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Sean Hill

Just spend a few moments talking with Brother Cedric Ross and you’re guaranteed a joke or two. Born in Los Angeles, California, Brother Cedric is married to Deloris Williams-Ross and they have four children: Jazmin, Asia, Cedric, II and Sadiq. He earned a degree in business administration from the University of Redlands and uses his knowledge as a manager with AT&T. He enjoys welding and has a desire to be proficient in Web site design.

Brother Sean Hill, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is married to Nicole Miyoshi Hill and credits their beginnings to a mutual friend who introduced them 17 years ago. They share their home in Lithonia, Georgia with their four children: Naya, Daqan, Sean, Jr. and Nicolas. Brother Hill has an undergraduate degree from South Carolina State University in electrical engineering technology and a Master’s degree in mathematics education. He professes to be a social butterfly and enjoys hosting social events, bowling, and spending time at home perfecting his skills at XBOX 360.

Brother Ross believes that as one gives, one receives, and as one lives, one must also grows. “There is a starting point in everyone,” he says, “and by seeking that path, one understands their destiny and God’s purpose is fulfilled.” Brother and Sister Ross came to Peace by invitation from Sister Shirley Hardy. “We attended one service and the spirit of Peace captured our hearts and we have been hooked!,” he For unto whomsoever exclaims.

much is given, of him shall

be much required; and to Brother Ross has served in teen church, as a small whom men have committed group leader, and now as much, of him they will ask a co-director in the men’s the more. ministry since he came to Luke 12:48 us two years ago. He is inspired by Pastor Barnette and Reverend Ken Ellis. “These men have shown me great leadership and dedication to the work God has placed in their hearts,” he shares. When asked, “What is the one thing you love about your church home”?, he says, “There is always a place for your passion to be expressed.”

Brother and Sister Hill came to Peace by an invitation from a business partner three years ago. They attended Peace for four continuous weeks and listened as the Pastor’s messages spoke directly to them. “When trying to find my place at Peace, the Holy Spirit would keep me up at night,” he says. “After many restless nights, I asked Pastor Barnette where could he use me”? Brother Hill’s vision is to simply enhance the lives of others and share all that there is by bringing them into a life that God has promised. Brother Hill has served with Feed the Need, as a small group leader, and now as a co-director in the men’s ministry. His inspiration comes from the transparency of Pastor Barnette. “Pastor is honest and teaches from his experiences. He is my mentor,” he says. The guidance of Reverend Ken Ellis has equally provided him with a blueprint to follow in life’s situations.

Then the Lord replied: When asked, “What is the one thing you love Write down the vision and about your church make it plan on tablets, so home”?, Brother Hill he who reads it may run recalls how he was first with it. met at the doors of Habakkuk 2:2 Peace with warmth and friendship -- “I have never felt like a visitor; this has always felt like home.”


Tazille “Chuckie” Madison

Andrew Stodghill

Brother Damon Phillips, affectionately referred to as “The Professor”, was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended Cass Technical High. In his early years, he spent time in Seattle, Washington before heading south to Morehouse College. He is currently earning an MBA in marketing and business administration from the Keller School of Management while working as a logistics coordinator for Carolina Handling.

When you hear the congas on Sunday morning, you can be sure it is Brother Chuckie jammin’ with the band.

Brother Andrew Stodghill, aka, “Naughty”, is a native of Decatur, Georgia. He earned an Associate’s degree in computer engineering from DeKalb Technical College and is a quality assurance contractor for the CDC. Many may be surprised to know that he is also a single father of seven: Machay, Xavier, Treyvon, Justin, Chi’Ayr, and twins Tyson and Tyler.

Brother Phillips met his lovely wife Davida Price-Phillips at a stepping class he was teaching for a friend. He is an avid reader, loves sports and, to no one’s surprise, loves to dance. “I love to step with my wife,” he says with a smile. Brother Phillips has a heart for service. His desire is to share the Spirit of Christ throughout the nation and aboard. He has been instrumental in the single’s ministry as the program organizer and now the men’s ministry as a program coordinator. Brother Phillips credits Pastor Barnette, Reverend Ken Ellis, Pastor Jeff Wallace, Pastor Tyrone King, and the leaders of the men’s ministry as being an inspiration to him. Brother Phillips came to Peace in February 2000, after being invited by his former boss, Edward Littlejohn. “When I first arrived, I walked straight to the front and sat on the first row. After being misidentified as Ed’s brother for months, I decided to keep coming,” he says. “It has now been seven years, and I declare my life has not been the same since.” When asked, “What is the one thing you love about your church home?”, Brother Phillips reminds us that the Peace Family has a heart for people and there is a place for everyone.

Born Tazille Madison in New Orleans, Louisiana, Brother Chuckie is a single father of Tazille C. Madison, III. He graduated from John F. Kennedy Senior High and later attended Southern University of New Orleans majoring in criminal justice. He loves to spend time playing his percussions, with his favorite being the congas. He has a passion for cooking and in his leisure time he enjoys playing Scrabble, Checkers and Dominoes and, of course, listening to gospel and jazz. Brother Chuckie thanks God for the many people He has placed in his life to get him where he is today: Reverend Dwight Webster for his growth and maturity in the ministry; Reverend Audrey Johnson for his Bible knowledge; his brother, Heath Madison, who helped keep him focused; and the most influential person, Mother Hazel Madison. “She has been my father, mother, sister and friend, and she tells it like it is,” he says with a chuckle. When asked if there was anything he wanted to share with the congregation, he responded: “To my brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to bless you with these words: Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message.” Brother Chuckie came to Peace 16 months ago at the invitation of Sister Antoinette Lanslin after Hurricane Katrina. He shares his gifts and love for music in the music ministry. He also serves with the food bank ministry and in the men’s ministry – you often hear him encouraging brothers to not go this road alone, but connect with another brother. “The PBC family has embraced me and my entire family since the Katrina aftermath. We have been shown so much love and that love will be in my heart for the rest of my life,” he shares.

Brother Andrew is active and keeps in shape by coaching baseball and football. He is a movie buff and enjoys fishing and bowling. “Pastor Barnette is my inspiration,” says Brother Andrew. “He loves the Lord and he is so real and energizing that it radiates to those around him.” Brother Andrew also gets his inspiration from his children, “I want them to grow up knowing God,” he says. When asked, “What encouraging words do you have for the congregation?”, Brother Andrew shares this: ”I want to encourage everyone in getting to know how real God is. God desires to have an intimate, one-on-one relationship with you, and once you get to know Him and line up with His will and His ways, everything else in your life will fall into place. Just let Him in and try Him, your life will never be the same.” Brother Andrew came to us three years ago and has been active in ministry ever since. He has served in the domestic violence ministry, as a small group leader, and now as part of the men’s ministry leadership team. When asked, “What is the one thing you love about your church home?”, Brother Andrew pointed out how proud he is to be a part of an outreach church. “We help folks in need”, he says. “By being involved in outreach like Peace is, it is important that we have the resources to do the work that God has commanded us to do. I totally agree that Pastor should hold people accountable in tithes and offerings as well as living a holy life acceptable to God.” Amen!

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