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Student Life 101 eZine Contents March .2010

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8 One Waterloo Disability Awareness Day Your Light Within 9 Black History Month 10 African Awareness Day 11 One Waterloo 12 Retail Services

by Chris Denbow

13 Orientation Leader Training 14 March Break Open House

15 Organizational of Human Development 16 International Student Office SHADOW Program


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17 Arcadia (Theatre production by UW Drama) 18 Global Experience Certificate 20 UW Library 21 Athletics 22 Fusion 23 Concentration and Distraction 24 UW Management Consulting Club

March C

alendar 2010

4th 8th - 12th 11st - 13rd 12nd -13rd 15th 16th 17th 19th 18th - 20th 25th 26th - 27th

ACADEMIC March 1st March 1st - 7th

5th annual Women’s Day Dinner International Celebrations Week Arcadia (Theatre production by UW Drama) Warrior Weekends African Awareness Day March Break Open House St. Patrick’s Day Arts Gala Arcadia Disability Awareness Day Warrior Weekends

International Celebrations Week International Women’s Day St.Patrick’s Day Intention to graduate forms due Pre-enrolment course selection week for Fall 2010

OSAP 24th 30th 30th

Last day to submit Confirmation of Enrolment for Winter only term and Fall & Winter term to ensure full OSAP funding Recommended submission date for OSAP Rollover Form to add Spring term to Winter only term or Fall & Winter term Recommended submission date for OSAP Reinstatement Form to add Spring term to Fall only term

International Celebrations Week 2010

March 8th-12th Cul ture



Co nve r s at i o n



Monday 8 Festival of Holidays 11:00AM - 5:00PM @ SLC Great Hall

Wednesday 10 Women’s Centre Event 10:00 AM - 8:00PM @SLC Multi Purpose Room

Travel around the booths with a passport provided, and explore different cultures. Food, games, prizes, cultural display, celebrations of festivals, Lion Dance!

Please join us, and celebrate the International Women’s Week

FREE Coffee Hour 2:30- 3:30 @ Renison Ministry Centre (beside the Renison Library) Featuring a variety of international treats

Tuesday 9 Waterloo International Reception 2:00 - 3:30 PM @ NH 1116 Explore the International Student Office with presentations, games and food! Photo Contest will also be held here. All are welcome!

Thursday 11 Cultural Caravan 6:00 PM - 12:00AM @SLC Great Hall The evening consists of cultural performances, cultural displays and various types of food.

Friday, Saturday12,13 Warrior Weekends 9:00PM - 1:00AM @ SLC

Activities : Sushi Making Traditional Tamil Dances UW Breakers, UWJazz Band Crafts: Photoframes and Origami Create your own scarves Movie: Invictus Slumdog Millionaire Law Abiding Citizen Food: Samosa Pizza and Pop * All free with WatCard

International Celebrations Week International Celebrations Week (ICW) is the highlight of the One Waterloo Campaign. Waterloo is a culturally diverse and vibrant community that is comprised of students, staff, and faculty from all over the world. ICW is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the opportunities this diversity brings. The week full of events demonstrates the collaborations between cultures and the building of relationships that promote understanding and discourse fostering the spirit of UW. Feature events this year include Cultural Caravan, presented in the Great Hall of the Student Life Centre. Hundreds of students perform culturally themed presentations of songs, dances, and dramas to a packed, cheering audience. Booths line the great hall offering various foods and sweets from the many countries where our students originate. Many other events will fill the week, including the Opening Ceremony which features a Festival of Holidays. This event will provide students with an opportunity to see the cultural and different faith celebrations from around the world. Exciting performances including Chinese Lion Dancing will be presented in the Great Hall. The Women’s Centre will be hosting an event all day Wednesday and throughout the week to commemorate International Women’s Week. ICW closes with exciting activities in partnership with Warrior Weekends. Departments such as Waterloo International and the International Student Office will also be involved by hosting a reception in the Waterloo International Conference room, where photos from the International Photo Contest will be on display with free food and refreshments. Food Services also features authentic cultural cuisines from Asia, France, India, and Mexico throughout the week for UW community members to enjoy. Visit for more information about the event and opportunities to get involved this week.



The UW International Women's Day Committee presents the

5th Annual Women's Day Dinner Thursday, March 4, 2010 4:30 - 8:30 p.m. University Club The UW Community is cordially invited to an evening of dinner, socializing, and celebration! View our program to see what we have planned for the evening. Tickets ($32) can be purchased from the Theatre Centre Box Office (HH 161). Book early, only a limited number of tickets are available! Visit the Parking Services website to locate the parking lot closest to the University Club. If you have any questions about the event, please contact the committee at DAW Logo courtesy of and used with permission from United Nations.

Cultural Caravan is a celebration of multiculturalism at UW. It takes the form of a talent show with performances by the cultural student groups on campus. There are a variety of dance performances, singing and drama. We have over 15 acts and a variety of foods from around the world. This is the biggest event put on by FEDs Clubs and Services and


One Waterloo Disability Awareness Day Your Light Within March 25th 2010 11:00am - 4:30pm, Student Life Centre Great Hall Come join One Waterloo and the Office for Persons with Disabilities for an exciting day about disability awareness. We all need to recognize and see within us the gift that disability brings towards ourselves and inevitably towards society. Day in the life? Disability Simulators and Wheel Chair Obstacle Course, 11:00am - 12:30pm Have you ever though what is like to read with dyslexia? Wondering how people with a wheelchair play hockey? Hear with a hearing impairment or see with a vision impairment? If the answer is yes, then you should come out and experience the “Day in the life� disability simulations and experience this unique opportunity for yourself. Panel Discussion 12:30pm - 2:30pm Come out for a stimulating discussion on invisible disabilities and disability awareness. Our panelists will be comprised of experts and UW students discussing the challenges that disabled students face, their successes and the changes that can be made to make things better. And how their disability has impacted their university experience. Film Screening 2:30pm - 4:30pm The event closes with a film screening. Join us for complimentary snacks.

Sled Hockey htm?id=502941


Black History Month 2010 February 2010, One Waterloo in partnership with UW Base, and members of AFRSA and ACS hosted events to celebrate Black History Month 2010. The theme for Black History Month was “Aspire to Inspire” recognizing current students, and new alumni who have contributed to the betterment of the black community, encouraging new students to be engaged and developing their leadership skills. February 9, 2010 featured the Black History Month Expo. The day started with free food from Caribbean Kitchen, including patties, deep fried plantains, and jerked chicken, and an exposition of black culture, featuring wonderful art from African Canadian Artist and UW student Nana, and displays educating students on various black cultures.The day closed with an academic, openforum discussion about prominent issues facing African Canadians and was attended by diverse members of UW. Ucal Shillingford facilitated the discussion and encouraged members of the Waterloo community to contribute their experiences and ideas. The personal stories and comments from the students took the discussion in great new directions as the panel worked off the audiences’ comments. Many UW students attended to learn about and celebrate black culture. On February 27, the Black History Month Gala was presented in the Bomber in collaboration with Warrior Weekends. Students performed dances, spoken word, poetry, and songs all celebrating the vibrant black culture within UW. Fashion shows were also held to showcase the traditional garb from various black cultures. Black History Month closes with a final event run through AFRSA, with support from One Waterloo. On March 15th, 2010, African Awareness Day will be held in the great hall at the Student Life Centre, featuring exhibits and performances that highlight the Native African people and culture that are present at the University of Waterloo. Further celebrations will be featured during this month’s International Celebrations Week 2010. Visit for more information.



Orientation Leader Training

Lina Sinan

Orientation Leader Training is an incredibly important part of Orientation. It is a set of four sessions that all leaders must complete in order to participate in Orientation Week. Each module is either 2 or 2.5 hours in length for a total of 9.5 hours. Here is a brief description of the sessions: 1. You are Waterloo (MUST be completed first) A session to introduce you to the orientation structure at UW and your role as an Orientation Leader. 2. What Every Leader Should Know Answers to all the questions first-year students might ask, and the other stuff upper year students should know. 3. Health and Safety Alcohol, health emergencies, and prevention of problems, including sexual assault - where your responsibilities lie as a UW orientation leader. 4. Diversity and Harassment This session will provide leaders with the tools to combat harassment, as well as recognize the many positive qualities of our diverse community. Senior Leaders – Although you are not required to, you are more than welcome to retake any of these sessions. Also, brand new for 2010, a Senior Leader session will be offered in the Spring. Stay tuned for more details! To register and for more information,visit: See you in training!






ABLE AT L I A V A S ION APPLICAT s/vc.php u t i s i v / a .c waterloo H 5 AT 4:00PM .u e r o m t RC dou http://fin PLY BY FRIDAY MA AP



Leadership Workshops Winter 2010 offered through Organizational & Human Development (OHD)

We’re excited to share with you that on-line registration is now open for the Student Leadership Workshops offered through OHD These leadership workshops are free to any current UW student. Each session is 2 hours. See web site for topics and registration details:


SHADOW Volunteers needed for spring and fall, 2010 Maggie Liang International Student Office

Volunteer for the SHADOW Program! The SHADOW (Student Hosts and Designates of Waterloo) Program works by pairing up a recently arrived international student with a University of Waterloo (UW) student volunteer who is accustomed to the UW campus, services, and local community. Shadows are knowledgeable about the campus and surrounding area and would like to help international students become more familiar with a new culture, academic, and social setting. As a Shadow, you can help an international student through the transitional period during the first term at the University and offer your friendship and guidance. Your understanding and friendship can help an international student feel more welcome and comfortable in their new environment. What volunteers say about their experiences… “My experience with the SHADOW Program was exceptional. My Shadowee and I had many common interests and it was fun to learn about her culture and lifestyle. We became good friends and ended up doing a lot of things together. We still keep in touch even though she has returned to Korea. ” “I had an awesome time volunteering with the SHADOW Program. I think it is very rewarding because not only do you get to help an international student feel more accustomed to UW, but you also learn so much from them. It’s also a great opportunity to meet students from all over the world. Some of the activities you can do with your Shadowee is show them around the city, go see a movie, or go to a local festival or event. I definitely recommend volunteering with the SHADOW Program for any student who wants an enriching, fun, and cultural experience! ” “I stay more connected to my culture by talking to the Shadowees who are from my country.” Apply for the SHADOW program for spring or fall, 2010 at about_iso/volunteer/shadow_volunteer.htm.


UW Drama presents

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

by Tom Stoppard

What do fractal geometry, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, iterated algorithms, chaos theory, classical horticulture, gothic architecture, carnal embrace, and Lord Byron’s sex life have in common? They are all ingredients in Tom Stoppard’s masterpiece comedy thriller Arcadia, the final UW Drama production of the 2009-2010 season.

But you won’t need a higher degree in nano computing or quantum mechanics to have a good time with this play. Arcadia is Theatre of the Arts emphatically not a dramatized academic March 11-13 8 pm March 18-20 8 pm seminar, but a tightly executed theatrical tour de force which is part satire, part detective-story, part debate about determinism and free will, part celebration of the ungovernable curiosity about the world around us. Considered by many one of the greatest plays of our time, Arcadia celebrates the human thirst for knowledge fully cognizant that such knowledge will forever be elusive. Yet in the pursuit of sexy ideas about the universe it also celebrates universal ideas about sex, the one unpredictable “attraction which Newton left out” in his deterministic model of the world. General $12 Students/Seniors $10 Box Office: 519 888 4908

Directed by Gerd Hauck, Arcadia, will be performed on March 11-13 and 1820 at 8:00 pm. Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building, University of Waterloo. Box Office: 519 888-4908 Tickets: $12 general, $10 students/seniors For more information see or contact Robin Atchison 519.888.4567, ext. 35808


GloBal ExPErIEnCE CErtIfICatE Global Perspective Wanted If you can • adapt to work environments in other countries • be sensitive to cultural differences • communicate and work effectively with people from other backgrounds … employers around the world are looking for you!

Build Your Skills for the Global Marketplace With a Global Experience Certificate you can add an international component to your undergraduate degree. Visit us to learn more about enhancing your future with this certificate.*

It’S YoUr dEGrEE, YoUr drEaM, YoUr World. *Certificate is available to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

WatErloo IntErnatIonal


Needles Hall (NH) 1101 519-888-4567, ext. 38350

Global Experience Certificate My name is Yannish Sewraz and I am a 2A Environment and Business student currently working towards obtaining a Global Experience Certificate (GEC). As a bilingual immigrant who has lived in Canada for 6 years, I feel that this certificate will be a great asset to me in the working world. I also plan on getting an International Master in Business Administration after graduating from the University of Waterloo. With the University of Waterloo’s Global Experience Certificate as part of my application, I will have an advantage that will increase my chances of getting into such a program. Through the courses I have taken in the Environment and Business program, I have come to understand that today’s business world is centered on the environment. Through globalization, environmental initiatives are happening everywhere. With a Bachelor in Environmental Studies, the Global Experience Certificate and an International MBA, I will have a wide range of skills that many businesses would love to have in order to expand, while considering the environment.

Where in the world do you want to go?

We can help you get there. Earn a Global

Experience Certificate at UW

Students who wish to obtain the Global Experience Certificate must complete a language/course component, an international experience and a cross-cultural volunteer experience. I have already selected the courses I will be taking, and I have also decided to do an exchange in England, at the University of Leeds. I am currently involved in the application process for this as well. The cross-cultural volunteer portion of the GEC, for me, will take place on campus with the SHADOW Program at UW, which allows me to introduce international students to Waterloo. I hope to complete this volunteer opportunity during the spring term while taking courses. My main goals include being an international person who has travelled the world and understands various cultures. I am confident that completing the cross-cultural volunteer experience, global studies courses, and exchange program, and obtaining the Global Experience Certificate will help make me a global citizen. There is a million ways to personalize your Global Experience Certificate Plan!


UW Librarys Looking to Boost Your Grades?

Get the Library’s workshops working for you! This March the Library is offering a handful of workshops geared toward helping YOU succeed. Workshops cover: • Finding books using Primo • Locating research articles and strengthening your searching skills • How to: assess your research impact; find conference proceedings; and use RSS feeds • How to use specific research tools, such as RefWorks and Scopus • Finding government information, statistics, and data • And more... Check out the Library’s workshop page for details. For more information, contact: Leeanne Romane Chair, Library Instruction Committee Ext. 36860

Get Cooking With the Library’s Culinary Arts Collection! Residence food got you down? Nurture your inner food connoisseur with the Library’s new subscription to the Culinary Arts Collection. The Culinary Arts Collection provides you with access to more than 250 major cooking, food studies, and nutrition magazines from 1980 to present. It is updated continually and contains thousands of searchable articles, restaurant reviews, recipes, practical instruction, and industry information. The collection’s main topics include nutrition, food preparation, food retail, food toxicology & microbiology, food service, and food technology. The Culinary Arts Collection is accessible via the “Gale Databases from Knowledge Ontario” on the Library’s Research Databases page. For more information, contact: Nancy Collins Communications and Liaison Librarian Ext. 32446


Topic contains popular, professional, and academic journals, with titles including: • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition • Bon Appetit • Confectioner • Environmental Nutrition • European Journal of Nutrition • Food and Drink • Food Magazine • Food, Culture & Society • Gourmet • Journal of Food Science • Organic Gardening • Tea & Coffee Trade Journal • Vegetarian Times • Wine Handbook • And many more

Warrior Athletics March Special Events *$%)#!,.%3.%*)*/,-! March 5th-6th

,$ )!---&!.'' March 12th- 13th $40/team +.*,-,%+ Friday, March 19th  .%&!.%)'/ %)#/*''!2''*/,)ament March 20 $50/team

%.)!--%.**.(+ ./, 2,$ .$ $115 )--*%.%*)1%.$:

Vi-%..$!.$'!.%-"3!"*,(*,!%)"*,(.%*)) .* ,!#%-.!,"*,.$!*0!!0!).-. Add King Warrior as a friend on Facebook



Concentration and Distraction Prepared by Dr. Tracy Morgan, Counselling Services, University of Waterloo Most of us find it hard to concentrate on coursework and we can often find a lot of other things that we would rather be doing. Instead of concentrating on studying for exams or on completing assignments, we’re often distracted by friends, roommates, what’s on TV, MSN… Most university students tell us that they have difficulty concentrating on doing assignments and studying for exams. Here are some things to consider to make it a little easier to concentrate: Look at the space where you’re working. Does it feel comfortable to you? Are you sitting on a comfortable chair? Is the lighting OK? Does it have a comfortable temperature? Is it too noisy or too quiet? Are you likely to be distracted or interrupted by others? Ensure that you’re eating regularly and healthily, getting enough sleep, and getting some exercise. If you’re hungry when you’re trying to study, you’ll be easily distracted by thinking about wanting something to eat. If you’re tired when you’re trying to study, you’ll find it hard to stay awake and focus well enough to remember what you’ve studied. Try to avoid pulling “all-nighters” because the longer you stay awake, the harder it will be to focus. Try to plan your schedule in advance so that you can get adequate sleep each night a week or so before your exam. Try taking 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes to keep yourself at peak efficiency when you’re studying. Also, physical exercise can help you feel more energized and focused.

by Chris Denbow

Make the material that you’re studying relevant to you personally. Try to think of personal experiences or everyday experiences that relate to the material that you’re studying. That strategy will make the material more interesting to you and then you’ll be less likely to feel bored when studying and you’ll be able to concentrate better. Plan for fun!!! It gets quite boring, and more difficult to concentrate, if all you’re doing is coursework. Ensure that you have enough time for your readings, assignments, and for studying, but also plan to spend time with your friends and have some fun. These breaks will help you relax and be able to focus better when you are studying. Obviously, you need to balance your time studying with how much fun you’re having… If you would like to talk with a counsellor about any study skills, please come and see us in room 2080 in Needles Hall, or call us at 888-4567, ext. 32655. Also, check out our website,, for more information on study skills.


The UW Management Consulting Club The UW Management Consulting Club is holding a Management Consulting Case Competition on Saturday March 13, 2010. The event includes a Case Preparation Session provided by Deloitte Consultingearlier in the week, in which students will be taught how to approach and present a business case. On the day of the main event, participants will be presenting to judges from top consulting firms Deloitte, McKinsey and BCG. For more information on this competition, please visit our website at or check out our Facebook event page at Registration closes on Monday March 8th at 11:59pm. For general questions, feel free to email us at Management Consulting is helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. The UW Management Consulting Club seeks to attract students and help them acquire the basic skills needed to succeed in pusuing opportunities in the consulting industry. We believe that UW students hold the talent and drive to succeed; however, most students are either unaware of opportunities or lack the specific skills desired by employers and business schools. The Club will not only plan events to facilitate the networking process between the students and recruiters at the targeted consulting firms, but also showcase the talent and motivation of UW students in front of the consulting firms.


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