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September/October 2012



Win a Meal for 2 people at The French Connection, Stourbridge Win Tickets for 42nd Street at The Grand Theatre Win a Hamper of Award Winning Wines with Halfpenny Green Vineyards


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town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Hello Readers The times they are a-changin’, wrote Bob Dylan. He may have been alluding to the civil rights movement, but given that there seems to be absolutely no segregation between our seasons this year, we could all do with his ditty to remind us just where we are on the calendar. However, as summer melts imperceptibly into autumn, you find us ready and willing to embrace these subtle winds of change. Yes, the Olympics has ended abruptly - and taken all patriotic euphoria with it - but is it really a bad thing to turn on the TV and not find more interminable coverage of yet another unfathomably un-Olympic sport? We won gold in Tiddlywinks, by the way. So now we must endure the advent of the football season, but at least we recognise these demigods. Another advert flogging a product we don’t want, endorsed by an athlete we’ve never heard of would be tantamount to televisual torture. As you may have guessed, we watch a lot of TV here at Town and Village Life HQ - TVLife anyone? - and feel we’ve missed the golden years. The world - and the broadcasts - may have been in black and white back then, as Bob previously alluded to, but when the late Neil Armstrong uttered “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, people listened. Admittedly around here it’s sometimes more “Houston, we have a problem”, but we still get the job done - and create a buzz which is light-years ahead of the competition.

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Congratulations to: Winner of The Wombourne Tandoori competition Nicola Hale, Sedgley

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can produce a whole range of fascinating effects and as well as paper and vinyl you will find them in other materials such as printed textile, linen, split-cane, cork and jute. Colours and patterns are as varied as the taste of customers and prices are not quite as high as you might imagine - unless of course, you opt for something hand-printed and totally unique. An alternative to the above could be tiles. Tiles come in ceramics, pottery, wood or cork and are made for use on floors and walls, though the floor type are not necessarily heavier duty than those used on the wall. For ceilings there are fireproof polystyrene tiles that are exceptionally easy to hang. Morris Corner Group available from Cousins furniture store, Dudley

Home Interiors There is absolutely no excuse for living in a dowdy, uninteresting and bad environment. And in today’s home owning society it has never been easier to achieve eye-catching and comfortable results. There are userfriendly materials and tools in all the DIY stores and they are more than ready with help and advice. Home style magazines carry features and articles on how to do the necessary jobs. And on television there are programmes almost daily, showing how great changes can be achieved with a little imagination and not a lot more. First of all you need to wander round stores to see exactly what is on offer. Most of the larger stores have exhibition style displays that suggest a variety of colours, textures and materials being used together for a variety of effects. Colour charts show the range of paint and varnish colours available and many stores have paint mixing machines that will produce thousands of subtly different shades - enough to match any soft furnishings or materials you can find. On the subject of soft furnishings, it is important to remember that they 04

are an integral part of the overall design effect. Fabrics soften and enhance the effect of the applied decor and the stores are crammed full of fabrics, designs and pattern books that will show you how to mix and match, enhance and embellish. Curtains add insulation to the room, keeping out the heat and cold as required. They can be bought in fabric lengths to make up at home, ready-made for those standard-sized windows or made-to-measure to match your exact ideas. Don’t forget either that blinds, cushions, throws or lampshades can also lift a room from its dowdy doldrums and may be all that you need to make your room look like something from an exhibition. Lighting is important because it adds that essential emphasis to the decorating plan. Whether you decide to select a new chandelier, a set of wall lights, some table lamps, spot lights or just a dimmer switch, you won’t regret paying some attention to the lighting in your room. Wall coverings these days come in an astonishing array of colours and patterns. They are strong, easy to hang, hard-wearing and very user-friendly. Some come ready pasted. The materials and fabrics used in their manufacture

Hanging tiles can be a touch problematical especially in those awkward nooks and crannies because they are obviously not nearly so easy to cut and shape as paper, vinyl and the rest. However, buy the right tool from your supplier; practise a couple of times on an old tile and you should soon get the hang of it. When selecting floor tiles, have regard for the area in which they will be laid. On a floor inside a door to the garden, unglazed ceramics or pottery are best because the grit from the garden will soon wear away any glaze. In bedrooms and bathrooms, thick cork is best because it is warm to the touch, quiet to walk upon and relatively happy in the humid environment of the bathroom. For a kitchen, quarry tiles are an excellent choice. For a lounge or dining room, beautifully decorated continental glazed ceramics are probably the tiles of choice. Applying wall coverings and tiles is no longer the hard job that should only be tackled by a professional. With the latest adhesives, even the most ham-fisted DIY practitioner can manage successfully. So if your home does need that face-lift, what are you waiting for? Get down to the DIY and furnishings stores now, before you change your mind!

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


















-E X



If you are looking for an up to the minute design for your bathroom or en-suite, a traditional style kitchen or a modern and contemporary design for your lounge, hallway or conservatory. Tile Choice can meet your every requirement at exceptional prices. Our fully trained and experienced staff will assist you in planning your room layout, how to prepare the surfaces to be tiled and advise you on the correct tiles and tools to complete the project with the minimum of fuss and disruption.






Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 8.00am - 5.30pm Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm

7 Millfields Road Bilston Wolverhampton WV14 0QJ

Unit 6 Easter Park Worcester Rd (Opp. Hoo Farm) DY11 7AR

Aston Fields Industrial Estate Sherwood Road B60 3DR

Unit B & C Arrow Point Retail Park Brixton Way SY1 3GB

01902 405526

01562 825720

01527 882333

01743 464565



It is not just a question about colour… White metals for wedding rings are very popular but they are not all white. Choosing the right metal for you: white gold, palladium or platinum? By definition gold is yellow. White gold is ‘bleached’ yellow gold and is in fact grey with yellow undertones. Generally white gold wedding rings are plated in rhodium giving this white effect. There are now new white gold alloys using gold and palladium and the end result is whiter than a traditional alloy. Whilst white gold is fine for jewellery items, the plating

wears off on wedding rings due to their extensive wear. So if white gold is your preferred choice, make sure that you buy this latest alloy.

thousands. Watch out for the lower qualities of platinum as some alloys are more complicated to adjust and work with than others.

However, the most recent white alloy is palladium quality 950 and 500. Both are white and no plating is required. It has only been re-introduced into the selection of white metals available to us and is now hallmarked in the same way that the white and platinum are. It is a good alternative to white gold, price-wise.

It is good to have an understanding of metal purities when looking at wedding rings however the quality of the manufacturing is equally as important for your lifetime purchase. This is why buying it from a place you trust is crucial. There is so much more to explain on this subject but the space is limited so if you would like to find out more the T.A. Henn team would be very happy to take the time to tell you all about it.

The finest white metal of all is platinum 950 of purity per

Win a Luxury Honeymoon to the Seychelles with Brown & Newirth available at T.A. Henn. See in store for terms and conditions.

What T.A. Henn can do for you? •

Over 200 wedding rings to choose from

Manufactured in England and Europe

Competitive prices, no need to go to the jewellery quarter anymore.

Very good quality products

Customise your ring for a perfect fit with your engagement ring

Engrave your date or message (hieroglyphics and foreign languages are our speciality!)

Our people have over 100 years in experience in the trade

Friendly and genuine service

We simply love what we do!

Come and see us and we will be delighted to help. T.A. Henn 38 - 41 Princess Street Wolverhampton WV1 1HD 06

T.A. Henn has it all…

Tel: 01902 428486 Find us on Facebook

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


sofas. carpets. beds. dining. bedroom. homewares.

A shopping experience you will never forget Over 6 times larger than the average furniture store, Cousins is a true shopping destination with leading brand names, plus the latest trends and ideas all beautifully displayed to our unrivalled standards in individual settings and departments.


beyond expectation

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


expect much more than a furniture store


Harris Har rison o Beds on Bed ds

Cousins in Birmingham, Dudley and Manchester are three of the Biggest and most inspirational furniture stores in the UK t 5IF6,TXJEFTUDIPJDFPGGVSOJUVSFGPSFWFSZSPPNPGZPVSIPNF – displayed in beautiful room settings.

t 5IFmOJTIJOHUPVDIoXJUIJUTIPNFBDDFTTPSJFT MJHIUJOH  flooring, soft furnishing and picture departments.







Birmingham Warwick Road, Tyseley. B11 2EW. 5   

Dudley Hall Street DY2 8NW. 5  

Manchester A57, Regent Rd, Salford. M5 4EA. 5   

0QFO Q  EBZT Z B XFFL Late Nights: g Tuesdayy & Thursdayy until 8pm p


Bobbington: Fuel Britannia By Rob Taylor map that is both a store of history and fine foods it’s Bobbington. This mere pin-prick on the A-Z is home to a disproportionate number of purveyors of top food and drink, enough even to power a small army to victory, if ever a war or battle should turn up in that neck of the woods. Encircled by glorious countryside, this tiny village has an embarrassment of culinary riches. There is The Red Lion Inn, a family-run hotel and restaurant, first recorded in 1820 as an ale house brewing its own ale, cider and porter.

They say history is written by the victors. Plantagenet King Richard III was vilified by William Shakespeare under a Tudor regime. Antonio Meucci got left waiting on hold to the Patent Office while Alexander Graham Bell took credit for inventing the telephone. Not only do the triumphant few replace historical fact with propagandistic fiction, but they get the spoils of war too. And when I write ‘they say history is written by the victors’ I really do mean ‘they’, not ‘Winston Churchill said’ or ‘Niccolo Machiavelli said’, as is commonly misunderstood.

Ask Adolf Hitler - maybe not a Quaker, but he sure knew his oats from his elbow - as he was a champion of keeping hunger locked up ’til lunch and just too busy bedding in with Eva Braun in his Bunker o’ Love to see that rations got through to the Russian front.

History is fluid and prone to revisionism and what separates the winners from the losers can sometimes come down to something as trivial as food. You see, a decent spot of breakfast on the eve of a battle can make all the difference.

King Leonidas of Sparta would never have dreamt of sending his 300 chosen men out to whip some Persian behind at Thermopylae before first filling their bellies with a hearty lunch. In fact, what band of hungry warriors wouldn’t want to celebrate a good day spent a soldierin’ and a slaughterin’ with a roasted boar and glass of claret? None I know.

The ginger-haired, bekilted Scots rebuffed the advancing English at Bannockburn on a diet of porridge.

Yes that’s right, history and food are inextricably linked and if there’s one place on the local

Blakelands Country House & Lodge Restaurant is a 17th Century Grade II-listed property which dates back to 1638, the house, built by the Corbett family, is now home to the Morgan family and its restaurant is chock-full of tasty delights. The Six Ashes is a bar and restaurant which has fed hungry travellers on the ancient Six Ashes Road through the village since time immemorial; recently taken over by a new head chef, who trained under Gary Rhodes, it looks to have a healthy future. Always keen to drink to success in the village is Halfpenny Green Vineyards, a landmark site which has been vining and dining the people of Bobbington for many years, with its restaurant, tea room and craft centre. Moving from vines to branches, there’s also The Royal Oak. A traditional pub serving fine ales, honest food and Sunday Roasts. Just the kind of stuff that powers nations to glory. But don’t expect to receive a friendly welcome if your name happens to be Oliver Cromwell. Always quick to cook up a storm in the kitchen, Bobbington has the competition licked.


town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Largest stockist with the best choice in the Midlands Including La-z-boy Recliner Chairs





In home demonstrations available!



We offer


It’s a name you can trust, a family business for over 30 years

up to £300 in part exchange for your old chair

FREE HOME DELIVERY AND FREE REMOVAL OF EXISTING FURNITURE Three Piece Suites, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Carpets, Mirrors

8 STALLINGS LANE, KINGSWINFORD, DY6 7HU TEL: 01384 295660 dreamworld furniture

reclineworld furniture






Quick Crossword Across 1 Demand (6) 4 Smaller (6) 9 Hair cleanser (7) 10 Spin (5) 11 Freight (5) 12 Advantage (7) 13 Always (11) 18 Tolerant (7) 20 Arrive at (5) 22 Expel (5) 23 Apparent (7) 24 Dismal (6) 25 Floats (6)

Down 1 Bug (6) 2 Step (5) 3 Prop up (7) 5 Consumed (5) 6 Accomplished (7) 7 Tell (6) 8 Mixture (11) 14 Exterior (7) 15 Appearance (7) 16 Scatter (6) 17 Phantoms (6) 19 Insert (5) 21 Bypass (5)




Puzzle answers on 128

Word Search Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase




Close Up



















Tripod town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Quality Conservatories, Orangeries, Windows and Bi-Folding Doors


Beautiful Flat Cream Orangery with Bi-Folding Doors on display at our showroom )XOO 6HUYLFH $YDLODEOH




3URIHVVLRQDO 6XUYH\ SULRU WR ZRUN FRPPHQFLQJ 128 Aldersley Rd Tettenhall WV6 9LZ Tel: 01902 754114 Open: Mon to Sat, 10am until 4.30pm


Flaming Fires and Fireplaces: A Glowing Reputation

Barbas, Bell, Stovax, Yeoman, Gazco and Element 4, to name but a few, also form part of the superior collection on offer and are certain to bring style, warmth and life to every home.

With a glowing reputation for offering only the very best in product, service and style, Flaming Fires and Fireplaces has long been the premier choice for discerning customers looking for the perfect centre-piece to complete their home.


Established over 20 years ago and situated in the heart of Wombourne village, just 4 miles from Wolverhampton and 2 miles from Kingswinford, the impressive three-storey showroom displays over 40 fireplaces in beautifully designed, real room settings; showcasing a mix of delightfully traditional, fashionably modern and energy efficient fires and stoves.

Stocking prestigious and unique British made brands at sensible prices means that luxury is made affordable for all of their customers.

As a family run business, excellent levels of customer service are guaranteed, brother and sister Andy and Jane, and Tony make up the team of three, plus their installers, and they are passionate about what they do.

As a main stockist for Chesney’s Fireplaces and Stoves - a brand that works in conjunction with the National Trust - Flaming Fires and Fireplaces brings the best in gas fires, multi-fuel and wood burning stoves direct to their showroom.

In line with the current trend in energy efficiency awareness, suitably economical stoves and fires provide excellent value for money and are perfect for those who are keen to keep their carbon footprint low, but not compromise on design.

In accordance with their commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction, a full installation service is available, carried out by approved GASSAFE and HETAS engineers. The team promise to be with their customers throughout the entire process, as owner Jane explains: “We apply excellent standards in everything that we do. We make sure that every job is done right from start to finish and we ensure that all of our customers have a hassle-free experience.� It is this philosophy that sets Flaming Fires and Fireplaces apart from the rest, making them the trusted choice. Call us now on 01902 898221 or visit

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

FLAMING FIRES FIREPLACES, FIRES & STOVES quality fireplaces at realistic prices established over 20 years Approved Chesney stockists High Street, Wombourne, WV5 9DP (on the Village Green)

01902 898221


With a reputation for offering outstanding customer service, Hayley Windows is the premier choice for anyone looking for a double glazing company they can trust.

Hayley Windows - Quality, Bespoke Creations with Exceptional Service Specialising in windows, doors, conservatories and roofline, Hayley combine the highest quality products with a superior level of customer service. Managing Director Mike Molineux explains: “We are nothing like the typical double glazing company, we don’t rely on hard sales techniques or telesales, instead we give the best service to our clients and are rewarded with repeat business and customer recommendations.” “All of our windows and doors are made to exceed British Standards and are fitted by our team of skilled craftsmen. We only deal in top quality frames and glass at realistic prices, and supply them with a complete 10 year insurance-backed guarantee.”

And what’s more, the company also offers a complete design and technical service that will help any homeowner achieve the look they want for their property. “We have a group of designers, architects and window

specialists on hand to offer expert advice and guidance.” For anyone who wishes to add extra space to their home with the addition of a conservatory, there’s also a design, building and accessory package on offer that takes care of everything from digging the foundations to supplying the finishing touches. “Flooring, blinds, cane furniture and lighting are all available as part of our accessories range.” As an independent family-run business, Hayley Windows offers a completely personalised service for every client, and works hard to meet each need or requirement a customer may have. “Crucial to our ethos is the personal rapport established between our dedicated staff, fitters and each customer. We build relationships based on quality, care and customer focus and the value of our service is not just what we put in but what you get out.”


town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Specialists in all types of Blinds. Vertical – Fabric, Wood & PVC, Venetian and Aluminium, Rollers including blackout, Awnings and Canopies, Romans, Woodweave, Velux and Conservatory Blinds





New Arrivals at Creative Interiors Although holidays are a distant memory, at Creative Interiors, it’s their favourite time of year! Jackie, Helen & Debbie, have plenty of new stock to entice you, after their recent buying trip. They have built quite a reputation in Finchfield, for an appealing range of individual furniture, lighting, mirrors and much more‌ Helen and Debbie explained their ethos: “We want to give our customers a high standard of service, and a wide range of products to give value for money. We can supply stylish furniture and accessories to help you to achieve ‘the look’ at a price to suit your pocket. We painstakingly choose our stock, mainly at trade fairs, with this aim in mind. Our customers read glossy Interior Magazines and dream of having a home just like the ones they

read about. Well we do too, and this makes us strive to supply all of the components to do just that! We are all very passionate about beautiful furnishings and home accessories and hopefully this comes across to our customers through our enthusiasm and friendly approach.� Whether it is a feature wallpaper or occasional table, they strive to find just what you are looking for and customers are usually spoilt for choice! In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gifts and jewellery which sit very nicely amongst the interior pieces. Year round, the showroom is always a popular choice for gifts and with selected cards and gift bags - why look any further than Finchfield?

If you would like an invitation and be first to purchase from their fabulous new collections, either call the showroom on 01902 764123, or visit their website

Dates for your diary - Their annual 2 day Christmas Preview will be Friday 5th & Saturday 6th October, where they will launch new ranges of jewellery, scarves and handbags, to add to this year’s stunning Christmas trees and decorations.

CreativeFinchfield Interiors Interior Design Service Designer Fabrics & Wallpapers Curtains, Pelmets, Swags & Tails, Roller, Venetian & Roman Blinds Lamps, Mirrors & Furniture Gifts & Home Accessories

We are a friendly approachable company who are only too happy to assist you in selecting a new look for your home. Please come and browse in our fabulous showrooms at:


01902 764123

Open: Mon 10am – 5pm, Tues to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 4pm


town & village life magazine | september/october 2012













307 Halesowen Road, Netherton, Dudley DY2 9PL. Tel: 01384 412333 NOW OPEN: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 9am - 5pm Closed Sundays


Recipe kindly provided by Stuart Plant from the Six Ashes, Bobbington. Image courtesy of

Recipe of the month Roast Scallops, cauliflower risotto, onion bhajees, sweet curry oil. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS


• • • • • • • • •

12 Fresh scallops 1 shallot finely chopped 1 stick celery finely chopped 1 clove crushed garlic 150grams risotto rice 100grams butter 100 ml dry white wine 600 ml veg stock 1 cauliflower broken into florets (keep 1/4 for garnish) • Onion Bhajee 1 onion finely sliced salted in 10gr of salt for 20 mins, gram flour (enough to make a thick batter) , 5 gr cumin, 5 gr of turmeric, 5gr garam massala, 50 gr fresh coriander. • Curry Oil 50 grams of butter, 50ml ground nut oil, 5 grams of curry powder, 5 grams of garam massala, 1 lemon grass stalk, 5 curry leaves, 1 brown sugar cube, juice of 1/2 lime.

2. Cook cauliflower florets in butter for five minutes then add half a pint of water, half a pint of cream and cook for a further 15 minutes until soft. Season with salt and pepper and blend in a blender until smooth.


7. Pan-fry scallops for 1 ½ minutes on one side, turn over, turn off heat and let rest for 2 minutes.

Risotto 1. Sauté vegetables in butter until soft, add rice, salt and pepper and cook for 1 minute until translucent, deglaze with white wine then gradually add stock for 20 minutes until cooked. 20

Onion Bhajees 3. Mix onions, spices, coriander, flour and water. Curry Oil 4. Put all ingredients in a pan and gently simmer for 20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and pass through a fine sieve. To finish 5. Reheat risotto and puree in vegetable stock adding florets. 6. Deep-fry tablespoons of bhajee mix at 180c for 2 minutes.

Assemble 8. Put a pool of risotto in centre of plate, add scallops, onion bhajees and finish off with curry oil and fresh coriander. town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

At Eaton Kitchens we have an elegant studio with traditional and modern displays. Our Extensive range of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms will enable us to create the room of your dreams. For a free no obligation quote please call in at:

20 FinchďŹ eld Rd West, FinchďŹ eld, WV3 8AZ

Our Computer Aided Designs will give you the opportunity to experience your new room prior to installation.

or telephone:

01902 761600


Solar Panel Installation - The Best Financial Investment You’ll Make This Year

Opportunities to get something for nothing in this dark and dismal recession are about as everyday as a solar eclipse. But by harnessing free solar energy - via discreet and relatively affordable solar energy panels most un-shaded properties can make money out of thin air. It’s an environmentally friendly decision that you will make when you choose to install solar panels to your property. The energy created is clean, green and pollutant free - re-assuring you that you are doing your part in helping the environment. And the benefits don’t stop there. Once installed the panels immediately start to convert the sun’s rays into free electricity to be used in your home during daytime hours - making the days of inflated energy bills history. And what’s more, thanks to the government’s Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITS) you are set to start earning money from your investment right from the day you install. 22

Paying currently 16p per Kwhr unit produced, the Feed In Tariff Scheme rewards property owners financially for their ecologically sound investment at a guaranteed rate for twenty years. And even more excitingly, any surplus power you produce is sold back to the National Grid at 4.5p per Kwh and results in additional payments being made direct to you, boosting your solar panel income further. Leading the way in solar panel installation is Ace Solar Energy of Wolverhampton; undoubtedly the experts when it comes to the design and installation of top quality, bespoke solar panel (PV) systems. Even though the FITS payment has been reduced this year, there’s still a great financial incentive to fit solar panels to your home, as Ace Solar’s Martin Brown explains:

“The cost of systems has fallen dramatically - prices have tumbled by over 50% - meaning that investment returns are still really good.” Thanks to the cut in the initial outlay, and a guaranteed 16p payment on each Kwhr unit of energy produced, solar panel installation is still as financially rewarding as ever. Always committed to providing outstanding levels of customer care, Martin and his team strive to maximise the return on their client’s investment. And with a glowing reputation and a wealth of satisfied customers, they are the trusted choice for anyone wanting to make their home work for them. So in these tough financial times - where conventional investment products are underperforming - installing solar panels could well be the best decision you’ll make this year, thanks to possible tax free index linked returns of over 10%.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

We will beat any genuine quote by


f f f f f

No sales people

f Free electricity f Tax free index linked quarterly payments guaranteed for 20 years f Returns of up to 10% per year compared to around a paltry 2.5% for an ISA or investing in risky shares

Local family business Insurance backed 10 year workmanship guarantee Superior quality equipment Bespoke systems We complete your F.I.T. application paperwork

Your Local Solar Power Professionals

Please visit

and see what our customers say

or ring Martin NOW on 01902 562440 for free EXPERT advice email:


Help Make the Black Country Memory Walk a Day to Remember

Alzheimer’s Society is calling on people to sign up to the Black Country Memory Walk, which takes place at Dudley Zoo and Castle on 22nd September. Memory Walk is Alzheimer’s Society’s flagship fundraising event, which sees walks taking place around the UK throughout September. This year, Alzheimer’s Society is holding Memory Walk in partnership with Bupa Care Homes and aim to support more people living with dementia through the vital funds that are raised. Phil, 61 from Sedgley, will be taking part in the Black Country Memory Walk. Phil’s father passed away very recently and had dementia when he died.  Phil said; ‘My dad lived with Alzheimer’s for ten years.  During that time, he was positive but he lost his ability to live a normal life.  It’s so important to support the Alzheimer’s Society through events like Memory Walk, so that others may be spared a similar existence.’ 24

There are over 68,900 people living with dementia in the West Midlands and this is expected to rise to over 90,000 by 2021. Alzheimer’s Society Community Fundraiser, Emma Dowler has been organising the walk.  She said: ‘Memory Walk is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. From a four year old to his 80 year old gran, Memory Walk sees whole families coming together to fight dementia. Come and join us and make it a day to remember!’ A whole array of refreshments and entertainment will be provided on the day. Those taking part in Memory Walk will also get free access to Dudley Zoo and Castle and can choose from three walk lengths (1.5km, 5km or 10km). Each route will lead participants on an exciting tour of the animals throughout the Zoo and meander around the remains of the Castle.  To register, visit

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

The ideal finish to every kitchen‌

Great cooking has always started with a great cooker... Your West Midlands Rangemaster Design Centre, for all your Gas & Electrical Needs

Call Our Sales Line On 01384 395852

Opening 7 days a week or

Mon-Wed 9am till 6pm, Thu-Fri 9am till 7pm,

7 High Street, Amblecote, Stourbridge,

Sat 9am till 5:30pm

West Midlands, DY8 4DE

and Sun 10:30am till 4:30pm

Geoff Hill’s Charitable Trust donates 10% of our profit towards local needy causes


A Showroom Of Dream Designs At Roman Bathrooms - Well Worth A Visit Roman Bathrooms offer an in-house design service led by Caroline’s daughter Claire Hobbis - who has 12 years’ experience in creating dream rooms for her clients. Passionate about her job, Claire explains the design process at Roman: “We start with a home visit and room survey, then we establish what the client wants to achieve by talking through the ideas they’ve got in mind. We next produce a computer design plan and suggest products that fit with the customer’s budget, style and taste.” Unlike so many companies that try to make your room simply fit in with their designs, the team at Roman adapt their plan to work best with your requirements, so that you can make the most of your kitchen or bathroom.

A reputation for excellence has seen Roman Bathrooms become the premier choice for discerning homeowners when designing a brand new look for their bathroom.

Whether your home is traditional or modern, there are kitchens

and bathrooms at Roman that will enhance your property and make it the home you’ve always dreamed of. On visiting the showroom you will find an impressive range of room settings, that are finished with lighting and accessories, perfectly illustrating just how fantastic the finished product will look in your home. With a dedicated customer care team that’s on-hand to provide a great aftercare service, and a team of fitters, electricians and

In 2010 the company extended its outstanding range of services to the ‘heart of the home’ by supplying a complete package that will provide a fantastic makeover for any tired kitchen space. Established in 1985, the familyrun business has always placed exceptional customer-care as its number one priority, and has adapted its services to give a completely personalised, tailored package for every individual. And it’s because of this that owner Caroline Cooper expanded her company to incorporate kitchens, as she explains: “We listened to feedback from our customers and they told us that because they had such a good experience dealing with us for their bathroom, they wanted the same for their kitchen too.” “So, we decided that we would design, supply and fit quality kitchens to meet with our customers’ demands. We now offer a great range of British-made examples that will suit any home.” 26

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Bathrooms Kitchens Tiles

tilers standing by, there’s no need to look anywhere else for your dream bathroom or kitchen. “We have client ‘thank-you’ letters from satisfied customers who have travelled from as far away as Bristol.” It’s this sort of feedback that shows travelling those extra few miles to visit Roman’s fabulous showroom is well worth it.

We are a Family Company who have been providing a full service from design to installation for over 26 years. We would like to invite you to be inspired by our beautiful showroom - Wander through a treasure trove of sparkling ideas

“seeing is believing”

Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm Late night by appointment

110-111 High Street, Blackheath B65 0EG (nr Junction 2, M5)

Tel: 0121 561 4374 27


Three lucky winners can each win 4 tickets to see 42ND STREET on Tuesday, 30th October at 7.30pm at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Come and meet those dancing feet! When 42ND STREET taps its way onto the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Stage from Tuesday 30th October to Saturday 3rd November. Winner of the 1980 Tony Award for “Best New Musical” and the 2001 Tony Award for “Best Revival of a Musical: 42ND STREET - the timeless, inspiring tale of small town Peggy Sawyer’s rise from chorus line to Broadway star. And those songs! “Lullaby of Broadway”, “We’re in the Money”, “Shuffle Off To Buffalo”, “Keep Young and Beautiful”, “I Only Have Eyes For You” and the spectacular title number, danced down a flight of steps that lights up as brightly as the faces of the cast. Starring Dave Willetts (whose West End starring roles include Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Cats, Ragtime & Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), Marti Webb (Blood Brothers, Tell Me On A Sunday, Song and Dance, Evita, Cats, Thoroughly Modern Millie), and directed by the shows co-author and Broadway Director Mark Bramble, this show will take you to musical comedy heaven so book early to avoid disappointment. “Taptastic!,The glitz, the glamour, the pzazz of old Broadway brought excitingly back.” Nottingham Evening Post “A song and dance spectacular… as sparkling and fresh as it could be.” Encore Magazine “Electric-fast tapping, leggy lovelies and over-the-top costumes combine in a flurry of glitz and glamour.” Sunderland Echo


Call the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Box Office for more information on 01902 42 92 12 or online at To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the following question correctly and send it on a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to Town and Village Life Magazine at the address below to arrive by 13th October 2012. Only postal entries can be considered for the competition and winners will be notified by telephone.

In the fabulous number “We’re in the Money” what are the dancers noted for dancing on? a) Dollar Bills b) Gold Coins c) Dustbin Lids Competition Terms and Conditions Please post all entries to Town and Village Life Magazine Ltd., 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7YY to be received no later than 13th October 2012. Winners to collect tickets from the box office on the night. Tickets cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative prize nights available. Winners may be required to partake in relevant publicity.

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Open: Monday to Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday and bank holidays 11-4pm 30

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3 Amazing floors of style and choice Create the wow factor with our beautiful ranges of bespoke furniture and accessories

79a Darlington Street Wolverhampton WV1 4JD Tel: 01902 428489 Email:


The Local Property Market by Nick Berriman Everyone is concerned about the long term stability of the property market and is wondering what the future may hold. I was asked a few days ago what the government should do to revive the market and that is very difficult to answer.


We have always said that the market depends on confidence. I suggested in the last edition that better weather and a few Olympic golds might improve the general mood. Well, the athletes have done their bit and won a veritable hat full of golds and there is certainly a feel good factor in the wake of the Games but I am afraid that something more is needed.

My elder brother, who is a property auctioneer in London, was at a seminar a few months ago which was addressed by Robert Peston who said that the present financial situation is not a temporary blip but what we should expect for the next ten years. He is not the most enthusiastic optimist at the best of times but that opinion does make one think.

Mortgages are difficult with lenders seeming to be looking for ways not to lend. One of our clients who has a profitable business was refused a mortgage because his work is on the internet and he does not have an office address. That seems to typify the attitude of many lenders and this is somewhere where the government could help because they have made funds available with the condition that mortgages should be made easier. Perhaps we should seek the ear of the Governor of the Bank of England who is the most famous current Old Boy of Wolverhampton Grammar School!

We are not alone with this problem. My father was talking to an Estate Agent in Menorca a few weeks ago and he said that at the height of the market some years ago there were over sixty agents in Mahon, which is the capital city. Now there are just over ten and he also spoke to another agent who had not sold a property this year ! Compared to that we are enjoying boom time ! Its all very well philosophising on the state of the market but that does not help those people who want, or need, to sell. What can they do ? All one can say is that there still is a market there but it is very price sensitive. There is a

suggestion that the market has not yet bottomed out so if the asking price is too high now it will remain so for the foreseeable future. I advised someone recently that they should reduce their price and they said that they could not afford to lose that much. In reality they were not losing anything because they had never had the higher amount. It was only an expectation they had lost. To use a mixture of metaphors reducing an asking price is a bitter pill to swallow or a hard bullet to bite. Vendors sometimes say that they are willing to consider lower offers so they do not want to reduce the asking price but the prospective buyers do not know that and might be put off by the high asking price. That all seems to be doom and gloom and certainly not designed to increase confidence but things are not going to change in the next few years and a dose of reality is necessary. Come on the market at a realistic price, or if already on the market make sure that the price is still right in today’s conditions and then you have a chance of making a sale.

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Cresta Blinds: The Premises Have Changed But The High Standards Remain Newly relocated from their long established premises in Dudley, the company is now situated in Wolverhampton’s Graiseley Row. This central location is a perfect setting for the family-run business to continue to flourish; and siblings Simon, Melanie and Debra are keen to reassure existing customers that although there is a change of location, their outstanding service remains the same. From left to right: Debra, Simon and Melanie

These days it is very rare to find a business that genuinely cares for its customers and one which puts great emphasis on attaining total client satisfaction; so it is refreshing to be warmly greeted and welcomed by the team at Cresta Blinds, where these values are paramount.

Offering a supreme selection of blinds to meet the requirements of both the domestic and commercial sector, Cresta utilises its 30 years of experience to transform windows across the West Midlands. During their career, they have supplied and fitted to some of the top names in the local business sector. And with many more big contracts in the offing for later in the year, the future looks set to be equally fruitful.

Proud of the ‘personal touch’ they can offer, the team enjoy spending time with their clients to ensure that the products they supply will please for years to come. It is this exceptional customer-care which sets them apart from the rest. With a fully stocked showroom illustrating the extensive colour ranges, fabrics and styles available, you can be sure that any vertical, Venetian or roller will co-ordinate perfectly with your home décor. Fully trained representatives are on hand to make visits to your property or commercial premises to provide in-depth analysis of your needs, to demonstrate products and to provide immediate quotes. Either way, whether you decide to call in to the new showroom or opt for a home visit, you can rest assured that you will receive a blindin’ service.

Established 40 years

We are now located in Wolverhampton The same free "In Home" sales service with full installation if required.

Special Offer on curren t stock of replacem ent now from Slats only £2 Hurr y on ly availab le until stoc k lasts!

Full range of quality vertical, roller, venetian and pleated blinds in a large range of colours.

Dedicated personal service and value for money.

For a free quotation call 01902 714143 Unit 23, The Hollies Industrial Estate, Graiseley Row, Wolverhampton WV2 4HE


Capital, A Company To Be Proud Of!

Boasting an impressive 43 years of trading history, brothers Clive and Patrick Baker have a company to be proud of: Capital Appliances is a trusted, respected and long established family-run business, specialising in high quality white goods. Formed initially at modest premises in Oxley, the extremely successful organisation has expanded rapidly over the years, and now incorporates six outlets, which span both Shropshire and the West Midlands. Shrewsbury, Telford, Kingswinford, Dudley, Stafford and Wolverhampton are all home to Capital. Always committed to quality, a visit to the central warehouse at Claregate reveals top branded products at spectacular prices. With a display of over 250 built-in ovens, hobs, laundry, refrigeration and cleaning appliances; as well as expertly trained staff on hand to offer impartial advice, every customer experiences only the best in both product and service. As members of Europe’s largest electrical buying group, Euronics, Capital has the same purchasing power as any one of the high street’s chain stores. Making maximum savings available to all customers end of line and boxed-blemished items are available at bargain prices. But rest assured, purchasing from a store that is passionate about 34

its products, means that they all come with a full warranty. Bulk buy and special trade discounts rival that of any internet company and Capital are always keen for a deal to be struck. With stock changing on a regular and even daily basis, a good buy is certainly waiting to be had. Once you have found just what you wanted, a same day delivery service is on offer to get your new purchase into your home as quickly as possible. Fully qualified ‘Gas Safe’ and ‘Corgi’ registered engineers will then make installation effortless and ensure peace of mind - all at a very reasonable price. Proud to be agents of Rangemaster Aga Cookers and Refrigeration, along with top manufactures, Hotpoint, Bosch, Seimens and Miele; Capital bring the latest and most stylish appliances to your locale. Excitingly, a new and very exclusive range is on sale also, Blomberg. Available in Germany, the Blomberg brand is on a mission to be in harmony with every aspect of life and creates products with technological, practical and environmentally friendly features and aesthetic design.

Low energy washers, dishwashers, refrigeration and soon to be available built-in ovens and hobs, make up the extensive range, all carrying a very impressive three year warranty. Recently acknowledged for their standards of excellence, Blomberg have been presented with European awards for creating the most energy efficient fridge freezers on the market. The team at Capital are determined to provide a superior and extensive service, as owner Patrick explains: “We offer the complete package and as a result have thousands of satisfied customers. With many internet companies going into administration and letting people down, here at Capital we aim to be ‘hands on’.” “The staff are there to help, guide and advise - we recommend Capital and so do many others. With us it’s a safer bet than the net!” With a reputation for being the best in the business, Capital offer something really special and as Patrick concludes, “the journey is a must to a firm that you can trust.”

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12 Place Dishwasher Half Load Sensor SMS50T02GB

1200 Spin 7kg A++ 15 Min Fast Wash

5.3 Cu ft Larder KTR16AW20G


Townsend Place, Kingswinford Centre, DY6 9UL Tel: 01384 271812 Castle Street, Dudley Centre, DY1 1LA Tel: 01384 234620 Salop Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0RX Tel: 01902 429060


The French Connection Bistro - Competition Francophile who spends much time in France sourcing wines and produce to build upon an already extensive menu. Everything on the menu is freshly cooked, there is something for everyone no matter what time of the day and dishes can be adapted to suit those with special dietary requirements. A range of delicious breakfasts is offered in addition to light lunches and savoury platters.

Recently Launched - Chill Out Tuesdays. From 6-30pm - A lite bite “tapas style” menu, new salad menu, blackboard grill dishes or Menu Rouge. Entertainment most Tuesdays, Keyboard and vocals, light jazz, easy listening. Looking for somewhere different for your Christmas party? Bookings now being taken and not a turkey in sight. For further details please visit:

‘Stourbridge’s Best Kept Secret’

This month we have teamed up with The French Connection to give one lucky reader the chance to win a 3 course Menu Rouge meal for two including a bottle of house wine.

Situated in Coventry Street, Stourbridge, The French Connection aims to put you in touch with the best of Gallic gastronomic delights. Here is a jolly looking; inviting and friendly establishment with the charm of a pavement café offering an adaptable cuisine that will serve you with a delightful treat at any time of day.

To enter simply answer the following question. How long has the chef been at The French Connection? Email your correct answer including your name, address and telephone number to: - or on a postcard to Town and Village Life magazine, 1 Lytham road, Perton, Wolverhampton. WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Friday 12th October 2012. Competition Terms and Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 21 years or older. No cash or alternative prize will be given and booking date will be subject to availability. Prize valid until Saturday 10th November 2012. All entries will be forwarded to the French Connection unless requested otherwise.

The chef has been there for 24 years and is always on hand to produce delights that magnificently uphold the traditions of excellent French cuisine - particularly of south west France. Le Patron, Christopher Garner, is a committed 36

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You cannot fail to have noticed the huge uptake in Solar PV systems over the last few years. Fuelled by the Feed in Tariff, or Clean Energy Cashback Scheme, many organisations are looking at investing in the technology and as a result the market grew by 1500% last year according to Government figures. From Housing Associations and Local Authorities to Private Investors, the opportunities are significant. But how well understood is PV as a technology in the UK? Firstly, it isn’t new. PV has been in use for over 40 years in its current form and has had widespread use in other countries. Germany, the world’s largest market, has been installing on rooftops at scale for more than 10 years and there is a lot we can learn‌ Product choice is not straightforward. The technical

performance of panels varies hugely and it is directly linked to the financial return that clients can expect. Along with the technicalities of inverter matching, quality of manufacture and the robustness of the mounting structure there are a whole host of things to consider alongside the price. EH Smith have been involved in this market for the past 4 years, long before the Feed in Tariff, and we have learned a huge amount along the way. We are currently employed on numerous projects for Local Authorities, Housing

Associations and Private Investors as well as our more traditional specialist installer market. We offer a range of PV training from awareness at a strategic/ investment level to technical sessions on inverter matching and product choice. All of this is backed up by a significant stock holding commitment to ensure that products are available on time.

Please contact John Cave by email on for further information or visit our website

PV Or Not PV?




To remove some of these misconceptions Adoption in the Black Country has set up local information events for anyone who wants more information about adoption to drop into.

Visit for more information.

Lots of people have thought about adopting a child or sibling group but we know from experience of speaking to potential adopters that many don’t ever progress this thought as they instantly think that they will not be approved due to their misconceptions about adoption. Some people think about adoption but never look into it further – possibly because they are over 40 and think they’ll be ruled out. But they are wrong; there is no upper age limit. We are looking for adopters who have the physical and mental energy to care for children, and whose lifestyle suggests they will still have that energy when the child is a teenager, or young adult. Older children are among those children who wait the longest so we are keen to hear from people who can give a permanent and loving home to an older child. Some people think that as they are disabled or have a medical issue that they cannot adopt; again this is wrong. In fact, sometimes experience of disability will be positively welcomed.

Have you ever thought about

adopting a child?

Come along to one of our informal information evenings for a chat. Our next evening starts at 6pm, October 10th 2012 The Village Hotel, Castlegate Way, Dudley, DY1 4TB There are children who need families right now. They need a family like yours. 0800 073 0597

GET PAID TO EXERCISE Distributors required for: PEDMORE, WOLLASTON & KINVER To deliver a quality magazine every other month. Ideal for mature, semi-retired or mums at home. Competitive Rates of Pay. If you are interested please Give Irene a call on:

01952 261267




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Tips are provided by Ann Winwood from Lealan Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

Indian Summer? - you never know After a few pleasant days at the beginning of August it’s now tipping down with rain again. We can only hope that it improves again and lets us have a few sunny days as we come into September. Once the children are back to school I’m sure it will be brilliant sunshine! Remember to remove dead flower heads as they finish to encourage a late flush of colour. Continue to feed and water summer hanging baskets and pots and they’ll continue to produce flowers if it’s not too cold. Slugs can still be a problem in the damp conditions, so continue

to put down slug pellets or use the very effective liquid control. If you trimmed back early flowering herbaceous plants when they finished in the spring the chances are that you will now have a late flush of flowers. Dead head roses, if you’ve got any foliage infected with black spot, its best burnt or put into the wheelie bin, never leave on the ground as the spores will collect over winter to infect plants again next year. Buy prepared hyacinth bulbs for Christmas flowering by mid-September and plant them in bowls with Bulb Compost. Put in a cool, dark place and bring gradually into the light and warmth once the shoots are approx 3cm high.

When planting bulbs in containers outside, it’s worth putting in at least two layers of bulbs, slightly staggered one above the other. This will ensure a spectacular display. Plant the bulbs deeply enough to allow you to plant winter and spring bedding on top. Make sure that cucumbers are kept moist at the base if we get a warm dry spell, otherwise you’ll see powdery mildew appear on their leaves - the only treatment for this is to cut out infected foliage. Watch out for potato blight on potatoes and tomatoes and remove infected foliage as soon as possible. It’s not too late to plant cabbages, sprouts, broccoli for winter and spring harvest. Continue to sow quick maturing salad crops such as radish and lettuce.

Spring flowering bulbs now in stock - all top quality bulbs Bedding plants available - winter flowering pansies, wallflowers, polyanthus Plant perennials and shrubs now while the ground is still warm. 80 litre own brand multipurpose compost - 3 bags for £12.00 FRESH TURF DELIVERED WEEKLY

OPEN DAILY Lealans Garden Centre Bridgnorth Road, Shipley, Pattingham Wolverhampton WV6 7EZ

Tel 01902 700209


Love Your Lawn

It is this time of year we have to start thinking of next spring and summer. I know what you are saying, “but this summer isn’t over yet!”  That’s true, but the autumn allows us to prepare early for next year.

For those of you who love a lush green lawn and may already follow a lawn care program, you will know that September and October are two very important months within the lawn care calendar.

The autumn is a great time to get rid of all the moss and thatch that has built up in our lawn over previous seasons, especially from last winter and this summer due to the weather being so mild and wet. Moss in most people’s lawns has flourished and taken over many. However all is not lost, and if I am talking about your lawn, help is at hand.

Lawn Care Service Company

Tel: 01902 229432 Mob: 07805 004072


Green Stripe Lawns offer a full scarify, over seed and top dress treatment which will transform your lawn into something to be proud of. The deep scarify will get rid of all moss and thatch build up that has developed and the over seed will bring new life into a tired looking lawn. They will then cover this with an organic lawn dressing which feeds and improves the soil. The results will give you the lush green grass you dream about. We asked Ian from Green Stripe Lawns to explain what scarifying is. He says “scarifying is when we use an industrial mechanical lawn rake to remove any build up of moss and thatch within the lawn. If you don’t remove these your lawn will die over time and moss will take over. Moss has no roots and grass underneath cannot grow through it, also thatch build up stops water from penetrating the soil and grass root zone. This will also cause grass to die and leave your lawn looking very sorry for itself. Once we take these away all we are left with is soil and any grass left standing. We will then completely over seed the lawn using the same quality seed which will then once germinated give you a thick carpet effect with stripes, if you have the correct lawn mower.” Call Ian on 01902 229432 to book an appointment or for some advice. Alternatively leave your details on the website

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Hinksford Lane, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 0BH



w w w. o c l - k i n g s w i n f o r d . c o . u k 0QFOJOH5JNFT Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00 | Sat 8.00 - 16.00


Vineyard founder Martin Vickers, with wife Tina Abbiss and winemaker Kieron Atkinson (with his daughter) at this year’s Mercian Vineyards Association awards, held at Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire, where Kieron has his vineyard.

Clive Vickers, winemaker, and wife Lisa collect national awards for Halfpenny Green Vineyard’s wine from TV personality Olly Smith at the UKVA ceremony held in London this summer

Halfpenny Green Vineyards Awarded UKVA (United Kingdom Vineyards Association) wine awards in London in July; a silver for ‘Longacre’, a bronze for ‘Tom Hill’ and Highly Commended for ‘Cartway’.

The Vickers family of Halfpenny Green Vineyards are celebrating a series of awards for their south Staffordshire wine. Clive and Martin Vickers, along with wine maker Kieron Atkinson, won Best Producer / Grower in Mercia, a gold medal for the Halfpenny Green pink sparkling wine and awards for two other Halfpenny Green white wines at this year’s Mercian Vineyards Association awards, which were held at Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire this August. Clive Vickers also recently picked up three national awards at this year’s

These latest honours from the UKVA take the number of awards to over 50 for Clive, who runs Halfpenny Green Vineyards with his father Martin, who planted the first vines there almost 30 years ago. Clive has been making wine at their familyowned site on the Staffordshire/ Shropshire border for 18 years.

“It’s a reflection of the quality of the grapes grown here on our slopes that we have been able to pick up these national awards from the UKVA, as well as the Mercian Vineyards accolades this year” says Clive. “My family and I are very proud of the wine produced here. The whole family plays a huge role in our vineyard’s success, from the tending of the land through to the management of a successful catering and retail business on site for visitors.”

The award winning wines are available to buy online at or directly from Halfpenny Green Vineyards’ on site shop.

Win A Hamper Of Award Winning Wines! Halfpenny Green Vineyards is offering one lucky winner a fantastic bespoke hamper packed full of their awardwinning wines, worth £80. The hamper contains a range of white, rosé and sparkling wines which are made on site at the vineyards and offer a really unique gift to friends, or just something delicious for you to enjoy at home. The hamper is one of a range available at Halfpenny Green Vineyards and is put together by hand for you in the shop. Hampers can also feature delicious local produce including jams, chutneys, biscuits, chocolates and confectionary, and make a great corporate gift as well as a special treat for wine-loving friends and family.


For a chance of winning a special hamper, answer the following question:

Name One Of Halfpenny Green Vineyards’ Wines? Email your answer including your name, address and telephone number to: or on a postcard to Town & Village Life, 1 Lytham Road, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7YY. Entries to be received by Wednesday 31st October. Competition Terms & Conditions Winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received and informed by telephone. To enter you must be aged 21 years or older. No cash or alternative prize will be given. All entries will be forwarded to Halfpenny Green Vineyards unless requested otherwise.

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OPEN FOR MEMBERSHIPS 12 Months full playing for only £660, No Entrance Fee! Wergs Golf Club Keepers Lane, Tettenhall Wolverhampton West Midlands WV6 8UA e



01902 742 225



TEL 01746 762248



Tuesday 2nd October 10.30am $QGÀUVW7XHVGD\RIHYHU\PRQWK















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Perry And Phillips Valuation Days One of the pleasures of being an auctioneer is VALUATION DAY. That is when people bring in items to be auctioned. You never know what might arrive and anything special usually arrives out of the blue. These items are not always valuable, it is just that there is something about them. Sometimes it is because of the design, or the craftsmanship of who made it, or the simplicity of the design. Two differing examples of such items arrived in the last few weeks. The first object was not particularly valuable, probably £60-100, but the unique design so simple, so well made, and so effective. I suppose you would call it a shooting stick as you can use it as a walking stick but it can also metamorphose into a seat. It was made out of polished and bent bamboo, which makes it light but strong and attractive, it easily changes from a walking stick to a firm and strong canvas seat with brass fitments. It was a pleasure to hold and admire its design and flexibility. The next item was also a walking stick but completely different and it turned out to be much more valuable. However when it first came in we were not very sure at all. The item was in such good condition for something that was supposed to be nearly 200 years old, and it was so exquisitely decorated that we feared it was a fake made out of a new resin. We asked the person who had brought it in to leave it with us and we would call them in a few days and they agreed. When the valuation day had finished we began to examine it thoroughly. It was a walking stick made out of whalebone and was beautifully inlaid through over

half of its length, it was made by someone working on a whaling ship sometime between 1780 and 1840, such items are called Scrimshaws, but we needed to do a lot more research to fine tune a description and a value. After more research we established that the head of the walking cane was Walrus Tusk, the cane stem was Whalebone and the inlay was Giant Turtle shell. The inlay depicted an Eagle and Stars and therefore it was probably from an American whale ship and the inlays also had images of early steam boats that were around the area of Boston, so we dated it about 1825. At that time we needed to give the owner an estimate of the price we might achieve so we told them £2500-£4500 and they asked us to sell it in the next Perry and Phillips auction. During the next week we continued our research and we contacted Whaling Museums in America to see what Scrimshaws they had and searched auction records to find out the prices of any similar lots that had been sold. There was not a similar lot that had been sold, the Scrimshaw we had was much, much better than anything else we could find anywhere, so now we thought perhaps we might achieve £15,000. Our auction catalogue went on the Internet on the Wednesday afternoon and by Friday we had people from all over the world wanting to bid for the item the following Tuesday. We had to arrange for extra people to work on auction day to man extra phone lines. The bidding opened at £2000 and nearly 8 minutes later reached £46,000. Two stories showing how important our Valuation Days are, so if you have anything your not sure of bring it along.

Perry and Phillips hold valuation days, for sale items only, each Wednesday from 10am until 4pm.


German Christmas Markets… 3368

It will very soon be time to be thinking of Christmas! Most of us haven’t yet completed our summer holidays, but with the popularity of the Christmas Market it is now time to start planning your journey in advance, with approximately only 13 weeks until the start of Christmas Programme there is little time to waste! The magic of traditional German Christmas Markets attracts more and more visitors each year. Historic Christmas Markets, held in cities, towns and villages throughout the country, are becoming increasingly more popular, due, no doubt, to the enchanting Festive Season atmosphere. The Christmas Fairs and Christmas Markets of Germany are unique; there are well over 70 markets to choose from in Germany alone. If you’re tired of commercialism taking over and would like to get right away for a real traditional and romantic Christmas Market you might want to consider heading to Germany where Christmas gifts are not mass-produced but craftwork of real quality. You can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes.

Rothenburg Christmas Market Christmas can be experienced all year long Rothenburg ob der Tauber on the Romantic Road in Bavaria. Rothenburg is also home to one of the most romantic Christmas markets in Germany. Known for its medieval setting, Rothenburg is a walled city that has been left largely untouched for hundreds of years.

ABTA No.78359

Heidelberg Christmas Market With its beautiful Christmas decorations the Heidelberg Christmas market is great for a leisurely browse with stunning views of the castle and the old quarter. It offers a wide array of crafts and tasty regional delicacies which all add to the Christmas spirit in the historic town of Heidelberg. Situated on the Karlsplatz, a popular attraction is the “Christmas on Ice”. Surrounded by trees and a spectacular view of Heidelberg’s castle, residents and guests can skate round the open-air ice rink to the accompaniment of Christmas music. Another fascinating experience is the Art-Advent Calendar at the Heidelberg Castle, which has already decorated the Vienna City Hall. From 1st to 24th December, the windows of the English building serve as a multidimensional advent calendar from behind which the works of prominent personalities will appear. From original works, backlit duplicates are produced and tailor-made to be integrated into the facade of Heidelberg’s Castle. For 12 days in December, the Heidelberg Castle gardens will host a small Christmas market, offering visitors a wonderful selection of original German Christmas ornaments, decorations and gifts. As a main booking agents for DB Bahn (German Railways) you can visit any of the German Christmas Markets with ease, fly from your local airport and make an easy connection with the excellent rail network that Germany has to offer or travel by coach from a local destination.

Visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber is like stepping into a time warp. The town boasts some of the most impressive medieval architecture in Europe. While Christmas decorations can be bought all year long in Rothenburg, the Christmas holidays are a special time to view the city and the market in its illuminated splendour. A local specialty that shouldn’t be missed is the “Schneeball” or snow ball, made from strips of sweet dough fried and covered with powdered sugar or chocolate.

Have a different Christmas Shop this year - contact The Travel Bureau 01902 324777 for details. 46

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Travel Accessory Shop on line offering a small range of good quality accessories for your holiday

Travel Gift Card is available to treat that someone special in your life.

The Travel Bureau is an Independent Travel Agent established over 27 years with experience in all aspects of Travel and provides your own Personal Travel Consultant – specialising in personal itineraries to suit individual holiday requirements for that special occasion as well as standard holiday packages.

Worldwide Flights

5 Star Destination Honeymoon and Weddings

Continental Rail Tickets

Tailor Made European & Longhaul Holidays

Amtrak American Rail Tickets

Tailor Made City Breaks

Specialised Business Travel Department

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Specialised Rail Holiday Department

Florida Family Holidays.

Telephone us now on 01902 324777 For a free no obligation quotation or call in to see us at: The Cottage High Street Wombourne WV5 9DN Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 0900 - 17.30, Saturday 09.00 - 16.00


ABTA No.78359 47

Old Mill Antique Centre

At The Old Mill Antique Centre we have 4 floors of antiques and quality reproduction furniture – and literally thousands of gift ideas for everyone – all displayed in charming and elegant room settings

Antique & Reproduction Furniture 1000’s of Gift Ideas Bespoke Furniture Beautiful tables made to your design & specification in-house using only the best quality seasoned Oak or Pine.

Homemade Cakes & Snacks Open 7 days – 10am to 5pm Car Parking Available

Mill Street, Low Town, Bridgnorth WV15 5AG Tel: 01746 762248


town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Thinking about gifts for Christmas?

There’s a fine selection to be found at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in the beautiful South Staffordshire countryside. It may still feel like we are experiencing a late summer that finally arrived, but with three months until December, people

are turning their thoughts to Christmas gift ideas for the family.

of the vineyard and then take home great gifts or food from our shop”.

At Halfpenny Green Vineyards in south Staffordshire, awardwinning English wines made on site, local ales, delicious cheeses, preserves and traditional handmade desserts are just some of the specially crafted delicacies to be found within its attractive shop, ideal for Christmas gifts.

Lisa and her team has already started thinking about this year’s Christmas and are stocking up with a range of gift ideas for the festive period. “From our bespoke range of jams and chutneys through to superbly gift - wrapped sparkling wine, we have food gift ideas for all tastes” Lisa says.

It was the vision of Lisa Vickers, wife of winemaker Clive and daughterin-law of Martin who planted the first vines at Halfpenny Green, to create a destination shop for visitors. “We are well known for our wine and our tearooms, but I also wanted to provide a great shop and delicatessen for visitors” explains Lisa. “It means that people coming here have a range of experiences all under one roof; a delicious meal or a tea and cake, perhaps a tour

There’s a range of Christmas treats on offer which are not usually found on the high street, including novelty tins and luxury boxes of chocolates. Hampers are the speciality at Halfpenny Green Vineyard, choose the contents and they wrap to order. Rosé, white, still and sparkling wines made on-site are also all available to buy in the shop, or enjoy a glass over lunch or at the special gourmet evenings which take place each month.

Visit Halfpenny Green Vineyards daily all year. For more information go to Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Tom Lane, Bobbington, South Staffordshire DY7 5EP

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9.30AM – 5.00PM Tel: 01384 221122 Email:


Stourbridge Saxons Fixtures 2012/13

HOME 01-Sep-12

The new season is underway at Stourbridge Rugby Club, with the Saxons, Lions, Lions II’s, Lions III’s, Colts and Mini & Junior teams all in action for the next eight months! At the time of writing the first team have not yet kicked off the season. The Saxons first home game is a mouth-watering match against local rivals Dudley Kingswinford on 8th September, with the pre-match luncheon already a sell-out. An incredible atmosphere is guaranteed with a big crowd anticipated. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Stourton Park during the season. We have planned a packed programme of social events open to members and nonmembers alike - from pre-match lunches, the Ladies’ Luncheon Circle, Family Bonfire Night and Charity Fundraisers to our Celebrity Sporting Luncheon and May Ball.


Birmingham & Solihull






Dudley Kingswinford






























Leicester Lions






Darlington Mowden Park


Sheffield Tigers






Hull Ionians


Preston Grasshoppers








Dudley Kingswinford














Bromsgrove Stourbridge



















Leicester Lions


Darlington Mowden Park






Sheffield Tigers


Hull Ionians






Preston Grasshoppers








Birmingham & Solihull

For further information on Stourton Park as a venue, our events or our teams fixtures please see our website at or call 01384 395000


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Great Theatre at the Grand! SUN 16 SEPT




FRI 21 - SAT 22 SEPT

MON 24 - SAT 29 SEPT





















Follow us on



Like us on Facebook: Wolverhampton Grand

Box Office 01902

42 92 12



Quarry Bank Operatic Society (QBOS)

The society was formed in 1960 from the original Cradley Forge Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society which disbanded in 1957. The society started with no funds, and facilities at the Community Centre were not suitable for large stage productions, so the first production was ‘Midsummer Madness’, a revue staged in June


of 1962, followed by ‘A Grand Night for Singing’ in November 1962. These initial revues were a huge success and the then Chairman, Mr Brian Genner, soon realised that the society had the potential to move forward. Under his guidance, the society switched to the more suitable venue of Netherton Arts Centre where it staged ‘Oklahoma’ in September 1963. The society still enjoys a September date at Netherton Arts Centre each year for its annual production. In December 1963, the society returned to its roots of the Quarry Bank Community Centre to stage ‘Christmas Crackers’, another review show which proved another huge success. 1963 not only marks the 1st fully staged musical production by the society, but is also the year when it was decided to change its name to the Quarry Bank Amateur Operatic Society. From 1963 to 1975, when Edgar Cartwright served as the Society’s first Musical Director, a Hammond Organ was hired each year as accompaniment to the

fully staged Musical shows. This was followed in 1976 where a full theatre orchestra was hired for the Society’s production of ‘Camelot’ which has continued for each subsequent annual production. The society has, through the years, staged many musical shows from Oklahoma in 1963 through to Me and My Girl in 2004, and has also been fortunate enough to stage Midlands Amateur Premieres such as Camelot in 1976, The Sound of Music in 1977, Showtune in 2005 and Wonderful Town in 2005. One of the aims of the society when it was formed in 1962 was to donate funds raised from annual productions and revues to local charities. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to be able to donate too many local charities.

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Compton Registered Charity Number: 512387



School Disco Event held at

Saturday 15th Sept 2012

at 7:00pm featuring

Kick Up

the 80’s Tribute Band

80’s Disco


For more info or to book tickets,

01902 774547 Sally Woods 01902 774538

contact: Simon Cater


£21.95pp including 2 course dinner


Under New Ownership!

The Isla nd Poo l Wol verh amp ton Roa d Kid der min ster DY1 0 3RX (form ally Coo kley Arm s)

Jonathon and Stacey welcome you to… the

Island Pool


Friday 28th Sept 2012

A classic country pub serving a high standard of food and great traditional ales

CARVERY available everyday

Choose from any of our freshly selected roasted meats accompanied by Yorkshire pudding and homemade seasoning, served with a wide selection of locally grown fresh vegetables. All finished off with our chef’s secret recipe gravy!

EXTENSIVE MENU served Monday to Saturday

Alongside our carvery we have an extensive menu with a range of foods to suit any and every palate. We are proud to offer exquisite beef steaks, also sourced locally and cooked to perfection.

Carvery served Monday to Friday Lunchtime 12pm till 4pm £3.99 Evenings 4pm till 8pm £4.99 Saturday 12pm till 9pm £4.99 Sunday 12pm till 7pm, 1 course £6.99, 2 course £9.99, 3 course £12.99

We look forward to welcoming you soon For bookings or further details please call 01562 850 311 or email: 54

w w w.t h e i s l a n d p o o l . c o.u k town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


at Molineux 2012 Christmas party packages for parties from 2 to 280 are available to book now, including the fantastic t e new facility WV1 in the llis Stand redeveloped Stan Cullis

Motown Tribute Friday 30th Nov 2012 7:30pm

Parties so hot I’d be a puddle...

80’s Tribute Friday 21st Sept 2012 7:30pm

Call 0871 222 2220 option 5 or visit



Choice of 125ml glass of house wine 8oz draught soft drink, tea or coffee

Freshly caught Beer Battered Fish & Chips Choice of pint or small glass of wine

Only ÂŁ12.95 available Tues to Sat 12 till 2.30pm

Only ÂŁ10.95

Gastro Country Pub & Dining

available Friday 12 till 2.30pm


Open Tuesday to Sunday for Lunch Tuesday to Saturday for Dinner Closed Mondays image courtesy of

Bookings now being taken for Christmas 15% OFF YOUR TOTAL BILL INCLUDING DRINKS



Six Ashes Road, Bobbington, Bridgnorth WV15 6EJ

To avoid disappointment please book, call 01384 221725



Fully Licensed

Air Conditioned

Car Park at rear of Restaurant

Contemporary Modern Dining at Sedgley’s Premier Indian Restaurant

Saffron Pink’s RESTAURANT

ert tea m Say ed Mia h alo ng wit h his exp g sta ff itin of kno wle dgeable che fs an d wa pri de We . wel com e you to Saffro n Pin k cee ice serv of rd our selv es on our hig h sta nda e. sin cui an d aut hen tic Ban gla des hi

Christmas gs party bookin g in now be taken!

To book a table please call


Open 7 Days including Bank Holidays, Sunday to Thursday 5.30pm to 11.30pm, Friday and Saturday 5.30pm to 12 Midnight 2 Bull Ring, Dudley Street, Sedgley, DY3 1RU







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Date Saturday 8th September

First Race


6.20 p.m. Ladies Evening

Saturday 22nd September 6.20 p.m. Live band The Fab4 Saturday 29th September 5.50 p.m. Live band Queen II Saturday 6th October

6.20 p.m. 70’s v 80’s Night

Saturday 13th October

5.45 p.m. Live band Re-Take That

Saturday 20th October

6.20 p.m. Soul and Motown Night

Saturday 27th October

5.45 p.m. Live band Atomic Jones

Saturday 17th November

6.50 p.m. Michael Jackson Tribute

Saturday 24th November

6.50 p.m. Live band Black Eyed Peaz


freshest seasonal ingredients - we hurriedly sat down to order. The extensive al a carte menu impressed, with a sumptuous and varied selection of cuisine, whilst the lunchtime specials list proved that great quality food can be affordable - with two courses costing a mere £9.95. Truly spoilt for choice, we were then informed by waiter Tom Campbell, that any special requests we had could be easily catered for. This is thanks to the considerable skill of Head Chef Matthew Shaw. Keen to accommodate my vegetarianism, it was refreshing to find that not only were there multiple meat-free options already on offer, but the chefs at The Red Lion Inn were keen to please, still further, by adding anything I

The Red Lion Inn - Hotel and Restaurant The Best Part Of Any Day Out By Helen Taylor


There are many fantastic places to visit in and around Staffordshire whether it’s the Vineyards at Halfpenny Green, the historic market town of Bridgnorth or even the Black Country Museum. The area has a great deal to offer: everything you need for a wonderful day-out is right on your doorstep.

special - something that my friend and I discovered when we decided to make the most of a rare weekday off work, and catch some late summer sunshine.

For those of you less familiar with the area though, it’s a perfect haven of countryside charm, just waiting to be discovered when you least expect it.

My friend opted for ‘Warm breaded Brie - served with apple and pear chutney’ (£4.90) along with her main course choice of ‘Chicken Forestier - breast of Goosnargh chicken with wild mushroom sauce and potato rosti’ (£10.95).

But whatever you plan to do, remember that stopping off at a fantastic local restaurant is the key to making your day extra

Delighted to find a great restaurant setting, and a menu packed full of mouth-watering dishes - constructed using the finest,

Each dish arrived showcasing a suburb standard of presentation and a collection of flavours that proved incredibly delicious. Thanks to the

Soaking up the scenery whilst driving down Six Ashes Road, we stumbled across The Red Lion Inn - a family-run hotel and restaurant that’s a favourite with the locals and well known for quality food, fabulous surroundings and a welcoming atmosphere

fancied to the already extensive list - a rare treat indeed. But, there was no need to mess with perfection, as ‘Dolcelatte and shallot tart - served with sun-dried tomato dressing’, followed by ‘Spanish Omelette with leaf salad’ (taken from the lunchtime specials) were already thoroughly tempting enough for me.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

generous portion sizes and attention to detail, every course defined value for money. And excitingly, there’s even more than just good food to be discovered at The Red Lion Inn. There’s an impressive and well equipped bar area, games room and outside space, as well as 17 stylish modern en-suite bedrooms within the hotel area of the site. Equipped with all the luxuries you would expect, and more, the rooms have flat screen TVs, power showers, ‘Silent Night’ beds, tea and coffee facilities, as well as internet connection. But, for a true taste of luxury, there’s one of the Inn’s spacious executive rooms that boasts a large separate lounge area - complete with wide screen TV, DVD player and well-stocked mini bar - as well as a fantastic bathroom that’s finished with body jets, double basins and a Jacuzzi bath. Just the thing for those of you who want to turn your day out into a weekend break. With this in mind, and eager to tell our friends, we decided that our next visit to the Red Lion Inn would be a much longer one, agreeing upon it as a great ‘girls weekend’ venue for the future. So, that’s the accommodation and dining taken care of, all we need to do now is decide upon a place to visit. The Red Lion Inn, Six Ashes Road, Bobbington DY7 5DU, telephone 01384 221237.


Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant cuisine of bengal

High Street, Wombourne WV5 9DN

Bookings now being taken for Christmas Day Lunch

"8"3%8*//*/(3&45"63"/5 Rafique Miah welcomes you to the longest established Indian Restaurant in Wombourne Village, serving sumptuous Bangladeshi Cuisine for over 22 years.

Recently refurbished in contemporary surroundings, air conditioned and fully licensed.

“We pride ourselves on the Quality of our Cooking, our Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.”


Tel: 01902 324148 / 324437

Open 7 days including Bank Holidays - 5.30pm until 11.30pm


Our popular Take-away Service is still the best in Wombourne offering 10% off our Menu price.

Serving Fine Italian Cuisine Lunchtimes and Evenings with master chef Mario and his enthusiastic team

Christmas Bookings now being taken! To avoid disappointment please book

T. 01902 756052

New Sunday Lunch Menu with choice of roasts and traditional menu.

2 courses £13.70 3 courses £17.90

E. k Opening Times:

Lunchtimes Wed to Sat 12pm - 2.30pm m (l (las (last astt order as orders) Sun served from 12 noon Evenings Tues to Sat 6pm - 9.30pm (last orders).


Situated at: 4a Upper Green Tettenhall WV6 8QQ Ample Free Parking

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

td i k& l

eatdrink&sleep eatdr atdri k&sleep &slee slee sleep sle lee eatdrink&sleep

Complimentary Bottle of selected wine* with any 2 course meal Starter and mains or mains and sweet


*Valid per table booked, lunchtimes and evenings, Monday to Sunday and on presentation of this coupon (no photocopies) before 31st October 2012.

bookings are advisable www w ww dlioninn.c avoid e call 01384 221237

Six re Ashes Road, Bobbington DY7uk 5DU w oninn co


Menu Rouge, 3 courses only ÂŁ16.95 Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings Open daily Weds-Sat serving breakfast from 9.30am, Lunch from 12pm to 2.45pm. Evenings from 6.30pm until midnight, Tuesday to Saturday. Last orders 9.30pm

Special Theme nights from ÂŁ21.95 Gluten free dishes available t Extensive Wine List New bottled beers and more choice of wine by the glass

Christmas Bookings now being taken - office and party bookings welcome – we do not serve Turkey! We will be closed until 11th September for our annual holiday and look forward to seeing you when we return!

Bookings advisable for evenings please tel: 01384 390940 3 Coventry Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1EP


Copthorne Hotel - A Great Venue ‘Club Tropicana’ - Enjoy a twocourse meal and go back to the ‘time that fashion forgot’. Dance the night away to all of the best 80’s classics - with the Ultimate DJ.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve ‘Broadway or Bust’ - Arrive on the red carpet and make your way to the fantastic Earls Suite, to enjoy an evening of festivities and live entertainment, as famous theatre songs are bought to the stage at the hotel. Savour a three-course meal, before dancing until late with the Ultimate DJ. ‘Winter Wonderland’ - There’s a festive theme in the Caslon Suite and it’s just the place to get in the Christmassy mood. A three-course evening meal, music through the decades brought to you by the resident DJ - and lots more, guarantees that you’ll have great night.

The Copthorne Hotel is situated in Merry Hill, Dudley, and offers guests everything that’s needed for a fabulous stay in fine surroundings. With a great location - a short stroll away from the Merry Hill Shopping Centre and overlooking the picturesque canal marina - the hotel’s setting is ideal. Designed to offer guests spacious accommodation, great facilities, as well as those all important luxuries, the Copthorne impresses with an on-site health club, spa and restaurant.


Faradays Restaurant and Bar Serving freshly prepared food that’s made using ingredients that have been sourced locally where possible - the restaurant undoubtedly offers some of the finest cuisine in the area. And thanks to its stunning views out across the marina, it makes for a ‘must visit’ eatery. With fantastic offers available throughout the day, such as afternoon tea for two costing just £9, not to mention a delicious three-course Sunday lunch meal for two, priced at only £16.95 (as part of the current buy-oneget-one-free promotion) there’s always a reason to visit.

Calendar or Events

And what’s more, there’s also an impressive conference and banqueting suite - that can hold 600 people - that’s perfect for meetings, weddings, parties and any other social event.

‘Flash Back’ - A two-course dinner followed by a musical trip through the decades. The hits range from the Jackson 5 to the bang-up-to-date tracks of today - with the Ultimate DJ.

The hotel is open to nonresidents, and here are some fabulous reasons to step inside:

‘Ultimate 50’s and 60’s’ - A three-course meal with live entertainment from the hotel’s very own leader of the pack - Bonnie.

Faradays Restaurant Carvery - A festive three-course Christmas Carvery with music from the DJ and of course dancing until late. Christmas for the Family - There’s a brilliant selection of events for families, including, ‘Santa Sunday lunch’, Christmas children’s parties and a New Year’s Eve family party. New Year’s Eve - Celebrate Hogmanay with a delicious sixcourse dinner, and be treated to songs from Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé , courtesy of the Copthorne’s very own crooner.

Le Club Leisure Club & Imagine Spa Open to the local community, as well as hotel residents, Le Club allows for total flexibility with membership, as you don’t need to sign up to a twelve month contract. There’s a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to achieve your own personal fitness goals, thanks to the support that’s on offer. Complete with a swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, steam-room, fitness-room and spa, there’s all the sport and leisure facilities you could ever require within Le Club Leisure Complex.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012




£19.95 Per Person

Celebrate an evening of Christmas festivities in the fantastic themed Earls Suite. Arrive on the red carpet and enjoy our live entertainment of Broadway or Bust who will bring the famous theatre songs to the small stage, dancing until late with our DJ, a scrumptious three course dinner, plus lots more.


PREMIUM NIGHTS November 30th, December 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th 15th, 21st & 22nd £39.95 MIDWEEK NIGHTS December 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 18th 19th & 20th £32.95 SUNDAY NIGHTS December 2nd* & 9th* £19.95 December 16th - £27.95 *(excludes live band)


Call 01384 482 882


South Staffordshire Council Leisure Centres For those that prefer outdoor pursuits why not try Baggeridge Country Park and the High Ropes Adventure.

South Staffordshire Council operates four fantastic leisure centres which include Cheslyn Hay, Codsall, Penkridge and Wombourne. The leisure facilities offer a very friendly atmosphere and there’s something for the whole family!

The great thing about South Staffs leisure centres is that you can visit as little or as often as you want and just pay as you go! For those that do want to come frequently there are a range of affordable and flexible memberships with no joining fees or long term contracts.

There are a range of facilities for adults including gyms, exercise classes, toning suites, power plates, swimming and swim lessons, squash and badminton courts; But equally there’s so much for the kids to do too, with a range of activities to choose from including trampolining, swimming and swim lessons, interactive games room and SUSSED holiday activities. There are also many clubs that welcome new children such as canoeing, judo, athletics, snorkelling and loads more.

For more information visit or contact the facilities direct: Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre 01922 417790 Codsall Leisure Centre 01902 844032 Penkridge Leisure Centre 01785 714152 Wombourne Leisure Centre 01902 898202 Baggeridge Country Park 01902 844032 and Closer To The Edge Aerial Ropes Adventure 0845 8802477

FREE iActive Gaming Experience Valid until 31st October 2012 Available at Wombourne Leisure Centre only. Contact the centre for opening times and to book. Booking is essential. User must be aged 5-12yrs old. 1 voucher per person, per offer.Additional terms and conditions may apply. Name.......................................................

Date......................................................... September 2012 Edition



Get in shape and go for Gold this year with Energise Fitness No joining fees • No long term contracts • No cancellation fees! Our Venues: Chesyln Hay Leisure Centre 01922 417790, Codsall Leisure Centre 01902 844032, Penkridge Leisure Centre 01785 714152, Wombourne Leisure Centre 01902 898202

What we offer ● Friendly atmosphere ● Great facilities ● Free inductions and trials* ● Flexible memberships ● Corporate memberships available ● Low cost memberships for those on a strict budget* ● Discount for students

Our facilities: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Fitness suite Exercise classes Swimming pools Toning suites Sports halls Power plate

Come and have a look around or why not give us a call to find out more:

*terms and conditions apply


Leisure Services, South Staffordshire Council Telephone: 01902 696505 Email:

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What is Your Dosha The three doshas are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Although they regulate thousands of separate functions in the mind/body system, they have three basic functions: The Vata dosha controls movement. The Pitta dosha controls metabolism.

far as Parkinson’s disease, all of which we at Auraveda can help to alleviate with an in depth consultation. Busy Vata people need to treat themselves with care as they can be quite fragile mentally and physically. They are blessed with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. If they ground themselves and direct their energy properly, they can make great achievements and accomplishments in life. They have abstract and intelligent minds. If you would like more information on this subject please call Suzanne at Ayurveda on 01384 936227 or visit

The Kapha dosha controls structure

Vata Dosha Vata people have low immune resistance to disease and a tendency to low body weight with lack of muscular development, which can make them tall and lanky. The physical signs when Vata becomes excessive when the dry qualities become worse, shown in brittle nails and bones, constipation rough skin and dry lips. They may feel emotionally “dried” out. Insomnia or feeling “spacey” is a result of Vata becoming imbalanced due to the light quality in this Dosha. The cold quality of Vata, may cause a craving for warmth and sweet things more obvious in winter months. Vata’s mobile quality also leads to the ability to do more than one task at a time. However too much can cause lack of focus, fidgeting, tremors, dizziness and excess nervousness. Ayurveda has shown that Vata is responsible for over 80 diseases from constipation, miscarriage, arthritis and as

Kinver’s Ayurvedic and Holistic Centre Now Open „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

Ayurvedic Treatment Diet and Lifestyle Consultations Healing Treatments Weight Loss Programs Baby Massage/Yoga Classes Yoga and Meditation Classes Related Products Available Range of Pukka Herbal Supplements

Well-being through holistic care Please telephone Suzanne on 01384 936227

41 High Street Kinver 65

Time To Get Cancer-Savvy How much do you know about men-specific cancers? Men in general aren’t known for their health knowledge or their keenness to visit the doctor. Last year, a survey by men’s health charity Everyman found that nearly three-quarters of men were unable to name age, family history or race as top risk factors for prostate cancer, while a survey by male cancer charity Orchid discovered that one in five men would rely on their partner to make their GP appointment should they find a lump in their testicles. Perhaps this is why so many male health campaigns target women as the ‘gatekeepers’ of men’s health. However Consultant Urological Surgeons at the Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital are keen to emphasise that men are much more clued up on symptoms than in the past. “Thanks to high-profile campaigns, men are now much more symptomaware, but they are still more reticent than women to report changes in body function. Men are often more anxious about investigations than

women, assuming the worst, and they tend to be more embarrassed” they say. But delaying that first GP appointment is never a great idea as the earlier any cancer is caught the more successful the treatment is likely to be. For instance, more than 95 per cent of testicular cancers are successfully treated when diagnosed at stage one, the earliest stage, but this reduces if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. “Symptoms that need investigating include a lump or swelling in a testicle, or a change in size or firmness,” say surgeons. Thankfully, most lumps turn out to be non-cancerous but it’s still important to get them checked out. Testicular cancer affects more than 2,000 men a year in the UK and, unlike many others, tends to be more common in men aged 20 to 55. It’s also more common in men who had an undescended testicle at birth. The surgeons advise “check your testicles at least once a month it’s easiest in the shower or bath, this way you’ll get used to how they normally feel and will be more likely to spot changes.” It’s also important to get an early diagnosis of prostate cancer, even though immediate treatment isn’t always necessary. Prostate is by far the most common male-only cancer, affecting 36,000 new men a year in the UK. Possible symptoms include a change in urinary habits such

as needing to go to the loo more often, especially at night, needing to go urgently, having difficulty starting or having a weak flow. “These symptoms are far more likely to be down to benign (non-cancerous) enlargement of the prostate, the gland at the base of the bladder, which is more common with age”. “Many prostate cancers are slowgrowing so may be put under surveillance and if a man is elderly, he may never require treatment,” the surgeons add. “However, some prostate cancers are aggressive so need to be treated promptly to prevent them spreading. Every year in the UK, 10,000 men die prematurely from this disease, which is why early diagnosis is important.” Risk increases with age and is higher in Afro-Caribbean men and men who have a close relative who’s had the disease. One of the biggest myths about prostate cancer is that treatment always causes urinary, bowel and erectile problems. “Treatments have improved significantly over the past few years, so the disease can be more accurately targeted with minimal side effects. Also, most side effects are temporary or can be rectified,” they say. So when it comes to seeking rapid advice on everything from prostate disorders, testicular lumps or bumps or any other unusual symptoms, talk to the Urology experts at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital.

Nuffield Health Group Awards • 2012 NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) level three • Winner of 2011 Health Investor Private Hospital Group of the Year • 2010 Laing and Buisson Award for Management Excellence • 2010 Health Investor Social Enterprise of the Year

We accept patients who are medically insured or those who choose to pay for themselves. Put your mind at rest pick up the phone and contact us today for a swift consultation.

Please call 01902 793259 for more information or visit our website at 66

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

For rapid access to Urology Treatments. For more information on urology treatments, call Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital on 01902 793259.

Don’t just go private, go personal. Nuffield Health,Wolverhampton Hospital,Wood Road, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6 8LE


Imagine Spa-Because Everyone is Unique… There are many different skin types, but in essence they are: dry/dehydrated, combination, sensitive and skin in need of regeneration. Some of us know what our skin type is, others don’t - which is why a prescriptive facial at Imagine Spa can be tailored to suit the needs of everyone. The qualified therapists offer a prescriptive facial to suit every skin type-using the most advanced skin care products from Babor, all of which are derived from natural plant based oils and extracts. The ‘Hy oi’ cleanse is the foundation of every facial and denotes the Babor cleansing philosophy, it is then

followed by the appropriate ‘phytoactive formula’ for your skin type. For dry/dehydrated skin the aim would be to saturate and vitalise, for this the therapist would use the ‘vita-balance’ range, which will restore elasticity and replenish moisture levels.

Skin in need of regeneration: the aim, to regenerate and renew. An ‘advanced biogen range’ would be used throughout your facial to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leaving the skin looking more toned and firm. At Imagine Spa, you can choose the prescriptive facial to suit your lifestyle. A 30-minute booster or a more indulgent 60-minute treatment.

Combinations skin: the aim would be to refine and clarify. For this the therapist would use the ‘perfect combination’ range during your facial which will reduce oil, and leave the skin perfectly balanced with beautifully refined pores.

It doesn’t have to stop there! Our therapists are happy to advise you on which products to take home to maintain your skin between visits.

Sensitive skin: The aim would be to calm and de-sensitise the skin. Therapists would use the ‘calming sensitive’ range to leave your skin calm and relaxed whilst free from redness and irritation.

Spa Day & Lunch for 2 people - only £25

Win a 3 month health club membership at Le Club

Enjoy full use of the spa and leisure facilities at Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill as well as a delicious lunch in the hotel restaurant with a friend or loved one for just £25. You can also save 25% off any spa treatments taken during your visit.

We have six 3 month memberships up for grabs as well as club day passes and spa discount vouchers for runners up.

To enter, complete the form below and return to: Imagine Spa, Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill-Dudley, Level Street, Brierley Hill Dudley. DY5 1UR

Name: Email: Telephone: DOB:


Terms & Conditions apply. We may contact competition entrants periodically via email. If you would rather not be contacted, please tick this box:


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We believe that you the client should be treated as an individual. Our dedicated team aim to create an overall look based on your features, your hair type, your lifestyle and ultimately your ideas. We use the amazing Organic Way (O-way) range of Italian organic products tailored to suit your specific needs. Ammonia Free Colouring System. Miracle products leaving your hair deeply cleansed, beautiful and shining. To keep up to date with our latest offers please visit

To book please call 01384 484749 131 Dudley Road, Brierley Hill, DY5 1HD Free Parking Outside

Fast becoming one of the most desirable boutiques Jessica David offers a vast selection of Prom, Evening and Occasion wear.

Bridal Wear from top designers including Mother of the Bride. No matter what your budget, your special occasion can be everything you want it to be as we aspire to find the outfit of your dreams. 5 Heath Lane Oldswinford DY8 1RF

01384 440311 Opening times: Monday - closed,Tuesday - 9.30am - 5pm, Wednesday - 9.30am - 1pm, Thursday - 9.30am - 8pm, Friday - 9.30am - 5pm, Saturday - 9.00am - 5pm, Sunday - closed

w w w. j e s s i c a d av i d . c o. u k 69

between 3-5 months and require no maintenance in the mean time - unlike so many other brands. With 55 colours to choose from - 17 of which are shades of blonde - there’s a colour that’s sure to be perfect for you.

Salon Owner Jo Barnett-Toop and Great Lengths Extensionist Adele Hipkiss

“Great Lengths are made from ‘Remy’ hair, this is why they are such good quality - the

Get the Hair of Your Dreams at extensions are ‘double drawn’ meaning that each strand is the same density from root to tip.” “This ensures a totally sleek result, that looks gorgeous when finished.” Jo and her expert team are on-hand to offer all the advice, guidance and help you could need with your new extensions.

We all dream of perfect hair - long luscious locks that are healthy and full of life, but for many of us this dream never becomes a reality. However, things are about to change and that’s thanks to Caprio’s. The hair salon - based in Stallings Lane - has teamed up with Great Lengths to bring customers a professional hair extension range that promises to transform locks lacking length into amazing manes. Owner Jo Barnett-Toop began the unisex salon back in 1998 and now has a team of seven staff members working with her - five of whom are stylists. Over the years Jo has established a strong and loyal customer base, and earned industry recognition, by reaching the final stages of Clynol’s Creative and Business Awards, as she explains: “We were finalists in the categories of ‘Salon Interior of the Year 2006’, ‘Salon Website and Social Media Marketing of the Year 2011, as well as ‘Salon of the Year Photographic Newcomer 2011.” With contemporary creative styling and colouring already on offer at Caprio’s, Jo decided to add hair extensions to the already extensive menu: “I realised that I could offer my clients every hair service they wanted - whether that’s a brand new colour or creative 70

cut, but the one thing I couldn’t offer them was long hair.” “So I decided it was time to bring the ‘Rolls Royce’ of hair extensions to Caprio’s.” Certified by Great Lengths, the salon - and the team - have been recognised by the prestigious brand as having all the required skill and knowledge to offer the service. Something that’s reassuring to know in a unregulated industry.

They even invite their clients back two weeks after the application, to check the new hair and provide a complimentary wash and blow dry - as well as a free trio of mini Great Lengths products. So to make your hair dreams a reality, call in today and see what Caprio’s can do for you.

The 100% natural human hair extensions - that are ethically sourced and of the highest quality - can be cut, coloured and styled just like your own hair and used to create any look you want. “The Great Lengths extensions are a celebrity favourite and have been used to make glamorous looks for Cheryl Cole and Holly Willoughby, to name just a few”


“In the free consultation we offer, we will decide what you want to achieve from the extensions - whether that’s length, volume, texture or even a head-turning colour look. Then, we measure your head to determine how many extensions will be needed - this ensures a natural result.” ‘Cold Fusion’ technology is used to apply the extensions, meaning that the application causes no damage to your own natural hair. Costing between £500 and £900, Great Length extensions, prove to be a great investment - as they last


town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Great lengths are the Rolls-Royce of hair extensions and now available at Caprio’s, Kingswinford

100% Ethical & Traceable 100% Human Hair 55 Colours To Choose From Free No Obligation Consultation


10% OFF WITH THIS VOUCHER Only 1 discount voucher per person, no photocopies.

Voucher must be mentioned at time of booking and presented when attending. Offer valid until 31st October 2012 and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To book an appointment please call 01384 402890 Unit 10, Stallings Lane, Kingswinford DY6 7SH ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED


‘New Season, New Look’ By Helen Taylor Joseph Ribkoff at Jessica David

Model wears

New Season at Monsoon

See in store for details

See in store or online for details

Get comfortable this autumn with casual looks that are effortlessly stylish. Layer-up knits in striking patterns, designs and prints; and team with classic skinny fit jeans for a totally wearable and inspired outfit.

It’s the perfe ct time of ye ar to invest in a gre at quality pair of boots that will see you through the se ason - so choose a versatile style that will work perfe ctly with both dresses and trousers alike.

Caramel Zip Hip Jean Mint Velvet


‘Esme’ Knit Cerise Dress £49 Darling at Grace and Glory

‘Belinda’ Long Sweater Selected Femme at Grace and Glory

Boots £120 Josef Seibel at The Shoe Tree 72


Bracelets from £25 Ti Sento exclusively available at T.A. Henn town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Model wears

New Season at Monsoon See in store or online for details

Model wears

New Season at Monsoon See in store or online for details

Boots £130 Bronx at Lily’s of Shifnal ‘Caramel’ Cowl Tie Tunic £79 Mint Velvet

‘Becks’ Print Couture Tee £59 Mint Velvet

Cowl Dress £74.99 Fever London

Earrings £42 Necklace £99 Ring £65 Coeur de Lion exclusively available at T.A. Henn

The images used in this article are readily available in various places on the internet and are believed to be in the public domain. Town & Village Life claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images, or if any content appearing in Town & Village Life infringes on your copyright, please notify us and they will be promptly removed.


International Change Your Life Week 24th - 30th September, 2012 It’s September the children are back at school. Summer was amazing but you’re left wondering where the year went. Have you achieved all of the things you set out to on New Year’s Day, 2012? If not - there really is still time! Here’s where ‘International Change Your Life Week’, 24th-30th September, can make a real difference. Louise Presley-Turner is a leading life coach, motivational speaker and author of ‘Finding a Future that Fits’. She is bringing together the very best and most renowned experts to help you make the change, you’ve been dreaming of. There will be a full week to get us motivated and ready to achieve our goals. Joining Louise will be Dr David Hamilton, author and speaker, teaching us how our mind can heal our bodies. Karen Knowler, nutrition therapist will

be giving us insider secrets on how we can eat for energy. Laura Leigh Clarke will be showing us how we can wire ourselves for wealth. Coach Suzy Greaves will be helping us to unleash our creativity. Hypnotherapist Joseph Clough will help us to unlock our potential and Louise Presley-Turner will be making sure we know how to set out goals perfectly and make it all happen.

The whole course will be online, so anyone who has internet access can get involved - in any time zone, in any place, across the World. There will be some surprise guests and bonuses too, in a week which will be completely free to those that sign up.

Simply go to www.internationalchangeyourlifeweek. com to gain access to this very special week. Louise Presley-Turner is one of the UK’s most successful life coaches. Her coaching practice ‘The Game of Life’ is helping people challenge their existing mindset and beliefs and improve their lives, with remarkable results. Louise is a mentor, motivational speaker and author and is a key speaker at the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ 2012 conference. Visit to get your FREE life evaluator and planner.

Offering a fabulous range of bridal wear, including top London Designer Alan Hannah exclusive to the area.

New 2013 Collections in store. Extensive range of Mother of the Bride, Prom, Evening and Occasion wear. Visit our friendly and relaxed boutique where we will help you find that perfect dress for all occasions.

Opening times: Monday - closed, Tuesday - 9.30am - 5pm, Wednesday - 9.30am - 1pm, Thursday - 9.30am - 8pm, Friday - 9.30am - 5pm, Saturday - 9.00am - 5pm, Sunday - closed 74

5 Heath Lane, Oldswinford DY8 1RF 01384 440311

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Lily’s Of Shifnal - For The Best Selection Of Shoes And Accessories Every girl loves to shop, and if you’re looking for a fantastic selection of shoes, bags and accessories this autumn, then a visit to Lily’s of Shifnal is a must. Packed full of a great range of unique, fashionable and gorgeous designs, the independent boutique

has everything you could wish for. And what’s more, owner Jo Shotton is on hand to help with any special purchases: “We know how hard it can be to find the right shoes, bags and accessories to complete an outfit - especially if it’s for a wedding or other important occasion. That’s why we are always keen to help our customers find something that’s just right. Ladies can bring in their dresses and we will find something to match up perfectly.” Whether you love colour, sparkle or just something that bit special, the exclusive and top quality brands on offer at Lily’s - including Irregular Choice, Bronx, Riva and United Nude - are sure to be just what you’re looking for.

that simply oozes European chic and captures a strong look with fierce statement styling.” “There are some truly gorgeous shoe and boot designs in the Blackmail collection. They’re ideal for those who love to make a style statement with their footwear and will brighten up any gloomy autumnal day.” Whatever you’re looking for, a visit to Lily’s is a must. With so much on offer in store - and online - you’re sure to fall in love with any purchase you make.

And with new additions all the time, there’s always a reason to call in: “We are really excited to be stocking a brand new range this season from Blackmail. It’s a fantastic Italian brand


Heavenly Hair By Helen Taylor

‘Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell’

We all know that great hair is the best accessory you can ever have, so that’s why it’s so important to keep it in tip-top condition and looking fabulous. If this summer’s heat and sun damage is still taking its toll on your lengths, then autumn signals the time to get your hair back into shape, for good. Luckily for you there’s a fantastic choice of hair salons on your doorstep, that not only offer the best in colour and cutting services, but also stock an extensive range of products that will manage any unruly mane, not to mention revive post-holiday locks.

Jo at Caprio’s hair salon explains: “Sun, swimming and straighteners all cause holiday hangovers for our hair. Luckily, we’ve got a great range of products in the salon that can help. Try ‘Moroccanoil’, it’s an ultra-light, leavein formula that absorbs into the hair instantly, leaving a silky finish and brilliant shine - without any residue.” 76

Or, try out what Capelli Hairdressing have on offer in their salon: Organic Way (O-Way), is a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products which, as the name suggests, are rich in organic herbs and vegetable extracts, that work perfectly with the natural balance of your hair fibre. Sure to revive any troubled tresses.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


- A Classy Trend By Helen Taylor Embrace sophistication this season, by showcasing autumn’s smartest trend - Tailoring. Quality is key when creating the look - so invest in high-end fabrics, cuts and styles. Don’t be afraid to spend on your ‘classic’ collection; although pricey at the time of purchase, these pieces will last a lifetime. Paul from Pockets explains: “Our autumn/winter collection is built around this look. One of our top brands - Paul Smith London - have been inspired by classic English tailoring with a subtle modern twist - coloured buttonholes, bright silk linings and a slim silhouette are used in their designs.” Model wears: Paul Smith London, available at Pockets

He continues: “We also have a selection of knitwear and outwear which echoes this theme and completes our in-store collection.”

Camel Wool Funnel Coat £225 Austin Reed

Automatic ‘HydroConquest’ Watch £710 Longines at T.A. Henn See in store for a large range of Longines styles.

Grey Wool Cashmere Blazer £349 Chester by Chester Barrie at House of Fraser

Boots £140 Jeff Banks at Debenhams

Grey Wool Cashmere Trousers £346 Chester by Chester Barrie at House of Fraser


Open Days At Tettenhall College

Visit Tettenhall College to see why pupils, ranging from age 2 to 18, thrive in the positive environment that is created. By taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer and becoming involved in every aspect of school they develop a confidence for life in addition to academic success. Individual attention and support within small classes coupled with outstanding pastoral care enables all of our pupils to develop their own talents and abilities. Each and every pupil is encouraged to achieve their best. For some pupils this has resulted in gaining a place to read engineering at Cambridge, achieving national recognition as part of the UK Hockey Team, singing in the National Youth Choir and working as an illustrator on a number of children’s books. Other pupils have met their own personal 78

targets, which may be more modest but are just as important and celebrated with equal pride. Tettenhall College is built on strong academic, sporting and cultural foundations and in 2013 we look forward to celebrating our 150th Anniversary. A century and a half of quality education rests on these foundations and as the school has moved through the generations the facilities and opportunities provided have continued to grow. We are holding an exciting range of events throughout 2013 to commemorate past success, celebrate present achievement and to look towards an exciting future. We hope that you will join us on our Open Days on:

Friday 28th September, 9.30am - 3.30pm Saturday 29th September, 10.00am – 2.00pm

This is a fabulous opportunity to view the school in action, meet the dedicated teaching staff and our happy and successful pupils. As well as being amongst the best schools in the country in terms of pupils exceeding expected results in GCSE examinations Tettenhall College also has a strong tradition of excellence in art, music, drama and sport. Academic scholarships are therefore supported by a number of scholarships for art, music, drama and sport. In addition to our Open Days, we also offer families the opportunity to have a personal tour of the school throughout the term. If you would like to take advantage of a tour or require further information about the Open Day then please contact Annabelle Addison in our Admissions Office on (01902) 793002 or (01902) 751119.

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


OPEN DAYS FRIDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 9.30AM - 3.30PM SATURDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 10.00AM – 2.00PM Scholarships & Bursaries Available




For more information regarding our open days please contact Annabelle Addison on 01902 793002 or 01902 751119. Find us on Facebook

www ww w . te w.te w. tett tten tt enha en hall ha llco ll coll co lleg ll ege eg e . co .u e. .uk uk


Results Still Excellent After 500 Years 500 years of excellence in education continue to bear fruit at Wolverhampton Grammar School after its latest examination results saw students excel once again. This year 78 percent of all A Level passes were at grades A* - B, with almost half of all passes (48 percent) at A* or A; both sets of figures are up on those achieved in 2011. “In a year in which there has been intense pressure on examination boards to end the annual improvement in A Level performance, our students have certainly done themselves proud.” comments Vincent Darby, Head of WGS. “I am extremely pleased for all our A Level students who have worked so hard to achieve such excellent results. They thoroughly deserve our congratulations. These results provide a fitting end to a momentous year for WGS - a year in which the school celebrated its 500th anniversary.

who will go on to contribute so much to society in the future.

as mathematics and the sciences and the success our students have once again achieved at A Level, means that the majority have secured a place at their university of choice. We are now looking forward with anticipation to GCSE results. “It is important to note that these young men and women have not only studied hard in order to achieve superb results, they have also contributed so much to other areas of school life such as sport, music, drama and the many trips and expeditions put on each year. These students represent all those talented, hard working youngsters out there

“Although results days are an exciting part of the school calendar, it is always with a little sadness as it marks the time we say goodbye to our upper sixth form. As one set of students depart however, we look forward with anticipation to a new school year – one which brings with it exciting developments for WGS, none more so than its new quincentenary scholarship scheme. This exciting new initiative will provide free places for the brightest students entering Year 7 in 2013, and will go a long way to fulfilling the school’s aim of reaffirming itself as Wolverhampton’s grammar school.” Wolverhampton Grammar School was founded in 1512 by Sir Stephen Jenyns, a Wolverhampton wool merchant who, after being knighted by King Henry VIII went on to become Lord Mayor of London.

If you would like further information on Wolverhampton Grammar School and its exciting new scholarship programme contact the Admissions Registrar on 01902 422939, or come along to the school’s Open Day on Saturday 6th October 2012.

“Our results reflect a real focus on the more challenging subjects such 80

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012


Results keep going up! 5A* - C, including English and Maths, best percentage in five years Significant improvement in percentage of A* - B grades 100% pass rate for second year running GCSE students at The Royal Wolverhampton School have followed in the footsteps of their Sixth Form peers by exceeding the previous year group’s results. They attained an impressive 100% pass rate yet again and, against National trends, have significantly improved the percentage of five A* to C, including English and

Great GCSE Results for Royal Students!

Maths, grades. It is the best GCSE result the Royal has had in the last five years. A testament to the School’s growing achievements. Individual stars include James Harrison who achieved ten A* and one A grades. Arunjit Gill attained ten A and two B grades while Georgina Edwards received six A, three B, and two C grades. Super results for our boys in particular this year who seem to be bucking the normal trend. This success follows on from last year and continues the upward trend the School has seen over the last few years. The Royal

prides itself in its value-added grades - as a non-selective school, The Royal can celebrate the fact that its students attain at least one grade above their predicted score in each subject. These results attest to the fact that The Royal School has been going from strength to strength. This September, in addition to celebrating this year’s exceptional results in both the A Levels and GCSE results, the School is opening a new Boarding house in order to support the evergrowing student body.

The Royal Wolverhampton School Developing the Individual

OPEN DAY EVENTS Friday, 21 September, 10am - 3pm & Saturday, 22 September, 10am - 1pm

Independent Day & Boarding for Boys & Girls from 6 weeks to 18 years of age (boarding from 10 - 18 years) Penn Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV3 0EG Tel: 01902 341230


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Open Events

Years 7 and 9 as either boarders or out boarders. Out boarders are day students who take full advantage of the extended day, which includes a large range of activities and supervised homework before returning home for the evening. Weekly boarding avoids the daily school run, means quality time with your children at weekends and encourages students to develop confidence, independence and long-lasting friendships.

paying around £10,000 a year at a state boarding school.

State boarding is often referred to as education’s best kept secret.

Founded in 1667, Old Swinford Hospital has been part of the State Boarding Schools’ Association since its formation 21 year ago. Pupil numbers have grown from 338 in 1990 to the current figure of over 660. This growth includes a considerable increase in the number of students who board, currently 387, who are either weekly or full boarders.

However, it has become an increasingly successful and popular part of the education system and the outstanding all round success of Old Swinford Hospital is testimony to this. Parents pay only the cost of boarding, as the education costs are met by their Local Authority. This means that rather than paying £25,000+ a year for an independent boarding school, they would be

Admission for boys aged 11-16 normally takes place at the start of

For Sixth Formers, schools such as Old Swinford Hospital are proving particularly attractive, as competition for university places increases and students realise that boarding is the perfect preparation for the future. Boys can join as boarders or day students, whilst day places are available for girls. In recent years there has been a major expansion programme and Old Swinford Hospital now has a wonderful mix of fine historical buildings and state of the art teaching, sporting and boarding facilities.

Old Swinford Hospital – a place to have fun work hard and succeed.


OPEN MORNINGS Sat 15th Septem mbe b r an and d Sat 6 6th th Oct ctob o e er Sat 3rd and Sat 10th 10t 0 h No 0t Nove November vemb ve mber mb e (6th (6t 6th h Fo Form) or 9-11 9111.3 .30a 30a 0am m COME ON BOARD EVENING


Thurs 11th October 5.30--8pm

Tue uess 27 27th Novem ember 5-8pm

t Affordability

t St Stro rong ro ng p pas asto as tora to rall c ra care system

t Academic excellenc ce t Im Impr p essi pr sive ve e rran an nge ge of extr ex tra tr a c cu rric rr ic c ul l ar a and t Boarding fees just week eken ek end en d activi v tiies £3,475 per term Registration forms for 2013 Year 7 Outt Boar arder ar der pl place aces mus ace m t bbe s e subm ubmitt ubm i edd by 18th Sept 2012 itt

01384 817325

H eat ath at h L ane, a Stou o rb ou b ridge, i DY8 DY 8 1Q 1QX X 83

Jenny Owen, Ginnie Hickling, Bev Archer, Pat Lloyd-Davies, Maria Dunn & Michelle Paddock

Steve Gough, Richard Nash & Michael Brockley

Jaspal Mander, Louise Clarke, Stephanie Deeley, Sharon Jones & Sarah Leeke

On Friday 27th July, staff from the Nuffield Hospital organised a quiz night at Perton Golf club to raise funds for local children’s charity Promise Dreams and Jaydon Paddock who competes for the City of Birmingham Gymnastics club. A total of £1000 was raised which was an excellent result and a great night was had by all!

Social Scene

Sponsored by Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital The leading provider of private healthcare You couldn’t be in better hands! Call customer services on 01902 793259


Tracy Lawton, Jane Curtis & Adie Penn

Derek Smith, Emma Bunting & Keith Lawton

Emma Avery, Gordon & Janine Avery & Tony Avery

David Parker, Jenny Moon, Jenny Hand & Karen Wilcox

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

Friends of The Grand with Sherrie Hewson

From left,Tom Campbell (jacket), Scott Bird, Fran Richards, Jon Wyer, Sarah Edwards, Kim Gilmour and Kate Evans

Josie Baker, Debbie Thomson, Gordon Hands and Alan Arthur

Julie Boot, Clare Pomeroy and Mike Tomlinson

In June the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton held their annual Pantomime Launch at the Novotel with special Pantomime guests Sherrie Hewson with Keith Harris and Orville. Fifty members of The Friends of The Grand also attended the event along with the local press.

Margaret and Les Millington with Sue Clarke and friend

Peter Suddock, Mark Drew and Becky Sharpe

Sherrie Hewson, Orville and Keith Harris

Simon Walkinton, Iain Watkins and Sarah Edwards


Treat Your Home To Some TLC This Autumn

The time is ripe for setting about getting your home fit for next winter. And there’s no excuse for neglect, after all your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your life apart from your children, and it’s important to keep it in good shape. A house is, so they say, a machine for living in and how many machines do you know of that will run for ever without proper maintenance? Necessity established, what is your next move? A quick survey should be first. Take a pad and pen and, starting inside at the top, work your way through every room and passageway, noting down problem areas as you go. Look for flaking paint, damp patches on walls and

Dave Russon

Pop up into the loft and check the insulation is everywhere, thick and snug except under the water tank where it should be non-existent. Check there are no loose tiles you can see, that the roof lining is in one piece, that there is no sign of infestation by insect or rodent. It’s worth remembering that the thicker the loft insulation the more effective the insulation properties, so another layer might be a good idea. Next move outside and begin again. Check that all woodwork is in good repair, note any with flaking paint or signs of rot. Look at the roof for slipped tiles. Examine the gutters for slippage, blockage or leaks. Grass will grow up there better than on the lawn if you allow it to, and birds seem to love building nests in gutters. Make sure the down pipes are connected appropriately to them. Green algae growth on brickwork is a sure sign of water penetration. Flaking bricks may need replacing. Look carefully at the damp course and make sure it has not been breached or covered with soil. The drains will need scrutiny too. Make sure they are not blocked with leaves or other rubbish. All exterior woodwork needs careful attention; it is far more exposed than that inside. Flaking paint will no longer prove protection. Rotten wooden window frames will soon fall way taking the windows with them - perhaps replacement windows are required? Exterior doors need the same attention indeed, unless they are in the best of repair, they will no longer provide the burglar-proof barrier you need, let alone keep out the weather. Front doors are usually fine but back doors often get overlooked and they usually provide the perfect way in for unwanted guests. Hanging a door is a fiddly business for an amateur, try if you wish but unless you are really sure you know what you are doing, send for a professional.

Painter & Decorator Professional Painting & Decorating

◗ Interior & Exterior ◗ Reliable & friendly service ◗ City and Guilds Qualified For a free quote please call

01902 687818 or 07710 485036 Woodbank Road, Sedgley, DY3 3NW


ceiling, doors that need draught excluders, windows that rattle, let in draughts, have cracked glass or need replacing, skirtings that seem to have dropped a touch, light fittings far beyond their best, electric points that no longer fit snugly to the wall, creaking floor boards, wobbly door handles, locks that stick, taps that drip and anything else that presents itself. You can probably deal with most of that yourself, draught excluders especially are among the cheapest to buy and easiest to fit of all home improvements. Damp patches and electrical problems will obviously need further investigation and you may have to call in a professional.

Whatever your maintenance or repair problem, your local DIY store or builders’ merchant will be happy to provide the advice, tools and materials you need. Be wary though, there are many jobs that a professional builder can tackle that a DIY fiend will find difficult if not impossible. Some jobs indeed can be downright dangerous when tackled by an enthusiastic amateur. In the final analysis, as long as you know what your property’s faults are and you get them dealt with, it doesn’t matter a jot who does them as long as they are all done well!

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

slating, tiling, leadwork, flat-to-pitch conversions, felt roofs, and solar installations, every job is completed to the very highest standard. Also providing an expert service for Listed buildings, it’s no surprise that Dent & Partners Limited are frequently contracted by English Heritage and the National Trust. Always happy to offer advice and free quotations, the team are on hand to quickly and easily assess your requirements.

Dent & Partners Limited - Excellent Customer Service Since 1956 As a long established and trusted roofing company, Dent & Partners Limited has been offering customers excellent service in the Midlands and wider area since forming in 1956. Owners Colin Rhodes, Jason Mackin and Ian Rhodes - who have a combined 80 years of experience in

the trade - employ an expert team of long serving, highly skilled and friendly craftsmen as well as apprentices, who work with the team to gain valuable experience. Offering tailored services to suit all roofing requirements, the team at Dent are adept at undertaking all projects on both a commercial and domestic scale. Experts in

Boasting competitive prices and long guarantees, the team at Dent are undoubtedly the trusted choice in roofing and what’s more they are also members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, Trustmark and Constructionline - so, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best. As Jason explains: “We are proud of the excellent service that we offer to our customers and we ensure that each one is looked after. We take pride in our work and every roof that we undertake is finished to the highest standard - our service is first class and this is why we have become the number one roofing contractor in the Midlands.”


Using only the latest and best in high pressure rotary equipment, driveways, patios, swimming pool areas, conservatories or, in fact, any paved space, can be cleaned with outstanding results. And that’s not all as fencing, decking, tarmac and creteprint can also be restored to a near new finish with a visit from Able.

Transform The Look Of Your Property With Able Cleaning Services Make the most of your outdoor space at home by refreshing your property with an expert clean from Able Cleaning Services. Whether it’s your conservatory, driveway or fascia that’s looking less than sparkling, Able cleaning Services are on hand to revitalise any tired looking property. With a reputation for delivering fast, effective and reliable service

In addition to catering to all exterior cleaning requirements, the team also undertake any aspect of grounds maintenance, so you can leave the pruning, mowing and trimming to Able.

to all of their clients, the team at Able have become the premier choice for both homeowners and businesses alike across the whole of the West Midlands. Owner Scott ensures that every job is completed to the highest standards, as he explains: “We work hard to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with the work we do for them. We have hundreds of happy customers and we take pride in our work.”

“We undertake any job - no matter how big or small. We strive to meet our customers’ demands and tailor our service to meet with their requirements. We ensure that every customers’ experience with Able Cleaning Services is second to none,” adds Scott. So whatever you’ve got planned for your home or business, make sure you give Able a call for a free no obligation quotation. The results will sweep the competition away.

Transform the look of your property

“The Restoration Specialists”

‡ Driveway Cleaning, Restoration & Sealing ‡ Imprinted Concrete Recolouring ‡ Tarmac Renovation ‡ Patio Restoration & Sealing ‡ Repairs & Re-pointing ‡ Decking & Fence Restoration ‡ Conservatory, UPVC & Guttering Cleaning ‡ Roof Cleaning / Pressure Washing For a full range of our services, please visit our website:


For a Free No Obligation Quotation or Free Advice, Please Contact Us on

01902 657211 or 07590 389991

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Is your conservatory unusable at times? too hot in summer and too cold in winter, rendering your expensive room

H E R E ’ S T H E S O LU T I O N

Follows the existing vaulted roof shape with minimal height loss. Looks externally exactly the same. We can insulate your existing roof, and ďŹ nish it to a smooth traditional plastered surface, just like all the other rooms in your home.



)RUDQLQVWDQWTXRWHcall BrianRQ07854 058222RU(01384) 620506


Adopt A Clean Conscience With Brindley Wolverhampton Brindley Wolverhampton urges local businesses to adopt a clean conscience on the eve of the arrival of the new V40  Volvo achieves top three place in BusinessCar Survey’s eco-driving league  Drive-E technologies can mean savings at the fuel pump and less benefit in kind (BIK) payments for company car drivers  Brindley Wolverhampton urges local business to consider cleaner vehicles and save money Volvo dealership Brindley Wolverhampton’s corporate sales team is urging local companies to adopt a cleaner conscience by choosing company cars with Drive-E technologies after the brand achieved third place in the top 20 fleet brands for eco-driving at its specialist business centres. Now in its fifth year, the company car-sector dedicated magazine and website BusinessCar’s survey rates the top 20 fleet brands for eco-effectiveness. The BusinessCar survey provides valuable information for fleet operators looking for the most fuel-efficient vehicles with the best CO2 which translates into both fuel pump savings and less benefit in kind (BIK) payments. Thanks to fuel efficient vehicles, which now include 14 versions across the brand’s two sub-100g/ km 2013 models - the C30 and the all-new V40, Volvo leapt into the top three in the rating and recorded a massive 8.8% below its EU target. 90

An increasing number of businesses are looking at ways to reduce costs and selecting more fuel and taxefficient vehicles for company car fleets is an obvious choice which translates to cleaner motoring. Brindley Wolverhampton, located at Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, has seen demand for vehicles with Drive-E technologies continually rise and the arrival of the V40 this month (July) is expected to boost sales of its more fuel efficient vehicles even further. Says the dealership’s business sales manager Neal Shaw: “We are seeing more and more user choosers selecting vehicles with reduced personal tax implications (Benefit in Kind) which inevitably means driving cars which are more fuel efficient and emit less CO2. The benefits can extend beyond the first year, for example, the new V40 D2 with a CO2 rating of just 94g/km, stays in the lowest tax band for the first two years. Fleet managers and local bosses can also save money with Employers National Insurance contributions on the lower CO2 cars as well as lower fuel costs.” Using data from a number of sources, including the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), BusinessCar identified 10 categories, each marked out of five to give a grand total out of 50, which was then doubled to reach its percentage score. Volvo was the survey’s biggest climber over last year with a 74 per cent rating behind winners Peugeot (82 per cent) and Volkswagen (80 per cent) but achieved a higher rating than rivals Audi (70 per cent), Mercedes-Benz (34 per cent) and BMW (68 per cent).

The Drive-E name follows on from Volvo’s DRIVe-badged vehicles. Originally fitted to those models that offered the best environmental performance in their respective segments, the new Drive-E is now the suite of innovative technologies to include low emitting vehicles whether they are powered by conventional means, electric or a combination such as the new plug-in hybrid. An incredible 330+ cars across the Volvo range now fall under160g/ km CO2 reflecting the brand’s commitment to fuel efficient driving. Sub-100g/km CO2 + £0 Road Tax, Benefit in Kind (BIK) 2012/13 just 13 per cent models with Drive-E technologies (figures - combined cycle):  C30 D2 Start/Stop 78.5mpg & 94g/km  V40 D2 Manual (with 205 tyres) - 78.5mpg & 94g/km  V40 D2 Manual (with 225 tyres) - 74.3mpg & 99g/km

Low emissions and high mpgs are now available with an automatic too. S60,V60, S80 and V70 models with the D2 engine are available with the Powershift gearbox all sub 120g/km for CO2. Environmental and economic factors are not compromised as the automatic gearboxed cars deliver exactly the same fuel economy and emissions as the class-leading manual ‘boxed variants. And for those who want a bit more power with their low Co2s and high mpgs, the D3, D4 and D5 manual engines are all within reach, all except V70 are 120g/km and below.

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EXHAUSTS To fit Ford Ka 1.3 (02-08) 154-123 ONLY £39.95 BATTERIES With 4 YEAR WARRANTY UK063E ONLY £43.95 GOODYEAR SPECIALS RunOnFlat Tyres

195/55 HR 16 Excellence £113.95


Size / Make

195/65 VR 15 205/55 VR 16 225/45 YR 17 225/40 YR 18

Bridgestone ER300 Bridgestone ER300 Bridgestone S001 Bridgestone RE050XL

£71.00 £73.95 £107.95 £131.00

Buy 4

£139 £145 £210 £255

£270 £280 £410 £499




STANDARD TYRES from 165/70TR13 .......... 175/70TR14 .......... 175/65TR14 ..........

Buy 2


£ 31.00 £ 38 .95 £ 34 .95


PERFORMANCE TYRES from 185/60HR14 ............ FROM ONLY 185/65HR15 ............ FROM ONLY 195/65HR15 ........... FROM ONLY

HIGH PERFORMANCE TYRES from 185/55VR15 ............ FROM ONLY 195/65VR15 ............ FROM ONLY 205/55VR16 ............ FROM ONLY

245/40 YR 18 NCT 5 £224.95

£ 39. 50 £ 39.95 £ 39.95



£ 29.95

Please quote ‘Town & Village Life’


£ 41. 50 £ 43 .95 £ 49.95

205/55WR16 ........... FROM ONLY 225/45WR17 ........... FROM ONLY 225/40WR18 ........... FROM ONLY


Level Street, Close to Merry Hill Centre Brierley Hill DY5 1UA

01384 75555

Also at: KIDDERMINSTER Unit 1C, Greenhill Ind. Est., Birmingham Road, DY10 2RN. Tel: 01562 752777



£ 49.95

£ 49.95 £ 54 .95 £ 56 .95











4x4 TYRES 91

The New Flagship BMW 7 Series

The new BMW 7 Series is set to reinforce its position as the most innovative sedan in the luxury segment. The flagship model series of the BMW fleet embodies sporting elegance, refined powertrain technology and luxurious comfort

in equal measure. And now, by making a clear step up in terms of product substance, the Sedan is set to underline its leadership. New LED headlights, an upgraded interior with optimised soundproofing, markedly improved ride comfort, a comprehensive selection of optional equipment and state-of-

the-art safety technology combine to create an in-car experience from the top drawer. A line-up of either new or optimised drive systems, including the world’s most powerful six-cylinder in-line diesel engine and the secondgeneration BMW ActiveHybrid 7, set new performance and efficiency benchmarks.

Look out for your invitation to our Launch Event on 22nd & 23rd Sept. Call us on 01902 457000 or visit *Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.


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The BMW Range

The Ultimate Driving Machine


THE VALUE OF PERFECT ENGINEERING. BMW epitomises the ultimate driving experience with near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution, rear-wheel drive, high level of standard FRVJQNFOUBOE#.8&G‫ש‬DJFOU%ZOBNJDTUFDIOPMPHJFTUIBUEFMJWFSJNQSPWFEQFSGPSNBODFBOEFDPOPNZ/PX UIBOLTUPHFOFSPVT EFQPTJUDPOUSJCVUJPOTBOEBUUSBDUJWF‫ש‬OBODF PVSPGGFSTBSFBMNPTUBTXFMMFOHJOFFSFEBTPVSDBST BMW Select finance examples. Term of 47 On the agreement monthly road cash payments price*

$VTUPNFS deposit

%FBMFS Total deposit deposit contribution

Total amount of credit

Option to Optional purchase final fee^ payment

Total amount payable

Rate of interest

BMW Select finance representative example for the BMW 116d Sport 5-door Sports Hatch. 48 months £239.99




£3,805.34 £18,359.66 £10.00


£24,297.37 3.9% fixed Representative 3.9% APR

BMW Select finance example for the BMW 320d Sport Saloon. 48 months £399.85




£5,513.60 £28,866.38 £10.00

£13,325.40 £35,628.35 3.9% fixed 3.9% APR

Visit to tailor your own quotation or to view stock available for immediate delivery.

BMW ECONOMICS. Benham Wolverhampton



Going for Evoque

Bringing prestige and privilege to the people in a popularly-priced package, the new Range Rover Evoque has buyers queuing up - as well as a new Jaguar/ Land Rover engine-plant facility soon springing up in Wolverhampton - but is it all style and marketing guile? Rob Taylor finds out. “Nice wheels, pal,” proffered the inscrutable bloke in the ancient Land Rover Defender, before issuing the caveat: “careful you don’t scratch ’em off-road.” Keen to engage in a little impromptu market research, I enlightened him, imparting that this particular Evoque - the ED4 150 Prestige - is 94

two-wheel drive and, as such, has no off-road pretensions whatsoever. However, not to be outdone in this fuelling station stand-off, he quipped: “Does Posh Spice know you’re driving her car?”, chuckled, excited his prehistoric behemoth into life, and left.

Enveloped by and suffocating from the noxious black smoke released from his 19th Century chimney of an exhaust pipe and, staring blankly at the horse’s behind poking out of the trailer-box hitched up to the back of his Landie, I was at a loss to find a telling retort - confident that, as with every other such

town & village life magazine | september/october 2012

occasion in life, a choice oneliner would come to me later. MOVING WITH THE TIMES There have always been those of us who are scared of progress; reluctant to let go of the past and unwilling to appreciate the need to address new and more pressing concerns: those who burn their favourite bands’ CDs when they ‘sell out’ and boycott car manufacturers when they sully their bloodline with offerings like the Maserati Kubang and Porsche Cayenne. Well, for the remainder of this review, they can keep to the country lanes and farmers’ fields and ‘keep off our property’ - the hottest property in car sales at the moment, in fact. Having driven the new Evoque, I can see exactly why it’s just so hot at the moment - and why Land Rover relented to customer demand and decided to build it. This 3-door coupe version has an aesthetic appeal best left to photographers to describe, but

suffice it to say that it’s among the most eye-watering and stylish soft-roaders ever. It drives, rides and steers well too and, although it’s not equipped with the optional MagneRide dampers, its handling is well controlled and quite rewarding. The weight saving afforded by the simple front-wheel drive set-up helps both with its 0-60 mph time of 10.6 seconds and combined fuel economy figure of 57.6 mpg. The 2.2 litre four cylinder 150bhp diesel unit has all the poise and refinement of a Swiss finishing school and this carries over into the Evoque’s cabin as well. SUPERIOR INTERIOR Luxurious and well-appointed, the interior space (designed with input from Victoria Beckham - hence the earlier jibe and groping for a suitably pithy reply: “Don’t be an ass” just won’t cut it in polite society) exudes quality and is entirely befitting the Range Rover name: a full leather interior, camera-based

reversing system, voice-guided sat-nav and climate control join metallic paint and bi-xenon LED lights as standard features. Not bad for just under £37,000. Likewise is its reluctance to wither trees and melt the Fox’s polar bear’s glacier mint, spewing out as it does just 129 grams of Co2, despite its heady 280 lb ft of torque. In fact, irrespective of the limited rear-view visibility (style is always worthwhile and it’s a problem niftily negated by the parking camera) the Evoque stands up to scrutiny rather well. It’s a vehicle for fashionistas not farmers. Approach it with the correct, progressive mentality and - being mindful that Land Rover still offer myriad hardcore off-road vehicles in their range - the rewards are legion. See: “Horses for courses”. Told you I’d think of something eventually. 95

The Rotary Club Of Kinver held at the Fox Inn at Stourton. He praised Jim for the many years he had devoted to both Kinver Parish Council and South Staffs District Council and his tireless devotion to the KSCA for whom he had been bookings secretary at the Edward Marsh Centre for decades.

While one of Kinver’s most prominent Rotarians was making a presentation to the recipient of the Kinver Rotary Club Community Services Award he was unaware that he himself was about to receive the highest honour a club can bestow on one of its members. Ken Graham, chairman of the club’s Community and Vocational Services Committee, presented the Community Services Award to Jim Gosling at the club’s Charter Night

In his speech of thanks Jim spoke of the great pleasure he had derived from the various activities he had undertaken in the village and added that he could not have carried them out without the support of his wife Jill. Rotary Club president Neil Brazier then sprang the surprise of the evening when he presented Ken with a Paul Harris Fellowship, and award for outstanding service to a Rotary club by one of its members. (He is pictured approaching an unaware Ken). He noted that Ken was only the sixth Kinver member of the club to receive the honour in the club’s 25 year history although four members who had joined Kinver Rotary Club from the defunct Brierley

Hill club had swelled the number of Paul Harris Fellows to ten. Neil recalled that Ken had served on the club’s council in various capacities almost continuously since he joined in 1995, having undertaken the Chairmanship of the Community Services International committees, Speakers Secretary, club secretary and club President. The guest speaker at the charter night was broadcaster and writer Peter Tomlinson who was making a return to the club having addressed charter night when he was heading the then fledgling Saga Radio which went on to be a highly successful Midlands broadcasting station.

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Word Search: Hidden Phrase: Photography helps people to see. Berenice Abbott


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Glass & Hardware Specialists Total Glass Fittings 15 Golf Clubs Wergs Golf Club 43 Hairdressers Capelli 69 Caprios 71 Health Clubs Imagine Spa 68 Holistic Therapy Auraveda 65 Hospices Compton Hospice 53 Hospitals (Private) Nuffield 67 Interior Designers Creative Interiors 18 Total Glass Fittings 15 Jewellers T.A.Henn 7 Kitchens (Supply, design & fit) Eaton Kitchens 21 Roman Bathrooms 27 Leisure Imagine Spa at The Copthorne 68 South Staffs Leisure Centres 64 Lawn Care Greenstripes 40 Painters & Decorators Dave Russon 86 Restaurants/Pubs Bravaccios 60 Catellanis 56 Copthorne Hotel 63 French Connection 61 Halfpenny Green Vineyards 49 Island Pool 54 Red Lion 61 Saffron Pink 56 Sir Jack’s 55 Six Ashes 55 Wolverhampton Racecourse 57 Wombourne Tandoori 60 Roofing Contractors Dent & Partners 87 Tiles & Interiors Tile Choice 5 Travel Agencies Travel Bureau 47 Solar Energy Installation Ace Solar 23 Theatres The Grand Theatre 51 Vineyard & Craft Centre Halfpenny Green Vineyard 49 Windows & Conservatories Bradmore Windows 2 Hayley Windows 17 Tettenhall Windows 13 97

New Models New Choices From Benham MINI 2012 is an exciting time at Benham MINI with the launch of 6 NEW models. Experience the race bred thrills along with four wheel drive, ALL4, in the New MINI John Cooper Works Countryman, with a brand new 218 bhp engine and the option of a 6 speed automatic gearbox and enhanced standard specification this is a really exciting development for us. Stand out from the crowd style can be amazingly practical. The MINI Clubvan brings apparently conflicting profiles together into a single package. Taking its lead from the 1960’s Morris Mini Van the Clubvan sees history repeating itself albeit in a slightly different guise. Along with our MINI Olympic Edition and in keeping with the theme of the London Olympics we will also be introducing you to another 3 exclusive models. The MINI Baker Street, MINI Bayswater and MINI Highgate Convertible all with additional and unique levels of trim and specification. Call into Benham MINI anytime for an update on these vehicles arriving, visit our website or call 01902 457001.

Better still call in for a coffee, we look forward to seeing you soon. 98


AT £159 A MONTH TURNS EVERYTHING ON ITS HEAD. It’s true. You can get a brand new MINI First Hatch with MINI tlc^ (5 years or 50,000 miles servicing) for just £159* a month, plus a deposit. Head down to Benham Wolverhampton to hear about all the upsides.

BENHAM WOLVERHAMPTON Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV2 1AS 01902 457001

Official Fuel Economy Figures for the MINI Hatch Range: Urban 28.0-67.3 mpg (10.1-4.2 l/100km). Extra Urban 53.3-80.7 mpg (5.3-3.5 l/100km). Combined 39.8-74.3 mpg (7.1-3.8 l/100km). CO2 Emissions 165-99 g/km. *Example based on a 48 month Contract Hire agreement for the model shown, a MINI First with MINI tlc. Deposit £2,699, contract mileage 32,000 and excess mileage charge of 2p per mile. ^MINI tlc provides scheduled service cover for 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) at MINI Workshops; maintenance items (e.g. tyres, brake pads and 2nd brake fluid change) not covered; not transferable to another vehicle. Figures are correct at time of publication (July 2012) and are subject to change without notice. Hiring is subject to status and available in the UK only (excl. the Channel Islands). Individuals must be 18 or over. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Advertised hire facilities provided by MINI Financial Services, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UF. Retail customers only, when ordered between 1 July and 30 September and registered by 30 November 2012.


} 0


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z } o ^ 0% VAT

M{zd{ MX-5 2.0 Sport tech roadster Coupe

£17,995 saving £5,000 )/É9ddgqo`]]dk sports seats

D]Yl`]jk]Ylkoal`-%klY_]k]Yl`]Yl]jk :gk]®Ym\agYf\afl]_jYl]\:dm]lggl`® ;daeYl][gfljgdYaj%[gf\alagfaf_


BRINDLEY MAZDA Grange Lane, Lye, Stourbridge DY9 7HH

Tel. 08430 221176

Also: West St, off Stafford Rd A449, Wolverhampton WV10 6HT ;Yddk[`Yj_]\Yldg[YdjYl]

T. 08430 223247

L`]g^Ô[aYd^m]d[gfkmehlagfÔ_mj]kafeh_ d')((ce!^gjl`]EYr\YEP%-jYf_]2MjZYf*-&, ))&)!Æ*0&0 1&0!&=pljYMjZYf ,-&. .&*!Æ-(&, -&.!&;geZaf]\+-&+ 0&(!Æ+1&0 /&)!&;G*]eakkagfk _'ce!)00%)./& Retail sales only, subject to availability at participating dealers only on vehicles registered between 01 August and 30 November 2012. Terms and conditions apply. ^0% VAT kYnaf_gfk]d][l]\eg\]dkgfdqYf\akl`]]imanYd]fllg*(N9LYhhda]\lggja_afYdZYk]hja[]Yf\af[dm\]k\]Yd]j[gfljaZmlagf&L`](N9LkYnaf_]p[dm\]kjgY\lYp$Ôjkl j]_akljYlagf^]]$\]Yd]jÔll]\Yf\^Y[lgjqÔll]\ghlagfk$N9LYll`][mjj]fljYl]g^*(kladdYhhda]klgl`]\ak[gmfl]\hja[]&Eg\]dk`gof2EYr\YEP%-JgY\kl]j;gmh]*&(aKhgjl L][`$GLJ^jge›)1$**.af[dm\]kYN9LkYnaf_g^›+$/.1&Gfl`]jgY\hja[]af[dm\]kN9L$fmeZ]jhdYl]k$\]dan]jq$)*egfl`kËjgY\^mf\da[]f[]$Ôjklj]_akljYlagf^]]$+q]Yjgj 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European roadside assistance. °Test drives subject to applicant status and availability. Details correct at time of going to print. Not available af[gfbmf[lagfoal`Yfqgl`]jg^^]jmfd]kkkh][aÔ]\&

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