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Critical Thinking. In this discussion forum, you will examine your critical thinking, inquiring, and communication skills as they relate to the subject of physical education. Questioning compels thinking and, as thinkers, you assess what you read and incorporate knowledge with your prior understanding of the subject. As part of this discussion, you will read about concepts surrounding physical education and evaluate your previous knowledge on this subject. Then, you will create your own question for your classmates to answer. Complete each of the following sections: Section 1: KWL Chart. Before reading Chapters 1, 2, and 3, fill in the “What I Know” and “What I Want to Know” section of the following chart*. Then read the chapters and complete the “What I Learned” section of the chart. You will not include the KWL chart in your discussion post. Section 2: Creating Your Own Discussion Question/Prompt For your initial post, you will create your own discussion prompt based on your own research and review of the chapter readings for this week. Your questions need to originate from one of the concepts introduced in Chapter 1, 2, or 3. These chapters cover a variety of issues that can be further researched. After reading, use your completed chart and chapter readings to formulate a discussion prompt. Your discussion prompt should include all of the following:

Ashford ped 212 week 1 dq 2 critical thinking  
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