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Want to lose weight?

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Want to get back into shape? 2. Trying to find expert help for fitness with your health needs taken into consideration? 3. Expert help is ready at your table at Studeo 55! 1.

Call Us - 604.684.0544, Email -

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Join the ranks of the health enthusiasts who have done it all to be healthy! Studeo 55 is a boutique health club and fitness centre. The main focus is on ensuring proper fitness regime for each individual Individual focus on the health and fitness requirements Try out a wide range of fitness activities and training regimes to look your best and get fit! Call Us - 604.684.0544, Email -

Not every personal trainer at just about every fitness centre can offer you the right guidance. 2. Understand your body in a better way and get expert opinion. 3. Plan right, workout right, eat right, sleep right and get trained right! 4. A healthier life and a happier life‌ await you! 1.

Call Us - 604.684.0544, Email -

Call us to become a member or enroll with us to benefit from our expert and quality personal training sessions. Get a grip on your life and let us assist you in becoming a healthier, happier and perkier you!

Call Us - 604.684.0544, Email -

 Either call us or visit our health and fitness centre.  Phone: 604.684.0544  E-mail:


DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER  Unit 202 - 865 Hornby, V6Z 2G3 Website: Call Us - 604.684.0544, Email -

Personal Training is a Blessing  

Personal training is a blessing as the trainers take individual attention with proper guidance and correcting the postures.

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