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COM 220 Week 7 Assignment Peer Review Workshop

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Review Ch. 3 of the text.

Assignment: Peer Review Workshop  Due Day 7 [Individual forum]  Resources: Giving Constructive Feedback tutorial and Appendix G  Review the Giving Constructive Feedback tutorial at  Perform a peer review of a classmate’s rough draft. The instructor will place this in your Individual forum on Day 4. Fill in each block of the Peer Review Checklist in Appendix G.  Post the completed Peer Review Checklist as an attachment.  Answer the following questions: What benefit does the peer reviewer gain from this activity? What are some drawbacks to peer reviewing? What other methods can you use to provide effective peer feedback?  Retain the Peer Review Checklist you receive from your reviewer to submit with your final paper.

Com 220 week 7 assignment peer review workshop  
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