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Double Trouble

Student Times comes back with greater force

Letter from Editor Hey, guys, It’s been quite a while since the last Student Times edition came out. Our team and I, in particular, want to apologize for that and promise, that such thing will never happen again. We won’t disappoint you! Please, enjoy this edition and the ones to come. Thank you for your patience, Sasha Smolyar, editor-in-chief

Content The New Interim English Department Chair


Toothpick’s University


When the Night falls...


6 Fashion!!! Time to Make Every Day a Little 7 Healthier! Locus of Control 8 Shared Joy of the Spring Break 9-10 LCC Celebreties 11-12 Ruby’s Dossier 13

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Artem Poliakov, Greta Šukytė, Renata Kalnikaitė, Giedrė Trusovaitė, Oleksandra Smolyar

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The New Interim English Department Chair There have been a few changes made to the LCC administration this year, and one of them is the change of the English Department chair. Starting with this year, Robin Gingerich, who has been working at LCC for 14 years now, became the new interim department chair. For this article, I’ve interviewed her to let you know how this change happened and what Robin’s job is now. The first thing I asked Robin during our short interview was to tell me how she became the interim Department chair, and she said, “Last school year in the fall, Dr. Teri McCarthy was hired to be a Department chair for 3 years, and she was unable to complete her term due to medical issues. In the spring, Dr. Deborah McCollister filled in as a Department chair. However, Deborah’s contract went through the Spring semester and she went home. Until the time we find a permanent Department chair I was asked to be an interim Department chair.” But what does Robin Gingerich have to do as a Department chair? As she men


tioned it, her job is to support the faculty in what they’re doing (teaching, research, etc.), represent the English Department in the Academic Division, which means, for example, writing modules for English Department( all departments have their own tasks to complete), recruit future faculty, and manage the budget which includes text books, library acquisitions. But besides the job that she has to do as a Department chair, she is an advisor and also teaching two courses. Many of us would find it complicated to combine all

these responsibilities and manage them successfully, but it seems like Robin Gingerich is doing a great job keeping up with all this work. Moreover, she thinks that there’s a balance in her work, “In my job, this year there’s a balance of administrative work and teaching. It’s good to have a balance of both—it’s nice to work on administration and teaching. The English faculty is phenomenal to work with—it’s fun. Working with the people in the department is a treat; it’s delightful; working with people that we have now is great!” by Sasha Smolyar


Student is the species of animals that is distinguished by its creativity and ability to develop as the time goes by. Students cannot be stopped by black holes in their wallets and huge appetites. A good sense of humor helps them to survive the pressure from heavy books and unwashed dishes. Since the very beginning of their existence, students developed many extremely simple and useful ways to use this THING. HERE, we are going to reveal the biggest secret of HUMANKIND! So, here it is – 20 tips on how to USE A TOOTHPICK.

5. Sausage easier. Before putting a sausage into a frying-pan stick 2 toothpicks into it (make turtle legs). It will be easier to roll it. 6. Clean. Use a toothpick for cleaning hardly reachable tiny places (for example, your phone keyboard). 7. Support plant stem. Make a broken-hand operation. Imagine you are a highly qualified surgeon. Take some toothpicks, a thread, and let’s begin! 8. Boiling water. You need one pot, one lid, one toothpick, and some water. Place the toothpick between the pot with water and the lid. Boil water and watch a miracle to happen! (Actually no. The toothpick prevents water from boiling over). 9. Cake inspection. Baking a cake? Do not know if it is done? Just open the oven and stick a toothpick in. If there is no pastry on it then the cake is done. 10. Bookmark. Reading students still exist. Use a toothpick as a bookmark! Color it! Make it unique.


1. Pick your teeth! Yes, you got it right. However, keep doing it out of sight of others because it is not very ethical. 2. Make art. Just take some glue and a bunch of toothpicks.

11. Polish duty. Use toothpick to polish your nails. It can stand for a little brush or stick to mix colors. 12. Tape assistant. Have you ever thought that someone has stolen the end of the tape and you cannot find it? Next time after using it mark it with a toothpick! 13. Hairy daily. Use a toothpick to take the hair out of your brush. (Very useful) 14. Calculus. Have some problems with math? Don’t worry! Use toothpicks! 1+1=3, right? 15. Burning fingers. Want to have a birthday party but afraid to burn your fingers while lighting candles? No problem! Just call 25688572 and a candle lighter will come! No, seriously, toothpicks burn longer than matches. 16. Smokeless. Want to quit smoking? Chew some toothpick. It tastes better (probably), smells better, and is much healthier! No beaver effect! 17. Acupuncture. Nothing is better than good massage. Except a toothpicks massage. Make your roommate HAPPIER: wake up him with toothpicks acupuncture.

3. Stick sandwiches. Yes, yes! Students eat! Take two pieces of bread, put something in between them, and stick them together.

4. Prepare potatoes faster. Stick 4 toothpicks into a potato (make legs), and put it in the microwave. The potato will be ready faster. 18. Manuscript. Want to make a surprise for your roommate or just apologize for acupuncture you did last morning? Make a masterpiece. You just need a banana and a toothpick.

19. Top secrets. Recipe for secret making. You need: one lemon, one toothpick, piece of paper, one lighter, and a lot of patience. Use lemon juice as ink. Write a message on a piece of paper. Heat it and watch what will happen! 20. Tear diet. Want to have some spring onions but your onion is too small for the jar? Stick four toothpicks square to the opposite sides of onion. Bon Appetite!

by Greta Šukytė

When the Night falls...

When the night catches you with an empty stomach, grumbling louder than the thunder outside, there definitely is a need to calm it down. The easiest way is to drink a couple of glasses of water and to go to sleep quickly. I know another option with a unique sweet-and-sour taste though. Kinų Restoranas readily welcomes you whenever you want to eat, even late at night. It is located on the second floor of the Nesė Casino on Anika Square, one minute away from Memelis. It is opened on Sunday-Thursday till midnight, Friday and Saturday till 3 a.m. The restaurant offers mainly Chinese cuisine, but there is also quite a big variety of European dishes. As for the prices, they are somewhat higher than at LCC’s favorite Biscuitas, but in comparison to the prices in Chinese restaurants all over the city, they are quite nice there. At Kinų Restoranas, even smallest portions are capable of making the hungriest person full. My friend, who went to test the new place with me, and I, ordered a plate of rice with vegetables and a cherry-shaped chicken for both. It was as tasty and served as fast as we expected, being coddled by the great amount of regular Chinese restaurants in Klaipeda. Overall, as a regular restaurant it can be rated “average”, but as a place to eat at night it is just awesome.


by Elizaveta Salenok

Fashion!!! Did I catch your attention? Good. Probably there were some girls, who could not just walk away from the sign: “Project RUNAWAY redo”. This special event was held in the Kaminskiene Hall on the 22nd of March. Not only the hall decorated with light garlands and the floor ready for models surprised me, but also Kim Stave, who came with a beautiful evening gown on, and, as some may say, shoe-killers. She told her story about the long search of finding her style. Moreover, she has also noted that we tend to dress out to represent the way we want to be, but not who we are. However, another thing that surprised me was the Uniform project video, which was about a girl who wore a Little Black Dress for 365 days. Its goal was to raise money to children in India. Check out the video here, if you’re interested. You find it interesting? We challenge you to start your own one-dress project at LCC. Finally, there were four teams that presented their two outfits on the runaway. The rules for the participants were simple: they could only two outfits, one for the evening and one for the day time, and they had to cost no more than 30 Lt. After the show, the girls were asked to vote for the best team. So, congratulations for the most stylish team!! And for those who missed this event—we encourage you to wait for other upcoming events.


conducted by Kristina Petruitytė by Giedrė Trusovaitė

Time to Make Every Day a Little Healthier!

Almost every student at LCC drinks juice. Juice is one of few products that is healthy and tasty at the same time. However, juices are becoming less and less natural and most of the time people do not take time to read the contents on the box. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will get the healthy juice, even if it is the one they have been used to drinking all the time. In this article, I will try to reveal the content of the juice boxes and let the readers know which juices are healthy and which are not. Sasha Smolyar and I have done a little research inside both dorms and figured out the most consumed juice. Students were instructed to choose one brand of juice out of three most popular ones: Elemenhorser, Tymbark and Cido. The overall winner appeared to be Tymbark. As it says on the box – “it is a 100% pure juice with no added sugar.” Pure juice that tastes sweet with no additional sugar is a perfect combination. However, before I start comparing all three juices, let’s see how the research went The first important thing to know is that all three juices are made out of concentrated juices which

Neumann Dormitory 1st Floor Cido 2d East Tymbark 2d West Cido 3d East Tymbark 3d West Tymbark 4th East Elemenhorster 4th West Tymbark 5th East Elemenhorser 5th West Tymbark Enns Dormitory 2d Floor Tymbark 3d Floor Tymbark 4th Floor Tymbark 5th Floor Tymbark obviously is not the same as “minute made”, “squeezed right after picking” and definitely not “pure juice.” Moreover, all three juices contain additional sugar and added water. Even though the juices are not natural, there are still some differences that play a role when choosing one over the other. This is a table of Nutrition Facts which show how many calories, fat, protein and carbohydrate 100ml of product contain.

Orange Juice Elemenhorster Tymbark Cido Calories 41kcal 30kcal 44kcal Protein 0.7g 0.3g 0-1g Carbohydrate 9g 14g 11g Fat 0.2g 0g 0g


Of course, it is impossible to find the freshest, most vitamin-packed juice today. The best decision would be to make it yourself. However, it is well-known that it is too expensive to make fresh-squeezed juices every day; therefore, my advice would be to choose the least bad of these options. Just remember that less calories does not mean healthier! Some really good and healthy juices may contain more calories than Coke. Hopefully, this article will help you to pay attention to what you drink and eat. It takes only a few minutes to check the content on the box, and these few minutes can make every day of your life a little healthier!

by Alla Timoshenko

Locus of Control

Do think your academic performance mostly depends on the teacher and his/her preferences? Do you get bad grades because the tests are more difficult than they are supposed to be? Is your life the way it is because of a sequence of events varying in success? Are you the master of your fate or is your life determined from the moment you were born?

The Concept The way you answer these questions is to determine whether or not you have an external or internal locus of control. It is essential to understand what type of locus of control a person has, as it great influences decision-making. The concept was developed by Julian Rotter in the 1950s. The original name of the concept was the Locus of Control of Reinforcement. To put it simply, it

refers to the individual’s perception about the underlying causes of events on one’s life. Thus everyone can find himself on a continuum of locus of control ranging from external (believing that fate, luck, and other circumstances rule one’s life) to internal (attributing the outcomes to one’s own decisions and actions).


What is desirable?

• Men more often have an internal locus of control; • The locus of control becomes more internal with age; • People higher up in organizational structures tend to be more internal. These findings should not be made absolute – there are always exceptions. Many women tend to take control into their hands and successfully manage their tasks without counting on luck. Plus, some children from an early age learn the consequences of their actions and do not attribute all the control of their lives to their parents. Moreover, even a hired worker is able to understand his/her own contribution

to the work one is doing and in that way feel he/she can change something. In general, people with a


more internal locus of control are better off. They tend to be more ambitious, achievement-oriented, and have better paid jobs. It is logical that when one has an internal locus of control he/she takes the control into their hands and changes what is unsatisfactory. While external locus of control is attributed with thoughts like this: “There is no way for me to get this job so why bother with the interview...?”, the internal one is attributed to thinking: “It is all up to me if I get this job, so I will do my best.” Of course, loc/LocusOfControlWhatIs.html

extremes are never the best solution because a person cannot always have the control in his/ her life. Chances are that something unplanned or unexpected will happen. Therefore, a healthy attitude should be formed that could be identified like this: “I will do what is up to me and will not worry about the things not in my competence.” Generally, a person should seek to be the master of his/her life but should also understand that sometimes there is nothing we can change. It happens that sunshine changes to storm so there is no one to blame for an unsuccessful picnic.

by Renata Kalnikaitė

Shared Joy of the Spring Break Don’t you just love traveling? Packing up your stuff, flying for the first, second or tenth time, being a tourist, eating local food, meeting local people, sightseeing and just breathing the foreign air. I heard that a lot of students were traveling during this spring break, so I was curious to ask about their travels.

1. Kristina Zimkutea Only in the airport I got to know where my friend will take me. And it was Paris! He, the loveliest guy in the world, made me the biggest surprise ever. Surprised, amazed and very pleased – the mixture of feelings I felt that moment. The mood went to much more

romantic one. =) And people absolutely truthfully talk about the atmosphere of Paris. City of lovely couples inspired us for the most romantic mood ever. It is impossible to count how many kilometers we walked, but if I will come back (definitely I will), I will walk twice as more. Paris has too

many things to see and to feel. In the Notre Dame I wished to stay for hours. In Montmartre I felt a great history in the lovely streets and Basilica of the Sacré Cœur. And, of course, for the Paris “in my hands” I could wait for hours and hours in the line to the Eiffel Tour. Such a magnificent view!

2. Kelli Ching Russia felt like my first days in Lithuania: I didn’t understand the language, people seemed cold and unfriendly, I got lost more than once, and I second guessed what in the world I was doing in this foreign country. However, I realized that we learn the most in our discomfort. We are forced to adapt to our new setting because adapting is the only choice we have. I could go on forever about what I learned on our trip in Rus-


sia but instead I’ll just make a couple points. I had an amazing time and loved experiencing Russian food, people, art, ballet, religion, lifestyles, stores, streets, customs, dancing, and of course the sauna. Even though it was just a taste, it is an amazing time. From invaluable art at the hermitage to beautiful architecture on the streets of St. Petersburg, the breath-taking swan lake ballet to the steaming hot sauna, our trip to Russia was a complete success.

3.Ruta Buivydaite

4.Ingrida Katkute We spent our spring break in the Netherlands. It was our first trip to this country and we really enjoyed it. For two days we stayed in Amsterdam and the rest of the week we were in Ede city where we met three Holland girls who studied in LCC last semester as Erasmus students. During this trip, we understood that not the country and its famous places made our trip so amazing as people which we met (thanks to Couch Surfing). One day we had the opportunity to bicycle around Amsterdam and we were surprised about bicycles’ traffic in this city; it is crazy! Moreover, when we were with the Dutch girls, we participated in their university’s social project: for some hours we worked in a farm where handicapped people work. So, we could experience the Netherlands not only from the tourists’ perspective but from a local perspective, as well.


I traveled to Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The second largest city in the Spain. Barcelona is one of the oldest cities in Europe. And it is home for on of the greatest architecture A. Gaudi, who has planned and created the symbols of Barcelona: La Sagrada De Familia and Lizard in park Guell. Despite these amazing architecture buildings, Barcelona surprised me with the Spanish Tango, which you can learn in the street. Moreover, for all the ‘Fashionist’ I would like to remind that stores like Zara, Mango, Bershka, Stradivarius and etc. are the Spanish stores, thus I can definitely state that people there have a great taste in fashion. The last but not least is that Barcelona is home of one of the prestigious football club named ‘BARCA’, and I was surprised how people are crazy about football!!! Also, if you want or not you catch yourself more and more interested in to football, at least that what happened to me =)

by Giedrė Trusovaitė

LCC Celebrities Do you love watching movies? Maybe you have a favorite one? Or a few? What caught your attention while choosing it? The story? The genre? The actors? Did you ever catch yourself watching a movie just because you loved a particular actor? Are there anyone (actor, model, singer) that you would like to switch places with? Or just look like someone famous? What do you think about meeting a star? What would you do if had such an opportunity? Believe it or not, but LCC has some famous people too. They might not wear massive sunglasses in order to avoid paparazzi or be surrounded with muscular men in black, but they surely are here. So do not hesitate to ask for an autograph.

Did you see any of her movies? Did you like it? Of course, I enjoyed that an actor who starred in a movie that meant a lot to me in the past, looks similar to me. Also, I like it even now despite the fact that nowadays you can hardly see her on TV or anywhere else. I can still find pleasure to be compared to her. Do you think you look like her? Yes. It is from my shape of face, eyes and even because both of us have such straight eyelashes.

Rosita Magelinskaite - Camila


Camila Bordonaba is an Argentinean actress and a singer. When she was 12, she received “the magic touch” of Cris Morena, transforming her into the star of the successful “Chiquititas” for 6 seasons. However, she is the best known as a Marizza in a TV show “Rebelde Way” and a movie Erreway. How did you find out about your duplicate? First of all I saw her in a children’s musical telenovela “Chiquititas”. It was my favorite movie series in my childhood. Then some of the actors from this telenovela starred in a “Rebelde Way”. They were older and changed. Then some of my friends mentioned that I look similar to Camila Bordonaba - one of the main actors from this movie series.


Alla Timoshenko - Caroline


Caroline is a Brazilian model. She was discovered walking down the street by an agent. Since then Caroline has been walking the runway shows such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior, L.A.M.B., Baby Phat, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and many others. How did you find out about your duplicate? I found out about Caroline during this Student Times project. I am not very interested in fashion business or models; therefore, I had no idea who Caroline was. I might have seen her in some of the ads in magazines,

but did not pay attention. Did you see any of her runway shows or magazine ads? Did you like it? I saw some of the runway shows featuring Caroline and I really liked them. I guess it is mostly because all Victoria Secret’s runway shows are amazing and breathtaking, even for people who do not usually watch fashion shows. Do you think you look like her? Actually, at first I thought that I do not look like her at all. She has freckles all over her face and I do not have even one. Her eyebrows are totally different and everything else seems just so different. However, there are several pictures were we do look alike. And if I put on the same outfit I can look like her at least 80% =)

Olena Rusu – Charlize

Laima Jasaite – NijolePareigyte Nijolė is Lithuanian singer form the well known Lithuanian band “69 danguje” (69 in heaven). She says that when she was a little girl she used to sing into a hair brush and give interviews to the mirror. Although the band has split this September, she is still a very well known figure in society. How did you find out about your duplicate? How did I find out? Guys keep coming to me and saying that I look like this singer from 69 Danguje band... I just laugh at this :) Did you see any of her performances or magazine ads? Do you like it? Yes sure, I have because they are quite popular in Lithuania. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of this person because in media her image is not of the smartest girl in the world... I would prefer to be a duplicate of Lisa Simpson :) Do you think you look like her? I don’t think that I look like her really... Although there are some similarities such as lip piercing, blonde hair and bright eyes, but in general I do not think so even though people keep saying that I am.


How did you find out about Charlize Theron? My dad showed me a movie ad of Charlize Theron and he said, ‘she looks like a twin of you’. Did you see any of her shows or magazine ads? Did you like it? Yes, I saw a lot of movie ads and especially, I remember an ad of J’adore Dior fragrance. Yes, I liked it a lot. Do you think you look like her? Yes, I can see some similarities between Charlize Theron and me. Especially, I think that the main similarities are: nose, eyes and eyebrows - they are quite similar.


by Giedrė Trusovaitė

Ruby’s Dossier

Name: Ruby Rouble Home Country: EER Age: 19 Major: The mainstream at LCC Hobbies: horse riding, singing, spa, dating, sunbathing, sleeping, watching romantic movies Dating status: single Phobias: mice, darkness Favorite color: pink

Survival of the Mid-Semester Madness

Did you survive? Cause I think I’m half alive… I’m serious – four mid-terms and three papers for one week!!! Seems like a train full of books went over my head three times every sleepless night… The first night was so tiring I fell asleep in Neumann Lobby… How embarrassing! The worst part is that I woke up singing “Oops I did it again” but you know who… The couch looked like having met a Saint Bernard and my laptop was covered with little pieces of Management textbook. Embarrassment is not a proper word to describe my state of emotions. Hopefully (!!!) there was no one to witness my sin except for the night guard so I quietly grabbed my stuff and ran to the room… where I fell asleep and almost overslept my exam the next morning. A night-

mare saved me from being completely late: I was dreaming of a burglar who came into my castle (I was a princess) and cut my hair while I was sleeping! Furthermore, he emptied all my 67 nail polish bottles! That was it for me so I woke up pissed of the fact that such moron three-armed green-skin nail polish addicts live on this earth. Anyway, I ran to my exam being late and merely without any make-up (just some foundation, cream powder, mascara, eye shadows, lipstick, and lip-gloss). The test was a disaster: all I could think about was my nightmare and the fact that I desperately needed some eye-liner. This was just Monday?! The rest of the week was not more pleasant. Just walking back from Max Coffee with a full survival kit (three strong cappuccinos) a pigeon gifted me with a smelly white cake on my shoulder. Great! My favorite Coco Chanel jacket ruined! Anyway, my mid-term week survival kit didn’t help me stay up the next night so the paper for Academic Writing was only half-done… Despite all these and similar difficulties I did pretty well: only two exams failed and the papers were all graded higher than fifty percent. So it was a tiring time for me and my brain. But I survived! I’m done! And I’m going home! On a train… this time not full of books but of great vacation ideas. 48h on a road... Sadly the most exciting moment was when once during the journey I had to visit the dwarf house. Funny expression

though – dwarf house – as if people couldn’t manage their pants themselves! Anyway, I come back from the smallest lady room in the world and guess what I see in my spot – a hundred fifty kilo bulldog! By the time I managed to get him off I remembered leaving my iPod on the seat… That was not an iPod anymore… just a pile of crap. Wonderful, 28h of silence in a seat that smells like a dog… Oh no! I forgot it’s time for my beauty nap! Don’t worry – the rest of the story was just boring so you are not missing anything. So meet me in the next edition with some more details from my glamorous life.

Miss you, love you, hug you, Ruby


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