning doesn’t always happen to someone else; you could be the lucky one next time…

Valentines Ideas - Precious or Fashion? For him…

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T.A. Henn 38 – 41 Princess Street Wolverhampton WV1 1HD

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The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman I was talking to my father the other day about the changes there have been to Estate Agency since he started as an articled pupil in 1953… One of the most significant changes appears to be the public perception of the profession. In his early days Estate Agents were respected and held in some regard whereas now we rank just above Bankers and MPs in the popularity polls. I wonder why that is? Partly it is because successive governments have refused the entreaties of the profession to bring in some form of regulation to ensure that anyone practising as an Estate Agent is properly qualified and experienced. Whilst the vast majority do act properly there have been instances of bad behaviour which always cast a shadow over everyone. Partly it also stems from those almost forgotten days when the market was booming and some agents made hay while the sun shone, with some problems arising from gazumping and market pressures. The property market, and all its foibles, has always made good copy for the media. Whether it is booming or crashing, it always seems good for knocking and in the process confidence is shaken. Technology is another difference. There were no electric typewriters or word processors, no mobile phones or photo copiers, no sonic or laser measuring machines and no computers. There were not even any female estate agents! Letters were dictated and taken down in 08

shorthand and sale particulars were copied using one of the fiendish Gestetner machines which seemed to put ink everywhere except where it was wanted! There was a telephonist to deal with incoming and outgoing calls, it being beneath the dignity of an important person to dial their own calls! Valuations were charged for, even if they were pre-sale valuations, and there was a West Midland fee structure of 2% plus almost everything on top. Boards were charged and some agents even charged for accompanied viewings! All advertisements were charged and after a sale had been agreed the file was put away until the vendor’s Solicitor asked for the account. These days there is probably more time spent after the sale is agreed than when the property is being marketed. Nursing the sale through mortgage applications and surveys, searches, contract submissions and problems with the chain take so much more time than in the past. Salaries are a bit different too. My grandfather paid £250 for my father’s articles and he was then paid £1 per week for three years plus 6d per mile petrol expenses which was the lifeline! In those days there were 27 estate agencies in Wolverhampton who were all independent and hardly any of them now remain.

But enough of the past, what of the present? The easy answer is to say it’s the Christmas period – which actually means it is pretty quiet! However that does not mean the market is dead. Every month I refer to our targets and I am pleased to say that once again we beat our November target by one, although I must admit it was a soft target. So far as the future is concerned I think we have to accept that the market we have now is unlikely to change for a considerable time. There is little use in waiting for things to get better as that will not happen for years rather than months. We have to adjust our thinking to making the best of the market that we have rather than nurturing fond hopes that things will get better tomorrow. This is actually positive thinking and should lead to positive action rather than unwarranted optimism. There is always a market there; the trick is finding it and being priced correctly to make the most of it. The Compliments of the Season and every good wish to our readers for 2012.

Property of the Month The Old Rectory, High Street, Newport, Shropshire

An elegant, Grade II listed Georgian residence in a superb position close to the heart of an historic market town. Fine accommodation and a wealth of period features including stunning plasterwork. Reception hall, three reception rooms, kitchen, breakfast room, study, laundry, cloakroom, cellars, six bedrooms, bathroom and shower room. Carriage drive, garage and a lovely, part walled rear garden.

OFFERS AROUND ÂŁ695,000 VIEWING Please contact the Tettenhall Office.

13/15 High Street, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8QS Telephone: (01902) 747744 09

Repeat business

- A Name

That You Can Trust

Over 60% of all Cousins customers are repeat or recommended. It’s a fact that people regularly travel to their stores from all over the UK, because they appreciate the unrivalled choice on offer and the guarantee of seeing something a little different and always a little better. Experienced sales staff are always on hand to guide and advise and the team pride themselves on providing a high level of old-fashioned customer service, whilst making your visit an enjoyable and informative one. With large free car parks, customer restaurants, friendly staff, late-night opening and interest free credit available, there is no reason to not visit Cousins furniture store.

A gift of a winter sale Left - Right: Edward, Matt, John and Thomas Shotton

Founded in 1985 by three cousins, the Cousins brand has expanded to three 90,000ft furniture department stores, two distribution centres plus a head office - all of which they own the freehold. Flagship ‘destination’ stores in Birmingham, Manchester and Dudley guarantee a shopping experience you will never forget.

Unrivalled standards in display and merchandising Setting unrivalled standards in display and merchandising to give you great help when furnishing any room in your home, every interior style is catered for. All furniture ranges are beautifully accessorised in their own room settings and specialist home wares departments showcase what’s new and popular. With so many fresh exciting brands, ranges and ideas - it’s easy to make a statement with Cousins. 10

Delivering quality from around the world Thanks to experienced buyers that travel the world to visit exhibitions, leading factories and design conferences, the team at Cousins are undoubtedly an authority on the latest design ideas and their collections exude the highest levels of innovation, inspiration and craftsmanship.

And what’s more, with the winter sale just starting there are plenty of absolute bargains to be had. Be early to take advantage of the extra sale discounts throughout the stores – with many savings of 50% or more right across their fantastic range of brand name furniture, carpets, beds and home wares plus many one-off deals and limited stock availability. So visit the store today and find everything you need to make your house a home - at a price that you can afford.

At Cousins, you’ll find the world’s leading and most prestigious brands, some of which are new this winter, meaning that whether you want classical or contemporary, casual or formal, you can buy with complete confidence.

All under one roof With bedding and bedroom departments that are immense more than twice the size of any retail specialist. Cousins offer quality and value, famous brand names and every style and finish imaginable - all under one roof, meaning that you are certain to find your dream bedroom furniture. To complement their furniture and furnishings collections, an extensive flooring department showcases leading brands, designs and styles. Whether you want carpets, rugs, hard, natural or wooden flooring, you can be sure to find it at Cousins.

Robert Shotton


expect much more than a furniture store



Harrison Beds

Incredible Savings Throughout All Departments Cousins boast three of the largest furniture stores in the UK. Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional, modern or classical, Cousins have the answer. The choice is enormous, all beautifully displayed in inspirational room settings. Put that alongside incredibly low sale prices on all items throughout the stores including all the famous brand names, you will have the ultimate shopping experience.

sofas. carpets. curtains. beds. dining. bedroom. homeware.

the winter sale HALF PRICE SAVINGS

Open 7 days a week: Late Nights: Tuesday & Thursday until 8pm Birmingham Warwick Road, Tyseley. B11 2EW. T: 0121 765 3300

beyond expectation

Dudley Hall Street DY2 8NW. T: 01384 451500

Manchester A57, Regent Rd, Salford. M5 4EA. T: 0161 875 4070

Free Parking Instore Restaurant Sale starts Boxing Day

Make Your House a Home Stylish accessories are essential to make the most of your home. A selection of unique and chic items from local independent furniture and home ware stores are available from Blyth Group, Tettenhall. Creative Interiors, Finchfield. Lighting Majestic, Lower Gornal and Interiors Italia, Wolverhampton.

Large Candle Holder


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tic Lighting Majes £64


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Max Benjamin Candles

rs Creative Interio £9.95 each lder

Gold Candle Ho

Wooden Clock

Interiors Italia

Interiors Italia £269


Stags Head Bottle Stoppers

rs Creative Interio £9.95 each

Ceramic Vase in Ivory or Jasmine Flower

Raphael Light

Glass Mosiac Lamp with Silk Oval Shade in Black or Grey

Blyth Group £85



Lighting Majes £109

rs Creative Interio ch ea 2 £1

Sale StTuaesrdatys c 27th De

Extra t un dmisancy o om Showro

on r s to clea Display

17-25 Merridale Road Chapel Ash,Wolverhampton

Telephone: 01902 420699 Open: Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 9.30am-5.00pm Closed: Thur & Sun


Recipe of the month

Mushroom & Leek Risotto This creamy risotto is great for a quick and easy midweek supper simply served with a leafy green salad and some warm ciabatta bread. Replace the mushrooms with small vine tomatoes fried until soft, if liked.

Serves 4

Ready in 45 mins • 55g butter • 1 tbsp olive oil • 2 leeks, washed, trimmed and thinly sliced • 1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed • 225g risotto rice • 900ml hot vegetable stock • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 175g button mushrooms, wiped • 2-3 tbsp freshly grated Parmesan cheese, plus extra to serve • 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 14

Method 1. Heat half the butter and the oil in a large deep frying pan. Add the sliced leeks and garlic and fry over a medium-high heat until softened but not brown. Stir in the rice and cook for one minute. 2. Add a ladleful of the hot stock to the pan and simmer gently, stirring all the time. When all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice, add another ladleful of stock. Continue adding the stock in this way until the rice is tender and has a creamy texture – this will take about 20 minutes. 3. Heat the rest of the butter in a separate frying pan and fry the mushrooms over a high heat for 2-3 minutes until golden brown. Stir the Parmesan cheese into the risotto and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 4. Serve the risotto in warmed bowls topped with the fried mushrooms, chopped parsley and extra Parmesan cheese.

Furniture of Quality, Individually Designed, Carefully Installed, Enhancing your lifestyle

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With every Kitchen ordered in January

Order your kitchen now with our Interest free terms. Example: 3 years interest free funding, 0% APR, loan amount of £5,000, monthly repayment £138.69, term of loan 36 months, total amount repayable £5,000, subject to status. ‘Aga Authorised Showroom’ 128 Aldersley Rd, Tettenhall, WV6 9LZ

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Design • Supply • Install

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Home Security Fears Of UK’s Over 60s The nation’s over 60s believe their neighbourhood and home to be less safe than ever, according to new research by retirement living specialists McCarthy & Stone. A poll of over 500 people found that a fifth of over 60s do not feel safe in their own home, with 41% listing anti-social behaviour as their biggest concern with regards to safety in their neighbourhood. Almost a third (30%) of those polled said that they felt more vulnerable in their home as they had got older, with an alarming 62% believing that their neighbourhood and home to be less safe than it had been in the past. The poll, which involved members of the McCarthy & Stone Viewpoint 60+ consumer panel, questioned individuals’ views on home security and attitudes towards safety in their homes and neighbourhoods. When asked what they felt could make communities safer, harsher penalties for those breaking the law and more police officers on

the beat were the most popular answers (both 73%), while greater police power and better control of immigration were also thought to be important.

receive from our residents - where many take the decision to move into a retirement development due to increased security and the support available.

A quarter (26%) reported feeling less confident as a result of concerns over safety and security, while one in five (21%) don’t go out after dark. This was a particular concern for women with double the amount of men saying they remained at home at night.

“It’s natural for people to lose confidence as they get older – particularly if they are less physically active or unable to do some of the things they had done when they were younger but it is worrying to hear that people are feeling less safe. This research also indicates that people feel that a change in society is adding to their concerns, in terms of the threat of anti-social behaviour – which is also alarming.

Reassuringly, the community spirit is still apparent with 85% of those surveyed saying that they could call on their neighbours in the case of emergency.

“It’s particularly interesting to note that of those who live alone, only 69% feel safe and secure in their home, compared to 85% of those living in a retirement development.”

Sue Blackman, regional sales and marketing director for McCarthy & Stone, comments: “The results of this research are in line with the anecdotal feedback we regularly

McCarthy & Stone’s Farthings Court development includes enhanced security features, including 24 hour emergency call systems, CCTV and door entry systems and intruder alarms. There is also a house manager on site for added peace of mind. Farthings Court is located close to Bridgnorth’s historic bustling High Street offering a number of local and national shops. The area also has excellent transport links, including the town’s famous Victorian Cliff railway, helping residents to navigate from low town to high town. For journeys further afield, the Severn Valley railway makes travelling around the rest of the region an enjoyable and easy experience. For further information about the properties and lifestyle available at Farthings Court, visit the show complex open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30am to 5.00pm or call 01746 769 075. Alternatively, you can log on to Viewpoint 60+ is run by respected research company Populus. All respondents signed up to a quarterly online survey are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £500. To sign up to Viewpoint 60+ and have your say, visit


Move for free* It’s as easy as 1,2,3! 1 2 3

We can help you find a buyer for your current home and we’ll pay your estate agents’ and solicitor’s fees and stamp duty if applicable. We will give you a guaranteed price for your existing property with our Move for Free scheme*. We will arrange for a specialist removal company to undertake all of your packing and unpacking, and pay for it too. You’ll be amazed just how easy it is, all you need to do is talk to our professional Sales Consultants today.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our website

24-hour Emergency Call System House Manager • Security Entry System BRIDGNORTH


Farthings Court Kings Loade, WV16 4DA Open Tuesday - Saturday 10.30am to 5.00pm

Burgess Court Gravel Hill, SY8 1QW ALL RESERVED

Prices from £129,950

*Terms & conditions apply. Not available on dependent properties over £350,000. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer/promotion.


01746 769075


Local Businessman Conquers Mont Blanc They attempted the climb in 2010 but had to turn round only 400 meters short of the summit to due weather conditions and security reasons having climbed for 11 hours. Going back down was essential for their safety however it involved another year of intense training to maintain and improve their level of fitness as they were more determined then ever to conquer the big girl the following year! The award was presented by Dicky Dodd and Lee Burton from 107.7 The Wolf.

Congratulations to John Henn, T.A. Henn’s managing director, winner of the Charitable Act of the Year at the Pride of Awards Wolverhampton 2011 organised by local radio station 107.7 The Wolf. John Henn and his climbing partner Robert Osborne reached the summit of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain at 4,810m in May 2011 and raised over Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range £10,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital in quality accessories for your holiday memory of a friend of theirs who lost of hisgood battle against Cancer in 2010. Travel Gift Card is available to treat

that someone special in your life.

Winner of Fabulous Cyprus Holiday Courtesy of Travel Bureau in Wombourne Helen Malone from Tettenhall couldn’t believe her luck when she received a telephone call from Wolverhampton West Magazine to inform her that she had been picked as the lucky winner of


the fantastic 5 star holiday to Le Meridien Limassol Spa and Resort in Cyprus.

Magazine and enjoy reading The Travel Bureau is the interesting articles that are an Independent Travel published”. Helen said “I still Agent established over can’t believe that I have won 27 years with experience this fabulous holiday”.in all aspects of Travel

David Walters, Managing Director from The Travel Worldwide Flights and provides your Bureau picked the lucky Continental Rail Tickets Wolverhampton Westown Personal Travel winner from 100’s of entries Magazine would like to thank Consultant – specialising Amtrak American that Wolverhampton WestRail Tickets everyone who entered the in personal itineraries to Magazine had received for the a big Specialised Business Travel competition Departmentand also suit individual holiday competition. thank you to The Travel Bureau Specialised Rail Holiday Department requirements for that along with Classic Holidays Helen will be taking special occasion as well as and Le Meridien Limassol Spa Telephone us now onon 01902 324777 standard holiday packages. Husband Seamus along and Resort in Cyprus. holiday. andquotation Seamus For a free Helen no obligation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne both said “we really look WV5 9DN Opening Hours: - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00 forward toMonday receiving a copy Wolverhampton West

Yvonne Walters, Seamus Malone, Helen Malone, David Walters


ABTA No.78359

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L-R: Theo Williams lead & rhythm guitar, Tasha Jones vocals & drums, Matt Gregory bass guitar & Jon Murphy lead & rhythm guitar. Photo courtesy of Jane Williams photography.

Get hooked on up-and-coming young band Jump the Shark When it comes to musical ambition Wolverhampton West Magazine’s delivery boy Theo Williams is using his hard-earned wage to help put the band he’s in on the map. The 14-year-old guitarist delivers more than 400 magazines to Tettenhall readers and ploughs the money he earns into Jump the Shark… Not many young bands get to record their debut EP with a music industry producer who has worked with legends Kings of Leon, Robert Plant and Paolo Nutini. But Jump the Shark, consisting of 14-year-olds Theo Williams, Jon Murphy, Matt Gregory and Tasha Jones, earned that privilege when music expert Gavin Monaghan heard just one track of theirs. He invited the indie alternative rock four-piece, who write and perform their own music, to play at his Magic Garden studios where they recorded a couple of tracks last autumn. “We’ve only been together for a year so to have someone as well-respected as Gavin invite us to record at Magic Garden studio was a big deal for us,” says guitarist Theo. The result is their debut single Today and follow-up the catchy 20

Indecisive, written one afternoon in Theo’s parents’ front room and inspired by a cheeky Matt. “The studio experience was invaluable,” said vocalist and drummer Tasha, “we might be young but our attitude to working in the studio was as valid as any experienced musician. We are writing new material all the time and are planning a return to the studio to continue recording.” The unsigned band met through a combination of Zip Rock School, based at Newhampton Arts Centre, football and school. Tahsa is at Wolverhampton Girls High, Jon at St Edmunds and the other two are at Thomas Telford School. Their schools might vary, as do their musical influences, which

they’ve each brought to the party to create their unique sound. “Mine is a heavier rock sound,” says guitarist Jon, “whereas Theo’s background is in the Blues, but we gel well together and instinctively know how to compliment each others’ playing.” “What is just as important,” adds bassist Matt, “is that we are all mates and despite being at different schools we hang out together and practise as much as we can.” The band cite big names like The Beatles, Biffy Clyro, Nirvana, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys as influences as well as current sounds from Funeral Party, Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines and Bombay Bicycle Club. And they are keeping their eye on local lads The Limelight who they recently shared a stage with at a packed Wolverhampton gig. For now Jump The Shark has got a busy 2012 to look forward to, writing, recording and rehearsing. “We are looking to get more gigs,” says Tasha, “but we are taking things a step at a time. We want to be around for a good while yet and develop our sound.”

To find out more you can tweet the band or contact them at, or find them at

Instore, online. Collection or delivery.

3 Victoria Arcade, Lower Level, Mander Centre (opp. Beatties) Wolverhampton WV1 3QD | 01902 714 415 21

Winner of a `Night at the Races’ courtesy of Wolverhampton Racecourse Jo Davies from Tettenhall was chosen as the lucky winner of this fabulous night out for four at Wolverhampton Racecourse. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition and a special thank you to Wolverhampton Racecourse for putting up a fantastic prize. Jo very kindly sent us an email to thank everyone for a lovely evening, we have published her email below: “The night spent at Wolverhampton Racecourse was wonderful.

L-R: David Marshall, Rona Marshall, Jo Davies (competition winner) and husband Sam Davies

A fantastic night was had by all and our friends who joined us, David and Rona Marshall, will also be spreading the word as THE place for a special occasion and for something enjoyable and different! We all agreed it had the lot atmosphere, venue, the racecourse team, closely followed by wonderful food and a varied wine list.

unexpected experience and one that should be promoted more as not just a ‘night at the races’ but an evening that offers everything!”

The Horizons Restaurant was really quite impressive - a gem in the heart of Wolverhampton. The service from arrival through to our departure, coupled with excellent ‘Egon Ronay’ cooked food, was an

The Calendar ‘Worfe’ Looking At

Worfield village is not normally associated with risqué goings on, but residents have been bearing all to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Local well known scenes have taken on a new perspective as the month of April shows. The organisers say: “We wanted to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer by inviting as many local people as possible to take part. We are very grateful to all those who volunteered 22

to be photographed and the sponsors’ contribution towards the production of the calendar. We are delighted with the results.” Calendars are on sale locally for £10 in Eldons at Rudge Heath, and also at Worfield Post Office and The Dog and Davenport Arms in the village. Alternatively you can order a copy at info@ All proceeds will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

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Quick Crossword Across

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Puzzle answers on Page 128

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Tettenhall: Tempus Fugit by Rob Taylor

as the morning dew, its origins not considered fit for contemporary public record. But even though so much has already been lost to the ether, Tettenhall is still teeming with history.

The history of almost every American settlement in the West is precisely recorded; founding fathers and early settlers are as familiar today as they were in that area over 200 years ago. Sadly, this is not the case for English villages and Tettenhall is no different. Yet another village that ‘just’ appeared as fluidly and innocuously

Its name most likely derives from ‘Teotta’s halh,’ meaning a nook or sheltered position. But who was this Teotta? A Saxon chieftain in late Roman times, keen to capitalise upon Tettenhall Rock as a defensive stronghold? History is foggy and conjecture is often loosely associated with truth. Thankfully though, recent history is a little more exacting. In 910 Abingdon monks recorded the Battle of Tettenhall as being a fight between the Danes and the English, with the English as victors. This has given rise to a village tradition, asserting that the parish church of St Michael and All Angels was built to commemorate the battle. Since no burial grounds or archaeological evidence have ever been discovered, current thinking suggests no battle ever took place in the village at all. Tettenhall remained outside Wolverhampton and with its own

council until 1966, when the everexpanding conurbation engulfed it. The medieval parish church of St Michael was founded before the Domesday Book was compiled in 1086 and was mysteriously burnt down in 1950. Fire appliances struggled to reach the church buildings from the roadside and all but the 14th Century tower and 19th Century porch was destroyed. The landmark clock tower on Upper Green was built to celebrate the coronation of King George V in 1911; a gift from local landowners, the Swindleys. During the Second World War it doubled as the site for a large underground air raid shelter, now long filled in; although one entrance is still visible and can be seen, bricked up, from the roadside. Among the village’s most popular sites – at least, whenever the weather permits – is Tettenhall pool. In the 18th Century it was known as Marsh Pool and began its life as a farm pond before being turned in to a paddling pool in 1934, courtesy of the Graham Family, owners of the Express & Star newspaper. Old Hill, winding its way up the steep sandstone ridge to the shops at Upper Green, used to be the main arterial route through the village centre, until the Turnpike Trust – in consultation with legendary local engineer Thomas Telford - cut the bypass in 1823. Today the route, carved straight through the ridge, forms part of the backbone of the A41 and is eagerly used by modern day commuters heading in to Wolverhampton. Let’s hope that some of those daily commuters are academics, keen to be more exacting in their record-keeping than previous generations.


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Competition Page

went on to win 3 Academy Awards including Best Actor and Best Actress for Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. Hollywood star Stefanie Powers is joined by Richard Johnson, star of Hollywood films, an RSC and National Theatre leading man and a national treasure. Elizabeth Carling is best known from her regular roles in Boon, Goodnight Sweetheart and Casualty. “A work of rare simplicity and beauty” The New York Daily News

Three lucky winners can each win 2 tickets to see ON GOLDEN POND on Tuesday, 31st January at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. On Golden Pond presented by Middle Ground Theatre Company presents the timeless and endearing love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year, and is on stage from Tuesday 31st January to Saturday 4th February. They are joined by their daughter and her fiancée, who leave their teenage son with Norman and Ethel while they travel to Europe. A deeply moving and touching exploration of the relationship between the elderly couple, their daughter and their grandson follows. As the summer wanes, there is a realisation is that time is against them. But the years have been good, and perhaps there is another summer on Golden Pond still to enjoy... The classic film of On Golden Pond, which starred Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda, 30

Call the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Box Office for more information on 01902 42 92 12 or online at

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Wolverhampton West Magazine at the address below to arrive by 18th January 2012. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

Which reality TV show was Stefanie Powers in? A - Celebrity Master Chef B - I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here C - Celebrity Coach Trip Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7YY, to be received no later than 18th January 2012. Winners to collect from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash or alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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Back row: Keith Berry, Henry Carver, Mayoress Kath Turner, Steve Bull, Graham Walker, Kath Rees Front row: Mayor Bert Turner, Mary Harding

Wolverhampton Marathon, - Cheque Presentation Chair Mary Harding said that although entries were up on last year, sponsorship was down but they were pleased to have equalled last years total.

Henry Carver and Mum Mrs Carver

Monday 5th December saw the final piece of the Marathon events for 2011 draw to a close when Sponsors, Associates and the planning committee met at the invitation of the Mayor to present cheques to the Charities who had been chosen to receive a share of the funds raised through the Marathon events. The Charities who each had a share of the ÂŁ19.000 raised were; The Haven, Wolverhampton Fostercare Association, The Birch Thompson Memorial fund, the Steve Bull Foundation and the Mayoral Charity Fund. 34

She went on to thank the Sponsors: Carvers Building Supplies, Birmingham Midshires (part of the Lloyds Banking Group) Marstons, Highland Spring, Decathlon, Greggs, Tarmac, Brindley Garages, Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre, Nuffield Health, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Aqua Force, EPL Skylift, Wolverhampton City Council, West Midlands Police, St John Ambulance, Raynet Communications.

Not forgetting the huge input from our Media Sponsors: 107.7 The Wolf, BBC WM Express & Star, Wolverhampton West Magazine. They all did the event proud each one helping to raise the profile of the Marathon events. On Marathon Sunday the sun shone and so did the competitors and spectators. The day was made even better by the Mayor and Mayoress getting around and meeting the people. So many people enjoyed talking to them. The marathon is now well and truly established as an annual event in the City of Wolverhampton.

Plans are already underway for next year. If any Companies would be interested in Sponsoring please call Mary on 07809 645790 or email or write to me C/O Carvers, Littles Lane, Wolverhampton. Any LOCAL charities wishing to be considered for receiving some funds please write on headed paper to Mary Harding C/O Carvers Littles Lane Wolverhampton no later than the First week of January.

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Local Businesses Get Festive For Charity On Wednesday 14th December, local business people from the Wolverhampton based BNI Wulfrun and Villiers networking groups donned Santa Suit outfits to raise money for Compton Hospice. Around fifteen people in costume armed with presents, made the walk from the meeting headquarters in Tettenhall down to the hospice on Compton Road to the delight of passers-by and motorists who honked their car horns. The annual event brings eager anticipation from patients, visitors and staff who are sincerely grateful to the ‘Santas’ who bring fun, festive voices and much cheer to the ward area and Woods Day Centre. Over £2,000 has been raised for Compton Hospice since the idea was implemented by the group in 2009. This money helps to provide specialist care to patients and their families diagnosed with a terminal illness. 36

Michele Ibbs, Area Director for BNI Black Country said “It is fantastic to see the members supporting a brilliant local charity - this is one of the way’s local businesses can help. I think I speak on behalf of all our members when I say this is the real start of Christmas.” Compton Hospice relies heavily on the support of the local community to help fund their £6.4 million a year running costs. Simon Cater, Corporate Fundraiser at the hospice remarked “We are sincerely grateful to the BNI Wulfrun and Villiers chapters for getting into the Christmas spirit and in turn caring for their community.”

Compton Hospice

Caring Together

Charity Reg No: 512387






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The Rotary Club of Wolverhampton batteries! This is another scheme started, in this case in 1994, by an individual Rotary Club which has since grown to the extent that tens of thousands of boxes are now being sent every year. One of the many joys of belonging to Rotary is that it makes it possible to participate in schemes such as the above .

Since the last edition there have been a number of activities to report. After the Turkish earthquake disaster our Club have paid for three Shelter Boxes to be sent. These boxes contain a tent and a range of survival equipment and are administered by a company which was started by a Rotary Club in Cornwall. Since the scheme started in 2005 boxes have been sent all over the world to disaster areas and our Club have contributed almost 90 boxes at a cost today of just under £600 each. Many of our members have filled Shoe Boxes. These are boxes which are sent at Christmas to countries where there is a need. The boxes can be filled with small gifts suitable for children, teenagers or with household items. No chocolates or sweets, no war related toys or items needing

On 8th December we had our Senior Citizens Christmas Party where we entertained many who are beyond the first flush of youth and tried to add to their enjoyment of the festive season. Our guests were collected by Rotarians and taken to Linden House, Tettenhall Road where they were served a Christmas Dinner followed by appropriate entertainment which, we hope, gave them something to remember. Once again we will have our annual Tree of Remembrance in the Mander Centre where for a contribution of £5 or more relatives and friends can be remembered on the boards around the tree and also by publication in the Express and Star. Gift envelopes are available at the tree or by telephoning Derek Morgan on 01922 411419. On 3rd December we celebrated the 90th Birthday of our Club when the Toast to the Club was proposed by the National President of Rotary – more of this anon. Finally this month a moving story of how one of our members came to join the club. He was born in India and came to England aged two, his father worked in a factory, his mother was a housewife and he was the oldest of seven children. He had a lifelong ambition to be a doctor and found at school that he was able to keep ahead of the other children in his class. This academic flair spurred him on to aim high. When he came to apply for medical school he was unable to answer the question as to who else

in his family was already in the field of medicine. He was put in touch with Shu Behari who was then the Wolverhampton Chief Dental officer and is a member of our Club. He wrote a letter of support which helped entry to the Birmingham Medical School. In 2010 he was invited by a fellow Doctor as a guest at his inauguration as President and at that meeting recognised Shu after 30 years (he has a distinctive mop of hair!), and after the meeting approached Shu and said that 30 years ago a young boy had come to see him and he had helped him realise his dream of becoming a Doctor. Shu said he was happy he had helped but who was the boy. It was me , he said, and I want to say thank you for what you did. Shu put his arm round his shoulder and invited him to apply for membership of the Club. Dr Gurmit Mahay is now a successful G P, a qualified Solicitor and says he will always be grateful to Shu for his kindness which changed the course of his life. So Rotary works in many ways, it helps many people in many ways and it is fun.

If you would like to know more about our club please call the Hon Secretary, Geoff Lowndes, on 01902 758990. 38

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Harry Cartwright, Baroness Heyhoe Flint, John Smith and the Mayor and Mayoress of Wolverhampton at the official unveiling

Wolves are pleased to announce that a locomotive named “Wolverhampton Wanderers” has been officially unveiled at Wolverhampton railway station. The award winning freight haulier GB Railfreight (GBRf) made the decision to name one of their locomotives after the Club, thanks to a campaign organised by young Wolves fan Harry Cartwright. Harry had been tirelessly campaigning for the naming after learning the GBRf had named locomotives after other clubs such

as Sunderland, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday.

Director John Gough and a host of ex-Wolves players.

The two year campaign had attracted support from celebrity Wolves fans Robert Plant and Suzi Perry.

Matt Murray was just one of the explayers invited to the event and told how impressed he was with Harry’s efforts, “It’s nice for a young fan to campaign like that to get the train named after the club.” Matt said.

Harry’s successful efforts made him the Express and Star’s “Fan of the Year”, and he was gifted seats in the Director’s box for a Premier League game by the Club last season. His campaign was topped off when he officially unveiled the name plaque on the locomotive alongside GBRf Managing Director, John Smith. Harry said, “I’m so pleased, I can’t believe what I managed to achieve.” Guests at the unveiling included Wolves Vice President Baroness Rachel Heyhoe-Flint, Wolves

This month we have teamed up with The Bentlands to give one lucky reader the chance to win a fabulous meal for two with a bottle of wine. The Bentlands is situated in Suckling Green Lane, Codsall. At the helm since 1993, hosts Alan and Jackie have successfully brought it to a standard that won a national ‘Best Pub’ award. Well known for their Tex Mex menu, offering quality and value in a welcoming atmosphere. To enter simply answer the following question correctly: What is the address of The Bentlands? Please email your answers to or on a postcard to Wolverhampton West Magazine Ltd, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY, to include your full name, address and telephone number. All entries to be received by 12th January. Terms and Conditions: To enter readers have to be at least 21 years of age. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by telephone. Prize will be a main course meal for two and one bottle of wine. No cash or alternative prize available. Prize to be taken by 31st January 2012, booking date subject to availability and any additional food/drinks will have to be paid for separately.


A Locomotive Called “Wolverhampton Wanderers”

“And the fact that the train goes all over Europe spreading the name of Wolverhampton Wanderers can only be a good thing. It’s all positive publicity for the Club.” Wolves were presented with a replica nameplate at a lunch following the unveiling. The club plans to house the replica in the museum currently being built as part of the Stan Cullis stand redevelopment.

COMPETITION The Bentlands, Fine Pub Dining

As Seen In

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The Chinese New Year… The Chinese New Year is closely bound into a system of astrology, some thousands of years old, that is based on the principles of Yin and Yang. It uses a quite different set of constellations from ours and all calculations are based on the Pole Star rather than on the Western Zodiac. The Chinese calendar is ruled by lunar months, which do not balance with our fixed system. Consequently their New Year varies from year to year, occurring at any time from January to February. This year it starts on January 23rd and is the first of fifteen days of celebration. Like our system however, they do have twelve astrological signs. Each is ruled by an animal that transfers its particular characteristics to those born under its influence. The rule of each animal lasts for the period of a year and the signs occur in twelve year cycles. Once you know the most recent occurrences of each sign you can work out your own sign by working back in twelve’s. Remember though, for the Chinese, the moment of birth is what we would consider to be the moment of conception, so go back nine months from your actual birth date. In addition to the ruling animals, each year is subject to influences from the five elements that the ancient Chinese considered ruled every part of human existence. These were Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element also has its Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) side and for this the years are paired. The compilation of an astrological chart according to Chinese belief is highly complex and requires far more knowledge and information than we have room for here. Suffice it to say, a person’s most propitious time is during the year ruled by his or her birth sign. Even more so during the month and hours of the day ruled by that sign. In the case of this year, that of the Dragon. 42

At New Year it is thought important that all debts are paid, quarrels cancelled, bad feelings and damaged relationships repaired. Anything broken must be repaired or replaced. This is basically a family festival so those away from home must try to return, relatives not seen during the year must be visited or contacted. Parties are held during the festival and Jiaozi - white flour dumplings, many containing coins, are distributed. A money tree is erected and coins shaken from it are thought to be especially lucky. Children are given lucky money too in special red envelopes and everyone exchanges gifts and tokens of love and esteem. The home is also decorated, traditionally with plum and peach blossom, chrysanthemums and daffodils. Street celebrations always feature a giant dancing dragon accompanied by dancing, music and firecrackers. The last day of the festival is the Lantern Festival when coloured lanterns are carried in processions. They signify the coming of light and warmth after the cold and darkness of winter. The Dragon is the only animal of the twelve, that is legendry. Those born under this sign, are self-assured, brave, passionate, and are usually blessed with good fortune. They

have an independent and stubborn personality but are prone to quickly fall in love with the opposite sex. Fifth in the cycle and a creature of myth, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast, as against in the West where it is a one to be slain. The sign usually marks a period of wealth and prosperity. In this country, it has become something of an important occasion for non-Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It offers a last chance for us to eat, drink and be merry at a rather dull time of year between Christmas and Easter. Chinese restaurants lay on special banquets, which are well worth attending. They comprise several courses of traditional food, eaten slowly and leisurely. The meal will frequently take up the whole evening. Over a sixth of the people in the world, Chinese and nonChinese, celebrate the Chinese New Year. And if you want to join in the celebrations this year, early bookings are recommended because these events have really become hugely popular and tables get booked up fast.

“Kung Hei Fat Choy” (Happy New Year)

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Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm 79a Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD Tel: 01902 428489 Email: 43

Mary Turner & Barbara Turner Jill Harper, Lorraine Compson, Josie Steventon, Caroline French & Alison Harvey

Julie Hinde Joyce Somauroo, Carol Bucknall & Jessica Liu

Local Business Owner Shines On Daytime TV Recently starring in one of daytime TV’s most popular shows, Virgo Carpets and Interiors’ owner Cora Turner Collis made her debut appearance on the small screen when she showcased her lovely home on ITV’s May The Best House Win. Following the show’s usual format, four people in the West Midlands invited one another to rate their homes in several categories, whilst competing for the £1,000 prize reserved for the homeowner with the highest marks.

This episode saw Cora, along with gallery owner Lee Benson, interior designer Victoria Stanton and children’s entertainer and artist Bob Ormesher compete for the prize money. Cora Turner Collis & Fran Moseley

Although she didn’t win, Cora finished in second place - a great achievement, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “It was great fun and a good experience- I really enjoyed taking part in the competition,” explains Cora. Unable to see the final edit of the show until it was aired on 8th December, Cora was excited to watch it alongside family and friends at the Hollybush Pub at Ebstree, whilst raising money for the British Diabetic Association. Now that she is back at work Cora has been bringing her customers exciting new ranges. Sanderson and William Morris fabrics and wallpapers along with Kobe’s opulent designs have been added to the already extensive range on offer at Virgo. And what’s more, Kersaint Cobb natural carpets and flooring are also now available. So, to make your house as good as those on the TV series, visit Cora today for the best in complete interior solutions.



slating, tiling, leadwork, flat-to-pitch conversions, felt roofs, and solar installations, every job is completed to the very highest standard. Also providing an expert service for Listed buildings, it’s no surprise that Dent & Partners Limited are frequently contracted by English Heritage and the National Trust. Always happy to offer advice and free quotations, the team are on hand to quickly and easily assess your requirements.

Dent & Partners Limited

- Excellent Customer Service Since 1956 As a long established and trusted roofing company, Dent & Partners Limited has been offering customers excellent service in the Midlands and wider area since forming in 1956. Owners Colin Rhodes, Jason Mackin and Ian Rhodes - who have a combined 80 years of experience in

the trade - employ an expert team of long serving, highly skilled and friendly craftsmen as well as apprentices, who work with the team to gain valuable experience. Offering tailored services to suit all roofing requirements, the team at Dent are adept at undertaking all projects on both a commercial and domestic scale. Experts in

Boasting competitive prices and long guarantees, the team at Dent are undoubtedly the trusted choice in roofing and what’s more they are also members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, Trustmark and Constructionline - so, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best. As Jason explains: “We are proud of the excellent service that we offer to our customers and we ensure that each one is looked after. We take pride in our work and every roof that we undertake is finished to the highest standard - our service is first class and this is why we have become the number one roofing contractor in the Midlands.”

Dent & Partners Ltd Specialist Roofing Contractors Celebrating 55 years of roofing excellence

Wolverhampton’s most trusted and professional roofing company

Established 1956

· Re-Roofing specialists · Listed buildings & heritage work · Repairs & maintenance · Flat to pitch conversions · Upvc fascias, soffit & guttering · Lightweight metal roofing systems · 10-year insurance backed guarantee · Asbestos removal · Solar PV approved contractors

All work covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Website:

For unrivalled service and unbeatable prices, call us now on...

01902 366302 Email: Unit 31, Strawberry Lane, Willenhall, WV13 3RS

46 Yo u r L o c a l S o l a r P o w e r P r o f e s s i o n a l s

(1) FREE electricity (2) Save on your power bills (3) Make money (cash back) (4) Help the environment Unfortunately only those with a southerly facing un-shaded roof can benefit from this fantastic opportunity!

£5499 * Based on 6 panel system.

The Clean Energy Cash Back scheme is Government backed and Guaranteed for 25 years A 21 panel 3.88 kilowatt peak system should return over £1000 per year, index linked to the RPI and TAX FREE! Return on your investment of up to 9.5%* per annum * Based on 21 panel system.

> We use superior quality British made SHARP solar panels > No moving parts > Add value to your property > Long established local family business

Phone NOW for advice or a FREE quotation

“So what’s the catch? There isn’t one!” The Guardian Money, Feb 2010


Andy with the Wolverhampton Grammar School Rugby Team

The Benham Wolverhampton Olympic Challenge It was an inspirational and enjoyable afternoon for many local school children on 11th November, as British cyclist and European Gold Medallist Andy Tennant gave a motivating presentation at Wolverhampton’s BMW showroom, before kicking off the Benham Olympic Challenge. With the aim of raising as much money as possible for local charities - The Haven Wolverhampton, Promise Dreams, BCH and Get Kids Going - a static bike was positioned in the showroom, so that the target of peddling 1000 miles can be achieved by participants between now and the start of the Olympic Games in London on 27th July 2012. Andy is being sponsored by Benham Wolverhampton in his bid to win a gold medal in the Team Pursuit at this summer’s Olympics. Getting everyone in the mood for the start of the challenge, Andy peddled for the first five minutes before allowing many eager children and adults to get in the saddle and do their bit for charity. Andy grew up in Wolverhampton and as a track and road cyclist, he 48

made his mark in 2005 by winning gold in the individual pursuit at the World Junior Championships. This led to him being fast tracked on to British Cycling’s Olympic Development programme. He broke through into the senior ranks in 2010 by winning a Silver medal at the World Championships, which he followed up with a Gold medal at the European Championships in Poland. Success had come again this year with a Gold medal at the European Championships in Holland, a great stepping stone to selection from the Olympics. Riding for the domestic UK circuit for the past three years, Andy has ridden for different teams and is currently riding for Rapha Condor Sharp. This year they won the Tour Series and Andy had personal success winning the Richmond GP.

Speaking to school children of all ages at Benham, Andy explained that his road to success hadn’t been easy, due to a heart condition that he suffered from when he was younger, which prevented him from taking part in physical activity. He explained that still to this day, he is enormously grateful to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and so is always keen to raise money and awareness for their cause. It was an inspiring and motivating presentation that captured the imagination of everyone in the room and one that sparked a passion for cycling and ignited much excitement for the forthcoming games in all who attended. There are high hopes for Andy and he is sure to achieve great success in the 2012 Olympics. Thanks to Wolverhampton Benham’s Olympic Challenge, many young people have benefited from a very positive experience and what’s more, several worthy causes are set to receive much needed support. So, everyone’s a winner.

• Fast Delivery • Cash n Carry • Best aDviCe Built-Under Fridge


Fridge Freezer • 11.0 Cubic • Frost Free • A++ Rated • Super Freezing Function

Stock Available

• 4.9 Cu ft • ’A’ Rated • Matching freezer available

Auto Washer

• 12 Place • ’A’Rated • Uses 6.5 Recommended litres of water

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Tumble Dryer

Auto Washer FREE Tassimo Coffee Maker worth £120

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• 1400 Spin • 5.5 Kilo • Express Wash • ’A’ Rated

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Small Appliances

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• 7KG • Vented • Anticrease • Sensor Drying

Built-In Dishwasher

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• 12 Place • 5 programmes • ’A’ Energy • Anti Flood Device

wolverhampton’s Biggest warehouse Macrome Road, Wolverhampton Salop Street, Wolverhampton Castle Street, Hadley, Telford Riverside, Stafford Centre 26 Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury Townsend Place, Kingswinford Centre Castle Street, Dudley Centre

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There is a £100 fine if you do not file your tax return online before 31/01/2012. A new penalty structure, will be introduced this year, which will mean that a tax return that is over six months late will incur a minimum penalty of £1,300. Consider incorporating your business: If you are currently running a small unincorporated business and paying income tax at 40%, there may be a substantial tax saving available on

incorporation. Corporation tax is currently set at 20% on the first £300,000 of profits for companies and a correctly structured remuneration policy to withdraw this profit will reduce your exposure to tax! Personal tax planning is all about understanding the taxes that you are liable to pay and looking at ways to minimise them. Tax law is very complicated and you should always seek professional advice before making any decisions that may affect your tax liabilities.

File Your Self-Assessment Tax Return On Time


PERT N BRIDGN RTH TRAVEL • New Mercedes Viano 8 seater • All airports, seaports, corporate functions, social & sporting events • Wolverhampton, Bridgnorth & surrounding areas • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • No journey too far or too short • Very competitive prices • Reliable and on time

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For further information on accountancy matters email Sam at: senior_accounting_ or visit the website:

Wolverhampton Auction Rooms

Quarterly Fine Art & Antique Sale Fine Wine, Port & Cognac Sales & Free Cellars Appraisals

Quarterly specialist Collectors’ Sale House Clearance Specialists Free Home Valuations Wills - Probate & Family Division Highly Competitive Rates Live Internet Bidding Extensive PR & Marketing Penkridge Sale Room: 01785 714905 Wolverhampton Sale Room: 0800 0210 031 E:

Learn From The Best: Driving Squad Finding a good driving instructor can be difficult. With so many schools failing to live up to their promises, it is hard to find someone you can trust. But thanks to Driving Squad, there is no need to look anywhere else. Passionate about driving and committed to equipping his learners with all the skills they need to not only pass their test but to be safe, capable and confident motorists for life, Bobby Nagi employs his 20 year history of exceptional driving proficiency to expertly tutor beginners, existing drivers or those looking to undertake a specialist course in motorway, high performance, anti-hijack, defensive or eco driving.

expert level of skill that makes him completely adept at handling and instructing on any driving situation. Receiving many accolades, his awards include; Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Police Advanced Driving CPD certificate, Institute of Advanced Motorist, HPC Gold Award, Cardington Specialist Test Grade A to name but a few. As driving today seems to be more challenging and stressful than ever before, Bobby is determined to stress the importance of safety first in motoring: “As a father of


three teenagers, I understand how worrying it can be for parents when your teenager is out driving on the road, in what seems to be an ever more volatile driving environment. That’s why I always ensure that my students have all the training they need to be safe, skilled and confident whilst driving.” So, whether you are a total novice who is keen to start learning or an experienced driver looking to brush up on your skills, contact Bobby today and start enjoying the open road. Visit Bobby’s road to success on

Highly trained and driven with the elite including instructors from the world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School in Hendon, Bobby’s driving education far surpasses that of other instructors. It is this

Book Now! safe for Life and Be The Best – Be Class 1 Police former Elite and CHRIS GILBERT a tset Bobby ou the said “From driving instructor ldom see, if ard of driving I se displayed a stand ry smooth, ve s wa g I. His drivin ever, from an AD nce of the ide with plenty of ev well planned and . ol” car contr police system of



y P

onLy £40 FIRST 5 LESSonS onLy £20 on 1 ½ HouR LESS

“Producing Safe and Confident Drivers”

L earn With Bobby Nagi (DSA ADI APPROVED) Over 20 years of Safe, Advanced Roadcraft, Defensive and High Performance driving experience. HIGHLY TRAINED by Ex-Elite driving instructors from The world famous Metropolitan Police Driving School HENDON. Awards: Institute of Advanced Motorists. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) GOLD, HPC GOLD and many more… Courses for L earners, Advanced, High Performance, Anti-Hijack, Defensive, Eco Driving and more…

For further details and bookings please contact Bobby on 0785 77 33 999 51

ABC - COUNTDOWN CARS Wolverhamptons Leading Taxi Company. For private hire cars & mini buses. 150 vehicles at your service, serving the City of Wolverhampton 24 hours. Fares start from just £3. Textback & Ringback are new services that we offer to all our customers, no standing outside clubs, pubs, restaurants etc. We Contact You on Your Phone When We Arrive, ask for details when you book.

01902 333333 / 656565 Text-a-Taxi: 07902 333333

Dog Listener Annabelle Addison Are you unhappy with your dog’s behaviour?

Does it: Pull on the lead? Show aggression? Destroy things in the home?

If you need help with your dog, please call me…



• Luxury air conditioned travel • Smart reliable service, always. • Complimentary refreshments from coolbox • Upto 6 passengers in comfort • Executive business travel • Airport transfers • Sporting events • Social/corporate travel

Wolverhampton - Birmingham Airport

From £30.00 Wolverhampton - Manchester Airport

From £60.00 Wolverhampton - East Midlands Airport

From £50.00 Wolverhampton - Birmingham City Centre

From £25.00

To book contact Darren: T: 01902 843381 M: 07827 779305 Supporting Promise Dreams


On 07801 88 28 23

s r a C l l a s d Co al Cars & Sign


No. 1 For Airport Transfers Fully Manned 24hr Service Ring Back Service Available Low Cost Fixed Fares No Increase After Midnight

4/6/8 Seater Vehicles 24hr Card Payment Facility Courier Service Off Peak Fares Available

All Airports & Seaports Catered For Your Local Private Hire Taxi Firm’s

ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, ANYWHERE 01902 840000 / 846411 / 844888 / 842842 Email:


It’s Official: Allan Bennett Is Number One Local pork pie heavyweight Allan Bennett has yet again received national acclaim for his top produce. The Codsall-based butchers scooped the top prize in October’s National Pork Pie Competition at the Butcher and Bakers’ Fair in Bolton.

from legendary head-banger and ambassador for National Sausage Week 2011, Noddy Holder. And the prize winning doesn’t end there, on November 20th, Allan also won 8 gold awards at the Staffordshire Winter Fair and averaged 98/100 points for his best speciality sausage - Honey

and Mustard - along with the best pork pie. “This is the second time I’ve won and I am overjoyed,” explains Allan. To get a taste of Allan’s success, visit his emporium in Codsall village: there really is none better; anyone who says so is telling porkie pies.

Proud to now be able to boast the ‘best pork pie in Britain’ Allan fought off competition from over 170 other pies, entered by 36 shops, across four different categories. Allan said the secret to his success is in the detail: “It is the little things that matter, making the pastry right and making sure that the meat is correct. It’s just a combination of a lot of things that come together and make a good pie.” Allan has also been commended on his sausages, winning Regional Best Sausage for the West Midlands, and receiving his award

A member of the Guild of Q Butchers Quite simply, this means that Allan Bennett is one of the best butchers in Britain. Quality is our number one priority, and we are committed to preserving the skills passed down through generations of traditional craftsmen. At Allan Bennett’s we produce all our products using the best English meat, which is bought from Bridgnorth market every Tuesda y. T This means that all of our meat has full traceability, and guarantees you top quality meat from local farmers. In short, you can’t buy better!

Perfect pastry aids top triumph Allan Bennett beat more than 200 competitors in the Meat TTraders Journal Pork Pie contest in Bolton. Judges were impressed by the meaty contents of the pie and the perfectly produced pastry. Steven said: “The ingredients we use in the pies has been

Allan Bennett Ltd, 15 Station Road, Codsall. WV8 1BX Tel T : 01902 842204 Open 6 days a week : Monday to Friday 7am-5.30pm, Saturday 7am-5pm 54

Time to Look Forward To The Coming Year

By Ann Winwood

Do you feel that the days are lacking some colour and brightness? Why not plant several primroses in a bowl or pot and put by the door – they’ll brighten up any dull day. Once Christmas is out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to grow in the garden for the coming season. If you’re growing vegetables, get the seed catalogues out and decide what varieties you want to grow, it’s always worth looking at what new varieties are available. Don’t forget to use a crop rotation system to get the best out of your ground – a 4 year system is usual - Potatoes, brassicas, legumes, and roots. Seed potatoes usually arrive at the start of the New Year, weather permitting. Come and buy them in January if possible, as the most popular varieties soon sell. We stock over 35 different varieties. Once you get them home, put

them to chit (allow shoots to form), egg trays are ideal for this and place them in a light, cool and frost free environment. Onion sets and shallots are usually delivered in February. If the weathers fine and frost free, you can finish any clearing up jobs that weren’t done before Christmas, especially clearing up leaves and debris. Trim old leaves away from Hellebores; this makes it easier to see the flowers and prevents the spread of disease. Prune Wisteria now – cut back the previous years’ growth to 2/3 buds. If there’s no frost in the ground, you can mulch plants ready for spring growth in a few weeks’ time. If it’s cold and frosty you’re better keeping off

the garden and making sure that you keep any vulnerable plants protected with fleece. If we do get some heavy snow, it’s worth brushing off conifers and hedges to stop them splitting open with the weight of the snow. Prune apples and pears if you haven’t already done so – cut out any crossing or rubbing branches to prevent disease spread. Never prune stone fruit (cherries, plums) in winter as it encourages disease. Don’t forget our feathered friends, especially if the weather is poor – we’ve always got peanuts, seeds, fat balls, treats and feeders in stock. Clean off bird tables regularly and remember to put out fresh water daily.

Seed Potatoes arriving in early January. Full range of bird foods, feeders and tables always in stock. We have a large range of primroses, pansies etc ready to plant out in containers and pots weather permitting. Huge range of good quality shrubs, herbaceous, trees, conifers always ready for sale.


Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ

Tel 01902 700209


Enjoy The Winter Garden With the arrival of the New Year, there is something satisfying about tidying away the festive decorations and sweeping the house clean. The same satisfaction can be gained from working outside in the garden, which provides a great antidote to the winter blues - enjoy the crisp fresh air whilst collecting stray leaves, add colour by planting a container with hardy shrubs near to the house or simply top-up the bird feeder. This is also the best time of year

to prune your roses and David Austin annually hosts a number of practical pruning sessions, run by his expert team at the nursery and rose gardens in Albrighton. Held throughout January, they provide an enjoyable hands-on workshop, along with a welcoming refreshment of fresh coffee and hot buttered teacakes.

wolverhampton West Mag Ad Dec 11:Layout 1


If you have never experienced the beauty of the English Roses in your garden, and would like to, why not visit the David Austin Plant Centre and explore their bare root rose collection. Speak to the friendly team who will provide lots of inspiration for your garden, along with invaluable practical advice. Winter is the best time to plant roses in their bare root form and planting now will enable you to reap the rewards once the summer arrives by enjoying a glorious show of fragrant blooms.

For further information and to book your place on a pruning session, simply call the Plant Centre Team. Telephone 01902 376334 or email: plantcentre@ 15:37 Page 1




We are unique in offering a wide selection of bare root roses for sale at our Plant Centre between November and March.This is the best time to plant roses and the most economical way to buy them. Also enjoy our gift shop, with a wide selection of home and garden gifts. Open 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week.


11th and 12th February 2012 To mark the Valentine’s weekend, we are offering a delicious three course lunch, a glass of wine and coffee, to enjoy with loved ones. £19.95 per person.


18th, 19th February; 3rd, 4th, 31st March and 1st April 2012 Our Design Days are the ideal gift for anyone who would like help to get started on a garden design project.They provide inspiration and practical advice, covering a number of subjects including basic planting concepts, colour themes and fragrance. A real treat for either a keen or novice gardener. £49.95 per person including lunch.



17th and 18th March 2012 Treat mum and all the family to a Mother’s Day lunch or Afternoon Tea served in our tea rooms. Lunch - £16.95 per person for three courses including coffee. Afternoon Tea - £13.95 per person. Please book all events in advance.


Bowling Green Lane, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3HB Call: 01902 376334 E-mail:

More Than Just a Butchers customers to enjoy excellent quality products with a specialised service. The shop is committed to supplying premium quality, locally sourced meat and poultry specialising in selected cuts of Scotch beef. All meat is well-hung and traditionally prepared ensuring that the customer is getting the very best.

“It took just over a year to perfect, it has won two highly prized awards and we just can’t produce enough of it.” Well, Patrick Richards of P Richards Butchers isn’t talking about some exotic dish but simply his homemade “CORNED BEEF”! It is far superior to anything you have ever tasted out of a tin and his product now has the awards to prove it. But Patrick is no newcomer

to the competition arena having received many high level and national awards for his Sausage, Pork Pies, Dry-cured Bacon, Pasties, Faggots and the list goes on… Patrick is a traditional butcher with a wealth of experience and this linked to his interest in cooking enables his

P Richards Butchers were proud to have been one of four finalists in Britain’s Best Butcher Shop Meat Management 2011 awards with the judges’ commenting that the shop uses every bit of space to good effect. That is certainly true with their wide selection of cheese, cooked meats, olives, ready meals, dairy products and shelves brimming with preserves, chutneys, sauces, local honey, cakes, freshly baked organic bread and fresh fish every Thursday! – well worth a visit for quality and unrivalled customer service.

The TradiTional BuTcher of alBrighTon wiTh over 42 years experience

Q GUILD BUTCHERS 2011 SMITHFIELD AWARDS ‘Diamond’ award for our home-made Corned Beef ‘Eblex’ award for the best English Beef product

Supplying quality, locally sourced lamb, beef and pork Free range chickens • Licensed Game Dealer Award winning Sausages • Quality fresh fish every Thursday Delicatessen Counter with an excellent choice Freshly baked organic bread and cakes You’ll always find a warm welcome at 64 High Street, Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, WV7 3JA

Tel: 01902 372878 email: Open: Monday 9am to 1pm

Tuesday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm

Saturday 8am to 4pm


Golf Tip

Now that winter is here & the ground is soft, correct ball striking with your irons is at a premium. One of the main differences between amateurs & professionals is the position of the hands when the golf ball is being struck with an iron. Amateur golfers often hit the ball with their hands level with the ball or even behind it where as the best ball strikers will hit their irons with their hands ahead of the ball. Striking the ball with hands in a poor position can cause you to hit the ground before the ball or strike the ball thin potentially making the ball go high as well as off course.

The Drill 1) Hold the club down by the club head. 2) Place the shaft to the left of your body (right handed golfer). 3) Do a mini back swing & return the club head back to where impact would be ensuring that the club shaft is NOT touching the left side of your body & the club face is square (important as this could cause other issues). 4) Check in a mirror & you’ll see the correct hand position. Note how this feels & replicate when hitting shots.


Piers Ward PGA Golf Professional 3 Hammers Golf Complex

3 Hammers Golf Complex

Affordable golf for all the family 58

01902 790428


Weekday Golf £20.00 Weekend Golf £25.00 Sunday Carvery £8.95

OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIP 12 months full playing £660 - No entrance fee

Special Deals available for Societies including Golf and Food To book a Teetime call for details 01902 742225 Par Package

Birdie Package

Eagle Package

18 Holes of Golf & a Full

18 Holes of Golf & a Roast Carvery

English Breakfast

Dessert of the Day

Weekdays £25pp

Weekdays £30pp

Weekends & Bank Holidays £30pp

Weekends & Bank Holidays £35pp

18 Holes of Golf & a Full English Breakfast Roast Carvery & Dessert of the Day Weekdays £35pp Weekends & Bank Holidays £40pp

All packages minimum of 12 people


Served from 12pm until 4pm Restaurant closed on Tuesdays

The Clifford Suite Available for Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, Parties and Celebrations, Corporate Functions, seating up to 120 people.

For further details please call Tina Bennett on 01902 742225 Keepers Lane, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8UA


Left: Simon Cater from Compton Hospice with John Prior from Patshull Park

Patshull Golfers Travel For Charity Open A Shropshire hotel has successfully fundraised for 3 separate charities during 2011, with golfers coming from far and wide to support each event. Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club’s PPH Golf Series raised over £2,000 for charity and will continue to be in the golf calendar for 2012. The PPH Mid-Summer Golf Classic in support of Compton

Hospice fundraised over £1,000 in June for the local charity, with over 160 golfers competing for a prize table of £1,000 in value on the longest day of the year. Compton’s Simon Cater reflected this week. “We were grateful to be a part of such a well-run event and look forward to working with Patshull successfully next year.” A 10 year old golfer, Ben O’Connor from Sedgley took it upon himself to fundraise over £800 for the event.

names such as Titleist, Nike and Footjoy for a fantastic prize table. The hotel’s Country Club Manager, Dave Wells commented “It has been hard work getting 3 new golf events off the ground in such trying times, however we do feel by trying to keep the costs realistic and providing a substantial prize table it helps to attract golfers and therefore making the events successful.”

Patshull’s Autumn Pairs in October supported Everyman, raising £595.00 and much needed awareness of testicular and prostate cancer. Again Patshull provided equipment via brand

Only last week, Patshull’s Santa’s Scramble raised over £430 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The day consisted of festive food, a texas scramble format and the now traditional prize table including Titleist putters and bags, Footjoy shoes. A team of resident golfers led by Patshull regular Mr Richard Slack from Essex, won the 13 hole competition with a tremendous gross score of 10 under par.

Golfers taking part in the Santa’s Scramble competition

Mr Slack commented: “We have been coming to Patshull for 18 enjoyable years and to play so well and win made this particular golf break very special.”

2012 sees the on-going Winter Open sponsored by Marstons, with the Mid-Summer, Autumn and Santa’s Scramble charity events now detailed on the hotel’s website 60

Winter Golf Offers at

Patshull Park Play our wonderful parkland golf course, receive your members hotel/pro-shop discount, play our weekly competitions, congu handicap, club matches…

join a well run golf club!


Put your name on the honours board! 7 day Membership £738.00 5 day Membership £528.00 7 day Junior Membership £108.00 PLUS Golf/Leisure and family combo membership options No joining fees, direct debit scheme also available.

Winter Season Ticket

Pay & Play

Great value golf!

Continued winter value!

10 rounds of golf, Mon-Thurs £89.00

Monday to Thursday £9.95

Corporate Ticket 7 day £149.00

Friday, Saturday & Sunday £19.95

Call our Pro Shop for more details on 01902 700342 or visit our website Email: 61

Bella Italia! Cold, gloomy and dark January days make us all yearn for summer sunshine, and with many more months of the same wintry weather still to come, it’s easy to get depressed. So, why not brighten up your day by planning for a fabulous holiday, the experts at the Travel Bureau are on-hand to help with some great destination ideas to Italy. SORRENTO & AMALFI COAST One of the most famous coastlines in the world, the Amalfi Coast runs south from Sorrento, itself set on a spectacular headland. Positano, clinging to the Cliffside, is a romantic spot. Amalfi, is a quaint fishing village with fantastic restaurants, and Ravello, high above Amalfi , proffers the most magnificent views over the orange and lemon groves towards the Mediterranean. The exclusive islands of Capri and Ischia are busy by day especially in the height of summer. TUSCANY & TUSCANY COAST Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and well-known Italian holiday destinations. The cities and towns of Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, Florence, Sienna are famed for their art and architecture, and the delightful rolling countryside boasts olive groves and vineyards together with Europe’s medieval villages with their narrow cobblestoned streets, bustling piazzas, and busy restaurants. Wine enthusiasts will delight in the vineyards of Chianti, and for art 62

lovers a visit to Florence’s Uffizi Gallery with its marvellous collection of 13th to 18th century paintings. The exclusive coastal resorts of Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Unta Ala and Porto Ercole are perfect for a sophisticated beach holiday with a difference. LIGURIA – PORTOFINO & SAN REMO

CITY BREAKS ROME, FLORENCE, VENICE, MILAN, VERONA, MILAN Italian City Breaks for a taste of romance, music, culture and gastronomy delights, ideal for a quick break away or to start the Italian Adventure, combine a city with the lakes, or a city with Sorrento, the choice is endless. The Travel Bureau can tailor make any duration – any combination, (subject to flight availability). With a choice of no frills flights now departing from our regional airports, Birmingham to Milan,

Known as the Italian Riviera, the beautiful winding stretch of coast from the French border to Tuscany is famed for it’s gloriously mild climate, lush vegetation and picturesque fishing villages, including Portofino.

Birmingham – Rome, Birmingham – Venice, and East Midlands to Naples and Verona and internal rail travel in Italy making the choice of 2 or 3 centre holidays easily available.

The seaside resort of San Remo, situated in a wide sheltered bay close to the French border, offers an extremely mild climate all year round. Once a small fishing village it was one of the first tourist resorts established on the Italian Riviera. The resort boasts grand seafront hotels, a garden lined promenade and elegant boutiques.

Contact The Travel Bureau High Street Wombourne Wolverhampton WV5 9DN

THE ITALIAN LAKES The Italian Lakes are without doubt areas of outstanding beauty. Lake Orta , Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and Lake Garda the largest of the lakes boasts fjord-like scenery n the north with gently sloping vineyards covered hills to the south.

The choice is endless.

We’ll help you make the right decision!

Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday

Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life.

The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel

Worldwide Flights Continental Rail Tickets Amtrak American Rail Tickets Specialised Business Travel Department Specialised Rail Holiday Department

and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as

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standard holiday packages.

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00


ABTA No.78359 63

Antiques And Collectors Paradise In Riverside Mill poured through the doors during the opening weekend. Traders from all over the UK and Europe sell their wares at the centre and it has continued to flourish at all times, despite occasional downturns in the antiques market. “We try to appeal to everyone, not just the informed antiques collector. Our view is that antiques and collectables are of general appeal and can be displayed in any home – whether period or contemporary. “You don’t have to be wealthy to collect and appreciate antiques; there are many items available at very affordable prices.”

Any seeker of vintage treasures would do well to visit Bridgnorth’s Old Mill Antiques Centre housed in an historic seed mill on the banks of the River Severn and one of the largest centres in the country, spread over four floors.

The choice at the Old Mill is tremendously varied. Jewellery, porcelain, militaria, pop ephemera, watercolours, oil paintings, prints, vintage furniture, silver, musical instruments – the list just goes on and on.

The centre has been open for 16 years and is as popular today as it was when it opened in 1996 – when literally thousands of visitors

Jewellery on sale includes a fantastic selection of engagement rings, costume jewellery and crystal, and ranges in price from just a few pounds right up to several thousand for items featuring precious stones.

“The range of items on sale is vast, catering for all kinds of tastes and budgets – and that’s why the Old Mill is so popular. “People come here to browse and buy from all over the country, often spending hours here and having a break in our tearooms, which open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Some people stay all day! “We’re always busy, especially at weekends and during bank holidays. I think part of the attraction is that people can browse at their leisure and buy if they wish, there is no pressure from our sales team – they are just on hand to help and advise if called upon.” The Old Mill also sells a range of reproduction furniture, including pine and oak refectory tables made to measure, and period items include church pews, desks, dining tables and chairs, chaises, beds, day beds, wardrobes, armoires and cupboards. The Old Mill is open seven days a week from 10am until 5pm. Parking is free and a UK-wide delivery service is available.

Oldbury Grange N U R S I N G


New safe and secure accommodation for the mentally frail now available

Oldbury, Bridgnorth, WV16 5LW Oldbury Grange Nursing Home offers the very best in quality nursing care in a friendly, secure and loving environment. Luxury rooms are available, offering spacious accommodation with ensuite shower rooms, private patios and views of the Shropshire Hills, all in the comfort of five star furnishings and delicious food.

Tel 01746 768586 64

Old Mill Antique Centre At The Old Mill Antique Centrewe have 4 floors of antiques and quality reproduction furniture – and literally thousands of gift ideas for everyone – all displayed in charming and elegant room settings

Antique & Reproduction Furniture 1000’s of Gift Ideas Bespoke Furniture Beautiful tables made to your design & specification in-house using only the best quality seasoned Oak or Pine.

Tea Room Serving Delicious Homemade Cakes & Snacks Open Monday – Sunday 10am – 5pm Car Parking Available Mill Street, Low Town Bridgnorth WV15 5AG Tel: 01746 762248


THE CHOICE IS YOURS! With over 90 years of butchering experience between our butchery team, you can be sure of not only receiving good advice on all matters meat, but also of receiving superb local meats. Either fresh from the meat department or as we have offered for over thirty years, freshly frozen from our large display freezers for you to purchase and use when needed. The choice is yours. You can be sure that our meat is prepared to the highest standards and will never disappoint.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our customers for helping us to raise money for the local community through the Making A Difference – Locally (MADL) charity. MADL was created to assist retailers, like us, in making donations to local charities and good causes within the local communities where they trade. We have raised money through the sale of specific products in store and accumulated funds over time, which are donated to a worthwhile charity or good cause in the local area. The money is raised through a proportion of the sales from specific products sold within our store being allocated to our MADL fund. Each month, many major branded products are featured- these are shown in store but now also, all Heritage branded lines (some 300 or more) also generate revenue and the sums produced are added to our fund. We have made donations to local charities such as Compton Hospice, the Giffard Catholic Primary School for playground equipment and Wolverhampton Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Newbridge.There are still lots of opportunities for you to help us to maintain the momentum and build our charity and good cause funds to continue to benefit the local area.

LICENSED and rose wines are

Our beers, white red wine selection all chilled and our odate. Regular is sure to accomm ctors of our licensed promotions in all seing spirits, help to department- includsier choice for that make us an even ea one stop shop.


• Extensive Delicatessen • First For Fresh and Frozen

Local from Shropshire - Staffordshire - Warwickshire and Beyond!

Many chilled, grocery & licensed lines. Olive & cheese counters. Many offers throughout the store. Fresh breads baked daily. Premium meats - beef, pork, lamb and poultry - all sourced locally. An extensive range of wines, spirits & beers.

Unrivalled Customer Service with FREE AND EASY PARKING Compton, Wolverhampton. Telephone: 01902 758161

Daisy Fresh and Essential Open: Mon - Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm / Sat 8.00am to 6.00pm / Sun & Bank Holidays 8.00am to 4.00pm


Eating Out and Entertainment Special Looking for some great places to dine or be entertained? Then look no further than Wolverhampton West Magazine, see pages 69 71 to 76! 79!

Would you like to reach over 48,000* readers in the West Side of Wolverhampton? Now is the ideal time to promote your Seasonal menu, Valentines day menu, special offers or forthcoming events in‌

For further details please contact Gisella Wiley: 01902 744217 68

*over a 2 month period

The Best

Tex-Mex Food In Town!

The Bentlands Pub Suckling Green Lane, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 2BP


Authentic Tex-Mex Vast Bistro Menu Food served 12 noon until 9pm

Tel: 01902 843654

A real traditional Pub with a great atmosphere serving real Ales:

Enville Directors IPA Doom Bar

February Events at Molineux

Aside from the football, we have plenty of other great entertainment for you this February... • Valentines Gourmet Friday 10th : £90.00 per couple • Valentines Dinner and Disco Saturday 11th : £25.00 per person • Bridal Fayre Sunday 19th (Free entry) • Live music with the Nurons Friday 24th plus dinner : £17.50 per person

Please call on 0871 222 2220 (Option 5) or email to make a booking or receive further information


Cross Guns - Traditional Dining with a Modern Twist

By Helen Nixon

Rounding the corner to see the Cross Guns at Codsall Wood lit up like a beacon is nothing if not impressive. The inside follows suit with a large restaurant and a separate bar area resembling the lobby of a country house full with after-work drinkers. The restaurant itself is split into two sections: a lower section by the carvery designed to cater for larger parties and families whereas the upper section is more intimate ideal for couples and small parties. The décor compliments the ambiance and is in keeping with the menu and whole style of the restaurant. Manager Jonathon greets us as we enter and it’s interesting to hear that the pub has only been open under the new management since the 24th July. Jonathon is very attentive and gives us the right amount of time to look at the extensive wine menu from which we picked a South African Merlot to compliment our beef based mains. I chose the traditional pate for my starter accompanied with a homemade spicy tomato and onion chutney and my friend Keelan went for the less traditional ginger and lemongrass chicken sticklers. The texture of the pate was just right and the chutney perfectly complimented it – in fact the chutney is so tasty I think it should be sold in jars and suggested as much. The chicken was moist and the garlic mayonnaise dip wasn’t too overpowering leaving the flavours of the chicken to come through. Keelan noted “they are big enough but leave just enough hunger to be ready for your mains”. The starters range from £3.95 to £4.25. For our mains I chose the 8oz sirloin steak with gourmet chips and onion rings served with an iceberg wedge covered in a Cajun and tomato dressing and a stilton sauce for the steak. Keelan went for braised beef with leeks in a red wine sauce with seasonal vegetables, swede and sprouts, and a portion of onion rings. The steak was packed with flavour, the stilton sauce was mouth watering and the gourmet chips didn’t disappoint. The sauce on the iceberg was really refreshing and packed with flavour. The beef in red wine was meltin-the-mouth delicious, the sauce was the perfect consistency and the leeks complimented the rich taste. 70

The selection of traditional and modern mains is large and there is a comprehensive steak section. Prices range from £6.99 for a Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake to £19.95 for a whopping 20oz T-bone steak. Finally we were presented with the desert menu reasonably priced between £2.95 and £3.95 with a wide selection of hot and cold deserts. We both chose cheesecake, mine Bailey’s which was the right side of creamy to be delicious and Keelan’s lemon was sensational. The carvery selection is wide with beef, pork, gammon and turkey and with over ten varieties of locally sourced vegetables and potatoes you will be spoilt for choice. The chef has his own speciality gravy made with his own secret recipe. The carvery is available all day Monday to Saturday and until 8pm on Sundays. Everything inside the Cross Guns screams countryside haven and the truly great hearty food further compliments the whole experience.

tion “Countryside loca serving great food h plenty 7 days a week wit of great offers to suit everyone.”

Function Room available for private parties, family celebrations and funerals. JANUARY PRICE CRASH

Carvery Monday to Friday 12 till 4pm only £3.99 Evenings only £4.99 Saturday ALL DAY 12 till 10pm only £4.99 Sunday 12 till 8pm only £6.99

For bookings or further details please call us on: 01902 843433, email: or find us on Facebook. The Cross Guns, Wood Road, Codsall Wood WV8 1QR 71

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

cuisine of bengal

AWARD WINNING RESTAURANT 2011 Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 22 years. “We pride ourselves on the Quality of our Cooking, our Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

The atRoyal Oak Bishops Wood

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

• Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008 Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

Great January Value! * Two Dine & Drink for £20 available Monday - Thursday 6pm - 9pm

Drop in to the Royal Oak at Bishops Wood and you are assured not only a warm welcome, but great value too...

Country Inn & Restaurant Great Food & Fine Ales Drop in, relax, enjoy...

Choose from our ‘Two Dine & Drink for £20’* menu of great freshly prepared food and two people dining together, can enjoy a superb main course and a drink for just £10 each! (What’s more - you can add a starter or dessert for just £3.95!) For Real Ale Enthusiasts... We always have 5 cask ales on tap, including Enville Ginger, Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby, Salopian Shropshire Gold, Holdens Golden Glow and Wye Valley HPA or Butty Bach. (40p off a pint for Card Carrying CAMRA Members) You can download the offer menu and our full A La Carte menu from our new web site at: Ivetsey Bank Road, Bishops Wood, Staffordshire ST19 9AE Tel: 01785 841802

*Available Mon - Thurs 6pm - 9pm. The inclusive drink is from a choice of a pint or half pint of ale, lager or cider, a 175ml glass of white or red wine or any soft drink.

The Royal Oak enjoys a great countryside location just off the A5, between the A449 and the A41, making it easy to reach from Wolverhampton and surrounding areas


January Fixtures

First Race

Thursday 5th

4.10 p.m.

Friday 6th

4.15 p.m.

Monday 9th

2.25 p.m.

Friday 13th

4.10 p.m.

Monday 16th

2.25 p.m.

Thursday 19th

4.30 p.m.

Friday 20th

4.20 p.m.

Monday 23rd

2.00 p.m.

Friday 27th

4.40 p.m.

Monday 30th

2.00 p.m.


Penn Tandoori - By Ronald Proctor Penn Tandoori, a fairly recent arrival on the local restaurant scene, has already established a name for itself as being that little bit better in every respect. Much money has been spent in creating a thoroughly contemporary interior with a luxurious feel and a welcoming aura. Subdued, recessed lighting and tasteful decor contribute to an atmosphere of calm and in the scrupulously clean dining room, tables are well spaced so that one feels at liberty to stretch out and really relax. The vision appears to be Indian cuisine for the twenty first century. None of these noteworthy aspirations have been achieved at the expense of old school cordiality and the warmest of welcomes. It was indeed a treat to be greeted thus by Mr. Ali - doubtless known to many readers as one of Wolverhampton’s most respected restaurateurs - and his team of pleasant and helpful waiting staff. 74

It’s delightful but rather unusual these days to be attended to in any establishment with the courtesy and deference due to a king or queen but at Penn Tandoori the motto, one presumes, is ‘the customer is king’. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that ‘right royal dining’ is guaranteed. It’s an ideal destination whether you’re dining as a couple, in a large group, or simply indulging in a private treat for one. Extremely handy for lucky locals, it’s not too far out of town for those who don’t enjoy travelling either. On the occasion of my visit I was graced with the company of the charmingly knowledgeable Lydia Thwaite. Older readers may recall her contributions to the Light Programme back in the days when

broadcasting meant something. She is a firm believer in the importance of first impressions and turned to me with an immediate look of approval as we crossed the threshold and were at once immersed in that enticing and aromatic ambience.

A cleanly designed interior of this sort is more than reassuring, bespeaking good taste and that perfect blend of an intimate, yet invigorating environment. The menu - with main course prices from just £6.95 to £13.95 - manages to be both wide ranging and yet enticingly specific: all in all, of mouthwatering appeal. All choices are finely nuanced with the best spices to produce the most succulent effect. Once settled at our table, my companion smiled and said “I simply don’t know where to start. There’s so much that looks so good.” I fixed her with my most sagacious expression and said, deadpan “Well you could start with the starters for a start.” For my cheek she threatened to attack me with the Biryani - but I deflected her ire by waving my magic finger over the Tandoori mixed kebab, suggesting that this might be to her taste. For myself I opted for garlic mushrooms and I have to say that both starters lived up to expectations, being each in its own way - simply delicious. Our main dishes were selected from the ‘Chef’s Specialities’, my partner relishing the lamb sagwala while the shabzi badami ( Fresh mixed vegetables served with cashew nuts) more than hit the spot for your correspondent. Readers can only imagine the exquisiteness of the moment when these irresistible dishes were placed in front of us: truly one of life’s pleasures.

Presentation of these more than large portions was bordering on the artistic and a side dish of sag bhajee (spinach) and fresh aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) added to our delight. There was, indeed, enough to satisfy the cravings of even the most enthusiastic trencherman. “I hope there’s going to be room for desert” I said. She gave me an old fashioned look. The bill for such delightful dining was most reasonable and the contented afterglow of a good repast was accentuated by the welcome facility of a secure and accessible car park ‘round the back’. So many things these days contrive to generate annoyance that it is a blessing indeed to encounter a stress free evening and at Penn Tandoori you enjoy a taste of the East that’s more than a feast. “What did you think?” I asked my companion. “I think it was jolly good.” she said. Praise doesn’t come higher than that. Not from one such as Lydia Thwaite. Penn Tandoori is open 7 days a week from 6pm until late, fully licensed, free secure parking. Bookings for Valentines Day now being taken. For further details or to book a table please call 01902 333319. Penn Tandoori, 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD. 75


Hospice Celebrating 30 years

of Compton Hospice



Saturday 18th Feb 2012 7:30pm - 12:00am Event held at




Kick Up

the 80’s Cocktail Reception s Luxury Buffet s Disco

Sponsored by

For further information or to book tickets contact Compton Hospice on 0845 2255 497 or email


Registered Charity Number: 512387

New Year, New You - Make The Most Of Your Resolutions It’s that time of year again - the parties are over, you’ve eaten more than you’d like to admit and now it’s January, all that pre-Christmas indulgence is catching up with you. So it’s time to make good on those “I’ll get fit in the New Year” resolutions. You may have had the best of intentions when you made your promises - thinking that January was far, far away in the distant future - but the time is now here and a new you is long overdue. It might seem like an unappealing idea now - we all know that getting motivated is hard, especially during the winter months - but the New Year is a perfect time for turning over a new leaf. You can make the lifestyle changes that will benefit you in the future and improve your health, confidence and wellbeing right away. It can be daunting knowing where to begin, but fortunately, there are some great local places that can get you started on your journey to looking and feeling great. Arriba! Wellness Club in Perton, brings their ‘Community Weight Loss Challenge’ to locals. It has been designed specifically to give all the knowledge and support that’s needed for safe and long term weight loss.

She gives personal consultations from the privacy of her wellappointed Tettenhall office. For something a bit different, try Trisha’s Pilates and Relaxation Classes - just the thing for enlightening the mind, body and spirit. Also one-to-one and small group tuition is available. South Staffordshire Council’s leisure centres - located in Cheslyn Hay, Codsall, Penkridge and Wombourne - are packed full of everything you need to get fit, including a swimming pool, sports hall and a calendar packed full of exercise classes. Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in Tettenhall have outstanding amenities in gorgeous surroundings. Trained instructors are on hand to offer advice to beginners and there’s racquet ball, squash and tennis courts a plenty, plus other facilities too including a spacious gym.

At Patshull Park, health and fitness facilities include a large indoor pool, spa bath, steam rooms, saunas and a solarium - perfect for that feel good factor. And what’s more, there is also a fully equipped gymnasium. With so much going on and so close to home, you are sure to find something that you will love and, within a few weeks, you’ll be hooked. Maybe those New Year resolutions aren’t so bad after all.

Local independent Cambridge Consultant Karen Price, has been helping people to achieve their weight loss goals, since 2008.


Strictly… Orthopaedic Surgery at the Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital Exercise can help your joints stay flexible and keep your muscles strong. However, if exercising, you should stop any activities that cause pain. YOUR MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM

Whatever your age you want to enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s when you are mobile and active, and your body is working at its best, that you can get the most out of life. So when you’re in pain and your ability to move is restricted it’s good to know that there’s an expert close by that can help and advise you. Whatever your age you want to enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s when you are mobile and active, and your body is working at its best, that you can get the most out of life. So when you’re in pain and your ability to move is restricted it’s good to know that there’s an expert close by that can help and advise you. JOINT PROBLEMS Problems with your muscles, bones and joints can happen over time, or from an injury. Joint damage that develops gradually can be caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. If the damage is severe the joint can be replaced. Injuries can also occur when you play sport or do any sort of exercise. Injuries can range from minor to severe and complex and they can be caused by overuse or sudden trauma. YOUR BONES, JOINTS AND MUSCLES The complicated working of your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as your nerves is often referred to as your musculoskeletal system. And orthopaedics is the type of surgery that treats this system. Your musculoskeletal system allows movement and flexibility of your body - the free movement of your joint is essential to staying active. 78

Bones - Consisting of calcium, phosphate and other minerals and they make up your skeleton. Cartilage - The smooth covering on the ends of your bones. Ligaments - Fibrous bands of tissue connecting your muscles to your bones. Tendons - Tough cords of inelastic fibrous tissue, connecting your muscles to your bones. Muscles - Fibrous tissue that contracts to produce a particular movement. Nerves - Bundles of fibres that send instructions to the brain to allow movement and sensation PROBLEMS OR INJURIES Osteoarthritis - The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, is a degenerative disease and if often referred to as ‘wear and tear’ of a joint as you get older. Osteoarthritis is painful as joints become stiff and inflamed when the smooth cartilage lining the joint gets damaged. Knee and hip joints can be replaced successfully improving mobility and reducing pain. Knee Injuries - Your knees are the largest and most complex joints in your body and they support the weight of your body. The thigh bone (femur), the shin bone (tibia) and the kneecap (patella) are the three bones that make up your knee joint. Knee pain is common to a variety of knee injuries. Anterior Cruciate Ligament or (ACL) is one of the four most important ligaments connecting the bones of the knee joint, keeping it stable. Achilles Tendon - is the largest and strongest tendon in your body. It passes behind your ankle to connect your calf muscle to your heel. Ankle Injuries - Your ankles support the weight of your body, and the

most common injury is a sprain after small ligaments stretch and tear. Foot Bunion - is a bony bump on the joint at the base of your big toe. The bony growth on the joint can be painful and can cause your big toe to turn in towards your second toe. IMAGING AND DIAGNOSTICS We have an impressive diagnostic suite with x-ray, and ultrasound scanning equipment with MRI and CT scanners. MRI and CT scan are used to investigate soft tissue such as ligaments and tendons and are routinely used by orthopaedic surgeons. PHYSIOTHERAPY We have our own in-house Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation department for in-patient and outpatient care. Our physiotherapists bring a high level of experience and expertise so that you can be assured of the highest quality of care and will provide you with the most effective and appropriate treatment to help you recover your full health and well being in the shortest time possible. You can self refer for physiotherapy consultations. Physiotherapy appointments can be scheduled by contacting the department direct on 01902 793224. We are passionate about health and how we treat people - everyone is different, and because you are an individual, we tailor our treatment just to you. We welcome insured and self pay patients. 0% medical loans available* If you would like to make an appointment with one of our highly experienced orthopaedics consultants please call the Wolverhampton Nuffield on 01902 793259 where we will be happy to help you every step of the way! wolverhampton *0% APR typical. There will be a £55 admin charge. All loans are subject to status. Exclusions apply.

wolverhampton 218x140 press ad.indd 2

11/30/2011 1:22:04 PM


Something For The Weekend

By Helen Jane Taylor

When the weekend finally arrives it’s time to get casual and comfortable with the latest looks that are just perfect for chilling out. It’s cold outside and layering fabrics will not only keep you warm, but will create a great ontrend look. Try a gilet over a woolly jumper or flannel shirt. Chinos definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe because they’re basically comfy jeans and what’s more they will also bring your look bang up to date this winter.

Gilet £50 Shirt £35 Chinos £35 Rucksack £30 Hat £15 All available at River Island

Jacket £80 Shirt £30 Chinos £35 All available at River Island

Jacket £75 Cardigan £45 Chinos £30 Ear Warmers £12 Shirt £35 All available at River Island

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Wolverhampton West Magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Wolverhampton West Magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


WOLvERHaMPTOn’S PREMiER RaCquETS & FiTnESS CLub Exciting times lie ahead at Wolverhampton’s Premier Racquets and Fitness Club, as new Operations Manager, Marc Hughes along with his team, makes innovative changes and improvements to the long established Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club in Tettenhall. With an impressive 28 year history of service in the Royal Air Force working as an Aeronautical Engineer - Marc is eager to be taking up the many challenges that his new career has to offer, whilst indulging his love of racquet sports - a passion that he has had for many years. “As a child I played tennis and became Hereford and Worcester County Champion at 14 and I was invited to join the legendary Slater Squad, but unfortunately the fees were just unaffordable,” Marc explains. Head Coach to the RAF meant that Marc could pass on his skills and knowledge whilst improving the talents of others - a role he thoroughly enjoyed. While keen to honour the traditions of the club’s past that have made it so successful since being established in 1885, Marc is also conscious of the need to attract new members starting with the young. “We are keen to encourage younger members and their families to visit

the club and to sample the many facilities we have available at very competitive prices,” he adds. Key to the club’s appeal is its delightful setting: nestling in nearly 4 acres of glorious surroundings in a sleepy tree-lined avenue, far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the club is perfect for those who love sport, fitness and socialising. With indoor and outdoor tennis courts in a range of different surfaces - including ‘Wimbledon’ natural grass - and squash and racket ball courts that are frequently used by professional players during the International Squash Tournaments that take place annually - the club’s facilities remain unrivalled. And that’s not all, 100 square meters of space are dedicated to a state of the art, recently re-furbished gym that is finished to a superb standard and staffed with a dedicated team of instructors. “Everybody is welcome at the club, whether they enjoy sport at a competitive level or whether they are absolute beginners - we have the perfect activity for them,” explains Marc. Launching a new Racket’s coaching brand, Marc has brought together the club’s instructors to offer a unique style of coaching, one that focuses on team building and the psychological side of sport.

This results in a high performance team of experts that are available to offer excellent tuition to adults and children of all ages. A large dance studio houses many classes that are great to be attended with friends - including Zumba, Pilates and Circuit Training. After all that exercise it’s good to know that there is a perfect place to relax and enjoy some delicious food and drink. The Wellington Restaurant and Terrace Bar serves freshly prepared, home cooked food and is complete with comfy chairs and a relaxing atmosphere - a true home from home. The club holds many social functions and events and so is the ideal venue for anyone looking to enjoy a fabulous evening in a lovely setting. It’s the relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, that makes Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club undoubtedly Tettenhall’s best kept secret.

For further details call us:

on 01902 755265 email: or find us on facebook 81

PILATES & RELAXATION CLASSES To enlighten The Mind, Body and Spirit. Also available personal tuition and small groups. Also a range of Holistic Therapies including Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

For further details or to book, please call Trisha on 07852 679190 Welcome to Swishing To support the growing empire of charity shops, we have launched a series of “Swishing parties”. These are pampering evenings, with a difference… The idea is to dig out your old favourite clothes which perhaps don’t fit you anymore, but were a special occasion outfit and just too nice to throw away. The solution is to donate them to a swishing party, where you will receive tokens for every item (clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves, hats etc…) which you can then “spend” on taking home any of the other lovely items you see on the rails – at no actual cost. Yes, you heard that right, the clothes are free to a good home.

Just “swish” along the rails to find something you like and help to recycle, but in proportion to the amount you brought in. The evenings are great fun and are a very low cost way of refreshing your wardrobe whilst raising funds for The Haven (we charge a ticket price including a drink to enter). We have several Swishing events booked into for 2012, of which our inaugural event is at Wightwick Manor, the National Trust property in Tettenhall, Wightwick Bank from 6pm – 8pm. Tickets are £5 and include a free glass of wine. You may drop your donations off anytime from 1st January at

Wightwick Manor, and early bird tickets are only £4. In addition to the rails of alluring clothes and accessories, there are several stalls from local business women offering pampering products, such as mini manicures for £5, dress jewellery, handmade cards, cupcakes, style colour analysis, handbags, skin and beauty products, bodyshop, make-up etc. So the whole evening is dedicated to relaxing, pampering and refreshing your image and wellbeing at hardly any cost. All this, and supporting a local charity too.

Our programme of swishing parties includes:

Thursday 9th February Beckbury Acorns

Thursday 8th March Highfields School

Thursday 12th January 6 – 8pm. Wightwick Manor (National trust property in Tettenhall)

Thursday 8th March, Women in Rural Enterprise network meeting at Patshull Park

Thursday 10th May, City Bar, Wolverhampton Friends of the Earth.

For more information, to buy a ticket, or to enquire about hosting a swishing party to raise funds, get in touch: Julia Buckley, The Haven fundraising team, Tel. 572123, Email. 82

Karen Price is your local Independent Cambridge Consultant who operates from her office in Tettenhall.

enjoys helping them transform their shape and lives.

She was successfully accredited as a Consultant by Cambridge Weight Plan in April 2008 and became a full time Consultant in January 2009; Karen invested in an office so her clients had privacy when attending their consultations.

Karen has received another prestigious “Highly Commended” Award at this year’s Annual Cambridge Convention which was held in November at Heathrow.

Karen is a very focused lady and certainly not someone that gives up easily, being very people orientated she is motivated herself by helping people and making a difference to their lives.

Regular readers may recollect that last year Karen also received an “Above & Beyond” Award at the 2010 Annual Cambridge Convention last year. To be recognised two years in succession is an amazing achievement when you consider there are over 2,000 Independent Cambridge Consultants nationwide.

Her business continues to go from strength to strength.

Upon meeting Karen it is immediately apparent that not only does she care about people but she will really help and motivate if losing weight is your aim – The Wolverhampton West Magazine wish her every continued success!

Karen has many lovely female and indeed male clients and thoroughly

Cambridge Consultant

Recognition for helping others lose weight...

Are you worried about your weight? If you are, Cambridge Weight Plan could be the answer.

Your Independent Cambridge Consultant:

Cambridge Weight Plan is all about choices, made by you to benefit you. Together, you and your Consultant will work out a plan that suits your lifestyle – helping you achieve the best results at the rate you want.



So, why not make a positive decision to change your life for the better and call me today.


Highly commended & Above and Beyond Cambridge Weight Plan Award Winner 2010

Corfton Driv e Tettenhall Wolverhampton WV6 8NR

Karen Price Price

t: 07974 974 99 994 e:

Highly commended Cambridge Weight Plan Award Winner 2011


A Great Achievement For Hayley


Wowing judges at Open Mic UK 2011 with her version of Christina Aguilera’s Hurt, Hayley Hubball succeeded in making it through to the final stages of the competition that allows singers, songwriters, rappers and solo artists the chance to showcase their music and get signed.

At only 16 years of age, the schoolgirl from Codsall gave an outstanding and powerful performance at Birmingham’s NEC in front of six high-profile judges - from national radio, BBC Introducing, regional press and record labels - as well as a huge live crowd. It was an excellent achievement and an experience that Hayley

has thoroughly enjoyed and it has made her even more determined to keep building on her talent into the future. Although she is currently focussing mainly on her school work, Hayley is busy working with Stereo Junkies and has been writing and recording her own songs in the studio - whilst continuing with her singing coaching - and will soon be taking keyboard lessons. As a lover of all different types of music Hayley listens to RnB, Dance and has been influenced by

artists such as Rhianna and Bluey Robinson. “I love all different types of music from Calvin Harris to Bluey Robinson and I particularly enjoy singing powerful songs from artists like Rhianna and Christina Aguilera,” explains Hayley. We are sure to be seeing and hearing much more from Hayley over the coming years thanks to her remarkable talent and passion for performing.

Watch this space.

Community Weight Loss Challenge Are you serious about losing weight? Join the 12 week challenge today!

BIGGEST LOSER WINS £300! 2nd prize £200 3rd prize £100* Unlike traditional 'Slimming Clubs' at Arriba! we provide much more than a 'pay-weigh-and go' weight loss class. Arriba! Wellness Clubs Provide: • Full & On-Going Body Composition Analysis • Weekly Weigh & Measure • Nutrition Education For Safe & Long Term Weight Loss • Personal Coaching & Support • Fun Environment • Opportunity To Meet People & Make New Friends This 12 week course starts at 7pm on Wednesday 4th January 2012 at The Civic Centre, Church Road, Coleridge Drive, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7PD.

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* Prizes based on 30 participants. Prizes are relative to the number of participants, please speak with your Arriba! leader for exact details.


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Simply by answering the following questions: 1. How long have Valentines Blinds been established? 2. What is the telephone number for Penn Tandoori? 3. How much are Oaken Garage charging for a service and MOT?


e-mail your answers to: or on a postcard to: Wolverhampton West Magazine 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. To include your full name, address and telephone number. All entries to be received by 31st January 2012. Competition Terms & Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all entries received. Winner to be aged 16 years or older. Winner will need to collect cash prize.


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The team at Urban Hair and Beauty are pleased to introduce the fabulous new ghd Air Professional Hairdryer to their salon. Delivering exceptionally fast drying time and beautiful results, you’re guaranteed a professional finish every time and all in the comfort of your own home. And to help you get the most from your blow dry and to create a look you will love, the team at Urban have been sharing their top tips to add volume, body and bounce to your locks - so that you can create a head-turning look that’s great for any occasion. 1. Towel dry hair - it’s best to start your blow dry on damp rather than wet hair. 2. Prepare hair by applying ghd Total Volume Foam to create tousled texture. 3. Angle your drier so that you are blowing up at the roots and towards the ends

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“The friendly salon which offers everything you need to look and feel fabulous!”

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Visit Zen For The Perfect New Year Treat If you feel like you’ve overdone it this Christmas and are in desperate need of some post-party pampering, then head to Zen Beauty Salon in Codsall. Once you have revitalised yourself with the latest top treatments you are guaranteed to feel fully refreshed. Adding to their already great range of facilities by installing a state-of-the-art infrared sauna and fully functional wet room, the team at Zen have created a haven for those looking to relax, unwind and enjoy the new additions. “There have been some new and really exciting things happening at the salon and we have got some great treatments and new facilities to offer our clients,” explains Salon Owner and Manager Oli Carey. Hot off the press coverage in the media, infrared saunas have been found to dramatically improve troublesome skin conditions while eliminating the body’s toxins. It is a welcome addition to the salon, as they can also ease aches and pains and promote weight loss - while making you feel totally relaxed. In the new wet room, Zen’s therapists offer sumptuous exfoliating body scrubs that reveal, fresher, youngerlooking skin that glows. And what’s more, at the Codsall salon there’s inchloss wraps that aid in getting rid of the extra pounds Christmas piled on, by eliminating fatty deposits, tightening loose skin and banishing excess fluid retention. The results are sure to be fantastic, with instant and visible inch loss from the waist, hips and thighs revealed immediately. “We have got a great range of treatments at the salon and we work with our clients to create the perfectly blended product for them. It’s tailor made so that it will guarantee to really benefit their individual skin type,” explains Oli. Before opting for one of Zen’s Sienna X professional spray tans to deliver a golden glow to pale skin this winter, try an exfoliating body scrub and moisturising 88

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10-12 Wood Road, Codsall WV8 1DB Telephone: 01902 238270 email: 89

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The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Wolverhampton West Magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Wolverhampton West Magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


Think Yourself Happy Dr Rick Norris

“Beating the winter blues”

It’s a well-known fact in the medical profession that the onset of winter sees an increase in stress, anxiety, depression and low mood. The cold weather, the short, dark days, the current economic climate and the financial pressures of Christmas are enough to make anyone feel ‘blue’. So here are some tips, suggestions and advice to ‘think yourself happy’ throughout the bleak mid-winter. Plan ahead - get out your diary and plan to do at least one activity for each month of 2012 so that you have something to look forward to. Book your summer holiday, invite friends round for a celebration or anniversary meal, set a date for a picnic in the spring, organise a week end camping, plan an Olympics party, book to see a show or live music. It doesn’t have to be expensive, plan to visit a town or city in the UK that you’ve never been to, explore some new countryside or go on a trip to one of our many museums or heritage sights. Planning ahead allows us the benefit of anticipation, which gives our mood a real lift. Keep busy - it’s so easy in the wintertime to do nothing, but with too much time on our hands we can fall into the trap of dwelling on our worries, anxieties and fears. If we keep busy we not only achieve something worthwhile, we also distract our minds from negative thoughts. Use mini-projects to help. A mini project should last about an hour - long enough to make a difference but not so long that we put it off. Tidy the spare room, rearrange your music collection, repair 92

the puncture on your bike, clean the car inside and out. Make a list of all your mini-projects and then work through them one-by-one. Get out and about - one of the reasons behind the low mood we experience in the winter is seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is believed to affect 7-10% of the population. The shorter, darker days seem to prolong the production of melatonin (which is normally only produced when we sleep at night), and also results in lower serotonin levels, which is a feature of depression. Even if you don’t actually suffer from SAD, most people seem to have better moods in the summer. So try to get outside for some exercise during the daytime, especially if it’s bright or sunny. Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Getting some exercise also increases the production of endorphins, which help us to feel better. Planning ahead, keeping busy and getting out and about will

help you stay emotionally resilient throughout the least hospitable months of the year, so don’t think about it, just do it! Dr Rick Norris is a Visiting Consultant Psychologist at The Manor Hospital in Walsall where he specialises in helping people with a wide range of psychological issues. Rick is also the author of Think Yourself Happy, published by Oneworld.

He can be contacted on 07932 002795 or via his website:

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Patshull Park

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• Everyone is welcome • And you can come as little or as much as you want because you don’t have to commit to anything! You can use the centres on a Pay As You Go basis or for those of you that intend to use the facilities more regularly, it’s worth having a peek at the memberships on offer as there’s a range of flexible packages, all of which you are only committed to for 3 months. South Staffordshire Council is also giving away a free Swim pass and free Exercise Class Pass… all you need to do is download one of the ‘New Year, New You’ flyers by visiting promotions , complete the vouchers and take them into your nearest SSC leisure centre; Or visit one of our leisure centres and collect a flyer with the free vouchers on…it’s simple! But hurry as vouchers are subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. For more information contact South Staffordshire Council on 01902 696505.

A New Year, A New You Get in shape and go for Gold this year with Energise Fitness

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*Terms and conditions apply

For more information call 01902 696505 or email

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Tom Casey BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH Margaret Kennedy BSc (Hons), MCHS, SRCH

Treatments for: Nails, callus, corns, verrucas Diabetic & arthritic feet Heel and forefoot pain Ingrown toenails & nail surgery Functional & biomechanical issues Conditions needing orthotics/insoles

• Friendly Personal Service • Medical Centre Facilities • Secure Parking • Disabled Access • Centrally located • Home Visits Available Presentations & talks are available to interested groups.


For an appointment call or visit: For Wolverhampton Clinics call Tom Casey

07828 613165 Evenett & Bishop Opticians 67 High Street Albrighton WV7 3JA

01902 372141

Six Ways Clinic 24 Birmingham Road Walsall WS1 2LT

01922 622521

Meet The Feet Specialists: Tom Casey And Margaret Kennedy

There’s a family theme at West Midlands’ top chiropody and podiatry clinics, as twin siblings, Tom Casey and Margaret Kennedy work together - from their premises in Wolverhampton, Albrighton and Walsall - to give their patient’s problem feet a new lease of life. With over 35 years of experience between them, the duo are expertly qualified in their field and specialise in biomechanics, nail surgery and have an in-depth understanding of issues relating to rheumatology and diabetes. Surprisingly, neither Margaret or Tom originally intended to embark on a career in chiropody. Training as a teacher at university, Margaret decided that it wasn’t for her and found that she was much better suited to the job she now loves.

Teaming up with his sister means that they can offer an extensive and wide range of services to their private clients, whilst also holding podiatry positions part time for local PCTs. “We are a close family, so working with my sister is easy - we make a great partnership,” says Tom. Through his extensive knowledge of the biomechanical workings of the foot, Tom is able to offer simple yet effective solutions and advice that result in immediate improvements for the sufferer. With a vast range of Orthotics at his disposal, Tom can prescribe and advise the best remedy for any foot problem. Directly improving a patients quality of life is an extremely satisfying experience, as Tom explains: “Whether through routine foot care or treating specific problems, easing pain and improving his patient’s

quality of life is a very rewarding experience. Many people suffer with foot problems for years and tolerate the daily pain and discomfort before seeking advice - fortunately my sister and I are able to help them when they do.” When he isn’t treating his patients though, Tom leads a very exciting life outside of his clinic, as he explains: “I think my patients might be surprised to know that I am a great fan of extreme sports and I love skydiving. My wife shares my passion and she is keen on volcano walks. We love to travel to unusual locations - we have seen most of the world.” When he is at home though, Tom is a keen cook: “I really enjoy good food and I love to cook - I’m told that I’m very good.” laughs Tom.

As for Tom, he originally worked in IT, and decided on a career change late in life. Having always had a passion for science and medicine, training as a podiatrist suited his interests perfectly. Gaining their medical talent from their mother who worked as a nurse, Tom jokes that his skill for filing hard skin came from elsewhere: “My dad was a carpenter, so I’m pretty sure that those skills have been transferred to my work as a podiatrist,” laughs Tom. 97

AD 347 Wolves library card 218x140_Layout 1 12/12/2011 09:38 Page 1

Support Wolves and your local library

ry card

nd aries a r b i L n ampto ity Trust h r e v l un rt Wo Comm er to suppo s e v l th Wo g toge n i k r o w eading r l a c o l

ra my lib

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il brary card

Get yours FREE

from any Wolverhampton library It's FREE to join your library and it's FREE to borrow books! AD 347a


Your local library - Use it, Join it, Love it! reader. There are 320 million visits a year to our libraries but we can make them even more popular.”

Saturday 4th February will see Wolverhampton’s libraries celebrating the first ever National Libraries Day. Children’s author and libraries campaigner Alan Gibbons

announced the launch: “We are delighted to launch National Libraries Day, a week of events in early February leading to a day of celebration of reading, libraries and librarians around the United Kingdom. A reading child is a successful child. A child who goes to the library is twice as likely to be a good reader and that child becomes a literate adult, a lifelong

Where’s my library? Ashmore Park Library, Griffiths Drive WV11 2JW Bilston Library, Mount Pleasant WV14 7LU Central Library, Snow Hill WV1 3AX Collingwood Library, The Broadway WV10 8EB East Park Library, Hurstbourne Crescent WV1 2EE Finchfield Library, White Oak Drive WV3 9AF Home Library Service Long Knowle Library, Wood End Road WV11 1YG Low Hill Library, Showell Circus WV10 9JJ Pendeford Library, Whitburn Close WV9 5NJ Penn Library, Coalway Avenue WV3 7LT Spring Vale Library, Bevan Avenue WV4 6SG Tettenhall Library, Upper Street WV6 8QF Warstones Library, Pinfold Grove WV4 9PT Wednesfield Library, Well Lane WV11 1XT Whitmore Reans Library, Bargate Drive WV6 0QW

01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902 01902

556296 556253 552025 556302 556257 556260 556256 556290 556293 556250 556281 556284 556308 556275 556278 556269

Find out more about what’s on at your library by visiting

“We see National Libraries Day as a positive day of celebration to promote the whole culture of reading for pleasure, information and engagement whether you read your traditional books or on your laptop or e-reader. It is time to make reading a universal culture. We want people to go to their local school or public library and use their School Library Service. Use it. Join it. Love it.” Wolverhampton’s Central Library will host a storytelling marathon on National Libraries Day where there will be a continual reading of extracts from Charles Dickens’ novels and short stories. Dickens’ bi-centenary is celebrated just a few days later on 7 Feb 2012 and so is a fitting tribute. A professional storyteller will read much of Dickens’ work and will also perform a short ghost story, The Signalman at lunchtime. Members of the public will also have an opportunity to take part – continuing the reading when the storyteller needs a short break! There will also be storytelling sessions taking place at many other Wolverhampton libraries on National Libraries Day – along with competitions and quizzes. Celebrations will continue on Saturday 11 Feruary when the Central Library building will celebrate its 110th birthday. Ever popular historical tours of the building for the general public are planned. Remember – it’s FREE to join the library and it’s FREE to borrow books! 99

Education and Schooling by Martyn Long - Headmaster of Tettenhall College In last month’s Education and Schooling I talked, amongst other things, about the idea of balancing the different aspects of life to try and be happy and successful. This idea is central to my philosophy and is perhaps why a poll from The National Literacy Trust caught my eye. The charity commissioned researchers to quiz more than 18,000 children aged 11 to 16 and used this to produce a report on ‘Children and young people’s access to books and attitudes towards reading’.

The research found that almost 4 million children in Britain – one in three – do not own a book, and that this proportion has risen from one in 10 in 2005. The charity said the findings were very worrying because book ownership was linked to children’s future success in life and that children who read well can often overcome other hurdles 100

that lock their peers into a cycle of disadvantage. Jonathan Douglas, director of the charity, said children were reading from books and even computers less, but watching films and images on screens more. He said there were many more forms of entertainment competing for children’s attention than there used to be. 19% said they had never received a book as a present, 12% that they had never been to a bookshop and 7% had never visited a library. The report made me evaluate my attitude towards the importance of books and the role that books play in education. It did not take me long to reach the conclusion that whether books are printed, or as is becoming more and more popular electronic, they remain absolutely vital in the stimulation of children and young people’s minds. If you had seen the response of the children in Years 3 through to Year 6 to the recent ‘Authors Week’ at Tettenhall College, you would, I am sure, share this opinion. During the week the school librarian (yes we still have a library containing books thousands of them, working in harmony with state of the art ICT facilities!) Mrs Liddle helped to organise numerous visits from nationally acclaimed authors. The children were inspired by hearing stories read by the authors and engaging in activities based around the wonderful stories they were discovering. Andrew Cope brought along the real ‘Spy Dog’ for the children to meet. Local authoress Catherine Cooper talked to the children about her award winning Golden Acorn series of books. The poet Paul Cookson proved extremely popular helping the children to view poetry in a new light. There were many other visits and workshops including

one on illustrating childrens’ books which led to a pupil being asked to visit an author to discuss using her illustrations in a story about dragons. Earlier in the year the younger children in the Drive School (Nursery through to Year 2) also thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from a themed week based around the books of Roald Dahl. The characters and stories served as a spring board for some wonderful events including a visit to a chocolate factory, inventing marvellous medicines, making chocolate bars, creating enormous crocodiles, visiting Matilda’s library and tasting James and the Giant Peach smoothies to name but a few of the activities. I try not to get depressed when I read reports like the one mentioned at the start of this article - I use them to reflect on my own thoughts and actions. As a father and teacher I have always believed in surrounding my own children and the children that I teach with books. But there again I have always surrounded them with computers, sports equipment, musical instruments, television, opportunities for visits to beaches, stately homes, mountains… because life is after all a question of balance. Tettenhall College is an Independent Co-educational School for pupils aged 2 to 18.

Children’s Day Nursery at Tettenhall College An inspirational start for children as young as two is provided at the Children’s Day Nursery in Tettenhall College. Open throughout the year, our highly qualified and experienced staff provide ‘edu-care’ - both education and care in a warm, family atmosphere. The Nursery is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. A Breakfast Club operates from 7.30am. providing further childcare for those parents who need to make an early start. The Nursery provides hot lunches every day, freshly prepared and cooked by our in-house catering company. Children experience different types of learning through a variety of stimulating activities and the excellent resources which are available. Interactive play within a wealth of indoor and outdoor facilities provides the perfect platform for every child’s development.

The Day Nursery has its own suite of rooms which was designed as part of a modern purpose-built facility. There is a spacious play room, a quiet room for sleeping or learning in small groups, a messy play area for sand, water, clay, dough, paint and glue; and a bathroom with a baby changing area. There is also a securely walled and fenced, outdoor

rubber-crumb play area which enables children to play safely outside. The 33 acres of beautiful grounds provide additional opportunities for closely supervised exploration, along with a woodland environment and the frequently visited ‘Pets Corner’. Parents are offered great flexibility in being able to choose the number of sessions that suit their particular circumstances, whole days, morning or afternoon sessions. Parents are also offered Nursery funding. For further details and a prospectus please contact Annabelle Addison on (01902) 793002 or go to our website at

The Nursery

at Tettenhall College n Modern, safe and stimulating environment for children from their second birthday n Nursery Education Funding for 3 and 4 year olds

Tettenhall College

Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8QX. Tel: +44 (0)1902 751119 Email: Web: TettColl Nursery Adv 140x106mm 0511_ES.indd 1

01/06/2011 08:52


Entrance Examination And Open Day At Tettenhall College After a successful first year in post with record examination results, the Headmaster Mr Martyn Long is looking forward to some exciting future developments at the College. September 2012 sees the launch of the new Preparatory School at Tettenhall College, created as the existing Drive School and Lower School amalgamate under the leadership of its new Head, Mrs Heidi Perrett. The Preparatory School will provide unrivalled facilities, small classes and outstanding teaching for 2 to 11 year olds. The Upper School at Tettenhall College which caters for 11 to 18 year olds will also see some changes with the appointment of Mr Simon Wrafter as Deputy Head

(Academic) and the creation of a faculty based structure. Mr Long says, “Tettenhall College enjoys an exceptional reputation for maximising the potential of every child and our pastoral care is first class. The Governors and I wish to build on our current success and the changes taking place are designed to strengthen further the excellent work that goes on here. Tettenhall College will combine traditional values with forward thinking and innovative planning to provide the best opportunity for academic excellence within a stimulating and caring environment.” Entrance Examination for Year 7 Entry - Tuesday 17th January 2012, 9am - 4.15am Academic scholarships are available for pupils demonstrating outstanding achievement.

Open Day - Thursday 15th March 2012, 9.30am - 3.30pm and 5.00pm - 7.00pm The Open Day provides a fabulous opportunity for families with children in all year groups (from Nursery to Sixth Form) to view the school in action, meet the dedicated teaching staff and our talented pupils and see for yourself why Tettenhall College is in the top 5% of schools nationally for ‘adding value’. Come and find out more about its exciting plans for the future. In addition to our Open Days, we also offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term.

If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information about the Entrance Examination or the Open Day then please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002 or email





(for entry in September 2012) on Tuesday 17th January 2012.

For all Year Groups. Thursday 15th March, 9.30am – 3.30pm & 5.00pm – 7.00pm.


Our entrance exam for Year 7 takes place on Tuesday 17th January 2012. If you would like further information regarding either this or our forthcoming open day, please contact Annabelle Addison on 01902 793002 or visit our website.


Shipley Campus Came to Life! The Shipley Campus of Walford and North Shropshire College opened its doors to welcome local school’s pupils to its first Taster Day on 18th November. The campus, on Bridgnorth Road adjacent to Gardenlands Centre, also held an Open Day on November 19th to allow visitors to view its facilities. The campus showcased the impressive new Animal Care facilities with guest speaker Simon Airey of Corner Exotics encouraging visitors to handle and raise questions about the creatures. Georgina Hughes, a pupil from Charlton School, commented, “I’ve learnt a lot today. It’s been great and it’s given me a lot more confidence around animals.” The College has invested heavily in the campus to create the custom-built facility which is now near completion. It is expected the area will be fully occupied, with a variety of animals, by Easter 2012. Animal Care is a new area for the Shipley campus which is already a well-established provider of top-class childcare and ICT courses. To arrange a tour, or to find out more about courses at Shipley, contact Kathryn on 01902 709840 or email

Your future... Your choice... visit us online at Te l : 0 1 9 0 2 7 0 9 8 4 0

Saturday 11th february 2012 10.00am-2.00pm COME AND VISIT OUR BRAND NEW ANIMAL CARE fACILITY! See snakes, birds, guinea pigs, pygmy goats and more. • Full-time courses in: - Animal Care - NEW FOR 2012! - Childcare - IT Skills for Employment.

For more information please call Kathryn on 01902 709 840 or email:



Open day with special guest Simon Airey


AFC Wulfrunians Also on our website are details of sponsorship and advertising opportunities within the club. Some of the season long deals are now available at half price for half season contracts. If you are interested in forming a partnership with us, give me a call on 07834 391284 or email us at

Welcome to the latest update as to the events on and off the pitch at AFC Wulfrunians - your local football club. Since our formation back in 2005, a number of volunteers have put in a lot of hard work to get us where we are today. This hard work has helped us win numerous trophies on the pitch and also helped us complete our move to the magnificent Castlecroft Stadium, 104

a ground that over the last couple of years has staged a number of the city’s most prestigious cup finals as well as hosting many Wolves U15’s and West Midlands School games. Now comes a terrific reward for all of our hard work as the Castlecroft Stadium has been selected to host an international game between England Schools U18’s and their counterparts from Australia on Sunday 29th January with a 10.30am kick off. Full details of this game can be found on our website

On the subject of sponsorship, I am delighted to announce that our two major sponsors DMW Environmental Safety Ltd and Shifnal Environmental Safety Ltd have both renewed their sponsorship of the football club for which we are extremely grateful. Without such support we simply wouldn’t exist. That’s all for today. If you would like to come along to one of our games, details of upcoming fixtures can be found on our website.

Paul Tudor

WGS Scholarships - Striving To Ensure Access For All

Wolverhampton Grammar School has been providing education to the region’s youngsters for almost half a millennia and during that time the school has always worked hard to maintain a robust programme of support enabling as many families as possible to access the opportunities available here. And this year, to mark the school’s 500th anniversary year, three brand new scholarships are being offered for students joining at Year 7 and at age 16. The Jenyns Scholarship (named after the school’s founder, Sir Stephen Jenyns) is a means tested

scholarship which will be offered to a student aged 11 living in a WV postcode who, along with strong academic ability can demonstrate that they will make a strong contribution to the school in a number of areas such as music, art, sports, drama, or debating. At sixth form; the Grove Scholarship will be offered to a student who, in addition to their proven academic ability, can demonstrate that they will make a strong contribution to the school in a number of areas such as music, art, sports, drama, or debating whilst the Old Wulfrunian (OW) Sports Scholarship will be offered to a Wolverhampton based student who, whilst fulfilling WGS’s academic criteria, can also demonstrate a strong sporting ability.

We can give you 500 years worth of history...

“We already offer a number of academic scholarships, two music scholarships and several means tested awards to families most in need of support,” explains Head, Vincent Darby “Ultimately our aim is to ensure no-one is denied a place at WGS on the basis of financial need and that WGS is once again seen as Wolverhampton’s grammar school. We have a way to go to achieve this, however these new scholarships brought in to mark the school’s quincentenary year signify another exciting step along the way.” To find out more about WGS’s scholarship opportunities please contact WGS admissions team on 01902 422939.

In 2012 Wolverhampton Grammar School will celebrate its 500th anniversary.

Be part of its story. SENIOR SCHOOL

Entrance Tests

Friday 20th January, 2012 Saturday 21st January, 2012


Open Morning

10.00 - 12.00 Saturday 28th January, 2012

01902 422939

...the future is down to you. 105



Jewellers & Pawnbrokers

01902 429875 01902 424908 Email:

Established over 20 years

As a member of the National Pawnbrokers association, Carats offer loans on gold jewellery, prestigious watches and valuables.

Your jewellery will remain untouched by human hands until you return to redeem it. After 7 months you have the option of extending the loan for a further period.

Many people are choosing to take out a loan against their jewellery at Carats rather than risk spiralling into uncontrollable debt with credit cards and bank charges.

If you have received a cheque from your employer, electricity company, or any other type of cheque and you don’t want to wait 7 days for it to clear in the bank, take it to Carats. For a modest fee they will cash the cheque for you and you get the money instantly.

Our rates are very competitive and won’t be beaten in the Wolverhampton area.

Carats also offers a payday advance service where you can borrow up to £300 cash until you get paid.

Take in a piece of gold jewellery for example and at Carats you can turn that gold into an instant cash loan.

If you have items of high value Carats will even do discreet home visits, just call and speak to one of their friendly staff to arrange an appointment.

You choose to borrow a set amount of money for a period of anywhere up to 7 months, or you can pay it off early with greatly reduced charges. Your valuables are then left in the caring capable hands of the helpful staff who secure them.

Loans available from £20 to £20,000. So there is no need to worry about how you will afford to pay that inflated bill in time.

Call in now at: 16 Queen Street, Wolverhampton WV1 3JW (Opposite the Job Centre on the corner of Princess Street and Queen Street)


DIAMOND RING SALE NOW ON UP TO 50% OFF Carats have a fantastic range of both new and pre-owned jewellery for all occasions.

Come and browse a large selection of Diamond Rings to suit all budgets.


All unwanted Jewellery wanted: TOP PRICES PAID! It doesn’t matter what condition your items are in - we will buy them! Gold, Platinum or Silver Rings, Bangles, Chains, Watches, Coins, Brooches, Lockets - in fact anything made of precious metal, we buy it!

Even odd earrings, broken chains, links or bits of scrap.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out what it’s worth. Don’t post your gold to someone you don’t know, call into Carats, our friendly experts are on hand and dedicated to give you excellent service.


Rates that will not be beaten in Wolverhampton. No Commission. The best buy back rate in Wolverhampton. Carats Currency guarantee the best rate in Wolverhampton and will not be beaten.

Job Centre

CARATS Opposite Job Centre


Lucy Pearce, Sue Beech, Carolyn Guise, Lisa Colley, Suzanne Levy & Niki Hammed

Lisa Wood, Sue Wren, Karen Walton & Christine Bentley

Jo Rudge, Mary Abbiss, Jackie Clarke, Lee-Ann Constantinou, Sue Bake & Amanda Logan

Mandy Beckett & Mark Beckett

Social Scene Sponsored by Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club

Julie Cooper & Ian Cooper

Steve Harnett, Boyd Bond, Kerry Harvey, Emma Bond, Karen Clifford, Susan & Paul Faulkner

A great evening was had by all at the Robbie Williams tribute night on Friday 18th November at Patshull Park. 108

Justine Davy & Jane Barnett

John Meredith, Sarah McGee, Holly McGee & Al Nijjar

Durand Bailey, Matt Hickman & James Evans

Clive Vickers & Lisa Vickers

ÂŁ2,250 was raised at the Audi Q3 Launch and Winter Showcase on Thursday November 10th at Wolverhampton Audi. This was doubled by Barclays bank to generate a fantastic total of ÂŁ4,500 for Promise Dreams and Compton Hospice. This was the first event Wolverhampton Audi have undertaken of its kind and were delighted that well over 200 people attended.

James Drago-Ferranti & Jade Smith

Helen Beeston-May & Jeremy Beeston-May

Steven King & Carl Connolly

Richard Hammond & Helen Hammond


Ann Wesley, Nikki Lacey, Lisa Winkle & Louise Keeling

Alex Bullivant, Paul Taylor & David Long

Chris Gray, Harriet Gray & Amanda Blount

Tribute Band Want U Back as Take That were back at Patshull Park on Friday 28th October – another Sold Out night!


Caroline Farley, Debbie Swaine, Hannah Walton, Claire Talbot, Dawn Jones, Joanne Pinches & Julie Bailey

Clare Wootton & Julie Williams

Lesley Humphreys & Jane Anderson

Steph Teague, Debbie Frost, Jill Taylor & Gill Hupperdine

The Rotary Club of Bilston and Wolverhampton West delivered a major boost to Wolverhampton Mayor Bert Turner’s charity with a donation of £4000 to his charity appeal for Ward D22 at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.

Winner of Wombourne Tandoori Competition Judy Well & Janet Kinnings with Khalid Miah & Sadique Ahmad from Wombourne Tandoori.

Patshull Park held their Frost Fayre and Christmas at Home event which was attended by over 140 people on 23rd and 24th of November.The event was in support of Macmillan Cancer and raised £766.

Karen Grew, Karen Devonport, Helena Devonport & Marilyn Dring

Claudia Gilligan, Penny Hurley, Julia Hawkins, Margaret Brookes (back row), June Highfield, Audrey Butler, Jenny Greenfield, Susan Gilligan (front row)

Cora Turner Collis & Barbara Turner Collis

Nadine Sadler & Rita Ponting

Sponsored by Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club. Experience the venue, book your ‘show-round’ appointment at this unique location. Call our Wedding Co-ordinator Jo Guest on 01902 709855. 111

Leigh Turnbull, Raj Raikhy, Caroline Griffiths & Julia Heath

Louise Wong, Jenny Waite, Jen Hubbard & Cherie Chilton

Promise Dreams - Ladies’ Christmas Lunches Raise £5,812.80

Children’s charity, Promise Dreams organised two Christmas Ladies’ Lunches on Monday 28th November and Friday 2nd December.The lunches were held at the Thornescroft Restaurant, Bridgnorth Road, Shipley.

Paula Bawa & Jane Barnett

Suzanne Millington & Karen Price

Ann Cole & Judy Weston

Jane Wellsbury, Amanda Supurling, Kerry Moseley, Dianne Sadler & Karen Fletcher

Lisa Vickers & Diane Sadler

Claire McCormack

Sponsored by Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club. Traditional Sunday Lunch at Patshull Park For more details call 0844 272 0253 to make your reservation. 112


Specialists at Your Service


Electrical - Rewires, Extra Sockets, Lighting etc. Plumbing - Kitchen and Bathrooms including Installation Service. Carpentry, Tiling and Plastering. Offering a Friendly, Professional Service.

FREE QUOTES. NO CALL OUT CHARGE. Call: 07725 951136 / 01902 746610 Email: Stephenson Drive, Perton, WV6 7YB

Are you looking for a Specialist Service for your Home? Then look at pages 113 and 114 for local tradesmen and services…

Wolverhampton and surrounding areas

OUR TRADEMARK IS EXCELLENCE Domestic Commercial Industrial Established over 10 years

Office & Showroom, “The Ballroom” 16 Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3QG

All electrical work undertaken • Security Systems • Periodic Testing • Garden Lighting & Power • Showers • Rewires • Mains Upgrades • Fire Alarms • Data & Phone Points • Portable Appliance Testing

To arrange a free, no obligation, quotation

CALL US FIRST 01902 374831 Email:

Excel Solar

Our NEW Company providing P.V. Installations, both commercial and domestic saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon emissions, helping create create a greener future.

Please contact us for further details.


Roger M. Stevens

Painting Services Your total electrical solution


Rewires ● Alterations Reports ● Testing ● Certificates Extensions ● Showers ● P.A.T. Testing Alarms ● Upgrades

Your local solar power professionals TEL:

01902 747561 MOB:

Tel: 01902 562440

07814 123957

Andyman Services Full Home and Garden Service Specialising in Fitted Kitchens and Bathrooms (supply and/or fitting only)

Also En Suites, Plastering, Door Hanging, Laminate Flooring, Wall & Floor Tiling, Patios, Decking & Fencing, Garden Clearance, Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Loft Hatches & Boarding, Outside Taps, Shed Roof Repairs and much more.

ALL WORK GUARANTEED! Call Andy Corfield on:

01902 567232 / 07961593160 Email:


PAINTERS & DECORATORS Interior and Exterior All work guaranteed. Reliable. No job too small. FREE QUOTES. City and Guilds Qualified. Call Kevin on:

01902 784879 07989151412 or John on :

01922 495369 07791 415181 Camrose Gardens, Pendeford, Wolverhampton

MOTORING Be Smart - Use Paint Wizard Paint Wizard are your local SMART repair specialists, and as their advertisement within Wolverhampton West magazine states they undertake numerous car body repairs including bumper scuffs, stone chips, windscreen chip repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment. SMART describes the process they undertake – small to medium area repair techniques – therefore the repair is limited to the damaged area instead of re-spraying a whole panel. This means that their prices are extremely competitive compared to a traditional body shop. Apart from cost another main advantage of using Paint Wizard is that the customer does not have the

3 scuffs on rear bumper

inconvenience of taking their vehicle to premises and being without their car for days. Paint Wizard offer a 100% mobile service whereby they will undertake the epair at your home or place of work. The only requirement is access to a power supply. Paint Wizard are now celebrating their 10th year of trading, Lee and Paul pride themselves on the quality of repair carried out. A five step process is undertaken so that your vehicle can be restored back to showroom condition. A ‘before’ and ‘after’ repair carried out on a rear bumper is detailed above. The quality service provided means that since formation of Paint Wizard, Lee and Paul have enjoyed repeat business from a number of main

Restored Bumper

car dealerships including Mercedes, Mazda and Renault. Private clients also return time and again. Lee Pearson stated: “It is very satisfying when Clients use our services on numerous occasions as this is an indication that customers believe our quality and reliability are excellent value for money. We are also encouraged by the large number of enquiries received via word of mouth recommendation.” Quotations are free of charge and repairs are normally carried out within days of quotations being accepted so do not hesitate to contact Lee or Paul should you wish to restore your vehicle to its former glory. 115

The Rock Garage TETTENHALL’S NEW MOT CENTRE NOW OPEN Family owned business, established over 30 years

Friendly advice, reliable service Servicing and Repairs – All Makes MOT Testing Breakdown Recovery Engine Diagnostics Aircon Regas Fault Finding Analysis FREE LOCAL COLLECTION AND DELIVERY

(01902) 751036

Lower Street, Tettenhall, WV6 9AA

49 Church Road Bradmore Wolverhampton WV3 7ER


A family owned business - established in 1961

Vehicle Recovery - Accident and Breakdown. Welding / Chassis repairs - to MOT standard - No vehicle TOO old. Servicing - Check us out at Accident Management & Advice - Replacement vehicle for NO-FAULT accidents. Legal Vehicle Disposal - CRM is a Fully Licensed Treatment Facility. All paperwork completed & downloaded to the DVLA ensuring no fraudulent use of your vehicle details. Car Parts - We supply both NEW & USED parts for most makes. Wrong Fuel - Do Not Start the Engine - Call us! - We have the latest SEDA equipment for dealing with ‘Mis-fuels’.

Advice is FREE Call Us: 01902 341845 Parts Line: 01902 334556

Oaken Garage Suppliers of all makes of Quality Used Cars where Customer Service and Value come first. A local family owned business, established over 50 years – part of the Wergs Group.


SERVICE & MOT only £145 plus VAT Service & Repairs – all makes MOT Testing Aircon Regas Tyres Engine Diagnostics Brakes Suspension Exhausts To book your vehicle or for further details please contact Sally now on 01902 844441 Holyhead Road, Oaken, WV8 2HX - Easy to find on the A41 west of Wolverhampton



Wolverhampton Motorists On An Expensive Road To Disqualification Almost one in four motorists are risking thousands of pounds worth of fines and potential driving bans on a daily basis, after being found to be driving on dangerously illegal tyres. HiQ, based in Chapel Ash has conducted an illegal tyre audit in the area and can reveal that 20 per cent of motorists are making journeys on dangerously worn tyres below the 1.6mm minimum tread depth. HiQ owner Simon Bennett has said that a record number of motorists were found to have defective tyres when checks were made on every car visiting the centre in November.

on reliable tyres, or the penalties associated with defective ones, including £2,500 fines and penalty points to driving licences.

“Some vehicles we checked had

Simon said: “The number of illegal tyres we are coming across is staggering. We checked 500 cars and it would appear that tyres are the forgotten part of the vehicle in many motorists’ minds when in fact, it is the most important.

is that serious.”

“The prospect of penalty points to your licence, let alone the cost implications and safety element, is particularly strong and a fact that we hope will resonate with a number of people.

“To say we were shocked by our audit results is an understatement. We were staggered that thousands of motorists are sitting on an automotive time bomb.

He said that many drivers did not appreciate the importance of driving

three or even four defective tyres, which would amount to 12 penalty points and up to £10,000 in fines. It Simon has created an SMS and email alert service for his customers, to remind them about their tyre pressure levels, with more information available on www. Figures from the Department for Transport show that 18 motorists were killed during 2010 from defective tyres, bringing the number of tyre related deaths on UK roads in the last five years to 164. To make the most of HiQ’s free tyre safety checks, please visit

Great savings at HiQ Chapel Ash


Ch t dS Lor

ape l


Alb an


fto nS t

t en sc re sC ak O


y Rd




d s RR rk’ agla

Ma M ark


nS t


t nS nso phe Ste


Ask inside for details.



le R ida

h Bat

I Ash sla

rr Me

te ga uth So


Rd rfield

West Park Hospital en ha ll R d

e Summ

Te tt A41

Ring Road St A nd re

with a FREE winter vehicle health check.


HiQ Wolverhampton 11 Chapel Ash WV3 0UB

01902 420234

Fast fit you can be sure of

*Terms and conditions apply. Discount is applied to VOSA recommended retail price £54.85, class 4 vehicles up to 8 passenger seats. Offer ends 1st March 2012.

Tyres • Exhausts • Brakes • Batteries • Servicing • MOTS 117

Heads Up! The New MINI Roadster Is On The Horizon At Benham Wolverhampton we’re really excited that the critically acclaimed MINI family is expanding again. Hot on the wheels of the stunning Coupé (launched October 2011) comes the launch of the sixth unique model in the line-up, the eagerly anticipated and all-new MINI Roadster. MINI continues to rewrite the rulebook; this is the first

open-topped two-seater in the company’s history. The cuttingedge design is typically MINI – an authentic reinterpretation of a classic motoring concept. This latest model offers the fun of driving a taut-handling roadster, with all the character of MINI. And being built at Plant Oxford means it can justifiably claim to be a spiritual successor to the traditional British roadsters of old. The semi-automatic operation of the tailored soft-top roof means rapid opening and closing, and it doesn’t affect the MINI Roadster’s practicality in any way. This is

a versatile two-seater with a stowage area behind the driver and passenger seats, generous 240-litre luggage area and through-loading system. The MINI Roadster’s generous list of standard equipment includes the latest gadgets and gizmos, cutting edge safety features and MINImalism technology helping both your pocket and the environment. At Benham Wolverhampton, we are eagerly anticipating the launch of the MINI Roadster on 25 February 2012.

To receive exclusive MINI Roadster news and an invite to our exciting launch event, register at or call us 01902 457001. 118



BE FIRST TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE NEW MINI ROADSTER. If you’re ready to head out on another adventure, be at the front of the queue to experience the new MINI Roadster. To receive exclusive MINI Roadster news and an invite to our exciting launch event, register at

ANOTHER DAY. ANOTHER ADVENTURE. BENHAM WOLVERHAMPTON Raby Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1AS 01902 457001

Official Fuel Economy Figures for the MINI Range: Urban 27.4-67.3 mpg (10.3-4.2 l/100km). Extra Urban 45.6-80.7 mpg (6.2-3.5 l/100km). Combined 36.7-74.3 mpg (7.7-3.8 l/100km). CO2 Emissions 180-99 g/km. 24799_bs211568_Benham Roadster Coming Soon_Ad 218x140.indd 1

08/12/2011 09:36


The New Class-Leading BMW 3 Series Saloon

*Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.

Arrives 11 February 2012 at Benham Wolverhampton.

truly outstanding performance, the new BMW 320d reaches 62mph in just 7.6 seconds, leaving its closest rivals a long way behind

One look at the athletic new BMW 3 Series Saloon and you’re sure to be won over. The sixth generation of the BMW’s most popular model is sportily dynamic with an emphasis on maximum efficiency and impressive design.

There are three new models - Sport, Modern and Luxury - joining the popular ES, SE and M Sport variants. Each boast more cabin space as well as a high level of standard specification that includes Bluetooth, Cruise Control, USB, iDrive Controller and a 6.5” colour screen as standard.

The new BMW 3 Series Saloon is bigger with more cabin space than its predecessor, but it’s no heavier. Weight-saving measures contribute towards lower emissions (as low as 109g/ km in the case of the 320d EfficientDynamics model). In addition, selectable ECO PRO mode is standard on all models offering greater efficiency and a highly impressive 68.9mpg on the combined cycle.

See how the new BMW 3 Series Saloon compares in the table below. Figures shown are for vehicles with automatic transmission. The new lean, mean BMW 3 Series Saloon launches at Benham Wolverhampton on 11 February 2012. For more information and to register to be one of the first to enjoy a test drive* call us on 01902 457000 or visit

That takes care of the BMW 3 Series efficiency boasts, but what of its athleticism? Delivering



Power output (hp)

0-62mph (secs)

Combined fuel consumption (mpg (l/100km))

CO2 emissions (g/km)

The new BMW 320d SE Saloon



62.8 (4.5)


Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI SE Edition 125 (with 17” alloy wheels)



58.9 (4.8)


Audi A4 2.0 TDI SE



48.7 (5.8)


The new BMW 3 Series Saloon

Benham Wolverhampton

The Ultimate Driving Machine


THE NEW CLASS-LEADING BMW 3 SERIES SALOON IS A CAR WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Lean? The sleek new BMW 3 Series Saloon might be bigger with more cabin space, but it’s no heavier. Weight-saving measures contribute towards lower emissions, as low as 109g/km in the case of the 320d EfficientDynamics model. With selectable ECO PRO mode standard on all models, it also offers greater efficiency and a highly impressive 68.9mpg on the combined cycle. Mean? One look at the athletic stance and it won’t surprise you to discover that the new BMW 320d EfficientDynamics model also reaches 62mph in just 8.0 seconds. With three new models – Sport, Modern and Luxury – joining the popular ES, SE and M Sport variants, no matter which model you choose, don’t think the specification is mean. They all have Bluetooth, Cruise Control, USB iDrive Controller and a 6.5" colour screen fitted as standard.

THE NEW BMW 3 SERIES. JOY WINS. If you’re leaning towards the new BMW 3 Series Saloon, visit for more information and to register to be one of the first to enjoy a test drive* from launch on 11 February 2012.

Benham Wolverhampton Lever Street, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000

Official fuel economy figures for the new BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Saloon: Extra Urban 80.7mpg (3.5l/100km). Urban 54.3mpg (5.2l/100km), Combined 68.9mpg (4.1l/km) CO2 emissions 109g/km.

BMW EfficientDynamics reduces BMW emissions without compromising performance developments and is standard across the model range. The new BMW 3 Series Saloon range £24,880 on the road. Models shown are the new Sport, Modern and Luxury variants. On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months road fund licence, vehicle first registration fees, delivery, number plates and VAT. *Test drive subject to status and availability.

23360_bs192362 Benham 3Series 218x140.indd 1

08/12/2011 09:32


Maserati Gran Cabrio

By Helen Taylor

Model shown: Gran Cabrio Fendi

We all love the finer things in life and, as women, owning the latest designer handbag, must-have high heels and rails of this season’s clothes goes a long way to making us not only look good but feel great too.


fast lane. After all cars say a lot about your personality, style and taste and if you choose the right one, it will prove to be the best accessory you’ve ever had. So, if you desire exclusivity in everything you buy, have a penchant for quality and love to turn heads - for all the right reasons - then get excited and prepare to fall in love with a supercar that’s guaranteed to be perfect for you.

But when it comes to cars, the same enthusiasm is often lacking and many of us are willing to settle for less. These days motoring isn’t just for the boys; with so many manufacturers tailoring ranges distinctly for the female market, we should pay a lot more attention.

The Maserati Gran Cabrio exudes elegance and sophistication quite like no other. Attention grabbing in a quiet and classy way, it makes other supercars seem brash with its sleek curved lines and understated styling, showcasing Italian design at its very best: it’s an unquestionable thing of beauty.

It’s time to banish choosing for practicality alone - kick off our sensible shoes - and start driving vehicles that are definitely less high-street and more high-end, letting us too, enjoy life in the

Inviting you to experience the thrill of high speeds, whilst cocooned in absolute luxury, it’ll not only keep you ahead in the style stakes but identify you as a discerning motorist too.

Synonymous with performance and luxury, Maserati is the premier choice for those demanding magnificence in motoring. Attaining a standard of excellence that so many other manufacturers strive to emulate, it’s the automotive equivalent of a hand crafted designer handbag - its superiority is obvious and no cheap imitation could ever match up. Available in a range of classic, fashion-forward colours and finished with gleaming 20” alloy wheels that bear the iconic trident badge; the Gran Cabrio is bound to make hearts skip a beat. Sculpted leather seats, the latest in on-board technology and chrome detailing make the wellequipped cabin comfortable and welcoming. The back seats offer generous space for passengers (or numerous shopping bags) and parking sensors, built-in satnav and excellent safety features offer total reassurance - leaving you more time to enjoy the drive.

A convertible is, of course, undoubtedly a summer essential and the Gran Cabrio goes topless in just 28 seconds; so that you can catch every ray of sunshine. Announcing your arrival - in the best possible way - is the deep roar of the powerful 440 bhp 4.7 litre V8 engine, that draws attention firmly in your direction, awarding you immediate ‘celebrity status’. But it’s the driving that’s the icing on the cake. As thrilling on winding country lanes as in city traffic, this is a car that suits every occasion. Reaching speeds of 60mph in 5.3 seconds, on open roads, it’s fast and furious - without the Hollywood cast. The six speed semi-automatic gearbox is best enjoyed when controlled manually and rear wheel drive makes clinging to twisty roads effortless. It’s undeniable too that there is something utterly intoxicating about knowing that you are in one of the fastest cars on the road. Ok, so it’s likely that you will run in to some speeding fines if you own a car like this - keeping to the limit seems as cruel as caging a wild beast - but at least you’ll have a big smile on your face when you do it. Reaffirming their fashion savvy status, Maserati has teamed up with premier designer Silvia Venturini Fendi to create the ultimate in car/fashion crossovers. Recently debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Gran Cabrio Fendi blends the best of two iconic brands to create a masterpiece, that will soon be turning heads across the globe. £98,000, is a rather large price tag, but then who can put a value on sheer enjoyment, absolute pleasure and years of driving bliss? Besides, in reality, the best things in life are never free. They’re always the most expensive. For further details visit: or call 01206 848558. 123

Audi Q3

By Syd Taylor

The roads that run across the North Yorks Moors are fabulous, meandering not only in a horizontal plane but also in a vertical one. As on a roller coaster, the view from the high parts is spectacular and then you plummet into a dark trough and then crest the next rise, putting to the test all the dynamic elements of your vehicle as forces try to bottom out suspension and challenge the harmony of steering, brakes, power delivery and handling. The new Audi Q3 coped with those roads with remarkable aplomb, resisting the forces pushing it to the limit and making what could have been a hair raising experience into an exhilaratingly enjoyable one. Not all car makers would have allowed a new model to be subjected to testing in such rigorous conditions by lead footed journalists - each on a mission to search out the slightest flaw in design and manufacture. It’s a testament to Audi’s supreme confidence in their product that the doors were thrown open wide to such a challenge. Even though the latest Audi SUV downsizes for easy urban use, there has been no compromise on cross country ability. Designed to be as capable within the confines of the city as it is crossing moorland, this compact SUV will hit the showrooms running when it goes on sale in November priced from £24,560: over two thousand advance orders have already been taken, reflecting the public confidence in products of this premium brand. The pressing question is, does it have the legs of the opposition - in particular the Land Rover Evoque which starts at a higher price of

over £28,000 - and will its owners chorus in glee ‘we’ve bought a winner?’ While it’s most stylish and most practical, it’s not a huge load lugger with the pulling power of a tractor. It doesn’t purport to be anything other than a compact premium 4x4. (It’s quite a bit shorter than its big brother the Q5.) The predominantly quattroequipped range (there is a twowheel-drive version that focuses absolutely on efficiency) belongs to the non-steroidal class of ‘gentle off-roaders of the refined kind.’ In other words it does just what’s needed by 99.99 recurring per cent of users. Farmer Palmer and Scott of The Antarctic will not want one. Life in the well-appointed cabin with lots of standard equipment like dual zone climate control, concert hall quality audio and more is particularly comfortable. Naturally there’s good visibility and there’s that air of smugness which comes from being higher than most other road users. Driver aids are many and multifarious, ensuring safe and secure passage so that you need not fear whatever the highway gremlin may strew in your path. A quantum leap forward for motoring is the seamless twin clutch gearbox that magically disengages its active clutch each time the driver lifts off the

throttle - thereby being super green and saving fuel. ‘Dodgy’, I hear you mutter. ‘When pressing on a chap doesn’t want to be freewheeling!’ But I can assure you that the system works to perfection as computers decide what’s appropriate and when. Four engines ranging in power from 140PS to 211PS are available with either 6-speed manual or 7-speed S tronic transmissions. Audi expects the 2.0 litre 177PS diesel which costs £28,460 to account for around 35 per cent of UK sales. With extras for the likes of a ‘technology package’ at £1495 and a xenon light package at £1150 the total cost for the variant tested was a startling £40,040. So why does a Q3 take the lead over the opposition? It’s rather like the difference between understated, made to measure apparel that comes - as all good things do - at a price, but a sensible one and designer labelled fashionable fripperies that ‘costa packet’ and don’t guarantee a pocket to put your hands in. With an Audi you know to expect comfort, performance, style, safety, good residuals and a warm acknowledgement from fellow road users who are rightfully suspicious of undue ostentation and conspicuous flag waving of the parvenu kind.

To arrange a test drive call Wolverhampton Audi on 01902 450000 or visit their website 124

Advanced engineering now available at Wolverhampton Audi. The Audi A1. Available from £13,420.

A1 1.4 TFSI Sport 122PS Manual. Features include:

Solutions Representative example from Audi Finance based on 10,000 miles per annum† for Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport 122PS Manual:

16” ‘10-spoke’ design alloy wheels

Automatic Start-Stop function


Mobile telephone preparation with Bluetooth interface

35 monthly payments of

Voice control of key telephone and radio functions

Front Sports seats

3 years £225.00

Customer deposit


Recommended on-the-road price


3-spoke leather Sports multi-function steering wheel

Amount of credit


Driver’s information system

Total amount payable

Front fog lights

From 99g/km CO2 emissions

Optional final payment Acceptance fee* Option to purchase fee** Rate of interest

Wolverhampton Audi

Representative APR

£7,401.45 £18,049.12 £125.00 £60.00 7.3% fixed 8.0% APR

Raby Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1BL Tel: 01902 450 000 Fuel economy figures for the Audi A1 Range: Urban 37.7 - 64.2 mpg (7.5 - 4.4 l/100km) Extra Urban 55.4 - 83.1 mpg (5.1 - 3.4 l/100km) Combined 47.9 - 74.3 mpg (5.9 3.8 l/100km) CO2 emissions 139 - 99 g/km. Retail sales only: *Payable within first payment. **Payable with optional final payment. †5.76p per mile excess mileage charges apply. Further charges may be payable if vehicle is returned. Indemnities may be required. Subject to status. Available to over 18s from participating Audi Centres only (subject to availability) for vehicles ordered before 31st December 2011 and delivered by 31st March 2012. The quoted ROTR price and finance example shown reflect the current rate of 20% VAT. Offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time. For more information please speak to your Audi Centre. Audi Finance, Freepost Audi Finance. Scotthall Limited, Lancaster Specialist Cars Limited, Lancaster Luxury Vehicles Limited, Appleyard Motor Company Limited and Lancaster Cars Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Beauty and the Beast

New ML 63 AMG coming to Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton

It may still be the panto season, however this is not a new production of the classic story, although this car does deliver a dramatic performance. Due to arrive in the middle of next year, the new ML 63 AMG is a thing of beauty: stunning lines, head turning looks and all the luxury, style and refinement you have come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. But if you look under the bonnet, you’ll also discover a real beast of a 5.5 litre V8 AMG engine. The new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG stands for efficiency and performance, exclusivity and a superlative driving experience. Returning 23.9 mpg (NEDC combined, 276 g CO2/km), the high-performance SUV boasts a 28 per cent improvement in efficiency over its predecessor. The basis for this better fuel consumption and top-class performance is provided by the beast of an AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine with a maximum power output of 525 hp, delivering a top speed of 155 mph (electronically

limited) and a fleet footed dash from 0-62 in just 4.8 seconds. Impressive performance for a sports car incredible in a big 4x4. Ola Källenius, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG, commented: “Like its predecessors, the new ML 63 AMG sets new standards in terms of performance, exclusivity and a superlative driving experience – plus the efficiency factor, which is acquiring ever greater emphasis at Mercedes-AMG.” Power transmission to all four permanently driven wheels is performed by the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC system. Featuring three driving programmes and an automatic double-declutching function for downshifting, this seven-speed automatic transmission offers a fascinatingly broad scope of variability. Furthermore, the AMG sports suspension with AIRMATIC package, air suspension, independent damper struts, automatic level control and Adaptive Damping System (ADS) features for the first time in combination with the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM for active roll stabilisation. This system, which comes as standard, employs active anti-roll bars on the front and rear

axles to compensate the body’s roll angles during cornering. In addition to enhanced agility and driving enjoyment, the system also improves driving stability for added safety at higher speeds in particular. The design of the new ML 63 AMG exudes self-confidence, athleticism and power. The AMG styling dominates the front view: under the radiator grille with louvres in high-gloss paint finish and the large Mercedes star is a large cooling air intake on which the number plate is positioned. The new ML 63 AMG from Mercedes-AMG represents the third generation of the high-performance sport utility vehicle. The company from Affalterbach was the first to identify the potential of powerful and exclusive off-road vehicles and is recognised as the founder of the high-performance SUV segment. Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton General Manager, Peter Smith commented. “This is a beautiful car that is full of surprises: it combines the luxury and refinement of an executive saloon, the versatility of a 4x4 and the performance of a sports car. It’s a compelling and unique blend.”

To find out more about the ML 63 AMG which will be arriving next year, please call 0843 227 1276 or visit 126

Drive a new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Drive a new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Now with a £999 deposit and a £199 monthly payment. Representative example A 160 BlueEFFICIENCY 5 door Classic SE manual with metallic paint

£199.00 and Totala amount of credit £11,661.48 Now with a £999 deposit £199 monthly payment.

36 Monthly payments*

On the road price Representative example


Total amount payable††


160 BlueEFFICIENCY 5 door Classic SE manualAcceptance with metallic CustomerA deposit £999.00 fee paint 36 Monthly payments* Retailer contribution On the road price


Total deposit

Customer deposit

Optional purchase payment

£199.00 £3,754.52

£4,753.52 †



Total amountactivation of credit fee† Purchase Total amount payable††

Representative APR

Acceptance fee

Fixed interest rate

£180.00 £11,661.48 £95.00 £17,692.52 £180.00


Purchase activation fee†

Total deposit


Representative APR


Optional purchase payment†


Fixed interest rate


Retailer contribution




Contact us on 0843 227 1276 for more details and to arrange your test drive. Contact us on 0843 227 1276 for more details and to arrange your test drive.

Mercedes-Benz of Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton WV2 4HD of Wolverhampton Penn Road, Wolverhampton WV2 4HD 0843Mercedes-Benz 227 1276 0843 227 1276

Official Government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the A-Class range: urban 30.7(9.2)Official Government fuel consumption figures in mpg (litres per 100km) for the A-Class range: urban 30.7(9.2)52.3(5.4), extra urban 45.6(6.2)-72.4(3.9), combined 38.7(7.3)-62.8(4.5). CO2 emissions: 171-118 g/km. 52.3(5.4), extra urban 45.6(6.2)-72.4(3.9), combined 38.7(7.3)-62.8(4.5). CO2 emissions: 171-118 g/km.

Whilst this offer is only available through Mercedes-Benz Finance, we do arrange finance on behalf of other finance companies as well. Whilst this offer is only available through Mercedes-Benz Finance, we do arrange finance on behalf of other finance companies as well.

Model featured a Mercedes-Benz A 160A5160 door Classic SESE manual onthe theroad road including optional metallic £370. (on-the-road price Modelisfeatured is a Mercedes-Benz 5 door Classic manualatat£16,415 £16,415 on including optional metallic paint atpaint £ price includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Road Fund Licence, number plates, fee and fuel).*Based on a Mercedes-Benz Agility Agreement. includes VAT, delivery, 12 months' Road Fund Licence, number plates,first first registration registration fee and fuel).*Based on a Mercedes-Benz Agility Agreement. † Example on miles 10,000per miles per annum. Excess mileage chargesmay may apply. apply.†Payable exercise the option to purchase the car. †† Includes Example based on based 10,000 annum. Excess mileage charges Payableif you if you exercise the option to purchase the car. ††Includes optional purchase and purchase activation Quotationsavailable available on alternative contract lengths and mileages. This finance optional purchase paymentpayment and purchase activation fee.fee. Quotations onrequest requestforfor alternative contract lengths and mileages. This finance campaign is available on models registered and delivered between1st 1stJanuary January 2012 March 2012. Guarantees and indemnities may be may be campaign is available on models registered and delivered between 2012and and31st 31st March 2012. Guarantees and indemnities required. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. required. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other published offer from the retailer and is subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. Prices correct at time of going to press (12/11).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK7 8ND. 127 Prices correct at time of going to press (12/11).Credit provided subject to status by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited, MK7 8ND.

Patshull Park Fishery After a full stock of trout in November, Patshull Park fisheries is ready for winter! Patshull Park Hotel launched its Winter Open trout fishing series on November 9th. This event is in its 4th year and is sponsored by Harris Sportsmail. With a trout season ticket up for grabs as first prize the event is bringing in trout anglers from all over the county. Fisheries manager Roland Dudley commented “we have seen an increase in entrants this year which is mainly due to the larger amount of fish being caught compared with previous years.� The event which is held monthly and lasts until February is an ideal way to try the lakes at Patshull Park. Patshull Park fisheries also caters for carp, pike and coarse fishing, to find out more visit

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Great Shows At The Grand! TUES 31 JANUARY - SAT 4 FEBRUARY


MON 20 - WED 22 FEBRUARY Raymond Gubbay presents

LA FILLE MAL GARDÉE SWAN LAKE SLEEPING BEAUTY Performed by The Russian State Ballet & Orchestra of Siberia




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CHristOPHEr tiMOtHY as OttO Frank













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Winter deals for ALL MAKES – to keep you moving




£1 10 0





£ 29 9



Winter W t Check ec



MOT & Winter Check





£1100 FITTED


Price quoted for 16’’ alloys, but up to 18’’ alloys available


Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1HF Also now at

BRINDLEY STOURBRIDGE Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH


Offers subject to availability. We are licenced credit brokers.

£ 29


Winter Check



MOT & Winter Check

Tel. 08430 222908


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Issue 21 - January 2011. Wolverhampton West Magazine. Monthly Lifestyle/Business and Community Magazine produced by Studio 28 for Wolverhamp...

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