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Le magazine des étudiants de l’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Février 2011 - Numéro 11


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Love is in the air…

Love is in the air…

Valentine’s day may appear as the best commercial ploy to make you think that love is buyable – to the delight of florist and chocolate companies-, it is still a reason for us to speak about a special concern for all students: love and its varieties. Since we all have a different approach to deal with this issue, it makes this topic quite interesting. While some of us think it is part of game and are enjoying multiple conquests, others tackle it carefully, looking for the perfect match in case they have not found it yet. Therefore, all our columnists had focused on the theme of love for this issue and what emerges will definitely fill your need of information and entertainment about it. Love is present throughout the whole issue: we interviewed a 32 years old couple who met during their studies, a professional seducer gives you some tips, our “fashionista” compiled the trends of the season, 2 sexy gymnasts developed a program of 10 days to get a perfect body and our astrologist prepared a complete love horoscope for 2011. Since we all know there is something which sells even better than love and that is topic is sex! For that reason we asked our dark side columnist to answer some erotic questions. We know that you can’t get enough of that matter and therefore we also present you the results of survey including questions about our favorite topic as well as regular questions about everyday life at EHL… Last but not least a premiere at EHL: you elected the very first Mister and Miss EHL! We are proud to present you Nadine Wick and Richard Jann as the lucky winners! Read the interview with them on page 16. Enjoy !

Erratum SV#10: The editorial board of the Student Voice would like to apologize if they have hurt or offended anybody in any way with the article « What about Christmas if you are not Christian », in their last issue. It was not their intention to do so.


TRENDS Dark side pp.8-9 Something to think about pp.10-11 Valentine Poem p.12 10 objets sans lesquels vous ne pouvez + Flash News p.6 pas vivre p.13 Comic strip – What looks good? p.14 EHLLE p.15

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Tour d’horizon

EHL Mr and Miss EHL pp.16-17 Love at First Sight at EHL p.18 Nouvelles feuilles au SSR p.19 JEHL Committee p.20 Rugby Committee p.21 YHS pp.22-23 EHL Cosmo Survey pp.24-25 Who are you working with? pp. 26-27 Is your business your baby? p.28


Agenda Lausanne p.29 Les « tasting » du Like Eat p.30 Un diner “Hot, Hot, Hot” p.31 Tell me what you drink pp.32-33 How to get a perfect body in 10 days pp.34-35 The 10 dos and don’ts of a gentleman pp.36-37



We know the Austrian, Swiss and French Alps for their great skiing opportunities; however, our options for going skiing may expand soon – towards the East. The Russian Kremlin is planning to build a paradise for skiers by investing 15 billion dollars in the Caucasus Mountains, whose highest peak Elbrus measures 5642 meters. The Russian government hopes that the 2014 Winter Olympics, which will take place in Sochi, will only be the beginning of a boom in tourism for the region. By developing the tourist industry there and fostering economic growth, the government also hopes to decrease the violence and unrests which have been ongoing in the region for years. C.Ba


Le cabinet d’architectes contemporains SANAA qui a entre autres conçut le Rolex Center (la bibliothèque avant-gardiste de l’université de Lausanne pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore) et le New museum de New York, a été choisit par le groupe LVMH pour la réhabilitation complète de l’ancienne Samaritaine en un hôtel 5 étoiles. L’ouverture de cette hôtel design et luxueux est prévue pour 2013. Un buzz marketing est lancé. P.B.

FORBES magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for 2011 has been released and Four Seasons ranks 53rd. It might sound like a very low rank; however, considering that hotel chains in general are not very well represented on this list, it is quite an achievement. In first place SAS, a business analytics software and service company, offers its employees on-site healthcare, high-quality childcare, car cleaning and a beauty salon among others.


EHL We all love EHL, the committees, the food court and of course the courses - especially the integrated projects which are really not time consuming at all! No matter how much we love studying because we don’t have anything else to do anyways – sometimes we just need a break. This break can consist of watching stupid girl series with your girlfriend, awesome action movies with your boyfriend or surfing dating sites by yourself. OR, you just surf on ATST where you will be able to discover new drink ideas, see how you could dress up your dog and listen to mind-blowing tunes! All the supreme things, by EHL students, for EHL students, about everything BUT EHL!!

Lifestyle En plein cœur du centre ville et à deux pas de la gare de Lausanne, l’Indécis invite à prendre une pause conviviale et gourmande dans une ambiance décontractée mais soignée. L’accueil est chaleureux, le service attentif et le bon rapport qualité-prix. À la fois traditionnel et original, ce café-bar-restaurant offre une carte simple mais toujours de qualité. Autour de produits frais sélectionnés et d’aliments de saison, le chef revisite des classiques et décline des recettes généreuses sur un ton de modernisme. Alliant inventivité talent et créativité, l’Entrecôte sauce au chocolat et la crème brulée à l’absinthe font preuve de beaucoup d’imagination… On aime les trois plats du jour, le menu à 38.-, les bières brassées à Epalinges… Pour se mettre en bouche, le menu de la semaine est disponible sur le site: C.L. Avenue de la Gare 10, Lausanne Tél. 021 323 74 80 Ouvert du lundi au samedi Last September, we speculated what new club or bar will open in place of Red Club at the Lausanne Palace. Well, in December 2010, Seven Club opened its doors there. With an entirely new concept and design, Seven is a private-members lounge which offers an opportunity for afterwork relaxation and hosts different events from Wednesday to Saturday. For most of us, the lounge will remain inaccessible, though, since the criteria for becoming a member is to be 30 or older. With this, Seven clearly differentiates itself from Red Club’s concept.


Our own EHL girls football team continue their quest to become EHL’s most successful female sports team in history. On the 25th of January they defeated FC Lausanne Sport in a friendly 3-0. Entrepreunerial Forward Taline Satamian grabbed two goals while Captain Kaja Larsen blasted a distance angled shot towards the end of the game. Player of the match was Emma Hachfeld who controlled the game from Defense. Coach Verma: “I could not be prouder of the performance and how much progress we’ve made this season already.”

Dark Side of sex Rishav Verma

Friends, acquaintances and sexual lab-rats, I welcome you to a particularly unique version of the Dark Side. EHL’s darkest son has been appointed to solve your sexual problems. Earlier this month, the Student Voice advertised the chance to submit your sex/love related problems and have our resident expert answer them. AT YOUR OWN RISK ! MWAHAHAHAHA. Dear Dark Side, I am a 23-year-old male with an appletite for adventure. In the bedroom I tend to enjoy playing a submissive role and letting womans hurt me. My deepest fantasy is to be dangling on hooks being whipped from all sides by 10 girls. However, I can’t seem to find the courage to even suggest these ideas to girls. Would talking about this in the open make peeple think I’m a freak? J.


Dear J, first and foremost, I think I better put it right out there. You need psychological help. I was with you on the 10 chicks comment that sounded pretty awesome but being dangled on hooks? This isn’t the Cirque du Soleil man! Its EHL, you’ll be lucky if the girl lets you get your ear pierced let alone whips you while you’re hanging naked by your skin. Why am I even answering this question? What a complete waste of my time. I feel like I am talking to a 14 year old goth kid who just discovered the internet. Obviously talking about this in the open will make people uncomfortable, you couldn’t have asked me a more intelligent question? That Louis Vuitton scarf ain’t covering that red neck boy. Learn to spell. Hope I have helped you have a lovely day.


Dear Dark Side, My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 months now, I have been giving him hints that I’m ready for us to get intimate but he always brushes them off. Last week I confronted him and he said it was because he was embarrassed about the size of his you-knowwhat. I told him I didn’t care but he left and has been avoiding me. What do I tell him? Was I wrong? PrissyD91 Dear PrissyD91, I have learned that the easiest way to piss off a chick is to disagree with her therefore. You are not wrong. You are just very very very not right. The male ego is something so mindblowingly complex I can only explain it to you using something you can relate to: lets say you went to Bongenie and bought a designer dress but not the bag and shoes to match (added value) for the Fete Finale. At the Fete Finale some tart is wearing the exact same dress but she bought the bag and shoes. She looks better, you F***** up and you are incredibly upset. Your boyfriend comes up to you and says you look good just the way you are. You would call him a D**k, slap him and walk away because now you think he’s pitying you. Lets say your guy feels that the couple of extra inches he’s lacking equate to those shoes and bag (added value). Now how do you think he feels? Inadequate huh? Don’t overstep your boundaries chica. Now, how do you make things right, I would get his frat boys to give him confidence boosting statistics, for example: Did you know that men with smaller penises have more sex, just look at the populations of India and China! You’ll be taking a ride on that disco stick in no time. Have a lovely day.


Dear Dark Side, I just ordered a sex toy from the internet and want it fed-exed to an undisclosed location so that my female flatmate doesn’t receive it by accident. How can I get fedex to hang on to the package and pick it up from them? Mcool Well Mcool, simple answer. If the guy at fedex is gonna be holding your package, why do you need that sex toy? Whatever floats your boat hombre.

TRENDS Well friends. That was fun. Lets never do this again. This has been your interactive dark side. If you have any comments or suggestions do email though they will go straight to delete. All writers and subject matter in this piece is purely fictitious and is written for humor. If any of this is relevant to you. Please don’t jump off a bridge. We can hug it out.

Something to think about On Valentine’s Day Alex Just


“OMG I love that top!” “I love Leornardo de caprio in that movie” “I love that girl!” “love ya hun” “I love walks on the beach!” I love going out on Saturdays.”


‘Back in the day’ so to speak, when love was used, it provided a means to express extremely intimate, personal and affectionate emotions from one person to another or to a group of people like a family. That was the intent for this Today, in our society, this ‘thing’ called slang word’s use, describing an unconditional bond. has become a huge part of our lives and vocabularies. It consumes words, spitting them Take a moment to consider what the word love out devoid of their original meaning, altered is capable of doing in its true context. Murders in a manner that can be applied in an entirely are committed daily, simply in the name of new context. This can occasionally be good, love. One of the most treasured aspects of our but in most cases results in losing another part society is established through love; families. of the English language. One such word, slowly The word love, correctly applied, holds so (3) becoming superfluous, is love. much power it can change individuals, cure depression, and give a new meaning to A general thought, how often a day do you use everything we do. Sacrifices of enormous the word love? A lot is the answer for almost consequences are made because one person every one of us. loves another. When it comes to anything we like, anything It was valued by intellectuals such as with which we associate the slightest bit of Shakespeare, his Romeo and Juliet, positive affection, the word love is used to demonstrated what the connotations of love describe our perception. Guaranteed, it will can do to us. In fact, a lot of his performances creep up in casual conversation, most of the were centered on the concept of love Othello time, out of context. Increasingly over the and A Midsummer Night’s Dream to name but past decade, we have begun to exercise the a few. word love as a way to connect our emotions to activities, TV programs and inanimate objects. When actions in the name of love are that What has to be brought to attention is that the personal it is an offense to describe the way word love is being tossed around carelessly, you feel for a car with love. It has become a most of the time, out of context when it should way to express a superficial affection that be treated very differently. holds no true emotional roots.


TRENDS This is why cynics scorn the concept, mocking those who believe they are in love. They can see how we are slowly changing the word, losing its true meaning and another important part of our language. While I understand times are changing, modernization is occurring, ‘embrace change, change is good’ is promoted, I believe there are some things which we should try to uphold in a traditional sense, because without past, historical motivation and tradition what are we then as individuals in the present? We are defined by mankind’s history, our family past as well as our own personal past experiences, they shape us into what we are, what we will be in the future. This also applies to language. My point being, love, in its original context held a lot of meaning and played a large role in shaping lives. It has existed as a word of value and should, as tradition would have it, continue to do so. This is why, when you next are about to use the word love, consider meaning and only say it when the power of your sentiment truly justifies that.

You Are


You’re sarcastic and you’re sensitive You’re nothing that you seem You’re tender and aggressive, You’re tangibly a dream. You’re dirty when you’re sweet Your laugh is a disease You’re demanding and you’re vengeful, Your stare is such a tease. I want to strangle this sick cycle Of mind games that we must Play, and tear down your defenses ‘’Til there’s nothing left but us. You’re passionate - insatiable You know you’re everything I need. Come, love me to the core, I want to feel you scream. -Bellestina, aka Christina Sophonpanich


Les 10 objets sans lesquels vous ne pourriez pas vivre...


Séléction élaborée sur 36 élèves interrogés, les objets ainsi retenus ont été les plus souvent cités. «Mon lip balm Kiehl’s qui sert aussi de gloss ! Sinon le trio indispensable : porte monnaie+clés+portable.» Avec ça tu peux survivre partout. M.D.


Ma discothèque minimaliste qui me transcende lors des transports en commun. A. P.

Ma CB pour me détendre après les cours! D.M.

«une bague avec un p’tit bout de turquoise qu’une femme du Ladakh, avec qui j’ai vécu pendant deux voyages, m’avait offert» E. W.

Ma montre Armani toute simple. «Ma tête. Je ne peux pas sortir sans ma tête. Si je l’oublie je suis complètement perdu, je ne sais plus quoi penser, je suis distrait et ne peux me concentrer.» N.D.

14 Christina Babourkova


For women, the Spring/ Summer 2011 catwalk brought us back the “belt-purse”. Let me remind you of this item: remember when you were five, at Disneyworld Florida, and your mommy didn’t want you to lose your entrance card and invested in a belt purse (une banane -?!?in French)? Then, as you grew up, along came the belt-purses, which reminded you of waitress satchels. Ok, I must admit they’re not very appealing. However, now, they have been revived, as Hermes showed on the catwalk recently. But they are still not wearable at EHL; so we’ve had to choose another style: the Birkinlike bag. Mulberry, Reed Krakoff, Chloé and co. have chosen the cabas-type for their newest collections. And the EHL scene has them well-integrated.


BAGS. When it comes to them, women can go on about them forever. However, this topic seems to be quite essential for the male gender too, especially at EHL. Bags are the means of transportation of our beloved (ou pas) Lenovo and MacBook Pro, of our 3 empty paper sheets and of our hefty managerial accounting textbook. For this reason, choosing the right bag isn’t as plain sailing as it appears to the common run of people.


For men,

there are two schools of thought: shoulder bag/messenger bag vs. suit case/briefcase. Otherwise there is the EHL computer case, but let’s not even mention it; it would be blasphemous. Considering that messenger bags, LV and standard computer cases top the ranking, briefcases, for their part, come in a wide variety of styles. The traditional, with handle on the top and horizontal opening, is the most well known. Material and color may vary, but according to EHL guys, leather and brown is THE key-concept to� current fashion. Smooth or grained leather, that’s up to you! One musthave is, according to my Quantitative Methods neighbor, the Longchamp Veau Foulonné Briefcase! Thereby, ladies and gentlemen, if you have still not found the perfect gift for your (future) Valentin(e), you should be advised that a bag is still a useful and appreciated gift ! Himiwa Rakotomavo & Zoé de Montvallon

Here they are. You chose them. Nadine Wick and Richard Jann have been elected Miss and Mister EHL 2011. And for that, they thank you! We met them in the lobby of the Lausanne Palace. Richard arrived on time, wearing a flamboyant red tie; Nadine arrived fashionably late, looking fabulous. Here, the secrets to their success: Christina Babourkova & Adrian Ion

Mister EHL –


Richard Jann


How do you feel having been elected Mister EHL? As I didn’t make it as ambassador, I’m happy to finally have the chance to represent EHL. Why do you think you’ve been elected Mister EHL? I was very desperate to get some kind of representative title, so certain individuals promoted me extensively. What is the thing you like the most about yourself? Now, I can finally look into the mirror and see a proud gentleman looking back at me. Do you have a funny nickname? Richard Jann a.k.a. Ricky Jay Superstar. Will you be single on Valentine’s day? No. I love my girlfriend. Who inspires you the most? At EHL: Rishav Verma for his outstanding academic track record and his dedication to the school as EHL ambassador. Outside of EHL: Rishav Verma, for achieving his goal of mingling with 40 half-naked chicks running around. Describe yourself in 2 words. Social and fun Who do you think is the hottest female staff member? Maggie Chen because I love it when she calls me genius. What is the thing you most want for the world? Role models like me, who will spread the word of peace, love and happiness. Tell us something that will make us remember you. I was the idiot who fell down the stairs at D Club, drunk, and broke his hand. I think it’s the curse of my name.


Nadine Wick How do you feel being elected Miss EHL? I’m very honored and feel privileged. Why do you think you’ve been elected Miss EHL? I’m the most fitting – I have the true EHL spirit. What is the thing people like the most about you? My generally friendly attitude. Will you be single on Valentine’s day? Hell no! I’m never single on Valentine’s Day. What’s the key to your beauty? Cigarettes, booze and rigurous workouts on Thursday nights. What is your perfume? Burberry London (she didn’t want us to publish this, because she’s Miss EHL and doesn’t want to be copied so sh!!!) What would you name your auto-biography? “Don’t hate me ‘cause you ain’t me”. How are you going to change the world? Well, I’m changing it every day already just by being here. Who do you think is the hottest male staff member? Ian Scarth, just because. Tell us something that we will make us remember you. I will be remembered as the first Miss EHL ever and I think I should be eternalized at the school by changing Tschumi’s name to Wick.


Miss– EHL

Not to change the sweet-pink-fluffy stereotype of Valentine’s Day and to convert those who express disbelief in this magical day, we’ve interviewed an “ex-EHL” couple. How they met, how they lived in EHL and what they’re up to nowadays… They met here and have been together for almost 32 years! Couples… they represent such a valuable and treasured component of our cosmopolitan lives. Because we’re not all listed as « x is in a relationship with y » on Facebook, it makes us daydream, and most importantly it makes us realize:

YES, LOVE EXISTS! Adrian Ion & Himiwa Rakotomavo

Laurent P. Did you expect to find love at EHL? No, not at all.

Did you expect to find love at EHL? No, of course No!

First Kiss? March 1979, at the end of an evening at Darling. She dragged me along to the parking and that’s when it happened. She was “older”, three semesters my senior, I was extremely proud!!!

First Kiss? In front of the studios, in the car (we could still park there back then)

How did you live as a couple in the EHL environment? We lived it out of school; I was living in Sylvie’s flat. Then she left for the USA when she finished.


Sylvie P.

What could have split the both of you at school? The distance when Sylvie was in the US. Most memorable moment within these walls? Kitchen classes with Sylvie thanks to Lugeon, Durrussel and Loison! Not to mention the Administrative Management classes as we were going to start to work and travel!

How did you live as a couple in the EHL environment? … EASY… with a lot of friends! Friends that we still have now, 30 years later!!! What could have split the both of you at school? At school, nothing. It’s afterwards, during the internships, that it became harder to keep things together! Most memorable moment within these walls? School parties etc. Not to mention kitchen practicals… as one of us would finish, the other was just about to start! But then again… there were Durussel and Lugeon, incredible teachers with whom we shared some great laughs… and let’s not forget we spent 6 months in kitchen!!

A big thank you to Laurent & Sylvie Patrelle, owners of the Tor Hotel, Geneva. We wish you all the best for your relationships and of course a Joyeuse St-Valentin! <3



Nouvelles feuilles au SSR EHL Le comité SSR (Student Social Responsibility) est actuellement un arbre rempli de changement. L’automne a été aussi chaud que l’été indien grâce à des projets importants réalisés. Nous avons réitéré la journée sans impression, avec un visuel marquant à la réception qui continue de nous rappeler à l’ordre. Et suite à cet événement, les « 3 Awareness weeks » au Food Court fin 2010 ont marqué fortement les esprits. Ces trois semaines ont permis à l’ensemble des acteurs de l’EHL de réaliser à quel point il était nécessaire d’être attentif à notre consommation alimentaire, pour réduire le gaspillage quotidien. En passant à l’hiver, nous avons dû nous séparer d’une racine fondatrice, Stephan Blunschi, et apprendre à endurcir nos nouvelles branches. Une nouvelle présidence est effective depuis début 2011, composé de Robin Berney et Emilie Walbaum. Sarah Balet, présidente durant 2010, reste au sein du comité et nous aidera à nous constituer de nouveaux bourgeons. Si chaque arbre était un représentant de la prise de conscience collective concernant la nécessité d’un développement plus durable ; alliant social, écologie et économie, l’école se transformerait toujours plus en forêt ! En effet, une nouvelle commission a été approuvée par le comité de direction. La commission s’intitule Responsabilité sociale et Développement durable (RSE/DD) et est responsable de fixer des objectifs pour l’ensemble des départements de l’école : des cuisines aux cours académiques. Elle est composée de professeurs, de responsables opérationnels, ainsi que de notre nouvelle présidente, Emilie. Nos branches printanières seront composées des projets suivants. Premièrement, une collaboration avec le nouveau comité Fête Finale, Marguerite de Lastours s’occupera de rendre cet événement davantage écologique. Ensuite, la sensibilisation à la consommation alimentaire continuera avec le projet Food Vision par Mathieu Chapuis. Et vous aurez aussi l’occasion d’aider notre arbre à croître en achetant des roses pour la St-Valentin, ainsi qu’en votant pour la nomination d’un étudiant au Student Social Responsibility Award.

Ideas beyond the barrier By JEHL

The objective of thinking outside the box is to think differently and unconventionally, to go against the stereotypical tendencies. I have only just started working with the Junior Enterprise, and yet I have already noticed the importance of thinking outside the box; it is a vital asset for standing out from the rest. We must prove to our clients that we are worthy of providing solutions, both effectively and efficiently. We are required to embark on such projects, perhaps with more vigor than other enterprises or companies, simply because we are students. When I first heard about JEHL, I was impressed to hear of the businesses they had worked with, and the solutions they had offered. I have come to realize that we are young individuals and that gives us our unique selling proposition. I cannot say that we are all knowing, or that we are the new brains of the industry. I recognize that we still have plenty to learn and, without doubt, the experts coming to us still and always will know better than us. However, these companies merely want help, another point of view, or inspiration from a contemporary mind. Hospitality is a huge market and it is expanding fast. New businesses are opening every day, and closing for that matter, lack of creativity being one of the contributing factors.


I am not saying that a new business venture needs to be flamboyant, or completely ridiculous to be successful, but those with innovative, new ideas are destined for success more so than a company which follows the mundane road that other companies take.


You may be thinking to yourselves â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;surely this goes without saying?â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, but then you might ask yourselves, if this is the case, then why are there still so many hotels around, which offer little but extortionate prices and outdated interior design? Thinking is free, and to include abstract thinking and what may at first appear as absurdity, can do nothing but invite curiosity. Thinking inside the box is a must, however to stand out from the rest, I feel going beyond that and stepping over the line is a must. As JEHL continues to grow and to provide solutions every day, more and more needs to be done to make sure that we do not lose our focus, that we can attract different sources of clients and keep up with the ever expanding world of hospitality.

21 « Il se joue surtout à la main, parfois au pied mais toujours avec le cœur. »



Pour accompagner cet engouement, le Comité Rugby ne manque pas d’idées pour améliorer notre visibilité en Suisse et à l’étranger. Le 6 et 7 mai prochain, nous représenterons à nouveau l’EHL face à 60 autres équipes universitaires lors du Tournoi des Ovalies à Beauvais. Quelques Pink Panthers participeront également à la coupe du monde de Touch Rugby en Ecosse, en juin prochain, sous les couleurs du drapeau suisse. Le rugby à l’EHL, c’est aussi son traditionnel « Match des Anciens », où l’on se retrouve avec une sélection d’Alumni le temps d’un weekend. De tous horizons (et de toutes

conditions physiques!), c’est un moment privilégié et convivial qui met en avant cet Esprit EHL. 2010, c’est encore et toujours ses derbys bouillonnants contre Glion, nos rivaux de toujours. Ces matchs particulièrement intenses et engagés restent l’attraction de la saison. Si nous sommes sortis vainqueur en Septembre, c’est aussi une occasion pour nous rencontrer et partager ensemble un match avec le public qui nous est toujours fidèle. Quatre ans se sont déjà écoulés et il est beau de voir que la Famille Rugby continue de grandir, avec toujours plus de moyens et d’âmes pour alimenter ses ambitions. Si les scores, les victoires et les défaites sont vite oubliés, il y a tous ces visages et ces moments partagés qui resteront toujours en mémoire. Tous ceux qui avec l’on a vécu et partagé cette aventure humaine et sportive si particulière….

– KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE – …Et venez partager cette aventure avec nous lors de la Rugby Night à la Ferme, le 17 février prochain. Plusieurs surprises seront au rendez-vous…


Jouer au rugby c’est se dépasser ensemble, vivre et partager une expérience forte et peu commune. S’il a toujours été présent à l’EHL, il semble avoir pris un nouvel élan ces dernières années. En plus d’une équipe masculine toujours plus fournie, l’équipe féminine des «Pink Panthers» défend désormais fièrement nos couleurs.

Ecole H么teli猫re de Lausanne is looking forwa

Young Hoteliers Summit 2011 The first hospitality summit bringing together students and industry leaders from around the world


On the 21st & 22nd of March 2011, Ecole H么teli猫re de Lausanne will be welcoming participants from more than 10 international hotel schools for the second annual Young Hoteliers Summit. The event comprises a mix of students from different international hospitality schools and backgrounds, coming together to solve a Creativity Challenge provided by The Rezidor Hotel Group (http://www.

22 Delegates are challenged to address current issues and trends faced in the hospitality industry today. As shown in the past, the young talents have provided many bright and innovative solutions that impressed industry leaders. Besides displaying and exchanging profound knowledge, all participants have expressed that they benefit from an even more priceless gift: an invaluable experience and lasting friendships!


ard to hosting its second Young Hoteliers Summit!

Who will be there?

• • •

Top industry professionals such a Kurt Ritter, CEO of The Rezidor Hotel Group, will be attending the event. Sponsors who will be on the lookout for potential candidates! Furthermore, students from over 10 different hotel schools from around the world will present throughout the two day conference.

What’s in for EHL students this year??? Add value to your CV: The event will also feature various presentations, panels and workshops hosted by industry leaders, in which EHL students are invited to join. Be sure to look out for updates and releases on invited guest speakers and workshops on our FACEBOOK page “Young Hoteliers Summit 2011”, and our official website http://www. Features of YHS 2011:

Creativity Challenge

• •

Provided by the Rezidor Hotel Group Solved by delegates from prestigious hospitality schools around the world

Current Schools

• • • • • • • • • •



The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (United Arab Emirates) NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) Shannon College of Hospitality Management (Ireland) Hotelschool the Hague (The Netherlands) University of Guelph (Canada) Faculty of Hospitality Management at the University La Sagesse (Lebanon) Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland) Haaga-Helia (Finland) Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI)


• • •

Oriented around the Creativity Challenge Conducted by guest keynote speakers throughout the Summit More information will be released closer to the event


Made up of students & esteemed industry professionals tackling current and future challenges in the Hospitality industry



2011 Royal Partners include: • Newrest Catering Services (http://www.; • Expedia Partner Services Group (http://; • ONYX Hospitality Group (http://www.; • Evian® (

The Survey of All S

420 Responses… 1/4 of the Student Bod This is what our students thought assaulting a campus security guard should lead to: Would working alone at the main bar on a Monday really be enough of a punishment?


of EHL students think that men wearing red pants is uber lame. Wonder if that will stop them.

46% of EHL Students believe the Rugby Calendar was to some extent trashy. No try on this occasion.

64% of students think Fete Finale is important for EHL spirit as opposed to 36%


who believe it to be “just another excuse to party.” What would we have to look forward to without FF?

Shockingly (please note the sarcasm here),

only 30% of students go to Mica because they actually like the club,

What’s missing at EHL; you think those responsible might take a hint and work on this problem? Over half of EHL students consider the Food court to almost always be disappointing




the rest go because everyone else does.



Surveys... How deep and meaningful are our dating preferences?



Surprisingly, only 63% of students think the passing grade should be 3.75 like it was before. And we thought everyone would have preferred that! Alright guys, seriously. Considering that this is an “Ecole Hoteliere”, when asked if we want to work within the hotel industry after graduation, 58% of us responded NO.

In fact 24% even said “HELL NO”.

EHL students not as promiscuous as you thought: Number of students I have slept with at EHL:




How do we feel about our instructors?

40% of students admitted to having had a crush on and/or fantasized about a member of staff. And we wonder what the percentage would if the question were reversed.


On the topic of

• •


9% of students consider it to be cheating 14% of students find it acceptable when doing long-distance with their partners. • The rest don’t seem to object to it! 1 in 4 students have watched or watch porn regularly at school. (And the teachers thought we were only on facebook during their lessons)

Your group members’ zodiac signs could explain the way they work and behave in meetings…

Capricorn 22/12-19/01 They’re ambitious, hard-working and generally very attentive in class. High-achievers who expect obedience, they’re demanding of their group, always believing their way is best. Whilst they’re not the most sociable, preferring admiration to compliments, their character changes when they feel loved. This month, listen to others: you may find they have fantastic ideas to contribute.Notable Capricorns: Alexander BERGMANN, Pablo DIESBACH, Horatio TUDORI

Self-confident Aries are group leaders who know what they want and how to achieve it. Energetic, adventurous, and competitive, they desire success, pushing their group to perform at its best. However, they can be short-tempered and impatient, and find criticism difficult. This month, try to be less dominating and competitive; you can still succeed. Notable Arians: Stephen FISCHER, Philippe LIGRON

Aquarius 20/01-18/02

Taureans are reliable, patient and helpful group members. As reserved and dependable people who like routine, they can be resistant to change and stubborn with their ideas. However, they easily hold grudges when insulted, so be careful not to offend them. This month, be adventurous; do something out of the ordinary.

Intelligent, talented…they’re the group member who can make others agree with whatever they say. Often sending Outlook meeting requests, they enjoy organising time through their smartphones. They prefer the company of close friends to large groups. When angered, the consequences can be dire… This month, accept those party invitations. Have fun! Notable Aquarians: Carla POTOK


Pisces 19/02-19/03


Aries 20/03-19/04

Pisceans work best as group members, not leaders: independent and good multi-taskers, they’re always willing to help, creating strong friendships. However, their insecurities mean few can turn their idealistic, imaginative dreams into reality. Pisceans take pride in how they dress. This month, be proactive and pragmatic with your goals. Notable Pisceans: Karen EARL-ERPELDING, Inigo ECHEVESTE, Macy MARVEL

Taurus 20/04-20/05

Gemini 21/05-20/06 Usually making quick-witted, intelligent remarks, their sociable nature means they’re often chatting and drinking around Main Bar. They love spontaneity and making others laugh in group meetings, but could learn to talk less. Although seemingly carefree, they can be easily stressed. This month, try not to drink too much! Notable Geminis: Demian HODARI, Richard LOCKE

Cancer 21/06-22/07 Cancerians are parental figures, taking care of friends and acquaintances alike. Creative and artistic, they can also be quite extreme and emotional, taking things too personally. Whilst they appreciate harmonious environments, they can become aggressive when they want something. This month, accept things as they are: simple adjustments and edits do not mean your writing was bad! Notable Cancerians: Antoine WASSERFALLEN

Jessica Huang

Who are you working with?


Leo 23/07-22/08

Scorpio 23/10-21/11 Passionate individuals who enjoy meaningful conversations and seeking answers, Scorpios have clarity in thought and expression. They prefer doing things alone and in their own way. Due to their jealous, obsessive nature, however, they have a tendency to be resentful. This month, try being honest and upfront: letting things simmer leads to deep resentment. Notable Scorpians: Laura ZIZKA

Sagittarius 22/11-21/12 Virgo 23/08-22/09 Virgos tear every sentence apart, ensuring each word in the report is there for a reason. Striving for perfection can affect their selfconfidence, but they’re fantastic decisionmakers, following their heads, not their hearts. They also crave order and cleanliness, so tidy the house before hosting group meetings! This month, don’t argue whether that comma belongs there or not: do something enjoyable instead. Notable Virgos: Fabien FRESNEL, Christine DEMEN-MEIER

Libra 23/09-22/10 As the group’s peace-keeper, they’re balanced in nature but easily influenced. Always saying “I don’t mind” and “up to you”, this indecisive bunch are happy to be told what to do and where to go. Relishing all luxuries, they dress stylishly and enjoy indulging in sweets… whilst avoiding exercise where possible! This month, be assertive. Just do it. Notable Librans: Philippe MASSET

Well-regarded Sagittarians dread nonsensical chatter, preferring intelligent conversation. They’re easily spotted from afar, always surrounded by friends seeking help and understanding. Naturally adventurous and curious, they continually seek improvement. However, they’re not terribly reliable, with excessive optimism leading to extreme carelessness. This month, don’t let your lust for adventure interfere with completing work. Notable Sagittarians: Ian MILLAR


Energetic and dominating, Leos command attention and like to be heard. They can be bossy and lose their temper, but make great leaders and require minimum supervision. Though optimistic and generous, their addictive streak can lead to self-destruction.This month, don’t let a new addiction control your life. Notable Leos: Maggie CHEN, Ian SCARTH


your bus iness your

baby? C.B.


I spent the Christmas holidays at home with my family and for the first time we were joined by my 5-month old niece. I couldn’t help but notice how most of the time, all of our attention went towards her and how she was the primary topic of interest. I began to reflect upon my own situation and consider my options for the future. My sister: married at 26; 1st child at 28; and now back to work and handling both family and career. Somehow it seems to me that she has done everything right. By the time I graduate and start looking for a job, I will be 25 – so already her scenario is unlikely to apply to me. At the same time, at EHL we are constantly presented with what our options could be for the future, but nowhere do I ever hear anyone say, “Yes, I’ll find a job, but at the same time I want to have a family”. Is this because it is implied that we can have both? I can’t believe that, so I can’t help but wonder: is the issue of combining career and family plans a taboo at EHL? During the recruitment days at the beginning


of the year, I attended a focus group at which we were presented with a management trainee program available for hotel school graduates. At one point I was tempted to ask whether one could interrupt the program for a period of time in case one became pregnant. However, I found myself not daring to ask this question, intimidated by the male dominance in the room and afraid to look stupid. And what about the men? I wonder whether it ever crosses their minds what will happen when their wife or girlfriend becomes pregnant. In my hometown Berlin, I have heard that it has become somewhat of a trend for men to take paternity leave when their wife goes back to work. In the UK, the new government will enable women and men to share parental pay and leave however it suits them best in the first few months. But would EHL guys take this into consideration at all? Is it compatible with the industry we later want to work in? I still have two years until graduation; but maybe I should already start informing myself about companies’ policies on this matter. I wonder: will I ultimately have to make the choice between making the big bucks and having a family? Are the two reconcilable?

AGENDA Février Mars

Pauline Brami Pauline Brami

Exposition El Modernismo : de Sorolla à Picasso, 1880-1918


En réponse à la profonde crise morale que traverse l’Espagne en plein déclin tout au long du XIXe (perte de la majeure partie de ses colonies américaines et instabilité politique nationale), se développe le courant du modernisme. Ce dernier représente un renouveau littéraire et artistique. C’est en Catalogne – alors un centre industriel et bourgeois prépondérant en Espagne – qu’il émerge. L’architecte Gaudi et les peintres Sorolla, Rusiñol et Casas, en sont les chefs de file. Ce courant marque l’influence première de l’œuvre de Picasso. Quand ? Du 28.01.2011 au 29.05.2011 inclus. Mardi à Dimanche, 10h à 18h Jeudi, jusqu’à 21h Ouvert les lundis fériés Où ? Fondation de l’Hermitage, Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne, TL3, 8, 22, 60 : Motte TL16 : Hermitage Entrée ? Étudiants CHF 7.- / adultes CHF18.-

Kt Tunstall Quand ? Le 18.03.2011 21h Où ? Les Docks, Avenue Sévelin 34 Lausanne ; m1: Vigie; tl, LEB: Chauderon; tl 18: EPSIC; tl 3, 6: Cécil Entrée ? CHF 47.- / en prélocation 42.The Do Quand ? Le 17.03.2011 20h30 Où ? Les Docks, Avenue Sévelin 34 Lausanne ; m1: Vigie; tl, LEB: Chauderon; tl 18: EPSIC; tl 3, 6: Cécil Entrée ? CHF 47.- / en prélocation 42.I blame Coco Quand ? Le 26.03.2011 21h Où ? Les Docks, Avenue Sévelin 34 Lausanne ; m1: Vigie; tl, LEB: Chauderon; tl 18: EPSIC; tl 3, 6: Cécil Entrée ? CHF 27.- / en prélocation 22.-

You are in AP and you don’t know how to cook yet? Or maybe you are so faaaar from AP that you have forgotten everything about cooking? You might have a chance to save your Valentine’s dinner by going to one of these addresses!

Les tasting du Like Eat: Diner romantique


This month, for the first time and in order to follow the like eat policy, by integrating the very last international trends...we decided to benchmark the famous ZAGAT guide ( It consists in evaluating the food, service and decor over 30, plus the value for money, with an average of notation from the consumers.

La Suite


Rue du Petit-Chêne 28 - 1003 Lausanne Food : 21. Food is nicely presented and of good quality. However, nothing exiting: we could expect more flavors as well as more choice from the menu. Service: 23. Waiters are quite professionals and nice. Their discretion is appropriate for a Valentine’s dinner. Atmosphere : 25. The interior design is modern and the atmosphere warm and cosy. Cost : $$ Value for money is relatively high as nothing really exceed our expectations. Entry : around 15,-. Main Meal : around 43,-. Dessert: around 12,-

bellefontaine 2 - 1003 lausanne Food: 30. Libanese food of excellent quality ! The dishes are sophisticated and tasty. The choice is large with a range of different “mezze”. Service: 30 Waiters are very professionnals and friendly. Menus are explained to the guest in relevant details. Interior design: 25. Elaborated interior design, which match to the libanese style. However, tables are too close. Cost: $. A full menu is about 70,-. Although it appears quite expensive, it is highly value for money.

Minuit Soleil

O’ Pur

23 rue central, 1003 Lausanne Food: 24. Food of good quality but nothing exiting. Plates simply decorated though elegant enough. Service: 16. Slow service for a busy night. Some mistakes have been made but waiters are nice and polite. interior design: 25. “Southy” atmosphere to the place with the yellow wallpaper and the video from nice beaches. Seats arrangement a little bit too crowded but possibility of seats with good privacy. After 8 pm, the restaurant becomes very lively. Cost: $$. A bit expensive. Starters: around 14,. Main courses: around 40,-. Dessert: around 10,-.

Port-Franc 17 - 1003 Lausanne Food: 26. Food- quality, originality and choice- is excellent and portions are generous. Service: 20 Efficient service but not warm enough. Interior design: 24. Dim lighting and candles are on all tables. A bar, in the center of the restaurant, is a nice place to relax. Background music was good as well, slow and calm. Overall, a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Cost: $ Though relatively expensive, the restaurant is extremely value for money. Entry: around 15,-. Main Meal: around 40,-. Dessert: around 12,-. Special offer on Monday: 3 courses for 50,-.

>>> You can do more than clicking « I like », join Like Eat Committee group on facebook ! <<<


UN DINER Claire Levesque



Ingrédients: 12 huîtres / 4 tranches de jambon cru / Piment d’Espelette Préparation: Faites chauffer le grill de votre four. Ouvrez les huîtres, décoquillez-les et réservez-les.  Coupez les tranches de jambon en 3. Enroulez chaque huître dans un morceau de jambon et saupoudrez avec le piment d’Espelette. Mettez-les sur des piques en bois et passez-les pendant 2 mn sous le grill du four. Servez aussitôt en tapas avec des olives noires.

HOT Huitres: efficaces par

leur forte teneur en zinc, indispensable à la maturation sexuelle et permettant de stimuler la production de testostérone, une hormone du désir.

Entrée – VELOUTE D’ASPARAGUS Ingrédients : 30 cl de crème fraiche / Coriandre ciselée/ 2 échalotes / 2 bottes d’asperges vertes

Préparation : Otez la tige des d’asperges et réservez les pointes. Faites revenir

dans du beurre les rondelles d’asperges et les échalotes ciselées. Laissez cuire 5 mn puis recouvrir d’eau. Ajoutez sel, poivre et coriandre. Cuire 10 mn. Faites cuire les pointes d’asperges. Ajoutez 30 cl de crème fraiche dans le jus de cuisson. Terminez la cuisson jusqu’à consistance crémeuse. Au moment de servir mixez pour obtenir un velouté mousseux. Décorez avec les pointes d’asperges. Servir frais.

Plat – LANGOUSTINES AU GINGEMBRE Ingrédients: 12 langoustines / Jus de 2 citrons / 1 gousse d’ail / 2 cuillères de gingembre frais haché / Sel / Poivre / 2 cuillères d’huile de tournesol / 1 cuillère d’aneth haché Gingembre : de nombreuses épices possèdent une réputation aphrodisiaque mais il demeure le favori. Ses propriétés vaso-dilatatrices expliquent en partie son effet. De plus, son odeur particulière et marquée contribue fortement à l’excitation des cellules sexuelles.

Asperge: elle serait très riche en stéroïdes, stimulant la production de testostérone. Au Moyen-âge déjà, on l’utilisait en préparation aux rendez-vous galants.

Préparation: Faites décongeler les langoustines

si besoin et ôtez leurs têtes. Disposez-les dans un plat avec jus de citron, ail émincé, le poivre et le gingembre. Laissez mariner au moins 2h au réfrigérateur, puis égouttez. Filtrez la marinade. Chauffez une poêle, faites revenir les langoustines dans l’huile. Décortiquez-les, salez-les. Faites chauffer et réduire légèrement la marinade, versezen au-dessus des langoustines dans les assiettes de service. Saupoudrez d’aneth.

dessert – MOELLEUX AU CHOCO AU LAIT& GINGEMBRE Ingrédients: 125 g de chocolat au lait / 75 g de beurre / 2 œufs / 100 g de sucre/ 1 cuillère de gingembre en poudre 100 g de farine / sel

Préparation: Faites fondre le chocolat en morceaux avec le beurre. Lissez le

mélange. Préchauffez le four à 170 °C. Fouettez les œufs entiers dans une jatte avec le sucre, le sel et le gingembre. Ajoutez le mélange beurre-chocolat tiédi puis incorporez la farine. Versez cette pâte dans un grand moule beurré ou plusieurs petits. Cuire 20 min au four. Démoulez puis découpez en carrés de 4 cm de côté si nécessaire. Servez tiède.

Chocolat noir: Constitué de phényléthylamine, une molécule favorisant l’euphorie, il contient aussi de l’arginine, acide aminé que l’organisme transforme en oxyde nitrique, responsable de la vasodilatation. N’oublions pas qu’il stimule aussi les endorphines, aussi appelées hormones du bonheur!

Tell me what you drink and I tell you who you are – Part III


Are you allowed to order a Cosmopolitan if you Christof Bertschi are a man?

The Cosmopolitan is a very popular cocktail today, mostly consumed by women. Its origins are vague and as with most cocktails, myths were created about how it was invented. One story tells that it was invented by a woman, Cheryl Cook, a bartender at The Strand in Miami Beach. She noticed that many of her female clientele were ordering Dry Martinis or Vodka-Martinis because they were chic but didn’t really like them. So she started mixing what she called: “Absolut Citron, a splash of Triple Sec, a drop of Rose’s Lime Cordial and just enough Cranberry juice to make it pink”. Others credit Toby Cecchini, a barman at the Odeon in Manhattan, to be the inventor because he improved the drink by using Cointreau (instead of Triple Sec) and fresh-squeezed lime juice (instead of Rose’s Cordial), which lead to the standard recipe used nowadays. The cocktail was pretty well-known for a long time but rather in the trendy spots of Miami, Manhattan and San Francisco. It was considered to be a rather sophisticated and chic cocktail until it became a victim of its own success. Mainly thanks to the growing popularity of the series “Sex and the City” shortly before the millennium which caused globally not only a “new-sexuallyemancipation for women” but also a huge craving for this pink cocktail. Result: millions of housewives and teenagers want to imitate the chicks from this TV show; and even the shabbiest little tavern now promotes “Sex and the City” Cosmopolitan in its bar menu. The original Cosmo consumers and real trendsetters of course disguise this development. Apparently, even in the film adaptation of “Sex and the City” (I have to admit I have never completely seen that

32 32

33 masterpiece of entertainment), Miranda asks Carrie why they had stopped drinking Cosmos whereon Carrie replies: “because everyone else started”. However, for all of you who want to try to mix the cocktail by yourselves – here is the classic recipe:

As usual, there are many variations to the classic recipe: For the decoration: slide cocktail-cherry into the glass. To make it less strong: use less Vodka and more Cranberry Juice. To make it more sophisticated: use Grand Marnier instead of Cointreau. For those who don’t like Russia’s, Finland’s, Sweden’s or Poland’s best export good: replace Vodka with Cointreau and you get a Cointreaupolitan (the drink becomes very sweet). And lastly, something I learned from George “Chef de Bar” of the Harry’s New York Bar at the Montreux Palace: serve it as a long drink in a tumbler (that’s a large glass) with lots of ice cubes. It becomes very refreshing and especially for hot summers. Oh yeah, the answer of whether or not you are allowed to order a Cosmo if you are a man is really simple: NO! As a man you are NOT allowed to order a Cosmopolitan! But there are two exceptions: 1.You are gay (it’s the same with wearing pink: it’s one of the style privileges...) 2.You order it for your date but not because she loves Sex and the City, more because you know that after 3 of those she’ll be toasted and you might get lucky...


1.Fill your Martini glass with ice to pre-chill it. 2.Fill you shaker with ice and add 4cl Vodka (best use Absolut Citron), 2cl Cointreau (tastes better than Triple Sec), 1.5cl Lime Juice (or if you prefer Lemon Juice) and 2.5cl Cranberry Juice. 3.Shake it, empty the pre-chilled glass and pour the content of the shaker through a strainer into the glass. 4.For the decoration: a twist of lime or lemon. A twist means: cut a small piece of the limepeel. Twist it around the rim of the glass to give it a light lime-flavor and afterwards slide it into the glass.

How to get a toned body

by Melodie Nyffeler & Marion Kaltenrieder

Ladies…have you already forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions? Well, it’s time to get in shape with 3 simple exercises that have been designed just for you this Valentine season!

Butt & Legs Combo






1.Stand straight, with your feet together and knees slightly bent. 2. Step forward with your right foot & ensure your knee and foot are aligned. 3. Return to the starting position and then lean to the side. 4. Return to the starting position and perform the same movement stepping backwards. To achieve better results, do three squats at the end of the series. Do the same with your left foot. Repeat this series 10 times for each side.


y in 10 days! Abs 2. Lift your right leg and move it outwards, hold the position; then return to the starting position. Do the same with the left leg, repeating 10 times for each. 3. Return to starting position, move one arm as shown above, with fist facing down and elbow facing up. Do the same with your other arm; repeat 10 times for each arm.Butt 4. Lay down on your side, with your legs bent in a 90째 position. Rest your head on the underlying arm, while placing the other arm folded in front of you. This should make your body lie flat on the floor. 5. Lift your upper leg. Then, bring your knee towards the elbow of the arm in front of you and hold in this position.


1 2


1. Start off in a push up position, resting on your elbows. Keep your back straight and your elbows aligned with your shoulders.


3 4 6

6. Next, extend your leg up straight, then bring it back down to the previous position. Repeat this movement 20 times for each leg.

Les 10 préceptes du gentleman à l’EHL (ou les 10 choses à savoir pour ne pas être un gros mufle)


Adrian Ion



Tu laisseras la femme décider. Evitez le moment de solitude classique. Quand on dit bonjour, est-ce que l’on fait une bise, trois bises, sur la bouche… ? Ne vous posez pas la question et laissez la décider. C’est une règle d’or qui a pour qualité de ne pas vous ridiculiser en tombant dans le vide quand elle retire sa joue.


Tu ne porteras jamais de nœud de papillon, sauf à la fête finale, ou après 19h15. On l’a souvent jugé original et de retour, mais mis à part le 1er avril, on laissera à George Clooney le plaisir de le porter en montant les marches à Cannes. Par liberté de style, osez un pantalon rouge, c’est un signe de distinction chez les aristos et ça a au moins la qualité d’attirer l’attention.


Tu entretiendras ta barbe (vraiment). Depuis la légalisation de la barbe à l’EHL – apparue en même temps que la légalisation sur l’utilisation de cannes à pêches en carbone aux championnats de France de pêche à la mouche – on en a fait un massacre. Bien sûr, une barbe ne se porte que si l’on a une barbe, une vraie, et pas lorsque l’on obtient une barbiche de trois jours en une semaine. Puis ça se rase, ça se délimite et ça se montre. Une barbe doit dire : « Je suis un homme », et non « je suis un ours qui boit trop de bière et ne veut pas se raser ». (J’ai été payé pour écrire ce point là).


Tu ne porteras pas de chemises noires. C’est bien connu, répété mais ça ne rentre pas dans le crâne de tout le monde : vous aurez l’air d’un pré-pubère au Macumba qui n’a pas l’âge légal ou ça vous donnera l’air d’un vieux beau pendant un karaoké. La chemise noire n’est pas un choix, mais une obligation : les extras.


Tu ne feras pas coudre tes initiales sur ta chemise. Oui en effet, porter une chemise suffit pour que l’on sache que c’est la vôtre…


Tu sauras user du regard sombre. Qu’on se le dise, l’EHL est pour les personnes externes, une vraie savane. Une sorte de savane où l’on ne trouve que des tigresses. Lorsque l’on est interne, on saura poser son regard là où il le faut. Evitez le blocage sur une jupe qui n’est pas dress-code ou un décolleté trop plongeant.


Tu ne joueras pas aux jeux vidéo. Ni en cours, ni dans la bibliothèque et encore moins au food court. C’est un peu comme les Disney : ça peut paraître formidable pour certains mais à un certain âge il faut savoir s’en séparer.


Tu ne seras pas radin avec ta carte F&B. Mais lorsque tu arriveras au M bar avec une demoiselle, tu la laisseras payer sa consommation, car une étudiante de l’EHL est indépendante et elle n’a surement pas besoin de votre carte F&B (même si c’est une gold). Cette règle est bien sûr valable au Food court aussi, parce que là vous passerez pour un maquereau, ou un pigeon...


Tu ne porteras pas le pull EHL. Etre à l’EHL, c’est bien. Vous devez en être fier, votre famille l’est aussi. Mais à part ce petit comité succin, le reste s’en fout : pas besoin de le marquer dans votre dos. On vous préférera dans un pull en cachemire, celui qui rappelle que l’hiver à ses points forts.

10. Tu ne nieras pas tes excès du jeudi soir. Mieux vaut être franc et dire que l’on a dépassé ses

limites que de nier une surconsommation. Que ce soit liquide ou sexuel, la jeunesse est de toute façon une surconsommation: pas besoin de l’expliquer, je parle à des experts. PS : Cet article n’a en aucun cas été écrit par un gentleman.



SHADOW & PRINCE The tricks to ‘The Game’ have always been there. You just haven’t seen them like this before... Everyone likes to do their own thing. Some prefer to go for the cocky-aggressive strategy, others the push-pull. Some even perform all eleven steps in Neil Strauss’ The Game. My name is Shadow and I might not be the Prince of picking up girls, but I’m definitely observant: Big Foot Syndrome. Player: Prince, BAC 0.42. Prince likes to play this card when the setting is suitable for dinner in the heights of the Swiss Alps. Possessing the special talent of swelling his feet, 2-3 times their normal size, when above 2,000 meters, an elatedly-drunk Prince instantaneously attracted 3-5 good-looking girls in the room. Primitively dropping his foot onto the dining room table, these girls actually began taking photos and laughing with him - who thought something usually considered as disgusting, could get you so many chicks? Shadow remains in the shadows.


Fail. Player: Rain Man, BAC unknown. Not that being British has anything to do with it, but... Rain Man was British. In a packed Pub Mont Fort, Shadow was observing a group of three 1920 year-old girls, all of whom were being hit on by Rain Man:


Rain Man: So, how old are you? Blondie: Well, I’m nineteen. Rain Man: Hold on, I’m thinking about how much more experience I have than you. Enough said. Silly Dancing. Player: Prince, BAC 0.67. Presumably, an abundance of alcohol must be consumed so there is over-expression, boisterousness, increased libido, and most importantly, super human feeling. Otherwise, I just don’t see how a man could have the balls to Silly Dance. Shadow can always identify the loser who thinks he’s the king of the dance floor: lavishly moves his arms and has no one within a 2 meter radius. Prince can identify this guy too. The only difference between him and Shadow is that Prince acts on it. Turns out, the best technique is to befriend the outlandish dancer and playfully dance exactly like him. For as long as it took ‘WannaBeDancer’ to figure out he was being ridiculed, Prince held the center of attention. Girls lined up waiting to get a piece of the Prince. Shadow, still, remains in the shadows.


THE TEAM ! From left to right: Adrian Ion, Himiwa Rakotomavo, Huihui Yang, Zoe de Montvallon, Claire Levesque, Melodie Nyffeler, Alexandre Wu, Christina Sophon, Rishav Verma, Christina Babourkova, Alex Just, Antoine Alexandre, Christof Bertschi, Pauline Brami, Tarka Rose, Jessica Huang Missing on the pix: Philippe Khodara, Caroline Guigou, Kim Topsnik.

CREDITS Editors in Chief: Christof Bertschi & Pauline Brami Graphic designer: Arnaud Laffond Printer: Copy Press, Puidoux Web Publisher: Alexandre Wu Sponsoring Responsible: Marion Kaltenrieder Special Thanks to: Lausanne Palace for let us do the shooting, Audrey Vautier for her advises Cover Picture models: Richard Jann & Nadine Wick Student Voice AD models: Katarina Jaeger & Isler Ausonne THANKS FOR ALL OUR CONTRIBUTORS ! Powered by EHLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Student Fund

Student Voice #11  

EHL Student Voice #11

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