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Le magazine des étudiants de l’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne Novembre 2010 - N°9

Where are we going ?

New Director, New ambitions, New Rules


Where are we going? That’s a question we all ask ourselves several times in our life. During our studies it’s even a major matter. Decisions such as which electives to choose, which internship to apply for, in which country (and what a privilege) or which tie to wear and which party to attend (or not) influence both our career and social life. EHL gives us so many opportunities but that can also be confusing sometimes. Student Voice highlights alumni profiles, career opportunities and internships; keeping an open-mind on what’s going on in your student life and throughout the world. You can discover or rediscover our mission and team on page 6. Moreover, with the new academic year, there come new columnists. With their own writing style and favorite subjects they will definitely give more punch to SV and are going to be part of the continuous improvement of YOUR magazine! That’s also the start of a new column exclusively conducted by the MHA students in order to present themselves, their background, and their experience. Last but not least, this year’s back to school was marked by Mr Rochat’s arrival as the new director. He has already spread his new policy through emails, speeches and other communication processes. His strict, also perceived as aggressive by a few, tone scared some of us. It was our role to go and meet him in person to clarify some of the misunderstandings he created among the students and to ask him about what’s upcoming at EHL. We were positively surprised: the truth is that our new director is an ambitious man, who is very open for discussion and has big plans in developing our school and our possibilities. Have a look on his interview on page 20 Therefore even if we might not all go in the same direction; the Student Voice hopes that your destination is the right one! Christof Bertschi & Pauline Brami

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Photograph by Vanui de CastelBaljac

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SV is the mix of light and significant news which aims to instruct and entertain our readers. SV est le mix d’informations notables et frivoles qui visent aussi bien à vous instruire qu’à vous divertir. Philippe Khodara

Columnist/Photographer – Former editorin-chief, Joined in end of 2008. Likes: Photography, geeky stuff, the sea, mortadella, wine, value/money (subjective), Steven Seagal in Machete. Watches/reads/listens to : Wired Magazine; Pulse app for iPad get’s me the 60 news feeds I need ; Nuff’ said. Cinéphile. Radiohead, the new album of Aeroplane (Stongly recommend!). Thinks about EHL: EHL needs a indoor pool. Patanegra at the bar. School of life, insane teaching in the art of “demerde-yourself” and do the assignment *****L. “How I became a groupie of marketing.”“I’m Loving It ©”, - Voice off : - “even more when it will be completed.”

Antoine Alexandre

Columnist, Joined in October 2010 Likes:   Listening to music, partying, travelling, chilling out with friends, skiing, … Watches/reads/listens to : How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and all kind of funny series … Listen to The Bloody Beetroots, Daft Punk, C2C, Chinese Man Record, Matisyahu, Ben Harper, …

Christina Isabelle Sophonpanich

Columnist, Joined in October 2010 Likes: holidays, nature, dogs, horseriding, reading, studying aromatherapy, travelling, salsa-dancing, cooking, shopping, running, chilling with my girlfriends, healthy food. Watches/reads/listens to : true blood, used to watch gossip girl but have now decided it corrupts the mind of youths, whatever is out in the cinema that’s good/the student voice (as of now), William Gibson’s sci-fi novels, P.C. Cast fantasy novels, classics in literature (pride and prejudice etc), vampire novels/ Thinks about EHL: Needs to invest in better teachers, and start a student radio that plays music in the background in certain buildings in campus. Also big couches in the library would be good


Pauline Brami


Editor in Chief, Joined in spring 2009 Likes: photography, Les rencontres d’Arles festival, people’s diversity, blogging. Watches/reads/listens to: Mad Men, Damages, Lost in translation, Garden States, Ghost World, Requiem for a dream/The catcher in the rye, rue 89, NYT, V magazine/Cat Power, Nouvelle Vague, CocoRosie, Keane, Heartsrevolution-Kitsuné, Chairlift, Karen Elson … Thinks about EHL: a condensed social world with its own language, norms and fashion … needs to be more open (The place of Chalet à Gobet doesn’t help ! )

7 Alexandre Wu

Christof Bertschi

Web publishing, Sponsor assistant, ColumEditor in Chief, Joined in October 2009 nist, logo designer joined in spring 2009. Likes: holidays, travelling, beer-prices at Likes: Drawing, Photography, Writing; ehl, fete universelle, beach and frozen pina Watches/reads/listens to: Afro Samurai, Gatcoladas. taca, Ghostdog, GTO, Yi Yi/ Flowers for AlgerWatches/reads/listens to : the office, how non, Of mice and men, The handmaid’s tale/ I met your mother, everything from the Aim, Fabe, Flynt, Isaac Hayes, MF Doom, Pete coen brothers and tarantino, student voice, Rock & C.L. Smooth, RJD2,Wu-Tang sven regener, nick hornby, the killers, arctic Thinks about EHL: lots of good actors monkeys, guetta, solveig    Thinks about EHL: that it is a school which is full of “surprises” Marion Kaltenrieder Sponsor & marketing responsible, Joined end of 2009 Likes : sport, cooking & pink Watches/reads/listens to : TV series / Novels /the radio ;) Thinks about EHL : what a heck of an experience…

Nicolas Campaigne


Columnist since Beginning 2010 Likes: Thinking about the problems of the world and how to fix them. Politics, debates, Learning, Revolution. Watches/reads/listens to :, Philosophical books, Art, Electro/ House, Discovery & History Channels Thinks about EHL: I think EHL is not what it could be if certain aspects of it would change.

Tarka Rose-Venning

Cartoonist/Writer, Joined in March2010 Likes: rugby, holidays, reading/writing, parties, traveling Watches/reads/listens to : Entourage/ Travel Fiction, Parov Stelar, Death Cab For Cutie Thinks about EHL: Interesting place that provides a good environment to meet new people and build strong friendships. Well informed staff from all over the industry.

Nora White

Columnist, Joined in February 2010 Likes: Scuba diving, eating any kind of cake when it’s raw, people smiling Watches/reads/listens to: Weeds, Californication/L’encyclopédie du savoir relatif et absolu, Eat pray love, Le serpent cosmique, Marketing Management/Ma Benz des Brigittes Thinks about EHL: That it is an interesting and funny game to play

Rishav “2Hotty” Verma

Doggy Style (joking, Humorist, Quizmaster, Columnist and Critic), Joined in March 2010 Likes: Illegal Dog Fighting, Penguins, the word: Hormone (so dirty) and Quagmire Watches/reads/listens to : Football/Football/Football Thinks about EHL/ How can I use this school to get a job in football?


Nestlé lance une filiale et un institut de recherche en sciences de la santé à partir du 1er janvier prochain : Nestlé Health Sciences S.A. et Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. Le groupe suisse entend ainsi «cibler une nouvelle industrie située entre alimentation et pharma». A nous les alicaments ! P.B. Want to sleep inside the Swiss Alps? It’s possible with “LA CLAUSTRA”! This innovative hotel was created by the


Swiss Artist Jean Odermat and built in 2004. At 2050 m above the sea level, this four star hotel is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps inside the San Gottardo. Open 180 days, during the summer season (for obvious reasons). Opened for individual guests and groups (even has business meeting facilities). (in German) C.B.

Kyoto – Capsule Hotel Concept – 9H Pulled out from “The Fifth Element“ – Japanese style – a revamped capsule concept that looks sleek, B&W, and sober. Where could this work elsewhere than in Japan? Watch the video on: P.K. Check Cap is the first non-invasive, prep free imaging test for colon cancer. The capsule has a built-in sonar technology that accurately renders a 3D construction of the colon. It’s simple, accurate and patient friendly. No bowel treatment, no downtime, no hurdle. Just wallow the capsule and email the data to your gastroenterologist. Going for IPO in Dec. For more information contact me. fvjp P.K.


Les étudiants de l’EHL s’échangent leurs bons plans ! « Lifestyle & Network » se lance pour recueillir toutes les meilleures adresses des étudiants à travers le monde, idée ingénieuse pour tirer profit de notre multiplicité culturelle et de notre «savoir vivre». Au sommaire : restaurants, bars, hôtels, mais aussi salons de massages, musées, magasins vintage, médecins, etc. Et ce à Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, New Delhi et autres. P.B.



The Rugby team is preparing a mini convention revolution in our school (and maybe a global heart attack for our administration staff) with a sexy project: their own nude calendar under the supervision of the Art and the Photography committees… So don’t stress, it’s only art! P.B. 3 is the number !

The EHL women’s football team started the new season with a record number appearing for tryouts. 55 girls showed up. This is even more impressive given the fact that last year the team was on average only 9 players. This success is said to be attributed to three sexy new student coaches. R.V.


Clubbing As you all know the very chic house of all vices Red Club closed last May. It was an important link of EHL clubbing. Last rumors say, it might become a jazz bar. Probably opening next year, a new night club of high standards will take over. Rumors say this new club has already been designed by the architects who already took care of the famous VIP room in Paris… Looking forward? A.I. “It gets you drunk on movies again » Rolling Stone magazine Since 2004, Facebook – the most revolutionary social phenomena of the new century – has collected half a billion members. While the controversy multiply on issues of private datas and inappropriate contents, the Social Network movie which explores the creation Facebook, was released on October 13th. Since then, it has been acclaimed by the international criticism which makes it The world’s top 100 seeded tennis players are competing in Shanghai for the ATP World Tour once again. This year, Roger Federer (seeded at No. 3), has returned from 2008, hopefully to grab the title. Other players include Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Lleyton Hewitt. Let’s all «hop» for our favourite Swiss player, and hope he brings the trophy home! Y.C.

Cool website: VBS.TV gathers a panel of documentaries with unbiased vision on sensitive issues such as drugs, prostitutions,the situation in the third world and more. P.B.


You better be up for a big bash in the coming year! Probably the only year when you get to dig through your closet to find 3 absolutely gorgeous outfits. Get ready to mark out 3 dates on your calendars!! 3 batches of graduates, 3 fete finale committees, 3 big parties! H.Y.

Pour poursuivre notre rubrique sur les anciens de l’EHL, je suis allée rencontrer Matthieu Giethlen, aujourd’hui Manager du département F&B au Fouquet’s Barrière à Paris


Fouquet’s Barrière Entretien avec Mathieu Giethlen, EHL’s alumni Et découverte d’un nouveau concept: le Luxe Respectable© Pauline Brami


Son parcours est atypique et classique à la fois. Diplômé en 2001, il s’oriente d’abord vers les bateaux de croisières pour la compagnie américaine Princess Cruise. Là il parcourt le monde, passe par le Groenland, les Antilles, l’Amérique du sud, le Pacifique… Il en retient une organisation sans faille. Forcément la gestion de la restauration sur mer est bien plus contraignante (et donc exigeante) de celle sur terre – ne serait-ce que pour l’approvisionnement, la conservation et le recyclage. Un an après il décide de poser pied à terre, et revient en France. Il passe 5 ans à l’hôtel Royal Barrière de Deauville où il débute en tant que responsable du room service. Il y fait ensuite très vite sa place, devient assistant du manager F&B puis manager F&B à son tour. Pour lui il n’existe qu’une seule méthode « donner plus que ce que l’on demande, toujours plus, de manière à ce que l’on devienne indispensable et qu’il apparaisse comme évident que l’on mérite plus ». En 2006 ayant atteint l’évolution qu’il escomptait, il fait part à son directeur général de sa volonté de mutation. On lui propose pas moins que le poste de F&B manager du restaurant le Fouquet’s à Paris puis très vite


celui de l’hôtel qui ouvre en novembre 2006 avenue George V à Paris. L’hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière rejoint de suite la catégorie des palaces parisiens.

L’hôtel tient d’abord sa réputation de celle du célèbre restaurant historique parisien – Fouquet’s – ayant entretenu des liens étroits avec le monde culturel et politique de la capitale. Pour ne citer qu’un exemple : le diner des Césars que le restaurant offre aux lauréats et figures incontournables du 7ème art depuis 1976. Son organisation se discute chaque année 8 mois à l’avance, et nécessite un décorateur intérieur, une entreprise indépendante pour la mise en place d’une tente sur l’avenue George V et se doit d’être réactive. L’an dernier le dressage de la tente ne s’est pas fait avant 21h, une tempête ayant été prévu sur Paris, il a fallu attendre que les conditions météorologiques s’améliorent ! Mais l’hôtel ne se contente pas de la réputation accordée par le restaurant. Pour son identité, il cherche à être au plus proche de son époque. Si bien qu’il propose un concept pouvant paraître paradoxal, le « luxe respectable ©  ». C’est aujourd’hui un axe majeur de développement, et les preuves en témoignent : allier luxe et DD, c’est faisable !



Qui a dit que le luxe et l’écologie ne pouvaient être liés ?


Le luxe respectable veut associer le respect du client, de son choix, de son confort avec celui de l’environnement, de l’économie et du social pour reprendre la définition du développement durable. Ainsi, depuis son ouverture, l’hôtel est l’unique palace parisien à détenir la triple certification ISO 9001 (qualité de service), ISO 14001 (engagement environnemental) et SA 8000 (respect des droits de l’homme pour les employés et les fournisseurs). Après avoir établi son Bilan Carbone en 2008, l’hôtel s’est donné comme objectif de réduire de 20 % ses émissions à effet de gaz d’ici 2020. Cela passe par le choix de fournisseurs – 12 % des produits sont issus du commerce équitable ou éco-citoyens, par les moyens de livraisons recyclables, et par la mise en place de régulateurs d’eau et de variateurs de lumière mais aussi par de nombreuses « bonnes pratiques » comme le dit M. Giethlen. «En cuisine, nous limitons au maximum la casse, nous mettons des couvercles pour rendre une cuisson rapide et limiter la consommation de gaz, nous trions les déchets, nous récupérons la bio masse, nous avons mis en place des détecteurs de mouvement pour les éclairages, etc.». Mais toutes ces mesures ne sont pas sur le dos du client. Le client a le choix de manger bio ou non, de mettre la lumière au maximum ou non ou encore d’utiliser une limousine hybride ou classique. Cette stratégie marketing qui repose sur des modes opérationnels solides a trouvé crédibilité. Aujourd’hui, l’hôtel détient une reconnaissance internationale sur le plan de développement durable. Il intègre la ligue Eco Luxury qui réunit les plus beaux éco-lodges du monde et est certifié depuis cette année

Leading Green mis en place par les Leading Hotels of the World. Cet engagement lui permet d’attirer une clientèle axée sur le tourisme durable de plus en plus importante et de trouver sa marque de distinction sur le marché des palaces parisiens. Par l’accumulation de son diplôme et de son expertise dans l’hôtellerie de luxe Matthieu Giethlen a été plusieurs fois sollicité par des cabinets de recrutement internationaux pour une carrière dans le F&B à l’étranger. Mais son ambition ne se limite plus à la restauration, il aimerait aujourd’hui progresser dans l’échelon hôtelier. Cela ne saurait tarder.

La soirée des Césars est un évenement de communication onéreux mais exceptionnellement porteur pour le rayonnement du Fouquet’s


Tip tap tip tap

the keyboards hum in harmony like the health of lone snails and the marvellous efficiency of an Evian-fed plant. Greasy fingers rub at eyes so sleepy Straining to maintain at least a shred of decent consciousness. Counting sheep whilst on my tippy toes, Dire post-its continue to stare mockingly and intimidate the multitude of tasks That I must do to before I become Discombobulated by the dry-cleaning. Ring ring can you help me fit my life into this busy schedule and is the coffee machine still broken? No I do not want to speak with my wife again, you shall tell her That I am in a meeting wearing my bathroom slippers And do not question me when I say I want my staples fixed asap. We shall watch them change the cartridge As I tell you about grandma’s cinnamon buns File them papers like you mean it and smile Like the dainty little receptionist you are. I thought ‘twas but two hours ago in my imagination But it had only been four. The cotton buds still speak my name and

the post man looked confused and came Too early this morning to be of any use. Good afternoon sir, how may I help you oh please Do stop calling us it is so terribly annoying. I must find something else to eat than chocolate. No, kids, we eat pizza, not the pizza delivery guy. But I refuse to wear a suit! When my hair is misbehaving And the blisters on my feet – Oh, what a dismal sight they are. But then again I tried to get away with wearing flip-flops To work (which did not work) Alas! There is only so often That one can refresh the facebook homepage. Besides, no body puts baby in a corner. Twinkle twinkle little..... Numbers, Facts Numbers. Bellestina


The intern receptionist


riends, EHL’s resident grouch is back for a new year, I welcome you to the second edition of the Dark Side, a monthly column where I share my views on current affairs and how they irritate me. Please remember there is no offence intended in my writing and all views are only in the intent of entertainment.


This month, I wish to start with a brief revisit of my last article, where I discussed the World Cup “to be” and its flaws. Now that the world cup has passed, let’s look at what went wrong. First of all I would like to give a shout out to my main man Paul the Octopus, who single-handedly (well he has 8 hands) ruined the most important sporting spectacle in the world. Thanks to this moron, gambling syndicates the world over lost millions. In the battle between the mafia and an octopus, the bloody octopus won. This speaks badly for corrupt individuals like me the world over. Not to mention I was supporting Holland. The second blasphemous World Cup subevent was its opening ceremony. Come-on Africa! The world was watching! And what does South Africa do? They take an army of dudes, make them look like a giant dung beetle and make them roll around a football like it was a giant ball of S***. Enough Said.

Rishav Verma

Dark Side #2

The next topic that grinds my gears is something ongoing. Ever notice how on Facebook™, people are constantly putting up photo albums and calling them ambiguous names (normally song titles) that have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in the album. Here are some examples: “The club can’t even handle me right now” “We’re gonna burn this house down” “Tonight’s gonna be a good night.” So I’m on my facebook account coming across these album names and I’m like “hmmm, we’re gonna burn this house down sounds cool” If you are going to call an album a name like that, I expect you and your friends to be holding F***ing blow-torches and I want to see something burning! I don’t want to see photo’s of you and your porcine mediocre friends on your sofa holding an extravagantly large bottle of champagne. Another one read “Gossip Girl XOXO.” My interpretation would be an awesome party, with glamorous women in sexy outfits and a secret waiting to get out. What do I see? Three girls in their pyjamas on a studio bed watching their laptop. Where the hell do you think you think you are? You should stay on the Upper East Side of building D and think about how ridiculous you look. XoXo


What’s happening with music these days, have you listened to some of this crap on the radio lately? There is one artiste particularly who has been bothering the hell out of me lately. A young lady from the streets called Ke$ha. When I read that I don’t read Keesha, I read Ke-dollar sign-ha. What makes you think you deserve a $ in your name? It’s like me calling myself Rupee-Shav or Roger CHFederer. If it sounds pretty ridiculous on our names, honey, it isn’t going to sound good on yours. I’m officially calling Kesha out. You want a dollar sign in your name. Prove you deserve it. I’m waiting. The clock’s ticking Blondie. Tik-Tok!


This has been this month’s Dark Side. You can e-mail your comments and rebuttals to Rishi@ , but they’ll go straight to delete.

BOSA-AN2 Internship specs : New Hotel Brand : BUNKER HOTEL... Israel - Just kidding. Venture Capital > Biotech

The WWWorld and Israel Philippe Khodara


Tel Aviv is like a bubble, completely different from the rest of Israel. The city is “laic“, opened 24/7, everything is alive, all speak English. The country is concentrated with 80 different nationalities, so many facets. So much complexity. 1st in terms of R&D investments (% of GDP), 2nd in the availability of engineers and scientists. There are more Israeli high-tech firms listed on the NASDAQ that any other country apart from North America. Don’t tell me that the 30% of GDP allotted in the Military Budget has nothing to do with it.


Today, I’m walking around in a big mall in Tel Aviv, Israel. Aside from the

quantity of consumer-product sold, I was flabbergasted by youth and children running everywhere. As if, the baby-boom had just never stopped. It’s quite fascinating to see all that dynamism and kids. Quite uplifting actually. The secularization of religious morality has forged a solid state without proselytizing nor applying an extreme dogmatic approach. Even with the huge melting pot that Israel is, people share the same strong core values ; family, trust, truthfulness. Women are respected - army, school of life - ; everyone has to serve the country : 3y/men; 2y/women. They go there as they turn 18 (babies) and get out a few years later (adults). The general perception of the people in Tel Aviv is completely different, people don’t care - Carpe-Diem - they live their lives to the fullest - like there’s no tomorrow. There is a strong sense of initiative, people are easy going and talkative. e.g. It’s completely normal to address someone, even without greeting - shocking for some ! In the end, all will tell you the same. When you come here, you have a marvel of preconceived ideas things are never what they seem - they will all be swooshed out. The news for example is completely different than what is displayed on the EU or US channels. First, here, no one speaks about it. People don’t really care, it’s

17 another incident, like there has been many in the past and will be more in the future.

Picture credits: Philippe Khodara

And Soudan in all that ? Where’s the press ? In general, the “press“ loves to meet public demand for dumbing down. Why do you think magazines are full of news displaying glaucous celebs pictures cellulite? Why did the world strutted the Polanski case? Because we love seeing those we admire fail. In the end, what you are ought to be aware when you want to make your own opinion ; everything is subject to interpretation - thus

Aside of that, if you would like to know more about the internship or chat about Israel, I’ll more than happy to discuss about it around a good coffee cup.


In the Flotillagate ; Aside from the total fiasco of the operation that lead to 9 deaths. What were the “real“ weapons on the turkish boats ? Have a guess ? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, mobile phones and videocameras. - I will call that a weapon of mass media obliteration. What happened next ? Forget who is right or wrong - it’s irrelevant - people from all over the world started social-sharing their position and POV. Even the Israeli Defense Force had to “counter-attack“ this mass-media-viral-golem with their own footage relayed by their own cybersocial troopers. Breakdown ? It worked, the operation was a total chaos for IDF and Israel, and a complete success for the Turkish government. The media even said that diplomatic relation have stopped between the two countries. FALSE. Nothing changed, Erdogan needed just an indirect public “plastronage“ in order to gain polls for the next upcoming election - Chavez style. Participatory journalism is an illusion of reliability, claiming that more sources and transparency, it actually leaves room for approximate handling of a story, non-journalistic ethics play on the sentimentality of the reader. But when you look at what happened in Iran after the shady and contested re-election of Ahmadinejad, the “only“ earthlink or information was Twitter, even after that the government “pulled the plug“ on the internet (like Burma and N.K.). Think of it as a salvation, a link to the outside world - without tyranny.

“disinformation“ is the key to success. Watch the video :

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learnâ&#x20AC;? Benjamin Franklin

The Perils of Ignorance


Nicolas Campaigne


There is something about today that makes me wonder about tomorrow.

2012, it is likely that by then, the shit would have hit the fan.

Somehow, I think everybody is under the impression that the future reserves some sort of doomsday fate, a meeting with oblivion. A lot of movies coming out these days spell disaster as the world crumbles to pieces. On a more realistic level, the economy is not doing so hot, instability is rising and international tensions are growing. Sadly enough, no matter what people want to say about

This article is your umbrella but it is up to everyone to choose whether or not you want to open it yet keep in mind that if the forecast says rain is coming, you better protect yourself and the only way to do that is for you to pop your bubble and start being aware of what is going on in this world and be prepared for the consequences.


Our classes always tackle the issues of “Is there a police state being formed?”

or “Do we need so much surveillance and what does this mean will happen to our liberty?” and we go on with it, for the sake of logic then forget our whimsical notions as the drink keeps pouring at M Bar. This however, is the reality of what is going on and you should question what those implications mean instead of living a contemptuous life of indulgence and excess that not many people have the great privilege of experiencing.

This school is a bubble that encloses itself from the realities of the global state of affairs. We are constantly remin-

be at this school yet this gratitude and thankfulness is celebrated through thousands of liters of alcohol that we consume and spend gargantuan sums of money to acquire. As hard as it may be to let go of this frivolous and selfish attitude, it is time we start thinking outside our boxes and start understanding what the hell is going on. As unlikely as it seems, I urge all of you to think about why one out of seven individuals are dying of hunger, to understand how this recession was caused and that seeing how things are going, hopefully prevent a dystopian future. I remind each student here on campus that we are inheriting this earth from our forefathers with responsibilities towards the welfare of this earth and the people that live in it. Stop thinking about the money and start thinking about the problems because if we look hard enough, we might just as well solve them.

Are you tired of living the same life?

Have you ever wondered how constricting our social freedoms are? Did you ever question authority and its justifications? Follow the rabbit and it will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

ded about how lucky and privileged we are to


This worry started as soon as the World Trade Center Towers fell that gloomy day of September 11. Since then, the world has gone hay-wire with Americans attacking Afghanistan (the biggest reserve of lithium on the planet) in order to chase an illusion of terror to finally take control of the oil fields in Iraq. Security was reinforced world-wide and is so prevalent and known that we even talk about it in our logics class and how that affects our freedom and liberty.

On October 6th, Mr. Rochat welcomed us into his office. He took time to answer our questions about his ambitions, students’ and EHL’s future and to explain why the “savoir être” is so important for us. Christof Bertschi, Pauline Brami and Nora White

Interview of

Mr. Rochat How did you become EHL’s new director?


Mr. Torriani, EHL board president asked me 2 years ago if I would like to change my orientation and to have some activities in hospitality domain. It made sense for me: first of all because hospitality is part of the Swiss culture and I am Swiss. Then, hospitality market is expanding – synonym of upcoming development opportunities – and I have always looked for development and progress. After applying, I had to go through a very professional recruitment process, where I was challenged to other anonymous candidates.

What is your personal perception of the school?

I think that the external image of the school is much better than the internal one, which is quite a surprise for me! Students and EHL’s image are both very good. I am convinced that if we have excellent students reflecting and conveying EHL’s image, it will always pull up the school’s prestige although the academic aspect could be improved. Hence it is extremely important to recruit ambitious


and talented students, for an expanding and booming hospitality market. Now, I feel that we have to be more high-education oriented to enhance the quality. I consider students as customers to whom EHL has to provide an Excellency in academic service.

How will you manage to improve the academic aspect?

First, we will focus on research because it is closely tied with the educational process. I plan to open institutes to organize education & research on specific domains such as F&B and Hospitality, each having one or two chairs. We have already begun with the F&B chair (with Danone, Nestlé, and Unilever in July), and “The Paul Dubrule Chair for Innovation in hospitality industry” (launched end of September). We can also have real estates and human resources institutes but we have to see how the first ones go on. This will have a direct impact on students as they will be involved in the research through their master thesis or SBP. We will also unify the coordination between all the learning process and the SBP.


How would you attract the best talents?

Referring to the welcoming emails, you pointed out HIV or abortion as being part of the EHL values. Can you explicit your point of view? Are you aware that some students misunderstood your message and were shocked?

These words are part of a text that is a combination of articles from the previous years. It is just making an allusion to the awareness classes during the intro-weeks. If I want someone to remember a message, I always bring a subject which opens to discussion. My first contact with students was in June 2010. I had forgotten something at my office and when I came back two hours later, I saw about 30 students totally drunk around the bar. That shocked me. I feel that this kind of behavior is not representative of the EHL values. As much as I was stunned, I thought it was now your turn to be astonished with this welcoming email!

It’s more a matter of attitude, which has to be applied by everyone at EHL (students, staff, and visitors). Nowadays, you have access to alcohol, smoking, etc. anywhere. The problem is not to have a bar opened, but the associated behaviors to it. For if it was forbidden, this would not be a good message either. It is opened, and you have to be responsible. EHL is a place where students learn the savoir faire and the savoir être.

Concerning your “savoir être” mail, was the aim to straighten things at school?

Indeed, I expect more professionalism, more responsibility, and more autonomy, because you are the first actors to represent EHL. This is why I am very much attentive about this. Overall, when thinking about values, image, self-responsibility, this is not only because you are part of EHL, but also because it is for your own life.


Last June we had the special visit of the the Grand Chamberlain of Thailand. We awarded him the title of Honorary Professor, for promoting EHL and introducing a good relationship between our school and Thailand. I therefore intend to recruit the best and most ambitious applicants at the beginning of the selection process with a few other countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam for example. We look for partnerships with diplomats and the state officials. It is a way to be much more pro-active in the market.

Don’t you think that this kind of behavior also comes from the staff and the rules (alcohol can be served from 11am for example)?

Fast Facts: Masters in Hospitality Administration Class of 2011 9th EHL MHA class, 30 Students, 18 nationalities from five continents, No Swiss students for the first time, Ages range from 25 to 40, Minimum 2 years work experience

The MHA Column About the Authors Inga Hjartardóttir


Age:38 Nationality: Icelandic Work Experience: Accountant with 15 years experience within media & architecture Career Goal: Fine tune my entrepreneurial skills and establish my own business. Fun Fact: Subsidized Australian backpacking budget by contributing to the travel section of main Icelandic newspaper.


Dan August Cordeiro

Age: 32 Nationality: American Work Experience: 13 years in real estate and development Career Goal: Director of Hotel-branded residences. Fun Fact: Ordained clergy member able to perform weddings in most of the United States.

9th Masters Class Starts on Campus

Written by Inga Hjartardóttir and Dan August Cordeiro, MHA Class Representatives The Masters in Hospitality Administration (MHA) class of 2011 started on campus in July 2010. The class of 2011 is the ninth class to undertake the intensive, duly-accredited 13-month program. This class is comprised of thirty students from a wide array of backgrounds, nationalities, and perspectives, with 18 nationalities represented from five continents. We range in age from 25 to 40; therefore many of us come with substantial work experience. The group includes F&B Managers and a Master Chef, Sales Managers and Assistant Front Office Managers, engineers and accountants. Some class members have substantial experience (“Career Climbers”) from within the hospitality industry – others have none (“Career Changers”), bringing insight from outside the industry. The Career Climbers see the Masters program as a way to accelerate their career. While their end goals may be different, they view the MHA program as a way of differen-

23 tiating themselves in the hospitality world, leveraging EHL’s strong position in the hospitality industry, as well as its amazing networking opportunities.


The program is divided into four modules. The first module focuses on the Art of Hospitality, with following two modules concerning the Science of Management and Strategy & Corporate Vision. Finally we finish with an eight week Master Business Project.

The second concept was “Spectra,” a sophisticated fine dining fusion restaurant that transformed lunch at the Berceau des Sens into a romantic candlelit evening. Our guests were welcomed with “Bonsoir,” enjoyed a four course meal and plenty of wine; then left the cozy restaurant walking into the broad daylight reaching for their sunglasses. While all would consider the events a great success, they were not without a few surprises. Some complained that the fish was incredibly salty; others were shocked to find that the poached plum dessert dyed their mouths blue. And not surprisingly, there were a fair share of spilled drinks, delayed courses, and other service mishaps. But the key learning’s from the experience – how to work as a team, execute a concept, and adapt to the human elements of service - were well learned as we began the masters program.


For the past two months, we have received a series of concentrated courses to appreciate the finer, intangible aspects of the hospitality industry such as service, teamwork, and savoir faire. Most memorable was the restaurant concept and execution that was held at Berceau des Sens. With the capable direction of Chef Bruno Rossignol and Chef Cyrille Lecossois in the kitchen and M. Eric Iunker in the dining room, the class devised two separate restaurant concepts. We split into teams, rotating between the heat of the kitchen and the wrath of the guests. The first concept was “Swiss Around the World,” where dishes from elsewhere were

Looking ahead to the rest of our time at EHL, we will certainly be swamped with work, but we promise that we will be just as hospitable and social as the rest of our EHL colleagues. Feel free to approach any of us should you have any questions on the program, or should you want to share some wine or a coffee at the bar.


For the Career Changers, the MHA program represents an entrée into the hospitality industry, utilizing past work experiences as the foundation for a new career. Others look forward to entrepreneurial activities, or working in the family hotel business.

brought to Switzerland using a twist and local ingredients. Guests were welcomed aboard the cruise liner inspired journey with their very own Swiss passports, complete with names and their photographs.

JEHL: the link to reality As of January 2010, EHL Junior Enterprise is composed of seven core members and five assistants.

bers were mystery guests at KaiZen restaurant in Lausanne and were asked to write a report about waiters’ behaviour, service and up selling skills used.


Continually promoting the company by dealing with current and new projects, JEHL has undertaken several challenges in the field of hospitality. Given our academic background and fresh vision of the industry, we aspire to propose answers to today’s and tomorrow’s issues.

To start with, let’s put into practice what we have learnt in Human Resources class! JEHL has to date achieved three projects with Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva helping employees filling out commitment surveys on the working atmosphere in the hotel. They have been very satisfied with our work for the past three years so we have been given the chance again this November! Moreover, we can be detective! JEHL mem-


Finally, let’s be travellers with TGV Lyria project! The team assigned interviewed first class passengers about the quality of food and service. More than four hundred surveys were completed on different routes (Paris-Lausanne, Zurich, Geneva and Bern). Following the research the team presented a report to the TGV Lyria, which was very successful. As a result we have been given a new project for Elvetino, the catering company on Swiss trains, to train the in-cabin staff in order to deliver a better quality service. Clearly, EHL Junior Enterprise is YOUR first link to the industry. Make it happen! Be part of our adventure as a member of our projects or by bringing your own!  


Chapitre 1

Journal de bord d’un technicien IT

Aujourd’hui, tout le monde a dans son entourage quelqu’un qui « s’y connaît  », et qu’on invite à manger le dimanche midi pour qu’il nous sauve de messages d’erreurs et autres écrans bleus. Tout le monde a également déjà fait appel au service informatique de sa boîte, pour bien souvent se retrouver ridicule, le dit problème ayant disparu à l’arrivée du technicien. Si l’apparence physique de l’informaticien peut avoir changé, son instinct « de survie » sauvage est lui gravé dans ses gènes à jamais. Pas toujours sociable, pensant tout

connaître, les moments «non aimables ou souriants» se comptant plus rapidement que ceux où il l’est. Ce comportement animal peut parfois mener à de vifs débats, et la possible impossibilité de résoudre un problème, ou de retrouver/sauver des documents d’une extrême importance (l’initiation de tante Gilberte au ski-nautique) fait parfois naître en l’utilisateur un sentiment de frustration et d’incompréhension, qu’il ne pourra s’empêcher de communiquer au technicien. Au rayon des sentiments utilisateurs, il y a aussi la gêne, très souvent provoquée par une seule interrogation « Vouz avez fait quoi ? », trouvant régulièrement comme réponse « ah non, mais rien…  », pouvant justifier aussi bien une simple panne, qu’une explosion pure et simple d’un écran, ou la perte d’un bout de châssis. Il est facile d’imaginer que la cohabitation entre humains « normaux » et informaticiens n’est pas toujours aisée. Mais si en plus, vous mêlez ce déjà joyeux bordel au monde étudiant, vous obtenez un cocktail plus explosif que ce qu’aurait pu concocter un Tom Cruise sous acide. Ajoutez-y un zeste de manque d’organisation total, entraînant débandade et démotivation de toutes parts, un soupçon de mauvaise volonté, et une bonne dose d’hypocrisie, et vous obtenez LE cocktail duquel je suis obligé de me délecter depuis bien trop longtemps, et qui finira par me siroser l’esprit, et m’enivrera de désespoir. (à suivre)


E-mail, facebook, twitter, site d’information, jeux, pornographie, contacts, traitement de texte, achats, vacances, réservations, météo, …, l’informatique a aujourd’hui pris une place prépondérante dans la vie de tous. Si tout le monde sait plus ou moins se servir du duo clavier/souris, il est une catégorie de personnes qui se doit de maîtriser et de connaître plus que les autres tous ces outils et services, c’est celui que l’on appelle l’Informaticien. Ahhhh l’informaticien, un mystère à lui tout seul. Il y a encore quelques années, il ne pouvait porter que des lunettes à verres pare-balle, et ne supportait la lumière du soleil qu’il ne voyait que très peu, restant enfermé dans les méandres de ce qui fut jadis une chambre ou un bureau, ou les différents composants d’un PC côtoyaient de bien trop nombreux restes de « nourriture  » et autres magazines titrés « titre à trouver… »

« Graines d’entrepreneur » ou l’éclosion réussie d’un Student Business Project Thomas Goval

« Les étoiles ont des racines » : ainsi s’intitule le nouveau film institutionnel de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). Partageant la même optique selon laquelle le talent se cueille dès le plus jeune âge et se doit ensuite d’être développé, la Ville de Lausanne en collaboration avec l’Institut de l’Innovation et de l’Entreprenariat (INTEHL) a permis à une dizaine de jeunes, âgés de 12 à 15 ans, d’occuper l’espace d’une semaine fin juillet 2010, sur le campus de l’EHL, le rôle de véritables « graines d’entrepreneur ».


Convaincus que la pré-adolescence représente sans doute l’ultime période pendant laquelle un jeune peut laisser libre cours à son imagination sans risque de la limiter à cause de diverses contraintes, un groupe d’étudiants a imaginé en février dernier, dans le cadre de leur SBP pour le compte de la ville de Lausanne, un camp de créativité au cours duquel ces « graines d’entrepreneur » seraient amenées à imaginer les futures tendances de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration à l’aide de nombreux ateliers de découvertes. Certains s’écriaient que les participants étaient bien trop jeunes, d’autres semblaient sceptiques quant à la crédibilité de leurs réalisations… Et pourtant, accompagnés de leurs trois « tuteurs » – une animatrice jeunesse, une diplômée de l’EHL ac-


trice du SBP et un étudiant actuel, ces onze jeunes n’ont cessé de nous surprendre, développant jour après jour des idées toujours plus osées mais loin d’être toutes utopistes. De l’« appartarium » de Samuel – chambre avec accès direct à une piscine, au concept « Décorez-nous comme chez vous » de Pauline – le client décide de la décoration de sa chambre en amont de son séjour, en passant par la chambre d’hôtel sportive, c’est finalement l’idée de Charlotte, le « fashion cash» – distributeur de vêtements installé directement dans l’hôtel, qui a le plus séduit le jury de cette première édition. Composé de journalistes, de représentants politiques et de professionnels de l’industrie de l’accueil, le jury espère désormais voir ce projet fleurir dans l’incubateur d’entreprise de l’INTEHL. Et qui sait, peut-être serez-vous, vous étudiants du Programme Bachelor, amenés à concrétiser cette idée et à la vendre dans le cadre de votre futur SBP ? La plus belle des manières pour montrer que la graine (SBP original) devient fleur (camp d’été), pour produire à nouveau d’autres graines (éventuel futur SBP)… Thomas, jardinier en herbe !


Juliane, Suzanne, Veronique, Dennis, Julian & Louis


A typical Thursday at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management We can sleep in. Actually we can always sleep in as the earliest class commences at 9am and we all live on campus which is more like a resort than a studio. Today, we’re woken up to loud music, heralding the last day of the week, inviting us to spend the morning at the pool with other Academy students and Jumeirah employees.

After stocking up on some sunny vitamin D, we get ready for class and order from the pool bar, which delivers directly to our room. After two hours of Spanish class, today we quickly need to get changed into a simple, all-black, hair up, eyebrows plucked (females

and males!) uniform! The taxi calls us when it arrives so that we don’t spend too much time in the humid heat and sends us off to our extras job at the first Armani hotel located in the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). After a 5hr. shift of introducing the hotel and restaurants to incoming guests, we deserve the weekend and are planning to go out and are happy to finally be able to show a little more skin! 3am sharp, the music turns off in the club, it is now warm inside and out, sitting in yet another taxi, on our way home to school near the Burj Al Arab.

AP first impression Diversity. Vibrating floors. Weird smells. Language barriers. Spirit. Ying Xuan Cheng

This is what I have been experiencing since my arrival at EHL. My name is Ying Xuan, and I am from Singapore. Believe it or not, I have never lived there. I moved from Germany (jawohl!) to Shanghai to Hong Kong and back to Shanghai, where I have been for the past nine years. Did I mention I am half Taiwanese and a quarter Indonesian (the math doesn’t add up, but bear with me)? This does not even compare to all the other mixes I have met. It is mind-blowing how diverse EHL is. Students here are literally from all over the world- from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia to Portugal, Russia, and Africa. Now imagine each of these countries linked to another one. Multiply that by a thousand, and you will get the population of the mixed students at EHL. Do you often find yourself hesitating to answer the famous «Where are you from?» question? Because I do. I am pretty sure that we all have the same problem: you’re scared you’re blabbering too much, yet you do not want people to perceive the wrong idea of where you are from, am I right or am I right?

Imagine this: It is 4 in the morning. You are ready to go to bed. Then all of a sudden «BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE». Imagine this happening again at 9, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 10pm, 12am. At least

once a day, the walls and floors will start shaking (aka loud music- I don’t know what you were thinking…). The vibrations and weird smells are now common traditions. That is IF you live in building C like I do. That is also if you live in the corridor with rooms -39 to -45 on any floor.

One of the toughest things I find at EHL is the language barrier. For more than half of you, this


is not a problem. But for us non-French speakers, it is one of the hardest things we have to learn to adapt to- not being able to speak or understand the language of Lausanne. We are placed into a foreign country at such a fast pace that everything is a blur for us. I feel like life at EHL would be so much easier if we all knew French. Everyone would be able to communicate without difficulty, and it would be much easier to get a job! I am not complaining, though. It gives me this much more determination to overcome the challenge and learn French to my greatest ability.

The spirit at EHL is fathomless. Every time we are on a bus to go to a party, you hear students blasting

out French music from their mouths. People will clap along, sing along, or for those who do not understand a word of French, make up their own lyrics! EHL is the only university that organizes two fully packed weeks of Introduction. EHL is the only university that reiterates the importance of alcohol and safety awareness by showing us jaw-dropping, heart-breaking videos. EHL is the only university that encourages students to party, AND provides transportation to do so (my friends in the U.S. are reeking of jealousy that we are all allowed to drink here from the age of 18. Even though I did get carded buying alcohol at Coop…). Unlike most universities in the world, attendance and punctuality is mandatory at this school. From what I have seen, I am convinced that EHL students are driven to creating a bright and successful future for themselves, therefore obliging to these rules. EHL forces you to grow up and experience life at a full pace. Well, for us AP students, we still have it easy. But be prepared, because I heard BSC 1 is a b****.

To wrap this up, I want to emphasize how lucky you Swiss people are- you get to go home and

visit your family during the weekends. You get to be in the known, the comfortable, the familiar. I am not homesick at all, but I miss snuggling up with my mum, singing at the top of my lungs in my house, warm weather, and home-cooked meals. But this place is slowly growing on me, and I hope you all feel the same.




Adrian Ion

BSC-1; the end of Disney World and the beginning of EHL…and I mean the real EHL.

I could start with Facebook, but my words would be useless, and pictures seem to spread a thousand words! You could simply imagine a little place called “cam-

pus”, located in the middle of nowhere where approximately 400 young students with a few billion raging hormones are spending their nights. Well, the opposite sex might be the start of all addictions but blackberries used for “work” help us along the way. I personally think that cigarettes are the most annoying addiction, as many students were nonsmokers before entering the school. Smokers found out that it worked to their advantage as smoke breaks seem acceptable in the hospitality industry. But addictions can have positive effects. For that extremely profitable cigarette machine next to La Ferme or the Casino Barrière de Montreux which welcomes you every night. Be careful, your health is threatened, but also your social life. So please girls, drop your Blackberries. Gents, drop your eyes from those very short skirts, we are all here “to work work and work!”


Things have changed. As APs, we felt that we were working hard and playing harder, but we were definitely stuck in an illusion…Now we are forced to step it up a gear, getting used to working like animals but still playing hard. But things have changed so we must evolve. From inhall residences, Thursday night parties, kitchen duties and first internships we have developed addictions. Surviving on alcohol, Red bulls and Wikipedia; we need to now manage our time.

Tarka Rose-Venning


The Nini Barakat Challenge On Saturday, 25th September, a fantastic event took place, it wasn’t a fancy, showy party, nor was it some guest speaker talking about the latest and most innovative trends in hospitality, no, the event in question, was the EHL v Alumni Rugby Match, otherwise known as the Nini Barakat Challenge. Now, many people see rugby as, well, as madness, a bunch of guys running around and into each other at great speeds trying to get an oddly shaped ball across a line while trying to avoid the other 15 men who are trying desperately to make sure that they can inflict as much pain, legally, on the ball carrier. But it is so much more than that, and Saturday’s game was credit to that. The Nini Barakat Challenge was started by Peter Barakat, who, in 1989 was the Director of Administration in EHL, but, more than that, he was the father of rugby and was seen as a father-figure by so many of the players under his charge. Peter’s wife, Nini, passed away in 1996 and in memory of her, Peter created the Challenge. The Challenge was and still is, above all, a way for past and present EHL students to enjoy a nice weekend of


food, camaraderie and rugby. Alumni come in from all over the world for this weekend, some coming from as far as Kyoto while many others come from France and Europe. The spirit of the weekend is incredible, old friends reconnecting, new friends being made and the older generations of alumni being able to pass the torch to the new generation of alumni, people like Nicolas Daudin, who is in a large part responsible for the revival of rugby in EHL after it ‘crashed’ in the late 90’s. Director of operations Thomas Hartleyb, the rugby committees Godfather, told me a quote he’d heard from Al Gore, which is synonymous with rugby; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, this is what rugby is all about, it is about the bond made between a team, both past and present, a trust that one cannot find anywhere else.



Pauline Brami


POP: Marina and the Diamonds The new British pop star reveals herself with her debut album The Family Jewels released in February 2010. Her singles I am not a robot, Mowgli’s Road and Hollywood are her biggest success. She’ll soon be on concert 2nd December 2010 at the Docks. Entrance CHF 30.- / pre-sale 25.HIP HOP: Hocus Pocus For 15 years this French rap group has evolved to an acoustic style, mixing hip-hop beats with jazzy melodies. DJ Greem at the scratches and 20Syl on the mic will perform at the Docks the 17th December. Entrance CHF 35.-/ pre-sale 25.-


Espace(s) féminin(s) :Jen Morris et Elodie Pong Expo qui mêle photographies et vidéos autour du sujet de la représentation du corps chez la femme face aux stéréotypes et aux symboles construits par la culture de masse. Il en résulte des images relevant d’une mise en scène théâtrale ou de la sphère intime parfois très cru. Ces représentations qui jouent le jeu de la provocation ne visent qu’à mettre en avant une réalité  : les déboires créés par notre société sur le développement de l’identité féminine.



Nuit du court métrage 2010 : 19 programmes de films internationaux organisés sous différentes sections (Escrocs… mais pas trop – sacrés français ! , classics remix, quartz 2010 – Prix du cinéma Suisse et séquences animées). Vendredi 19 novembre 2010 de 18h45 à 04h00 au Pathé Galerie.

Lassé des pizzas Vert-Bois ? Alors descends faire un tour sur Lausanne, ignore Pizza Hut et viens tester une de ces adresses ! Tired of Vert-Bois Pizzeria ? Then lets go downtown, pass Pizza Hut and walk until you find one of these addresses!

Pizza Tasting Tasting Pizza Luna Bar

Place de l’Europe – M.Flon Price Range (CHF) : 12 – 16 Choice : Luna Pizza (14.- CHF): jambon, aubergine, mozzarella + salade Evaluation : Food 4 Service 4 Choice 5 Crunchy details : Parfait pour rester boire un verre !


Bella Vita


52 Avenue de la Gare – Lausanne Gare Price Range (CHF) : 14.5 – 29 Choice  : Campagnole (23.- CHF): pancetta, mozarella,tomate, oignons, œuf Evaluation : Food 5 Service 5 Choice 5 Crunchy details : Pizzas énormes… Avis aux affamés !!

Chez Mario

28 rue du Bourg – Bessières

Price Range (CHF) : 14.5 – 26 Choice  : La Bella Italia  : Jambon de parme,

tomate cerise, roquette, ruccola, parmesan, ricotta Evaluation : Food 5 Service 4 Choice 5 Crunchy details : Pour les artistes : Possibilité de taguer sur les murs (!)


76 avenue d’Ouchy – Ouchy Price Range (CHF) : 15 – 22 Choice : Exotique (19.9): Jambon, ananas, banane; A. Picard (20.9): jambon cru, tomates, parmesan, basilic Evaluation : Food 4 Service 5 Choice 5 Crunchy details : 20% de remise sur les pizzas et pâtes à l’emporter. Le Lundi : toutes les pizzas à 13.- CHF et aussi d’excellentes glaces 

33 Christof Bertschi

Dear fellow thirsty readership. If you belong to those who often don’t know what to order in a bar, this column will solve your misery. Situations like turning red and mumbling “hmmwhatshallatakehm…ohmmmaybe… wellnoactuallyabeerisfine” (because you didn’t understand the 20 page cocktail card, don’t know if you’re allowed to order a “sex on the beach” if you’re a guy or wondering how that sex and the city chick was able to drink 4 cosmos without falling under the bar chair like you just did) will belong to the past. You might ask why I see myself as capable of solving your situation. Well first of all, I have consumed vast amounts of different cocktails and secondly and most importantly: I worked as a bartender. But this is not the place to discuss my qualifications, CV or bar-stories, no this is the place to talk about drinks and drinks only! The cocktail I’m introducing to you here is one of my favorites: THE MANHATTAN. This summer I went to New York, the

birth place of this delicious drink, where I had many Manhattans in Manhattan. Yes I know this wordplay is absolutely lame but you have to believe me: the drink itself is excellent!! Basically you can recognize a classy bar if they are able to do perfect


Tell me what you drink and I will tell you who you are!

Manhattans. Being a classic cocktail like the Dry Martini; it is perfect for almost any occasion: as an aperitif, on a date (order a second one for your date too in case she/he is boring) or to show off during an after-work event. There are two ways of making it: either shaken or stirred. I generally prefer the way the Americans drink it: “straight up,” which means it’s shaken with a lot of ice and served into a pre-chilled martini-glass. Here the details of the preparation: 1. You take your shaker and martini cocktail glass and fill both with ice cubes.


2. Pour 5 cl Canadian whiskey (best use Canadian Club or Crown Royal) and 2 cl of red sweet vermouth (Martini Rosso) into the shaker, add a few dashes of Angostura Bitter (it’s probably not very common to have that around but you can buy it at Globus). 3. Shake it well (it has to be really cold), throw the ice of the now chilled glass away and pour contents of shaker through a strainer (of course the ice stays in the shaker) into the martini glass. If you want you can decorate it with a cocktail-cherry which you slide into the glass. This is the standard recipe of the Manhattan but there are also a few interesting variations:


Use dry vermouth instead of sweet vermouth for a “Dry Manhattan”. That’s how for example Frank Sinatra used to drink them. Or if you use equal part dry and sweet vermouth, you get a “Perfect Manhattan”. If you are a rum fanatic like me you will love this one: replace the whiskey with dark rum (Havana Club Añejo 7 años for example). They call it “Cuban Manhattan”. It is the perfect cocktail for men and women who know how to drink and are looking for something classy. Keep in mind it is a mix of pure alcohol, so don’t chug your Manhattans down like beer but enjoy them… CHEERS!


Gentlemen, this year you will find a brand new motor page in your Student Voice. Adrian Ion

the headlights. Under the hood, 408 hp are ready to be tested thanks to the 3.8-liter flat six. The beauty swallows the 0-100 in 4.5 sec. You will easily pass the 300 km/h. On the glove compartment, a metal plate shows the number of the limited edition of 356 models for those of us who cherish the “because I can” excitement. For this ultimate tribute of the 1953 - 356 Speedster, Dad will have to spend 203 716€… But he probably deserves that toy, doesn’t he?

Today in review is a car which doesn’t go unnoticed this fall! After 20 years of non-attendance, the version 997 of the legendary two-seater Porsche Speedster comes back bigger, faster, and stronger. Esthetically talking, its black leather handmade interior makes it pretty virile. The exterior is expanded and the lines are smooth but defiantly sporty! She will wear only two dresses: That good old German electric blue or the very fashionable pearl white. A unique feature of the Speedster is the double bump behind the seats. It also stands out with its front bumper and specific black rings around


Porsche Speedster

Deux paires d’oreilles, deux cerveaux, et deux individualités, voilà comment la rubrique musique évolue pour cette nouvelle édition. Ce sont donc deux approches, tantôt axée rock & électro, tantôt hip hop pour représenter la diversité comme celle des élèves de l’EHL. Alexandre Wu et Antoine Alexandre





Vous vous souvenez de ce son qui passait en boucle, des images

Cependant le tableau n’est pas si mauvais, certains artistes prêtant un sample de leurs chansons, moyennant quelques commissions, ne sont pas forcément relégués aux oubliettes et estampillés par le nom du produit auquel ils servent à faire la promotion. Toujours dans le registre des FAI avec Numéricable, la chanson Dance de Justice a permis de créer le buzz autour de ce duo français les propulsant sur le devant de la scène électro. Au même titre, Guns and diamonds du groupe The Transplants, savant mélange

topées Ouh OuuHH répétés – certes pas très révélateur une fois couché sur papier – étaient synonymes d’une

de punk rock et rap, s’est vu concrétisé un succès commercial suite à leur apparition auditive dans une célèbre marque de soins capillaire.

en tête mais aucun moyen de se souvenir du titre ? Non ? Au fond ce n’est pas très grave, puisqu’on se souvient de la pub, du produit, du service auquel il était associé. La publicité à la TV, a de nos jours tellement associé la musique à son support que celle-ci est vidée de son existence même. Un exemple pour les accros du tube cathodique français, il y a quelques années en arrière  : les onoma-

grande blonde révélant son prénom et accessoirement fournisseur d’accès à internet (FAI) d’un air aguicheur. Vous la connaissez, elle répond au nom d’Alice !

Assurément la musique fait partie intégrante de la stratégie marketing d’un film, spot TV, etc. À tel point que l’asciation so-

37 de l’une à l’autre est évidente. N’oubliez pas ou ne pensez pas que ces samples ont été créés spécialement pour la promo d’un produit. C’est le plus souvent une stratégie marketing mise en place pour vous faire consommer, et la musique se consomme aussi ! Alors n’hésitez pas à checker les artistes se cachant derrière avec Shazam ou encore Track-ID sur vos smartphones ou sur ou encore !


Are you a global citizen? EHL as well as the hospitality industry allows you to interact with people, cultures and products from all over the world. This quiz is designed to test whether you are a cultured individual. All questions are related to hospitality in countries that have been represented at EHL. If you’re stumped, it’s a good reason to get mingling! Rishav Verma

International culture Quiz


2. The concierge of the hotel you’re interning at speaks no English, you ask him if he has the newspapers, he shakes his head but gives them to you. In which country does a nod mean no and a head shake mean yes? A) Saudi Arabia B) Congo C) Albania 3. A guest comes to the concierge and asks you to book a flight home to Tegucigalpa Where is she going? A) Honduras B) Belize C) Nicaragua 4. You are the spa manager of a 3 star hotel. A lady comes to you enraged that a man has walked into the sauna with his bathing suit on. She insists he takes it off. Confused? Where is it a faux pas to sauna with clothes on? A) Scandinavia B) Switzerland C) Spain


5.A guest returns to your hotel feeling sick because she couldn’t stomach Escamoles (Ant Egg Caviar), the local delicacy. Where is your hotel? A) Dominican Republic B) Mexico C) Costa Rica

Answers: C,C,A,A,B

1. You are sitting on the bus on your way to work, and decide to fold your leg over the other leg with your sole upwards. The entire bus shakes their head disapprovingly. You have disrespected them. Where is it disrespectful to put your feet up? A) The Philippines B) Azerbaijan C) Thailand

5 Good Job! You know your world and will impress many people! 3-4 pretty good, but keep at it. 0-2 Do you think Djibouti is the latest Snoop Dogg single? You may need to brush up a little to avoid embarrassing yourself.

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Student Voice #9  

student voice #9

Student Voice #9  

student voice #9