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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Fawaz Al-Mutairi MANAGING DIRECTOR Zeina Mokaddam LEGAL CONSULTANT Khaled Al-Kandari Al-Kandari Law Firm MARKETING TEAM Operations Managers Amal Atout

Dear Students, I have to share this real life story with you! A renowned doctor at the University of Pennsylvania has dedicated his whole life to the study of a very rare bone disease where bones grow in organs they are not supposed to grow in, like the heart or kidney. There are only 200 cases in the world and his colleagues often wondered why he puts so much energy into a disease very few cared about and where there was no cure!

Ahmad Al-Therban EDITORIAL TEAM Group Editor Katia Abbas

Suddenly his research became the hot topic of the day and, as now the cure was a possibility, he was able to get funding.

CONTRIBUTORS Suad Ibrahim Shouroug Jallad Nathalie Matta Nadia Atout Fatema Hayat

Knowing the limitation of his age, the veteran doctor was looking for a younger protégé to carry forward his mantle. Unexpectedly, this veteran doctor approached my sister, a young Lebanese doctor who has studied and is now working at the same University.

CREATIVE TEAM Graphic Designer Nidal Al-Shaker

Until…. at the age of over 70 some, he actually found the gene’s mutation that causes the disease.

Shocked, my sister asked him “why her”? She felt there were many other doctors with far more experience! He looked at her and recited a story of a Lebanese friend of his who, when asked what he would like to be remembered as, said “I would like to be remembered as being nice”. When the friend died years later, his memorial lived up to his wishes and a yearly grant was established in his name. The doctor then looked at my sister and said: “Being nice counts. Does that answer your question?” How beautiful it is when our small acts are actually our biggest achievement? And how often we forget the impact of our small acts... May we always be nicely remembered... Till the next issue,

Zeina Mokaddam

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PHOTOGRAPHY Editorial Photographer Maher Al-Nouri PRODUCTION AND CIRCULATION TEAM Production and Circulation Manager Jad Nahas Distributors Adel Farouk Roshan Sapumal Ajith Kumara









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Cover Story

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 Creativity, passion, and knowledge of technology

Imagine Cup is a global student technology program, and competition that provides opportunities for students across all platforms to create advancements in the technological industry, and provide solutions to society. A team of three engineering students; Alhamza Abdulmonen, Hussain Taqi, and Mohammad Al-Qallaf at the American University of the Middle East (AUM), came in first place of the World Citizenship category.


‫قصة الغالف‬

We really believe this idea has the potential for restoring hope and faith for those who need it

What is this project about? It is a mind-controlled, smart, 3D printed prosthetic arm. The arm is controlled via brain commands, obtained from an Electroencephalography (EEG) headset. The arm is equipped with a network of smart sensors and actuators that give the user an intelligent feedback about the surrounding environment and the object in contact. This network provides the arm with normal hand functionality, smart reflexes and smooth movements. The mechanical arm designed to be mounted on the shoulder of the person who does not have an arm or that has a paralyzed arm, giving them the capability to perform everyday life actions. How do you competition?





The competition qualified us to participate in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Pan Arab competition in Cairo, Egypt. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. What drove your passion towards the project? This project combines two of our main passions: robotics and helping those in need. It allowed us to put to work all the knowledge we acquired during our studies for the betterment of the lives of paralyzed individuals and amputees. We really believe

this idea has the potential of restoring hope and faith for those who may have lost it after an unfortunate accident, or after suffering for a long period of time, with the lack of an affordable, functional, and user-friendly solution. Did you face challenges in your project? If so, what? It was a complex, multidisciplinary process. It includes aspects of many engineering disciplines such as: • Electrical engineering: controlling and connecting the electrical circuitry that powers everything together. • Computer engineering: coding and programming the different components of the project such as the sensors, and the mind-control headset. • Mechanical engineering: setting up the mechanical part of the arm, such as the motors, and calculating the weight and torque features of each part to ensure that each motor is able to carry the weight of the arm, as well as any objects that it may carry. This project incorporates some input from graphical design, for designing and editing the 3D printing process. It was a great opportunity to put our knowledge to work, and we were able to learn new things in the process.

What do you hope to achieve in the future? It is only the beginning for us. After proving the functionality of the idea, and showing everyone our potential, we aim to improve it further. We hope to start testing it with individuals that are in need of it, and we want to improve the design. This would allow us to receive feedback and upgrade the functionality, as well as help them enhance their lifestyle. In the future, we hope to cooperate with government entities that are concerned with the disabled, in order to finance the project and send it directly to them.

Tidbits: • Alhamza Abdulmonen is a Computer Engineer, and one of the founders of the AUM robotics club. • Hussain Taqi is a Computer Engineer, and is a founding member of the Kuwait branch of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. • Mohammad Al-Qallaf is an Electrical Engineer, a Robotics Club member with a passion for innovation in the mechatronics field.


Students Said Polls


In your opinion, do you feel that the majority of families in Kuwait are: 66% A) Functional 34% B) Dysfunctional Do you have family gatherings? A) Yes B) No

91% 9%

How often? A) Once a week B) Three times a week C) Once a month D) On occasion

36% 30% 27% 7%

YOU VOTED Mohammad Al Mutawa AUK/Computer Engineering

Raneem Al-Buaijan University of Miami Electronic Media



Jassim Abul Royal College of Surgeons Ireland/Medicine


Aliah Al Omani University of Tampa Finance

Munira Alsabah University of Miami Marketing

Dina Abdulkhader AUS Public Relations


Mohammad Alawadhi Queensland University of Technology/Civil Engineering


Sara Al Hasawi Pennsylvania State University/Industrial Engineering

Hani Arafat Texas A&M University Industrial Engineering

Hachem Mourtada GUST/Management Organizational Behavior

Mohammed Al Adel AUK ElectricEngineering

Khaled Al-Wazzan University of Tampa Finance @khaledalwazzan

Reem Al Sharhan AUK International Relations


Hamad Al Ali GUST International Business

Abdulwahid GUST/International Business


Mohammad AlKhiami AUK Accounting

Mostafa Zamzam AUK Accounting

Islam Abdelhay AUK Finance

‫كالم الطلبة استطالع رأي‬

Visit our Website: and enter next month’s poll

Saad Al Ajmi AUK/ Business Management

Dana Maan AUK English Literature

Yaqoub Arti California State University Bakersfield/Economics

Bader Al Failakawi AUK Computer Engineering

Salah Al Tawheed AUK Graphic Design

Sami Faidi AUK Accounting and Marketing

Amaar Hamdan AUK/Communication and Media

Mohammad Salman Wasal AUK Accounting and Finance

Maisoun Abdelkader AUK/Marketing and Management

Imran Garrouch AUK/Computer Science

Rakan Hallak AUK Electrical Engineering

Yousef Al Awadhi ACK Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Dakheel Al Dakheel GUST International Business

Athbi Ibrahim UMASS Boston Political Science

Hassan Gust/Accounting


Students Said Voice Your Opinion


What are the steps that you will take to ensure that you will be a good parent?


Hana Nasser AUK/Media and Graphic Design @Hana_nassar1110

I think, reading more books, and learning from my parent’s mistakes are the steps that will ensure me in becoming the best parent.

Salma AlHemaly Kuwait University English Linguistics I think, leaning from my parent’s mistakes, reading books about how to raise your children in a family-friendly environment, and trying different things to ensure my children’s well being.


Nouran Al Sayed AUK/Marketing and Accounting

Farah Younes AUK/Mass Communication

In my opinion, I should give my children the chance to explore what they live, and I should love them unconditionally.

In my opinion, I must trust my children, and give them space to make their own decisions are the steps I will take ensure that I can be a good parent.

Sara Faisali AUK/Graphic Design

Basant AUM Computer Engineering

I think, being understanding with my children, and guiding them towards what is best for their future without forcing them to do anything. I also would rather be their best friend instead of a strict parent.


In my opinion, treating my family the right way is the first step to ensure that I can become a good parent.

Talal Ahmed Omar AOU Marketing

Eman Alkadri Kuwait University English Literature



I think, listening to my parent’s and taking their advice is the most important thing for me.

In my opinion, taking my parent’s advice, reading more books about building a successful relationship between children and parents, and realizing that you can be a great parent.

Ayoob AUK Electrical Engineering

Mariam AUK Graphic Design

I hope to follow procedures, and I want to constantly check up on my kids to see if they are doing well.

For me, it’s important to getting the experience a long the way, I also want to be open minded and patient.

‫كالم الطلبة استطالع رأي‬

Nadine AUK/Accounting and Finance

Nada AUK/Marketing

Yousef AUK/Computer Engineering

Aya AUK/Graphic Design

Fatma AUK/Graphic Design

I want to become the best parent that can give my children advice, and experience. However, there must be limits.

I want to put myself in my child’s shoes so that I can try to understand my child’s perspective. I think it’s also very important to build trust between the child and the parent.

To me, I think being a good parent happens when you work on the friendship with each other first.

I think, being open-minded with my children is important to me.

I think, respecting my children is important, that way they can respect me too.

Jaafar Sheshtari AUK/Communication & Media

Mohammad Fakhreai AUK/Accounting

Sondos Saoud AUK/Graphic Design

Salam Ajam Oughli AUK/Management and Marketing

I think, respecting my child’s privacy is important, and I can receive respect from my child.

I want to be able to take care of my child, and learn to develop respect.

I think, being able to respect my child’s decisions is very important to me, and I hope to build trust between us.

Communication is very important, because I want to build a strong bond with my child.

Rateb Shehadeh AUK/Communication, Media and Marketing

Ahmed Al Otaibi AUK/Management

Ahmed El Kharsa AUK/Graphic Design

Zeid W. Malas AUK/Graphic Design

Abdul Latif Sadeqi AUK/Anthropology

Zahrah Ahmed AUK/Electric Engineering

I think, being open minded, and letting them do whatever they ask are the steps I will ensure to be a great parent.

Parenting is a huge responsibility, and it does not mean that you can interfere in your children’s life choices. As a parent, you must guide them to the right path, but never force them to make a decision. I will be supportive, and help them be successful. I also want to give them as much love and care as possible.

It is important to be patient, and I also hope to be active in my child’s life.

In my opinion, respecting your In my opinion, I have to be open children, acknowledging when minded, keeping boundaries they are right, and having that Allah has put, because a discussion rather than an there is no one wiser than him. argument are the steps I will take Lastly, monitoring your child’s to ensure my child’s well-being. life as close as possible without interfering, and giving them the chance to make mistakes and learn from that.

You should form a bond of mutual understanding that can both ease the parenting process and make you value them even more.


Topic of the Month This Month’s Spotlight

Family is where the heart is Building a Family

By: Suad Ibrahim As humans we all belong somewhere; to our family, to our friends, to our culture, and to our world. The feeling of belonging is essential to our sense of happiness and well-being. Family is about connection, honesty, trust and unconditional love. It is a feeling of belonging, shelter from life’s storms, sharing sadness and happiness together. Family always comes first, and nothing else really matters.


‫في هذا العدد تسليط الضوء‬

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. David Ogden Stiers

I didn’t realize the importance of “family” until I left to America in August 2013 to study for my undergraduate at Elon University, in North Carolina. I remember the night very clearly, it was the first time I said good-bye to my mother knowing I could only see her during winter break and the summer. I remember her face clearly, red, teary-eyed, and holding me so tight. I could not stop the tears running down my face, and I could not let go. On the other hand, my father seemed the strongest of us all, but I knew as soon as he moved me in to my dorm, he waved with watery eyes, saying, “take care of yourself.” That moment, I broke down. Even if I was the oldest of my three brothers, I was still their baby girl. It is true what the say, seeing your mother and father cry is probably

the worst thing to witness. New life. New city. Sometimes, you have to leave the nest. It did not hit me that I was leaving my home, I was leaving my identity in the place that I only ever knew. I won’t longer wake up to my 3 brothers annoying me, and I won’t really be there to watch my now 4-year old brother grow up. All I could do now was utilize Facetime, Whatsaap, Viber, and Skype for the next four years. Before you knew it, I craved a slice of home for a couple of months at Elon. All I could think of were the familiar faces of my family, friends, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I started feeling homesick, a feeling I never encountered before. The longing ache for the familiar,

friends, and my mother’s home cooking – sets in. I didn’t realize how “Kuwaiti” I was. Though Elon is great, and the friends I have made are my “home away from home.” It is still not the same. Every return to my home served as a metric of how much of myself had been changed and unrooted. I am always excited to return home, because it is true what they say, home is home. My experience made me realize that my family is the most important thing in the world. It is important to hold onto to your family, especially during a time where it can be convenient to let go. Family is an important word, a word we use about people we love.


Student Life University Activities

Art & Graphic Design Department 9th Annual Capstone Exhibition Concluded

The Art & Graphic Design Department at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) concluded its 9th annual Capstone Exhibition. The Exhibition offered senior students an opportunity to showcase their creative work to the public and have their designs considered by renowned experts from the industry. Under the supervision of Rita Merheb Khair, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at AUK, participating students investigated a topic of their choice, researched and analyzed it, and designed communication tools that addressed their target audiences through the medium of Graphic Design. Their work covered a range of topics that included; social and cultural awareness, corporate identity, and entrepreneurship.


The exhibited projects reflected a culmination of semester-long, self-initiated, and selfdirected ideas implemented through diverse applications.  The projects were evaluated based on their creativity and presentation; their ability to conduct and use graphic design research strategy effectively; and their ability to plan and implement a compelling graphic design display.

1804080 22

PS4 or XBox?

‫ فعاليات‬/‫حياة الطلبة أنشطة‬

The Capstone Exhibition is held annually. It brings together visitors from the field of graphic design, including experts from graphic design studios, publishing houses, film and video production companies, advertising, and multimedia firms.  According to Khair, “This exhibition is an opportunity for our students to present themselves, their creative capabilities, and their technical skills, through a project in which they have utilized everything they have learned over the past four years. It also gives them exposure, a good body of work to include in their portfolios, and most importantly the  strength and the courage they need to move on to the next stage in their lives, whether it is further studies, or the professional world of Graphic Design” As one of the final year courses, the GDES Capstone course is designed to teach graduating students how to visualize the complex intersection between personal voice, conceptual understanding, and the use of research for a graphic design exhibition.   Maryam Hosseinnia, Chair of the Department of Art & Graphic Design, explained that the showcased designs displayed the students’ capabilities. “The Capstone is meant to be the culmination of four years of learning for our Graphic Design majors, showcasing their design, talents, abilities, and learning.  The faculty of Art & Graphic Design is constantly working to improve the learning environment for the students. The faculty is involved throughout their creative project learning and development. This Capstone shows the hard work and earned expertise of our students as well.” AUK’s Graphic Design Capstone represents an opportunity for senior students to fully incorporate their design strengths and learning into a focused, extended process of research and visual expression. The projects are diverse, reflecting individual student investigations into their topic of choice.


Student Life University Activities

AUK Female Sports Teams A Historical Season

It is the first time in the history of the UAAK and the Universities Championship Cup (UCC) for a university to dominate all competitions. The AUK female athletes completed a historical season winning all competitions in all female sports. This season, AUK female athletes dominated, winning the Women’s Basketball, Table Tennis, Squash, Soccer, and Volleyball University’s Athletic Association of Kuwait (UAAK) league, 2015-2016. AUK competed with teams from Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), Gulf Institute of Science and Technology (GUST), American University of the Middle East (AUM), and Arab Open University (AOU). To crown the AUK Women’s Volleyball team champions of UAAK, Noha Abou Omar played the winning serve in the finals volleyball game between AUK and the AUM.


The AUK Sports Coordinator; Omar Mehdi thanked all of the female student-athletes for a remarkable and historical season and for their hard work, dedication, and winning spirit. The Women’s Soccer Coach; Hannah Farmer also expressed her joy and pride “I am so proud of the ladies this season they worked so hard and truly deserve to be winners, congratulations”. Congratulations to all AUK female student-athletes on an extraordinary season!

1804080 24

Tablet or Laptop?

‫حياة الطلبة أنشطة‪ /‬فعاليات‬


Student Life University Activities

AUK 2016 Commencement Under the Patronage of HH the Prime Minister

AUK held its graduation commencement for the Class of 2016 where 367 students officially became AUK graduates; amongst them were 24 honors, 21 high honors and 6 with highest honors. The ceremony was held under the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Prime Minister of Kuwait’s Council of Ministers, and attended by His Excellency Dr. Bader Al-Essa, Minister of Education and Higher Education; Professor Dr. Habib Abul, Secretary General of Private Universities; and Shaikha Dana Naser Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Founder and Chair of AUK’s Board of Trustees, along with members of the AUK Board of Trustees, diplomats, dignitaries, and the families and friends of this year’s graduates.


Welcoming all to AUK’s 11th graduation ceremony and officially inaugurating it by introducing the traditional processionals of the faculty and graduates was Vice President for Admissions & Public Affairs, Amal Al-Binali Professor Dr. Nizar Hamzeh, stated “We set

1804080 26

out to prepare leaders who will excel in their fields and apply the critical thinking skills they acquired from the liberal arts education they received at AUK to make the best decisions that will benefit their countries and communities. I am confident in your abilities and believe in each of you to carry on AUK’s legacy of producing strong and successful alumni.” The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Bader Al-Eissa congratulated the students and stated, “It is their duty now to contribute to the development of this country.”

This year’s valedictorians were, Batul Sadliwala; College of Arts & Sciences, with a 4.0 GPA, and Sara Lobbad; College of Business & Economics, with a GPA of 3.99. “Everyday, we embrace and celebrate the diversity amongst our ranks. And as we leave here today, my fellow graduates, let us make a promise to always remember that celebration, to remember that difference is always enriching,” - Batul Sadliwala

Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, the Dean of Student Affairs, “We are confident that they will excel in whichever path their future leads them to, for we were witness to this excellence while being honored to nourish it in the last few years. This group has often been vital in enriching our lives at AUK, staff and faculty alike, and here we are today, ready to follow their progress as they move to enrich your lives.”

Dress or Makeover?

‫حياة الطلبة أنشطة‪ /‬فعاليات‬


‫‪Student Life University Activities‬‬

‫زيارة الجماعة التطوعية لتنمية الطاقة‬ ‫لكلية الهندسة والبترول‬

‫استقبل عميد كلية الهندسة والبترول بجامعة الكويت األستـــاذ‬ ‫الدكتور عبد اللطيف محمد الخليفي رئيسة اللجنة التطوعية لتنمية‬ ‫الطاقة األستـاذة غدير الصقعبي وأعضاء اللجنة السيد فاضل جيرمن‬ ‫والسيد فواز الحمد والدكتور محمد حاتم غريب‪ ،‬وذلك بحضور العميد‬ ‫المساعد للتخطيط والتطوير المهني الدكتـورة إسراء العيسى‪.‬‬ ‫وناقشت السيدة غدير الصقعبي مع األستاذ الدكتور محمد الخليفي‬ ‫عمل شراكة استراتيجية مع جامعة الكويت وتحديدا ً كلية الهندسة‬ ‫والبترول في المنتدى الذي سيقام مستقبال‪ ،‬وقامت بعرض أهمية‬ ‫المنتدى وهو طرح روافد قوية لالقتصاد غير مستغلة حتى اآلن‬ ‫استغال ًال سليم ًا‪ ،‬وطرح رؤى وأفكار خبراء مختصون لتطوير صناعة‬ ‫البتروكيماويات في الكويت ودول مجلس التعاون الخليجي لتكون رأس‬ ‫مال دائم وتوفير آالف من الفرص الوظيفية والدفع باالقتصاد الكويتي‬ ‫والخليجي واستغالل الثروات الموجودة في الطاقات البشرية المتوفرة‬ ‫االستخدام االمثل‪.‬‬ ‫وفي ختام اللقاء شكر الدكتور الخليفي اللجنة المنظمة وعلى رأسهم‬ ‫الدكتورة غدير الصقعبي على الحضور واتفق الطرفان على بذل كل ما هو‬ ‫ممكن لخلق وتعزيز تلك الشراكة‪.‬‬


‫‪Why choose‬‬ ‫‪when you can‬‬ ‫?‪have it all‬‬

‫‪1804080‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫‪28‬‬




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Student Diwaniya University Clubs

IMA Competition 2016 Develop, Certify, Connect, and Support Teams of students have the opportunity to analyze a case study, and develop a solution. AUM students are among the four finalist groups; Fatema Al-Abbassi, Muneera Al-Sedrah, Fatema Al-Hussienen, Sheikha Al-Fahad, and Ahmad Sami Hussein. They hope to win the Student Case Competition in Las Vegas organized by The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business.

What is your project about? It is about solving a Lean Supply Chain for a manufacturing company. We had to apply accounting concepts and industrial engineering concepts in this case study. What is your goal? We want to prove that AUM students can achieve high success and reach their goals. We think that believing in ourselves, receiving proper guidance, and encouragement has assisted us in reaching this milestone on our road to successful careers. AUM’s educational environment provided that for us.


Have you faced any challenges? If so, what? There was an increase in the production of the company by 12.5% per year, while maintaining high quality products. There was also a decrease in profits of the company in the previous years. Another challenge was solving the case study and preparing the short film in less than three weeks. It was a great challenge, because of the montage skills of Fatema Al-Hussienen, teamwork, the harmony, and our skills combined. Are you representing your university? Yes, we are proudly representing AUM. We

believe that our university was a great help in our achievement. Our supervisors’ guidance and support led us to accomplish our goals and overcome the stressful moments. Are you representing yourselves or not? We are representing AUM, Kuwait, and ourselves. We are proud of this achievement, and we hope that everyone can give us their support and prayers.


for the First time in Kuwait a Social Entrepreneurship Program with Babson College


In collaboration with


Age Group 12 to 16

Register now! 6 weeks 3 times a week


For more information


Program fee

185 KD

w w w. l o y a c . o rg

CertiďŹ cate Babson College


The Local Scene Artist of the Month

A Passion for Music Raneem Al-Buaijan

Raneem Al-Buaijan, 21, a Kuwaiti student completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Miami, discovered her passion for singing the day she learned to speak. She describes her love for singing as a hobby and a passion.


‫المشهد المحلي فنان الشهر‬

I want to open up for Beyoncé, but you can’t be before the queen. It’s great exposure, but it’s so much pressure for you. Raneem Al-Buaijan

Tell me about yourself? I’m a senior at The UM, majoring in Electronic Media and minoring in Public Health and Psychology. I’m a correspondent for the television station called UMTV, and I work on the entertainment channel called Polls T.V at UM. I do camera work, editing on post production, and I’ve also helped pitched ideas. I hope to become the host for the channel next year. Is music a part of you? Music is second nature to me. Home videos of myself as a child show how music has always been a part of me and the only thing that kept me from crying, of course, then when the music ended, I would be upset. Was your family supportive of you? My parents have always been supportive and also love music. My mom always put me in music lessons I wanted. They’ve always given me a lot of advice, “don’t be nervous, you will do just fine.” Always making me feel better, they have always been so encouraging. Have you performed in Kuwait and in Miami? Yes, I have. My friends in high school always pushed me to sing, saying, “You have to sing, you can sing.” My first performance, I

was about to pass out on stage. I was crying on the inside, but I knew I just had to do it. In university, I sing so much that it’s gotten much easier, but there are times I still get nervous, so I always practice. How do you feel about being on stage? It is a very different feeling, if I take away the anxiety and nervousness, I have to block out all the voices in my head saying, “you can’t do it!” When I get into the song, I must forget where I am, and become that song. I stop thinking about how my voice is going to sound. Sing songs I can relate to as a form of expression. What draws your inspiration to sing? Whatever my mood may be, I’ll find music that helps reflect that feeling. Do you ever dream of becoming a singer? That’s the ultimate goal for a music lover, including myself. I’m not Whitney Houston, or Michael Jackson, I’m not extraordinarily talented. Television and Radio is more connected to music today, which is why I’m in that field. I always want to work with music, hopefully one day I start my own record label, or become a radio host so I can pick the music, meet the artists and help them become big. I would love to be my own singer, if it happens, it happens.

Have you experienced any challenges along the way? If so, what? The challenge is more internal, because when I want to sing, I have to find that courage to sing. What stops me is the fear of sounding bad. I’ve had times where the mic stopped working, and I’ve tripped. I am not someone that is very assertive, I don’t just say, “Oh put me in I want to sing.” I think talent speaks for itself. If someone has heard me sing, I want them to vouch for me and say, “She can sing and put her on the show.” Every challenge I’ve faced helped me grow. Who are your musical inspirations? Generally, artists that our generation doesn’t listen to, I love the classics from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I admire Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Prince. People that we don’t typically listen to now were inspirations for all these other artists. They created an era of the music that I listen to. The classics are beautiful. Tidbits If you can collaborate with anyone, who would it be? • Drake or Chance the rapper If you could open up for any artist, who would it be? •Usher, Chris Brown, or Trey Songz


The Local Scene INTERVIEW

K's Path: Kuwait Society For The Protection Of Animals and Their Habitat Fatimah Al-Sabah We sit with Fatimah Al Sabah, and she shares her love and passion for animals, their habitat, and their environment.

Our country has a wonderful habitat for all types of species, so if we appreciate it more, we can take care of it. It is the wonders of Kuwait. Fatimah Al-Sabah


‫المشهد المحلي مقابلة‬

Tell us a little bit about of yourself? Around five years ago, I was volunteering at the Kuwaiti Society For the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat. All my life I wanted to find something that links my passion for animals and their environment together, I never thought it was going to be possible in Kuwait. I love the animals, the environment in our country, and of the world. I helped in every part of the organization, such as going 6 days a week. I truly think that my dedication showed to the people that founded it, and that’s when Aisha Al Humaidhi, founder and Chariman, invited me to help lead this organization as a Vice Chairman. It truly was a dream come true. Where did the name, “Kuwait Society For The Protection Of Animals and Their Habitat” come from?

to make a greater change in society for the voiceless animals, we have to educate the public. Sometimes it is not on purpose that people abuse animals, or dump animals, they are just ignorant and do not understand the responsibility. An animal is always dependent on you forever.

Our volunteers are well informed before they start, so they know what they are doing. We like to keep the animals feeling that they are loved, even though they are in a shelter. They make a huge difference in the lives of our animal, and they add a level of love that animals need.

Do you have animals up for adoption? If so, what is your adoption process?

Do you hold events? If so, what are they?

We do have animals up for adoption. We do an adoption interview, so we can know the history of the person, and their lifestyle. We encourage the entire family to come, because we need make sure that everyone wants the animal, and the animal we will place it with interacts with all of the family members. We have to match the pet with its best fit for the family. We need to make sure everyone is happy, including the animal.

The organization started in 2005, and it was first named “Animal Friends League.” It started as an animal shelter just for dogs and cats. It is Kuwait’s first legal non-profit organization in caring for their animals and their habitat specifically. Aisha realized that Kuwait did not have a shelter for all the homeless animals, animals that are found in the streets, or people saying “I do not want this animal anymore.” It grew from there, because we noticed that there was a huge need for education. We are an open door shelter; we accept all the animals that come to us.

What does surrounding an animal mean?

K’s path has a greater appreciation for students, how do you hope to bring awareness to them?

How can people volunteer?

We work with students of all ages, from Nurseries to Universities. We believe that

We need to make sure that when you give this animal to us, which means we cannot give you any information about this animal. We are transferring the ownership from you to us. We have a questionnaire so we can find out the background of the animal, behavior of the animal, and how the animal acts in a home. Some people however, surrender an animal for reasons that are avoidable, and we have been able to keep their pets for misconceptions that they have.

You can email us at:, for more information. We give volunteers guidelines, a tour of the entire facility, and lead small workshops about basic care of an animal.

We have bark in the park, which is a dog show. It is a fun event for dogs, and it is located in Ahmadi. We have an art exhibition, where artists can contribute and participate their art. Both art and animal bring something inside us that we don’t always know what it is. We also hold kids day fun day, where it is a costume party, and they dress up as their favorite animal. We also have quiz nights. We hold our events for awareness and to raise funds for the organization. We have been running for 11 years. An interesting fact you would like to add? We have a marine conservation program; we go to ecologically rich beaches around the coast of Kuwait that remain neglected. We go to Slaibikhat, Shuwaikh Port, and so forth. These beaches are ecologically rich, because the area is mud flat, where it is a significant habitat for the marine species, birds, and desert species. We clean the beach regularly with groups who would like to join us. It is a magical experience, because you can also see the flamingos, and mud skippers in the bay. We launched our education program where we go to schools and speak to children about our environment. We just noticed a huge disconnect between Kuwaitis, people living in Kuwait, and the environment. We think nothing exists in it. We have the richest bio-diversity in our marine life.


The Local Scene loyac

LOYAC Teams up with Babson College The Leading Entrepreneurship Institution in Boston

We are happy to announce our agreement of cooperation to implement the social entrepreneurship project which falls under the youth initiatives program, reinforcing the sense of social responsibility in youth, as well as finding and devising solutions for important social issues. The program runs for six weeks, from 17th July 2016 until 27th August 2016, for youth aged 12 to 16 years. It will encourage them to take initiative and be creative in finding solutions for social challenges by turning them into investment opportunities. This will serve to benefit both the young entrepreneur and the society.


Our aim in this program is to spread the concept that everyone is a winner, since businesses today must focus on benefiting the society as a whole instead of only aiming to make quick profit. Such initiatives teach youth social responsibility at an early age and that profit should be based on social justice and benefit for all. Babson College is one of, if not the most important colleges in the field of entrepreneurial initiatives. Since we wanted to develop our programs in this field, which we started in 2013, and aimed to adopt an internationally recognized academic methodology, we found

that Babson is the best college to cooperate with. The agreement stated that from Babson will evaluate the needs of the Kuwaiti youth and develop LOYAC’s program, providing a full curriculum in cooperation with LOYAC’s management that targets this particular age group. Afterwards, Babson’s academics will train the instructors and consultants at LOYAC and monitor their performance, following up on and participating in the evaluation of the students’ projects. Signing this agreement with such a renowned and established academic institution is certainly a great honor to us, marking the beginning of our cooperation.

‫المشهد المحلي‬

Get Ready to Travel Xcite Has it All

The summer season is just beginning and before you embark on your next vacation, be sure to get all your traveling essentials. X-cite by Alghanim Electronics is putting offers on its amazing array of travel items including; cameras, mobile phones, chargers, tablets, drones and accessories. The offer will run from June 24 until August 7, 2016. Step into your own world from the moment you reach the airport with the best noise cancelling headphones, Bose’s QC25 or Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0. If you are heading to a beach destination, listen to your favorite tunes with the new Beats Pill or the water resistant JBL Flip 10. Stay connected with your loved ones with the latest Huawei P9+, HTC 10 or the iPhone SE. No need to worry about running low or out of battery, with the wide selection of universal adapters and power banks. Let your memories last forever with the Canon 1300 DSLR and capture the best views with the latest LG and Ricoh Theta S 360 degree view cameras or DJI Phantom and 3DR drones. Get ready to pack your bags with X-cite’s travel products and amazing bundle deals including; bag packs, selfie sticks and phone covers before takeoff. Visit any of their 18 showrooms spread across Kuwait with three showrooms offering a 24/7 shopping service at Al-Rai, Al-Fahaheel and Hawalli. You can also shop without leaving the comfort of your home, with X-cite’s free-to-download app as well as the store’s official website To stay updated on latest product launches, monthly promotions and offers customers are invited to subscribe to the daily newsletter on or follow X-cite’s social media channels:, or Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter @xcitealghanim, and


The Local Scene

Short Films Go a Long Way American Film Showcase in Kuwait

Aaron Douglas Johnston and Tim Skousen are two American film makers that came to Kuwait as part of the American Film Showcase. The U.S. Embassy worked with the two film makers to have a 5 day workshop benefiting Kuwaiti film makers. We had the privilege of meeting Aaron and Tim and this is what we found out. First thing they mentioned was that Kuwait has a hunger for film making as 100 applications were sent in for their workshop, however as an intensive workshop they were able to accept 25 applicants only. Aaron, whose background is in sociology and international studies, realized during his mid-


20s that he, enjoyed researching communities and social phenomenons. Getting his hands dirty with real stories lead him to a career as an independent film maker, working with communities to produce narrative films. His short film “My sister’s Quinceanera”, which tells the story of a Mexican-American family living in Iowa, landed him his spot in the American Film Showcase. Tim, on the other hand, is a narrative director he makes documentaries, as well as, commercials for a few household names. This is his sixth trip with the American Film Showcase. He sees a potential in Kuwait for film making, but

it should start with people working together. By doing so, individuals will start to specialize, and that will lead to a better quality in the films they create. One thing they truly agree on is that film making is a team sport, and that the community continues to work together. The equipment is available, the stories are available, by working together individuals can grow together. Their advice is to not try and imitate Hollywood, create personalized films about the experience of being Kuwaiti. Both Aaron and Tim, would love to come back again and have this workshop again.

‫المشهد المحلي‬

We’re afraid that when we leave everyone is gonna go back to the way it was before and just work alone

Tidbits: Tim – From Florida Has 4 kids – one of them has a youtube video with 1 million views Wakeboards Plays one video game “Halo” Lived in 4 countries: USA, England, The Bahamas, Chile

Aaron – From Muscatine, Iowa Speaks 4 languages Enjoys biking Lived in 6 countries: USA, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, France


The Local Scene

Artspace Doodling Project

Project Name: Art from Around the House : Doodling Project Level: Beginner Duration: 2 hours What you’ll need for the Around the House Doodle Project: Items from around the house that can be decorated

( We used old wooden spoons, a plane tray, and mason jars. ) • White Acrylic Paint • 2 Brushes: 1 large & 1 medium • White Glue • Scissors • Water Cup • Towel • Ribbons (Optional) • Black Marker • Old Newspaper Tip: Make sure all the surfaces have been cleaned well before starting the art project

Step 1:

Step 2:

Create an easy to doodle surface by painting all the wanted areas in white paint or any color of your choice.

After all the surfaces are completed and dry, use your black marker to create patterns, shapes and doodles on your wooden spoons. Try to come up with new patterns that are formed from simple lines in order to create a unique piece.

Wooden Items usually need two layers of paint so make sure you are waiting for the paint to dry completely between each coat.


‫المشهد المحلي‬

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

On Flat surfaces like the tray, assemble the newspapers into a city scape by cutting different sizes of rectangles. When you are happy with the outline, use PVA or white glue to stick them onto the tray. When the glue has dried outline all the rectangle shapes with a black marker, or you can just create your own random design, there are absolutely no rules.

Add stars, a moon or even a flying saucer to add some life to your city scape and to allow all the new items of your household to seem similar in style.

When All the items have been painted white, and doodled on choose a ribbon ( we chose gold, attach the ribbons to all the newly decorated household items.

Art is the only form of self-expression and freedom, there’s absolutely no right or wrong. Enjoy your Freedom!


Lifestyle Fashion for Her



Ramadan 2016 for New Look is all about elegant nights and outfits to match.

The Ramadan collection is full of halter neck maxi dresses, sophisticated jumpsuits and long sleeve wrap tops based on a colour palette of pastel pinks, deep blacks and lush creams. Faux fur layers and shrugs add extra glamour, while black and gold accessories add look effortlessly stylish. Ladylike lace dresses and necklace collar tops are on trend yet classic, while textured separates and dresses are perfect for a more fashion forward look. Bandeau jumpsuits are also key to the collection, wear them cinched at the waist with a gold belt and finish with a sequin clutch. Key pieces for daytime include wrap blouses, ruffled dresses and flouncy midi skirts. Pastel pink and pale blue are key colours, while leopard print and crochet inserts add interest. Daytime accessories are more understated, with monochrome pieces, a chic way to finish any outfit.


‫أسلوب الحياة موضة لها‬

American Eagle Outfitters Fit your AEO style into a Cabin Bag!


American Eagle Outfitters has you covered this vacation, whether it’s a short city break or a stint in paradise. Here are our top picks for packing light yet super stylish.


Lifestyle Fashion for Him

Celebrating Unforgettable Moments with Sacoor Brothers FASHION For Him

Life is made up of unforgettable moments. These are unique instants that light up day-today life, bringing feelings of happiness and well-being to the forefront. Sacoor Brothers commemorates the importance of these moments through its creations for the Spring/ Summer 2016 collection, under the concept “Unforgettable Moments”.

The always impeccable Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be the face of Sacoor Brothers as its global ambassador, representing all the qualities that the brand stands for. This new collection is a veritable celebration of the most important moments in life, those spent with family or friends; bringing together elegance, relaxation and sophistication – the label’s unique characteristics. These are unequalled moments that should be enjoyed to the full. Unforgettable Moments is not just the name of the campaign, these special moments will be experienced in stores, as customers will be surprised with upcoming events and services unique to the brand. For this new season, Sacoor Brothers is introducing highly distinctive and exclusive items, carrying you off to a tropical environment filled with flair, wrapped up in casual items for a cool fresh appeal. Sacoor Brothers SS16


‫أسلوب الحياة موضة لها‬

Dress yourself up in the nautical shades that stand out in this collection, mixed with warm and neutral colours. The SS16 collection menswear line has a more casual tone. Included are conservative shirts and sports shirts with unique, personalised details that can be adapted to different tastes. Polos are an option for a more upto-date and sophisticated look. For more relaxing moments, the beachwear collection has colourful, tropical patterns, carrying you away to a peaceful Hawaiian setting. The classic menswear line is uniquely elegant and has a variety of patterns, including plain, false plain, herringbones and checks, all in conservative shades and fashionable colours. If blazers are the key item in the male slim fit look, the highlight is the waistcoat, where Sacoor Brothers focuses on the relaxed man who doesn’t neglect his own elegance. You’ll find Sacoor Brothers in Kuwait at 360 Mall


Lifestyle Watches

Casio Launches MR-G G-SHOCK Harvey Nichols - Kuwait


Casio Middle East and AL-BATEL GROUP, the exclusive distributor of Casio Time piece in Kuwait, announced the launch of the latest addition to the flagship MR-G Series in the G-SHOCK line in Harvey Nichols –Avenues.

The new G-SHOCK MRG-G1000DC features “Akagane” (copper color) accents realized with ion plating, evoking a metal that has been used in traditional Japanese metalwork, much prized in Japan over the centuries. The new model reflects the beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The MR-G series offers the ultimate in tough watch design. It combines a sense of quality evoked by finely finished metallic elements with the distinctively solid feel of G-SHOCK, conveying its shock-resistant performance. The new G-SHOCK MRG-G1000DC inherits the features of the model it is based on, the MRG-G1000—an advanced timekeeping system that receives both GPS and radio wave time-calibration signals and offers Dual Dial World Time, simultaneously displaying the time in two different cities..


‫أسلوب الحياة ساعات‬

Independence Day: Resurgence 20 years later they are coming back - and so is Hamilton


Hamilton Watches, recognized for their innovative and precise timepieces, as well as their leading role in the worlds of aviation and cinema return to the big screen this summer in 20th Century Fox’s new blockbuster, Independence Day: Resurgence, twenty years after the first movie Independence Day; features four Hamilton Timepieces.

Hamilton’s presence in Independence Day: Resurgence is the latest in over 450 movie placements for Hamilton. The first collaboration was 65 years ago when the brand’s watches first appeared in The Frogmen. Since then, Hamilton has worked closely with costume designers and prop masters to supply watches to filmmakers. Independence Day: Resurgence will be released globally in cinemas starting June 22nd.

We always knew they were coming back. After ‘Independence Day’ redefined the event movie genre, the next epic chapter delivers global spectacle on an unimaginable scale. Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich, who directed the first chapter, as well as other blockbusters such as The Day After Tomorrow. Independence Day: Resurgence stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Maika Monroe, Travis Trope, William Fichtner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Judd Hirsch, Jessie Usher, Sela Ward, Brent Spiner, Vivica A. Fox, and Angelababy. #TimeMatters Time matters as the world unites to save the planet against alien invasion and human destruction. Fighting from the skies is pilot Jake Morrison, played by Liam Hemsworth, and wearing a robust Khaki X-Wind automatic chronograph. Built for adventure and proudly supporting its military heritage, this powerful timepiece is perfectly adapted for all defense missions. The pushers on the 44 millimeter stainless steel case are uniquely built to form

an X, while the brown calf leather strap ads a stylish vintage touch. Inside, its automatic movement powers chronograph and day-date functions, as well as a driftangle calculator created specifically for pilots so they can measure crosswinds. Even when using alien technology, keeping track of time is essential, and the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind will scrupulously answer the need for precision. The action-packed Independence Day: Resurgence also stars some other Hamilton timepieces worn by additional cast members, starting with Jeff Goldblum wearing an elegant Jazzmaster automatic with GMT function to keep track of time in the different cities during the alien invasion. A Thinomatic can be seen on the wrist of Bill Pullman, and James A. Woods will be wearing a Khaki Pilot Automatic Chronograph,selected for their timekeeping precision and militaryinspired design – because #TimeMatters when the earth is under attack.


Lifestyle Watches

Be still, my beating heart! Rado expands its collection of open heart timepieces


Swiss watchmaker Rado is gladdening the hearts of fashion and watch aficionados alike with its latest creation, the Centrix Open Heart. A collection of decorative diamond-studded models now follows on the heels of the open heart Centrix pieces that debuted late last year.

Three standout pieces from the ladies’ Centrix Open Heart collection merit a closer look. Two of the watches feature polished high-tech ceramic middle links in white or brown – perfect for a boho chic look – while those aiming for more understatement may opt for the model with a classic brown leather strap. The striking 33 mm dial is enclosed in a gold-colored case and studded with 12 Top Wesselton diamonds. However, as the name suggests, the real star of this watch is its pulsating open heart.


The stuff of legends, the bottom half of the timepiece’s mechanics is left completely exposed, revealing the intricate sunray guilloche pattern of the decorated Swiss movement below through the upside-down crescentshaped dial. A stylized keyhole at noon further reveals the beating heart of the automatic movement, adding depth and mystery to the look. The unique shape of the dial was inspired by imagery of the romantic legend behind Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the Night of Sevens or the Magpie Festival.

For gents, the Rado Centrix family offers two equally legendary open heart models – one with chocolate brown high-tech ceramic middle links, and the other with a sumptuous chocolate-colored leather bracelet. Turning exquisite engineering and craftsmanship into works of prêt-à-porter art, the gents’ Centrix models feature cut-out dials that strategically reveal key elements of the pulsating Swiss movement inside. For both models, the handsome horological package is tidily enclosed in sleek 38 mm case.

‫أسلوب الحياة ساعات‬

Watch with Tissot Tour de France Special Collection


Tissot, Official Timekeeper of the Tour de France releases the special collection dedicated to the event. It is composed of six models that bear the distinctive colours of the famous international cycling event and its official logo engraved on the caseback.

The Tissot PR 100 or the Tissot PRC200, which has an added touch of style thanks to itsnato strap, is for the lover of the classic style. The sporty personalities will enjoy the Tissot T-Race models that reference parts of the bicycle such as the brake-disc, in black or white. Those who need an instrument of precision, to accompany them on a cycling Tour, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar with tactile functions that include a weather

forecast, altimeter and compass, powered by solar energy. Right from the start on July 2 at Mont-SaintMichel, fans will be able to show their devotion with one of the watches on their wrist. There will be a total of 21 stages this year over 3’519 KM. There will be many times to keep track of during the event. If there is one race you need a watch for, it is the Tour de France.


Lifestyle Gadgets

Rumor Round Up iPhone 7


OK, I hear you say, “It’s the same.” You’re probably wondering why Apple is always producing the same type of iPhone every year. What really makes this iPhone different? Will this be the next generation in 2016?

Apple seems to be already working on the iPhone 7 – and rumors about it are beginning to heat up. Sources suggest that the difference this time around, will be bigger than ever. Here’s what we know in our iPhone 7 rumor round up: 1.We expect a 4.7-inch phone (called the iPhone 7), and a 5.5-inch model (the iPhone 7 Plus.) 2.It’s still early to know what Apple will pick, but it may be thinner, and will include a complete redesign of a glass-shaped look. Rumors are swirling that it will remove the headphone jack to achieve a wireless Bluetooth headphones that connect via an adaptor or lightning port. 3.Apple may include a dual camera. A dual camera design would allow two different lenses to work together, allowing much-better quality photos. 4.Battery life in the iPhone 7 may be a little better than in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 5.Higher screen resolution may be a possibility. 6.Will the iPhone 7 start at 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB? Who knows! 7.Touch-Sensitive home button 8.May be waterproof As for the release date, the iPhone 7 is likely to be unveiled in September 2016. However, it is expected to be similar to the 6 and 6s. We have yet to see what Apple has in store for iPhone lovers.


‫أسلوب الحياة اإللكترونيات‬

Summer Gadget Must Have Pocket VR


Have you ever wanted to experience a virtual reality from your pocket? Smartphone case company Speck announced its product of Pocket VR, complete with a phone case. The gadget lets you easily turn your phone into a virtual reality. It is intended for iPhone 6/6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 users. It is affordable, and available online.

Design: The product includes a CandyShell Grip protective case and the Pocket VR viewer. When you want to watch VR movies or would like to scan Google Street View images, you unfold the Pocket VR viewer, and put the case into it. According to Speck, Pocket VR includes these four features: • Drop protection with raised rubber bridges • Portable Slim Design: You can fold flat for ultimate portability • Strong Lens Protection: Shield the lens from dust and scratches • Access to on-screen interface and ports Function: Pocket VR works with the CandyShell Grip case. When you want to view an image on VR or a movie, you must pull the sides and flip them up vertically. The case then fits between the slots of the iPhone screen facing the lenses on the viewer. Speck recommends downloading Google cardboard app, or Jaunt VR app to calibrate your phone, and scan the QR code on your settings. You can now begin your virtual reality!


Lifestyle Health

Your Summer Problems - Solved! Skin and Hair

It’s summer time and we are all excited to lay out on the beach, get our tan on, and be out on the town at night, but we are all faced with the dreadful dry weather. That means we’re always trying to avoid the frizzy hair and dry skin, but this summer we can forget about the sundried skin or hair and all your other summer woes. Let’s get that beautiful glow on, with hair that the wind breezes through.


‫أسلوب الحياة صحة‬

The Problem: Sunburn Skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It usually causes the skin to become red, sore, warm, tender and occasionally itchy. It can increase your chances of developing serious health problems, such as skin cancer.

The Problem: Mosquito’s! They are summer’s most annoying insects, the itch and swelling from mosquito bites can range from mild to severe.

The Solution: Mosquito’s can lurk anywhere, especially near bodies of water. They’re also attracted to body odor, and high skin temperatures. Invest in a The Solution: Some people don’t like the idea of sunscreen, but it does help protect good bug repellent. However, if you get too many mosquito bites, your skin from getting sunburnt. You can also use a cool compressor to avoid the urge to scratch the itch. You can use an ice pack, and invest the affected area. You also can apply Aloe Vera to keep your skin moist. in an itch cream. The Problem: Eczema The Problem: Dull Skin You are more exposed to dull skin in the summer. If you are looking for This condition is characterized by dry, scaly, discolored skin that may or may not itch. However, it can vary among different people. bright complexion, adding blush or a self-tan doesn’t always help. It is also commonly caused by heat and is known to show up around elbows, knees, neck, back, feet, and arms. The Solution: You must use, and consume ingredients that contain Vitamin A or C. For example, leafy greens are beneficial to your health, so broccoli and sweet The Solution: Avoid perfumes, and detergents that cause severe irritation. Try potatoes have a very high content, and makes your skin look flawless. using products that lack chemicals, scented, and focus on gentle free cleansers and moisturizers. If your eczema is severe, you can The Problem: Dry Lips Most of us are used to getting chapped lips in the winter, but you can use cream, such as cortisones, this will surely help with the itching. also get dried lips in the summer. Drier climates can cause parched lips, Remember, the more you use will lead to an increase in dryness, which may lead to even more itching, therefore be sure to see your and time outdoors can also lead to burning. dermatologist. The Solution: Look for lip balms that sooth your skin, like Vaseline, or lip balms that The Problem: Frizzy hair include shea butter and beeswax. Depending where you are in the world, some summers can be extremely humid. Although, this tends to cause many frizz-prone The Problem: Pimples Pimples can happen at any time, but the extra oil, sweat, and heat can stands. cause an increase in breakouts and pimples. The Solution: Depending on your hair type, it is best to use a ceramic blow dryer. The Solution: Avoid popping the pimples; it can cause redness, and irritation. If you You also can use varying products that will help ease the frizz. For have acne-prone skin, you must use products that are oil-free, so you example, if you want smooth hair, you can use products like Moroccan don’t clog any pores. Remember,over drying your skin can also lead to oil, argan oil, lettuce oil, and olive oil. Keep in mind to use formulas to repel moisture from humidity. breakouts.


News Sports Powered by:

Women Football Kuwait making Positive Strides

Throughout the history of women’s sports, women’s football in Kuwait has witnessed a roller coaster of ups and downs. Unfortunately Kuwait still has to play catch up, despite the amount of progress; Kuwait, still far behind in comparison to neighboring countries, whom seem to be leaps ahead in the field of sports development for women

organized leagues and tournaments started taking place. Namely, the Kuwait Women Football League (K.W.F.L), organized every year by Farah Boodai an avid football fan. Her passion for football led her to create the league, to provide girls and women with an opportunity to showcase their skills and play against local teams.

Regardless of the lack of support in the sport, female athletes and passionate women football players have taken it upon themselves to keep playing and advocating for the sport by forming their own teams, training regularly, and joining local and regional leagues.

This Year, Eighty Percent a socially driven sports firm launched a new women’s’ football tournament offering female football players yet another platform to compete against other local teams. The Eighty Percent women football tournament witnessed More than 120 players, 12 teams and 1000 spectators attended this tournament over a period of 2 weeks in Ramadan. The Tournament

As female football players have continued to increase in numbers, more locally


has concluded with an awarding ceremony recognizing the great talent of the Top 3 teams, best scorer, goalie and sportsmanship. The tournament was supported by both the government and private sectors and was under the patronage of the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Shaikh Salman Al Humoud Al Sabah. To see such grass roots initiatives taking place truly sends ripples of positive change and gives us hope that more effort will be put into raising the standard and reforming women sports in Kuwait. We have selected a number of amazing women football players for our readers and asked them about their favorite sport, they come from different walks of life, but are united by one game!

‫أخبار رياضة‬

Noura Al Ameeri Team: West WIng Jersey Number: 4 Age: 27 Years of Experience in football: 17 years What made you play football? I first started playing football as a child with my brothers and relatives. At that time my skills were equal to that of the boys I played against and anyone who watched me play used to tell me that I have future in this game. This made my love for the game grow even more and so I gathered my friends every Wednesday and played in the park next to my school. Until, I eventually entered high school where I officially started competing in tournaments with my team that shares the love of the game with me. We cheered for each other both in and outside the field and to this day we still play together (jude and may alahmad, reem almulla, dai and najla alsaeed). And thankfully the results are both honoring and motivating. Afterwards, I joined the university team where I also earned best player or top scorer awards. It’s those accomplishments that push me to continue playing with passion. Where do you see football going? At this moment it is better than any time before. However, we still lack professionalism, because in my opinion the first step is to have a women’s team in Kuwaitis football clubs and have a league for those teams. This will allow a proper national team to be chosen. I sincerely hope the responsible agencies take this matter seriously as there are many talented women whose football skills are as good as other national teams around the world but unfortunately they lack the proper care and foundation. What would you say to girls who want to play football? “Play football with passion”


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Jude Al Ahmad Team: West Wing Jersey Number: 11 Age: 26 Years of Experience in football: 18 years What made you play football: Growing up in a family that loves football, I used to watch football matches with my father and my brother when I was young and that pushed me towards playing football. I started playing football with my relatives in our backyard when I was just 8 years old, there was a lot of competition between us as to who was the best player and that made me stronger because I always wanted to prove to them that a girl can beat a guy in sports. By the age of 12 years I realised that I wanted to play professionally, and for the next 2-3 years I kept on pursuing that goal until me and my friends established our first football team when I was in high school where we participated in many tournaments over the years. I learned that playing in a team is very different to play in the backyard of a house, one of the main differences is team work. Another difference is the commitment to the team, where we used to train daily to improve ourself to be the best team in Kuwait. Where do you see football going? For me I think that in Kuwait, professional women’s football is a very distant dream, for many reasons, one of which is the downfall of sport in Kuwait. Therefore, I think that whenever the sport in Kuwait recovers from the downfall, then there is always hope for women football to become a profession in Kuwait. Also, I have to mention that women football has grown remarkably during the years, as the number of teams have increased and the competition became more fierce. What would you say to girls who want to play football? (inspirational quote) Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done making history!


‫أخبار رياضة‬

Reem Al Mulla Team: West Wing Jersey Number: 10 Age: 27 Years of experience playing football: 18 years. What made you play football: One person: my dad. When I was a kid, he would make me watch games instead of cartoons, play with a ball instead of barbies, and took me to the world cup instead of Disneyland. He passed his passion for football to me, and I couldn’t be more thankful. When I first started playing, I used to try mimicking the players I watched on TV. Players like Figo, Ronaldinho, and Roberto Carlos were my heroes, and I would watch videos of them over and over again, practicing their moves until I got it right. I would test these skills at school the next day against my male classmates in the playground. I started out my being picked last, but day-by-day they were seeing how good I was getting and eventually became the kid that actually picked the team. When I moved schools a couple of years later, I actually started playing competitively, thus learning the meaning of teamwork. We would practice after school three times a week for months before traveling and competing against other GCC schools. As a team that played together from 8th to 12th grade, we won a medal almost every year, and it felt awesome. The feeling you get when winning a hard game is somewhat euphoric, and I was addicted. Almost all my teammates stopped playing after high school, I couldn’t. Something in me wouldn’t let me stop, the love I had for the game. I continued playing all through university, met girls who shared my passion, and eventually joined them and won more medals and trophies in the upcoming years. Today, I can’t go a week without playing at least one game. I love every part of football, the blood, the sweat, and the tears. As the great Thierry Henry once said “I eat football. I sleep football. I breathe football. I’m not mad, just passionate.” Where do you see football going? In Kuwait, I see somewhat of a growth with women playing football. More girls are getting into it and society is kind of accepting it. However, when it comes to professional football for women, we’re far off. The reason I say that is because men aren’t getting the attention and care they deserve, how will women? Kuwaiti players who play for clubs here also have to work jobs in the morning, which is exhausting as you can imagine. Once we can get male players to have professional contracts with playable fields and specialized staff then we might have a chance for women. What would you say to girls who want to play football? Never stop playing, and keep believing.


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Fajer Al Amer Team: Vamos Jersey Number: 11 Age: 24 Years of experience playing football: 7 years What made you play: I started playing football at a very young age. I used to play with my cousins out in the open almost every day. It started off as being a hobby and something I would do regularly for fun. However, soon enough I started loving the sport and pursuing it more seriously. It became my passion. 2010 marked the year in which football would become more than just a hobby, it became somewhat a career. I started participating in tournaments and playing legitimately. In 2010, I joined both a local tournament as well as a tournament abroad, both in which I gained a lot of experience from. Not only do I enjoy playing football, but I love watching it as well. I support Barcelona, as do half of the Kuwaiti population! Since then, I have been in multiple tournaments and been a part of many different teams. As of 2014, I have been a part of Vamos, which have been undefeated. I am very grateful for the wonderful experiences I have had and wouldn’t be the player I am today without them. Where do you see football going: Honestly, in Kuwait I do not see football going far, however I hope to be wrong. This is because of the heads of the sports department, who should not be in charge since they are not athletes and don’t really care about the sport. They do not even care about men playing football, how will they take us women seriously? Also, we are prone to multiple injuries during this sport as well as tournaments abroad, which we have to treat and pay for ourselves. Our country is more well off than other countries financially, however other countries who aren’t as privileged are preceding us in sports. I would like to see girls aspire in this field and pursue what the love. It is a wonderful sport and in my opinion we would be very successful in it. What would you say to girls who want to play football? My advice to girls who want to play football is regardless of the sexism and lack of enthusiasm in our society today; if you love it keep on playing. We are the future and if we are determined I believe we can change the minds of the department. Stay Tuned… Next Issue we will be profiling more women football players!


‫أخبار رياضة‬

‫مستورة الرشيدي‬ ‫الفريق‪ :‬جاكوارز‬ ‫العمر ‪21:‬‬ ‫سنوات الخبرة‪:‬‬ ‫‪ 6‬سنين العبة سلة وسنتين العبة كرة قدم حيث‬ ‫شاركت في البطوالت الودية التي تقام داخلي ًا‪.‬‬ ‫كيف و متى بدأتي تمارسين رياضة كرة القدم ؟‬ ‫يعتبرفصل الصيف موسم راحة لممارسة رياضة كرة السلة‬ ‫وكنت في ذلك الوقت عضوة في نادي الفتاة في فريق كرة‬ ‫السلة‪ .‬وخالل فترة الراحة قررت اإللتحاق والمشاركة بنشاط‬ ‫رياضي أحبه خالل هذه الفترة لذلك اخترت كرة القدم كنوع‬ ‫من تمضية وقت الفراغ بشي له نوع من الفائده فض ً‬ ‫ال عن‬ ‫أنها من ضمن هواياتي‪ .‬وتجربتي األولى قبل سنتين من خالل‬ ‫المشاركة ببطولة الخريف الرمضانية لكرة القدم ككابتن‬ ‫لفريق ‪. Warriors‬‬ ‫وبالرغم من أن الفريق الذي شاركت معه كان قد تشكل‬ ‫حديث ًا وال يملك الخبرة الكافية لهذا النوع من البطوالت كانت‬ ‫النتائج النهائية ايجابية ‪ ،‬بعدها بفترة قليلة شاركت ببطولتي‬ ‫“بودي واالتحاد” مع نفس الفريق‪ .‬وبعد ثالث مشاركات والتجربة‬ ‫المميزة‪ ،‬انتقلت إلى فريق ‪ Jaguars‬بعدما تلقيت عرض‬ ‫للمشاركة ببطولة ‪Percent 80‬‬ ‫من خالل كابتن الفريق سهام الخريف‪ .‬واعتبرتها فرصة‬ ‫مميزة ورائعة ألن فريق ‪ Jaguars‬يعد من أقوى ‪ 4‬فرق كرة‬ ‫قدم نسائية في الكويت حالي ًا‪ ،‬وحصولي على فرصة لإلنضمام‬ ‫للفريق وأنا في بداياتي في مجال كرة القدم وأعتبر نفسي هاوية‬ ‫فرصة مميزة‪ ،‬في بطولة تعد من أفضل البطوالت تنظيم ًا‬ ‫ويعود الفضل كله لفريق ‪ percent 80‬على هذا الجهد‬ ‫المبذول ‪.‬‬ ‫ما هو رأيك بمستقبل كرة القدم للسيدات في دولة‬ ‫الكويت ؟‬ ‫لألسف ما يحدث في الوضع الراهن من ايقاف للرياضة الكويتية‬ ‫شيء يثير الحزن في نفس كل رياضي كويتي يريد رفع علم‬ ‫بلده عالي ًا في المحافل الدوليه ‪،‬فهذا له تأثير سلبي لمستقبل‬ ‫الرياضة بشكل عام ‪ ،‬لكن من جهة أخرى كرة قدم السيدات‬ ‫في تطور مستمر فمقارنة بالماضي تعتبر كرة قدم السيدات‬ ‫في تقدم ملحوظ و لها مستقبل رائع ‪.‬‬ ‫كلمة أخيرة لمحبي كرة القدم ؟‬ ‫أتمنى من كل محب لهذه اللعبه التوفيق و تحقيق كل ما‬ ‫يطمح به ‪.‬‬


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1.Justin Timberlake: Can’t Stop The Feeling! 2.DJ Khaled: For Free 3.Drake: One Dance 4.P!nk: Just Like Fire 5.Shawn Mendes: Treat You Better 6.Calvin Harris This Is What You Came For 7.The Chainsmokers: Don’t Let Me Down 8.Florida Georgia Line: H.O.L.Y 9.Ruth B: Lost Boy 10.Desiigner: Panda







‫أخبار أفضل أغاني‬

‫أفضل ‪ 10‬أغاني عربية‬





‫‪- 1‬عبد العزيز لويس ‪ -‬خطوة‬ ‫‪- 2‬اوراس ستار ‪ -‬أوف يا حضنك‬ ‫‪- 3‬شمس ‪ -‬سند ظهري‬ ‫‪- 4‬راشد الماجد ‪ -‬تناديك‬ ‫‪ - 5‬ماجد المهندس ‪ -‬تحبك روحي‬ ‫‪- 6‬حسين الجسمي ‪ -‬اللية وحشة‬ ‫‪- 7‬اسماء المنور‪ -‬على األرجح‬ ‫‪- 8‬جابر الكاسر ‪ -‬ما أرضى عليه‬ ‫‪- 9‬أيمن األعتر ‪ -‬في قلبي كالم‬ ‫‪- 10‬أحمد شوقي ‪ -‬تسونامي‬








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Chris Brown Fined in Amsterdam Riding without a License Plate Chris Brown in the spotlight, this time of a police car! A tour around Europe, what better way to enjoy it than purchase brand new dirt bikes to ride around Amsterdam, what could go wrong? Well, forgetting to put a license plate on the bike; Brown was stopped by the police, taken in and fined $500. The singer shared his run in with the law on Instagram, sharing a video of himself at the police station. “So we’re in Amsterdam. We’re in the police station,” Chris Brown said in the video. “We gotta pay this fine. Man, didn’t have no tags. Bike life.” He followed with another video saying the police were nice about it.

He also gave a few tips ensuring not to do the same mistake: “Public service announcement, kids. Do not ride motor vehicles without license plates,” he added. “Sorry, we just bought the bikes. Forgot about the license plate. Yeah. So. We’re handling the situation as is. But the police are really nice about it, man. I actually like the police out here. They’re cool. For real.” Chris Brown is currently on his “One Hell of a Nite Tour” in Europe, and is set to perform in Mallorca, Spain on June 18.

Cat Fight! Kardashian and Swift have their claws out Apparently, there’s also video proof of Kanye’s phone call with the country singer, who “totally” approved the song. “I swear, my husband was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved,” Kim said. “What rapper would call a girl that he was rapping a line about to get approval?”

The fight never ends. Kim Kardashian defends her husband while calling out Taylor Swift. Following the release of Kanye West’s “Famous” in The Life of Pablo album, a mention of Swift in the song does not come off well. Kardashian is saying Swift is playing victim, when in fact, she approved the song and the lyrics from the start. Kim Kardashian told GQ magazine, “She totally knew that song was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t.”


Kim continued, “she said, when I get on the Grammy red carpet, all the media is going to think that I’m so against this, and I’ll just laugh and say, ‘The joke’s on you, guys. I was in on it the whole time.’” Obviously, that’s not what happened. Kim said, “She completely dissed my husband.” It didn’t stop there, Swifts rep fire back by saying: “She declined to do it on the phone call. Kanye West never told her about the lyrics referencing her. He never played the song for her. She was humiliated when she heard the song. The couple should just leave her alone.” Who should we believe?

‫تسلية مشاهير‬

‫أخبار المشاهير‬ ‫تكريم الفنانين في مهرجان المميزون‬ ‫احتفل مهرجان المميزون بدورته التاسعة الدورة برعاية الشيخ‬ ‫دعيج الخليفة الذي اقيم حفله الختامي على خشبة مسرح‬ ‫الدسمة‪ ،‬بحضور جمع غفير من الفنانين والفنانات واالعالميين‪.‬‬ ‫قدم فقرات المهرجان المذيع المميز صالح الراشد الذي تطرق‬ ‫الى دورات المهرجان الماضية واهدافه‪ ،‬ثم ألقى بعد ذلك مدير‬ ‫المهرجان نايف الشمري كلمة شكر فيها راعي المهرجان الشيخ‬ ‫دعيج الخليفة على دعمه الدائم للفن والفنانين ولمهرجان‬ ‫«المميزون» بشكل خاص‪ ،‬كما شكر جميع الشركات الراعية‬ ‫التي قدمت دعمها للمهرجان‪.‬‬ ‫وتابـــــع الشمري‪ :‬ان آلية المهرجان تتم من خالل التصويت‬ ‫عبر الــ «‪ »sms‬من خالل شركات االتصال الثالث حيث فتحنا‬ ‫باب التصويت منذ اول يوم رمضان‪ ،‬وتم قفل باب التصويت في‬ ‫منتصف رمضان‪ ،‬وبعدها حصرنا وجمعنا النتائج‪.‬‬ ‫وهنأ الشمري جميع من فازوا في هذه الدورة‪ ،‬متمنيا التوفيق‬ ‫في الدورات المقبلة لمن لم يحالفهم الحظ من النجوم‪.‬‬


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Ramadan Ghabka Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa continued its Ramadan traditions during the Holy month; where they hosted a Ghabka dinner for media representatives, editors, TV professionals and their families at the outdoor Al Sadu tent. The honoured guests were given a taste of true Jumeirah hospitality which began with a welcome by the hotel’s General Manager, Hakan Petek. Accompanied by Director of Business Development and Marketing, Ahmed Jarkass; Executive Assistant Manager, Food and Beverage, Mohammed Al Khatib; and the hotel’s Public Relations and Marketing team. “We wanted to express our thanks to the efforts of the media who continuously cover events and activities that take place in Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. During the Holy month, we seized this opportunity to reconnect with each-other and strengthen our ties.” Carol Roncoletta, Director of Public Relations and Communications. Media representatives expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the invitation to the Al Sadu tent and relished in the extensive selection of authentic Ramadan dishes, oriental desserts, seasonal drinks and a selection of tea and Arabic coffee. Located on the lobby welcomes guests every warm Ramadan Ghabka live broadcasts of the football games.


level, Al Sadu tent evening to enjoy a set menu and offers UEFA EURO 2016

‫تسلية مناسبات‬

‫هواوي ترعى دورة الروضان‬ ‫الرمضانية السنوية‬ ‫أعلنت مجموعة المنتجات االستهالكية لشركة “هواوي”‬ ‫في الكويت عن رعايتها النسخة السابعة والثالثين من دورة‬ ‫المرحوم عبداهلل مشاري الروضان الرمضانية لكرة قدم‬ ‫الصاالت‪ ،‬وذلك للسنة الرابعة على التوالي‪.‬‬ ‫وتتقدم “هواوي” كشريك االتصاالت للدورة‪ ،‬إذ ستقدم طوال‬ ‫فترة الدورة جوائز قيّمة للجماهير عبارة عن هواتف ذكية‬ ‫تتضمن هواتف من فئة ‪ Nexus 6P‬الذي أطلقته الشركة‬ ‫بالتعاون مع شركة جوجل العمالقة‪ ،‬وهاتف ‪ Mate 8‬الشهير‪،‬‬ ‫وهواتف ذكية أخرى حصدت “هواوي” عبرها على تقدير المجتمع‬ ‫التكنولوجي حول العالم‪.‬‬ ‫وقال مدير مجموعة المنتجات االستهالكية في الكويت‪،‬‬ ‫السيد‪ /‬جيم زو‪“ :‬بالنيابة عن شركة “هواوي”‪ ،‬أبارك لجميع‬ ‫المواطنين والمقيمين في الكويت بحلول شهر رمضان‬ ‫ودعاء مستجاب ًا بإذن‬ ‫المبارك‪ ،‬وأتمنى للجميع صيام ًا مقبو ًال‬ ‫ً‬ ‫اهلل‪”.‬‬ ‫وأضاف زو‪“ :‬نهدف دائم ًا إلى المشاركة في المناسبات‬ ‫والفعاليات التي يحتفل بها المجتمع الذي نخدمه‪ ،‬ومنها دورة‬ ‫المرحوم عبداهلل مشاري الروضان الرمضانية التي أصبحت‬ ‫ً‬ ‫عامة كل‬ ‫حدث ًا منتظرا ً من جميع محبي كرة القدم والرياضة‬ ‫عام في شهر رمضان‪ ،‬لذا حرصنا على تقديم جوائز قيمة‬ ‫للجماهير خالل فترة انعقاد الدورة تقديرا ً لتشجيعهم الدائم‬ ‫لالعبين والمباريات إذ ال يكون هنالك حماس من دونهم‪”.‬‬


Entertainment Events

Startup Kuwait National Competition

The finals of the Startup Kuwait National Championship for Spring 2016 took place on May 29th and 30th 2016. Throughout the previous months, Startup Kuwait launched entrepreneurship programs simultaneously within five universities. Their National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge saw the participation by Kuwait University, Gulf University for Science & Technology, Box Hill College Kuwait, American University Kuwait, and the Australian College Kuwait.

As part of this initiative students were encouraged to work on innovative ideas that can be realistically and successfully turned into authentic businesses. More than 600 students formed over 100 teams and were required to present their ideas through several rounds of competition before reaching the final. The final 12 teams across competed on May 29th, 2016, under the patronage of HE Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bader Al Essa. The event was also attended by Sheikh Salman Al Humoud Al Sabah, the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs. Finalists competed in front of a distinguished panel of judges including Dr. Saad Al Barrak, Dr. Naif Al Mutawa, and Richard Preston (a former director of research commercialization at MIT). The following day, and under the patronage and presence of Dr. Yousef Al Ali, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, the event was dedicated to the top 20 teams (including the 7 winning teams) who exhibited their business ideas and the National Competition winners’ awards ceremony for the Startup Kuwait National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge. Minister Dr. Yousef Al Ali attended and discussed business ideas and potential opportunities with the 20 exhibiting teams and encouraged them towards the Kuwait National Fund for SMEs. In his speech, Dr. Yousef Al Ali stated such accomplished initiatives would need to be supported from across disciplines and congratulated Dr. Husain Al Ansari, the president of Kuwait University, for taking the leadership of the Startup Kuwait initiative and congratulated all participating universities and their leaders for their commitments and accomplishments within the program.


‫تسلية مناسبات‬


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The winning teams: • Bone Fracture Detector - KU • Lunch Boxer - GUST • Arena - GUST • BabyGuards - GUST • TechnoRex– AUK • People’s Choice Award – Bone Fracture Detector, KU • Most Socially Responsible project idea(recommended by Loyac’s President and Chairperson) -Intelligent Fire Extinguisher System, KU Startup Kuwait is a national initiative launched by the Global Center (Kuwait University), to encourage students to understand the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, and to be able to work on and launch their own business ideas. Dr. Redha Behbehani expressed his thanks to all 5 participating universities in the Spring 2016 series, and welcomed PAAET and KCST in joining KU, GUST, AUK, ACK, and BHCK for the Startup Kuwait National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge in Fall 2016. The Fall 2016 semester, will see 7 universities and multidiscipline participating together to create multidisciplinary ways of addressing Kuwait’s most challenging problems through entrepreneurship. Dr. Redha Behbehani stated Startup Kuwait is just the first of many initiatives that he hopes to launch to support entrepreneurs in Kuwait. He looks forward to growing this event in the years to come in partnership with other universities, entrepreneurship organization, businesses, civic societies, foundations, and the Government. Startup Kuwait was selected and invited to attend the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) at Stanford June 2016, and Dr. Redha on behalf of all involved with Startup Kuwait represented Kuwait at GES 2016. Dr. Redha and Mr. Nish Acharya, former senior advisor in Obama Administration on innovation and entrepreneurship, participated at GES, June 22-24, 2016 Dr. Redha concluded by encouraging the youth and young entrepreneurs to follow Startup Kuwait’s motto of “Startup Kuwaitthe World is Your Pearl, Ride the Waves”.


‫تسلية مناسبات‬


Entertainment Events

International Advertising Association Crowne Plaza Annual Ghabqa

The International Advertising Association (IAA) and Crowne Plaza hotel hosted its Annual Ghabqa on the 9th of June 2016 in Al Baraka Grand Ballroom under the patronage of the Minister of Information & Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al Humoud Al Sabah. The IAA ghabqa event was attended by Sheikh Faisal Al Humoud Al Malek Al Sabah Governor of Farwaniya, Tareq Al Mezrem Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Adnan Al Rashed Honorary IAA President, Rami Haykal GM of Crowne Plaza and board member of IAA Kuwait Chapter. Also attended by top VIP officials from the Media, Advertising agencies, PR companies, Consultancy firms , Market research comapies and crowne Plaza guests.


‫تسلية مناسبات‬

Over 600 guests attended the event and were welcomed by Marwan Farah, IAA board member on behalf of Mr.Walid Kanafani, the President of IAA Kuwait Chapter whom was out of the country. Mrs. Iqbal Al Haddad, Vice President of the IAA Kuwait Chapter extended her Ramadan wishes to everybody and presentated the major IAA achievements & activities during last years, highlighting the leadership and participation in the Cannes Lions Festival & Dubai Lynx as a major achievement. Further, announcing the IAA world Congress that will be held in October 2016 venue Abu Dhabi. The IAA Conference was conceived to contribute to the much talked about challenges for the marketing and communications industry in attracting the best & brightest young men and women. Mrs. Haddad, Vice President of IAA Kuwait Chapter encouraged the audience to join the IAA Kuwait Chapter and all current members to renew their membership in order to reap the benefits of the organization whilst emphasizing the new board elections held at Holiday Inn, Salmiya. She also honored Sheikh Faisal Al Humou, d Farwaniya Governer , Mr. Tareq Al-Mezrem the Under Secretary for Ministry of Information represent Shiek salman Al-Humoud and Mr. Adnan Al Rashed for their support to IAA. All esteemed honored extended their joy for their participation in the event by encourgaing all to work as a team to improve the productivity in Kuwait. IAA also honered the former IAA presidents and Mr. Rami Haikal for his hard work during his presence with Crowne Plaza as he will join intercontenantal hotel in Abu Dhabi, also Mr.Hani Kafafi presented an appreciated massage from the owning company. Haykal gave a speech where he thanked all for their support during his Four years working in Crowne Plaza and presented the new General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Antoine Flouty. Coinciding, Shiekh Faisal thanked the IAA and Crowne Plaza by wishing all a Happy Ramadan and Rami all the best in his new post as well as presentation done by arab net and vigore establishment . The night was concluded with a generous raffle draw by Adnan Saad and Marwan Farah as a highlight of the event.


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Turkish Airlines Ramadan Ghabkah

Turkish Airlines, Europe’s best airline for the fifth year in a row, hosted a Ramadan Ghabkah to honour its media journalists, travel agents and corporates in Kuwait who supported them in recent years. The celebratory evening, was held at Regency Hotel Salmiya, Futouh Ballroom, and attended by local media, travel agents, and corporates who were welcomed to an evening of Turkish hospitality by senior representatives from Turkish Airlines. Sami Aydogan, General Manager, Turkish Airlines Kuwait, said: “We are delighted to host such a gathering for all our distinguished guests who have been very kind and supportive in publishing all our important announcements over the years. We would like to thank them for all their efforts in helping us convey our messages and enhancing awareness to the public about our latest news in terms of new promotions and destination flights. Today we are flying to 289 destinations targeting 116 countries worldwide and with the widespread support of the media on raising a further awareness in the global society, there is no reason why we can’t build on this success and growth.” Kuwait is one of the centres of commerce and tourism within the GCC, and an excellent market of opportunity in terms of expansion for Turkish Airlines. In its push for global connectivity, the airline has added several new flights to and from Kuwait, which now include destinations such as Croatia, France, Colombia and Panama. Turkish Airlines also has direct flights from Kuwait to Trabzon, Bursa, Izmir and Antalya in Turkey.


‫تسلية مناسبات‬

Kuwait's Tamdeen Group launches My Book My Friend Tamdeen Group, which is aiming to reshape the urban and social landscape of Kuwait through developing innovative mixed-use projects, has launched the ‘My Book My Friend’ reading program to increase awareness of the positive impact of reading on the nation. ‘My Book My Friend’ will focus on creating a community of readers in Kuwait – both children and adults alike. Prominent personalities who spoke at the launch event were Dr. Naif Al Mutawa, Yousef Khalifa, Nejoud Al-Yagout, Amal Randy, Hayat Al Yaqout and Heba Mendany. Launched at the iconic 360 MALL, the event saw Tamdeen Group senior management and staff, media, and Kuwaiti authors and poets join hands to endorse the program which aspires to engage at least 5,000 Kuwaiti adults to read to 20,000 children in the age-group of 5-12 years by end-2017. Referring to the reading program, Mohammed Jassim Al Marzouq, Chairman, Tamdeen Group, said: “It is our responsibility to create a new generation of more aware children who understand their heritage and who will be able to define their future. I call upon both the private and public sector in Kuwait to join hands with the ‘My Book My Friend’ program and contribute to the enormous effort of creating a nation of readers.


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‫فندق “مارينا” الكويت‬

‫يستضيف اإلعالميين المحليين في غبقته الرمضانية‬

‫احتفل فندق “مارينا” الكويت بحلول شهر رمضان المبارك عبر‬ ‫استضافة ممثلي وسائل اإلعالم المحلية في غبقته الرمضانية‬ ‫السنوية المرتقبة‪ .‬وتم تنظيم الحدث كعربون شكر وتقدير‬ ‫للصحفيين واإلعالميين على دعمهم المتواصل خالل مختلف‬ ‫األنشطة والفعاليات التي ّ‬ ‫نظمها الفندق‪ .‬وشهدت األمسية‬ ‫حضور باقة من الضيوف الذي التقوا في خيمة “قمر المارينا”‬ ‫لالستمتاع بأجواء الضيافة األصيلة‪.‬‬ ‫وقد كان في ترحيب الضيوف الكرام عند وصولهم فريق‬ ‫إدارة الفندق بأكمله‪ ،‬يتقدمه السيد نبيل حمود‪ ،‬المدير العام‬ ‫للفندق‪ ،‬الذي تمنى للضيوف رمضان ًا كريم ًا ودعاهم إلى أمسية‬ ‫مميزة وسط أجواء شرقية آسرة‪ .‬وتجلت أصول الضيافة‬ ‫العربية العريقة في األمسية التي تضمنت مأدبة بوفيه شهية‬ ‫تحفل بأطيب األطباق من المطبخ العربي مع منصات طهي‬ ‫مخصصة‪ .‬وتضمن بوفيه الغبقة الرمضانية باقة متنوعة‬ ‫والمرطبات والحلويات فض ً‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ال عن‬ ‫ولذيذة من األطعمة‬ ‫الشيشة بنكهاتها المتنوعة‪ .‬وتمتع المدعوون بأرق األلحان‬ ‫واألنغام الموسيقية الشرقية‪.‬‬ ‫وعبّر السيد حمود خالل الحدث عن تقديره وامتنانه العميقين‬ ‫للجهات اإلعالمية وممثليها على دعمهم المستمر‪ ،‬مقدم ًا‬ ‫شكره لرعاة الفندق بما في ذلك شركة “طيران اإلمارات”‬ ‫التي تقدم رعايتها لخيمة “قمر المارينا” طيلة شهر رمضان‬ ‫المبارك‪.‬‬ ‫أما الفقرة األكثر تميزا ً خالل الغبقة فكانت السحب الذي منح‬ ‫الضيوف فرصة الفوز بالعديد من الجوائز القيمة‪ ،‬مما أضفى‬ ‫المزيد من المرح والبهجة على أجواء األمسية‪ .‬واستمرت‬ ‫الغبقة إلى ما بعد منتصف الليل‪ ،‬وحرص فريق اإلدارة في فندق‬ ‫“مارينا الكويت” على تنظيم أمسية ال تُنسى لجميع الضيوف‪.‬‬ ‫ويتم تجهيز خيمة قمر المارينا في كل شهر رمضان ووضع‬ ‫ديكورات تزيينية خاصة مع إعداد فقرات الموسيقى الشرقية‬ ‫لتعكس الروح التقليدية األصيلة‪ .‬تتسع الخيمة إلى ما يصل لـ‬ ‫‪ 200‬ضيف‪ ،‬وقد أمست الوجهة المفضلة للشركات واألشخاص‬ ‫الستضافة اإلفطار الرمضاني أو الغبقة خالل الشهر المبارك‪.‬‬


‫تسلية مناسبات‬

‫مجموعه المشاريع تدعم‬ ‫البروتيجيز بدعم طويل المدى‬

‫تم ٕاطالق برنامج 'البروتيجيز' في موسمه السادس و االعالن‬ ‫عن الشراكه االستراتيجيه طويله المدى وذلك خالل مٔوتمر‬ ‫صحفي ٔاقيم في “تشيرمنز” كلوب في برج كيبكو بحضور‬ ‫ٔاعضاء البرنامج وعدد من المدراء التنفيذيين في مجموعة‬ ‫شركة مشاريع الكويت القابضة الشريك االستراتيجي للبرنامج‬ ‫والراعي الرٔييسي‪.‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫وبرنامج 'البروتيجيز'هو برنامج ارشادي األول من نوعه في‬ ‫الشرق األوسط يقوده مجموعة من المرشدين ويعتمد على‬ ‫التدريب بطرق مبتكرة‪.‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫وشهد المٔوتمر الصحافي ٕالقاء كلمات تناوب عليها كل من‬ ‫المدير العام للبرنامج السيد شمالن البحر‪ ،‬ومدير قسم‬ ‫المسؤلية االجتماعية لشركات مجموعة مشاريع الكويت‬ ‫اآلنسة عبير العمر‪.‬‬ ‫ ‬ ‫وقال السيد شمالن البحرفي كلمته « ٔانشٔانا هذا البرنامج‬ ‫ً‬ ‫انطالقا من رغبتنا بتوفير المهارات الحياتية و القيادية لألجيال‬ ‫العربية ‪ ،‬و هي المهارات التي يحتاجونها لمساعدة المجتمع‬ ‫وقيادة الوطن العربي وتوجه بالشكر للمنظمه العربيه‬ ‫للتنميه اإلداريه المندرجه تحت منظمه الجامعه العربيه‬ ‫إلختيارها برنامج البروتيجيز من ضمن اإلدارات الناجحه على‬ ‫المستوى العربي‪ .‬وتابع “ ٕان هدفنا الرٔييسي يتمثل في البحث‬ ‫عن الشباب الموهوب ومنحه فرصة للتألق‪ ،‬ونٔامل ٔان يتمكن‬ ‫هٔوالء الشباب من خالل المشاركة في محاضرات ودورات‬ ‫تدريبية قصيرة ولكن مرّكزة تعلم ٔاشياء من شٔانها ٔان تغير‬ ‫حياتهم ٕالى أالبد‪ .‬ولذلك نحن هنا اليوم ٕالطالق الجيل السادس‬ ‫من برنامج البروتيجيز‪ ،‬ونحن نشجع كافة الشباب الذين تتراوح‬ ‫ٔاعمارهم بين ‪ 16‬و ‪ 24‬سنة لمعرفة المزيد عن البرنامج‬ ‫والتسجيل للسنة القادمة في ٔاقرب وقت ممكن‪ .‬وأضاف‬ ‫البحر بأن جميع شركات مجموعة مشاريع الكويت الرٔييسية‬ ‫شاركت بطريقة ٔاو بٔاخرى في دعم برنامج هذا خالل الثالث‬ ‫سنوات السابقه‪ ،‬وعلى سبيل المثال فٕان الجامعة أالمريكية‬ ‫في الكويت قدمت الحرم الجامعي الستضافه الدورات التدريبية‬ ‫التي تجري في الكويت‪ .‬كما ٔان ‪ OSN‬و الشركه االقليميه في‬ ‫مجال خدمات التلفزة الفضأيية خصصت مساحات ٕاعالنية‬ ‫للترويج للبرنامج اضافه الى عديد من الخدمات من جميع‬ ‫شركات المجموعة‪.‬‬


Entertainment Events

The Art of Can Exhibition Launches at 360 Mall Top Winners announced

The Art of Can Exhibition at 360 Mall 360

The art of creating masterpieces out of Red Bull cans started back in 1999. Exhibitions have been held all around the globe from Europe to New Zealand, in addition to countries like; Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, USA, UAE, Kuwait and many more. This year, Red Bull Art of Can took place in Kuwait only. During the Holy Ramadan nights, Kuwait has witnessed an extraordinary event, as a great line of colorful, eye-catching and creative artworks marked the opening of the Art of Can Exhibition by Red Bull at 360 mall. The awaited exhibition revealed more than 55 physical and digital artworks as the gallery opened its doors for VIP invitees and announced the winners during that night. The art pieces depicted the talent and artistry of the participants, along with their incredible skills in creating a unique piece of art where the Red Bull can is its sole point of inspiration. The judging jury consisted of Mrs. Lubna Saif Abbas – an Artisan and Maker, Mrs. Loulwa Al Radwan an Interior Designer, Mr. Jassim Al Nashmi – an Architect, and Dr. Amar Behbehani – an Innovation and Education Consultant and was operated and supervised by Artist Amira Behbehani who assessed and rated the wonderfully crafted pieces of art based on creativity, theme and final presentation.


The 1st Place Digital Winning Artwork by Aisha Burahma

An Example of Other Creative Artworks Displayed at The Art of Can Exhibition

‫تسلية مناسبات‬

From the physical artworks category, the first place winner is participant Mohammed Maya who was awarded 1000 K.D for his artwork “The Impact” – a statue of a man depicting the impact of the energy drink “Red Bull”. The artwork took Mohammed Maya 6 weeks of hard work and focus and the outcome was absolutely worthwhile. “I had not expected to win at all,” said the first place winner, despite his strong effort. He added: “I worked every day for a month and a half and I’m very delighted that I won the first place”.

The 1st Place Winner Mohammed Maya

The second place winner was participant Omar Al Hamad who won 750 K.D for his antiquated car with touches that made it look rusty and vintage. The third place went to participant Huda Jassim who won 500 K.D for an artwork that was no less creative or insightful as the two winners. Her art piece was not only well designed but also rich in concept as it portrayed a woman’s face where each part connected to a large blue frame, which she named “Pieces of Me”. “I wanted to design an artwork that symbolizes a woman with a strong character who defies hardships and keeps herself together”, she commented when asked about the piece of art.

The 2nd Place Winning Artwork by Omar Al Hamad

This year, a new category was featured; in addition to the physical art, the digital displayed art was introduced to the competition for the first time. The digital displayed art could be a work of art that can be displayed on a screen and should include a digital version of the Red Bull can in the final piece, and submissions could take the form of an animation, a digital short film, stop motion, or GIF. As for the digital category, the first winner announced was Aisha Burahma, who received 1000 K.D for a unique digital artwork that starts as a sketch of a can with wings then turns into a real can of Red Bull. The primary material/inspiration was a Red Bull can, but plenty of imagination and creativity was necessary too. The exhibition continued to receive guests and art enthusiasts until the 25th June at 360 Mall.

The 3rd Place Winner Huda Jassim


Entertainment Horoscopes

Horoscopes Your Self-Reflection According to your Horoscope Leo Man: It’s the King of the Jungle making his grand entrance. He is on top of the world - He’s warm, enthusiastic, with a dignified strong power around him.

Celebrity Birthdays:

Leo Woman: She has the loudest laugh, brightest smile, and is the most confident. She is passionate, playful, and hot-tempered. Cancer Man: At first, a Cancer man is overly friendly, so wait for him to open up. He is shy, sensitive and mysterious. JLO


Lana Del Rey

Tom Cruise

Cancer Woman: She is both passionate and peaceful. A Cancerian woman is very sensitive to her needs and others. She is stubborn, persistent, and strong.

Aries: Mar 21 — Apr 20

Self-control may be an issue in July 2016; it is definitely not a great time to start a diet. You are over-indulging it, which you may regret later. You are also trying to become everything to everyone. It clearly shows that you are stressed with work, so try to prioritize.

Taurus: Apr 21 — ­ May 20

Moderation is the key this month for you – do not force anything. You may be pushing yourself too hard, so it is very important to recognize your limits. Too far too fast is your drawback. Ideally, you have certain invincibility when you overdo things.

Gemini: May 21 ­— June 21

The key issues for you this month are tolerance and acceptance in understanding. Bridges and family ties may be re-built. What matters to you the most right now is spending quality time with your family this month, which can be very nourishing for you.

Cancer: June 22 — July 22

Scorpio: Oct 23 — Nov 22

It is a new phase of your life, and you can see opportunities rising for you, you will witness transformation. It is also a very good time to reflect on your past and see them in a new perspective – what can you learn from them? Learn from your experiences.

Sagittarius: Nov 23 — Dec 21

It is really about finding what really counts, and realizing that there are many things to learn about, which may be taken for granted. Reflect who you are, make adjustments to your life, and if people are pushing you to a different direction, cut ties with them.

Capricorn: Dec 22 — Jan 20

You are known to be a perfectionist that is focused and driven. You also have a sense of responsibility and commitment this month in personal relationships, financially, and your work. One issue is that you can be unforgiving and dwell on bitter thoughts; your challenge is to only worry about what you can control.

You may have a feeling that something does not feel right, that you lost something you once enjoyed. Keep up with commitments and a routine that can guide you to right path.

Managing your time can be challenging, there is a balance to be done between your projects and tasks. In this month, do not forget the old responsibilities when embracing the new ones. You have to be patient, but you can’t stop. You keep making bold decisions.

You have a tendency to go overboard with shopping and food. But, hey it shows that it is time to enjoy your summer. Your motto this month is to be lazy, and to treat yourself. You need some relief, remember too much of a good thing is bad.

Leo: July 23 — Aug 22

Virgo: Aug 23 — Sept 23

Compromising is essential to you. You are very indecisive, and it is best to take time before you commit to your choices. Though, you are very persuasive this month, so you have the ability to play devil’s advocate to help you a long the way.


Libra: Sept 24 — Oct 23

Your powers of perception and judgment are sharp this month. You can sit back and think about making informed, wise decisions. You are communicating in a way that expresses confidence and optimism, which means that you can make a great impression on people this month!

Aquarius: Jan 21 — Feb 19

Pisces: Feb 20 — Mar 20

You may be conflicted with too much information, and you may not be able to decide what or who to believe; making a decision is tough on you this month. However, it is always good to clear up maters on your own, if there is something on your mind, you should take steps to clear it up.







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STUDENTALK #180 - July/Aug 2016