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Photogenic - Pg 12

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Burning desire

Good posture that shows confidence

Strong arms for challenging the norm - Pg 14

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A good fashion sense - Pg 16

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Can think on her feet

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Anele: Celebrating women

The 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup has officially come and gone. I’m glad to say ‘I was there!’ and I have to admit that it was quite a memorable experience. Soccer fever may have simmered down, but I’m still looking forward to celebrating other special days like Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July. I will be doing my bit for 67 minutes by contributing towards making a difference in my hometown. This is in honour of the 67 years that Madiba dedicated to public service and the fight for social justice. Log onto and let me know how you plan to give back and make a difference. August is Woman’s Month. I look forward to celebrating Woman’s Day – a day that is close to my girls and I – on 9 August. It commemorates the day in 1956 when over 20 000 women of all races and ages from every corner of South Africa marched together to the Union Bulidings in Pretoria. These brave women protested against the pass laws that proposed further restrictions on the movements of women.

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This issue of Village Voice brings you all things ‘woman’. Be sure to check out inspirational women from both the past and the present on page 14 and 15. We definitely haven’t left the guys out – check out the Wags who graced us with their presence during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup on page 4 and some Milk and Honey on page 12 and 13. As we approach Women’s Month, here’s a quick message for the guys. Let Women’s Day be a time when you thank every woman in your life. Be it your mother, sister, girlfriend or classmate – let them know how really special they are. Send a message or call as many women that you can. Celebrate them, appreciate them, do something special for them to let them know how special they are. For the ladies – we know we are all special. Embrace your self by celebrating and applauding the strong, beautiful and smart divas we are. What are you looking forward to this month? Get to and let’s chat.


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Hats off to the Wags

Sometimes over the top, always on trend – these are the women who make football fashionable

Colleen: Britain's style queen

Eva: The ever-fabulous wife of basketball player Tony Parker

Cheryl and Victoria: Top Wags hanging out

Anele Mdzikwa This woman’s month, Village Voice celebrates ‘girl power’ and all things feminine. During the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, we were introduced to a new grouping of glam-gals – known as the Wags. Having absolutely no idea what Wags were, I went straight to Wikipedia. It says that Wags is an acronym used particularly by the British tabloid press to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile football players, originally the England national football team. The term came into common use during the last World Cup in 2006, hosted by Germany. Leading the Wags pack at the moment (having done so for quite a while actually) is David Beckham’s glamorous arm candy, Posh Spice. In the world of the Wags money is key and couture is currency. Think Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Prada and, of course, Louboutins or Jimmy Choos – all of these

and more will be in a Wag’s wardrobe! Their fashion means almost as much to them as their favourite footballer does – this is their way of competing. And why not? They bring a splash of glamour and glitz to any soccer event. If you’re a woman with ambitions to become a Wag, you’d have to put away a tidy amount. A recent online survey claims that to catch an international premiership soccer star’s eye, aspiring Wags must spend around R200 000. An average R50 000 will have to be sacrificed just to get settle things down – that includes, R70 000 on a designer wardrobe, R45 000 on a boob job and an additional R30 000 just to be seen at the right places. Besides Victoria Beckham, other famous Wags include Cheryl Cole, the singer who was married to England’s star defender Ashley Cole, and striker Wayne Rooney's wife, Colleen. The term Wag has since crept its way into other sports besides soccer, and is fre-

Continue the chat, get to MXit through

Wags: Great looks make all the difference quently used to describe the ever-fabulous, ever-fashionable wives and girlfriends of athletes and other sporting stars. It’s also been the basis of several television series, such as Footballers Wives and Wags Boutique. Next time you catch a soccer game, make sure to scour the stands for the fabulous fashion plates who treat the stadium as though it's a runway. And if you spot a Wag, watch how she interacts – she’s almost always cool, calm and uber-fabulous.

McCann 120545



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de Go to www.stu

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Word from the Village

If I were a girl…the guys speak out Women’s Day is coming up. Some of the male Village Idiots shared what they would do if they switched gender for a day

Dada: Empowering women

Jono: I’d explore my body

Etienne: All about the money and boobs

Etienne: “Apart from touching my boobs all day, I would nag my husband, fake a headache and spend all his money.” (Ed’s note: You’ll need to let go of your nipples to open his wallet – you know that, right?)

Dada: “Go to as many women empowerment events as I can. Women have a far greater share of leadership training opportunities than males, and thus have an upper hand.” (Ed’s note: Dada, you have to be born a momma to be empowered, a seminar or two won’t do it.)

Khotso: “I would go on a one-day campaign, convincing all the women how magnificent men are and how they must serve them like kings and when I turn back the next day, reap the rewards.” (Ed’s note: Clear proof of just how many stupid men there are out there. Khotso, if you need this explained to you, you know where my desk is.)

Jono: “I’d explore my body in every sense of the word. Of course I would need some handy ‘materials’ to aid me in my exploration - thinking some baby oil, maybe a vibrator, you know...” (Ed’s note: So he’s clearly going to need some ‘alone’ time, then.)

Lyall: Seducing nerds

Billy: “I would do as much mining as possible - you dig for your gold.” (Ed’s note: Huh? Work on those communication skills – men respond best to clear, simple directions)

Lyall: “I would seduce a couple of desperate nerds and then unexpectedly rob them of all their possessions.” (Ed’s note: He’s clearly not planning on working up a sweat.)

Khotso: Treat men like kings

Billy: Be a gold digger

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re t is ra a h W nt. ent as tale llow the tal ” h e n o . “Every ourage to fo ere it leads c wh is the place k r a d author to the Erica Jong, -

“The biggest adventure yo u can ever take is to live the life of your d reams.” - Oprah Win frey

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a sing le moment befo re starting to impr ove the world.” - Anne Frank, w riter “Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do . Where there is love and inspirat ion, I don't think you can go wr ong.” – Ella Fitzgerald tally honest. “Be honest, bru going to That is what's onships.” maintain relati – Lauryn Hill

rme wrecke “I’m no ho .” made bling lf e s m a I bau – Khanyi M “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” - Diane Mariechild

“I don't mind liv man's w orld as lo ing in a be a wom ng as I can an in it.” – Maryli n Monro e

“When yo u really d on't like they're a a guy, ll over yo u , and as so you act li on as ke you lik e them, t no longer hey're intereste d.” an – Beyonce uch you c m o s Knowles ly n o sn't “There's body doe e m o s if ere is do, but chance th a u o y e giv n do.” ing you ca h t o n “If we hav Theron e intelligen – Charlize reach ce, imagination t o n s and the ab doe n.” ility to dream, thin n that ot a fashio o i h s a gs can hap sn “A f pen.” eets i Chanel r – Graca Ma t s e chel th - Coco Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away. - Laurence J. Peter

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have your say

Girl-guy friendships

They do exist – but, just like any relationship, they take work

Pump it down

Pumps: We love them, but they have to go

Olwethu Mlotshwa

Platonic friendships: Just friends?

Zanile Bekweni WHEN IT comes to the question of whether or not guys and girls can be just friends there is no universal truth. In some cases guys and girls can be the best of friends but in other cases any truly platonic relationship between different genders is virtually impossible. Success here depends on how the friendship started, on whether or not there is a physical attraction involved, and on the personalities of the individuals. And, when physical attraction or lust does get in the way of being friends it isn’t always the guy who is struggling with those feelings. Whether or not that lust ruins a budding friendship or destroys an existing one is entirely dependent on the person feeling the attraction, and how he or she chooses to deal with it. Nevertheless, you can be friends with anybody you want. Gender is not a deciding factor. If you meet somebody and like them as a person don’t let something as potentially insignificant as their gender keep you

from being friends. Good friends are very hard to find. There are some simple rules to make a guy-girl friendship a success: • Don’t ever cross the line of friendship without realising it may be a point of no return. Also, if you cannot hide the fact that you are physically attracted to the other person, then be honest about it. • If you know your friend has feelings for you never take advantage of those feelings unless you feel there’s a good chance that your friendship may develop into something more intimate without anyone getting hurt. • Know that there will always be people who scoff at the validity of guy-girl friendships, so be aware that his/her girlfriend/ boyfriend may be threatened by the friendship. Deal with this by making sure there are no situations or conversations between the two of you that may be misconstrued by his/her other half. Do you have a platonic girl-guy relationship that works for you?Or have you had one that’s gone horrible wrong? Get onto and blog away – there’s always someone out there that could use some advice.

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There is absolutely nothing girls abuse more than pumps. If one had to count the number of girls on campus wearing pumps, they would have to rather count those not wearing pumps. This is all fine and well, but this dependability on pumps has stretched out to formal events or parties where girls would be expected to wear formal shoes, mainly stilettos. The existence of pumps has made that totally impossible. This pump pandemic is especially prevalent among UJ girls. Go to any club around UJ and just look at the footwear of any girl there- it will be pumps. What girls do not realize is that by wearing these ‘UJ girl things’, they are decreasing their points with guys. Guys love a girl in heels; saying the heel gives a certain sexy quality to the leg shape. For those who are, under no circumstance, able to wear stilettos, the best thing for you would be to separate the calibre of pumps you have. Meaning those standard pumps should be put aside for campus only and a higher caliber of rumps should be kept for going out. The best way to buy the best pumps to go out with and not like just another UJ girl is by choosing those pumps which look like they would look great as a pair of heels. A good example would be something like polka-dot peep-toe pumps with a bow on top. These look especially great with a pair of skinnies and a hot top or just a freakum dress. But really, UJ girls need to just cut down on pumps and wear more heels when going out, it just glamours up your image way more.


dj page

Mac G is Unleashed!

This multi-talented DJ does more than just rock da girls I had a lot of fun working on my first compilation with Mo – Rock The Girls Vol 1 – so I cannot wait to release my own album. Who is the most influential woman in your life? As cliché as it may sound it's gotta be my mother because I haven't rocked her [Laughs]. Just kidding! On a serious note if it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't be who I am today. Do you have a girlfriend? No, I've been single for a while now but I'm in no rush. Everything has its time, especially relationships. What kind of woman are you looking for? A woman who is simplicity personified, just like me. Someone who’s gonna like me for who I am, and not my status. But most importantly, a woman that can work it! Mac G: Striving to be the best that he can be

Motshidisi Mohono YFM presenter and club DJ MacG Mukwevho is a youngster whose future in the music industry is looking bright. He rose to stardom when he was presenting a kiddies show on eTV and it was around this time that he developed a strong love for spinning tunes for the masses. Mac G has shared the DJ booth with a number of international and local DJ’s, including DJ Rocco, Manoo, Oskido, Black Coffee, Fresh, DJ Kofi (UK), Vinny Da Vinci, Christos and many more. Together with his ‘partner in crime’ Mo Flava, and alongside Bobstar, he started an events and lifestyle brand called Rock Da Girls. The trio have hosted some of the hottest parties in Gauteng to date. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born in a small town called Phadzima in Venda. I attended school at Fairways Primary School after moving to Johannesburg, and later went to Hyde Park High School.

How did you end up at YFM? It all started when I was working for Mo Flava's show as an entertainment host. Bondo and Shabba, who were programme directors at the time, decided to give me a chance because they thought I had the potential. I’ve since never looked back. Are you enjoying your new slot? It's been a blessing to be on the new time slot. I also enjoy the flexibility that comes with it. Who taught you how to be a DJ and how do you keep the crowd at a club entertained? A very good DJ friend mine called Bobstar. He taught me everything I know. I keep the crowd on the dance floor by translating the reaction and that energy onto the decks. Will you also be releasing a new album soon? Yeah, it’s most definitely in the pipeline.

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Rock Da Girls Vol.1: 2009 club banger What do you hope to achieve in the next five years? I just want to be the best that I can be in my profession and hopefully make a bit of money while I’m at it. Otherwise I just wanna live my life to the fullest because life is short! You can catch him on Mac G Unleashed, weekdays from noon to 3pm on YFM 99.2



Dylan joins our winner’s list! This UCT student entered the Taft competition on Student Village and walked away with a R5 000 cash prize!

Dylan: A lucky strike for this hard worker

Anele Mdzikwa IN MARCH Student Village ran a month long Schwarzkopf Taft competition. Those wanting to enter had to buy a Schwarzkopf

Taft product and give us the barcode number to be in line to win hampers and cash prizes. Dylan van Vuuren from UCT was chosen as the lucky winner of the R5 000 cash prize. “This was just what I needed! I was so excited when I got the call!” he said. Proud mom Michelle added: “He works really hard, and this came at a critical time, because money has never been flush and abundant for him and our family.” Apart from his studies, Dylan has also achieved quite a lot outside lecture halls. He qualified as a finalist on the M-Net Series reality show called Style Intern, and is also part of the UCT RAG committee. “Through its fundraising efforts, RAG aims to equip UCT students with the fundamental skills, perspectives and experiences required to passionately develop their careers. It also inspires them to become

Find out what else makes Stellies students hot on

leaders within an African context,” he says. The bubbly student is also chairperson at RainbowUCT, a society at UCT that promotes and appreciates sexual diversity. “We celebrate and promote an individual’s right to choose their own lifestyle and offer support to people coming to terms with their own sexuality, and strive to create an environment that is accepting, tolerant and free of homophobia both on our campus and in the wider community.” Through all his achievements, Dylan insists he’s just your ordinary student faced with everyday challenges. “I am an unforgettable, entertaining and freakishly organised student who is passionate about eating, fashion and the possibilities that life has to offer. This is prize was a bonus for me! Thank you so much to Student Village!” You can’t win it unless you’re in it! Go to and see what’s up for grabs today.



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"My first kiss all over again."

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inspirati wome Some made music, some made noise - yet all made a difference. This Woman’s Month, we celebrate the heroins who broke records and overcame social obstacles to achieve success and inspire others Anele Mdzikwa Natalie Du Toit Natalie Du Toit represented South Africa internationally at the age of 14. In 2001 she had to have her left leg amputated at the knee after an accident, but far from letting this stop her, at the age of 24 she has gone on to be the first amputee to qualify for the able-bodied Olympics since 1928. Natalie also competed in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games, where she defended the six medals she won at the 2004 Athens Paralympics. Winnie Madikizela – Mandela Despite her struggles, the ‘Mother of the Nation’ still manages to retain her poise, grace and popular appeal. During the apartheid years she managed to complete a BA degree, majoring in International Relations at Wits. Over the years she has been banned and jailed. At one time she was put into solitary confinement on

death row for going against apartheid laws. Against all expectations, she was reelected chairperson of the ANC Women's League several times and her voice is still a strong one. Prof Lorna Jacklin This Shoprite Woman of the Year award winner has dedicated her life and in particular her medical career to improving the lives of children with mental health problems caused by physical disabilities or abuse. She has acted as an ombudsman for these children who struggle to fulfil their potential as they are misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated. She is currently the principal consultant paediatrician at Wits. Bridget Radebe She is one of the richest black women in Africa. As founder and executive chairperson of Mmakau Mining, she is the first black South African deep level hard rock

Challenge the norm on

mining entrepreneur. Bridget has been honoured with an international Business Person of the Year Award, which recognises the achievements of individuals who have made a difference in the political and environmental landscapes in South Africa. Alison Botha Alison is a renowned international inspirational speaker. Her dramatic story tells how a courageous woman found the inner strength to triumph over intense physical and emotional trauma. Alison's nightmare journey began with when two killers raped and stabbed her, slit her throat and left her for dead. Alison bounced back from an extensive recovery period to turn her experience into a message of hope for women living through turmoil in both their personal and professional lives. Lebo Mashile This poet has the 2006 Noma Award for her poetry collection – In a Ribbon of



ional en Rhythm – under her belt. This has made her an icon of modern South African poetry. Her work ethic has earned her creative titles including published author, executive producer, actress, poet, independent record producer and motivational speaker. In all her creative roles, it is her sharp intellect, questioning mind and fierce sense of social exploration that drive her passion for creativity. Lillian Ngoyi She was the first President of the ANC Women's League and was at the forefront of women's struggle for human rights in South Africa. Throughout the 1950’s, Lillian was a guiding force in the battle for women’s rights. She is well known for leading the historic march in which more than 20 000 women of all races participated on 9 August 1956 to protest against the pass laws. Coco Chanel She was a pioneering French fashion designer whose menswear-inspired fashions made her an important figure in the 20th Century. She was also the founder of the famous fashion brand Chanel.

Her extraordinary influence on fashion branded her the only person in the field to be named in Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century. Her personal life was complicated, but her design credo simple and elegant. "Fashion fades; only style remains the same," she said. Anne Frank She dreamed of being remembered as a writer — and her words have had a life she couldn't have imagined when she died in a concentration camp at the age of 15. Her diary (The Diary of Anne Frank) was written as she and her family hid from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic. It reminds us of both the Holocaust's inhumanity and the child who somehow managed to say: "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." Michelle Obama There are a number of reasons to admire and be inspired by the first African American First Lady, include din which are her poise, style, and determination to make a change in this world. She is also a strong role model for females in male-dominated countries who see her as

Find other amazing women on

confident, bright, educated, articulate and persuasive. Meryl Streep Even though this Academy Awardwinning woman did not walk away with an Oscar this year, she is the world’s most celebrated actor. At 61 Meryl still stuns us on the red-carpet and it is her passion to change the views of young girls that inspires many. She says: “I see young girls play, confident and strong…something happens when they hit puberty. Suddenly they are self-conscious or conscious of what guys think of them. We need to change that.” J.K Rowling She gets millions of kids around the globe to love reading. Of all the magical powers wielded by Harry Potter, nobody else has cast a stronger spell than his supposed ability to transform the reading habits of young people. Many parents, teachers, librarians and booksellers have credited J.K Rowling with inspiring a generation of kids to read for pleasure in a world dominated by instant messaging and music downloads. Alicia Keys This multi-talented singer is not just a pretty face. She co-founded a humanitarian group called Keep a Child Alive, which helps build clinics and provides medicine for kids and their families with HIV/Aids across Africa. Alicia says she has taken a “creative and rebellious" approach to raising money and awareness on the pandemic. So far, the group has saved an estimated 45 000 lives by getting antiretroviral drugs to people in need. Oprah Winfrey Despite suffering abuse and molestation as a child, she found it in herself to be the best she knew she could be, and eventually become one of the most influential people in history (Forbes Top 100). She uses television to help us live the best of our lives. Her Book Club has created millions of readers and she’s a generous millionaire who gives back to charity. She also started a leadership academy school in South Africa for young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.



Seams & Things Start off the new semester in style! Here’s a run-down on the latest trends and fashions on campus! Fashion Fugitive

Brighten up your look with colourful accessories and shoes like she did. Top it off with a funky hair-do and shades to complete a real diva look.

When the days get warmer, slops and clammies are a must! Do set a fashion trend by donning a tribal hat like he did. What better way to look good, embrace your culture and protect yourself from the sun?

Fashion Fugitive

Make a statement and show some skin with funky Outline Tees. Complete the look with a pair of jeans and colourful shades to make you stand out.

Pumps with socks are just a Big NO! We know it’s winter, but if you get cold feet, don’t be shy on stocking up on boots or sneakers.

Go bold and play with colour. When the cliché blue denim gets to you, bright coloured jeans are the way to go.

Leggings are very fashionable – if you know what you are doing. Avoid being the campus circus queen by keeping the colour basic.

Who says you can’t look corporate on campus? Formal skinnies, cute stilettos and a bag to fit your books is a look that working students appreciate.

Beautiful people and fashion is on Get the best tips onthe howbest to look fresh


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Blog track

BlogTrack features blogs from users on This time we hear from Happiness88 and Mahlatse123.

Are you truly living?

Is there a need for men to cry?

Crying men: Is it acceptable or not?


Feeling the breeze: Take time out to enjoy the now

Happiness88 THIS MORNING was a normal morning. I got up, had my cereal with coffee, and went online to check my e-mail and check out some online news. As I opened up my inbox, I find that I have yet another 20 unread messages. Most of them read something like, “LOSE THAT FAT IN 20 DAYS,” or “THE 20 BEST WAYS TO STAY BEAUTIFUL.” Now this is what we all call “spam”, but I always find myself clicking on these messages just to sneak a glimpse at what will “significantly help me look my best.” This then got me thinking: Why is appearance such a huge topic in our every day lives? Of course I, my friends and

some of you may have been through many trials and stipulations in life with your appearances. But it’s like we’re all missing the point of our lives. We aren’t supposed to be filling our brains and our hours with this superficial “spam.” Like Who CARES!? Life should be about feeling the breeze as it hits your face on the highway, taking long naps in the sun, or playing with your little cousins in the park. I sit here and think: One day I’ll find myself on my deathbed, wishing for those wasted years of striving for self-perfection. One day, I hope we all can see past our imperfections and outward appearances, and just live. Let’s make a point of it. Tomorrow, when I see those spam e-mails, they will go directly to the place they belong – my TRASH folder.

Read and comment on exciting blogs, right here on

AT TIMES we find ourselves in rather difficult situations beyond our control. It is a norm for woman to allow those tears to flow down their cheeks, but what about men? Do we as men really feel that there is a mounting pressure for us to show or express the pains that we go through by allowing ourselves to sob? As men is there a room reserved for us to really cry and take out our frustrations and burning issues that we might be faced with or emotionally affecting us? Be it relationships or losing someone special, etc. I know for sure that at times men do try very hard to remain strong and calm and to deal with these issues, whereas this is not the case. This has also resulted in some committing suicide, others preferring to opt out from divorces and others deciding not to get married at all. Is this a way forward or do we really need to allow ourselves a room to cry like our opposite gender and get the support that we really need and let life carry on immediately afterwards? Get to and share your thoughts on this with Mahlatse123


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new experiences

What happens in Amsterdam… The Village Idiots are back to share their experiences from the city of bikes, canals and so much more!

Anele Mdzikwa When most people think of Amsterdam – the capital of and the largest city in The Netherlands – the first things that come to mind are undoubtedly legal cannabis, prostitution, tulips and bikes. But there is so much more to the Dutch city. In June, the top achievers from Student Village jetted off to an all-expenses-paid trip to this European city. After fun-filled days of shopping sprees, sight-seeing, Dutch cuisine and partying with the locals, there was only one way to describe their experience – “Out of this world!” Voted the world’s most bike-friendly city, it’s no surprise that bikes rule this relatively tiny metropolis. But whether you spend your time travelling by bike, on foot or via public transport, it’s all good! Tarren Markman, part of the sales team here, insists that no visitor should leave without doing as much exploring as possible. “The city has an incredible vibe. The canals, trees and cobble streets are gorgeous,” she says. The Village Idiots were fortunate to have

visited Amsterdam in summer. During this season, sunset is around 11pm and people stay outside enjoying a Dutch beer at an outdoor café deep into the night. “The weather was wonderful,” says Shiwe, our bookkeeper. “We packed our winter clothes thinking it would be cold but it turned out to be quite hot. We ended up having to go shop for summer clothes.” Amsterdam also sports thousands of bars and restaurants. For students, backpackers and anyone looking to save a little cash (dining in Amsterdam is not always cheap), there are plenty of options like Burger King, Ben & Jerry’s and The Cookie Dough. Director Marc Kornberger says the bakeries were awesome. “I’m not a chef, but that by far was the best chocolate cake I have ever had in my life!” Martin Napiane, who heads up our activations team, enjoyed the local night life. “For the first time ever, the hottest girl I’ve ever seen begged me to take her number. I was super stoked!” he says. Any other major highlights to share? “The Heineken museum was tops,” Shiwe says. “I never thought my first taste of beer would

Sharemovies your experinces Discuss great and books on on

be abroad.” “The Anne Frank House was my personal favorite,” adds Tarren. CEO Ronen Aires says he enjoyed Amsterdam because it is “one of those unique places where one can indulge their soul in European culture.” He adds that “a long weekend there as a reward for top performing Villagers was the kind of once in a lifetime experience that embodies what Student Village is about.” A special thanks to Flight Centre and Student Flights who provided the Villagers with an efficient booking service and an awesome journey abroad!

Top achievers: Winding down with homebrewed beer


Sleepless in Stellenbosch


MFM’s 98 hour radio drive scores for Vlaeberg

Jean Jordaan: Giving in to give back

Nikola Tosic Sleep. That was the only thing that Jean Jordaan, a presenter on MFM 92.6, Stellenbosch’s community radio station, was thinking after staying awake for almost four days and raising R60 000, of which R50 000 will be going to the Vlaeberg community. Jordaan, a BA honours student at the University of Stellenbosch was very

emotional shortly before the end of the marathon broadcast. “It suddenly dawned on me that it is over and we’ve done it,” said a pale and very tired Jean after handing over the cheque to Pastor Johannes, who manages the Vlaeberg community centre. The rest of the money will be used to cover the cost of the broadcast. The marathon broadcast kicked off at 17:27 on 12 April and ended at 14:03 on the 16th. It marked the launch of MFM’s Building a Legacy project together with Happi (Homeless and Poor People’s Initiative). The aim of the project is to renovate the soccer field in Vlaeberg, build an eco-friendly spectator stand and erect a fence around the grounds. Student Village and other contributors were involved in the initiative by providing support and contributing towards thee slots during the four day broadcast. “I am so thankful. For Jean who was willing to do something like this for our community, but also for the people who organised it and gave money towards the project,” said Pastor Johannes.

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He also expressed his gratitude to Happi, who will be training the community to do the construction of the pavilion and levelling of the soccer field themselves. “In doing so the community takes ownership of the pavilion and field.” Rodney Johannes (14) and Jevonté Titus (13), two kids from Vlaeberg, could not stop smiling at the prospect of an upgraded soccer field. “I am so glad that he stayed awake so long and raised the money. It is going to be kwaai to have a new field to play on,” said Rodney. And to show their appreciation they gave Jean a pillow for his long-awaited rest. MFM station manager Martin de Abreu says in the eight years that he has been at MFM, this was the best initiative thus far. “Everything came together perfectly and it was a tremendous success.” Keep it locked to www.studentvillage. to see the developments being made during the construction of the new field in August.



CD Review New Moon soundtrack Billy Lousteau

New Moon: This one is for the fans

DVD Review Kick Ass Anelisa Mzinyathi

One of the surprise movie releases for this autumn has to be the Super Hero blockbuster movie Kick Ass. Although its title might suggest that it is nothing more than an average teen fantasy movie, once the action scenes get under way, its pace, twists and turns become frantic with unlikely heroes. Produced by Brad Pitt, this offering is set in today’s metropolitan surrounds. An ordinary teenage student at a local high

Listen up, all sparkling vampire fanatics with a bit of a bestiality fetish. It’s your turn to shine and get one up on your Twilight saga friends club. The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack is the official music for the 2009 film New Moon. It features original work by indie and alternative rock artists. Death Cab for Cutie contributed the lead single, a song written for the film called Meet Me on the Equinox, which debuted in September last

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school has fantasies of being a super hero. The stumbling block being that he has no real super powers. He sets on a roller coaster ride of crime fighting that leads him to cross paths with other costume-clad well trained vigilantes hell bent on exacting revenge on a local crime boss. And off course our pseudo hero Kick Ass gets caught in the action. Nicholas Cage, Chloe Moretz, and Aaron Johnson (as Big Daddy, Hit Girl and Kick Ass) deliver outstanding performances as secret super heroes. The screenplay writers, Matthew Vaughn and Jane Gouldman, have also delivered a great original script. Release date: September 2010 Retailer: Musica

Gadget Review The Linkbook Jaco Niemand

The Linkbook: Great features at a reasonable price

year during the MTV Video Music Awards. I’m not much of a Twilight fan, but I must admit this soundtrack is pretty awesome. Sporting other performers such as The Killers and Muse, Band of Skulls and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, it covers a fairly large genre of music. It should keep you entertained and songs like Possibility by Lykke Li will definitely make peak traffic bearable. The New Moon soundtrack is a vibey, interesting collection of connected and communicated songs that never once made me want to kill myself. A piece of advice: Don’t judge this CD by its cover!

Mobile access to the Internet in South Africa is big. But many people have never accessed it on anything other than their phones, which really isn’t even close to what the full experience is at all. The problem is that unless you have some cash for a computer and separate Web access, you’re not ever going to get the real deal. Until now. Thanks to Vodacom and Linkbook, mobile Internet in its full glory

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Kick Ass: Not your average super hero movie just became much cheaper. For R199 per monthly you get a Linkbook (a small laptop) and 300MB of data on a two-year contract. The Linkbook comes pre-loaded with all the software you might need – word processing, spreadsheets, games, music and video, and the best of all…the World Wide Web. It’s also great for traveling for business people on-the-go. If you’re looking for a small computer that gets you connected, while you can do a bit of work and have fun at the same time, the Linkbook is exactly what you’re looking for. Be advised though, you cannot install any extra software on it. More info:


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What do you call a fish with no eye? FSH He met her in a revolving door and has been going around with her ever since. When two's company, three's the result! No one has ever complained of a parachute not opening. What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? el-if-i-no The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Just for laughs with Cyanide and Happiness

More than just fun and games. Check out

Dark and Lovely Inspires students across

South Africa

Dark and Lovely & Nonhle Thema have been going across campuses inspiring young ladies to share their inspirational stories. Students were suprised to learn about Nonhle’s background and how she, with hard work and perseverance, became the woman she is today. Before I met Nonhle I thought she was a Diva but to my amazement she was really humble and inspirational, that really showed me a different side of her. A true inspiration. - Kagiso, UCT What people see is how you feel, stay beautiful - Yonela, UKZN

“See me soon at UJ & TUT .” Nonhle Thema - Dark and Lovely global spokes person