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demographics Student Level Undergraduate Students 67,507 Graduate Students 15,794 Total Students 83,301

New Undergraduates First-Time Freshmen 11,079 Transfer Students 9,363 Total New Undergraduates 20,442 Gender Undergraduate Men 50.8% Undergraduate Women 49.2% Graduate Students Men 49.9% Graduate Students Women 50.1% Enrollment by Campus Tempe Campus 50,246 West Campus 3,701 Polytechnic Campus 4,173 Downtown Phoenix Campus 11,277 ASU Unduplicated Total 83,301 *University Office of Institutional Analysis, April 2015

into the internet

Top Banner 728x90 px & 320x50 px Premium video button

300x250 px The electronic arm of Student Media, maintains the department’s online presence, as well as produces its own independent content, including online news and features, student polls, photos and video. It attracts visitors from around the world. The website receives more than 90,000 impressions per month.

Home Page Premium

300x250 px

Inline Banner**

Pricing 600x60 px

Big Button or button teaster***

300x250 px Native ad*

728x90 px & 300x250 px

Native Ad* Home Page Premium Top Banner Big Button Premium Video Button Inline Banner** Button Teaser***

* Sponsored content ** Per Section *** Runs for 3 days

$1600/mo $1000/mo $950/mo $600/mo $700/mo $800/mo** $80/mo

appetiteasu is the new online dining guide for all ASU campuses. It is available to connect students with your restaurant, café or eatery to help fill their appetites. It is the dining website directly affiliated with ASU’s official website of

Pricing Basic Listing Enhanced Listing Featured Listing

$40/mo* $75/mo* $150/mo*

* Ask about discounted semester or annual rates for enhanced or featured listings.

ad Pricing Home Premium Button


livingasu is the electronic version of our ASU Off Campus Housing Guide. The Housing Guide is here to connect students with your properties for rent or sale on the only housing website directly affiliated with ASU’s official website of

Pricing Basic Listing Enhanced Listing Featured Listing

$40/mo $125/mo* $300/mo*

* Ask about discounted semester or annual rates for enhanced or featured listings.

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Header Ads 320x50 px

inline banner ads 600x60 px

statepress app Pricing

Home Screen Tiles

424x404 px

Inline Banner Ad Home Screen Tiles Footer Ads Header Ads

$800/mo* $450/mo $650/mo $950/mo

*per section

footer Ads 320x50 px

social media Pricing


followers on twitter.


likes on facebook.

1 share/retweet 5 shares/retweets 20 shares/retweets

$30 $250 ($25 each) $400 ($20 each)

into the magazine

8.5” x 11” 7.5” x 4.9”

Magazine A full-color printed edition of hits the ASU campuses 3 times, during both the fall and spring semesters. The issue will be filled with Hot Spots around campus, reviews, and essays focusing on culture at ASU. Special targeted distribution all week long, on all four campuses, will deliver your message alongside the best magazine ASU has to offer. Check out the website for what to expect in the highly anticipated print edition.

Price 1 issue 2 issues 3 issues

Inside Cover $700 $1300 $1875

8.5” x 11” Price 1 issue 2 issues 3 issues

Back Cover $850 $1600 $2325

7.5” x 10” Price 1 issue 2 issues 3 issues

Full Page $550 $1000 $1450

1/2 Page $400 $700 $975

3.5” x 4.9” 1/4 Page $250 $470 $600 Reserve Date 3 weeks prior to calender date Reserve Date Fall 2016 Sept. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9 Spring 2017 Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 5

into housing guide

Housing Guide

Published every May, the annual, full color Off-campus Housing Guide is the best source for students to turn to for information about living near ASU’s four campuses. It’s distributed on campus throughout the year, sent to students who request it, and also available online at statepress. com. Space reservations begin during the spring semester so contact your representative to reserve your spot before the April deadline.

8.75” x 11.25”

Full Page $2,100

4.056” x 5.28”

1/4 Page $1,100

8.28” x 5.28” 1/2 Page $1,400

Sponsor Content Logo $800

into events & promo

Promotional Packages

Events & Promotions

Mall Marketing on our Tempe campus is a great way to hand out information and promote your business directly to ASU students & staff! This option is available to businesses that run a Big Button on our website,, for at least 2 weeks as promotion prior to coming on campus. Mall Marketing includes 4 hours on Tempe campus (10 am - 2 pm) outside of the Student Media offices. One table and 2 chairs are available to checkout/set up. Sponsor ASU’s & State Press Magazine monthly tent event. This option is available as a package or for distribution of giveaways only. Taste of ASU is an on campus event that combines food from local Tempe restaurants. There are more than 15 restaurants expected to participate in Taste of ASU and we want you to be a part of it. In addition to food sampling, there will also be music, drinks, and special prize giveaways. Space is limited, so make your reservation today!

Promo Package ($450) Includes: One quarter page ad in one issue of the State Press Magazine, one week Big Button on, and giveaway distribution the client will provide. Giveaways Only ($150/Event): Cup, pen, lanyard, etc. that the client will provide.

Mall Marketing Big Button $300, 2 week run Mall Marketing Day $80/day (4 hours) Total Package Cost $380

Taste of ASU April 2016 Hayden Lawn, Tempe campus Cost: $650 This includes your booth space, tent, ad space in the “Best of ASU” edition of State Press Magazine, facebook mentions, logo placement, and all applicable campus fees. Deadline to participate and reserve your space: March 8, 2017 - 5pm

into the news racks

News ASU/Tempe campus - Available locations Student Media ASU Tempe Campus News Racksthrough ASURacks

map location coordinates ad type: ad panel ID number #01 Veteran’s Way Advertising & 6th Street panels are (king: #01)

#02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07

1 2 4



5 6


#08 #09 #10 #11

20 21 22





19 17 18

15 16

12 13

Rainbow Bridge N/Palo Verde (2 aces: #04a; #04b) filled with a rich variety Cady/College (N+W) (queen & 2 aces: #05; #05a; #05b)

of newspapers. These

Cady/College (N+E) (2 aces: #06a; #06b) Architecture newsracks are located (queen: #07)

Life Sciences - throughout C Wing at Tylercampus on (2 aces: #08a; #08b) Life Sciences - sidewalks, C Wing at Tyler (2 streets, and aces: #09a; #09b) Pa l m Wa l k / Ty lbuilding er entrances. Oasis Cantina

(2 aces: #10a; #10b) (queen: #11)

Downtown Phoenix Campus

7 8 9

J a m b a J u i c e positioned on modular (2 aces: #02a; #02b) Bateman Physical Science (queen: #03) distribution newsracks


(queen: #12) (queen: #13)

#12 #13

Noble Science Library Goldwater - McAllister/Tyler Mall

#14 #15

Tyler entrance ASU Bookstore

#16 #17

ASU Bookstore (queen & 2 aces: #16; #16a; #16b) Murdock Hall/Orange St-W (queen: #17)

#18 #19

Murdock Hall/Orange St-E ASU Memorial Union

(queen & 2 aces: #14; #14a; #14b) (jack: #15)

(queen: #18) (queen & 2 aces: #19; #19a; #19b)

ASU Downtown Phoenix News Racks

#20 Hayden Library-W 2 #21 Hayden Library-E #22 #23

Farmer-Forest-W Farmer-Forest-N

(queen: #20) (queen: #21)


(queen & 2 aces: #22; #22a; #22b) (queen & 2 aces: #23; #23a; #23b) (queen: #24) (queen: #25)

#24 Student Services Bldg (facing S) 1 2 #25 Student Services Bldg (facing N)

24 25 29 26 28 30 27

31 32

#26 #27

Cady/College (south/N) Cady/College (south/S)

(2 aces: #26a; #26b) 6 (2 aces: #27a; #27b)

#28 #29

B u s i n e s s A d m i n3 4 Business Admin (open plaza)

(2 aces: #28a; #28b) (jack: #29)

#30 #31

Business Admin (Starbucks) SRC (Student Rec Center)

(2 aces: #30a; #30b) (2 aces: #31a; #31b)


5 SRC (Student Rec Center)

(2 aces: #32a; #32b)

The numbers above reflect a system of ad panel identification where there are 32 primary newsrack locations that have between ( 1) and (3) ad panels on each...if (1) panel (JACK/QUEEN/KING) then the ad ID is the same as the newsrack number; if newsrack has (2) ACE ad panels on the end caps then the ID is the unit number followed by (a) for the panel on the left and (b) for the panel on the right. If there are a mix of (3) ad panels then the same applies...the larger ad panel on the back (JACK/QUEEN/KING) is the primary newsrack number and the ACE ads on each end are the same number followed by (a) for the left and (b) for the right. Numbers underlined and denoted in color are proposed ad panels for the purposes of this quote/posting proposal.

News Racks


#1 West side of Post Office #3 NE corner UCENT Building Position Size Price #4 NE corner of UCENT parking garage #2 East side of Post Office Ace 10.25” wide x 21.75” high $550/mo Jack 26.75” wide x 15.75” high $700/mo Queen 42” wide x 15.75” high $900/mo King 72” wide x 15.75” high $1,200/mo

#5 South #6 North

into memorial union

LCD Screens Memorial Union

The Memorial Union (MU) has poster cases located on the first level. Locations may be reserved by the campus community to showcase and promote ASU departments, registered student organization, and MU business partners. MU Business partners are defined as any business renting or leasing space from the Memorial Union. All cases fit a 22” wide x 28” tall poster (Portrait layouts only). We offer several places in the Memorial Union for you to display your business or event on an LCD screen.

Types 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months ASU Student Club* $200 $150 $125 ASU Department $200 $150 $125 Off Campus $250 $200 $175 National $300 $250 $225 *Available weekly for $50.

970 x 728 px

Posters 22” x 28”

Campus Frequency Rate 1 month $350 3 months $300 6 months $250 Commerical Frequency Rate 1 month $550 3 months $450 6 months $400


Contract and Copy Regulations The State Press reserves the right to reject or edit any advertising. Advertising will be refused if it is offensive, ambiguous or deceptive, making the product or service unclear or open to misrepresentation; if it advertises illegal organizations or activities; if it maligns identifiable persons, races, religions or professions; if it is not accurate or truthful; or if it is otherwise determined unacceptable by a Student Advertising Board in consultation with the Advertising Manager. Make good/adjustments will be considered only for those advertisements where errors occur in the following: business/group name; address or phone number; item price; date; time; or place of event. The error must be solely the fault of The State Press. Adjustments will not exceed the cost of the advertisement and will be based on the portion of the advertisement nullified by the error. Minor spelling errors will not qualify for adjustment. Requests must be registered to the Advertising Manager within 48 hours of publication to qualify, otherwise the advertiser accepts full responsibility. No proof will be furnished on any advertisement received after deadline. Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the State of Arizona, Arizona Board of Regents, ASU Student Media, its Board of Trustees and its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all loss, cost and expense, including reasonable attorney fees for actions by third parties, including those arising from trademark, copyright or privacy claims and inaccurate or misleading advertising resulting from the publication of advertisement.

Terms of Payment All advertising rates are non-commissionable, net rates. No cash discounts. All advertising is prepaid unless credit is approved through ASU Student Media Business Office. Make checks payable to ASU Student Media. Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted. When paying by credit card, include name of business, address, name of cardholder, card number, expiration date and the security code. Cash, personal or cashiers checks and money orders are accepted. Invoices/statements are issued monthly for credit approved advertisers. Terms are net 30 days; any amount open in excess of 30 days is considered past due and subject to a .0833% late fee. All political advertising must be pre-paid. Bar and restaurant ads require pre-payment unless credit has been established with ASU Student Media.

into the policies

p: 480.727.3067

e: f: 480.965.0689