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Men in Black

(on campus)

Whenever I imagine the future, I see cars floating in a labyrinth of skyscrapers, while I have at hand one card that works as a wizard to all my wishes. Even though this magic card hasn’t gone into production as far as I am aware of, there is one that seems to resemble its desirable features: the LCC ID card. Despite the fact that it doesn’t satisfy all my whims, the card makes it a lot easier to get around campus, to check out books at the library, to enjoy a healthy work out at the gym and to get a spot in the parking lot (if only I had a car). Actually, according to project manager, Ruslanas Kutovoj, your heavy wallets might lose weight some more as the printing card could be replaced soon by the LCC ID card. Although the idea

of having a universal card is pretty attractive, its main lure isn’t to facilitate campus accessibility, but to limit it, and protect the people inside the campus boarders.

agree more with his statement, but as any business trained mind, my thoughts immediately went into the finance section: how much does our security cost?

When I started the school year in September after being a semester abroad, I couldn’t help noticing men dressed in black around campus. I started thinking that maybe a Lithuanian or International star enrolled and that they were trying to protect him/her from fanatic student enthusiasts. It turns out though, that there are around one thousand stars on LCC campus and all in need of protection. As Ruslanas Kutovoj puts it, “LCC International University considers the safety of the university community to be of a paramount importance”. I couldn’t

You may not have noticed, but a newly installed surveillance system records every twitch in the parking lot and thus ensures our safety. According to Nerijus Urbonas, the facilities manager, the best improvement in the parking lot is the automated gate system which directs car traffic from entrance to exit. Not a big deal? Well, this eliminates traffic jams at the entrance to the lot and reduces the rate of late arrivals to class by drivers. The system also prevents the lot from car overpopulation by denying access to those without a pass. Nevertheless, LCC remains a

Photo by Vaiva Cekatauskaite

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In February Issue CAMPUS NEWS: ID Innovations


CAMPUS NEWS: Where divergent views lead


LCC FACE: A Decade Worth Living


CAMPUS EVENTS: January Series


STUDY ABROAD DIARY: Hot Dog Pasta: Cooking as an American


SPIRITUAL LIFE: Pursuit. Delight. Joy.



“Red Ridding Hood”, “Gnomeo & Juliet” 10-11 “The Other Woman”, “The Egle”

FOOD IS GOOD! Making Spring Rolls




“For Today” “Iron and Wine”

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Men in Black

(on campus)

friendly place, other people being welcomed to park their cars here, providing they purchase their ID card of 25 Lt per year. The gym functions on the same principle for our guests: no card, no access. Non- LCC members wanting to join the gym will be given a card which is available only for the length of time they paid for, their entrance being restricted to Michealsen Center. Considering the benefits we get from the new system, students will also have to bring a small contribution of 35 Lt when the card is first issued. Also, if the card is misplaced, lost or stolen the same amount will be charged as a replacement fee. Even though the benefits of the security system are not quite obvious enough now, the contribution to the safety of the

Photo by Natalia Baciu

community shouldn’t be underestimated. Overall, Ruslanas reminds us that the main purpose

for the newly installed security system is not intervention, but prevention.

Sara Dumitrana & Karolis Ilciukas,


Where divergent views lead Last year on September 16th the LCC community received a short e-mail from Marlene Wall, Academic Vice-President, saying “due to medical concerns, Kyle and Trisa Usrey will remain in the United States for a period of healing and restoration.” Three months later, right before Christmas, students received another note saying that due to “diverging views Dr. Kyle Usrey will not be returning to LCC International University.” Students of LCC were anxious to find out what caused the departure of President Usrey. Two board members, Johann Matthies and Stanley Clark, visited Klaipėda in order to engage in an overt dialogue with the students. Did LCC students get a clear answer as to what actually happened with Kyle or how it

Photo by Vaiva Cekatauskaite


Photo by Vaiva Pelanyte

might affect the future of the small Christian school? No. In the course of two meetings, the first one on January 7th with Jonann Matthies and the second one on January 18th with Stanley Clark, students learned the following things. Kyle Usrey’s leave is not related to his health condition but rather to divergent views between the parties that kept the Board of Directors from the scheduled meetings. Furthermore, it disrupted normal functionality of the administrative body. However, the main reason of the President’s departure is not to be revealed due to a nondisclosure agreement signed between the two parties in order to protect the future career path of Kyle and the reputation of LCC. Unlike many rumors, former President Usrey is not prohibited to come on campus. He can visit LCC students as a private person.

In one of the meetings it was mentioned that the process of recruiting of the new president will start as soon as the parties reach a fair settlement for the legal departure of Kyle. It took almost two years to recruit President Usrey after Jim Minninger’s end of presidency and it might take the same amount of time for LCC to bring another president. Meanwhile the Board announced that Marlene Wall would perform the function of the Interim President “with assignment of some key roles of both the President and the Academic Vice President to other individuals in the interim.”

Photo by Vaiva Pelanyte

Denis Ivanov & Ana Efros

A Decade Worth Living

If you have ever been to an LCC event, Talent Night, KVN, you name it, I am sure that you couldn’t have missed at least one of the jokes about the Hinderliter’s. They are close as Ken and Barbie, waving at each other from their neighboring class-rooms (EricKasper, 2010), and ready like clockwork to start up your intellectual engine as soon as the class begins. However, there must be more than a series of challenging courses that would guarantees their presence on stage whenever a good joke is called

the story behind their stay in this “cold, dark and snowy” place as it appeared to be in their first January. They came here “called by God, but sent by the church” as Eric said. Following a long search for a place that would match their aptitudes and desire to serve at their maximum potential, they eventually heard about LCC which had a need they felt they could fruitfully satisfy. After six week training and an appointment calendar of once in 3-4 years with the Presbyterian Church,

was primarily academic, but it often evolved into a long lasting friendship that even after many years pasted occasional greetings are still exchanged. Part of the Hinderliter’s view over academia is that students deserve the best, more than good intentions, and it is their responsibility to give them exactly that. LCC’s collective effort to join God’s doings gave Eric and Becky a sense of meaning and a role. One of the things they learned through the diversity they encountered here is that we are people with multiple

Personal Archive

for to stir up the crowds. Building a respected reputation and also being able to enjoy a few laughs over it isn’t something just anyone can accomplish. I don’t know for many of you this is brand new information, but last month the Hindeliter’s celebrated a decade since their first arrival at LCC. Everywhere you go, the places that you visit, or even get the chance to stay long enough to create some habits, shape a part of your life and has a story with it. Therefore, I couldn’t help wondering about

Sara Dumitrana

their mission assignment finally began. Right before they came to Lithuania, a garage sale was opened which included everything, even the garage, leaving out just some pictures, as Becky stated: “we got rid of the stuff, but kept the relationships”. Having no safety net except their family, in case plan A didn’t work out, they came to LCC as teachers without looking back. Their transition was smooth as they came into a community that shared the same values as they did. The professor student relationship they started

identities given many roles to live; they are at the same time parents, professors, foreigners, all being united in Christ. At my final question “How much longer are you planning to stay?” they said that there is no leave date. As long as God’s invitation and the church’s confirmation are with them, their mission here will continue. Until then, we can only thank them for all the love they put in their hard work as they will always remain part of our LCC experience.


The January Series of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI is an annual event, and has been so for 24 years now. The

series of lectures invite influential leaders to talk about current issues that define our paradigm. Raising awareness and challenging critical

Photo by Natalia Baciu

thinkers are the primary objectives of the January Series. The topics of the lectures vary from economical to personal issues, from cultural to religious influences, thus the January Series attract a diverse yet concerted audience. Nevertheless, a question comes to mind, what is the connection between LCC and Calvin College all the way in Michigan? And how did LCC become part of the January Series? Derek Bentham, who graduated Calvin College, arranged the January Series at LCC. Since then, Calvin and LCC share a close relationship, and January Series are annually brought to LCC students, who would like to

The January Series learn about the problems discussed in the lectures. However, as Steve Dintaman, co-arranger of the January Series at LCC says, “Students who come to the January Series must bring intellectual curiosity and a willingness to have their world expanded.” Most definitely, the lectures are ingenious, so they provide a view of the issue, which is radical to your own (most of the time). My own experience was delightful indeed, sadly, I only attended one of the 15 lectures of the January Series. It was about

perseverance and Cal Ripken, Jr. was the speaker. If you don’t know who he is, he was a professional baseball player before he retired in 2001. What makes him unique is that he played 2,632 consecutive games in seventeen seasons (1982-1998). The numbers didn’t really mean anything to me, because I am not interested in baseball, nor do I know how many games there are in a season. But as Ripken spoke about his career and the determination that he needed to reach his record, I was astonished. It seemed as

if he was a psychologist, rather than a sportsman. He went on to explain what it takes to persist on reaching a goal (not necessarily in sports). He said, “It’s easy to get comfy. Look for competition to push and motivate you,” And, frankly, that is what the January Series is all about. Hopefully, I convinced you to participate in the January Series next year. Believe me, It’s worth it!

Džiugas Miklošas

First Year Seminar group lead by Lina Zenkienė: THANK YOU!


fore, our First Year Seminar group, led by Lina Zenkienė and Eriselda Barjamaj, decided to visit a retirement home and surprise the residents Advent is the time of with delicious home-made giving out hope and warmth cookies, muffins, and attento those who need it. There- tion for our service project. It

would not have been possible without fund donations from LCC students, professors and staff, so we would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the elders of Klaipėda feel the spirit of upcoming Christmas!

Hot Dog Pasta: In America cooking has been marginalized down to being pre-made, pre-cut, and instant. In college, this fact is even more so exaggerated. With a limited budget, hardly any time, and the constant need for instant gratification, it is very rare to find a college student that actually cooks a meal that doesn’t involve Ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, or cereal. Yes, I will admit that back at my home school, Azusa Pacific University, I fall victim to the stereotypical American laziness of not cooking. The microwave is my best friend. At LCC, I have been introduced into an entirely new “breed” of college students: students that love to cook, students that cook three square meals a day, and students that eat their meals together. Being exposed to this new culture of eating “real” meals that take more than 5 minutes to prepare inspired me to make my own dinners. After all, I decided eating only bread, cheese, and Nutella would not suffice for my four-month stay in Lithuania. So I set off to Iki for my first grocery shopping experience in Klaipeda with my fellow study abroad friends. Not really looking for anything specific, I tried to pick foods that had English instructions on them. This proved to be more difficult than I expected. I found labels in Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, German, French, Italian…but no English. So I went to Plan B. I started grabbing things that looked familiar like pasta, frozen vegetables, garlic, cookies, and (in a very ironic way) Ramen

Alyssa Hetschel

Cooking as an American

noodles (just in case my newfound desire to cook failed). Finally, wanting some sort of meat, I went to the sausage section. Looking for the cheapest meat I could find, I decided upon “virta dešra.” It was risky buying this because: 1) I don’t read Lithuanian, 2) I couldn’t see what the meat looked like as it was in a red package, and 3) it was only 2 litas. But I put it in

Disappointed but not wanting to be picky or to ruin my dinner I put the meat in my pasta anyways. And thus became my first official dinner in Lithuania: hot dog pasta. Three weeks after that near disastrous dinner I can now confidently say I can make chicken pasta and chicken stir fry & rice without a problem. While my food selections are still primarily based

Personal Archive

my basket anyways. Back at Neumann in my pod lounge I started to make pasta with this sausage. The noodles were perfect. The garlic smelled heavenly. The cheese was grated. All I needed was the meat. So I opened up my virta dešra. And to my complete dismay I found that this sausage was not what I thought it would be. It looked, smelled, and tasted like a hot dog (not exactly appetizing in pasta).

on if I can read the label, I haven’t given up on cooking. I have come to enjoy the satisfaction of making my own meals and eating with my new friends in such a welcoming community. Furthermore, I have graduated from using the microwave every night to using the stove every night. Each dinner is a new experience with cooking and so far I haven’t made another version of hot dog pasta. But who knows what I’ll stumble upon next in Iki?


Pursuit. Delight. Joy.

Although for some, God is not as applicable in life as for others, yet would it not be beyond amazing if there was/is “someone” who is perfect in all possible ways and this “someone” is pursuing you with the greatest



GREATEST Love Story Ever Told passion and dedication ever found upon this earth? I dare to believe that no one would say “no” to such a proposition. Just think for a moment about a possibility such as this. Yes, even now as you are reading this very article, put down the newspaper for a minute or two and ask yourself that question. I do not ask you to suddenly believe that there is a God or that your life without Him is not as complete as it could and should be; all I am asking from you is to ask yourself that question and answer it earnestly. Now, I will take that leap of faith and tell you that God

Photo by Gintarė Varankevičiūtė

If you have noticed, last week our campus was marked by one topic -- JOY! During chapel, Garrett Gilliland was sharing about joy and not just any kind of joy, but the complete and unshakable joy in Jesus Christ. On Thursday, two amazingly creative and witty teams entertained us and hopefully the great portion of earnest laughter balanced out the evident lack of sunshine (cheers, guys, for all your labor and wit J). However sad it will be to hear this, I will not be telling you any jokes for the next couple of paragraphs, but I still want to encourage you to stick with me for a few more columns to hear about the greatest love story ever told.

is pursuing you with a great zeal and devotion and this action is not based on your (my) choices of belief. God has chosen to pursue us (you) and our skepticism will not alter His loving and faithful character. This is how I see our world and people; before man can pursue God, God must first pursue man. This is the humbling definition of the greatest love story ever told. Yes, I do know that you are all familiar with the story of Jesus and His death on the cross, but again, would it not be more than wonderful if this story were true and that the person of Jesus and the meaning that He holds is not just a fairy-tale packed with hope, love, passion, miracles and life. What if God is real and what if the King of all Kings is pursuing you despite your choice to reject Him? Please, do not take me wrong. I do not want to scold you or prove you wrong; I myself have times of doubt and rejection; and yet He stills pursues me relentlessly. I try to hide from Him at times and my King of Kings seeks me out, so He could delight in me. To delight - to take great pleasure - in you. Again, would it not be magnificent to walk through this life knowing that “someone” who is perfect in all possible ways not only seeks you, but also delights in you. “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love… I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete” (John 15:9-11). Remain… remain...remain… in God’s relentless pursuit after my heart.

Gintarė Varankevičiūtė

Are you ready for

Career and Business Fair 2011?

February 25th | MC gym | 12:00-14:00

Why is this career event important? It is quite obvious! Students get to personally talk to company representatives, find out about internship offers, summer work opportunities, skills and knowledge in demand and maybe even get the job. For employers it is an investment that will pay off with high interest by getting the most suitable candidates that satisfy their needs.

10 Reasons to attend the Career and Business Fair

1. Become more knowledgeable about career opportunities 2. Get more information on how to start own business 3. Strengthen professional networks 4. Increase your chances of interviewing with an employer 5. Take a break from classes or studying - and receive information and advice that could change your life and impact your future success 6. Get the answers to all your job-search questions - free of charge 7. Learn what skills are in demand 8. Land an internship, parttime, full-time or summer job 9. take advantage of opportunities to meet employers face-toface 10. Win lottery prizes provided by companies . The empirical research car-

ried out under the Erasmus programme project HEGESCO: “Higher Education as a Generator of Strategic Competencies” in 2009 revealed the fact that Lithuanian HE institutions place great emphasis on theory and scientific knowledge. A strong cooperation between HE institutions and employers is necessary for both successful and effective development of work-related competencies as well as for graduates’ general satisfaction with their work. Career and Business Fair is a first step towards this collaboration. Don’t miss it! Career and Business Fair 2011 will take place in Michealsen Center on February 25th, 2011 and is expecting again around 30 participants. The Fair provides opportunities not only for students looking for job and internships placements, but also for those interested in entrepreneurship and looking for practical advice. This year students will have a chance to make a good impression on companies like “MARS Lietuva“, „DnB NORD bankas“, „Rimi Lietuva“, „VPA Logistics and many other! Tips for successful Career and Business Fair: • Do your homework – find out more about the companies that will participate and are interesting for you, and surprise them with your knowledge • Review and print a dozen copies of your CV/Resume – do remember which companies you

gave them to • Ask for business cards – these contacts might be important for your future • Dress properly – like going to a job • Smile and be in a good mood and you will succeed! The Fair is organized together with Latvian and Lithuanian partners – Ventspils Digital Centre and Klaipėda‘s Economic Development Agency and is partially financed by “Latvia Lithuania cross border cooperation program 2007-2013” project ENTERBANK. JOIN us our Facebook and find more info on the web: www. CDC Office

Photo by Vasile Manea

Moose Fans Practice

Wednesdays @ 17:30 and Fridays @ 19:00 LCC Moose players invite you to a Moose Fans Basketball Practice. They will take you through the full basketball practice to improve your playing skills and versatility. Invite your friends-LCC Moose fans who can play as well. There is a possibility of forming a professional fan team and participating in a local tournament. More info to come up later... Go Mooooooose!

Denis Ivanov


Director: Catherine Hardwicke RED Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller RIDING HOOD

This is a story about a young girl, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), who is torn between two men. Her parents insist on her getting married to wealthy Henry. However, Valerie is in mad love with an ominous orphaned woodcutter Peter. Urged by their mutual feelings, the young couple plans to escape together. However, their plans happen to coincide with the murder of Valerie’s older sister. Villagers believe that the girl was killed by a werewolf. For many years people have been offering a monthly animal sacrifices to a beast to keep it

away from their homes. The murder of a human infuriated villagers, and they called on a famed werewolf hunter, Father Solomon (Gary Oldman). However, they don’t get what they were expecting; Solomon points out that a werewolf is a beast who turns into a human during the day. Consequently, it can be anyone in the village. Each month the werewolf kills more people and panic grips the town. Valerie starts suspecting that Peter might be the one that everyone is looking for. She has this unique connection with the beast which makes her both suspect

Gnomeo & Juliet

Director: Kelly Asbury Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

The greatest Shakespeare story ever told, starring… garden gnomes? Directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2), this interpretation gets a comical makeover. People still believe that those gnomes in their gardens are just plastic decorations. But as soon as they are out of the house, the fun begins. The movie tells a story about two generations of garden gnomes living in the neigh-

What ladies do on Saturdays…

We, girls, looove to talk. However, due to heavy load of classes and afterschool activities we rarely get a chance to slow down and listen to each others’ stories. That is why it is so great to have special Saturdays dedicated to such activities. I am talking about Mug n’ Muffin here. Mug n’ Muffin is an event organized by the Resident Life Team. It is held a few times per year and meant to bring together all


and bait… So, what is it- another version of a “Twilight” story of forbidden love between a human and a beast, or a thrilling dark version of a children’s story? Discover it by yourself starting on March 11, 2011.

ladies of LCC community in order to learn more about each other and discuss the most meaningful things in life. I, personally, never miss a chance to attend the event. What could be better than fresh coffee, delicious homemade muffins and pleasant company. Because the contents of the meetings stays highly confidential (sorry guys, it’s ladies only event after all), I will just say that stories shared by speakers are extremely valuable and interesting. After all, we all can relate to this or

borhood. Traditionally, red and blue gnomes conflict with each others. No less traditional, is a romantic feeling that charming Juliet evokes in courageous Gnomeo. Elton John’s music and the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt lead the main characters to the… happy ending? You’ll figure it out after February 11, 2011. that life experience. So those of you, ladies, who did not have a chance to attend Mug n’ Muffin earlier, really should consider attending the event in the future. Iryna Velykokhatko

Illustration by Iveta Railaitė

The Other Woman Director: Don Roos Genre: Drama

The movie features the life story of a Harvard law school graduate and a newlywed, Emilia (Natalie Portman). She has just married a successful New York lawyer, Jack, her ex-boss who divorced his wife to


be with Emilia. They are happily married…until their newborn daughter dies under the strangest conditions. Emilia steps into an exhausting struggle with her grief and attempts to connect with her stepson William at the same time. However, she finds it nearly impossible to cope with any of these tasks. Jack is angry with her, his jealous ex-wife pits William against Emilia, and her own conscience seems to be burdened with some guilt. Watch the adaptation of bestselling author Ayelet Waldman’s novel on February 4, 2011.


Director: Kevin Macdonald Genre: Adventure In 2 AD, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) leaves Rome for the British Isles. Marcus Aquila is following the legend of the 5,000-strong Ninth Legion, which 20 years earlier, under the command of Flavius Aquila, was carrying the golden Eagle emblem to the north. However, they never came back. Marcus is determined to solve a riddle of the Legion’s disappearance, find peace with his father’s absence, and return the golden Eagle. During his travels, he hears a rumor that the emblem was seen in a tribal temple far north. Accompanied by his slave Esca, Marcus starts a dangerous journey to the highlands of Scotland. Savage tribes and unpredictable dangers stand in their way.

Sasha Zinevych

IBP is recruiting new members International Business Professionals (IBP) is a student club for business majors who tend to apply theory learned in class into practice. IBP was founded in Fall 2009. Our most prominent project was the Intercultural Café launched in Spring 2010. IBP members appreciate creative thinking and social responsibility that prevail in our decision-making. Currently IBP is recruiting motivated business major students, who are willing to share knowledge and learn through practice. All interested, please contact Vasile Manea (

IBP Vision

However, the further they get on their journey, the more Marcus realizes that the mystery of his father’s disappearance might be connected to the secret of Esca’s identity and loyalty. The secret is revealed when the two of them come face-to-face with the warriors of the Seal Prince. What are the answers to all the questions and riddles that emerge from this edge of your seat adventure story? Find this out after February 11, 2011.

Our vision is to provide each club member with opportunities to gain critical and analytical skills, to develop entrepreneurial vision, to amplify creativity and to utilize these skills in leadership positions in the business world.

IBP Mission Our mission is to guarantee a hands-on approach to understanding recent business trends and concepts. We are continuous learners. We learn on day-to-day basis as the outcome of our various activities. We appreciate every opportunity in our lives and embark on new endeavors after thinking both critically and creatively.


by Polina Kostyrya

The winter has stayed for too long in Klaipeda! I do not know about others, but I am pretty tired of finding myself on the icy ground after slipping on the way to LCC again and again. We got to put the end to it! I was thinking of various «how to», and remebered of a Russian traditional holiday Maslenitsa, that is meant to drive winter away and celebrates its end. However, the holiday season will start only 28th of February, so the pancake recipe will “surprise” you in next edition along with the workshop and little celebration. So what can we do in January? Well, let us at least start preparing for Spring to come and make our kitchen little more springy by cooking some Spring rolls in there.


Spring Rolls


Rice vermicelli Rice wrappers 1 carrot ½ of long cucumber Salad Scrimp(if you want) Spicy sause

1. Bring a medium saucepan of water to boil (with a pinch of salt). Boil rice vermicelli 3 to 5 minutes and drain.

2. Meanwhile, peel a carrot and a cucumber and cut them into a thin sticks about 5 cm long. Chop (or simply tear) the salad. If you want to add shrimps, either boil or fry them. 3. Next step: in a frying pan heat up some water to dip wrappers in. When boiled, take it off the fire.

4. One by one dip the wrappers into the water (keep them there for 1 minute or less, until softens) and immediatly fill it up with the filling, putting it in the bottom of the wrapper and holding it along the way. When the roll is done, diagonally cut it in halfs. 5. Put the sause in a saucebowl and enjoy dipped spring rolls!

The recipe I shared is of fresh spring rolls, BUT good news for the lovers of fried food, in a traditional recipe after filled up rolls are deep-fried in vegetable oil. Try it and see what kind you like best!

Photo by Polina Kostyrya

The topic for ESF is BoSTUDENT FORUM logna System: The Unified Euro-

On February 18-19, at LCC International University, European Student Forum will be held. ESF is designed to motivate students to learn about European issues and contribute to their solutions, as well as to promote European values and active citizenship. The forum is concentrated on developing the problemsolving paradigm for the European issues. ESF promotes knowledgeable debate and critical evaluation of every suggestion for making the best decision to the problem.


Photo by Polina Kostyrya

pean Education. Speakers on the topic are coming from Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. LCC International University Student Council believes that this topic represents a particular interest for the students in Lithuania now with its rapid integration into EU and international students coming in to get quality education. Personally, I think that ESF is worth attending, as it covers some important issues for European students. It promotes

European values of active citizenship, human rights, and democracy. The forum also stimulates leadership development among college students, so those who are interested should definitely come. Oleksandra Smolyar


ForForToday Today is an aspiring

band that has risen in the so called “American hardcore scene”. They originated in 2005, played over 1000 shows, and have recorded three albums in three years under the label Facedown Records. Their most recent release is entitled Breaker. This new piece of artwork is a heart throbbing, in your face, drive fast, spiritual rollercoaster. Breaker’s overall theme is based on God’s role in our lives and how he breaks us when we lose sight of him and our faith begins to

diminish. When we begin to turn to this world for fulfillment God continues to pick us up, break our worldly habits, and turn us back to his truth. God is the Breaker! This album, full of musical passion and heartfelt lyrics, is the result. Breaker easily deserves more than a onetime listen through. Be sure to try out this new album and previous For Check out the band’s music at: Today albums as they are all outstanding works of music.!/ForToday

age folk musician who operates under the name of Iron and Wine. This bearded American folk singer has had success with two previous albums named, In the Reins and The Shepherd’s Dog. His newest album entitled Kiss Each Other Clean is again a very fun and melodic piece of ear candy. It has an outgoing, smooth and easy sound that appeals to all audiences of different tastes. Its versatility and breath like feel, allow you to focus on the details of both the lyrics and outstanding musicianship. Sam Beam’s sound reaches further than just an indie-folk sound but into a realm that reflects great musicians such as Steely Dan, Paul Simon, and Steve Miller band. This album’s emotion hits you like a freight train moving from

to a sorrow felt sadeyed ballad. The only criticism of Iron and Wine is that Sam likes to sneak a seldom word into a song or two that might not be of the best choice. Granted his lyrical combinations make for a beautiful poetic tune, but he does enjoy to sometimes include some word gestures that may throw some audience members back in their seats. Overall though, I would say that Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron and Wine is a great album with a

Iron and Wine: Kiss Each Other Clean Sam Beam is a bit of a new a soul funk sound

multi dimensional sound that is bound to make you feel good, sad, happy, mad, and in awe. I would defiantly recommend it.

Tyler Strout


Comedy Show or KVN KVN is a well-known student

Photo by Natalia Burganova

comedy show in CIS countries. Russian: КВН, an abbreviation of Russian: “Клуб веселых и находчивых» [«Club of the Happy and Inventive»] Those of you, who haven’t been to KVN this last Thursday, have actually missed a good laugh! The Intercultural teamorganized annual comedy show entertained both the students and the professors who showed up. I admit that I, myself, was skeptical about going. To be honest, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Photo by Natalia Burganova

Yet Neufeld Hall was stuffed, cameras ready and the two opposing teams were anxious. The show kicked off, introducing Kulverstukas and Erik Kasper teams. Most of the participants have participated in the two previous KVN shows at LCC. Still, tell you what – these guys know how to make people laugh. They triggered likely all the problems that arise for the students, and the issues that LCC faces. The audience laughed hard at jokes about no Internet in Karklu, the new security system, the new dormitory, the teaching manners of some professors, and even the maintenance guys in Karklu. Despite a few jokes being rather “heavy”, they have all been to the point. That is exactly why people were leaving so reluctantly – they wanted more.

Photo by Natalia Burganova

Vaiva Pelanyte


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