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Part 1: The Mean Bald Eagle There once was a mean and fierce Bald Eagle. Its white fur was scratched. It had a huge beak and it looked as though it could take on anyone or anything! This Bald Eagle was well known in the skies and on top of huge mountains. In fact, animals would flee in terror whenever the Bald Eagle flew down from the mountain. One day when The Mean Bald Eagle woke up he said “I can’t wait to scare the animals today”. The Bald Eagle swooped down from the mountain into the forest. When the Bald Eagle finally got to he forest he hid in a tree. He used keen and big eagle eyes to inspect the area. Then all of the sudden a Boa Constrictor came from a tree and was slithering across the trees. The Bald Eagle had a hard time seeing the Boa Constrictor because of its tree color skin. The Bald Eagle swooped down and screamed, “Flee in terror snake”. The Boa Constrictor was surprised and screamed “OH NO, it’s the mean Bald Eagle AHHHHH”

The Boa Constrictor tried to slither away while the bald eagle swooped down toward him. The Bald Eagle used his razor sharp claws and picked the Boa Constrictor and flew away, found the nearest river, and tossed Boa in to the fastflowing water. “AHHHH” Screeched Boa. “HAHAHAHA” Said the Mean Bald Eagle. “I’ll come back for you tomorrow Boa” Said Eagle. “Oh No” Cried Boa. “Im Stranded here for the night. I hope somebody will find me before sundown”. Suddenly there was a mystical voice in a mystical shrub next to a huge tree across the river. “I will keep you company and guide you home,” Said a mysterious voice. “ Who said that?” “Me, The Turtle”

End Of Part 1

Part 2: A Turtle Is Born Ok, Now before we continue, we must go back in time and explain how a turtle is born. He is not like other turtles;

he was born with a symptom that made him move faster then all of the other turtles. This is his story of him growing up. There was a mother and a father turtle. They had many baby turtles. But the youngest and last turtle they had was the best out of them all. It was the fastest turtle in the whole colony. Whenever the turtles had a race he was faster than all of them. One day when the mother and father turtle were in their pond they told their son “ son, me and your mother are going to get some fresh fruit for about an hour in the forest. I want you to stay here.” “Okay father” the mother and father turtle went out to the forest. Hours passed by and the mother and father turtle were nowhere to be seen. The turtle was really worried about his mother and father he kept checking every 10 minutes to see if they were there. All of the sudden the turtle heard a frightful screech that made him cower in his shell. The sound sounded like “haahaahaahaa” the turtle was so scared he fell asleep right away. The next day the turtle woke up and cried out “mother, father where are you.” The turtle asked his brothers and sisters “have you seen mom and dad.” But they kept saying the same answer “no.” The turtle even asked other animals and they said no too. But then all of the sudden the oldest turtle that lived in the land said “ I saw your mom and dad youngster, they were taken away by the mean bald eagle” “ the mean bald eagle” said the turtle confused? “The mean bald eagle keeps taking away helpless animals in the forest and brings them back to his

cave high in the mountains” said the oldest turtle. “ But how do I get them back.” “ You cant go back through the forest then the mean bald eagle will get you for sure, your going to have to go around the forest which is the dessert and then your got to go through the river which leads you to the ocean, and then you got to go through it which leads to the mountains.” “Go to the highest mountain which takes you to the cave of the mean bald eagle, but be prepared he uses razor sharp claws and big keen eyes and has a huge wingspan be careful.” “ But I have something that the bald eagle would never have my super speed” said the turtle confidently. The turtle took the essentials to get to his parents water, celery, a flashlight, a map to know where to go, and to pack it all up he put it into a backpack. The turtles brothers and sisters said good luck and the turtle was off to a quest. The turtle was at the beginning of the dessert so the turtle looked at his map to see where to go. The turtle was so hot he went inside his shell to cool off he figured just save his water later. After a few minutes he was pacing through the dessert. After a few minutes he was at the end of the dessert, all of the sudden he heard a loud hissing noise saying “Oh No, it’s the mean bald eagle AHHHHH” The turtle ran as fast as he could and fell down a hill and into a shrub. After that the Boa Constrictor was dropped off in the river. “Oh No” Cried Boa. “I’m stranded here for the night. I hope somebody will find me before sundown” Suddenly there was a mystical voice in a mystical shrub next to a huge tree across the river. “I will keep you company and guide home,” Said a mysterious voice. “ Who said that?” “Me, The Turtle”

End of Part 2

Part 3 The Beginning of the End Now we can continue in present time. The Turtle said “Don’t worry I’ll swim over to you” Suddenly The Turtle swims over really fast that the Boa couldn’t see where or what he was doing. “Wow” Said Boa “He is really fast” The Boa slithers on the turtle and the turtle swam all the way back to land and dropped off boa on a rock. “Thank you so much I don’t know how I can repay you” said boa. “ Its ok, here have a piece of celery” the turtle hands boa a piece of celery to boa.” “ I’m not a fan of celery but okay”. The boa thanks the turtle and slithers back into the forest. “Ok now to continue my rescue my parents.” The turtle

keeps walking and finally got to the ocean. “ Sharp Tooth ocean, the most dangerous ocean in the seven seas, I must get across the ocean so I can confront this mean bald eagle”. The turtle dives into the ocean! The turtle thought that when he jumped into the ocean it would be soft landing but he made a huge splash. KER-SPLASH! The turtle was swaying back and forth because of the huge waves. The turtle fell down underwater into the blackest corner of the ocean. The turtle woke up because of a few hermit crabs walking around. The turtle brushed himself off and started to swim upwards, the turtle peeked through the ocean and realized that it was night; the moon was shinning brightly on the ocean. The turtle went back into the ocean and started to swim to the mountains all across the ocean. The turtle was almost across the river when all of the sudden a clown fish came towards the turtle, he looked hungry and showed his bone crushing sharp teeth. The turtle standed as still as he could because he knew that clown fish have horrible eyesight. The clown fish swimmed away but not far enough away from the turtle. “That was a close one” said the turtle, clownfish have terrible eyesight but have super hearing ears. The clown fish charges at the turtle showing his flesh ripping teeth. The turtle swims away trying to get ashore. The clownfish tries to bite the turtle from behind while he swims but all of the sudden the turtle jumps out of the water and onto land. The clown fish growls at the turtle and swims back into the ocean. The turtle said “I hope I’m close to the mountains now” when the turtle turned he was right behind huge mountains. The turtle knew he was at the mountain of the mean bald eagle because the mountain was huge, pointy, scratched, and had

a huge cave at the top. The turtle knew his destiny was at the cave. Then all of the sudden the turtle heard a noise very familiar noise “ahhhhhhhhhh”! The turtle knew it was is parents but he was afraid he was too late.

End Of Part 3 Part 4: happily ever after or not so happily ever after The turtle started to climb the mountain as fast as he could trying to hold on as tight as he could. The turtle saw huge boulders falling down from the mountain. The turtle dodged to the right avoiding the boulders. The turtle was at the top and saw the mean bald eagles cave. He knew one step in and he’s dead but he also knew that he had to save his parents. The turtle took out his flashlight and started to see if his parents were there. Then all of the sudden he heard a frightful sound “come to me my prey”. The turtle was so scared because he knew that he was watching. “I see

that you want your parents, but you will never find them, are they hiding or in my stomach.” The bald eagle kept repeating a word “bravery, bravery, bravery, have bravery.” The mean bald eagle said “ little turtle you shall fail, this cave is endless.” The turtle saw wings going to the right he knew that the bald eagle was close. “Now little turtle you shall see what happens when people come in my cave.” The bald eagle lunged at the turtle but the turtle dodged to the right. “Your fast, but not fast enough” said the mean bald eagle the turtle jumped on the the mean bald eagle and turned him around and made him hit a wall. “ You shall wish you haven’t done that” the bald eagle picked up the turtle and brought him to a dark spot in the cave. “ There are your parents, little turtle but you will never see them again” The turtle saw his parents with tears “I will never fall you shall fall.” The turtle bit the bald eagles talons and landed on the ground. The turtle jumped on the bald eagle and made him fly to the end of the cave. The turtle pulled a piece of vine and tied his wings and pushed him out of the cave and landed on the ground. The bald eagle screamed “ I will be back one day little turtle and you shall fall”. The turtle went back into the cave and and saw his parents “ mom, dad, I love you.” The turtle hugged both of his parents and they all lived happily ever after.

End Of Book 4

The Mean Bald Eagle  

A mean bald eagle, an energetic turtle , and a frightened boa constrictor

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