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Back to the Taiga

Story Written by: Nick, Danny & Patrick W.

“WE’RE LOST,” said the kiwi named Danny. "I agree,” said the gray wolf named Patrick. “Me too,” said the Galapagos Tortoise named Sam. “Well then, where are we?” The ermine named Nick asked. ”Looks like we are in a cave biome.” The giant panda named Paul said. “Are you sure?” A krill named Swimmy asked. “Seems like a cave,” said a tundra swan named George.

The animals were trying to get back to the taiga. They were not in the cave. Actually, they were all in the rainforest biome. They were walking around trying to find their way back to their home when a giant river blocking their path stopped them! “How

can we get across the river?” Danny asked. “Wait, since there is a river here, we are in the rainforest biome because the rainforest has a lot of rivers!” George exclaimed. “Everyone hop on my back,” Sam told the animals. “My big shell can carry all of you and it will protect me from predators.” Paul was swimming behind them. Now the animals were sailing peacefully on the water until.... “What was that splash?” Danny asked nervously. “There it is again!” Nick said. “It’s a crocodile!” Patrick shouted. It was a crocodile. While Sam was swimming fast trying to get away, Swimmy the krill, fell off the Galapagos Tortoise.

When Swimmy fell off, the crocodile heard the splash and went looking for Swimmy. “Swimmy!” Paul shouted. Swimmy went down to the river floor and used his spots on his shell to blend in with the river floor. Then the krill was walking on all of its legs (which were a lot). The crocodile was confused. When it figured out what happened, Swimmy was already back. “Good job Swimmy!” Said Sam. Now Patrick had pounced on the crocodile. He used adaptations (his sharp teeth and his sharp claws) and pounced on the croc; he bit and clawed at him. The crocodile went back in the water. Now they were finished crossing the river.

The wind was really strong; Nick was jumping up and then got blown away into a very tall tree. “Help!” He cried. “Don’t worry, I’ll get him,” replied Paul. The giant panda was now using its sharp claws to dig into the bark of the tree he was climbing. He was using his enlarged wrist bones so they could grip the tree. “Gotcha,” said Paul “That was brilliant,” yelled George. Now the animals were walking when Danny the kiwi fell asleep. When he woke up, he was far behind everyone. He could hear them talking ahead. He was walking and started to get hungry. Everyone else had eaten something, so he stuck his long beak in the ground to get bugs. That was his favorite adaptation he had. When he took his beak out of the ground, he was face to face with a wild dog. Danny knew what to do. He used his fast legs to run away and the dog couldn’t catch up. When the kiwi caught up with everyone, no one had known he was gone, so he pretended he wasn’t.

They started to walk down towards the edge of the river and they where trapped by a berry bush. Nick ate all the berries so they could get by. Now our little adventurers were trotting down the path when a colossal boulder stood in front of their way.

“How will we get on the other side?” Sam asked. “I know,” said the ermine. “I could dig with my burrowing adaptation and make a hole under the rock so we could get to the other side.” Nick was now using his fast burrowing to dig a hole under the rock.

One hour later, they were done and were walking when they got to a fork in the road. They were thinking which way to go when they heard a roar. “We have to get out of here!” Danny said quickly. The roaring was getting closer when George went up in the air to see which way the taiga was. ”I’ll use my adaptation to start flying from the water.” (Because the swan was in the river besides the path). The tundra swan was flying up and noticed that if you took the left path you would make it back to the taiga. So they took that path and they made it back to the taiga. “Yeah!” Swimmy shouted. “We’re back!” Sam said. “Home sweet home!” Danny yelled.

“I hope no one went in my house!” George said. “We made it,” said Nick. “That was actually fun,” said Patrick. “I hope that doesn’t happen again!” Paul said.

Back to the Taiga  
Back to the Taiga  

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