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Student Health Ezine WELCOME!

Volume 1,Issue 1, July 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the UCC Student Health eZine brought to you by your Student Health Department. This edition is packed full of information to help you stay healthy this Summer. Festival fanatics and happy campers can browse our top five tips for festival health. If you’re travelling, make sure you’re well informed to return to us safe and sound. For those of you suffering with hay fever, see our advice to help ease those symptoms, and finally, browse what other services we have available to you here at your Student Health Department.

In This Issue

YOUR FESTIVAL HEALTH Yes, it’s that time of year again, and whether you’re an experienced festival-goer or new to the festival scene….we’ve put together some tips and advice to help you make the most of your festival of choice this Summer. More Details on Festival Health

TRAVEL AND VACCINES If your planning to travel abroad this Summer, be it for study or leisure, let us help you protect yourself, enjoy yourself and return safe and sound. Book a travel consultation at your Student Health Department now for a detailed consult on vaccines, malarial prevention, or other injuries and illnesses that may occur.

Top Five Tips for Festival Health

Going Travelling?

Allergy Advice

Services Available From your Student Health Department

Newsletter Spotlight

The electronic Personal Use Barometer (e-PUB) is a brief self-assessment that provides you with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on your use of alcohol.

HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES The time of year at which you begin to experience hay fever symptoms will differ depending on what type of pollen you are allergic to. Avoiding exposure is the best way to reduce hay fever symptoms, however, this can prove difficult, especially during the Summer months. Follow the link below for some advice:

Top five tips for festival health this Summer

More Details on Hay Fever

SERVICES AVAILABLE FROM YOUR STUDENT HEALTH DEPARTMENT The Student Health Department hopes that you will remain healthy of mind and body during your University life. We seek to provide services that target illnesses and problems that occur in the Student population. Visits are usually free, but there are fees for some of the services offered, follow the link below for more details. If you are currently worried about a health problem, you can arrange an appointment with our service on 021-4902311 or call to the department at Ardpatrick, College Road, where the receptionist will arrange a clinic appointment for you. More Details on Fees Questions or comments? E-mail us at Created by: Fiona O’ Shea BSc, MPH

eZIne Student Health UCC  
eZIne Student Health UCC  

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