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Trustee Information Pack August 2011

Thank you for your interest in joining the trustee board of Student Hubs. This information pack has been designed to provide you with more information about us and encourage you to explore how, as a trustee, you could make a difference to our work and all those that we support. This is an important time for Student Hubs - and an exciting phase in our development. We have grown rapidly since our foundation in 2007 and now seek to strengthen our trustee board to support our management team in the continuing growth of the charity. We passionately believe that universities should produce not only world-class minds but also world-class citizens, and that such a culture change will help to create a just and thriving society. We hope that you might be interested in supporting us on that journey. Should you need any additional information, or would like to discuss the role further, please do not hesitate to contact me. With best wishes,

Adam Grodecki Chairman

About us Our vision is of a flourishing community of socially aware and socially active students who make a positive difference, at home or abroad, during their time at university and in their future careers. Our mission is to increase student involvement in social action and to ensure these efforts are effective and sustainable.

Student Hubs was founded in autumn 2007 in response to a lack of student engagement with social and environmental issues. By promoting and facilitating volunteering, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship we mobilise students - the leaders, thinkers, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow - to tackle pressing community needs and begin a lifelong journey of civic engagement. We have a growing network of ‘Hubs’ in universities that increase student involvement in social action and ensure these efforts are effective and sustainable. Student Hubs is both an infrastructure and a frontline delivery organisation, working across the areas of social action, the environment, international development, social enterprise and ethical careers. We are now the largest and fastest growing charity in the student volunteering sector. Currently working in 6 universities (Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Southampton and Warwick) we have a membership of over 15,000 students, 130+ student groups and 20 national NGOS. Most recently we have launched a sister social enterprise with a ÂŁ1m investment, which will provide us with sustainable income as we continue to grow and will establish the Oxford Hub as a beacon across the UK for university-community engagement. In the current environment of increasing social need yet decreasing public and charitable resources we find ourselves uniquely positioned to leverage our model to provide significant social impact for minimal investment. Furthermore it is also becoming ever clearer that to build a sustainable future it is critical that we develop emerging leaders who are engaged with civil society and the great social and environmental pressures we will face in the years to come. We have ambitious plans for the future and as we enter this exciting second phase of our development we seek to appoint a number of new trustees to help support and guide us through this critical stage of growth.

We have developed a unique and holistic model

Our Hubs are the focal point for charitable activity within universities - promoting, facilitating and supporting social action, social entrepreneurship and volunteering (both locally and abroad). Our innovative model focuses around 4 headline strategies: 1. Inform students about social issues; and 2. Inspire them to make a difference Most students suffer from a poverty of knowledge about many of the world’s most pressing issues. We also inspire students to want to make a difference and realise that they can make a difference. 3.Connect students to opportunities to create social value We connect students to opportunities to make the world a fairer place; whether local, national or international. We either run frontline projects ourselves, or place students in selected partner organisations 4.Support students in their work It is critical that the work students undertake is efficient, effective and sustainable. We ensure that our student volunteers develop personally and professionally, that their work in the community has maximum impact, and that projects continue to flourish and grow despite the high turnover of students.

“Oxford Hub has developed an exceptional model for engaging students with social issues, and the community around them� Hugo Brunner, former Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire

Over 2,700 students attend our conferences each year, learning from inspiring social innovators from across the world

“Great initiative to inspire and build the skills of the student population. Fantastic presenters, stimulating debates and flawless organisation” Dorje Mundle, Head of Corporate Citizenship at Novartis

“What an inspiration to be in the presence of the generation that really will change the world for the better” Tim Smit, CEO and Co-Founder of the Eden Project

“Great event - you need to replicate this around the country. We need lots of young leaders in this area, and this is a really powerful way to inspire and inform them”

“I’ve been inspired and invigorated by the energy and passion of these lovely young people. It is – for an old warhorse like me – a great delight to see a new generation coming through”

Tony Juniper, former Director of Friends of the Earth

Liam Black (Founder of Wavelength, former Director of Fifteen)

700+ students volunteer through us each week in Oxford alone, benefiting a wide range of local and national partner organisations



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Case study: Schools Plus - Transforming the educational landscape of Oxford

Oxford University is a world-class education institution, yet Oxford’s local schools are under resourced and many operate well below the national level of attainment. Schools Plus is a flagship initiative that tackles this educational inequality by channelling the energy and passion of Oxford University students to support underperforming schools in the local community. Students volunteer in the classroom to help struggling pupils to improve their grades, provide educational activities that go beyond the curriculum and act as positive role models and mentors. By providing additional support for those children who need it most Schools Plus aims to give every child in Oxford an equal chance of success. In addition to educational benefits Schools Plus raises the aspirations of these young people as they come into sustained contact with Oxford University students – acting as role models, teachers and mentors. By the end of the 2011/12 academic year Schools Plus will be working across 12 schools and 8 subjects, with an estimated 350 volunteers supporting over 400 local school pupils. It is our aim that by 2014 Schools Plus will be working with more than 15 local schools, enabling over 900 student volunteers to help over 1,100 local children each year across 14 subject areas. New subject areas for this year include history, art, philosophy and geography.

“It’s appalling that a city which has educated the world is so far behind in educating our children” Antonia Bance, Oxford City Councillor

“It is fantastic that many of our children now get the opportunity to be listened to daily; it’s an opportunity they rarely experience” Mark Chesterton, Head teacher, Larkrise Primary School

Our new home in Oxford 16-17 Turl Street

From September 2011 we are opening our new headquarters in a beautiful four-story Georgian town-house right in the heart of central Oxford. This will be the first building in the UK dedicated to student-community engagement and will work to breakdown the town/gown divide in Oxford. Furthermore it will act as a focal point at a national level for student civic initiatives. The building also aims to develop a sustainable income stream for the charity, through its 110 cover cafĂŠ-bar-restaurant and event and meeting spaces. In addition it will house the national headquarters of Student Hubs, provide office space and meeting rooms for several other charities and social enterprises, and host an incubation lab for student start-up social organisations.

16-17 Turl Street will be a place of great food and even better conversation; increasing interaction between students and the wider community whilst providing an alternative to the high street in an offbeat setting. It will be a place to hear inspiring speakers from around the world passionately provoking reactions about the things that really matter and challenging people to act. It will be a statement of community where actions speak louder than words and tangible local and international results are seen from the work that is supported there.

Our theory of change

Student Hubs has a dual mandate

1) To tackle pressing social and environmental needs experienced in disadvantaged communities across the country There is (despite common perceptions) great social need in the university cities in which we work. For example: • Oxford, despite its elite and wealthy image, is a divided city with areas of significant deprivation and high levels of inequality. Indeed despite hosting two leading universities it is in the bottom 5 areas of England for GCSE results (360/364) – and it is also worst in the country for key stage 1 results. • Southampton has the 2 worst areas in the South East for income deprivation affecting older people, and 55% of children under the age of 5 live in the 30% most deprived areas in the UK. • 8 ‘super output areas’ in Bristol are ranked as being in the 2% most deprived areas of England. These challenging social needs are exacerbated by the extreme levels of inequality often present around universities – as areas of significant deprivation and disadvantage are adjacent to some of the most educated and affluent areas in the UK. Furthermore, these cities face unique challenges in creating strong and cohesive communities because of large transient student populations. For example in Oxford 26% of the working age population are students, the highest proportion in England and Wales. In the current economic environment these needs are only increasing, yet simultaneously charitable and public resources are decreasing. In this context we aim to leverage our innovative model to deliver significant social impact for minimal investment, utilizing the huge numbers of students who have the time, energy and skills to create widespread social change.

“We need citizen service to be viewed as an integral part of college life, as something everybody just does...and the sheer mass of intelligence and energy and numbers of young people on our college campuses can make a real dent in the social problems we face” President Bill Clinton

“It is important that Oxford strengthens its vital partnership with the community and encourages student volunteering. As a world-leading institution, the university should expect to make a major impact on society beyond its achievements in teaching and research� Professor Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University

2) To build a new generation of civically engaged leaders equipped to solve the problems of tomorrow The Government recently released a white paper on giving, which concluded that “There is a need across the UK to establish a culture of social action; people giving what they have... to support good causes and help make life better for all...but levels of giving time and money have flat-lined in recent years”. We believe that to create this culture of social action, and to see a real change in social issues in the UK and abroad in the future, it is crucial to invest in students. This is because they: 1. Form an increasingly large part of society, as almost half of young people now go to university; 2. Are the leaders, consumers and decision-makers of tomorrow; 3. Are at a highly formative stage of their life. Research shows that the ideas and activities that students engage with now heavily influence their views and actions in the future. Indeed how much a student volunteers at university substantially impacts on their later civic engagement. American universities invest heavily in their responsibility to create future civic leaders - and usually over 60% of students volunteer on a regular basis. This is a driving factor in the advanced culture of philanthropy and volunteerism in America. Indeed research conducted into student volunteering concludes that how much a student volunteers during college has a very ‘clear and substantial effect on how much that student volunteers after college’ and that ‘the importance of colleges… to volunteering cannot be overstated’. Student Hubs therefore works to create a culture change in UK higher education, preparing students to be active citizens and agents of change for life.

“Universities have a unique opportunity to influence the political, social and business leaders of the future” David Lammy MP

“It is critical to civil society's continued strength that we cultivate lifelong volunteers and donors by providing meaningful opportunities for involvement while they are young" 'Engaging Youth in Lifelong Service' a report by Independent Sector

“How much a student volunteers during college has a very clear and substantial effect on how much that student volunteers after college� Dr. Alexander Astin, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education at the University of California, Los Angeles

“Running Magdalen Young Carers has been by far and away the most gratifying and rewarding experience I have had during my whole time at university� David Boycott, student volunteer

Magdalen Young Carers provides support to children and young people who emotionally or physically care for someone at home who has a disability, long-term illness or mental health problem

We are trying to embed a culture of volunteerism and philanthropy in UK higher education - and American universities show what is possible Proportion of students who volunteer in UK and American universities

1. Report by RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service reports that 74% of students at the University of Texas at Austin volunteer – providing 2,997,000 hours of volunteer service with an estimated economic value of $48,101,850 per annum Source: Corporation for National & Community Service, Volunteer England, Student Hubs analysis

Our team

Executive Team Adam O’Boyle, Co-Founder and Director

Rachel Stephenson, Comms. Director

Adam graduated from St John’s College, Oxford in 2009 with a 1st class honours degree in Modern History and Economics. Adam has worked for New Philanthropy Capital, is a member of the NCVO 20:20 leadership group and a trustee of Students Supporting Street Kids.

Rachel graduated from St John’s, Oxford in 2009 with a 1st class honours degree in French and Linguistics. Rachel is Co-Founder of Student Hubs and has experience working at Oxfam GB.

Adam Grodecki, Co-Founder and Chairman

Sara Fernandez, Network Director

Adam graduate from St Peter’s College, Oxford in 2010 with a 1st class honours degree in Theology. Adam currently works at Boston Consulting Group and has previously worked at Man Group plc and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Adam has received an Unltd HEFCE Development Award and is a fellow of the RSA.

Sara graduated from Merton College, Oxford in 2009 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Sara is a trustee of United World Colleges Great Britain and Student Run Self Help.











Trustees Left to right:

Jamie Hartzell - Founder and CEO of the Ethical Property Company Tris Lumley - Director of Strategy at New Philanthropy Capital Peter Eccles - Economics Student John Mellor - Co-Founder of Student Hubs and Software Consultant at Google

Trustee information

Trustee role description

The trustees provide a non-executive oversight of all Student Hubs’ activities and lead the overall governance and strategic direction of the charity. Responsibilities include: • To ensure that Student Hubs pursues its aims and objectives as outlined in its governing documents; • To ensure that Student Hubs complies with charity law, company law and other relevant legislation and regulations; • To ensure that Student Hubs uses its assets exclusively in pursuit of its charitable objectives; • To ensure the financial stability and effective administration of Student Hubs; • To contribute actively to the board of trustees’ role in giving firm strategic direction to Student Hubs, setting overall policy and defining clear goals and objectives; • To monitor the performance of the staff team, and in particular the Director; and • To safeguard the good name and values of Student Hubs. In addition to the above statutory duties, trustees are encouraged to use any specific skills, knowledge or experience to help the charity develop its activities. This may involve: • Providing guidance on new initiatives • Advising or taking the lead on other issues on which the trustee has special expertise • Increasing public awareness of the work of Student Hubs • Supporting fundraising at a strategic and practical level Time commitment We currently hold trustee meetings four times a year in either Oxford or London. In addition, given the complex nature of our work, we ask each of the trustees to 'champion' an area of our work. This gives trustees the opportunity to get more involved in the organisation and contribute towards the development of projects that they find particularly interesting. There is no fixed term of office, however we have found that trustees are able to contribute more to the charity if they are involved for at least two years. We also ask that trustees provide a minimum of 3 months notice if they choose to step down from the board at any time.

Person specification Values • Have empathy with, and commitment to, the Mission, Vision and Values of Student Hubs • Respect and value for the opinions and insight of students Skills • Be an open-minded and creative strategic thinker, able to bring his/her own experience to bear on issues under discussion • Analytical ability and good independent judgement • The ability to debate constructively and challenge rigorously while working to achieve a shared consensus • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Experience • Have experience of reviewing and commenting on strategic, financial and operational material • Experience of fundraising would be an advantage • An experience of leading an organisation in its infancy would be an advantage • Being a resident of one of the university cities in which we operate would be preferable

How to apply Stage 1: Written applications Your application should include two documents: • An application letter which describes your motivation for becoming a trustee of Student Hubs, and what particular experience, expertise and values you would bring to the role • A curriculum vitae, detailing experience and accomplishments that will be relevant to trusteeship Completed applications should be emailed to or sent under confidential cover to: Sara Fernandez, Student Hubs, The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JE Stage 2: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an informal interview in either London or Oxford

Informal discussion If you would like to find out more about the role or the organisation before applying, please contact us to arrange an informal discussion with Adam Grodecki, Chairman.

a: Student Hubs, The Old Music Hall, 106 -108 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1JE t: +44 (0) 1865 403 352 / +44 (0) 7889 790 187 e: w:

Trustee pack  

Trustee information pack for people interested in becoming part of the Student Hubs trustee board

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