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Kate Murphy w15027077 Design Realisation Denim Project

Denim Timeline May 20 1873 marked a historic day: the birth of the blue jean. It was on that day that Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained a U.S patent on the process of putting rivets in mens work pants for the very first time. They wanted to create pants that could not be ripped.

1913 USA Prisoner Uniform 1940 Mans Working Shirt 1916 USA Walking Suit

1950s Seen the biggest movie stars sporting jeans and denim jackets

21st Century Denim worn by all

Trend Research I start developing this trend of ‘Atmosfear’ as i began to explore certain elements which have deteriorated or slowly ‘crumbling’ around us. Trend Report on Retail Denim

Street Style


Urban Streets

Urban Streets




i f n o C

Interests: Music Fashion Beauty- (Effortless look but always glam their rocker oufit by wearing statement jewellery



The Tribe

Rock Chic

Colour Story

Worn White

Colour Pallete

Brick Red Washed Nude

Faded Blue

Deteriorated Blue

Withering Grey


Range Plan

Final Line Up

Final Garment

Kate murphy  

denim project

Kate murphy  

denim project