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What do you want to Every student at Idaho State University shares a similar vision—graduating and succeeding in a future career. One key ingredient in this vision is a diploma. Yet, there is more to earning a degree than what is learned in a classroom. Your university experience wouldn’t be complete without the skills, experiences, and relationships gained through campus involvement. Involvement creates opportunities for you to make memories, gain lifelong friends, and build your resume.


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Campus Recreation is committed to providing a wide variety of outstanding programs, services, facilities, and equipment for Idaho State University. Quality recreation helps inspire, educate, and empower us to be positive contributors to the university community. Recreation facilities include spacious fitness areas for cardio and strength training, indoor basketball, racquetball and tennis courts, indoor track, swimming pool, and the area’s largest indoor climbing wall. Full and part-time students receive membership paid through student fees. A Bengal ID is required to access facilities. For more information call 282-4854, or visit

Intramural Sports

The Campus Recreation Intramural Sports Program offers over 30 individual and team sports including judo, tennis, fl ag football, fl oor hockey, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Something for almost everyone. For more information call 282-3516 or visit

Bengal Dancers

The Bengal Dancers perform throughout the year at football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, and even make appearances at soccer, volleyball and rugby. They promote school spirit by entertaining and encouraging crowd involvement. The Bengal Dancers represent ISU at NDA and USA competitions every year, where they have won two National Championships. The squad has been nationally ranked in the top 10 since 2000.


For more information call 282-4547 or visit Audition information can be found at


Sport Clubs are registered and chartered student organizations. The Sport Clubs program serves individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. These may be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature. Clubs may represent the University in intercollegiate competition or conduct intra-club activities such as practice, instruction, social, and tournament play. For more information, call 282-6152 or visit


Brings together ISU students interested in climbing, regardless of skill level. Helps climbers share and learn various techniques, safety tips, and different styles of climbing. Climbing experiences include both indoor and outdoor settings.


Provides students with opportunities to learn about fencing, compete, and be a part of an ISU club.


Stimulates interest and encourages participation in Judo among students and provides opportunities for competitions.



Promotes the growth and interest in the self-defense arts, promote in the members the desire to strive to maximize their mental, physical, and moral development. We promote good citizenship through understanding and participation in the self defense art of Shorin-Ryu Karate.

Strives to involve students in the sport of Ultimate, teach and inform members of Ultimate rules and regulations, and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. We also strive to form a traveling team to compete against other schools and organizations.


Practices and competes at a variety of levels. Competitions include inter-squad and intercollegiate.


Promotes kendo and develops beginning and intermediate level kendo skills. Members learn and practice proper kendo etiquette and technique.

Women’s Rugby

The only competitive college Rugby team in Idaho. It is a fun, competitive sport and everyone can play!

Men’s Baseball

Provides an organized baseball club for students, faculty, and staff who wish to play competitive baseball.


Increases interest and awareness about the sport of wrestling. Providing athletes with elite level training and competition.

Men’s Rugby Club

Promotes fitness, health, and a better understanding of rugby; develops positive teamwork and support; instills self-discipline and standards of excellence.

Idaho Falls SPORT CLUBS Paintball Club

Participates in competitions, learns rules, experiments with equipment, and plans outings.

Men’s Soccer

Provides educational opportunities for students to learn proper rules and competitive play at the collegiate club level.


Teaches members in racquetball techniques and rules, compete with each other as well as other university clubs, practice and receive instruction in the sport of racquetball.

Rodeo Team

Develops rodeo skills. Students learn about rodeo in general and compete at the intercollegiate level.


Provides coaching, competition, and other services to interested student snowboard enthusiasts.


Promotes an active and healthy lifestyle as well as group workout opportunities focused towards the sport of triathlon.



Located in Reed Gym, the Wellness Center facilitates and supports personal growth in the multiple dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. The Wellness Center implements wellness programs emphasizing awareness, prevention, and behavior change, and provides current and accurate information on personal and community health issues. For more information, call 282-2117 or visit

Outdoor Adventure Center

Located on the first fl oor of the Pond Student Union, the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) provides ISU students, faculty and staff with outdoor opportunities through classes, workshops, special events, and common adventure trips. Outdoor activities include rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, backpacking, rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, and more. Trips are based on the Cooperative Adventure Philosophy where trip costs and responsibilities are shared equally among participants.

The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group (CW HOG) Offers recreational activities for people of all abilities. CW

63 Did you know?


HOG provides challenging outdoor adventure activities in a supportive environment.

Outdoor Adventure Rentals

Provides equipment rentals for every outdoor activity imaginable. Equipment is available for boating, camping and winter recreation.

Portneuf Yurt System

Consists of five yurts located in the Portneuf Range. Snowshoeing or skiing to a yurt is a fantastic way to enjoy the winter season. Yurt rentals begin the Friday before Thanksgiving Break.

Alpine Tower (Universal Challenge Facility)

A 50’ tall, self-supporting structure provides unique challenges and team-oriented experiences for groups. It’s designed for low and high challenge course elements including those for persons with disabilities.

Resource Center

Includes topographical maps, library books, and videos on a variety of outdoor topics.

For more information, call 282-3912 or visit


are represented by ISU students.

diverse Diversity Resource Center

Chinese New Year

Begins with a Chinese banquet and concludes with Chinese cultural performances. Sponsored by the Chinese Students Association.

Serves the University Community through various activities that enhance cultural awareness and understanding. The activities are designed to increase cultural competency on campus and within the local community. For more information, call 282-3142 or visit

Indian Night

Offers ISU and the community a chance to experience Indian culture and cuisine with dinner and an ensemble of performances. Sponsored by Indian Student Association.

Cultural Events

International Night

Cultural events hosted by student organizations include: A Night in Mexico

Offers ISU and the community a chance to experience Hispanic culture and cuisine with dinner and an ensemble of performances. Sponsored by Hispanic Awareness Leadership Organization.

Shares traditions and cultures from various parts of the world to celebrate the diversity of students at ISU. Let your senses take an international trip of taste, sight, sound, and smell. Sponsored by the International Students Association.

Native American Awareness Week

Celebrates the culture, community and livelihood of Native Americans. Students and community are invited to attend various events including a visually stunning Powow. Sponsored by Native Americans United.

A Taste of France

Offers ISU and the community a chance to experience French culture and cuisine with dinner and an ensemble of performances. Sponsored by Le Conseil Francais.

Nepalese Night

Offers ISU and the community a chance to experience Nepalese culture and cuisine with dinner and an ensemble of performances. Sponsored by the Nepalese Student Association.

African Night

Combines the best part of African culture into an incredible dinner and exuberant performance. Sponsored by the African Students Association of ISU.

For more information on cultural events, call 282-3451

Cherry Blossom Festival

Celebrates the sounds, sights, smells and food of Japan. Sponsored by the Japanese Club.


INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS OFFICE ISU School of performing Arts: Seeks to enhance foreign visitors’ stay in the USA, and particularly at Theatre & Dance ISU, by providing quality cultural, academic, regulatory, and social programs. IPO also seeks to promote the functionality of U.S students in a global society.

Study Abroad With ISU! Expand your cultural and academic horizons by studying in another country. Summer, semester, and year-long options are available. Most programs are based on the cost of ISU tuition and room and board. ISU has agreements with institutions all over the world including Morocco, China, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, England, and Uruguay. ISU is affiliated with ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs). For more information, call 282-4320 or visit

Janet C. Anderson Gender Resource Center

Works to increase awareness of and promote open dialogue about gender issues. The Anderson Center is open to all, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural background, religion, abilities or age—everyone is welcome! We have a dedicated corps of student, staff, and faculty volunteers who help develop and facilitate new activities and events. The Center organizes special activities to mark theme-related months throughout the year, including Women’s History Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and special days such as National Coming Out Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance, and World AIDS Day as well as others. The Center also hosts an annual conference, discussion groups and entertainmentoriented events.

Resource Library: The Anderson Center Library holds books, magazines and pamphlets on a variety of gender-related topics. These materials can be borrowed through the main office in Graveley Hall, Room 114, for a period of up to one month. For more information, call 282-2805 or visit


Offers a variety of high-quality productions each year. Main-stage productions are directed and/or choreographed by faculty, students or other professionals. Auditions are open to all ISU students. Check the website for dates, times and show information. For more information, call the 282-3173 or visit

To purchase tickets for the productions, call the Performing Arts Center Box Office at 282-3595



Provides ISU students with information about campus resources, offers assistance with schedules and degree planning, clarifies campus policies and procedures, and serves as a general resource for the student body. For more information, call 282-3277 or visit

Located on the top fl oor of the Museum Building, the Career Center assists students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions. Receive assistance with your employment search through resume and cover letter reviews, practice interviews, part-time and temporary job postings, internship help, and full-time job listings. For more information, call 282-2380 or visit

The Bengal Newspaper

Published by and for the students of Idaho State University. Issues are published weekly during the academic year, except during dead week, finals week, and school breaks. Editor, production, design and web positions are frequently available. In addition, The Bengal seeks freelance articles by students. For more information, call 282-2247, email or visit

Chartwells & Catering Dining Services

Provides food service for the campus of Idaho State University, ranging from fresh pasta bars, salad bars, Asian and Mexican options to traditional American fare from the grill. For more information, call 282-5831 or visit or like them on Facebook at

Campus Connection

Located on the second level of the Pond Student Union, Campus Connection offers information on a variety of events, meetings, and campus activities. Check cashing, ticket sales, Bengal Card Services, and a phone directory services are also available. For more information, call 282-2700 or visit

Counseling and testing center

Supports the academic, emotional, social, vocational, spiritual, cultural, and professional development of students and other members of the ISU community by offering counseling, assessment, outreach, consultation, training, and educational and health promotion services. Provides a secure, professional, and proctored testing environment. For more information, call 282-2130 or visit


Transition and Mind’s Eye Galleries

Student Success Center

The Transition Gallery (Pond Student Union) and the Mind’s Eye Gallery (Rendezvous Complex) host artwork from major art exhibit tours, ISU students, faculty and staff, and local artists. The Transition Gallery is well known for its spacious venue, providing a display for a wide range of mediums. The Mind’s Eye Gallery hosts smaller, more intimate shows usually composed of photographs and drawings. For more information, call 282-3451 or visit


Offers a range of programs designed to support student education and faculty instruction across Idaho State University. The Student Success Center offers: • Free individual and small-group tutoring in math, writing, and content area courses. • Classes, workshops, and individual tutoring for non-native speakers of English. • 8-week classes focused on learning strategies. • Honors classes leading to Idaho’s only Honors degree. For more information, call 282-3662 or visit

Provides graphic design, web design and video production services for Idaho State University departments. Located on the first fl oor of the Pond Student Union, Creative Productions can assist you with your project needs. For more information, call 282-3451 or visit

Did you know?

Idaho State University Credit Union

Conveniently located on the second fl oor of the Pond Student Union. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, call 235-7100 or visit


Found at 91.1 in Pocatello and 91.3 in Idaho Falls, KISU is a non-profit public format radio station. Funded in part through ASISU student fees, KISU provides an opportunity for interested ISU students to gain experience working at a radio station. KISU airs a wide variety of programming, ranging from student-produced programming, to network produced programs from sources like National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI). Besides popular public radio programming like Car Talk and Garrison Kiellor’s A Prairie Home Companion, KISU airs a wide variety of music shows and also airs ISU women’s volleyball, soccer and basketball games. For more information, call 282-3691 or visit


ISU bands & choirs have performed on




It is the mission of the Student Activities Board (SAB) to inspire campus pride by promoting student involvement, self-growth, unity and tradition. SAB is run by and for students. SAB chair positions consist of the Director, Bengal Pride, Big Events, Education, Entertainment, Family Events, and Marketing. Each chair programs a variety of events including Homecoming, Springfest, concerts and speakers, health and wellness programs, tailgates, dances, and more! Get involved with SAB by participating in a system of committees to aid in events. This is a volunteer system including but not exclusive to spirit, decorating and security committees. For more information, call 282-3451 or visit


Many activities and events are sponsored by the Student Activities Board in Idaho Falls (SAB-IF), including BBQ’s, bands, movies, guest speakers, family events and service projects. Many involvement and leadership opportunities are available. Whether you are interested in student government, student clubs and organizations, community service, planning and running events, just want to make new friends, or hang out in the Bennion Student Union, there is something for everyone. For more information, call 282-7879 or visit


The Earl R. Pond Student Union (Pocatello) and the Samuel H. Bennion Student Union (Idaho Falls) serve as the focal point for campus life and experiential education. Among the facilities are lounges, an ATM, food court, billiards, computer lab, bookstore, meeting rooms, and student government offices. The Pond Student Union also offers bowling, The Bengal Theater, a barbershop, KISU radio station, the Outdoor Adventure Center, the Idaho State University Credit Union and much more. The Rendezvous Complex promotes an enhanced collegial atmosphere that integrates upper and lower campuses. The Rendezvous offers a food court with dining areas, Mind’s Eye Gallery, three meeting rooms, C-store, computer lab, 50 classrooms, and student housing.

Involvement Center

Located on the first fl oor of the Pond Student Union, the Involvement Center houses offices for the Student Activities Board, Student Organizations and Greek Life, and Creative Productions. For more information call 282-3451 or visit

Craft Shop

Equipped with tools and supplies that allow students and community members to complete projects from start to finish. New skills may be learned by enrolling in non-credit classes taught by local crafts people or by asking an employee for assistance.


Craft areas include woodworking, sewing, matting, pottery, spinning and weaving, leather craft, photography, paper making, and stained glass. Group craft activities may be arranged. For more information, call 282-3281 or visit

Games Center

Located on the lower level of the Pond Student Union, includes a ninelane bowling center, ten billiard tables, one snooker table, table tennis, a snack bar and a variety of video and pinball machines. The Games Center maintains an inventory of bowling and billiard accessories and can order custom billiard cues and bowling balls. Classes in bowling and billiards are available for credit. For more information, call 282-3335 or visit


Summer Activities provides entertainment for ISU summer students and the surrounding community. Students and community members may enjoy an evening concert on the Quad every Thursday. Summer Activities is comprised of students who contract artists, schedule movies, and plan off-campus events like a day at Lagoon or free passes to the pools at Lava Hot Springs for ISU summer students. If you are interested in Summer Activities programming positions, visit the Involvement Center. For more information, call 282-3451 or visit


The Student Union Programming Council (UPC) is a cohort of students who work corroboratively to plan the Student Unions’ traditional campus events. The UPC plans, creates and designs opportunities for students to be involved in campus and in the community. Students interested in being on this council should contact the UPC. Applications are also available in the spring. For more information, call 282-4522 or visit


Organizations play an important role in the education of students at Idaho State. The development of a diverse and active organizational climate on campus is encouraged. The office of Student Organizations provides materials and advice to help groups become officially registered ASISU organizations. Information about ASISU organizations can be obtained at the Student Organization office located on the first fl oor of the Pond Student Union. For more information, call 282-3451 or visit


Provides social and educational programs and promotes high standards of ethics for pharmacy students.

Alpha Kappa Psi (Business)

Fosters research and promotes high ideals in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance.


American Advertising Federation

Bengal Ranger Challenge

Enhances the image of public relations/advertising students and helps develop a professional attitude towards the field of public relations/ advertising.

Provides the opportunity for students to develop and learn military skills, leadership and tactics, develops mental and physical conditioning of members, competes nationally with other Ranger Clubs, and acquaints students to military structure and function.

American Chemical Society

Provides students a broad understanding of current industrial and academic chemical research pursuits. Promotes the public’s perceptions and understanding of chemistry and the chemical sciences.

American Fisheries Society

Black Rock & Sage

Produces and publishes ISU student literary magazine. Provides opportunities for students to edit and publish a creative literary magazine while gaining experience in writing, editing, and publishing.

Biology Graduate Student Association

Provides an opportunity for students to participate in fisheries and watershed science first hand and meet the professionals involved.

Promotes recognition of the Biology Department. Work to encourage professional development and general welfare of graduate students in the Biological Sciences.

American Society of Microbiology

Promotes student interest in the development of programs in microbiology and provides a forum to showcase these programs.

Business Professionals of America - College of Education

Promotes the advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and allied sciences and arts.

Provides opportunity to develop leadership skills, personal growth and self-image of future business education teachers. Promotes teaching competencies through participation in civic, social, educational and recreational activities.

American Society of Civil Engineers

Business Professionals of America - College of Tech

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Dietetics Club

American Nuclear Society

Provides members the opportunity for development of leadership skills, personal growth, and occupational competency in preparation for working in the business arena.

Promotes civil engineering education and enhances the worldwide quality of life by the advances of professional knowledge and the practice of civil engineering in services to humanity.

Establishes and strengthens bonds of friendship, promotes moral and intellectual development of members, and advances the field of dietetics.

Provides an opportunity for students to become knowledgeable about organized health care pharmacy practice.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Promotes the advancement and practice of mechanical engineers and proper perspectives of engineering work.

Associated Graduate Students of Pharmacy

Increases communication between graduate students and faculty, encourages professional activities and provides support to graduate students in pharmacy.

Association of Computing Machinery

Promotes an increased knowledge of and greater interest in science, design, development, construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing.

Early Childhood Association

Promotes welfare of young children and contributes to the professional development and continuing education of its members.

Economics Club

Promotes the exchange of ideas on economic topics and furthers the dissemination of knowledge and increases understanding of past and present economic issues.

English Graduate Students Association

Provides support for professional development of graduate students in English and fosters a sense of community within the department of English.


Finance Association

Provides insight into job activities, internships and creates opportunities within the finance profession through continuous communication between alumni and students.

Future Health Practitioners of America

Provides academic support, a network of volunteer shadowing opportunities, motivation and focus, and unity for all active members seeking healthcare professions.

G2 Math/CS Club

Creates a community of students who share enthusiasm for mathematics and computer science. Encourages an interest in and a knowledge of mathematics and computer science.

Geospatial Group

Supports all interested ISU students in the pursuit of GIS and Remote Sensing knowledge, activities, and professional organization membership, namely American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) student membership.

Graduate Student Association

Supports the Graduate School and graduate education in: recruiting; welcoming new graduate students to campus; mentoring and serving as role models for new graduate students; promoting academic persistence and degree completion; encouraging networking opportunities; encouraging discussion and debate; promoting and encouraging research; raising awareness; encouraging creativity and engagement in and among graduate students at national and international levels; recognizing outstanding accomplishments; promoting an intellectually stimulating atmosphere.

Health Information Technology

Unites students and provides an arena for support and encouragement for students in the health information technologies.

Health Physics Society Student Branch

standards in all phases of occupational endeavor including trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety.

International Society of Automation

Provides a variety of educational experiences and professional contacts by providing guest lectures, conferences, seminars and field trips.

Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineering (IEEE)

Promotes knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering, and related arts and sciences, as well as professional development.

Law Club

Provides resources and help needed to be successful in taking the law school admissions test and the first year of law school.

Law Enforcement Club

Provides a better knowledge, understanding, and application of our criminal justice system and helps coordinate its different sectors.

Marketing Association

Fosters scientific study and research, develops sound thinking in theory, and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles.

Massage Therapy Student Association

Establishes and strengthens bonds of friendship, promotes the moral and intellectual development of its members and advances and promotes massage therapy.

MBA Association

Promotes professional development and preparation for job activities while providing advancing the image of the College of Business.

Medical Assistant Student Organization

Unites MA students, provides an arena for support and encouragement and provides members the opportunities for development of leadership skills and networking with professionals in the field.

Promotes the development of scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting persons and their environment from the harmful effects of radiation, thus providing for its utilization for the benefit of society.

Music Educators National Conference

Information Technology Skills

National Community Pharmacists Association

Develops leadership abilities through participation in education, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities. Promotes high

Promotes music and provides a variety of educational experiences for the involvement of musical activities.

Provides a forum for pharmacy students to learn about the many career opportunities available in independent pharmacy practice.


National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Psychology Club

National Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association

Psychology Graduate Students Association

Paralegal Student Association

Public Health Student Association

Recognizes, supports, encourages and promotes high standards throughout the collegiate experience.

Facilitates interest in the field of psychology and provides exposure to various interests within the field.

Promotes interest in the study of the professional aspects of speech/ language pathology and audiology.

Provides support for scientific and professional development of graduate students in psychology.

Advances and promotes the paralegal profession and provides an environment of support, encouragement and inspiration for members.

Promotes public health education, awareness and activities at ISU by enhancing and developing supportive networks and opportunities available in the public health field.

Phi Alpha Theta

Robotics Club

Provides a variety of educational experiences for students and faculty here at ISU. Promotes the study of history at ISU.

Promotes unity of all students with interests in robotics, promotes intellectual development beyond the classroom, and participates in robotics competitions.

Phi Delta Chi (Pharmacy)

Advances the science of pharmacy and its allied interests and promotes a fraternal spirit among its members.

Phi Lambda Sigma

Encourages and supports the development of leadership and service qualities, especially among pharmacy students.

Phi Upsilon Omicron

Raises the standard of military education at ISU, promotes closer relationships among military departments throughout the state and nation, encourages the qualities essential in good, efficient officers, promotes fellowship among the cadet officers and disseminates knowledge of military education to students, faculty and staff of ISU.


Promotes advancement of home economics and encourages the intellectual and professional development of its members.

Promotes the fields of health education, physical education, recreation and dance by planning and executing activities and providing information to students and community encouraging physical fitness.

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Unites students, provides an arena for support and encouragement, and provides opportunity for development of leadership skills and networking with professionals.

Sign Language Club

Physician Assistant Student Society

Promotes academic achievement, clinical excellence, and the physician assistant as a member of the health care delivery team.

Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)

Scabbard and Blade

Stimulates productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subject of government.

Promotes the educational development of interpreting students on the ISU campus and gives students an opportunity to use and improve their language skills and learn more about the culture of the deaf and the impact on interpreting.

Skills USA

Promotes pride in vocational education with dignity in work, professional attitude and leadership skills.

Pre-Health Professions

Meets the common needs of students pursuing careers in a health profession such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, etc.


Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA)

Promotes dental hygiene and safeguards the common interest of the profession.

Student Anthropological Society

Furthers the study of cultural and physical aspects of humankind.

Student Association of Healthcare Administrators (SAHCA) Promotes communication, ideas and suggestions for the benefit of students of healthcare administration.

Student Branch of Health Physics

Promotes development of scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting people and their environment from the harmful effects of radiation, thus providing for its utilization for the benefit of society.

Student Nurse Alliance

Society of Automotive Engineers

Provides members with opportunity to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meetings, arranging field trips to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects and participating in local SAE activities.

Society of Physics Students

Promotes advancement of the science of physics and encourages interest in physics throughout the academic and local communities.

Society of Student Radiologic Technologists

Promotes high standards of education in and out of the classroom and encourages quality instructor/student relations.

Facilitates the progression of students into and through the Associate Degree Registered Nurse Program (ADRN) by promoting communication between the students, faculty or administrators, and the campus. Provides information to members about the ADRN program, mutual support, and protects the rights of individuals and the opportunity for leadership experiences.

Student Nurses Association (Pocatello & Meridian)

Stimulates interest and understanding and serves as a line of communication between the student nurses organization and the various units of the professional student nurse organizations of Idaho.

Student Occupational Therapy Association

Establishes, facilitates, and promotes occupational therapy interests among the membership and within the community.

Society of Women Engineers

Promotes the need for women engineers and encourages young women to consider an engineering education.

Student Physical Therapy Association

Sociology Club

Furthers academic interest in social sciences outside of the classroom setting. The club will enhance and assist members in the understanding of sociology.

Educates the university, community, and state about physical therapy health care needs and provides information and orientation material for prospective students.

Student Social Work Association

Promotes active involvement in campus and departmental activities which enhance the social work degree at ISU.

Student Academy of Audiology

Provides audiology students with educational support and helps promote the doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) Program and research in audiology.


Did you know?


The Student Activities Board & Union Program Council put on

United States Institute of Theatre Technology

events for ISU students last year.

International Students Association

Promotes a free exchange of ideas and information regarding all theater skills and technologies; engages in research, education, publication and other related projects; and promotes the stated purposes of United States Institute for Theatre Technologies, Inc. (the “U.S.I.T.T.”) within the Academic region comprising of Eastern Idaho.

Promotes activities and interaction among international students and strives to promote better understanding between the various cultures and the campus community.

International Studies and Travel Association

Provides opportunities for international travel, creates opportunities to learn about and experience other cultures, and educates members on international travel procedures and etiquette.

CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS African Student Association

Provides a variety of educational and cultural experiences and promotes African dance and culture at ISU.

Japanese Club

Encourages and showcases activities of the Indian culture and provides a platform for personal development of Indian students.

Promotes the understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Fosters inter-cultural understanding and exchange by exposing students and faculty of ISU to Japanese culture through educational activities.

Chinese Student Association

Korean Clubs

Association of Indian Students

Helps Chinese students achieve academic and career goals, enriches Chinese students’ social lives and on-campus community, introduces Chinese culture, and contributes to ISU cultural activities.

German Club

Develops linguistics abilities, cultural awareness, organizational skills, and professional orientation among students interested in the German language and culture.

Hispanic Awareness Leadership Organization (HALO)

Promotes multicultural exposure among the community surrounding and including ISU, focus on learning and sharing the culture of the Korean people and on supporting other organizations devoted to cultural understanding, promotes a sense of community and cooperation in its members and others by seeking out and participating in community service activities.

Le Conseil Français

Provides an environment where the French language and culture can be shared.

Encourages higher education within the Hispanic community and perpetuates the Hispanic culture.


Native Americans United

Promotes activities that benefit Native Americans by promoting individual leadership and self-confidence and helping people learn about Native American culture.

the highest ethical conduct, instills community responsibility and perpetuates fraternal growth through sisterhood.

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Promotes the ideals of friendship, scholarship, caring, commitment and service to others.

Nepalese Student Association

Assists prospective Nepalese students with information concerning ISU and organizes events to inform the community about the culture of Nepal.

Saudi Students Association

Practices in and initiates intercultural activities that promote understanding and awareness about other countries and international matters. Activities include: representing Saudi Arabia in ISU events, attending conferences, seminars and workshops, sponsoring educational and entertainment activities, serving as SSA of ISU representatives in international conferences and other matters, and assisting new Saudi students at ISU.

GREEK LIFE Greek Council


Stimulates interest in dramatic activities and secures all advantages and benefits provided by a national honor fraternity.

Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting)

Encourages and gives recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting.

Chi Sigma Iota (Counseling)

Promotes scholarship, research, professionalism and excellence in counseling, and recognizes high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence.

Discusses, adopts, and carries out procedures necessary for the general welfare of the Greek system, and instills the principles of brotherhood/ sisterhood among member organizations of the Greek council.

Gamma Beta Phi

Panhellenic Council

Golden Key International Honour Society


Honors Program

Develops and maintains fraternity life and intra-fraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment.

Promotes academic achievement and creates lifelong friendships; contributes to the personal growth and development of members.

Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Incorporated

Promotes the development of leadership and character through scholarship and service. Recognizes and encourages scholastic achievements and excellence in all fields of study. Unites with collegiate faculties and administration in developing and maintaining high standards of education.

Fosters an interdisciplinary approach to education by encouraging students from all disciplines to participate in the honors program at Idaho State University.

Works together as a unit in order to foster bonds, uplift local community, and become involved in the campus community. This organization will allow men to get to know each other and become familiarized with the Fraternity.

Kappa Delta Pi (Education)


Contributes to humanity in college and/or community life and provides a forum for students selected for their previous achievement.

Promotes intellect, professionalism and personal growth. Exemplifies


Promotes excellence in, and recognizes outstanding contributions to, education.

Mortar Board (Senior Honors)

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Muslim Student Association

Encourages, stimulates, and maintains the science of psychology.

Serves the interests of Muslim students and enables them to practice Islam as a total way of life.

Rho Chi (Pharmacy)

St. John’s Catholic Student Organization

Promotes scholarly fellowship along with ethical and social responsibilities of the pharmacy profession.

Leads students to commitment to a Christian way of life and involvement in experiences of Christian community, social life, and recreation.

Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)

Recognizes distinguished scholarship or professional attainment and exemplary character of students and alumni of the College of Engineering at ISU.

Wesley Foundation

Provides for the religious and social growth of all interested students, faculty, and staff of Idaho State University.

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Promotes fellowship of students who live by faith and the power of the Holy Spirit and who proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to ISU.

Crossroads Christian Fellowship

Exposes students and faculty to the teachings of Jesus Christ and encourages students in their faith and its application to life.


Provides community service opportunities for students at ISU and to provides the community with a nation-wide community service organization.

Idaho Condor Humanitarian Club

Disciples of the Lord College Fellowship

Provides a place for ISU students, staff and community to grow closer to the Lord. Works with ISU and surrounding community to strengthen their knowledge of the Gospel.

Serves as a resource to ISU students for the dissemination of pertinent information about expeditions and other service opportunities, provides opportunities for students to get international and domestic service experience.


Provides an opportunity for students to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Presents to athletes and coaches, and all whom they infl uence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Secular Student Alliance

Supports open discussion as it pertains to the existence or nonexistence of a deity. Provides an environment where the non-believer can socialize without dogma, while learning tolerance for theists. Enlightens the student body and the community of the various forms and definitions or non-belief. Provides a medium for non-believers to perform service-work for the community.


Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Increases the awareness of Japanese animation and provides a time and place where fans can meet to discuss, view, and rate anime selections.

Increases awareness of issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders and mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding community.

Anime Club

Provides high quality social, cultural, recreational, and spiritual activities for students.


Armed Forces Veterans Club - Pocatello

Establishes and strengthens friendships between veterans of the Armed Forces and students, to promote the intellectual development of its members, to advance and promote recognition of nationally recognized veterans holidays, and to review and explore educational opportunities and benefits that exist for the current and potential veterans of the Armed Forces.

Ballroom Dance Team

Offers opportunities to practice dance etiquette, practice multiple dances, and perform. Increase opportunities for members to interact with the community and other local, regional, and national dance teams.

Billiards Club

Promotes the sport of billiards on campus and sponsors a traveling team for competition with other Universities and Colleges.

Caribbean Steel Drum Band

Idaho Progressive Student Alliance

Seeks change in the current political state of affairs, organizes and educates students and citizens against socially oppressive political agendas, and encourages the ideals of democracy.

Inclusion Club

Support group that focuses on the experience of having a disability at Idaho State University. Creates a place for students and supporters to share their experiences, build friendships, and advocate for better services across campus.

Latin Dance Club

Strengthens the bonds of friendship, promotes moral and intellectual development of members, and advances the knowledge and ability of Latin Dance.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Student Alliance (LGBTSA)

Provides a proactive, supportive, and educational environment for social interaction, personal growth, and awareness.

Promotes cultural diversity by teaching ISU students about the Caribbean culture through playing of Caribbean music.

OMNI Film CLub

College Democrats

Instills the values and principles of the Democratic party and serves the needs of members as well as the local and national Democratic party.

College Republicans

Involves students and informs them about the political process and the GOP.


Provides dance performance experiences for members and promotes dance through activities.

Entrepreneurs of America

Educates members on the various businesses in the community. Allows members to work and learn the advantages of becoming independent business owners. Educates members by opening the realms of possibility for now and the future.

Hip Hop Club

Establishes friendships, improves individual skills as a dancer, improves each individuals’ ability to work as part of a team, and competes in several competitions.


Improves the students experience through the viewing of films. Provides a bi-weekly screening of theatrical features on campus.

Residence Hall Association

Creates effective social and educational housing and campus-wide programming. In addition, they provide representation for hall residents before the Associated Students of Idaho State University, University Housing and ISU administration.

Student Athlete Advisory Council

Promotes efficient and effective communication between the ISU Athletic Department and the student athletes. Provides suggestions on programs designed to serve their needs.

Swing Kids

Refines skills, creates interest, and develops expertise in swing dance.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Club

Promotes tribal fusion belly dancing by offering belly dance instruction, opportunities for developing performance, and a social atmosphere to meet other dancers, as well as to learn about the origins of the dance.

TRiO Student Association

Functions as a resource for current and alumni TRiO students. Informs ISU TRiO students about the many resources the university has to offer. Mentors TRiO Pre-College students. Participates in service learning projects.

Writers and Readers in Training

Brings attention to the English Department, gains support and recognition for the English Department, finds and participates in common interests of the group, and encourages participation in activities on campus and in the community.

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Provides high quality social, cultural, recreational, and spiritual activities for students.


Encourages students to provide dedicated service to the university and University Place as well as plan programs designed to enhance the image of ISU and University Place.


Student organizationS-Idaho Falls Provides academic support for members in the healthcare professions. Provides a network of volunteer/shadowing opportunities, motivation and unity among members.

Establishes and strengthens friendships between veterans of the Armed Forces and students, promotes the intellectual development of its members, advances and promotes recognition of nationally recognized veterans holidays, and reviews and explores educational opportunities and benefits that exist for current and potential veterans of the Armed Forces.

TRiO Student Association

University Place Performing Arts Club

ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Future Healthcare Practitioners of America

Functions as a resource for current and alumni TRiO students. Informs IF- ISU TRiO students about the many resources the university has to offer. Mentors TRiO Pre-College students. Participates in service learning projects.

CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS Association of Latinos Motivating Others to Success (ALMAS)

Encourages higher educational pursuits in the Hispanic community. Raises funds for scholarships and participates in and sponsors university and community related events.

Did you know?

Creates a relaxed, fun, friendly, and nurturing environment that stimulates interest in the performing arts; supports and promotes performing arts endeavors on the University Place campus and in the surrounding community. Will work with University Place students, staff, and faculty to facilitate performing arts appreciation.

For more information on IF student organizations, call 282-7880 or visit

Every Wednesday is

Bengal Wednesday

& you can get free prizes if you wear ISU gear.


a leader Associated Students of Idaho State University

of student fees, and participates in the shared governance of the association.

The Associated Students of Idaho State University (ASISU) is the governing body representing student interests. Modeled after the United States government with three distinct branches, ASISU serves students while fulfilling its motto, “Students Helping Students.� Annual elections for the Executive and Legislative branches are held each spring to elect students for the next academic school year. Candidates for all other positions are interviewed and appointed. All branches work closely with staff advisors. This system ensures that student views are widely represented.

Executive Branch (President and Vice Presidents)

The President oversees the Executive Branch, the Pocatello Vice President presides over the Legislative Branch, and the Idaho Falls Vice President provides representation for students attending the Idaho Falls outreach center. The President interviews and appoints chairs with in ASISU (with approval from the Senate); presides over weekly meetings of these chairs, known as the ASISU Cabinet; represents students at meetings of the ISU President; participates on many University committees; attends meetings of the State Board of Education; and provides general direction for ASISU.

Legislative Branch (Senate)

Consisting of 20 elected student Senators representing the colleges at ISU, the Senate upholds and modifies the ASISU Constitution and Bylaws as necessary, determines and monitors appropriate use


Judicial Branch (Supreme Court)

Five students serve as Supreme Court justices; they interpret and rule on the proper application of the ASISU Constitution and Bylaws. Once appointed, they serve a two year term from the time of appointment.

Elections Commission

Handles the ASISU General Elections during Spring semester to elect the Executive and Legislative Branches for the next school year. They conduct other campus-wide elections as necessary.

ASISU Lobbyist

Represents ISU student interests both locally and at the Idaho Legislature. The lobbyist operates in Boise during the Spring semester while the legislature is in session.

Chief of Staff (University Committees)

Shares in the governance of ISU by ensuring student representation on University committees dealing with issues of academics, campus operations, diversity, health and wellness, student life, and other areas of importance.

ASISU Services For Students Legal Advice

ASISU office offers free legal advice to full fee paying students. During spring and fall semesters, an attorney is available for 15 minute consultations. Call 282-3435 for an appointment.


ASISU provides free notary public service to all ISU students. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students must present their Bengal ID and current Driver’s License or photo identification. Call 282-3435 for an appointment.

For more information on ASISU-Pocatello, call 282-3435 or visit For more information on ASISU-Idaho Falls, call 282-7880 or visit


The debate team at Idaho State is a nationally competitive program with a tradition of excellence in National Debate Tournament (NDT) and Cross Examination Debate Association debate. Although most students have some high school experience, anyone can join. Some scholarships are available for students who participate in the debate society. For more information, call 282-5962 or visit


Athletics Bands at Idaho State are the most dedicated, visible, and energetic organizations at Idaho State University. Whether we are at a football, basketball game or pep rally, the athletic bands are there to exhibit pride and school spirit at every event. Fans welcome the powerful performances, and members love being involved with something great where they can develop friendships that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will be part of our proud tradition and exciting future! Go Bengals! For more information, call 282-2748 or visit


ISU Involvement Guide  

Be involved at ISU!

ISU Involvement Guide  

Be involved at ISU!