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SCHEDULE At-A-Glance Welcome to #SSDP2017, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy International Conference! This year, we gather in Portland, Oregon, where cannabis laws are largely sensible and, like nearby Seattle and Vancouver, the promise of safe consumption facilities seems within reach. We chose Portland because this region represents the future SSDPers are building together.

FRIDAY: 03.24.2017

SUNDAY: 03.26.2017

5:00pm – 8:00pm Registration

9:00am – 6:00pm Registration, Exhibitor Hall Open

6:00pm – 8:00pm Welcome reception with light hors d’oeuvres and cash bar 8:00pm – 10:00pm Congress I (students only) 8:00pm – 10:00pm Alumni gathering

SATURDAY: 03.25.2017 9:00am – 6:00pm Registration, Exhibitor Hall Open 9:00am – 9:30am Breakfast

Student and alumni members from at least 13 countries and 28 states are represented here. We live and advocate in communities with drug policies which are tremendously punitive and those which we hold up as exemplary. We face unique cultural or political barriers regardless of our origins, but we’re bound together by our shared belief that drug policies must be rooted in evidence, compassion, justice, and human rights.

9:30am – 10:15am Keynote: Awesome Electeds! Advancing drug policy reform from elected office 10:30am – 11:30am Breakout Sessions (4)

9:00am – 9:30am Breakfast with Eric Sterling, SSDP's Fairy Godfather 9:30am – 10:15am Plenary: Inspiration from the Home of Harm Reduction 10:30am – 11:30am Breakout Sessions (4) •

Expungements, Sealing, and Clemency: Learning the options for clearing up criminal records

The War on Families: Who else is the drug war hurting?

Contemporary Campus Harm Reduction

Drug Policy Reform in the Global South: Options, new approaches, and experiences

11:45am – 12:45pm Breakout Sessions (5) •

West African Perspectives on Drug Use and Policy

We’re All In This Together: Bridging political divides & ending the war on drugs

Beyond Legalization: Ensuring sensible marijuana policy

Mechanisms of Psychedelic Psychotherapy

A New Look into Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

Online Organizing in the Surveillance Age - Presented by Electronic Frontier Foundation

Going Global: Becoming an effective advocate for international issues

Legal Observer Training - Hosted by the National Lawyers Guild

SSDPers on the Front Lines: When empathy becomes activism

11:45am – 12:45pm Breakout Sessions (4)

We do this work knowing that we may not agree on much beyond drug policy, but that the turbulent politics of our time require us to be steadfast in our commitment to our shared values and celebrate our differences because they make us stronger. You’ll find that this year’s program, developed by student and alumni members, reflects this challenge -- and opportunity. We will also engage in classic skills training in community organizing, direct service and action, policy change, and education. We will celebrate our accomplishments and our rockstars, meet new friends, and prepare ourselves to return to our work Monday with a renewed sense of what brought us here. Thank you for joining us to create and participate in this transformative experience. Sensibly, Betty, Stacia and the SSDP Team

Activist Self-Care Workshop

Rural Landscapes in Drug Policy Reform

A Feminist Critique of the Drug War

1:00pm – 2:30pm Lunch + Networking

Staying Woke: Ally-ship, racial politics, and collateral consequences of the drug war

2:45pm – 3:45pm Breakout sessions (5) •

“I'm Done with School. Now What?” Staying Involved After College

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Eradicating the Compound Stigmatization of the LGBTQ Community and Drug Use

Creating a Culture of "Test Before You Ingest"

Tools for Change: Using strategic litigation for drug policy reform

1:00pm – 2:30pm Lunch + Congress II 2:45pm – 3:45pm Breakout sessions (5) •

Abstinence, Recovery, Stigma, and the Drug Policy Reform Movement

Developing a Global Youth Coalition around Drug Policy for 2019

Taking Action on State and Local Campaigns

SSDP Just Say Know Peer Education Training

Developing a Global Youth Coalition around Drug Policy for 2019

4:00pm – 5:00pm Breakout sessions (4) •

Fundraising for Change

Sex and Drug (Policies) are Great Together: Building critical alliances between sex worker and drug user activists

The Future of Psychedelic Law & Policy: Past, present, and beyond

The Globalized Environmental Impacts of Drug Prohibition

5:15pm – 5:45pm Plenary: Lived Experiences: Stories from the other side of the War on Drugs

4:00pm – 5:00pm Breakout sessions (4) •

The Stigma Surrounding People Who Inject Drugs

They Said What?? Crafting The Right Message for Your Audience

The Activists' Toolkit: How to make direct actions count

Drugs & Indigenous Cultures: An anthropological history

5:15pm – 5:45pm DARE Keynote: When Dehumanization and Scapegoating Turns Deadly: President Duterte and the drug war in the Philippines 5:45pm – 6:15pm Closing Ceremonies

8:00pm – 9:00pm Awards ceremony doors open + cash bar 8:30pm – 9:30pm Awards ceremony 9:30pm – 1:00am Live music featuring The Wets and The Resinators, dance party, cash bar



Education Manager Vilmarie Narloch will also

Beyond Legalization: Ensuring sensible marijuana policy

briefly share more about the evolution of the

Sonia Espinosa, Jesce Horton, Kamani

Welcome Reception

program into the 2nd edition as a result of

Jefferson, David McNicoll, Sam Tracy

East Salon Meet and greet reception for all attendees.

SSDPer feedback.


FRIDAY: 03.24.2017 u


6:00P - 8:00P

7:00P - 7:30P

discuss your thoughts on the program. Drug


9:30A - 10:15A

Opening Remarks

Awesome Electeds! Advancing Drug Policy Reform from Elected Office

East Salon

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Welcome to Portland! SSDP staff and alumni

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum

will help you make the most of #SSDP2017,

East Salon

and SSDP founding advisor Adam Smith will

Oregon's US Representative Earl Blumenauer

orient you to our host city.

and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum are


8:00P - 10:00P

trailblazers for cannabis and drug policy

Proper regulations are vital to a successful legal cannabis policy. This panel, featuring leaders of organizations working to improve adult use cannabis legislation, will explore pitfalls and opportunities of existing regulations -- including barriers to participation in regulated markets -- and how you and your chapter can play a role in influencing sensible marijuana policy.

the will of Oregon voters and taking sensible

A New Look into Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

approaches to drug policy. We'll discuss how

Zane Bader, Alexander Betsos, Nazlee

they're ensuring Oregon's ability to regulate

Maghsoudi, Logan Tibbetts

cannabis through legal markets, why they fight


inequity in the War of Drugs, and how you can

In the last 10 years, use of research chemicals,

followed by a question and answer session in

bolster their efforts at home.

otherwise known as novel psychoactive

which students and current board members


SSDP Student Congress - Part I East Salon During SSDP Congress: Part I, attendees will be introduced to the student candidates running to serve on SSDP’s Board of Directors. The candidates will deliver brief speeches,

will pose questions regarding the candidates’ qualifications to serve on the Board. All students are strongly encouraged to attend this Congress session and get to know the candidates, as students in active SSDP chapters will be voting on their top choices for Board members the following day.

Alumni Dinner Jantzen Beach Bar and Grill SSDP Alumni conference attendees are

reforms, leading their peers in defending

10:30A - 11:30A

SSDPers on the Front Lines: When empathy becomes activism Irina Alexander, Vilmarie Narloch, Jason Ortiz Crown Zellerbach SSDP alumni will discuss their experiences as direct service providers in the fields of mental health, substance use treatment, harm reduction, education, and other human services for individuals and communities impacted by the War on Drugs and other

substances (NPS), has been on the rise globally. There is limited information about the safety of NPS in terms of clinical trials, yet their popularity as substitutes for more traditional illicit drugs is growing. This session will focus on the phenomenon of NPS rather than on individual substances. Panelists will discuss how NPS may work in the brain, the culture of online NPS purchasers, how NPS legislation is occurring abroad, and what possibilities NPS offers for drug policy advocates.

11:45P - 12:45P

related policies. Learn how you can


incorporate your SSDP activism into your

A Feminist Critique of the Drug War

daily work life while serving populations most

Emory Basso, Sarah Merrigan, Shayla

beverages at the hotel restaurant. You won't

marginalized by the policies we fight.

Schlossenberg, Rachelle Yeung

want to miss this warm, intergenerational

West African Perspectives on Drug Use and Policy

invited to celebrate SSDP's 19 years cultivating outstanding leaders and changemakers. You are welcome to purchase your own food and

gathering of friends!

SATURDAY: 03.25.2017 u

9:00A - 9:30A

Breakfast East Salon


9:00A - 9:30A

Juana Boateng, Blessing Davids, Stephen Oguntoyinbo Weyerhaeuser West Africa has become a hub for drug trafficking, and drug misuse among the region's youth populations has risen as a result. The West Africa Commission on Drugs,

Crown Zellerbach Explore the intersection between feminism and the movement to end the War on Drugs through the question of bodily autonomy and the manner in which a person’s ability to make choices affecting their own body is limited both by gender-based regulations (ie. pregnancy, sex work, etc.) and by drug prohibition. Discussion will examine the unique role women and gender-variant

SSDP Peer Educator Meetup

in a report released in June 2014, developed a


set of evidence-based recommendations that

Just Say Know Peer Educators -- and those

call for West African States to treat drug use

interested in becoming one -- are encouraged

as a public health issue, invest in evidence-

to grab your breakfast in the ballroom and

based health services, and reform existing

Rural Landscapes in Drug Policy Reform

join us in Weyerhaeuser to meet each other,

laws on drugs. This panel will give insight into

Sam Chapman, Samantha Melius, Katie Stone,

talk about what it's been like to go through the

drug policy in Ghana and Nigeria and discuss

Beau Whitney

training, discuss what Peer Education activities

ending the War on Drugs in the region.


you have done or plan to do, and otherwise

individuals play in both the illicit drug market and the drug policy reform movement.

The landscape of the rural US, heavily


dependent upon industries like agriculture,

choices to elect new Student Directors who

preparing students to become campaign

is often overlooked by politicians and aid

will serve a two-year term on SSDP’s Board of

leaders. Learn from experienced grassroots

organizations. While rural communities

Directors. Chapters attending the conference

organizers and bring concrete skills to

consistently exhibit higher rates of poverty

must be present at this Congress session in

your work that will help you maximize your

and drug use than their urban counterparts,

order to vote. Active chapters will also have

chapter’s impact in future reforms.

access to counseling, harm reduction services,

the opportunity to propose nonbinding

and treatment programs lag and those under

resolutions to influence the direction of the

30 are hit the hardest. Where does sensible

organization, if adopted by the student body.

drug policy reform fit among the social risk

Non-student attendees are invited to quietly

factors fueling “rural flight,” poverty, and the

observe Congress or pick up a box lunch and

opioid epidemic? Gain insights into how your

find a place to eat nearby.

chapter can more effectively bridge drug policy with agricultural policy and build lasting

2:45P - 3:45P

Jake Agliata, Scott Bernstein, Nick Kent, Marisa Morales Loyola Clackamas While last year's UNGASS showed that the global consensus on drugs is unraveling, there

relationships with rural communities.

Abstinence, Recovery, Stigma, and the Drug Policy Reform Movement

is still much work to be done at and through

Activist Self-Care Workshop

Lauren Gabrielle, Kat Humphries, Jerry Otero,

global drug war. Young people need to be

Irina Alexander, Rob Hofmann, Vilmarie

Nick Rosenberg, Logan Tibbetts

at the forefront of the movement to reform

Narloch, Rachel Wissner

Crown Zellerbach

punitive drug laws, especially at the UN where


Is there room for people in recovery in the

our voices are often absent. This panel will

As activists, we tend to put our work and the

drug policy reform movement? How do

take a look ahead to the next big UN review of

needs of others first. But what about working

we advocate for drug policy reform while

the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on

on ourselves and meeting our own needs?

also making room for individuals who have

drugs in 2019 and how young people can start

Self care is essential for health, wellness,

experienced negative consequences with

organizing themselves now to build a global

and professional success: if changemakers

drugs as "soft" as marijuana? How do we tackle

youth coalition for change.

are not taking care of themselves, it is hard

the stigmatization of people who use other

to fully achieve their goals. Learn strategies

drugs, whether "hard" drugs like heroin and

for activists in coping with stress; managing

meth, or even pharmaceuticals?

interpersonal relationships; health and

the United Nations if we are going to end the


4:00P - 5:00P

Fundraising for Change Mikayla Hellwich, Andrew Hood, Kat Murti,

SSDP Just Say Know Peer Education Training

Lauren Padgett

Vilmarie Narloch

Money talks, baby. Real world policy change


takes some big bucks to make happen, and

Just Say Know, SSDP’s peer-to-peer drug

even the scrappiest grassroots activists still

Staying Woke: Allyship, racial politics, and the collateral consequences of the drug war

education program, empowers SSDPers to

have to eat. In this hands-on training, you

deliver qualified drug education on their

will learn how to raise money for the cause,

campuses and in their communities through

why it’s so important, and how you can build

Queen Adesuyi, Scott Cecil, Jake Plowden

foundational education in program delivery

an amazing career using the skills you learn


and community support and dozens of drug-

fundraising for SSDP.

While the most visible consequences of

specific modules. In this session, Vilmarie will

the War on Drugs become more urgent

present the first SSDP Just Say Know training

for our allies, the connections between

lesson. This session will allow those who

those issues and the drug policies which

have not yet started the training to complete

foster them become less apparent. Join us

a lesson while at the conference, and be on

for a conversation about how drug policy

their way to becoming an SSDP Certified

reformers can "stay woke" in the current

Peer Educator! Learn more at

political era including racial, economic,


wellness, especially regarding drug use and harm reduction; time management; realizing our strengths; and working with our weaknesses.

gender, and political privilege in allyship and

Crown Zellerbach

Sex and Drug (Policies) are Great Together: Building critical alliances between sex worker and drug user activists Joe Caldwell, Shayla Schlossenberg Weyerhaeuser This session will outline the similarities between the social-political response to

Taking Action on State and Local Campaigns

drug use and sex work and public health

Sam Chapman, Nikki Fisher, Anthony Johnson,

use drugs that can also be leveraged for

Emmett Reistroffer

people in the sex trade. Time will also be spent


discussing potential partnerships between

Discuss the role that SSDP students and

sex worker and drug user rights activists,

Lunch + SSDP Student Congress II

chapters can have on state and local

and creating action steps that participants

East Salon

campaigns, including mobilizing students in

can take back to their jurisdictions. Good

During SSDP Congress: Part II, students

support of sensible drug policy initiatives,

Samaritan protections, pre-booking diversion

in active chapters will vote on their top six

registering voters, planning events, and

programs, and HIV/STD testing and services

a critique of the argument that radical, racial politics are too divisive to help advance our mission to dismantle the drug war and mass incarceration.




Developing a Global Youth Coalition around Drug Policy for 2019

1:00P - 2:30P

pathways that have emerged for people who

will be highlighted as areas for potential

Katie Stone, Rachel Wissner

questions about becoming and being a joyous


East Salon

advocate for justice, public health, liberty,

Creating sensible drug policy is most effective

peace and love.

The Future of Psychedelic Law & Policy: Past, present, and beyond Ismail Ali, Scott Bernstein, Natalie Ginsberg, Alex Kreit Multnomah Psychedelic research and therapy are re-emerging at the forefront of global consciousness in a way that they never have before, and discussions about the law

when we listen to the communities that are directly impacted by policy. This plenary brings together students and alumni of SSDP who have been personally affected by the War on Drugs to talk about their experiences, and how the movement can advocate with and for them in a way that puts people with lived experience first!

6:00P - 7:30P


9:30P - 10:15P

Plenary: Inspiration from the Home of Harm Reduction Betty Aldworth, Kris Nyrop, Patricia Sully, Haven Wheelock East Salon The Pacific Northwest has long pioneered harm reduction approaches to drug policies.

and policy of psychedelic consciousness


in a post-prohibition world are more

Diversity Awareness Reflection and Education (DARE) Meet-Up

programs in the US to Law Enforcement

relevant and urgent than ever. In this session, panelists will provide a history of

Jantzen Beach Bar and Grill

Washington have advanced policy reforms

psychedelic criminalization and a review of

Let’s talk intersectionality & drug policy! What

that save lives and change attitudes in their

how psychedelic advocates have previously

does diversity mean in the SSDP network

communities. Hear from local pioneers about

and are currently engaging with law, policy,

and the larger drug policy reform movement?

the benefits and challenges of legalizing harm

and politics. This conversation also hopes

What resources are available for your chapter

reduction protections for drug users, their

to identify and illuminate gaps, challenges,

— and what do you wish were available? What

experiences initiating and implementing

and opportunities for engagement in the

issues do you see in your own organizing —

policy changes, and what's next in the home

creation of a new psychedelic paradigm while

and what’s working really well? What do you

of harm reduction.

articulating an inclusive, just, and collective

wish SSDP were doing that we’re not? Come

vision for such a structure.

meet the Diversity Awareness Reflection

The Globalized Environmental Impacts of Drug Prohibition Jesce Horton, Katie Stone, Sanho Tree, Chris Van Hook, David Wrathall

Education Committee (SSDP DARE), learn what we’re doing to bring more diverse voices to SSDP, and tell us what concerns you the most. This will be a casual discussion.

8:00P - 1:00A

From the first legal syringe exchange Assisted Diversion, advocates in Oregon and


10:30A - 11:30A

Expungements, Sealing and Clemency: Learning the options for clearing up criminal records Edgar Diaz, Lauren Mendelsohn, Joseph Petitt, Eric Sterling



The reality of climate change is upon us, with

Awards Ceremony + Group Photo + Dance Party

This session, led by law students, attorneys

droughts and huge storms ravaging much of the US and the world. In California alone,

East Salon

all, will discuss the options for cleaning up

illegal cannabis grow sites are responsible

Join us in the ballroom for the SSDP Awards

criminal records, which varies from state to

for an estimated 3-4 wildfires every year,

Ceremony from 8:30-9:30, where we’ll

state. The panel will go over the terminology,

drain watersheds, and threaten sensitive

recognize members of the SSDP network

process, and consequences of what's

ecosystems and endangered species. In

for their outstanding work. Mark your place

commonly referred to as "expungement,"

the legal market, other issues arise: energy

in SSDP history in our all-conference group

and will also cover grants of clemency and

use, waste management, and supply chain

photo, then sing along and dance to an

pardons. Topics will include ORS 137.225, CA

issues abound. Eradication in Latin America,

evening of celebration with a dance party and

Prop. 47, CA Prop. 64, and more. Finally, this

Africa, and the Middle East are responsible

live music. The Wets, the SSDP alumni band,

session will touch on ways that your SSDP

for environmental destruction and pollution.

will perform high energy covers of songs from

chapter can help by volunteering at a local

The problem is pervasive, as virtually every

the 60's through today. Then local reggae

record clearing clinic or educating others

drug in existence, even legal ones, have

rock band The Resinators, will round out the

about the process.

major environmental impacts (alcohol, coffee,

evening with their original jams. A cash bar

and tobacco being major culprits). Come

will be available for those 21 and older.

hear from experts working to illuminate and remedy these impacts, and learn what you can do to help.


5:15P - 5:45P

Plenary: Lived Experiences: Stories from the other side of the war on drugs Betty Aldworth, Kevin Garcia, Kat Humphries,

SUNDAY: 03.26.2017 u

9:00A - 9:30A

Breakfast with Eric Sterling, SSDP’s Fairy Godfather Eric E. Sterling East Salon Join SSDP's "fairy godfather" Eric Sterling in the ballroom for breakfast to pose your

Crown Zellerbach and alumni in the SSDP network but open to

The War on Families: Who else is the drug war hurting? Rebecca Dayan, Ashley Dorety, Amber Kahn, Heather Rowlett, Rachel Wissner Weyerhaeuser The family unit is often regarded as the most important social unit of society; thus, the drug war has been waged in the name of protecting families. Yet drug war policies have done exactly the opposite: families are torn apart by mass incarceration


and pregnant people who use drugs are

SSDP grew up with the internet: We began on

and other intractable problems. What are the

increasingly criminalized. This panel discussion

a message board in 1998 and now we organize

protocols used in this research or therapy?

will explore the ways the drug war impacts

online around the world. In a time of increased

What could the mechanisms for success be,

families, parents, and pregnant people.

citizen surveillance, what are your rights as a

from the biochemical to the cognitive level?

Topics will include reproductive justice,

student organizer and how are colleges and

What would answers to these questions mean

"fetal assault" and "chemical endangerment

universities responding to online movement

scientifically and politically?

laws," mass incarceration, CPS, family court,

building? How can you push back against

custody issues, immigrant rights, and the

censorship and deal with trolls and doxxing?

representation of family issues in the War on

Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FIRE,


and SSDP for an in-depth discussion on how to

Contemporary Campus Harm Reduction

Alex Meggitt, Ashlyn Ruga Pendelton Want to help hold the police accountable? At this training session, led by attorneys from

Zane Bader, Brooke Elliot, Hunter Knight,

Going Global: Becoming an effective advocate for international issues

Vilmarie Narloch, Emma Spector

Wiqas Ahmad, Inge Fryklund, Sarah Merrigan,

how to keep law enforcement in check during


Shayla Schlossenberg, Sanho Tree

protests and demonstrations by watching

This panel discusses the range of harm


for and documenting police interference or

reduction practices in use on campuses

The War on Drugs is a global humanitarian

misconduct. The presence of Legal Observers

today by SSDP chapters as well as methods

crisis that has spread beyond borders, and it

at a protest can serve as a deterrent against

of working with your administration to

is crucial that we support the work of fellow

improper actions by law enforcement,

implement them. “Harm reduction” describes

advocates in countries with particularly harsh

and their notes can be used in litigation if

a set of values that prioritize the health and

drug laws such as the Philippines. This panel

needed. Legal Observers are typically, but

safety of individuals who use drugs and also

will discuss some of the ways SSDP members

not exclusively, law students, legal workers

the practices used to help make those ideals

can bring a global perspective to their

and lawyers who may or may not be licensed

a practical reality. This panel discusses the

chapters and cite specific examples of global


range of harm reduction practices in use


on campuses today, as well as methods

the National Lawyer's Guild (NLG), you'll learn


1:00P - 2:30P

We’re All In This Together: Bridging political divides & ending the War on Drugs

Lunch + Networking

Drug Policy Reform in the Global South: Options, new approaches, and experiences

Betty Aldworth, Scott Cecil, Kat Murti, Evan

someone new.

Fernando Zarco Hernández, Luis Montoya,

2016 was a hard year. Cannabis may have won

Marisa Morales Loyola, Said Slim Pasaran,

big on the ballot, but politics still managed

Emma Guadalupe Rodríguez Romero

to draw some painful divides. The drug war


harms us all, so it’s no surprise SSDPers come

Latin America is one of the regions most

from all political walks of life (48% identify as

affected by the global drug war. Drug

Liberal/Progressive, 25% as Socialist, 19% as

criminalization has created unintended

Libertarian, 2% as Conservative, and 1% as

consequences that need urgent policy reforms

Anarchist). This diversity of viewpoints can

at local, regional, and international levels. The

be both a challenge and a unique strength.

work of student advocates and civil society

Ending the drug war means building coalitions

helped spearhead major victories at last

and collaborating with allies across the

year's UNGASS, but there is still much to do

political spectrum, so how do we approach the

in Latin America as we look forward to the

political diversity which makes our movement

next UNGASS in 2019. This will require new

so strong — and why is it so important that we

evidence, science based metrics, and new

all continue this fight together?

of working with your administration to implement them.

experiences from the global south.



flex your rights in the digital space.

Legal Observer Training (hosted by the National Lawyers Guild)

11:45A - 12:45P

Nison Multnomah

Mechanisms of Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Online Organizing in the Surveillance Age - Presented by Electronic Frontier Foundation

Karen Cheseldon, Kevin Garcia, Richard

Tyler Coward, Amul Kalia, Sam Tracy, Tyler

The rebirth of psychedelic psychotherapy


may be one of the most promising routes in

Crown Zellerbach

contemporary treatment for addiction, PTSD,

Hartnell, Allison Wilens Clackamas

East Salon Grab lunch and make a point of meeting


2:45P - 3:45P

“I'm Done with School. Now What?” Staying Involved After College Mikayla Hellwich, Kat Murti, A. Kathryn Parker, Sam Tracy Crown Zellerbach SSDP forms a huge part of our college experiences, but what happens after graduation? How can SSDP alumni stay involved — and why should they? How does SSDP experience translate into your future career? How do you put drug policy on your resume? What does it mean to be an SSDPer when college is over and you’re no longer a student?

Eradicating the Compound Stigmatization of the LGBTQ Community and Drug Use Emory Basso, Monique Chavez, Mat dos Santos, Dan Goldman, Andrew Hood Weyerhaeuser The LGBTQ movement has struggled for decades to sustain its voice for freedom, liberation, social change, and social justice.

Stigma is compounded for those in the

session will bring together advocates who

building coalitions, and sometimes it means

LGBTQ community who are drug users while

have engaged in strategic litigation as a tool

taking to the streets. Every activist needs to

our movements are both rooted in the core

in order to present case studies of litigation in

know when to use which tool to get the job

principle of personal sovereignty. However,

action, integrating litigation with an advocacy

done. What types of direct action are there

our bodies are used as a battleground for

campaign, and the challenges of using

and why do one over another? When does

competing political and cultural ideologies,

strategic litigation to advance policy reform.

protesting work—and when does it hurt

and we face the same enemies and weapons used against us such as police surveillance, repression, stigma, and moral panic. Learn what you can do to keep personal sovereignty alive and well in both the LGBTQ and drug policy reform movements.


4:00P - 5:00P

The Stigma Surrounding People Who Inject Drugs Brooke Elliott, Rob Hofmann, Olivia Hohlweck, Kat Humphries Crown Zellerbach

your cause? How do you plan and execute a successful action—and how do you measure success? What legal ramifications should you be prepared for? And, how do you keep your people safe? This session will take policy change back to its radical roots and provide practical tools for public action.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Engage with a panel of individuals who have

Irina Alexander, Vilmarie Narloch

experience with injection drug use about the


stigma surrounding injection drug use and

Drugs & Indigenous Cultures: An anthropological history

This session will review different harm

related harm reduction tactics. As injection

Jake Agliata, Patricia Chúlver Benítez, Mariana

reduction strategies to consider if one

drug use and people who inject drugs are

Pérez, Marisa Morales Loyola

chooses to use psychedelics. Keeping in

demonized in the public sphere, learn the


mind SSDP does not condemn nor condone

true realities of injection drug use from those

Substances such as cannabis, magic

drug use, we understand the need to discuss

who know most on the subject. Topics will

mushrooms, coca leaf, and ayahuasca have

what to consider before, during, and after

include: harm reduction methods connected

been used by the indigenous cultures of

going on a psychedelic journey. Factors to be

to injection drug use, the stigma of injection

the American continents for thousands of

discussed include legal, emotional, physical,

drug use, the stigma of injection drug use

years. Some cultures have used substances

environmental, and others to inform students

in relation to the stigma attached to non-

for healing, while others see them has

about safe and healthy use of psychedelics.

injection drug use, personal experience with

an important piece of spirituality. We will

injection drug use, and facts backed with

explore how the history of substance use

research on injection drug use.

among indigenous people has impacted our

Creating a Culture of "Test Before You Ingest"

modern understanding of history, along with


They Said What?? Crafting The Right Message for Your Audience


Mikayla Hellwich, Mike Liszewski, Kat Murti,

Until drugs like MDMA are available by

Evan Nison

prescription, they will continue to be made


by underground chemists with questionable

More and more people around the world


lab practices and toxic adulterants. Detection

are realizing that the War on Drugs hurts us

of fake drugs is a crucial aspect of harm

all, but not all for the same reason. How do

reduction in student communities. How do we

you talk to your mom, your pastor, or your

get the information out there? What are the

college roommate about why this work is so

SSDP-DARE Keynote: When Dehumanization and Scapegoating Turns Deadly: President Duterte and the drug war in the Philippines

different types of drug purity tests, and how

important? What language, arguments, and

Sanho Tree

can we provide them most easily to students

facts work best when and with whom? How

East Salon

and other people who use drugs?

do you identify the most powerful tactic for a

Often described as the Trump of Asia,

particular situation — and how do you switch

President Rodrigo Duterte has waged a

between messages while still maintaining

bloody drug war that has claimed some 8,000

your integrity? These expert communicators

lives (mostly killed by shadowy death squads)

will teach you how to navigate the tricky world

since he came to power last summer. This talk

of effective activism and strengthen your skills

will explore the background behind this drug

Pierre Baudin, Richard Hartnell, Logan

Tools for Change: Using strategic litigation for drug policy reform Leland Berger, Scott Bernstein, Alex Kreit, Lauren Mendelsohn Pendelton Strategic litigation is a method of bringing

as an activist.

6:00P - 6:30P

discussing the harmful effects prohibitionist policies have had on these cultures and why their voices must be included in our efforts to end the global drug war.

5:15P - 5:45P

war program, discuss alternative approaches, and identify ways SSDP chapters can take

choosing cases to bring to court based on

The Activists' Toolkit: How to make direct actions count

their larger policy implications. Strategic

Kaya Axelsson, Mat dos Santos, Kayvan


litigation is an important way to advance

Khalatbari, Arnold Schroder, Eric Sterling

Closing Ceremonies

drug policy by directly challenging policies


East Salon

and laws that stigmatize people who use

Sometimes creating political change means

Join SSDP staff for our closing ceremonies and

drugs, obstruct access to harm reduction

putting on a suit and lobbying Congress,

the premier of our conference video featuring

services, and infringe human rights. This

sometimes it means writing op-eds and

interviews and favorite moments!

about critical changes in the law by carefully

action no matter their location.

5:45P - 6:15P



Queen Adesuyi is a policy associate for

she lived in DC, she was the Chair of SSDP’s

solidarity, and mutual aid.

the Drug Policy Alliance's Office of National

Board of Directors from 2010-2012, worked

Affairs. At DPA, she tracks all federal legislation

for the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation,

Zane Bader is a fourth year at the University

involving issues of criminal justice reform,

volunteered as a team leader for HIPS, and

marijuana reform, and harm reduction, and

advocated for DC's Good Samaritan Law.

she manages DPA's efforts to end collateral

Betty Aldworth joined the SSDP team in

served as his SSDP chapter’s Vice President

February 2014 as Executive Director and has

and Event Coordinator, as well as being the

since led the organization through its most

founder and President of the UGA Psychedelic

substantial growth period during which the

Club. During 2016, he was employed at his

member base and campuses on which SSDP is

University’s Center for Research on Behavioral

present have doubled, international presence

Health where he helped conduct the largest

has quintupled, and the policy change and

and longest comprehensive study on

education efforts members are leading

substance abuse treatment within the US.

have grown immeasurably. Betty served as

Emory Basso ‘12 served as the president

consequences and reentry hurdles for those who are criminal or juvenile justice involved. She also co-chairs the Reentry and Housing Coalition, a broad coalition of advocates with the mission of expanding access to affordable housing to the justice-involved. Queen hails from the South Bronx and is a recent graduate from Georgetown University.

of Georgia studying mathematics. He has been a DanceSafe volunteer since mid 2015. Throughout his undergrad years, he has

Jake Agliata ‘11* is SSDP's Outreach

spokesperson and advocacy director for

Coordinator for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic,

Colorado’s successful 2012 Campaign to

and International regions. In this role he

Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and was the

helps students & young people develop SSDP

Deputy Director of the National Cannabis

chapters and helps them grow into effective

Industry Association in 2013. Prior to her work

activists. He also serves as the program lead

in marijuana policy and medical cannabis,

for SSDP's international work, where he helps

she was a volunteer leadership professional

amplify youth voices at the United Nations and

with some of Denver’s most well-respected

other global forums. He first got involved in

nonprofit organizations.

drug policy reform as a freshman at Dickinson

Ismail Ali ‘13 earned his J.D. at the University

runs a gender nonconformity blog and serves

of California, Berkeley School of Law in 2016

as a mentor to transgender youth.

while he worked for the ACLU of Northern

Pierre Baudin is a mixed up meatsack of

College in 2011 when he co-founded an SSDP chapter. Jake's life goals include total SSDP world domination, a humanitarian end to the global War on Drugs, and a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory.

California’s Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Project. Ismail served as co-lead of Berkeley Law SSDP, where he coordinated events to

Wiqas Ahmad is a youth activist, advocate,

educate the law school community about

and young researcher from Pakistan. His

entheogens, challenge the stigma associated

work is focused on young people who

with psychedelic drug use, and critique the

live with the stigma of HIV AIDS, drug use,

racial dynamics of the cannabis industry. He

and sexual identity. He is an advocate for

believes that psychedelic consciousness is a

health policy reforms, harm reduction and

crucial piece of challenging oppression in all

speaking for drug users’ human rights. He is a

its forms and hopes to develop and advocate

founder and Executive Director of Pakistan's

for just, equitable, and creative alternatives to

national youth-led organization and network

the failed war on drugs.

Tabeer: Initiative for Youth and Sustainable

Kaya Axelsson is a community organizer

Development. He is an international working group member of Youth RISE and is the SSDP Ambassador for Pakistan.

from the Pacific Northwest where she has been starting protests since she was eight years old and mobilizing for systemic change

Irina Alexander ‘07 is the Program

on issues ranging from climate change to

Coordinator of At The Crossroads, an

gender justice to police accountability. She

organization in San Francisco that helps

has managed campaigns for progressive

unstably-housed young adults live happy

candidates and staffed local nonprofits

and healthy lives. She is also enrolled in grad

including the Climate Disobedience Center.

school at the University of San Francisco,

Most recently, her work has focused on legal

studying therapy. In her spare time, she

support and narrative strategy around the

serves as a supervisor for the Zendo Project

Break Free mass climate action. She is the co-

(a project of MAPS that helps people navigate

founder of the Greater Seattle Neighborhood

difficult psychedelic experiences) and co-

Action Coalition which supports politically

organizes the SF Psychedelic Society. When

targeted communities through direct action,

of the Virginia Tech SSDP chapter from 2013 to 2015, and is now a member of SSDP's operations staff. Using their systems engineering background, they help to ensure the efficient daily operation of SSDP. Outside of drug policy reform, Em has been an advocate for LGBTQ rights for several years, working with organizations such as HokiePride, T-Cal, and Werk for Peace. Em

varied composition. A Juggling Engineer with Psychonautical leanings, Pierre's journey has taken him to some strange places. Currently he attends the University of California Santa Cruz where he is in his final year of undergraduate study in Robotics Engineering with an offer to continue his work as a PhD student next Fall. Through UC Santa Cruz's SSDP chapter he spreads the good word about Psychedelic Risk Reduction to any weirdo who will listen.

Leland R. Berger, a Portand activist and attorney, formed Oregon CannaBusiness Compliance Counsel, LLC in 2013 following 30 years in private practice. From 1996-2013, his practice focused on representing medical cannabis patients and providers. A co-drafter of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act and of Ballot Measure 91, Mr. Berger also helped draft dispensary initiatives and lobbied the Oregon Legislature on behalf of patients and their providers. He now advocates on behalf of Portland NORML’s Legislative Committee and works statewide to end cannabigotry. Mr. Berger’s activism includes defending protesters locally and public speaking nationally.

* Throughout this program, and on other SSDP materials, you'll notice a year following many names. This indicates the first year that person got involved with SSDP, and their status as an alumnus. Think of it as a person's "SSDP Class of" year.


Scott Bernstein is Senior Policy Analyst

Juana A. Boateng is a youth activist,

Sam Chapman ‘09 is a Creative Change

with the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and

the chapter leader for SSDP Ghana, and

Agent, Cannabis Policy Expert, registered

a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada. Through

an executive for the former president of

lobbyist, and licensed real estate broker.

his own legal practice and with Vancouver-

Ghana, H.E. Jerry John Rawlings. In 2016,

Over the past 8 years, Sam has written laws,

based NGO Pivot Legal Society, Scott has

Juana launched an annual open forum to

regulations and policies at the state and local

participated in strategic litigation focused

engage stakeholders and young people on

levels for cities and counties across the state

on advancing human rights of people who

the effects of drug policy and the importance

of Oregon. Sam is currently working to pass

use drugs, including challenging municipal

of rehabilitation. She is a 2017/2018 Young

SB 307, a law that would legalize cannabis

anti-harm reduction bylaws, advocating for

Diplomat of Ghana, 2016 YALI RLC fellow,

lounges and temporary event licenses. All

access to prescription heroin treatment,

youth MP for Ablekuman West constituency

of Sam's success in the cannabis industry is

and defending Insite, North America’s first

for the Youth Parliament of Ghana 2017,

thanks to SSDP.

sanctioned injection site in the Supreme

and was the focal person for the Women’s

Court of Canada and lower courts. For the

Situation Room and UNDP during the 2016

Monique Chavez ‘14’s passion for drug

last three years, Scott was a program officer

elections. She writes on health and human

with the Global Drug Policy Program of Open

rights for the Business and Financial Times

Society Foundations, building collaboration

and at Juana studied arts

within a global reform movement targeted at

and design at Ho Polytechnic and human

the 2016 UNGASS and supporting a nascent

development and psychology at Regent

drug policy reform movement in Africa.


Alex Betsos is a recent undergraduate

Joe Caldwell is a Senior Associate on the

Monique serves as the Executive Director

in sociology and anthropology from Simon

Prevention and Health Equity teams at the

of the recently formed New Mexico NORML

Fraser University. He has worked in nightlife

National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS

chapter, and also plans on opening New

harm reduction for two years, and sat on

Directors. Joe provides technical assistance

Mexico’s first comprehensive cannabis law

the Board of Directors for CSSDP. In 2014

support to state health departments through

firm to help reform current drug policies and

he co-founded Karmik, an organization

NASTAD’s capacity building assistance

push for policies that emphasize public health.

dedicated to promoting consent culture in

program around drug user health, HIV

the Vancouver electronic scene. His research

and hepatitis prevention, and community

Karen Chesledon, R.N. is a psychiatric

focuses on online communities and Novel

engagement. Prior to his time at NASTAD,

Psychoactive Substances. His research

Joe worked at HIPS in Washington, D.C.

uses online methods to understand the

supporting drug user and sex worker

way that knowledge is formed in small drug

advocacy efforts. Joe holds a B.A. in Health

communities and how they create their own

and Society from Beloit College in Beloit,



Representative Earl Blumenauer

Scott Cecil ‘10 is the Outreach Coordinator

Vashon Island, Washington.

received his law degree from Lewis and

for the Southeast and Southwest regions and

Clark College, where he spearheaded the

California. In addition to his work with with

Patricia Chúlver is the founder and chapter

effort to lower the voting age both in Oregon

SSDP chapters in those areas, Scott serves as

and at the national level. On platforms of

the staff liaison to the SSDP Advisory Council

transportation, planning, environmental

and is the leader of the HBCU Working Group.

programs and public participation, he was

Since entering college in 2009 as a returning

elected to the Oregon Legislature in 1972,

student, Scott has been heavily involved in

the Multnomah County Commission in 1978,

student activism and turned his attention

and Portland City Council in 1986. Elected

and efforts primarily towards drug policy and

to the US House of Representatives in 1996,

criminal justice reform after he was arrested

Mr. Blumenauer has advocated for Livable

for marijuana possession in Arizona in 2010.

Communities: places where people are safe,

He was the co-founder of the first chapter of

healthy and economically secure. He is a

SSDP in the state of Arizona and was elected

longtime advocate for sensible drug policies,

to SSDP’s Board of Directors in 2013 where he

coauthoring “The Path Forward: Rethinking

re-founded the Advisory Council committee

Federal Marijuana Policy” with Congressman

and served as a member of the Appointed

Jared Polis, introducing numerous bills to

Directors Committee and the Executive

reform marijuana law, and founding the

Director Evaluation Committee, roles in which

Congressional Cannabis Caucus in 2017.

he served until joining the SSDP staff in June of 2014.


policy reform was ignited at the young age of fourteen when she attended her first rave and was introduced to harm reduction. As a recent graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law, she re-chartered the SSDP chapter and now sits as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Following law school,

RN, graduate of Seattle University, BS in Nursing, 2016 graduate of CIIS, CPTR program; Certificate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies and Research. She has spent her nursing career working in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment. She is currently retired from hospital nursing and has a private practice on

leader of EPSD Bolivia. She studied Social Communication at the Catholic University San Pablo in Bolivia. As a Bolivian diplomat in Health, Human Rights, and Drug Policy, she attended the high level discussion "New challenges of the world drug problem in the XXI Century" in Mexico City carried out by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the OAS. She is the founder of La Gioconda Colectivo de Arte and the Action Semilla Foundation.

Tyler Coward is an attorney at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a nonpartisan, nonprofit group dedicated to defending freedom of speech, due process, and academic freedom on America's college campuses. Outside of work he enjoys reading, being outdoors, and playing PS4.

Blessing Davids is the Project Director for

kits and supplements available to the student

development work, including five years

SSDP Nigeria chapter. In this capacity, she

body along with DanceSafe-esque tabling

in Afghanistan (between 2004 and 2014)

works with her chapter's leadership to plan

at every major dance. She has also done

working for USAID, UNDP and the U.S. Army

and see successful execution of the various

work with the peer-run needle exchange in

and Marine Corps. The U.S. insistence on

programmes and projects of SSDP Nigeria.

Portland, the Portland People’s Outreach

the illegality of Afghanistan's main export

Project. In the future, Brooke would like to get

crop (opium poppy) has resulted in massive

involved with the Safe Injection Facilities (SIFs)

corruption of government and police that is

that are soon to be implemented in Seattle

undercutting development and driving the

and (hopefully!) around the United States.

country into the hands of extremists. Besides

education sessions and organized events on

Sonia Espinosa is a Harvard graduate

the law degree, she has a PhD in Human

topics such as “Women and the Drug War”.

whose senior thesis explored the relationship

She is currently a Policy and Campaigns intern

between the nation's “booming cannabis

at the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and

industry" and its relationship to access, race,

Justice working on the campaigns to close

class, and citizenship. Espinosa co-founded

Rikers Island jail complex and implement a

the Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA),

true speedy trial law in New York state. She

an organization which strives to involve

also volunteers at Lower East Side Harm

underrepresented communities in the

Lauren Gabrielle is a working member of

Reduction Center’s syringe exchange.

legal cannabis/hemp industry by providing

the harm reduction community, volunteering

informational workshops, cultural programs,

with and supplying multiple peer-run syringe

and community events with an emphasis

exchange programs in the PNW. Her current

on issues disproportionately affecting

work emphasizes the placement of active

communities of color. Sonia is now on the

drug users at the front of the harm reduction

Massachusetts Recreational Consumer

movement, necessitating their input and

Council, MRCC, whose efforts seek to bridge

hands on participation in the design and

the gap between communities and local

implementation of services that directly affect

legislators. A result of this effort is #WeedTalk,

their own lives. She is out of the closet as a

an educational visual series that chronicles the

street and injection drug user, and would

science, culture, technology, and economics of

like to make herself available in confidence

the legalization of marijuana.

as a friendly ear to anyone experiencing

Nikki Fisher is a Portland native who

stigmatized treatment due to their own drug

Rebecca Dayan is the co-president and founder of Sarah Lawrence College’s SSDP chapter, located in Bronxville, NY. As an SSDP chapter leader, she has helped lead peer

Edgar Diaz is a third year law student and the president of LSSDP's Willamette University College of Law Chapter in Oregon. He is currently a law clerk for Oregon Cannabusiness Compliance Counsel, LLC and the Chief Legal Researcher for Portland NORML's Legislative Committee. Edgar has been working on trying to reduce sentences for prisoners serving marijuana convictions. He also has a B.A. in United States History from the University of California, Davis.

Ashley Dorety is a Family Preservation Project alumni and plans to share her experience with incarceration, DHS, and the

attended the University of Tampa where she obtained her B.A. in Government and World

Factors (user-centered systems design). She is also a former City of Chicago department head and has taught Privatization at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. She now lives in Bend, Oregon.

use. She can be reached by email at lauren@

Affairs. After college, she worked for the ACLU

Kevin Garcia ‘15, Research Assistant

of Florida on immigration reform, drug policy

for Florida International University and

reforms, LGBT campaigns, and a variety of

a member of SSDP’s Board of Directors,

other issues. Nikki's work in Oregon politics

re-founded the SSDP chapter at FIU in

included managing Sara Gelser’s successful

2015. As a former chapter leader, he has

state senate campaign in 2014 and serving as

hosted and presented at events involving

Chief of Staff for State Senator Sara Gelser in

Harm Reduction, Post-Traumatic Stress and

2015. She was the Regional Field Director for

fundraising towards novel treatment options,

the Oregon United for Marriage Campaign in

Peer to Peer Education, Overdose Awareness

Eugene and Corvallis. Her passion is driven

and Prevention, and Veterans in support for

by a focus on criminal and social justice

Amendment 2 for Medical Marijuana in Florida.

reform, LGBT issues, reproductive rights,

He has participated in events, conferences,

economic and racial justice, education and

and trainings with DanceSafe, DPA, MAPS,

veterans’ issues. Nikki is on the board of

the Zendo Project, and Students for Liberty.

the Oregon Women’s Campaign School,

Currently, Kevin is working to establish a

Women Investment Network Political Action

pilot naloxone police-carry program, gaining

Brooke Elliott is the Chapter Leader for

Committee and is Commissioner on the

experience as an RA in preparation for his

Reed College SSDP. Through SSDP, Brooke

Oregon Commission for Women.

PhD in Clinical Psychology, and working

has worked to implement a Trip Sitting

Inge Fryklund is a former prosecutor in

towards ending the stigma against drug

struggles people go through as parents who have problematic relationships with drugs.

Mat dos Santos joined the ACLU of Oregon as Legal Director in March of 2015 after nearly a decade of practice in the Bay Area. He oversees the legal program which includes a docket of over 30 pieces of impact litigation and nearly 3,000 requests for legal assistance per year. He has worked with numerous organizations including he National Center for Lesbian Rights, Immigration Equality and the Transgender Law Center and represented a wide variety of clients in varying areas of civil rights litigation. Mat currently sits on the board of the Transgender Law Center.

hotline, distribute a drug and injection safety pamphlet, host naloxone trainings, and has continued the Reed tradition of having test

Cook County (Chicago) Illinois where she first saw the damage caused by the War on Drugs.

users in collaboration with staff and student organizations at his alma mater FIU.

She then spent a decade in international


Natalie Ginsberg earned her Master's

juggling convention. Last year he joined the

Andrew Hood is a fourth year mathematics

in Social Work from Columbia University in

Zendo Project, where he trained as a “sitter”

and biochemistry student at The University

2014, and her Bachelor's in History from

for festival-goers struggling with difficult

of Texas at Austin. He is currently the chapter

Yale University in 2011. At Columbia, Natalie

psychedelic experiences.

leader and has been involved with SSDP

served as a Policy Fellow at the Drug Policy

Mikayla Hellwich ‘10 joined SSDP in 2010

for three years. He has written and passed

Alliance, where she helped legalize medical marijuana in her home state of New York, and worked to end New York's racist marijuana arrests. Natalie has also worked as a courtmandated therapist for individuals arrested for prostitution and drug-related offenses, and as a middle school guidance counselor at an NYC public school. Natalie's clinical work with trauma survivors spurred her interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy, which she believes can ease a wide variety of both mental and physical ailments by addressing the root cause of individuals' difficulties, rather than their symptoms. Through her work at MAPS, Natalie advocates for research

a chapter leader for 3 years. She's the media relations director for the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) and the founder/ executive director of DrugStory, a new harm reduction web-application for drug consumers

legislation through the University of Texas student government expanding medical amnesty and naloxone access on campus, and volunteers with the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition syringe exchange. Much of his academic career has been devoted to studying

to be launched in April 2017. She loves

cultures surrounding drugs and alcohol.

friendship, cats, and justice.

Jesce Horton is the owner of Panacea Valley

Fernando Zarco Hernández is the

Gardens, a medical cannabis cultivation center

chapter leader of EPSD Mexico in Morelia, Michoacán, where he speaks out against police extortion for possession of marijuana in Mexico. He currently holds a postdoctoral position at the Doctorate Institution of Art and

and co-founder of Panacea, an award-winning dispensary in Portland, OR. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), the first non-profit organization founded to create


equal access and economic empowerment

both the war on drugs and the current mental

Rob Hofmann is the current chapter

health paradigm.

leader at SUNY New Paltz. Rob was inspired

the communities most affected by the war

Dan Goldman ‘99 is the only person

to pursue drug policy and criminal justice

to provide evidence-based alternatives to

in SSDP history to attend every national conference. Beginning in the fall of 1999, when he joined the University of WisconsinMadison SSDP chapter, one of the first five chapters in the nation at their first meeting, Dan has been involved in nearly every aspect of SSDP's growth and development. He has served as a student member of the Board of Directors and was elected as part of the first group of non-student Board members in 2001. He joined the staff in 2005 as the Director of Outreach and Alumni, where he developed

reform while lobbying to Ban the Box at the State Capitol. In 2016, New Paltz SSDP played a large role in phonebanking for 2016 medical and recreational marijuana initiatives, and continues to provide harm reduction and drug policy information through events on campus. As a University Police Department Committee member, Rob helped to plan New Paltz’ Restorative Justice Event with the Chief of Police to discuss restorative justice options for the University, and is currently playing a role in crafting a replacement to the campus’

for cannabis businesses, their patients, and on drugs. Jesce bikes and runs with his dog Buddha in his beloved hometown of Portland.

Kat Humphries '10, Programs Director for the Harm Reduction Action Center, founded a chapter of SSDP at the College of Charleston in 2010. After college, she joined the Vicente Sederberg team in Denver. At VS, Kat worked in regulatory compliance for the marijuana industry- conducting facility audits, writing reports and SOPs for businesses, and submitting public comment to suggest amendments to the state regulations. Currently, Kat's work is divided between

two-strike marijuana expulsion policy.

direct service in Colorado's largest syringe

he founded leGAYlize It! with a 4/20 Eve event

Olivia Hohlweck is a current undergraduate

at the historic Stonewall Inn. Today, Dan is a

student at SUNY New Paltz pursuing a dual-

during the HRAC’s drop-in and outreach

member of the SSDP Board of Trustees and

degree in Psychology and Philosophy. She

can be heard regularly on the industry leading

has been an active member of New Paltz’s

podcast Marijuana Today.

SSDP since her freshman year, and also has

Richard Hartnell is a voracious autodidact

served as its Harm Reduction Chair. Recently,

SSDP's first international chapters. In 2012,

who was expelled from his hometown community college for earning too many credits. Subsequently, he joined a circus collective in Oakland and spent the next half decade touring the US and EU. More recently, he earned a full scholarship from the University of California, Santa Cruz to satisfy an ensuing curiosity about the intersection of entheogens and creativity; he majors in cognitive science and neuroscience while running the local SSDP chapter and an annual


at the University of Maryland, where she was

Olivia has been working as a peer leader for a not-for-profit substance education program, Awareness INC, which helps young adults through a nurturing environment overcome their addictions. She has been trained in administering Naloxone and has given demonstrations to the public. Olivia’s biggest passion is fighting for the legalization of psychedelics so she can one day become a psychedelic therapist.

exchange and managing the data collected hours. She sits on the Minority Cannabis Business Association's Policy Committee, advises several drug policy reform non-profits on fundraising strategies, and has served on the Board of Directors for both the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center as well as Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Kamani Jefferson is a New York-bred entrepreneur with a background in business development. After graduating with a degree from Binghamton University, he obtained start-up development experience in NYC before co-founding the Cannabis Cultural Association. He recently relocated to Boston to work on the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol while volunteering for

both Students for Sensible Drug Policy and

Kayvan S.T. Khalatbari is co-founder

(with Gerald F. Uelmen) (Thomson Reuters,

Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance.

of Denver Relief, Denver Relief Consulting,

2013, updated annually); and co-author of

As the President of the Massachusetts

Cresco Labs, Silver Sage Wellness, and an

a forthcoming casebook on Marijuana Law

Recreational Consumer Council, he is looking

additional dozen companies in the regulated

(with Douglas A. Berman) (Carolina Academic

to further grow his career by networking with

cannabis market. Kayvan has been active in

Press, forthcoming). Alex is frequently quoted

like-minded individuals and learning more

cannabis advocacy and government relations

in the media on drug policy and marijuana

about innovation in the cannabis industry.

for over a decade and currently sits on the

law issues, having appeared in news outlets

Anthony Johnson ‘01 served as chief

board of directors for the National Cannabis

including the Christian Science Monitor, the

Industry Association, the Minority Cannabis

Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and

Business Association, Students for Sensible

VICE News.

Drug Policy (BoT), the Resource Innovation

Michael Liszewski ‘07 ( J.D., 2011, UDC

petitioner of Oregon's Measure 91 and director of the 2014 Vote Yes on 91 campaign. As director of New Approach Oregon, he works to effectively implement Oregon's cannabis legalization system while protecting patients, consumers, small businesses and the will of the voters. He sits on the Oregon Marijuana Rules Advisory Committee and fights for sensible rules at the legislature and regulatory bodies across the state. Anthony was a cofounder of the University of Missouri-Columbia

Institute, is a founding council member for the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation and co-chairs a Committee within the Denver Department of Environmental Health to promote environmental stewardship in the regulated cannabis industry. He was the lead proponent of Initiative 300 in Denver and is currently a candidate for Mayor in Denver's

Law), is a former SSDP board member and a leading expert on medical cannabis laws in the United States. He worked at Americans for Safe Access (2011-2017) as a policy analyst and lobbyist advocating for programs that best served the needs of patients. There, Mike was integral to passing the RohrabacherFarr amendment, protecting those obeying

SSDP chapter in 2001 and co-authored the

2019 election.

successful local decriminalization measure

Amber Khan, JD, senior staff attorney

prosecution. He helped approve and improve

spearheaded by students in 2004.

for Advocates for Pregnant Women, has

medical cannabis programs in over a dozen

Amul Kalia is an analyst with the Electronic

represented clients in a variety of civil matters

states. Since leaving ASA, Mike provides

including family and immigration law. She

consulting services to advocacy organizations

served as a senior staff attorney at the Center

on policy issues and to business entities

for Family Representation in New York City,

seeking state-licensure.

where she represented parents in child

Nazlee Maghsoudi is the Knowledge

Frontier Foundation (EFF), the leading nonprofit organization protecting our digital rights. He mostly works with EFF attorneys in keeping a pulse on emerging issues, and finding opportunities for the organization to get involved. He also engages EFF staff in identifying issues that are worthy of advocacy— especially when legal action is not necessarily the best approach. When users have questions or concerns regarding technology, he works with EFF technologists

abuse and neglect matters. Ms. Khan has also worked in the field of international human rights, focusing on post-conflict resolution and the treatment of refugees. Ms. Khan received her undergraduate degree from American University, her master’s degree from Columbia University, and graduated from George

state medical cannabis laws from federal

Translation Manager at the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), where she plays a lead role in the production and dissemination of evidence-based drug policy research. She is Strategic Advisor at Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP), having formerly acted as Chair of

to address them and communicates the

Washington University Law School.

importance of a private, secure, and open

Hunter Knight is the chapter leader for

Outreach Volunteer at TRIP! Project, a harm

web. Amul is particularly interested in the new

the University of North Georgia Gainesville.

reduction program in Toronto that provides

technologies being used to investigate crimes

Under his leadership, this chapter has been

education and support to youth in nightlife

and their constitutional implications.

on the top ten of the SSDP CAT leaderboard

and party settings. She has been deeply

Nick Kent is the Chapter Leader at the

all year and has engaged in more testimony

involved the development of evidence-based

and lobbying at the local level than any

drug policies at the grassroots, local, national,

other SSDP chapters this year. He hopes to

and international levels since 2013. Nazlee

to demonstrate to the newcomers to the

holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's

SSDP network that it doesn't take much to be

University and a Master of Global Affairs from

an active change-maker beyond hard work

the University of Toronto.

and setting goals. He hopes inspire others

David McNicoll has been advocating for the

University of Melbourne, Australia. He is currently completing a Master of Secondary Teaching through research, having just begun a thesis on the high school drug education curriculum. Nick has led the SSDP team in consulting with the University of Melbourne Student Union to develop their Harm

to realize that all one needs is dedication to

the Board of Directors. Nazlee is also an

legalization of marijuana for the past 15 years.

Reduction Program, which will include drug

achieve impactful changes in our society.

education, welfare and drug checking services

Alex Kreit ‘98 is an Associate Professor at

Cakes, in Oregon for several years, McNicoll

provided to students free of charge. Nick also

Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He is author

foresaw the need for educating the public

volunteers with DanceWize, a program of

of the casebook Controlled Substances: Crime,

about safely consuming edible products. He

Harm Reduction Victoria, helping to run a chill

Regulation, and Policy (Carolina Academic

conceived the idea to create public education

space/harm reduction tent at summer music

Press, 2013); co-author of the reference

campaigns and "educate our communities

festivals and parties.

book Drug Abuse and the Law Sourcebook

from within our industry." The result was

After running his edible business, Dave’s Space


the formation of the Oregon Responsible

Sarah Merrigan ‘13 joined SSDP as a

of SSDP DARE & the Fundraising Committee.

Edibles Council in late 2015, with their first

college freshman when she founded the

She also edits the Monthly Mosaic. Kat

educational campaign, “Try 5,” which launched

first chapter in her state at the University

earned her B.A. in political science from the

in March 2016. The campaign encourages first

of Nebraska Omaha in February of 2013.

University of California at Berkeley, where

time consumers to start with only 5mg of THC.

A study abroad trip to Portugal and the

she served as president of CalSSDP. While in

Alex Meggitt and Ashlyn Ruga are 3L

Netherlands that summer inspired her to

college, she interned at SSDP and served as

look at drug policy from a global perspective.

co-coordinator of the AMPLIFY Project. Kat

She was elected to SSDP's Board of Directors

was named an Alumni All Star in December of

in September 2014, serving in leadership

2010, a Spotlighted Alum in January of 2012,

positions on both the International Outreach

and the 2016 A. Kathryn Parker Outstanding

Committee and the Diversity, Awareness,

Alumnus in Service to SSDP.

Reflection, and Education (DARE) Committee.

Vilmarie Fraguada Narloch, Psy.D. ‘09 earned her M.A. in Counseling and

law students at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, OR. Ashlyn runs the Portland NLG's Protestor Support Project, and Alex serves as the coordinator for the chapter's Legal Observer program. They are both Certified Law Students at a local public defender's office. The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system. Through its members–lawyers, law

for SSDP, Media Relations Intern for LEAP, and currently serves as the Engagement Director and Round Table Host for the podcast This

Psychological Services from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University.

students, jailhouse lawyers and legal workers

Week in Drugs.

united in chapters and committees–the Guild

Luis Montoya is the Library Assistant for

support, co-authorship, and event planning

works locally, nationally and internationally

Florida International University Green Library.

for the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy.

as an effective political and social force in the

As chapter president, he focused heavily on

Her interests in drug education, access to

service of the people.

raising awareness about the opioid overdose

treatment, and harm reduction have led

Samantha Melius is a senior at Kent

epidemic, implementing Naloxone carry

to numerous projects, including providing

by FIU PD, promoting harm reduction, and

therapy to college students, a predoctoral

promoting the medical marijuana initiative

internship at a local health department,

in Florida, Amendment 2. He established

and a postdoctoral fellowship in a private

connections with the City of Miami, Miami-

agency. Additionally, Vilmarie has taught

Dade County, DCF, and a myriad of university

undergraduate and graduate courses in

clubs, such as Global Indigenous Group, NAMI,

psychology and substance use disorder

HESO, FIU NAACP, and Plant-Based Society.

treatment. Vilmarie is SSDP’s Drug Education

He is currently working on initiating the pilot

Manager, and Manager of Training and

naloxone police carry program, on building

Technical Assistance at Heartland Alliance’s

connections with more organizations and

Center for Systems Change.

professors across campus, and creating a

Evan Nison '09 is a member of the Board

State University studying Environmental and Conservation Biology with minors in both Sustainability and Business Administration. She is the chapter leader of SSDPKSU, the first intern with the Ohio Hemp Industries Association, an intern at Maplestar Organic Farm, and was the Assistant Manager of Holistic Hemptique. She focuses her studies on sustainable agriculture and cannabis advocacy, with a specific interest in industrial hemp policy and its environmental benefits. She is also interested in holistic

course through the Honors college based on

At Roosevelt, she provided research

of Directors of SSDP and NORML. He is also

healing practices, and is certified in Mental

SSDP’s peer education curriculum.

Health First Aid, as well as a certified Reiki I

Marisa Morales Loyola studies

PR firm, and co-founder of Whoopi & Maya,


psychology at the Iberoamerican University

a brand of medical cannabis products for

Lauren Mendelsohn ‘09 is the Chair of

and also holds a diploma in Drug Policy,

women with actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Health and Human Rights from the CIDE

He attended Ithaca College, where he was

(Center for Economic Research and Teaching).

President of the SSDP chapter for 4 years.

She is currently is a chapter leader of

Evan has been featured in news sources such

Estudantes por una Política Sensata de

as Good Morning America, the NY Times,

Drogas, México. She has been a drug policy

Politico, USA Today, NBC News, Bloomberg TV,

and harm reduction activist for more than

and Forbes. He also received the 2011 NORML

three years, participating in forums and peer

Student Activism Award and High Times

education workshops around Mexico. She also

Freedom Fighter Award for his advocacy.

promotes drug checking programs in festivals,

Kris Nyrop is the LEAD National Support

SSDP’s Board of Directors and has served on the Board since 2014. She currently works as an associate attorney with the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa in Northern California, where she practices cannabis law and freedom defense. She is the founder and former leader of the University of California, Irvine Law School (’16) chapter. Lauren first became involved with SSDP as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland (’13), which inspired her to pursue a legal career. In college, she wrote for The Diamondback newspaper, often


She's worked as UNGASS Coordinator Intern

providing safer means of consumption based on the objectives of harm reduction. Recently, she participated in the International Youth

President of NisonCo, a cannabis specific

Director at Seattle’s Public Defender Association and has worked on the LEAD project since 2009. He was the Executive

focusing on drug policy. In law school, Lauren

Drug Strategies Convening in Bangkok.

helped establish a needle exchange program

Kat Murti ‘09 serves as an Appointed

from 1997-2007. Prior to that he worked for

and volunteered at expungement clinics.

Director on the SSDP Board of Directors, Vice

the Washington State Department of Health,

Chair of the Board of Trustees, and Co-Chair

Public Health - Seattle and King County, and

Director of Street Outreach Services in Seattle

the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at the

so engaged with SSDP, the Outstanding Alum

co-founder of Cannabis Cultural Association

University of Washington. He was a project

in Service to SSDP award is named after her.

(CCA), a non-profit organization based in New

ethnographer for the Vancouver Injection Drug

In addition to her leadership within SSDP,

York dedicated to bringing diversity to the

User Study from 1997 to 1999. He has worked

Kathryn is Vice Chair of the Oakland Cannabis

industry whilst educating communities who

as an outreach worker, researcher, and trainer

Regulatory Commission and President of

have been misinformed by the War on Drugs.

in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention, hepatitis C

Conspiracy of Venus, an all-women accapella

Skilled in media relations and emotional/

prevention, syringe exchange, harm reduction,

choir in San Francisco. During business hours,

cultural intelligence, he sees cannabis/hemp

and drug policy reform. Additionally, he has

Kathryn is the paralegal, bookkeeper, and

as “the great unifier” with the power to bring

consulted with projects throughout the U.S. as

office manager for the California Appellate Law

communities closer together, when utilized

well as in Canada, Russia, and the Republic of

Group LLP.

properly. Jacob hopes to unite different


Said Slim Pasaran is a physical

cultural demographics and provide awareness

Stephen Yinka Oguntoyinbo is the

anthropologist graduate from National School

Founder, Country Representative, and

of Anthropology and History in Mexico. In 2013

Chapter Leader for SSDP's Nigeria chapter.

he founded, Verter A.C. a multidisciplinary

Emmett Reistroffer '09 led the petition to

He has extensive experience working with

organization that focuses on human rights,

put Amendment 64 on the ballot in Colorado

media and has traveled to sixteen different

drug policy, sexual diversity, and HIV/AIDs.

in 2011, and several initiative campaigns in

countries to conduct highly skilled trainings in

He is also a documentarian who focuses on

other states. In addition, Emmett is a Policy

media & online branding. He has also aided

the experience of people who inject drugs in

Consultant at Denver Relief Consulting and

in the development of some of the top youth


formerly served as a local liquor and marijuana

organization in Africa. The United Nations, in

Mariana Pérez has been an active member

licensing official.

of the NGO Movimental since 2013, where

Emma Guadalupe Rodríguez Romero

recognition of his active roles in development works, named him an “Ambassador for Peace”.

about the multifaceted purposes of cannabis and hemp.

she is in charge of public relations. She was

founded the first SSDP chapter in Mexico

Jason Ortiz ‘07 is an alumnus of the UConn

a collaborator on the No More harm, for a

in 2010, where she still serves as a chapter

SSDP chapter and served on the SSDP Board

New Drug Policy campaign and member of

leader. She graduated from the Faculty of

of Directors twice, including time as the Chair

the Health Commission of the Chamber of

Political and Social Sciences of the National

of the Diversity committee. He currently

Deputies of Chile representing civil society.

Autonomous University of Mexico with a

serves on the Board of the Minority Cannabis

She is starting the SSDP Chile chapter, and

degree in public administration and political

Business Association as its Policy Committee

studying Technical Communication and Public

science. She is also a member of Register of

Co-chair, and led the organizing around the

Relations at the Academy of Languages and

Young Researchers of the UNAM, has been a

production of a Model State Legalization Bill

Professional Studies (AIEP) of the Andrés Bello

consultant for the report Observatory Youth

that brought together dozens of stakeholders


Rights Mexico City, and studies criminalization

of color to draft a model legalization bill

Joseph Petitt ‘14 is the Executive Assistant

faced by young people due to prohibition in

written, funded and organized exclusively by people of color.

for the Los Angeles Regional Reentry


Partnership (LARRP), where he also leads

Nick Rosenberg ‘11 is a Mental Health

Lauren Padgett is the Development Officer

the Proposition 64 and Proposition 47

Counselor at the Fred Finch Youth Center

at Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Her work

implementation work, including coordinating

in Oakland, CA. He joined the University of

includes grant writing, planning events, and

record change clinics all over Los Angeles

Maryland (UMD) chapter in 2011 because of

growing the Sensible Society donor club. She

County. A native of Los Angeles with a B.S.

his passion for social justice. While at UMD he

is a founding board member of DrugStory, a

in Criminology and Criminal Justice from

co-created and lead a service trip on disability

non-profit, internet-based harm reduction

California State University, Long Beach, Joseph

rights and inclusion for the UMD Alternative

tool currently in development by SSDP alumni.

joined LARRP in 2016, after working with

Breaks program. As a summer intern in 2014

Lauren joined the SSDP team in 2014 after

the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) as a criminal

for both Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

getting her start in drug policy by advocating

justice intern, working on legislation, political

and SSDP he created a policy strategy for

to expand Washington, DC's medical cannabis

advocacy, and developing materials relating to

protecting medical cannabis patients, arguing

program and working on the membership

racial justice, drug policy and criminal justice

it is a disability rights issue. He is continuously

team at Marijuana Policy Project. Lauren lives

system reform. Joseph also co-founded the

challenging stigma, often by advocating for

in DC and plays for the cannabis movement

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapter at

drug policy reform and harm reduction.

softball team, the One Hitters.

California State University.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is a

A. Kathryn Parker ‘06 fell in love with

Jacob Plowden ‘15 is an alumnus of SSDP,

former federal prosecutor and state trial and

SSDP as an alumna. Upon realizing the power

originally recruited by chapter president

appellate judge. Ms. Rosenblum is the first

of the SSDP network, she knew she'd found

Leland Radovanovic after volunteering at the

woman to serve as Oregon Attorney General,

her place. She is on the Alumni Association

NYC Sensible Soirée in 2015. He’s a graduate

first elected in 2012 and reelected in 2016.

Leadership Board, is the founder and editor

of CUNY Baruch College with his degree in

Her priorities include consumer protection

of the Alumni Association Newsletter, and is

Corporate Communications. Jacob is also a

and civil rights – advocating for and protecting


Oregon's children, seniors, immigrants

back federal financial aid for students with

a comprehensive outreach campaign called

and crime victims and those saddled with

drug convictions. Through that campaign,

“Project Green B.” Katie will complete her

education-related debt. She has long

he shepherded the founding of Students for

Master’s degree this spring at the California

supported regulation of cannabis, leading

Sensible Drug Policy. In 2017, Adam founded

Institute of Integral Studies, and will begin

the chorus of Attorneys general prepared to

the Craft Cannabis Alliance, bringing together

a Doctoral program next fall to pursue the

defend state reforms from federal overreach,

craft cannabis businesses committed to

research she’s most passionate about:

and recently reached a $1.1M settlement

clean, sustainably produced cannabis, ethical

psychedelics, spirituality, and self-healing

against Insys, a manufacturer of fentanyl, for

employment practices, local ownership,

among Millennials.

improper promotion of the powerful opioid.

community engagement, and the movement to end prohibition. He is a frequent

Patricia Sully is a staff attorney at the Public

Heather Rowlett received her MSW at Portland State University and has worked as

Defender Association where she works on a number of public policy issues including the

a coach and trainer in the research field, a

Emma Spector is a sophomore at Dickinson

campaign to bring Supervised Consumption

crisis and ICTS therapist in the community,

College studying Political Science and French.

Spaces to the Seattle/King County area. She

a Multnomah County TAY clinician, and an

Originally from outside of Boston, Emma

provides legal support to individuals engaged

abortion counselor. She currently coordinates

became involved with SSDP during her first

in direct action and coordinates VOCAL-WA.

the Family Preservation Project at Coffee

year of college, and became the Secretary

Prior to joining PDA, Patricia served as the


of the Dickinson chapter as a sophomore.

Assistant Director of the Access to Justice

Shayla Schlossenberg co-founded NYU

The chapter is currently working with the

Institute at Seattle University School of Law

administration to improve harm reduction

and co-taught Law and Social Movements

and education on campus, specifically by

as an adjunct professor. Patricia has been

doing “Hydration Stations” at school concerts

an active advocate for social change for over

and bringing speakers to campus to discuss

a decade and received her B.A. from Calvin

the opioid epidemic.

College in 2004 and graduated Magna Cum

Reduction, a syringe exchange in New York

Eric E. Sterling ‘98 has been a key

Laude from Seattle University School of Law

City, and then returned to HIPS to work in

supporter of SSDP since its inception and

daytime direct service. In Shanghai, she works

has served on the board of directors since

As the chapter leader for Reed College,

on educational materials about sex work and

2004. He has been an attorney for forty

Logan Tibbetts focused on expanding

drug use, and is completing an oral history of

years and was a student activist at Haverford

his chapter's harm reduction projects.

service provision for sex workers and queer

College (’73) and Villanova Law School (’76).

This included expanding their provision of

folk. Her more-ambitious agendas include

He was a public defender in the late 1970s.

free drug testing kits to the student body,

prison abolition, sex work decriminalization,

In the 1980s, he was counsel to the U.S.

connecting with other local groups like

and single-handedly destroying the DC

House of Representatives Committee on the

Portland People's Outreach Project, as well


Judiciary, responsible for drugs, gun control,

as providing a safe space with resources

Arnold Schroeder is a community

pornography, money laundering, organized

and information during social events where

crime, and other issues. He is Executive

alcohol and other drug use were common.

Director and co-founder of the Criminal

In the past, Logan has volunteered with

Justice Policy Foundation, and also co-

Dancesafe PDX. After completing his

founded other reform organizations. Eric is a

undergraduate degree, he hopes to research

recipient of the NORML Lifetime Achievement

topics at the intersection of drug policy and


neurobiology (including the neurobiology

deforestation projects. Arnold was a lead

Katie Stone '09 is a former chapter leader

of addictions and ketamine therapy for

organizer in Break Free Pacific Northwest,

from UC Davis who is currently serving as

a mass action with over 3,000 people that

an SSDP Board member. A life long drug

Sam Tracy ‘09 was introduced to SSDP

lead to a 36-hour blockade of oil train tracks

policy activist, she found SSDP early, but

as a freshman at UConn, where there was

headed into the Tesoro and Shell oil refineries

became heavily involved after a medical

already a strong chapter. With UConn SSDP,

in Annacortes, in coordination with a global

crisis during her Junior year. Since then, she’s

he led successful campaigns for marijuana

effort to transition away from the fossil fuel

worked on a wide range drug policy reform

decriminalization and medical marijuana at

industry in May of 2016.

issues through DPA, The California Cannabis

the state level, and equalizing marijuana and

Adam J. Smith, J.D. ‘98 got hooked on

Industry Association, California’s Office of

alcohol on campus. He served on SSDP’s

the Governor, and The Arcview Group. Katie

board of directors from 2012-2014, including

is currently conducting research for her

a term as chair, overseeing both the search

graduate thesis on issues of sustainability

for a new Executive Director and the creation

in the cannabis industry, and is completing

of the Board of Trustees. He now spends

her Master’s capstone project by launching

his time doing business development for

Shanghai SSDP in 2016. She began her harm reduction career and drug policy interests as a Prevention Services intern at HIPS, a harm reduction organization in Washington, DC. She later worked at St. Ann's Corner of Harm

organizer with Portland Rising Tide working to confront the root causes of climate change through direct action. Arnold has been part of over 25 direct action and policy campaigns across the United States to intervene in fossil fuel infrastructure expansion and

drug reform in law school in 1993. In 1996, he launched the Week Online at DRCNet, the first online newsmagazine devoted to drug policy. Two years later, he created the Higher Education Act Reform campaign, which won


contributor to Marijuana Today.

in 2011.


4Front Ventures, one of the nation’s leading

Beau Whitney has a unique blend of high

through student government to fully endorse

marijuana consulting firms, and directing the

tech business operations skills, economics,

marijuana legalization. Under his leadership in

Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana.

policy analysis, and cannabis industry

2014, UConn SSDP was awarded “Outstanding

Sanho Tree is a Fellow at the Institute for

experiences. He is the former chief operations

Chapter” and “The Morgan Lesko Online

officer of a vertically integrated, publicly traded

Activism Award.”

cannabis company, with growing, extraction,

Rachel Wissner ‘11 is the Outreach

Policy Studies and has been Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998. A former


military and diplomatic historian, his current work encompasses the reform of both international and domestic drug policies by promoting alternatives to the failed prohibitionist model. In recent years the project has focused on ending the damage caused by the drug wars in Colombia, Bolivia,

edible manufacturing and wholesale and retail distribution operations. His white papers analyzing the cannabis market have been referenced in Forbes Magazine, the US News and World report and in USA today. Beau has provided policy recommendations at the state and national levels and is considered an

Associate for Family Law and Cannabis Alliance, a member of SSDP’s Board of Directors, and the former chapter leader at SUNY New Paltz. Since getting involved with SSDP in 2011, she has worked on campuswide harm reduction efforts and multiple campaigns to change campus policy, including

Mexico, Afghanistan, and the Philippines.

authority on cannabis economics.

Establishing humane and sustainable

Allison Wilens ‘11 is the Clinical

which resulted in a SUNY Board of Trustees

alternatives to the drug war fits into the IPS

Study Associate at MAPS Public Benefit

vote to end all discrimination against college

mandate as one of the major contemporary

Corporation, the wholly-owned subsidiary of

applicants with prior criminal convictions. As

social justice issues at home and abroad.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic

Outreach Associate for Family Law & Cannabis

He has been featured in more than a dozen

Studies (MAPS) responsible for conducting

Alliance, she works to provide information

documentaries and frequently lectures at

MAPS' clinical trial programs. She began

and non-legal assistance to parents facing

universities and conferences around the

supporting the MAPS clinical team in 2014

discriminatory CPS intervention based on their


after graduating from Tufts University with

cannabis use.

Chris Van Hook is a nationally recognized

a B.S. in Biopsychology. While Co-President

David Wrathall is an assistant professor

expert on agricultural regulations, organic farming and cannabis. He is both a USDA Accredited Organic Certifier and a California cannabis compliance attorney. He is the Program Director of the Clean Green Certification Program, a Nationally-recognized cannabis certification program based on the USDA National Organic Program. In addition to organic methods of cultivation, the program

of the Tufts University SSDP chapter, Allison worked with fellow students to present a datadriven case to the administration for Tufts to adopt a Medical Amnesty Policy, which it did in 2013. Allison is passionate about regenerative culture and restorative justice, believes laughter is entactogenic, and is deeply grateful to MAPS and SSDP for continuing to expand her consciousness around what determined

includes sustainability requirements such as

young people can accomplish.

having a legal source of water and a carbon

Tyler S. Williams ‘11 got involved with

reduction program. Chris is now certifying

drug policy when he joined the campus SSDP

both medical and adult-use cannabis in

chapter as a freshman at the University of

California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and

Connecticut in 2011. He now works for SSDP

Washington, with new states added to the

as a Regional Outreach Coordinator for the

program as regulations develop. He has also

Midwest, Mountain, and Heartland regions.

been a lobbyist in the fields of aquaculture,

He also produces a drug policy podcast,

agriculture, and environmental industries.

This Week in Drugs. While on campus,

Haven Wheelock is the syringe exchange

Tyler worked with state advocates to help

program coordinator for Portland’s Outside In which serves young people experiencing homelessness and other marginalized people to move toward improved health and selfsufficiency.

pass Connecticut’s medical marijuana law. He also participated in campaigns to end mandatory minimum sentencing and racially discriminatory drug-free school zone policies. In his senior year, he wrote and passed a bill

the successful SUNY Ban the Box initiative

in Oregon State University's College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. He studies how narco-trafficking in Central America is related to deforestation.

Rachelle Yeung ‘11 began her career in drug policy reform when she co-founded a chapter of SSDP at the University of Colorado Law School, and then worked closely with the historic campaign to legalize marijuana in Colorado in 2012. Upon graduation, Rachelle moved to Washington, D.C. to serve as a legislative analyst at the Marijuana Policy Project, where she played a key role in passing marijuana policy reform in Maryland, New York, and Philadelphia, PA. She brings a racial justice, criminal justice, and feminist perspective to all of her work, and proudly identifies as a Social Justice Warrior. Rachelle hopes that the momentum behind ending marijuana prohibition will lead to ending prohibition against all drugs. Rachelle currently has the honor of being the public policy counsel for the ACLU of Maryland.




Oregon's Drug Laws

Need help?

Marijuana is legal in Oregon for those 21 and over, but public

SSDP Rangers ensure the safety and security of the SSDP

use and indoor smoking remain illegal. Though advocates

community every night and are available to assist with concerns

are making progress toward decriminalizing other drugs,

or contact SSDP staff as needed. SSDP’s Emergency Hotline will

possession of Schedule I and II drugs remains a felony. Be

connect you with a member of SSDP’s staff 24/7. Dial 202-393-


5280, ext 99 to be connected to a staff member.

Download the conference app to view sessions, speakers, and events at

Local Mental Health and Substance Use Support Portland People’s Outreach Project syringe exchange, naloxone access, and other harm reduction resources (503) 765-7767 Multnomah County 24/7 Mental Health

SMART Recovery Meetings

GRASP (Grief Recovery After A Substance

Friday 12:00pm-1:00pm

Passing): Portland Oregon Chapter

Portland Community College (PCC)

Amanda Markus 360-521-2858

Cascade campus

705 North Killingsworth Street (3rd floor

contact for locations and times

conference room of Student Union building)

National Alliance for Mental Illness

Facilitator: Candyce Scott

24/7 crisis text line

Text NAMI to 741-741

Crisis intervention hotline: (503) 988-4888 Toll-free: (800) 716-9769 Hearing-Impaired dial: 711



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SSDP2017 program  

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