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Fête Universelle Fête Uni is around the corner! Discover the fun facts about the countries and get a glimpse of what to expect before you get there!

Poo To Plastic

What? Making plastic out of poo? The new gold mine! Recycle your “waste” for a green future!

The DHR Concept Weeks

Missed the last DHR Concept Weeks? Here is a summary of two weeks of hard work and blissful experiences.

Le crash financier

Ou comment réussir le module « finance » les doigts dans le nez.

France 2 Immersion L’école cinq étoiles Réaction au sujet du dernier reportage de France 2 sur l’EHL. Parce qu’on n’a jamais une deuxième chance de faire une bonne première impression.


Student Voice


Student Voice

Editor’s note A Rien que pour vous...

Especially for you...

Proche de l’EHL, il existe un

Close to the EHL, there is

endroit où seul votre beauté

a place where only your

et votre bien-être importent...

beauty and well-being

Emeraude Esthétique vous


recoit, dans un cadre discret

Emeraude Esthétique is a

et agréable pour vous

discreet and comfortable

proposer un moment de

environment for you to relax,


unwind and enjoy a wide


range of treatments.

s we come closer to the end of the year, possibly the end of the world, we come to realize that there’s a lot more to life than the snow covered Chalet-a-Gobet. The end of exams certainly sparked that realization. With the possibility of the sunny beaches, going home and copious amounts of holiday food, I’m sure everyone is finding it hard to concentrate or even come to classes. But we do have something more to look forward to in the next week (other than the release of this Student Voice of course). Fete Universelle, for one, is the major catalyst which has kept everyone from going home a week early for the holidays. In this issue, we cover some of the festivities you can come to expect. Personally, I believe it could be a great tool to help you map out your path for the night i.e. which food to eat first and which drinks to take. We’ve also got some wonderful recipes to guide you through all dinner invitations you’re bound to receive throughout the next week. And should you still be undecided about what you want for Christmas, check out our Christmas wishlist. If you’re going to be staying in and around Lausanne, treat yourself to a night at a brasserie with the help of LikeEat tastings or visit Crans-montana. All in all, we hope that our bigger format and increased committee and student contribution has shown as much of the Students as possible. Remember, that we’re always here for you. So feel free to express yourself, no matter what the context. And as a parting note, we’d like to wish you a Happy (well-deserved) Holidays! Your Student Voice

Actualites/ News End of the world: Myth or reality p.4

Top 8 things i want to do before the world ends p.6 New years eve, New York p.6 Fête uni p.7 France 2 immersion p.10 Sharing p.11

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Le crash financier p.13

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Never stop learning p13 . Le folklore des examens p.13


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EMBA 2012-2013: the older new kids on the block p14 What we do in Diploma? part.1 p15 Advice to the EMBA students p15 The DHR concept week p16

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Random things you should know before the end of the world p.23 To spoon or Not to spoon p.24

Emeraude Esthétique Chemin de la Vulliette 29a Le Chalet-à-Gobet 1000 Lausanne 25 T. 021 784 00 61

Start sleeping on the 23rd, wake up on the 26th! p.25 Christmas present ideas for everyone p.26 Recipes p.27 The gym. What's that again? p.29 Hohoholiday films p.30


Student Voice


Student Voice

Actualites/ News

What's new ?


As seen in the movie, 2012, the Earth will undergo a polar shift from the ‘galactic alignment’ and enforce a gravitational pull on our planet. This will, in a few words, finish us all. OK maybe not as tragic but there are signs that the continents are drifting away slowly, with melting ice caps contributing to the occurrence.

Recently scientist observed what is called a solar “tsunami”. Known as solar flares and prominences, if aimed at the Earth could disrupt our electrical systems and satellites. Think of the consequences - no electricity = no internet. That’s worse than the end of the world! Right?

o news has it that Americans are now using poo to make plastic, more precisely human waste to make bioplastic. We take a look at the processes involved: Sewage is churned for couple of days

¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

It becomes like a soup mixture which is separated into solid and liquid The liquid is the element used to feed bugs

Polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHAs is produced by natural bacteria (type of polyester made from sugar by enzymes, produced by the bacteria to store carbon) The broth formed by the liquid and bug mixture is put in a fermenter A stress is induced whereby the organisms take up all the carbon and turn it into plastic

Sounds too easy? Well unlike plastic made from petrol, the process here is simple because the most complicated organisms are the bacteria that process the waste. Learned something new today I hope, while also hoping this did not ruin your appetite (I actually had to watch the documentary, so not as bad). Khooshal Metoo

End of the world: Myth or reality ? If like me, Milky Way to you is another chocolate bar then fear not - we are not alone! However a more general reference to the Milky Way represents the galaxy that contains our Solar system. Rumour has it that a ‘galactic alignment’ will occur when the sun appears near the midpoint of the Milky Way. This alignment will expose the Earth to doom, either through a polar shift or a stirring of the black hole. The Maya, on the other hand, call the end of the world as Day Zero or That is when their Long Court, a length circular calendar, will begin its new cycle. Time does not end, instead it is renewed.

Now, let’s ponder for a moment. Either be it 21.12.2012 or, is the end really an end? Maybe we will never find out, what we do know is this:

“what the caterpillar calls the end of the world the Master calls a butterfly.”


Student Voice

Top 8 things I want to do before the world ends 1S 2345678Queeney Hernandez

Host one huge epic meal time in countries where people are starving – if we die, at least we die content and full of bacon Make everyone find their true love – thus solidifying me as the best wing(wo)man ever and because no one wants to die alone Go to space – primarily so I could survive the apocalypse and be “the girl who lived” (10 points for the Harry Potter reference)

Travel the world on a magic carpet like Aladdin – because that would show me a whole new world Go base or bungee jumping – that way I wouldn’t be so scared to die since I would already have a glimpse of how it would feel like to have my guts spilled onto the earth Steal all the artillery in the world and exchange them for water/foam guns – then proceed to hold the biggest foam party ever

Wear only designer gowns – at least, I’ll leave this Earth looking fabulous



t is hard to believe another year has already passed and 2013 is quickly approaching. In about two weeks from now the (well deserved) Christmas holidays start and most of the students from school will probably go home and enjoy Christmas with their family. Then after Christmas it’s time to get ready for the New Year’s Eve party! Most people plan far in advance in what place they want to spend New Year’s. Some of you might probably go to New York City. The Big Apple is one of the most attractive destinations for tourist wanting to spend their New Years in the United States. New York City attracts over 1 million visitors during the End of year vacation and The New Year’s eve party on Time Square hosts more than 500,000 people. When I was in New York a couple of years ago for New Year’s Eve, I still remember this huge Time Square Ball lowering itself on its

flagpole, the loud signal that announced the start of the New Year and the cheers of everyone around me, as the clock ticked twelve. At exactly twelve, millions of New Yorkers, and over a billion around the world, are watching this same event and are bidding farewell to the year that just passed and welcoming the upcoming year with hope and joy. Of course, being in New York for New Year’s Eve doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll spend the night on Time Square. There are many other ways to spend this last night of the year in New York. Some (wise) folks might go to a Broadway for a theater or a show. Some simply prefer to stay home with family or party with friends. However, it is important to have fun and to forget, even if it is only for one night, the stress of the exams and the long IP group meetings hence to be well prepared (and well rested) for the rest of the school year.


o the world is ending yet again. What’s amazing though is that we’ve never really bothered to do anything more to savour our last days (No, that doesn’t include anything “YOLO” you’ve done recently i.e. get drunk and potentially break all the bones in your body). I’m talking about life-changing, heart-warming, outrageous actions that could potentially change the world, and you, in the most awesome and epic way possible. Below are the things I would do if I had the money, magical powers, and the biggest set of balls ever.


Student Voice


Fun Facts: • We have more Rolls-Royces per person than any country in the world • Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbour •Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world, more than doubling the amount in New York. What to expect: • Working with Macau this year, we will bring to you some old favorites as well as new tastes. Look out for the Iconic Mango Sago Pomelo Soup, its a unique dessert only found in Hong Kong!


Fun fact: • After breaking up with their boyfriends, Japanese girls usually cut their hair. What to expect: • Tuna, salmon, california rolls, cucumber • Calpico Lychee Cocktail


Fun facts: • We use chopsticks to eat instead of cutleries • Approximately 40% of all Vietnamese, or more than 30 million people, share the same family name – NguyenHanoi is located at the same geographical latitude, 21 degrees North, with Honolulu in Hawaii and Cancun in Mexico Vietnamese take a nap after lunch. This means driving from 12noon to 1pm is really quiet and smoothYes, no traffic jam! • One out of 3 people in Vietnam has a motorcycles, which means theres are approximate 40 millions motorcycles What to expect from our stand: • Fresh and fried rolls, fresh sugarcane beverages. Non which is the traditional hat. Water puppet. The presence of 'ao dai' which is traditional dress for young ladies. Bamboo. Kite…


Fun Facts: • The most important, and probably most frequently heard word you will hear in Malaysia is ‘makan’. This is the word for eat in Malay. • Malaysians love eating, and we can eat all food, in all places, at all times of the day. Unfortunately, we still don’t really grow much.. (as you can all clearly see..) • Put a ‘LAH!’ after every sentence (‘KAH?!’ if it’s a question) – you’ll sound legit Malaysian. Guaranteed. • The biggest flower in the world is located in Malaysia and is called the Rafflesia. It measures over 1m in diameter, and weighs over 10kg. The flower is known to smell like rotting lovely. What to expect: • A complete Malaysian meal served in amuse-bouche size representing the different cultures of the country. It starts with a fresh « popiah » a sort of spring roll, followed by a cube of traditional curried beef « rendang ». Next will be a shot of « teh tarik », the national drink. Finally, we will finish with an « apam balik » a street food snack, a sort of peanut crepe. Makan makan lah!! • We will serve you « Jungle Bird » as our cocktail. A fresh exotic drink invented in the 70s’ by a barman of the Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel. “See you all soon! Come by our stands! Janet, Rui-Yang, Pearl and Emily”



Student Voice S. KOREA – the best Korea

Fun fact: • South Korea has the world's highest estimated national IQ, with leading rankings in mathematics, science, problem solving and reading, as declared by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) • The border between North and South Korea is the most heavily fortified border in the world and these two countries are technically still at war as they have never signed a peace treaty. The relationship between these countries is highly strained and fragile. • It's official: Jinro soju is the world's best-selling liquor we surely know how to drink(Some 61.38 million cases of Jinro soju were sold last year, easily making it the world's most heavily consumed brand of liquor. What to expect from our stand: • Steamed pork with cabbage wrap, Kimchi pancake, Soju and of course, Gangnam Style!


Fun Fact : • Red Bull, the rather famous energy drink, has its origins in Thailand, and was originally called Red Guar (a kind of Ox), which is a little less catchy. What to expect from our stand: • Grilled Chicken with sticky rice, mango sticky rice, and some secret spicy food.



Funfacts: • Beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria •The Cologne Cathedral took 632 years to build. (Bill Bryson in Neither Here Nor There (p. 88) wrote: “It is absolutely immense, over 500 feet long and more than 200 feet wide…It can hold 40,000 people. You can understand why it took 700 years to build – and that was with German workers. In Britain they would still be digging the foundations.”) • The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany What to expect: You can expect the best German beer you have had in a long time, we will have the all-time favorite Jägermeister and you will have the opportunity to taste the best traditional Glühwein (Vin chaud ). As for our traditional food we will have; Bretzeln, the real taste, not like what we get at EHL, coming along with Obazder, a traditional dip to be eaten with your Bretzel. As a sweet dessert we have our Christstollen, nothing like it out there.

Fun fact: • We’re the 3rd English speaking country in the world - With more than 110million Filipinos trained from grade school to graduate studies, to speak, understand and write English, who can beat that? • Cock fighting IS legal on the Philippines. • Everything contains sugar . . . even the spaghetti sauce. What to expect from our stand: • A lot of barbequed meats and fried seafood, not to mention our beloved rice! And since Filipinos love to drink, we’ll be serving you up some kick-ass cocktails. It’s more fun in the Philippines!


Student Voice


(officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka) Fun fact: • Sri Lankans love to chill by the beach, play and watch cricket, drink beer while eating spicy cuttlefish under the tropical sun listening to baila dance music. What to expect from our stand: • For some tropical coconut-arrack based cocktails and Sri Lanka's premium lager beer, The Lion Lager.


– Rule Britannia! Fun fact: • Did you know that Champagne was in fact invented by an English scientist in 1662 by Christopher Merret? Quote from Monsieur Laurent: "Do you know what EHL needs? More british students - they know what's going on!" What to expect from our stand: • Pimms, just as it should be, not some Bastardised European version! Gin & Tonic, as prescribed by Her Majesty's Chief Physician. Bangers & Mash 'cos everyone loves a jolly good sausage!

Not in the photo : Giulia Schuck & Marco Rosso


Fun fact: • Did you know that Hungarian has 2 words for love? What you can expect from our stand • Really nice honest food (not necessarily too light!) and an opportunity to win a bottle of homemade palinka (our most famous alcoholic drink)!


Fun fact: “Mauritius is a tropical island in the midst of the Indian Ocean (if anyone did not know already), bearing cultural influences from all around the world starting with the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the English and consequently the Africans, the Chinese and the Indians. what can you expect from our stand: The food and drinks that we will be presenting will, in one way or another, find itself in one of the above-mentioned countries. We will be serving some rum-based cocktails aka exotic fruits' punch, the flagship Phoenix beer or even the ever-delicious 'Alouda' which is non-alcoholic. Food wise we shall entice you to dare taste our hot spicy finger foods including 'gateau piment' or the Mauritian version of the naan bread (homemade svp) with our feisty beef or king prawns curry.”


Fun fact: •Did you know that Tel Aviv hosts the biggest gay pride parade every summer and was named the "world's best gay city". What to expect from our stand: •"Expect to see all the crazy people from our school reunited in one stand…


Fun fact: • Lebanese are ALWAYS late (sorry for that!) • "Hi Kifak ca va?" => English+Arabic+French to say: "hello how are you?" • In Lebanon one simply DOES NOT tell his TETA (grandmother) that he is NOT hungry! • Shakira and Mika are Lebanese • We are VILP: Very Important Lebanese People • If you're a girl, policeman will never give you a contravention What to expect from our stand • Food: Moutabal, Taboule, Manouche, Sfouf • Drinks: Arak, Gelleb • Danse: Dabke/Belly dance


“Come and try ! Wir freuen uns auf euch!”

Not in the photo : Stephanie Grawehr & Kathleen Brom


Fun fact: • Did you know that three out of a hundred people that you pass per day on campus, have a Scandinavian background? What you can expect from our stand: • A Swedish Orgasm (our homemade cocktail) and of course our traditional Savoury Meatballs

Fun fact : • We all know that vodka is huge in Russia. Did you know that 10% of the governments income comes from the sale of vodka?! “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! This year we are thinking out of the box (Russian style). The students of EHL will be able to see our countries in a new perspective along with the molecular recipes of our cuisine everyone will have a chance to feel Siberia in every bite and sip of our creative cocktails. Our team worked hard on creating a modern menu and unpredictable drinks. Stay tuned because le mother russia and ukraine are in the house! “


“The island of Madagascar has nothing to do with the movie, but YES it does exist!! Madagascar is the 4 th largest island in the world and is on the south-east coast of Africa. It was an old French colony but culturally only kept the language because food wise Malagasy dishes are very distinct. Being in the tropics and in the southern hemisphere, Madagascar beneficiate from an ideal weather. With its constant warm climate, it produces delicious fruits and vegetables. Our stand will display the beauty our Madagascar, so come check it out….”


Student Voice AFRICA

“Africa United stand like the other two stands will represent sub-Saharan African culture. Its team of students and staff from Senegal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Guinea Conakry invites visitors to a genuine cultural safari through, varied, colourful, fine authentic dishes... African stand will allow visitors to escape to the sunny plains of Senegal with the famous Chicken Yassa or exploring the fertile region of the great lakes with tilapia grilled with herbs cooked in banana leaves... But we cannot talk about travel in Africa without mentioning dance, beyond the artistic aspect of dance in Africa's history, that of its people, its cultural identity and its rhythms. The dance is an extension of the life and daily activities. It is an expression of thought and feelings. So the time of a Universal Festival choose destination Africa, embark on a memorable journey to the rhythms of soukous, ndombolo, azunto, mbalakh,”


Fun fact: • Former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, holds the Guinness World Record for beer sculling. During his university days at Oxford, he sculled 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. Legend! What to expect from our stand: • Beer, thongs, and popular games such as: Pin the tail on the kangaroo and punch the koala.



Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru “bigger, brighter and better than last year !”

Fun Fact: • Contrary to popular believe, "only" 9.9% of the Jamaican population smoke Ganja (cannabis) on a regular basis. This is way before the US (13.7%), Italy (14.6%) and the Czech Republic (15.2%). "We've got the best vibe to make you feel all right."

France 2 Immersion – L’école cinq étoiles


’avez-vous vu ? Non, pas encore ? Si, et vous êtes déjà blasés ? De quoi je parle ? Je parle bien sûr du reportage de France 2 sur l’EHL, réalisé entre le mardi 20 novembre et mercredi 21 novembre, puis diffusé le vendredi 30 novembre au Journal de 20h. Très beau reportage sur l’EHL, sa dure sélection académique, ses cours de cuisine, son dress code (et de ses conséquences ?!), ses cours de cuisine, sa dure sélection financière, ses cours de cuisine, un peu de ses cours de marketing, ses cours de cuisine, un peu de ses cours de gestion, mais surtout de ses cours de cuisine. Je vous épargne le récit du reportage. Pour faire bref, les étudiants paient 150’000€ pour

étudier dans une école qui les forme à cuisiner. Incontestablement, le jeu en vaut la chandelle, puisque les palaces du monde entier s’arrachent nos compétences. En substance, voici le message transmis par le reportage de France 2. Certes, en AP, les élèves apprennent les bases du service et de la cuisine. Tous les élèves ? Non, certains. Le reportage fait la part belle à l’année préparatoire, alors qu’elle ne constitue qu’un quart du cursus scolaire, et encore. Qu’en est-il des étudiants en « entrée directe », des MHAs, des DHRs ? Condamnés à rester dans l’ombre de leurs brillants collègues, les APs. Dommage qu’aucun étudiant n’ait été interrogé concernant

l’approche des examens ou du rendu du Projet Intégrateur. Dommage que les seuls étudiants interrogés soient des étudiants en infraction avec le dress code ou des jeunes étudiants en Année Préparatoire. Belle représentation du corps estudiantin de l’EHL. En parlant de dress code, Monsieur le Doyen est très exigeant. En effet, pour tout manquement au dress code, c’est des heures de colle plonge… Ah bon, c’est nouveau, ça doit seulement être le cas quand Monsieur le Doyen arpente les couloirs de l’école à la recherche d‘étudiants en infraction. Bon point pour l’image d’exigence, de rigidité rigueur de l’école en France, dommage pour l’image à l’interne, dom-

mage aussi pour les étudiants qui ont joué le jeu. Le message diffusé par les mots représente l’école. Le message reçu à travers les images est décevant et la rétrograde. On ne voit que ce que l’on choisit de montrer. La phrase qui m’a tuée ? Celle que mon colocataire (non-étudiant à l’EHL) m’a dite à la fin du reportage : « En gros, les Français verront qu’en Suisse, c’est vraiment pas la crise puisque vous pouvez vous permettre de dépenser 150’000€ pour étudier dans une école de cuisine. » On n’a jamais une deuxième chance de faire une première bonne i mpression. Gabrielle Guo


Student Voice



uoi de plus réjouissant que les périodes de fête ? Les magasins sont bondés, les réservations dans les restaurants affluent et les guirlandes de noël fleurissent dans les rues. Mais revenons quand même aux valeurs fondamentales de ces événements de fin d’année : Famille et partage. En tant qu’étudiant de l’école hôtelière de Lausanne, nous faisons tous partie de la même famille, tous passionnés et impliqués. Dressons une liste de ce que nous partageons ensemble au travers des différents programmes • Une infrastructure à la pointe et en constante évolution • Un service center accueillant et serviable • Un Printshop plus rapide que ce qu’il prétend • Un IT service plus lent que ce qu’il prétend • Un bar M toujours plus plaisant • Une addiction presque maladive pour notre équipe de rugby • Les soirées endiablées du Jeudi • Les vendredis matin chaotiques • Les fameuses concepts weeks DHR • Des comités toujours plus nombreux et intéressants • Un student Council efficace et à notre écoute • L’hyperactivité de Monsieur Alain Najar • La « lingerie » de Mesdames Arlette Walther et Ewa Kapferer • La chouette de Madame Christine Demen-Meier • Les conseils avisés de Madame Laura Zizka • Les chaussettes de Monsieur Christophe Laurent Et enfin nous partageons des expériences, des cultures et surtout une histoire. AP, DHR, BOS, MHA…1500 étudiants de pays et coutumes différents qui partagent et travaillent ensemble au quotidien. Au final nous sommes tous étudiants de la même école et faisons partie de la même famille, il appartient à chacun de marquer notre passage dans les rangs de la meilleure école hôtelière du monde.


hat could be more pleasant and gratifying than the holiday season? The stores are crowded, the restaurants and hotels are fully booked and Christmas lights appear in the streets. But back to the core values of these year-end events: Family and sharing. As EHL students, we are all part of the same family: all passionate and involved. Let’s make a short list of what we share together between the different programs: • A modern and evolving infrastructure • A friendly and helpful service center • A Printshop faster than it claims • An IT service slower than it claims • A M bar always more fun •An almost unhealthy addiction to our rugby team • The Hot evenings on Thursdays • The chaotic Fridays morning • The famous DHR concept weeks • More and more interesting Committees •An effective and comprehensive student Council • The Hyperactivity of Mr. Alain Najar •The "Lingerie" of Ladies Arlette Walther and Ewa Kapferer • The owl of Mrs. Christine Demen-Meier • The advice of Ms. Laura Zizka • The socks of Mr. Christophe Laurent And finally we share experiences, cultures, and especially history. AP, DHR, BOS, MBA 1500 students from about 80 countries with different traditions and usages that share and work together on a daily basis. In the end, we are all students of the same school and are part of the same family. It belongs to each of us to mark our passage into the corridors of the best hotel school in the world. Luca Arzenton

What an eventful past couple of months! Here is a brief summary on what the Student Council has been working on this autumn:

Business/ Academics

Le crash financier…


près le premier article immergé dans le module Finance de l’édition précédente, voici une perspective plus reculée de cette étape inévitable du programme Bachelor.

Intro Week for the new AP program and Welcome Back for BSC 1, BSC 2 and BSC 3.

« C’est fini ! » ces mots qui bercent nos nuits, clignotent dans nos têtes et nous rendent heureux chaque jour de moins en moins à mesure que le temps passe. Le module finance a su faire son effet parmi les BSC 2 qui tentent de se laisser vivre et de profiter de ces premiers jours du nouveau module alors que les responsabilités longtemps mises de côté tombent et assomment comme si on sortait de 4 ans de comma.

Info Session on Food Court & Infrastructure. We hope to have your remaining questions communicated by Mr. Fresnel by December 10th. Culinary Challenge: France vs. The World was the theme for this year’s student vs. student cook-off. With very close votes between both teams, the French came out victorious and received two bottles of champagne. Well done to both teams and for those of you who experienced the event, we hope you had as much fun dining at it as we did hosting it! Open Day and Info Session on the plenary session & results on the health survey Fête Universelle, held on December


Student Voice


Avant que toute cette masse d’informations ne quitte mon cerveau à tout jamais, je souhaite la partager avec vous. Voici donc les quelques conseils et techniques qui m’ont facilités la vie les deux derniers mois : Le projet didactique : Faites le ! Beaucoup vous diront que ca ne vaut pas la peine, ils ont tord. Le ratio « temps investis/compétences acquises » en vaut largement la peine. Pour autant que les professeurs daignent vous donner un projet adéquat. Votre groupe : Aimez le ! Souvent vous penserez que le travail n’est bien fait uniquement que par soi-même. Peut être, mais vous ne pouvez pas le faire seul même si vous êtes un génie. Faites leur confiance et faites tout pour que ca marche entre vous. Les assistants : Harcelez les ! Ils sont là pour vous, c’est des cours gratuits, faciles et on se sent toujours mieux à la fin.

Your Student Council

Je prendrais bien une page ou deux pour donner mon opinion sur les différentes matières, mais je me suis déjà considérablement laissé aller sur « qualintra » mais dans l’ensemble : c’était merveilleux (ils ont mes examens et mon IP en otages !) Malgré la terreur qu’il cause dans nos rangs, le module finance n’est pas insurmontable. Certes sa réputation n’est pas volée, mais pour l’avoir fait, je peux vous assurer à tous, il n’est pas une personne dans cette école qui ne puisse pas y arriver. Soyons clairs, si vous avez des problèmes de groupe, que vous ne travaillez pas suffisamment, ou que votre femme accouche la veille d’un examen, il est possible (probable ?) que vous échouiez. Mais à travers ces difficiles heures (semaines en réalité), il est capital de garder à l’esprit que ce n’est clairement pas un sprint du plus intelligent et à l’aise avec les chiffres, mais bien un marathon où seuls ceux qui sauront et voudront se faire le plus de mal réussiront. Bonne chance ! Michael Salom


Changes within the IT Department: from new software updates to new gadgets for sale, and Changes in Infrastructure on short-term to long-term projects. For more information please refer to the Student Council Blog.

So with Christmas holidays just around the corner, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the break

Le seigneur : Priez le ! Parce que s’il n’existe pas, ca coûte rien, et si il existe, peut être il aura pitié…

« Never stop learning, keep on challenging »

Info Session on Finance. For all those questions concerning the financing of EHL, use this opportunity to ask the new CFO Mr. Guimtrundy himself!

As always we remain at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page (Student Council – EHL) or write to us at our new email address:, or approach us in the hallways (we are the ones with the white badges).

Les cours : Allez y ! Je vous donne ma parole que les gens qui pourront enchaîner l’IP et les examens sans avoir prêté attention ou même participé aux cours se comptent sur les doigts de la main.

Thank you to Mr Dardenne, for offering his insight and experience with us.


eturning to EHL for the first time in 30 years, Mr Dardenne was given a campus tour, but also attended an intimate Round Table session with the members of the Career Club before his DSS Speech on how small independent hotels can compete with the ‘big players’ The Career Club had 8 questions for Marc Dardenne… Here’s what he had to say : ~If you had one thing to tell young students, what would it be? Stop complaining ! ~How do you balance your life? Sorry ladies, but it is more difficult for you. It is important to have a partner that understands the industry and has the same passion. ~If not hospitality? Architecture ~Your motto? Never stop learning, keep on challenging ! ~Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your 20 year old self ? When you want to learn, go to established groups, famous brands, it gives you a base, after you can turn towards smaller hotels. ~Asia or Europe ? Asia - it is much more fun and you get more responsibilities faster ~The new trend ? Customers are looking for surprises, new experiences. It is all about new experiences. ~Final Thoughts… Actors in the hospitality industry should love the business, like people, work hard, know how to network and have a positive attitude. « You need to build your Career with what makes you happy. »

Le folklore des examens

Typologie des procédures d’examen à l’EHL ou comment chaque examen a sa petite tradition qui rend cet examen unique.

e pense que vous l’avez deviné, Noël arrive à grands pas ! La neige, le marché de Noël, l’ambiance festive à l’école, le nombre d’élèves qui diminue… Il est temps de parler folklore, coutumes et pratiques festives et religieuses auxquelles on s’adonne avec plus ou moins de gaieté à l’approche de Noël. Étant une école très internationale, vous

trouverez rarement deux mêmes traditions pour les fêtes de fin d’année. Mais le saviez-vous ? Les examens ont également leurs traditions et leur folklore. Laissez-moi vous lesprésenter. Peut-être trouverez-vous là de nouvelles façons de fêter les examens !


Student Voice


La « à-la-dernière » Tout est en retard. Les feuilles d’identification sont données en retard, 1 à 2 minutes avant le début de l’examen. Généralement, histoire de donner du piquant à la vie, l’examen est sur ordinateur, afin de tester les dernières mises à jour de l’IT. Mieux encore, la donnée de l’examen est donnée 20 minutes après le début de l’examen. Ne vous étonnez pas d’apprendre que rare sont les élèves qui ont lu la donnée, trop occupés à se batailler avec la machine. Mais vous connaissez l’adage : mieux vaut tard que jamais !

La « je-fais-confiance-aux-étudiants »

Les étudiants entrent en chahutant, chacun prend sa feuille d’identification sur le bureau, ou encore prend celle pour le voisin, sous l’œil paternaliste du surveillant, qui, ma foi, a autre chose à faire que contrôler l’identité des étudiants. Malgré tout, ce surveillant est à féliciter : il a confiance en l’espèce humaine.

Que penser de telles pratiques ?

La « sérieuse » C’est celle que je qualifierais de « la plus sérieuse vécue à l’EHL » et qui est la plus en adéquation avec lesprocédures d’examen « normales ». L’étudiant arrive en classe, montre sa carte d’étudiant au surveillant, le surveillant vérifie la carte d’étudiant puis donne la feuille d’identification à l’étudiant. L’étudiant pose ses affaires sous le tableau et va s’assoir. Il attend, reçoit sa copie, attend le feu vert du surveillant, commence son examen. Il finit, rend sa copie et part en silence. Normale, et j’ai même envie de dire, ennuyeuse.

La « je-fais-semblant »

Histoire de paraître sérieux, le surveillant fait Première solution : la rationnelle. l’appel et distribue les feuilles d’identification aux Il s’agit en fait d’un test dans le test. Les étudiants ont été admis à l’EHL, ils étudiants une à une. Bien sûr, au titre, vous l’avez ne sont donc pas à moitié idiots. Ils se rendent comptent qu’il y a des failles deviné, il fait semblant ! Il ne vérifie pas les noms, dans le système. La direction laisse ces failles de manière intentionnelle d’où un certain rire gêné lorsqu’il se rend compte afin d’étudier les étudiants face à des opportunités. Vont-ils mesurer le coût qu’il a donné la mauvaise feuille d’identification à d’opportunité et profiter de la faille ? Vont-ils engager un étudiant plus intelli- l’étudiant qui porte le même nom qu’un autre et que gent et plus habile dans la matière testée pour passer l’examen à leur place ? c’est ledit étudiant qui signale l’erreur. Pourquoi ne pas prendre ce risque puisque les surveillants ne vérifient pas les Peut-être pratique-t-il les préceptes de Monidentités. taigne… « Une forte imagination produit l’événeDeuxième solution : l’identitaire. ment. » Chaque école a ses propres valeurs et traditions. Être la première école hôtelière du monde n’était plus assez pour la direction. Elle a décidé d’avoir des procédures d’examen différentes à chaque examen afin de se démarquer des autres pratiques universitaires. Ainsi donc, ça renforce le sentiment d’appartenance à une école unique. Pesant le pour et le contre, ce folklore est finaleTroisième solution : l’erreur. ment à préserver dans les traditions de l’EHL. À Il s’agit tout simplement d’une erreur dans le SOP (Standard Operating Prodéfaut d’avoir bien révisé l’examen ou d’avoir les cedure) de l’école. Sachant que l’école se trouve en Suisse, il est tout à fait moyens de payer un étudiant pour faire l’examen à normal de comptabiliser un certain temps de retard afin que le changement sa place, on peut se rattraper en gagnant son pari : soit fait de manière parfaite. quel aura été la procédure d’examen du surveillant cette fois ?

Que faire ?


EMBA Class of 2012-13: the older new kids on the block


Student Voice ou have probably seen us around campus. Most likely, you’ve seen us walking in and out of Classroom 31 or Building E. A few of you may have even mistaken us for professors or teaching aides. We are the 22 students who make up the EHL EMBA class of 2012-13. A requirement of being in the Masters class is to have at least two years of work experience, preferably managerial, before entering the program. However, what you might not realize is that there is no requirement that the experience be in hospitality. Of the 22 students, more than half are new to the industry and are considered “career switchers”. We certainly have diverse backgrounds, having worked in engineering, law, radio programming, teaching, the medical field, and the Peace Corps. I, myself, come from a marketing background. I specialized in travel and hotels, but since I have never actually worked in a hotel, I too am considered a switcher. Getting a Masters degree is stressful enough, as you can imagine. But on top of that we have the challenge of learning a new industry, and hoping to be accepted into and respected in the field when we graduate. For many of us, we are pursuing a longtime passion, like those who have dreams of opening their own restaurants or boutique hotels. Others aim to apply their past experience in this industry, knowing that hospitality needs financiers, engi-


neers, developers, marketers and consultants. “I have always had a passion for hospitality,” said Gretchen Smith, an EHL EMBA student. “Several years in sales and marketing for the the computer industry provided the chance to learn about what I was good at. The relationship building skills needed to be an effective sales and marketing professional are generally something you either have or you don’t, and can be used in any industry”. “What really attracted me to the hospitality sector was the development of ‘lifestyle’ hotels,” said Iman Fahimi, another EHL EMBA student who has worked as a DJ and music producer. “As an underground artist, I realized that I can use my taste and vision and apply it to produce ‘lifestyle hotels”. Career switching is a gamble, no matter the industry. Like my fellow classmates, I chose EHL because I needed to go to a top school with the best opportunities for exposure to the industry. Where will we be a year from now? I’m sure we’ll be in every corner of the world, working in all the different sectors of the industry – from corporate consulting to kitchen management. So now that you know who we are – the students who are a bit older and have never had the pleasure of working in the cafeteria or behind M Bar, please feel free to say hello and wish us luck. We are happy to be here at EHL with you, and are as excited as you to begin our careers in hospitality. Elissa Doyle

« What we do in Diploma? part.1»

es concept weeks, c’est le temps fort du programme diplôme. Chaque semestre, nous vous offrons deux semaines de concept consécutives où rêves et imagination se mélangent pour vous proposer une expérience unique. Vous tous profitez du « spectacle » mais la préparation derrière est loin d’être glamour et « bling-bling ». Toute création d’entreprise demande une planification et une organisation impeccable, c’est donc par ce test draconien que l’école juge et détermine les aptitudes acquises lors des précédents semestres. Défi de taille pour tout étudiant DHR, mais aussi source de motivation et de challenge. Faisons un petit récapitulatif de l’agenda: Entre 7 et 8 semaines de planification, ce qui est, croyez moi, relativement court. Une trentaine d’élèves à motiver et contenter. Pas moins d’une quarantaine de meetings, tous départements confondus, repartis sur ces semaines de planification. Une compétition secrète, mais tout de même acharnée, entre sections Anglaise et Française. Une dizaine de cours et modules à suivre en parallèle, sans parler des examens intermédiaires.

• • • •

•Un Business plan colossale et une analyse minutieuse à rendre dans les temps. •Des cooking tests brouillons mais constructifs. •Une tonne d’idée à canaliser. •Des refus, des échecs mais aussi des bonnes nouvelles et des fous rires.

Ceci étant un brouillon de ce que nous avons pu vivre pendant ces quelques semaines, il faut bien entendu ajouter à cela tous les imprévus, oublis et tuiles de dernière minute qui nous tombe dessus. Cela-dit, ces concepts nous enseignent aussi à travailler en équipe et à combiner et utiliser les ressources et connaissances de chacun. Ils nous permettent ainsi de nous rendre compte de la réalité du marché et des difficultés rencontrées par les nouvelles entreprises, ce qui ne saurait être un meilleur apprentissage pour nous, futurs entrepreneurs. Encore une fois, l’EHL nous met au défi et nous amène à repousser nos limites pour le travail de groupe ultime. Des jours et des heures de travail acharné qui donne naissance à une incroyable expérience qui reste gravée à jamais chez tout étudiant DHR.

Advice to the EMBA students:

•Integrate campus activities and student commit- Christmas time it will be hard to complete them tees as quickly as you can. before your time at EHL is over. •Yours is the smallest programs, so you are some- •Work hard, but play hard as well. After all, that’s times overlooked. one of the things that EHL is famous for. •Past EMBA students that took a proactive •If you have an interest in F&B issues, discover the approach towards “making connections” with the rest of the school have always been received with open arms. But you need to make the first step. Your program is short and intense so don’t take it easy at the beginning. Work continuously. Don’t procrastinate. If you accumulate too many unfinished tasks by

• •

wines of Switzerland. There are some outstanding wines in this country that are little known in the rest of the world and this is a unique chance to discover them. If you need some suggestions on where to go, let me know. All the best, Steffen


Student Voice

The DHR concept weeks: what did YOU miss out on.


eing a DHR myself, I had so much to gain from the DHR 3 concept weeks. Next year, sometime in November 2013; I shall be doing something similar and admittedly as mental. Anyway, so here I was making my way on a Wednesday evening to La Ferme. It was the DHR-3 French concept week. I could not book myself a table for dinner, so I thought I would just go for a drink or two. Turns out, they were not ‘allowed’ to serve anyone who has not booked but luckily I knew people. Soon, I was sipping on a well-shaken ‘Williamine Mojito’ sanctioned by Mr. Laurent and waiting for the show to start. The foyer looked like the one at Pathé, except you are welcomed by two charming filmesque characters. 9.00pm and drumrolls please- it was time I went upstairs. And boy did that surprise me, Adrien Dalang introducing the cheerleading committee girls to roars of cheers. They did such an amazing choreography, so good that I do not even remember what songs they were playing! It was another 30 minutes to kill before the next show and before I realised it, they were already ready. Yes, the main part of the show was here.

A certain Bond, James Bond theme opened the stage. Aymeric walked up the stairs, charming one lucky female guest with a rose and the rest was just a tale of hysteria and melancholy. Adrien and Aymeric got into a heated argument, the latter leaving the platform for Eugene Casalis to continue and indulge into a western gun fight Clint Eastwood would be proud of. And the show got even saucier when Aymeric coaxed Eugene into the timeless Titanic pose. It all culminated with a euphoric dance under thunderous applauses. Last part of the show was led by Flo with Maxime and co, together with the gifted cheerleaders. All in all, it was a night thoroughly savoured. The day after, I had a table booked for lunch with other DHRs and we had great fun finally tasting the menu, specially the cocktails. ‘Les DHR, comme promis, ont fais leur cinéma’. Having realised what an exquisite experience the concept week can be, I booked myself twice for the English one. As I walked in through the doors for the inaugural night, I could feel the aura of romance and serenity. The décor was absolutely mind-blowing, with red cloth predominantly overshadowing the wooden demeanour of La Ferme. It felt like walking into unknown territory, even though every greeting came from a familiar face. Once we got seated at the table, we got served our drinks along with the “mocktail” of the day. Every day was themed differently to accommodate for the diversified menu that was on offer (Greek, Persian, Indian and Chinese). I started with some wonton soup followed by some chicken vindaloo. But the highlight of the dinner came in the form this amazing chocolate fondue with pistachio ice-cream on a coconut tuile and a mango coulis. All this was coupled with a Persian dance on the tunes of Tamally Ma’ak (highly recommended) and the Greek dance by Chari, Eleni and Steph. Three hours of gastronomic delight flew by, with service and food so impeccable that it almost felt surreal. The next day I popped in for an express-lunch and we were served and billed in time for class at 1pm. And sadly for me, I missed out on Shisha which could only last for an hour. But as the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’. These two concept weeks epitomised that perfectly. A little bird told me the school management are still in between two minds of what to do with La Ferme. But as long students are treated to blissful experiences like this every now and then, can we really complain?

Lausanne life


Discovering Switzerland

o plans for the holiday? We have the solution! And there we are! Exams are over, the magic of December is around us: snow, hot wine, Christmas trees, cuddles near the fireplace and gingerbread! The most amazing time of the year is here, right in front of us! If you don’t have any plans for the holiday yet, do not worry. Student Voice always comes up with amazing ideas of where to enjoy yourself. You might know the myth around the lovely country in which you are currently living in: a lot of skiing, a lot of fondue in remote wooden houses up there in the mountains, a lot of wine and hot chocolate. Well, when you are living in Chalet-à-Gobet, it might sound quite improbable to actually experience it. But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t! Believe me or not, you are a two-hour trip door-to-door away from your dream! Let me introduce you to your next holiday destination: Crans-Montana. Situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Crans-Montana is a ski resort which consists of 140km of pistes, a 6-kilometer toboggan run and an open-air ice skating rink. It is known for its luxurious hotels such as the Guarda Golf Hotel, the Hotel Pas de l’Ours and Le Crans Hotel & Spa. During winter, the population

of the ski resort doubles as a lot of tourists come to enjoy the facilities and picturesque scenery. The nightlife is the main attraction with a highly international vibe and the latest music blasting off. If you don’t get a chance to come during the Christmas holiday, you can still catch the unmissable Caprices Festival in March. Last year, Crans-Montana had the opportunity to host worldwide performers such as Sean Paul, Marlon Roudette and even the electronic music duo Lamb. The 2013 edition is going to be particularly exceptional as the festival is taking place over a full week. The artists coming this year have yet to be confirmed though, but you can be sure that it will be amazing. If you are more interested in golf or in horse show jumping, wait for summer and join worldwide known events like the Open Golf, the Jumping International or the Fiat 500 Gathering. Whatever your interests are, you will find an event that suits you in Crans-Montana. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover a truly amazing holiday destination this year. Switzerland has a lot to offer, enjoy it! For any further information, do not hesitate to contact me. Aymon Caroline


Student Voice

LikeEats Tastings LE TRIBECCA

LE PUR •Atmosphère: 6 •Service: 1 •Food: 4 •Location / Venue: 5 •Average price meal per head drinks not included: 30-50 Chf. Restaurant Le Pur Port-Franc 17 - 1003 Lausanne 021 311 99 33 Located at Place de l’Europe next to Flon metro station, PUR is in the middle of a lively area in the heart of Lausanne, surrounded by night clubs, restaurants and the Pathé movie theatre. The exterior of the restaurant is original with the large windows that give curious by-passers some clues about what to expect in terms of ambient conditions and physical elements. Upon arriving at the restaurant, the functional layout, the innovative design and the pleasing atmosphere triggered a first very positive impression and were in line with the soft lounge music in the back ground and the dim light of candles on the tables. Concerning the menu, there was a diverse choice, and the selected dishes (Risotto, beef tartare) were delicious and fresh and the prices were adequate and fair. However, less satisfying were the service delivery and the engagement of the present staff members. The waiting time for being seated as well as for the food arrival was incredibly long, and the staff did not show much concern and interest in delivering a quality service. Nevertheless, the overall experience at the restaurant was great and a visit is certainly recommended.

•Atmosphère: 5 •Service: 4 •Food: 5 •Location / Venue: 5. •Average price meal per head drinks not included: 50-70 Chf. Restaurant Tribeca Place de la Riponne 4 1005 Lausanne 021 311 11 33 Le Tribecca is hidden close to the Ripponne metro stop. The restaurant has an interesting design and a nice modern minimal touch to it, but you won’t be amazed by the place. The food is good and the menu changes seasonally although some classics stay all year long. The food cannot really be considerate gastronomic despite the use of some very upscale products (lobster, truffles) but there are definitely some original ideas (mango flavored scallops or sweet potatoes French fries). The service isn’t the one of a brasserie, so don’t expect fine dining standards. The tone of the place is more relaxed although a bit snobbish. The restaurant also offers a lounge area to enjoy breakfast or a cocktail at night. In short this is not a gastronomic restaurant but you will find a modern NY inspired environment offering upscale dishes with some original ideas. However all this comes at a rather high price and with the snobbish attitude of the employees. To conclude if you feel like a having a nice dinner and you are not on a budget, this will certainly satisfy you.


•Atmosphère: 6 •Service: 5 •Food: 5 •Location / Venue: 5.5 •Average price meal per head drinks not included: 30-50 Chf. Restaurant Le Java Rue Marterey 36 1005 Lausanne 021 321 38 37 Tartare. This is most probably the only place in Lausanne where one may order this dish without dreading the end result. You will never be let down. Finally: a decent portion of meat on your plate, tasty fries and a constant supply of toasty goodness (plus the salad). Even if you don’t make the regrettable choice of not selecting one of the several sort of tartares (yes, they serve several types) a simple yet well elaborated menu will offer enough choice for you to find an item that surely will tickle your fancy. An acceptable range of different wines may be ordered from the original wine lists (I’m not giving that one away) to accompany the different courses. Vegetarians are not left out; for once there is more than just a typical, plain and tasteless risotto as an alternative (a veggie tartare is even to be found). This 70’s Parisian style brasserie, is successfully operated by a very efficient and friendly team (look out for some of your fellow students too). They are more than willing to run up and down the stairs to get you some additional ketchup or anything else you may desire. Don’t even think about showing up at the door without a reservation between Thursdays and Sundays; the staff will look at you as if you were coming from some alien planet and very politely let you know


Student Voice Committees



erry Christmas! I know it’s a bit early, but I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity again to send you all our wishes for Christmas and the upcoming year from the EHL Football Committee Family. We spent many great moments together this year and organized a lot of events, but before going any further I would like to take this opportunity to write a few words for Maxim Luberstedt. Personally, I didn’t know him all that well, but we did spend some good times together, times that I will never forget. He was a role model for his spirit, motivation and friendship. Thank you, Max, for everything you brought to our school, our committee. New year, new logo, new members, new president, new committee rules, new players, new coaches, new captain, new events… Two years ago, Alberto Grau, Rishav Verma and Patrick Casteau founded EHL FC. Graduating this summer, they have now entered into the business world but still continue to keep in touch. We thank them for the spirit they gave and the trust they have put in us to continue building this committee. We have recruited brand new motivated members and grown our structure in order to fit the new objectives of our committee. I would like to welcome and wish them all the best: Angèle, Mariana, Alessandro, Florence, Benjamin, Oliver and Simon. In the girls’ team, a new very talented coach, Michael Pennick, has replaced the magnificent coach duo Verma-Casteau after their departure. Emma Hachfeld was named captain for the upcoming year after Nicole Schlegel graduated. The team is making big progress and improving their game every week. I am really looking forward to seeing the team play this winter in their indoor tournaments. Matthieu Orioli, now in his 5th year, is coaching both of the men’s teams and has given the armband back to the legendary captain Maxime Althaus following the departure of the unforgettable Casteau. After a difficult start to the season, we managed to build a strong team and string together some brilliant results, once again finishing the championship at the very top of the league. The new committee rules brought in by the new Sports Department and the student fund have delayed our events program, but we will be very active in the upcoming months with various events such as a visit to FIFA Headquarters, the first FIFA tournament of the year, a very important guest speaker from Greece, Champions League semifinals at La Ferme, and a brand new event, the Alumni Game! Other exciting projects are on their way with some students interested in organizing an EHL indoor tournament. Same spirit! A lot has changed recently, but as you know, there is one thing that never changes at EHL, the spirit. The committee was founded with two main targets: to allow friends from the best Hotel School in the world to enjoy great moments together concerning this beautiful game, and also to create a link with the business world of football. We would like to give interested students the opportunity to learn more about the sports industry and potentially pursue a career in it. You can be sure this will never change! EHL SPIRIT! I wish you all again a very good time at EHL and my best wishes for the upcoming year. Your very dedicated EHL FC vice-president! PEACE Greg

! t i r i p s e m a S

Student Voice



Student Voice

Student Voice



Fun stuff The Word of The President: There are parties, which resemble nothing you have ever seen. There are moments when you need parties like that.


December 20th -> Be There!

15.02-17.02 2013

This party will be mind-blowing. At a venue you have never been to, with music you cannot imagine, Come & Party with us in a deserted museum…like if it was the last time…


NOW RECRUITING Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the different United Nations organs and other forums of international relations and asks young people to take on the role of world leaders. It aims to build an understanding of global challenges amongst young people that crosses borders of background, culture and nationality. Using both the knowledge, experiences and the relationships they form through MUN, it is hoped that that the next generation of world leaders and thinkers will be able to work effectively to find solutions to future global problems that are compatible with the aims and principles of the United Nations and promote the spirit of cooperation. Taking on the role of an Ambassador to the UN, participants experience the complexities of international policy formation at first hand. Each delegate represents the viewpoint of a single Member State of the United Nations or non-governmental Organisation (NGO), researching that country's or NGO's policy and advocating these views to other delegates. In this way, participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with state policy, ideas and cultures different to their own and put themselves in the shoes of a real diplomat. The debate is controlled using conventions and rules based on those used at genuine international summits. The objective is to reach consensus and pass a statement of the international community's response to a particular area of concern. These formal statements - called resolutions - contain collective action that will be taken in order to address the issue at hand. During an MUN conference a whole spectrum of issues can be dealt with; from issues of Security, to Development or Human Rights. Knowledge of Global Politics is important not only for students of International Affairs but also to future leaders and thinkers in Academia, Business, Law, Medicine, Science and the wider civil society. MUN encourages the development of skills essential to all fields of study and employment, such as: strong leadership, initiative and expertise in public speaking; negotiation, mediation and consensus building; and the ability to form relationships rapidly with people of alternative backgrounds and viewpoints. • • •

Open to anyone in EHL community Represent EHL as a delegate Financially sponsored by EHLMUN and the Student Fund

For more information contact:

Love at First Sight or One Night Stand?

Ladies or Gents, everyone wonders about the same thing one day ... is that the individual with whom I’m "sleeping" at the moment the love of my life or is it just a traditional EHL Thursday Night story. Here are a few questions to help you find out.

If you answered mostly A: I have good & bad news for you. The bad news is that you're probably a psychopath. The good is that weren’t forced into a specialized clinic yet... enjoy. If you answered mostly B: You're in love as much as Bin Laden was a pacifist. If you ask yourself the question again it’s that you’ve had too many drinks…. If you answered mostly C: Bravo! You are a normal person. And like any normal person you will not find an answer in a little quiz like this. So good luck to you and enjoy it as necessary.

22 Y

Student Voice

EHL Pictures is watching you

ou’ve probably seen us, not knowing who we are, taking pictures of you and wondering why we’ve been following you around. It’s time for us to introduce ourselves. At some point you’re probably going to hate us, to love us even more after. We are AP’s, BSC-1-2-3 and DHR, French and English sections and we form EHL Pictures, here to provide you with the best memories during your EHL years, so you can show your children what EHL was about. Starting from “culinary challenge”, Thursday night parties, all the way to kinky pictures for the rugby team, we are the ones providing for all your photo needs. Who wouldn’t like to be part of all the most extraordinary events in our school? Well, this is what we represent; we link everybody together and bring the EHL spirit to the front row. An eye always watching and following you, that’s how we proceed to bring you back all the memories from your past appearances, and in case of memory loss from a crazy night, on Monday, it’s all going to be refreshed for you. Stay on alert; be yourselves, but not too much, we’re going to track you down for every mistake that you make. EHL Pictures is watching you!

Let Your Inner Artist Out! “The concept should be that one person can be all things; can govern speech, music, arts and knowledge, to be a true artist” When was the last time we took a look at the EHL Talent Profile? It’s most likely been a while since looked through the “checklist” and gained our motivation to apply to EHL. The Arts Committee would like you to go back to this profile, and explore your artistic skills & creativity. We’re all trying to figure out the maze of knowledge & skills that we’re exposed to at EHL. After all, that’s what the hospitality industry seems to be about, but have we ever thought of embracing the term “jack of all trades” and exploring our artistic talents and individuality? Going against the mainstream and creating friction is something that two well-known artists are great at, James Franco and M.I.A. With talents such as painting, writing, acting, singing, directing in their biographies, both are incredibly recognised for dipping their hands in many pools. Knowing this, it just might be time for us as EHL students to continue or even begin to use art as an outlet, and make our individual talents into a global career move. In the name of continuing on this stream of innovation paired with the aim of exploring the various arts, we would proudly like to present you our newest project: “EHL’S GOT TALENT”!!! To make the show a legendary success we need your ideas, creativity and ambition! Join our Talent Show, advertisements for recruitment will be out soon, and continue to create yourselves, no matter the medium!

Student Voice Fun stuff

Random things you should know before the end of the world

•Fasting for one day each week may make us healthier, happier and live longer. •Gossiping has positive effects on women -It elevates levels of progesterone, a hormone that reduces stress and feels good. •The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is just 47 hours and 22 minutes. •Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakpikimaunahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu - a hill in New Zealand. •If you brush your teeth using the hand that you don’t usually do, your self control level will increase. •Kissing has been proven to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne. •Every person in the world will shake hands with six people annually who have recently masturbated and have not cleaned up. •So, kissing someone is more sanitary than shaking hands with them. Albert Einstein never knew how to drive a car. •Studies suggest that easily distracted people are more creative. •Another study suggests alcoholic students perform better in exams if they stay drunk while taking the test. •And to finish, statistically speaking, you are more likely to be killed by a dog than an actual shark. Khooshal Metoo



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To Spoon Or Not To Spoon


t’s a typical Friday night as Carla invites me for our much-anticipated dinner of the week. On the menu this evening: Linguini al pomodoro con un po’ di pesto e rucola... vabbene! Table set, Ke$ha is taking care of the entertainment with the Die Young vs. Avicii remix. I come to notice that the table setup is missing a crucial element… where is the spoon? Carla is singing away to Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” whilst cooking the linguini al dente! I enter the kitchen, open the cutlery drawer and reach out to grasp two cucchiai for the linguini, when suddenly Carla turns around and stares at me with eyes of fury. Even without uttering a single word, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I had broken a rule in the Italian “Bon Ton” as they would put it. She sat me down at the dinner table and explained the consequences of my action, almost feeling like a lecture of Italian Food for Dummies. Apparently, using her three generations of Baiocco family as a source (if we must APA), it’s “forbidden” to use a spoon when eating any form of pasta lunga. That comment gave way to a never-ending debate on whether it is correct to use a spoon when eating pasta. Carla continued to plead her case by stating “it’s almost like if you would put parmiggiano reggiano on pasta with any fish based sauce (like penne al salmone), that’s just illegal in the Italian culinary culture”. At that moment I felt that I needed an intense Italian culture immersion in order to prevent future cases of Italians thinking that I’m rude or “culturally unaware”. After completing academic research on the matter and consulting numerous Italian “traditional” sources, I have come to a conclusion that the offering of a spoon in Italian restaurants is a worldwide incentive for Italian cuisine to become more “tourist friendly” as, yes, many of us are aware that eating spaghetti is not the easiest of tasks. If we take the Italian perspective, in their culture, eating pasta with a spoon is a sign of rudeness and lack of manners. How can this be possible when every single Italian restaurant I have had the possibility to dine in for the last 21 years have asked me “un cucchiaio, signorina?”? So for future Italian dinners, my advice: try to refuse the spoon. M&L

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Start sleeping on the 23rd… Wake up on the 26th!


hristmas is when everyone celebrates, sings along carols and enjoys their time ONLY if they are with a lover!

think of) about how much you’re wishing for a huge snowstorm so that none of the people are able to enjoy their outdoor activities. Since you can’t see any couples out your window, it will make you feel Another depressing day for singles is during Christ- better. mas. Did you feel like you have nothing to do while all your friends are filling their planners with lists A funny suggestion that was a great hit online of what they are going to do with their boyfriends/ last year is that you shouldn’t sleep for the 3 days girlfriends? Did you realize that all of your friends leading up to Christmas, take a sleeping pill to start were busy buying or making presents for their sleeping on the 23rd and wake up on the 26th. This lovers while you’re stuck at home playing games? way, you don’t even need to worry about what you Well…continue reading! You’ll learn how to spend should do for Christmas this year! Just be aware your Christmas beneficially even without a partner! that taking too many sleeping pills is dangerous There are a variety of ways to get through your and you will eventually wake up after a maximum miserable Christmas. So, here are some suggesof a day of sleeping. tions to make your Christmas better this year! A last suggestion is that you start calling everyone First suggestion is to watch and watch and watch. on your contact list until you find someone who is Everyone likes watching movies. The important also single, like you, who has nothing to do, like you, fact to point out here is that you have to watch and was having a depressing Christmas, like you. long movies. A good example would be The Lord of There is always a possibility of you finding at least the Rings. There are 3 movies in total, which adds one person on your contact list who is not doing up to 614 minutes, which corresponds to exactly anything and was waiting on a phone call from his/ 10 hours and 14 minutes. Another example would her friends. It’s just a matter of whether you are be 6 movies of Harry Potter, which consist of 902 confident enough to call someone and ask him/her minutes, corresponding to 15 hours and 2 minutes if they are free, and it would be better if they are in total. That will keep you going for a few days! of the opposite sex. So, if you don’t want to spend another boring Christmas, get your phone and start Another suggestion is to pray and pray and pray. dialing! You need to pray to whomever you believe in (if you don’t have a religion, pray to every God you can Jimin Lee


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Christmas present ideas for everyone!! MICHAEL KORS for Apple

Percy Pigs

Victoria’s Secret

Tell me more: If you really can’t afford much this Christmas (all the partying wore out your finances… and yes, we DO understand) then why not get your friends something cheap yet thoughtful and fun? Percy pigs are a cute present to put a smile on your friend’s faces =) $$$: Around 5chf

A little crazy: a recipe from our LikeEat Kitchen Maestro, Warren LiWanPo. Perfect for your flatmates’ Christmas dinner!

Tell me more: This is a brand girls tend to adore! Moreover, you can buy anything you want from the comfort of your own home. The website is easy to use and there are all kinds of presents you can find here, from lingerie to pyjamas, as well as beauty products, fragrances and accessories. $$$: Depends on your purchase item! All of relatively good price, however shipping cost should be taken into consideration…

Pull & Bear


Tell me more: If undecided, why not go for a t-shirt. If you want a simple present, why not choose between one of these Pull&Bear shirts. $$$: The one on the side is CHF29.90, however you can also find shirts for CHF19.90

Tell me more: Beats are the MUST of the year! They are increasing in popularity due to their amazing sound system, rarely beatable by any other headphone brand. $$$: From $199 for the Solo to $299 for the Pro.



•500g Chicken wings •2 tablespoons cran-

•Grill the chicken wings at 180° for 20-25min, brushed with some

berry jam for each tablespoon cognac

•Pinch of salt •60g gorgonzola •Two tablespoons of

Abercrombie… Tell me more: we all know the real reason we are so captivated by Abercrombie, and it has nothing to do with fabric. In fact, the less fabric, the better. So, how amazing would it be to find this guy under our Christmas tree???? $$$: No price, however it is directly related to your external (and internal!!!) beauty ;)

olive oil, salt and pepper. Take out still slightly under cooked.

•Heat the cranberries and cognac in a sauce pan, combine as dip. •Melt gorgonzola, mix in cream & sour cream, the splash of Worcestershire, season to taste: if you dare, chilli, ginger or paprika! Use as dip no. 2.

•Before serving, fry wings until crispy (if you don't own a fryer,

just bake the wings in the oven until well done), serve with the two sour cream to each tab- sauces on the side lespoon of cream Dip’n’mix! Splash of Worcestershire sauce

but not the clothes, the models


Recipes (For any true EHL food gawker) Here are some Christmassy recipes to get you in the mood, by the Like Eat Kitchen Crew. Get cooking!

Tell me more: Classic chic with a contemporary twist. These beautiful iPad, iPhone and MacBook holders are a hot new trend that will keep you stylish no matter what the occasion. You can find them online or buy them in any Apple store. $$$: 299.95chf for the bags, 89.95chf for the iPhone holders and 99.95chf for the iPad holders

Tell me more: As Tulisa states, forgive us for what we have done… cuz we’re young. And we wanna have fun! So don’t hesitate to get straight to the point and give your friends a nice bottle of ALCOHOL for Christmas. There are numerous choices depending on your budget. $$$: from 20chf on


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•1.2 kg kilos de viande

La marinade :

de cabri (cuisse ou épaule).

•4 gousses d’ail •Du romarin, du persil •1 ou 2 citrons •Des patates •Du vin rouge (1 litre)

•Persil, romarin, ail pilé jus de citron et une touche d’huile d’olive. •Mélanger le tout et chauffer délicatement. Le cabri :

•Mettre le cabri au four 200 et le badigeonner régulièrement avec la marinade.

•Le retourner de temps en temps afin de le faire dorer. •Saler et poivrer jusqu’à ce qu’il soit doré. Les patates :

•couper les patates en morceaux de tailles moyennes. •Les mettre dans le plat avec de l’huile d’olive. •Après 20 minutes recouvrez le tout de vin rouge •Baisser la température à 180. •Laisser mijoter jusqu’à ce que le vin ai réduit et que les patates soit fondantes (environ une heure).



Student Voice Avec amour, par Gabrielle Guo Le secret du bonheur se trouve dans l’assiette !



•1 kit déjà prêt de

C’est parti mon kiki ! muffins au chocolat (oui, on sait, c’est mal… mais Etape 1 : Fais ta pâte à cupcake en suivant les indications écrites c’est plus rapide !) sur le paquet. Ici en l’occurrence, c’était de l’eau, de l’huile et 2 œufs. Jusqu’à là, ça va, c’est facile. 250ml + 60ml de lait Etape 2 : Prépare la délicieuse ganache à fourrer dans les cupcakes. 50g de chocolat noir Fais fondre le chocolat et les Carambar dans 250ml de lait. Ça sent méga bon ! Mélange bien jusqu’à ce que le mélange soit lisse. Blan12 Carambar chis les jaunes d’œuf avec le sucre. Ajoute la maïzena, mélange bien et reverse tout ça dans le mélange au Carambar. Porte à ébullition et 2 jaunes d’œuf laisse refroidir. Il est fortement déconseillé de goûter le mélange, sous peine de rater la recette par manque de ganache ! 60g de sucre Etape 3 : Prépare tes moules. Remplis les à moitié de pâte à muffins, 20g de maïzena ajoute une cuillère à café de ganache (ou plus !) et remplis le reste avec la pâte à muffins. Préchauffe ton four à la température indiquée 120ml de beurre mou sur le paquet de ton mélange tout prêt (ici, 160°C) et cuis le temps indiqué sur le paquet (ici, 25 minutes). 180ml de beurre de cacahouètes* Etape 4 : Pendant que ça cuit, prépare ton glaçage. Mélange le beurre, le beurre de cacahouète et le sucre glace. 480ml de sucre glace Etape 5 : Maintenant si tu veux, tu peux ranger ta cuisine et lire des blagounettes. « Quel instrument obtient-on en étirant un grand-père ? » Un vieux-long !

* Si t’as comme moi la fabuleuse idée de faire toi-même ton beurre de cacahouètes, assuretoi d’avoir un outil adéquat. Le mixer-plongeur, c’est bien pour faire des soupes, c’est un peu moins bien pour faire du beurre de cacahouètes.

• • • • • • • • •

• •

•Etape 6: Sors tes cupcakes et laisse les refroidir. Décore les avec le glaçage et quelques bricoles que tu as, ici et là.

•Etape 7 : Jouis. Est-ce que c’est bon ? Mec, t’as pas dû lire le nom de la recette correctement. C’est des cupcakes au BEURRE DE CACAHOUETES, CHOCOLAT et CARAMBAR.


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The Gym. What’s that again? The struggle With the new induction of M.O.F. chef-created menus, the selection of pastries at M bar, and the fries at Finger Food, it’s hard to make a pencil skirt look pencil thin. Yes, there are some healthier options- and for a vegetarian, I’m forced to scavenge at the salad bar among the walking stick figures in their plight to stay skinny. The fruits on Monday are fresh. As the week carries on, I dare to think of the number of students who have picked up the same apple- examined it- and upon realization of its-less-than-edible appeal, put it back in the same basket that claims the corner of Passerelle. And thus, my lack of self-control is once more enticed by the attractive scents wafting from the food court. Thursday nights out don’t have my interests at heart either: there seems to be a negative correlation between the size of my wallet and that of my midsection. I could take up smoking... But at the 8CHF-a-pack pricing added on top of my love for whiskey, I’ll be left with some very sore pockets. The rational decision: the gym. The practice The fitness program looks promising in terms of class variety (from Yoga Tuesdays to Pilates Wedsnedays), which has been overseen with great passion and enthusiasm from new Sports-Coordinator, Damien Thelin. However, the gym itself faces a long road for improvement. During my arnolds, I face a mirror less wall with unaccustomed awkwardness. And if I’m not facing the wall, I risk catching the eye the guy on the rowing machine next to me (yes, if I’m not checking myself out, I must be checking you out). The hunt for a yoga mat becomes increasingly tougher, and finding matching weights is as challenging as pairing lost laundry socks. Basic equipment runs scarce. Entertainment, albeit a fitness luxury, has been reduced with the removal of TVs and heavy modification of sound systems. The gym is slowly deteriorating.

The start In the opposite corner of our EHLian world, in a place tucked beside the tennis courts and Ebuilding, we find promise of a healthier lifestyle and clearer consciousness. I drag myself there ever so often to battle the guilt of pizza. Like Nike, “Just Do It.” Dan Wiedman, adman credited with coining the slogan, drew his inspiration from a prisoner’s final words before a firing squad. Yes, at this point the gym sounds very much like a death sentence. The observation Upon entering the gym, you may feel slightly intimidated by the self-bicep-groping Adonises who can press twice your body weight. The hulk is a species of fitness freak whose feeding habits consist of protein and creatine. His goal: to build muscle mass in time for the coming of spring. The gym ecosystem accommodates another popular species: the cardio queen. You see the girl hogging the treadmill for the past hour? She either a) really loves running or b) has no idea how to use any of the other equipment available. She’s a firm believer in numbers: carb counting, calorie burning, and scale worshiping. Lifting weights is strictly forbidden. One round of hammer curls might lead to Madonna arms…and that’s not sexy. If we could put these two opposite gymers in a blender, with an added scoop of whey, we just might produce a beautiful fitness harmony. Why it should concern you I’m a firm believer in the “feeling good is looking good and looking good is feeling good” philosophy. You know all that frustration that piles up from group work. Endorphins. They’re wonderful. You can find them at the gym. (It’s also a lot less complicated than killing your teammate). On a more holistic note, we are a school that prides itself on maintaining a certain image. Clean fingernails, proper hair, Windsorknotted ties, and dry-cleaned suits. We are the living embodiment of Barney Stinson’s wildest dreams. Here, at EHL, we are being groomed for an industry that places great emphasis on appearances. Investing in our fitness program should ideally be no different than investing in our collection of suits and shoes. However, no amount of investment the school makes is worth it unless the students invest their time and interest in such matters. Tanya Shapiro


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The Cheshire Cat Presents: Hoho Holiday Films


erry Christmas and Happy Holidays! After a tense first of term, the holidays are just around the corner, and it is time to go home and spend time with your friends and family. This issue, The Cheshire Cat will review and present to you a holiday comedy film that The Cheshire Cat enjoyed as a kid, as well a more contemporary film for an adult audience. The Cheshire Cat hopes you enjoy your holiday wherever you will be, and that you will have the chance to enjoy a movie session with your loved ones!

Home Alone Director: Chris Columbus Original Release Date: November 16, 1990 Studio: Hughes Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Running Time: 102 Minutes Starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard and Catherine O’Hara The Short: A cinematic comedy classic, although released before most of us were born, many of us would have watched it at some point. An excellent and original background story about a boy who is left home alone sets this thriller on a crazy ride. Suspenseful undertones in story-telling by Harry Potter’s director Chris Columbus have kept this film enticing for viewers of all generations. The review: This comedy film stars famed child actor Macaulay Culkin as eight-year-old Kevin, the demanding but likable youngest child of the McCallister family. His relatives are also visiting and things become chaotic. As the family leaves for vacation, they mistakenly leave Kevin behind, home alone. The neighborhood at the same time is troubled by burglars called “The Wet Bandits”, who soon target the McCallister household, unbeknownst that Kevin is still in the house. Throughout the film, Kevin is alone to defend the house, and this is when the real comedy and suspense begins. The plot of this movie is quite straight forward, and somewhat predictable; for example, you know in the end Kevin is going to prevail and will reunite with his family. However, it is important to understand that this is irrelevant, as the true point of the movie is to convey the importance of Christmas and family, a message passed on whole-heartedly throughout the movie. The majority of the comedy is created through the extensive traps that a witty little kid sets for two adults, at times it’s absurd how stupid The Wet Bandits are, and how they can fall for the traps, therefore you cant help but laugh at the situation. Over the years, this Christmas comedy has remained a must watch during Christmas. The soundtrack is particularly notable, with a score by legendary composer John Williams, who mixes Christmas themes with tension and forebode. From a commercial side it has been extremely successful, being one of the top grossing comedy films of all time. This film is guaranteed to make you laugh and possibly sympathize with Kevin’s funny situation.

Student Voice

loveactually Director: Richard Curtis Original Release Date: November 14, 2003 Studio: StudioCanal, Working Title Films, Universal Pictures Running Time: 136 Minutes Starring: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson and Rodrigo Santoro The Short: A star-studded cast stars in this romantic comedy about love and relationships during the holiday season. Love Actually is a film that has the potential to make you laugh, cry, get frustrated and content. This is a story with many sub-stories that are interlinked, and is a movie you should watch with your loved ones. The director Richard Curtis is known for his romantic comedies Bridget Jones’s Diary and Four Weddings and Funeral. If romcoms are your thing, then this is definitely your cup of tea. The Review: Do you know all the recent films that involve many different storylines and different characters whose lives are interconnected somehow through work or family? Well, this is the film that piloted that idea. As it is simply too complicated to explain the relationships of this film, you should just refer to the chart below. The concept of love is explored in Love Actually through different types of relationships including friendship, father-son, siblings and even professional, and you are likely to be touched by more than one of them. Thus the film is appropriately named after the song Love is All Around. The 136 minutes of this film are tightly packed with stories and situations that Richard Curtis does extremely well in. Particularly, the comedic and ironic elements of the film are especially strong, with actors and actresses playing against stereotypes. Furthermore, if you are a holiday music lover, then this film is the one catering to your ears. Forget about the Christmas tunes, this film packs contemporary holiday pop such as Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You, as well as a bonus rendition of Love is all Around called Christmas is All Around by Bill Nighy, who takes ‘cheesy’ to a whole new level. The only flaw to this film is that at times it is oversaturated and complex, it may be difficult to follow for first time watchers, but nonetheless its occasional sloppiness, corniness and overly sentimental feeling is perfectly acceptable for a holiday film. This film will trigger your emotions and The Cheshire Cat hopes you too will feel during this holiday that Love Actually is All Around. Written By: Augustine Kwong [The Cheshire Cat]


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! From your student voice

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Merry Well deserved Christmas!!