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September/October 2013

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september/oc tober 2013

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Great Theatre at the Grand! SAT 14 - SUN 15 SEPTEMBER







TUES 24 - SAT 28 SEPTEMBER An amateur production




“Possibly the best gala evening of musical theatre you are ever likely to see” THE PUBLIC REVIEWS




Please note this show contains nudity and strong language.



South StaffS MuSical theatre coMpany proudly preSentS the rodgerS and haMMerStein claSSic

“Some excellent singing and acting performances”

Express & Star Guys and Dolls 2011

“A cast of 40 hit the peaks of performance”

Birmingham Mail The Sound of Music 2012

An amateur production








★★★★★ ‘WILL YOUNG’s TRIUMPH. Tomorrow does indeed belong to him’ TIM WALKER - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH









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BOOKtown ONLINE AT & village magazine | september/october 2013

Hello Readers, As the dying embers of our stellar summer fade to memory, all we now have to look forward to is autumn. Ok, we don’t ever look forward to autumn as it heralds the onset of winter, but at least it will give us Brits something to talk about. All this hot weather has driedup small-talk faster than a puddle in Death Valley. And not only is there now more to talk about weather-wise (read: moan about) there is also lots to do. Now you have got back from your holiday, thoughts naturally turn to the home: we’ve got plenty of advice on everything you need from turning up the heat with wood burning stoves to cosying up proceedings with stylish home furnishings.

Contents Louise Presley Turner – Life Coach


How are you Planning to Pay for Long-Term Care 10/11 Stoves


Saffron Pink Competition


Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal


Crosswords & Puzzles


Halloween Horror at Kinver Library


Stourbridge Rugby Club


Home Furnishings


Wolverhampton’s Royal Connection


Grand Theatre Competition


The Local Property Market


Recipe of the Month


Both of which may be big days-out but you don‘t get much bigger than the ‘big day’, so we have a feature on choosing the right wedding venue. And for those of you who insist on exercising to excess: a visit to H2O Health Spa will soothe your achy-breaky bones and Nuffield Health in Tettenhall will take care of the rest.

Autumn Gardening


Gardening with Ann Winwood




The Old Mill Antiques Centre


So as the little urchins are finally reigned in by the sound of teacher’s school bell, take time for you - our magazine shows you how to shop local. You really needn’t look elsewhere. Oh alright then, we are a little short on articles on nuclear physics and other brain-breakers. But that’s for the benefit of us all.

Vineyard Offers Even More for the Visitors


Choosing a Wedding Venue


All that lounging about on the sun-lounger in the long summer evenings may well have provided you with some pudgy pounds you’d prefer not to pay too many pounds to shift, so why bother? Here’s something to chew upon: our great eating-out guide, with food from every corner of the globe. The Kingfisher in Wall Heath boasts its grand re-opening and Wolverhampton Racecourse never disappoints, as our restaurant review proves. Our fashion and beauty section shows you how to dine in style.

Enjoy your read...




Food Review – Wolverhampton Racecourse


Arthritis? Back and Joint Pain? H20 Physio Can Help 78 Men’s Autumn Fashion


The Perfect Hair and Make-Up for Your Big Day


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Congratulations to: Winner of the Wolverhampton Racecourse competition Mrs Janice Sadler, Stourbridge Winners of Evita competition at The Grand Theatre Ms Michelle McDermott, Sedgley Mrs Iris Hayward, Stourton

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ARE YOU BURNT OUT? such as going through the week’s post, checking your finances online, replying to any letters or e-mails, making phone calls or simply decluttering. Just one hour a week will help keep you up-to-date with all those niggly jobs that invariably get left to the last minute. Creating a ‘Power Hour’ once a week will eliminate any last minute panics, reduce your stress levels and increase your energy and motivation.

Do it daily Always racing from one task to the next, but accomplish very little? Sound familiar? Most days I’m incessantly striving for a clean loo, disinfested worktops, a clear inbox, a flatter tummy, school gate acceptance and career success. Sometimes I just want the clock to stop. I often dream of having a free afternoon to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good novel. If you’re feeling like life is out of balance, I’ve put together 8 simple tips to make your busy schedule more manageable and enjoyable. Why not put them to the test.

Create an energy drainer list We all have things in our lives that continue to drain our energy, the broken loo seat, the mountain of ironing or the disorganised paperwork. Looking at these things day in and day out drains and depletes our energy levels leaving us feeling weary and apathetic. Make a list of ten things in your life that are sapping your energy. Then write a list of ten actions that will eliminate these ‘energy drainers’ from your life once and for all. This could be putting your bills on direct debit, buying a filing cabinet or fixing the broken loo seat. Put your list on the fridge door and work your way through the items over the next 30 days. Get rid of those energy drainers so you can put your energy in to more positive and enjoyable things.

Your Power Hour Once a week set aside 1-hour that you’re going to call your ‘Power Hour’. Set a timer for 60 minutes, find a quiet place away from distractions and solely focus on your personal admin tasks, 04

A great way to become super organised is to keep a daily ‘to do’ list. Nothing surprising I know, yet very few of us do this. Having a daily focus list keeps us on track and there is something very empowering about crossing items off! Just before you go to bed each night, take a couple of minutes to think about the coming day and what tasks you’d like to achieve. Make a short list of no more than six items and pop it somewhere you’ll see it the next morning, on the fridge door maybe, in your phone or by your computer screen. Focusing on your tasks daily stops them building up so you don’t have to spend your weekends rushing around like a headless chicken.

Turn it off! Did you know that we watch on average six hours of TV a day? That’s 42 hours a week! That’s more than most people’s working week. Imagine how time-rich you’d be if you stopped watching TV, playing on the computer or gossiping. Instead you could spend time talking to your family about their day, maybe cook a meal together, play games, but most of all communicate more and enjoy each other’s company. Decide on one evening a week where you have a TV/social media/gaming night and leave the others free. Make sure the whole family agrees to do this.

Hand it over Modern life is hectic and everyone is grappling for our attention these days. Quite often we take the weight of the world on our shoulders playing the role of the super hero. Take a few minutes to think about all the tasks you do over the course of the week and then consider who might be able to help in taking a little bit off your plate.

Maybe you can get the kids involved in some weekly chores, maybe you can order your groceries online or how about hiring some help? Look for ways to simplify your life.

Take a Break Take regular breaks throughout the day – many people work best in one or two hour increments. See what works best for you. When you feel refreshed, you’ll work with far more impact. Get some fresh air if you can but step away from the environment you’re in and you’ll come back to it in a much more productive frame of mind. You can do this on a bigger scale by booking holidays but you shouldn’t be in a state where you are constantly craving a break. On a daily basis, be still and meditate for a while or do what it takes for you to clear your mind – run, walk, do yoga, and jump around!

Just Say No! Many of us subconsciously obsess about seeking approval and validation from others. We like to be needed. It gives us a feeling of self-worth. This can mean staying on and doing extra hours at work, going to an event we’d rather not, being a kind ear to every kind of drama, volunteering to help out somewhere. These are all great things but not if they’re a constant demand on your time and energy and not if you put them before your own needs.

Reward yourself Remember, after a successful week of managing your life and getting all those tasks ticked off your list; take a little ‘self nurturing’, a luxurious hot bath maybe, a trip to your favourite café or a quiet half hour to snuggle up with a good book. And the great thing is, you’ll be able to enjoy this time to yourself totally guilt free! Louise Presley-Turner is a coach, motivational speaker and author of Finding a Future That Fits (Hay House £10.99) Visit www.thegameoflife. to get your FREE life evaluator and planner.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

THE LARGEST SELECTION OF WALL & FLOOR TILES THROUGHOUT THE MIDLANDS If you are looking for an up to the minute design for your bathroom or en-suite, a traditional style kitchen or a modern and contemporary design for your lounge, hallway or conservatory. Tile Choice can meet your every requirement at exceptional prices. Our fully trained and experienced staff will assist you in planning your room layout, how to prepare the surfaces to be tiled and advise you on the correct tiles and tools to complete the project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

















all tiles










7 Millfields Road Bilston Wolverhampton WV14 0QJ

Unit 6 Easter Park Worcester Rd (Opp. Hoo Farm) DY11 7AR

Aston Fields Industrial Estate Sherwood Road B60 3DR

Unit B & C Arrow Point Retail Park Brixton Way SY1 3GB

01902 405526

01562 825720

01527 882333

01743 464565


See instore displays & inspirations with our GOOGLE walk thru at


New Wedding Ring Area at T.A. Henn In the second part of a major store refurbishment, T.A. Henn has dedicated an area to wedding rings showcasing their wide range available where couples can comfortably sit in a bright, modern and welcoming environment to choose their special rings.

Why choose T.A. Henn for your special rings? · Wide choice

· Additional services

Over 200 wedding rings to choose from.

Your rings can be engraved with your special message or date. No excuses for your future husband to miss out on any wedding anniversaries!

· Very good quality rings Made in the UK and Switzerland.

· Competitive prices Very keen prices. Many couples come back to us having done their market research in the jewellery quarter and realise that we offer good value for money; quality products combined with a very friendly service.


For all Brown & Newirth wedding bands (English made) purchased, we offer a free engraving, re-polish and sizing of your rings for up to 5 years after their purchase.

· Customer Service

· Customisation

Our people have over 100 years’ combined experience in the trade.

An imprint of your ring can be done in store for a perfect fit with your engagement ring.

You will meet a friendly & genuine team, who simply love what they do. town & village life magazine | september/october 2013



town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


Advertising Feature

How Are You Planning To Pay For Long-Term Care? The funding of long-term care is becoming a major political issue, but for many families it is already a burning personal issue. It is estimated that more than 20,000 pensioners were forced to sell their homes to pay for care in 2010 (source www.adviceoncare. January 2012) and that number could be on the increase given rising care costs. The coalition government have this year announced reforms to the social care and these are due to come into effect in 2017. Please see a summary of the proposed changes opposite. Depending on your income you may get state help, although a person who owns his or her home is likely to fail the local authority means test and must therefore “self-fund” their care costs. In England, this threshold is currently £23,250. In most cases this includes the value of any property owned. However, there are circumstances in which the family home is ignored: if you have a spouse or relative aged 60 or over still living in the home it will not be included within the local authority’s financial assessment. It should also be ignored if your care needs are classed as “temporary”. You need to be aware that not all benefits are means-tested. For example, people who need nursing care (as opposed to “personal care”) will receive a contribution towards these costs, regardless of their financial position. In England this is normally paid at £109.79 a week, with payments made direct to the nursing home. It is important

to remember, however, that reliance on the state comes at the cost of choice of the care you receive. For many people the self-funding route is going to be their only option. It is a worrying prospect as the cost of care can quickly add-up and eat into your savings. On average, someone who requires care in a residential care home will pay £531 per week (£27,612 p.a.), and for a nursing care home £731 per week (£38,012 p.a.) (weighted averages for the whole of the UK, source Laing & Buisson Care of Elderly People UK Market Survey 2012/13), a huge ongoing amount to find at any age, let alone in later years. However, these are averages across local authority funded and self funded care, many self funders will pay much more than these averages. It doesn’t take much to work out that you wouldn’t have to be in a care home for too long before you or your family had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on paying fees. In the past, pre-funded care insurance plans were an option – aimed at those who think they might need to go into care in the future. But as it stands not one UK insurer provides pre-funded insurance today with the last provider exiting the market in 2010, citing lack of demand. Instead, perhaps the most popular option for paying for long-term care is an immediate care annuity, which pays a tax free fixed income for life, provided that it is paid directly to the care home provider. This can provide

some certainty for people moving into care, as they know their fees will be guaranteed to be paid for life; their money will not run out and they will not have to move into a local authority-run home later. There is also the reassurance that whatever is left from the sale of the home, once the annuity has been bought, can be left to the next generation. You could try to fund care fees out of regular income – if you have the means to do so. For starters, if you are going into care and have no dependants, then your own property could be rented out and the rent used to offset the fees. Alternatively, with careful planning you could build an investment portfolio designed to pay an income without taking undue risk. You will need expert help because it is crucial that your capital is protected to a large degree. Again, just be aware that several years’ fees could quickly add up, so the balance and diversification of assets will have to be just right. Instead of waiting until care is imminent, it is advisable to structure your estate effectively through the legal use of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts*, thus limiting its overall exposure to the potential future costs of care. We are all expected to live longer but while that is good news it is likely to mean that more people will need to consider care fees – not just for themselves, but also for their parents. It is an issue that many baby boomers are dealing with at this very moment – and it is an issue that is unlikely to disappear.

*Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney involve the referral to a service which is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place. These along with Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested. Representing only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group's wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group's website


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Advertising Feature years. Even if you were to spend five and a half years in a home, the government will only provide £260 a week as a subsidy. Because many people face substantially higher care home bills, they could be in for a nasty surprise. Don’t we get this free? Under the current system you only get free elderly care if you have assets of less than £14,250. For every £250 in assets – including homes – the state can charge a pound in contributions – up to a maximum of £36 a week, when you will have £23,250 in assets. Above that, the state says you have to pay. Under the new thresholds, the elderly could face contributions of about £400 a week. Will I have to sell my home?

Social Care Reform: How Your Family May Be Affected This government has proposed a cap on the costs of care, a limit to so-called hotel costs, and raising the level of assets required. The cap on care costs will be set at £72,000 – almost double the £35,000 proposed by the economist Andrew Dilnot. In addition, the ‘means-tested’ value of an individual’s estate will increase to £123,000. How does it work? The government proposals are not designed to underwrite private care homes. They will only pay out on council rates. Currently local authorities pay about £500 a week for residential care and hotel

costs. If hotel costs are capped at £12,500 a year – £240 a week – that leaves £260 a week for individuals to find from their own pockets for care, until they spend £72,000. That would take about five years. Most people stay in care homes for between two and three

The government will introduce a national deferred payment scheme, part of a package of measures proposed by the Dilnot commission a year ago. This will allow local authorities to agree to pay in advance for care if individuals cannot afford to do so without selling their homes. Councils recoup the cash when the house is sold. What if only one of my parents has to go into care? The government will not look at housing assets if one member of a couple goes into care. Instead, the taxpayer will meet these costs for those with less than £27,000 in the bank. Why is this an improvement? The government will help you get a cheap loan to borrow money against the value of your house. It will compel local authorities to get self-funders’ care at the same low cost as it pays. By setting a national minimum level of eligibility, it is hoped that it will end the postcode lottery of social care provision that exists today.

To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, please contact Daniel Paton, Adviser at Abacus Wealth Services Ltd on 0844 893 0068 or 07808 139025, or by email - Representing only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group's wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group's website


Wood Burning Stoves With the three main heating commodities, electricity, gas and oil, constantly rising in price, you might like to consider the possibility of installing a wood burning stove. Naturally you will have to have a fireplace. If you haven’t used it for a little time it is essential you get the chimney and flue professionally inspected, by a chimney sweep who is a member of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps. You may find it will be necessary to have the chimney relined, or have an external flue installed. Wood burning stoves are generally cleaner than using coal and wood, wood is a renewable fuel source that is carbon neutral, so you will be doing your bit for the environment. Wood releases carbon dioxide when it is burnt but the amount given off is considered to be the same as was stored by the tree when it was growing. When considering installing a wood burning stove you should use a registered installer who will be familiar with the different types of stoves and will have knowledge of the local Building Regulations. There are hundreds of wood burning stoves of different makes, models and outputs, so there are several matters to take into consideration when choosing your first stove. Firstly, if you live in a smoke control area you will need a smoke control exempt stove. It will come with a certificate to show that it has passed certain tests and complies with the law. Available from Flaming Fires

Available from Flaming Fires

You will obviously need a stove that fits your fireplace and it must be able to heat your room adequately. But what actually do you want your wood burning stove to do? Do you want it to heat just one room? Do you just want to light it just at weekends, use it all winter through, or use it to make a real contribution to your heating? You will have to locate a source for your fuel. You may find a local joinery or timber yard where you will be able to obtain wasted wood and off-cuts. Country dwellers may be able to gather wood locally especially if trees have been felled either in their own gardens, or from homes in the area. Urban dwellers should seek out a source where they can obtain seasoned wood that has been kiln dried. This wood has had 90% of its moisture content removed, burns more efficiently, and uses fewer logs; it thus makes this source of heating more cost effective. Stoves do not like unseasoned wood and as a result burn less efficiently and may get clogged up with resin deposits. Do not use wood that has been painted, and certainly do not use old wood that has been treated for outside use, such as fence posts, because it can contain arsenic. You must also avoid using wood that has been treated with halogens, chlorine, fluorine and bromine. As stated above there are hundreds of stoves available on the market, and the best way for you to see this vast selection is to visit local stockist Flaming Fires, High Street, Wombourne who will be happy to give you their expert advice.


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

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Here at Flaming Fires, we look forward to the long winter evenings.....

• Contemporary and traditional designs • The only approved CHESNEY’S stockist in the area • Quality fireplaces at realistic prices • Established over 20 years

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DP (ON THE VILLAGE GREEN)

01902 898221

“Affordable Prices”

“Stunning Showroom”

KARNDEAN SHOWROOM NOW OPEN Old Carpets Uplifted And Removed

“Expert Advice”

“Heavy Furniture Not A Problem”


Family owned and run business for over 30 years and counting 88/90 Dudley Road, Sedgley Tel: 01902 883281


Win a Meal For Two At Saffron Pink’s Restaurant

This month we have teamed up with Saffron Pink’s Restaurant in Sedgley and are giving Town & Village Life Magazine readers the opportunity to win a three course meal for two including a bottle of selected wine!

to modify any item on their menu to make it perfect. Guests will be delighted as soon as they walk through the door with tantalising aromas and of course a warm welcome from Sayed and his staff.

Saffron Pink’s is locally renowned for its splendid Indian cuisine and has for twenty seven years been under the same expert management of Sayed Miah. The restaurant brings a truly authentic taste of the very best in Bangladeshi cuisine. Of course, everything is freshly prepared and created using the finest available ingredients along with an array of aromatic spices. And the team are always willing

As equally popular as the restaurant’s dining-in experience is the take-away service that allows customers the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Saffron Pink’s at home, with the same excellent levels of service whether you collect or they deliver to you.

Recently refurbished to a high standard, Saffron Pink’s provides a soothing ambience conducive to relaxed dining.

Christmas party bookings are now being taken. For further details or to book a table please call 01902 671759 / 673665.

To be in with a chance to win a 3-course meal and a bottle of selected wine, all you have to do is answer the following question correctly:

How many years has Saffron Pink’s been established?

Email your answers to:

Competition Terms & Conditions

Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received. Winner to be aged 21 years or older.

or on a postcard to:

Town & Village Life Magazine, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY.

All entries to be received by Friday 4th, October 2013. 14

No cash or alternative prize will be given and booking date will be subject to availability. Additional orders placed that are not included in the prize will have to be paid for. Prize valid until 28th November 2013.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Wordsley Carpets - Superior Products, Excellent Service Established over four decades ago, Wordsley Carpets has long been the trusted choice for homeowners who are looking to find the very best in quality, stylish and affordable flooring products.

of the top brands and we offer our customers the very best value prices.”

The company was founded by Mr and Mrs Light, who earned the business its great reputation. Their son, Andrew, has played an integral role in its development, and now manages the Wall Heath-based showroom.

Homeowners aren’t the only ones to benefit; the team cater for commercial customers as well: “We supply specialist flooring which meets the requirements of clients in many different sectors, industries and businesses.”

Stocked with an extensive choice of carpets from leading British manufacturers, Wordsley Carpets is filled with all of the latest styles and designs. Director Mrs Light explains: “We strive to supply high quality carpets that reflect the changing tastes in design and colour. We have ranges from all

With a warehouse on site, the team are able to buy their products in bulk and pass on the savings directly to the customer. It’s not just carpets that are available though, there’s an array of flooring too: “We have a large selection of flooring ranges, including Karndean, Wood and Vinyl varieties.”

“We work hard to meet the requirements of all of our clients, because we want them to find the carpet that’s right for them.” The company offers a bespoke service too: “Our bespoke service enables clients to design their perfect carpet. We can create a carpet in any size, colour or design, to ensure that our clients find just what they’re looking for.”

And what’s more, the fitting of new carpet or flooring is easily taken care of:“ We have a group of trusted, experienced and skilled fitters who have been with us for many years.” Customer service is a high priority at Wordsley Carpets: “Our clients receive a friendly, professional and quality service with personal advice given on a one-to-one basis.”

A family run business established over 48 years

Specialists in supplying the finest quality carpets including Brintons, Ulster’s, Adam’s and Ryalux. Many full rolls of carpet all British made. Also, all types of flooring including Karndean, Wood-flooring and Vinyls.

ALL AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES • Stock available for immediate dispatch • View carpets on full broad loom width • Free estimate and planning • Our own team and same carpet fitters for over 20 years • Bespoke border work for carpets • Excellent customer and aftersales service • Local and nationwide • Domestic and commercial

Tel: 01384 279770 Call into our showroom at 1 High Street, Wall Heath, DY6 0HA


The Staffordshire And Worcestershire Canal By Robert van der Does

All pictures supplied by Robert Cartwright, for calendars and greeting cards e-mail:

The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, often abbreviated to the Staffs and Worcs (pronounced “Wusts”), is a 46 mile-long narrow canal that links the River Severn at Stourport in Worcestershire to the Trent and Mersey Canal at Haywood Junction.

close to the River Stour-an important wetland habitat-before suddenly emerging into a stunning sandstone landscape at Kinver. At the northern end, in Staffordshire, it runs through the pine forest and open heathland of Cannock Chase. It passes the grounds of the Shugborough Estate, before merging with the Trent and Mersey Canal at Tixall Wide.

It is part of an intricate network making up the Waterways of Mainland Britain and provided one of the major routes of the canal age, when it supported a constant flow of coal boat traffic. Meandering through softly undulating Midlands countryside, the Staffs and Worcs skirts around the edges of Birmingham but never becomes truly urban.

The Staffs and Worcs was a first generation ‘contour’ canal, opened in 1772 as part of engineer James Brindley’s idea to create a ‘Grand Cross’ of canals connecting the rivers Severn and Trent with the Mersey in the north and the Thames in the south. It suffered a decline in popularity with the advancement of more direct canals such as the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, which provided a more direct route between Birmingham and Bristol, in the early nineteenth century. However the company who had funded the

It connects at one end to the River Severn at the Stourport Basins, where the southern reaches run


canal’s construction, “The Company of Proprietors of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Navigation”, was able to remain competitive by increasing the hours when the locks could be used, before, in 1830, opening them 24 hours a day. Despite added competition from railways the company remained in business up until 1948 when British canals became nationalised via the Transport Act 1947. The canal had been run from the same Wolverhampton offices for over 170 years. Profits had though been steadily falling since the 1860s. In its later years the canal’s main trade had come from transporting coal from Cannock to a power station at Stourport. When this power station closed in 1949 the only commercial traffic came from a half-mile stretch between Autherley and Aldersley Junctions.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

The Canal came very close to being closed by the British Transport Commission in 1959, but was saved by volunteer group the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Society. It was reclassified as a cruiseway nine years later and then declared a conservation area in 1969. The Severn and the Trent: two of Britain’s largest river catchments, are linked together by the Staffs and Worcs. The canal connects to several other canals along a north-south route, creating a network. It links with the Trent and Mersey Canal and heads north to Stoke-on-Trent, Cheshire and Lancashire and east to the East Midlands. It merges with the BCN Main Line and the Stourbridge Canal in the Black Country and Birmingham, and meets the Shropshire Union Canal to carry on towards Chester and North Wales.

waterways can also offer glimpses of far less frequently spotted species such as kingfishers and otters. To enjoy the full extent of the journey along the canal, narrowboat cruisers should allow four or five days for completing its 45 locks. Many hireboat companies advertise deals for seven day holidays which combine a cruise of the River Severn with the Staffs and Worcs. Alternatively the canal towpaths and adjacent fields and woodlands provide an enchanting and historical backdrop for cyclists and walkers to pass through and escape the traffic of the modern world.

Cutting a snake-like silhouette through twisting river valleys the Staffs and Worcs somehow maintains a serene atmosphere despite brushing up against the fringes of major towns and cities. During the week the canal can even feel somewhat neglected, adding to its charm and allowing opportunities for walkers to get close to nature. As well as being a popular residence for mallards, moorhens and herons, the


Learn To Sew With Total Sewing Services not sure how to use them: “We find that a lot of people say they’ve bought sewing machines in the past but have never used them because they’ve not been sure what to do we’ll happily guide you through it.” The classes will last between two and four weeks and they’ll be several drop-in mornings: “They’ll be various classes, like crochet and knitting, and they’ll take place during the week and at the weekend, so that everyone who wants to attend can.” But, if learning to sew just isn’t for you, you can always leave your clothing and soft furnishing alterations to the experts: “We’ve got an on-site workshop that takes care of all manner of alterations; from adjusting a trouser hem, altering bridal, prom or formal wear or even creating made-tomeasure curtains; not to mention everything else in between.”

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, but haven’t known where to start, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Total Sewing Services have got just the thing for you. From September the Kingswinfordbased business will be holding sewing workshops that will teach beginners everything they need to know. But, it won’t just be novices that benefit.

“We’ll teach our students everything, from how to cut-out patterns to how to alter their clothes.” Students will be able to choose the fabrics and materials they’ll need from an extensive range at the store: “We’ve got a large selection of fabrics on-hand to choose from. We’ve also got a range of sewing machines on sale that are ideal for people starting out.” In fact, those attending the workshops are welcome to bring in their own machines, even if they’re

There’s also a fully-stocked haberdashery, where you’ll find wool, dress and knitting patterns, cross-stitch, craft items, buttons, dance-wear accessories and every other related product you can think of. All soft furnishings are taken care of and there’s a dedicated area that showcases fabrics for curtains and coverings. Curtains, blinds, as well as curtain poles and even wallpaper are available as well. And, thanks to the company’s made-to-measure service, you know they’ll be just perfect for your home.

Owner Natalie Hemming explains: “Sewing has definitely become fashionable again, and many people are really taking an interest, thanks to programmes like Great British Sewing Bee. “We’ve decided to offer classes in sewing, knitting and crocheting at both a beginner and intermediate level. Beginners will be shown all of basics and intermediates will be able to build on their current skills and knowledge.” The step-by-step classes will be run by the team of tailoresses at Total Sewing Services: 18

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Soft furnishings ~ Haberdashery ~ Alterations

Advice, Measure, Make, Fit

• Bespoke custom made Curtains • 100’s of fabrics and wallcoverings • Roman blinds made to measure • Pole and Tracks • Haberdashery • Wool • Scarf Yarns • Dress Fabrics • Knitting and Dress Patterns • Clothing Alterations with Tailoress on site O p e n : 9 a m - 5 p m M o n d a y t o F riday. 9am - 4pm Saturday. 7 T h e C ro s s , K i n g s winford, DY6 9JA Te l : 0 1 3 8 4 2 9 5 9 6 0 w

Quality, bespoke creations with an exceptional service! PVC Windows PVC Doors Conservatories Roofline Extensions Folding Sliding Doors Repairs Orangeries Timber Composite Doors

Meet the team…

Left to right Leigh, Kelly and Mike We have now relocated to our new premises, you will find us at: Unit 19, Enterprise Trading Estate, Pedmore Road, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1TX Please telephone: 01384 896989


Quick Crossword Across 1. Entrance (6) 4. Be owned by (6) 9. Hold (7) 10. Previous (5) 11. Brush (5) 12. Conversing (7) 13. Promises (11) 18. Sediment (7) 20. Undressed (5) 22. Avoid (5) 23. In the open air (7) 24. Guard (6) 25. Grown-ups (6)

Down 1. Blame (6) 2. Type of light boat (5) 3. Soap (7) 5. Banish (5) 6. Belief (7) 7. Car repair centre (6) 8. Directive (11) 14. Make clear (7) 15. Caught fire (7) 16. Snakes (6) 17. Worships (6) 19. Curse (5) 21. Small hill (5)




Puzzle answers on 105

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase.


























WHEELS town & village life magazine | september/october 2013



A Guardian© solid roof will instantly turn your conservatory into a beautiful ‘garden room’ adding a whole new dimension to your home - giving you extra living space that you can enjoy all-year-round!


Our professional installation team will take great care to ensure the whole process is completed quickly and with the minimum disruption.


0800 988 5938 August Windows and Conservatories Limited. Head Office: Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 3ET

For all your window, door and conservatory requirements (Inc. repairs/ failed units) in PVC, timber or aluminium call FREE on the number above.


Halloween Horror At Kinver Library

be appearing at Kinver to read one of his spine-tingling horror stories. “There is a real power in storytelling that is being forgotten in the age of the internet, this event is about re-awakening that tradition. I recommend anyone who loves a good scare to come along, but make sure you bring a sofa to hide behind!” The event is from 7pm and refreshments will be included. Tickets are available from Kinver Library or by calling: 01384 872348

Staffordshire Libraries will be celebrating Halloween with a spine-tingling night of horror at Kinver Library on October the 29th. Acclaimed author A.G Smith whose trilogy ‘Harvester of the Now’ has drawn praise from best-selling authors including Anthony Horowtiz, Miranda Dickinson & G.P Taylor, will 22

“Libraries are the hub of every community, a place you can enjoy from childhood to retirement and I am very happy to encourage everyone to make use of this valuable service.” Since being published in 2006 Alan has worked to promote the importance of reading and writing amongst young offenders and to encourage them to take part in reading challenges. In 2013 Alan

is promoting the 6 Book Challenge in a Young Offenders prison with former SAS soldier and bestselling author Andy McNab. Alan’s work with young offenders was highlighted by C4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ programme when he was visited by Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney. Alan has also worked with the poet Mr Gee on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Poetic Justice,’ and in July 2013 he was featured on Radio 4’s PM. Alan’s work has been published in several magazines including the ground-breaking ‘Multi-Cultural.’ Alan is also a comedy writer and actor and has appeared in both of David Tristram’s ‘Inspector Drake’, movies which have been screened at the London Independent Film Festival. Alan’s ghost stories have also been broadcast during the ‘Book at Bedtime’ slot by NPRA.

To learn more about Alan and his work please visit: town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

• All types of Blinds • Plantation Shutters • Awnings • Solar Shading Est.

20 Years

Manufacturers of Custom Made Window Blinds and Awnings for Domestic and Commercial Customers… Visit our showroom and see our fabulous range of fabrics or call us for a free home visit and no obligation quotation.

Freephone: 0800 163 429

Visit our website for further information:

Portway House, Stream Road, Kingswinford. DY6 9NT

5 Year Guarantee

on all our products

21 Enville Road, Wall Heath Kingswinford, West Midlands DY6 0JT

A family established business since 1992. Large enough to cope – small enough to care. Wet rooms and luxury bathrooms for the less abled are our speciality. Call us for a full design and in house fitting service.

01384 400016


Stourbridge RFC Kick Off A New Season The 2013/14 season is underway at Stourbridge Rugby Club, with the Saxons, Lions, Lions II’s, Lions’III’s, Colts and Mini & Junior teams all in action for the next eight months! After an excellent pre-season which included winning games against Wharfedale and Cardiff, the Saxons first home game was against Harrogate on 7th September. The following weekend they then travel all the way to Heathbrook to take on Dudley-Kingswinford! There is a packed programme of social events open to members and non-members alike – from pre-match lunches, the Ladies Luncheon Circle and various charity fundraisers to our Corporate lunches May Ball. And don’t forget our Family Bonfire Night which

this year will be held on Saturday 2nd November. For further information on Stourton Park as a venue, our events or team fixtures please see our website at or call 01384 395000 We very much look forward to welcoming you to Stourton Park soon.

STOURBRIDGE SAXONS HOME FIXTURES 2013/14 All matches kick off at 3pm 07-Sep-13 21-Sep-13 05-Oct-13 19-Oct-13 09-Nov-13 23-Nov-13 07-Dec-13 21-Dec-13 11-Jan-14 25-Jan-14 08-Feb-14 15-Feb-14 08-Mar-14 29-Mar-14 12-Apr-14

v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v

Harrogate Birmingham Solihull Preston Grasshoppers Sedgley Park Macclesfield Luctonians Hull RUFC Dudley Kingswinford Caldy Sheffield Tigers Chester Leicester Lions Otley Darlington Mowden Park Bromsgrove

T: 01384 395000 E: 24

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Whether you require refurbishment, extensions or new build, Three Pines are building contractors in Wolverhampton, who have the skills and expertise to handle your project from planning through to completion. The building company has over 50 years of experience in construction, covering commercial and domestic development, with many of the carpenters and bricklayers having been employed by the company for over 20 years. The company is well established as being outstanding in its refurbishment and maintenance contracts and is considerate of the care and understanding needed when working on projects in both domestic and commercial sectors. Cullwick Court, Cullwick Street, Wolverhampton WV12 2UR Tel: 01902 499919 Email:


At Eaton Kitchens we have an elegant studio with traditional and modern displays. Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. For a free no obligation quote please call in at:

20 Finchfield Rd West, Finchfield, WV3 8AZ or telephone:

01902 761600

Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

Specialists in all types of Blinds Vertical - Fabric, Wood and PVC Venetian - Wood & Aluminium Rollers Including Blackout • Awnings and Canopies Romans • Woodweave • Velux • Conservatory Blinds

Free Measuring & Fitting + 12 Month Guarantee

Call Now 01902 754 129, 07891 197 369 or 01902 212314 No 72, School Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton WV6 8ET


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Unique Collections at Stourbridge Galleries Anyone looking for inspiration will be rewarded by the collections on offer at Stourbridge Galleries.

led gifts, jewellery, greetings cards, artwork and home accessories. Great design, quality and value for money are paramount when selecting the stylish and unusual collections for the store, giving a choice of products not readily available on the high street.

Established in Worcester Street for thirty years, they have a fine reputation as a gift shop, gallery and picture framers. Expect a warm welcome and something new and different to see each time you visit.

Recently arrived is a wide range of wall plaques and signs from Heaven Sends with sayings or meaningful words, which can be inspirational, funny, or show how much you care. They make a great gift for any recipient, whether it is for a special friend, or to mark any of life’s significant occasions and events. Add personality to any home with a few well chosen words.

This fine 19th century house is the home of a truly 21st century shopping experience. Inside you will find an exciting mix of design-

New collections of chic and stylish jewellery and scarves will feature strongly this season, with new, stunning, autumn designs from One Button jewellery and Hem & Edge scarves due in this month. The Galleries will also be displaying the wonderful new

Stourbridge Gift Shop


Opulence collection of jewellery from Carrie Elspeth, featuring luxurious beads sourced from the finest of Europe’s makers, and the exquisite Aviv silver jewellery, set with startling blue opals, black onyx, amethyst and pearls. Always keen to cater for all ages, Stourbridge Galleries stock the sophisticated, quirky and irresistible Jellycat range of soft toys, that appeal to ages one to adult. Their creations are delightful to give and precious to hold…for a long time! Together with beautiful photo frames, keepsake boxes and albums, the store has great presents for many occasions, including christening, birth of a new baby, or just a treat for yourself!

Galleries Picture Framers

Two floors of eye catching giftware, jewellery and home accessories provides a visual treat that makes shopping here such a pleasure. To complete that perfect gift, select from a range of beautifully designed contemporary gift wrap and bags. Open: 9.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday

58 Worcester Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1AS Tel: 01384 390170


Home Furnishings If its furniture you are thinking of, why not have a wander around local furniture stores, if only to gather a little inspiration? At the top of the range there is furniture that will be around in a hundred years or more, tomorrow’s antiques today. At the lower end of the scale there’s some reasonably priced stuff that looks good, wears pretty well, and can be changed happily when you get tired of the fashion or style. Somewhere in the middle is what most people look for because when all is said and done, you have to live with the furniture you buy so you don’t want to be afraid of using and damaging it or frightened it will fall apart. The latest wood veneers include that perennial favourite oak, along with mahogany, ebony and yew. More solid constructions may be had in oak or pine. Styles today range from the traditional and reproduction antique, to some wonderfully original styles that draw heavily on Continental inspiration for their design. Among the very latest ranges are a wide selection of suites and individual pieces in cane and wicker, and if you think these may be too light and insubstantial, think again. Some very solid chairs, tables and display units are made in these lovely natural materials. The only light thing about them is their appearance! Naturally you won’t be able to replace your whole household collection of furniture at one fell swoop; it could be far too costly. Replacing a piece here, and one there, on a gradual basis so that at least every room contains something new, is a more feasible idea. You can then change the look and appearance of each room by changing the soft furnishing fabrics, an altogether, less expensive and less traumatic idea.


and inarguable solidity of fully lined curtains with fancy tie-backs, decorative pelmets and ornamental drapes. Fashions in curtaining come and go but the basics remain. Nets may be light, diaphanous and plain, or heavy, traditional crocheted lace. Blinds may be the plain roller sort in flat colours or prints that match the rest of the decor, or they can be those impossibly pretty festoons that make the room so very feminine. The main curtains can run along one complete wall, from floor to ceiling, or be so long as to bunch artistically on the floor, and all without regard to the actual size of the window. Indeed some advocate the hanging of curtains even where there are no windows, in order to provide an illusion. Curtain fabrics hung on walls help make the room warmer. If you feel curtains over windows are enough however, look for the latest wall hangings. The most spectacular come in traditional ethnic weaves that add an exotic touch to any room. Your three-piece suite or easy chairs may need replacing, however they may not. Again you can’t really afford just to discard them on a whim. Ring the changes with a set or two of loose covers. Better still; consider buying a selection of throws. That way you can change the look of your seating arrangements almost by the day - and throws are usually very easy to wash!

Fabrics are what give the room its depth of character, its cosy homeliness, its comfort. There are so many ways you can make fabrics work to your advantage.

In the bedroom of course, fabrics really come into their own. By the time you have covered the bed in some beautiful printed duvet cover or an equally spectacular quilted spread, you will want to enhance the effect of downy comfort, by matching the bed covers to the windows or even the walls. You can buy bed linen, curtaining and wallpapers all designed to match for an eye-catching all-over look, or you can mix toning shades or even different colours in the same print for real sophisticated impact.

Curtains and drapes to start with, are the frame of any room. They also keep out the sun, the cold and prying eyes, so they must be good and thick, easily washable and good natured in wear. And a window can carry a whole range of textures from the light and delicate nets, the flat and uncompromising roller blinds, to the heavy

When it comes to dressing up your home, with the latest designs in furniture and fabrics, you certainly won’t run short of ideas. All you need to really make your home ideal is time, imagination, skill, flair and money, and the more you have of the first four the less you’ll need of that last!

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Blyth House Hordern Road Wolverhampton WV6 0HS 01902 745 362

Dear Customer,


, visit our for all your home furnishings under one roof.

Design. Supply. Install Choice and value for everyone . Carpets . Flooring . Curtains . Wallpaper . Suites . Lighting . Furniture . Accessories Goodbye for now, hope to see you soon...


Seeing her Majesty is always a delight as well - she looked quite pleased with the show!” Royston is referring to the first day of the festival, when the royal family, the Middleton family, VIPs and special guests had the show to themselves for a day. The gardens were then opened to the public for the subsequent three days, which included two evening gala performances from artists such as Russell Watson and Catherine Jenkins. For the fashion catwalk, Royston and his team were tasked with creating a wide range of styles encapsulating trends from the 1940s, to black tie glamour, to modern romance. Each show had its own theme to which outfits, music and hairstyles had to be tied, so the hairdressers were certainly kept busy creating classic looks for ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’, sexy looks for ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ and relaxed vintage looks for ‘Picnic on the Lawn’, to name but a few. The clothes featured were made by some of the best fashion brands and designers our country has to offer, including Alice Temperley, Gieves and Hawkes and Holland & Holland.

Wolverhampton’s Royal Connection Her Majesty the Queen had the pleasure of some of Wolverhampton’s finest last month when local celebrity hairdresser Royston Blythe was invited to participate in the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. Royston and his partner Nick, along with a team of their young stylists, were asked to donate their supreme hairdressing skills to the event’s fashion show exhibit. Organised to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the coronation, the four day festival was focused around the Royal Warrant Holders and the best of British design and manufacture. Amongst the

exhibition stands and food tents was the fashion stage, a design feature in itself curved around the trees, which saw six catwalk shows a day showcasing British clothes and accessories from designers. “It is a huge honour to have been asked to participate in such a prestigious event”, describes Royston. “We are lucky to travel all over the world doing hair for shows, but working at Buckingham Palace is something really special.

It has certainly been a busy summer for the Royston Blythe salons, who have also had a new branch opening and work trips to India to cram into their summer diary so far. The new salon branch is in Shrewsbury town centre, and is the fruit of more than 6 months hard labour turning what was an old deli shop into a beautiful boutique luxury salon with bespoke Italian furniture and gleaming designer fittings. You could say it was fit for a Queen - perhaps Her Maj will pop in for a return visit!

For appointments at Shrewsbury please call 01743 249 555. For Wolverhampton, telephone 01902 751 720. 30

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CreativeFinchfield Interiors Interior Design Service Designer Fabrics & Wallpapers Curtains, Pelmets, Swags & Tails, Roller, Venetian & Roman Blinds Lamps, Mirrors & Furniture Gifts & Home Accessories

We are a friendly approachable company who are only too happy to assist you in selecting a new look for your home. Please come and browse in our fabulous showrooms at:

26 Finchfield Road West, Finchfield Wolverhampton WV3 8AZ

01902 764123

Open: Mon 10am – 5pm, Tues to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm



FA A3 PosteR_Layout 1 22/08/2013 18:03 Page 1


Competition Three lucky winners can each win 4 tickets to see FALLEN ANGELS on Monday 30th September at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Just over a decade ago Bill Kenwright presented the year’s most sparkling and celebrated West End comedy hit at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue - Noël Coward’s Fallen Angels. Extraordinarily, the Champagnecork-popping hit has not been revived since, until now… It graces the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre stage from Monday 30th September to Saturday 5th October. Jenny Seagrove and Sara Crowe star as best friends Julia and Jane, in a heavenly new production of Noël Coward’s divine comedy classic. With their passionless husbands away playing golf, a mutual long-ago-lover announces his intention to pay Julia and Jane an impromptu visit. All in a fluster, there’s clearly only one thing to do: hit the bottle! Or rather, pop open the Champagne!! As each successive glass of liquid courage is imbibed, tongues start to loosen, hidden jealousies surface, the claws come out, and all attempts at demure behaviour go out the window. But it’s not until the unexpected early return of their golfing husbands that the women’s evening really hits its frenzied peak… ‘Noel Coward’s euphorically funny champagne-fuelled comedy’ Independent on Sunday

Call the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Box Office on 01902 42 92 12 or visit our website at 32




To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Town and Village Life Magazine at the address below before 20th September 2013. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

Julia and Jane’s husbands are absent from the champagne frenzy due to which pastime? a) b) c) d)

Football Cricket Golf Drinking at the pub

Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Town & Village Life Magazine, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY to be received by no later than Friday 20th September 2013. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash or alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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12 Place Dishwasher Half Load Sensor

1200 Spin, 6kg A+ 15 Min Fast Wash



Double Oven HBM13B251B

A selection of small appliances available:

Townsend Place, Kingswinford Centre, DY6 9UL Tel: 01384 271812 Macrome Road, Claregate, Wolverhampton, WV6 9HD Tel: 01902 752764 Castle Street, Dudley Centre, DY 1 1LA Tel: 01384 234620 Salop Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0RX Tel: 01902 429060


The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman There have been several press reports recently giving the welcome news that the property market is beginning to recover. Last month I suggested that the first green shoots of recovery were to be seen but full flowering was still some time away and the plant would need much careful nurturing. Some reports have stated that prices have been rising and we have had many clients thinking that boom time is back with us. These reports of price rises bear some investigation. Firstly I must say that the market has improved, there are more viewings, more interest and more sales. For some time now sales in the higher price brackets have been very slow and it is significant that our results for recent months show more sales in those brackets. It is impossible for normal firms of estate agents to detect small price rises. For instance a 1% rise in a £250,000 property is £2,500 and no one can say it is worth £250,000 one day and then £252,500 the next. The only way price variations 34

can be detected is by taking the average of a very large number of transactions. Most estate agents do not have a large enough sample to do that but Building Societies or the Land Registry have details of many hundreds or thousands of sales and can calculate an average price. However we have seen that there are now more sales in the higher price brackets and therefore the mix is changing. It does not need a degree in higher mathematics to understand that if the total number of transactions in one month includes more high price properties than in the previous month, then the average will go up even though prices for all the other properties have remained the same. Even though we are not convinced that prices have gone up the reports are good news as they reflect greater interest and, and this is most important, more confidence. The confidence factor is vital as without that things will never get better. I do not want to pour cold water on peoples’ hopes of better prices but if sellers immediately look for higher prices this can make the market stall. Ultimately the market makes the prices whilst it is our job as agents to do the best we can for our clients.

I anticipate that things will continue to improve and that we will start to see small price rises which will be the result of competition. Houses are starting to sell more readily and that is what we all want. If a reasonably priced property can be expected to sell without too much delay that is in everyones interest. Rapid boom time rises are good for no one as there is always the pay back of a recession to follow. My own firm had two slow months at the beginning of the year, which were partly attributable to the bad weather, since when the number of sales has risen with May being particularly good. June and July have been better than our targets and we are now ahead of target for the year to date. One indication that things are improving has always been when several people start to show interest in a property which has been on the market for some time without any interest being shown. I am pleased to say that is happening and I look forward to reporting a continuing recovery in my next article. Perhaps by then the green shoots will have produced some buds and full flowering will be nearer!

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


RECEIVE 10% OFF ANY PURCHASE For first 20 customers only when you present this advert (no photocopies)


Geoff Hill Electrical ‘Best Price, Best Choice, Best Service... Always.’ For over half a century Geoff Hill Electrical has been an integral part of the Amblecote high street. With a reputation for offering the very best in personalised customer service, the independent electrical retailer has long been supplying top quality goods at competitive prices. Founded and owned by Geoff Hill, the store has seen many changes since beginning life in 1960. Originally a small shop, Geoff soon realised that to keep up with customer demand he needed to move to a more substantial premises to make room for his ever-increasing range of products. Now of considerable size the store boasts an extensive showroom that’s packed full of the latest and best in top branded audio-visual, electrical, and white goods that will suit the requirements and budgets of all.

Bosch, Samsung, Miele, Siemens, Kenwood, Rangemaster, Indesit and many more. Thanks to a highly trained team of 18 employees, customer service at the store is unbeatable. With an emphasis on offering accurate, impartial and in-depth information on every product, the staff at Geoff Hill Electrical are well equipped to advise on any purchase.

“Although we’ve got bigger, we haven’t lost track of the service we offer,” explains Geoff.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be treated to an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. And that’s reassuring to know.

There’s the most up-to-date digital freeview and LCD televisions, as well as an extensive selection of washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, fridges and freezers, all of which are from the leading and most popular brands - Sony, Hotpoint, Panasonic, Zanussi,

A competitive pricing structure means that despite being an independent store, prices match those offered by large chains. And, with offers running on a regular basis, you can be sure that you are always buying at the best price.

If you’re looking to spread the cost of your purchase, you will be pleased to hear that Geoff Hill Electrical offer six months interest free finance on purchases over £200, with only a 20% deposit required, then six equal monthly payments of the remaining balance. There’s long term finance on offer too - to suit the needs of every customer - which allows you to make smaller payments over an agreed period of time. Free local delivery - on items over £150 - makes getting your goods home easy, and with just a small charge for those of you out of the area, nobody misses out. And there’s even more good news, because when your new appliance is delivered, the team at Geoff Hill Electrical can take away your old one and recycle it for you - for a small charge of £10.

So, whether you’re looking to buy an essential electrical appliance for your home or maybe the latest TV to place in your living room, there’s only one retailer to visit and that’s Geoff Hill Electrical, Stourbridge.


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42” Full HD (1080p) 3D LED

42” Full HD (1080p) Edge LED


32” HD Ready (720p) LED

32” Full HD 1080p LED

Passive 3D (4 x glasses included) X-Reality PRO Motionflow XR400Hz One-touch mirroring with NFC

NOW ONLY £849.95 FREE 5 Years Guarantee Also Available in 47” and 55” screen sizes Yours for only £15.69 per week £849.95 less a 20% deposit of £169.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £15.69

PANASONIC DMR-PWT530EB Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player 500GB HDD Recorder Twin Freeview HD Tuners

ONLY £299.95 Yours for only £5.53 per week £299.95 less a 20% deposit of £59.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £5.53

X – Reality PRO, Adds an extra dimension of image clarity Motionflow XR200Hz Wireless Screen Mirroring Enables you to mirror your Smartphone or Tablet to your TV TV stand doubles up as the wall mount

NOW £649.95

Motionflow XR100Hz Clear Resolution Enhancer Direct LED backlighting

100Hz Backlight Blinking Digital Freeview HD Wi-Fi Built in


FREE 5 Years Guarantee

ONLY £399.95

Yours for only £6.46 per week £349.95 less a 20% deposit of £69.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £6.46

Yours for only £7.38 per week £399.95 less a 20% deposit of £79.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £7.38

FREE 5 Years Guarantee Also available in silver KDL-42W654ASU Also Available in 32”

Yours for only £11.99 per week £649.95 less a 20% deposit of £129.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £11.99

PANASONIC TX-L42E6B 42” Full HD 1080p LED

SONY BDP-S4100B 3D Blu-ray Player Full HD 2D &3D Triluminos Colour Online streaming


100Hz Backlight Blinking My Home Screen Wi-Fi Built in

NOW ONLY £649.95

FREE 5 Years Warranty Yours for only £11.99 per week £649.95 less a 20% deposit of £129.99 Then 52 weekly payments of £11.99

SAMUNG UE40F6500SBXXU 40” Full HD 1080P Smart TV S Recommendation Voice Interaction 400Hz CMR 3D TV (2 x Glasses in Box)

GREAT VALUE ONLY £749.95 FREE 5 Years Warranty

MORE GREAT OFFERS AVAILABLE INSTORE! Call Our Sales Line On 01384 395852

Opening 7 days a week or

Monday - Friday 9am till 6pm

7 High Street, Amblecote, Stourbridge,

Saturday 9am till 5:30pm

West Midlands, DY8 4DE

Sunday 10:30am till 4:30pm

Geoff Hill’s Charitable Trust donates 10% of our profit towards local needy causes


Recipe Of The Month Mojito Cheesecake

Serves 4



Take four dessert glasses and put an equal amount of the biscuit mixture into each glass, pushing it down so it is firmly packed in at the bottom of the glass. This forms the cheesecake base.

• 40g butter (melted)


Put the glasses in the fridge.

For the topping


Put the cream cheese and condensed milk into a mixing bowl and whisk together until smooth. Add the lime zest, lime juice and double cream and continue to whisk until just blended. Stir in the rum and chopped mint leaves.


Remove the glasses from the fridge and spoon an equal amount of the topping into each glass, on top of the biscuit base.


Place the glasses back in the fridge for at least 6 hours (or overnight if possible) to set.


A few hours before serving, make your mint leaf decorations. Dip each mint leaf carefully into the egg white, shaking them gently to remove any excess liquid. Then dip each leaf into the caster sugar, coating both sides. Leave them on a sheet of baking parchment in a cool, dry place to set.

For THE base • 150g ginger nut biscuits

• Zest and juice of three limes • 3tbsp white rum • 6 fresh mint leaves, finely chopped • 150g cream cheese • 300ml condensed milk • 110ml double cream For THE mint leaf decoration • 8 fresh mint leaves • 1 egg white • 50g caster sugar METHOD


Recipe provided by Charmaine Gretton, chef at The Plough Inn, Shifnal.


Crush the biscuits into small pieces and put into a mixing bowl.


Mix in the melted butter so the biscuit crumbs begin to stick together.

TO SERVE When you are ready to serve your cheesecakes, simply garnish each one with two crystallised mint leaves and a twist of lime zest. Delicious! town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Choices K








Open: Monday - Friday 10am-4.30pm, Saturday 10am-3pm

Sedgley Road West, Tipton, DY4 8QD Tel: 0121 5577228 / 07817 407337


BOOK A FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY Visit during sale period and receive an extra £250* discount *(subject to minimum order value £4,500)

• Quality handmade built kitchens using premium materials • Free in-store or home design service • Choice of over 50 ranges • CDA Appliances at sale prices - 25% discount • All fully guaranteed


3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories


79A Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Tel: 01902 428489 Email:

Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm


Autumn Gardening Autumn is just the right time to start thinking about spring bedding plants. If you want a good show, now is the time to plant while the soil is still warm enough to encourage germination. It’s also damper than in high summer so the plants will become well established before the rigors of winter stop all growth. Make sure all early flowering bulbs are in too. Later blooming ones like tulips however, can be left till later on. You can also sow hardy annuals in more sheltered parts of your garden. Don’t forget to label what you have sown though, it’s easy to forget. This is the time to have a general clean-up. Get rid of all the old leaf litter - put it on the bonfire not the compost heap. There may be weed seeds and insect pests hiding that would be better destroyed. Placing them on the compost heap could be laying up problems for next year. Pay particular attention to the areas under hedges and shrubs. Rake them out, loosen the soil and, if you feel like it, lay down a thick mulch, stone chippings or gravel are excellent in this position and they look attractive as well. Tidy up the borders and beds, cut the edges straight, take out the weeds, remove dead and dying herbage, dead-head plants that are still blooming then hoe and rake over the soil. Search amongst the stems of plants that grow in clumps. You are sure to find snails bedding down cosily, remove them. The lawn will benefit now from some concentrated attention. Whether the grass is for family recreation or just show, it needs some pretty radical care if you want it to continue doing its job. First sweep it clear of fallen leaves. Next give it a good ‘combing’. Over the year, dead grass builds up around the roots and forms a thick ‘thatch’ that prevents air, nutrients and light reaching down to soil level. It can also hold over much moisture which will encourage the growth of moss around the dying roots. This thatch must be ‘combed’ out. 42

There are powered lawn rakes on the market that will do the job but, for a small domestic lawn such equipment would probably not be an economical proposition. You can hire these if there is a hire shop near you. Alternatively the easiest and cheapest method is to use an ordinary lawn rake. Draw it firmly across the grass surface; don’t worry about damaging the living grass. If it leaves any bare patches, the grass was dead before you began the treatment. When you have completed the task, sow grass seed on the bare patches. The soil will still be warm enough to effect germination. Do provide bird scarers though or you will simply succeed in feeding the local pigeons.

down. Young trees that still have supports must be firmly fixed to the supports but don’t use string or twine. Special straps will keep them secure without rubbing the bark away during wind caused friction.

Evergreens may be planted at this time of year, choose container or root-balled specimens. Plant them in prepared holes of sufficient size and water well in. Apply thick mulch - pulverised bark is ideal, but don’t extend it right up to the plant’s stem. If you buy bare rooted trees, they should not be planted until all the leaves have fallen, so don’t buy them until then.

Tidy the patio and put away the furniture and barbecue equipment until next year. Leave them out all winter and they will all rapidly deteriorate. Check paths and steps and repair where necessary. Clean off all moss, which is slippery at the best of times but lethal when wet, frosted or snowed under. Check boundaries and secure any that appear likely to be blown down in a gale. Gates and outhouse doors should close efficiently and lock securely if they are to do their job and it might be a good idea to install some outside lights for those darker evenings. They discourage intruders and make late home-coming a great deal safer and more pleasant.

Check over all your climbing plants. Make sure they are firmly fixed to wall or trellis and re-tie them where necessary. If you have trellises or climbing frames, it’s worth checking they are firmly fixed to their supports before winter winds blow them

As the season draws on it is time to take tender plants indoors. Geraniums, fuchsias, begonias, spider plants and other tender foliage subjects should be transplanted to pots and taken indoors. A cold greenhouse is ideal, as long as the vents are closed at night. Failing that, a garage or shed windowsill or windowsill in a spare room will do. They should be kept cool but not allowed to freeze.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


Excellent customer forums check us out


Individual sofas, for individual needs 6 Easy Steps To Buy Your Made To Measure Sofa

1. Bring in your sizes 2. Select from 50 designs all available as corner sofas and bed sofas 3. Choose from over 2000 fabrics 4. Leave only a 10% deposit 5. Pay the balance on delivery 6. Save hundreds of pounds when buying direct from the manufactures

Showroom Thomas Street Wolverhampton WV2 4JS

01902 425 225

20 years of Quality Manufacturing

sofa factory outlet


Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealans Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

A Late Burst Of Colour Before Autumn Settles In The heat-wave that we had from July onwards will have scorched most lawns, but once we get some rain, they’ll soon start to regrow and look better. It’s surprising how quickly it will rejuvenate once the weather turns cooler and damper. Once it’s growing again, apply an autumn lawn food – this will encourage root growth rather than a lot of lush top growth for the autumn and winter. Continue to remove dead flower heads on summer bedding this will encourage a late flush of colour. Water summer hanging baskets and pots regularly and add feed approx. every 10 days and they’ll continue to produce flowers – well into November if we don’t get a frost.

Slugs can still be a problem in the damp conditions, so continue to put down slug pellets or use the very effective liquid control or the friendlier organic products that are available. Dead head roses, if you’ve got any foliage infected with black spot, its best burnt or put into the wheelie bin, never leave on the ground as the spores will infect plants over winter and into next year. Buy prepared hyacinth bulbs for Christmas flowering by mid-September and plant them in bowls with Bulb Compost. Put in a cool, dark place and bring gradually into the light and warmth once the shoots are approx 3cm high. Spring flowering bulbs are now in stock and most can be planted straight away. The main exception to this are tulips which are better

planted later – into November is not a problem. Buy the bulbs and store in a cool dark place until planted. When planting bulbs in containers outside, it’s worth putting in at least two layers of bulbs, slightly staggered one above the other. Plant the bulbs deeply enough to allow you to plant winter and spring bedding on top – winter pansies and violas, polyanthus and wallflowers. Look out for the new trailing viola called Teardrops it should be ideal in winter baskets. It’s not too late to plant cabbages, sprouts and broccoli for winter and spring harvest. Continue to sow quick maturing salad crops such as radish and lettuce. Strawberries planted now should give a good crop next year.


Tel 01902 700209 Autumn and Winter bedding now ready – pansies, violas, polyanthus, wallflowers Garden furniture sale now on Spring flowering bulbs – top quality, choose your own bulbs

Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham, Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

DO YOU NEED AN EXTRA ROOM? Transform your garage into a stylish and practical room at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent size extension with


Typical price for a single garage is £6,995 and includes… • Building regs application and approval

• Up to 6 down lighters

• Doors-skirting and architraves

• Source of heating eg radiator installation

• Double glazed front window

• All building works • 3 double plug sockets

• Plastering and decorating

Locally based in Kingswinford, time served tradesmen ensuring a first class job!

• Access created from the main house into the garage

Please call:

01384 620506 or 07854 058222 email:


OCL – The One Stop Shop For Building & Gardening Supplies Based in the heart of the West Midlands on a four acre site, OCL Kingswinford is an independent builder’s merchant and garden supplies centre. This however is just one division of this versatile company. Stocking all types of products for the garden including paving,

fencing, decorative aggregates plus much more, our friendly staff will happily guide you through all of the options available for your landscaping project, no matter how big or small. If you require bulkier materials for the larger jobs, quantity discounts are available and an efficient delivery service is standing by to get the items back to your premises 6 days per week. OCL Kingswinford also offer a garden machinery division that specialise in the sales, service

and repair to all different kinds of garden machinery. Our showroom is home to a large stock of all types of garden machinery including lawnmowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, strimmers and even rideon tractors. So whether it’s just a small hand held piece of equipment you require, or a tractor to cut the paddock, we probably have the perfect machine for you. OCL Kingswinford are also exclusive Honda and Countax agents for the area, allowing unbeatable prices and service on some of the best models available on the market. Another great benefit of using OCL Kingswinford to purchase your next piece of garden machinery is the ability to part exchange your old machinery in for new. We offer fair part exchange prices to help reduce the cost of buying new equipment. So why not bring down your old machinery and see what we can offer. If it’s not a new machine you need, but a bit of TLC on an existing machine, why not bring it down to our on-site workshop, where our trained mechanics will nurture your machine back to full health in the quickest lead times around, whilst maintaining competitive prices. We will always quote before any work is undertaken, giving you piece of mind that you are in control of your repair expenditure. In the unlikely circumstance of the repair being uneconomical, we will always advise the current market equivalent model and offer the best prices available. We understand that in some cases, bringing your larger garden machinery down to us is just too much hassle. If this is the case, please call us to arrange a free collection and delivery of your lawnmower or ride-on tractor.

OCL have another branch situated on the Pensnett Trading Estate, supplying consumables for the engineering and construction industry. For more information about our products please visit


OCL Kingswinford are also exclusive Honda and Countax agents for the area, allowing unbeatable prices and service on some of the best models available on the market. From the smallest of hand held machinery to the largest of ride-on lawnmowers, our trained lawnmower mechanics will nurture your machine back to full health in the quickest lead times around, whilst still at a competitive price.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Independently Better

Hinksford Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 0BH



• Fencing, Paving Slabs, Block Paving, Turf, Decking, Decorative Aggregates, Building Supplies, Bricks & Blocks, Timber Supplies, Astro-Turf, Sheds & Gas

• Specialising in the installation of all the products we supply • Professional & friendly service • Free no obligatory quotes & consultancy • Design service available • Guarantees given on all types of work

• Display Area • Delivery service available

Tel 01384 401789 (5 lines) Fax 01384 401793 GARDEN MACHINERY DIVISION • Sales, service & repair of all types of garden machinery • Ride-on Tractors, push mowers hand-held machinery and much more • Spare parts available • Chainsaw sharpening • Free collection and delivery • Large mower showroom

w w w . o c l - k i n g s w i n f o r d . c o . u k Opening Times : Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00 | Sat 8.00 - 16.00


Safe Screen Manufacturers, Suppliers & Installers of all types of domestic and commercial fencing and gates

Hand Built Screens to suit your windows or doors to keep out the pests and allows your house pets safety whilst your windows and doors are open.

Meshes in fibre glass stainless steel, aluminium solar protection & pollen stop.

Tom Griffiths • • • • • •

Telephone 01902 497703 Mobile 07762 939567

28 Years’ Experience Free Quotations Local Authority Approved Competitive Prices Insurance Work Undertaken Metal or Wood Fencing & Gates

Harper Road Wolverhampton WV14 6AT


Do’ ‘Good A t What We Call Us Today On 01384 725435 Heath Mill Industrial Est, Heath Mill Rd, Wombourne WV5 8AP


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Designing for Change It’s the classic dilemma:

Judy Knight has designed many gardens for clients who have been through this dilemma.

This applies not only to your home but to your garden too. Because, as life changes, so do your needs and desires.

“Many of my clients call me in because, although they are finding their gardens more of a challenge, they have no desire to move,” said Judy. “After discussing their own personal circumstances and requirements, I design their garden around them and their future needs.”

move or improve? For example, your garden may have been originally planned around the needs of your children, who may have fled the nest, leaving you to reassess how you might want to enjoy a garden designed around you and your new, independent lifestyle. However, some changes are unplanned and may be unwelcome, such as decreasing mobility or other health issues. Does this mean you have to give up the home and garden you love? Not necessarily. Your garden may become more of a challenge but if you really don’t want to move, you should plan your garden to take account of your future anticipated abilities and needs.

Accessibility can be a major issue on sloping sites, for example. For one particular client in Bewdley, Judy had to create safe access to steep borders using broad, easy steps and raised beds for easier maintenance. The client now has a transformed garden which she can continue to enjoy more safely for years to come. “Another of my clients had a steep, straight up-and-down pathway, which was clearly going to be a problem in the near future, so I based the design around a transverse ramp pathway, which not only reduced the gradient to a safe level,” explained Judy, “but also created more of a journey through the garden.”

Does your garden need a fresh approach? Judy Knight is a Pershore-trained garden designer who has created and built many local gardens, from initial consultation and design to landscaping and planting, with her own team of skilled landscapers. If you’d like to transform your outdoor space, call now to arrange your free initial consultaltion. “Friendly, professional service would recommend to anyone!”

“The team were reliable, conscientious and dedicated”

“Totally worry-free”

“The quality of work is the highest”

“The garden looks lovely and we are truly delighted with the work”

“Your provision of itemised billing was reassuring”




Visit or call 07971 59 58 50 Email: Consultation





that someone special in your life.

The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

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Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

ABTA No.78359

What other destination can offer such variety without being daunting or cost prohibitive? From short breaks to road trips, winter sports to beach holidays, California does it all – and it does it well! There are so many things to do in California that it is impossible to list them all, with the transport system being so easy, you can travel by car, coach, rail, internal flights, all very very easily. California has more tourist attractions than any other place in the world. San Francisco - One of the world’s most attractive and vibrant cities – The ‘City by the Bay’ is without doubt the most beautiful city in America.

San Francisco and beyond - Combine a city break in San Francisco with 5 day visit to the wine region, sampling some of the world’s finest wines

Pick up a car in San Francisco and drive on the infamous Highway 1 heading out to Monterey and Carmel where a stop over is highly recommended, there are a vast number of options for exploring this area, which include the scenic 17 mile drive, the famous ‘pebble beach golf course’ the Big Sur – A

Los Angeles - The very glamorous, the one and only Los Angeles. – The ‘City of Angels’ Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Bel Air, Downtown LA, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Sun Set Strip, Universal Studios, all famous venues. Visit Anaheim the home of the first Disney Theme Park. San Diego - Well know as Americas Finest City. With superb hotels, beautiful weather, pristine beaches, an abundant amount of entertainment. Just two hours drive south of Los Angeles San Diego is a perfect family holiday destination, with so many popular things to do, Sea World San Diego,

There is so much to see and do – The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Napa Valley, Union Square, Fishermans Wharf to mention a few.

A visit to San Francisco would not be complete without a sightseeing visit to the majestic scenery of ‘Yosemite National Park’ where you will see the dramatic mountains, spectacular waterfalls and the renowned El Capitan rock face.

wonderful array of shops in Carmel await you, as does the mile long strand of pale sand at Carmel Beach.

San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park. Take a breathtaking harbour cruise and watch sailboats float along against the stunning backdrop of Colorado Bay Bridge. Yosemite National Park - First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park is best known for its beautiful waterfalls. Within its 12,000 square miles you will find deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoia trees, as well as mule deer, black bears and coyotes. Just five hours drive east from San Francisco and six hours drive from Los Angeles. Yosemite National Park is without doubt a most rewarding experience. If California is on your travel list and you would like assistance with planning your journey whether it be an organised tour or a fly – drive holiday, we are happy to help. Call us now and live your Californian dream.

Contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 50 50

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Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life. The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

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Telephone us now on 01902 324777 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

Kinver Rotary Club’s 10K & 2K Fun Run Plans for the annual 10k run and 2k fun run organised by the Rotary Club of Kinver are almost complete, with the event guaranteed to turn in a profit for the chosen charity, Action Heart, when it is held on Sunday September 29th. All overheads have already been met by the main sponsor, Bodykraft, the Pensnett vehicle accident repair specialists; together with the Dudley Motor company and Granlyn Specialist Coatings of West Bromwich. Upwards of 300 runners are expected to take


ABTA No.78359

For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage, High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

The popular Monthly


LEISURE CENTRE Nr Stourbridge, DY7 6AA


part in the main event - regarded by serious runners as one of the most challenging in the Midlands - while the 2k family fun run is open to all comers wishing to take some exercise and support a most worthy cause by way of entrance fees and individual sponsorships. Anybody considering taking part should visit the Action Heart web site for details and entry forms.

Sunday 8th September, 6th October & 10th November between 9.30am & 4pm Items for sale include: China, Jewellery, Glass, Militaria, Books, Linen, Toys, Pictures, Clocks, Postcards, Stamps and more. Entry £1.50 Over 60s £1 For further information log onto or call 07771 725302 51

The Old Mill Antique Centre by Denis Ridgway emergency repairs and left the scaffolding in place to protect the passers-by from any falling tiles. We then opened discussions with English Heritage about what we could and could not do with the building as it is Grade 2* listed. In the early days our views and that of English Heritage and Shropshire Council on what should happen to the building were very different and so discussions were protracted. Eventually by 2011, after a few personnel changes it all came together, grants were agreed in principle, architects chosen, tenders submitted, and eventually work commenced in September 2012 and the old scaffolding was taken down and substantial new scaffolding was erected.

The building that fronts the entrance to the Old Mill Antique Centre is a Grade 2* listed building. A building was first built there in 1670 and part of this still forms part of the present structure. The building was then extended in both the Georgian and Victorian era and it has always been a significant building in the Low town area of Bridgnorth. There are no records to show who built the early house or who lived there for the first 120 years. However whoever lived there in the early years must have travelled widely, because there are remnants of Chinese wall paper that dates in its designs to around 1650. 52

The Ridley family had owned the land and buildings from about 1850, first as Maltsters and then as Seed Merchants and on Friday 13th September 1957 there was a fire and the large Mill Building was seriously damaged and about half of the population of Bridgnorth were on the Castle Walk watching it burn. Luckily the Town House was untouched. My brothers and I bought the land and buildings in 1995 and opened the Old Mill Antique Centre in April 1996, for the first few years we let the ground floor of the Town House as offices, but the house needed a lot of restoration - particularly the roof and walls. In 2007 we erected scaffolding to inspect the roof and discovered that the chimneys and the roof needed attention, so we carried out some

Halfway through June 2013 the scaffolding was taken down as most of the work had been completed. There was dancing in the street! Our neighbours have had ugly scaffolding spoiling the look of Mill Street for 6 years, and now as the pictures will show they have a very good looking building instead. They have been very patient and I hope they also agree that the building now looks great. The whole of the roof has been retiled with hand made tiles identical to the originals, chimneys have been rebuilt, Georgian sash windows have been restored and the stone work on the front of the building has been repaired and painted. There is still a front door to be fitted as the photo shows this will be fitted soon as the hand carved brackets are finished. Phase 2 of the refurbishment will hopefully be started before the end of the year when work on the side of the house will be begin; when more windows will be refurbished and the walls rerendered and painted. There will still be refurbishing to do on the inside but the building is sound and will be in safe and secure for another 100 years or more‌

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Old Mill Antique Centre

Antique & Reproduction Furniture 1000’s of Gift Ideas Bespoke Furniture At The Old Mill Antique Centre we have 4 floors of antiques and quality reproduction furniture – and literally thousands of gift ideas for everyone – all displayed in charming and elegant room settings

Beautiful tables made to your design & specification in-house using only the best quality seasoned Oak or Pine.

Homemade Cakes & Snacks Open 7 days – 10am to 5pm Car Parking Available

Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG Tel: 01746 762248


Vineyard Offers Even More For Visitors Visitors to Halfpenny Green Vineyards this autumn will notice a few changes to the site located in the pretty south Staffordshire countryside close to Wombourne. The owners, the Vickers family, have created an exciting new tasting area and expanded the winery to transform their wine-making capacity. From the end of September, visitors on tours will be able to taste award-winning Halfpenny Green wine whilst watching the winery team hard at work - from the new viewing gallery in the tasting centre. With a busy harvest period just around the corner, there isn’t a better time to book on to a winery and vineyard tour. Elsewhere on site, the shop is getting fully stocked up in time to offer an even greater selection of gifts for Christmas including the complete range of the Vineyards’ wine – with white, sparkling, rosé and sweet wines to choose from, tasty handmade biscuits


and chocolates, food and drink hampers, preserves, confectionary, cards, as well as deli-counter food including local cheeses, meats and bakery and chef’s own prepared delicious meals to take away. Visitors will see that another new development - a second floor to the historic barn which houses the shop - will be available for visitors to enjoy from early next year, providing a more spacious shopping area. The start of autumn also means a change of menu in the restaurant and tearoom to match this season of fruitfulness. Fresh, homemade daily specials using local and seasonal ingredients will be on the menu along with favourites such as delicious homemade pies including steak and stilton and chicken and chorizo, perfect as the days turn a little chillier once again. A hearty cooked breakfast is on offer every day at the vineyards from

9.30 each morning – the perfect way to start the day in style, with a full Vineyards cooked breakfast on offer through to lighter bites such as Eggs Benedict. Delicious! Halfpenny Green Vineyards’ famous Gourmet Evenings continue through the autumn with a few places available for September and bookings being taken for October. Come and enjoy fine dining in the evening with the unique backdrop of the vines. The craft village with a full range of local products on offer is located adjacent to the car park and is free to enter, with everything from handmade gifts for the home and glassware through to a gallery and even a falconry centre to visit; and down at the fishing lakes the water is full and ready for angling, and as the mornings turn crisper it’s a fantastic time of year to come and fish.

Autumn offers an expanding Halfpenny Green Vineyards for visitors to enjoy even more on a day out with the Vickers family. For more information go to: or call the vineyard on 01384 221122. town & village life magazine | september/october 2013 Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM

Tel: 01384 221122 Email:

Music Is The Key To Creativity Electric Eden is a non profit making organisation that has been set up by a group of like-minded Kinver residents whose objective is to provide original, high quality, live music events within the village.

Electric Eden has acknowledged the need for original, high profile performances, within a local setting. The group is keen to promote performers that are currently working within the field and wish to promote the work of singer songwriters and musicians from a broad range of musical and cultural backgrounds’. Kinver boasts a good range of suitable venues from the 250 capacity KCSA community centre, Edgecliff Auditorium, two church hall’s and pubs. Electric Eden support a locally based sound and lighting company who use state of the art equipment to ensure the quality of all staged events. Forthcoming events will showcase a diversity of genres in popular music from across Britain and further afield. The group hopes to promote the work of local performers, whether this is as a headline act or support act. Or contact Brian on 07503 191825


Blakelands Country House: As Unique And Individual As You Are In its current form, Blakelands House dates from 1722, the impressive Queen Anne house with its distinctive architectural features making an impressive mark on the surroundings, though earlier records show an original house dates from Tudor times, with the Corbett family taking residence in the mid 1630s and being responsible for the building that we see today. Today, the main house sits back from the main road guarding the estate that sits behind the iron railed gates. Those who venture in are often surprised to find an expanse of buildings, manicured gardens, rural grounds, lakes and ponds. It is in the surrounding buildings where the main changes have been made in recent years, resulting in such facilities as The Lodge Restaurant, fine dining at its most relaxed, serving traditional English meals, freshly prepared and locally sourced and The Maltings Banquet Hall, an award winning conversion of an 18th Century Malthouse barn dominated by its magnificent king beamed high ceiling, the room can accommodate 120 guests for a seated banquet or up to 200 guests for an evening buffet and reception, and Blakelands Guest House, 15 beautifully designed guest rooms. With Blakelands main house and gardens providing the setting for your wedding, whether arriving to drinks on the lawn from church or taking advantage during the summer months of Blakelands civil licensed bandstand

and having your ceremony conducted on the gardens, through to having your wedding breakfast and evening reception in the Maltings Hall, before retiring to The Corbett Suite, a sumptuous set of rooms which serve as the Bridal Suite; couple to this, the enviable reputation for exceptional personal service and excellent food, all of which is catered in-house, and Blakelands can cover all your desires in a wedding venue. In addition to weddings and the restaurant, Blakelands has become a firm favourite for local schools, hosting several proms each year, and the banquet hall is frequently booked for parties, celebrations, christenings and other family gatherings. The well-compiled website is packed with galleries and information, and in particular keeps abreast of any changes, especially the seasonal menus for the restaurant and fully priced downloadable wedding literature for current and future years. The addition of a mailing list is also a popular addition, keeping guests up to date with new menus, special events and special offers.

Upcoming Events at Blakelands: Sunday 29th September SMD Wedding Fayre Saturday 16th November Blakelands Winter Open Day Saturday 15th March Blakelands Spring Open Day (Provisional)

Weddings at


T: 01384 221000 E: W: 56

tow town n & v&i lvillage l a g e l i flife e mmagazine a g a z i n e | |s september/october e p t e m b e r / o c t o b e r 22013 013

Country House BLAKELANDS

T: 01384 221000

Six Ashes Road Halfpenny Green South Staffordshire DY7 5DP

Standing in beautiful picturesque grounds, Our Historic Country House, with its elegant period rooms stand as a Stunning Backdrop to your Most Special Day. Our intimate experience of weddings & personal service combine to make your Wedding the Most Memorable Day of your lives. Visit our website today, Our Full Wedding packs including pricing are available to download on line. Arrange a personal appointment to view Blakelands & together we can guide you through every aspect of your planning to create your perfect day.

Your Wedding, Your Dreams, Our Home

Hair Colour - Design - Cut - Styling - Hair Extensions Creative Director Paul Aston has over 25 years experience having competed in many international hair shows around the world.

Add volume, length, colour or curls, the choice is yours. Connect Hair Extensions are used by many A-List celebrities and socialites in the know. (Suitable for most hair)

To book a free consulation call Paul on (01902) 765975 1a Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3 9AP London • New York • Melbourne • Paris • Sydney • Wolverhampton


Finding the Wedding Venue that’s Right for You… Choosing the wedding venue that’s perfect for what you’ve got planned for your big day is one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make. It needs to be practical, affordable and ideal for you and your guests. There’s certainly a lot to consider and knowing where to start can be hard-work. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to the main things you need to think about when you start your search. 1. Seeking out a venue will most likely be one of the first things you’ll do, so try to establish a rough budget and get an idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting. 2. Think about the kind of wedding you want: a lavish large-scale affair? Or something a little more low-key? The venue provides the back-drop to your big day, so it needs to reflect and complement the style of your nuptials. 3. You’ve probably got a good idea of which season you want to marry in. Make sure that you get a look at photos of the venue at that particular time of year and don’t be afraid to ask about heating/airconditioning and lighting. 4. If you long for a contemporary, minimalist wedding, then you’ll need to find a venue which is designed in that style. It’s best to choose a modern building to house proceedings and important to look for a sleek interior that will complement the modern look you favour. However, if something a little more

tradition is more appealing, then check-out the array of stately homes and period properties that could be perfect for you. Just make sure that they’re easily accessible for all of your guests.

5. Find out what the venue offers you. Will you be renting just the space? Or will table, chair and linen hire be available also? 6. Although the car park may look big when it’s empty, will it accommodate all of your guests’ vehicles when full? Think about how your guests will get to the location and if they’ll be able to park safely and easily when they arrive. 7. Find out if catering is carried out in-house by the venue’s own staff or if outside caterers are used. See if you can get a taste of the kind of food that’s on offer. Also, ask if the waiters are employed by the venue or if they’re from an agency. 8. You’ll need to establish if there is more than one wedding coordinator or master of ceremonies. Do you get to meet and discuss your day with that person directly before your wedding? 9. Don’t act in haste. It’s worth visiting all of the venues on your shortlist before you make a decision. You may come across a venue that seems perfect, but before you sign the contract, ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied that it will provide you with everything you and your guests require. 10. Don’t feel pressured to book or sign the contract if you’re presented with a special offer or cut rate - any good venue will give you time to go away and think before you make your final decision. You don’t need to look far to find your dream venue - take a look at what our advertisers have got to offer.

Dress available from Tie The Knot, Wall Heath


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


- OPI Manicures and Pedicures - Bio Sculpture Overlays - Shellac - Sienna Spray Tanning - Personal Service - Over 12 years experience In the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you including evenings and weekends, covering Stourbridge and surrounding areas.

Contact Nicola on 07940 528276

w w w. m o b i l e n a i l s a n d t a n n i n g . c o. u k

Can you help to distribute the Town & Village Life Magazine?




• Ideal for mature, semi-retired or mums at home • Route available in Oldswinford area • Excellent Rates of pay Please call Mike or Irene on:

01952 261267


Capture Those Special Moments Forever By Becky Fulton Fulton Photography ( offers a refreshing bespoke service, matching quality images with an agreed budget. My work covers a wide range of briefs from corporate events through to parties, family gatherings, boudoir shoots but essentially specialising in weddings, pre-natal and newborn baby shoots. Weddings are above all, my forte. I work with sensitivity to capture all the moments of the most precious day in a Bride and Groom’s life. I offer time to capture images from getting ready in the early day, through the service itself and on to the first dance in the evening. I work from a pre-agreed brief from the client in order to be certain to capture all those desired shots. I then blend that brief together with the background story, producing an artistic collage of the day. As a young woman myself, I am sensitive to the kind of collation of photographs a couple would like to look back on and I therefore endeavour to provide that fusion of images. I enjoy working with both

colour and black and white images and my best work is a mix of both. My aim is to capture timeless images taken with a creative eye in order to offer my client that ‘forever’ memory of a special moment in time. I strive to capture the essence of an event; those images, which catch a characteristic, movement or a glance between loved ones. My approach determines a relaxed and natural style of photography and I gain the subtle essence of an event without it becoming staged. I am based between Oxford and the Midlands but I am very happy to travel to provide my specialist service. Testimonial: “Becky interpreted our brief beautifully, we wanted natural, un-posed imagery and that is exactly what we have! She managed to capture expressions of our family and friends so accurately, it is like re-living the day. We are truly thrilled and grateful for her hard work. We will recommend Fulton Photography to everyone we know. We couldn’t have expected anything better.” Fay & Chris Mosscrop 60

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Kick Off Your Marriage In Style Molineux Stadium is no ordinary venue, home to one of the founder members of the Football League, Wolverhampton Wanderers, for 125 years. The Stadium has 11 licenced rooms that can host civil ceremonies for 10-275 people, some with stunning views over the pitch where history has been made. Your wedding breakfast and evening receptions can follow, with us able to accommodate parties of up to 275 with a three course sit down meal followed by an evening buffet. We offer a number of packages to suit budgets and guest lists, as well as personal tastes and our dedicated Events Team will work with you to make your day as perfect as the vision you have of it. As part of your package we

can allow access to pitch side for photographs, as well as the iconic backdrop of the exterior of the Stadium and statues commemorating Wolves Legends Billy Wright and Stan Cullis. We would love to invite you to come and view our facilities, meet our Events Team and discuss how we can help you plan your perfect day.

Call 0871 222 2220 (option 5) or email To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Football League we are offering a ÂŁ125 discount off room hire for any wedding bookings made before 31st May 2014. Quote 125FL when making your booking.

Weddings at Molineux To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Football League we are offering a


off room hire for any wedding bookings made before 31st May 2014. Quote 125FL when making your booking. We would love to invite you to come and view our facilities, meet our Events Team and discuss how we can help you plan your perfect day.

Call us on: 0871 222 2220 (option 5) or email


Exclusive Designer Wedding Gowns and Accessories for the Discerning Bride Sizes 4-32 Available from ÂŁ250 Also Stockists of exquisite Mother of the Bride Outfits Sizes 6 to 32 Available from ÂŁ150 Designer Shoes, Handbags and Hats to Match Opening times: Tue-Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10 am-5pm

32 High Street Wall Heath Kingswinford DY6 0HB

01384 404303


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Eating Out and Entertainment Special See pages 64-77



Promote your venue to over 31,000 readers in the Stourbridge and surrounding areas with Town & Village Life Magazine. To find out how your venue can be featured please call Gisella on 01902 744217.


kingfisher the

bar | club | room : A Premier Venue

The Kingfisher Bar | Club | Room formerly known as The Kingfisher Country Club, situated on the A449 Kidderminster Road, Wall Heath, Kingswinford has recently seen “Inndividual Holdings Ltd” acquire this famous local venue, who many used to know locally as “The Fisher”. The company, Inndividual Holdings Limited was formed four years ago and is equally owned and operated by three directors, David Facer, Marina Parry and Paul Mildenstein.

The group already own and run The Park Tavern, The Wall Heath Tavern and The Lenches Bridge pubs locally. Director David Facer says ”Wall Heath and Kingswinford have been lacking a premium destination venue for many years and we have transformed the Kingfisher into a premium venue including brand new gastro pub serving fresh dishes daily from king scallops on crispy pancetta oil to steaks, fresh fish dishes, anti pasti platters as well serving 7 real ales. The smaller “Room” has been completely transformed to host everything from weddings from 60 Sit down up to 120 for evening reception,

christenings, private hire, training & meetings & events, corporate networking events… literally catering for any event. The club is now playing host to live bands & tributes, showcasing both local up & coming bands to the famous tribute acts everyone knows and loves, so catering for all tastes in music.” Finance director Marina Parry said “I remember having some great nights out in piranhas wine bar in the late 80’s, where locals would meet up for great nights out so when we looked to how best grow our business this seemed locally like our missing piece of the jigsaw.” “Even though the detail of this plan has been in progress for over 6 months we all know as directors the hard work begins now and we will be looking to fellow trading partners to form a strong alliance to ensure that we give the customers exactly what they really want” says Paul Mildenstein. Whatever the occasion or event The New Kingfisher Bar | Club | Room really is the perfect choice! For more information visit our brand new website


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

kingfishoeomr the

bar club r

k .u o .c m o o r b lu c r a .b w ww thebar ciders on sale up to seven real ales and midnight Open Mon - Thurs 4pm ‘til ight Fri - Sun 12noon ‘til midn

e seven days a week full Gastro menu availabl rs, pizza, grills and fish including sharing platte rs from around the world ge la & es in w us io tig es pr



Open Thurs - Sun 8pm ‘til late

music for all real ales available + liv,edisco party nights motown & soul , rock up to 350 people private hire available



prestigious private hire room suitable for up to 100 people weddings . remembrance . parties corporate . training . conference

for a professional service in a newly refurbished environment contact: Sarah on 01384 273763 or



A449 . KIDDERMINSTER ROAD . WALL HEATH . WEST MIDLANDS . DY6 0EN T: 01384 273763 . E: . 182 COT LANE 14 HIGH STREET 2 HIGH STREET KINGSWINFORD WALL HEATH PENSNETT all real ale £2.60 DY6 9QG DY6 0HB DY6 8XD to CAMRA members 01384 287178 01384 287319 01384 830900 ONLY


Patshull Park - A Hidden Gem Patshull Park Hotel is one of Wolverhampton’s best kept secrets, just seven miles from the city centre near the village of Pattingham the hotel, golf and health club sits amongst some of the most glorious countryside that Shropshire can offer. The hotel is open daily and non – residents are welcome, drop in for a cup of coffee at Earls Coffee Shop and experience the venue first hand. We are confident that you will be impressed with the views and the hospitality. Patshull Park Hotel prides itself on professional and friendly levels of service and is renowned as one of the premier wedding venues in the area; Joanne Guest our wedding co-ordinator is the ultimate professional and will arrange every detail to make sure your special day is one to remember. The hotel is also licensed for Civil Ceremonies, and the Great Lake provides a spectacular back-drop for your cherished photographs. The hotel is also is a popular venue for company golf days, conferences, and a host of family celebrations such as christenings and wedding anniversaries. With seven private rooms, we can cater for events of all sizes and requirements including corporate team-building and company fun days in the hotel grounds.

With 49 en suite bedrooms, spend a weekend and enjoy the 18 hole parkland golf course on one of our competitively priced residential golf packages which include golf, dinner bed and breakfast and full use of the health club. Set beside the Great Lake, Patshull golf course is a great test and is suitable for all levels of competent golfers. The course meanders amongst huge specimen trees some of which are over 200 years old – Wellingtonias, Limes, Oaks and Cedars of Lebanon all conspire to make it a memorable day’s golf at Patshull Park. A range of Golf Club memberships and Golf Society Packages are available from our sales office, all of which offer great value for money. Relax in our leisure club which boasts a 15 metre heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms, and two gymnasiums. Our Beauty Therapist is available to take bookings for a whole

range of Dermalogica treatments including facials, pedicures and manicures using Jessica products. A resident sports masseur is also on hand for relieving deeper muscle tension. The club staff are also trained to discuss dietary needs and can set up a training plan that will enhance your lifestyle and help achieve your personal fitness targets. Annual health club memberships are available, with special rates for ‘60’s and over’. Fancy a fresh Rainbow Trout? Patshull Fishery is also open for non – residents. Day tickets, Fishing Memberships, and Fly fishing lessons are all available from the fully stocked fishing lodge, including freshly caught Trout. Call the Fishery on (01902) 700774 for further details. With the spiralling cost of fuel why spend money travelling to other parts of the country when you can enjoy all of the facilities at this unique resort hotel on your doorstep?

Call our sales office on 01902 700100, email:, or visit our web site: Patshull Park Hotel, Pattingham, Nr Wolverhampton WV6 7HR 66

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Join us for one of our

Christmas Party Nights

Christmas 2013

l l u h s t a P at l e t o H k r a P

December prices from just £25 per person

Three course choice menu, followed by disco until 1am

Take That Tribute Night

Set Menu Private Dinners

Friday 6th December

Available Sunday – Wednesday (min numbers apply)

Start from just £16 per person

£29 per person

Stay Overnight On Our Special ‘Booze And Snooze’ Rate From just £25 per person

Bed & Breakfast

January Party Nights Just £21 per person

3 Night Christmas Residential Breaks Start at just £70 per person per night

Call our sales team on: 01902 700100 Email: Patshull Park Hotel, Golf & Country Club, Pattingham, Shropshire WV6 7HR


Situated in the picturesque village of Kinver The team at Baci welcome you to enjoy the finest authentic Italian cuisine – whatever the occasion.

"Celebrating our first anniversary" CHOOSE FROM OUR FULL A LA CARTE MENU OR DAILY SPECIALS Excellent choice of fresh fish, seafood and speciality dishes or if you prefer you can dine from our two course menus: Tuesday - Saturday Lunch Menu

12pm - 2.30pm 2 course - £12.95

Tuesday - Friday Early Evening Menu

5pm - 6.30pm 2 course - £12.95 Sunday Lunch

12pm - 3pm 2 course - £14.95

Bookings now being taken for Christmas Party Menu

Served throughout the month of December

Christmas Day

Gourmet special Italian Menu or Traditional turkey

New Years Eve

Special Menu plus live entertainment Open Tues-Sat lunchtimes 12pm – 2.30pm. Tues-Sat evenings 5pm until late (last orders 10.30pm). Sun lunch 12pm – 3pm, evenings 5pm (last order 8pm) Closed Mondays

To avoid disappoinTmenT please book For reservations call: 68

01384 878789 email:

47-48 High Street, Kinver, Stourbridge, 6HE town &DY7 village magazine | september/october 2013

Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant Established 1989

Air conditioned

Cuisine of Bengal

Fully licensed

RATED 5 AWARD WINNING RESTAURANT FOR 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

Celebrate your Christmas Party in Style at the Perfect Venue to Dine! Christmas Day Menu now available. Bookings now being taken for Christmas Day Lunch, Christmas Parties and Christmas Family and Friends Get-togethers. Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 24 years. “We pride ourselves on our Quality of Food, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed. • Winner of ‘Simply the Best’ restaurant competition 2009 • Winner of The Spotlight Awards ‘Best Eating Place – Casual’ 2007 / 2008

Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price. Tel:

01902 324148 01902 324437 Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN 69

Wolverhampton Racecourse

A Great Night Out By Helen Taylor

‘Eating-out doesn’t get much more exciting than this’ I thought to myself as my winning horse crossed the finish line at Wolverhampton Racecourse well ahead of the competition. The evening had certainly started well, and it only got better. I’d been looking forward to visiting Horizons Restaurant for sometime. Set high in the main grandstand, the restaurant boasts spectacular panoramic views of the racecourse as well as a private


bar, plasma TV screens and a well-designed modern interior. Offering diners the best in both entertainment and food, there’s no doubt that one visit will change what you expect from a night-out forever. After settling down from the excitement of a great win on the first race of the evening, I ordered my starter from a delicious choice of dishes - ‘Warm artichoke and goat’s curd tartlet, with rocket salad, toasted pumpkin seeds and sharp caper berry dressing.’ My friend, Vicky, chose ‘Crispy salt beef with braised radicchio and dressed leaves, served with a soy and honey sauce’.

We usually have a lot to talk about, but on this occasion our eyes were firmly fixed to the mini TV screen on our table and we discussed only where to place our next bets. That was until the food arrived. Artistically presented, each dish certainly impressed on arrival. Every mouthful proved delicious, and the combination of flavours blended together perfectly. Looking forward to the next course, and having already decided on what we wanted, we hurriedly placed our order for the main meals. ‘Lightly spiced butternut squash, aubergine and tofu in a tangine sauce with fruit cous cous, vegetable cumin fritter finished with lavender petals,’ and ‘Breast of chicken with crisp lye bacon, olive and tomato ravioli, crushed peas served with a stilton cream sauce.’ Each main course had been skilfully created and the unique combination of tastes in my

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

chosen a winner and made our choices for dessert: ‘Lemon tart with fresh raspberries and crème fraiche’ and a ‘Selection of local cheeses - Double Worcester, Light Wood Chaser and Cromwell Bishop - served with celery, grapes and home made chutney.’ We didn’t win the race, but we were certainly well compensated when dessert was served.

vegetarian dish worked extremely well. Vicky was equally impressed, and enjoyed every mouthful of her perfectly cooked chicken breast. What’s more, the portion sizes were just right and left us nicely full, yet still looking forward to dessert. Getting back to the racing, we made the most of our prime position on the highest of the three seating tiers in the restaurant to watch the action unfold outside. Soaking up the atmosphere, we finished our bottle of wine and agreed that we haven’t ever had such a good time on a Monday evening - and it wasn’t over yet. Placing our bets for the next race, we felt confident that we’d

The lemon tart was utterly scrumptious, so good in fact that I could have easily eaten another couple of helpings. Preferring a savoury end to her meal Vicky was more than happy sampling the choice of cheeses. The final race was upon us and as we placed our last bets we reflected on what a great night we’d had for such a small price (£39.95 each); the excitement of the racing, a fantastic three course meal in fabulous surroundings, coupled with exceptional service from the staff meant that every element had been well taken care of. We were looking forward to telling our friends all about it; so that when we next pay a visit there’s no doubt that they’ll be joining us too.


Open 7 days 6pm until late Free secure car park at rear 272 Penn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4AD

A warm welcome awaits you at Penn Tandoori… experience the Pride of Penn Specialising in Tandoori, Curry dishes, Balti dishes and also European dishes. Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at its very best in a warm, friendly atmosphere in one of the most luxurious restaurants in the West Midlands. Whatever the occasion children are always welcome with their parents and we try our best to ensure that families feel at home and have an enjoyable experience with us.

Christmas bookings now being taken Fully licensed 10% discount off take-aways collected

10% OFF

Your food and drink bill when dining in. Please present this voucher. 1 voucher per table.

For bookings or further details please call 01902 333319 Fully Licensed

Air Conditioned

Car Park at rear of Restaurant

Contemporary Modern Dining at Sedgley’s Premier Indian Restaurant

Saffron Pink’s RestauRant

Sayed Miah along with his expert team of knowledgeable chefs and waiting staff welcome you to Saffron Pink. We pride ourselves on our high standard of service and authentic Bangladeshi cuisine.

Midweek Offer

Order 2 main courses and get the cheapest FREE

mas Christ kings boo party being now ! taken

When dining in Wednesday & Thursday, 6pm until 10pm. Bookings advisable.

To book a table please call

01902 671759 / 673665 Take-away Service available – Free home delivery wiThin a 3 mile radiuS, minimum order £15

Open 7 Days including Bank Holidays, Sunday to Thursday 5.30pm to 11.30pm, Friday and Saturday 5.30pm to 12 Midnight 2 Bull Ring, Dudley Street, Sedgley, DY3 1RU 72


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013








CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! 01902 390000 | *Terms & conditions apply. Advance bookings only. Price per person and includes VAT. For race times and full details please visit our website. Wolverhampton racecourse encourages responsible gambling.


Pourquoi, pas de dinde à Noël? What, No Turkey at Christmas? Here at the French Connection we tend to follow the Gascon tradition at Christmas and do not serve turkey as we feel that most of our customers will have this at home. This year’s menu will probably include guinea fowl or goose, venison or boar, and a selection of fish and vegetarian dishes with roasted vegetables in duck fat (olive oil with vegetarian dishes) and a full range of entrees and desserts to suit all tastes. Most of our dishes are gluten free and we can cater for many specific dietary requirements with very little notice as we prepare our dishes in house with our own chefs. For those who might worry about the amount of duck fat we use in our Christmas cooking here, we are pleased to say that recent studies have shown that although Gascony has the highest consumption of animal fat (duck fat) in the civilised world, it also has the lowest incidence of heart disease and some of the longest lived people in Europe!

Although we are barely into Autumn, Christmas starts to loom largely in the minds of all restaurateurs as the logistics of this busy period must be planned well in advance, including the all-important menu for the festive season.


The Gascons, like the English, celebrate Christmas with family meals, usually eaten on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas day, and their meals usually start with soup followed by an entrée of fish then a roast meat then cheese and a dessert. Celebration meals in France often last four hours or more, which is rather more than the norm here in England.

Outside of the Christmas period we offer regular theme nights to celebrate the cuisine of other areas of France and on occasion feature specific restaurants that we have found on our travels. So whether you like the sunshine tastes of Provence, the comfort food of Normandy and Brittany or the gourmet menus of Paris and the wine routes of the Rhone why not visit us for an evening of authentic French Cuisine?

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

• ‘Stourbridge’s Best Kept Secret’ • Authentically French • Freshly prepared food from the best available ingredients • Extensive A La Carte Menu

Menu Rouge, 3 Courses only £16.95 Available Tuesday to Saturday evenings Open daily Wed – Sat serving breakfast from 9.30am, Lunch 12pm to 2.45pm. Open evenings – Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm until Midnight. Last orders 9.30pm.

Gluten free and vegetarian dishes available - Extensive Wine List Why not join us for “An evening in Provence” Thursday 26th September. 3 course meal £23.95, to include a Free half litre of house wine for two people with this coupon* * Valid email address required

Email: ………………………………………………………………………………… Menu Rouge Changes Fortnightly Catering and Dine at Home Service Available – Authentic French dishes prepared for your freezer

See Website – Book on-line Bookings advisable for evenings please tel: 01384 390940 3 Coventry Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1EP



town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Gastro Country Pub & Dining Stuart Plant - Chef Proprietor Open Tuesday to Sunday for Lunch Tuesday to Saturday for Dinner Closed Mondays

ALL OUR FOOD IS HOMEMADE USING ONLY FRESH PRODUCE COOKED TO ORDER Day Boat Fish • Fully Traceable Meat • Min 28 Day Dry Aged Beef Locally Sourced Produce • Regularly Using Vegetables From The Six Ashes Garden All Tastes Catered For • Private Parties and Functions Catered For Up to 22 people

LUNCH TIME OFFER Choice 2 Course Set Menu - Only £10.95

Available Tues to Sat 12 till 2.30pm

images courtesy of


Available Tuesday to Friday from 2nd to 20th December for parties of up to 22 people Lunchtimes: 2 course - £16.95 3 course - £19.95 Evenings: 2 course - £19.95 3 course - £22.95 (Evenings – Bookings only)

TRADITIONAL SUNDAY LUNCH Served 12pm until 2.30pm

Six Ashes Road, Bobbington, Bridgnorth WV15 6EJ To avoid disappointment please book, call 01384 221725 Visit for menus and register to qualify for offers


Arthritis? Sciatica , Back and Joint Pain? H20 Physio Can Help Suffering with arthritis, back and joint pain or reduced mobility can seriously diminish your quality of life. Although pain relief may go some way in decreasing the severity of the discomfort you endure, it certainly won’t be helping your underlying problem; in fact it’ll most likely be making it much worse. That’s because pain killers do not treat the issue at its core, instead they mask discomfort, which allows you to continue with your everyday activities, during which time you’ll be putting your body under more stress and strain - unwittingly causing a greater problem, one which you’ll have to tackle in the future. Fortunately help is at hand. Fully qualified physiotherapist, Davinder Chatha, has brought some exciting and pioneering technology to his new and unique South Staffordshire-based Hydrotherapy Centre, H20 Physio. Davinder explains: “Our Hydrophysio Underwater Treadmill provides a comfortable, safe way to exercise for people of all ages and all levels of mobility. It has fantastic benefits for those suffering with back or joint pain, arthritis, as well as many other debilitating conditions.” And here’s how it works: “The warm temperature of the water in the treadmill allows your muscles to relax, so that you are able to enjoy pain-free exercise. Because the water supports your body all of the movements you make are much easier and they don’t put stress on your joints.” “Most of my patients are unable to walk on dry land due to pain from their condition, but once they’re in the treadmill, and fifty to eighty percent of their bodyweight is 78

displaced, they can walk without pain for over thirty minutes and have a great cardio-vascular workout.” It’s these features that make the Hydrophysio Underwater Treadmill ideal for those who are suffering from chronic conditions or recovering from an injury or operation. “Research has shown that upright movement and exercise in water offers remarkable therapy benefits, eases pain and promotes physical and mental well-being. Users find that this form of exercise helps muscle tone, builds strength, improves balance and generally improves their quality of life.” Davinder and his specially trained team assess the needs of each patient and produce an individual, tailored plan for their time spent in the Hydrophysio Underwater Treadmill. “We can adjust the depth of the water to suit the requirements of each person, so that adults and children of all different heights and sizes can benefit.” “Exercise can be made harder or easier by varying the levels of water. Special in-built jets mean that certain areas of the body can be targeted to create more resistance, which helps to build muscle strength.” Another advantage is that the treadmill aids weight loss, which is particularly beneficial to those suffering with joint problems or recovering from an operation.

“One of my patients who has had two knee replacements and spinal surgery lost twenty three pounds in just six sessions. Her pain was vastly reduced and her mobility greatly improved.” There’s other specialist equipment on offer that can help too: “We’ve also got a Hydrotherapy Pool, Cryotherapy Cuffs, an Infra Red Sauna and Pilates equipment - as well as hands-on physiotherapy - that we can use alongside the treadmill to help many different complaints.” The Hydrophysio Underwater Treadmill is also a favourite with athletes, and is a piece of equipment often found in Premiership Football clubs: “We are the only private clinic in the UK to have a one. Many of the top football clubs use them to help heal their players who are suffering from sports injuries. Olympic athlete, Mo Farah, is a fan too.” Davinder has helped a multitude of patients at H20 Physio: “My clients have found that they’ve had remarkable improvements in their mobility, pain levels and wellbeing after just a few sessions.” “It’s fantastic to see the progress that each person makes, whatever their individual circumstances. I’m passionate about the treadmill because I know that it makes such a difference to people’s quality of life and can help get them on the road to recovery.”

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Innovative water-based training programmes for: • • • • • • •

Back and joint care Senior living Pain management Post Surgery Rehabilitation Weight loss Sports performance Stroke Rehabilitation

Session Gift Cards available For further details or to book a consultation please call 01902 898256 or email

Halfpenny Green Golf Club, Health and Wellness Spa, Kartar Farm, New Road, Swindon, Dudley DY3 4PP visit The only private clinic with a hydrophysio underwater treadmill in the United Kingdom

Kinver’s “Man Of Flowers” Is New Rotary Club President Nick, who is a former vice chairman of the village’s Allotment Association, can be seen regularly on the High Street with his wife watering floral hanging baskets and generally tidying the frontages in support of the drive for “Best Kept Village” in which the Rotary Club has been a major supporter. Nick Geoghegan, the Kinver resident who won the village Civic Society’s award for services to the community through his dedication to enhancing the High Street with floral decorations, is the new President of the Rotary Club of Kinver. Having started his career in accountancy he moved into engineering and manufacturing, primarily in the steel sectors in companies such as forges and steel stockholders where his training in finance helped him attain the positions of Finance Director, Commercial Director and

finally Managing Director of a small engineering group situated on the edge of the Jewellery quarter. Latterly Nick has become an Employer Adviser with the DWP, leading the Engineering/ Manufacturing sectors for the Dudley Borough. Nick and his wife Denise moved from Birmingham to Kinver in the early 90s and joined the Rotary Club of Kinver in 2008, since when he has twice been Treasurer and was last year’s Vice President.

Nick’s first major fund raising event will be a joint project with the Rotary Club of Hagley – a concert at Kidderminster Town Hall on Friday Sept 20, featuring the Band of the West Midlands Fire Service supported by the Stourport Choral Society. They will be presenting a programme of light classics, music from Andrew Lloyd Webber shows, the films and finishing with a selection from Last Night of the Proms. Tickets costing £10 are available from Kinver Post Office with all proceeds going to the Kemp Hospice and local Rotary charities. 79

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) The New Pain Relieving Therapy Constant, chronic pain can be draining and can significantly affect your quality of life and function. Pain can often limit the regular practice of sports such as tennis, golf, jogging and walking as well as restrict your performance at work. A new technology that is now available here at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital that allows non-surgical intervention is “shockwave therapy” (ESWT). Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a highly effective treatment available for patients with chronic tendon disorders and may help when other treatments have proven to be ineffective. Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment and works by delivering impulses of energy, targeted to specific damaged tissues within the abnormal tendon. This increases the blood flow within the affected area, stimulating cell regeneration and healing, and decreasing local factors which can cause pain. How shockwave therapy works A probe is pressed on the affected area and the shockwaves are delivered through the skin (a gel like substance is also applied to the area to promote the process).

in the injured tissue that is being treated, and prompts the body to respond naturally by increasing blood circulation, the number of blood vessels and therefore metabolism in the injured tissue. The shockwaves are felt as pulses which are a little uncomfortable but not painful. (A shockwave is a purely mechanical wave, not an electric one). The surgeon applying your treatment will start with a low level of intensity and increase this to a point where you feel comfortable. Patients are typically treated as a day case patient and will not require any type of sedation or anaesthetic. Conditions recommended for treatment with shockwave therapy: • Plantar Fasciitis • Calcific Tendonitis Shoulder • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow • Achilles Tendinopathy • Trochanteric bursitis (Lateral hip pain) • Patella Tendinopathy (Jumpers Knee) Advantages of having Shockwave Therapy over traditional methods: • No anaesthesia • Non invasive • No medication

• No surgery • Fast treatment - 30 minutes per session, 3-4 sessions required • Fewer complications • Virtually painless after treatment What happens prior to Shockwave therapy All patients will require an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon who will perform a clinical assessment to ensure that shockwave therapy treatment is the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Each treatment session takes about 30 minutes and it is usual to need 3-4 treatment sessions. As shockwave therapy is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) most private medical insurers will cover such treatment. However, it is essential that patients consult their insurance companies and obtain authorisation prior to their appointment. Self-funding packages are also available and treatment courses are from £250. For more information on this service or to book an appointment with one of the trained orthopaedic consultants please call 01902 267336.

The impulses are delivered through the skin as a shockwave that spreads inside the injured tissue as an aspherical ‘radial’ wave. These radial shockwaves initiate an inflammation-like response

This article was provided by The Nuffield Health Group 80

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Shock Wave Therapy -

The New Pain Relieving Therapy

This treatment is now available and can help with: • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow • Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) • Lateral Hip Pain • Hamstring Tendonopathy

• Patellar Tendononpathy • Achilles Tendononpathy • Calcific Tendonitis of the Shoulder

Contact your local Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital on 01902 267 336 for more information on this service or to book an appointment with one of our trained orthopaedic consultants

Get the Nuffield Treatment

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20/06/2013 15:10:12



by Carl Peddie, Diffusion

Men’s denim is set to return to prominence for autumn 2013.

Of course, we are all familiar with denim leg wear, but this season the denim jacket/shirt is not only a key trend but a great transitional piece.

The fashion tradeshows have emphasised this must have fabric of the season with a number of designers showcasing a multitude of denim inspired pieces incorporating new techniques and a variety of new denim washes.

Wear the double/triple denim look, or stay safe with separates combined with a white t-shirt. These pieces are designed to get you noticed.

Diesel Denim Detail Polo



G-Star Denim Jacket Diesel Krayver Jean




Diffusion Creative Recreation Trainer


Diffusion Model Wears:

G-Star Jacket £180 G-Star Hoodie £90 G-Star Denim Shirt £110 Diesel T-Shirt £22.00 G-Star Tapered Jean £200 Gourmet Trainer £120 All At Diffusion

G-Star Camo Print Shirt G-Star Grey Denim Shirt





'Ice Ice Baby' New In at T.A. Henn

Ice Slim £75 as worn by Jason Derulo.


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


The Perfect Hair And Make-Up For Your Big Day prepared that the finished look might not seem quiet right, because it’s out of context. Picture yourself in the right setting; if you’ll be marrying on a glorious summer day, it’ll probably be perfect. Trends come and go, but for an enduring and elegant look, that won’t look dated in years to come, keep it simple.

Model wears ‘Deco Dream’ Earrings

Model wears ‘Swan Lake’ Headpiece

£54. Glitzy Secrets.

£24. Glitzy Secrets

A timeless, classic hair and make-up look is perfect for your big day. Whether you’re having your make-up professionally applied, or doing it yourself, it’s essential to use quality products which have staying power. You need to attain a naturally beautiful look, which enhances your skin and highlights your best features, rather than a overly made-up finish which actually detracts from them. Ask your make-up artist to show you the products that she’ll be using and make sure you are happy with them. If you tend to prefer a certain cosmetic brand or you’ve found a foundation that you can’t live without, have them incorporated into your make-over - it’s essential to have confidence in your cosmetics.

Model wears ‘Timeless Petals’ Headpiece

£94. Glitzy Secrets.


It’s always worth experimenting well in advance, but remember, your skin changes with the seasons. So, if you’re planning a summer wedding, but trialing your make-up in the winter, be

Let your hairstyle be dictated by your dress. If you’ve got elaborate detailing across the shoulders, wear a sophisticated up-do. If your hair is long and your wearing a minimalist design, leave your locks down and accessorise with a sparkling accessory or twinkling tiara. Speak to your hairstylist well in advance and formulate a plan for your hair over the coming months, so that it’s the right length and style by the time your wedding comes. Don’t opt for anything that’s overly complex, choose a look which can be easily reproduced to avoid any panic on the day. Work hard to keep your hair in tip-top condition prior to your nuptials; regular trims and frequent conditioning treatments are essential. Olivia’s Beauty Salon has got just the thing for brides-to-be. Their amazing Dinair Airbrush Make-Up is perfect for special occasions and just the thing for your big day. Favoured by celebrities everywhere, the airbrush foundation sits on your skin to produce an even, flawless - sheer or opaque - finish that will look immaculate and last all day long.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Free re

with S




hellac Manic ure



wollaston beauty clinic

where relaxing & pampering is essential 153 Bridgnorth Road, Wollaston, Stourbridge DY8 3NU 01384 393305 Terms & conditions apply. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher loyalty scheme or course of treatments. Points cannot be exchanged for cash. No refunds on cancellations or unused bookings. All offer bookings must be paid in advance at time of booking. Manager’s decision in all matters is final. *Valid until 30th September 2013. Quote Town & Village Life magazine when booking to qualify.


Brand-New Treatments at Olivia’s Beauty on the face and body: “Phaser EPL offers permanent hair removal, which means no more plucking, waxing, shaving or epilating. Many men find it great for permanently removing hair from large areas, like on their backs. “Women are delighted when it permanently removes embarrassing hair on their face or chin and are relieved when they no longer need to shave their legs.” Generally clients will require a minimum of five sessions, although this does vary depending on the individual. “It takes several sessions for the hair follicle to be completely treated as hair grows in different stages, once treatment is complete you skin will remain hair-free.” Most people experience a mild sensation during Phaser EPL treatment, but it is virtually painfree. Costs vary depending on the area being treated and how many sessions are required. Ageing is inevitable, as the years go by our skin starts to show signs of sun damage, the affects of lifestyle choices and of course, fine lines and wrinkles. Following on from the success of their ground-breaking i-Lipo laser treatment - that offers clients an alternative to invasive liposuction surgery - Olivia’s Beauty has introduced something else that’s special to their range of revolutionary beauty fixes.

Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal and Photofacial Rejuvenation.”

Owner Fiona Brookes explains: “Clients have been delighted with the outstanding results they’ve received from treatment with i-Lipo. After just eight sessions one lady lost a remarkable 18cm from her stomach, she was thrilled, especially as she was going away on holiday.”

“Phaser EPL is amazing. It works by delivering pulses of light into the skin at a specific wavelength which is selectively absorbed in the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively disables the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue.”

“We’ve now added some other equally exciting treatments:

The treatment is suitable for both men and women and can be used

The salon’s new additions are sure to be greatly received by many women who suffer with embarrassing or unsightly facial and body hair or those who are conscious of skin imperfections caused by sun damage, lifestyle factors and natural ageing.

That’s where Photofacial Rejuvenation comes in. The Intense Pulsed Light treatment improves many of the unwanted effects of aging: “IPL counters the appearance of red skin, like rosacea and treats skin spots, as well as broken capillaries. It reduces and can eliminate age spots as well as minimising uneven pigmentation.” The treatment stimulates collagen synthesis, which eliminates fine lines, it also serves to revitalise dull complexions. Skin is left looking younger, smoother, healthier and more toned, with minimal discomfort and no recovery time. “The results are incredible. Our clients are delighted with the way their skin looks and feels after IPL. Generally a course of 6 treatments are required for optimum results.”

SPECIAL OFFER BOOK A COURSE OF 6 TREATMENTS ON Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal or Photofacial Rejuvination


Please mention this offer at time of booking. First treatment to be booked by 30th September 2013.


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


i-Lipo is an award winning revolutionary system, manufactured in the UK which uses low level lasers for fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body shaping treaments.

• Lose 1-2 dress sizes in the area you choose after a course of 8 treatments • See results after just 1 treatment • A painless and very effective machine which is just as good as liposuction • Improves the appearance of cellulite, and improves fat reductions & skin tightening • i-Lipo from Chromogenex has received FDA clearance for Circumferential Reduction.This is the first non-invasive skin contact system to receive such clearance.


FOR ONLY £299 Present this advert and get 10% discount off i-Lipo treatments

Please mention this advert at time of booking, first treatment to be booked by 14th October 2013

Sit back, relax and be pampered

with our extensive range of facial, massage, nail, beauty treatments and much more!

For further details or to book any beauty treatments please call 01902 335355

50a Warstones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4LP


A New Look For The New Season

By Helen Taylor

Autumn is here and that means it’s time to fall in love with this season’s fabulous new fashions. You’ll need to stock-up on those fall Print Top £65. essentials, like a newBetty coat and quality Barclay. pair of boots, and there’s no better place to start your search than at our advertisers’ independent stores.

With a whole range of exciting and unique buys, you’re sure to find something that’s a little different and a lot more spe cial that what chain stores have to offer. Model Wears: Navy Polka Dot Wool Jacket £250 Dickins & Jones Dress £45 A Wear Cross Body Bag £99 Linea Weekend All House of Fraser


Model Wears: Asymmetric Top £285 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Printed Leggings £29 Label Lab Cream & brown Tote £235 DKNY

Model Wears: Leather Jacket with Mongolian Faux Fur trim £350 Biba Navy Embellished Dress £50 A Wear Metallic Snake Clutch £99 Pied a Terre All House of Fraser Model Wears: Faux Fur ‘Portobello’ Coat £199 Biba House of Fraser

All House of Fraser

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Gloves £99 Paul Smith at Diffusion

Dress £75 Yumi

Skinny Jeans £69 Mint Velvet

Pencil Skirt £75 People Tree

Keyring £39 Paul Smith at Diffusion

Clutch Bag £169 Paul Smith at Diffusion Tote Bag £599 Paul Smith at Diffusion

Navy Blue Patent Heel Shoe £40 The Shoe Tree

‘Pepper’ Wedge Ankle Boots £55 The Shoe Tree

Long Black Leather Quilt Effect Heel Boots £120 The Shoe Tree

White Ice Slim Watch £75 as worn by Jennifer Lopez. T.A. Henn

Mi Moneda - Interchangeable Coins Chains start from £31 Pendants from £62 Coins from £12.50 New and exclusive at T.A. Henn.

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Town & Village Life magazine claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Town & Village Life magazine infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


Old Swinford Hospital The school will be opening its doors to visitors in the autumn for a series of events for prospective parents and pupils to find out what life is really like in a modern boarding school. As current pupils take you around the school you will see a wonderful mix of historic building and state of the art teaching, sporting and boarding facilities. They will tell you that strong friendships develop that last well beyond school life and that boarding gives the School a sense of stability, with the ‘House’ soon becoming a home from home. You will be able to meet the Housemasters and Matrons who look after pastoral care, ensuring that pupils are happy, able to work at their studies and participate fully in school life.

A Place To Have Fun, Work Hard, Be Stretched And Succeed.

Whilst academic achievement is important, and the school can boast impressive pass rates for both GCSE and A Levels, it is only one element of life at Founded in 1667, Old Swinford Hospital Old Swinford Hospital. There are an exciting range OLD1302_OpenMornings_DailyTel_80x100 29/05/13 is a state maintained boarding school in of extra curricular and weekend activities available.

Stourbridge for boys from 11-18, with girls With no long journeys to and from school each OLD1302 Old Swinford Hospital 01 admitted as day students in the Sixth Form. day, it is easy for pupils to join in with anything Almost two-thirds of the school’s pupils are that happens after school. So whether its sports 80 x 100 cmyk full or weekly boarders, but day places (Out practice, orchestra rehearsal, drama or art club, pupils are on site Boarders) are available 9. RL in Year 7 and Year ACW BT in the evenings to take part.



Sat 14th September and Sat 5th October, 9-11.30am Sat 9th and Sat 16th November (6th Form), 9-11.30am

COME ON BOARD EVENING Thurs 10th October 5.30-8pm

• Academic excellence • Boarding fees just £3,575 per term

6th FORM CHOICES EVENING Tues 26th November 5-8pm

• Strong pastoral care system • A stunning array of extra-curricular and weekend activities

Registration forms for 2014 Year 7 Out Boarder places must be submitted by 18th September 2013

01384 817325


Heath Lane, Stourbridge, DY8 1QX

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Thinking About Adoption? On Thursday 19th September we at Adoption in the Black Country are holding an information event at the Village Hotel, Dudley to answer any questions that people may have about adoption and for people looking to start the process. But what sort of people adopt? Well, Adoption in the Black Country have all kinds of children, so we need all kinds of people. People from all ethnic and social backgrounds. You don’t need to own your home. Your age needn’t be an

issue. You don’t even need to be married ... you will need a stable lifestyle and a commitment to changing your life forever and becoming a child’s forever family. So if you’ve ever considered adopting, come to the information event –Thursday 19th September at The Village Hotel, Castlegate Way, Dudley. No need to register or book a slot, just come along at 6pm. Adoption in the Black Country... Adoption could be as easy as ABC.

Tel: 0800 073 0597

IS as easy as...


n in the..



Come along to our next ABC information event:

There is no need to register or book a place, just turn up and see how you can change a child’s life. We look forward to meeting you.



Event: Information ber ptem 6pm : 19th Se tel, o The Village HWay, te a Castleg B Dudley, DY1 4T | 0800 073 0597


Reaching New Heights At Tettenhall College we have always provided rich and varied learning experiences for our pupils both in and out of the classroom. Successful education is about the balance between academic success and developing other interests, skills and abilities. A wonderful summer of success in terms of examination results and student achievements provides ample evidence that this approach certainly seems to work. This year has seen our highest proportion of A* grades at A level and we are delighted that the vast majority of our students have secured their preferred choice of course and university at the first attempt without the need for ‘clearing’. We are immensely proud of all of our students but particular mention goes to: Fred Nguyen who achieved A*grades in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and an A grade in Chemistry and will read Mechanical Engineering at Bath. Minh Trinh who achieved A* grades in Mathematics and Further Mathematics and A grades in Chemistry and Economics and will start a degree in Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics in October. Thu Phan also takes up a place at the LSE to study Economics and Economic History after securing top grades in Mathematics, 92

Economics, Geography and Art. Radica Ohri achieved straight A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and takes up a place at Nottingham University to read Medicine. Tung Mai achieved an A* in Maths and top grades also in Further Mathematics and Economics and will study Environmental Science with Business Management at Queen Mary, University of London. Ellie Hammond achieved A grades in ICT and Psychology and a B grade in Art and will study Psychology at Aston University. We are also delighted for Daniel Bywater who leaves Tettenhall College to take up a place at RADA, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, possibly the most prestigious theatre school in the country. He will be pursuing a course in Technical Theatre and Stage Management, building on his existing experience in stage lighting and extending that to all other aspects of technical theatre. Daniel has designed and operated lighting for many school productions, as well as for many local theatre groups. His dedication to helping people from all walks of life also led him to receive a ‘Service Above Self’ award from the Rotary Club. Tettenhall College is an independent school for 2 to 18 year olds with pupils of all ages benefiting from its enviable reputation for outstanding pastoral care and meeting the needs of the individual. We have enjoyed 150 years of exceptional education, combining traditional values with innovative teaching and outstanding

pastoral care. This approach has enabled us to be in the top 1% of schools nationally for ‘adding value’ in 8 out of the last 10 years - and in the top 5% for the other 2! Our first rate facilities and a 33 acre site including a glorious arboretum and a ‘forest school’ enable a very wide range of enrichment activities to take place. We recognise that experiences outside of the classroom can provide deeper understanding, increase self-confidence, develop new skills and help pupils challenge and stretch themselves. Tettenhall College has a strong tradition of excellence in Art, Music, Drama and Sport. Academic scholarships are therefore supported by a number of scholarships in these areas also. Open Days Friday 27th September 10.00am - 1.00pm Saturday 28th September 10.00am - 2.00pm Tuesday 8th October 5.30pm - 7.30pm The Headmaster, Mr Martyn Long, looks forward to meeting you on one of these Open Days and is available for individual tours at any time. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002/751119 or email

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


Social Scene





The Kingfisher Wall Heath

Over 400 guests attended the VIP Opening Night of the Brand New Kingfisher Bar l Club l Room following a major refurbishment. Owners, Inndividual Holdings Ltd were delighted to welcome guests, old and new, to the fabulous venue.

Looking for advice on cosmetic surgery?

Book a FREE 10 minute one-to-one chat with a consultant at our next cosmetic events on Monday 9th September 2013 & Wednesday 2nd October 2013. Please call 0845 603 4346 to book your place.


1. Peyton Cunningham, Michelle Jones, Abbie Hadley, Hayley Crew,Tammy Mallett & Jo Hayes. 2. Nicola Smith & Steve Cartwright. 3. Sarah Hale, Maxine Lord, Joanne Winwood, Kath Heywood, Katherine Rutter, Beverley Lally & Catherine Paton. 4. David & Joanne Facer, Paul & Debbie Mildenstein, Gwynne & Marina Parry. 5. Miriam Brown & Karen Gaden. 6. Jane Robinson, Joanne Jones & Laura Malpass. 7. Julietta Matjila, Brian Cartwright, Caroline Murphy & Sue Oliver. 8. Noi & Philip Avey, Rachael Moss, Andrew Chilton, Craig Gutteridge & Jill Chilton. 9. Abbie Lloyd, Lisa Rollason, Hayley Churchill. 10. Libby Walton & Sarah Simpson-Davies. 11. Nina Williams, Georgia Allen & Kim Zamur. 12. Clare & Patrick Fegan. 13. Dave Bowerman, Claire Weston, Mark Lane & Tracy Lane. 14. Sadie Watton, Sarah Bassett & Maddison Hill.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

Social Scene










14 95

Social Scene








Grand Theatre Wolverhampton Friends of Wolverhampton Grand Theatre join the stars of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s EVITA for post-show drinks on Monday 19th August.

Social Scene Sponsored by

8 1. Grace Gull, Tony Gull & Gordon Hands. 2. Dorothy Parsons & Beverley Newton. 3. Hayley Dyer & Maureen Steadman. 4. Helen Claydon & Marian Holland.

Wolverhampton Hospital The leading provider of private healthcare You couldn’t be in better hands! Call customer services on 01902 793259


5. Sophie Mitchell & Josh Starr. 6. Lyndsey Brough, Margaret Barlow & Julia Coombe. 7. Maureen Radcliffe, Julia Mcaliece & Jackie Poole. 8. Norma Philpott, Linda Burke & Pat Logan. town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


BMW UK Announces Sales Network For Revolutionary i Brand

BMW UK has revealed its network of dealers that will supply and support BMW i, the company’s revolutionary new sub-brand featuring electric drive systems and premium mobility services.

From launch, Benham Wolverhampton will be one of the 46 sales agents across the UK to offer the BMW i range. Each will have specialist technical capabilities allowing them to carry out repairs to the vehicles’ high voltage batteries. A wider service network is planned to offer extended coverage for the general service, maintenance and repair of BMW i vehicles.

“Our BMW i dealerships are located in the areas of the UK with the highest concentrations of population.”

Initially, two BMW i cars have been confirmed for production, the fully-electric BMW i3 megacity vehicle and the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 sports car. The BMW i3 is BMW’s first fully-electric production car and is due to go on sale in the UK in late 2013. Like the i8, the BMW i3 features an all-aluminium chassis combined with a passenger cell made entirely from lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastic. BMW Group UK Managing Director, Tim Abbott said customer enquiries about BMW i are already “extremely high” with more than 6000 people registering their interest in the i brand. “With the announcement of our BMW i retail network we are open for business and taking deposits on the i3 and i8,” he said.

Potential customers can now register their interest with one of the BMW i agents or online at As well as the vehicles themselves, BMW i will encompass a range of premium services for mobility aimed at optimising the use of parking spaces, recharging infrastructure, ‘smart’ navigation systems, intermodal route planning and access to other BMW vehicles on an ‘on-demand’ basis. BMW is the first premium vehicle manufacturer to offer such a comprehensive ownership package surrounding electric mobility. “With BMW i, we are offering game-changing technology that will revolutionise the way we move through a completely new driving and ownership experience,” said Abbott. The BMW i3 world launch took place on July 29th at Old Billingsgate in London, the BMW i3 will be arriving at Benham on November 16th. Be amongst the first to see the BMW i3 by registering your interest at:

Call Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457000 to find out more visit 98

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

BMW Economics

Benham Wolverhampton

The Ultimate Driving Machine

ONLY THE FINEST LEATHER TO FINISH IT. YOU PAY LESS PER MONTH TO START IT. THE BMW X1 xDRIVE18d xLINE WITH NAVIGATION AND 5 YEARS’ COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE COVER INCLUDED.** BMW Select finance representative example: BMW X1 xDrive18d xLine with Business Navigation System and 5 years’ comprehensive service cover. Term

35 Monthly payments

On the road cash price*

Customer deposit

Dealer deposit contribution

Total deposit

Total amount of credit

Option to purchase fee^

Optional Total amount Rate of final payment payable interest

36 mths










5.87% fixed

Representative 5.9% APR

For more information or to arrange a test drive †, call us on 01902 457000 or visit or download our BMW Financial Services App.

Benham Wolverhampton

Lever Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1AD 01902 457000


Official fuel economy figures for the BMW X1 xDrive18d xLine: Urban 43.5mpg (6.5l/100km). Extra Urban 58.9mpg (4.8/100km). Combined 51.4mpg (5.5l/100km). CO2 emissions 144g/km. Finance offer excludes metallic paint at £465 as shown. Finance offer excludes metallic paint at £465 as shown. Offer available on selected new BMW X1

models ordered between 1 July 2013 and 30 September 2013 and registered by 31 December 2013, subject to availability. Finance example is based on a BMW Select agreement for a BMW X1 xDrive18d xLine with Business Navigation System and 5 years’ comprehensive service cover with a contract mileage of 30,000 miles and an excess mileage charge of 8.9p per mile. **Servicing must be carried out at a BMW Service Authorised Workshop. Excessive wear and tear or misuse not covered. Second brake fluid service not covered. Price quoted is applicable for BMW X1 SAV models. Please ask your dealer, or visit for prices for all models and full BMW Service Inclusive terms and conditions. *On the road cash price is based on manufacturer’s recommended retail price and includes 3 year BMW Dealer Warranty, BMW Emergency Service, 12 months’ road fund licence, vehicle first registration fee, delivery, number plates and VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and optional final payment payable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase the vehicle. Excess mileage charges and vehicle condition charges may be payable if you return the vehicle. Prices are correct at time of publication <July 2013> and are subject to change without notice. Retail customers only. Finance is subject to credit acceptance and available to over 18s in the UK only (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised finance is provided by BMW Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UF. We commonly, but not exclusively, introduce customers to BMW Financial Services. This introduction does not amount to independent financial advice. †Test drive subject to applicant status and availability. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.


Vauxhall Ampera An Electric Car to Light Up the Road By Syd Taylor To be progressive today is to be fearless, to be possessed of that indomitable will to forge ahead regardless. Consider this at the same time that some folk fret about making it to the shopping mall while others besiege NASA in their eagerness to accept the challenge of training for a mission to Mars. Don’t forget, the pioneering spirit that will one day plant a boot in the red dust of a distant planet may lie dormant, especially during horizon-limiting, penny-pinching, fearful, double-dip haunted days of recession. But no sky stays grey forever. Shafts of light will break through. Once again, the future WILL look bright. Time was when motoring progress was measured in performance - and performance was measured in MPH, with a few creature comforts thrown in to appease the cold-blooded. So what if carbon fuels took a clobbering as sanctimonious Sunday Drivers topped up millions of cars on the road to Smugsville? It didn’t matter! We had boffins; barrel-loads of the brainy Bertrands. And wouldn’t they, in time, hoist up the rabbit by the ears and - Hey Presto! hand us a new, handy form of replacement energy all wrapped up


in a magicians handkerchief. This was before we learned about ‘Unforeseen Consequences’. Whoever would have imagined that getting from A to B would one day get our planet into a pickle? When every time an engine starts, another nail sinks into Planet Earth’s coffin. And yet, skies are never perpetually grey. Shafts of light do break through and those boffins we love to patronise have been getting on with the job. And suddenly: tomorrow comes knocking on the door - in the shape of the Vauxhall Ampera. The clue is in the name. ‘An electric car’ I hear you say. ‘But they have limited range.’ Yes, they’re quiet, sometimes quick and, of course, they don’t pollute - but who wants to treat bystanders to the entertaining spectacle of ‘personpushing-car’? Not only that, but those electric thingies don’t even look or behave like cars, do they?’

Range means - well, just that. Here is an electric car that saves you from running out of power. Pure electricity powers you along for up to fifty miles and then here’s the stroke of boffinery - a petrol powered generator kicks in that keeps the juice flowing for a further 300 or more miles. It’s like your own personalised fairground ride: juice from a generator in order to keep things spinning. What could be more fun? Charge stations are springing up everywhere so it’s easy to charge when out and about or you can ‘home charge’ on your domestic supply. (A charge can be as low as £1 and will be ready overnight at home or much quicker at a special charge point.). That means that if you do less than fifty miles a day, you won’t need petrol!

Whisper it, but someone has been listening. Vauxhall call Ampera a ‘game changer’ - and they are so right.

The Ampera certainly had me drawn to it as though by a subtle magnetism. As I said earlier, it takes a certain type of person to be in the vanguard of progress. These types are undoubtedly potential buyers.

E-REV stands for ‘Extended Range Electric Vehicle.’ If ‘Ampera’ denotes an electric car, ‘Extended

And how easy they’ve made it for these pioneers. Here is a car that looks just as a car should, that’s

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013

appointed with all the comfort and refinement one expects of a quality £36,000 (You do get £5000 back from the Government) strictly four seat saloon which, frankly, looks unexceptional - yet is one of the most exceptional vehicles today. Seldom has ‘doing good’ felt so good. And free from the existential angst induced by the thoughts of draining batteries - a state of mind that drains blood from the

cheeks and prompts the heart to pound harder - this driver, for the first time in his life, found an electric experience relaxing. Behind the wheel the noisy world is left behind. Electronic displays are everywhere and the ‘gear lever’ is like that of a conventional auto box. Four driving modes cater for the needs of the moment and travel is seamless, quiet and you enjoy an excellent ride.

It’s rewarding, interesting, comfortable and safe. And yet I can’t help feeling that it’s more than a car. As I keep repeating, Ampera drivers are pioneers whose minds stretch further down the road to tomorrow, than most people. They have the needs of future generations in view. Yet altruism has its rewards. Try driving one and you’ll see. Talk about having your cake and eating it!    


Peugeot RCZ GT Coupe: Unleash the Lion’s Roar By Rob Taylor

I don’t care how fast your car is, it’s actually really slow. Motoring in modern Britain can be a cruel and spiteful business, ruined by a myriad gnomic minions all hell-bent on buying gnomes from garden centres. At least that’s my take on things today as I unhappily trundle behind a serpentine trail of slowpokers, in my quest to exploit the potential of the newly-updated Peugeot RCZ GT Coupe. Yes, it’s sunny and, yes, it’s a midweek morning, but surely asking to reach third gear and 25 mph shouldn’t be out of the question. Uh-oh, what’s this? ‘Roadworks ahead for 1 mile.’ It’s time to revise my outlook. After all, driving briskly is all about ‘time and place’ and since conditions dictate otherwise, I turn on the air-conditioning, snuggle back into my leather throne and enjoy a good pose. I’d even lower the roof, if I could. For this surely has to be the most visually arresting Peugeot ever. Sleek and swooping contours of glistening metal run seductively from its menacing prow towards the ‘double-bubble’ rear window to excite a fire inside the breast of even the most cheerless passer-by; so too does the evocative rumble of the twin exhausts. This car gets attention.


It certainly has my attention now as the road opens up, serving up curves, kinks and freedom from nondescript hatchback tyranny. I deploy the active rear spoiler for some aerodynamic advantage (read: theatricality) and putting myself in mind of former World Rally champion Ari Vatanen’s legendary ascent of Pikes Peak in his Peugeot 405 T16, I engage this bold, bad road with all that the RCZ has to give. Now for a poser: will this pretty promenade poser prove itself here too? The RCZ certainly rides well enough on its 19” ‘Technical’ alloys and is disturbed by only the biggest, small-child gobbling potholes; it covers ground disconcertingly quickly as well- despite its modest 1.6 litre turbocharged engine, 156 bhp and 240 Nm of torque - for the simple reason that all of its power is usable, all of the time. Forget heady supercar top-trump statistics, in the real world less is more.

top speed is 133 mph and this performance is never really too detrimental to fuel economy, which is officially recorded as 44.1 mpg on the combined cycle. But if you want to go faster still - and care even less about the tedium of taxation class, insurance ratings and other state-sponsored misery - there’s soon to be a 267 bhp version known as RCZ R. Settling down to a steady cruise, calm descends inside the cabin, which can just as easily cocoon and comfort you from the cacophony of outside chatter, if the fancy takes. The RCZ really impresses with its levels of refinement: a wealth of comfort aids come as standard, including parking sensors, auto-lighting, heated seats, hill-start assistance but, more importantly, the build quality and ergonomic logic is spot-on.

Less traffic equals more fun too and I’m now keen to learn yet more about the soul and character of this willing engine: tractable and free-revving, it’s a joy to take up and down the silky smooth sixspeed manual gearbox, exploiting a chassis far too competent to be upset in normal road conditions.

This is a quantum leap forward from the uninspiring plastics that are typical of many cars at this price-point. In fact, one of its greatest strengths is that all of this style and substance is very affordable: the range starts at £21,600 (as tested: £24,745). Yet despite this egalitarianism of pricing, there’s a cachet to the RCZ because it’s an individualistic choice - one without obvious rival.

This car is no slouch, either: 0-60 mph is up in 8.3 seconds;

Now, if only Peugeot made a convertible version…

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


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Puzzle Answers Sudoku:


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Word Search: Hidden Phrase: Hug your kids at home, belt them in the car. Author unknown


town & village life magazine | september/october 2013








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4x4 TYRES 105

MINI Vision.

An exclusive look at MINI design of tomorrow.

At the recent MINI Design@Home event, Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, previewed a sampling of visionary design and innovative ideas. The MINI Vision, for example, showcased various elements of future MINI design. Here, MINI has developed a vehicle design laced with new creative impulses that advance the cause of premium quality in the compact class. In customary MINI fashion, the MINI Vision seizes the limelight with creativity, individuality and a generous helping of versatility. Interactive gadgets such as the Driving Experience Control switch offer a glimpse of the future. This particular feature allows the whole of the car’s interior to be transformed into a variety of different colour and experience worlds in the blink of an eye. The presentation of the MINI Vision is based around a virtual 3D hologram. This form of expression provides a window into how the MINI designers go about their business. Complementing their familiar toolset of sketches and 1:1 clay models, virtual reality allows them to test and fine-tune creative ideas quickly and under realistic conditions.

The exterior: a perfect balance between old and new. The design of the MINI Vision reaches pointedly into the brand’s past and combines the underlying features and values of MINI with future-focused aesthetic and technical innovations. The hexagonal radiator grille is inspired by the classic Mini, for example, and the MINI Vision integrates both the bumper and auxiliary lights into the grille. The traditional and unmistakable rounded MINI forms are reflected in the exterior through elements such as the elliptical full-LED headlights. Their outer ring emits a consistent light and fulfils a daytime driving light function. Among the stand-out signature features of the MINI brand are the clear separation of the roof, glasshouse and body. The chrome strip wrapped around the top of the body, the distinctive side indicator element and the black band framing the lower edge of the car are all hallmark MINI styling elements. The MINI Vision presents these three defining design elements as a flowing, interconnected unit – conjured from innovative and lightweight “organo metal”. This extremely mouldable but also very strong material is produced by pressing various fibres into a composite. Organo sheets have a unique texture comparable to that of fabrics.

Alongside lightweight construction techniques, aerodynamics also play a frontline role in the conceptual ideas behind the MINI Vision. The car’s body includes an aerodynamic air intake and outlet around each front wheel arch, airflow-optimised wheel rims and exterior mirrors, and an integral, air-channelling roof spoiler. At the rear, muscular shoulders lend the MINI Vision extremely sporty and compact proportions. The finely drawn and clearly defined edging in the car’s bodywork is central to the exterior design language of the MINI Vision and underlines the concept’s precision and sporting intent. The interior: originality and creativity packed into a very small space. The interior of the MINI Vision stands out with its individual style, variability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The fundamental idea behind the MINI brand – of providing maximum comfort within minimal exterior dimensions – filters through every detail of the interior. A transparent and open cockpit, sweeping doors and a “floating” centre console allow the driver and passengers to experience the sensation of a wide open space coupled with the benefits of a space-saving small car. Lounge seats featuring dynamic piping add the finishing touch to the unique interior ambience.

Benham MINI, Raby Street, Wolverhampton. 01902 457001 106

town & village life magazine | september/october 2013


MINI One Hatch representative example including PEPPER Pack and MINI tlc** Term One of Hatch representativeCustomer Option to MINI example including PEPPER 48 months £1,516.90Pack and MINI tlc** agreement

Term of 47 monthly agreement


47 monthly On the road payments

cash price*

On the road cash price*


Customer 48 months Dealer deposit £205.50deposit




Dealer deposit contribution

£15,169.00 £15,169.00

purchase fee^

Option to £1,516.90 Optional purchase fee^ final £0.00 £0.00

Total deposit

Total deposit

Optional final Total amount payment

£1,516.90 £1,516.90


Total amount payable


Total amount of credit


Total amount £10.00 £13,652.10 of credit £5,479.75 Rate of interest 3.9% Fixed £5,479.75

Rate of interest



3.9% Fixed

Representative 3.9% APR

Representative 3.9% APR

As a fully fledged branch of the MINIstry of Finance, Benham Wolverhampton is dedicated to making MINIs

more affordable. Contact Wolverhampton on 01902 457001 to find out more or book aMINIs test drive†. As a fully fledged branch ofBenham the MINIstry of Finance, Benham Wolverhampton is dedicated to to making Goodaffordable. show. more Contact Benham Wolverhampton on 01902 457001 to find out more or to book a test drive†. Good show.


BENHAM WOLVERHAMPTON Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS

Raby Street, Wolverhampton WV2 1AS 01902 457001 01902 457001

OfficialFuel FuelEconomy EconomyFigures Figures MINI Hatch Range: Urban 28.0–67.3 (10.1–4.2 l/100km). Official forfor thethe MINI Hatch Range: Urban 28.0–67.3 (10.1–4.2 l/100km). Extra Urban Urban49.6–80.7 49.6–80.7(5.7–3.5 (5.7–3.5 l/100km). Combined 39.8–74.3 (7.1–3.8 l/100km). CO 2 emissions 165–99 Extra l/100km). Combined 39.8–74.3 (7.1–3.8 l/100km). CO 2 emissions 165–99 g/km. g/km.

Offeravailable availableon onorders orders placed between 2013 September and registered 31 December 2013. Finance a MINI Select agreement for stated, the model stated, Offer placed between JulyJuly 2013 andand September 20132013 and registered by 31 by December 2013. Finance exampleexample is based is onbased a MINIon Select agreement for the model MINIOne OneHatch Hatchwith withPEPPER PEPPER Pack and MINI a contract mileage of 32,000 and an excess mileage of mile. 3p per mile.tlc **MINI tlc scheduled provides scheduled service aa MINI Pack and MINI tlc, tlc, a contract mileage of 32,000 miles miles and an excess mileage charge charge of 3p per **MINI provides service cover for 5 cover years for or 5 years or 50,000miles miles(whichever (whichever comes first) at MINI Service Authorised Workshops; maintenance (e.g. brake tyres,pads brake pads 2nd brake fluid not change) not not covered; not transferable 50,000 comes first) at MINI Service Authorised Workshops; maintenance items items (e.g. tyres, and 2ndand brake fluid change) covered; transferable to another to another vehicle.*On *Onthe theroad roadcash cash price is based manufacturer’s recommended and includes yearDealer MINI Warranty, Dealer Warranty, MINI Emergency Service, 12road months’ road fund licence, vehicle. price is based on on manufacturer’s recommended retailretail price price and includes 3 year 3MINI MINI Emergency Service, 12 months’ fund licence, vehiclefirst firstregistration registrationfee, fee, delivery, number plates ^Option to purchase feeoptional and optional final payment at the end of the agreement if you decide tothe purchase vehicle delivery, number plates andand VAT.VAT. ^Option to purchase fee and final payment payablepayable at the end of the agreement if you decide to purchase vehicle.the vehicle. Excessmileage mileagecharges chargesand and vehicle condition charges be payable you return the vehicle. are correct of publication (July and are change without notice. Excess vehicle condition charges maymay be payable if youif return the vehicle. Prices Prices are correct at time at of time publication (July 2013) and2013) are subject to subject change to without notice. Retail is subject to status andand available to over 18’s in theinUK only Channel Islands Islands or Isle of Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Retailcustomers customersonly. only.Finance Finance is subject to status available to over 18’s the UK(not onlythe (not the Channel orMan). Isle of Man). Guarantees and indemnities may beAdvertised required. Advertised finance Financial Services, Bartley Way,Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27RG27 9UF. We commonly, but notbut exclusively, introduce customers to MINI Financial introduction financeisisprovided providedbybyMINI MINI Financial Services, Bartley Hook, Hampshire 9UF. We commonly, not exclusively, introduce customers to MINI Services. FinancialThis Services. This introduction †Test †Test does financial advice. drive subject to status and availability. MINIstry of Finance is not connected or endorsed by any government department. doesnot notamount amounttotoindependent independent financial advice. drive subject to status and availability. MINIstry of Finance is not connected or endorsed by any government department.




mazda CX-5

now available through the motability scheme

Please call for details


±?jYf_]DYf]$Dq]$KlgmjZja\_]<Q1/@@ ±KlY^^gj\JgY\$Ogdn]j`YehlgfON)(.@L


 L&08430 **,*10  L&(0,++0+*1/+

L`]g^Ô[aYd^m]d[gfkmehlagfÔ_mj]kafeh_ d')((ce!^gjl`]f]oEYr\Y;P%-jYf_]2MjZYf+/&/ /&-!%-*&+ -&,!$=pljYMjZYf--&, -&)!%.0&1 ,&)!$;geZaf]\,/&) .&(!%.)&, ,&.!&;G*]eakkagfk _'ce!),,%))1& The mpg figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing, are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience. For our latest Motability offers visit: Picture for illustration only. For Motability details and eligibility visit:

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