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Dear readers, I am happy to start a new year with a new team, new ideas, new challenges, new aspirations and a totally new world of Student Times. I hope that YOU, in particular, are going to be a part of our new magazine. I personally promise that every one of YOU will find something interesting or useful for yourselves. Our team will inform you with the latest news of the campus that include staff and, most important, YOU, students. Also, some interesting “discoveries” that could be applied to your daily life as well as YOUR stories, advertisements, pictures and comments will be published in the magazine. I encourage YOU to participate in the development of Student Times by asking questions, by providing answers, and becoming the winners of our contests. Let’s make Student Times a pleasant break from school work! Kristina Petruitytė, editor-in-chief

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President Wall S

aturday, September 22, 2012 saw the swearing in of Dr. Marlene Wall as president of LCC International University. Held in the Michealsen Center, the inauguration ceremony featured an excellent lineup of speakers, a talented brass quintet, and a choral group. Art DeFehr, the founder of LCC, opened the ceremony with an introduction of Dr. Wall. They were joined on stage by the LCC Board of Directors, Dr. Edward O. Blews, Jr., the President for the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, Dr. Howard Loewen, dean of Fuller Seminary School of Theology, Mr. Vytautas Grubliauskas, mayor of Klaipeda, and LCC’s own Oleksii Rubel and Olha Naumets, the LCC Student Council President. After the opening ceremonies, Dr. Wall gave her inaugural address, followed by a response from Dr. Loewen. Finally, Mr. Allon Lefever, chair of the LCC Board of Directors, installed Dr. Wall as LCC’s sixth president to a standing ovation. The chorus and then the brass quintet closed out the ceremony. A congratulatory gathering was held immediately afterword in the Alumni Art Gallery.


Buddy Hocutt


Risk Takers

veryone at LCC has experience with foreigners. On a campus with twenty-eight nationalities represented, it is impossible not to. Of course there are students from all over Europe, but you may also have noticed some obviously non-Europeans. Meet your Fall 2012 studies abroad. Hailing from every corner of the United States, and as far as South Korea, a host of new students have chosen to spend this semester at LCC. Dubbed “Risk Takers,” by the study abroad staff, this group has stepped totally out of their comfort zone in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the world. Yours truly is one such student. Having grown up in the U.S., I can assure you that Americans as a whole have little experience outside of the states. But, there are always exceptions, and one of those exceptions is the group on campus this semester. The majority of the group began their international experience in Warsaw, Poland. Of course we were only in the airport, but the differences began immediately. We didn’t understand the language, the money was strange, and we were suddenly a minority... But we all survived and made our trip to Vilnius. After three days in Lithuania’s capital, we hopped on a bus to Klaipeda with a short stop at Trakai. Five hours later, we arrived on campus facing the last hints of jet lag and a weekend before class. From that point, our stories begin to diverge. We live on different floors, we are making different friends, and experiencing different things. To give a taste of our whirlwind first month in Lithuania, I

asked some of the studies abroad to share their favorite part of the trip so far, and their biggest surprise. Here’s what they had to say: “My favorite part of the trip so far has honestly been trying all of the new foods! Everything here is so fresh and tastes great! My biggest surprise has been walking through the halls and not understanding a single word that anyone is saying. I though everyone would speak English!” -Mariah Miller, Eastern University “Favorite part of the trip is probably getting to know people from all over the world and trying out all sorts of new food. I guess one [surprising] thing is, is that all these people at LCC are going to college and studying in their 2nd or 3rd language and that is amazing. Also, Lithuanians put ketchup on everything and that is surprising.” -Brady Anderson, Azusa Pacific University There you have it. Everyone knows American food is not all that exciting, so it is no surprise that so many new tastes make the top of the list (except for the ketchup thing, that’s a little weird…)! I have to agree with both Mariah and Brady on language. It is amazing to hear so many different tongues in such a small place, not to mention the fact that most students know at least two! All that said, the semester is still very young. We still have three months for new discoveries and I am sure there will be plenty! Here’s to more good food, learning a new language, and acquiring a taste for ketchup! Buddy Hocutt



“Welcome back!” ble and still believe that – Says everyone that handwritten papers are you meet on the way to your class. required. They look at the book that It seems so nice and pleasant to be they got in the Box intently and lisback. But then you realize that there ten to what is being said all around are so many unknown faces them even more intently. “It was a lot easier that are smiling at you. You They come to class earliin high school” smile back at them and ask er, they always have quesyourself “Excuse me, should I know tions, and they are all over the place! you”? Those faces seem lost; they Those unknown faces are freshmen! don’t know where to go, and they So, let’s meet them and find out what don’t know what to do. “I feel like I am a experiences they’ve They say that navigathad during their first part of a big family.” ing moodle is like misweeks at LCC. sion impossi“Wh ty to do n e l p e s i n e feel you “Ther s I even e l m i t a i e k m tt o e mee e here . S one is e m tin [you’r nd cla o s t a g get k th e a q . Alth ] hav sses yo thin me .” uiz ing oug how u stealing my ti h, w you a fu seri h u ous e n ny n der thi ou “[I have] never wanted to stan ngs d are sleep more than now in my .”

get cold .” o t y s a e “It ’s


whole life .”

“In the beginning it was more than hard /…/ but once you fit in , it gets so much better. Or at least you have to learn how to make it better.”

“Th e hom re is t o ma ework o muc n h . thi aged t Anyw n o a got g, but do ev y, I h e eno ow to [I] for ryugh slee p .”

much s i e c a l p s i “Th pected . x e I n a h t better y profesm e v o l t s I ju re super sors; they a nice too us.”

“Everybody said that most professors are really angry and strict, but [I] found out that they want to help their students anyway and are pretty kind .”

“They say that home is where your heart is. I know that LCC is now After all, it seems that freshmen have already my home because it has found their place in LCC community. So, don’t stolen my heart.” make them lose that feeling, because there was a time when we were in their shoes and needed “LCC International that feeling of belonging more than anything University has created else. And don’t be too mean about their mistakes and questions, because there are good a great impression for me . I made a lot of new things that they don’t know yet. For instance, [they] don’t need to do everyone’s dishes friends from different cultures. I hope to learn when they are on kitchen duty… But keep that a secret.

new things and apply them in my life .”

Kristina Petruitytė


Photos used were taken during the Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012

hing t y r e is e ev “I lik verything ] inE [the t p here . e c t ex c e f ion .” r t e c e p n con t e n r te

Capturing True Emotion LCC International University is full of talented and smart people. Let me introduce you to one of them: Angelina Kovalyova – the amazing photographer. -- Can you describe yourself in a few words? -- Optimistic, light-hearted, art+musiccraving, slightly introverted, and still on the quest of figuring out how people do their homework before 11pm. -- Who/What inspired you to do photography? -- I guess I am just a part of a visual generation. I like to like what I see. One day, after a couple of tries, I just felt that I could capture moments others couldn’t. Of course, there is still a huge room for improvement.


--Who are your favorite photographers? -- It is Hard to tell. There are so many photographers today that I’m not even sure I can call myself that. From the recent discoveries, I would note portraits of Anastasia Volkova, compositions of Rasa Baltrimaite, and professionalism of Chase Jarvis. -- Can you tell us about your models? Or maybe there are some funny stories behind the scenes? -- I love taking pictures of people. Most of all, I strive to catch their emotions naturally, without posing. I am always surprised, though, by the braveness and patience of some of my models. Some agree to pose in winter half undressed, some have to bear with me for some 15-20 min trying to get the right angle, some agree to get on the roof of the building even if they are afraid of heights… I totally appreciate their efforts, but in those moments, I’m glad I’m on the other side of the photo.

This lovely, talented and amazing photographer agreed on doing a photoshoot with you. Are you interested how and when?...well, then keep reading :) We will post every article on our Facebook page. All you need to do is to press „like“ and tell us why it is you favourite. Then our team will randomly pick a winner. Dont miss Your chance, because Your picture can be the next cover for our next Student Times issue.

Interviewed by Giedrė Trusovaitė

On a Budget! Don’t have any money? Don’t have any food? Well, we’ve got some great suggestions for you on how to cook something really tasty without too much pressure on your pocket! That way, you will always have some food in your fridge, and your stomach will be full and happy. Here are a few recipes for you. Enjoy! Rice with Veggies

onion with carrots for 5 minutes. While the veggies are frying, start boiling the potatoes. When the potatoes are almost ready, add your fried vegetables. Turn off the stove when the potatoes are done, add processed cheese, and stir the soup. Close the pot and let the soup sit for 2-3 minutes. P.S. If you add mushrooms, you will need You will need: rice, zucchini (half or one), to boil them first for 15 minutes, and then carrot (one), a little bit of garlic (if you like just follow the recipe above – it’s all the it). same. Don’t forget salt and pepper! How to make: Boil rice. While rice is boilYummy Chicken Stew ing, dice zucchini and grate the carrot. Put just a little bit of oil in the frying pan. Fry zucchini and carrot for 5-7 minutes In the end, add some garlic. Mix rice with fried veggies, and the dish is ready! P.S. For those who are not vegetarian – add some sausage or chicken. Don’t forget salt and pepper! French Soup You will need: chicken (breast, leg, whatever you like most), carrot (1), onion (1), tomato juice (1 glass), sugar (1 tea spoon). How to make: Start boiling the chicken (low heat). While the chicken is boiling, dice the carrot and cut the onion. Fry carrots with onions for 1-2 minutes. Add tomato juice, salt, and sugar Fry for 3-4 minYou will need: potatoes (2-3), onion (1), utes. Pour some water out of the chicken, carrot (1), processed cheese (“plavlennyi and add the veggies Make stew until the syr”) (2-3), mushrooms (for cheaper ver- chicken is fully ready. sion, no mushrooms are needed). P.S. Try to leave very little water, so you How to make: Cut an onion (the smaller can add the stew to rice, potatoes, or the pieces, the better). Grate a carrot Fry buckwheat. Alla Timoshenko


Catching up with summer plan

Hi! I‘m back! You are so lucky to hear from me again that I am almost jealous of you… So summer is over. Rainy fall’s ahead of us. Only eight more months to go. And then we will party again! Which, I did party this summer quite a bit. What else did I do? Good question! ;) You’re in for a treat because I’ll share with you my summer-to-do list and the story of my success. I wanted these holidays to be different, distinctive and more productive. I was tired of traveling around Europe and seeing all the Guccis, flirting with guys on the Eiffel tower, and tasting wine in Tuscany. I told myself that this summer was going to be intellectual, innovative, and meaningful. So my list looked something like this:


How did it go? Fantastically! ;)

Firstly, I waited for some hot weather, which took a while since in my country it only starts reaching 45 degrees in the middle of June. Patience is rewarded (If you ever cite this thought, give me credit). And mine was – I bought a Cosmopolitan and laid down on my towel by the ocean… Could I be having a more meaningful time?! So tasks number one and four – check! Then at the end of June my mother forced me to go visit my grandma… She lives in the country - a place where people don’t have television and have never seen high heels before! It really is true, because when I got there she asked me what I was wearing. I was completely shocked. “Valentinos! The same ones that Tyra Banks wore in the last episode of ANTM.” She still had no idea what I was talking about. I thought I wasn’t going to survive out there… But it turned out much better then expected! I was tired so I went to sleep quite early. Grandma woke me up in the middle of the night saying that I have to earn the bread I would be eating (as if I would put those heavy, fat-dripping carbohydrates to my mouth). “It’s six o’clock – time to milk the cows!” my grandma said. I had no choice… Since I was in a village, I realized that very little preparation and make-up was needed. At 7:45 I was ready. Apparently, the cow I had the honor to meet was much more approving of my Valentinos. Yes, I tried to milk her. And I don’t want to talk about it. Her name is Solnushka and she always carries a big bell as her necklace – not very classy but quite useful. Just let it ring and breakfast is there. The rest of the day I was quite lazy – I laid by a swamp in the hopes of getting a tan. Sol-

nushka joined me. I suddenly felt so lonely… I missed Tyra, Nicole and Beyonce. All my friends were so far away; they were at least two hundred kilometers from this deserted village. Well, the result of being so alone? I learned that cows are amazing listeners! Her intellectual face and understanding look were the best medicine for my pain. So – plans number five, six, and eight – check! As for number two – you didn’t actually believe I was going to watch basketball, did you?? What’s the difference between this sport and picking apples and putting them in baskets? None! So number two – done! And number three is tricky – Akropolis will have to take care of it! ;) There you go, guys - a priceless lesson on how to have a productive summer. I really am proud of myself ! Now the only devastating reality is studies. Stay with me – we’re in the same sinking boat named LCC… But I am here to relieve your miseries! See you in the next edition! Love you, hug you, kiss you, Ruby Rouble

How not to spoil your relationship with a bed? Honestly, most of us probably face kind of a fragile relationship with our beds now. Isn’t that true? Do you remember warm, sunny summer mornings when you two used to spend time together? The relationship was built on trust and sensitive feelings. You used to make photos together, eat breakfast together, and surf the internet together. Did cold, windy mornings come into your daily life and slowly start to spoil your relationship? Do

you feel guilty every morning when you have to leave your best friend alone in the dark? Don’t worry. There are some ways you can make up everything! Firstly, you should wake up five minutes earlier in the morning, so you could spend it on precisely making up your bed. Not only you, but also your sweet friend likes to be attractive and good looking. Secondly, never ever go to sleep angry. You have a clear and mutual friendship with your bed; therefore, it feels your emotional peaks. Ultimately, both of you will have a bad night which may lead to a conflict. Next, you should not sleep during class time because that way you will lose valuable time that you could be spending with your sweet bed. Every day, try to go to sleep at the same time. Consistency in this particular relationship is crucial. You feel it hard to leave the bed every morning because it is holding you tightly. The main reason for this is that your lovely friend doesn’t know whether you are going to come back at all! Moreover, you should cut out all noise at night. This part of the day is so special and dedicated just to spend your time together. Don’t disturb it! Additionally, you should get rid of your habit to put your alarm clock under the pillow. This drives your bed crazy! Just imagine crazy dingdong melodies ringing straight in your ear. The best thing you could do is to put the alarm clock as far as possible from your bed. This will help to prevent your bed from being scared every morning. All in all, every relationship is individual. You should listen to your inner voice when making decisions on how to spend your time together. Act with your bed as with a child: love, take care, but don’t pamper too much. Greta Šukytė


Night guide – what it looks like. Tonight we are going out! In this article I will shortly describe three night clubs and one after party night bar where you can spend a memorable night. I will also mention the upcoming parties which will happen in the beginning of October. With the help of this guide, you can decide where to loosen your mind after the week of accounting, political economy, psychology, and so on… yeah, yeah, we all know what it feels like… PARTY ZONE – PARTY IS ON! So, we decide to go out… we had a preparty in any bar (depends on your taste), and now it’s time for our club trip. Our first choice today is Port Club. PORT NightClub Address: Naujoji Uosto g.11 This is a new nightclub, so I will give some background for you guys. The grand opening took place in June and he-e-ere it goes! Brilliant parties with an exceptional Port Club charisma. Port Club’s absolutely modern design and style is like a breath of fresh air. The club has been successfully operating since it’s grand opening, and it has become very popular in a very short period of time. So, yes, I encourage you to spend your night at Port Club! Now... we have spent few hours in Port club and we want to see how the good old Dr. Who is doing. Dr. WHO NightClub. Address: Naujojo Sodo g.1 A great nightclub, located on the first floor of Amberton Hotel Klaipeda. I hope you’ve been there at least a few times; if you haven’t, you surely have to check it out! It’s a super


matching place for your night out. In the end of May, Dr. Who club was celebrating its 4th birthday. I would describe it as a classy, stylish, and wild place. Dr. Who is one of the best night clubs in Lithuania, and it has a great reputation. The club has a decent face control, so you don’t have to worry about guys from “California” club drinking their 10th beer in a row and tweaking girls. The staff team in Dr. Who is the most sociable and well organized. They create a warm, friendly atmosphere. Should you go to Dr Who? Yes! Fabrik ( ex Kiwi club) Adress: J. Janonio g. 27 The biggest Lithuanian club by it’s size, and a student favorite. For those of you who don’t know yet, old Kiwi club was closed for renovation for three weeks, but when the club reopened, it became “Fabrik” club instead of “Kiwi” (First reaction: WHAT?HOW?). Yes, Fabrik, and the new design has a kind of underground, basement style, especially the bar place just by the entrance (Pay attention to the new ceiling when you step in). Usually Fabrik is busy on Thursdays, when the club organizes student nights. And usually it is hot in Fabrik… It’s late. Fabrik is closed, other clubs as well, but when it’s six in the morning, we don’t give up. We know the place to go… Mr. Bond Bar Adress: Zveju g.10 Mr. Bond is my favorite bar. It does not matter where you party all night long, you have to end up in Mr. Bond. That’s how

people do it. In Mr. Bond, you can have your drinks by the bar, dance on the bar, run on the bar, or fall from the bar–– it’s all up to you. You can dance on a small dance floor or relax on the sofa. About the drinks and cocktails: as an independent expert, I have to mention that in Mr. Bond you can get the tastiest cocktails in Klaipeda. The bar men just know how to do it! Also, in Mr. Bond, you can enjoy dancing all nigh long with the most popular DJ’s: Driule XL, Uncle Roll, and Martin Zoo. And, when the morning comes, don’t be too disturbed; you can see a bicycle inside, a flying banana, or someone falling from the bar. People just have FUN, and believe me, Mr. Bond is FUN! In Klaipeda, you are now really able to

have a great party, as long as you know where and with whom to go. But remember to even out your time. Being able to study and to party is really a difficult art, so please keep a balance. In my next articles, I will tell you about more clubs and bars that deserve your attention, party buses, ship parties, Ninjia Music, Oxy Programs, ZIP FM, and more, more, more! And, as I promised, the events for the first week of October: BLABLABLA EVENTS WHICH ARE STILL NOT AVAILABLE! Dear friends, remember the slogan: OPA OPA OPAPA, JUDA JUDA KLAIPEDA! DISHINDA! If you don’t know it yet, you probably stay home too much. Think about it ;) Always yours, Anna Kaya



Every fall, LCC hosts one of the biggest conferences in Lithuania – it is the Global Leadership Summit. This event gathers various businessmen, pastors, and leaders of different organizations in Lithuania and in neighboring countries. The origin of this event comes from the Willow Creek organization in Chicago, United States. During this event, various leaders of today give speeches on various topics. This event is inspiring not only for its participants but also for those who work behind the curtain. During this event, around eighty people volunteer and help to serve the participants. Are you interested in accepting this challenge? If yes, you will have the opportunity to not only serve, but also see the program for FREE and perhaps even find new acquaintances who might later become good friends. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Also, for more information read at



Student Times vol.1, October 2012  
Student Times vol.1, October 2012  

1st Edition October 1, 2012