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Ahmed Al Majed Through sports I met new friends, traveled the world and did things I never dreamed of doing like: Summiting mountains, running marathons, and cycling between countries










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Editor’s Letter Dear Students, For the love of knowledge, I keep getting myself involved in various workshops, seminars and lectures. Yes, believe it or not, as you grow older your hunger for knowledge grows as well! Even if at this stage of your life you feel like the last thing you want to do is pick up a book and read, the older you get the more knowledge will fascinate you! My knowledge of astrology was restricted to knowing my horoscope sign, reading it every time I open a magazine, even my own!! Yes, like you, like everyone, I do read my horoscope!!! So when I heard of a workshop that will shed some light into a better understanding of how planetary movements can affect our human behavior, I eagerly signed up. Though my knowledge has surely been added on, the workshop only served to remind me of how little I know on the subject and how vast this subject is! Shall I delve more into this endless universe? Or shall I stick to reading my horoscopes? Well, at least now I know where the planets were positioned when I was born and I know that not only do I have a sun sign but a moon sign as well!!! And that was thanks to the Lilly’s! Till next issue, Just remember, knowledge is indeed power Zeina Mokaddam





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Students Interviews Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. George Washington How do you choose your friends? Have your friends failed you or do you believe you chose well?

-I don’t choose my friends but when I meet someone and feel that we have the same interests I get encouraged to become their friend.

-I usually don’t choose my friends. I believe that accidents can make friendships last forever. After that, you can filter them and choose the best.

-Well, years ago one of my friends failed me but now I think carefully before choosing my friends. I love my friends so much.

-Yeah! There is always a black point.

Reham Yousef 19 Finance GUST

Alla Eddin Al-Chalabi 18 Computer Engineering AUK


Onl -I choose them after I get to know them well.

-I don’t choose my friends, I make friends with everyone.

-No one chooses well at the beginning, but after we get to know them it depends on their personality and manners. Ahmed Ali 19 Business Management ACK



we ans

-No, I believe my choices are good.

Sara Ahmed Sharara 19 International business GUST

Students Interviews

-I choose my friends based on how tolerant they are and how loud they are! I don’t like to part of the “quiet group”.

-Based on their morals and the way they think. - No one is perfect every one makes mistakes but we should learn from it. I believe in my choices but people are different. Tarek Al- Sherhan 18 Mechanical Engineering ACK

-Oftentimes, because as much as I love them, they take advantage of me but I turn a blind eye. Most of my friends offer something in return, so its usually win-win. Sarah Raji 17 English Literature AUK -We choose friends based on their actions towards us. -Some of them are good and others are not.

-I don’t choose my friends, but when I meet someone I follow my feeling. Also, they have to be honest, have morals, and when I need them I find them by my side. -No I believe I choose well because when I choose my friends I choose wisely. Ahlam Musa 22 Computer Science GUST

Hamad Ramadhan 20 Management ACK

-My friends have the same interests that I have so we spend time together doing what we love. -I guess some of my friends failed me. On the other hand, I still have good friends. Yousef Al-Houti 18 Civil Engineering ACK




we ans

Students Interviews

-Sense of humor is a must when I choose a friend. -I believe I choose well.

-Their behavior. -I believe I choose well.

Kawtehr Ashkanani 19 Business ACK

Ahmed Al Khaldi 18 Marketing GUST

-It depends on their personality.

-It doesn’t matter where they are from, what language they speak or what religion they follow, it depends on their manners, loyalty and friendship.

-I believe that I choose well. If one of my friends failed me one day then I guess it is their loss.

-A very few have done such a thing, but I just got over it. Choosing your friends is extremely important. Mahmoud Fawzi 20 International Business GUST

Abdulrahman Alwadi 19 Electronics and Communication Engineering ACK

-I choose my friends according to qualities that I find compatible with my own personality. I make sure that we have common likes and interests and that we have similar values and beliefs. -I am very careful about choosing my friendships, which is why most of friendships in life are successful. My friends are all loyal and have never failed me.

Noor Kassem 18 Communications AUK


Onl 18-19


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Students Interviews

-I choose my friends by their sense of humor and by the way they think and also by their personality.

Anwar Al Fadel 19 Engineer (Oil and Gas) ACK

-I have chosen well. Himdellah all of my friends are perfect! Love you guys! 4ever and always Ehda’a 7ag: Koko, Hudhud and moon!,*




we ans

-I choose my friends according to their personality, interests, their way of thinking and their morals.

-I don’t choose my friends they choose me, and I find out if they are good to me or not.

- However, I tried to trust my choices but there are some people who make me doubt them.

-My friends never failed me. Allaa Al- Tom 18 Oil &Gas Engineering ACK

Eissa Al Ali 19 Business ACK

- I believe a friend is the mirror which reflects me and shows me what is wrong in my personality. That way I choose my friends according to their personality.

-I choose my friends in a different way, but I always try to find individuals who are honest, faithful and supportive. -I think I’ve chosen good friends in my life, because I’ve never felt a friend failed me in a major way. Abdullah Abdul Mohsen 29 Computer engineering AUK


- I trust my choices.


nsw a e in Onl

Shady Kotiet 21 Civil Engineering KU

Students Interviews

-My friends have been around for a long time, since childhood.

-I don’t choose them, they choose me. -My friends never failed me.

-No, I have good long lasting friends.

Salma Shubair 20 Finance GUST

Hikmat Gorase 21 Civil Engineering ACK

-I choose them according to their characteristics, behaviors and of course their personalities. -Yes, I believe I choose well.

-I don’t choose friends, but the ones that make my life a lot happier, stand by me, and tease me are the ones that I call my friends. -Yes, sometimes. Ghanema Al-Muzayian 19 International Business GUST

Zaina Ibrahim Mohammed 18 Business Administration GUST


Onl -Based on their age, background, honesty, friendly interaction, and supporting attitude. -Yes, many sadly.

Faiyea Al mousharji 25 Finance AUK



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Campus’ life

Memories of a Lifetime...

AUK Hosts Persian Art Week The American University of Kuwait hosted a Persian Art Week where prominent Iranian Painter and Photographer Mr. Hassan Meshkinfam visited the AUK campus. Mr. Meshkinfam participated in several different events and activities including visiting art classrooms, holding a workshop for AUK art students and had a permanent photography and painting exhibition in AUK’s 5th floor of the Liberal Arts building. The renowned artists interacted with many AUK art students, who benefit from his great experience when he held a critique of student artwork. Mr. Meshkinfam also held a watercolor workshop which was very well received with many student participants. The workshop was extended an hour to accommodate the influx of student participants. The highlight of the week was the main lecture titled ‘Contemporary Persian Art and Design’, where Mr. Meshkinfam discussed trends in Persian painting. This lecture, which was open to the public, also included AUK faculty members Professors Maryam Hosseinnia, William Andersen and Dr. Gholam Vatandoust.


AUK Hosts 6th Annual International Week The American University of Kuwait’s Office of Student Life organized its 6th Annual International Week from March 6-10, 2011. International Week was a collaborative undertaking which had numerous and diverse events, such as The Diversity Fair, The Women Empowerment Workshop, the Globalization and the Changing World Forum, cultural food, traditional arts and clothing, and a Mini Football World Cup Championship. These events support the mission of the Office of Student Life by celebrating cultural diversity to reflect current issues in the world and by providing personal development opportunities for students. The program was executed in association with AUK clubs and organizations such as the International Club, Hope Club, L.E.A.D Program, and MUNAUK. A number of volunteer students joined forces with the Office of Student Life on the diverse events that the week offered.

GUST opens the borders between Classical and Arabic Pianos The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) held an open music recital entitled: The Open Borders of Piano Arabic and Classical which consisted of a medley between both Arabic and Western music. GUST Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences & Humanities Department Dr. David Miller, the organizer of this event, welcomed the three pianists Dr. Sahar Mulhem, Dr. Bartyk Rybak and Dr. Ilgez Royanov expressing his delight at welcoming them to the university. Dr. Sahar Mulhem was the first pianist to perform after her speech thanking GUST for their hospitality and Dr. Miller for inviting them to perform at this auspicious venue. Dr. Mulhem beautifully performed pieces by Lebanese composer Abdalla Elmasri, Kuwaiti composers Amer Jaafar and Rashida Ibrahim and Syrian composer Dia Succari. Following her solo performance, her colleagues Dr. Bartyk Rybak from Poland and Dr. Ilgez Royanov from Uzbek joined her on stage where they performed two delightful four-hand piano pieces. All the performers and composers of the pieces played throughout the night are professors in the Music Education Department in the College of Basic Education in Kuwait. It was truly a magical evening where the music was flowing through the auditorium giving off great vibes all around.


“The Open Borders of Piano - Arabic and Classical which consisted of a medley between both Arabic and Western music�

The Australian College of Kuwait Participates as a Sponsor in Proud to be Kuwaiti The Australian College of Kuwait announced its participation in the infamous Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2BK) exhibition taking place from the 15th to the 20th of March 2011. Expecting approximately 45,000 visitors each year, ACK showed a high interest in taking part in this massive event and forming a mutually beneficial partnership with P2BK, since visitors mostly include youth—ACK’s main target. ACK mentioned that the purpose of its participation in P2BK is derived from the fact that it is keen on supporting young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and positioning itself as a feasible option for a wide range of the Kuwaiti market. Furthermore, the college harbors a unique group of students who have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs and inventors throughout their journey at ACK. Therefore, the college strives to obtain opportunities to proudly show its students’ capabilities and potential to the public. Throughout the P2BK event, ACK representatives were positioned at the booth to answer any questions or concerns individuals had about the college including the diploma and bachelor degree majors it offers, auspice partners it deals with, admission requirements, and more. Apart from having a booth at P2BK, ACK also showcased some of the unique and wonderful work of its students and staff members including Mr. Abdul Hameed AlRifai’s (Corporate Aviation Manager at ACK) selfmade motorbikes and various engineering students’ hand-made go-carts. The Australian College of Kuwait is proud of its internal and external accomplishments and its development throughout the years. The college strives to be the prime leader in Kuwait’s education sector and achieve constant success.

‫ألف مشارك في ماراثون إجناز‬ ‫قال مؤسس مشروع اجناز للشباب عبدالرحمن‬ ‫الرشيدي ان املشروع نظم ماراثونا رياضيا للمشي‬ ‫حتت رعاية رئيسة مركز سمو والراعي الرسمي الجناز‬ ‫شباب الشيخة اسماء سلمان في شارع جامعة‬ ‫الكويت في الشويخ‪ ،‬وذلك من خالل جمع كل شرائح‬ ‫الطلبة الطموحني وقطع مسافة كبيرة مشياً على‬ ‫االقدام‪.‬‬ ‫و اضاف الرشيدي أن مشروع «إجناز شباب» هو‬ ‫أكبر مشروع تدريبي لدعم الشباب الكويتي‪ ،‬وذلك‬ ‫بالتعاون مع احتادات الطلبة والروابط الطالبية‪ ،‬مشيرا‬ ‫الى انه حضر املاراثون الف شاب وشابة من جامعة‬ ‫الكويت‪ ،‬مؤكداً ان فكرة املاراثون تقوم على أساس‬ ‫ان يغير الشباب الكويتي من نفسه‪ ،‬حيث يهدف‬ ‫املاراثون الى توصيل رسائل للتنمية الذاتية من‬ ‫خالل حتقيق االهداف والعطاء وربط هذا االجناز باملتعة‬ ‫والتحدي‪.‬‬


‫بحضور و رعاية الزين الصباح و مشاركة الوطن‬

‫إعالميني و فنانني يشاركون‬ ‫في اليوم اإلعالمي لكلية‬ ‫بوكسهل الكويت‬

‫حتت رعاية و حضور الشيخة الزين الصباح رئيسة شركة إيجل‬ ‫فيجن اإلعالمية و مشاركة دار الوطن و عيادة امليدان ‪ ،‬نظمت‬ ‫كلية بوكسهل الكويت للبنات (‪ )BHCK‬اليوم اإلعالمي األول‬ ‫للكلية (‪ )Media Day 2011‬وسط مشاركة عدد من اإلعالميني‬ ‫والفنانني الذين لبوا دعوة الكلية للمشاركة في فعاليات‬ ‫اليوم اإلعالمي الذي إحتوى معرض من أعمال طالبات الكلية‬ ‫و مشغوالتهم باإلضافة لتواجد عدد من املؤسسات اإلعالمية‬ ‫املشاركة في الفعالية كما مت تقدمي مجموعة من احملاضرات‬ ‫اإلعالمية للطالبات‪.‬‬ ‫في البداية حتدث اإلعالمي يوسف كاظم عن اإلعالم اإللكتروني‬ ‫و ما ميثله اليوم من ثورة إعالمية كبيرة يهتم بها اجليل اجلديد‬ ‫املولع بالتكنولوجيا في العصر احلديث و كيف أن هذه اإلعالم‬ ‫اإللكتروني قام بكسر احلدود اجلغرافية و فتح فضاءات أوسع في‬ ‫مجال احلرية اإلعالمية و تعدد الوسائط و تواصل اجملتمعات و‬ ‫أن سرعة األخبار و تدفق الرسائل اإلعالمية بات بحاجة ملواكبة‬ ‫أكثر في ظل التفاعلية التي يتميز بها هذا النوع من اإلعالم و‬ ‫وسائله اخملتلفة‪.‬‬ ‫أكادميية الوطن‬ ‫من جانبة حتدث مدير العالقات العامة بدار الوطن مشاري البدر‬ ‫عن مشروع أكادميية الوطن اإلعالمية و التي إستطاعت خالل ‪4‬‬ ‫سنوات مضت من تقدمي جيل جديد من الشباب الكويتي املولع‬ ‫باإلعالم مبختلف جوانبه من الصحافة و التلفزيون و العالقات‬ ‫العامة باإلضافة إلى ما قدمته من فرصة إلكتساب اخلبرات و‬ ‫صقل للموهبة و تغيير في شخصيات املتدربني الشباب خالل‬ ‫فترة األكادميية في فصل الصيف حيث عكفت الوطن على‬ ‫إحتضان مواهبهم و توجيهها في ما يعود عليهم بالنفع ‪،‬‬ ‫مشيرا ً إلى أن االكادميية في عامها اخلامس سوف حتمل‬ ‫العديد من التطورات على صعيد املواد التي سوف يتم تدريب‬ ‫الطلبة عليها باإلضافة إلى الفرص املتاحة لهم بعد إنتهاء‬ ‫فترة التدريب إذ تتاح لهم فرص العمل في قطاعات اإلعالم‬ ‫اخملتلفة داخل دار الوطن من خالل صحيفة و تلفزيون الوطن‬ ‫أو الوطن اإللكترونية أو أي من إداراتها اخملتلفة‪.‬‬


It’s all about the Art of Persuasion GUST website awarded Best Interactivity Award for Kuwait The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) website received the 2010 Education Web Award for Best Interactivity for the State of Kuwait. The award was granted by Education Web Awards, a member of Pan Arab Web Awards, in a ceremony held on Thursday, March 10, 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Taher Mohammad Ali, Application Manager at the Information Technology Department at GUST, along with Dr. Mona Al-Ghais, Head of the Cultural Office at Kuwait Embassy in Lebanon, were present to receive the award on behalf of GUST and the State of Kuwait. The GUST website received this prestigious award based on their excellent reviews through all award criteria including: concept and creativity ease of use and navigation, content and structure, visual design solutions and aesthetics and interactivity. The Education Web Awards Competition was launched with the support of Pan Arab Web Awards Academy. The importance of this competition resides in being a tool to enhance the construction and development of Arab Education websites and aims at fostering an Arab education community that encourages communication and interaction in the Arab region.

Dr. Zakir Naik: Are the Quran and Modern Sciences Compatible? The Gulf University for Science and Technology was graced with a visit from Dr. Zakir Naik, a renowned orator on Islam and Comparative Religion, to assess the lasting debate between the concepts of Religion and Science and was met by an eager audience and a warm welcome from GUST’s Assistant Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Ibrahim Emran. In order to draw on how the debate between religion and science does not refer to the two concepts as mutually exclusive, Dr. Naik opened with a quote by Albert Einstein saying, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This quote interwoven with the speech, shed light on how religion and science are not independent of each other, but are derived from another. 30-31

GUST in collaboration with Al-Watan Daily kicked off their 6-session program led by GUST professor Dr. John Hayes. The program combines people from all walks of life, GUST students, high school students and even parents and business owners! Dr. John Hayes opened the session with primary examples of persuasive people, their role in the world and how we can become one of them which in itself taught you that you don’t need to have a lot to be one of the most persuasive people out there. Most of the session was dedicated to a DISC analysis of the audience. An analysis test was handed out to everyone and which determined if they were a Dominant personality, a Influencer personality, a Steady personality or a Competent personality. There were no wrong answers. The audience was divided between all personalities and they got an in-depth look into their known strengths, weakness and needs – which they all agreed were eerily true! Dr. Hayes pushed and probed the audience to look deeper into themselves, so they can improve and become the persuader they all want. And this personality test was the first step, because if you know yourself better, you can better judge the person you are trying to sell something to and therefore increase your chances of success! The program will continue every Monday night at 6pm until April 18th.

Kuwait’s Got Talent

Through sports I met new friends, traveled the world and did things I never dreamed of doing like: Summiting mountains, running marathons, and cycling between countries.

Ahmed Al Majed

If today's younger generation is seeking a role-model, then they need to look no further than Ahmad Al Majed. It's hard to believe now during his teenage years he was over weight and unfit. Determined to change his life he started exercising and learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. Today his passion has also become a succesful business, one where he has inspired and influenced the lives of many others. Let's meet Ahmed Al Majed.

style to a better one. So 1 started to lose weight through exercising specifically cycling. I lost a lot of weight while I used to spend 3 hours every day on my bicycle. After 7 months of continuous training, some of my friends offered me an opportunity to participate in Kuwait’s first cycling race my first reaction was “No Way!”, partly because I wasn’t very competitive, so I didn’t like a challenge as I lacked the confidence to compete.

Ahmed, How would you define the word sport from your perspective? This Question sounds simple enough, but the answer can be as complex as a puzzle. So to simplify it, sports mean everything to me, sports is the reason I’m answering this question today, it completely altered my life and changed me as a man and gave me the chance to discover what lies beyond my human abilities.

But after a few days something happened and I decided to take part in the race. i was pretty nervous but surprisingly on the day of the race I took the lead from start till the finish earning me a first place win. I stood on the podium and they handed me that golden trophy along with the prize (money) and everybody was clapping for me. Until today I cannot explain how I felt at that moment, but I realized that I have the potential and I might be a better athlete if I kept doing what I did so since then I have changed, becoming a person with aspirations, dreams & achievements. Today I feel like I can do anything.

I met new friends, traveled the world and did things I never dreamed of doing like. Summiting mountains, running marathons, and cycling between countries. If you had told me this would be my present back then, I would have never believed you, but thankfully it is now my present and what I hope to be my future as well. How did you start and when? I started back in 1999 when I felt that my life became monotonous, as a Kuwaiti my life was literally planned and given. I’m not complaining, but the way I lived had led me to being an unhappy man for I was an obese smoker who loved KFC which meant health wise I was a disaster, at some point I decided to change my life 32-33

What experience would you say, had the most impact on your life? Well I have to say I’ve been through a lot in the past couple of years that could fall under this category. But the one experience that has left the biggest impact was the decision to quit my well-paid job in a reputable bank, to pursue my masters in sports management in one of the toughest universities in Switzerland studying a specialty that still fails to see recognition by the Kuwait ministry of higher education. It was a huge risk because I had to support myself and learn to be completely independent, I blew through my savings in order to finish

my masters. When I finished I realized that I wanted to start my own sports management company and with supportive partners, I did. Not only that, but my masters degree also gave me the opportunity to become a teacher at GUST and this allowed me to share my knowledge and experiences with young students who have similar aspirations. I have taught more than 430 students in my short-term period as a teacher and I look forward everyday to teach many more as it is one of the most rewarding jobs one can ever have. What do you consider your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement so far was finishing a full ironman triathlon, it included a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike followed by a full marathon run. When I first started in triathlon I remember thinking how can people do a full ironman it looked like an impossible thing to do, but then I trained and worked hard and with the support of my friends and family, I was able to finish one of the toughest races of my life and today I can tell you that I would gladly do it again for it has taught me a great lesson, it has taught me to keep going even when my body was screaming at me to stop, it has taught me to never give up! The joy of crossing that finish line lasts a life time. You are the Founder of The 3 Club; can you tell us what is The 3 Club? The 3 club is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to spread the benefits of this sport, this sport that changed me, and by creating the 3-triathlon club. with my partner who shares similar passions to mine. We get to do that, we get to see lives changing, day by day as more and more of our members discover the power of triathlon and the impact it bestows on their lives. What is triathlon? Triathlon is a fast-growing sport consisting of three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. However, in reality triathlon is much more. Triathlon is commitment, self-confidence, knowledge, optimism and achievements.

Ironman Germany 7th of July 2008

How many competitions did you participate in? Honestly, I don’t remember I lost count after my 50th but I have more than 62 medals so go figure. What Kind of bike do you prefer to use? That is an easy question, you see aside from my love for triathlon, I also have an unquenchable passion for bikes, and I am the official authorized retailer of the leading bicycle brand in the world “Trek Bikes” which I sell at my stores “Extreme sports” currently we operate from 2 branches one in Salmiya Hamad al Mubarak street, and one in AlTilal complex, Shuwaikh. So without a doubt I’d say that I prefer using bikes from trek and currently I’m using their latest speed machine, called “Speed concept 9.9”

Barcelona Garmin Triathlon October 2009

How would you describe the Sport in Kuwait? Well If I had to use one word I’d say “Growth” I think Kuwait has an amazing potential and slowly its being realized. People are more aware now and they actually care about performance and achievements. So I’m hopeful that one day Kuwait will become a sports hub. What would you like to say to STUDENTALK readers who wish to become more athletic and incorporate sports in their daily life? Well I would like to say one thing “Start” and see the difference, why do you have to sit behind and read stories like you’re reading mine, when you can go out there and make your own story, hopefully a story that we’ll get to read one day! Go on .. start and make it happen to your life! Woohoooooooo!!!

On The Summit of Mount Elbrus 2010

Kuwait’s Got Talent

My job as D.O.P is to create my own stories by my own rules no matter what the scenario is...

Is this your first time as a D.O.P (Director of Photography)? As a D.O.P yes, but as a photographer I have some background about it because it is related to what I do every day. I like making movies and working with the camera. How did you find the experience as a filmmaker? Filmmaking in Kuwait will rise to the extent that makes every Kuwaiti citizen proud. This opportunity was a dream come true for me and it was great working with the crew and the director.


Who helped you in this movie? My colleague Yousef Al-Malek saw my talent “ if we can call it that “ and he encouraged me to participate and give myself a shot. I went to cinemagic and met an amazing crew that helped me with everything. What is the story about? As a D.O.P I’m much focused on how to produce a beautiful

There will be a cinema industry in Kuwait that will be created by a new generation of filmmakers raised by cinemagic

Ibrahim, introduce your self to STUDENTALK readers please: Well, my name is Ibrahim Bader Al Mutawa. I am currently majoring in English at GUST and an employee at GUST’s Multimedia Department as a photographer, I am also a big fan of Real Madrid Football Club.

picture to the people, So whatever the stories are I’m responsible to create an image that complements the story given to me, My previous film included a thriller scene which was challenging at first but worked out in the end. Where did you decide to shoot the movie? Kuwait has many wonderful places, I’m planning to shoot the movie in a place that goes well with the story, What kind of camera do you use? The red camera that is given to us from cinemagic. What is the length of the movie? 5 to 10 minutes approximately, Did you get any help from Cinemagic? As I mentioned before, they were of great help to me. They gave me the courage to give myself a shot, they did their best to help me, and I find this competition very interesting putting in mind that cinemagic’s team are giving the same advantages I have to every participant. Who are your favorite directors internationally and locally? My favorite director internationally will have to be Darren Aronofsky. In addition, my favorite local director is Abdulaziz Al Mansor (R.I.P).

I find the competition very interesting putting in mind that cinemagic’s team are giving the same advantages I have to every participant

What is your next step after the Cinemagic Competition? I will make some short movies with a lot of young Kuwaiti filmmakers and we will try our best to get experience and start making long movies. Where do you get your inspiration from? I am inspired by the books I read in addition to the experiences I have been through in my life. Where do you see Kuwait’s Cinema in 5 years? There will be a cinema industry in Kuwait that will be created by a new generation of filmmakers raised by cinemagic and they will take the Kuwaiti cinema to the top again; I hope we will live to see that moment.

FINANCIAL Technical Analysis 1

WHAT IS TECHNICAL ANALYSIS? It is the study of past financial market data, primarily through the use of charts, to forecast price trends and make investment decisions. Technical analysis is concerned only with the actual price behavior of the market or instrument, based on the premise that price reflects all relevant factors before an investor becomes aware of them through other channels. analysts (technicians) identify non-random price patterns and trends in financial markets and attempt to exploit those patterns. While technicians use various methods and tools, the study of price charts is primary. Technicians especially search for archetypal patterns, such as the well-known head and shoulders reversal pattern, and also study such indicators as price, volume, and moving averages of the price. Many technical analysts also follow indicators of investor psychology (market sentiment). The goal of technicians is to forecast movements in price and magnitude such that large gains from the correct predictions are enough to offset more numerous but smaller losses from incorrect predictions, leading to a positive return in the long run through proper risk control and money management. Unlike the fundamental analysis, study of economic factors that some analysts say can influence prices in financial markets, pure technical analysis holds that prices already reflect all such influences before investors are aware of them; hence the study involves the price action alone. Some traders use technical or fundamental analysis exclusively, while others use both types to make trading decisions.

Principles of Technical Analysis

Technicians believe that profits can be made by “trend following.” So, if a stock price is steadily rising (trending upward), a technician will look for opportunities to buy this stock. This is why technical analysis is concerned more with where prices are moving (the direction or chart pattern), instead of why prices are moving (e.g. poor earnings, difficult business environment, poor management, or other fundamentals). Until the technician is convinced this uptrend has reversed or ended, all else equal, he will continue to own this security. To that end, technical analysts anticipate the various patterns on a price chart and take positions according to the expected pattern. Technicians apply tools (more detailed technical tools will be addressed next issue) of technical analysis to decide when the trends and patterns have begun, peaked, reversed, etc. and accordingly will build their expectations for the future trend. Based on the technicians’ beliefs, technical analysis data can be interpreted in several ways. For example, most technicians may agree on the importance of crossing a certain point, however, they may not agree on the way to act upon fulfilling the requirement. Still it is best to know that they all agree on the same action of buying or selling a stock. Technical analysis may be at odds with fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis maintains that markets may misprice a security and, through various methods of fundamental analysis, the “correct” price can be calculated. Profits can be made by trading the mispriced security and then

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waiting for the market to recognize its “mistake” and re-price the security. In contrast, a technical analyst is not interested in a security’s “correct” price, only in price movement. Market action discounts everything - The purpose of technical analysis is to interpret the signals generated from market price action. Technical analysts believe that because all relevant information is already reflected by prices, it is redundant to do fundamental analysis - including a study of micro fundamentals and global factors like economic and political news. If such factors affect a financial instrument, the price will tell. History tends to repeat itself - Technical analysts believe that investors collectively repeat the behavior of the investors that preceded them. To a technician, the emotions in the market may be irrational, but they exist. Because investor behavior does repeat itself so often, technicians believe that recognizable (and predictable) price patterns will develop on a chart. Technical analysis is not limited to charting, yet is always concerned with price trends. For example, many technicians monitor surveys of investor sentiment. These surveys gauge the attitude of market participants, specifically whether they are bearish or bullish. Technicians use these surveys to help determine whether a trend will continue or if a reversal could develop; they are most likely to anticipate a change when the surveys report extreme investor sentiment. Surveys showing overly bullish, for example, are evidence that an uptrend may reverse - the premise being that if most investors are bullish they have already bought the market (anticipating higher prices). And because most investors are bullish and invested, one assumes that few buyers remain. This leaves more potential sellers than buyers, despite the bullish sentiment. This suggests that prices will trend down, and is an example of contrarian trading.

His Grooming

OPEN MINDS. FREE SOULS BOSS ORANGE. THE NEW FRAGRANCE FOR MEN FEATURING ORLANDO BLOOM After women’s fragrances Boss Orange from 2009 and Boss Orange Celebration of Happiness from 2010, Hugo Boss launches the first men’s fragrance of the Orange collection - Boss Orange for Men, expected in January 2011. Boss Orange for Men is announced as a powerful scent that embodies free, optimistic and joyful spirit of a man. That man is passionate, casual, spontaneous and relaxed. The composition is intensely spicy with notes of fresh apple, vanilla, warm incense and exotic African Bubinga wood. The brand chose the actor Orlando Bloom for their campaign, as his appearance, his style, personality and cool attitude perfectly embody the image of the Boss Orange brand. The campaign is shot by the photographer Steven Klein. “Boss Orange is a brand I immediately identified with because it has a laid back, spontaneous quality I relate to,” said Orlando Bloom.

Look Book - For Him

Desigual SS 2011 More for Less

Now each garment will be much more important, moreunique and more valuable. More for less originates from this highly powerful point of view: it’s about appreciating what we have much more and enjoying it to the max, in an intelligent and sustainable way. Desigual aims to transmit all this through a responsible and complicit message, stemming from a proposal faithful to the core elements of its work: color, joy, and energy - still created to the highest design and quality standards. The entire More for Less range revolves around the idea of enjoying life to the max with the bare essentials. More is more design, it’s moreessence. More is more rigor, more satisfaction, more exclusivity.It’s choosing the minimum, opting for less and enjoying it more.






Desigual Desigual

Desigual Desigual



Desigual Desigual


‫نظارات النور‬

Main Branch Salmiya - City Centre Salmiya - Kuwait Magic - Sultan Salmiya - Al-Bairaq - Airport - Al-Fanar - Souk Sharq


River Island Collection

River Island Menswear Spring Summer 2011 Collection For Spring Summer 2011, River Island strides with a relaxed and confident collection providing ready to wear wardrobe staples. Subtle elements and enduring materials come together in this celebration of the outdoor season. Working with a range of muted colours, the Spring Summer 2011 collection brings together easy pieces with a stylish vision. With a sharp focus on comfort, style and mass appeal River Island presents a cohesive and upbeat collection for the modern man.


River Island

River Island

River Island River Island

River Island

River Island


In the fourth quarter of 2010, the strong smartphone growth powered by Samsung’s mobile business concluded with high year-end demand for the Galaxy Tab.

Tablet’s Life Without Limits Hits Home for Consumers Samsung Galaxy Tab’s go-to-market burst coupled with new apps and the advancement of the Android OS puts the device in a strong position to grow in the Middle East market The tablet race is still raging across the Middle East, although the debates today are far more meaningful than a question of weight or color options. Consumers have an abundance of choices in exterior design, which in the end is not enough to launch a product to the top. More and more, consumers are looking at the entirety of the tablet’s technology being aligned with their evolving user experience—or perhaps the experience they would like to have.

Google’s Android operating system, used in the Galaxy Tab,

From this perspective, the race has become much more focused.

recently became the most popular operating system amongst

One of the clear leaders is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab—the rave of

users in the United States—one of the showdown markets for

many new generation users in the Middle East. In the fourth

the global industry.

quarter of 2010, the strong smartphone growth powered by

On a regional level, the Galaxy Tab is the fastest selling

Samsung’s mobile business concluded with high year-end

Android-based tablet in a market, where Samsung sees the

demand for the Galaxy Tab.

unit becoming a staple in consumers’ lifestyles. The device

A well-planned marketing introduction has captured user

already comes fully loaded with a collection of entertaining

enthusiasm and the company has consistently added to the

and convenient applications. These and other downloads are

overall experience by allowing users to stay connected, informed

available from a variety of sources such as the Android Market

and entertained 24/7 through more useful applications.

and Samsung Apps.


Her Beauty

Introducing the next generation of the Estée Lauder Sumptuous mascara franchise – Sumptuous Extreme is for the lash extremist!   Lashes are magnified and multiplied with one swipe, making eyes look outrageously big and amazingly bold. Make a high-impact statement with your lashes, and everyone will wonder ‘are those lashes real?’ What makes Sumptuous Extreme extremely volumizing?  It’s the synergy of the lightweight Extreme Bold Volume™ formula, a special blend of three customized lash building fibers, and the exclusive Extreme BrushComber™. Making a bold statement calls for an attention grabbing brush! Estée Lauder has developed the exclusive Extreme BrushComber™ – a big brush in a new shape that gives you all the thickening of a brush with the definition of a comb.  The brush holds more mascara, which means it will magnify and multiply lashes by delivering additional product and performance.  The triangle cut is easy to use and reaches every corner of your lashes despite its big size.  This mousse-like formula contains a calculated blend of light-weight gels, polymers, waxes and pigments that create lightweight volume without clumping. A new blend of  hybrid powders made of different sizes, spherical Silica and plates of Mica, maximizes volume to the extreme.  48-49

GOOD NEWS FROM MANDARINA DUCK A romantic new eau de toilette that is perfect for a sweet imaginative, fanciful young woman. Colour is a key element in the soul of MANDARINA DUCK. This bird, symbol of this cosmopolitan brand, now brings joyful good news: the bird with multicolored feathers is changing its plumage with the arrival of the new season, and its releasing lovely, intense new nuances. Tender news filled with kisses and laughter. News about skies with rainbows and cottony clouds. Good news in pink: MANDARINA DUCK is launching its new fragrance, Cute Pink.

Indulge Your Home With Fragrances From Bath & Body Works

At Bath & Body Works we are firm believers in the emotionally uplifting effect that comes from surrounding yourself with the most fragrant smells and aromas. Bath & Body Works introduces a range of luxurious candles, home fragrance oils, Wallflowers® and room sprays which feature one of our Signature Scents. Home fragrance scents can be classified according to fragrance families of fresh, floral, fruit, gourmet and exotic fragrances. From [Sweet Pea] to xx and xx to xx you can be sure of finding a scene that suits you, and your home from our Signature Collection. Bath & Body Works also offers a new and inspiring range of home fragrances from the #1 premiere home fragrance brand, Slatkin & Co. Known to create the World’s Best Candle, Slatkin & Co. combines the best quality ingredients with the highest concentration of fragrance oils, exclusive blend of waxes and lead-free wicks. Harry Slatkin the creator of the award winning brand only produces products that are made using the most premium quality ingredients and only those that he would personally want to use in his own home.

Smoothes and unifies skin Acacia micro-pearls are the secret. On application, they seal in skin moisture and increase in size like tiny sponges to fill in and smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Made-to-measure colour results An attractive, healthy golden glow in an instant On application, skin is immediately illuminated thanks to the caramel extract present in the Instant Smooth Self Tanning formula. This extract also adds a subtle hint of this delicious colour to the mousse itself, ensuring easy, accurate coverage and perfect results. Replenishes and protects While acacia micro-pearls act like hydrating micro-patches, aloe and vitamin E protect skin and help prevent dehydration. Replenished, toned and protected, skin is surrounded in comfort all day long.

Brush With Fashion The Body Shop presents ‘Brush with Fashion’, a new cruelty-free, fashion-forward make-up and accessories collection. This limited-edition collection with builtin brushes, Community Fair Trade ingredients and covetable packaging was created in collaboration with the internationally-acclaimed London College of Fashion. ‘Brush With Fashion’ is the ultimate portable, ultra-stylish make-up in Spring’s irresistible colour palette. This musthave collection combines The Body Shop make-up knowhow with London College of Fashion’s cutting edge fashion and design expertise. This on-trend make-up is ready to wear! The Body Shop and London College of Fashion, two pioneers in the worlds of make-up and fashion, have a set of shared values and beliefs. Renowned as the original ethical beauty brand, The Body Shop has led the industry with its on-trend, cruelty-free make-up.

Look Book - For Her

River Island Womenswear Spring Summer 2011 Collection For Spring Summer 2011, River Island offers a soft edge combination of billowing fabrics, bold colours, leather and suede separates and sleek silhouettes. The collection celebrates the uniqueness of our designs, quality of our fabrics and sharpness of our cuts. Beach Comber is a streamlined array of pure white separates. The starting point is the muted white organza dress matched with nude colour platform court heels.


River Island

River Island

River Island River Island

River Island

River Island

River Island


Centrepoint’s Fashion brand “Splash” brings in Fashionism Fashionistas once again got to do their highest heels and team them with heavenly whites as fashion’s favorite child Splash hailed the SS’11 collection on to the catwalk. Moving on from the remnants of the AW’10 Fashion Revolution, 35 international models presented to over 3000 fashion lovers a new ideology, a new way of life. Set in the elegant Madinat Arena, Madinat Jumeirah, Splash Fashionism reflected the belief that we are all one under fashion and together we can use style to improve our lives.




Splash Splash








Splash 54-55


The Avenues - 24954657 . Marina Mall - 22244637 . Al Fanar Mall - 25759318


On Campus Fashion Qout al Qloop Al Turaif: I’m inspired by Mischa Barton and I like to mix my style with formal and casual wear. My pants are Zara and my bag is Juicy Couture. 1. Dalal Bouqrais:

Alison Mosshart is my role model when it comes to fashion. My style is indie with an edge of rock. I am wearing a bag from Bottega Veneta and I like to accessorize hippie style.

2. Sara Konsoa:

Being comfortable at university is my main goal but I always make sure I look my best. I love Salma Hayek and I always seek her for styling tips. My shoes are from Bershka and my top is from Stradivarius.

3. Lulu Abdal:

My taste in fashion is inspired by Kate Moss because she is trendy-chic and that is what I consider my style to be. My bag is Chanel, glasses are Armani, and flats are Gina.

4. Nour Buqammaz:

I love heels and I am currently dressed in Christian Louboutin. I like to be classy at university but not over the top. Accessorizing is what makes my outfit stand out especially with bags; my bag is Chanel.

5. Velma Bader: s


h Is Marc

sed s e r D Best


Jennifer Aniston has always been my favorite celebrity and I look up to her especially her style. She is simple but unique and that is what I believe style is all about. My high waist jeans are from Miss Selfridge.

6. Sula Al-Fulaij

I love pink and I include this color in all my outfits. I like dressing in pants; these are from American Apparel and I love vintage accessories. My role model is Cheryl Cole.





6 4



Students’ Life April Fool’s Day Q: 1 What was the most memorable April Fool’s Trick that was played on you, or that you played on someone else? Q: 2 Do you think April Fool’s Day is fun or do you just prefer to ignore it?

-The most memorable April fool’s trick was when I was a child. I told my friend my grandfather died and I will need to travel to Lebanon to go to the funeral, however my grand father was dead before I was born. -I think it’s fun but the trick should not touch upon a sensitive topic. Hussein Ali Darwiche – 22 – GUST– MIS

- The most memorable April fool’s trick I have ever played on anyone happened about four years ago. The trick took place at my high school. I went to school very early on the morning of April Fools and my friend and I changed all the locks on the classroom doors and locked them. It caused classes to be cancelled for almost the entire day and until now my friend and I were never caught. -I think it’s a lot of fun as long as people don’t go too far with their pranks. Stefan Gopaul /19/ Electro Engineering, ACK

-Well I’m always the trick maker, so once I made my friend wear the scream costume and scare our best friend, she screamed a lot and that was funny! -I like playing tricks on people so I do like that day; plus it breaks the routine in our life. Aidma Al-Asmar/22/International business, GUST


‫ﺧـ ﱢﻠﻚ وﻳـﺎﻧـﺎ ﻣــﻊ‬

‫ﺣﺴﺎب‬ á«eÓ°SE’G á©jô°ûdG ΩɵMCG ≥ah ájƒæ°S ìÉHQCÉH ôªãà°SG ⁄É©dG ∫ƒM ™«H á£≤f RÉ¡L ¿ƒ«∏e 18 øe ÌcCGh ‹BG Öë°S RÉ¡L 900,000 øe ÌcCG ‘ ‹B’G Öë°ùdG ábÉ£H ΩGóîà°SEG ∂æµÁ ÜÉÑ°û∏d iôNCGh äÉæÑdG áÄØd ÚØ∏à Úfƒ∏H õ«‡ º«ª°üJ äGP ‹BG Öë°S ábÉ£H âjƒµdG ‘ ájQÉéàdG äÓëŸG ÈcCG øe Iõ«‡ äÉeƒ°üN èeÉfôH øe ó«Øà°SG z∫ƒe ‹hódG{ Ö«àc ∫ÓN øe ºgQɪYCG ìhGÎJ øjòdG ÜÉÑ°û∏d Ék °ü«°üN ÜÉÑ°ûdG ÜÉ°ùM ºª°U áæ°S 21 - 14 ÚH Ée ÜÉ°ù◊G íàØd ≈fOCG óëc ∑.O 10

‫ﺛﻘـﺔ وﻳﺴــﺮ‬

- Once in class we put super glue on the teachers’ chair. It was really funny but I won’t do that again because I felt sorry for her. -It’s fun and I like it. Mohamed Riad/18/AUK/ Business Marketing

-The most memorable prank on that day was when I called my classmates to work on a project at 3:00 in the morning and they had to stay up until the next morning. There was never a project, I made it up. -It is funny! Faisal /CSIS /AUK /30 - I called every one telling them that I am leaving after a few hours to USA forever. - I like this day it’s fun ! Mohammed /20 / Management /ACK

- Some one told me my friend died and I freaked out but then when I found out it was a joke I got really mad at that person. It’s funny sometimes Adnan Naser Al-Kazak /22/ Finance /GUST

-Last year I tried to call my friend and his sister answered me while she was crying saying he is in the hospital. I was so scared but on my way to the hospital he called saying “ Happy April Fool’s Day “. - I don’t like it I think we should ignore it. Ali Mahmmod/19/ Graphic Design/AUK


NBK’s 17th Walkathon comes to a Successful Conclusion with more than 15,000 contesters

Al-Sayer: NBK was the first to initiate and organize such a social activity for health awareness Al Sager: the huge participation at NBK’s 17th Walkathon exceeded by far all expectations. Amidst a carnival-like atmosphere, thousands of male and female enthusiastic competing walkers of all age groups took to the smooth course of NBK’s 17th annual Walkathon on Saturday March 26th, 2011. More than 15,000 participated in NBK’s Walkathon led by the Minister of Public Health Dr. Hilal Al Sayer, US Ambassador in Kuwait Deborah Johnes, NBK Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer Isam Jasem Al Sager and many senior NBK officials. Thousands of cheering supporters and spectators and media people lined the racing route on the Arabian Gulf road to the finish line at the Green Island where NBK has organized a huge conclusion event. In addition to the award ceremony, the event was marked with a variety of entertainment activities in addition to Al Jawhara raffle as well as a special draw for a brand new KIA Cerato Koup 2011, which was won by Khalid Ibrahim Al Sallal. 62-63

Speaking in front of thousands of contestants, spectators and guests who gathered at the end of the Walkathon to celebrate the awarding of the first-place winners from each participating category, NBK Group Deputy CEO, Isam Jasem Al Sager said: “the huge participation from the various age categories at the 17th version of NBK’s Annual Walkathon had by far exceeded all expectations, providing yet another testament of the great community confidence in this mega event which has become one of the much awaited NBK public activities”. Dr. Hilal Al Sayer, the Minister of Public Health, praised the successful event, saying that “NBK was the first to initiate and organize such a social activity that contains an important awareness message for society to fight and eradicate disease. Health awareness is a joint responsibility between individuals, private institutions and public authorities”. Al Sager also thanked all the public and private authorities and institutions that helped in turning this event into a great success. He added that “the Walkathon had been basically conceptualized to encourage sports and combine it with worthwhile social causes. Hence, NBK’s 17th walkathon for this year comes within a comprehensive campaign geared towards raising awareness about kidney health”.

Ben Affleck to testify to US Congress on DR Congo

Lady Gaga Eyes Legal Action Over Breast Milk Ice Cream

Actor Ben Affleck will testify before a key US Congress committee next week on the humanitarian crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo, the panel’s chairman announced. Affleck, founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative advocacy organization, will appear before the House Africa, Global Health and Human Rights Subcommittee, Republican Representative Chris Smith said in a statement. The actor, who starred in “Armageddon” and “Pearl Harbor,” and won the best original screenplay Oscar for “Good Will Hunting”, will appear at a hearing entitled “The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Securing Peace in the Midst of Tragedy,” chaired by Smith. Lawyers for US pop icon Lady Gaga have threatened legal proceedings against the makers of breast milk ice cream named “Baby Gaga”, according to papers seen by AFP. The New York singer’s lawyers have given the manufacturers some time to change the name “if you wish to avoid proceedings for trade mark infringement and passing off ”, according to a letter addressed to London restaurant The Icecreamists Limited. The cafe in the trendy Covent Garden district must also “cease and desist from in any other way associating with Lady Gaga any ice cream you are offering,” said the letter from law firm Mishcon de Reya. The letter accuses The Icecreamists of “taking unfair advantage of, and riding on the coattails of ” Lady Gaga’s trademarks in a manner that is “deliberately provocative and, to many people, nauseainducing”. 64-65

Courtney Love says sorry, pays $430K in Twitter row US rocker Courtney Love apologized to a fashion designer she allegedly defamed on Twitter, after agreeing to pay $430,000 to settle the legal dispute, according to a lawyer. In a rare high-profile legal test involving the micro-blogging site, Love said she regretted making “harsh statements” about Dawn Simorangkir, whom she had described as a “coke addict” and a liar among other things. “I am glad to have this behind us. I have always considered Dawn to be a talented designer. I am sorry for what happened. I sincerely wish her the best,” Love said in a statement.


Kuwait Host Drifting Event “Red Bull Car Park Drift” on April 22, 2011 Kuwait is getting ready to host a unique motorsport event and motorsport fans should get ready for the most intense and exciting drifting event ever, the Red Bull Car Park Drift. This thrilling event will take place on Friday, April 22nd 2011. The Red Bull Car Park Drift is an event where drifters have to show all their skills in car handling and keep their cars sliding for extended periods of time, often linking several turns. Only Rear-Wheel Drive cars and all-wheel drive saloon and sports cars are allowed to enter this competition.Several factors will be taken into consideration to determine the results such as taking the correct line, the speed entering and exciting the turn and the show factor which is based on the amount of smoke, engine sound, how close the car is to the cones and the crowd’s reaction. While the contestants will seek to provide the best and most exciting performance, a judging panel of Rally Champions will be on hand to evaluate and give the appropriate points for the best drifting show. The judging panel will consist of Lebanese Rally Champion and Middle East Hill Climb 66-67

Champion, Red Bull’s Driver Abdo Feghali, Kuwait and Middle East Rally Champion Mishaal Al Nejadi, Quarter Mile Club Manager. Kuwait hosts the local qualification for this event on April 22nd and the winner will have the chance to compete in the final round taking place in Lebanon on Friday, July 22nd 2011. This event is open for the public and Motorsport fans are invited to watch the Red Bull Car Park Drift event from the grandstands located at both sides of the track. Drifting refers to a driving technique and to a motorsport where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of

traction in the rear wheels through turns, while maintaining vehicle control and a high exit speed. A car is said to be drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle prior to the corner apex, and the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn, and the driver is controlling these factors. As a motor sport, professional drifting competitions are held across the world. Modern drifting as a sport started out as a racing technique popular in the All Japan Touring Car Championship races over 30 years ago. Motorcycling legend turned driver, Kunimitsu Takahashi, was the foremost creator of drifting techniques in the 1970s. He is noted for hitting the apex at high speed and then drifting through the corner, preserving a high exit speed. Drifting has evolved into a competitive sport where drivers compete in rear wheel drive cars, and occasionally all wheel drive cars, to earn points from judges based on various factors. Because driving is a responsibility and maintaining public safety is always required on public roads, Red Bull Car Park Drift will be a unique opportunity for drifters to test their skills and compete within safe and secured measures.


The New Stunning Fiat 500 with Charm and Sophistication is a Celebration of Life and Style Al-Mulla and Behbehani Motor Company (MBMC), the sole distributor of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat automotive brands in Kuwait announced that the new collection of Fiat 500 is finally here in Kuwait. The company unveiled the first Fiat 500 car to arrive to Kuwait since 50 years, during Kuwait Motor show which was held in Mishref December last year. The company also announced that the opening of the new stateof-the art showroom will be revealed soon, where customers will enjoy the sophisticated style and elegance of a contemporary lifestyle showroom that fits the demanding sophisticated customer. The new showroom will also feature personalized VIP customer service, in addition to a dedicated service center and spare parts and accessories store.

Vibrant & Engaging

The original 500 became an automotive icon thanks to its seamless blend of design and technology that made it a timeless benchmark for small cars in terms of space utilization – big inside, small outside – performance and economy, as well as quality of styling that is elegant, loveable and timeless. Perfectly tailored, the new Fiat 500 is vibrant and engaging. Like the original Fiat 500 a half-century ago, the new car continues its timeless value while embracing individual expression and opportunity all infused with world-class signature craftsmanship. 68-69

Style & Comfort.. Fiat 500 Unique Features

Created by the Fiat Style Centre, the new 500 is a small 3-door car. You could even describe it as a cute, playful compact with soft rounded styling. To complete the look, there’s a choice of 12 body colors available - pastel, metallic and a pearl finish all perfectly matching the wide range of interior fabrics and leathers. You will be dazzled by the level of perfection and sophistication. On the inside, the 500 offers a welcoming, protective environment for both the driver and passengers. This is largely due to the large ring bordering the entire inner space, the great attention to detail, quality materials used, and instruments that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but are also easy to use. Fiat 500 is more than just a happy car - it’s a safe car too. With ABS, EBD, 7 Airbags, Stability Control and Traction Control, you’ll get to your destination with a smile.

Sophisticated Technology

What’s more Fiat 500 driver will always stay connected as Fiat 500 feature “Voice commands”, SMS text -to- voice message reader” and USB. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity users can call, scroll down names in their phonebook, check for any incoming text messages and even listen to music by downloading it directly through a USB port without taking

hands off from the steering wheel. The Fiat 500 also features Blue & Me; the trade mark technology which is the result of collaboration between Fiat Group and Microsoft, and is based on the Windows Mobile for Automotive platform.

Noor Al Khalaf

Fiat 500 model is the world’s most environmentally friendly engine True to its origins and heritage, Fiat 500 performance and driving enjoyment is without compromises, with low CO2 emission levels (95 g / km), while consuming 15 percent less fuel, which make it a true environment friendly car that meets strict standards for polluting emissions.

What is your favourite exterior feature of the car?

STUDENTALK met Nasser Al- Attal, 20, who studies

Extremely powerful for a small car.

When you first saw the Fiat 500, what did you think? I love it !

The lights are so funky.

What impressed you most about the interior? Its a small car but spacious.

How was the acceleration of the car?

English Language & Literature at AUK & Noor Al Khalaf, 22, who studies Computer engineering at AUK to test drive The Fiat 500, so we asked them some questions to learn more about the car from their experience:

How was the performance of the car- the comfort, handling, visibility?

Nasser Al-Attal

What was your favourite feature of the car?

When you first saw the Fiat 500, what did you think? That is a really cute car!

What is your favourite exterior feature of the car? The size and the sporty-sense it gives off.

What impressed you most about the interior? The leather seats.

How was the acceleration of the car?

Visibility is very good and the car is comfortable. It is small enough to park almost anywhere.

Would you please give the car a rating (1 being the highest and 5 the lowest) and explain why? 5 because all the features I look for in a car I have found them in this car.

If there is anything you didn’t like about the car, what was it? Like I mentioned above, I love everything about it !


How was the performance of the car- the comfort, handling, visibility? It is very comfortable and stable at higher speeds.

What was your favourite feature of the car? I admire how practical and small it is.

Would you please give the car a rating (1 being the highest and 5 the lowest) and explain why? 4 because its small yet very powerful.

If there is anything you didn’t like about the car, what was it? The shape can be changed a little.


Elegant and sporty design with exceptional driving dynamics and class leading fuel efficiency New X3 voted 'Off roader of the Year' BMW ConnectedDrive enables innovative incorporation of BlackBerry smartphones via Bluetooth

The New Generation BMW X3 Makes its Kuwait Debut Following on from its successful debut at the Paris Motor Show in October 2010, the all new BMW X3 has made its debut in Kuwait. Entering a new era in driving dynamics and innovative technology, the second generation model arrives seven years after the world’s most successful premium automotive manufacturer introduced its original X3 Sports Activity Vehicle.With a totally redesigned exterior and interior, the new X3 model is instantly recognisable as a member of the BMW X family that includes the popular BMW X6, X5 and X1 models. Recently named ‘Off Roader of the Year 2011’ just weeks after its German launch by Off Road magazine, one of the most important and traditional reader polls in Germany, the new BMW X3 is expected to strengthen BMW’s strong position in the SAV segment with the latest in automotive innovation and technological development. Commenting on the latest BMW model to arrive Kuwait, Mr. Yousef Al Qatami, General Manager at Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive: “The new BMW X3 is a versatile vehicle that now shares many of the design characteristics found in our hugely popular X5 model. With the new sportier design, additional spaciousness and innovative technology that includes the most fuel efficient engines in its class, we expect this new model to build on our successful X model story and contribute to a fruitful year for us in 2011.” The new striking design accentuations convey urban elegance and versatility. The combination of a flat front and a high rear end indicate the vehicle’s sporting characteristics, whilst 70-71

the forward-slanting BMW kidney grille, large headlights, powerful looking front apron and the distinctive contoured bonnet signalize self-assured presence. The side view of the new BMW X3 is characterised by a unique interpretation of typical BMW X design features, including powerfully flared wheel arches and the short distance between the front axle and instrument panel. The modern, high-quality interior has been ergonomically designed to ensure optimum comfort with an outstanding level of spaciousness and comfortable seating for five people. Sporty elegance is highlighted by technology-oriented styling, including an 8.8 inch high-resolution navigation system, the largest on-board monitor in its segment. BMW ConnectedDrive Offering an unparalleled choice of driver assist technology functions and mobility services, BMW ConnectedDrive further enhances the comfort, safety and sheer driving pleasure of the new BMW X3. Inside the new BMW X3, it is also an option for owners of select BlackBerry smart phones to gain access to their mobile phone’s e-mails, contact lists, messages and calendar entries which can be shown on the control display and read out via the optional voice output, all made possible through a new Bluetooth interface. In addition, Bluetooth Audio Streaming enables the driver to listen to music from an audio player or mobile phone without the need for a cable. The title information for the song appears in the vehicle display and can be selected and accessed via the iDrive Controller.

Energetic: new, dynamic appearance inside and out Extended: nine new assistance systems for more safety Efficient: new engines with up to 31 percent lower fuel consumption Experience: new generation of telematics with internet access Successful: more than one million units of the current series sold since March 2007

New chapter in a success story from March 2011

The new-generation C-Class The new C-Class to be launched in spring 2011 is a comprehensive modernisation. The front and rear sections of this bestselling model have a more striking design. Together with the optional, high-resolution colour display in the instrument cluster, the new dashboard with its elegant, grained surface and prominent decorative trim emphasises the premium character of the interior. Fuel consumption has been lowered by up to 31 percent. Efficiency-enhancing measures include new engines, the improved 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission and the ECO start/stop function, which will available on selected engines in the Middle East later in the year. Ten new driving assistance systems ranging from ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection to DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control are now available for this model series. The new-generation telematics include internet access and a 3D navigation display with plastic city views. «In terms of drive and protection systems the newgeneration C-Class offers the same comfort and safety as our luxury models. And with numerous high-grade features in the interior that remind one of the new CLS, the C-Class sets completely new standards in its segment with respect to perceived value and quality,» says Frank Bernthaler, Sales & Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Middle East & Levant. This interior modernisation is supplemented with a new telematics generation that not only includes completely redesigned displays, but also makes onboard internet access available.

A total of more than 2000 new components distinguish the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class from its predecessor. The Middle East market launch will take place from March 2011. In addition to the standard appointments – which now include a leather steering wheel – the two designs and equipment lines ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE are the basis for the individualisation programme of the C-Class. The two lines are now even more readily distinguishable from each other. The C-Class is the highest-selling model series, and therefore of particular importance for Mercedes-Benz. The current series has found well over one million buyers worldwide since its launch in March 2007. Since the introduction of the first C-Class in 1982 (then known as the model 190), MercedesBenz has sold more than 8.5 million vehicles in total in this segment. In 2010 too, the C-Class has repeatedly won top places in the registration statistics.

Abdul Rahman Albisher & Zaid Alkazemi Co. organizes 14th Annual Mercedes Trophy Golf Tournament The Kuwait National Final of the prestigious Mercedes Trophy Golf tournament was held at the Sahara Golf and Country Club . This year was a very special tournament as Abdul Rahman Albisher & Zaid Alkazemi Co. celebrated 14 years of organizing this unique tournament in Kuwait. It was an exciting finish to the keenly contested championship with the top 3 winners getting a chance to play in the MercedesTrophy World Final in September of 2011. Mercedes-Benz’s involvement in international golf is a key component of the brand’s international sports sponsorship activities. The image dimensions of this sport is a perfect match for the values espoused by our premium automotive brand. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz has been active in amateur golf since 1989. The Mercedes Trophy is a dedicated tournament series for amateurs in which more than 58,000 players tee-off each year in more than 43 countries or regions. The contestants aim to reach the World Final in which the best individual players and the best team are decided in Stuttgart. 92 golfers participated in this year’s tournament in Kuwait, all of them vying for the exclusive prizes and the most coveted top three positions for the chance to compete in the World Finals in Stuttgart, Germany. The day started off with the participants registering with the club and collecting their welcome gift packs provided by Albisher & Alkazemi, followed by a hearty breakfast at the Club House. The tournament was divided into three-handicap classes as per the official structure of the MercedesTrophy Golf tournament and there were more than ten prizes up for grabs.


‫لتحفيز الطلبة ممن يعانون السمنة املفرطة‬ ‫على إنقاص اوزانهم واتباع حياة صحية سليمة‬

‫الوطنية لالتصاالت ترعى مسابقة التحدي‬ ‫في جامعة اخلليج‬ ‫تشجيعا للطلبة الذين يعانون من السمنة المفرطة والوزن الزائد‪ ،‬نظمت الشركة‬ ‫الوطنية لالتصاالت بالتعاون مع النادي الرياضي التابع لجامعة الخليج للعلوم‬ ‫والتكنولوجيا مسابقة التحدي لتخسيس الوزن وذلك لتحفيز وتشجيع الطالب الذين‬ ‫يعانون من السمنة المفرطة والوزن الزائد ولمدة ثالثة اشهر يتم خاللها التغلب على‬ ‫هذه السمنة وتغيير نمط حياتهم ليتوافق مع الحياة‬ ‫الصحية السليمة‪.‬‬ ‫وسينضم النادي التحدي الرياضي أربعة طلبة من‬ ‫الذين تزيد أوزانهم عن ‪ 130‬كجم سيتم اختيارهم‬ ‫من قبل إدارة النادي‪ .‬وستكون الوطنية لالتصاالت‬ ‫الراعي الرسمى لتامين الغذاء الصحي والبرامج‬ ‫الرياضية وأنظمة التخسيس باالضافة الى استشارات‬ ‫المتخصصين في التغذية ومدربين اللياقة البدنية‬ ‫لمدة ثالثة أشهر بهدف مساعدتهم على الوصول‬ ‫إلى الوزن المطلوب‪ .‬وقد بدأ هذا التحدي في ‪ 20‬فبراير‬ ‫وسينتهي في ‪ 20‬مايو المقبل‪.‬‬ ‫و صرح عبد العزيز البالول مدير إدارة العالقات العامة‬ ‫في الوطنية قائال ‪“ :‬ان هدفنا من رعاية المسابقة التي ينظمها “ نادي التحدي الرياضي”‬ ‫هو لتذكير الشباب والطالب انه بمساعدتنا سوف يتمكنون من تحقيق ما يرونه صعبا‬ ‫ومستحيال‪ .‬ان هدفنا هو تعزيز نمط حياة صحي ورياضي ومساعدة شباب الكويت‬ ‫لتحقيق أهدافه وطموحاته”‪.‬‬ ‫ان الوطنية لالتصاالت تتجاوز ما هو مألوف من خالل جهودها الرامية إلى دعم ومساعدة‬ ‫المجتمع المحلي‪ .‬لقد قامت الوطنية على مدى السنوات الماضية برعاية العديد من‬ ‫األحداث واألنشطة المختلفة في العديد من المجاالت والقطاعات مثل البيئة والرياضة‬ ‫والتعليم والثقافة وذلك في سبيل دعم نمو وازدهار المجتمع الكويتي‪ .‬وستواصل‬ ‫الوطنية البحث عن طرق جديدة لخلق تجارب مبتكرة ال تنسى من شأنها أن تضيف‬ ‫قيمة جديدة في حياة أهل الكويت‪..‬‬

‫‪Adidas presents The Official Match Ball for‬‬ ‫‪the UEFA Champions League Final Wembley 2011‬‬

‫‪- Design Inspired by Host City London -‬‬

‫‪Adidas have unveiled the Official Match Ball for the UEFA Champions‬‬ ‫‪League Final Wembley 2011 in London on 28th May The Adidas Finale‬‬ ‫‪London. The Finale London was unveiled at Wembley stadium by‬‬ ‫‪Salomon Kalou of Chelsea FC and Samir Nasri of Arsenal FC ahead of‬‬ ‫‪their second leg of the last sixteen matches of the tournament.‬‬ ‫‪The Adidas Finale London builds on the iconic star logo associated with‬‬ ‫‪the tournament through London-inspired graphics including the official‬‬ ‫‪UEFA Champions League Final 2011 logo and word mark. The unique star‬‬ ‫‪panel shape also provides a subtle link to the St George’s flag through‬‬ ‫‪its red colour and design, whilst the bright orange warning star featured‬‬ ‫‪at the top of the ball links to London being a vibrant, modern city.‬‬ ‫‪Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri commented, ’’The Adidas Finale London‬‬ ‫‪has a really iconic design and I hope to be able to play with it at the‬‬ ‫’’‪UEFA Champions League Final in May.‬‬

‫‪Spotlights‬‬ ‫‪CONSCIOUS COLLECTION‬‬ ‫مجموعة ربيعية جديدة‬ ‫من األقمشة املستدامة‬

‫يمثل موضوع الحفاظ على البيئة توجها ً بعيد األمد لدى ‪.H&M‬‬ ‫ففي شهر أبريل من العام القادم‪ ،‬وكجزء من تركيزها على هذا‬ ‫موضوع الهام‪ ،‬تنوي ‪ H&M‬تقديم مجموعة ‪Conscious Collection‬‬ ‫للزبائن‪ ،‬وهي مجموعة قائمة من تشكيالت مالبس للنساء والرجال‬ ‫واألطفال‪ ،‬يتم إنتاجها وصناعتها من مواد تراعي البيئة مثل القطن‬ ‫العضوي والتنسل والبوليستر الصديق للبيئة‪ .‬واستوحى مصممو‬ ‫‪ H&M‬تصاميمهم من تدرجات مختلفة للون األبيض الذي يعتبر أحد‬ ‫أهم األلوان لموسم الربيع المقبل‪ .‬وقد امتزجت اإلطاللة البسيطة‬ ‫والمفصلة مع الدنتيل الناعم والتطريز اإلنكليزي (‪Broderi‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪ )Anglaise‬والكشاكش والتصميم الفضفاض‪ .‬وسوف تتوفر‬ ‫مجموعة ‪ Conscious Collection‬لدى كافة محالت ‪ H&M‬ابتدا ًء من‬ ‫‪ 14‬أبريل‪.‬‬ ‫وتقول آن صوفي يوهانسون‪ ،‬رئيسة قسم التصميم لدى ‪:H&M‬‬ ‫“لم يعد األمر يتعلق بالقطن العضوي فحسب‪ ،‬بل باتت إمكانيات‬ ‫الحصول على أناقة كاملة مع المواد الصديقة للبيئة كبيرة جدا ً‬ ‫في الوقت الراهن‪ .‬فمن خالل تكرار تصميم مجموعات ‪Conscious‬‬ ‫‪ Collections‬مرات عديدة‪ ،‬فإننا نحصل على الفرصة لكي نبرهن‪،‬‬ ‫وبطرق مختلفة‪ ،‬ما يمكن تصميمه من األقمشة الصديقة للبيئة”‪.‬‬ ‫وتضيف‪“ :‬تعتبر تدرجات اللون األبيض من أكثر األلوان السائدة لهذا‬ ‫الموسم وهي مناسبة جدا ً لهذه المجموعة بالذات‪ .‬فاألبيض له‬ ‫لمسة ناعمة مع الدنتيل والتطريز اإلنكليزي “‪،”Broderie Anglaise‬‬ ‫كما أنه اللون األساسي للحصول على إطاللة رياضية مريحة وكذلك‬ ‫إطاللة شبابية وأنيقة للرجال”‪.‬‬ ‫أما تشكيلة المالبس النسائية فهي مستوحاة من الطراز الخيالي‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫تشكل فيه البلوزات والقمصان الطويلة والتي‪-‬‬ ‫المستحدث‪ ،‬والذي‬ ‫شيرت بالتطريز اإلنكليزي “‪ ”Broderie Anglaise‬صيحة أساسية من‬ ‫صيحات الموضة‪ .‬وتعتبر الفساتين ذات الكشاكش مثالية للنهار‪،‬‬ ‫أما الفساتين ذات الطراز اإلغريقي األنيق فهي مالئمة لألمسيات‪.‬‬ ‫وال ننسى أهمية التنورة الفضفاضة باإلضافة إلى السروال القصير‪.‬‬ ‫وتتضمن المجموعة أيضا ً سترة الباليزر الرياضية البيضاء والبنطلون‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫وتتضمن مجموعة‬ ‫بالثنيات للحصول على إطاللة تتميز بالبساطة‪.‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫‪ Conscious Collection‬كذلك مالبس داخلية ذات تطريز إنكليزي من‬ ‫الدنتيل‪.‬‬ ‫وتتخذ تشكيلة المالبس الرجالية طابعا ً أنيقا ً ومرتباً‪ ،‬مع سترة باليزر‬ ‫رياضية بيضاء بز ّرين‪ ،‬وقمصان من دون ياقة مع تي‪ -‬شيرت بتفصيلة‬ ‫‪ Henley‬عند العنق (بدون ياقة ومع فتحة أزرار)‪ .‬ونجد أيضا ً تي‪ -‬شيرت‬ ‫بنقشات وخطوط مختلفة‪ ،‬باإلضافة إلى بلوزة قطنية بدون أكمام‬ ‫للحصول على طبقات مالبس متعددة‪ .‬أما البنطلونات فيتوفر منها‬ ‫بالقصة الض ّيقة لنحصل على‬ ‫الجينز بخمسة جيوب‪ ،‬والبنطلون‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫مزيج حقيقي ومتنوع‪ .‬أما تشكيلة مالبس األطفال في المجموعة‬ ‫فتتميز بالقطع البيضاء لألوالد والبنات على حد سواء‪ .‬وتكثر فيها‬ ‫الفساتين بالكشاكش‪ ،‬والبلوزات‪ ،‬والتنانير‪ ،‬والتي‪ -‬شيرت التي تبدو‬ ‫جميعها رائعة مع بنطلونات الجينز أو الكولونات‪.‬‬ ‫وتتميز مجموعة ‪ Conscious Collection‬باإلستمرارية‪ ،‬كما هو في‬ ‫مجموعات مالبس‪ H&M‬مجددا ً في كل المواسم وبأشكال مختلفة‪.‬‬ ‫وتعتبر مجموعة أزياء الربيع مواكبة لمجموعة “‪”Garden Collection‬‬ ‫للعام الماضي من حيث إستخدام األقمشة الصديقة للبيئة التي‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫حققت نجاحا ً كبيرا ً‪.‬‬ ‫‪74-75‬‬

Free Track Download: Introducing Zahed Sultan

New Kuwaiti Music Artist Goes Digital: Sign up on and download a free track from Zahed Sultan’s debut music album Hi Fear, Lo Love.

Zahed Sultan is a “Social Entrepreneur” with a portfolio of dynamic creative ventures. Through mediums such as music, film, online, print, & more . Zahed strives to inspire differentiation in others and push the envelope on pre-conceived routes to achievement. Through Zahed Sultan you’ll discover commitments to the environment & community as well as numerous entrepreneurial journeys that stem from an inherent desire to innovate and involve. Zahed Sultan comes from interesting parentage (An Indian mother and a Kuwaiti father) that backs his latest creative endeavor a debut music album entitled Hi Fear, Lo Love. Why Music? Influences & More… Zahed Sultan’s musical taste is eclectic and is influenced by producers and artists who have strayed from convention and broken musical / genre boundaries such as Radiohead, UNKLE, Kanye West, DJ Sasha, Massive Attack, and Bjork, to name a few. Zahed Sultan’s success in music dates back to 2004 when worldrenowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition. Zahed’s music was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 4. About The Album “There is always a set of emotions to be conquered within the confinements of a musical arrangement. The end of your journey is a mere reflection of your experiences, your process, and your emotions.” Zahed Sultan Over the span of five years, Zahed Sultan wrote, arranged, and produced a debut musical album that promises to evoke. Hi Fear, Lo Love builds on his mixed cultural heritage and worldly experiences. Zahed Sultan fuses the local with the global to tell the cyclical story of intimate human relationships. The result is a dynamic amalgamation of sounds for the musical enthusiast of tomorrow. Through a network of 22 artists and hundreds of hours in the studio, Zahed has devised a sound that is uniquely his own. Hi Fear, Lo Love extrapolates on a range of musical styles consistently reengaging his listeners with elements of the familiar. “This album is a narrow portal into my dormant personality. Each track crosses borders and genres - sparking various emotions and feelings in its wake.” Zahed Sultan Where Is The Album Available? Zahed Sultan’s debut music album Hi Fear, Lo Love is available for download on all major online music stores: iTunes, Amazon, mySpace Music,, Thumbplay, emusic, Zune, IMVU, Nokia Music Store Zahed Sultan Official Web Properties: •Website: •Twitter: •YouTube: •Blog:

‫ ترعى ملتقى‬VIVA “Inspirational Flair” ‫في الجامعة األمريكية‬ ‫ عن‬VIVA ‫أعلنت شركة اإلتصاالت الكويتية‬ ‫” الذي يقام‬Inspirational Flair“ ‫رعايتها لملتقى‬ ‫في الجامعة األميركية في الكويت بتنظيم من‬ ً ‫نادي األعمال والريادة التابع للجامعة وذلك إعتبارا‬ ‫ مارس وسيستمر لمدة ثالثة‬22 ‫من اليوم الثالثاء‬ ‫ والذي سيناقش موضوع المشاريع واألعمال‬،‫أيام‬ .‫والقدرة على كيفية الثبات في إدارة هذه المشاريع‬ ‫ قال مدير العالقات العامة‬،‫وعن هذا الملتقى‬ ‫ عمر عبد الوهاب‬،VIVA ‫واإلتصال في شركة‬ ‫ تحرص دائما ً وضمن إطار‬VIVA ‫ أن‬،‫الحوطي‬ ‫ على‬،‫عطائها تجاه المجتمع الكويتي وأبنائه‬ ،‫تشجيع ودعم الشباب في مختلف المجاالت‬ ‫وخاصة في مجال المشاريع واألعمال التي تؤسس‬ .‫لمستقبل كويتي واعد وزاهر‬ ‫ “ طالب الجامعات هي من الشرائح التي‬:‫وأضاف الحوطي‬ ‫ لذا‬،‫تستقطب إهتمامنا ورعايتنا لقناعتنا أنهم عماد الوطن‬ ‫ كما‬،‫قمنا برعاية بالتينية لهذا الملتقى في الجامعة األميركية‬ ‫ داخل حرم الجامعة لمدة‬VIVA ‫سيخصص جناح خاص لشركة‬ ”.‫ثالثة أيام لعرض خدماتنا ومنتجاتنا‬ ‫وسوف يبدأ الملتقى بإحتفال يحييه الفنان الكويتي نبيل شعيل‬ ‫ كما سيتخلل‬،‫يرافقه على البيانو العازف اللبناني ميشال فاضل‬ ‫المعرض محاضرات على يد متخصصين في مجال األعمال‬ .‫وكيفية إنجاح المشاريع‬

ExxonMobil, Kuwait Energy and partners announce winners of the third Kuwait Science Fair AUK scholarship, Schlumberger internships and cash prizes await top scientists™ Handlebars

The third annual Kuwait Science Fair (KSF) competition today celebrated the accomplishments of some of the brightest young and aspiring scientists from schools across Kuwait, in an awards ceremony under the patronage of the Minister of Oil, Minister of Information, and Chairman of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, HE Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. KSF founders, ExxonMobil Kuwait and Kuwait Energy, and partners announced the winners of the most innovative science projects judged during a four-day assessment by a panel of judges comprising of doctors, scientists, and engineers from renowned institutions in Kuwait.

Events Health Company Health Company is specialized in healthy food field since the year 2000 under supervision of high-qualified nutrition specialists. Health Company offers different diet packages where people have the choice of their food preferences, the length of the diet program, and regular visits with certified nutritionists. Health Company makes sure to give back to the community and support Kuwaiti youth by offering them learning experiences (internships) and job offers.

The Golden Hunt During the celebrations of the National Independence Day, the PR and Marketing Department of Health Company, organized a special event for Kuwait youth. The event started off with a game, a treasure hunt, however Health Company managed to make it healthy by including physical and mental activities. Five teams constituting 20 participants were competing to find a golden ribbon, through solving clues and hints, and challenging themselves through physical activities, such as, running, push-ups, sit-ups, and so forth. To give the participants an energy boost, groups were challenged to drink a big bottle of fresh orange juice in the middle of the competition. The race started off from Health Company’s main branch in the Free Trade Zone, to different locations such as, Extreme Sports, Seas and Deserts, AUK, and the Avenues. Mr. Bader Alshalfan, the GM, was present throughout the whole game supporting the participants and ensuring the safety of everyone. The competition lasted for four hours with immense enthusiasm by the five groups: Beep Beep, Wonder Woman, Bu Ghazi, No Idea, and The Munchkins. It ended when the team No Idea (Faisal Alhajiry, Saad Alawadhi, Ahmed Alfailakawi, and Muhammed Alghanim) reached the final destination at 2p.m. The winning team got a 400KD cash prize, while the second and third teams got free subscriptions of healthy diet programs. The rest of the teams got coupons as well. For more information and updates about our future events and offers follow us on Twitter @healthcompanykw, Facebook: Health Company Kuwait, and on Youtube: HealthCompanyKW.


Beau-Tique Cosmetics International Introduces Label.M Hair Products In Kuwait Beau-Tique cosmetics international a distribution house in Kuwait is proud to present the most prestigious and Iconic label.m hair care range in Kuwait. Beau-tique has been operating for the last 2 years and has made its mark in Kuwait by representing a wide range of products from consumer to FMCG. At beau-tique we work with brands that are at the forefront of their respective fields and markets, who continually strive to develop, enhance and improve the hairdressing industry through out the world. The company is very proud to take on the distribution of label.m, which has been designed by the most powerful hairdressing brand in the world TONI&GUY. Earning the status of being a Superbrand and Coolbrand, TONI&GUY truly represents the catwalk-to-client philosophy. As a brand it has been constantly evolving artistically and commercially and boasts a fabulous product range and a dynamic and modern image. General Manager, Beverley Van Staden says “beau-tique is very pleased to bring the world class label.m range to the Kuwait market. We see the brand doing extremely well in Kuwait.

River Island Launches New Spring Summer Collection at The Avenues River Island, a leading High Street fashion brand with over 60 years of fashion retailing experience, launched its Spring Summer 2011 collection in Kuwait at The Avenues. During a special event, customers were introduced to the latest trends from River Island’s design team, including great looks for a night out on the town, amazing denim and fabulous shoes and bags. Known for its stylish and affordable fashion for women and men, as well as unique touches which stand out from the rest of the High Street fashion crowd. River Island is the leading fashion forward destination to pick up a complete head-to-toe look.


Hidden Kuwait

Breakfast & Brunch

There are some places we choose for breakfast, some for lunch, some for dinner, some for all. Breakfast & Brunch makes the decision easier. It’s a place we can go anytime from early morning to late afternoon and be sure of a good feed. Great food, a relaxed informal environment, it’s got a touch of ‘pavement cafe’ about it too. What’s not to like? Fantastic! Our favourites? Everyone’s favourite - pancakes. And probably the best eggs we’ve had for breakfast for a very long time too! Open from 7:30am-5pm Located beside marina mall, salmiya (next to The One) in front of 7 bars next to Al teatro For more information you can visit Breakfast &brunch’s group on Facebook or call: 2571536


Music 8 Great Benefits of Practicing Music By Nariné Okjian

3- Conquer Fear and Take Risks:

Music performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks. A little anxiety is a good thing, and something that will occur often in life. Dealing with it early often makes it less of a problem later. Risk-taking is essential if a child is to fully develop his or her potential. Source:

4- Value Hard Work and Discipline:

It takes a lot of time, determination and practice for people to excel playing a musical instrument. It actually takes years of practice to excel playing music pieces and master them. Practicing and studying music continuously shows students how, through hard work they can produce better sounding and less faulty music, and encourages them to patiently work on one thing to collect the rewards. It is very important to supervise children at this age and help them schedule for their music practice and follow it regularly. It will build the sense of discipline that will help them later in their lives.

5- Have the Positive Effect of Music on Brain Development:

How it positively affects students & children

At some point in your life you must have heard a lullaby or children’s songs if you cannot remember them from your own childhood. Did you notice that children are more receptive to songs and show better communication? In fact, studies have shown that the majority of students and children, who practice music, show better signs of school readiness, demonstrate better academic abilities, confidence, and more balanced attitude. Therefore, we would like to pick eight of the many benefits of music that positively contribute to a child’s overall development and prepare them to successfully lead a life full of challenges personally, socially and professionally. Students and children who practice and study music will:

1- Have Improved Memory:

Music can improve the non-music related abilities. Studies indicate a positive correlation between music lessons and memory, mathematics, literacy, reading ability, IQ and grades. Laurel Trainor, professor of psychology, neuroscience and behavior at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, says: “It is very interesting that the children taking music lessons improved more over the year on general memory skills that are correlated with non-music abilities such as literacy, verbal memory, visio spatial processing, mathematics and IQ.”

2- Appreciate Team Work:

Music study enhances teamwork skills. Working in groups requires trust, respect and communication skills. In order to produce good sound you need to be in harmony with the rest of your team members. As infants, while listening to lullabies & songs and learning to sing them, babies learn necessary life skills such as cooperation and collaboration. Later, more skills can be gained as music is practiced in children’s daily lives. They can even start forming bands with their friends and neighbors’ children. It helps them learn the value of teamwork and a child and become more likely to learn and use them when they know they can get the opportunity to perform live.

“The most important benefit, however, is the proven positive effects music has on brain development. This has been thoroughly researched and documented and is most crucial during the first 6 years, when the most important brain development takes place. (Don’t think we need this) Source: Studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language. Source:

6- Have an Opportunity for Self Expression:

Music provides children with a means of self-expression. Now that there is relative security in the basics of existence, the challenge is to make life meaningful and to reach for a higher stage of development. Everyone needs to be in touch at some time in his life with his core, with what he is and what he feels. Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression. If parents would expose their children to classical music at a young age, the youngsters who have had this exposure then gain an advantage in academic performance, self-esteem, and probably improved attitudes in general. Music contributes strongly to “school readiness”. “In adolescence, music makes a major contribution to the development of self-identity and is seen as a source of support when young people are feeling troubled or lonely,” says Professor Susan Hallam, of the Institute of Education, University of London.

7- Gain Skills for the workplace:

Music study develops skills that are necessary in the workplace. We hear from our bosses all the time how they want to ‘get the job done’. Apparently music focuses on performing rather than observing, which usually becomes a habit for the person playing or practicing music.

8- Interpret Human Behavior:

Last but not least, music training can help individuals differentiate emotions in speech which may increase their ability to interpret human behavior. Which is also proved to help with autistic problems. If you’d like to know how you or your friends, children or family can benefit from learning music, visit and go to the “Marketplace” section.

Shortly after their arrival in the Brazilian capitol, however, the two rare birds fall victim to a gang of greedy animal smugglers intent on making a mint by selling Blu and Jewel to the highest bidder.

Cinema Coming soon... April 2011 Source Code

Genre: Sci-Fi, Suspense, Action. Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. Synopsis: An action thriller centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train.

Scream 4

Genre: Horror Cast: Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette Synopsis: Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey and Gale, who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately, Sidney’s appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger

That’s What I Am

Genre: Drama, Family Cast: Randy Orton, Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. Synopsis: A coming-of-age story that follows 12-year-old Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison), a bright student who, like most kids his age, will do anything to avoid conflict for fear of suffering overwhelming ridicule and punishment from his junior high school peers. Everyone’s favorite teacher, Mr. Simon (Ed Harris), pairs Andy with the school’s biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley, aka “Big G” (Alexander Walters) on a critical term project. Sporting thick orange hair, a head too big for his body and ears too big for his head, “Big G” has been the object of ridicule since grade school. Before long, Andy will learn that there was truly a method behind Mr. Simon’s madness as to why he teamed these two up. As the story unfolds, Mr. Simon finds himself the target of a malicious rumor after Principal Kelner (Amy Madigan) suspends a school bully for brutally beating up a female classmate who he thinks has “cooties.” When Andy watches “Big G” fearlessly confront the school bully...


Genre: Sci-Fi, Action Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman Synopsis: The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

Rio 3D

Genre: Animation, Action/Adventure Cast: Jesse Eisenberg - Blu and Anne Hathaway Synopsis: misfit macaw named Blu (voice of Jesse Eisenberg) heads to Rio de Janeiro, embarks on a magnificent journey, and makes some loyal new friends in this animated adventure for the entire family. Domesticated from the time he was just a hatchling, Blu traded a life in the clouds for a contented existence in Moose Lake with his doting owner, Linda (Leslie Mann). They live under the impression that Blu is the last of his kind, but upon receiving word that a female macaw named Jewel (Anne Hathaway) has been discovered in Rio de Janeiro, Linda and Blu set their sights on South America on a mission to replenish the species. Shortly after their arrival in the Brazilian capitol, however, the two rare birds fall victim to a gang of greedy animal smugglers intent on making a mint by selling Blu and Jewel to the highest bidder. 82-83

APRIL 2011



Director: Jean - Pierre Jeunet Country: France

Director: CHAN WOOK PARK Country: South Korea Release: 2002 Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller Running time: 129 minutes Language: Korean | English Subtitle Awards: Best Actor, Best Film, Best Director... Rated: R

Release: 2010

Genre: Comedy | Crime Running time: 105 minutes Language: French | English Subtitle Awards: Best Director, , Best Cinematography, Best edit Rated: R Avid movie-watcher and video store clerk Bazil has had his life all but ruined by weapons of war. His father was killed by a landmine in Morocco and one fateful night a stray bullet from a nearby shootout embeds itself in his skull, leaving him on the verge of instantaneous death. Losing his job and his home, Bazil wanders the streets until he meets Slammer, a pardoned convict who introduces him to a band of eccentric junkyard dealers... When chance reveals to Bazil the two weapons manufacturers responsible for building the instruments of his destruction, he constructs a complex scheme for revenge.

This is the story of Ryu, a deaf man, and his sister, who requires a kidney transplant. Ryus boss, Park, has just laid him off, and in order to afford the transplant, Ryu and his girlfriend develop a plan to kidnap Parks daughter. Things go horribly wrong, and the situation spirals rapidly into a cycle of violence and revenge.



Director: VICTOR FLEMING Country: USA Release: 1939 Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Musical | Family Running time: 101 minutes Language: English | English Subtitle Awards: 2 Oscars, 5 other wins and 8 nominations Rated: PG

Director: SAM MENDES Country: USA

In this charming film based on the popular L.Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in the path of a tornado and somehow end up in the Land of Oz. Here she meets some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage.

When slacker thirtysomething couple Burt and Verona discover that his parents are moving overseas, the duo who expect their first child in a few months set off on a cross-country tour to figure out where they should lay down some roots. They visit a number of different cities, and meet with a different friend or family members family at each stop...



Director: BALTASAR KORMAKUR Country: Iceland Release: 2006 Genre: Thriller Running time: 93 minutes Language: Icelandic | English Subtitle Awards: Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, Cinematography, Rated: 15+

Director: DEEPA MEHTA Country: India Release: 2005 Genre: Drama Running time: 117 minutes Language: Hindi | English Subtitle Awards: Best Film, Director, Cinematography, Script... Rated: PG

It looks like nothing ever happens in Iceland and when a seemingly innocuous old man is brutally killed, the news is in someway amplified. Detective Erlendur Sveisson, fifty and living a life plagued by various forms of addiction, is appointed the apparently incomprehensible case.... An austere yet powerful and gripping detective story, Jar City has been very well received by demanding American audiences. Perfectly crafted as a suspense-generating machine, what really makes Jar City a unique film in its genre is the effective balance between its vivid and somewhat physical images, and its cerebral, nearly philosophical narrative mood.


Release: 2009

Genre: Comedy | Drama Running time: 98 minutes Language: English | English Subtitle Awards: Nominated Best Actors, Best Film Rated: 15+

In 1938, Chuyia a child bride whose husband dies before their union is consummated is relegated to life in an ashram in Varanasi for other «unwanted» widows. Their life is ruled over by a venal old woman, Madhumati She pimps the young widows out to wealthy Brahmin gentlemen, whose attentions are considered by society to be a blessing. Another young widow, Kalyani runs away to marry a young lawyer, a devotee of Ghandi, until she discovers that his father has been her «client/benefactor»...



Director: LUCRECIA MARTEL Country: Argentina Release: 2009 Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller Running time: 87 minutes Language: Spanish | English Subtitle Awards: Cannes, in competition, Best film, director, actress... Rated: 15+

Director: DANIEL ALFREDSSON Country: Sweden Release: 2010 Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller Running time: 147 minutes Language: Swedish | English Subtitle Awards: Rated: R

Acclaimed Argentinean filmmaker Lucrecia Martel steps back behind the camera for her third feature film with a mysterious and intriguing tale of a bourgeois woman who when driving alone on a dirt road, becomes distracted, and runs over something. In the days following this jarring incident, she is dazed and emotionally disconnected from the people and events in her life. She becomes obsessed with the possibility that she may have killed someone...

After taking a bullet to the head, Salander is under close supervision in a hospital and is set to face trial for attempted murder on her eventual release. With the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and his researchers at Millennium magazine, Salander must prove her innocence. In doing this she plays against powerful enemies and her own past.

Horoscopes 2011 Joint money, taxes and insurance will hold your attention for the first two weeks of the month. Good news could be coming your way, just when you needed it the most. Careful planning may be required to stretch funds after the 21st, at a time when you feel the pull of the open road and the need to get away from it all. If traveling is on the agenda, remember to triplecheck everything like schedules, planes tickets and reservations.

Personal committed relationships dominate your life for the first three weeks of April. Renewed romance and enthusiasm could find its way back into this area. If you’re not in a committed relationship look for happiness to come through your business partners. Remember to acknowledge them for all they do in your behalf. It will pave the way for the remainder of April.

Your job scene is hopping with action and fun this month. You could get a raise or a promotion, or both. Your health should be in tip-top shape so get out of the house and move around. This would be an excellent time to start a new diet or exercise plan. During the last half of the month your focus shifts to partnerships and serious relationships. They are blessed with some great aspects. If you’re planning on popping the question, wait until the last day of the month to do so. At that time the planets line up to really cement anything started on that day.

Romance flows freely in your life this month. It always does at this time of year. There could be some real surprises along these lines. Persons could step from the shadows with flowers for you. Persons you had never considered romantically before could pursue with vigor and visa versa. During the last half of the month you shift to matters regarding your employment and health. There could be advancements on the job or you could take major steps to improve you health at that tim

The home front is looking so right this month. Any improvements you have made or are working on pay big dividends during the first half of this month. If there are things that you would like to change regarding you abode, this would be the right time to undertake that effort. The results will be very satisfying. At The last half of the month There will be many opportunities with people you would not normally find yourself attracted to. Still, take the risk and experience something new and different.

This will be an interesting month for you as the emphasis is on communication. There could be a flurry of information coming your way. The problem is Mercury is retrograde for the month. You may have to triple- check that information before releasing it to others. Something there calls to you and the backyard barbeque looks so inviting. A home improvement project could find its wheels during this period with surprising results.







(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

(Jan. 21-Feb. 19)

(Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

(Mar. 21-April 20)

(Apr. -21May 21)

(May 22-June 21)







(June 22-July 22)

(July 23-Aug 22)

(Aug. 23-Sept. 23)

(Setp. 24-Oct. 23)

(Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

(Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

Your money is highlighted this month. It’s all good news, though. You may be feeling the effects of a budget put into place months ago, thus resulting is a surplus of funds. Also, changes that you could have made at the personal level bear meaningful fruit during this two-week period of April. communication picks up in your life. Be mindful that Mercury in retrograde could effect the flow and content of that communication. Try not to take anything at face value, but check out it’s validity before you accept it.

You’re bubbling with energy this month with the Sun and Mars in your 1st house of self. The energy last for three weeks and it’s a good time to get out there and do the projects you’ve been thinking about. During the month, there could be confusing signals and signs coming from your Committed Other. Good luck could come your way during the last half of the month in areas regarding resources and cash. Long forgotten loans and favors could suddenly be repaid to your surprise and pleasure.

Normally, this is your month for taking it easy, but April finds you dealing with a behind the scenes well spring of energy that must be dealt with or there could be consequences to your health that would be hard to diagnose. Seek ways to alleviate the pressure. Also try to avoid overindulging in food or drink during the last half the month. Friends could provide you with some solid moneymaking opportunities this month. Be patient and hear them out. You could reap some handsome profits and do it quickly.

Activities with friends sweep you through this April with fun at every turn. Short trips during the first two weeks could find you in lovely surroundings. If you must travel, make sure you triple check everything before you leave with Mercury retrograde all month. The last half of April could provide you with some surprises on the job and regarding your career. Some will be very visible and some will come from behind the scenes. Career changes made on the last day of the month will be the most beneficial and long lasting.

The career sector is jumping with activity and excitement this month. You may be thrust into the limelight over your accomplishments. There could be major advancements and pay increases from ideas and hard work you have put forth. Traveling for business or transactions at a great distance work best on the 17th. Doublecheck all the figures before agreeing to anything though.

Now is a good time to consider increasing your knowledge at the higher education level. Perhaps embarking on a new path of enlightenment or just a reading really thick book. Travel is favored as well, but with Mercury retrograde it’s advisable to triple-check you plans, schedules, and itinerary for mishaps that could catch you by surprise.

SUDOKU Easy Medium Hard 1 Do you have what it takes to be a SuDoku Grand Master? SuDoku, “the crosswords without words,” come with a warning: it is seriously addictive. You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to solve these puzzles; it is simply a question of logic and a little patience.







9 7

4 3












6 6





9 7

4 1


1 2



2-Every vertical line should have the numbers from 1to 9 without any repeats or emissions.

4-DO NOT GUESS. Each number has one specific place in its row, column and box.




1-Every box made of 9 squares has to have the numbers from 1 to 9 without any repeats or emissions.

3-Every horizontal line should have the numbers from 1 to 9 without any repeats or emissions.


9 2


How to solve a SuDoku puzzle?

2 5





8 2






7 2



Easy Medium Hard








5-If more than one number could go into a square, write down the possibilities in small with a pencil. After you fill the whole puzzle with the possibilities, you will be able to erase the unwanted numbers as logic will eliminate the possibilities and leave you with one right answer for each square.







‫اأبواب ثنائية الفتح‬

‫مقاعد مقاومة المت�سا�ص ال�سوائل‬

‫نظام �سمعي مع ‪Sub woofer‬‬

‫حمرك ‪ 4.0 - VVTi - V6‬لرت‬

‫و�سائد هوائية بنظام ال�ستائر‬ ‫اجلانبية‬

‫تابلوه ع�سري مميز‬

‫تهتز م�شاعرك عندما تقع عيناك على ‪ FJ‬كروزر وتتوقف كلياً عن املقارنة الأنه ال �شبيه له‪ .‬حمرك ‪� V6‬سعة‬ ‫‪ 4.0‬لرت بقوة ‪ 260‬ح�شان وقدرة �شحب ‪ 2268‬كجم‪ .‬ناقل حركة ذو ‪� 5‬شرعات‪ 8 ،‬موا�شع لتغيري مقعد ال�شائق‪،‬‬ ‫اأبواب ثنائية الفتح‪ ،‬نظام �شوتي متطور ب�شماعات و ‪ ،Sub Woofer‬مقاعد مقاومة المت�شا�ص ال�شوائل‪،‬‬ ‫نظام فرامل ‪ ABS‬مانعة لالنغالق‪ ،‬منظم ا�شتقرار ال�شيارة ‪ ،VSC‬نظام ال�شبط الفعال للجر ‪،A-TRAC‬‬ ‫والكثري من املوا�شفات الفريدة التي �شتع�شقها من اأول نظرة‪.‬‬

‫‪FJ 2011 Ahlan DPS.indd 1‬‬


‫‪3/28/11 2:32:16 PM‬‬

StudenTalk #122 - April 2011  
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