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Stephen Barron NOVEMBER 2019






Introduction ……………...…………………...3 Components of Fitness Training …………. 4-5

elcome to the first edition of Boxing for Beginners. This publication is for people who are interested in Boxing

and would like to find out more about the differ-

Cardio-Vascular …………...………...6

ent aspects of the sport. This first edition con-

Local Muscular Endurance…………..7

tains interesting articles on fitness training, as-


pects of safety and the importance of good nu-


trition and safety for people in training.

Body Composition…………….…......10

March saw the White Collar Boxing Charity

Healthy Eating ………………………..….10-11

Fundraiser in Spanish Point Co. Clare which

Training Methods for Boxers………….…....12

raised over 20,000 Euro for locally based char-

Safety First in Boxing…………………......…13

ities. My introduction to Boxing was through my


involvement in this White Collar Boxing event hirty participants completed an inten-

which took place early in 2019 through the En-

sive training schedule which culminated

nis Boxing Club.

in The ‘Battle of the West’. The compe-

tition was hosted by John Bourke at the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point on March 3rd 2019. The event was well advertised and each Boxer dressed up for their entrance, I dressed up as Donald Trump . There was great tension and excitement on the night which resulted in a great night’s entertainment and support of a very deserving cause.

Stephen in action


Cardio-vascular training Develop some cardio Boxing is a great exercise for improving cardio fitness. Improving cardio fitness is not enough if you eventually want to begin sparring. Spend time jogging and doing calisthenics to improve your lung capacity and ensure you can last the later rounds. Running, swimming, cycling and skipping are all good examples of cardio training for Boxers. The general rule is that you have to raise your heart-rate when exercising and in order to do that you have to push yourself.

Advanced boxing workout •

Monday - Skipping Rope, Speed Bag, Sparring.

Tuesday - Weight Training, Running.

Wednesday - Shadow Boxing, Heavy Bag, Sparring.

Thursday - Skipping Rope, Speed Bag.

Friday -

Saturday - Shadow Boxing, Heavy Bag, Sparring.

Sunday -

Weight Training, Running.


12 Minute cardio workout which can be done at home or in the Gym. Complete 4 sets of the following exercises in order with no rest between each exercise or set. .

Skipping rope

90 seconds

Footwork switch

30 seconds

High knees

30 seconds

Heel tap

30 seconds 4

Components of training for boxers Getting started Welcome to the world of boxing! People have used boxing as a way of learning self-defense, developing self-confidence and staying in shape for years. As a beginner there are some basics that you will need to know before you enter the ring. Bring the right clothes Shorts and a light t-shirt are perfect to start. Wear light running shoes or boxing shoes for sparring sessions. Bring gloves and hand wraps. Boxing gloves and hand wraps 16oz. Boxing gloves are recommended for beginners. For hand wraps you will want the 180" size. For sparring you will also need a mouth guard, body protectors and headgear.

Learn to wrap your hands correctly Nothing is worse than sprained wrists or broken hands from a incorrect wrap. Be sure that your knuckles have sufficient padding and your wrist is supported. Hit the heavy bag correctly If you don't have a partner to spar with or a coach to hold pads, you will want to practice your combinations on the heavy bags in the gym. You must keep your form as tight as possible and do not throw really hard punches. You hit the bag at a solid pace and you will improve the power of your punches quickly. Be patient and safe Everything should be controlled and at a reasonable pace. If you feel uncomfortable be honest with the trainer about how you feel. Relax and have patience while you are learning and avoid over-training. Off days are just as important as the time you spend in the gym. 5

Local muscular endurance training To increase your fight endurance the first step is to work on your cardio, which means increasing your body's rate of oxygen absorption (oxygen intake). Boxing is an activity expressed in physical movement. Muscular endurance means that you are able to absorb enough oxygen to fuel your muscles when you are active in Boxing. There are many health benefits of improved muscular strength and endurance. These include improved work efficiency, improved posture, less risk of muscle injury.

The major muscles used by boxers are: 

The muscles of the shoulder girdle; the deltoids, latissimus dorsi, and pectorals.

The core muscles; the rectus abdominus, obliques, and erector spinae.

The muscles of the upper legs and hips, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and the gluteal muscles.


Strength training A boxer has to be able to move fast and make explosive movements, such as punching and evading their opponent. That is why boxers have to do both resistance and endurance training to ensure they have the strength and conditioning needed to win. Strength training involves performing resistance exercises, which can include weights, using resistance based equipment or the resistance of your own body weight. This exercise may also involve d o i n g push-ups, situps and squats.




Wall Drill

L.E.F.T. Drill

Foot Work-2 Leg

-3 Count

(cones, 1-3 sets,

(1-3 sets, 30 sec

(1-3 sets)

30 sec rest)


Arm Action -

Figure 8


(1-3 sets,

Speed Ladder-2 Leg

(1-3 sets)

30 sec rest)

Forward, Lateral, Zig-zag, Side Shuffle, Skier, W-Weave

Lean, Fall,



Jog- 20 Yards

(1-3 sets,

(1-3 sets,

(1-3 sets, 60 sec rest)

30 sec rest)

30 sec rest)


Flexibility training Here are five easy stretching exercises which you must incorporate into your fitness routine to improve flexibility. Hamstring stretches target the back of your legs. Glutes Stretches. Shoulder Stretches. Abdominal Stretches. Neck Stretches.

Boxing requires a lot of movement and range of motion from various parts of the body, boxing requires a lot of flexibility, therefore it is important that your muscles are loose and warm before you train to prevent injury. Dynamic stretching is stretching while you are moving. Many people stretch when stationery. As boxing requires a lot of movement and range of motion you will al-

ways see professional boxers doing dynamic stretches before they train and compete.

Example of a stretch to improve flexibility

Body composition Body size and composition is a very important component of fitness for boxers. In physical fitness, body composition is used to describe the levels of fat, bone water and muscle in the body. Two people of the same sex and body weight may look totally different because they have a different body composition . It is important for boxers to be as lean as possible to maximize their muscle mass for their particular weight category.


Healthy Eating to Improve Performance

What does Floyd Mayweather eat?

By Angela Browne


ou only have to look at Floyd Mayweather

to see that there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure that he is performance ready. “Diet and nutrition is instrumental to boxing success,” says boxing trainer Matt Smith, who runs the British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C) licensed boxing gym. “With boxing, one tiny slip up could cost you the win if your opponent is 100 percent healthy in terms of nutri-

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor



“Diet and nutrition is instrumental to boxing success” Interestingly, Floyd Mayweather is not the shining example of how a boxer should eat. In a

voiding junk food and getting your five or

more fruit and vegetables -a-day may seem like a fairly straightforward diet-plan. This training demands endurance, agility, strength

recent interview with New York Magazine,

and speed, boxing is one of the most physi-

Quaina Jeffries his former chef spoke of how

cally demanding sports. Its unlike other sports

he loves fried hot dogs and this presented him

like football, where it doesn’t have a set peri-

with a challenge when he was preparing for an

od, which means that boxers train and work

important fight. Trying her best to create a nu-

all throughout the year. If you don’t live boxing

tritious meal Quaina would add oranges, or-

every day and your opponent does, you will

ange zest and other spices when preparing

come off second best in the fight and that

juices. A typical juice for Mayweather would

means training and eating well at all times.

include pineapples, oranges, strawberries, red peppers, red pears and some vegetables..

“Avoiding junk food, eating your greens


Common sense Common Sense Dieting: eating for boxers


he importance of a healthy diet for boxers is essential to improving your performance, re-

ducing your recovery time, while achieving a lean body weight. Boxers in training will consume more nutrients than the average person to provide energy for physical performance and adequate nutrients for rapid recovery. Know how to eat right to be fit, gain lean muscle weight, burn

fat, or simply look good! This is not just a boxing diet plan, it’s a common sense plan for anybody to feel and look like a champ!

Keys to a healthy diet Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the meal that breaks your overnight fast and provides you with the first supply of nutrients for your day and kickstarts your body’s metabolism. Once you eat a good breakfast, you can make it through the rest of the day on smaller meals to avoid getting very hungry.





You need to eat from all food groups in the Food Pyramid, they’re all essential for a healthy body. Drink at least two and a half liters or more of water every day. You need to ensure that you include all of the necessary minerals and vitamins into your diet. Which are obtained from a normal varied diet. You need to eat from all food groups, Carbs, protein, fats— they are all essential for your body. The Key is moderation in portion size. You need to eat whey you feel hungry. Do not eat too much, know when you have had enough food. Timing your meals allows you to remain fuller for longer. 11

Training Methods for Boxers Are you new to boxing and don’t know where to start? The following are some basic boxing guides for all beginners.

Basic Stance The first basic in boxing is the boxing stance and helps beginners to attack and defend easily.

Boxing Footwork Beginners absolutely need to master the step and drag and pivot maneuvers with both hands ready to attack easily.

The Pivot This is the next most important boxing footwork technique you’ll need.

Punching Technique 1. Start from a relaxed position 2. Exhale as you throw your punch 3. Tighten your fist and body muscles at impact 4. Bring your hand back to your face for protection

Boxing is meant to be safe and fun for everyone. In the beginning be patient and listen to your coaches and you will improve.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The most important way to keep yourself safe in amateur boxing is to : 

Always use a mouth guard

Use hand wraps and gloves

Wear protective head gear

unsubscribe 13

Wear boxing shoes


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