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Career Services

thriving partnerships with companies such as Itron, LeMaster Daniels, PLCC and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. This year, the department launched a new internship program with Itron that will expand internship opportunities for our students. Although many companies are not currently hiring, they continue participating in EWU programs in order to keep their campus relationships strong.

Mission Statement Career Services is dedicated to helping students choose inspiring majors, gain meaningful experiences and competitively prepare for their professional futures.

• Continued strong commitment to community service. The department supported an additional 50 students to “Students in Service” AmeriCorps program, received community recognition from the Inland Northwest Service Learning Partnership, and continued the annual clothing drive at the end of the academic year.

Services and Programs • Career Planning – to assist students with self-assessment, majors research, and career exploration • Internship and Volunteer Programs – to engage the students in meaningful experiential learning that will assist in their career exploration, enrich their resume, and develop critical professional networks • Professional development – to prepare students to be competitive through resume and job search preparation, informational interviewing and connecting with employers through fairs, recruiting, and social media • Placement file services – professional portfolios for education majors

Unit Achievements • Expanded course opportunities. The department’s two credit course, CRSV 210 “Career Development,” not only provides a full menu of career decision-making tools to students, but also acquaints them with programs and resources so they can access services throughout their careers. CRSV 210 primarily focuses on self assessment, majors and career exploration and experiential learning with a brief overview of professional preparation. This year, Career Services was able to add “CRSV 298: Professional Development” to the menu of career courses. This class specifically prepares students for their job search. The initial responses have been very positive.

Service Indicators


Individual career planning appointments (1 on 1 visits with staff )


Career counseling appointments (career assessment or testing)


Students in CRSV 210 class


Students in CRSV 298 –Professional Preparation (first year offered)


Walk-in visits to Career Planning Resource Library


Class presentations


Number of students reached in 2,309 class presentations Placement files sent


Pizza Swap programs on career development


Number of students reached in Pizza 256 Swap programs

• Growth in number of campus collaborative partnerships. Career Services has been very intentional to network with other departments on events and activities. The department has seen an increase in these partnerships. In addition to ongoing partnerships with departments such as Alumni Advancement, this year, Career Services partnered with the Office of Student Activities, Chicano Education, Admissions and Eastern Advantage to name a few. The department staff are looking forward to expanding partnerships in the future. • Increased relationships with academic departments. This year, Career Services achieved its strategic plan to have one career planning staff member dedicated to each college. This enables the department to increase relationships with academic departments, customize services to serve each college’s unique attributes, and partner with each college to host specific career events. Career Services is also working with faculty to develop customized internship materials for each academic program. • Increased recruiting with employers. The recruiting for accounting majors tripled in size compared to previous years. In 2009, there were 27 accounting firms either recruiting on campus or posting on the web site. Career Services has some 26

Students participating in internships


Number of internship sites


AmeriCorps Students in Service student participants


Employer outreach


Total student attendance at fair and programs (broken out below)


Student attendance at College of Business & Public Admin Career Fair


Student attendance at Roadtrip Nation


Student attendance at Etiquette Luncheon


Student attendance at Partnership in Employment Career & Internship Fair


Student attendance at Backpack to Briefcase Networking Luncheon


Student attendance College of Science, Health & Engineering Career & Internship Fair


Student attendance at “Work it!” Career Conference


Student Affairs Annual Report  

Eastern Washington University, Office of Student Affairs Annual Report 2009-2010

Student Affairs Annual Report  

Eastern Washington University, Office of Student Affairs Annual Report 2009-2010