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Student Voice le magazine des étudiants de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne MAI 2012 N° 18

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Rien que pour vous...

Especially for you...

Proche de l’EHL, il existe un

Close to the EHL, there is

endroit où seul votre beauté

a place where only your

et votre bien-être importent...

beauty and well-being

Emeraude Esthétique vous


recoit, dans un cadre discret

Emeraude Esthétique is a

et agréable pour vous

discreet and comfortable

proposer un moment de

environment for you to relax,


unwind and enjoy a wide

• épilation

range of treatments.

• soins

• hair removal

• massages

• skincare

• blanchiment des dents

• massage

• manucure/pédicure

• teeth whitening

• maquillage

• manucure/pédicure

• cours de maquillage

• make-up • make-up training

Emeraude Esthétique Chemin de la Vulliette 29a Le Chalet-à-Gobet 1000 Lausanne 25 T. 021 784 00 61

The past few months have been busy.

Very, very busy. The APs came back from internship and immediately started with their practicals (thank goodness Passerelle Bar is open once again). The BSC1s were preoccupied with their negotiations with the school for next year’s choice of IP groups. Half the BSC2s were obsessing over the Finance IP (what a relief it must be to have handed it in yesterday), the other half were busy preparing Fête Finale (what a party). The BSC3s were working on their SBPs or focusing on finding a job, if not both at the same time. The Masters students are in their final weeks of their studies, so although we do not really know what they have been up to, we’re sure they must have been busy, too. And finally, the DHRs – we don’t know much about their busy lives either, but we do know that they create La Ferme concepts for us, like the Olympics concept a few weeks ago. It’s too bad really that we do not know more about the Masters students and the mysterious DHRs. That’s why we thought it’s time to change this. In the final issue of this year’s Student Voice, we provide you with an insight into the life of a DHR student. We also feature the last words of this year’s Masters students, a recap on EHL’s Strategy 2020 and an article full of confessions from an EHL graduate. As usual, we also have various trends and lifestyle tips to recommend and entertain. With the end of this academic year, we also find ourselves in a phase of transition. Some of us will be starting their first real jobs (good luck with that), while others will be looking for them – don’t despair, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. The BSC2s and DHRs will be leaving on internship and some others will simply go on holidays. The Student Voice is also in a phase of transition. As you can see, we have entirely transformed the design of this issue because we want to leave you with an image of the magazine that will stick with you over the summer. Once you return in September, we will have new surprises in store for you – this time, under the leadership of our two new editors-in-chief, Michael Salom and Queeney Hernandez. We are sure to handed over YOUR magazine to two competent successors, who will continue following our mission. We wish them good luck on their journey and a great Student Voice adventure. Adrian Ion and Christina Babourkova

The Student Voice exsists thanks to the precious help of its sponsors :

Sommaire Student voice - Mai 2012

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17 You are what you wear 18-19 Goodbye BSC3s 20-21 Confessions of an EHL graduate 22-23 Tout est une question de perspective 24 Strategy 2020 25 EHL VS Glion Part 2 26-27 Mais où sont les DHR? 28 Scholarship Committee 29 MHA’s Last Article

30 Lifestyle Review: Books, Movies, Music 31 EHLLE 32-33 Dix conseils pour economiser 34 Like Eat Tastings

Flash News Mai 2012

“Follow the girl with the green tutu!” It was a historic moment in the life of EHL. The first Lipdub was organized by seven BSC3 students (Tatiana, Thomas, Juliette, Margot, Victoria, Nora and Michael). It was an amazing demonstration of the EHL spirit and created a wonderful memory of our young and silly years here. “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” A little competition can sometimes spice things up quite nicely – as it did for us at the beginning of this month with the Sports Day event, which was organized by the Student Council. French section versus English section, APs versus BSC3s, staff versus students; we all had our chance to compete against each other and prove what we can (or cannot do). In the end, the BSC3s proved that this year they do it best. “Keep drinking, it’s sinking!” Remember May 12th? Maybe you don’t… But Venice came to EHL and transformed the school into a venue for a mysterious and captivating Masquerade Ball. The ladies were looking marvellous in their gowns and masks, some gentlemen also surprised us with creative costumes and as usual, there was plenty of alcohol involved during that night. The Student Voice is curious to know what next year’s FF Committee will have in store (coming up in the next issue).

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’” Two teams of ten, two different menus, one restaurant full of judges – on May 10th, the Culinary Challenge was organized at the Berceau des Sens and saw Alumni competing against students. Who knows whether it was the years of experience they had on the students or whether they were simply lucky to meet the judges’ expectations, but this Culinary Challenge round went to the Alumni. “A good year” EHLians are on a roll, fellas! The PJE - Prix du Jeune Entrepreneur, as well as the award for the L’Oréal Brandstorm Contest were awarded to BSC3 students this year! Keep this talent, hard work and creativity flowing! Learn more about these contests by contacting

“A kick-ass start into summer” Two more weeks left until the start of the European Football Championship 2012. The hosting countries – Poland and Ukraine – will host this event for the first time and have been preparing for the tournament by building six brand new stadiums. This year, Switzerland has not qualified to compete for the title of European Football Champion, but since we are all international at EHL, it’s sure that we’ll find one country or two to cheer for. “Come on baby, light my fire” So the Olympic torch has finally been lit. This means that the Olympic Games of 2012 are just around the corner, and we can start following the numerous relay athletes who will take the flame on a 70-day journey through the UK. Thankfully, we’ve been eased into the Olympic fever by the great DHR Concept at La Ferme a few weeks ago!

“Mamihlapinatapai - the symptom of your teenagehood” The Student Voice team has finally discovered how to call that symptom which 98.9% of the youngsters population suffer from. It will definitely remind you of your romantic times. Mamihlapinatapai refers to “a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will offer something that they both desire but are unwilling to suggest or offer themselves.” (Mamihlapinatapai is a word from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego)


from Miami!

With only a few weeks left to go before summer holidays, internships, or even scarier – “the real world” –, and only exams standing in our way, I was fortunate enough to get a taste of life beyond EHL last week as I participated in an Educational Travel conference to Miami with 4 other students. Now Miami sounds like a tough place for students to spend a week doing ‘Educational Travel’, so you may be asking yourself what exactly we were doing there. No, it wasn’t filled with lounging by the pool, meals on South Beach or accepting an invitation to attend a Cornell Alumni cocktail… Ok, the Cornell meeting yes, but the rest of the time was work! There were two conferences taking place, Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit (CHRIS) and Hotel Opportunities Latin America (HOLA), and the five of us were chosen to work for both by assisting with registration, stuffing welcome packages and working in the conference rooms to field questions, greet delegates and support the organizers in any way possible. We also had the opportunity to join in many of the sessions led by ry interesting keynote speakers. lin Nea By Cait So what was the highlight of the trip? Difficult to choose just one, so I’ll mention a few. The networking was amazing! Meeting with strategic developers, investors, owners, and government officials was wonderful. It was an eye opening experience to see the many different aspects of hospitality, and particularly the uniqueness of the Caribbean and Latin American markets. Lastly, not only being able to network at the conference, but being invited to a Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels reception and Cornell Alumni gathering was also an added bonus.

LEFT PICT: Kelvin, Hayley, Roland Mouly Vice President Development at Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Anna, Caitlin and Ivo. RIGHT PICT: team with Raul Calvet, Owner and CEO of Calvet & Associates, an Investment and Business Development Consultant Company and Co-Host of HOLA.

So how can you participate in such an event? Check out Educational Travel on myEHL for more information and you may be chosen to travel to an exciting destination.

CFD? CAC? Forex? It’s obvious that trading is not for everyone, right? In reality, anyone can become a trader. You too, EHL student! And even without having hi-tech dealing rooms or numbers that scroll on a luminous band. Trading recently started to become a new and popular trend that many EHL students are hoping to become a part of. It has grown quickly in the last decade. Over 1000 companies provide online trading services that give the opportunity to trade stocks, options, Forex etc. to both beginners and advanced traders all over the world, without physical presence of a broker and with much lower commissions. The other reason that it has become so popular is of course because it is possible to earn quick money within a very short period of time. How to trade online? Firstly, all that you need to get started is a computer, Internet connection, relevant software and a broker. In fact, the first two are already at your disposal. There are numerous websites online that sell software for trading. Brokers, too, are easy to find on the Internet but you should always make sure that you have landed upon a safe site. Secondly, the majority of us know what the stock market is to some extent, but we have no idea what the numbers on the stock market pages in newspapers are trying to tell us. Therefore the next step is to do some homework and understand what options you have and how to avoid mistakes. It’s best to start by reading online guides, which provide basic information about online trading. It is also reasonable to study how online trading software works and how to use it properly. In other words, test different online trading strategies and gain skills necessary to become a successful trader. Finally, you need self-control. Trading is an intense activity, one with a very high potential for stress, so you need to know how to handle it. If you don’t, you will experience fear, anger, disappointment, or other feelings that will affect your ability to trade. Interested? Learn how to trade with the Metis Finance Institute For what? A Free Online Trading virtual Platform Opening an account giving access to the N°1 Swiss leaders online trading platform for free, which is available in 40 languages. Free investment advice and tips How? or +41219631967 For more Information:


JULIEN PITTET by Calvin Sun and Christina Babourkova

In this issue of the Student Voice, we are proud to present you Julien Pittet, an EHL graduate of 1996. Originally from Lausanne, Julien now works in Hungary where he produces various wines from the Tokaj region. Although he resides in Hungary, he spends much of his time travelling to promote and sell his wines, which is a “very challenging” job. Julien is also serving as the Head of the Hungarian and Slovakian Chapters of the AEHL and is very active with the Admissions department at EHL, by helping to give tours and interviews. What did your career path look like when you graduated from EHL? A few days after receiving the diploma, I began my career at the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. I worked as Credit Manager there for two years, after which I continued to become the manager of a 45-room hotel in a ski resort. This hotel was not profitable, which is why the owners decided to transform it into a medical and social institution. Then, my career continued into the wine business; I started as manager at the Château d’Allaman, followed by the position of

Head of Purchasing for international wines at the Société vinicole de Perroy. The opening of the Swiss market and several strategic mistakes unfortunately forced the society to close and hence, I began working for DHL. First, I was stationed in Geneva and then in Zurich as Head of Direct Sales Channels. Although in 2004 my position was laid off when DHL merged with Danzas and Deutsche Post, I have very fond memories of my time in Zurich. After DHL, I decided to focus on the production of wines, which marked the beginning of my Hungarian adventure. In your career so far, which position taught you the most or which was the most challenging? When I arrived at the Hotel des Bergues, the situation there was catastrophic. The accounting department at the hotel was practically non-existent, no invoice had been sent out for the past three months, the rent had not been paid for more than three years – basically the hotel was on the verge of bankruptcy. The employees worked overtime, accepted cuts to their salaries and agreed on a mere one week of vacation. This was a very difficult situation, but I gathered great experiences in terms of team building and interpersonal relations.

Coming back to your Hungarian adventure, how did you get involved in the wine business there? I have known Hungary for twenty years. The first time I visited was in 1992 and I fell in love with the country at first sight. I always went to Hungary during the holidays and in 1995, I made my first harvest with a friend. I bought my first vineyard in 2003 and another one in 2007. I have been living there full time since 2006. Assuming our readers are not very familiar with Hungarian wines, could you give us some more information about them? Hungarian wines are very varied, a little bit like in France. The conditions in Hungary allow for the production of all types of wines, from very dry to very sweet in form of white, rosé, red and sparkling wine. If I take the Tokaj region (my vineyards’ location), as an example, the wines there have a very strong character – particularly the sweet ones are of superior quality. There is a longstanding tradition of making this type of wine in the region, which is why you can find, without a doubt, some of the most outstanding sweet wines of the world there. ittet ines Mr. P P.S. The w at BDS! re offered produces a How do Hungarian wines compete internationally? Their presence on the market is very weak. The problem with Hungarian wines is that they do not have an image on the international market. The name Tokaj is known globally, but few people have actually tasted the wines and know what types are produced there. It is also very difficult to find Swiss importers or

distributors around Europe. In terms of quality, Hungarian wines could compete with Swiss or French wines if they launch a massive communication and degustation campaign; however, for now, they do not present a substantial competition. In the future, do you plan on staying in the wine industry? Yes, definitely. My main dream is to produce an excellent red wine either in Hungary or Italy.

Finally, what advice would you give students applying for a job? Be yourself, be honest. Prepare yourself for the interview and be sure that you really want the position because it’s hard to convince someone when you yourself are not convinced.

Summer job opportunities Tops


1-Humanitarian work: Of course, we’ve all said at one time or other that it would be a really great experience. However, as far as I am concerned I have hardly ever seen anyone who had the conviction to pass from volatile words to solid reality. The opportunities, as well as the countries you could visit, are endless. So, what about an exciting experience in Peru, involving working with children of poor families, participating in their activities, sharing their culture and teaching them English? For more information:

1- Telemarketing / Door-to-door sales: Hold on tight! Even people that have worked in this business do not talk too warmly about it. It is no wonder why. Have you ever received a call at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, after a long Friday night, from a person asking you the most bizarre questions? Or did you see some strange person, acting as though they had known you for ages, who tried to convince you that you desperately need the latest XXX security system, although you have a perfectly good one already? Most people lose their temper in those situations, hang up the phone, act aggressively or in the worst case, set their dog on the unwanted visitor. And you can do absolutely nothing about it!

2-Assistant in an art gallery / museum: Are you fascinated by painting or contemporary art? This would be your chance to broaden your horizons and share your passion. Although a position might take some time to find, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the subject, meet people involved in the exchange or creation of art, have an exceptional insight in the industry and, of course, be the first to discover some exquisite pieces of art. 3- Tanning concierge: Widely considered to be the best summer job imaginable, it requires no special skills except precise timing. Indeed, your job will be to watch over some swimming pool on the roof of a 5-star, luxurious hotel, like the James New York Hotel in SoHo, looking after sunbathers and making sure they tan evenly. Thus, every 20 minutes, you are to send them a message saying ‘’Turn over’’ or just tap them on the shoulder. Which leaves you in possession of the private numbers of important personalities and businessmen (not to be used, of course)...

2- Golf courses: Even if you are fond of golf, this experience will probably prove a very painful one. It is not for nothing that it is sometimes referred to as ‘’golf course hell’’: from the infernal temperature and early rising, to getting knocked out by golf balls, the experience has, on first glance, nothing to recommend itself. 3- Agriculture: Although the chances of actually deciding to do that as a summer job seem to be quite low, it should not be overlooked. Indeed, it is the area of activity that is considered the most dangerous for young or occasional workers. In the USA, it accounted for 42% of all work related fatalities of young workers between 1992 and 2000.

Unusual 1- Theme parks: Do you like children? Do you want to make a lot of people happy? Do you want to feel like a movie star? Then dress up and be the mascot of the day! One of the best-liked opportunities is working in Clown Musical Bands, where you perform, parade and generally make a fool of yourself, while getting paid for it! 2- Mountain hut hosts: Some lovers of nature and high altitude enjoyed working as mountain hut hosts for the Swiss Alpine Club. Altitude: 9000 feet. Distance to the nearest village: 4 hours. Infrastructure: unreliable phone, scarce water, solar electricity. Job description: wake up at 2 a.m., cooking, cleaning, chopping

firewood, fetching lost hikers. Positive aspects: meeting a lot of interesting people, working in an environment that attracts you. Conclusion: you’ve got to be unusually motivated. 3- CCUSA (Camp Counsellor Russia Program): This 4-week program allows you to work during one month as a camp counsellor in one of the numerous summer camps in Russia. Your responsibilities will include ensuring the security of the children present (aged from 7 to 17), organising and participating in different activities or teaching English. But above all, it will allow you to develop an increased sense of responsibility, learn a foreign language and understand a new culture, making it a truly unforgettable experience. For more information:

by Sophia Skourikhine


SCHEDULE By: Calvin Sun


In need of some grooving vibes? Check out these festivals you won’t regret going to! Please note, it is impossible to list them all

Festi’Neuch, 31-05-2012 to 03-062012, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Festival Garorock, 08 to 10-072012, Marmande, France

(Sensation) INNERSPACE, 1509-2012, Oslo, Norway

(Sensation) CELEBRATE LIFE, 02-06-2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lake Parade, 14-07-2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Oktoberfest, 22-09-2012 to 0710-2012, Munich, Germany

Caribana Festival, 06 to 10-062012, Crans-Sur-Nyon, Switzerland

Monegro Festival, 21-07-2012, Monegro Desert, Spain

(Sensation) SOURCE OF LIGHT, 06-10-2012, Barcelona, Spain

Electric Daisy Carnival, 08 to 106-2012, Las Vegas, United States of America (Sensation) INNERSPACE, 11-062012, St. Petersburg, Russia SOLIDAYS, 22 to 24-06-2012, Paris, France

(Sensation) OCEAN OF WHITE, 21-07-2012, Seoul, Korea Olympic Games, 27-07-2012 TO 12-08-2012, London, United Kingdom Tomorrowland, 27 to 29-07-2012, Antwerp, Belgium

HOVEFESTIVALEN, 26 to 29-062012, Tromoya-Arendal, Norway

Rock Oz’Arenes, 31-07-2012, 02 to 05-08-2012, Avenches, Switzerland

Rock Werchter, 28-06-2012 to 0107-2012, Wretcher, Belgium

Street Parade, 11-08-2012, Zurich, Switzerland

46th Montreux Jazz Festival, 2906-2012 to 14-07-2012, Montreux, Switzerland

Paleo Festival, 17 to 22-08-2012, Nyon, Switzerland

Roskilde Festival, 05 to 08-072012, Roskilde, Denmark Openair-Frauenfeld, 06 to 08-072012, Frauenfeld, Switzerland (Sensation) SOURCE OF LIGHT, 07-07-2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lusofonia Festival, 19 to 21-102012, Macau

Electric Daisy Carnival, 18-8-2012, Puerto Rico Techno Parade, 15-09-2012, Paris, France

Safety Warning and Disclaimer: The EHL Student Voice is not responsible for anything that may or may not happen to you during these events.

emos fo deen nI ?sebiv gnivoorg Check out what the Music Committee has to offer!

EHL Music Committee Makes happiness Loads of new projects to entertain you!

By Nora White What does «Music at EHL» mean to you dear readers ? EHL Band ? Alex Segal performing Oasis with virtue? Well, well there has definitely been a huge shift down there. Here are some explanations:

First of all, there is no more EHL Band. Now we talk about « EHL Music Committee » which is divided in several teams : Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classic and Electronic. Each team has a Captain and the committee is supervised by its president, Laurent Harald Woker aka Saint-Laurent. bla. it for the blaA lright, that’s We had the opportunity to have a little chit-chat with Ugo Viale, Captain of the Electronic Team. He explained what has been done so far and what’s coming up next. Here is the sum-up:

First of all, the animal. Ugo has always tried to be involved in the musical environment at school and outside mainly throughout his musical project with his brother, La Griffe. He joined the committee this year and is taking care of the Electronic part.

What has been done so far dude ? Along with Laurent Woker, Victor Heraud and other key members of the committee, we launched the Thursday Afterworks at The Cave (EHL Music Committee Room, B-Building). The concept was simple and sexy, providing EHL peeps with good music and beers every Thursday after their classes. Sadly, it turned out that the room was not appropriate, securitywise, for that kind of event : too high demand/too few square meters.

Any alternatives to meet this huge demand every Thursday ? Well, kind of ! Have you heard of Hôtel l’Union in Croisettes, Epalinges Beach ? I’m sure you did. As the sun is finally back and the Moon Boots are now in the closet for good, the EHL Music Committee has decided to take their summer quarter on the Terrace of the Hôtel l’Union every Thursday. Two editions have taken place so far and they were both a great success! Over 100 EHL students danced, flirted, sang and kissed along. The location is perfect : close to EHL and the M2 Metro, the prices are cheap ( and ! we got you 10% discount on F&B With your EHL student card). NDLR : La Griffe and Saint-Laurent are taking care of the music (chill/ deep/hiphop/love/house, a blend of what they do best). Oh my…! It’s awesome. And what’s next ? Next step is the AWABBQ  (Annual Wonderful & Awaited BBQ at Vidy)! This year, the EHL Music committee alongside Mathias Rouveure (Musik 2.0) will take care of the organization. More info pretty soon but we’ve heard that it’ll take place on June 1st. Of course and because you love them so much, the Afterworks at l’Union every thursday will continue, inviting along oher EHL talented artists to perform ! So now you know everything! Every Thursday : Afterworks at Hotel l’Union (Chemin des Croisettes 2, Epalinges) as of 6PM. 1st of June 2012 : The AWABBQ ~ Annual BBQ Vidy Beach (in the forest next to the Lake)

You are what you wear by Queeney Hernandez

Summer is finally here! And with the changes in weather, expect to see fewer scarves, thinner sleeves and shorter skirts – oh but wait, haven’t the girls of EHL always been wearing short skirts? Thumbs up for their persistence because even though the temperature was clearly below zero, skirts still remained well above the knee. It’s not just the girls, though. How you dress is a unisex thing. Guys, we love your cute little bow ties and sometimes (SOMETIMES) we let your funny, printed ties pass. But if you wear bright skinny jeans, it’s kind of hard for us to take you seriously. In the industry we would like to be in (except for the 80% who want to go into finance), how you present yourself is of the utmost importance. Fact: No matter how good your filet mignon is, if the person who serves you is dressed like they got run over by a designer labeled blender, you would not eat it. But where do we draw the line between fashion and presentation? Are those two eternally related? Just look at pant suits on women as an example. Back in the day, this would be considered “inappropriate”. And what about our individual “sense of style”? Maybe those aforementioned skirt lengths, un-tucked shirts and red pants are a symbolic representation of the individual’s true identity. We all want to be recognized as “unique” just like everyone else. It’s not just what we wear. It’s who we wear as well. Chanel, Gucci, Luis, Marc, Ralph, Christian, Karl and countless others all play a major influence in EHL’s dress code elite. As a person whose wallet (not Vogue) dictates her wardrobe, it’s pretty hard to understand. But even with (or without) Viviene, Estee or Giorgio, clown suits and yellow tights are still inexcusable. But then I guess it all boils down to opinion; what do YOU think? We all know what EHL thinks *ahem*Dress code*ahem*. Instead of

complaining about how strict they are, why don’t we be really honest with ourselves and wonder, why? Why do they want us to dress professionally and shave our beards (yes this can apply to women as well)? Surely, it’s not to punish us. In addition, we also have the extra burden of picking groups for next year (don’t worry APs, your time will come). Personally, there’s nothing wrong with looking fashionable; hell, it’s highly recommended that you don’t look like you just got out of bed. But if you think you’re going to be taken seriously with your ducky ties and cleavage from eternity and beyond, think again. But what do I know. I’m neither a professional nor a fashion designer. I’m just an EHL student, like you, just trying to pass Accounting. In the end, go ahead and wear what makes you feel good (8-inch heels and all) and always beware of the dress code police lurking behind the corner.

Goodbye Ladies,

Life is a serious game,

Enjoy it as much

We will not

good bye gentlemen.

for not too serious people.

as possible.

forget you.

Confessions of a

GRADUATE by Christof Bertschi

Graduation day is approaching (the date Friday, 13th of July, proves that EHL’s administration is definitely not superstitious) and marks the end of an era as well as the beginning of a new episode for all of us BSC-3s. School & fun are finished and You too, watch The Graduate (1967), with Dustin Hoffman. A must see! we are thrown into You might still feel as lost, but at least, you’re not the only one. the real world, half of us without jobs. 4 years of our life talking 2.95 – that’s an 18% increase; an we dedicated to our studies and the inflation rate you would only normally happenings around the EHL community. suspect in a banana republic. Thank I would say it is time to reflect over our 4 goodness that our tuition fee didn’t rise at the same rate. Still, we all know we years here at Chalet-à-Gobet. got milked. While reading this article you might just be sitting outside on the brand new Talking about money – have you ever terrace of EHL, drinking beer during a considered the ratio between the books teachers told you to buy, books you break from group work or class. bought and books you actually read? You should consider yourself lucky. First, My housekeeping, front office & Pauli not only are the days when you can sit cooking techniques, each between 40 – outside without your winter coat rare 80 francs, are rotting somewhere in my (we will definitely not miss those arctic cellar. In BSC-2 I saw people bringing a winters in Chalet-à-Gobet), but second, book to the HR exam still wrapped in you still get to partially enjoy what has the plastic wrap – a bit like carrying a been built with your parents’ money (or bible to a football game. in my case Swiss taxpayers’). Anyways, your well-deserved break Now take a sip of your beer – you will from group work or class is now need it. Did you know that EHL shows a probably over – just before you rush severe sign of hyperinflation? That beer back to your group mates, have you used to be 2.50 in BSC-1, now we’re ever asked yourself how many different

teams you have worked in? Indeed, it is a lot, varying from 9 to 12 for mandatory courses (depending on whether you changed during BSC-2), not counting the electives! Even more interesting: when was the last time you submitted an individual project?

to work in teams and (hopefully) how to manage time efficiently. What will definitely stay with us are everlasting memories of awesome parties, holidays and events and of course our unique network of friends and colleagues (with friends & family-rates all over the world).

If you are sitting in your class you must have often questioned how relevant this lecture is going to be for my career? I was about to conduct a survey on a ranking of the most random class and the most random project in our career. As the outcome might have provoked a heart attack in some people in the administration, I concluded not to do it.

If you ask the question: “would you do it again?”, you get all kind of answers. I figure there is no measure for your return on investment at this school; NPV or IRR will not work here. Think of it as an experience – perhaps a costly one. My answer can definitely be summarized best by the song “Good Riddance – time of your life” by Green Day:

If we are talking about randomness, do not forget about an area that was to many of us a mystery: Exams. So many great, unsolved questions such as: why do we need to sign only with initials if a teacher can just look up our student number? Why is EHL printing 30 stickers if you only need one on your first exam sheet? (That would be an interesting topic for our hyperactive SSR committee). Is there a way to make the grade publication more complicated? Why does it take certain teachers 4 days to correct an exam and others 3 months? Where does EHL find these interesting characters supervising our exams? You might wonder what we actually take away from EHL? Our cooking or wine-tasting skills probably did not improve as much as we hoped (or as was promised). Most likely we will soon forget about the negative internal issues, useless courses or projects and remember those teachers and assignments that actually challenged and taught us something. We will leave this school with a decent understanding of finance and marketing; we know how

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you had the time of your life.”

Tout est une question de perspective… by Michael Salom Je ne sais pas vous, mais moi j’ai l’impression que mon opinion de l’EHL, de ses élèves, de son programme change tous les ans, comme ma manière de les appréhender, ainsi que mon comportement. En effet, je remarque que les comportements des gens changent tout au long de l’année et surtout sur la fin. Bien entendu notre mentalité évolue au fil du temps, et il va de soi que chacun change sur une période de quatre ans, mais les changements provoqués directement par l’environnement de l’EHL sont, eux, bien différents. Je me souviens que je suis rentré en AP en me disant que j’allais faire la fête et quand même bien travailler pour avoir 5.5 de moyenne sans rater de cours et en jouant bien le jeu. Je me rappelle aussi que j’en suis sorti avec une moyenne considérablement plus basse, des cernes considérablement plus grosse, une inflammation du foie considérablement plus dérangeante, et surtout : une promesse considérablement plus stupide: « L’année prochaine, je bosse comme un malade ». Cette promesse je me la suis faite chaque année, elle me ronge de l’intérieur; elle fixe la barre haut et nous oblige, au final, à réaliser chaque année qu’on ne l’atteindra pas, parce qu’on en a la flemme, qu’on ne sait pas dire non, qu’on a envie d’être pote avec tous le monde, faire tous les comités. On sait qu’on va passer, on passe toujours (surtout au rattrapage), mais on baigne dans la culpabilité (ou pas) de ne jamais être à la hauteur de nos propre attentes. On réalise alors que si l’on est toujours à jour et qu’on fait exactement ce que les profs veulent de nous, on fera 6 sans travailler pour les exas, mais on ne le fait pas. On prie la veille de l’examen : « Seigneur, si vous limitez les dégâts, je vous jure que le trimestre prochain je serai au premier rang  à tous les cours, même ceux de 10h15 où je ne vais jamais… ». Et il y a un élément critique dans ce raisonnement: les années supérieures. Vous avez déjà remarqué que vous attendez l’année « difficile » chaque année ? J’imagine que tout le monde connait le fameux  « Ouais, mais c’est bon, vous n’en foutez pas une dans votre trimestre,  tu verras le mien ». Quand t’es AP, je veux bien, mais même en BSC1 ? Même entre les trimestres d’une même année de BSC2? On dirait que face à la fameuse question  « Ahh, mais t’es en quel module toi ? » quoi que tu répondes, tu entendras

« Aaah mais c’est bon, chill, c’est tkl ça, t’as rien à faire , viens on sort se droguer et boire jusqu’à 8h30 du matin». Si vous me demandez mon avis, je pense qu’il faut abattre ces mecs. Comme on n’a pas encore le droit de tuer les gens, j’ai décidé que la meilleure compensation pour l’existence de ces types, c’est de devenir comme eux. Alors, moi aussi maintenant, je trouve tout trop simple: bah oui, c’est tellement plus cool de trouver BSC1 facile quand tu l’as fini (bon j’aimerais bien défendre les AP mais votre programme c’est vraiment pour se gratter). A terme, on commence à entendre parler de ce MODULE FINANCE. On se dit que peut être y aura un moment de réel investissement intellectuel sur 4 ans, mais qui sait… En début d’AP était le/la plus cool celui/celle qui avait le plus d’amis. Le but des gens était de connaitre le plus de monde possible. On se rend vite compte à la fin de l’année que tous ces gens avec qui on a pris la peine de passer du temps ne sont plus là. Ils ne sont plus qu’un vague « ca va ? » et un signe de tête dans les couloirs en passant dans les couloirs devant la Passerelle une milliardième fois dans la journée. C’est pas qu’on ne les aime pas, juste qu’on n’a pas assez de temps dans 24h pour aimer nos centaines et parfois milliers d’amis Facebook. On se retrouve donc avec nos vrais amis, dès lors, les groupes se forment. Bien entendu, ils se mélangent, se séparent, se re-mélangent beaucoup (BTW : Ainsi naquit le Ragot). Je ne sais pas vous, mais moi j’ai l’impression d’avoir beaucoup grandi. Rassurez-vous, je pense qu’on reste toujours aussi c**, il y a des choses qui ne changent pas, mais disons que dans un lieu comme l’EHL où il faut savoir gérer et organiser des milliers de relations, contactes, interactions et travaux, tous les jours, on doit apprendre vite. Ma perspective est de plus en plus claire ; nous ne sommes peut-être pas les meilleurs en stat ou en finance, mais quel autre étudiant de quelle autre université peut dire qu’il est responsable de plusieurs départements de plusieurs comités, qu’il travaille à côté de ses cours pour gagner de l’argent, qu’il organise des évènements, sort avec ses amis tous les weekends, travaille avec 5 groupes différents, que les recruteurs viennent le chercher sur le campus et qu’après ça, il a encore le temps d’être heureux ?

Strategy 2020 & the new AP program by Calvin Sun

For those of you who were unable to attend the information session held on April 25th, here is a brief overview of how the finalized Strategy 2020 and the new AP program will affect current students: The development that will affect us all greatly will be the continued expansion of our campus. In addition to the beautiful new terrace which we get to benefit from already, the school plans to build new studios. This is very good news for the APs, as many would agree with me that when exam sessions begin, the D building study room becomes akin to a packed metro. Furthermore, the school plans to build new facilities, possibly even an application hotel and make EHL’s main entrance directly accessible from Route de Berne. As the Sports Department has now been insourced, more sports facilities will also be built. All of these expansions and developments will contribute to EHL’s plan to set a new benchmark for European campuses. Although concerns have been voiced that as a result of the school’s expansion in terms of the campus as well as the student population, EHL may lose its identity, the growth will help to increase our impact on the market and therewith the value of our degree. What is interesting is the planned increase and currently ongoing collaboration with other universities that will attract new

ideas, exchange programs and fantastic opportunities for future students; whom will eventually have a myriad of exchange destinations. The revamped AP program certainly leaves room for envious current students with its exciting courses currently not offered. However, most would find it hard to envy the 1000+ hours of practical work compared to the supposed “club med” equivalent. Although one downside would be Intro weeks being shortened into a single intro week which in the opinions of many APs would be detrimental to team building – an integral part of the EHL identity. Aside from all this, the real challenge seems to be juggling two different systems at the same time. With one group of students operating on a trimester basis and another group on a semester basis, I can only wish the program directors good luck. Many students worry that this will affect the quality of their learning.

In conclusion, with the campus expansion and increase in number of students, new changes are in the pipeline and already taking place today in our dynamic school. We may lose the identity of a small hotel school considered to be one big family located on an unknown hilltop, but we’ll still be the oldest hotel school in the world, and most notably the best.

EHLvs.Glion: Episode 2 by Jadranka Cvitkovic

Before you begin reading, I would like to specify that this article should not be considered (or viewed) as biased or EHL propaganda, but simply as an analysis or a reflection of my experience and thoughts. As a direct entry student into BSC2, transferring from Glion, I would like to share my experiences and feelings with you. Ever since I started EHL in September, I have finally seen what the hospitality and business world has to offer. My motivation has been recharged and is now up to 110%. I am eager to learn and want to experience the new challenges that EHL has to offer. I am starting to figure out why, after two years in Glion, I could not seem to find any interest in my studies. But now that I am here, I feel that I am back on track. At EHL, everything revolves around the notion of challenge. In Glion, students did not seem to like or care about their studies and were not involved, mostly because the classes are not challenging enough. The projects I was given resembled duties which needed to be completed, rather than being interesting and feasible projects. I was bored and demotivated and above all, I felt in dissonance with the school microcosm. Like EHL, Glion is a Hospitality Management School. But it is 3 times smaller, which means you know everyone and everyone

In the shoes of a transfer student knows you: gossip would travel even faster! Glioners live to party, whilst the other important things such as culture and community, seem to get lost in the hassle. Partying is great, enjoyable and healthy when the rest of your life does not revolve around it and it is even better when you have something to celebrate. At EHL, I have discovered an environment where students are centered on their professional future and goals and then enjoy the occasional party. Work hard and then play hard! That makes a difference. I made the decision to leave Glion at the beginning of last year. My classmates could not understand why I was desperate to leave and I had trouble justifying my choice. Deep inside, I knew it was the right thing to do. I was ready to leave everything behind and start from scratch. I have to admit it, transferring is not easy. You don’t know anyone, while everyone knows everyone. You don’t really know and fully understand what the school life and academic work entail. But, as they say, time makes it easier and transferring to EHL was the best decision I ever made.

Mais où sont les DHR ? Eh oui après trouver Charlie, voici le nouveau jeu de l’EHL : trouver les DHR. Oui car pour être honnête on ne les rencontre trop peu ou presque pas. Ils sont peu nombreux et pour les apercevoir dans la masse encombrante des BSC il faut avoir l’œil attentif et les sens vifs. Le premier contact qu’on a avec les DHR est pendant les Intro Weeks. Et pendant les miennes je me suis trouvé avec une belle bande de DHR dévergondés avec qui on a pu nouer contact grâce justement aux semaines d’introductions. Mais deux ans après, malheureusement pour moi mais heureusement pour eux, ils sont partis et je me suis rendu compte que de DHR j’en connaissais peu et les voyais encore moins. Mais après vous avoir raconté ma vie pendant un paragraphe le vrai point de l’article est leur point de vue. Ce qu’ils ressentent et comment ils voient leur place au sein de l’EHL. Au moment où j’écris ces lignes je suis assis au milieu de la Ferme (au bar) en train d’observer le concept réussi « Olympic Games 2012 ». Les concepts à la Ferme sont la manifestation évidente que les DHR sont là et qu’ils font un incroyable travail et qu’ils devraient être plus présents dans les activités de l’école. A part pour profiter d’un bon apéro, je suis venu à la Ferme pour poser à cette équipe des questions et voici ce qui en ressort.


C’est ce qu’il manque principalement aux DHR pour s’impliquer d’avantage dans les comités et dans les activités extrascolaires de l’EHL. Ils ont un programme vraiment condensé et chargé et du coup peu de temps libre. Le temps aussi est en leur défaveur car certains commencent l’année académique au deuxième semestre et sont du coup décalés par rapport aux BSC. Mais malgré tout ça ils ont une réelle envie de participer d’avantage et de se sentir plus impliqués. Ils ont envie de se mélanger et par exemple, ce groupe que j’interroge, a particulièrement aimé travailler avec des AP lors justement de cette concept week. Ils pensent qu’un bon vecteur de socialisation pourrait être les comités et voici le point sur lequel tous les comités pourraient

faire un effort (Student Voice compris). En effet beaucoup de DHR se sont plaints du fait qu’à leur Introweek (en pleine année) les comités ne se présentent pas à eux et beaucoup de comités sont déjà pleins et ne recrutent plus. Il est difficile de choisir un comité uniquement par son nom sur une feuille. Ceci est négatif pour eux et pour nous (comités) car nous perdons des potentiels membres qui, voir concept, sont capable de faire des belles choses. Il faudrait nous présenter à chaque semaine d’introduction et garder des postes qui pourraient être remplis par des DRH.


Les DHR se sentent aussi peu impliqués dans les grands événements qui sont organisés à l’école. Par exemple le Sport Day. Cette année le comité leur a imposé de créer une équipe avec les masters et le staff. Bien qu’ils soient peu nombreux les DHR auraient aimé avoir la possibilité d’éviter cet amalgame et de rentrer dans la compétition comme une entité unique. La Fête Finale, cette soirée aurait pu être la leur aussi, ils graduent en même temps et auraient pu être considérés d’avantage. Je ne tiens à critiquer personne ceci sont des opinions qui m’ont été référés et qui pourraient être considérés pour l’année suivante. Enfin une idée qui est devenue évidente lors des discussions : pourquoi en première année le DHR n’aurait-il pas des cours de pratique avec les APS ? Ils sont peu nombreux et cela pourrait bien les aider dans le processus d’intégration. Malgré les problèmes que cela engendrerait dans l’organisation administrative je suis certain que cela pourrait être réalisable. Ou encore avoir la possibilité de créer des concept weeks avec des équipes mixtes : une DHR et une BSC. Tout ceci pour dire que les DHR se sentent un peu à part dans la communauté Ehlienne. Et que ceci est dommage dans une école qui prône le sentiment d’appartenance, de socialisation et de communauté. L’effort est à faire de tout les côtés : le leur, le nôtre, les comités et l’école pour profiter du potentiel (travail et apéro) de tous. Enfin…j’ai trouvé Charlie. Maintenant à votre tour.

by Tommaso Cavallari

WE ARE 30,

DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE? by Arthuro Sims

You might have seen us around, you might know who we are. We stand beside you at the Main Bar and we sit right next to you in class. You can’t identify us easily, but we are all around school. We carry a great responsibility on our shoulders and we are here representing the pride and passion of many people. We come from the four corners of the world and we are gathered here with the objective to succeed. We are 30. We are the scholarship students of EHL. From the beginning of our time at EHL we have benefitted from the chance of having contributors on our side who are willing to grant us the opportunity to realize our dreams. This opportunity together with the great investment and effort on the part of our families and ourselves, both academically and outside of school, is now allowing us to graduate from one of the most prestigious hospitality schools in the world and become part of the movers and shakers in the industry. We, scholarship students and proud members of the EHL family, would like to thank our contributors, school and the whole student body for the opportunity provided to us. All throughout the world, the leading universities and colleges give scholarships to students based on talent, merit, and financial need. These universities not only benefit from having great talent on their side but also from other aspects such as boosted morale of the fellow students and recognition in the industry, which benefit the whole student body and overall image of the school. Many universities in various countries ensure to provide scholarships to students and EHL is proud to be part of them. In order to create more of these opportunities in our school, this year we scholarship students have launched the new Scholarship Committee, which has as objective to create an everlasting sustainable scholarship fund, ensuring that in the years to come others like us will be able to realize their dreams too. The leaders and members of this committee are working hard to achieve its objectives but we need more help. If you are interested in learning about fundraising, strategy and development of projects, company connections, networking and most importantly contributing to a great cause, contact us. We are here for you.

Time flies. By Kelvin Tan

Clichés are, irritatingly, born out of truth. So here’s another one – time flies when you are having fun. As pregnancy goes, these past 9 months have not been without its drama, hormonal imbalances and strange cravings. We sustained ourselves sometimes by purpose, but mostly in hope. We have had our share of fun – memories that we will take with us beyond the threat of being replayed to our family and friends at graduation (ETA August). While many of you were perfecting your tan your MHA classmates have been around since last July. By the time it officially ends, we will have crammed 13 months of our life into as much art and science of hospitality as our timeworn brains can take - while testing the patience of our bank loans. It has been quite a journey. From the days of getting to know the chefs in the kitchens to sipping wine under the brilliant Bordeaux sun, climbing mountains to reasoning with over-enthusiastic security guards, trying (mostly failing) to act our age to negotiating those weird Canton Vaud keyboards for exams, we have equipped ourselves with competences that the oldest hotel school in the world can try to provide in the short time we are here. Oh, there have also been those hours in between spent in Room 31 being injected with bright ideas for and from the industry using the dimmest overhead projector on campus.

The 30 of us came from varied backgrounds and places; we will eventually go on to even more diverse futures and destinations. Half of us are from the hospitality industry, and the other half are (or were) thinking of entering it. But we will leave EHL somewhat clearer of who we are and certainly wiser of where we were. We are busy marketing ourselves as useful world citizens that can contribute to hospitality (or other) organizations and add value to their clients. (No, seriously, we are not looking for internships or graduate trainee programs, thank you.) It is never easy to make a lateral move into any company, let alone in the midst of a financial crisis. As difficult as it is to remind ourselves that we made a conscious choice to be where we are, the stories of MHA Alumni haves done well to provide us with inspirations and aspirations for the future. (Many of them will be back in August for the first Homecoming as part of MHA’s 10th year anniversary celebrations.) The real work begins after these 13 months, even if it was easy to miss this in the midst of classes, group projects and wine tasting. Going back to the life we had put on pause will involve a whole new set of adjustments –getting on our bikes again will be easier with different mindsets and a whole lot of new friends. So as we scurry around for our final classes and put finishing touches to our career capstone projects, in the meantime we bid you farewell and Godspeed.

The best is yet to be.

Reviews from the Entertainment World by Stephanie Dhima

For the Intellectuals:

The book I decided to review for this issue called ‘Life of Pi’ is not recently published, but has somehow proven to be incredibly relevant to numerous things in life. It’s a novel written by Yann Martel, and the storyline revolves around a boy who, after a grave ship accident, loses his family and finds himself stranded on a rescue boat with a 450-pound Benghal tiger. The journey that awaits him not only puts his ultimate survival instincts to the test (both from starvation and hiding from the tiger), but also leads him through a spiritual adventure where he tries to find himself without relying on a specific religious guidance. This might sound like a book that could be your best medicine for a night of insomnia, but I assure you, dear readers, it is anything but. For those who like to follow up books with movies, or vice versa, the film is scheduled to come out on December 21st 2012. So get readin’!

For the Movie-Lovers:

This movie will surely stir up some discussions triggered both by fanatics of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton movies, but also by the loyal followers of the 1960s soap opera that it is based on. Dark Shadows is definitely the movie to look out for this month. Never has the collaboration of the iconic Tim Burton and the ever-camouflaging Johnny Depp disappointed their audience – whether for a gruesome yet ironic musical (Sweeney Todd) or an eye-popping trip through a fantasy world (Alice in Wonderland). And as in most of their movies, Helena Bonham Carter makes a significant appearance as one of the craziest characters – yet again. Depp puts his whole charisma and talent into his role as Barnabas Collins, a 200-year old vampire who suddenly gets freed from his grave, and finds himself in the middle of the 70s. His manor is now occupied by the utterly dysfunctional descendants of his family, all of whom are hiding dark and disturbing secrets… In the process, he becomes infatuated with someone his own age, which might just be the break we need from movies of vampires that fall in love with teenage girls…

For the Music-Geeks:

With their ‘Overexposed’ album scheduled to be released on the 26th of June 2012, this is still a mighty long distance ahead for all the Maroon 5 fans out there. After the first single published in April called ‘Payphone’ in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, the rest of the tracks promise a pop-filled and diversified portfolio and is said to be one of their most daring projects to date. Judging already from the album artwork, the bright colors and psychedelic images are rumored to represent elements from famous pop-culture icons such as the Beatles and Picasso. All in all, this summer is promising to be action-packed, so get ready to be entertained!

EHLLE by Cédric Dayen

~ Festival des styles

Les festivals où mode et musique se rencontrent, sont les rendez-vous immanquables de l’été. De Coachella à Glastonbury en passant par Paléo festival et Montreux Jazz. Ils sont les endroits pour parfaire son actu musicale, mais à chaque festival son look. Dans le petit bureau de la rédaction de Ehlle, nous vous avons peaufiné les looks pour vos festivals de l’été. • • •

3 règles d’or :

Accessoiriser ta tenue – c’est le secret pour avoir du style. Un sac fabuleux, tu auras – loin de votre tente, il faudra garder près de vous votre kit de survie. Reste cool !

Montreux Jazz Festival – 29 juin au 14 juillet Cultivant sa particularité par ses choix de programmation ambitieux, il est le festival le plus chic du Léman. Promenades sur les quais, couché de soleil, et ambiance cosmopolite. Cru 2012 : The Ting Tings, Lana del Rey, M.I.A, Bob Dylan, Pitbull, Mark Ronson, Tony Bennett, Jane Birkin… Pour un look festival chic, on doit surtout rester naturel, avec un côté home made et zéro effort. Pour les garçons, le combo chino beige chemise bleu derbys preppy fera l’affaire. Pour les filles, on adopte la jupe et la petite robe d’été chic et colorée. Les couleurs pastels et un look riviera feront l’adage de Montreux 2012 !

Paléo Festival – 17 au 22 juillet Six jours, six nuits, six scènes, 200 stands, 210 concerts, 230’000 spectateurs. Le Paléo festival de Nyon est le plus grand festival Open air de Suisse et fait parti des événements musicaux majeurs en Europe. Cru 2012 : Manu Chao, Justice, Dionysos, Miles Kane, M83, Sting, The Kills, Lenny Kravitz, C2C, The Kooks, Skip the Use… A Paléo, on est Rock&Folk ! Cuisine du monde, camping, herbes fraîche, et soleil tapant. Pour les garçons et les filles, la pièce incontournable à glisser dans son sac de voyage est indéniablement le short. Le mot d’ordre, même si on campe pendant 3 jours, est de toujours afficher un style impeccable. Par-dessus son short, le t-shirt uni en lin ou en coton s’impose. Pour les filles Addict des chaussures à talons


On aurait pu parler politique, on aurait pu parler société, mais on va plutôt parler économie. En tant que futurs managers du monde, vous vous devez de faire marcher une entreprise avec le moins de ressources possibles, alors autant imposer déjà aujourd’hui cette discipline dans votre vie quotidienne. Voici quelques tips afin d’économiser de la maille, du flouz, bref, un petit peu de pesetas l’année prochaine (les économies décrites présentent une estimation moyenne): 1. Inutile de garer sa voiture dans le parking souterrain de l’EHL, c’est illégalement cher et glauque. Mieux vaut se garer au Chalet à Gobet et profiter de la ligne de bus. Surtout ne payez pas de billet, une amende vous coutera le prix d’une semaine de location dans le garage souterrain de l’EHL. Et pour bien protéger votre engin, une bâche imperméable vous coutera 90 CHF dans un centre commercial et est très facile à installer au quotidien. ECONOMIE : 1565 CHF 2. C’est prouvé, manger de la viande, c’est mauvais pour la santé, mais c’est surtout très cher. Profitez de l’offre de l’EHL, à savoir les salades. Elles sont fraiches, bonnes et peu chères. Évitez les pâtes, car vous paierez pour celle ci le prix de 4 kilos à la Migros. Votre surplus sur votre carte F&B vous permettra d’acheter des bouteilles de vins et champagne : Il ne sera plus question d’arriver les mains vides aux prochaines befores du Jeudi soir. ECONOMIE : 250 CHF 3. Faire ses courses en Suisse est une opération que les Suisses eux-mêmes se refusent à pratiquer. Peu de choix, c’est cher, ce qui ne l’est pas est de mauvaise qualité. A ce problème, deux choix. D’abord, un trésor à Lausanne. Il y a un magasin Casino au Flon, qui propose beaucoup de choix à des prix plus faibles que la concurrence, bien que supérieur qu’en France. Sinon, Divonne n’est qu’à 40 minutes d’ici, tout un terroir à portée de main! ECONOMIE : 290 CHF 4. N’achetez pas de livres, ils ne sont pas vraiment utilisés. Si vous en trouvez le besoin, ils sont gratuits à la bibliothèque, ou faites des photocopies (chez vous bien sûr, c’est moins cher). ECONOMIE : 645 CHF 5. Pour le téléphone, Orange vous fait bénéficier d’une offre parrainage. Votre parrain reçoit 100 CHF, vous aussi. Orange propose aussi des offres intéressantes pour les appels à l’étranger. ECONOMIE : 185 CHF 6. Les frais de scolarités vous ruinent ? Vous ne bénéficiez pas de la réduction de l’HESSO ? Et bien je n’ai pas de solution actuellement, mais si vous voulez que vos enfants étudient en Suisse, mariez-vous à un/une Suisse, c’est ainsi que vos enfants vous coûteront bien moins cher. Mieux vaut anticiper. ECONOMIE : 80 000 CHF

7. Côté transport, privilégiez le co-voiturage. C’est bon pour l’écologie (oui, le radin est très orienté écologie – c’est bon pour son portefeuille). ECONOMIE : 135 CHF 8. Surtout n’achetez pas vos vêtements n’importe quand. Si vous ne voulez pas attendre les soldes, des magasins en ville vous proposent de beaux vêtements pour -70% du prix original. Loin de nous l’idée de faire de la publicité, mais le nom du magasin décrit un animal qui bêle à 5 pattes. Ne riez pas, mais on trouve des choses incroyables à l’armée du salut et chez Emmaüs (en Suisse). Dans les brocantes aussi, on trouve de supers accessoires pour 5% du prix d’un article neuf. Que ce soit une cravate, une mallette, un sac à main Mesdames, vous pouvez être sûr de trouver L’accessoire. ECONOMIE : 300 CHF 9. Évitez les dépenses inutiles. Si vous avez un ordinateur, pourquoi acheter une télévision ? Une Playstation 6 ? Alors que l’on trouve des GameBoy à 20 CHF sur Ebay ? Avez vous vraiment besoin d’un iPhone? Une ardoise ne peut-elle pas remplacer un Ipad ? Pourquoi partir en vacances l’été alors que c’est le seul moment de l’année où il fait beau chez vous ? Faut-il vraiment utiliser deux préservatifs à chaque fois ? Aller chez le coiffeur, alors que votre meilleur(e) ami(e) est un(e) pro du découpage ? 10. Il y a quatre choses sur lesquelles il ne faut pas économiser. Les assurances, les sorties (car vous êtes en train de passer les plus belles années de votre vie), les dépenses liées à votre concubin(e) et le linge sale (si votre culotte est sale, ne la retournez pas pour l’utiliser une deuxième fois, mettez-la au sale) car après tout, les futurs managers se doivent de rester dans des sous-vêtements propres non ?

Like Eat Tastings « Eat well, eat healthy », but not expensively and quite rapidly, that’s the new F&B trend « Bernard Boutboul » told us about during his presentation called « out of home food consumption, tomorrow’s consumers ». We have therefore decided to dedicate our tasting to this new trend. The pioneers in this concept are « Boco » and « Ferniot » in Paris, where « healthy » and « natural » meet creativity and gastronomy. Such concepts do not exist in Lausanne yet, however, outlets following a similar trend exist. Here are three of them: Prêt–à–Manger, Rue du Port-Franc 22, 1003 Lausanne The Take Away Order your food on the internet or by phone and ask for the exact time you want to pick it up or you want it delivered, or just eat on-site. • Food quality: 5/6 - Fresh, tasty and very enjoyable. • Ambiance: 4/6 – Except during rush hour, the outlet is quite empty and very calm. Computers are available inside. • The place: 4/6 - Quite modern, spacious and nice. However, the emptiness makes it a little bit « dull ». • Service: 6/6 - The employees are very kind and helpful. Ozimi, Rue de Bourg 16-18, 1003 Lausanne The Classic One This outlet perfectly represents the image created by the words « organic » and « natural ». Appreciated by the vegetarians, it is vegan on Wednesdays. • Food quality: 5/6 - 200% fresh (tasty products which result in high quality food), simple and home-made. • Ambiance: 4/6 - Quite small, you can always find a spot though. Nothing lively but welcoming. • The place: 5/6 - Colourful and fresh, nothing fancy. The takeaway near the entrance is a nice option for summer. • Service: 5/6 - The « waiter-cook-owner » was really welcoming and spontaneous. The service mirrors the food: traditional, honest and straightforward. Yogi Booster, Spa Bar & Lounge, 7-9 Rue du Grand Chêne - 1002 Lausanne The Luxurious One A very tiny place nested in a corner of the Lausanne Palace & Spa Hotel, Yogi Booster is certainly the place which matches this trend the most; a place where natural and healthy food meet creativity. • Food quality: 6/6 - Home-made fresh juices and incredibly tasty food. Desserts and wines are also available, bio and 100% Swiss-made. • Ambiance: 4.5/6 - Calm and relaxing. However, the lack of music and the guests eating in bathrobes (because of the spa) made the overall experience a bit strange. • The place: 6/6 - Wooden tables, orchids, colourful pillows, bags of teas and white walls; once out of the lift, we enter a place of peace and relaxation. • Service: 6/6 - Welcoming, sweet, passionate, helpful and expert in healthy and bio food. What else?

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