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April/May 2010

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Celeb student speaks out Khanya's balancing act

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Anele Mdzikwa: Exercising freedom of choice

Holla! IT MIGHT just be me, but somehow it feels like 2010 has brought with it an almost tangible sense of excitement – that ‘butterflies in my tummy’ feeling just before something incredible happens. And yes – I know we’re all waiting for the FIFA World Cup to kick off in June, but there’s something really incredible about this month as well. South Africans will celebrate Freedom Day on 27 April – the 16th anniversary of the end of apartheid, as well as the first democratic national election. On that day in 1994 over 22 million South Africans of all races headed for the

polls to decide their own destiny. This was not just an election. It was a liberating and historic turning point in our history. Get more facts and stats on it at As we celebrate our freedom and brag about how being a student is about being free enough to do what we like, wear what we want to and party until we drop, we should remember that with freedom comes responsibility. Remember those dreams where you find yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of? Those almost-nightmares where you search, climb, run and plead but you can’t find the right path or door? That pretty much sums up how many of my peers spent the four years of their varsity life: irresponsibly. It’s amazing how steep the slope of irresponsibility is. Especially when you watch other people fall. They fall fast. The sad reality is that being a ‘free’ student today, you risk taking a dive into that deep social scene that’s part of campus life and starting to drown. It can happen to anybody, and it can happen without you realising it...until it’s too late. Thulisile “Thuli” Mgezama is a Grade 12 student at Noordgesig Secondary School in Johannesburg. Thuli is a ‘born free’ and

Student Village Promo Guide

Check out how Student Village will be invading your campus this time around! Scrutinize – Get the facts you need to know to flip HIV to H.I.Victory! Join us for an informative and explorative hour of live edutainment on campus with TV personality Fezile Makhanya and hip hop star JR. Be wise, eliminate the element of surprise and Scrutinize! PPS – The PPS dream catcher is coming to your campus. Write down your wish list stand a chance to make all your wishes come true! You could also walk away with loads of prizes including air tickets and beauty treatments!

Nescafe 3 in 1 – Are you up for the ultimate threesome? Get your Nescafe 3 in 1 experience on campus with DJ’s Euphonik, Fresh, and Kent. There are prizes to be won for those who get lucky! Samsung – What can you do with the element of TOUCH? When it comes to expressing yourself, Samsung is making sure you’re connected with its new touch screen phone (Genoa) on campus. There are loads of activities and prizes up for grabs just for using your special TOUCH. It's like your first touch all over again!





22 April and 13th May

WSU, UniZulu


09-22 April

Wits, Stellenbosch, Potch, UKZN (H)

Nescafe 3 in 1

22 April – 11 May



15-22 April

Wits, UWC, UKZN (W)

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she wants to study civil engineering at TUT. She job-shadowed me for a week at Student Village through TechnoGirl, an organisation that arranges opportunities for young people to see what the world of work is all about. When asked about her experience with our team here – the Village Idiots – she said she was grateful to have explored so many other fields of study. She’s one of thousands of students who face the unknown freedom of campus life. Will she succeed in the concrete jungle most of you face today? Of course the parties and friends are great, but do YOU stop to remind yourself why you’re really there? As I gear up for Freedom Day, I’ve decided to exercise my freedom of choice by continuing to build my career. I will be studying towards a post-grad qualification and maybe taking on some photography courses as well. How are you going to exercise your freedom? Log onto www.studentvillage. and let’s chat! And remember, you can go the cellphone route via za as well.

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What do you spend your money on?

Student Village went onto campuses around the country to find out how much cash students have, where they get it and what they do with it

Village Idiots: Clued up on student spending

Anele Mdzikwa and Fay Humphries If you’re studying full-time, get less than R1 500 in spending money a month, don’t have a credit card or a savings account, and are more upbeat about 2010 then you were about last year, then…guess what? You’re a typical South African student. We know this because some of our colleagues here at Student Village spent time on campus recently asking students all sorts of questions for our Student Spending Survey. Students from over 20 tertiary institutions took part. Among the Village Idiots who carried out the research was Puso Makume. He’s part of the activations team at Student Village – the peeps that run the events and promotions at campuses around the country (we call this the A-team). The newest A-team member, he graduated from TUT last year. While collecting information from students for the survey he noticed “that student attitudes have changed. They are materialistic, status conscious and careerorientated.” With an average monthly income of less than R1 500 a month, the typical South African student loves freebies and discounts.

Village Idiot Khotso Kholopane, who’s a designer here at Student Village, says that “if a particular product was sold at a cheaper price, students would buy more of it, which would increase revenue for the brand.” Kholopane also observed that students spend a lot of their income on food. Friendly Grocer store manager at the University of Johannesburg, Nick Paterakis, says “students are always on the go. They juggle classes, assignments and tests. That’s why they resort to eating out instead of preparing their own meals. Simba crisps and cold drinks make a killing. Most students also buy pies, slap chips, bunny chows and Chelsea buns. It’s not cheap to be a student, and I sympathise with them.” There are some things, though, that students believe in spending more money on. “Students don’t buy cheap condoms”, says Paterakis. “They prefer buying expensive brands.” Now, that’s pretty damn cool! Most students get funding from their parents and quite a few of them still live at home. Other sources of income are bursaries and part-time jobs. And most of them prefer using cash. Very few have store accounts and even less buy items online,

NEWS FLASH! Get to MXit through

saying they want to be able to touch and feel what they are paying for. Apart from food (and condoms), students also spend a lot on entertainment. Going out to bars and partying with friends is one of the biggest items in their monthly budgets. Collectively across campuses in South Africa, they spend millions on alcohol each year, and quite a bit on cigarettes as well. In fact, the reason over half of all local students don’t have a savings account is because most of their money goes on food and feeding their drinking and smoking habits. “The problem is that many students don’t understand the reality of where they are going. They haven’t really grabbed the concept of how to spend money,” says Paterakis. “They should practice money management now, in order to avoid drowning in debt when they enter the working world.”

Nick Paterakis: Sympathetic A-team member Mpho Phahlane, who also helped out with the Student Spending Survey, says she thinks the typical South African student will figure it out before he or she leaves campus. “They’re still an innovative, experimental and an adventurous bunch!” Log on to and tell others how you are spending your cash today.

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Your world to a better future

VUT is your place away from home Naledi Thakadu

VUT: An amazing community of fun and learning

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) first opened its doors almost 45 years ago as a College of Advanced Technical Education. In 1979 it became known as the Vaal Triangle Technikon, until it was refocused as VUT in 2003. It is one of the biggest residential universities of technology. The main campus is in Vanderbijlpark about 60km south of Johannesburg and there are three other satellite campuses. VUT boasts a great history and a strong culture, rooted in an amazing community. The major constructions happening in and around campus do not interfere with its relaxed and calm environment. Mornings are calm; daytime is when things get started. Through it all there is

never a dull moment when you’re on campus. You’ll never miss a friendly face that is always eager to help where necessary. Student hangouts include places like Phomolong, formally known as The Lapa. This is a chilled residential pub where student go to unwind and get their groove on. Apart from our Internet café, The Apple Nexus, the G-string, Mam'lungi and Grenco are some of the popular hangouts. The Desmond Tutu Hall hosts concerts where different dance groups, both commercial and traditional, get to strut their stuff. The sports facilities may be limited for those who live on campus, but VUT is your home away from home. If you are looking for a place to study with a great academic track record, then VUT can truly be your world to a better future.

The WLC is on its way

There is life after the SWC, in the form of this premier event from Student Village Fay Humphries The hugely popular Women's Leadership Conference (WLC), organised by Student Village, is set to soar again in 2010 during the month of August.. “This year’s WLC will be the seventh time we’d hosted students from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban,” says Student Village director Marc Kornberger. “It’s a prestigious, ‘by-invite-only’ event. It provides a mentoring network to a select group of extremely talented young women from universities across the country, and affords sponsors an inspirational platform into the hearts and minds of the future female leaders of SA.” Feedback from the delegates shows the long-lasting impact of the event. Comments include “this conference has afforded me the chance to be me, to live

freely and to live my dreams” and “the talks given by the various powerful ladies blew me away – this occasion will resound in my mind for years to come” and “I’m leaving here today and I know I WILL achieve my dreams…and when I make it big…you are going to get a call from me and I want to be on that stage, encouraging other women!” Says Kornberger: “People leave these conferences changed by their experiences. When you touch a heart, you touch a mind and when you touch a mind you create a memory – and a memory lives forever.” Final-year students from the three regions who would like to attend this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference in August should watch www.studentvillage. to see when applications open up. There’s always stiff competition for each seat at the event.

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The WLC: It’s a real growth experience


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And the word on the street is... Students at UJ speak out on what Freedom Day means to them

Millien Hendricks: A democracy

Yolisa Mkele: Celebrating our past leaders

Laiken Mitchell: Being free

"Freedom Day is an excuse to have a holiday. I think we live the concept every day." – Craig Steyn, third year, BA Audiovisual Production

"Freedom Day is the day that we celebrate the people that fought for us... and the freedom we have today." – Katlego Mashele, second year, BA Journalism

we are now... politically speaking." – Yolisa Mkele, third year, Politics

"I think that Freedom Day means a lot because we are celebrating our freedom as a nation of South Africans. We are all coming together and we're not divided anymore as before like in apartheid." – Ebrahim Williams, second year, BSc Bioscience

"Freedom Day means to be free and being able to do what you want to." – Laiken Mitchell, third year, BA Corporate Communications

Ebrahim Williams: Coming together

Katlego Mashele: Remembering those who fought for freedom

"I guess it's a celebration of what those who came before us did to get us where

Your freedom to connect is on

"Freedom Day is the day that marks the freedom of equality in our country. It signifies the fact that the ANC stood up for a lot of values that we didn't have at the time but now they kind of reached that dream. It symbolises a democracy." – Millien Hendricks, fourth year, BCom Accounting

Craig Steyn: Just another holiday


Khanya – keeping it together is key

This actor and television presenter knows that time management is the only way to cope with a life led at full throttle

Khanya Mkangisa: Keeping her priorities straight

Olwethu Mlotshwa Having hosted a number of television shows all while she was studying, Khanya

Mkangisa is no stranger to juggling work and study. She has a degree from AFDA and a number of shows to prove it. This multi-talented star has been juggling work, study and a social life since the tender age of 15. “I’ve never had a problem academically. It was all just a matter of multi-tasking and balancing my life,” she says confidently. Things got even better when Khanya got to varsity because her schedule became flexible. “It allowed me to further my interests. I not only got major roles as a presenter, but I also pursued my career as an actor,” she adds. “I scored roles in both seasons of SABC’s hit series The Lab.” For many, working while studying towards a varsity qualification can get stressful. A social life is often next to impossible. This was different for Khanya. She says she's always kept the same

friends who "understand when it's work, it's work. When it's play, it's play." Through it all, Khanya says she benefited from the experience. “I worked with the founding editor at Destiny Magazine, Khanyi Dhlomo, last year. I learnt the value of education while pursuing my craft with a very business-oriented outlook," she says. “I also learned that work is not only about getting a paycheque but it is also about building a network in your particular profession.” So what’s her secret to keeping sane? “Always know what your priorities are and never be too hard on yourself!" she says. Khanya is currently concentrating on her acting. She is working on an international animated film as well as shooting a local series called 4play: Sex tips for girls which is being aired on eTV.

What makes DJ Thulz tick? Student Village A-team member Thabiso Mongalo chats to this up-and-coming student DJ about what keeps him at the turntables Thabiso: Where were you born and raised and where do you call home right now? DJ Thulz: Home is in Pimville, Soweto. I was born in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. Thabiso: What’s your earliest memory in terms of your connection to music? DJ Thulz: It was the days of the Electric workshop parties and seeing DJs like Vinny da Vinci, Christos and the likes. Thabiso: How long have you been DJing? DJ Thulz: I’ve been DJing professionally for the past four years. Thabiso: How would you describe your sound? DJ Thulz: Anything fresh… Thabiso: What’s your favorite record right now?

DJ Thulz: Complicated by Ralf Gum. Thabiso: What has been your best experience in your career as a DJ to date? DJ Thulz: Last year when I first experienced Polokwane at the University of Limpopo, playing in front of a crowd of about 5 000 people and seeing them dance to whatever I was doing. Thabiso: If you had a night off and you could check out a DJ of your choice at any venue in the world, who and where would that be? DJ Thulz: DJ Kent at H2O Thabiso: Does Freedom Day have any connection to the music you play? DJ Thulz: For me, music is a way of bringing people together and expressing themselves. It’s the freedom to dance.

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DJ Thulz: Celebrating freedom through music




Freedom of expression Be inspired by these creative student poets who share their words, wisdom and beliefs on freedom ID


t this her lips abou ds flow from or w e th to I listened to eedom d taken me new found fr oment she ha m a r fo if It was as r hat time with he we dodge w walk in that in this time… er th ge to n As we ru s for bullets ams and crie appear to be led with scre fil e ar rs ea And my out and nd to reach help ting for a ha ai w en dd hi We lay help us... il… the brown so d shot red... The land… turned bloo s ha nd of la the symbol This African and red was ot sh e er w They says if we both struggle she the story as as she tells 2 in rn to I am this very relive it ory and I ... uth in the st yo r he in Her om my same age tears jerk fr s faster and at be t ar he My on running eyelids soil she ran e m sa e th in I am walking from death ed stands abus und freedom This new fo

I am a m irror of t he days hot when lo ng skirt W hen so s were ily facia l skin ne colours eded no to glow artificia W hen ha l ir make on did not need to e pretty reach sh oulders But cou to ld just s tand lik That wa e an Afro s when ca black lik As t his e me wa n mir s in style I write a ror keeps break .... nd wond ing into bits of p er ieces Siyanda Babalwa Kwaza Freedom Day...

on that day w what was going staring I don’t know if I kne was full of people me ho at e ng lou But my at the TV set hope in their hearts Full of people with awe on their faces h wit Full of people ir souls peace at last in the h wit Full of people on ing go s wa at wh I didn’t know But I felt it in the air freedom was born This was the day edom we all had our fre This was the day e, her I once read somew edom, take away your fre “A man can never er." eith it nt and a man never gra m is really all ice is what Freedo The power of cho about. on chose to still live And we as a nation s ion dit tra r ou Keep Respect our elders inside ere as deep down We chose to persev day e on t tha w We all kne n longing t freedom we’ve bee We would have tha for Freedom. be a price to pay for There will always ce pri t tha And we paid ht and strength to fig With the courage ed in iev bel and ed erv For what we des I sit here today and mother A daughter, sister want to olutely anything I Being able to do abs Because I can Because I want to Because today freedom Africa gave me the My country South m Gave us the Freedo



Angie Ndlo

Love or Lust She makes me feel alive inside But she has the tendency to hide A passionate friend and a confident lover she has all of the qualities on the cover Although I do not completely trust her words she pays me compliments with every verb her is so much different than my true love Even though my love is the "purest" of doves My infidelity is killing me But I cannot be satisfied instantly! My desires matter as well Though love has not noticed; it cann ot tell How desperate my mind is for the unknown For the mystery of a life "grown grow n" Without future promises of a plann ed life My desire is not to be a husband But loved with no ties or strife No matter the path I shall take It's my decision to make Velebantu Mhaule

od The go od fo l u o S rners Of fools g about in co n a h o Wh on this Eating erb tional h ed so much a Intern dubb e v a h They e all To nam uilding be reb Would ll a w in rl The Be full ey are Once th They at Think th orld They r the w ke ove Can ta d deeme Though en v And pro Fools by an ill abide ution They st it st n o c en Unwritt Neo Letsoela s y sa t Tha rs e th st o light’ Among ll share ou sha lly That ‘th a re ame It’s a sh of us se ciple itutions For tho n const me prin r writte ide by the sa With ou b a be ere to If we w ere wouldn’t orners c th e in b t y u a o b M nging a a h ls o Fo atsitle Mpho M

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A night out with the

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If I take one more drink‌


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Every freshe

This here sign


hand stand.

Peace to


represents C

Rocking the model loo


Too cute to flop. Drinks on me!

The perfect pout.

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all the s



Is it m

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g their best.

Ladies lookin

there a

funk in


Two more can’t hurt!

Good looks‌ and chemistry!

ason seven.

Entourage se


Partying it up Ending things off on

a high note.

The perfe

ct catch.

An ideal mixture.

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looks that kill

Seams & Things

Looking to start off the term on a fashionable foot? Here’s a run-down on some of the best and worst of campus fashion!

Fashion Fugitive

You can never go wrong with denim. This look is versatile and can be dressed up with a cute strap top like she did, or dressed down with a cardigan when the weather turns chilly.

If you’re going for the corporate look, give your outfit a campus feel by adding accessories like headphones or a sling bag. This works for those who juggle work and study.

Maxi dresses are definitely in! Pair them with comfortable gladiator sandals and accessories to brighten up the look.

Fashion Fugitive

If you want to experiment with fashion, wearing tattered sneakers and hanging shades on your belt is NOT the way to go!

Branded or printed Tees are a must for the guys. Not only do they make you stand out, but they also make a statement.

Fashion Fugitive

Colour co-ordinating your outfit with your bag, belt and shoes makes the perfect match. There is value in investing in classical pieces, BUT these floral swing shorts are so outdated!

Keep your weave neatly combed! You don’t want to look like you’ve had an encounter with Predator in a boxing ring!

Campus fashion is about being innovative and setting trends. Keep it fresh and unique like this guy did.

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Meal times are made easy with




Do you need a job to get a job? Part-time work - paid or unpaid - can improve your chances of building your career

Job search: It's a job in itself

Fay Humphries I recently got a call from someone called Nelly. She’s in a really tight situation. She’s 23 and sat her matric exams in 2007. She got an ‘F’ for just about everything, except for English. She got an ‘E’ for that. She lives just outside Ermelo with her mother, who is in her sixties. They’re both currently unemployed. In fact, Nelly has never been able to find a job. She called because she’s looking for funding to go back to school. I don’t know how to help her. But for the grace of God, as the saying

Waitering: A good way to get experience

goes, you could be Nelly. But you’re not. You’re a tertiary education student. You’re in varsity. And you’ve probably assumed you’re not going to struggle to find a job. I did. I thought I’d just breeze into the job market, someone would snap me up and they’d be happy to have me. Um, not quite. I got over 20 rejection letters before I got my first job. Why? Because all I had was my qualification and there were other job seekers out there who had so much more. They had joined sports clubs on campus, or held down a part-time waitering gig, or worked as a packer at the local supermarket on the weekend. I studied, partied and spent my weekends on the beach. So, my CV looked rather lame. I really should have done a lot more to build my career while I was still on campus. And it would have been quite easy. I studied journalism, so I could have gone and worked on the campus newspaper. I just never thought about it. So it took me a lot longer to find work than I thought it would. What does your CV look like? Can you put anything on it other than your term marks? No? Then what are you doing about it? Because employers today are still looking for more than just a qualification. If you haven’t drawn up a CV yet, then log onto and look for the ‘Build your CV here’ application on the

Need more job-seeking advice? Go to

home page. We’ve covered everything in this application that employers will want to know, including what you did while at varsity over and above studying. So, there’s space to fill in which clubs you belonged to, what organisations you were part of, where you found part-time work, etc. And, before you say you’re only a firstyear now and don’t have to worry about your CV yet, bear in mind that it’s never too early to start planning your career. For those of you who are reading this and thinking that you’d tried to get a part-time job and had absolutely no luck – have you tried doing volunteer work? Have you checked with your church to see if there is anything there you could help out with? Could you perhaps mentor or tutor other students on campus? Is there a charity organisation you could go and assist in your spare time? Need some more ideas? Look under the ‘Find a job’ tab on One other suggestion is that you register yourself on the Student Village World Cup database. There’s quite a few companies looking for students to help out on campaigns running in June and July, so – as always – we’ll be looking for people to help us help them. See the advert on the next page for more information on where to submit your details.

Eurika! You've found the job of your dreams

student experiences

Juggling work and study It’s difficult, but it’s do-able

Precious time: Make a plan and work it

Sipho Tshabalala It’s almost midnight. Everyone’s asleep and you just got home from work. After a completely exhausting day, all you’d like to do is jump into bed. But you still have to study for an important test. Studying while holding down a job is demanding and daunting. But with tuition fees on the rise, many students are forced to work on the side to support themselves. If you find yourself in this predicament, the most important thing is to know how to man-

age your time efficiently. Finding a balance between the two can be difficult, but if you plan to work and study you need to keep your sanity! A personal organiser which details your hourly activities is a great tool for keeping your schedule in check. It ensures that you don’t overlook any tasks, while motivating you to work more efficiently. Perhaps most importantly, it helps you to prioritise your time so that the most important and urgent things you need to do end up at the top of your ‘To Do’ list. For example, allowing your-

You know where to go, now find out how to act with

17 self plenty of time for assignments saves you from stressing at the last minute. Even if the deadline for an assignment seems far away, starting it immediately will give you more time in the end. Friends may find it hard to accept your hectic routine. To them you have no life! It is important to take time out. Try to keep some free time on weekends for resting and hanging out with your buddies – they are an important part of your support system. Support from your employer is also important. You need to inform your manager of your situation so he can understand that on certain days you do have tests and that you need time off to prepare for these. And don’t forget that your body also needs support – so eat and sleep! Take proper care of yourself so that you can perform at your best. While you may think staying up till midnight every night helps you to get more done, it will cause stress and burn-outs in the long run. Remember that you are not alone. Remind yourself that have taken a step to bettering yourself. If you are determined to beat the odds, your qualification at the end will be well worth the sacrifices you are making!



! l a d n a sc

Doing more than ‘scoring’ goals

Ashley Cole

The Sex fanatic

is separated from The soccer hottie from England, who for being caught rious noto is his singer wife Cheryl Cole, this year, the uary Febr In . dals scan up in countless sex of res himself in charming Mr Cole allegedly sent pictu ins to be seen if rema It his birthday suit to a few ladies. he was caught in time last did she Cheryl forgives him as rid of that "Mrs an extra-marital affair...or if she ever gets . Cole" tattoo on the back of her neck John Terry

The Head

line H


Teko Modise

The goody two shoes

This Bafana Ba fana striker on th e other hand, is cer star that som one soce professional pl ayers can learn Teko has kept hi from. s name clean an d continues to sh determination an ow d commitment to soccer. More im tantly, he has re porspect for the ga me and has his on achieving his sights set goals.




Cristiano Ronaldo The lip locker

Portuga l's attac king mid scoring fielder h goals b ut also as not o Not only 'lip lock was he ing' with nly been seen than 24 seen kis a lo ho sing so cialite P t more ladies. player D urs after she aris Hilto d o umped n less A India aft ug Reinhardt, but he a merican base er being ball lso cau actress photogra sed a s Bipasha phed kis tir in Hollyoa B sing Bo ks actre asu while he llywood was da ss Gem ting form ma Atkin er son.

He drun ke Airport h nly taunted Am erican to otel in th uri e Center a ttacks. A immediate afte sts in a Heathro rmath o w nating in year late f th r, he wa a beer g s caugh e World Trade lass wh In 2008 t on ich he his job – was accused o he then droppe camera urid on the f an offe having a n floor. n affair with a te se that might c ost him ammate ’s partne r! David Beckham

Playing the field

In 2006 stories of David’s alleged ‘sexcapades’ kept sparking up like a gag birthday candle. Tabloids reported that David had an affair with his former assistant and a Malaysian-born model. Within days British tabloids had linked Beckham to at least five other women with stories involving wild hotel nights and naughty text-messaging. All Victoria could do was put on a ‘posh’ and brave face.

Steven Pienaar

The dr

unk dr


South A frican in ternatio banned na from dri ving for l Steven Piena pounds a 12 mon (R11 13 ths and r was 0 driving fined 1 charges ) after pleadin 000 gg in Liverp ool, in E uilty to drunke n ngland this yea r.

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CUP IS HERE !! Football couples - guess who's dating who


Fernanda Torres



1. The fastest World Cup red card took just 56 seconds!


2. South Africa’s first World Cup win was against Slovenia.

Clairemerry Wayne Rooney

3. The fastest World Cup goal was scored in just 11 seconds! 4. The largest crowd for a World Cup game is 199 954 peeps.




5. The 1990 and the 2006 World Cups were decided by penalty shootouts.

Cristiano Ronaldo

6. Pele is the only player with three World Cup winners medals. C

7. Only Brazil has appeared in every World Cup since 1930.


8. Hungary scored 27 goals in the 1954 World Cup but didn’t win.

Matthew Booth Olalla

9. Only European and South American countries have won the World Cup.


10. A total of 171 goals were scored in the 1998 World Cup. E A












Thierry Henry



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Are you (dis)connected? Relationship By Durbangirlbran

milestones By Terican2000 Your first fight I know this isn’t really something to look forward to, but darlings, it’s not a real relationship if you haven’t had a fight yet. When the time comes, dry your eyes, and be prepared to apologise and forgive. Learn what you can from the experience. because it sure as hell won’t be your last fight.

Technology: Are you craving the human touch? Although we are officially well into the New Year, a lot of us are doing the same old thing. As creatures of habit, we know that despite the excitement surrounding this year’s resolutions, most of us will ultimately fall back into our old routine sometime between the New Year’s countdown and Easter. The confetti will be swept off the floor, the neighbours will eventually stop lighting their seemingly endless supply of firecrackers and we will go back to our world of social networking websites, IM, MXit, Skype – and not a lot will change. The idea came to me while having a DMC (deep meaningful conversation) with a lovely boy. Well as deep and meaningful a conversation as one can have on MXit anyway. I couldn’t help but think that had this been a few years earlier, we would be having it face-to-face or perhaps (because he lives six hours away) not at all. You see despite the contributions tech-

nology has made, the one thing it took away was the ‘all or nothing’ factor of before. Not to sound like a senior citizen bragging about old times but believe it or not, there was a time when the person who promised to meet you at 9am would, in fact, meet you at 9am. A time when “I’m on my way” wasn’t super-imposed onto your phone message memory out of apparent necessity and there were no hollow promises of “I’ll buzz/text/ missed-call you when I’m nearby.” Technology seems to have drastically altered or in some cases eliminated person to person interaction. We learn, talk and communicate with our fingertips. Why ask her to be my girlfriend when I can just send her a virtual request to be F.B.O (that’s Facebook Official)? And when it runs its course, why break up with her when I could just log on and click “Cancel relationship status”? It seems to beg a few questions… like when did we become so disconnected?...Log onto to keep reading…

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Saying ‘I love you’ without worry or irony When you can look someone in the eye and tell them you love them without blushing, feeling stupid or nervous, or making a joke out of it you’ve reached a major milestone. One of the biggest. Assuming you’ll be spending the day together You wake up, it’s Saturday morning and both of you know, without having to discuss it, that you’ll be spending the day together. Be it reading, shopping, watching movies, dining out…no awkward or hopeful “so what are you doing today?” conversations. Casual grooming When you remove your make-up in front of him, floss your teeth or cut your toe nails - let’s call it ditching the feminine mystique. In short, if you no longer get up before he does to put on a touch of lip gloss and brush your teeth before slipping back to bed, pat yourself on the back. So, is your relationship moving? Can you think of any other milestones?...Log onto to share yours…



Change the world – virtually Evoke your power and your passion for the planet and its people with this online game Thabiso Mongalo Have you ever seen a world hunger issue on the news, or read an article about food shortages in sub-Saharan Africa or even a human rights violation story in a newspaper? Do you remember the feeling of hopelessness because you thought that there was nothing that you could do to help? Well, now there is! Evoke is an innovative online game platform from the World Bank that is designed to empower you (and other like-minded people all over the world) to start solving urgent social problems such as poverty, hunger, climate change, health care and human rights. It launched in early March and by the end of that month there were players from over 162 countries taking part. Through the game, players are challenged to complete a series of 10 missions and quests over a period of 10 weeks. Along the way they’ll be learning crucial skills to become social innovators and activists that will eventually re-write the future. Once you’ve successfully completed the online missions, you’ll have the distinction of being a member of the World Bank

Social Innovator Class 2010. The top players will also get mentorships with other more experienced social innovators and business leaders from around the world, and scholarships that enable them to share

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Evoke: A virtual way to change the world

their vision for the future at the Evoke Summit in Washington DC. Get involved today by logging on to to find out how you can make a real difference.



CD Review Ready by Trey Songz Martin Napiane

Trey Songz: An irresistable slice of R&B

DVD Review This Is It!

Anelisa Mzinyathi The only way to describe this is awesome! Viewers will be blown away by the unbelievable talent of Michael Jackson as he prepares for the first concert of his comeback tour. Admittedly this DVD would be mainly enjoyed by fans of the late artist, but those who are vaguely interested in his music would also appreciate the brilliance of the man. To hear him sing some of his popular songs like The Earth Song, Thriller, Human Nature and others without a single

Trey Songz is back with a bang with his latest release – Ready. This, his third studio album, debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, selling 131,000 copies in its first week. The album brings a seductive, sexy feel that screams action between the sheets. The first track, Panty Dropper, sets a sexual tone that leads to Trey’s claims that he invented sex and that he can do can do it better than your man. The fifth single

Damage: +/- R170 Where:

backing track is a testament to the sheer brilliance of this internationally-renowned performer. Without a doubt the stand-out scene on this DVD is at the rehearsal of Billy Jean where a not-so-young-anymore Michael Jackson sings and moves like his life depends on it, moonwalk included! As this DVD wound down to the final credits, I was left with the thought that this was a truly fitting tribute to the phenomenon that was Michael Jackson. This Is It! would be an excellent addition to any music collector’s shelf so if you haven’t got a copy, get one soon! Damage: +/- R180 Where:

Restaurant review Six Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Mpho Phahlane

Six Restaurant and Cocktail Bar: The perfect hang-out to unwind

on this offering, Say Aah, features rapper Fabolous, and recently hit number nine on the Hit 100 – which marks it as Songz’ biggest hit to date. The album closes with Songz in a more serious mood. He sings of how he dreams of being successful, making a bit of money, and prays for things to go his way. Ready was nominated for Best Contemporary R&B Album at the recent 52nd Grammy Awards. The award went to Beyoncé for I am…Sasha Fierce. This one’s for the ladies, but the guys will definitely like this one just to get their mojo going.

Have you tried this hot spot in Johannesburg yet? No? Then best you head on over – it’s an experience you really should not deny yourself any longer. The Six Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is set in the heart of Melville and student life. It’s a trendy and vibrant place to get together with friends to unwind after a long day on campus. The layout of the colourful décor allows easy access to the dance

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This Is It!: A collector's item floor even when the place is packed, yet also facilitates an intimate setting for you and that special one in your life. There are 60 different cocktails to chose from, as well as a selection of wine, spirits and beer. Since this joint caters mostly for students, prices for food and drinks are rather reasonable. And the kitchen at the Six Restaurant and Cocktail Bar only closes at midnight, which makes this a firm favourite among late-night partygoers. My favourite thing about this place? Cocktails are sold at a ‘buy one get one free’ special all day until 7pm. Get to 7th Street soon! Dress code: Smart Casual Entrance fee: Free

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