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Issue 142 - February 2013 - Complimentary Copy




‫م‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ذ‬ ‫ا‬ ‫مت‬ ‫نى‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ط‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ة‬ ‫يف ا‬ ‫أل‬ ‫ع‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ا‬ ‫د‬ ‫ال‬ T ‫و‬ I ‫ط‬ E ‫ن‬ ‫ي‬ R ‫ة‬ ‫؟‬ WO T Y S S E U O B AL E J S V Y V EN


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“There is no sweetness without fire”

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‫مشاريع ﳏلية‬

TALENT Vote for the most talented student

20 STuDENT LIFE We asked students about the application of the democratic system 12








‫افتتاﺡ معرﺽ‬ ‫الكويت لليخوت يف‬ ‫مارينا كرسنت‬

‫يع ﳏلية‬


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ACTIVITIES AUK Improves campus technology

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Dear Students,

Managing Director

Which one do you think is better? To dream and have the courage to put yourself out there, test your limits and see if you can make your dreams come true? Or to dream, while sitting still, thinking of all the obstacles and limitations that stand between you and your dream, forever blaming external factors that are crushing your spirit? The second option is the easy way out, the option many chose to take as it shifts responsibility onto others. But let us take a closer look, not at ourselves, but at the mirrors of those we admire in life. Who are they? Would you not agree with me when I say that they are the ones who do not give up? The ones who, regardless of obstacles and hurdles, have had the courage and determination to make their dreams come true. May you always have the courage, strength and patience to see your dreams come to life.

Zeina Mokaddam

MANAGEMENT TEAM Managing Editor Simon Balsom

Acting Managing Editor Ali Sultan

Director Sales & Marketing Assaad Nemer

Creative Director

Lara Homsi

Production Manager Ragheed Al-Ani

MARKETING TEAM Senior Marketing Executive Rana Kaafarani

Marketing Executive

Ahmad Al-Therban

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FOR THIS MONTH, STUDENTALK visited the campuses of Kuwait’s university and asked the students about the educational level in relation to having an applied democratic system.

Luke Rangel, 22, AUK, Management

Ahmed Al- Attar, 22, ACM, HR Management and Business

No, because in my opinion, democracy works best when the public is educated as each individual will understand why certain events occur and they should behave when it does.

Yes, it depends, some people are after culture stability and other after economical development.






y Camera Sh Abdulmohsin, 21, AUK, Economics

Ahmed Al-Failakawi, 21, AUK, Aseel Falah, ACK, International Relation Management

Emad El-Samad, 17, AUK, Business

Fahad Al Qassar, 22, AUK, Accounting

Ahmed Asha, 18, AUK, Management

Ahmed Awad, 18, AUK, Communication Media

Ayle Noah, 20, AUK, Graphic Design

Farah Rashed, 19, AUK, Communication Media

Fatima Mutar, 20, English Literature

Jaber Al-Bloushi, 20, AUK, Undeclared

Jarrah Al-Manea, 24, AUK, Finance

Mubarak Al-Mutairi, 19, AUD, Interior Design

Sarah Al-Sulaiman, 19, AUK, Business

Shahad Al-Shehoumi , 16, AUK, Management

Tamara Hamzah, 20, AUK, Graphic Design

y Camera Sh Leen, 18, AUK, Communication Media 20

Monzer Mahmoud, 21, KU, Electrical Engineering

‫حياة الطلبة‬

The poll was conducted from 2-14 January 2013

Abdulallah Al-Qallaf, 18, Ahmed Al-Ajmy, 22, ACK, ACK,Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Ahmed Al-Hamady, 19, KU, Ahmed Mamdouh, 22, KU, Social Science Electrical Engineering

Ali Al-Shatty, 21, KU, Mechanical Engineering

Bandar Al-Otaibi, 20, ACK,Petroleum Engineering

Fahad Abdulaziz, 17, ACK, Petroleum Engineering

Hadeel Al-Mansour, 19, KU, Hamad Al-Ostaz, 20, KU, Engineering Industrial Engineering

Khalid Al-Aqool, 24, KU, Electrical Engineering

Khalid Al-Masry, 24, KU, Commercial Institue

Mohamed Al-Khateb, 21, Mohamed Ali, 18, KU, ACK, Business Management Engineering

Mohamed Al-Kandari, 18, Mohamed Nassar, 22, KU, ACK, Petroleum Engineering Electrical Engineering

Mohammed Al-Qallaf, ACK, Electrical Engineering

Mostafa Mohammed, 21, KU, Electrical Engineering

Nasser Meshaal, 18, ACK, Buisness Management

Salem Al-Enezy, 25, ACK, Buisness Management

Ramy Ghaleb, 19, KU, Engineering

Sulaiman Ben-Haidar, 20, Talal Al-Arrak, 24, KU, ACK, Business Management Electrical Engineering

Talal Al-Boloushy, 24, ACK,Business Management

y Camera Sh Yousif Al-Rebaian, ACK, Business Management

Yousif Al-Tamemy, 22, ACK, Youssif Ahmed, 20, KU, Mechanical Engineering Computer Engineering

Yasser M. Abo Ali, 22, AUK, Communication and Media

Yousef Nayef, 25, AUK, English Literature

Fatma Ahmed, 20, KU, Engineering 21

Fares Mousa, 17, ACK, Petroleum Engineering


‫نادي األدب العربي‬ ‫يف اجلامعة األمريكية‬

‫صالح الهاجري‪:‬‬

‫يهدف النادي إىل نشر‬ ‫اللغة العربية‬

‫يعد نادي األدب العربي يف اجلامعة األمريكية منظمة طالبية تضم‬ ‫املهتمني مبختلف جوانب اللغة والثقافة العربية من أدب وشعر وغريها‬ ‫من األمور‪ .‬يضم النادي عددًا من طلبة اجلامعة الراغبني يتثقيف أنفسهم‬ ‫يف جمال األدب العربي‪ .‬ويف هذا العدد التقت ‪ STUDENTALK‬مع‬ ‫الطالب صالح الهاجري العضو املتميز يف نادي األدب العربي يف اجلامعة‬ ‫األمريكية يف الكويت ليتحدث عن جتربته يف النادي‪.‬‬ ‫كيف بدأت فكرة اإلنضمام إىل النادي؟‬ ‫أنا من األشخاص الذين يحبون املطالعة‬ ‫وقراءة الكتب األدبية والشعرية وكان نادي األدب‬ ‫العربي هو املكان األمثل لإلنضمام إليه وحتفيز‬ ‫نفسي وحتفيز اآلخرين على ذلك‪.‬‬

‫ما هي النشاطات التي تقومون بها‬ ‫يف النادي؟‬ ‫نحرص يف النادي على نشر ثقافة األدب العربي‬ ‫بني طلبة الكلية لذلك نقوم بشكل مستمر‬ ‫بتنظيم نشاطات متنوعة من بينها مسابقات‬ ‫شعرية وأدبية وقصصية‪ .‬كما يتم دعوة عدد‬ ‫من الشعراء األدباء يف الكويت للتحدث عن‬ ‫جتربتهم اخلاصة‪.‬‬

‫كيف ميكن اإلشرتاك يف املسابقة‬ ‫الشعرية؟‬ ‫بإمكان جميع الطلبة اإلنضمام للمسابقة‬ ‫من خالل تقدمي أعمالهم وتقوم جلنة حكام‬ ‫مؤلفة من عدد من أعضاء هيئة التدريس‬ ‫يف اجلامعة‪ ،‬وإضافة إىل متخصصني يتم‬ ‫استضافتهم من خارج اجلامعة لتقييم أعمال‬ ‫الطلبة واختيار أفضل األعمال املشاركة‪.‬‬

‫إىل أي مدى تفيد مشاركة الطلبة يف‬ ‫أنشطة مماثلة؟‬

‫على الرغم من اإلقبال الضئيل إال أن هناك عددًا‬ ‫من الطلبة املهتمني يف هذا النادي والذين‬ ‫يبذلون قصارى جهدهم يف النادي لتقدمي كافة‬ ‫األنشطة املفيدة للطلبة‪.‬‬

‫ماذا أضاف لك العمل يف النادي؟‬ ‫ال نستطيع إغفال أهمية العمل التطوعي يف‬ ‫نادي األدب العربي من جميع النواحي‪ ،‬فالطالب‬ ‫من خالل مشاركته يف هذا النادي يقوي نفسه‬ ‫باللغة العربية كما أنه يساهم يف خدمة‬ ‫اجملتمع من خالل نشر ثقافة اللغة العربية‪.‬‬

‫كلمة أخرية‪.‬‬ ‫أمتنى من جميع الطلبة املشاركة يف نادي‬ ‫األدب العربي ألن التواصل مع اآلخرين وتثقيف‬ ‫الناس من األمور املهمة لتكوين شخصية‬ ‫قوية‪.‬‬

‫نستعد اىل تنظيم‬ ‫مسابقة شعرية يف‬ ‫اجلامعة‬

‫أتبسم‬ ‫جتيني والعرفك وحتكم من بعيد‬ ‫وال تدري وال تعرف ويش فيني‬ ‫عادي سهله في هالزمن مافي جديد‬ ‫كل(ن) يجرح في نواياه ويجيني‬ ‫افرح من اشوف هالفعايل تزيد‬ ‫واحزن النها من ناس في عيني‬ ‫أتبسم هذا هو طبعي حديد‬ ‫أتبسم هذي هي قوة مييني‬



‫من املهم مشاركة الطلبة يف أنشطة غري‬ ‫أكادميية وذلك يساهم يف تنمية املوهبة‬ ‫التي ميتلكونها فض ًال عن أهميتها يف تعزيز‬ ‫الشخصية من خالل التواصل مع أشخاص من‬ ‫داخل وخارج احلرم اجلامعي‪.‬‬

‫كيف تق ّيم إقبال الطلبة على نادي‬ ‫األدب العربي؟‬

‫حياة الطلبة‬

‫بصمة العمل التطوعي‬ ‫يف حياة الطلبة‬

‫دانة الغامن‪ :‬زيارة‬ ‫الالجئني السوريني يف‬ ‫خميم الزعرتي غريت حياتي‬ ‫اتخذت الطالبة دانة الغامن‬ ‫(‪19‬عامًا) تخصص تسويق يف‬ ‫اجلامعة األمريكية‪ ،‬من التطوع‬ ‫مبدأ أساسيًا يف حياتها ملساعدة‬ ‫احملتاجني‪ ،‬ليس فقط يف الكويت‬ ‫بل يف خمتلف أنحاء العامل‪ .‬وألنها‬ ‫نشأت يف عائلة جبلت على عمل‬ ‫اخلري خاصة أن والدها قام بعدة‬ ‫سفرات إىل أفريقيا ملساعدة‬ ‫احملتاجني يف تلك البالد‪ ،‬اختارت‬ ‫نفس الطريق وقررت مشاركة وفد‬ ‫الهيئة اخلريية اإلسالمية العاملية‬ ‫ملتابعة شؤون الالجئني السوريني‬ ‫يف خميم الزعرتي يف األردن‪ .‬لذلك‬ ‫اختارت ‪ STUDENTALK‬هذا العدد‬ ‫الطالبة دانة الغامن لتتحدث عن‬ ‫جتربتها اإلنسانية‪.‬‬ ‫ما هو العمل التطوعي من وجهة‬ ‫نظرك؟‬ ‫التطوع بصفة عامة‪ ،‬هو أن يقوم الشخص‬ ‫بعمل إنساين دون انتظار مقابل وبهدف‬ ‫خدمة اجملتمع واآلخرين ومن أهم الوسائل‬ ‫املستخدمة بهدف تنمية األوطان‪.‬‬


‫ملاذا اخرتت املشاركة مع وفد‬ ‫الهيئة اخلريية اإلسالمية؟‬ ‫منذ عام ‪ 2006‬وأنا متطوعة يف مركز‬ ‫اخلرايف ألنشطة أطفال املعاقني‪ ،‬وعن‬ ‫طريق الصدفة قرأت عن طلب الهيئة اخلريية‬ ‫اإلسالمية العاملية لوفد متطوع للسفر‬ ‫إىل األردن وزيارة خميم الالجئني السوريني‪،‬‬ ‫وقررت التواصل معهم واملشاركة‪.‬‬ ‫‪23‬‬

‫كيف أثرت الرحلة على حياتك‬ ‫اخلاصة؟‬

‫استمرت الزيارة لالجئني السوريني يف االردن‬ ‫ملدة أربعة أيام يف عيد األضحى حيث حاولنا‬ ‫رسم البسمة على وجوه األطفال وأسرهم‬ ‫وتأمني الكسوة لهم وبعض املستلزمات‬ ‫الضرورية‪ .‬ومنذ اليوم األول شعرت بقيمة‬ ‫احلياة التي أعيشها‪ ،‬وشعرت بحزن على‬ ‫معاناة هذا الشعب ومن خالل ذلك تغريت‬ ‫نظرتي للحياة‪ .‬وبعد اعتقادي أن اجلامعة‬ ‫والسيارة والسفر من متطلبات احلياة‬ ‫األساسية ألي انسان تأكدت من أن هناك فئة‬ ‫كبرية ال متتلك أبسط حقوقها يف احلياة‪.‬‬

‫ما هي أكرث اللحظات التي تأثرت بها‬ ‫خالل زيارتك؟‬ ‫مشاهدتي لألطفال الصغار يف زيارتنا‬ ‫خمليم الزعرتي وليس لديهم أي مالبس‬ ‫خاصة يف فصل الشتاء‪ ،‬كما أن عدد منهم‬ ‫ليس لديهم أحذية وأسرة‪ ،‬شعرت وقتها‬ ‫باحلزن ولكن قررت مواصلة العمل التطوعي‬ ‫ومساعدتهم بشتى الطرق‪.‬‬ ‫فض ًال عن القصص الصعبة التي حتدث‬ ‫عنها اجلرحى ومعاناتهم‪ ،‬وزوجات الشهداء‬ ‫واملفقودين‪ ،‬جميعها مواقف ال تنسى‪.‬‬

‫ما هي الرسالة التي ترغبني‬ ‫بتوجييها إىل الطلبة؟‬ ‫قبل زيارتي خمليم الزعرتي مل أكن أعلم‬ ‫القيمة احلقيقية لألموال‪ ،‬ولكن بعد الزيارة‬ ‫تأكدت من أن مبلغًا بسيطًا وإن كان دينار‬ ‫سيساعد عائالت على تأمني لقمة العيش‪.‬‬

‫هل هناك مشاريع مستقبلية‬ ‫لعملك التطوعي؟‬ ‫أسعى حاليًا لتخصيص ركن يف حرم اجلامعة‬ ‫األمريكية الهدف منه مساعدة احملتاجني‬ ‫من الالجئني السوريني‪.‬‬

‫أبرز مشاريع واجنازات‬ ‫فريق الهيئة اخلريية‬ ‫ملساعدة السوريني‬

‫كلمة أخرية‪.‬‬ ‫لن تشعر بقيمة العمل التطوعي واخلدمة‬ ‫اإلنسانية التي تقدمها لآلخر إال من خالل‬ ‫التواصل معهم بشكل مباشر‪ ،‬ورسم‬ ‫البسمة على وجوه أطفال سلبت احلروب‬ ‫منهم أبسط حقوقهم مشاعر ال تقدر بثمن‪،‬‬ ‫لذلك أدعو كل شخص قادر على املساعدة‬ ‫املادية أو املعنوية أن يقوم باخلطوة الالزمة‪.‬‬

‫• جتهيز ‪ 20‬جهاز كمبيوتر‬ ‫لتدريب وتأهيل الالجئني‪.‬‬ ‫• تأجري وتأثيث جممع للجرحى‬ ‫تستوعب ‪ 100‬جريح‪.‬‬ ‫• تأجري وتأثيث ‪ 3‬عمارات لزوجات‬ ‫الشهداء واملفقودين‪.‬‬ ‫• جتهيز مركز التاج إلنتاج‬ ‫املأكوالت املنزلية‪.‬‬ ‫• جتهيز مشغل خياطة‬ ‫املالبس لالجئني‪.‬‬




ONE RACE AT A TIME One of the youngest motor-racers in the region, Zaid Ashkanani, doesn’t wait to impress. He amazed everyone in his first race in the Porsche GT3 Cup in Bahrain, where he won four Cups in two days. An ambitious sportsman who aims at further glorifying Kuwait’s name on the motor-racing map, and hopefully one day as a Formula 1 driver. When did you start motor-racing? This is my first year of professional racing. I started karting in my teens

How many hours do you practice daily?

I do not practice daily as we do not have a professional circuit in Kuwait, so we try and go to the Bahrain International Circuit as often as possible. I hope we do bring the standard of our circuits to the same level as the Dubai Autodrome, Reem International and Losail International Circuit so we attract more interest in the sport. It is also important for me to get as much track time as possible to develop my skills and try various strategies before a race weekend or during the off-season.

How does it feel being the youngest one from GCC? It is an amazing feeling. I am very fortunate that I have been exposed to the motorsport environment at such a young age thanks to the backing from my family and especially my father, who was also a professional racing driver. 24

Having the opportunity to participate in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East is also very special. Taking part in the championship will give me the experience that I need, to develop them and also learn from worldclass drivers such as Abdulaziz AlFaisal and Karim Al-Azhari. Drivers who have the knowledge and experience that I can learn from. I may be one of the youngest on the grid, but when the green lights go, age does not matter. It is every driver for himself.

Do you have any support? My father has always encouraged me and helped me develop my craft. He has been unbelievable with the backing he has given me from my days in karting through to my involvement with Porsche. He is by my side at every race, encouraging and guiding me. He has been in similar situations as me, when he was a racing driver, so he knows the emotions I am going through prerace and post-race. I also have a fantastic team at the Porsche GT3 Cup. The people who do not get the glory, the mechanics and the technical team do a tremendous job before each race to ensure the GT3 Cup Car is in racing condition. We, the drivers, may get

the limelight, but behind every great driver, there is a great team. Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East manager, Walter Lechner has taken me under his wings in my first season of racing. He has been there and done it all in his racing career, that’s why his advice is valuable. I have learned a lot from him in the first six rounds. And I hope the whole of Kuwait is also supporting me through my journey in motorsport. I want to represent my country with honour and distinction and make my country proud.

What is your future career with this sport? I intend to have a long and successful career in the sport and continue to learn. Obviously the ultimate goal is Formula One, and that is everyone’s dream, but I need to take it step-by-step. My intention is to compete in future Porsche GT3 championships and hopefully move onto Formula 3 and continue to raise the bar and compete in higher tiers of motorsport.

You have been called “the future poster boy of motor-racing in the region and expect great things from him for years to come”, how could you accomplish that? To continue the work I am doing. Work hard and push myself to be the best I can be. I believe that in life, what you give is what you get. I have a strong backing from my

father, who also pushes me to work harder, whether that is in training, practice, qualifying or during a race. He will make sure I make the most of my ability. Having talent is one thing, but you need to nurture that ability and work hard to make sure that gift is fulfilled. I want to become a standard bearer for the region and hopefully through my success it will encourage other youngsters to take up the sport. In professional sport, there are a lot of responsibilities, and if I am the “poster boy”, I want to become a role model for youngsters in Kuwait and throughout the region.

Do you have any future plans for motor-racing in Kuwait? My dream is to have a professional race series in Kuwait. Unfortunately, our race tracks are not up to standards. It would be a huge honour for me to race in my home country, in front of my home fans. But in the meantime, my plans are to get as much experience as possible on regional circuits.

Last words to students who have talents and they are not evolving it? Do not waste the God-given talent. You only live once, so use your gift, work hard, there is no limit to what you can do. Make the most of what you have, there are no boundaries, use your talent to help others or make a success of your life. There are no barriers in life, the only barrier is yourself.

The Avenues | 360 Mall


Carol Ross: VP of Student Affairs, Mother of AUK Students Carol Ross arrived to Kuwait in April 2004, and has been serving her beloved AUK ever since! As being abroad is not something new to her, she moved from Southern California, where she grew up, in 1980 with her parents to Europe until 1987. STUDENTALK has met with Dr. Ross to shed some light on AUK (and Carol as a person)

Can you introduce yourself? I’m Carol Ross, Vice President of Student Affairs. I completed my bachelor’s degree in business and management; master’s in human services and human resources education-both while overseas, and earned my doctorate degree in higher education administration from Florida State University. Prior to joining AUK, I served as a chief student affairs officer in community colleges since 1993. Those are my formal credentials for interviews! The real me (since this is STUDENTALK)…I play softball for the KIPCO Kuwait Ladies-a champions’ team! Love to shop and travel. I have a daughter who is about to begin medical school who wouldn’t listen to her mother’s advice about college even though this is my job! Got the cutest grandson in the world, no matter what other grandparents may think. I also have the most adorable dog, named Scottie-a namesake for someone dear to my heart, and I love to giggle as life is too short to be miserable! 26

What approach do you use in dealing with students that come to you with their problems? Certainly not a cookie-cutter approach. Every student is an individual with unique characteristics. Problems may sound the same but how you deal with them is defined by whoever is seated in front of you. I listen. I listen through the tears, frustration, the less-than-truthful parts, and the excitement. I listen without passing judgment; my biases cannot interfere. Then we try to work it through. Even if it means the “answer” they want isn’t the answer I give…they know I have listened, giving my full attention, really trying to address and resolve the issue. It is very important to me that students “feel better” when they leave my office. I wish every meeting resulted in a happy ending but that isn’t reality. When that ending is not happy, students know they have been heard and treated fairly.

What are the nonacademic activities you host on campus? Can you tell us a little bit about each and how they have benefited students? Student Life is responsible for bringing the university community to life. From clubs and organizations to student government and leadership opportunities that are designed to develop leadership skills; to intramurals and intercollegiate athletics (we plan to keep the University Champions Cup!) intended to enhance wellness and esprit de corps, to holiday and cultural celebrations where we celebrate

and appreciate diversity and life, through to The Voice, the studentrun newspaper where students get to speak up and speak out. Our philosophy is that what happens outside of the classroom is almost as important as what happens inside. Activities are designed to supplement the classroom learning process and make college more exciting. We celebrate diversity during International Week, we play sports to enhance physical wellness, hone competitive skills and learn how to win and lose gracefully. When students leave AUK and venture into the real world, the ability to plan, organize and relate to others is very important. Our activities provide a venue for students to practice real life transferable skills. Sometimes students think they cannot do one more thing beyond their classes.However, it is so important that they do.

Will you be introducing new student activities or facilities to AUK? Regarding new facilities, we at AUK know bigger isn’t always better. We have a great campus and an amazing student life. AUK doesn’t miss many opportunities to enjoy life! Student Life will build on current programs as they are pretty comprehensive. We recently initiated the “Refuse to be Ordinary” Volunteer Program where students give with their hands. Beach clean-ups, animal shelter help, time at Operation Hope and KAACH… it is hands-on. There is an American saying and I am sure there is an Arabic equivalent, “to whom much is given, much is to be returned.” At AUK, our students will be reaching out and returning a lot more with their hands.

Something else that is pretty exciting is the “passport” program for the College Success Skills “EDUC” classes. Because AUK really values the out of classroom experience, “EDUC” students are required to participate in activities and get their passport stamped. The passport requirement forces (students hate that concept of being forced!) students to participate in activities, whether it be a lecture, club event, university activity… they go beyond the classroom and experience college life. Many of the students are thankful afterwards and stay engaged!

‫حياة الطلبة‬

What student culture and atmosphere does AUK offer, compared to other universities? I am incredibly biased when it comes to AUK in comparison to other universities (no disrespect intended) because I believe that AUK is, and offers, something very special. All universities offer college degrees; that is why we are in this business. AUK has heart; we are a family…the Wolf Pack family. Within our walls, students can be themselves. AUK is a place where you can ponder the big questions of life and try to figure out where you fit in. I love welcoming new students to AUK because I know the significance the AUK experience will have on their lives in four or five years. I get excited because I know people at AUK are committed to ensuring that students become the best they can be. We are going to hold students accountable for their actions or lack thereof but if they fall, we’ve got stretchers! If they want to propel, we boost. Life at AUK has one of those invisible, intangible things happening. You cannot quite put your finger on it but you surely know it is there. And when it is time for graduation, you see it in our students…they are well on their way to becoming. It is such an amazing feeling to see the success in our students.

The second component of support comes from the personal counselors. We offer confidential, personal counseling to students. Our therapists address a variety of issues from stress related to relationship to disability and more. Sometimes, students just need to talk or they need someone to help them identify coping strategies… this is about preparing for life. Remember, the goal is for students to be able to engage in the learning process with minimal distractions. The Career Services and Wellness Department is responsible for ensuring our students are emotionally ready and grounded enough to experience AUK life!

and how students are engaged in learning. Oftentimes when people think about American colleges, they think wild partying and crazy weekends. That is especially true when you attach the word “liberal” to American university. Liberal for me means that students learn to think;they understand that freedom of thought and expression comes with a sense of responsibility; that they are willing to view from a variety ofperspectives and not just their own. Of course there are activities in American colleges that we do not do because of the cultural norms but it does not mean that AUK isboring. We have a very lively and vibrant campus.

In a Liberal Arts American institute with a majority of Kuwaiti students, how do you maintain a cultural balance in campus life and student activities?

Is there anything interesting that you have learned about the students of AUK across the years?

It is about maintaining a cultural balance and respect for all members of the AUK family. The liberal arts American model is really a mindset of how our curriculum is developed

but a student. People might say, well Kuwaiti students are rich. To that I say… not everyone, and I worked at a University where there were many students of privilege… same issues! There are students who really want to be in college and make the best of the opportunity. They will study, be involved in everything, and just be collegefab! There are students who are in college because there is nothing else to do and their parents say, ‹you better do something.› There are students who come to college and find something within themselves they never knew was there and excel. You find it no matter the country, the culture, the college. There are good, bad and indifferent students everywhere. What makes AUK so special is that we strive to maximize the good, minimize the bad and make the indifferent unique.

Since my first job in higher education and throughout my years of experience in the US and Kuwait, I have found that students are students are students. That to me is the most interesting. Different continent, different first language,

There is support for students from two vantage points. All students are required to see an academic advisor whose role is to assist the student with developing a sound educational plan so they can make progress towards the degree. Students at risk receive individualized attention and support. We also have a very strong tutoring and supplemental instruction program. Bright students help those in need; that’s the Wolf Pack way. 27

What kind of academic and personal support does AUK offer to its students? Are there specific centers/ departments that handle student advising matters?




SAMAYA H. RAHAL Al-Ghanim Bilingual School Maturing Since I cannot prevent the maturing of my inner self, I shall embrace it with a smile on my face. Yet I shan’t be as those others. Others who tend to change all their childhood actions and beliefs, just for the sake of fitting in with those of the same age. For I have a different perspective on growing up. One that does not involve having to add eloquence to every word I speak.

Or erasing all traces of humor I once had. But more of being able to experience more independence in my everyday life.


And comprehending situations in a mature manner, along with a logical reaction. As not to be misunderstood, I shall clarify my point. An elderly man once told me he has a lot of growing up to do. As opposed to other people’s thoughts, this man’s statement made perfect sense. People often mistake growing up for growing old, because there is only a fine line separating them. Growing old may be inevitable, but growing up is optional.

STUDENTALK, the magazine for all students in Kuwait, believes in the creativity of students. Our motto is Read Them Talk. Have you got something to say? Submit your creative work (writing, scripts, poems, drawings, etc) to us at STUDENTALK. Express your thoughts and ideas. Email us your work at

What Is Seen


We are judged by the surface. Like a book and its cover. Think you know it from the pictures? Without seeing anything other?

Lonely and old, I stand today Deserted and forgotten My importance to you- to my dismay, Has faded and has darkened

This is how everyone thinks, even if they know it not. Our shallow subconscious beneath, doesn’t give a second thought.

To you our past is nothing less Than another page in your book Though the pain I suffer and must suppress Would fade if you just take one look.

So I speak to you now, so you’ll know you’re not alone. Don’t you go around being sad, just go to your happy zone. ‘Cause to be assessed by more than looks, one can only dream. For society now a days decides by ONLY what is seen.

Along with me your true self has gone Now you’re a person who smiles at pelf. But get it back, and then you’ve won The challenge between you and yourself. Still when your mature self is feeling blue, Just look under your bed For here I am only for you Cause I am your loyal Ted


opinionIS MONTH r u yo voice TH D: ich orm from wh tf la p a it a w u ts nts of K Here, studen ive the stude . g m e e w , th n t o c e ti c ff e a rs to rs that Within this s on the matte allowing othe t fs s e il li h e w b , s ir e n io th their opin to express nity to voice u rt o p p o e th receive t. hear them ou

Let us know if you have any further ideas for future topics at


What do you think of the educational structure in Kuwait? What changes would you like to see made to the system?

Engr. Yousef Al-Bader, 22, KU, Electrical Engineering ‫متتاز جامعة الكويت بطريقة‬ ‫تواصلها مع الطلبة سواء أكادمييًا أو‬ ‫ كما حترص اجلامعة إىل‬،‫غري أكادميي‬ ‫اإلستماع إىل رأي الطلبة وتقييم األداء‬ .‫األكادميي‬

Omar Al-Farsi, 25, AUK, Communication and Media

Saleh Al-Shawaf, 19, AUK, Finance

Yousef Al-Zamami, 19, AUK, Undeclared

I strongly believe that the educational structure in Kuwait is weak. The government needs to focus more on aspiring the youth to be more creative rather than measuring their success based on their formative competition with others.

Universities should not be segregated and professors should put their maximum effort to try their best so every student will pass. Attendance grades should be stricter to get marks and extra credit should be given if the class average was low.

It is very weak, it’s not that useful and it’s not working. If we want to raise our country’s ranking between other countries, we have to change our education system.

Engr. Hussa Al-Khanfor, 21, KU, Civil Engineering ‫يجب أن يتم إضافة مواد عملية‬ ‫إلزامية للطلبة تفيدهم بشكل كبري‬ .‫بعد مرحلة التخرج‬

Amran Al-Dallal, 26, AUK, Undeclared

Latifa, 18, AUK, Computer Engineering

Nigel J. D’souza, 21, AUK, Accounting and Finance

Sara Faisal, 17, AUK, Graphic Design

Segregation out, and more mixed classes in! Universities should have more consideration for working students, because the major subjects are in the morning and general ones available in the afternoon. In addition to that, the bureaucracy for registering or appealing for a grade is difficult.

Personally, I find education in Kuwait strong enough. Based on a family’s financial state, I family can have a proper education for their kids without worrying.

Education structure in Kuwait is pretty good. However, the changes I would like to see is that students in university should get a more practical knowledge and should be well prepared in the future career. No gender regulation and equality between women and men.

I think Kuwait has a good educational system, but not as good as education from abroad, it should try to level up to other educational systems.


Mariam Madi, 17, AUK, Social and Human Behavior/ Graphic Design Educational system in Kuwait can be improved by hiring better professors who have more experience and are more educated.

Yousef Al-Mithin, AUK, 18, Marketing

Ahmed Al-Baghli, 22, AUK, English

Khalid Baz, 18, AUK, Accounting and Finance

Mubarak A. Badran, 20, AUK, Graphic Design

Khalid Aba Sala, 18, AUK, Business

Personally I would prefer that scholarships for Kuwaiti students should be easier to obtain, and that private schools should be urged to be on par with government schools.

I think it is okay for the moment but since it is 2013, I hope that we can see good improvements that can help us, the government students.

It is fine for a country such as Kuwait. However, I think more majors are needed in private universities such as medicine, dentistry and engineering.

It is good as I can see it’s developing rapidly but in my opinion the system should be more open and stricter at the same time.

They should make education more entertaining and make tests easier so students will find their studying worth it.

Yousef Al-Mannai, 23, AUK, Finance

Engr. Rania Jaara, 22, KU, Civil Engineering ‫نالحظ التطور يف املناهج‬ ‫ وهناك أفكار‬،‫الدراسية اجلامعية‬ ‫ومشاريع ابداعية وطاقات شبابية‬ ‫كامنة لكن ال يتم توظيفها يف‬ ‫املكان الصحيح لذلك ال بد من‬ .‫إعادة هيكلة هذا البناء‬

Farah Harb, 19, AUK, Business

Ahmed Bu-Khamseen, 23, AUK, Communication & Media

Haseeb Shahzad, 21, AUK, Computer Engineering

Ali Al-Mattar, 20, AUK, Graphic Design

Engr. Razan Al-Zawawi, 22, KU, Civil Engineering ‫تعترب املناهج الدراسية يف‬ ‫جامعة الكويت مفيدة جدًا مقارنة‬ ،‫مع اجلامعات األوروبية والعاملية‬ ‫واجلامعة تسعى دائما إىل التطوير‬ .‫مبختلف الطرق‬

The education structure is weak in “government schools.” Kuwaitis are getting their knowledge from the people who are being “heroes” is some Kuwaitis’ points of view.

Eng. Dalal Bu-Hamra, 22, KU, Civil Engineering ‫املهنج الدراسي الكويتي معرتف به‬ ‫كما أن عددًا كبريًا من أعضاء الهيئة‬ ،‫التدريسية متخصصون يف جمالهم‬ ‫والكتب التي نستخدمها تتضمن‬ ‫ لكن‬.‫أفضل املعلومات يف اجملال‬ ‫لألسف معظمها نظرية وليست‬ ‫تطبيقية ونحن بحاجة إىل التطبيقات‬ .‫العملية بشكل كبري‬

It’s not bad. But government schools need to go out of their way to change how English is taught. As for college, they have good options but it will take years so that there are more options to choose from.

It could do way better. Parents play a bigger role by choosing where to enroll their kids, as the public schools are bad in reference to teaching English language and communication between genders.

It could be better. Mostly the parents should teach their kids proper manners before sending them off to school.

The education system in Kuwait is good. New and good universities are now opening in Kuwait. The only bad thing is the scholarships are only given to Kuwaitis.

Engr. Mohammed Al-Ali, 21, KU, Civil Engineering ‫اجلامعات يف الكويت بحاجة ماسة‬ ‫إىل تعديل وتطوير الطرق التعليمية‬ ‫إليصال املعلومات للطلبة بطريقة‬ .‫حديثة ومبتكرة‬

Engr. Talal Al-Yamani, 22, KU, Civil Engineering ‫من الضروري أن تتطور املناهج‬ ‫التعليمية يف الكويت لتواكب خمتلف‬ ‫التطورات التكنولوجية التي حتدث‬ .‫يف العامل‬


‫حياة الطلبة‬


‫‪opinion‬‬ ‫‪r‬‬ ‫‪u‬‬ ‫‪yo‬‬ ‫‪voice‬‬

‫‪Nawaf Mohammed, 21, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Petroleum Engineering‬‬ ‫منظومة التعليم اجلديدة أدخلت بعض‬ ‫املواد التي تكفي أن تكون عملية فقط بدون‬ ‫املذاكرة النظرية كالبدنية والرسم واحلاسوب‪.‬‬ ‫رغم أنها مواد سهلة لكنها تستنفد طاقة‬ ‫ووقت الطالب‪ ،‬يف حني أن املواد الصعبة من‬ ‫رياضيات وكيمياء وفيزياء أوىل بهذا الوقت‪.‬‬

‫‪Mishaal Al-Tamimi, 21, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Business‬‬ ‫‪The public education system is poor‬‬ ‫‪The educational system in Kuwait is‬‬ ‫يف املرحلة الثانوية اخرتت االختصاص‬ ‫‪from what I’ve noticed, because of the‬‬ ‫العلمي‪ ،‬ولصعوبة مادتي الرياضيات والكيمياء ‪decent but there is scope for improvement.‬‬ ‫مل أستطع فهم املنهج فحولت اىل القسم‬ ‫‪relationship between schools and teachers As far as students are concerned there are‬‬ ‫األدبي ووجدت بعض املناهج األدبية جيدة اىل‬ ‫‪is difficult, you could say. Relationship‬‬ ‫‪lots of schools but they should properly‬‬ ‫حد ما اال اللغة العربية فمنهجها غري واضح‪،‬‬ ‫‪between students is also harmful, a lot of‬‬ ‫‪introduce newer courses/subjects, hence‬‬ ‫القواعد مبعرثة وغري منظمة‪.‬‬ ‫‪bullying and a very poor attendance. If a‬‬ ‫‪providing more choices to students. They‬‬

‫‪Engr. Hashim Hajieh, 22, KU,‬‬ ‫‪Electrical Engineering‬‬ ‫مشاريع التخرج هي املادة الوحيدة التي‬ ‫تعتمد على النظام العملي‪ ،‬لكننا نرغب بأن يتم‬ ‫إدخال املواد العملية يف خمتلف املواد‪.‬‬

‫‪Abdurrahman Chowdhury, 22,‬‬ ‫‪AUK, Accounting‬‬

‫‪Mohammed Hasan, 20, AUK,‬‬ ‫‪Communication and Media‬‬

‫‪should definitely start newer Universities‬‬ ‫‪with wider range of academic disciplines.‬‬

‫‪whole grade decides to ditch for a whole‬‬ ‫‪month, they will if they wanted to.‬‬

‫‪Engr. Sulaiman Al-Ghunaim, 22, KU,‬‬ ‫‪Electrical Engineering‬‬ ‫نفتقر بشكل عام إىل التطبيق العملي خاصة‬ ‫يف التخصصات العلمية‪ ،‬على الرغم من أن‬ ‫تقييم املناهج الدراسية بشكل عام جيدة‪.‬‬

‫‪Engr. Abd El-Aziz Al-Sairafi, 22, KU,‬‬ ‫‪Electrical Engineering‬‬ ‫نفتقر يف املدارس واجلامعات إىل املناهج‬ ‫التعليمية فيما يتعلق باللغة اإلجنليزية‪.‬‬



‫‪Engr. Bushra Al-Bloshui, 21, KU, Civil‬‬ ‫‪Engineering‬‬ ‫يختلف التعليم اجلامعي عن احلياة العملية‪،‬‬ ‫وأكرث ما يتم الرتكيز عليه يف اجلامعات تتمثل‬ ‫يف طريقة اجتياز اإلختبارات بد ًال من تهيئة‬ ‫الطلبة للدخول يف احلياة العملية‪ ،‬لذلك يجب‬ ‫الرتكيز أكرث على هذه الناحية‪.‬‬

‫‪Engr. Sara Karimi, 21, KU, Civil‬‬ ‫‪Engineering‬‬ ‫ال نستطيع أن نقلص من قيمة املناهج‬ ‫التعليمية التي يتم تدريسها يف جامعة‬ ‫الكويت فجمعيها أكرث من ممتازة‪ ،‬وتتفوق‬ ‫على املناهج التي يتم تدريسها يف اخلارج‪.‬‬

‫‪Soud Al-Dihani, 21, ACK, Business‬‬ ‫هناك تفاوت كبري بني الدراسة يف املدرسة‬ ‫واجلامعة‪ ،‬فاألوىل متتاز بدراستها النظرية‬ ‫املعتمدة على احلفظ فقط ‪ ،‬أما الدراسة‬ ‫يف اجلامعة فعملية “زيادة عن اللزوم” مما‬ ‫ينقص من معدالتنا يف البداية إىل أن نتعود‬ ‫على النظام الدراسي اجلديد‪.‬‬

‫‪Engr. Youssef Al-Jenaai, 22, KU, Civil‬‬ ‫‪Engeeniring‬‬ ‫ال بد من إدخال بعض التعديالت على طريقة‬ ‫التواصل بني الطلبة وأعضاء هيئة التدريس‬ ‫وزيادة االهتمام باجلانب العملي بشكل أكرب‪.‬‬

‫‪Engr. Faisal Al-Kendari, 22, KU,‬‬ ‫‪Civil Engineering‬‬ ‫بشكل عام املناهج التي مت اعتمادها يف‬ ‫اجلامعات تعترب جيدة جدًا‪ ،‬إال أننا نواجه‬ ‫مشكلة مع بعض أعضاء هيئة التدريس‬ ‫يف آليات شرح املواد‪.‬‬

‫حياة الطلبة‬

‫‪y‬‬ ‫‪Camera Sh‬‬


‫‪Nasser Saleh, 31, ACK, Business‬‬ ‫ما مييز كتب ومناهج الوزراة عن غريها‬ ‫من نظم التعليم اخلاصة‪ ،‬أنها مبهمة ال‬ ‫يستطيع الطالب استيعابها إال بحضور احلصة‬ ‫فقط‪ ،‬فإن تغ ّيب عن حضورها “راحت عليه”‬ ‫وبالتأكيد هذا ليس من مصلحة الطالب‪ .‬أما‬ ‫عن املنهج اجلامعي فأرى أنها غري مرتبطة‬ ‫باحلياة العملية‪.‬‬

‫‪Faisal Al-Yagout, 19, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Mechanical Engineering‬‬ ‫منهج وزارة الرتبية عبارة عن رغي و”دش”‬ ‫كالم ما يف تنظيم يف املواد‪ ،‬والطالب عليه‬ ‫أن ينهي السنة الدراسية لينتقل للسنة‬ ‫التي تليها دون شرط الفهم واالستيعاب‪،‬‬ ‫على عكس تعليم اجلامعات الذي يعتمد على‬ ‫الفهم‪.‬‬

‫‪Mohammed Adel, 25, ACK, Business‬‬ ‫الكليات اخلاصة يف الكويت تسعى لتحقيق‬ ‫الربح املادي‪ ،‬والسبب وراء ذلك يرجع لفكر‬ ‫املالك على الرغم من حرص بعض الكليات‬ ‫على تخريج جيل فعال‪.‬‬

‫‪Abdulla Al-Hendi, 18, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Petroleum Engineering‬‬ ‫النظام املدرسي اجلديد يساعد الطالب على‬ ‫رفع معدله بتقسيم جمموع الثانوية العامة‬ ‫على ‪ 3‬سنوات‪ ،‬مما يجعل املعدل املنخفض‬ ‫بالسنة األوىل حافز لتحسينه يف السنة التالية‪،‬‬ ‫وهكذا حتى يصبح املعدل الكلي مرضي‬ ‫فيدخل الطالب الكلية التي يرغب بها‪.‬‬

‫‪Thnayan Al-Oumeri, 19, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Business‬‬ ‫نظام الوزارة يف خطة التعليم اجلديد يجعل‬ ‫معدل الثانوية العامة تراكميًا فاش ًال‪ ،‬ألنه‬ ‫يشكل ضغطًا على الطالب‪ .‬كما أنه هناك‬ ‫فرق بني التعليم احلكومي واخلاص خاصة‬ ‫فيما يتعلق باللغة االجنليزية التي يجب ان‬ ‫تستوعب الوزارة اهميتها ألنها لغة العصر‪.‬‬

‫‪Mohammed Badeei, 19, ACK, Gas‬‬ ‫‪and Petroleum Engineering‬‬ ‫أعترب الدراسة اجلامعية أسهل بكثري من‬ ‫املدرسة ألننا يف املدرسة واجهنا ضغوطات‬ ‫وصعوبات عديدة أهلتنا أن نتأقلم مع اجلو‬ ‫الدراسي اجلامعي‪.‬‬

‫‪Salem Al-Ali, 22, ACK, Mechanical‬‬ ‫‪Engineering‬‬ ‫أنا أول دفعة يطبق عليها النظام املوحد‬ ‫اجلديد يف الدراسةـ وكان يطرأ عليه تغيريات‬ ‫كثرية بشكل دوري مما أثر على مستواي‬ ‫الدراسي‪ ،‬لذلك أعترب أن نظام املقررات‬ ‫أفضل بكثري‪.‬‬

‫‪Jassem Dashti, 22, ACK, Business‬‬ ‫منظومة التعليم بالوزارة حتسنت بشكل‬ ‫ملحوظ عن السابق‪ ،‬لكن تبقى املدارس‬ ‫االجنبية والباكستانية هي األفضل يف التعليم‪،‬‬ ‫تخرج طالبًا عبقريًا ال يجد صعوبة يف‬ ‫فهي ّ‬ ‫فهم‪ ،‬ألنه تعلم كيف يدرس بصورة أفضل‪.‬‬

‫‪Ahmed Ibrahim, 20, ACK, Business‬‬ ‫ال أرى ما يعيب املنهج احلكومي يف الدراسة‪،‬‬ ‫فليس على الطالب سوى املذاكرة واالجتهاد‪.‬‬ ‫وسواء كانت املواد سهلة أو صعبة‪ ،‬البد من‬ ‫اجتياز السنة الدراسية للدخول للجامعة‪.‬‬

‫‪Abdulla Al-Dosari, 18, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Mechanical Engineering‬‬ ‫فهم الطالب واستيعابه يتوقف على‬ ‫املدرس وأسلوبه يف الشرح‪.‬‬

‫‪Saleh Malallah, 18, ACK, Aviation‬‬ ‫‪Engineering‬‬ ‫املناهج سهلة إىل حد كبري على الرغم من‬ ‫وجود بعض املواد الصعبة‪.‬‬

‫‪Abdulla Al-Kandari, 23, ACK,‬‬ ‫‪Business‬‬ ‫إن التعليم اخلاص أفضل من احلكومي‪ ،‬الذي‬ ‫يسمح بقدر من احلرية يف اختيار خطة‬ ‫الدراسة‪ ،‬وعلى احلكومة ان تنظر يف ذلك‪.‬‬



‫من القلب‪...‬حب وتضحية ووفاء‬

‫الطالب اخلريجون مستقبل الوطن الواعد‬ ‫ماذا ﲤنى الطلبة يف األعياد الوطنية؟‬ ‫ﲢتفل الكويت سنويًا بيومي ‪ 25‬و ‪ 26‬فﱪاير لعيدي الوطني والتحرير اللذان يحمالن يف طياتهما اﳊب والتضحية والعطاء يف سبيل الوطن‪ .‬ويتحمل الشباب‬ ‫مسؤولية رد اجلميل لوطنهم لرفع إسم الكويت عاليًا يف احملافل الدولية‪ .‬ويف هذا السياﻕ التقت جملة ‪ STUDENTALK‬مع‬ ‫عدد من طلبة اخلريجني من جامعة الكويت ‪ -‬كلية الهندسة ملعرفة أمنياتهم لبلدهم يف األعياد الوطنية‪ ،‬وما ﲤثل لهم املناسبة الوطنية‪.‬‬ ‫ومن جهته متنى املهندس يوسف احملميد‬ ‫تخصص هندسة وبرتول‪ ،‬أن يتمكن من‬ ‫عرﺽ مشروعه التخرج الذي استغرق الكثري‬ ‫من الوقت واجلهد على اجلهات اخملتصة‪،‬‬ ‫وزاد‪ :‬يتميز الشباب الكويتي بأنه ميتلك‬ ‫طاقات وقدرات وأفكار يحتاج إىل دعمها‪،‬‬ ‫وأمتنى يف هذه املناسبة الوطنية أن يزداد‬ ‫اإلهتمام بفئة الشباب الكويتي‪.‬‬

‫ومتنت الرشيدي أن حتافظ بلدها الكويت على‬ ‫األمن واإلستقرار واحملبة بني أبناء الشعب‬ ‫الواحد‪.‬‬ ‫ومن جهتها تعترب املهندسة سارة‬ ‫الشمروﺥ‪ ،‬تخصص هندسة مدنية أن األعياد‬ ‫الوطنية واإلحتفاالت تعترب جتديد لتاريﺦ‬ ‫الكويت وفرصة سنوية لنتذكر الشهداء وأبناء‬ ‫الوطن الذين ضحوا بأنفسهم يف سبيل هذا‬ ‫الوطن املعطاء‪ ،‬وتابعت‪:‬‬ ‫يف هذه املناسبات الوطنية أفضل‬ ‫مشاهدة املسرحيات التي يتم عرضها ألنها‬ ‫تساهم يف نشر الروح الوطنية بني أبناء‬

‫ﻣﻨة اﻟﻌﺪﺳﺎ‬ ‫تشري املهندسة منرية العدساين تخصص‬ ‫هندسة مدنية‪ ،‬أن فرحة اإلحتفال باألعياد‬ ‫الوطنية التي تعم البالد تساعد على تعزيز‬ ‫الروح الوطنية واستذكار أهم وأصعب‬ ‫اللحظات التي مرت على البالد‪ ،‬وتتابع‬ ‫العدساين‪:‬‬ ‫أمتنى يف األعياد الوطنية أن أرفع إسم بالدي‬ ‫عاليًا يف احملافل الدولية من خالل تخصصي‬ ‫اجلامعي يف الهندسة املدنية‪.‬‬ ‫وتابعت‪ ،‬أكرث ما مييز األعياد الوطنية هي‬ ‫الفرحة التي تنتشر يف البالد واإلحتفاالت التي‬ ‫تقام سنويًا يف هذه املناسبة املميزة‪.‬‬

‫رﻗﻴﺔ ﻋﻴﺴﻰ‬

‫ﺳﺎرة اﻟﺸﻤﺮوخ‬ ‫الشعب الواحد‪ .‬فض ًال عن دور املهرجانات‬ ‫التي يتم تنظيمها سنويًا يف البالد ملعرفة‬ ‫تاريﺦ أجدادنا‪.‬‬ ‫وبدورها متنت املهندسة نورة اسماعيل‬ ‫تخصص هندسة كيميائية أن يعم األمان‬ ‫والسالم يف الكويت‪ ،‬وتقول‪:‬‬ ‫سنويًا أحرص على املشاركة يف‬ ‫املهرجانات التي يتم تنظيمها لإلحتفال يف‬ ‫األعياد الوطنية ملشاركة أبناء بلدي يف هذه‬ ‫الفرحة املميزة‪.‬‬

‫ومن جانب آخر متنت املهندسة رقية‬ ‫عيسى تخصص هندسة كيمائية مبناسبة‬ ‫األعياد الوطنية أن تتطور وتتقدم الكويت من‬ ‫ناحية املشاريع الشبابية ويزداد عدد األعمال‬ ‫الكويتية‪ ،‬وقالت‪:‬‬ ‫ال نستطيع أن نحصر حبنا لوطننا الكويت فقط‬ ‫يف األعياد الوطنية‪ ،‬لكننا يجب أن نستفيد من‬ ‫هذه الفرتة لتعزيز الوالء لوطننا‪.‬‬

‫ﻳﻮﺳﻒ اﶈﻤﻴﺪ‬

‫وأعربت املهندسة عائشة الركيبي تخصص‬ ‫هندسة مدنية‪ ،‬عن حبها لوطنها الكويت‪،‬‬ ‫ومتنت يف األعياد الوطنية أن يحافظ الكويت‬ ‫على صورته احلضارية‪ ،‬وقالت‪:‬‬ ‫الكويت كانت وما زالت رمز احلضارة والتقدم‪،‬‬ ‫وأمتنى أن نحافظ على صورتنا املشرقة‬ ‫التي قام بتأسيسها أجدادنا‪.‬‬

‫ﻓﻴﺼﻞ اﻟﻌﺮﻓﺎن‬

‫ﻣﻮﺿﻲ اﻟﺮﺷﻴﺪي‬

‫ﻧﻮرة اﺳﻤﺎﻋﻴﻞ‬

‫ﻋﺎﺋﺸﺔ اﻟﺮﻛﻴﺒﻲ‬



‫وتعترب املهندسة موضي الرشيدي‪،‬‬ ‫تخصص هندسة مدنية أن البالد تعتمد‬ ‫على فئة الشباب الذين هم جيل املستقبل‪،‬‬ ‫ولذلك ال بد من رد اجلميل للبالد ومشاركة‬ ‫األوطان هذه الفرحة‪ ،‬وتضيف الرشيدي‪:‬‬ ‫تضفي أجواء اإلحتفاالت التي تقام سنويًا‬ ‫لألعياد الوطنية أجواء الفرح ويشارك بها أبناء‬ ‫الوطن من خمتلف األعمار‪.‬‬

‫ويف نفس السياق يقول املهندس فيصل‬ ‫العرفان تخصص هندسة وبرتول أنه يقوم‬ ‫مبتابعة اإلحتفاالت واملهرجات التي يتم‬ ‫تنظيمها يف األعياد الوطنية عن طريق‬ ‫التلفاز‪ ،‬أما أمنياته يف املناسبات الوطنية‬ ‫تتمثل يف توفري الدعم له ليتمكن من رفع‬ ‫إسم بالده‪ ،‬ويقول‪:‬‬ ‫حرصنا يف مشروع تخرجنا أن نقدم فكرة‬ ‫لبلدنا احلبيب الكويت‪ ،‬وخاصة أن مشروعنا‬ ‫يساعد على تقليل التكلفة وزيادة األرباح‪،‬‬ ‫كما شاركنا مبشروعنا يف مؤمتر ومعرﺽ‬ ‫الكويت الدوﱄ الرابع للبرتول وتأهلنا‬ ‫للمشاركة يف الشرق األوسط‪.‬‬

Natalia Vodianova

The Avenues Mall – Phase One – First floor – Tel: 22597272



This month, STUDENTALK met up with two talented individuals who portray Arabic music with different mediums. Ali plays the traditional oud along with his voice, and Jassem giving it a western influence while he sings by playing the guitar. Read about them and decide, traditional on its own or mixed with some western sounds? BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOURSELF?

I’m a guy full of passion toward music.

WHEN DID YOU START? 3 years ago.

WHO GAVE YOU SUPPORT? Mainly my family, and my father in specific, and some friends.


My aim is not to be famous but to express myself throughout playing guitar and singing.


I love everything that is nice in this world, and I work hard to make people happy.


I learned from professional singers.



There are too many, in particular Abdulla Al-Ruwaished, Nawal, and the famous Lebanese Singer Fairuz.



Name: Jassem Abdullah Talent: Playing Guitar and Singing 36

W O N E T VtuO .com e n i l n o k l a t n de s


WHEN DID YOU START? I have started back in 2002.


WHO GAVE YOU SUPPORT? Friends and family supported me the whole time.

HOW DID YOUR TALENT EvOLvE? It evolved through practicing.


As talented people we don’t have support apart from family and friends.


All the leaders in Arabic music, and I appreciate Abdulkareem Abdulqader.


WHAT’S YOUR FUTURE CAREER WITH THIS TALENT? I wish I can have some kind of support.


Name: Ali Bin-Haidar Talent: Playing Oud and Singing

Are you a student in Kuwait with a talent that deserves to be seen? If so then here is your chance, STUDENTALK wants you! Email us at 37

I wish listeners would appreciate the nice talented voices in our Arab countries.




FAHED AL-MUSALAMI was our January winner. A talented Oud player with an amazing voice that complements the instrument. Al-Musalami is working hard to take the steps to prove himself within this field. WHAT IS YOUR REASON FOR PARTICIPATING IN STUDENTALK’S COMPETITION?

It is a beautiful and simple competition that doesn’t have many restrictions, and the team was extraordinary when dealing with us.


I discovered that I can sing when I was 10 years old, and I learned to play Oud when I was 14 years. However it wasn’t until I was 19 that I put an extra effort in learning all I can about music, I also participated in the band “Galaxy” as a singer. I also produced two songs for myself.


There are a lot, but I do prefer Abdulla Al-Ruwaished in singing and Abadi Al-Jawhar in playing Oud and singing.


“Ma Yehim” by Abdulla AlRuwaished.




I would like to thank everyone that has voted for me, and I hope not to let them down in my future projects which will be released.

I produced two songs for myself


amy adams




Who Wore This Best?

This month the students went to NADINE in Avenues Phase 2 and created different styles to go along with these heels




e .co m

Layaly 41

tu www.s

-onlin dentalk




Kholoud visited Elisabetta Franchi store at Grand Avenue and selected her favourite items from the current Autumn / Winter 2013 collection.

Kholoud 42




Balance, a company formed in Kuwait by three Kuwaiti partners, Saleh Al Duwaisan, Bader Al Jihayem, and Jeanne Al-Failakawi. Specializing in water sports training, as they believe that water sports are supposed to be based on having fun with friends and family while receiving the optimal experience. STUDENTALK has met with Saleh Al Duwaisan to learn more about Balance.


Balance is the first company in this field in the country. Saleh Al Duwaisan has informed us that all three partners have taken special courses and programs that prepare them to be perfect instructors for their pupils and their personality provides a fun experience while pushing clients to go beyond their limits. Al Duwaisan said “On this basis we are able to provide a fun enjoyable experience to our customers who can start from the age of 9” he further added, “We provide them with all the necessary equipment forthis experience”. Balance also has a shop in Shuwaikh with all the needed state of the art equipment, for water sports, imported directly from the United States. Their leading watersports products include the world’s fastest growing wakeboard brand, RONIX. Balance trains men and women in Arabic and English as well as providing a safe environment to develop children’s water skills. Balance also caters to groups, and has day trips for groups of6. A one hour lesson is more than enough to have fun and enjoy wakeboarding, however in order to become an expert an individual will need the discipline of signing up for a package deal with Balance. Balance prices are reasonable at KD 35 per hour, open up to 6 people, you can enjoy learning wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, and much more. Balance has organized events where clients and local riders get to enjoy a day out at the beach with a little competitive edge. Balance trainers have participated in world competitions, and sponsor the best local riders to enter in such world competitions. You can follow Balance on Instagram, twitter or facebook at Q8Balance or

‫مشاريع ﳏلية‬

‫مشروع شبابي كويتي أسسه‬

‫أسعد باكري علي السليم‬ ‫‪ Smoke House‬يقدم‬ ‫اللحوم املدخنة بالطريقة‬ ‫األمريكية التقليدية‬

‫بقائمة غنية ومتنوعة تعكس األطباﻕ التقليدية يف أمريكا اجلنوبية‪،‬‬ ‫ومبساحة مطعم متواضعة طغى عليها اللون العنابي‪ ،‬وبفريق عمل يرحب‬ ‫بالزبائن بطريقة راقية‪ ،‬كل ذلك يعكس األجواء الهادئة يف مطعم‬ ‫‪ Smoke House‬الكائن يف منطقة املهبولة‪ .‬وهو واحد من املشاريع‬ ‫الصغرية الكويتية التي أسسها وقام بادارتها كل من الشابني الكويتيني‬ ‫علي السليم وأسعد باكري يف عام ‪ .2010‬التقت معهما ‪STUDENTALK‬‬ ‫ليتحدثا عن جتربتهما يف هذا اﺠﻤﻟال‪.‬‬ ‫بداية حتدث أسعد باكري الذي قام بتصميم آالت‬ ‫الشوي بنفسه‪ ،‬فهو وعلي السليم يشرفان‬ ‫معًا على إدارة املطعم واالشراف عليه بالكامل‪،‬‬ ‫سواء فيما يخص اإلدارة و خدمة العمالء‬ ‫واحلساباتاملاليةوالتسويق‪.‬‬ ‫وتابع باكري بأنه يشرف على عمل فريق الطهاة‪،‬‬ ‫ويقوم بإعداد كافة أنواع اخللطات من البهارات‬ ‫واملكونات وغريها‪ ،‬ومن ثم يقوم بتجربتها‬ ‫واختيار أفضلها واضافتها على الئحة الطعام‪.‬‬ ‫وزاد بأنهم يقومون بإسترياد بعض املكونات‬ ‫من الواليات املتحدة األمريكية مباشرة كي‬ ‫حتافظ األطباق التقليدية املتخصصة على‬ ‫مذاقها األصلي منها رقائق الهيكوري‪.‬‬ ‫وعن املشاريع املستقبلية للمطعم‪ ،‬قال باكري‬ ‫أن املطعم أضاف خدمة التوصيل للمنازل‪ ،‬كما‬ ‫أن املطعم قادر على تلبية قائمة غنية للحفالت‬ ‫واملناسبات‪.‬‬



‫اللحوم املدخنة وفق الطريقة األمريكية التقليدية‬ ‫علي السليم أخربنا بأن ‪ Smoke House‬هو‬ ‫املطعم األول والوحيد يف الكويت الذي يقدم‬ ‫الربجر والستيك والدجاج واللحم املشوي على‬ ‫الطريقة األمريكية بأجنحة سموك هاوس‬ ‫بطريقة مدخنة‪ .‬كما يهتم املطعم بتقدمي األرز‬ ‫واحلبش واألطباق بالطريقة األصلية املميزة‪.‬‬ ‫وزاد‪ ،‬أنهم يحرصون على التطوير وحتسني‬ ‫األطباق بشكل مستمر من خالل تعديل قائمة‬ ‫الطعام ثالث مرات سنويًا‪.‬‬ ‫وشدد السليم على حرصهم املستمر‬ ‫للتواصل مع العمالء من خالل خمتلف شبكات‬ ‫التواصل االجتماعية والتفاعل معهم واالستماع‬ ‫إىل آرائهم‪.‬‬ ‫ميكنكم متابعة املطعم على حساب‬ ‫االنستجرام ‪.@smokehousekw‬‬




Warehouse Oasis Coast Coast










T H G I N & DAY Oasis




Coast Coast

Warehouse 47





Valentino Cotton and silk-blend skirt

Preen Stretch-crepe dress

Thakoon draped crepe dress

Sonia Rykiel

Markus Lupfer Stretch-jersey and mesh dress

Alice + Olivia Cropped printed skinny

Marc by Marc Jacobs Stripey Lips scarf - at

Nicholas Kirkwood Satin sandals Sonia Rykiel

Valentino plunge-front silk-cady gown 48

Nicholas Krikwood Woven-silk Sandals



Sonia Rykiel

Shourouk at Harrods Necklace Apolonia Rainbow

Sonia Rykiel

Alex Monroe Heart Ring at


Shourouk at Harrods Earring Roma Pink

Sonia Rykiel

valentine, a day to show your loved one how you feel. What better way than to gift them something red, a color that embraces love. May you and your beloved feel the joy of this day, everyday!

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel

Anya Hindmarch Georgiana Nevis Tote at 49

Mulberry Dark Bluch Bayswater Tote at


‫‪R‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪H‬‬ ‫‪R‬‬ ‫‪O‬‬ ‫‪F‬‬ ‫‪Y‬‬ ‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪BEAU‬‬ ‫جمموعة املاكياج اجلديدة من جريالن لربيع ‪2013‬‬ ‫أعلنت ‪ Guerlain‬عن جمموعتها من املاكياج لربيع ‪ 2013‬بداية باملاسكارا الراقية‬ ‫ومقوس للرموش استخدامه‬ ‫“ماكسي الش” ‪ Maxi Lash‬ماسكارا معزز للكثافة‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫يضمن عينني رائعتني كل مرة لتحقيق‪ ،‬ويسهل حجم املاسكارا العصري واملدمج‬ ‫واألنيق وضعها يف أصغر حقيبة ﹶيد على شكل ﳏفظة‪ .‬وقدمت قلم ﳏدد حمليط‬ ‫العينني ومتعدد االستعماالت‪ ،‬شريك املاسكارا املثاﱄ قلم كحل وﳏدد للعني كرميي‬ ‫ومرتد ومقاوم للماء‪.‬‬ ‫وهذا املوسم‪ ،‬ستتميز لوحة األلوان “إكران ‪ 4‬كولور” ‪ Ecrin 4 Couleurs‬املظللة‬ ‫للجفون والطويلة الثبات باللون البنفسجي الذي سيسرق األضواء‪.‬وجمموعة البودرة‬ ‫املدجمة جتمل البشرة بطريقة جريئة بألوان الباستيل الزاهية وألوان البشرة‪ ،‬ومتّ‬ ‫املصححة التقليدية‪ -‬األزرق واألخضر‪ -‬بطريقة حذقة بالزهري لتفتيح‬ ‫استبدال األلوان‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫النواحي الباهتة وبالفضي لعكس النور احمليط وتقدمي تألّق فريد من نوعه‪ ،‬تختفي‬ ‫النواحي الداكنة و ﹸيمحى اللون الرمادي ويزول التعب‪ .‬لوضع هذه الآللﺊ الثمينة بطريقة‬ ‫مثالية‪ ،‬ﹸأضيفت فرشاة "ميتيوريت” ‪ Météorites‬إىل اجملموعة ‪ ،‬ثبتت الشعريات الناعمة‬ ‫واحلريرية امللونة بنعومة مبجموعة من درجات الزهري الزاهية على املسكة اخلشبية‬ ‫البيضاء‪ .‬وبلمح البصر‪ ،‬تكشف العلبة الذهبية ألحمر الشفاه "روج أوتوماتيك" ‪Rouge‬‬ ‫‪ Automatique‬الدرجات اللونية احلصرية التي يعشقها الهواة‪ .‬وقد عاد مستحضر‬ ‫تلميع الشفاه "كيس كيس غلوس” ‪ Kiss Kiss Gloss‬بلوين الزهري واملرجاين لشفاه‬ ‫منعشة والمعة‪.‬‬

‫‪CLARINS ROUGE ÉCLAT SPRING‬‬ ‫‪MAKE-UP COLLECTION 2013‬‬ ‫‪The Clarins woman is natural, elegant, and modern. Her make-up‬‬ ‫‪embodies the freshness and softness of spring: a delicate velvet‬‬‫‪smooth complexion and eyes enhanced with plum and shimmery grey‬‬ ‫‪tones. The focus is on the lips with Rouge Éclat, the first age-defying‬‬ ‫!‪lipstick by Clarins. Finally, a lipstick that offers more than just colour‬‬ ‫‪Inspired by the multicolored tones and satin feel of the iris, it veils the‬‬ ‫‪lips in youthful, radiant shades.‬‬

‫زبدة الشيا والعسل ﳊماية رقيقة من ‪L’Occitane‬‬ ‫أطلقت ‪ L’Occitane‬جمموعة جديدة للعناية بالبشرة تضمنت الكرمي اخملفوق‬ ‫للجسم؛ بطريقة لذيذة لالعتناء ببشرتك من خالل الكرمي اخملفوق للجسم بالعسل‪،‬‬ ‫تشكل متعة مبتكرة رائعة من لوكسيتان من خالل دمج الهواء بهذه الرتكيبة الرقيقة‬ ‫لتذكرنا بحلوى موس الشوكوال واحللويات اخملفوقة التي لطاملا أحببناها يف طفولتنا‪.‬‬ ‫هذا الكرمي خفيف كالهواء وناعم امللمس فيتغلغل يف البشرة كلمسة رقيقة‪.‬‬

‫أي مكان‪،‬‬ ‫وزبدة الشيا والعسل‪ ،‬العلبةالصغرية التي ميكنك حملها معك إىل ّ‬ ‫املستحضر املثاﱄ حلماية الشفاه وتغذيتها والذي بات أكرث روعة بعد بفضل رائحة‬ ‫العسل الناعمة التي تطبعه‪.‬‬ ‫‪50‬‬


‫اما بالعسل" لتنظيف‬ ‫"حم ً‬ ‫جل رغوة العسل‪ ،‬برتكيبة سائلة وناعمة ابتكرت لوكسيتان ّ‬ ‫يضم ‪ 20%‬من زبدة الشيا‬ ‫البشرة بألطف ملسة ممكنة‪ .‬وكرمي العسل لليدين الذي‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫واملعطر برائحة العسل الرقيقة‪.‬‬ ‫ّ‬

‫ساعات‬ ‫‪OMEGA‬‬ ‫سي ماسرت أكوا تريا جي إم تي وأوميغا ليدي ماتيك‬ ‫تتألف ساعة أوميغا سي ماسرت أكوا تريا جي إم تي من هيكل بحجم ‪ 43‬ﱈ من عيار‬ ‫‪ 18‬قرياط من الذهب األحمر وسوار متناسق‪ ،‬عقرب الساعة املركزي يسمح بتعيني‬ ‫الوقت يف منطقتني زمنيتني خمتلفتني مما يجعلها ساعة مثالية للمسافرين‬ ‫بشكل مستمر‪ .‬قرص الساعة الرمادي ذو التصميم اخلشبي باخلطوط العمودية‬ ‫هو ما مييز ساعات جمموعة ذي أكوا تريا‪ .‬كما توجد نافذة صغرية لعرﺽ التاريﺦ عند‬ ‫مؤشر الساعة السادسة‪ .‬كما يظهر من خلف هيكل الساعة الشفاف مقياس‬ ‫أوميغا كو‪-‬أكسيل ‪ 8615‬الذي يقوي الساعة ومييزها‪ .‬وتأتي ساعة أوميغا سي‬ ‫ماسرت أكوا تريا مع ضمان ملدة أربع سنوات‪.‬‬ ‫تتميز ساعة اوميغا ليدي ماتيك بهيكل من الفوالذ املقاوم للصدأ وسوار متناغم‬ ‫مرصع بإحدى عشر قطعة أملاسية عند مؤشر الساعات مع نافذة لعرﺽ التاريﺦ‬ ‫على قرصها الرمادي املظلل الساحر‪ ،‬كما مت رصف القرص بذرات الثلج األملاسية‬ ‫الوافرة‪ .‬وما يوجد داخل هيكل الساعة هو مثري لإلعجاب أيضًا‪ :‬مت تقوية ساعة‬ ‫ليدي ماتيك مبقباس كو – أكسيل ‪ 8520‬احلصري مدعم بخاصية توازن السيليكون‬ ‫الربيعية‪ .‬تأتي الساعة مع أربع سنوات من الضمان‪.‬‬

‫‪S‬‬ ‫’‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪N‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪N‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪L‬‬ ‫‪A‬‬ ‫‪v‬‬ ‫‪S‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪S‬‬ ‫‪A‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪L‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪R‬‬ ‫‪W‬‬ ‫‪NE‬‬ ‫‪AIGNER‬‬ ‫‪This February, Aigner is every‬‬ ‫‪inch the blushing, cherry-red‬‬ ‫‪damsel primed and poised to frolic‬‬ ‫‪romance and beauty. Setting the‬‬ ‫‪mood and fashioning a tune befit‬‬ ‫‪for Valentine’s Day, Aigner has‬‬ ‫‪contemplated a romantic edition of‬‬ ‫‪sassy bold with a timepiece- jewelry‬‬ ‫‪duo set in a special gift box.‬‬ ‫‪The limited edition box features a‬‬ ‫‪dainty red-strap watch and a heart‬‬‫‪shaped pendant that sits perfectly‬‬ ‫‪at the center of a gold necklace.‬‬ ‫‪Pure, sincere and gorgeous – court‬‬ ‫‪your valentine with this exclusive‬‬ ‫‪feature by Aigner.‬‬



‫فانيتي ”فالنتاين“‬



‫مت إصدار ساعة فانيتي األيقونية من فرساتشي‬ ‫بنسخة "فالنتاين” لإلحتفال بعيد العشاق‪ .‬تتمتع‬ ‫الساعة بلون مفعم بالشغف والعاطفة جمسدة‬ ‫املشاعر القوية‪ ،‬وينسجم لون األحمر الغني الذي‬ ‫يغطي مينا الساعة وحزامها مع العلبة املطلية‬ ‫بالذهب الزهري فتولد األلوان املتناغمة ايقاعا‬ ‫حسيا وحيويا ال يقاوم‪ ،‬والساعة متوفرة أيضًا بلون‬ ‫الشوكوال أو مع سوار معدين بلونني‪ .‬أما التفاصيل‬ ‫الزخرفية واملسامري ورمز امليدوزا فتعزز أسلوب‬ ‫فرساتشي اجلريء واملنقطع املثيل‪.‬‬ ‫إن ساعة فانيتي "فالنتاين" اخلاصة بعيد العشاق‬ ‫تشكّ ل الهدية املثالية الداعية اىل تقدير احلاضر‬ ‫وتصور املستقبل‪ ،‬معا‪.‬‬ ‫واستدعاء املاضي‬ ‫ّ‬


‫‪Soft and pure design, perfect for‬‬ ‫‪modern chic women, Ebel Onde‬‬ ‫‪30mm comes in two versions, in‬‬ ‫‪stainless steel and steel and rose‬‬ ‫‪gold, with a bezel set with thirty‬‬‫‪eight diamonds. Both feature a‬‬ ‫‪diamond encrusted crown. Eight‬‬ ‫‪other diamonds brighten the silver‬‬ ‫‪and mother-of-pearl dials along‬‬ ‫‪with the brand’s double E. Nothing‬‬ ‫‪is too precious for the one you love.‬‬ ‫‪A passion for innovation and‬‬ ‫‪excellence in watch design has‬‬ ‫‪always been at the heart of the Ebel‬‬ ‫‪brand.‬‬




Schooled in the world of old-fashioned manners and contemporary style, Ted’s SS13 collection mixes bright colours and bold prints with simple fabrics and smart silhouettes to teach a fashionable lesson in life.






M I H R O F S T GADGE SAMSUNG LAUNCHES ITS NEW GALAXY CAMERA IN KUWAIT Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced the commercial availability of the GALAXY Camera in Kuwait. The Samsung GALAXY Camera combines high performance photography features with the latest Android™4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and the freedom of 3G/ Wi-Fi connectivity to create the world’s first truly Connected Camera. The GALAXY Cameraushers in a new era ofvisual communications, allowing users to shoot, enjoy, edit and share high quality images and video from anywhere, at any time through a single device.

CANON UNvEILS THE SMALL AND SIMPLE EOS M IN THE MIDDLE EAST Canon Middle East expands its award-winning EOS range with the launch of the new EOS M. The company’s first ever compact system camera (CSC), the EOS M is designed for those who use photography to share their everyday passions – from food, to fashion and culture, music and art. Offering DSLR-quality imaging, creative features and Full HD movie creation in a compact and easy-to-use model, the EOS M is the perfect, take-anywhere partner for a new breed of enthusiasts who chronicle their lives through images, without necessarily considering themselves to be ‘photographers’. The EOS M is available in sleek black, glossy white, stylish silver or bold red colours, and condenses Canon’s renowned EOS imaging heritage into a stylish, compact design. The model launches alongside two new lenses, the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM pancake and the EF-M 18-55mm f/3.55.6 IS STM standard zoom, as well as a new compact EX Speedlite – the Speedlite 90EX – providing everything you need to capture stunning images every day. For those who want to push their images even further, the EOS M can also utilise Canon’s extensive range of EF lenses with the new Mount Adapter EF-EOS M, for even more creative freedom.

‫جهاز سوﱐ اجلديد املقاوم للماء‬ ‫ املتوقع أن يكون منافس‬،Xperia Z ‫أعلنت شركة سوين عن إطالق هاتفها اجلديد‬ ‫قوي يف سوق األجهزة الذكية خاصة أن الهاتف يدعم معيار مقاومة املاء والغبار‬ ‫ دقيقة فض ًال عن إمكانية‬30 ‫وبذلك ميكن تعرضه للمياه دون أي عطل للجهاز ملدة‬ .‫ ميجا بكسل‬13 ‫إلتقاط صور نقية حتت املاء من خالل الكامريا اخللفية بدقة‬

‫ من نظام آندرويد‬4.1 ‫أما بالنسبة للمواصفات التقنية فاجلهاز يعمل باإلصدار‬ ‫ باإلضافة إىل‬،‫ جيجاهرتز‬1.5 ‫ واملعالج رباعي النواة برتدد‬،"‫املعروف باسم "جيلي بني‬ ‫ وذاكرة داخلية‬،‫ ميجا بيكسل‬2.2 ‫ وكامريا أمامية دقتها‬،‫ ميجا بيكسل‬13 ‫كامريا بدقه‬ .‫ جيجابايت من الذاكرة املؤقتة‬2‫ جيجا و‬16 ‫وأعلنت الشركة أن اجلهاز سيتوفر يف بعض األسواق العاملية خالل الربع األول من‬ .‫ دوالر أمريكي‬650 ‫ بسعر متوقع‬،‫العام اجلاري‬ ‫وتسعى شركة سوين اليابانية من خالل إطالق هذا الهاتف إىل التقليص من خسارتها‬ ‫ مليار دوالر يف العام املاضي حيث ذكر ستيف والكر املدير‬3.5 ‫املادية التي وصلت إىل‬ ‫ سيضعهم يف املرتبة الثالثة بعد آبل‬Xperia Z ‫التنفيذي لشركة سوين أن جهاز‬ .‫وسامسوﱋ‬


‫‪180 °C‬‬

‫‪170 °C‬‬

‫‪160 °C‬‬

‫‪150 °C‬‬

‫‪140 °C‬‬

‫عدل درجة الحرارة‬ ‫يتحسس الشعر‪ ،‬و ُي ّ‬ ‫ليمنح شعرك الحماية القصوى‬ ‫براون ســاتـن هـيــر ‪ 7‬سينسو كير‬

‫اوﻟﻰ ﻓﻲ اﻟﻌﺎﻟﻢ‬

‫ﻫــﻨــﺪﺳــﺔ‬ ‫أﻟـﻤــﺎﻧــﻴــﺔ‬

‫ﺳﻴﻨﺴﻮ ﻛﻴﺮ‬


0 0 9 P X R Z R S I R ooth ride LA


m s a n i e c n a me perform


STUDENTALK test drives the Polaris RZR XP 900 which has been built with a new class of power with comfortable operation, exclusive ITP 900 XCT tires providing exceptional cornering and straight line traction with 88 horse power and light weight engine. To ring in the New Year, the Polaris family welcomes a whole new model, introducing the RZR XP 900. This model has been built as an extreme performance Side x Side vehicle that is able to run swiftly on the open desert. The ProStar 900 engine features an industry-leading 88 HP, Dual Overhead cams, 4 valves for high RPM power and 180 degree crank shaft for balanced performance.


are strategically placed to create the absolute lowest center of gravity, for the ultimate in razorsharp performance. The 3-Link race inspired rear suspension maximizes traction and power in corners and straightaways. Tires lean into the corner through the suspension travel, planting more tire surface on the ground to create positive tire camber for more control. The trailing arms also minimize wheel scrub for superior straightaway power, helping you stay true to your line.

True All Wheel Drive gives the ultimate grip to put that 88 HP to work in the corners and loose terrain. It’s the easiest to use and fastest responding on-demand system, automatically engaging all four wheels when you need more forward traction and reverting back to 2 Wheel Drive when you don’t.


Industry first factory LED headlights shine a high-intensity bright white beam to turn night into day, and throw light forward far beyond conventional halogens

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Comfortable operation is enhanced by tilt steering with a wide range of motion (10”), adjustable and interchangeable bucket seats, and an adjustable passenger handrail. Performance brake calipers and large diameter ventilated rotors on all four wheels provide the stopping power extreme sport riders need. Exclusive ITP 900 XCT tires – Standard on RZR XP – feature a unique directional lug pattern providing exceptional cornering and straight-line traction capabilities. Exclusive front suspension geometry results in less steering effort on non-EPS models, making maneuvering the RZR XP easier at slower speeds Convenient compression adjustment knobs on the Fox 2.0 shocks for quick no-tool tuning. Passenger grab bar tube with anti-rattle bushing for reduced noise.


The new class of power to weight is 29% quicker than the next closest competitor. This revolutionary acceleration is made possible by the 88 horse power lightweight engine and total vehicle weight combined with big-time power to the ground. The result is loads of torque to all four wheels and unsurpassed offroad acceleration. The 3-Link Trailing Arm IRS to handle all that power and keep the ride smooth. The 3-Link design, paired with premium Fox Shocks, creates a monstrous 14” of terrain-absorbing rear travel. In addition to an astounding 13.5” of front travel and 13” of ground clearance. Standard on all 4 corners are premium Fox Podium X 2.0 Shocks with piggy-back reservoirs compression and preload adjustable. Paired with Dual-A-Arm front suspension with 13.5” of travel and it soaks up the rough stuff and delivers a smooth, precise ride every time. Only RZR features the Polarisexclusive Optimized Mass Design. The engine and other components




The Continental GT Speed Convertible, Bentley’s new open-top performance flagship - and the world’s fastest four-seat convertible - makes its international debut on 14th January at the North American International Auto Show, Detroit. The new GT Speed Convertible combines the sensory pleasures of roofdown luxury touring with the shattering performance of a 625 PS (616 bhp) twin-turbocharged 6.0 litre W12, while delivering a fifteen percent improvement in fuel efficiency. The close-ratio eight-speed transmission, uprated and lowered suspension and retuned steering provide exhilarating acceleration and sharp, communicative handling without detriment to the renowned ride comfort of Bentley’s Continental convertible. Permanent allwheel drive ensures optimum traction and power delivery whatever the road conditions.

Taking its place at the pinnacle of the Bentley Continental range, the new GT Speed Convertible has a top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h) and in true Bentley style, no compromises have been made in craftsmanship, luxury or refinement to deliver this unrivalled performance. Subtle sporting design cues include exclusive 21-inch alloy wheels, dark-tint grilles and ‘rifled’ exhaust tail pipes. Inside its handcrafted cabin, the GT Speed convertible features the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard, blending contemporary luxury with a distinctly sporting character. Commenting on the new Continental GT Speed Convertible, Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Dr Wolfgang Schreiber said: «Following the recent successful introduction of the GT Speed, the new GT Speed Convertible will appeal to drivers who seek the sensory thrills of the world’s fastest four-seat soft-top and the practicality of a year-round grand tourer, together with unrivalled levels of luxury and refinement. It is designed for those who accept no compromise.» 58

i s s e M o e L , s s e l r Now pee OR


D n o l l a B A F I F claims fourth

The one glitch in the Messi matrix has always been his far more modest success while guiding Argentina internationally (although the train wreck of Maradona as manager of the Albiceleste at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was surely a mitigating factor in the Argentine flop.) That argument against Messi went out the world soccer window in 2012 when he hit five times in five World Cup qualifiers, building on that with hat-tricks in friendlies against Brazil and Switzerland. Even Ronaldo had seemed resigned to runner-up status, at best, before Monday’s announcement: “If I win, perfect. If I don’t, never mind, life goes on.”


Leo Messi is now peerless in the modern game in terms of individual, global achievement. The fabulous little Barcelona and Argentina national team magician has claimed his fourth FIFA player of the year honor, handed the Ballon d’Or by world soccer’s governing body today in Swizterland. France’s Zinedine Zidane and Brazil’s Ronaldo were both three-time winners, but Messi is now alone with four. (The award has been around since 1991, so Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff and other giants of a previous day never had the same chance at world soccer’s ultimate individual decoration.) As for the 2012 honor, Messi was one of three finalists, along with Barca teammate Andres Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo, a rival goal-scorer for Spanish rival Real Madrid. But finding anyone who thought Messi had real competition for this honor was tough, and for good reason. The highly versatile 25-yearold attacker struck for an astonishing 91 goals in all competitions (for Spanish giants Barcelona and internationally for powerful Argentina), eclipsing Gerd Muller’s 40-year record for the most goals in a calendar year. If scoring 91 goals to set a new world standard doesn’t get you the game’s highest award, what will? According to FIFA, Messi claimed 41.60 percent of the voting. Ronaldo was next with 23.68 percent, followed by Iniesta with 10.91 percent.



ove L = + Heart

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is often called the Silent Killer because many people are not aware that their blood pressure is too high. Many people with high blood pressure may not feel any symptoms and therefore not have their hypertension diagnosed – and treated – for many years. Hypertension is the leading cause of stroke and can cause severe damage to other organs – eyes, kidneys and the arteries that bring blood to the heart muscle (coronary arteries). That is why you need to get checked and make sure to know your numbers. 60

What Is a Normal Blood Pressure? Normal, or ideal, blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg. Blood pressures of 120/80 – 140/90 are considered “prehypertension.” Blood pressures in this range do not necessarily require medication and many people in this category can bring their blood pressure down with lifestyle modification, such as losing weight and reducing salt intake. People with cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes or kidney disease with blood pressure in this range often receive medications. If a person’s blood pressure is over 140/90 they are considered to have hypertension. A trial of lifestyle modifications can be considered although many patients will require medication along with lifestyle modification.


What Do the Numbers Mean? There are two numbers in the blood pressure measurement. The first, or top number, is called the systolic blood pressure and represents the pressure in your arteries (the blood vessels that carry blood with oxygen from the heart to all parts of the body) when the heart contracts (beats) and pumps blood out of the heart and into the arteries. The second, or bottom, number is called the diastolic blood pressure and represents the pressure in your arteries while your heart relaxes between beats. Both numbers are important and elevation in one, or both, is considered when making the diagnosis of hypertension.

When Blood Pressure Measured? Make sure to have been seated for atleast 5 minutes before your blood pressure is measured. Avoid caffeine, tobacco or exercise in the last 30 minutes. A proper size cuff should be used and blood pressure can be taken on either arm and is often taken on both arms for comparison. The pressure in the dominant arm may be slightly higher. The difference between the two arms is generally 10 mm Hg or less. The diagnosis of hypertension should be confirmed with measurements made on several days, although if severely elevated, treatment may be initiated after one reading. It is often helpful to have a special monitor that a person takes home and records blood pressure for 24 hours.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure at Home Research shows home blood pressure monitoring can be vital to reducing a patient’s risk of stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure. In fact, internationally recognized organizations, such as The American Heart Association, recommend any patient with or at risk of hypertension should purchase a clinically validated home blood pressure monitor and regularly monitor their blood pressure at home.

What Causes High Blood Pressure? Many factors can contribute to developing high blood pressure. Some can be controlled, such as weight, eating too much salt, and lack of physical exercise. The exact role of stress is unclear but is felt to be a factor as well.

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Those factors that cannot be controlled are heredity (the genetic predisposition to having high blood pressure), older age and race. It is always best to know your family’s medical history and to have regular check-ups. Since, at the end of the day, your heart keeps your blood pumping and the rest of your body working. It should be a priority in your everyday life, especially this month, the most loving month of the year.


More than 50% of people with high blood pressure who monitor at home show an improvement in medication compliance and are quicker to take action.


: Y S u O L A E J S u S ER

ENVY Vp with this deal? Whastie’nsAubbas Dr. Hus

Among the plethora of human emotions, envy and jealousy are states of mind that humans feel at least once in their lifetime. Yet, many claim that they never feel envy about anything, but may be jealous at some point of their life towards certain things or people. In fact, these two terms are used interchangeably although their indications vary. Envy is a resentful emotion and occurs when someone lacks something that other people have and wishes that the other person lacked it. Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, indicated that envy is a major cause of unhappiness. This is not surprising as people who envy others start having feelings of hostility and aggression towards those who they envy, and become unhappy and resentful about themselves.

But could envy have any benefits? In fact, this was addressed in the socio-evolutionary theories that stated a feeling of envy is an important component of evolution and helps to select certain individuals to survive. Although this hypothesis lacks scientific evidence, it is a means to explain why people could envy others. In order to overcome envy, people need to have peace within and appreciate what they have and own. Many of those who envy others reach a state where they have to seek professional psychological help in order to be happy and to avoid a depressive state. Among the personalities associated with envy are those who are narcissistic. Narcissism goes beyond that, and leads people to think that others are actually envious of them. 62

Since envy is associated with a social stigma, is jealousy the same? Definitely not. Jealousy is the feeling of fear at losing something or someone that the jealous person is attached to. This, however, can manifest itself in various ways. On one hand, someone may be jealous to the extent of being overprotective about certain people. At the other end, jealousy may lead people to interpret events in the wrong sense. This happens most often between people in a relationship. A husband, for example, could misinterpret his wife’s kindness to someone else out of jealousy, and vice versa. Similarly, a brother may feel jealous of his

sibling if the parents show more affection during certain times to the sibling. These feelings can be dealt with through rational thinking and explaining one’s self to the other. Unfortunately, some people feel jealous about others out of anxiety, fear and insecurity. In this respect, people involved should try to support the sufferer. Moreover, a jealous person should work on believing in him/her-self to avoid damaging a relationship. Interestingly, biologists have found a genetic component for what could trigger jealousy feelings in people. This is supported by the fact that certain cultures and populations are more prone to feelings of jealousy than others. However, these findings necessitate further studies.

Although jealousy and envy are terms that are used interchangeably in societies, it is obvious that these feelings are different. While envy is related to an ominous indication, jealousy is more benign. Both feelings however require attention to avoid exacerbations.


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ACUVUE® and SEE WHAT COULD BE® are registered trademarks of Johnson & Johnson Middle East Inc. © Johnson & Johnson Middle East Inc. 2012.







It’s true! People with attitude are hard to deal with. However, one should not avoid them. In the end, each and every one of us has his own personality problem. We offer some general tips and ideas about how to deal with people with attitude. Keep them in mind whenever you are dealing with someone with attitude. Good Luck! 64

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Use appropriate phrases.

Usually, people with attitude act in aggressive ways with others. They can easily misunderstand you so it is better if you let them speak before you.


Listen more and speak less. Listen to what’s not being said. Ignore negative remarks, noisy comments and try to understand the reason behind their attitude.

Be super positive.

In general, being positive in every day life reflects your positive image.



Compromise with them,

Friends with attitude like to reflect there attitude towards other friends to cause problems and get them annoyed. Stay calm if you really care about your friendship.


Don’t take it personal.

Offer encouragement.


Give them some indirect advices (hints).

Take a deep breath and stay calm.

True friends show the support toward each other, and your attitude friends should get some of this support because in some cases attitude is a result of the lack of confidence.

so don’t treat them the way they treat you.

Keep in mind that they have an attitude with everyone else, not just you.

Sometimes those hints would help your friend with attitude to receive and accept your criticism.


S E I T I v I T C A UNIvERSITY “BE A DISTINCTIvE JOURNALIST” AT AUK Under the slogan “Be a Distinctive Journalist,” the organizers of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Award for Journalistic Excellence launched their awareness campaign aiming to establish a new generation of expert journalists in Kuwait. Ayman Al-Ali, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee, conducted the presentation at AUK’s Auditorium. He announced, “The main aim of this competition is to entice the youth category, that’s why we are operating in means similar to the youth, use of technology, where our registration process is possible via the website, in a way to make it easier for the youth to participate and attract them more. We hope to have high youth participation this year.” The competition this year seeks not only to attract the Kuwaiti youth, but also to polish their journalistic skills. Therefore, the conditions for the Kuwaiti Youth category come with more privileges to facilitate the process of their participation. This includes a lower word count and the possibility of English submissions, accompanied by Arabic translation. Additionally, the submissions should be related to Kuwait, yet not limited to a single topic, allowing more space for creativity and innovation to be part of the participation. From their side, the Communication and Media Department at AUK saw this competition as a valuable opportunity for students to participate and increase their exposure to technical and professional writing.

AUK Student and Volunteer Journalist Interviewing Al Ali

Al Ali with AUK Professor Mohamed Satti


Group picture Throughout 2012, the American University of Kuwait has significantly expanded its support for academic and student services with several IT and technology infrastructure projects. The University has adopted a video collaboration and meetings platform that facilitates a visual connection between professors and staff who are globally dispersed. Advances in learning support were achieved by optimizing projector, video, and internet connectivity into all classrooms so that more than 100 faculty members on AUK’s campus can connect with approximately 2200 students to share resources to make the most of the learning experience. Using the same space, AUK increased the computer count from 108 to 156 in four computer labs, a 44% optimization. AUK’s annual energy cost for the 108 computers was 1,660,954 kW a year. The new 156 computers use 204,984 kW a year. AUK’s going green resulted in a 1,455,970 kW decrease (87%) in energy costs. The University has successfully deployed “mobile applications” through the Ellucian Mobile Connection framework providing smart phone and mobile devices access to useful student services. In addition to this outstanding year of activities the IT department initiated a knowledge and cultural exchange via IT internship for a student from Dartmouth, AUK’s international partner institution. AUK hopes to continue improving on its integration of technology into their campus and our efforts to save energy. 66

After several months of hard work, the AUK Library officially started receiving visitors in the new expanded area on its second floor. In an Open House event on January 10th, the library opened its doors to the AUK community to enjoy the new renovations and facilities in the previously closed area. The new library section now houses part of the book collection, in addition to a periodicals display, a reading space, a terrace, and a book display area, with a special stand for books published by AUK professors. According to Ms. Asma Al Kanan, the newly appointed Library Director, planning and preparations started in the Library during the summer, while actual work started beginning of November and was completed in midDecember. The process was exhaustive as it included transferring and moving a book collection of over 30,000 items without affecting the daily operations and services of the library. Fiction and journals were relocated to the new space, allowing the library to free the middle area in the ground floor for twelve new tables. Al Kanan says “I feel very proud of a hard working library staff and a supportive administration. I’m very pleased to see the productive use our users are making of the new space.”

Library Team


‫‪S‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪v‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪C‬‬ ‫‪A‬‬ ‫‪C‬‬ ‫‪A‬‬ ‫‪LOY‬‬

‫طلبة هومز لوياك يعيدون ترميم منازل‬ ‫لبنانية يف صيدا‬ ‫توجه عدد من الطلبة املنتسبني إىل جلنة “هومز لوياك” للمرة الثانية إىل لبنان للقيام بأعمال‬ ‫تطوعية متثلت يف إعادة ترميم وتأهيل بعض املنازل لألسر اللبنانية والفلسطينية املتعففة‬ ‫يف منطقة صيدا‪ ،‬قام الطلبة بإعادة جتديد وترميم منزلني بالتعاون مع الشباب اللبنانى‬ ‫والفلسطيني بهدف تعزيز احلس اإلنساين لدى الشباب ومد جسور التعارف والتعاون بني‬ ‫الشباب العربي ‪.‬‬ ‫ضمت الرحلة إىل لبنان ‪ 7‬من الطلبة والطالبات هم فجر ﳏمد وأمين الصالح‪ ،‬وسعود الكندري‪،‬‬ ‫وسارة العازمي‪ ،‬وعبداﷲ احلسن‪ ،‬وسعود الهندال ودانه البدر ‪ ،‬عمل الطلبة جنبا اىل جنب مع‬ ‫الشباب اللبناين واالردين ملدة ‪ 11‬يوما استطاعوا خاللها اجناز االعمال املكلفني بها واالنتهاء‬ ‫من املنازل التى أصبحت باملستوى االنساين املقبول للسكن وتلبي احتياجاتهم االنسانية التى‬ ‫كانت مفتقدة يف تلك املنازل قبل الرتميم ‪ ،‬وقد القت استحسان أصحابها الذين أثنوا على‬ ‫هذا العمل اإلنساين وما بذله الشباب من جهد ‪.‬‬ ‫وبدورهم عرب طلبة اللجنة عن إدراكهم املعنى العميق للتطوع بعد معايشتهم لهذه التجربة‬ ‫من خالل املشاركة يف ترميم املنازل ومشاهدة البسمة على وجه قاطنيه‪.‬‬

‫طلبة لوياك مع اصحاب املنزل بعد االنتهاء من العمل‬


‫املنزل قبل الرتميم‬

‫اثناء ورش العمل‬

‫املنزل بعد االنتهاء‬

‫الرتميم داخل املنزل‬



‫حفل عشاء للجهات املشاركة‬ ‫يف معرﺽ الكويت لليخوت‬ ‫نظمت شركة ‪ PH7‬لتنظيم املعارﺽ حفل عشاء خاص قبيل اإلفتتاح الرسمي ملعرﺽ‬ ‫الكويت لليخوت بحضور وكيل وزارة اإلعالم يوسف مصطفى العبداﷲ باالنابة عن راعي‬ ‫املعرﺽ وزير االعالم وزير الدولة لشؤون الشباب الشيﺦ سلمان احلمود وبحضور عدد من‬ ‫السفراء والدبلوماسيني واجلهات املشاركة يف املعرﺽ‪.‬‬ ‫وتخلل احلفل عرﺽ ليزر وفقرات متنوعة قدمها فريق لوياك‪.‬‬ ‫ويف ختام احلفل مت دعوة احلضور إىل جولة خاصة ملعرﺽ الكويت لليخوت ‪ 2013‬قبل‬ ‫اإلفتتاح الرسمي‪.‬‬ ‫املقدم والهاجري تكرمان يوسف العبداﷲ‬

‫ثنيان الغاﱎ والسفري االيطاﱄ والسفري االمريكي ومبارك علي اليوسف الصباح‬

‫فقرة تراثية‬ ‫‪68‬‬


‫جولة داخل يخت ازميوت ‪95‬‬

‫فيصل النصف وفارعة السقاف وزينة املقدم‬


‫الوزراء اخلمسة يقصون شريط االفتتاح‬

‫افتتاﺡ معرﺽ الكويت لليخوت يف مارينا كرسنت‬ ‫افتتح وزير االعالم ووزير الدولة لشؤون الشباب الشيﺦ سلمان صباﺡ‬ ‫السامل اﳊمود الصباﺡ معرﺽ الكويت لليخوت الذي تنظمه شركة ‪PH7‬‬ ‫لتنظيم املعارﺽ بحضور وزير التجارة والصناعة أنس الصالح‪ ،‬ووزير الدولة‬ ‫للشؤون البلدية الشيﺦ ﳏمد العبداﷲ‪ ،‬ووزيرة الدولة للتخطيط والتنمية‬ ‫روال دشتي‪ ،‬ووزيرة الشؤون االجتماعية والعمل ذكرى الرشيدي واجلهات‬ ‫املشاركة وذلك يف مارينا كرسنت‪.‬‬


‫ويف هذه املناسبة أشاد وزير االعالم وزير الدولة لشؤون الشباب الشيﺦ سلمان احلمود‬ ‫باجلهة املنظمة والراعية للمعرﺽ جملهودهم الواضح البراز دولة الكويت يف هذا القطاع‬ ‫ووضعها على اخلريطة العاملية لتنظيم معارﺽ اليخوت مبينا ان االستمرار باقامة هذه‬ ‫املعارﺽ من شأنها أن تساعد على دعم خطة التنمية للدولة‪.‬‬ ‫من جهتها قالت مدير عام شركة ‪ PH7‬لتنظيم املعارﺽ زينة املقدم “اليوم نشهد بداية‬ ‫آفاق جديدة ملعارﺽ اليخوت يف الكويت التي كانت حلما يف السنوات املاضية” مبينة ان هذا‬ ‫املعرﺽ سيتحول اىل حدث سنوي‪.‬‬ ‫وأضافت “ان املعرﺽ قد صمم لكي يعرﺽ كافة اجلوانب املتعلقة بالصناعة البحرية من‬ ‫يخوت فاخرة اىل مكمالتها من منتجات مرافقة” مؤكدة ان النسخة األوىل من املعرﺽ تأتي‬ ‫مرافقة للنمو الذي شهده القطاع البحري الفاخر يف السنوات القليلة املاضية‪.‬‬ ‫واشادت مببادرة الراعيني الرئيسيني للحدث وهما بنك برقان والوطنية لالتصاالت اللذين مل‬ ‫يتوانيا عن تقدمي الدعم الالزم لكي يتحول املعرﺽ من فكرة اىل واقع‪.‬‬ ‫من ناحيتها شددت مديرة العالقات العامة يف شركة الوطنية لالتصاالت الراعية للمعرﺽ‬ ‫فاطمة دشتي على التزام الشركة بدعم وتشجيع أي جهود هادفة إىل الرقي مبكانة الكويت‬ ‫واملعرﺽ الذي يشكل عنصرا أساسيا يف اضافة الكويت إىل خريطة الدول املنظمة للمعارﺽ‬ ‫البحرية الدولية ويلقي الضوء على تراث الكويت‪.‬‬ ‫وأضافت دشتي أن الشركة عرضت يف ركنها يف املعرﺽ أحدث ابتكاراتها من منتجات‬ ‫وخدمات كما ستخصص ركنا الستقبال كبار الزوار للرد على استفساراتهم وتلبية متطلباتهم‪.‬‬ ‫من جهته قال مساعد مدير عام االتصاالت التسويقية يف بنك برقان بشري جابر “ان الكويت‬ ‫أكرب سوق بحرية تنبض باحلياة يف العامل العربي حيث يعرف عن الكويتيني شغفهم باختبار كل‬ ‫املغامرات املتعلقة بالبحر واملنتجات البحرية اجلديدة التي تناسب احتياجاتهم وهذا ما دفع‬ ‫بهذه الصناعة اىل النمو اىل أبعاد واعدة”‪.‬‬ ‫‪69‬‬

‫وأضاف “مع التطور املتنامي للصناعة البحرية يف الكويت فان التوقعات تدور حول االحتياج اىل‬ ‫املزيد من القوارب السريعة سواء كانت كبرية أم صغرية يف هذا البلد الذي متتزج فيه الرمال‬ ‫مع البحر بشكل وثيق”‪.‬‬ ‫يذكر أن معرﺽ الكويت لليخوت يجمع نخبة من املشاركني يف املعرضني البحري والربي‬ ‫تتضمن وكالء رياديني ملاركات يخوت فاخرة ومعداتها أيضا‪ ،‬من ضمنهم‪ :‬ثنيان الغاﱎ من‬ ‫»الغاﱎ مارين«‪ ،‬وكالء »مبومابرديه ريكرياشونال«‪ ،‬وأحمد العمريي من »سيز اند دزرت«‪ ،‬وكالء‬ ‫»أزميوت«‪ ،‬و»سي راي«‪ ،‬و»بوسطن وايلر«‪ ،‬وعادل السميط من »البوم مارين« وكالء »غالف‬ ‫كرافت«‪ ،‬وإدوارد عساف من »سي برو« وكالء »فرييتي«‪ ،‬و«ريفا«‪ ،‬و»ريغال«‪ ،‬و»برترام«‪،‬‬ ‫وﳏمد كرم من جمموعة كرم وكالء »سوذوكي مارين«‪ ،‬وعمر القاضي من شركة »باور‬ ‫هاوس« وكالء قوارب »روبالو«‪ ،‬وفهد الغريب من مركز »باور بوت« وكالء »بينيللي جت سكي«‪،‬‬ ‫وقوارب »هالول وشارن«‪ ،‬وماجد الصبيح من »الصبيح مارين« وكالء »هيال مارين«‪ ،‬و»اوشني‬ ‫كاياك«‪ ،‬و»كريسي«‪ ،‬و»بالتيك«‪ ،‬و»ماغنا باور«‪ ،‬و»مارين أي جي أم بطاريات«‪ ،‬و»ماكسويل«‪،‬‬ ‫و»كويت بالنس« وكالء »نوتيك«‪ ،‬باإلضافة إىل ماركات بحرية أخرى‪.‬‬

‫‪ ...‬وجولة يف املعرﺽ‬


‫جانب من املعرﺽ‬

‫متابعة من الوزراء‬

‫ثنيان الغاﱎ متحدثا لسلمان احلمود‬ ‫‪70‬‬


‫صورة جماعية‬

‫جانب من املعرﺽ‬


‫صورة جماعية‬


‫صورة جماعية‬ ‫‪71‬‬

‫الصالح والرشيدي واحلمود يتوسطون فريق عمل ‪PH7‬‬

‫متابعة من الوزراء‬


‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪A‬‬ ‫‪W‬‬ ‫‪U‬‬ ‫‪K‬‬ ‫‪N‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪D‬‬ ‫‪HAPPENE‬‬ ‫اليسرة فاشن تفتتح أربعة متاجر‬ ‫احتفلت اليسرة فاشن بعيدها ال ‪ 20‬بافتتاحها فروعا ملتاجرها األربعة‬ ‫مباكس مارا‪ ،‬ومارينا رينالدي‪ ،‬ورينالدي‪ ،‬وجيمي شو‪ ،‬وبراتيزي يف برستيج يف جممع األفنيوز‪.‬‬

‫برنامﺞ ‪ GIVEKUWAIT 3‬من الوطنية‬ ‫لالتصاالت ألصحاب املشاريع الصغرية‬ ‫و املواهب املميزة‬ ‫إن دعم اجملتمع الكويتي بجميع أفراده يعد أمرا رئيسيا وحيويا للشركة الوطنية لالتصاالت‬ ‫وذلك انطالقا من واجبها الذي يحتم عليها خدمة اجملتمع بكافة أطيافه‪ .‬ومن هذا املنطلق‪،‬‬ ‫أعلنت الوطنية عن فتح باب التسجيل يف برنامج “‪ ”GiveKuwait 3‬للعام الثالث على التواﱄ‬ ‫ألصحاب املشاريع الصغرية واملبادرين من جميع أفراد اجملتمع الكويتي وألصحاب املواهب‬ ‫الفنية املميزة إلظهار مواهبهم وقدراتهم اإلبداعية للجمهور‪.‬‬ ‫وتتمحور خطة ‪ ،GiveKuwait‬الربنامج احلائز على جائزة أفضل برنامج يف جمال املسؤولية‬ ‫االجتماعية يف الشرق األوسط وشمال أفريقيا‪ ،‬حول تسليط الضوء على املواهب الفنية‬ ‫املميزة للشباب االستعراضية واملسرحية وغريها‪ ،‬كما أنها ستستقبل جمددا املبادرين‬ ‫وأصحاب املشاريع الصغرية فيا لكويت ومنحهم فرصةعرﺽ منتجاتهم وخدماتهم‪.‬‬ ‫ميكن ألصحاب األعمال التجارية الصغرية ورجال األعمال من الشباب الطموحني التسجيل‬ ‫جمانا‪،‬وستقوم الوطنية بإنشاء حملةإعالنية ضخمةمن شأنها أن تدعم املشاركني‪ .‬وسيتم‬ ‫عرﺽ أعمالهم‪،‬واألفكارواملبادرات املطروحة علىمستوى الكويت‪.‬‬ ‫و أعرب الرئيس التتنفيذي يف الوطنية لالتصاالت الدكتور بسام حنّون عن فخره واعتزازه‬ ‫بانطالقة ‪ GiveKuwait‬هذا العام وللمرة الثالثة على التواﱄ قائال “تأتي هذه املبادرة ضمن‬ ‫فلسفة الوطنية التي ترتكز على دعم الشباب وصقل مواهبهم ليكونوا عنصرا فعاال يف‬ ‫اجملتمع”‪.‬‬ ‫ومن جهته أكد نائب الرئيس التنفيذي عبدالعزيز فخرو حرص الوطنية لالتصاالت أن تكون‬ ‫السباقة دوما يف دعم الشباب ومبادراتهم وقد أصبح هذا األمر نهج أساسي للوطنية ال حياد‬ ‫عنه‪ ،‬ودعا فخرو كافة الشباب الكويتي التسجيل فورا وذلك بزيارة املوقع اخملصص للربنامج‬ ‫على ‪‬‬

‫عبدالعزيز فخرو‬



‫بسام حنون‬


BIMBA & LOLA It was a fun filled Ladies Night at Meat & Co. in 360 Mall. Combining the stunning fashion from Bimba & Lola and the exquisite fine dining of Meat & Co. restaurant, it was a night to never forget. Guests enjoyed a delectable three-course meal as they watched a special presentation of the spanish based brand’s autumn/winter collection. For founders and designers Uxia and Maria Dominguez, the label is very much a family affair (the name came from their pet dogs, Bimba and Lola, hence their greyhound motif), and one that has nurtured a very personal design aesthetic. “To create Bimba & Lola we look for inspiration in nature, art, film - even in friends and family,” Maria Dominguez told us. “We know each other really well and have great respect for one another, which helps when reaching agreements.” “This collection is inspired by the hyper-culture concept, a mix of tradition with modernity, the rustic and the technological,” Uxia Dominguez explained. “Because of this, we have achieved a combination of rich and technical fabrics and geometric prints with the more ornate.” We loved the collection, available at Bimba & Lola, 360 Mall and Olympia.

Etam is the leading brand in Europe and benefitsfrom a strong international development as itcapitalizes on itsglamourous French touch. Withnow 650 points of sale in 44 different countries, Etam lingerie sells 30 millionpieces are eachyear. 45 millions of people visited Etam stores in 2011 and youwillcertainlyappreciate the exceptional shopping experience as well as the modern concept of your new Etam lingerie store. Whetheryou are looking for comfortablecotton pyjamas, glamourouscorsetry sets, cuteaccessories, sophisticatednegligees or refinednightwear, youwillsurelyenjoy Etam lingerie collections. A variety of shapes, materials, colorswith modern and fashionable design combinedwithveryfemininedetails to satisfy all itscustomers.

MUJI ‫افتتاﺡ أول متجر لعالمة‬

‫يف األفنيوز‬

‫ موجي يف الشرق‬MUJI ‫أعلنت شركة ﳏمد حمود الشايع عن افتتاح أول متجر لعالمة‬ ،‫ بحضور السفري الياباين يف الكويت توشيهريو تسوجيهارا‬،‫األوسط وذلك يف غراند أفنيو‬ ‫ورئيس شركة موجي ماساكي كانايو رئيس جملس اإلدارة التنفيذي يف شركة ﳏمد حمود‬ .‫الشايع ﳏمد عبد العزيز الشايع‬ ‫وباملناسبة أشار ماساكي كاناي إن تقدمي منتجات متتاز بجودة الصنع والبساطة يف الشكل‬ ‫مع احملافظة على ميزات العصرية واألناقة يف التصميم وبأسعار تنافسية تلبي حاجة الزبائن‬ .‫هو يف صميم سياسة شركة موجي والتزامها نحو عمالئها‬ ‫وبدوره قال ﳏمد عبد العزيز الشايع “ إن مبدأ البساطة والعملية يف التصميم مع احملافظة‬ ‫على اجلودة يف التصنيع وأصالة األفكار اإلبداعية هي خصائص تتميز بها عالمة موجي والتي‬ .‫تنعكس يف خمتلف املنتجات التي تقدمها‬ ‫وتابع أن الشركة تستعد حاليًا بالتحضري الفتتاح عدد من متاجر موجي يف أسواق أخرى يف‬ .‫املنطقة والتي سيتم اإلعالن عنها قريبًا‬ ‫ من خمتلف املنتجات العصرية‬3000 ‫يتألف متجر موجي يف من طابقني يقدم من خاللها‬ ‫ باإلضافة إىل‬،‫واألنيقة املبتكرة والتي تتنوع يف استخداماتها بني لوازم املنزل اخملتلفة‬ ‫جمموعات متنوعة من قطع األثاث املنزﱄ واملفروشات وأثاث املكاتب وتشكيالت متنوعة‬ .‫وزاهية من املالبس واألزياء‬

‫بسام حنون‬ 73



T I A W U K N I D HAPPENE KUWAIT’S FLAGFLUTTERSIN BUCHAREST THIS APRILAT THE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE FOR THE FIRST TIME The Global Management Challenge is the largest international event based on business simulations, in which more than 470,000 company managers and university students from more than 40 countries participate throughout the world. ADNAR group launched the INAUGRAL Edition of the Global Management Challenge in Kuwait for the first time in the Arab world, on the 7th of January 2013 in a ceremony at the Holiday Inn HotelSalmiya. The kickoff included a technical presentation to introduce the participating teams to the simulator and the companies they are about to manage,andthey received the competition material (User’s Manual, Decision Sheet, Briefing and De-Briefing). Then the participating teams celebrated with ADNAR Group its 5th anniversary. Leading Companies and Universities in Kuwait attended the INAUGRAL Edition where they will compete with each other with the objective of getting the highest company share price in the simulated stock exchange. The teams were distributed into two groups as follows: Group 1:

Group 2:

- Al-Hajery - Central Agency for Information Technology - American University Of Kuwait - Arab Financial Brokers - Fast telco - Gulf Cryo

- Kuwait Stock Exchange - Zurich Insurance - Quality Net - Kuwait Maastricht Business School - Envision Way - Al-Watan

For the first round (5 weeks) These teams will compete with each other, in their respective groups, with the objective of getting the highest share price for their companies in the simulated stock exchange, and the top three teams from each group will be eligible to compete in the final for a chance to raise Kuwait’s Flag for the first time among competing countries in the next international Final in Bucharest-Romania.The participants come from all walks of life; senior and middle managers, managers to be and students. During the first week of Round 1 the participants took decisions concerning their companies and fed these decisions to the simulator for processing and evaluating, the simulator produced the ranks of the competing companies in relation to their companies share price in the simulated stock exchange as follows: Group 1:

Share Price €

- Central Agency for Information Technology - Al-Hajery - American University Of Kuwait - Arab Financial Brokers - Gulf Cryo - Fasttelco

- 1.695 - 1.690 - 1.677 - 1.672 - 1.631 - 1.274

Group 2:

Share Price €

- Envision Way - Al-Watan - Zurich Insurance - Quality Net - Kuwait Maastricht Business School - Kuwait Stock Exchange

- 1.700 - 1.700 - 1.680 - 1.680 - 1.676 - 1.675


The team representing the Central Agency for Information Technology is at the forefront of Group 1 and the teams representing Envision Wayand ALWatanare sharing the lead in Group 2. The final results of Round 1 will depend on the share price of the competing teams at the end of the 5 weeks and this will determine the six teams who will compete in the National Final of Kuwait. The preliminary feedback from the competitors is that it feels so real as if they are managing a real company, and they are required to assess different aspects of the company before they can take a decision.






Buckle up and get ready as the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams is landing soon in Kuwait. The best motocross freestyle show in the world will take place at the iconic Kuwait Towers. Four International riders Nick Franklin, from New Zealand, Martin Koren from Czech Republic, Chris Brock from England and Gill Dejong from Belgium will rock the place and produce a jaw-dropping show full of big air-tricks executed with scientific precision. The Red Bull X-Fighters Jams is a series of exhibitions worldwide that offers thousands of people around the globe the opportunity to witness the best freestyle motocross action in the world. The event sponsored by Nissan/ Al-Babtain and held under the cooperation of the Kuwait Quarter Mile Club often leaves people rubbing their eyes in disbelief at the tricks on show. The Red Bull X-Fighters Jams in Kuwait will be hosted by famous Lebanese TV presenter Michel Kazzi, better known as Micho, and will also host the best stunt riding show in the world performed by world champion Chris Pfeiffer who will show some amazing ground shots that emulate the aerial shows which defy the gravity laws. The event which will take place on February 15th at the Iconic Kuwait Towers will start at 7:30 and is free for public. For more information visit or follow@redbullkuwait on twitter.


‫‪N‬‬ ‫‪O‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪G‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪R‬‬ ‫‪E‬‬ ‫‪H‬‬ ‫‪T‬‬ ‫‪N‬‬ ‫‪I‬‬ ‫‪HAPPENING‬‬ ‫بالتعاون مع "مسار للطباعة والنشر"‬

‫مهرجان "دبي لينكس" يطلق جائزة‬ ‫ومسابقة طباعة خاصة بالطلبة‬









‫‪ ...‬ويحتضن قادة املستقبل‬ ‫يف جمال التسويق‬



‫يرعى “مهرجان دبي لينكس العاملي لإلبداع”‪ ،‬الذي يقام يف مدينة جمريا بدبي خالل الفرتة‬ ‫املمتدة بني ‪ 13 - 10‬مارس ‪ ،2013‬املواهب الشابة جمددًا يف إطار برنامج تعليمي خاص‬ ‫حتت اسم “دبي لينكس لقادة املستقبل يف جمال التسويق”‪.‬‬ ‫ويشارك يف هذا الربنامج املكثف‪ ،‬الذي يقام على مدى يومني ونصف اليوم برعاية جمموعة‬ ‫“ستاركوم ميديا فيست”‪ ،‬نحو ‪ 20‬متخصصًا من العاملني يف أقسام التسويق لدى‬ ‫املؤسسات والعالمات التجارية‪ ،‬ال تتجاوز أعمارهم ‪ 30‬عامًا‪.‬‬ ‫ويركز الربنامج على إبراز دور اإلبداع وأهميته يف اتصاالت واسرتاتيجية العالمة التجارية‪ ،‬حيث‬ ‫يتيح للمشاركني فرصة التعرف إىل اجتاهات السوق احلالية مع توفري فهم أفضل للعالقة بني‬ ‫العميل والوكالة‪ ،‬واكتساب املهارات والتعرف إىل أفضل املمارسات الالزمة لتحقيق مزيد من‬ ‫التواصل الفعال لعالماتهم التجارية‪.‬‬ ‫وتضم قائمة املوضوعات التي يركز عليها الربنامج‪ :‬أهمية اإلبداع لنجاح العالمات التجارية‬ ‫اليوم والفعالية اإلبداعية وأثر التقنيات الرقمية والعالمة التجارية احلديثة وإدارة العملية‬ ‫اإلبداعية‪.‬‬ ‫وسيتوىل مدرب متخصص إدارة جمموعة املشاركني يف الربنامج عرب سلسلة من اجللسات‬ ‫واملناقشات والعروﺽ التقدميية اخلاصة التي تعنى يف جمملها بإشراك املستهلكني يف‬ ‫صميم عملية التسويق اإلبداعية للعالمات التجارية‪ .‬وإىل جانب ذلك‪ ،‬سيستفيد املشاركون‬ ‫من املزايا التي ينطوي عليها املهرجان‪ ،‬بدءًا من الربامج املميزة ووصو ًال إىل فرص التواصل‬ ‫التي يجب اغتنامها‪.‬‬

‫أعلن “مهرجان دبي لينكس العاملي لإلبداع”‬ ‫عن إطالق مسابقة وجائزة جديدة للطلبة‬ ‫لعام ‪ 2013‬بالتعاون مع شركة “مسار‬ ‫للطباعة والنشر”‪ ،‬وستشكل جائزة دبي‬ ‫لينكس منصة مميزة لتسليط الضوء على‬ ‫روح اإلبداع لدى الطلبة املوهوبني‪.‬‬ ‫وتوفر هذه املسابقة فرصة مميزة للطلبة‬ ‫اجلامعيني من خمتلف أنحاء منطقة الشرق‬ ‫األوسط وشمال أفريقيا‪ ،‬حيث تدعوهم إىل‬ ‫ملصق إعالين حملتوى موجز صادر عن‬ ‫تصميم‬ ‫ﹴ‬ ‫جمعية خريية‪ .‬وسيكون هذا احملتوى متاحا‬ ‫على املوقع اإللكرتوين‪:‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫لينطلق منه املتنافسون يف تصميم‬ ‫امللصق وتقدميه لغاية تاريﺦ ‪ 14‬فرباير‬ ‫‪ .2013‬وسيتم تقييم جميع طلبات املشاركة‬ ‫خالل فرتة املهرجان من قبل جلنة التحكيم‬ ‫الرسمية يف “دبي لينكس”‪ ،‬حيث سيتم‬ ‫بعد ذلك إعالن اسم الفائز ومنحه جائزة‬ ‫املسابقة من “مسار للطباعة والنشر” خالل‬ ‫حفل توزيع جوائز “دبي لينكس” الذي سيقام‬ ‫مساء يوم ‪ 13‬مارس ‪.2013‬‬ ‫وبهذه املناسبة قال فيصل بن حيدر‪ ،‬مدير‬ ‫عام شركة مسار للطباعة والنشر‪ ،‬الراعي‬ ‫الرسمي للجائزة‪“ :‬كلمة ’مسار تعني‬ ‫الطريق‪ ،‬وآمل أن تكون جائزة دبي لينكس‬ ‫لإلبداع مبثابة طريق تسري عليه املواهب‬ ‫الشابة نحو حتقيـق النجاح‪ .‬ويسرنا أن ندعم‬ ‫رﺅية والتزام الــمهرجان يف االرتقاء بسوية‬ ‫التعليم وتنمية املوارد البشرية‪ .‬كما يسعدنا‬ ‫إطالق هذه املبادرة بالتعاون مع شريكنا‬ ‫املميز دبي لينكس ملساعدة الطلبة‬ ‫اجلامعيني من دولة اإلمارات العربية املتحدة وخمتلف أنحاء منطقة الشرق األوسط وشمال‬ ‫أفريقيا يف تطوير مهارات التواصل اإلبداعية التي يتمتعون بها‪ ،‬وإتاحة الفرصة أمامهم‬ ‫للمشاركة يف واحدﹴ من أفضل املهرجانات اإلعالنية على مستوى املنطقة‪ ،‬والذي نؤمن بأنه‬ ‫سينشﺊ جي ًال جديدًا من الرواد املبدعني يف قطاع التسويق”‪.‬‬ ‫من جانبه‪ ،‬قال ستيف الثام‪ ،‬مدير قسم “املواهب والتدريب” يف “دبي لينكس”‪ “ :‬أن اجلائزة‬ ‫تشكل انطالقة مهمة للغاية‪ ،‬خاصة وأنها تضفي قيمة جوهرية على املهرجان فيما يتعلق‬ ‫بتشجيع املواهب الشابة‪ ،‬وإفساح اجملال أمام اجليل القادم لعرﺽ مواهبه اإلبداعية‪ .‬كما‬ ‫تشكل هذه اجلائزة فرصةً فريدة للطلبة الذين سيتم عرﺽ أعمالهم أمام جمموعة من‬ ‫حتكيم دولية تضم عددًا من رواد القطاع”‪.‬‬ ‫املبدعني اإلقليميني فضال عن جلنة‬ ‫ﹴ‬ ‫باإلضافة إىل ذلك‪ ،‬سيتم عرﺽ جميع املشاركات مبسابقة الطلبة خالل فرتة إقامة هذه‬ ‫مميز يف مدينة جمريا التي تستضيف مهرجان “دبي لينكس”‪.‬‬ ‫الفعالية ضمن معرﺽ‬ ‫ﹴ‬ ‫وتتضمن قائمة الدول املؤهلة للمشاركة يف املسابقة كل من أفغانستان‪ ،‬واجلزائر‪،‬‬ ‫والبحرين‪ ،‬وجزر القمر‪ ،‬وجيبوتي‪ ،‬ومصر‪ ،‬وغانا‪ ،‬وإيران‪ ،‬والعراق‪ ،‬واألردن‪ ،‬والكويت‪ ،‬ولبنان‪ ،‬وكينيا‪،‬‬ ‫وليبيا‪ ،‬وموريتانيا‪ ،‬واملغرب‪ ،‬ونيجرييا‪ ،‬وسلطنة عمان‪ ،‬وقطر‪ ،‬واململكة العربية السعودية‪،‬‬ ‫والصومال‪ ،‬والسودان‪ ،‬وسوريا‪ ،‬وتونس‪ ،‬ودولة اإلمارات العربية املتحدة‪ ،‬وغزة والضفة‬ ‫الغربية‪ ،‬والصحراء الغربية‪ ،‬واليمن‪ .‬ويجب تقدمي كافة طلبات املشاركة إلكرتونيًا حتى حلول‬ ‫املوعد النهائي يف يوم ‪ 14‬فرباير‪ .‬وملزيدﹴ من املعلومات‪ ،‬يرجى زيارة املوقع اإللكرتوين‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫وميكن جلميع الطلبة الراغبني بحضور مهرجان “دبي لينكس ‪ ”2013‬االستفادة من باقة‬ ‫الطلبة املميزة التي تتضمن عروضًا خمفضة للطلبة الذي ال تتجاوز أعمارهم ‪ 23‬عامًا‪ ،‬فض ًال‬ ‫عن إتاحة الفرصة أمامهم للمشاركة يف جميع نشاطات املهرجان مبا فيها يومان ونصف‬ ‫من احللقات الدراسية‪ ،‬وورش العمل‪ ،‬واملعارﺽ القصرية‪ ،‬وفعاليات التواصل‪.‬‬

“Experience is the the mind’s mind’s glasses” glasses”

Early bird for delegate registration ends 14 14 February February 2013 2013 Be at at the the heart heart of of MENA’s Be MENA’s creative creative industry industry at at Dubai Dubai Lynx Lynx from from 10-13 10-13 March March 2013 2013 to to focus focus your your mind mindon onnew new ideas, expose expose yourself yourself to ideas, to the the region's region's best best work, work, connect connect with with like-minded like-minded people people and and celebrate celebrate creativity. creativity. Register now now for for early early bird before77February February2013 2013. . Register bird Festival Festival rate. rate. Enter Enter your your best best work work into into the the Dubai Dubai Lynx Lynx Awards Awards before

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American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feuded again on the Jan. 17 episode. This time, they argued over accepting a contestant due to her eyeshadow color! “I liked it, I liked the choice of song and I thought your voice had a really pretty tone,” Mariah, 42, told Idol hopeful Stephanie Schimel. But Nicki, 30, was not impressed saying, “I was not wowed. I thought your voice is pretty, you are pretty, but nothing jumped at me. We have seen such magnetic things today and I don’t think you compared to what we have seen today. I do not think you feel like a star. You are not giving me that thing. I do not feel it.” Even fellow judge Randy Jackson thought she was talented! “Really? I am not sure what is happening? I think you are really talented,” he said.



Simon Cowell has apparently ‘ruled out’ a return to The X Factor UK this year. According to reports, Simon has revealed that he won’t be coming back to the British line-up, leaving his slot on the panel open again. The Sun claims that Simon “shook his head” when he was asked about an X Factor comeback during yesterday’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Cardiff. Simon was initially planning to change the winter time slot of the show to an earlier date in the year in the hopes that he could make a comeback - all of which has now been rubbished.

While Jennifer Lopez may want more kiddies, she and beau Casper Smart will test the waters with a different kind of babe. A puppy! The singer and her dancer/ lover shared a pic of their new GAWRGEOUS guy on Twitter. Meet Bear!!!!!! JLo tweets: “@BEAUcasperSMART: Introducing the new addition to the family. “BEAR” ( KcVm3C33) So Happy! LilBabyBear. Could get confusing Lol!

JUSTIN BIEBER WRITES NEW SONG FOR ACOUSTIC ALBUM Justin Bieber released his acoustic album January 29, and it includes a new love song, ‘Nothing Like Us’. Is he using music to win back Selena? Justin Bieber may be trying to win back Selena Gomez through the power of song, as a week after their most recent break up, Justin’s camp


announced on January that Justin would be adding a new song called “Nothing Like Us” to the acoustic album Believe. It is a song about “young love”, and it was written by Justin. Is this his grand romantic gesture to win her back?

Stephanie received three yeses from the judges and one no from Nicki. Nicki then explained her decision by pointing out that Stephanie was wearing the same color eyeshadow at her. “We have a rivalry and that is why I said no.” Mariah started pointing her finger in Nicki’s direction, and interrupting her saying, “This is what I deal with, this is what I deal with when I come into my job.” Nicki then pointed at Mariah, without looking at her, and said “Oh no, because you ain’t got nothing like me.” Mariah then quipped, “Exactly my dear” as she rolled her eyes. ”Calm down, slow down, relax,” she continued.


‫خبار املشاهري‬


‫أحالم ترصد مئة ألف درهم‬ ‫لصاحب هدف اإلمارات‬ ‫على العراﻕ‬ ‫فور فوز املنتخب اإلماراتي لكرة القدم على‬ ‫نظريه العراقي يف نهائي كأس اخلليج ‪21‬‬ ‫بنتيجة ‪ ،2/1‬أعربت جنمة الغناء أحالم عرب‬ ‫حسابها الشخصي على تويرت عن سعادتها‬ ‫البالغة بفريق بالدها ونيله اللقب‪ ،‬إىل حد أنها‬ ‫تعهدت مبنح جائزة قدرها ‪ 100‬ألف درهم‬ ‫لصاحب هدف الفوز‪.‬‬ ‫وغردت قائلة‪" :‬اإلمارات طول عمرها خريها‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫مغطيني وما سأقدمه ماهو اال رد بسيط‬ ‫للجميل لبالدي الغاليه اإلمارات سارصد مبلﻎ‬ ‫مائه الف درهم لصاحب هدف الفوز اليوم”‪.‬‬

‫القطري وسام املانع وجانيت‬ ‫جاكسون يعلنان موعد‬ ‫زفافهما‬ ‫نيكول سابا تطرﺡ أغنية منفردﻩ‬ ‫وألبوم يف صيف ‪2013‬‬ ‫تقوم الفنانة اللبنانية بالتحضري ألغنية جديدة وستتبعها‬ ‫بألبوم سيصدر خالل العام ‪ ،2013‬وتعقد بهذا اخلصوص‬ ‫جلسات عمل مع كل من املوزع حسن الشافعي وأمري‬ ‫طيعمة وأحمد صالح حسني وهم الفريق الذي تعاملت‬ ‫معهم يف أغنية “حفضل أحلم”‪ ،‬وستعتمد نيكول أغنية‬ ‫منهم ستصدرها ملناسبة عيد احلب‪.‬‬ ‫ومن ناحية أخرى تعمل نيكول على إرضاء أذواق جمهورها‬ ‫اخملتلفة وستعمل على إقناعهم بأكرث من لون غنائي‪ ،‬لهذا‬ ‫قررت أخريًا إصدار ألبوم غنائي هو الثاين يف مسريتها الفنية‬ ‫بعد إصدارها ألبوم “شاغلني بيك” يف العام ‪ 2003‬وكان‬ ‫من إنتاج عامل الفن وقتذاك‪ ،‬أما هذا العمل فستختلف فيه‬ ‫األﳕاط الغنائي لتكون أكرث شمولية وتنويع لناحية األفكار‬ ‫الغنائية واملوسيقية‪ .‬ومن املتوقع أن يصدر األلبوم اجلديد‬ ‫خالل الصيف املقبل‪.‬‬ ‫ومن ناحية أخرى تعيش نيكول حاليًا زحمة التصوير إذا بدأت‬ ‫تصوير مشاهدها يف فيلمها السينمائي اجلديد “أبو النيل”‬ ‫مع املمثل أحمد مكي‪.‬‬

‫النجمه جانيت جاكسون تستعد لعقد قرانها‬ ‫علي امللياردير القطري وسام املانع يف فصل‬ ‫الربيع املقبل ‪ .‬وقد نقلت اجمللة االمريكية‬ ‫" يو إس ويكلي” عن مصادر مطلعة أن‬ ‫امللياردير وسام املانع قدم إىل جاسكون خامتا‬ ‫كبريا وباهظ الثمن وهي تخاف عليه من الضياع‬ ‫وتخبئه يف مكان جيد وآمن ‪.‬‬ ‫وأكد املصدر أن املانع لن يرتدد يف دفع أي‬ ‫مبلﻎ عند االحتفال بزواجه بجاكسون خالل فصل‬ ‫الربيع املقبل‪.‬‬ ‫وذكر ان احلفل "سيكلف املاليني‪ ،‬وهو سينقل‬ ‫أصدقاء جانيت وعائلتها يف طائرات خاصة” إىل‬ ‫قطر‪ .‬وتابع املصدر ان املانع "يريد أن يعمل‬ ‫طباخا خاصا على حتضري الطعام”‪.‬‬ ‫وكانت بعض اجلرائد االمريكية قد نقلت يف‬ ‫وقت سابق "أن جانيت وخطيبها ينويان أن يدخال‬ ‫القفص الذهبي يف الدوحة مسقط رأس‬ ‫العريس‪ ،‬يف احتفالية ضخمة وصفت بأنها‬ ‫ستكون زواج القرن”‪ .‬ويتوقع أن تبلﻎ تكاليف الزواج‬ ‫‪ 20‬مليون دوالر‪ .‬وتبلﻎ جانيت شقيقة جنم البوب‬ ‫الراحل مايكل جاكسون ‪ 46‬عاما بينما يبلﻎ عمر‬ ‫القطري ‪ 36‬عاما‪.‬‬

‫مرييام فارﺱ سفرية جوجل‬ ‫تشارك بندوة جامعية‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫بصفتها سفرية جوجل للشرق األوسط وشمال‬ ‫افريقيا‪ ،‬شاركت الفنانة مرييام فارس يف ندوة‬ ‫اقامتها جامعة االداب والعلوم والتكنولوجيا ‪AUL‬‬ ‫اللبنانية وذلك لتحفيز الطالب مهنيا وعلميا‬ ‫وتعريفهم على مزايا جوجل‬ ‫ويذكر ان اسم مرييام فارس تصدر قائمة االكرث‬ ‫بحثا على جوجل للسنة الثانية على التواﱄ باالضافة‬ ‫إىل جوجل بلس‪.‬‬



0 2 P O T


Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were


2013 Pitbull – Don’t Stop The Party

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie



The Script – Hall Of Fame


Kelly Clarkson Catch My Breath



The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Justin Bieber - Beauty and a Beat ...



Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven


Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry


Phillip Phillips - Home


PSY - Gangnam Style


P!nk - Try


Maroon 5 - Daylight


Flo Rida – I Cry


Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing


Rihanna - Diamonds


Imagine Dragons – It’s Time


Blake Shelton - Sure Be Cool If You did


Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire


Fun – Some Nights



‫أفضل ‪10‬‬


‫يناير‬ ‫‪2013‬‬





‫نانسي عجرم‪ -‬بدك متشي فيك‬


‫نوال الكويتية‪ -‬خاطري‬


‫شما حمدان‪ -‬وش كنت ابا اقول‬


‫سعود أبو سلطان‪ -‬ميكن ارجعلك‬


‫اسماء املنور ونايف ناصر‪ -‬ادري‬


‫احمد الهرمي‪ -‬دوري‬


‫نورة العمريي‪ -‬اإلذاعة‬


‫ماجد املهندس‪ -‬على بابك‬

‫راشد املاجد وحسني‬ ‫اجلسمي‪ -‬اسال جمرب‬


‫عمرو دياب‪ -‬عايش معاك‬



A thief with a unique code of professional ethics is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks to hijack the score of the crew’s latest heist.


A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal.


John McClane travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist, causing the father and son to team up against underworld forces.


An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, but his plan requires the help of an eccentric and unpredictable Texas rodeo queen.



As inventor Andy Brewster is about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime, a quick stop at his mom’s house turns into an unexpected cross-country voyage with her along for the ride.



Traditional Aquarian Traits; they are friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal,original and inventive, independent and intellectual. On the dark side intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, unemotional and detached.

The Aquaruis Man

The Aquarius man is a man of sense, with a kind heart, and this thing is reflected on his face. He attracts with his intelligence, humour and loving eyes. The Aquarius man is difficult to describe though, because he brings along a world full of contradictions and paradoxes.

The Aquaruis Women

John Travolta

Jennifer Aniston

Oprah Winfrey

Sep 24 - Oct 23 You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate. You can’t stand being idle now, you are ready for challenging, intellectual activities and attacking difficult problems on the job. Self-confidence, physical energy, and courage run high, so this is a fine time to settle down with things.


Oct 24 - Nov 22 Your enthusiasm and optimism are so strong that it is difficult for you to realistically evaluate the situation. If others question or doubt your plan, you quickly brush their concerns aside, as you pursue a grander vision. Professional life gets a new meaning for now.


Nov 23 - Dec 21 You are very concerned with your responsibilities to important people in your life and you may give a special gift or provide practical assistance to parents, spouse, or children. You may also feel very strongly that a relationship has fulfilled its purpose of late.


Dec 22 - Jan 20 An interest in psychology or other peoples’ secrets comes to the fore. You enjoy spy, mystery, and supernatural stories. A goal or vision you have been working toward comes into fruition now, or gains momentum and positive recognition from others. Your freedom would be at stake sometimes.


Jan 21 - Feb 19 You care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Also, you are energized and invigorated now and eager to be involved in projects that benefit you. Finances remain strong for most of the month.





August 23 - Sep 23 You want to be seen and noticed. You receive appreciation and a positive response and possibly an opportunity or personal contact which will be quite beneficial. There are opportunities for deep sharing and powerful, meaningful contacts with others, especially in the name of partners.


July 23 - Aug22 Stifled anger and resentment over the frustrations and obstacles you confront now may further complicate matters. This is not a good time to begin a new venture, ask for a promotion, or try to expand your activities in any way. Relationships shall work out well.


June 22 - July 22 Your imagination and intuition are very keen now. If you are involved in an imaginative area such as art, music, theater, or writing fiction, you will find that fresh, new insights and creative inspirations give added zest and originality to your work.


May 22 - June 21 Home and family life are likely to be unsettled now in one way or another for the month. Your sense of having roots and a support system could be shaky. A change of residence or change in your family structure could play a part in this.


Apr 21 - May 21 A lack of consideration for the feelings of others can cause alienation and create tension in your life for this month. There’s a tendency to think you’re invulnerable. Watch what you’re doing and you’ll prevent needless accidents and mistakes. Take time to talk and communicate with your near ones.


Mar 21 - Apr 20 This month marks a major life change for you. It is the end of an interest in the outward and social world and the start of a more inward journey during which you absorb and take in new information. Letting go of past success is a necessity now.

An Aquarian female loves her freedom and if you can accept this, she will love you. Position and power matter to her more than money and bank balance. If you want her to fall in love with you, be true and honest, not only to others, but also to yourself. You don’t need to follow her rules. You can form your own code of ethics, but be sure to live by them.

Feb 20 - Mar 20 Wild and daring physical activities, or just plain recklessness and impatience, can put you into dangerous situations. Your drive for freedom, independence, and absolute authority over your own life is quite strong. You tend to be very abrupt and inconsiderable right now.

StudenTalk #142 - February 2013  
StudenTalk #142 - February 2013