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student voice Le magazine des étudiants de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne AVRIL 2012 N° 17

Student Voice


Rien que pour vous...

Especially for you...

Proche de l’EHL, il existe un

Close to the EHL, there is

endroit où seul votre beauté

a place where only your

et votre bien-être importent...

beauty and well-being

Emeraude Esthétique vous


recoit, dans un cadre discret

Emeraude Esthétique is a

et agréable pour vous

discreet and comfortable

proposer un moment de

environment for you to relax,


unwind and enjoy a wide

• épilation

range of treatments.

• soins

• hair removal

• massages

• skincare

• blanchiment des dents

• massage

• manucure/pédicure

• teeth whitening

• maquillage

• manucure/pédicure

• cours de maquillage

• make-up • make-up training

Emeraude Esthétique Chemin de la Vulliette 29a Le Chalet-à-Gobet 1000 Lausanne 25 T. 021 784 00 61


Spring came and left almost as quickly, teasing us with sunshine and the prospects of barbequing and spending lazy Sunday afternoons lying in the grass. The grey clouds and pouring rain that have been weighing on us this past week have on the one hand been a relief for some of us and on the other, a reason for a slight spring depression for the rest of us. Those that are stuck with the Finance Module and the SBP are probably rejoicing that they do not have to regret to have to spend their time working inside; but for those of us less stressed that are now also obligated to keep to our flats or to EHL’s study rooms, we have lots of time to spend on Facebook, to plan for summer and to reflect upon this past year. This is what we did for this issue of the Student Voice as well -we reflected. We reflected on what lies behind the mask of the seeming perfection we portray with our suits and our professional, hospitable behaviour. We reflected on our need to acknowledge Glion as a rival and also on what Glion’s students and other externals think about us. At the same time, we have also pinpointed a few issues that the economic crisis of the past years has laid before us - the difficulty of finding an internship and ultimately, also the fear of ending up jobless after graduation. Of course, as usual we also strive to entertain you with the new trends, book and movie reviews as well as great places to enjoy food in Lausanne. We also give you an opportunity to reflect upon yourself - with our Stress Management Survey you can determine how stressed and what type of a «stresser» you are. Well, no matter how stressed you may be, don’t forget there are only a few more weeks until Fête Finale, graduation, the start of internships, the end of internships and most important of all - summer vacation. If you have already found a job, an internship position or have amazing plans for spending the summer vacations, use the anticipation for all that is to come to combat the spring depression (if this has hit you, too). But better yet, take the Student Voice and enjoy the read - we are sure your mood will lift before you know it. Christina Babourkova and Adrian Ion





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Impression offset & numérique Petits et grands formats Rte du Verney 12 • 1070 Puidoux Tél. 0 2 1 9 4 6 1 7 2 0 - F a x 0 2 1 9 4 6 1 7 1 5 -



TRENDS Bleu, Blanc, Rouge 8-9 Banking & Finance 10 A mirror’s verdict 11 Alumni Profile: Aida Kharchafi 12-13 Kony 2012 14 EHL WeWine Millésime 15 MHA Column 16 EHL & Glion: Rivals forever? 17 Ils pensent quoi de nous? 18-19 International School of Stress 20-21 Behind the mask of seeming perfection 22-25 BSC2 internships 26 SSR Committee 27 Ultimately professional team work is different 28-29 Homosexuality at EHL 30-31 LIFESTYLE Lifestyle review : books, movies, music 32 EHLLE 33 LikeEat tastings 34

Flash News Avril 2012



Fête Finale Girls in Tech Stereotypically, women and technology have The long-awaited Fête Finale is always been considerate foes. However, the already coming up next month! With organization Girls in Tech, which focuses the theme Mystery of Venezia, we on women’s innovative and entrepreneurial should all be searching for a gown achievements in technology, forcefully combats this stereotype. Founded in 2007, this social and mask to disguise ourselves for the network enterprise was originally created to masquerade ball. Even if you are not a provide a platform for women to share their BSC3, make sure to attend – it is sure to ideas and views on business concepts involving be a magical night. technology. Nowadays, Girls in Tech prides itself with 12,000 members and 57 chapters world-wide. L’Odyssée de Cartier At the beginning of March, the French jeweller and watch manufacturer Cartier released its new 3-minute long advertisement clip, which breaks with the traditional advertisements for perfumes and jewellery previously published. Depicting its long-standing tradition and values which represent creativity, elegance and refined jewellery and watchmaking, the advertisement cost a total of four million Euros and the production time totalled two years.

YHS 2012 The third edition of the Young Hotelier Summit was held at EHL in March, featuring participating students from 18 different universities specialising in hospitality and tourism. The summit attracted numerous industry professionals, such as Gebhard Rainer, Managing Director Hyatt EMEA, and Christophe Navarre, CEO Moët Hennessy, to speak on current topics related to trends, careers and issues of the hospitality industry. YHS concluded with the challenge that the delegates had to complete, which this year evolved around innovating the Hyatt Management Training program.


Lifestyle Les Arches season returns March 20th saw the inauguration of the new Les Arches season. Marking the start of spring in Lausanne, the open air terrace style bar has been welcoming Lausanites for many summer seasons already and will do so again for the next seven months. It is a great place to enjoy the warm weather and their famous Mojitos. Under a new management with a fresh outlook, this is a place to watch out for as the ideal summer chill-out spot.

Rouge City Have you ever wondered what happened to the Cult Club? Renamed to Rouge City it has merged with the well-known Rouge FM radio station and now aims to become the ideal venue for concerts. Having undergone management issues, which resulted in the manager (an EHL alumnus) being fired three days before launch, it has had a rocky start. Until May the new Rouge City will be hitting it off with concerts nearly every week, then shutting down for renovations and a kick-start in September of this year.

ESL à nouveau élue meilleure agence d’Europe ! Plus de 20 langues sur les 5 continents


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By Adrian Ion 
 On est dimanche soir, je m’affale dans mon canapé, j’ouvre mon ordinateur pour écrire cet article. Afin de comparer les résultats de mon étude par rapport à comment votent les Français résidants hors de France, je tape sur Google : « Français expatriés vote droite Sarkozy ». Là, le premier choix me dirige sur un article du Figaro: « Un mail de Sarkozy pour rassurer les expatriés ». En même temps, J’entends ce jingle annonçant un nouveau mail. J’ouvre ma boite mail : Nicolas Sarkozy m’a écrit. « Mes chers amis, La semaine que nous venons de vivre a été particulièrement éprouvante. Un assassin a voulu, selon ses propres mots, « mettre la France à genoux » en enlevant la vie de trois enfants, de quatre militaires et d’un enseignant. » Je lis en transversale une sacrée propagande pro-UMP. “Mes chers amis, il nous reste un mois pour bâtir la plus formidable aventure, un mois pour bousculer toutes les certitudes. Aidez-moi à construire la France forte, à faire triompher nos idées, nos valeurs, notre idéal. J’ai besoin de vous. Avec toute mon amitié, La France se construit avec vous. La France forte, c’est vous. Nicolas Sarkozy Voilà, Nicolas, des Français, il en a dans la

poche. Et l’EHL ne déroge pas à la règle. Sur un échantillon de 81 Français de l’EHL, vous êtes 48 à lui accorder son soutien. Pas de surprises donc, car depuis longtemps, on vote à droite quand on est un Français hors de France. Il y a 2.5 millions d’expatriés français dans le monde, soit la population des DOM-TOM. J’ai voulu aller plus loin, savoir d’où venait cette tendance. L’EHL est le parfait microcosme des Français installés à l’étranger. Bien ancré à droite, car les expatriés sont souvent âgés, et les vieux, ils aiment De Gaulle. C’est la tradition, le travail, la famille. Des valeurs, un patrimoine, l’amour de la culture franco-française, du vin rouge, du fromage qui pue et de Francis Cabrel.


Hors, à l’EHL, 70% d’entre nous votent comme leurs parents. C’est assez intéressant. Pas de voter comme nos parents, non, mais d’être conscient que l’on vote comme eux. En même temps, on est de droite, et quand on est de droite, inutile de faire l’inverse de ce que font nos parents : on ne se rebelle pas. On se coupe les cheveux, on met des cravates, et pour l’instant tout va bien dans le meilleur des mondes.

prompts à voter à droite de la classe politique. C’est pourquoi les tendances s’uniformisent par rapport à celles constatées au sein de l’hexagone.

Quant à François Hollande, il a du souci à se faire, avec seulement 11% des voix à l’EHL, contre 29.50% en France, où il est pour l’instant donné vainqueur d’après un sondage BVA en date du 15 Mars 2012. Il est devant Nicolas, qui lui récolte à l’EHL 69% des voix, contre 28% en France.

Autre réponse intéressante. « Êtes vous intéressé par l’actualité des médias concernant les élections présidentielles ? ». 84% des EHLiens bleu blanc rouge disent oui. Et ceux qui disent non commentent : « Je n’aime pas la France » ; « Je n’ai pas le temps » ; « les candidats sont pitoyables » ; « Je ne veux plus habiter en France »… Un certain dégoût ou manque d’intérêt de la France se fait sentir, facilement justifiable quand on vit dans un pays comme la Suisse. Un pays sûr, propre, sans déficit public, une démocratie directe et des publicités extrémistes assez drôles, bref tout l’inverse d’un hexagone gris, morose, blasé et pas très sûr de son avenir...

Les EHLiens vous aide : Si vous voulez suivre les élections au fur et à mesure, il faut regarder « C’est dans l’air », « Le Grand Journal », « A vous de juger » et « Des paroles et des actes ».

A noter que 4% d’entre vous sont procommunistes. Assez contradictoire quand on pense que ces quatre années coutent plus de 100 000 euros, mais n’oublions jamais qu’impossible n’est pas français ! Ces 4% montre néanmoins une tendance internationale : Les expatriés sont de plus en plus jeunes. L’expatriation ne constitue plus une élite aux revenus souvent élevés, plus



Trends Banking and Finance THE attractive industry for EHL students Graduation is a turning point before starting a career, as professional life is guided by the choices you make when you finish university. Although a lot depends on the personal taste and choice of an individual, there are various career options open to graduates from a Hotel Management School. While 50% of EHL students build their career in Hotel Management, the reality is that they show a growing interest in the Finance sector. In 2011, more than 10% of the EHL graduates work in a financial institution. Although once these establishments were reluctant to hire hospitality students, this trend is changing. Indeed, financial institutions realized the importance of guest loyalty and satisfaction and started recruiting Hotel Management graduates in large numbers, seeking for skills in Communications or customer-focused Marketing. Even if an MBA is the preferred credential for entry, holders of a Bachelor degree could also apply for a function in a bank. They will often start off on a ‘fast-track’ training program, which may lead to a managerial position. The other option would be to choose a specialisation achieved through part-time certification courses offered at universities, such as HEC for example, or to enter into professional courses like CFA or CAIA. As the competition for young talents is growing among banks, certain criteria are required to be eligible for a successful career in finance. The part below will give you all the information you need to apply at a bank and will help you understand the profile banks are looking for. >Tip 1: Apply for a “Front Office” function, which refers to the fee earning areas of the business. Jobs in this area include advising on and implementing ways for client companies to grow. This position matches perfectly the service-oriented knowledge acquired by EHL students. >Tip 2: Complete an internship in the field. Several banks, such as UBS or HSBC, offer attractive training opportunities. >Tip 3: Complete a financial certification, such as the internationally recognized CFA or CAIA. These certifications can be of great advantage in the competitive banking sector. >Tip 4: Practice languages. Speaking Russian or Arabic can be a great asset. Institutions (Geneva) (Montreux, Lausanne) (Zurich)



22 sessions

4-day courses

6-month module

-6-month module

4-month courses

5-day courses


-Expensive price compared to the length of the program (CAIA) -Good if it is just needed for a revision before the exam -Complete program mixing theory and practice -Long program (up to 3 modules according to the needs) -Affordable price (CFA) -Location: far for people working or living in Geneva and Lausanne.

For more information:


Dicksee (1896), The Mirror


A Mirror’s Verdict

She stands before this mirror, Neither judging nor admiring But taking in a woman’s reflection, Divulged and precise

She stands before this mirror, Perceiving the truest work of art, Vibrant and transient, Beautiful in its complexity

She stands before this mirror Without prejudice nor expectation But simply a curiosity, a wonder Of the miracle of her functioning body

Today she stands before this mirror Expecting nothing, but is content To observe a unique masterpiece And ponder at nature’s secrets

She stands before this mirror Appreciating the unique beauty Of a naked human being, Perfect in its imperfection

Tomorrow she will stand before this mirror And what was once perfect is now “not good enough” Flaws, which must be fixed at every measure To suit the ideals of the modern woman.

She stands before this mirror Appreciating the smooth contours, Where the shadows form in dips And light plays across the rises

Christina Sophonpanich


Trends Alumni Profile

cratic issues) that await. EHL is like your parents’ house. Everything is taken care of.

Life’s no walk in the park

How did you feel about graduating? I was excited to leave. I thought that maybe one week after graduation I would find a job; but then I didn’t. The first month after being done with EHL, I was kind of overwhelmed because all my friends left for work all over the world and I missed everything I had done at EHL and the committees I had been part of. So I went to EHL quite often. At some point, though, I had to let it go. So I stopped coming back.

Aïda Kharchafi by Christina Babourkova

I could bet my F&B card that all my BSC2 classmates, including myself, believe that after graduation we will have a job. That is probably one reason many of us decided to apply to EHL in the first place – because we trust that through its reputation, the knowledge and experience we gather and through the vast Alumni network, we would not have to worry too much about being hired when we are done. However, many of us fail to consider the various external factors that could hinder us from assuming a full-time job. Aïda Kharchafi, an EHL graduate from May 2011, was unemployed for almost a year after she graduated. To know how it feels to be in this situation – one that any one of us could find ourselves in – I asked her to give us her insight into post-EHL life. Aïda, life at EHL has its own, very particular atmosphere and culture. What is it like to leave and live the post-EHL life? It is so different: EHL is like a bubble that has limited exposure to other schools or external people in terms of socializing. When you leave, you may be confronted with the prejudices and certain opinions that people have of us, so we once again have to work on integrating ourselves into our new environment. At EHL we are “living the life” and once we leave we are not prepared (especially foreigners that may want to stay in Switzerland) for all the responsibilities (like administrative and bureau-

How did you approach the job search? Where did you look and how did you find something? First, I went to all the job fairs organized at EHL. It was good practice for interviews, but I didn’t find anything suitable. So I had to ask myself more precisely: Where do I want to work and what am I good at? I decided to stay in Switzerland, but as I am Moroccan, none of the companies I applied for could hire me. Then, I met a BSC2 who was working for Lalla Alia, a company producing and selling Orientalstyle, luxury shoes and bags. It was founded by a Moroccan entrepreneur, who I contacted to ask if she was recruiting. I interviewed for a job with her and worked on probation for one and a half months. After this, she decided to hire me for good. Once you knew you would be working for the company, what came next? What followed was the administrative work. We had to apply to the Canton de Vaud for my work permit. We had to prove that I was the only one who could fulfil the job requirement since in Swit-

zerland you are required to hire a Swiss national first, then an European and finally someone else. The Canton de Vaud agreed for me to start working, but the final approval had to come from Bern; so, I had to wait for that, too. The most annoying thing about the procedure was that I was allowed to stay in Switzerland, but not to work. So basically I was unemployed and I could do nothing about it. Did you anticipate that it would take so long? I always knew that for a non-EU it was complicated. But the lawyers my boss hired to process my file said it would take two months. We exceeded the deadline by three months and I definitely did not anticipate this. Altogether it took nine months for me to start my job. So did you get the yes? One month ago, I received the ‘yes’ from Bern and I started working three weeks ago. I consider myself lucky because we were told that there was an 80% chance for a ‘no’ from Bern, which would have meant starting all over again and I don’t think my boss would have done that. I was also preparing a Plan B – I began redoing my CV and I attended the March job fair at EHL. What were your fears and expectations during the past year? I was relying on a positive answer from Bern for five months, until I realized that I would have to consider a negative response, too. The current economic situation made me worried that few companies are hiring and that the offers are less than good. If you would have asked me before the ‘yes’ what I will do

Formal C V


e “living HL we ar

the life”

At E

if it doesn’t work in Switzerland, I would have had to say: I don’t know. All the things I was sure about had disappeared. Do you sometimes wish to be back at EHL? Now I am extremely happy to have started working, but during the application process I wished it more than ever because you don’t have a lot of things to worry about when you’re at EHL. I am happy I can finally stop worrying about myself and for my future.

américaine en Ouganda alors qu’elle n’y est plus depuis 2006, apparemment ? (Foreign Policy, 2012) Suis-je parano ou voir George Bush dans les personnes à contacter et apprendre que l’on vient de découvrir un vaste réservoir de pétrole en 2010 en Ouganda est comme inviter un EHLien dans une soirée pleine d’alcool?

Une bonne cause, des images d’enfants mutilées, une bande son et une voix off digne d’un film hollywoodien et des scènes à la « Run this town » de Rihanna. Voilà un cocktail explosif qui a permit à Jason Russell et son film, Kony 2012, d’obtenir plus de 100 millions de vues en deux semaines sur Internet (Le Monde, Mars 2012).

Si l’on creuse un peu plus le sujet, Invisible Children est critiqué par différentes sources. Je vous conseille vivement de lire, ce blog regroupe les critiques principales, avec des sources valides et un esprit critique intéressant. Voici quelques aspects négatifs qui sont soulignés dans ce blog : leur utilisation des fonds (un tiers uniquement des ressources financières est utilisé dans le programme en Afrique), la simplification du conflit, la demande d’une intervention militaire et le fait qu’il donne une image du bénévolat très « bon enfant ».

Pour ceux qui ne l’aurait pas vu, en voici un petit résumé: l’association humanitaire Invisible Children, à travers l’histoire d’un des co-fondateurs de l’association, Jason Russel, dénonce les atrocités de Joseph Kony, commandant en chef de l’Armée de résistance du seigneur (LRA en anglais), en Ouganda. Joseph Kony est accusé de 33 crimes de guerre et crimes contre l’humanité (Cour Pénale Internationale). Le but de cette association et de cette vidéo est double : Mobiliser l’opinion publique en faisant connaître Joseph Kony et maintenir la présence de l’armée américaine en Ouganda.

Cet article a pour but, non de juger cette association, n’ayant aucune qualification pour, mais pour vous conseiller de vous informer sur cette histoire de Kony 2012 et ne pas en rester qu’au film. Et cette vidéo aura au moins réussi, entre fan et détracteurs, à créer une discussion et à ouvrir les yeux sur une catastrophe humaine.

Généralement, lorsque l’on regarde cette vidéo pour la première fois, on est choqué, ému, et on a envie d’acheter un de ces bracelet Kony 2012, de tapisser l’EHL de poster. Si on regarde ce minifilm une deuxième fois, on commence à se poser des questions : pourquoi veulent-il maintenir la présence de l’armée

par Tommaso Cavallari


Ehl Peter Michael ainsi qu’un Haut-Brion 2007. Après une longue délibération, ce sont les étudiants de l’université de Cambirdge qui ont remporté le premier de Millésime 2012. En effet, leur commentaire précis et passionné a réussi à les démarquer des deux autres équipes qui étaient, elles aussi à un très haut niveau. Grâce aux différents partenariats crées par l’EHL, de nombreuses entreprises et producteurs ont accepté de parrainer l’événement. Ainsi, Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA offre aux gagnants un weekend de vendanges à Pauillac ainsi qu’une visite du prestigieux domaine classé 1er Cru à Bordeaux. Réunir des étudiants de différents horizons et des acteurs professionnels du monde du vin, telle est la première mission que se donne Millésime. Au-delà de la compétition, nous souhaitons créer une atmosphère de partage afin de permettre à la jeune génération de rencontrer les acteurs du secteur vinicole. Créer un pont entre étudiants et professionnels est une des principales philosophies d’enseignement de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne et cet événement s’en veut la continuité. La journée s’est terminée avec un repas gastronomique sur le thème du terroir suisse. A cette occasion trois vignerons suisses étaient présents afin de présenter leurs vins. Fabienne et Marc-Henri Cottagnoud avec une petite arvine barrique de 2008, Guido Brivio avec un merlot tessinois Baiocco2009 et Raymond et Violaine Paccot avec un gamaret muté, la Grive 2009. Fort du succès de cette édition, le comité We Wine se réjouit d’ores et déjà d’organiser l’édition suivante qui, nous le souhaitons, rassemblera un panel d’équipes étrangères encore plus large.

Concours de dégustation international 24 mars 2012 Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. by the We Wine Committee Le 24 mars dernier, les amateurs de vin des grandes écoles européennes se sont donné rendez-vous sur le campus de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne afin de tester leurs connaissances œnologiques. Intitulé Millésime 2012, ce concours a pour but de rassembler étudiants et professionnels afin de partager leur passion commune : le vin. Fort du succès de la première édition en 2011, les organisateurs ont décidé d’élargir le concours à un horizon international. On peut dire que c’est un succès. En effet, l’université de Cambridge et l’école de management EM Lyon ont répondu présents. Ils ont pu se confronter aux représentants suisses tels que les écoles hôtelières de Vatel Martigny, HIM, EHL ou les écoles d’ingénieurs de Changins (EIG), d’Yverdon et de l’Université de Lausanne(UNIL). Après avoir dégusté 9 vins issus d’appellations diverses, les trois finalistes EHL Alumni Asie, EIG et Cambridge ont été sélectionnés pour la finale. Devant un jury présidé par Paolo Basso, meilleur sommelier d’Europe, chaque équipe a du analyser deux vins et convaincre le jury de l’exactitude de leur propos. Les deux vins proposés aux finalistes étaient un Chardonnay californien du domaine 15

Ehl Once upon a time…

justifications for their continued presence. Most armed themselves with apple-marked tools – apparently, they are quick to load and easy to execute.

…in a land that stood above turquoise lakes and watched over majestic mountains, 30 intrepid souls were summoned by a calling beyond this realm to be joined together for a new mission. They were taken from various places around the known earth, each gifted with special powers, some of which were still unknown even to them. This mission had not taken a particular form yet – there was no ring to protect, no evil eye to cast down, no guy with a small cat to decapitate.

Even when the seasons changed, some hope of liberation sustained them in this daily trek, even if it meant they could freeze to death or break another limb through an unfortunate slip on the ice. The freezing fog seemed to further blur the lines between days and nights. Did the arctic temperatures also freeze those frowns above their brows? Then the sun came and began to tease them, as they continue to be locked up in this far away land.

Not deterred by this unknown, they vowed to finish what brought them together. They overcame initial mistrust of each other through a series of tests and obstacles; some simply involved multiple choice, while others actually involved conquering a real mountain. Eventually, they learned to work as a team, even if frustrations still emerged along the way – often in time for the next sequel or challenge. But with time and with a new understanding of who the others were, resolving these frustrations became easier.

They started to notice that other warriors, much younger, were also called to the same mission, although a longer one and involving a bit more wiggling to louder beats, destroying the calm of the pristine forests that surrounds them. Still, they pressed on. The end may be in sight. And they began to realize that perhaps the journey was the mission. And the mission is yet to come for each of them, as they will inevitably be transported back to where they came from to continue on that other journey.

They shuffled from tiny rooms which resembled stuffy cells designed to distract from the outside world and to help with being endowed with new skills. They huddled in groups and produced

Life as they say, relentlessly, goes on. by the MHA students


Ehl EHL and Glion Rivals Forever? By Jadranka Cvitkovic

School rivalries mostly concern universities located close to each other geographically and extend to academics and athletics. In the UK, the legendary rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge, the two oldest British universities, dates back to the 13th century. School rivalries are a matter of honor, prestige and recognition for the professional world, the alumni and the current students. Sometimes they even constitute a part of the national heritage and renown. Even though Swiss universities are not known to have a great rivalry culture, the conflicting relationship between Glion and EHL is current and alive! A few minutes spent on EHL Comics or speaking to any EHL student would quickly confirm this.

hospitality school of the world, and Glion gaining increased reputation. Strangely, Cornell is often excluded from the rivalry fights. Is it because it is far away from us that we neglect it? Or is it because it represents the real threat to EHL?

Rugby matches have been acting as an outlet for releasing the pressure and the flows of patriotic sentiments. The two teams are very competitive and self-worthy, as the results show:

If it were not Glion, which school would it be? Switzerland is filled with renowned hospitality schools (market as blue dots on the map).

November 2009: EHL 19 - Glion 0 May 2010: EHL 0 - Glion 5

Nevertheless, rivalry is healthy! Being someone’s rival implies that you have respect for your opponent, because you consider them as a threat. We strive to stay competitive and give our efforts and creativity to remain the best hospitality school of the world. May Glion and EHL stay rivals - we shall not forget the importance of fellowship, as we both represent the future generation of hoteliers.

October 2011: EHL 10 - Glion 10 November 2011: EHL 14 – Glion 10 (…Let’s admit it, we are the best so far!) Even though their academic programs are quite similar, the two rivals are different, as Glion is a private American university and EHL a Swiss university. But the competition usually centers on the same motives: EHL keeping its position as the 1st

So play, play, play - but play fair! 17

Ehl « Ils m’aiment, un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, pas du tout…. »

Par exemple, sur les 40 élèves interviewés, la note de sympathie moyenne qui nous a été attribuée était de 7/10. Et la plupart des étudiants seraient pour l’idée d’avoir plus d’échanges intra-universitaires. Cependant, et cela est aussi surprenant, notre plus important défaut selon eux est notre compétitivité extrême envers eux et entre nous. Même si beaucoup d’interviewés ne savaient pas donner d’exemple précis (sauf le rugby), c’est le sentiment qu’ils ont de nous. Et 71% des étudiants de Glion pensent que ceci est inculqué par l’école et l’environnement de l’EHL. Passer une aprèsmidi là-bas nous a convaincu qu’il serait vraiment intéressant d’avoir plus d’échanges avec Glion, outre que de se taper dessus dans la boue, et organiser des évènements festifs entre nos deux écoles. De plus, les filles, vous suscitez bien de passion dans l’imaginaire de ces mecs Glionnais, donc profitez-en. (Oui notre sondage comprenait aussi des questions plus « ludiques ».)

by Tommaso Cavallari & Michael Salom

« Snobs, hautains, compétitifs, fils à papa »…Voici quelques adjectifs que nous nous voyons souvent attribués en tant qu’étudiants de l’EHL. L’impression générale est que, à force de nous isoler dans un endroit au climat si hostile, et de passer tout ce temps entre nous, les étudiants des autres universités ne nous apprécient guère. On se convainc nous-même que si, par hasard, on se retrouve dans une soirée avec des étudiants d’autres universités il faudra cacher le fait que nous venons de l’EHL pour éviter de passer la soirée seul(e), sur une chaise, dans un coin de mur. Ou simplement chercher les autres Ehliens pour se sentir, en groupe, à la hauteur de la situation.

C’est ensuite vers l’UNIL que nous nous sommes dirigés. En effet, l’UNIL représente le plus grand groupe étudiant de la ville (pratiquement toutes les facultés regroupées : Médecine, HEC, Droit, Lettre, Psychologie, Langues, etc). Face à une panoplie de secteurs complètement différents de l’hôtellerie, la compétitivité fait place à l’indifférence. Plus clairement, ils ne nous connaissent pas. Il savent que l’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne existe (c’est déjà pas mal) mais, des informations que nous avons pu récolter, il semblerait que, pour certains d’entre eux, leur image de nous se limite a une cabane dans les hauts de Lausanne ou des gens sans ambition s’y entrainent à plier du linge et porter des assiettes.

Mais est-ce vrai? Animés par le désir de vérifier ceci et pris par l’envie de se balader, nous, équipe de vaillants reporters, sommes allés faire une enquête au sein des autres universités pour voir si effectivement notre cotte de sympathie approchait celle de Joseph Kony. Bien sûr, lors du sondage, nous étions camouflés (non dress code) et nous nous présentions sous de fausses identités universitaires. Nous avons commencé par aller directement en territoire hostile: Glion. La compétitivité entre les deux universités étant reconnue, nous pensions faire siffler les oreilles de toute l’EHL. Petit aparté : Glion a une vue sublime du campus et une terrasse incroyablissime. Bref, nous sommes allés vers Glion en pensant n’entendre que du mal et nous avons été fortement surpris.

Bien entendu, aussi réaliste, pertinente, et en aucun cas basé sur une vision stéréotypée d’une hôtellerie moyenâgeuse, que cette perception de nous soit-elle, 18


elle n’était pas partagée par tout le monde. On remarque notamment que les étudiants de Droit et de HEC ont, eux, une excellente connaissance de nos habitudes et manière de faire (notamment depuis qu’ils ont perdu le Mica, d’après eux).

de l’expérience, nous sommes confrontés à un choix : on peut tous faire un effort pour améliorer notre image et nous mélanger, ou on peut rester dans notre mini climat nordique et fonder officiellement une secte (Oui, en mars il neige au Chalet-à-Gobet).

Ainsi, on trouve dans les universités publiques Lausannoises un avis relativement mitigé, entre ceux qui ont eu l’occasion de nous côtoyer, ceux qui ne demandent qu’à le faire, et ceux qui se sentent bien dans le confort des généralisations hâtives et de l’image qu’ils ont de nous.

Les plus sages d’entre nous diront qu’il y a des compromis à faire, que nous devons travailler notre image au même titre qu’ils devraient faire l’effort de nous connaitre. Faux. C’est à nous de faire en sorte que l’image de l’école, à notre échelle estudiantine, soit positive. Car dans le milieu universitaire lausannois avec des universités parfois dix fois plus nombreuses en étudiants que la notre, nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre le luxe de ne rester qu’entre nous.

Nous en arrivons donc au vif du sujet : Que pensent les gens des étudiants de l’EHL? A quoi ressemble l’EHLien type  ? Et bien, contre toute attente, le monde ne nous déteste pas, il ne nous connait pas… L’opinion est basée sur des stéréotypes ou des vagues moments partagés. Ils nous trouvent ambitieux, festifs, ouverts et sympas, mais ne nous voient pas et nous croisent pas (Bon, n’allez pas dire ça à nos chers voisins du Chalet-à-Gobet).

Donc notre conseil est de socialiser: sortez de l’EHL, parlez à d’autres étudiants. Inscrivez-vous à des cours de peinture, de poterie ou de tricot en ville et parlez à tout le monde. Flirtez avec des EPFLiennes et aller boire des verres avec des Glionnais. Car nous avons pris un énorme plaisir à discuter avec tout ce monde et nous pensons que n’importe qui peut en tirer profit.

Maintenant intervient l’aspect intéressant 19

Ehl International School of Stress by Karishma Rupani

Being dedicated EHL students for the past however -many number of years now (insert exclamation here: oh God, has it been THAT long already!), we all know what it’s like to be under pressure to get all of our tasks for classes and committees, done. In such a vigorous environment, it might just be that students deal with their stress in a variety of different ways. Some students need the constant pressure and motivation to get things done, meaning that they take on numerous challenges in order to get their blood flowing and achieve positive results. Others might just be feeling overwhelmed, confused and helpless with the amount of responsibilities ahead of them. According to your own stress type, there might be different methods for you to manage your personal pressure. The following survey identifies areas in your life where you might be feeling stressed. With each statement, there is a frequency of 0 to 5 (0=never, 1=rarely, 2=infrequently, 3=occasionally, 4=frequently, 5=very frequently). The aim is to identify how often you have been able to relate to these statements. You should use all the numbers as often as possible. 20

1. I feel physically and mentally used up at the end of the day. 2. I wish I could be as happy as other people around me seem to be. 3. I try to do two or three tasks at once, rather than taking one task at a time. 4. I feel that many people see me as being a lot more successful than I really feel I am. 5. When difficult or stressful situation is coming up, I find myself thinking about all the ways things can go wrong. 6. I don’t feel really close to or accepted by the people around me. 7. I tend to interrupt conversations with my thoughts rather than letting the other person finish speaking. 8. I don’t handle conflicts or disagreements as well as I’d like to. 9. I get uneasy and impatient when I’m waiting for something. 10. Independent decisions are hard for me because I spend a lot of time wondering if I’ve thought through all the alternatives.


Now you can assess your stress type according to the highest frequencies. Look through the 10 statements once again, and identify where you inserted the highest frequency number. Then check for the corresponding statements to see which stress type you are. For example, I tend to relate to statements 1,3, 7 and 9, filling in these with frequencies of 4 or 5. This unfortunately means that I am a speed freak and may constantly have too many things on my mind.

language. Being focused on the various outcomes of a situation often gives one the feeling of taking action, when in fact it’s just the most advanced form of procrastination, since you don’t even realise that what you’re doing is delaying the outcome of the task. So what’s the best way to tackle it? Just take out a sheet of paper, list down all your biggest concerns about the task, and then get over yourself and start working!

2+4 – Drifter You know all those times when you’ve called shotgun on something? Yeah well, all of your shotguns are what is causing your stress right now. You have many options open, but you aren’t able to develop any of your interests in depth anymore. We know that there are so many amazing opportunities at EHL, but it’s time to prioritize and identify what you’re most passionate about.

6+8 - Loner Now I know that no one really likes to be called a loner, but in fact what these situations mean is that you are isolating yourself in your stress and despair. The best way to overcome your pressure is by seeking out people in a similar position and asking for advice. After all, what is the abundance of EHL group work for?

3+7+9 – Speed Freak In essence, being a speed freak means that you are so focused on giving 110% in attempts of achieving success, but not taking the time to enjoy the gratification from whichever success does come your way. In essence, you are just turning up the heat more and more. Best tip? Keep calm and look at your achievements first before making new goals and objectives.

And for all of the stress types out there, remember one thing, getting drunk is only the EHL answer to stress release! Just keep in mind the next morning’s hangover and the long list of things you probably still have left to do.

5+10- Worry Wart “You’re such a worry wart” is one of my favourite phrases in the English 21


Behind the Mask of Seeming Perfection

An Exploration & Interview with EHL Psychologist Mark Winnington on the Emotional Health Problems at EHL By Christina Sophonpanich

EHL – a prestigious academic institution filled with bright, young, talented and motivated students at the threshold to their careers. Walk through a corridor and what you see (most of the time) is students dressed immaculately in suits, sporting the latest luxury brands, laughing and gossiping with friends, rushing off to classes and planning in which country the coming weekend will take them. Basically, you see students who look like they have it all together. But is this really the case? What lies beneath the suit and tie, behind the make up and automatic smile? As hospitality students, we are taught from our first encounter with the industry to always smile and say, “yes” to the customer. To leave our personal issues at home because there is no place for them at work. We are taught to hide all our problems with a mask of seeming professional perfection in order to create value for the firm and deliver value to the customer. That’s all that matters. Everyone experiences emotional health problems at some point, often various ones of various degrees throughout their lives. The question is not whether or not a person wears a mask, the question is how thick their mask must be to cover up what is really going on inside. For many people, the mask cracks, at one point or another. Far too often, it is only when their problems have escalated to extreme and unmanageable proportions and have taken over their lives that they start to acknowledge their problems and ask for help. A person suffering from depression or anxiety is not all that different from the person suffering from addictions, eating disorders or panic attacks. They all reflect a turbulent and unwell emotional state of mind and are all coping mechanisms to deal with one’s unhappiness or discomfort with certain aspects about oneself or one’s life. A typical example seen here at EHL is stress. We all experience it, and we all have a certain amount of resilience to it, where we are able to cope and manage it effectively and even use it to propel us forward with our work and studies. Most people are able to bounce back from periods of elevated stress, yet what about the ones who cannot, those who develop a host of physical and psychological problems due to ongoing, elevated stress and turn to alcohol, bulimia or self-harm, for example, in order to cope? In an interview with EHL psychologist Mark Winnington, who counsels on average 10% of students annually along with his colleague Laurence Dispaux, I was able to obtain some very interesting facts and opinions on the state of emotional well being of EHL students. Winnington believes that on the whole, students are lucky, as they tend to be in good health, both physically and 22


psychologically; however, they place far too much pressure and set unrealistic expectations on themselves. A 2006 on-campus study showed that the rate of depression in EHL was 14%, comparable to US universities where the rate is 15%. Of the small but significant proportion of students he sees, it is most often for depressed mood and/or exhaustion. Students also seek help for cannabis use, eating disorders and for help managing their drinking (learning to develop a healthy relationship to alcohol rather than eliminating it entirely). Although 2009-2010 saw the peak on-campus drinking period where 7% of students admitted to having experienced alcohol-related consequences comparable to alcoholism, in general there are much less alcohol-related incidents on-campus than at other universities in Lausanne. The most surprising statistic was the prevalence of eating disorders at EHL. Whilst the worldwide average is 4% of the female population, the average at EHL is 12%. That is to say that 1 in 10 female students feel they suffer from some form of eating disorder. Is the prevalence of eating disorders at EHL 3 times greater than the rest of the world due to the industry we are in? “Not taking the time to treat a psychological problem is like running on an injured leg, which tends to make things worse in the long run… rather than stopping and doing physiotherapy and then changing one’s lifestyle to reduce the risk of injury.”

Ehl With regards to exams and stress, Winnington sees on average 4 cases of panic attacks per exam period, although he believes the number of examrelated panic attacks is much higher. The problem is that many do not correctly address them as they are often mistaken for physical health problems. The sad thing is that many people do not believe they have time to address such blatant manifestations of psychological problems due to school pressures and obligations, but if you don’t have time to prevent or treat a problem, then you won’t last long anywhere, particularly in an industry as demanding and stressful as the hospitality industry.

Mark Winnington’s Mental health tips Know yourself Understanding your needs, your strengths and the areas you find more challenging can be a great help in feeling better in life. It always pays to understand what sort of times can be difficult for you (exams, long periods without holidays, winter, talking with certain types of people) and how to successfully deal with the feelings that these moments can create. How to do it: keeping a journal of your experiences, asking yourself how happy you feel and what would increase it, asking yourself what feeds you psychologically: what do the activities bring you or restore (confidence, pleasure, relaxation, novelty, control, meaning)? Are you getting enough “psychological food”? Stay active Have at least one activity that you do for yourself, twice a week for half an hour, no matter what: it can be a sporting activity, something creative or a hobby, learning a new skill, an activity related to your values or faith (that has meaning for you) or spending time with supportive people (friends or family). How to do it: find something that you love and stick with it, no matter what the challenges. It will bring you far more than it might cost. Connect Develop strong, deep and enriching relationships with others. It’s not about numbers – four or five are quite sufficient – it’s about the quality of the shared relation- Mark Winnington has been working ship. at EHL as a school Psychologist for 7 How to do it: invest some time and en- years, specializing in Cognitive Behaergy in preserving and developing your vioral Therapy relationship, give those people you enjoy news, ask about them, listen, share and talk.

Ehl A list of Helpful Resources Everyday Emotional and Psychological Problems and How to Overcome Them by Dr Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman The Mind Foundation Psychological self-help (online book): Helplines and external numbers: 143 – psychological support helpline (just dial 143), you can also get help by chat. 147 – a similar helpline, more focused for young people. Stop suicide association. And the suicide helpline of the Geneva centre for the study and prevention of suicide (24/7) 022 382 42 42 LAVI (service for the support of victims of traumatic events) – Swiss law grants free supports to the victims of violence and crime (whether it’s been reported or not). www. Faire le pas (to support victims of sexual abuse). Sexual health, etc. Alcoholics Anonymous in English in the area: switzerland.htm Overeaters

It’s time to buckle down by Karishma Rupani

Let me take one guess as to what’s on the mind of most BSC2’s right now: finding an internship. (Well, I guess for the unlucky ones in the Finance module there might be TWO main things on your mind). All I can say is that times are tough, folks. According to the Career Centre, so far there are about 15% in the year (French and English section included) who have confirmed their internship contracts already. This means that the majority of us are still looking for our “dream” internships and it might just be reality check time for us. At the same time, there is “no reason to panic just yet” says Mr. Jenk, as most companies only start getting interested in finding interns for the summer months now. Speaking with many of you, the general consensus has been that either you haven’t really started sending out applications yet or that you are still waiting for a few responses; there are also some of you have sent so many CV’s out that you can’t keep track anymore. Either way, it’s time to buckle down and make an actionable attempt at figuring out your future. As summer, and the end of the academic year, creeps up on us slowly, we are going to get more and more anxious about the internship, so the best time to get organised is right now! 26

Much of the advice from Mr. Jenk and the rest of the Career Centre revolves around taking a lot of initiative and using all of the resources at our disposal. This means that we have a large database in the Centre, with numerous company contacts as well as recommendations from past interns that we can look through for inspiration. Furthermore, we should be applying to 20 or 25 companies, with many students sending out up to 60 applications over the year. The best strategy for your application process would be to first apply for a few positions that interest you most, and then, to be ready to send out your CV to your second choices if necessary. Considering the increasing lack of responses many students are experiencing, this strategy becomes increasingly important and useful. If you are insistent about a specific position, then make sure to call up the company and ask for a date of response. As you can tell, the whole process requires a lot of patience and structure on our part! Keep at it though! And please, take advantage of the opportunities you have in front of you, as well as the little time left until June to seriously start hunting down your own dream field. Just so you know, I will be taking my own advice and doing the same!

Ehl lifestyle Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee

Involving and evolving, for a better future

According to these criteria, each component of the meal receives points leading to the final grade in %, showing how BEST your meal is.

Natural Catastrophes, financial and energy crises only tell us one thing – it is time to change! More and more people are questioning the over-consumption of society and seeking better alternatives, such as organic food or eco travel. Also, many businesses found a green track and discovered that ecological practices are in fact cost-efficient and a good promotion tool for increasing consumer awareness. Since 2006, the SSR committee is dedicated to sustainable development at EHL through events, conferences and internal projects. By respecting social and environmental issues, we believe that all EHL graduates as future leaders of the industry have the knowledge and tools to make a change for a better future. EHL Graduate Charter The EHL Graduate Social Responsibility (GSR) Charter was created in 2008 by the SSR committee in collaboration with EHL. As a first step towards a better global management, everyone has to start with themselves. By signing the online charter on the alumni website, this gives you not only a good networking opportunity, but also some ideas for your future business practices. Food Vision: BEST 2.1 BEST is back with a new logo! Not only at La Ferme, but also at the Foodcourt you find the sustainable food concept with fresh and tasty meals. It stands for Organic (biologique), Fair-trade (equitable), Seasonal (saisonnier) and Local (terroir), the 4 components of the BEST Indicator.

Upcoming events - CSR event: responsible businesses, NGOs and others at EHL speaking about our future and how to make a difference! - Act4Equity: handicapped people working in your business? Just considered an act of goodwill or more? With representatives from Coop and Accor we show you that this idea might actually be profitable, even for EHL! - GSR Award: Vote for the graduating student with the best socially responsible behavior and let him win the price money sponsored by Malmaison and Hotel du Vin! The Student Social Responsibility Committee is looking forward to welcome you at these events! 27

Ehl “…ultimately professional team work is different” by Christina Babourkova The last six months of my life went by in a flash. Before I realized it, the Finance tutorial project came and went, passing quickly to the actual Finance IP. Without a break the Marketing module began, we went on Audit week and submitted the Marketing IP. Parallel to this, I attended numerous Finance and Marketing classes, handled a few extracurricular activities and was confident I will have an internship contract by December (greatly underestimated that last point). For weeks at a time, my friends had no news from me. My family occasionally also wondered what the heck is going on over there in Lausanne. The only people who knew my life inside out were my group mates. With them I shared everything – food, tears, nail polishes, sleepless nights… The list is endless. In speaking to my friends who have graduated with a Bachelor from universities in Germany, the UK or Bulgaria, few have had the experience to share so much with co-students during projects (some of them are not even familiar with the concept of group work). This made me wonder how come during BSC2 at EHL all we do is group work. If I think about it, except exams, there wasn’t a single individual assignment I have submitted since September – every work I completed was a combination of my own and my four 28

group mates’ ideas, opinions and knowledge. Of course, my group and I worked closely on each single group project and discussed even the tiniest points into great detail to ensure that it meets all our standards; but ultimately, in some point or another, we have had to split the work and trust that the other person will complete it as I would. If I have to be entirely honest, there were moments during which I was very frustrated with group work – not because I do not get along with my group members (I love you girls), but because I felt like I didn’t get a chance to show my knowledge individually. So my frustration was channelled into a need to find out how important all of this group work is actually for my future. We are constantly being told that hospitality professional life is going to be all about group work, but I wanted to hear that first hand. Therefore, I sent out a survey to EHL Alumni which graduated between 2007 and 2011 and asked them a few questions regarding their previous group work at EHL and how it affects their career nowadays. I was very positively surprised by the 203 responses I received from the Alumni (and we all know how annoying it is to fill out those numerous surveys we get on a daily basis).

Ehl vidually or 50/50. 67 Alumni answered that they primarily work in a team, 115 responded with 50/50 and only 21 Alumni primarily work on an individual basis.

When looking at the responses, 148 EHL Alumni agree to strongly agree that “During my studies at EHL, I completed more group than individual work” and 125 agree to strongly agree that they “greatly enjoyed doing group work”. Also, 154 Alumni agree to strongly agree that “Group work at EHL prepared me for dealing professionally with people in my career that I do not necessarily like or get along with”. The first result did not surprise me considering the curriculum during BSC2, neither did the second. The third result was also in line with what I expected, as during AP and BSC1 we are thrown in a group with people we may have challenges working with.

As a final question of the survey, 138 Alumni chose the statement: “EHL group work has helped me in working well in my professional team, but ultimately professional team work is different.” Considering that this is more than the majority, I should probably be thankful that I am preparing for my future group work so intensively and at such an early stage. So what do these results leave me with? I leave on internship in June (and by the time this is published I sincerely hope I will have a contract), which will give me a break from sending and receiving meeting request and allocating entire weekends in my schedule to Integrated Projects. Hopefully, it will also give me an opportunity to see first-hand the link between EHL group work and professional team work.

I also gave the Alumni this statement: “I would have liked to have the opportunity to do more work on my own and to receive individual recognition for it”. Here, I was surprised by the responses I got – only 64 Alumni agree to strongly agree on this statement, while 77 disagree to strongly disagree. This made me wonder – am I the only one who misses being challenged individually? So then I asked the question whether professional life requires them to work in groups, indi-

I would like to extend a big thank you to Ms Tracey for contacting the Alumni and to all Alumni who took the time to contribute to this article by answering the survey.



In the EHL system the students are represented

by two separate, yet equally important groups. There are the ones who are open to their sexuality and the ones who deny them. These are their stories.

by Queeney Hernandez

Do you feel completely comfortable with your sexuality in school?  Most of the time, yes, but not always.  Yea I do, but sometimes people are really mean. They make fun of you, but they’re not that funny. It’s annoying.  No, I think homosexuality overall is accepted in school but the students don’t want to know about it. It is OK if you’re gay, but you should keep it to yourself.  If you have been homosexual for a long time then you feel completely comfortable no matter where you are.  I don’t expose it. I prefer not to. What do you think the general view of homosexuality is in EHL?  Some people are interested and ask me a lot of questions.  The general view in EHL is actually quite open.  I feel that it’s taboo. Students of EHL are mostly followers of a trend and this is not one of them.  For most people, EHL is a perfect place and homosexuality might taint that image.  People in EHL learn to be more politically correct. Not more friendly, just more conscious of not being an ass about it.  I feel that they are open about it, but do not really understand it. Let’s face it; EHL is a straight environment, and a lot of the students are very fond of all the little rules society places on them. So I think they accept it but want nothing to do with it.  They’re open about it. There are many gays and lesbians I know in school who won’t deny it; but a lot are also in deep denial and do a lot to hide it. Do you feel like you have to hide your sexuality?  Yes, because it doesn’t suit some students’ opinion of EHL’s image.  I’m quite open with all my friends, but if a stranger comes and asks me, I don’t think I have to answer him/her. 30

Ehl  Hahahahaha…. Totally, no one knows I’m gay, it’s a “bigggg” secret.  Actually, I tried to hide it during the first weeks in AP but then I realized how cool people were in EHL and didn’t want to hide it anymore. I mean, I don’t need everybody to know but I won’t deny it.  I think it is easier to hide it than to disclose it. I want to be accepted for who I am, not for whom I sleep with. What is the most common misconception of homosexuality in school?  Some people think we’re sick…or weird.  I think EHL students only think of males when they hear the word homosexual. They tend to forget that women can be homosexual as well. Lesbian intimacy only seems to be accepted when it involves two beautiful women who are often actually straight or might have some bi-curious tendencies.  Lesbians always have short boyish hair, ugly clothes and way too much body hair (moustache, arm pit etc.). This is a very outdated view but it is still present in a lot of minds.  That we have to be feminine. That we have to be good in fashion. That we’re promiscuous. And the worst is that people think that gay guys are always hitting on them.  In general, I feel that women think lesbians automatically think they are hot or that they could be a potential flirt. Just because I like women doesn’t mean I’m attracted to all my female friends.  Guys, It’s not because I say “hello” with a big and honest smile that I want you and It’s not because I ask your phone number that I love you and I want more. The LGBT committee initiative in school, what was it about and what happened to it?  It was to promote diversity & positive attitude regarding LGBT. It could’ve also been a possible support center for students to assess/share how it can be addressed in school and beyond. We would have professional networking (through guest speakers, round tables, etc.), social gatherings and guidance for potential candidates.  There was no opposition from school and we had several people supporting us. The main issue was attracting members. After an initial meeting (we were four), it appeared that we were fram from a critical mass to start a committee. Is there anything you want to say to the student body of EHL?  I really hate it when people say, “I’m ok with gays as long as you aren’t ‘too gay’ or ‘too obvious’”. Would you say that to a woman? Don’t constrict us from being who we are.  Please stop asking if I’m on top all the time.  Don’t judge if you don’t know. Stay open and learn.  People that don’t know about gay culture need to educate themselves and see that we are just normal people!  Be honest about who you are from the very beginning otherwise people will just talk behind your back.  I’m here and I’m queer. Get used to it. Thank you to all persons that contributed to this interview. It takes a lot of courage to truly be who you are; it takes equal strength to accept something you’re not comfortable with. Hopefully, this has helped open people (no pun intended) to see a different perspective and for the sake of ending in a dramatic-morally-conscious-life-changing note, this writer hopes that any prejudices or ignorance concerning homosexuality before may have now been removed. [World] peace out! 31


Reviews from the Entertainment World

by Stephanie Dhima

For the Intellectuals:

It does not happen every day that an EHL Alumnus publishes a book – Richard Schmitz, graduate of 1963, did. As General Manager of the five-star Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany, for 32 years, he wrote a book called “Für den Glanz in den Augen: Mein Leben unter fünf Sternen” (meaning: For the sparkle in the eyes – My life under five stars). It not only gives a great insight into the life of an hotelier starting at a young age, but also into life at EHL 40 years ago. If you understand German, this is a great read.

For the Movie-Lovers:

The decision to write about ’21 Jump Street’, made me question if this is actually the appropriate movie to review in the first place. Starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (yes ladies, the one and only Channing), the expectations before watching were quite low. We all trust Jonah’s humor after his success in ‘Superbad’ and ‘Get Him to the Greek’, and are always excited to see what else he has planned – this time perhaps especially after the reportage of his radical weight loss. All in all, I have to say the movie provides some great laughs throughout, although the humor level might be slightly higher for guys. Based on a 1980s cop show starring Johnny Depp, the movie aims to be a shallow, fun and bromance-driven story of two teenagers (a popular guy and a nerd – I’ll let you figure out which one is which), who reunite at a police station years after leaving school, and land themselves in the midst of an undercover operation led by a captain played by none other than Ice Cube. Definitely worthy of being included in a brainless comedy movies marathon.

For the Music-Geeks:

Lana Del Rey’s album release ‘Born to Die’ is definitely one worth mentioning. While people’s expectations skyrocketed when they first heard the single ‘Video Games’ (also altered into some quality Dubstep remixes), the rest of the album definitely leaves no room for questionable talent. At her confession of a terrible split-up with a boy, inspiring her for the songs ‘Summertime Sadness’, ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Born to Die’, which are thematically structured in a subtle trilogy, we can only selfishly thank her for that dark period in life. Although the song subjects throughout the album are slightly negative, she manages to turn them into a humorous affair with contradictions and paradoxes. Her smoky and playfully high-pitched voice adds a sort of quality to a memorable female voice. Besides the obvious hits on the album, ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ and ‘National Anthem’ are very recommendable. Maybe it feels good to hear a mildly pessimistic voice among us sometimes – after all, we’re all born to die eventually right? 32



La mode change sans cesse et il n’ est pas toujours aisé d’en suivre toutes les subtilités. A l’heure du printemps, à la sortie des cours, ou en week end, ont se déchausse facilement de ses derbys et de ses escarpins open toes pour troquer une paire de basket. Laquelle ? Réunis en conclave, EHLLE a soupesé, argumenté, débattu et tranché. Voici 7 paires, une collection ultime, le placard à chaussure rêvé. Nike AIR JORDAN ON – la fondatrice du mythe Pour ne pas fâcher, nous avons tranché d’entrée et choisi la fondatrice du mythe aux couleurs diabolique plutôt que de devoir départager les 25 modèles existants. La Air Jordan One représente encore le Graal pour tout créateur de baskets: l’équation parfaite entre un athlète, un modèle, un logo et un nom. ADIDAS Stan Smith – la simplissime Au début des années 70, Stan Smith, tennisman californien de 25 ans à la dégaine de dandy défile avec une paire d’ADIDAS blanche sur les courts du monde en entier. Aujourd’hui, il est l’ambassadeur d’un mythe. Ouvriers, lascars et bobos ont tour à tour adopté son cuir blanc, ses lignées épurées et sa silhouette compacte. Vans ERA – la passerelle du skate La Vans ERA est la première et la dernière chaussure de skate accessible au non skateur. Les autres sont souvent trop grosses, trop carrées, voire moches. Converse ALL STAR Low Style – La classique des classiques Un siècle que nous les portons. D’abord symbole de rébellion, désormais aux pieds des rockeurs de salon aux vieux branchés, en passant par les filles des quartiers chics. Basket vendu a plus de 800 millions d’exemplaires !! Feiyue – La belle asiatique Un matin d’août 2009, à Florence, Piazza San Marco, les garçons s’affairent. Un detail attire notre attention : plus de la moitié porte des Feiyue (Prononcer Féyoué). Née à Shanghai, elle debarque en Europe en 2006. Idéal pour la plage, elle se porte pieds nus. Spring Court G2 – La nonchalante L’absence d’exercice physique étant le sport le plus pratiqué, il fallait bien une chaussure officielle pour la balade et le suprême glandage. On l’aime bleu ou blanche. Dans les années 70, Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin deviennent eux aussi des inconditionnels. Puma Dallas – La féline Inspiré des terrains de foot européens, le milieu du HIP HOP et de la Breakdance se la sont rapidement appropriée. Total revival des années 80, il faut la porter rouge, grise ou verte. 33

Like Eat Tastings

Tired of always eating at the same place? Tired of having to laugh at the same absolutely-not-even-a-bit funny jokes from the exact same waiter? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you through Lausanne’s F&B jungle (… tiny jungle…) by grading four restaurants on a scale from 1 to 6. The « Like Eat » is hereby happy to present you its first tasting of the year: Burgers, usually much appreciated after a long night out or on a Sunday afternoon.

The « Bio » one – Holy Cow • •

The Classic one – Great Escape •

• • •

Atmosphere/design: 5! With its very relaxed crowd and real-pub atmosphere, the « Great Escape » is famous for being one of the good « Irish Pubs » in Lausanne Ambiance/mood: 5! Boasting people drinking inside and outside Service: 4! Smiling and friendly, but seemed a bit overwhelmed Quality of the food: 5! Good burgers and big portions! The meat was juicy and the potato wedges were really good Price: Less than CHF 20 with wedges

Another Classic one – Bleu Lézard • • • •

Atmosphere/design: 4.5! Nothing special in particular, but pleasant nonetheless Ambiance/mood: 5! Young, friendly, a bit noisy but energetic, perfect for a night out with friends Service: 5.5! The waiter was very nice, considerate and funny Quality of the food: 5.5! Delicious burger with an amazing “bbq” sauce and succulent wedges; perfect temperature and very juicy Price: CHF 26 with fries

• •

Atmosphere/design: 5! New and fresh decoration, long wooden tables and syrups at your own discretion Ambiance/mood: 5! Although full of people queuing and waiting to sit and quite noisy, the ambiance is very nice for a limited amount of time Service: 4! Some of the waiters are very nice, some less so. Not easy the first time when you are not used to the procedure Quality of the food: 5! The meat is great, the fries awesome and the choice very wide! Price: Between CHF 15 and CHF 25 with fries THE MUST: The Maui Maui with pineapple and mint – delicious!

The Luxurious one – La Brasserie du Palace

Atmosphere/design: 4.5! Typical brasserie décor; warm, clean and luxurious, reflecting the « Lausanne Palace » style • Ambiance/mood: 4.5! Not too noisy, surroundings of a typical brasserie. Our advice: ask to be seated upstairs • Service: 4! Quite fast but not very pleasant and not always right with the order • Quality of the food: 5! Although no bread comes with the burger, it is very good and they are generous with the quantity. The presentation is nice and the alliance between the black truffle and the « foie gras » is succulent. The food was however not warm enough • Price: CHF 48 with fries Other famous burgers in town: “Les Brasseurs”, “Café de Grancy” during brunch on Sundays and “L’Etoile Blanche”. •

Credits Team picture

Hui Hui Yang, Christina Babourkova, Christina Sophonpanich, Jadranka Cvitkovic, Queeney Hernandez, Tommaso Cavallari, Stephanie Dhima, Karishma Rupani, Adrian Ion Not pictured: Alex Just, Luc Schenkel, Calvin Sun, Claire Levesque, Claire de Saint Denis, Laura Villat, Sophia Skourikhine, Zoe de Montvallon


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