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Successful School Fundraiser Ideas for School Stores and School Events School Fundraising for School at School Whether you are an elementary, middle or high school, a PTA or PTO group, opening a School Store on campus means year-long school fundraising. It’s a safe alternative to doorto-door fundraisers. Here’s another plus - there is no up-front investment for your school fundraising project. Student Supply offers instant credit to public schools and yes, we accept school purchase orders. Order your product now and pay in 30 days. Successful School Fundraising Can Happen Right At School! School Fundraising Ideas for School Stores: Stock your school store with a good mix of products. Certainly carry the basic school supplies like pencils, pens, erasers and paper but add a little excitement by offering a few novelty items from our list of Best Sellers. Items like water bottles, backpacks, and dog tags, all customized with your school name or mascot. PROMOTE YOUR SCHOOL STORE! Advertise it over the loud speaker at school, send emails, create a school store section on your school website; just get your message out there! To get started, we suggest you try one of our School Fundraiser Package Deals. Package Deals include many of our best selling basic school supplies along with some popular novelty items. Check Out Some Of Our School Fundraising Ideas! School fundraising package #8000: 32 different units included in this variety & value packed deal. Package Deal has everything from best sellers to everyday standard school supplies and brand name products from Bic, Elmer's, Crayola and more.

Support Your School Fundraiser, Customize Your School Fundraising and Make Big Profits With These Popular School Fundraiser Items. Profits generated from custom school products can greatly impact your school fundraising goals! Promote school spirit and have custom school merchandise available for sale at school functions such as Open House, Curriculum Night, Spirit Day & sporting events as well as your School Store. Stand out in the crowd - set up a fundraising table at school events and make yourself visible. Anywhere students and parents gather is an opportunity to raise funds for your school. Student Supply charges NO SHIPPING & FREE SET UP on our custom school merchandise.

Customized Dog Tags For Massive School Fundraising Potential Incredibly popular with kids of all ages (K-12) our Dog Tags are a huge favorite in schools. Your school fundraising profit potential is $2,390.

Quench Your School Fundraising Needs With Our School Water Bottles And Raise Big Cash For Your School Fundraiser Is your school thirsty for cash? Need band uniforms, sports uniforms or have other special needs that a school fundraiser can fulfill for you? Always popular, our customized water bottles are handy for quick sips between classes and hydration at team practice, while stuffing the school treasury with cash.

Earn big dollars selling this popular school fundraising item at your school. Your profit potential is a whopping $4,000.

Pack Up Some School Fundraising Profits With These School Backpacks In Your School Colors With Your School Name And Mascot What can we say? Backpacks are in and for good reason. Easy to carry, kids can be stuff them full of books, notebooks and homework. These sturdy nylon backpacks are perfect for a school fundraiser. Kids love having a backpack wrapped in the colors and mascots of your "school spirit". Pack up hefty profits with our backpacks to the tune of over $6,000.

Learn More About School Fundraising From The Leader In The Field, Student Supply Visit our site to learn about how we can help your school with your school fundraising needs. Hundreds of products for school fundraising or to operate a school store for a perpetual school fundraiser year around. School Store: Learn how to operate your school store for maximum school fundraising profits year around and stock up on your school store supplies from the leader in the business. School Fundraising Ideas: Visit our site for hundreds of school fundraising ideas with hundreds of products for operating your own school store or for special school fundraising projects.

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Successful School Fundraiser Ideas for School Stores and School Events  

Whether you are an elementary, middle or high school, a PTA or PTO group, opening a School Store on campus means year-long school fundraisin...

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