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21/05/2010 10:20:38

EDITO Les VACANCES se rapprochent

et ça se sent ! Quand le temps s’y prête, les chemises se font légères, les lunettes de soleil réaparaissent sur la terrasse et les jambes ne sont plus noires ni grises mais couleur chair. Tous ces détails dans le respect et la continuité du look classieux et professionnel EHL, lui-même régit par des gardes bien déterminés à vous montrer les limites à ne pas dépasser. Ce n’est pas tout, les jours se rallongent, les pauses cafés et cigarettes se prolongent, les BBQ aux bords du lac deviennent hebdomadaires et le farniente au soleil le nouveau sport quotidien. Comme si Lausanne & Chalet-à-Gobet ressemblait au nouveau resort à la mode. Il manquerait plus qu’une piscine sur notre colline et le package serait complet… à ce propos les travaux à l’école reprennent de plus bel et c’est tant mieux ! Enfin le regain de divertissement est au top pour motiver les élèves sur le chemin des études. Ainsi nous nous sommes intéressés à vos projets pour les vacances, vos meilleures expériences et des perspectives de carrières diverses et variées... Pauline Brami

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21/05/2010 10:20:39

EDITO Welcome back SUMMER,

goodbye EHL ?!

Summer is knocking on the door and the increased amount of Ray-Ban sunglasses and beers consumed on the terrace are definitely an indicator that the arctic winter of Chalet-à-Gobet is finally over. Not only winter but also our school year is coming to an end. People are leaving EHL: some for a longer time when going on internship, some probably forever after graduating but most of us just for the holidays... In this issue holidays are the main theme. People tell us about their vacation memories and experiences. And it’s the time of reflection: What is EHL? What do we have when we graduate? And where is our school going? We asked our director to do a review before leaving EHL forever. It is also the time of change: not only of our campus but also of YOUR favorite magazine! The old team leaves on internship and we’re looking for new talents to make YOUR student voice better... An enjoyable reading, all the best for internship and career and of course awesome holidays!!! Bring out these Hawaii-shirts, shorts, miniskirts and BBQ steaks... it’s summertime!! Christof Berstchi

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21/05/2010 10:20:39

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Sommaire TRENDS

Couch surfing : an experiment Student holiday best experiences The Marbella adventure Interview Aurélie Desmonts @ Mama Shelter E-commerce Interview with M. Biver CEO of Hublot The dark side1: World Cup Internet Identity


Lights up on who you are ! Interview with M. Reuland Communication Happycalypse How FML @ EHL Memoir of an AP Active Leadership Committee Art committee exhibits Smile committee Sense committee Victoire des EHL wolves

LAUSANNE Agenda Sport: Bossaball Like eat : tasting d’entrecôte International culture quiz 2

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The Experiment By Marion Ender


Or how couch surfing meets intercultural relations (with a lot of brackets) trip to a theatre workshop A in Germany may be planned thoroughly. To travel as cheap as possible, Hildi* made sure her excursion starts from inexpensive transportation up to free accommodation. Net clicks and phone calls later Hildi found a driver from Zurich to Munich (20, verbal throw ups included).

Lost HIGHWAY The car: Sleeping Beauty (tongue-tied for 3.5 hours), Motor Mouth and the Driver (a red haired hippie in her mid fifties, working as an intercultural consultant in Zurich). Her first sentence was “Thank God am out of this country, a day longer and I wouldn’t have survived!” She came to Zurich on Friday. And today it’s Sunday. After some more nice stories about Switzerland and the final vomit of “these fucking racists”, Hildi decided to listen to music and imitated Sleeping Beauty. At the Munich train station, she then intentionally ran into specific people who travel with combo train tickets for 5.

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Triple XXX Equipment: sleeping bag and 10 Kg of excitement. She was picked up by her first CS host Chris*. What a service! Note: Hildi who speaks fluent German, played a little game during the week. She traveled with the intention to not speak German with her hosts, to make the trip even more exciting. The accommodation: a one room apartment where the host sleeps in a 2m2 winter garden as there was no space for him elsewhere. The living room was filled with 6 PC’s, 4 subwoofers, 2 mixing desks and 4 loudspeakers. Chris’ bathroom: Hildi realized she really did well by picking the freakiest profiles on the CS websites (8 shower gels and 5 different hand soaps)! When Hildi couldn’t avoid asking why a single person would use so many copies of the same thing, he answered “Well, obviously I don’t wanna smell the same every day!” “How obvious.” thought Hildi. Next day: Hildi had to move down town to start the official theatre workshop.

21/05/2010 10:20:44

Brand new MUMMY and DADDY Miriam and James* were a young, relatively boring couple compared to the others. Hildi found nothing abnormal during her stay. This couple seemed like the nicest people on earth. They made Hildi breakfast and wanted to know every detail about Hildi and her reason for the trip. After reinventing her parent’s origin and new curriculum vitae, they started to really get into hosting (introducing her to German beer, Bavarian eating culture and translated TV shows). Hildi learnt a lot and got used to the “Oh! Really?” masquerade. Her actual theatre workshop, where she had to study a play by heart, was not half as challenging as her surfer life. It was hard to say goodbye to her new “transfer parents”.

Funk YOU! Marcel* (with the promising nickname “skater boy”*): By entering his apartment Hildi literally stood inside his “living room” for about 15 minutes with her mouth open. It consisted of a full pipe, two half pipes, stuck between kitchen, bedrooms and a bathroom. His friends then cooked for Hildi. They also breed fish. Gabriel* talked about his day: “Today I taught Nicky* (3 yrs) how to burp into the microphone!” a laughter spread through the room, unfortunately Hildi couldn’t share her excitement,

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as she doesn’t speak fluent German (remember?). The tour through the unexplored continued as they proudly showed Hildi their garage where they breed worms. For their fish. They knew it was disgusting but appreciated Hildi’s enthusiasm. The next morning she woke up by this unusual sound that somehow sounded familiar but unidentifiable. Half asleep and in her Pyjamas, Hildi found herself in the middle of a skateboarding group who jumped up ceilings and skated on window frames. Hildi watched them for a bit after showering in the legendary bathroom made of skateboard shelves and skateboard magazine holders.

Final CURTAIN CALL Hildi finally decided to now sleep over at friend’s because she concluded that this would be adequate enough for a single article in the Student Voice. She finally spent time with people she could talk to in her mother tongue who didn’t want to explain German politics or the pro’s of local skateboard dealers. On her way back home she found an interesting driver. Four hours of philosophizing with baby dogs in the back (were they listening or sleeping? Hildi doesn’t remember). Whether Hildi is sad because her trip is over? You’d have to ask her. * Names changed by the editor

21/05/2010 10:20:48


By Tatiana Kobler & Tarka Rose

Naomi Wiesmann 1 Favorite holiday destination?

New York

2.Why? • You never sleep in NYC, and there’s so much to do, such as: going to the theatre, opera, shopping, chilling, etc. It is most fun to go there with your friends and listen to empire state of mind. 3.Any must do activities? • Walking over Brooklyn bridge, biking on Central Park, Moma museum, a musical on Broadway, Soho & Meatpacking. Restaurants & Bars: Blueribbon Sushi, Pastis, Standard Boom Boom Room, Brunch at Clinton's

Joana De Luca 1 Favorite holiday destination?

Florianopolis (south of Brazil)!

2.Why? • The beaches are just incredible “Praia da Guarda” and “Praia do Rosa” for the famous ones, or private ones to chill. The restaurants and pousadas (little hotels) are also great; everyone is smiling and willing to help! 3.Any must do activities? • Go surfing on Florianopolis’ waves. Having a fresh juice or coconut water by the beach and eating delicious – and yet cheap – seafood. Otherwise go hiking through the different beaches and watch the sun rise or set.

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21/05/2010 10:20:52

Marcella Colombino 1 Favorite holiday destination? whereas long as there’s



2.Why? • It can be a beautiful beach or the countryside, doesn’t matter as long as it’s warm and sunny! You can spend the entire day outside doing sports and chilling. Days are long and nights are warm and relaxed! 3.Any must do activities? • Doing nothing is always the way to go! But I gotta say snorkeling in the beach and bicycle rides with picnics in the countryside are always a must!

Sebastian Roth 1 Favorite holiday destination?

Hualtulco Mexico

2.Why? • It’s a beach still pretty much untouched by anyone; there are still about 4 out of the 9 bays that no one really knows about. They only way to get there is by boat 3.Any must do activities? • The diving and sailing there is great! I’d definitely recommend them both to anyone visiting there for the first, fourth, even hundredth time!

Gabrielle Cho 1 Favorite holiday destination?


2.Why? • For the kindness and gentleness of the people. The Balinese people are so nice. 3.Any must do activities? • The monkey forest for sure! It is really cool! The monkeys are really cheeky and always trying to steal your stuff but it is fun there. And of course the beaches!

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21/05/2010 10:20:54

Interpersonal Relations • •

if you think education takes place in the academic courses of EHL you’re wrong! 6 students from EHL have learned more fundamental lessons during a week in Marbella than in a whole year of AP. Of course we would like to share some with you:

Rooms Management • • •

The Fountain is not a swimming pool If you’re dancing on the balcony in a family resort, make sure your at least wearing boxers. On the last day check out before housekeeping shows up, leave 20 euro and just run for it.

Applied Logics •

Marketing •

• •

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“Your t-shirt is very keen” is not an acceptable compliment and does not rhyme with the word Brazil, no matter how much you try to make it sound so. You have a higher chance at scoring if you tell people your dad is the CEO of Tiffany’s In Puerto Banus, according to the sales clerk at Agent Provocateur “You want cheap? Here these panties are for 300 Euros. Your girlfriend will be very happy”

The more you drink, the better you’re able to communicate in Spanish Don’t make jokes to your friend about having lost his camera, because his drink might end up in your face… To tell the taxi-driver that he looks like F1 driver Juan-Pablo Montoya might encourage him to drive at 200km/h Your name sounds 20 times sexier if you convert it to a Spanish name (ex: Oliver => Oliviero) If a chick is wearing short skirt, high heels and has big, black “gay” friend, she’s not working in real estate (as she claims she does) but she’s a prostitute If stones skip on water, a football will probably also skip on water, so, you have no excuse when you get hit in the face. If you go to a club dressed all in white, and you aren’t a pimp, the cleaning bill isn’t worth it.

Ethics and Responsibility •

• •

It is ethically wrong to stick your fist into the blowhole of a marine mammal, no arguments on this, it’s just wrong ok. It is possible to be banned from chat roulette without whipping out your disco stick. By no means take photos of the police when you are drunk. You are just asking for it.

21/05/2010 10:20:55

erma hav V By Ris Bertschi istof & Chr

General facts of Life •

• •

On a good night out all the women are beautiful, everybody wants to give you free drinks and you eat the best kebab of your life. In reality 90% of them are prostitutes, The Spanish version of Grappa, tastes like paint thinner mixed with nail polish with a slight odor of wet dead cat and you wouldn’t even go close to the kebab place during day-time because you fear foodpoisoning just by looking at it. It is possible to fall asleep in a strip club If you have a fun night out in Spain, but realize the morning after you are on a bus on your way to an island owned by England, you must have been completely toasted.

Food and Beverage •

• •

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It is not a good idea to repeat muy picante more than once to the kebab guy only because you thought he wasn’t listening to you the first time You don’t order a blue lagoon cocktail if you’re a man, warning: the bar tender will laugh at you. And finally, Absinthe: it’s like masturbation, its seems awesome at the time, but in the end you totally F***** yourself

21/05/2010 10:21:03

Interview au Mama Shelter avec Aurélie Desmonts Par Pauline Brami



iplômée en juin 2008, Aurélie arrive sur le marché du travail tout juste au moment de la crise. À peine deux ans après, elle se voit nommée directrice du département évènements & groupes du design et tendance hôtel Mama Shelter. Chanceuse vous direz ? Pas tant que ça au vu de son professionnalisme et de sa persévérance …

Pourquoi l’EHL et l’hôtellerie en général ? Depuis très jeune je voue une passion pour les métiers hôteliers. Les imprévus et les challenges permanents, la coordination entre divers corps de métiers et départements, la rigueur requise, rendent ce métier fascinant.

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Tes stages ? 1er stage au Crillon, 2 mois ½ en cuisine. J’étais la seule fille et on ne m’a pas prise avec des pincettes ! Puis 4 mois en room service durant lesquelles je me suis occupée d’une princesse saoudienne. 2ème stage au Mandarin Oriental de Genève dans les Ressources Humaines. Ce stage m’a permis d’appliquer la théorie de management acquise après l’année préparatoire. J’ai ainsi dressé des tableaux Excel, des diagrammes, des statistiques révélatrices sur ce dépar6tement RH. Ceci m’a valu maintes appréciations de mon supérieur, avec qui j’ai gardé de très bons contacts. Cependant la pratique, avec la vie de l’hôtel, les briefings le matin, les imprévus, le stress de bien faire et de rendre le client satisfait au moment présent, sont les challenges qui m’ont manqués durant ce stage administratif.

21/05/2010 10:21:06

Ton option choisie en BOS7 : Marketing, car je suis imperméable à la finance ! Est-ce que ça m’aide actuellement ? Oui pour tout ce qui concerne les questionnaires de satisfaction client.

Après l’école ?

Dès août 2008, j’ai envoyé des CV partout, et le 2 septembre c’était la crise. Tous les hôtels auxquels j’avais écris avaient bloqué leurs budgets. Je ne me voyais pas rien faire, donc j’ai tenté le tout le tout en demandant au Plaza Athénée de me prendre en tant que stagiaire. Ils m’ont pris pour 8 mois en relation client. J’ai repris leurs vieux fichiers Excel concernant l’historique client, j’ai crée des onglets, répertorié les plaintes par mois et par département. C’était une mini révolution pour eux ! Vers la fin de ce stage, j’ai dis à haute voix que je devais préparer mon CV. Une collègue m’a signalé qu’ils cherchaient quelqu’un au Mama Shelter. J’ai eu un rendez vous et ils m’ont pris tout de suite. Mais mon stage n’étant pas fini, j’ai dû combiner pendant 2 semaines, de 8h à 15h le Plaza Athénée, puis de 16h à minuit le Mama Shelter. Il faut le mériter !

Ton job actuel en quelques points ?

Rien à voir avec mes expériences passées dans les palaces. Ce qui change : toutes les idées sont les bienvenues et sont concrétisées. J’ai presque construit entièrement le département dont je suis aujourd’hui la directrice. Après une semaine de commencement, ma supérieure-enceinte s’est retirée pour raisons de santé. J’ai donc dû me former sur le tas. J’ai refait tous les contrats, établi énormément de procédures et de tableaux pour

N8studentvoice.indd 13

l’historique client et la communication interne comme des feuilles de fonction. J’ai crée une réunion hebdomadaire que j’anime avec les directeurs- technique, f&b et hébergement- pour la planification et la coordination. Au début, je ne dormais plus et me réveillais au milieu de la nuit pour me demander où l’un de mes groupes était passé. Tu m’aurais demandé cette interview l‘année dernière j’en aurais été incapable car je n’avais pas une minute à perdre. A l’époque, l’hôtel était en rodage. Aujourd’hui on commence à être rodé et on prend un rythme de croisière. Le Mama Shelter est en train de se développer : Istanbul cette année, Marseille dans 1 an et 1/2, puis Londres, Bordeaux, Lyon et Lille. Le Mama Shelter devient une vraie chaine hôtelière, c’est ce qui donne un vrai poids à mon job actuel. Philipe Starck a signé pour être partenaire et designer des prochains hôtels. L’hôtel est plein à 80% en semaine et complet tous les weekends, le restaurant fait 300 couverts tous les soirs. Il y a énormément de réguliers, et les contacts avec les clients sont ouverts et chaleureux. Les valeurs sont humaines et non superficielles. Et surtout pas de Dress-code, les filles à la réception sont en tee-shirt blancs et tabliers en jean !


inalement je la regarde, et c’est vrai qu’elle non plus ne porte pas le dress-code traditionel – costume et chemise blanche – non, elle arbore un jean, un top fleuri et un gilet casual. Le Mama Shelter c’est cool, non ?

21/05/2010 10:21:09


 : LA


Diplômés de l’EHL : Votre Bachelor n’a pas de limite !

Par Anthony Bensoussan

35 milliards d’euros. C’est ce qui a été dépensé en France dans le e-commerce pour 2009. On recense 90 acteurs majeurs sur la toile française, dont 2 qui se lancent dans l’aventure chaque jour. 50% des français sont connectés à internet, et 50% d’entre eux achètent en ligne. La crise ? Quelle crise ? Le leader du marché, « vente-privée. com »  a connu une croissance fulgurante. 9 millions de membres, 90 000 commandes par jour. De 5M de CA en 2004, l’entreprise est passée à 800M en 2009. Comment ne pas rêver de bénéficier d’un tel succès ? Si textile, maroquinerie, bijouterie ou produit high-tech sont courant à la vente, la forte demande du marché a permis la vente de différents services et prestations : forfait de SPA, séjours hôtelier 5 étoiles, restauration dans de grandes tables, spectacles, parcs d’attractions… à prix ultra réduits bien sûr. Avec le temps, tout semble se démocratiser sur le web : quand les produits et services du secteur de l’accueil toutes gammes confondues deviennent commercialisables par tous, et surtout pour tous. En 3ème année à l’EHL et avec l’héritage d’une forte expérience familiale dans le déstockage depuis 40 ans, nous avons lancé avec 3 membres de ma famille un site de vente privée. Le principe : déstocker les invendus des grandes marques dans une période limitée. Mon rôle ? Mettre l’accent sur les domaines ou je me sens le plus productif

N8studentvoice.indd 14

et le plus efficace. Les parties service client, communication et marketing me sont ainsi confiées. Le grand jour ! Enfin je vais pouvoir vérifier l’efficacité des cours qui me sont dispensés ! Le secteur est très concurrentiel, il va donc falloir se démarquer. Quels sont nos forces et avantages ? Qui dois-je viser ? Où effectuer ma publicité ? À quel prix ? Quel slogan ? Comment la rentabilité de ces investissements se mesure-t-elle ? Concrètement : quelles valeurs voulons nous donner à la marque de notre site ? Dans la foulée, le service de relation client est à traiter. Et là : il faut recruter. Difficulté principale : engager du personnel qui aura la même conception et perception de travail que nous projetons sur l’entreprise. Quant aux fonctions ? Il y en a un grand nombre : commercial, analyste, res-sources humaines, logisticien, service clients, chef de produits, graphiste, photographe… La polyvalence devient alors très vite un état d’esprit incontournable à opter. Plusieurs tâches ne sont pas au programme de mon diplôme, mais l’adaptation est une des valeurs clefs de ma formation EHLienne. Les buts sont toujours les mêmes, percevoir les attentes du client, mettre en valeur le produit et un management efficace des ressources humaines. Ainsi, quand à votre habitude vous entendrez : « Lausanne, ce n’est pas une école de cuisine ? »  Vous pourrez maintenant répondre : « Absolument, d’ailleurs nous cuisinons aussi sur le web »

21/05/2010 10:21:09

3 questions to Mr Jean - Claude Biver

What are the major challenges that the luxury industry is facing today, in these times of uncertainty?

You need to be aware of service, service as an internal attitude. Service means attention, service means detail, service means listening. You cannot service(serve someone – to service someone means to have sex) someone if you don’t listen to what he wants. You also need the perception of exclusivity, how to handle it. Luxury is rare, luxury is exclusive. You have to respect the traditions, because luxury is based on traditions, it is culture. No luxury can be built without them. You need to have the conscience of quality, because luxury is quality.

The Luxury industry was overall less hurt than the consumer industry; let’s not even start with the car industry... We are privileged, we have elasticity. We should not worry about that because we don’t have a structural crisis; we have a crisis of consumers that buy less. But the consumers never buy less for too long! *laughing* What is very important is not to panic, not to destroy what we have. Be patient, never forget creativity. Incredible creativity is the key. Invest in ideas, R&D, and be patient!

CEO Hublot

What are the key assets that EHL students need to develop in order to make it in the luxury industry?

What does it take - for the future graduates of EHL to be a visionary ? It needs passion, passion gives you vision. The passion puts you in the middle of the product, the more you can feel the product, the more you feel how the evolution could be. If you are very much passionate about something, then you know better than anyone what should be changed or improved. BIO :

Born on September 20 1949 in Luxembourg, grew up around the Lake Leman. HEC Lausanne Resuscitated Blancpain, rejuvenated Omega, successfully pilots Hublot over the years of recessions.

Quote :

«People want exclusivity, so you must always keep the customer hungry and frustrated.» «True success is when the next generation does better than what we already have achieved.»

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21/05/2010 10:21:11


By Rishav Ve

Esteemed readers,

I welcome you to the DARK SIDE, re a new monthly column where I sha airs, my view points about current aff . and how they IRRITATE me


he topic of this month’s Dark Side is the so called FIFA “WORLD” Cup. In reality it’s like 20 European teams, with a sprinkle of Africa and Asia and the odd North American team (well the USA – Canada aren’t willing to play a sport that isn’t on ice). So I am starting a petition, my loyal readers, my most honourable acquaintances, to (wait for it...... wait foooorrrrr itttttt.....) rename the World Cup! I know what you’re all thinking: “Did Rishi just say that? What gives him the right to make such an outlandish statement?” Well, I’m qualified ok! I was the 5th reserve goal keeper in my high school football team. I actually played once, and kept a clean sheet but was sent off in the 85th minute for breaking the striker’s nose. I also used to be an amateur

N8studentvoice.indd 16

referee until I was caught accepting a bribe of Rupees 5000 (CHF 120) in an under-10 girls interschool semi-final.I was immediately offered more refereeing jobs in Italy. My point with this is that I am qualified to tell FIFA that the World Cup should be renamed to “FIFA EUROPE and a Few Friends 2010.” Check in a few days to show your support.


nother point that tests my temper is the fact that India, a country of 1 billion people can’t get 11 guys to kick a ball into a net. New Zealand is in the World Cup for goodness sake. New Zealand has a 3-1 ratio of sheep to human beings! That means, if you’re kicking a ball on a field in New Zealand you’re more likely to hit a sheep than the back

21/05/2010 10:21:11

of the net. I think it’s shameful that India is ranked 134th in the world. Fiji is ranked above us and probably laughing their *** off! Logically, we should be able to create a dream team. Slap a ball into one of those Bollywood dances and we’ve got fancier footwork than Ronaldo. It also takes sublime coordination to drive in India without hitting someone or something. Not to mention, it takes speed to steal a wallet at the train station. Speed, technique, and coordination equal the perfect footballer. Bah, I can just keep dreaming.


further point that perplexes me to my inner rage is the fact that half the tickets to World Cup games remain unsold. 500,000 of these tickets are going on sale in South African Supermarkets. The Head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, described the situation as catastrophic. It must really be bad since Blatter called Henry’s handball just “unfortunate”. The promise of available tickets lured yours truly to the internet (a magical tool), where it was discovered that in order to watch a match I would have to spend around $6000 on tickets, flight and accommodation. If a Kenyan guy offered 10 goats and 3 cows for Chelsea Clinton’s hand in marriage, no way in hell am I paying $6000 for a World Cup ticket. I’d rather have Chelsea Clinton! Bah.

N8studentvoice.indd 17


inally, my prediction for the FIFA Europe and a Few Friends 2010 final, after a fantastic tournament it is down to two teams ...... (drum roll)...... North Korea VS the African All Stars. With the impending threat of nuclear holocaust, FIFA grants North Korea an automatic place in the final, against the African All Stars, formerly known as France. Kim passes to Kim who shoots, the ball rebounds to Kim who scores. And North Korea is the 2010 Champion. That’s all from the Dark Side. For comments and suggestions for my next rambling contact me at See you next issue.

21/05/2010 10:21:13

a By Jessic



Imagine: you are part of a web community, developing strong friendships with certain members over time. You become so close to some people that certain relationships extend into real life. Phone conversations, parcels, daily exchanges… you even fall in love. A year passes, and the once-stranger you now love arranges flights to finally “meet” you. Then, days before the scheduled visit, they die in a horrendous accident, leaving you heartbroken. What happens when you discover this person you fell in love did not exist? That some disturbed individual had created a false identity for reasons unknown. There are no records of this “accident”. No trace of them at the apartment they supposedly lived in. You ring their workplace, no one knows their name. Who was sick enough to conceive this elaborate act of deception? Cruel enough to

N8studentvoice.indd 18


toy with a few broken hearts and dumbfounded minds; leaving you grieving for the better part of a year? “Sockpuppeting”, it’s called. It doesn’t just happen in movies. This is real, and more common than expected. In 2008, an American mother created a fake MySpace as 16-year-old “Josh Evans”, in order to form a relationship with a 13-year-old girl who had conflicted with her daughter. When “Josh” abruptly ended the relationship, the deceived girl committed suicide. Drastic as it may sound, this is just one consequence of internet fraud. So carefully consider what you access online. Anonymity thrives. Skype calls are easily altered, generating different voices. Pictures are stolen from anywhere and everywhere, then Photoshoped further. You can write whatever you want, however you want to. The simple fact is, anyone can tell elaborate tales online. Lies abundant in the World Wide Web, anything is possible.

Really, think again. How much do you really know about the internet?

21/05/2010 10:21:13

Student life at EHL : LIGHTS UP ON WHO YOU ARE

Rather IPhone or BB? 24%


This means there are almost 1000 Blackberries & i-Phones carried around each day !

Approximately 7% of students have had to go to the Disciplinary Board for one reason or another.

38% have been or are in a relationship with another person of EHL.

44% have made out with another EHL student ... or staff?

37% have hooked up with someone else at EHL.

...and what do EHL students think of themselves? Are we good-looking bunch?

52% : say YES, the majority

39% : say yes, but only a few.

9% N8studentvoice.indd 19

: say no!


EHL is evenly divided in the Blackberry/Iphone war. Despite seeing them everywhere, almost half of the student population own neither a Blackberry nor an I Phone. About 3% own both.

8% 4%



88% right-handed 14% of straight students have made out with someone of the same sex.

Alongside the 3% who identify as gay or bisexual (or other).

4% have never made out with someone of the same sex but would. 23% of students are smokers, whilst another 17% smoke occasionally. A futher 3% used to smoke, but have quit.


Half of the smokers feel that they smoke more now than they did when they first started at EHL.

21/05/2010 10:21:18

INTERVIEW with the Director, Mr. Ruud Reuland

By Philippe Khodara & Christof Bertshi

• After almost 10 years of «reign» at EHL what is your conclusion? What are the most important improvements made? It’s 8 years, and I’ve concentrated on 3 important aspects: 1. Get excellent students 2. Have learning programs at school that are at the same time rigorous but also attuned to the future needs of the industry. 3. To make sure that after graduation, students can start a rewarding career which is aligned with their ambitions and competences. • By how much do you think you have achieved those goals? Other people should judge about that (That is for others to Judge). If you look at the facts: we have improved the selection ratio drastically (ndrl. students accepted:students applied). The more candidates EHL has, the better we can select. We have also fundamentally changed the programs. And thirdly we have fundamentally

N8studentvoice.indd 20

improved the relationship with the hospitality industry. These partnerships are crucial to the development and management of talents, and tie the academic world with the corporate world. But again it is not for me to judge • What do you personally see as EHL’s core strengths? There are two : One is the alumni network which is absolutely fabulous. I’ve not seen a university that has such a strong network of alumni around it - willing to support - constantly acting as an ambassador, but also in helping young students on their internship, or in the first steps of their career and even after that. The second is in my opinion, that our focus is to be a leading hospitality management institute for the hospitality sector. And we should never compromise that. There are not many academic institutes

21/05/2010 10:21:22



in the world, which are completely dedicated to the hospitality industry. Many of these institutes are part of big universities, or are not 100% focused on the industry. In our case it’s a one-to-one relationship with the industry and that is the key success factor; it was, and always will be. • In your opinion, what should be improved during the next years? What should your successor focus on? We should emphasize more on research and on the development of “executive education”. I think EHL should more be perceived as a leader in bringing knowledge, not only graduates to the industry. There should be a market for training managers /department heads. This whole notion of lifelong learning should also be reflected in the portfolio of activities that is offered to the industry by EHL. Our offer isn’t sufficient in this matter yet! Everybody understands that learning doesn’t stop when you finish the school. • Where do you see EHL’s reputation internationally? What I would like to see if you go to a hotel manager and you ask him or her give me the ranking of the best hotel school in the world then EHL should be in that ranking. It doesn’t really matter if it’s number one or number two, hopefully not number 3... But if you’re going to test it, EHL is in the ranking. I think nowadays EHL is really not considered anymore as an arrogant school that produces arrogant students. From the industry

N8studentvoice.indd 21

the students are perceived as relatively flexible, very creative, intelligent, sometimes critical but in a positive way. • What would you miss the most about EHL? Students!!! Another thing that I’m going to miss is the spirit of the school, the contact with the industry and the alumni. The amazing thing is to see young people come to the school, and how they’ve changed when they leave. • What are you plans now? Holidays? Where will the future take you? I don’t know and I have decided not to know. I will not to take any decision now. The first step will be a very physical one. I’m going to make a 14 day trip trekking all alone in Italy. I will start in the Toscana and it will end in Rome. And I will only stay in simple hotels, no comfort with just one challenge: that every day I know in which direction I have to walk in order to arrive in my little B&B with feet that still work. As for the next step I will make absolutely sure to do something that passions me and it should not be a copy of what I have done so far because to be very honest with you after EHL, that’s the top, the Everest ! I need to reinvent myself and first of all, I thought I should try to do that during my leaving process but it’s not possible, I’m going to wait absolutely until I close the door here and then I’m going to think of what I really want and will make decisions accordingly.

21/05/2010 10:21:22

communication communication COMMUNICATION communication communication

communication COMMUNICATION By Jessica Huang and Kim Topsnik


ccording to every student’s favorite source, “Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another”. The hospitality industry is without a doubt a very communicative environment. How is it then possible that miscommunication is more of a subject which concerns us here at EHL than good communication? Teachers and staff encourage us to communicate precisely and in a friendly manner, but at times it seems like they do not manage to communicate like this among each other? Just to give an example: During a presentation by a guest speaker, we were asked us if we knew anything about revenue management. Our teacher promptly answered that we hadn’t covered the subject yet, even though it was one of the main subjects last module. Oh well, how was he supposed to know?!?

N8studentvoice.indd 22


hen, there are teachers of the same course teaching completely different theories but expecting all students to take the same final exam. There is hardly ever any consistency between information given by different teachers. It’s also bad enough that your outlook calendar shows your schedule four times – you’re supposed to be in Room 108 from 16h30-18h30 but also in Tschumi from 17h00-19h00, but apparently your teacher’s schedule has that same class starting at 17h30, and you end up having to wait an hour for a class you don’t even pay attention in. Confused? So were we.


ith our heavy reliance on technology, it’s hard to say whether technology is the cause of our communication problems, or if it helps to improve it. We love to communicate via Messenger, Skype, Facebook and all these handy tools, but how about communicating face-to-face? Have we lost this “skill”? Next time you’re sitting in class communicating to the person sitting next to you over MSN, think of this: communication has a lot to do with body language. So use your body, your facial expressions and don’t forget to smile, cringe your forehead or cry. The person across from you will much better understand what you mean!

21/05/2010 10:21:23


Happycalypse How By Marion Ende

considering that the brain is such a small piece in our body usually with a size of only 1130 cm3, I sometimes wonder how much can fit inside. Being stuck on Shutter Island and undergoing a lobotomy would probably not be that bad if it means I would not have to think about...


the Like Eat Committee so that Chef Locke can fit the theme by wearing a top hat next time? Why is the clock in M Building more futureoriented than the ones on the second and third floors? Does it mean by walking upstairs I move back in time? Does EHL management know about The Time Machine? How many take away cups do we waste per day? And why do the EHL mugs not seal? Why is Tschumi plug free but loaded with electrical shocks? How would certain students look like if there were no dress code? And more importantly, how would the professors walk around? Which airport was used as the inspiration for Main Bar? Would Frank Sinatra have hit the mark with lyrics like Ra ra, ah ah ah, Roma, roma-ma, GaGa, oh la-la? Why did Helene Hegemann forget to APA reference her novel Axolotl Road kill? Ts ts ts...

A text full of questions without any answers. Socio-critical? C Maybe. Essential? Definitely.

...How many printers will I have to graze to finally discover the one that works? How much coffee did I already drink today? Is that why I am so stressed? Maybe I should go for another cigarette? How many slides can maximum fit it one PPT? Does Excel hate me? What happened to the food in the fridges when EHL experienced a power shut down for two hours? Why did it happen anyway? Was it the start of 2012 Apocalypse? How far away is the financial meltdown from Chalet-àGobet? And is that why the change machines in school never work because it is assumed we don’t have any money to change? What are going to be the next Oscar-winning movies? Nightmare On Wall Street, I Know What You Earned Last Summer or The Silence Of The Bankers? Can this tough decision be saved by another dance performance by Neil Patrick Harris? What about Ted’s mysterious pineapple? Can the sexy Mexican hat be topped? What food could we propose to

N8studentvoice.indd 23

onsidering the complexity of these mind cracking and brain grueling questions it is a little miracle that we don’t end up schizophrenic after graduation. Instead of being brought to the lighthouse, we should maybe stop staring at goats but rather face reality by hitting right back praying

«I am yours and you are mine. I salute you.»

21/05/2010 10:21:23

RADIO FML @ EHL Your everyday life stories... By Jessica Huang Today, last module’s exam results came out. Need I say more? FML. On 21/04/2010 at 14:44 am

Today, I realized that each time I go to the bar, the APs will look at me and continue to polish glasses, then proceed to serve someone else. FML On 22/04/2010 at 9:23 am Today, my email inbox consisted of: 2 “sorry for the mass mail, but I lost my... ” emails, 3 surveymonkey requests, 8 emails from the same teacher about one project, something colourful about Thursday night’s party at MAD, and a 62MB message advertising an alternative party. FML. On 22/04/2010 at 12:49 am

Today, someone thought I didn’t eat pork because I didn’t like the taste, so they sneaked some into my food saying “see, you do like pork – the way its made changes everything!”. I’m Jewish. FML. On 22/04/2010 at 13:52 am

Today, I realized that if I graduate from EHL, I might do so without having ever passed a single hospitality-related exam – I have failed every F&B and Lodging exam at EHL. FML. On 22/04/2010 at 18:12 am

Today, I was propositioned cocaine, alcohol and a threesome in a hotel with a strange couple because I seemed really “nice”. FML. On 23/04/2010 at 00:31 am

Today, the only semi-positive response I had from my internship applications old me they had reconsidered and weren’t ready for someone like me yet. I’m running out of time to find an internship. FML. On 23/04/2010 at 08:59 am Today, I finally received some internship offers. They’re all for service. FML. On 23/04/2010 at 00:31 am

N8studentvoice.indd 24

21/05/2010 10:21:33



By Nicolas Campaigne

HMajorca. The waves crash by the Twhen an external friend of mine ere I am, on the sunny island of

hings seemed bad, but got worse

rocky beach, the bees buzz in the flower gardens and the scent of lemon trees invade the room. “Is this really where I’m going to work?” I ask myself as I overlook the Formentor peninsula through my bedroom window. This hotel even has its own cinema.

invited himself to EHL and betrayed my trust by defecating in D-Bar when I was sick and sleeping at the time. EHL’s disciplinary commission decided to expel two of my friends and myself from campus, having to leave within five days, just as winter started to blow its freezing winds. For an African like myself, it was a tough thing to deal with, yet now I had to commute from my cousin’s one room studio (which we shared; I slept on the floor) to school every day in the snow. I was, as my friends can tell you, the pissed-off nomad of EHL. I was failing my courses and I was even thinking of leaving the school.

Ithoughts. I am alone, in a country I

pause myself a bit to recollect my

have never been to and with only a very limited vocabulary of Spanish. A certain sense of nostalgia creeps up on me and I start to think about the past, about what has happened this crazy year of AP. How can we ever forget the intro weeks, the grand Thursday bamboozles, the BDS and the new pals we made that have now become good friends?


s I recall, my image of EHL was

It did after all state that it was the best hotel management school in the world. I let myself have high expectations, as I’m sure most of us did. After those two great intro weeks, some of the other APs and I soon realized EHL was going to be a grueling and hardworking school that treated us like slaves sometimes, except we paid to be treated this way, which made the realization even worse. In some cases, the classes were really boring and as we all know yet not say, some of us spent more time focusing on Facebook than mathematics (which started off with addition and substitution, so can you really blame us?). Applied logics was, to some, completely oblivious and so remained that way for most of the three hours of class (even then, three hours of hard concentration is almost inhuman).

Hit, I’m glad I went through what

owever, now that I think about

I did because I learned a lot of things. The most important one is that EHL is not the best because of what it teaches but because of who is part of it. The moments I look back at are not about my friends’ acts but about the great people I have come to meet. They are the ones that made my life at EHL extraordinary.

EHLand still has

is not perfect

many flaws, but it is a place for people who love people. You can’t be a hotelier if you don’t like to socialize. So, it is in this spirit that I urge all of you to treat one another with the same kind of respect, humility and helpfulness as the people I have come to call my friends, and I am sure that EHL will fix itself up and really become the best it could be. After all, as all APs and I know, having a good interdepartmental relationship is the most crucial element in order to have a successful establishment. Let’s put what we learn into practice.

memoir of an AP

N8studentvoice.indd 25

21/05/2010 10:21:36

A.L.C. 3 lettres pour un comité d’exception !

Par Thomas Goval


ccepter de se Lancer à l’oral sans Capituler ? Approfondir un Langage Châtié ? Acquérir la Langue du Communicant ? Oui ! L’Active Leadership Committee (ALC) réunit en effet tous ces objectifs en rassemblant régulièrement des étudiants issus de tous semestres et désireux d’améliorer leurs compétences en matière d’éloquence. En suivant fidèlement le programme d’une séance Toastmasters (association mondiale qui encourage le développement de compétences en matière de communication et de leadership), les participants ont l’opportunité de nourrir leur confiance en eux par la prise de parole devant un public inconnu – tout au moins, la première fois ! J’ai découvert la richesse de l’ALC suite aux débats judiciaires organisés dans le cadre du cours de Madame Potok, qui occupe habituellement le rôle de grammarian lors de nos rencontres.

N8studentvoice.indd 26

Après m’être rendu par simple curiosité à une première séance d’improvisation, j’ai rapidement compris les nombreux apports béné-fiques du comité. Les exercices auxquels nous sommes confrontés sont toujours délicats mais très formateurs. Les sujets d’improvisation, tous proposés par et pour les étudiants, permettent d’éveiller un esprit critique, sont motivants mais surtout pleins d’humour, tout en restant professionnels. Chaque réunion me procure ainsi un sentiment d’évasion où j’oublie pendant près de deux heures le quotidien académique très chargé de l’Ecole. Ce défi n’apparaîtrait pas aussi amusant à relever si les discussions se tenaient en français… En effet, les francophones – minoritaires dans le groupe – doivent également s’exprimer en anglais ! Je vous laisse imaginer les sourires que je décroche à chacune de mes interventions, mon accent étant si frenchy (vraiment ?!) ; avec toujours beaucoup de respect, nous recevons dès lors nombre de conseils au sujet de la prononciation comme de la grammaire, ce qui est une excellente source de progrès ! Enfin, l’ALC accueille parfois des invités de prestige et nous offre l’occasion

21/05/2010 10:21:37

d’être au contact de professionnels de la communication. Pouvoir suivre de tels exemples et égaler, dans un futur le plus proche possible, de telles performances, est certainement la motivation principale et le but que cherche à atteindre chacun des membres. Curieux ? Déjà convaincus ? Aussi motivés ? N’hésitez plus à nous rejoindre, en tant que futur membre ou simple invité, pour vivre une ambiance unique et pourquoi pas, comme moi dernièrement, présenter votre propre discours devant une audience bien réelle…

On March 28, 2010 daring EHL students were given an opportunity to test and improve their public speaking skills during our first “Public-Speaking Pit-Stop Event”. For the ALC the event was a huge success. Here is what the survivors have to say about their experience: “I congratulate and thank the ALC committee for their well organized event. With a lot of effort, patience and good feedback they were able to help me improve my skills for giving speeches. The special spirit and the professionalism within the committee convinced me to join and I am looking forward to my first speech.” Thierry Dieterle, BOSAAN2-E

about what to say before giving a little two-minute speech. Once I was done they gave me a cookie and some feedback. I was positively surprised by the whole event as the feedback was actually quite helpful and the atmosphere was really relaxed and easy going. Personally I think it is always good to put yourself into a situation where you are not fully comfortable because that’s when you learn the most about yourself and in my experience, having to make a quick decision happens in professional life all the time. After talking to the evaluators for a bit about how my presentation went, I left the room feeling I had learned something new and taken a small step towards becoming a better public speaker.” Francis Gunzinger, BOSAAN2-E The ALC event was an enriching experience. It made me realize some features about my presentation style which I didn’t know I possessed. This committee should hold events more often.” Suryaveer Singh, BOSAAN2-E

“I had spontaneously signed up for the ALC event when I saw their stand at school. So later on that day I went up to their room, was given a topic and one minute to think

N8studentvoice.indd 27

21/05/2010 10:21:40

, s t n e l a t s t r a EHL s

n in March

exhibitio s rt a e th m o fr s Interview

Marion Ender, BOSAAN E

What are your favorite artists? Caspar David Friedrich, Joseph Beuys, Cy Twombly, Banksy Since when have you been doing art? Since my brain started to think and ask questions.

Hanna-Flavia Karolyi,


To what extent do you agree with the following: “a career that combines arts and EHL diploma is possible”?  Art is much more than drawing. It is understanding a cultural, historical and political context. EHL offers much of the culture but lacks the historical and political aspects. A combined career project between art and EHL is definitely possible. Art is for you…? A silent language mastered by few and understood by all.

Rebecca de Léon,

Student Services Manager & Graduate of 1993 What is your style, your work? Very spontaneous. Whenever a face “talks” to me. I like to steal photos, but not quite a paparazzi. Art is for you…? For me it means free to see life through a different eye.

Stephen Fischer,

Staff (Career Centre; Alumni Relations & Career Services) To what extent do you agree with the following: “a career that combines arts and EHL diploma is possible”?  Everyone should access their creative energy, nurture their social connections, and give priority to their own sense of well-being; first for themselves, and second to contribute to the success of their team and company. What is your style, your work? Bricolages made from paper and/or “found objects”

N8studentvoice.indd 28

21/05/2010 10:21:51



Thomas Martin,

operations kitchen

Where does your inspiration come from and what are the influences? A wide range of sources, anything that I see in daily life. Something or someone might just catch the light in a certain way and I might try and recreate the same effect with my camera. Taking a moment to look back over the years at how different photographers have approached the medium is also inspirational, a lot had changed Since when have you been doing art? Since I was about 15, when at school in the UK but more seriously during the last 2 years.

Morgane Yar, BOSAAN 2

What is your style, your work? Je suis actuellement dans une période de création-découverte. J’expérimente, je découvre, j’observe, j’imagine, je réfléchis et je crée. Mon travail est encore en construction... Je souhaite m’approprier les techniques déjà existantes pour, à plus long terme, définir un style plus personnel et affirmé et développer un service de décoration d’intérieur personnalisé. Since when have you been doing art? J’ai toujours dessiné, mais j’ai décidé de développer concrètement une activité créatrice il y a environ un an.

Roxane Pietro,


Where does your inspiration come from and what are the influences? I was first inspired by Lucian Freud, who painted portraits in thick lines and used different colors. I am also inspired by Amedeo Modigliani whose long simplified faces still manage to convey a strong emotion despite lacking details. Art is for you…? A way to relax and « spend time with my thoughts. » It is such a personal thing. I do not believe in over-analyzing art – a person should be touched in the way he/she chooses to be and should not feel pressure from the outside world.

N8studentvoice.indd 29

21/05/2010 10:22:07

Florence Dupin and Antoine Soots (BOS 6), presidents of EHLsmile in 2010, continue leading the Association to support and develop hospitality and restaurant training programs for underprivileged young people in developing countries. Recently, the for-mer Committee changed its status into an Association and still carries on to use the knowhow of motivated students and teachers of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

Coach and professors Clara Blanc (CB), Karen Earl-Erpelding (KE) and Philippe Ligron (PL) reveal more about EHLsmile’s purpose, their personal commitments and our projects: (Excerpt) Once upon a time…

CB: … in 1996, a group of students asked the current director to do their second internship for an NGO with humanitarian background. In collaboration with Terre des Hommes, they then suggested to develop a hotel and restaurant school in Jari, 450 km from Addis Abeba in Ethiopia. A few students undertook their internship there and built up the facilities needed over 5 years, prepared classes for the future students and found local teachers. Committee involvement… CB: The students asked me to be their coach and contact person at EHL for the first 6 months of the project – now I coach and raise funds. PL: I had a look at the site in Ethiopia after its start. Eventually, I have taken on the part as the operations coordinator: I go on missions and check out the future locations and decide whether the project is feasible or not. KE: I have been drawn into the organisation after I had read a report

N8studentvoice.indd 30

21/05/2010 10:22:08

on “Jari” and it was love at first sight: Now I am the association’s treasurer. Our projects… CB: The first one was in Jari, Ethiopia, our pilot project basically, together with the NGO “Terre des Hommes Suisse”. In 2002, someone from Nestlé convinced us to look at a project in Cambodia with the NGO “Pour und sourire d’enfant” in Pnong Phem. The school was set up and looked after until 2005. From 2006 - 2009 we developed a three-year-course program for Madagascans with a completed high school diploma. The next project will be in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a sub branch of the French NGO, Sagarmatha. The project aims at a self-financing hotel school and a restaurant open 7 days a week. It is our goal to provide a future professional one-yearcourse in either kitchen, service or housekeeping/reception to orphans already looked after by Sagarmatha. From a Committee to an Association… CB: This change, thanks to the previous students’ work, enables people donating money to the association to deduct it from their taxes. At the same time it helps to establish a sounder reputation for the organisation. EHLsmile’s strengths

N8studentvoice.indd 31

PL: I adore this organisation as we provide support to teach people how to become independent and do not just give them goods blindly. Furthermore, it is an association consisting of students AND professors - so we really unite two powerful forces. Also, we get our hands involved in the work and organise cocktails, banquets, the café-théâtre and classes besides the project work. What can I do…? KE: The support of students and staff members EHLsmile can help is twofold: • Dedicate to EHLsmile with time and work in the student association (prepare events, find funds, write out teaching manuals for the countries supported,…) • Donate your kitchen uniforms (in particular small sizes needed) or course books and other class documents to students in Nepal and Madagascar – both English and French materials are welcome. Contact To get further information on where we will be collecting them. Interested in the full-length interview (F or E)? Send an Email to

21/05/2010 10:22:09


You. Us. Together.


n a night out you realized that your friend, who drove you downtown, had had too much to drink. You automatically took his/her car keys into your pocket and you ordered a cab for the two of you. Expensive but safe. You did it because you care about your friend. And the other people on the road. Because it just makes sense. You like to organize and take part in events because you live true hospitality, you like to share your ideas, participate and feel the teamwork and the sense of the EHL community. Your health and the health of others are important to you. You like organizing relaxing trips or unwinding massages for the stressed students in EHL. You like to contribute and socialize, improve your leadership skills because you care about our community. Because it just makes sense. You like to take responsibilities, as well as sometimes stepping aside. You do this because you enjoy learning by doing, and because you care about the safety and wellbeing of your colleagues as well as the industry which we are part of. If you feel that you want to be part of this committee because you are an active student, open minded and fun, then join us – It just makes sense! Email to :

Feel it & live it

N8studentvoice.indd 32

21/05/2010 10:22:10


The cup is ours! On March 11th, the EHL Wolves won the “Ligue Lausannoise” championship for the first time. “It was a huge challenge for the team all season long” said Martin Staub (Top scorer). Indeed, the team was facing really challenging opponents during the year, such as the Lausanne University (UNIL), champions in 2009. But, in the end the Wolves were stronger! “Owing to the fans, the team become more competitive” answered Roch Serres (Captain and coach). All the fans were contributing to the team spirit and lead the Wolves to the victories. In fact, Roch Serres has fought for the two last seasons to bring the cup back and finally did it! “Next season will be even greater”

N8studentvoice.indd 33

commented Jean Hurpé (Sales & Marketing Director). Considering the enthusiasm of the fans, the team will launch a broad range of merchandizing products for the fans. “As the fan show great interest for the team, we want to thank them by bringing up some new stuff…” said Jean Hurpé. To match the new logo a new jersey was designed for next season, with other kinds of fan products such as scarves, pucks, jersey replicas and even more! All the further information will be given at the EHL Wolves season opening party @ La Ferme on September 10th! For the moment, if you want to be sure to get your own scarf in September, please But for the moment, enjoy your holiday and we will see you next season!

Thanks to all the fans!!!!

21/05/2010 10:22:15


! E t E ’ l e d ...


Par Philippe Kh

Montreux Sundance

20 / 21 / 22 / 23 Mai / Montreux / David Guetta, Igor Blaska, Antoine, Tiesto, Luciano, Hardstyle, Axwell, Martin Solveig, Joachim Garraud

EurockĂŠennes de Belfort 2010 2 / 3 / 4 Juillet / Belfort / Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, The Hives, Airbourne, Vitalic, Ghizu, We Are Enfant Terrible, Mika, Massive Attack, The Bloody Beetroots, Death Crew 77.

Paleo Festival Nyon 20 au 25 Juillet / Nyon / NTM, N*E*R*D*, Iggy and the Stooges, Saez, M, Charlie Winston, Lauren Garnier, Crosby, Stills & Nash !!! Vitalic V Mirror Live, Johnny Clegg, Jamiroquai, Jacques Dutronc, Mr Oizo.


44th Montreux Jazz Festival

N8studentvoice.indd 34

2 au 17 Juillet/ Montreux / Simply Red,Quincy Jones,Vanessa Paradis Massive Attack, Ben Harper, Tricky, Missy Elliott, Norah Jones, Air, Phil Collins, Phoenix.

21/05/2010 10:22:32

u sport

alité d u t c a ’ l e d AU TOP ieder r Marion Kaltenr Pa

Quelques jours après ce Sport Day mémorable, auquel chacun de nous a su mettre en avant ses talents sportifs parfois un peu cachés, restons dans l’ambiance et découvrons ensemble un sport d’équipe hors du commun :

Le Bossaball Quand le Beach volley, le football, la Capoeira, la musique et l’ambiance de fête se réunissent… Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Un sport d’équipe

faire preuve de flexibilité, d’agilité et de coordination, à la recherche de sensations nouvelles et de fun. Quel sport correspond mieux à l’esprit EHL que le Bossaball, réunissant : challenge, esprit d’équipe, innovation, et fête ???

Objectif ? Faire découvrir le Bossaball au prochain Sport Day en 2011… Plus d’infos sur :


réunissant les plaisirs et sensations du Beach volley, du football, de la capoeira et de la gymnastique. L’arbitre « Samba referee » est un DJ, et rythme le jeu avec des sons exotiques. Les participants jouent sur un terrain gonflable du type « volleyball », et de chaque côté du filet, un trampoline permet d’effectuer des figures, et de smasher spectaculairement. L’idée nous vient de Filip Eyckmans, ex tennisman, passionné de football, DJ à ses heures perdues, qui s’est inspiré de la musique brésilienne « bossa nova » et de ses activités pour créer ce nouveau sport en 2005.

Pour qui ? Tous les sportifs sachant

N8studentvoice.indd 35

21/05/2010 10:22:38

Like eat


Choice available


Adress & Choice metro stop




tasting d’entrecôte

crunchy details

28 route de la croix blanche, Epalinges bus 45

Entrecôte sur ardoise





Nice italian restaurant with atmosphere. Precise 5/5 familial that you come from EHL and a salad is for free.

Chez Belami

74 chemin du devin M2: Sallaz but a bit too far then

Entrecôte de bœuf





One of the best meat res3/5 taurant in Lausanne! Lots of choice in the menu.

Café des Bouchers

21 avenue du Chablais, Prilly M1: Malley

Filet de bœuf





Big portion of meat included 3/5 french fries and salad for a very resonnable price.

Le Signal

28 route du Signal, Grandvaux

Entrecôte aux morilles





Good portion + amazing veranda with a sight view 5/5 on the lake + sympathic owner! They organise Jazz night every month.

Café de Paris

5 place St François, M2: Flon

Menu l’entrecôte





When you enter in the res3/5 taurant you feel you are in Paris!


Les Tramways

N8studentvoice.indd 36

21/05/2010 10:22:38

international CULTURE quiz By Rishav Verma

Are you a global citizen? EHL as well as the hospitality industry allows you to interact with people, cultures and products from all over the world. This quiz is designed to test whether you are a cultured individual. All questions are related to hospitality in countries represented at EHL. If you’re stumped, its a good reason to get mingling! 5 3-4 0-2

Good Job! You know your world and will impress many people! pretty good, but keep at it. Do you think Djibouti is the latest Snoop Dogg single? You may need to brush up a little to avoid embarrassing yourself.

1. A non-English speaking Guest walks into your hotel, she inquires about a room and you give her a thumbs up, Offended, she leaves. Where was she from? A) Vietnam B) Cuba C) Saudi Arabia 2. A Brazilian Politician has arrived for a pit-stop in your hotel. You are the Head of Housekeeping, what colour bouquet should you avoid presenting him? A) White B) Red C) Purple 3. A guest comes to the concierge and asks you to book a flight home to Almaty, Where is she going? A) Kazakhstan B) Lithuania C) Armenia 4. A Japanese Manager and his sales team have arrived at your hotel for a conference. You should give them rooms so that the: A) Manager is on a higher floor B) The same floor as the employees C) Manager is on a lower floor 5. A guest returns to your hotel feeling sick because she couldn’t stomach balut (duck foetus), the local delicacy. Where is your hotel? A) Cambodia B) The Philippines C) Laos


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COMIC STRIP good afternoon gentlemen

By Tarka Rose

Crédits Rédacteurs en chef : Pauline Brami & Christof Bertschi Graphiste : Karl L. Studio Impression : Copypress, Puidoux Webmaster : Alexandre Wu Photographe / couverture : Philippe Khodara Special thanks to : M. Ruud Reuland, Audrey Vautier, M. Biver, Aurélie Desmonts, Anthony Bensoussan and our models Marie Gignoux, Nicolas Danet, Caroline Guigou, Antoine Alexandre, Lara Ilina, Michelle Burkhalter, Ulyana Kravchenko, Quentin Higgins, Thomas Goval, Jenna Von Arx, Michaël Chicouri.

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De gauche a droite : Emmanuelle Levaillant, Christof Bertschi, Tatyana Kobler, Nora White, Marion Kaltenrieder, Tarka Rose, Rishav Verma, Pauline Brami, Caroline Guigou, Alexandre Wu, Philippe Khodara Absent sur la photo : Louis Bayle, Nicolas Campaigne, Jean Dumas, Marion Ender, Sarah Hamouda, Jessica Huang

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