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Resources & Tools Studies Weekly Student Magazines Studies Weekly is a simple and cost-effective way to teach vital subjects to your K6 students. In as little as one hour per week, you can cover all your state standards using a focused and engaging publication students love.

Pass out Studies Weekly to your class and watch the students light up as they devour their very own weekly newspaper. Every Studies Weekly student edition is available to download in PDF format. Project them onto a screen to allow your class to read and work together!

Social Studies Publications Nobody teaches the history of our great nation, or your state, with more care and passion than Studies Weekly! Our unique approach to teaching combines a fun and engaging student

magazine kids love, with a concise and cost-effective teaching program that requires less prep time than most textbooks.

With Studies Weekly you’ll find you have more free time to spend with your students, helping them learn required social studies standards. And our publications have been proven to raise test scores, so your students will be prepared when it comes to required state testing. In most cases, Studies Weekly covers 100% of national and state social studies standards with less prep time than other formats.

Address : 1922 West 200 North, Lindon, UT, 84042, USA Call us : 866-311-8734 website :

Studies Weekly Kindergarten Science  

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