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Issue 182 - Oct/16

Mohammad Al-Ebrahim On being an entrepreneur at 26 Muhammed AlKazemi Comedy is in my genes! Bader Al-Essa Connect Communicate Collaborate

I can change your mind @troyesivan

I can dance weird @jujujuxiaowen

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It’s time to live, love and laugh. It’s time to up your game. DEEPIKA PADUKONE.



It’s time to up your game. VIRAT KOHLI. TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR.




letter Dear Students, This issue is entitled “The Goal Diggers”! You see, for us, no Gold in the world can be as rewarding as having a Goal in life!! Men often go in search for Gold, often not realizing that his most prized riches lies within. If we learn to dig within ourselves, to tap and unleash our potential, then all the Gold in the world will be ours, for real happiness is priceless. Next time you encounter a person who is too focused on materialistic gains, who prides himself/herself on what they possess rather than what they have achieved, please do remind them that the real digging is always done within. My students, always have set goals in your lives… And may all those goals be achieved, Till the next issue…..

Zeina Mokaddam


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38. Comedy is in my Genes!

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Many Trades, One Master!

Photography: Nasser Ashour

Mohammad Al Ebrahim, Founder - ALGAS Events

Young and ambitious are two adjectives that describe Mohammad Al Ebrahim perfectly. Having started his first business when he was not even 20 years old. Today, at 26, he is on the threshold of being a game changer for the Kuwaiti event scene.


How did it all start? Having done a couple of events for my college, I realized that’s what I was passionate about. As much as I loved events, I also knew that I liked being my own boss. Bringing together my passion and profession was the key idea behind starting Al Gas events. It’s been six years since I first started and the rest as they say is history! Tell us something about how you run your business? I started off as a one man show, but that didn’t last too long. Over the years my team has grown steadily, at present we are around 12 people in the company. We were initially just an event and production company, but working with comedians made me realize the potential of having a talent management agency. Once we started managing them, I noticed there was a big gap in the ticketing system and that is how, our ticketing website was born. Every new avenue that I ventured into was started out of a need. Everything I do is interconnected.

What kind of events would you say are your forté? I have worked with a lot of international speakers on knowledge exchange seminars. It is something we do regularly at Al Gas events. However, our entertainment events are what I take pride in. From music concerts to stand-up comedy shows, we try to mix-it-up as much as possible. The stand-up comedy events were also what led us to expand into talent management, wherein we promote local as well as international artists, in Kuwait, regionally, and abroad. So far we have worked with comedians like Basher Al Jazzaf, Ahmad Aqua, Mohamed Al Kazmi, Sheikha Al Khaldi from Kuwait; Firas Alola from Saudi Arabia, and Rajiv Satyal from the US. Our artists have performed in countries like Qatar, KSA, Egypt, US, Canada, UK and Ireland. Would you say it is difficult to run your own business? I don’t like categorizing things as easy or difficult. I believe every road block is an opportunity to learn something new. Is it challenging running my own business? Of course yes, but nobody said it was going to be easy!


I don't like categorizing things as easy or difficult. I believe every road block is an opportunity to learn something new.



Do you fear failure? Tell us about a time which was exceptionally challenging. I don’t think I fear failure, had that been the case I would have never been able to start my own venture. Every time I have faced a road block I had to find a way to work around it. Like they say, adjust your sails according to the wind. I remember we were organizing this particular event and a day before the performance we got a letter stating we couldn’t go ahead with it. I spent the next 16 hours running around Kuwait, getting permissions and resolving matters. In the end, we succeeded, but not without hard work and perseverance. How supportive have your family and friends been through all this? I have been very fortunate in that respect. My family has


been a great pillar of support from the very beginning. My friends and people in general have shown great interest in what I do. From the onset, I wanted to break away from mainstream events. Stand-up comedy, talent management these arenas are still new to Kuwait, so obviously a lot of people are curious and want to get involved. What are your future plans for Al Gas Events? Expand, expand, and expand! We recently added a social media management vertical to our business to provide our clients with a more 360 degree service. We intend to not just run online campaigns for our clients but advise them on maximizing their reach. We are also dabbling in photography and TVC production.

Ideally I would like to reach a point where we make Kuwait an event hub that attracts international audiences. What do you think was that one thing, that helped you the most to get where you are today? It has to be my positive attitude. Life will throw a lot of curve balls at you, how you react is up to you. Any last words for our readers? If you believe in something do it. Maybe you won’t get it right the first time or the second time or even the third time but eventually you will. Go for your dreams!

Tidbits: What is your favorite hobby? I love playing squash. A classic car or the love of your life? Classic cars are the love of my life. 3 things that you can't leave the house without? My car keys, my wallet and my phone. Favorite cusine? I am a food lover, I don't discriminate. Favorite comedian? Jerry Seinfeld. A businessman you want to emulate? Richard Branson. Favorite band? Queen. Apple or Android? Android. Guitar or Oud? Both.



Inspirational quotes that will help you think... Q. What do you want to be in life? A. Rich! Q. How much money do you want to make? A. Enough to be able to buy anything I want.

These were the answers I got, from my 13 year old brother, when I asked him about his life goals. This is also where the fundamental question lies, “what is a good goal?” An average human being is usually looking for one of two things - Happiness and/or Success. What we often fail to realize is that wealth and fame are only byproducts of our success. While each person is entitled to creating their own goals a little guidance never hurt anyone. Below are five inspirational quotes we shortlisted that may help you ‘dig a little deeper’ and ‘ponder a little more’ before you decide on what it is that you really want to do with your life.


“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” —Benjamin E. Mayes

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” —Jimmy Dean

You may not always achieve what you set out to do, but that should not deter you from having a goal. The journey we take is often more important than the destination itself.

Challenges and obstacles are a part and parcel of life. Sometimes we must work these problems out and sometimes we must work around them, but at no point should they be the reason we give up.

“There are two kinds of people in this world, those who work to make their dreams come true and those who work to make other people’s dreams come true. Which one are you?” - Anonymous

The greatness of a man does not depend on how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively. – Bob Marley

Both goals are good, but what suits you better? To begin with, do you even have a dream that you want to realize? If not then it would be wise to work for someone else until you figure out what it is that you really want to pursue.

While making more money is a good thing, it can’t be the measure of our success. What really matters is how many lives you touch along the way.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

In the end, whether you take charge of your own destiny or let circumstances decide the course of your life really depends on you. We hope these words from Jim Rohn inspire you while making this quintessential decision about your lives…

It’s one thing to have a goal, another to work towards actualizing it. Often we fall into the trap of planning our path to success, so much so, that we never really end up actioning them.

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.”


We asked, you said... What is the one goal that you have set for yourself and were happy to see it achieved? What’s your next goal?

Himanshu Kumar Electronics & Communication Engineering ACK To play American football for my college. I’m Still Pursuing My Athletic Career. I Want To Be A Better Athlete Than I’m every day. @ shuu_12

Talha Business management ACK

Joseph International Business Cal State - Northridge

Summaiyyah Ishaq Petroleum engineer ACK

Rabab Zaman Oil and Gas Engineering ACK

During my high school I really loved participating in sports and I’ve achieved it. Also, the thing I would love to achieve in future would probably be a manager in some company.

I achieved the goal of learning audio engineering. My next goal is to master it!

My goal was to become a fashion designer which didn’t happen and am doing petroleum engineering and hope to have a successful life ahead and be proud of what i have achieved :)

I’ve achieved my dream of studying in ACK. My next goal is to be a successful petroleum engineer and work in Kuwait.

@ Summaiyyahishaq

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@ rababzn

Hossam F Jarrah Graphic design AUK

Mohamed Nada Electrical Engineering AUK

Yara Communication AUK

Yousef Electrical Engineering AUK

Khadijah Reekan Business Management ACK

I wrote my very first song and was stunned by how small details can make a big difference. I now wish to create an entire music album.

Passing basic English classes. My next goal is to try passing calculus 1 class which is kind of hard.

Get my life together by finding a job and studying. Also doing well in university.

One goal that I have already achieved is finishing 5 courses with a grade of A and now I’m taking another 5 courses which counts as 15 credit hours so now I have 30 credits, however, I am wanting to achieve A’s in all of them.

The goal I reached this year is changing my lifestyle and my main goal i want to achieve is graduating




Abdullah Buhaimed Graphic Design AUK

Fajer Al Owaish Mass Communication AUK

Ali Marketing AUK

Mohammad Janati Accounting, Management AUK

Fawaz Ashour Business Management AUK

I set a goal for myself during high school to get into university. Now I’m in my fourth year and have even managed to get a scholarship from the government! My goal now is to successfully complete my education and begin my career.

The main goal achieved was the creation of letshelp_kwt. Now I want to master my ballet and open a dance school.

Starting my own business. I want to set up a photography studio.

Helping grow the family business

My goal is to be an successful man in my work. I also want to be a professional photographer.





Khaled W. Hammad Accounting- Finance AUK

Naser Ali Marketing AUK

Younis sabri Electrical engineering AUK

I stopped drinking energy drinks. Now I want to cut down on cigarettes.

Paint a 6x6 meter mural.

The goal I would like to achieve is to get my bachelors degree and do my masters outside of Kuwait so I can gain experience which can help me in the future. My next goal is to start a car business where I can fix and customize cars.



Abdullah Marhaba Accounting and Finance AUK

Shahad AlSamhouri Media Communication and Marketing AUK

One goal that I acheved is starting my new own business. The one that I would like to achive is to complet my education.

One goal I achieved was reading 100 books in 3 months. One goal I would like to achieve is owning my own fashion company.




Meshal Alajmi Oil and gas ACK

Raunaq Chowdhury Business Management ACK

Emmanuel Joseph Computer Engineering AUK

Soniya Rashid Petroleum Engineering ACK

Alaa Albloushi Accounting Tatbeqi

My goal was studying petroleum engineering and now I’m studying it. My next goal is to travel around the world with my friends.

I’m already working in the marketing department of a printing company, and I aim to run multiple business of my own.

I have achieved my goal of reaching final year of computer engineering and now my goal is to finally completely my degree successfully.

To be honest there are many goals that I have set but haven’t achieved yet. At the moment my goal is to finish complete my degree successfully.

My goal was to study something I like and not just study it but actually learn from it and practice it. Now that I am studying what I wanted to, my next goal is to put my knowledge to practice and improve myself further.

@ Bin_7amadd

@ _nnostradamus_




Abdelrahman Computer Engineering AUK

Sarah Alnasrallah Marketing ACK

Nadia Business ACK

Saad Mahmood Ali Business management ACK

Khalid Abu-Hunainah Petroleum Engineering ACK

The one goal that I am proud to have achieved is to make it to university level. The goal that I have now set for myself is to graduate from university and work with a multinational software company.

One of the goals that I’ve achieved is finally promoting my light novel internationally and got an interview in South Korea for the amazing job I did. My second goal is to keep on working on other novels/comics and make it more successful

Helping special needs individuals, and having my own Business.

I have achieved to maintain my relation with everyone in ACK almost with students, instructors and staff. I feel like part of family loved, cared, and sense of human around them. The goal which I want to achieve is to manage emotions in all matters

Making time to read books, even if it is only a few pages/ night and I’m happy that it’s becoming an involuntary habit. My current goal is to finish my degree by spring 2018.

@ abdulrahmansaid_

@ hunainah



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We asked, you voted...


Ali Al-Asousi MIS Kuwait University

Mohammad Alkhiami Accounting AUK

Nora Alhurais Business Management ACK

Rawan Abdalrahman Communication & Media AUK

Ghada Al Sahhaf Business Management AUK






Harshitha Muthreja Business Management AUK

Mohamed Nada Electrical Engineering AUK

Osama Vahid Business Management AUK


@ mohamed_s_nada

Yasmine Kheir Media & Communication AUK

Maryam Business Management AUK



Soud Salem Computer science AUK

Lindsay Information system AUK

@ legend.q8

@ Gomeslindsay

Roghayeh Namak Computer Engineering AUM

Yousef Imam Accounting & Marketing AUK

Mohammed Albarghash Engineering AUM

@ Eng.rukaia



In your opinion, do you believe that majority of the people in Kuwait set goals for themselves?





Abdulaziz Al Mansour finance AUM

Gezlan sabtj Chemical engineering AUM

Hessa Abdullah Electrical Engineering AUM

Hussain Akbar HR AUM

Abdlwhab AlHouti MIS AUM






Adel AlJraied Chemical engineer AUM

Fajer alotaibei Accounting AUM

Sobah Marafie Business Management AUM @sfm_997

Hamad Al Fares HRM ACM

Adel madeed Engineering ACM





Thamer Business Management ACK

Bader Khaldoon Al Attal Business Management ACK

Nadeen Mohammed Business Management ACK

Noor Omar Al Hassan Business Management ACK


Mohammed Mustafa Husain BBA – Computer Application MIT

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Abdullah Arti Marketing AUM @Abdullaharti_


Maytham Alali Human Resource Management AUM

Hadeel Alhindi Electrical engineer AUM

Hasan AlTamimi Mechanical engineering AUM

Ameenah Batta AlMutairi Computer Engineering AUM



@ ab.22x

Sarah Hamad AlBajian Accounting AUM

Fahad Al Mussallam Communications & Media AUK

Shahad alameeri Finance AUM

Najat Dashtii Accounting AUM

Ali Marketing AUM





Layla Business BCHK

Shaikha AlNasser Mechanical Engineer AUM



Asrar Industrial Engineering AUM

Khaled Al-Mutairi Business management ACK @Khalid_almutairi

Abdullah Mohammad Masri Marketing ACK

Emad Alnuaman Mechanical Engineering ACK

Mohammed Naghawi Mechanical Engineering ACK

Bader Accounting GUST




Elissar Business Management ACK @alyssare_

Smow al-foddari Business ACK

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Anything is Possible!

Abbas Qali - Kuwaiti Olympic Swimmer

At 23, Abbas Qali, a Kuwaiti Olympic swimmer is an inspiration to Kuwaiti athletes and swimmers everywhere. Abbas stands testimony to the age old adage, “better late than never.� We spoke to this young man to understand what inspires him to work hard and strive for his goals relentlessly.


Growing up in a full house with five siblings - three brothers and two sisters, it was his elder brother, Zain, who was a constant source of inspiration to Abbas. “Zain himself is a swimmer, and watching him really motivated me.” A recent graduate in the field of Exercise Sports Science from the University of Alabama, it wasn’t until his junior year of college that Abbas decided to become a professional swimmer. “I was once watching the Olympic swim races and that’s when I decided that I was going to start swimming again, not just as a hobby but as a professional athlete. I started nursing the dream to work hard enough to be able to compete at the Olympics someday.” Representing one’s country at the Olympics is every athlete’s dream however Abbas feels that he has been stripped off his dream. “While competing at the Olympics as I watch other swimmers proudly display their country’s flags on their swim caps and I, the Kuwaiti swimmer, from one of the richest countries in the world cannot do that because of the suspension.”

Set achievable short term goals that in the long run lead you to your bigger goals and dreams. With hard work anything is possible.


To find a course that combined his passion for sports with an educational degree was a major challenge for Abbas, however with his degree in Exercise Science he has not only learned a great deal about the human anatomy but it has also helped him develop techniques that he has then incorporated into his swimming style. A typical day for Abbas starts at 5.30 am, wake up, grab a quick snack and be at the pool by 6.00 am for practice. He then practices for two hours. This is followed by breakfast, attending classes and then straight to the weight room for an hour. He then works out for a couple of hours before finally heading home at 5.00pm. Once home, there is dinner and then homework! He heads to bed at 10.30pm where he finally retires for the day. Setting goals is key for Abbas, some of his short term goals include: to set new Kuwaiti records in swimming and participate in international swimming championships whilst long term plans


are to surpass what any Kuwaiti swimmer has ever done, to use his knowledge and experience to help improve the sport here in Kuwait. “To all Kuwaiti swimmers and all the other athletes, if you are willing to put in the work and time, it is bound to pay off in the end.” “We have many talented athletes in Kuwait, however our problem is two-fold, either the athletes do not want to put in the work or the federation is not supporting them enough. It is essential that we understand that hard work can sometimes beat talent. Having said that I must mention that during my preparation for the Olympics I saw a lot of support from my people and for this I am eternally grateful. Although the fact that I did not receive any financial nor spiritual support from the government does hurt me a little, for these I now look towards the International Olympic Committee and the new Kuwaiti Olympic Committee.”

‫حدثنا عن بدايتك في مجال الدراجات النارية؟‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫منذ الصغر وأنا أهوى الدراجات النارية‪ ،‬لكني بدأت بالدخول في‬ ‫المسابقات بشكل رسمي في عام ‪ 2007‬ضمن سباق الكويت‪ ،‬وأنا‬ ‫مستمر حتى اليوم في مشوار البطوالت والسباقات وأطمح للعالمية‪.‬‬

‫أي محترف بأي رياضة أخرى وقد منحتني االهتمام والتقدير الذين كنت‬ ‫أفتقدهما وأحلم بهما‪ .‬وكوني واحد من رياضيي ريد ُبل أشعر بأني‬ ‫تحت مسؤولية كبيرة لتمثيل شركة عالمية تدعم أبطال العالم في‬ ‫مختلف المجاالت‪.‬‬

‫ما هي أبرز البطوالت التي شاركت بها؟‬ ‫كانت البطولة العربية للدراجات عام ‪ 2012‬في دبي من أبرز البطوالت‪،‬‬ ‫حيث شاركت بها جميع الدول العربية وهي البطولة التي فزت فيها‬ ‫بلقب بطل العرب في فئة ال ‪ ،250CC‬كما تم تكريمي من قبل الشيخ‬ ‫منصور بن محمد بن راشد وبحضور الشيخ علي الفواز الصباح رئيس‬ ‫وفد نادي باسل الصباح ميل لسباق السيارات والدراجات‪.‬‬

‫هل تتطلب هذه الرياضة تدريبات معينة؟‬ ‫تدريبات هذه الرياضة في غاية الصعوبة وتتطلب لياقة وتجهيزات‬ ‫ووقت للتدريب خاصة أن الدراجة النارية قوتها ‪ 60‬حصان وتزن أكثر من‬ ‫‪ 100‬كيلو‪ ،‬ومدة السباق ما بين ‪ 20-30‬دقيقة ولذلك على المتسابق أن‬ ‫يمتلك السيطرة على الدراجة النارية‪ .‬هذه الرياضة متعبة وتحتاج إلى‬ ‫تدريبات للمحافظة على مستوى عالي من اللياقة البدنية‪.‬‬

‫وما هي التحديات التي تواجهها في هذه الرياضة؟‬ ‫التحدي الحقيقي واألساسي هو مع نفسي وكيفية تطوير مستواي‬ ‫الرياضي من أجل تقديم أداء أفضل وتحقيق المزيد من اإلنجازات في كل‬ ‫موسم‪ ،‬باإلضافة إلى رسم أهداف جديدة‪ .‬لذلك‪ ،‬أجد صعوبات جديدة‬ ‫كل سنة أكثر من السنة السابقة‪.‬‬

‫يصف البعض رياضة الدراجات النارية بالخطورة‪ ،‬ماذا تقول لهؤالء؟‬ ‫كل الرياضات تعتبر خطرة إذا ما تمت ممارستها بشكل صحيح أو ما لم‬ ‫يتم االلتزام بقواعد األمن والسالمة ونحن بدورنا نحاول من تقليل مخاطر‬ ‫اإلصابة‪ ،‬وذلك بااللتزام بوضع الخوذة الواقية وواقي الصدرو الركبة‬ ‫واألهم من ذلك تعلم الرياضة بشكل صحيح من أصحاب الخبرة إضافة‬ ‫إلى ممارستها بالوقت والمكان الصحيحين‪.‬‬

‫هل تتلقى الدعم الكافي في هذا المجال؟‬ ‫الدعم موجود‪ ،‬ويمكن القول بأنني من أكثر المتسابقين الرياضيين في‬ ‫الكويت الذين يحصلون الدعم ولكن من المؤكد أن رياضة المح ّركات‬ ‫تحتاج لكثير من الدعم للوصول إلى البطوالت العالمية‪.‬‬ ‫وهنا‪ ،‬ال بد من ذكر الدعم الذي توفره شركة ريد ُبل للشباب‪ ،‬باإلضافة‬ ‫إلى األنشطة والفعاليات التي تنظمها مثل «ريد ُبل بر بحر» الذي سيقام‬ ‫في ‪ 11‬نوفمبر وهي أهم بطولة تتمثل في سباق الدراجات الرباعية‬ ‫والدراجات المائية مما يعود بالفائدة على الشباب من حيث ممارسة‬ ‫الرياضات في أماكن آمنة وسأقوم باإلشراف على المسابقة إلى جانب‬ ‫رياضي ريد ُبل وبطل الكويت في الجت سكي محمد بوربيع‪.‬‬ ‫وهناك حدث «ريد ُبل كار بارك د ِرفت» وهو مسابقة النجراف السيارات‬ ‫مما يشجع الشباب على ممارسة ما يحبون في حلبة أمنة تحت نظم‬ ‫وقوانين تجعلهم يطمحون بأن تصبح هوايتهم فن ورياضة بدالً أن‬ ‫تمارس باستهتار‪ .‬إن جميع النشاطات والفعاليات التي تقدمها ريد ُبل‬ ‫تعود بالفائدة على الشباب وتمنحهم األمل في ممارسة الهوايات التي‬ ‫يحبونها‪.‬‬ ‫ما هو حجم الدعم الذي تتلقاه من ريد ُبل؟‬ ‫ريد ُبل تدعمني دعمًا كام ً‬ ‫ال‪ ،‬وعقدي معهم عقد احتراف ك ّلي ال يقل عن‬

‫هل هناك عمر معين لبدء ممارسة هذه الرياضة أو العتزالها؟‬ ‫ليس لرياضة الموتوكروس عمر أو جنس محدد‪ ،‬حيث يمكن ممارستها‬ ‫من عمر ‪ 4‬سنوات لغاية ‪ 60‬سنة لكن الوصول للمستوى االحترافي‬ ‫والبطوالت يتطلب بنية جسدية وتدريبات معينة‪.‬‬ ‫هل ستشارك في بطوالت قريبًا؟‬ ‫أقوم حاليًا بالتحضير للبطوالت التي ستنطلق لغاية شهر أبريل حيث‬ ‫أنه موسم السباقات خاصة في منطقتنا بسبب انخفاض درجة حرارة‬ ‫الجو‪ .‬وستقام البطوالت في دول الخليج من البحرين وقطر واإلمارات‬ ‫والكويت‪ ،‬وهذه السنة لدي هدف جديد وهو المشاركة في أول جولة‬ ‫من بطولة العالم للراليات كروس كنتري‪.‬‬ ‫من هو الرياضي الكويتي الذي تعتبره مثلك األعلى؟‬ ‫ال أستطيع أن أذكر اسم شخص معين ألن هناك الكثير من األبطال‬ ‫الذين أفتخر بهم في الكويت‪ ،‬ومنهم عبداهلل مخلد العتيبي بطل‬ ‫الكاراتيه‪ ،‬وعبداهلل المزين بطل اإلسكواش‪ ،‬و منصور الصفران في‬ ‫رياضة الـ ‪ ،BMX‬وعبداهلل الشطي بطل رياضة الموتوكروس باإلضافة‬ ‫إلى عبداللطيف كريم محترف كرة قدم صاالت‪ .‬هناك العديد من األسماء‬ ‫التي ال يسعني ذكرها كلها إال أنني أفتخر بالعديد من الشخصيات‬ ‫الرياضية في الكويت والخليج العربي‪.‬‬


‫محمد جعفر‬

‫بطل الكويت في رياضة الموتوكروس‬

‫محمد جعفر هو بطل الكويت وريد ُبل للدراجات النارية وتحديدًا الموتوكروس‪ ،‬حقق العديد من اإلنجازات المحلية‬ ‫والخليجية وهو حاليًا يشق طريقه بخطى ثابتة نحو العالمية بفضل مثابرته وموهبته‪ .‬بدأ محمد جعفر بممارسة رياضة‬ ‫الدراجات النارية منذ الصغر وانتقل إلى المجال االحترافي ليرفع اسم الكويت عاليًا في المحافل الدولية‪ .‬التقته مجلة‬ ‫‪ STUDENTALK‬وأجرت معه الحوار التالي‪.‬‬


Let's Help Kuwait Fajer Al-Owaish

Founded in 2014 by Fajer Al Owaish, ‘Let’s Help Kuwait’ is a youth group trying to drive a change in society by lending a helping hand. Inspired by the Holy Month of Ramadan, when the spirit of peace, helping others, and giving is in full drive, Fajer started to actualize her passion for helping others.


If you want change, then you should change.

Intrinsically inspired to help others, Fajer has always wanted to pursue her duty towards society, still young, she was unsure of where or how to begin. This led her to start her own boutique in 2013, where she created and sold various accessories, the proceeds from which went to charity. It was however difficult to both run a business and figure out how to transform this into donations and who these donations should go to or how to reassure customers that their money was actually being used for donations. Creating credibility was one of Fajer’s greatest challenges. Driven by the spirit of giving during Ramadan, and her determination to help other, Let’s Help Kuwait was born. Fajer, with the help of a friend decided to start by creating business literature and social platforms that could help her reach people. Three years later, not only is she successfully running her charitable foundation but has also been a part of various social projects. Let’s Help Kuwait’s first project involved collecting food and distributing it among the needy. Today, they have eight official members and a number of volunteers. They have implemented projects like collaborations with Ox Adventure to donate books to Sri Lanka, hospital visits to patients with simple gifts that add a smile to their faces, providing bracelets specific to the awareness campaigns and a theme for each month dedicated to creating awareness on various social issues. “I remember this one time we had a 1,000 meals to distribute and just five members. All of us worked really hard and were able to fulfill the commitment;

however that incident also taught me how important preparation was for any project to be successful.” In the near future, Let’s Help Kuwait hopes to collaborate with Dar Al Muslimeen community service on projects like beach cleaning, Breast Cancer Awareness etc. Their aim is to involve as many youngsters as possible in order to help and support their endeavors. Currently a mass communications major at AUK, Fajer has a lot on her plate. “Time management is an important area of improvement for me, so that I can to do justice to both my education and Let’s Help Kuwait. I want to use whatever I learn here at university and my experiences to further my social movement.” After starting Let’s Help Kuwait, Fajer found that she has changed for the better. She now had more patience, is calmer and most importantly she thinks she is able to put others before herself.

Tidbits: Hobby: Ballet AUK Student Mass Communication Major Loves driving positive change in her community @letshelp_kwt


Comedy is in my Genes! Muhammed AlKazemi

AlKazemi’s first tryst with comedy was when he started to tell stories of his own, to his friends at the Diwaniya or man cave as he likes to call it. “I don’t like to brag, but I think I have always been funny. That is my thing, I am the funny guy.” Encouraged by friends, Muhammed finally stepped onto the stage at his University, Australian College of Kuwait, in 2011, to explore, what was to then become his career.


Being funny is a gift. You are either funny or you're not! It's not like tennis, where practice can make you perfect.

Having been born in a big family that boasts of a diverse cultural mix, Muhammed Al Kazmi grew up between storytellers. “I have aunts and uncles, who have this unique knack for telling stories. As a kid, I would just listen to them mesmerized. Not only is their style natural, their delivery itself is effortless.” On the recommendation of Basher Al Jazzaf, both a dear friend and a fellow comedian, Muhammed signed up with Al Gas Events. “It was funny how it all worked out. Al Gas events were a comedian short, and that’s how I happened to get on board with them during the volume 2 for ‘that comedy show.’ Like the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan says, “when you want something badly enough the entire universe conspires to get it to you.”” Muhammed is a movie buff, who loves Shah Rukh Khan, Batman and bikes. His ultimate goal is to be Hollywood bound, where the role of villain would be the ideal setting for his dreams. “I am a ‘what if…’ guy. Most of my jokes revolve around outrageous situations and what if they came true.” With a family that doesn’t necessarily understand his career choice and a mother who has never missed a show, Muhammed feels life is all about following your passions, believing in yourself and going for it. “I believe being able to do comedy is a gift. You are either funny or not. It’s not like tennis, where practice can make you perfect. And having this gift I feel obligated to cultivate it. What job in this world after all could be better than making people laugh?”

In his opinion, Kuwait is a tough market for standup comedy. In a country where the audience can at times be conservative, his material has to be carefully crafted. In a time where standup comedy is mostly about relationships, politics and religion, those are the very topics of taboo in Kuwait. “I think that’s what is most challenging about being a standup comedian here, the not having as much freedom as international standup comics do. If you were to take a standup comedian from Kuwait and put him on an international stage, he would have a lot more to offer. Freedom of speech or the lack thereof is our greatest challenge and our biggest advantage.” Although, he is quick to add that the Kuwaiti comedy scene itself is evolving. He believes people are now more receptive of standup comedy both as a career choice and as entertainment. “People used to see standup comedians as clowns, that’s changing now. The industry is growing; there are a lot of comedians popping up every day. It’s good to be right here, right now.” Standup comedy is not all; Muhammed has also done cinema, theatre, voiceovers for animated movies and is currently the Creative Director at Area 65, a multimedia and marketing firm. “Doing standup opened up a lot of avenues for me. It has led me to a whole world of possibilities. From where I see right now, sky is the limit.” Muhammed’s advice to aspiring standup comedians, “Develop your own style, write your own material, and don’t plagiarize. It is amazing, to have this capacity to make people laugh, if you do it, do it well!”


The Cultural Exchange Lebanese Club

This month we caught with the Lebanese Club for a quick chat. From providing an environment for students to let their hair down and have some fun, to creating a platform for cultural exchange, this light hearted club loves food, fun and friends. Here are some quick questions to help you decide if this is a club you should be a part of‌


When was the Lebanese club started? The Lebanese club was started in the fall of 2013. How many members does the club currently have? We currently have 25 members. Does the Lebanese club only accept Lebanese students? No, anyone can join the club. We believe in diversity and also would love for students from other cultures to understand and enjoy Lebanese culture and traditions. How can one become a member of the club?? Interested people can either sign up through AUK’s involvement fair or they can contact one of our executive members.

What kind of events do you organize? How does it help the student body? We organize a lot of events which showcase Lebanese Culture, example the traditional Dabke, Al Sham, Lebnannoqtabein al Gharwalaar. We also organize food events, wherein we try to mix in other cultures, to show students how similar traditions can be a part of two very different cultures. How do you think university clubs like yours benefit the students? They help in creating a light hearted and enjoyable environment, wherein students can get together, get to know different people, exchange ideas and information. This gives the students a good break from academics as well.


All the world's a stage! Young Actors Studio performs at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Young Actors Studio (YAS) is a part of the greater One World Actors Centre, a not-for-profit enterprise that invests its profits into theatrical cultural exchange. YAS has been instrumental in providing young minds in Kuwait with a stage that not only promotes cultural exchange but also helps kids develop essential communication skills.


2016 has proven to be a landmark year for YAS, with their ‘The Blue Box-Memories of the Children of War’ winning hearts internationally. The play which was first premiered in Kuwait under the National Council of Culture Arts and Letters at DAI Yarmouk, went on to receive a 5/5 rating in the bilingual musical category at the Edinburg Fringe Festival this August. Based on the book ‘The blue box’ by Emma Abdullah and adapted for stage by Alison Shan Price, Diana Sfeir and Eleni Price with music composed by Harriet Bushman, the production has carved a position for YAS on the world stage. First started some 17 years ago by Allison Shan Price, the idea behind YAS was to bring kids from varying cultural backgrounds on to one stage. With training courses in Arabic and French theatre, Musical Theatre and Acting for Stage and Screen and Stage Craft, YAS has over the years produced numerous entertainers who are now performing across the globe. “It was a simple idea, to have kids learn how to

communicate through performances. I take great pride in the fact that YAS today in scaling international skies”, said Allison. The stage in Allison’s opinion is not just for aspiring actors, it is for anyone wanting to build confidence, looking to improve self confidence or learning how to take pride in one’s achievements; qualities that help children go a long way in life. “Even after all these years, these young minds do not fail to surprise me. Everyone who comes here has their own style; they bring something original to the stage. Our professional trainers are experts in individual development; their job is to help these youngsters realize their creative talent.” Located at the Yarmouk Cultural Center, YAS is always happy to have young minds join them. Contact them through their website to become a part of this dynamic enterprise that is preparing what we would like to call ‘The stage of tomorrow’!


Connect, Communicate and Collaborate Bader Al Essa, Founder & CEO - myU

In 2013, Bader Al Essa had an interesting idea. He wanted to create a network for university students and teachers across the board that could serve as a tool to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate. Fast forward to 2016, Bader is now the Founder and CEO of myU, an awardwinning school communication and announcement app. myU is quickly becoming a staple for university students and teachers looking to create avenues for sharing relevant academic information in realtime. “We started off with the intention of creating a platform that used the combined forces of mobile communications, social networks and the internet. myU does just that! It is quick, with a user inter phase that resembles a social network and can be accessed anywhere through your phone,” said Bader of his venture. In today’s day and age when the world is constantly trying to move towards paperless communication, Bader feels universities are still attached to traditional methods. As a student, Bader felt his university lacked a system wherein information flow


was effortless both for students and teachers; this communication gap is where he got his inspiration for myU from. The app ensures that students no longer have to miss important announcements and can get in touch with their classmates and teachers all on one very simple network. The myU app, although less formal is a more efficient system. Students and teachers can use the myU app without having to exchange any personal information; all you need is a university email address to sign up. The network then uses the available database to verify new users. “While the app resembles a social network platform, it is actually very private. Users can choose who to interact with and who gets to see what information. From the very beginning we understood

that safeguarding user information and privacy had to be at the core of all our technology development,” said Bader. “In our pilot phase we tested the technology with just three universities, today we have over 39,000 users across Kuwait, Bahrain and KSA,” answered Bader when we asked him about the success of the app. The myU app has so far seen two versions, in the third version, Bader hopes they will be able to extend their services to schools and kids’ parents as well, especially kids who are not old enough to access mobile phones. This he thinks will enable parents to get relevant information without the hassle of remembering roll numbers or extra passwords. Having graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering, Bader’s true passion lies in education. He loves the idea of creating services that can enhance the educational experience. “My engineering degree has helped me greatly in creating this app. It needs an engineering brain to envision information flow and systems, and my passion for education adds fuel to the mix.” Having now worked on myU for three years, Bader says he has in the process really learned to listen. In his opinion, understanding technology is only part of the job, understanding how people interact with technology is crucial to developing a successful communication platform. “We believe

users are the steering wheel of our company,” said Bader when asked how they decide on what kind of updates are required with every version. At myU user feedback is taken very seriously, especially concerning usability and safety. In fact myU appoints student ambassadors at every university who can both encourage more people to use the app, and be available in case issues need to be resolved immediately. The myU app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google play or app store, however if universities choose to, they can extend services by subscribing for additional utilities, eventually making myU their official mode for information exchange. Services like push notifications, email notifications, database information etc. can then be available to the management to better manage information flow. It is Bader’s vision to see myU usage go up to 50 million users in the next 10 years with major expansion plans for the region especially KSA. An admirer of Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba, Bader wants to create something that is universal in its appeal, easy to access and simple to use. An avid lover of sports, Bader also runs the Project 5 miles initiative, which is a group of like-minded youth who enjoy the outdoors and exercise. Through this project Bader hopes to encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles.


Artspace Gypsy it up What you’ll need: * Acrylic Paint (colors of your choice) * Two medium brushes * Water cup * Get-a-Fix material * Towel * Canvas * Mixing Knife

If you are someone who is not very fond of structure and likes to play with colors then this project is what you are looking for. It is simple in technique and can be completed in two hours. Had a tough week, this is ideal to unwind on your weekend.


*Tip: In this art project you will end up using a lot of colors. Every time you add a color to the canvas, allow the get-a-fix to dry before applying the next one, so as to avoid the blending of colors.

Step 1

Step 2

Prep: This fun project is all about being loose, therefore we will not sketch out the portrait with a pencil first. Using black paint begin by outlining the head and hair on your canvas.

Decide on the combination of colors you would like to use for this project. Using a mixing knife place one scoop of get-afix and combine it with your first color. Mix until it has a creamy consistency.


Step 3 Using the knife spread the get-a-fix mixture on different areas of the portrait. When you have completed this you can move on to the next color.

Step 4 When all the colors have been placed in a random fashion use black paint to outline the portrait and fill in the hair color.

Step 5 Pick a neutral color and mix it to paint the background. Add finishing touches using black paint.



We All Can Hop on board the #WeAllCanthisFall movement with American Eagle Outfitters. Join influential figures like Hailee Steinfeld and Yara Shahidi on this journey to self empowerment.

“I can create my future.” – Hailee Steinfeld Meet the faces of the #WeAllCan campaign: Hailee is an American actress and singer, best known for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in the 2010 film True Grit. An Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination, a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and


platinum music video for her debut single “Love Myself” are only some of her accomplishments. All of 19 years old, Hailee, believes in being the master of her destiny. She rocks AEO’s key looks of the season in the #WeAllCan campaign featuring the Bomber Jacket, Plaid Shirt and Destroyed Denim.

Yara likes to stay true to her style. Yara Shahidi may be just 16, but is already known as an award winning actress, humanitarian, scholar, philanthropist and activist. AEO loves how Yara

expresses herself through her passion. Yara likes to borrow from the boys with oversized Bomber Jackets completing her look.


Grooming Keep your skin moisturized and protected This month we picked four no non-sense products for you. Practical and simple to use these products are exactly what your skin needs.


CETAPHIL MEN 3-IN-1 DAILY LOTION Suitable for daily use and for all skin types, Cetaphil is a non greasy, fast absorption moisturizer with no added fragrance. This moisturizer is everything your skin needs!

ANTHONY HAND CREAM This award winning hand cream helps heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands, diminishing tough calluses and healing unsightly cuticles. Smoother handshakes are within reach now.

URSA MAJOR PERFECT ZEN BODY LOTION Indulge your skin with this clean, green, velvety body lotion. Light enough for summer, yet rich enough for winter, this lotion is ideal for smooth seasonal transition.

NEUTROGENA COOLDRY SPORT SUNSCREEN STICK With this sport-strength sunscreen which has a MICROMESH technology to allow sweat to pass through, going outdoors doesn’t need to be tough on your skin anymore.

Gadgets Who Wins?

A quick comparison on features that we think really matter Samsung S7 and S7 edge have pretty much ruled the roost as the best flagship phone for 2016, with iPhone 7 officially out now, who wins – iPhone7 or Samsung S7?

Processor performance: Fast or furious? According to Samsung the S7 has 30% CPU performance uplift compared to its previous generation and a 64% speed enhancement to the GPU. Apple’s iPhone 7 uses the new A10 Fusion chipset with a boosted 3GB of RAM. Apple is promising 1/5th of the battery consumption for around a 40% increase in power. Battery: Yes! You are at college. And no! A plug point may not always be readily available, so battery life is quintessential. Samsung’s gone for a sizeable 3000mAh (S7) and 3600mAh (S7 EDGE) giving you plenty of juice on a single charge where as review tests on the iPhone have shown about an hour or two more than what you could get out of iPhone 6S series. Design & Display: The Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE are quite similar in looks to S6 series, what is additional is the reintroduction of water and dust proofing which is what sets them apart. With the AMOLED tech, the Samsung Smartphone screens make phone viewing a pleasure to the eyes. The iPhone 7 also seems to borrow from the 6S series as far as looks are concerned, however Apple has finally woken up and decided to add

water and dust proofing to its design, much to the relief of its users. A 25% upgrade in brightness and a wide color gamut for more pop surely add to the viewing pleasure. Storage: But first, where do I put all those selfies? Samsung hasn’t exactly pushed the bracket, you can choose from the 32GB or 64GB options, though each does support microSD card expansion. iPhone on the other hand comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options but no microSD expansion. Camera: Finally a phone camera that is good even for the rookie photographers. With a 12MP sensor with an f/1.7 aperture size, optical image stabilization (OIS), dual-LED two-tone flash, and an amazing auto focus, pictures are as easy as point and click. Apple has really upped the ante with iPhone 7 series, with a 12MP sensor, 6-element lens, quadLED True Tone LED flash with flicker sensor (to capture under artificial lighting). The larger iPhone 7 Plus also boasts of an additional dual-sensor setup. Taking everything into consideration what you pick really depends on how you use your phone. May the power of choice be with you!


5 Must Know Makeup Hacks Rescue yourself from those die-hard makeup situations

Do it yourself lip gloss Can’t find the perfect shade of gloss to go with that exquisite eye shadow you just spent 20 minutes perfecting? Then create your own! Just mix those loose pigments from your eye shadow powder with petroleum jelly and apply. Turn a pencil eye liner into a gel eyeliner It’s time to go out, but you want to avoid that thin, hard-to-apply line when using your pencil eyeliner. Here’s what you can do… Take that pencil eyeliner, using a lighter, heat the tip of the pencil for a brief second, and then let it cool for about 15 seconds. Watch as the consistency slowly changes and voila you now have your gel eyeliner! Create the perfect winged eyeliner with a spoon The perfect winged eyeliner has always been a struggle for women kind. Here’s a hassle free step by step. Hold the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of


your eye, draw a straight line around the scoop of the spoon edges, and then flip it to hug your eyelid. Now use the outer rounded edge, and just fill it to create the perfected winged effect. Bring your mascara back to life! We all dread those days when our favorite mascara is all but over, especially if it’s before the recommended 3 month life span. It starts to dry and get all flaky. Don’t fret! We have the perfect ‘solution’, add a bit of saline solution and done! No more dark & puffy under eye circles, triangulate your concealer The triangular effect! No more dotting that concealer under your eyes and then wondering why the dark & puffy look just won’t go away… Start with the base of the triangle directly under the lash line and have it point towards the bottom of your cheek. The brightness is now most powerful under your eye, the face lifted illusion is created. Now go conquer that world!

CERTINA DS Podium Lady Automatic A watch that brings you the best of both worlds A classic lady with a hint of urban mystique is the perfect way to describe the new Certina DS Podium watch. Made with high-quality Swiss ETA automatic movement, its charm lies in the gorgeous detailing like the use of Roman numerals, tapered HM hands and a PVD rose gold bezel. The use of bright mother-of-pearl on the dial face adds a contemporary feeling to this otherwise classic time piece.

Delicately sized, fully-polished at 29 mm 316L stainless-steel case, Certina exists in perfect visual harmony with her brightly polished five-row bracelet, matching twin push-button butterfly closure and a date window, placed at the six o’clock position, for excellent readability. The watch has antireflective coating on both faces and is water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m). The DS Podium Lady Automatic is indeed a fine fusion of timeless classicism and the sophisticated present-day watch making. Available in various versions we are sure you can find the one that suits you best.


Modern, Sporty and Urban

Hamilton flicks the switch for Broadway Its lights on Broadway for Hamilton as the watch brand known for its successful ongoing film career completes its portfolio with a sporty urban line. This resolutely 21st century show of timekeeping prowess, released at Baselworld 2016, is a tip of the hat to the brand’s American roots. It conjures up the spirit of New York’s legendary theatre district.

Broadway is a modern metropolitan design and offers three distinct versions: a 40 mm Day Date Quartz option, a 42 mm Day Date Automatic option and a 43 mm Auto Chrono. These automatic models feature comfortable power reserves ranging between 60 and 80 hours. It’s time to make Broadway yours!


It's time to find those running shoes...

It’s October! That time of the year when the weather starts to calm down, mercury starts its steady decline and finally we can leave the sweaty insides of a gym and head outdoors for a work out. Running groups will be gearing up to go, making it commonplace to spot people moving along at varying speeds along places like the Marina-Scientific Centre promenade, Al Shaheed Park or the Mishref Walkway.


Like every season, the running season comes with its own styles and trends – fancy running shoes, stylish gear and new gadgets are all available to make that running/ walking and in my case crawling experience more a runway event than plain and simple exercise. Quintessential to the running experience are those tiny backpack things which can hold your iPod, bank cards, civil ID, bottle of water, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… because come on, if one is running in real time then one needs to be talking about it in real time as well. One of the biggest challenges of running comes in the form of tiny ears. Nothing is more annoying than head phones popping out of your ears over and over again. The solution? Those wireless headphones or ear pods, the ones you can wear around your ears, which fit snugly and don’t fall out again and again. Because tiny ears is a real first world problem my friend! While we are at it, don’t forget the running clothes? Those tight fitting pants and tank tops, that could put a Catwoman costume to shame. An advertisement on TV even said that snug pants cut through air better because less fabric means less resistance (running is a real science).

And what life is complete without the right apps?!? The ones that can help you track anything from heart rate, to run duration, distance covered and where you can find a pace maker in case the need arises. All that remains now is the right temperature, because one can’t run if it’s too hot, too humid, too windy, or too cold. We should be one with nature but only at optimum temperature! I am at this point reminded of the simpler days in boarding school. When I woke up every morning at 5am and ran the slopes without music and an app for the road map and distance. No technology crutches and no weather excuses, if you didn’t have running shoes you ran in your converse. If it was too hot, you kept yourself hydrated and if it was too cold, you layered to keep warm. Of a time when running was nothing more than putting one foot in front of the other, maintaining a steady heart beat and moving at a respectable pace. Try that this season, won’t you?


What is Pink? A brief background on breast cancer activism and the pink ribbon

It is October again! And before you jump on to the bandwagon and display a pink ribbon, here’s a peak in to the history of the Pink Ribbon Culture. Although breast cancer has been around for a long time, it wasn’t until the late 20th century that it started receiving serious attention. Bourne as a result of influential women who either suffered from breast cancer or witnessed insensitivity towards women who did, breast cancer awareness was started to educate people on symptoms and treatments of the disease. Over the last few decades, breast cancer has received a lot of attention from social activists, women’s health groups, brands and media, so much so that it is one of the most talked about cancers. This discussion has also lead to the birth of what can be called the ‘Pink Ribbon Culture’. It is a pro-doctor, pro-medicine, and pro-mammogram approach to breast cancer and it characterized by attitudes and values like selflessness, cheerfulness, unity and optimism. The pink ribbon which is a prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness is worn either to honor breast cancer patients or show support for the cause. The pink ribbon is associated with qualities like individual generosity, faith in scientific progress, and an optimistic “can-do” attitude. These qualities are what can help breast cancer patients and their families


survive the disease in a healthier manner. However these days, it is not uncommon to spot people displaying a pink ribbon without really understanding its significance. Also known as slacktivism due to its lack of concrete effects, it is more of a feel good activity. This October when you display a pink ribbon, be proud of your own little contribution. Here are some simple ways to make an actual difference: 1.Donate to breast cancer research and awareness programs. 2.Provide emotional support to breast cancer patients and survivors by visiting them. 3.Buy products from companies that donate to breast cancer funding. 4.Talk to women in your family about the importance of breast cancer awareness, regular mammograms and the benefits of early detection. Stay pink, stay healthy!

Land Of Blue Skies Mongolia | Altai Trekking

Mongolia is a destination that should definitely figure on everyone’s travel bucket list. With a rich history and an abundance of natural beauty, culture, mountains and vast deserts, Mongolia is a land that holds many adventures for its travelers. . Located in East Asia between China and Russia, it is supposedly the second 2nd largest landlocked country in the world. The general population of the country is


still largely nomadic following a more traditional lifestyle supported by minimal technology. The people generally live in camps raising herds of horses and sheep for a living. Adventure Travel offers a great conduit for individuals to find themselves and rise to new heights. It connects people, bridges communities and elevates the human spirit. Our adventure began in Bayan Oollgi, a province located in the extreme west of Mongolia.

Traveling, it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller. This is our story‌ We all got together for the love of adventure and exploration. We signed up for the Rahhalah Mongolia trekking trip, with the goal to summit mount Malchin at 4050m. A mountain is a part of the Altai Range in Western Mongolia. The Trip entailed camping in the wilderness every night for 10 days, trekking on horsebacks to reach the base camp. Our trip has left a profound impression on each of us. Here is a window into our thoughts‌

Rabaa Hamad Alhajeri I discovered my passion for traveling about 6 years ago when I met Zed Al Refai, a friend, who introduced me to mountaineering and adventure travel. Since then I have been climbing, trekking, kayaking, running, cycling, surfing, swimming in a various places around the world. So far I have been to like Tanzania, Nepal, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Greece, Turkey and, Italy to name a few. Each year I diligently plan at least 2 adventure trips for myself. I consider adventure travel an education in geography, history, culture and most importantly in humility, perseverance and spirituality. Mongolia offered me one of the most memorable adventures of my life so far. I would strongly recommend it to all my fellow wanderers!

Najat Khaled Al Sayegh

Mais Bassam Al Otaibi

Adventure traveling to me is a great opportunity to disconnect from the world and from my personal your life. Once technology leaves the equation, I feel very connected with nature. It is these instances in life where one can make some of the most important decisions, these are life changing experiences. Adventure travel comes with its own set of challenges because with nature not all things go as planned. But these are the journeys that make one more adaptable and patient.

Words cannot describe the amount of freedom, humility and peace of mind I feel towards while traveling. It is a voyage to unknown lands, seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge and experiences. It will appeal to those who like change and acceptance, both within and without. My advice to my fellow adventurers would be to escape the ordinary and seize the moment, for time shall not wait.

Mongolia is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to; the breathtaking mountains make it one of the greatest destinations to visit. It was an unforgettable experience.


On this trip, I also acquired a deep passion for history. It was amazing to learn about the massive impact the Mongolian empire has left on the world today. In the words of Susan Sontag, “I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!�

Haya Hamoud Alkharafi

Munira Fawzi Alhumaidi

My trip to Mongolia was truly an amazing experience. I benefitted from it both physically and mentally. It helped me develop a new perspective through which I now see the world. I think I am braver and stronger now than I ever was.

I never imagined that climbing a mountain could be such a very spiritual journey. There is something about the height and the pure air that one inhales, it frees your mind and soul. No wonder people keep going back there, its the magic and mystery in the mountains that calls them back.

In Mongolia, there was a lot of hiking and trekking, activities that take a lot from you both physically and mentally. In fact I think it requires more mental strength. Mongolia has made me a better person, someone who finds it easier to cooperate with others. The breathtaking views are something that is unique to Mongolia. In the end, it was the most memorable trips I have ever taken.

It makes you feel fearless and powerful yet humble and in harmony with nature. Through out my journey I learned how to be patient, persistent and grateful; grateful enough, to try my best and to conserve protect our beautiful nature.


An adventure outfitter that provides exhilarating custom trips tailored towards the needs of group travelers either as friends or individuals seeking for new life changing experiences.



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Top 10 English Songs


1 3 5 7 9

Closer – The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

Heathens – twenty one pilots

Cold Water – Major Lazor feat Justin Bieber & MO

Cheap Thrills – Sia featuring Sean Paul

Don’t let me down – The Chainsmokers featuring Daya

Let me love you – DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber

This is what you came for – Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna

Treat you better – Shawn Mendes

Ride – twenty one pilots

Send my love (to your lover) - Adele

2 4 6 8 10

‫أفضل ‪ 10‬أغاني عربية‬


‫‪1‬‬ ‫‪3‬‬ ‫‪5‬‬ ‫‪7‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬

‫اسماء المنور‬ ‫عالمك‬

‫سعد المجرد‬ ‫أنا ماشي ساهل‬

‫اليسا‬ ‫سهرني يا ليل‬

‫تامر حسني‬ ‫عمري ابتدى‬

‫نوال الكويتية‬ ‫مابي أكون الصح‬

‫عمرو دياب‬ ‫ال ال‬

‫ماجد المهندس‬ ‫أنا بلياك‬

‫أحالم‬ ‫حمال اسية‬

‫راشد الماجد واحمد الهرمي‬ ‫الخسران‬

‫عبداهلل طارق‬ ‫جوي مجيد‬

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Celebrities News It's Time to Say Goodbye

Taylor calls it quits

“Brangelina” No More

Tom is back on the market, yay! Another highly publicized and very short lived romance apparently came to an end this month, when Taylor Swift called it quits with Tom Hiddleston. Apparently Taylor blames the break-up on the media scrutiny that the relationship was put under right from its inception, with photos of them being cozy constantly being published. But then who can be blamed? Come on, Taylor! It’s called public affection for a reason! Of course they will remain friends, and maybe this break-up is good for everyone. For one, we know for sure it will translate into new songs for Taylor, and well, Tom is back on the market for us! Photocredit:

In happier times... The love story began while working on set for the movie Mr & Mrs Smith in 2005, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie quickly became the it couple, even known since then as “Brangelina”. The couple, together for 9 years before they tied the knot in 2014, became parents to six children. However, the short lived marriage of two years and long lived “Brangelina” title has come to an end. Chitchat continues to circulate about why the two have discontinued their marriage. Angelina Jolie filed divorce papers only minutes to the courts closing on September 18th, and is said to be leaving Pitt devastated with claims of alleged child abuse against him. Further seeiking joint legal custody, but sole physical custody of their six children, Maddox (15), Pax (12), Zahara (11), Shiloh (10), and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. As the buzz continues, the only thing we can do now is wait to see what the next stop on the “Brangelina” train will be. Will the allegedly child abusive Pitt clear all investigations and see his beloved children again, lose full custody, or even get over the said grief, or will he forever be condemned to a lonely life in front of the big screen? Photocredit:


Taylor swiftly moves on

‫أخبار المشاهير‬ ‫طارق العريان محبوب الجميع!‬ ‫بعد أن أثار خالد الذهبي ابن الفنانة‪ ‬أصالة نصر الجدل لرغبته بالتكنّي‬ ‫حد قوله‪،‬‬ ‫باسم طارق العريان بدالً من اسم ابيه‪،‬‬ ‫لدواع فنية على ٍ‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫تبعته شقيقته شام وسمت طارق العريان أبيها‪ ،‬في معايدتها له‬ ‫بعيد ميالده‪ ،‬وكتبت‪“ :‬أسعد عيد ميالد ألفضل رجل في العالم‪ ،‬الرجل‬ ‫الذي تفهمني وأفضل من فهمني ويعطي مثاالً مهمًا لباقي الرجال‪..‬‬ ‫أنت أبي عن طريق االختيار‪ ،‬والقدوة عن طريق التجربة‪ ،‬أحبك أكثر مما‬ ‫َ‬ ‫يمكن للكلمات أن تصف وتعبر”‪ .‬بدورها وجهت النجمة‪ ‬أصالة‪ ،‬رسالة‬ ‫خاصة لزوجها‪ ،‬بمناسبة‪ ‬عيد ميالده‪ ،‬حيث اعتبرته أبا وابنًا لها مؤكدة‬ ‫أنها‪ ‬ولدت‪ ‬معه من‪ ‬جديد‪ ‬وأنه صديقها الذي تختلف معه كل يوم‪،‬‬ ‫وأشارت‪ ‬إلى‪ ‬أنه بسبب أبنائهما يتشاركان‪ ‬سويًا في كل شيء‪ .‬وكتبت‪:‬‬ ‫“معك‪ ‬ولدت‪ ‬من‪ ‬جديد‪ ،‬وبدأت رحلة لم أكن قد حلمت بها‪ ،‬أنت أبي‬ ‫الذي ال ييأس من توجيهي وأبي الذي يرى كل ما أفعله جمي ً‬ ‫ال وأبي الذي‬ ‫يخاف علي من الناس ومن الطريق ومن ردود أفعال اآلخرين على كل‬ ‫أشكال اندفاعي‪ ،‬أنت صديقي الذي أختلف معه كل يوم وابني الذي ال‬ ‫غنى لي عنه‪ ،‬نم ّر أحيانًا قرب مفترق طريق ونكاد نفترق‪ ‬إلّا أنّنا ال نتعب‬ ‫من‪ ‬المحاوالت‪ ‬مجددًا‪ ،‬ليس بسبب أبنائنا بل ألنّنا أصبحنا معتمدين في‬ ‫المشاركة حتى‪ ‬على استنشاق الهواء”‪.‬‬

‫ّ‬ ‫محطم األرقام القياسية‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫حطم النجم أحمد حلمي األرقام القياسية بعد أن تجاوزت إيرادات‬ ‫فيلمه الجديد “لف ودوران” إيرادات فيلم “جحيم في الهند” لعادل‬ ‫إمام وفيلم “شد أجزاء” لمحمد رمضان‪ .‬ورغم طرح الفيلم متأخرًا‬ ‫عن باقي األفالم المشاركة في سباق عيد األضحى‪ ،‬إال أنه نجح في‬ ‫تصدر قمة إيرادات السينما المصرية‪ .‬وفيلم “لف ودوران” بطولة‬ ‫أحمد حلمي‪ ،‬ودنيا سمير غنم‪ ،‬وبيومي فؤاد‪ ،‬وصابرين‪ ،‬وميمي‬ ‫جمال‪ ،‬وجميلة عوض‪ ،‬وأنعام سالوسة‪ ،‬وياسر الطوبجي‪ ،‬ومن تأليف‬ ‫منة فوزى‪ ،‬وإنتاج وليد صبري‪ ،‬ومن إخراج خالد مرعي‪.‬‬ ‫أرقام أحمد حلمي القياسية بدأت مسبقًا‪ ،‬حيث كان صاحب أعلى‬ ‫إيراد يومي عند عرض فيلمه “بلبل حيران” الذي حقق في أول أيام‬ ‫عرضه ما يقرب من ‪ 3‬ماليين وهو كان بداية تعريف الجمهور فيما‬ ‫يتعلق باإليراد األعلى في اليوم‪.‬‬


2016 Kuwait Football Super Cup sees Great Support from its Sponsors. Kuwait Football Association (KFA) recently held a press conference at Crowne Plaza, Farwaniya, in the presence of its platinum sponsors namely Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait Airways, Viva Telecom, Americana Group and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, to commend them on their support in bringing the Football Super Cup to Kuwaiti sports fans. In light of the current situation that has plagued the Kuwaiti sports arena following the recent ban by FIFA, a new committee has been appointed by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to work on rebuilding the reputation of Kuwait among its peers in the local and international sports federations. Mr. Salah Al Hasawi, KFA Board Member & President of Financial and Marketing committee said, “It is our aim to have the teams ready for when the doors finally open for them to play on international fields again, especially the 2020 Olympic Games. The new KFA members are already utilizing every available resource with an ambition to set things right.�


Tiguan: Compact SUV redefined The sporty and powerful new Tiguan is now available at Volkswagen Kuwait. Packed with cutting-edge technology and offered in five model configurations - S 1.4L, SE 1.4L, SE 2.0L, SEL 2.0L and Sport 2.0L with 220 HP, the Tiguan redefines the compact SUV class. The new model is the first Volkswagen SUV built on the state-of-the-art MQB platform and features new technology like Active Info Display, Adaptive Cruise Control and HeadUp Display. The latest model was unveiled in Kuwait for the first time at the Volkswagen showroom in Al Rai on 27 September at a media event attended by the German Ambassador to Kuwait; H.E. Mr Karl fried Bergner, Mr Ali Morad Behbehani, and VIPS.

KTech Students get the Know-How on University Life Kuwait Technical College (KTech) recently held a student orientation event for their first year students to help them cope with university life better. Dr. Michael Armstrong - Chairman of the English and General Studies, Dr. Yusuf Al Rawdawi – Chairman of the Department of IT, and Professor Wissam Al Harz – Chairman of the Department of Business Administration, all spoke about what students can expect from the academic year while Rawan Al Ballani spoke about campus life. Abdullah Al Fadli, a senior student from KTech also shared his experiences at the university and how his education helped him realize his own dreams, and start his maiden business venture, Jumbo Coffee. The event ended with an excited bunch of first years heading off to pave their paths to future successes.


Are you up for a Challenge? STARTUP KUWAIT recently launched the ‘National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge’ for fall 2016. Participation in the competition gives students access to business exposure, helps enhance entrepreneurial skill set, connects students to a network of mentors who can guide them on pitching their ideas to investors and building their own business. The winning team receives funding for their entrepreneurial venture. The pre-idea generation or introduction sessions and idea generation workshops are going to be conducted in the first two weeks of October. Through the fall semester, participating student teams will receive guidance on how to develop their ideas, market the test ideas, and learn from successful entrepreneurs both from Kuwait and across the region (Jordan, UAE, and Turkey). The finals of the competition will be held in the third week of December. If you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, this could you be chance! Join can STARTUP KUWAIT today, and convert your idea into a semester-long entrepreneurial project. To apply visit



Taurus: Apr 21 -­ May 20

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 This is a month where things really begin to take shape. There is energy, power to create and bring plans to fruition. In general, things will run smoothly.To get the most out of this month you need to have everyone, either family or colleagues onboard.

Libra: Sept 24 - Oct 23 The time for critical decisions and for bringing things that have been problematic or tapering off to a close is right now. Look to conclude any project or activity in your life that is no longer providing value for time or money.


Lately things have been such a whirlwind having you wonder if you’ve lost some perspective. You may find yourself playing the role of confidante or advisor, and as you are in a transitory phase of life yourself, you will have a fair amount of support and advice to give.

Gemini: May 21 ­— June 21

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

It is essential right now to turn the volume from the outside world down and tune inwards and listen to your inner voice. It is also time to give others a voice as people will come to you as they sense that you are receptive to their emotions and able to understand their dilemma.

Work and family life are in conflict this month– events in one will directly impact the other. Your family may be thrust into the limelight because of the work you are doing. You may decide to remortgage your home in order to invest in your business.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 22

Travel and the awareness of new information are Virgo: very important. Aug 23 - Sept 23 You may travel for work or extended You are aiming family occasions. Something you learn for comfort and peace, yet by chance in this you seem to month could give be attracting rise to an exciting new venture – so be complicated circumstances observant and into your life that open to your are making you environment. ill at ease. You Libra Man need a certain His is the sign of partnership, equality, and justice. He will strive to detachment, stay on an even keel, always trying to be objective.A Libran will often and you need to seek to do what he thinks is best for everyone. He believes that develop some you can please everyone all of the time, if you study every possible distance from perspective in any situation. He is a pacifist and dislikes conflict. other’s problems. Libra Women Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, she is tasteful and sophisticated, with an eye for quality, beauty and harmony in all things. Refined and caring, the Libra woman loves everything about romance and partnership. She will constantly work towards improving a relationship.of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance.

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 22 You will seek refuge from the madding crowd – Scorpio is a sign who values seclusion and privacy. Even though you have strong influences from signs like Gemini and Leo you will still need periods of quiet where you keep you own council and enjoy your own company.

Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19 Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 21

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 20

You can be both a motivating and driving force behind others or as part of the team. Teamwork and being part of something bigger and something important is vital to you. This month you are concerned with matters beyond your immediate control.

In terms of your public life, you will have to define your image – perhaps due to your job, you will now have to be more careful of what you put on Twitter or Facebook, or you may have to leave those networks altogether.

You have to grapple with some selfdoubt– you really need to give yourself a thorough pep talk and clamp down any negative voices in your head.

Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20 You may have to defend and fight for your values – issues of principle are on the line, and you will not want to back down, although you will have to make some compromises. Sharing with others can cause you some anxiety, and you will have to endure a degree of imposition on your territory in some way.

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Favorite cuisine: Japanese Favorite sport: UFC & MMA Favorite color: Black Favorite vacation destination: USA


k I thin sor, s e i f n c. a pro r mecha n e e a b amac my f I not een h b t i e Had w t av ars. m no uld h my c nIa I wo n e o h k or ct w to w In fa like I , y il

Studentalk #182 - October 2016  
Studentalk #182 - October 2016