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Transitions and Inclusion Note: the Pride Center is also part of the Office of Transitions and Inclusion. A feature piece about this department follows this section.

Mission Statement: The Office of Transitions and Inclusion serves all new students and first-generation college students with a variety of programs that give students the tools and resources necessary to succeed in achieving their goal of attaining a college degree.

Services and Programs • Fall New Student Orientation and Welcome Week • New Student Online Orientation • Transition Center • Eastern Advantage Program • Washington Achievers

Service Indicators


• Governors Scholars for Foster Youth

Students enrolled in the Orientation Class for Credit


Students Attending New Student Convocation


Eastern Advantage Scholars


Washington Achievers Scholars


• Provided staff and program support for the delivery of FirstSTEP, our summer registration program, in collaboration with Undergraduate Admissions.

Leadership 1000 Scholars


Governor’s Scholars


• Launched the New Student Online Orientation for those students that were not able to attend our orientation events.

Passport to College Scholars


Eastern Experience Summer Program (HS seniors)


Eagle Flight /Eastern Advantage Summer Program (incoming students)


• Leadership 1000 Scholarship • Passport to College Promise Scholarship

Unit Achievements

• Delivered the new student orientation program, for credit, for students who chose to enroll; • Advised, mentored, and taught a total of 407 Eastern Advantage students during AY 2009-10.


• Coordinated and delivered seven sections of the required first year experience course for 163 incoming Eastern Advantage (EA) scholars during fall quarter 2009.

In 2010-11 the Office of Transitions and Inclusion will: • implement changes to the New Student Orientation and Welcome Week, as suggested by the CAS assessment;

• Organized and successfully delivered two Eagle Flight Programs (for incoming Eastern Advantage students) and two Eastern Experience Events in the summer of 2009, funded by a College Sparks Grant. Sixty percent of Eagle Flight participants rated the experience as excellent. Eighty percent of the Eastern Experience students were underrepresented minorities.

• create a service learning component in the New Student Orientation; • use newly-acquired ID Scanners for improved tracking of student participation in New Student Orientation events;

• Developed a new application process, in collaboration with Undergraduate Admissions, consistent with recruitment of a diverse set of applicants to Eastern Advantage.

• increase the number of Eastern Advantage applicants by 10 percent; • increase the number of diverse students applying to EWU through Eastern Advantage by 5 percent, to mirror the number of EWU diverse student population;

• Delivered innovative events/activities to support student identification, with campus and retention as part of New Student Orientation and Welcome Week: (A Night with Your BF (Business Friends) in Cheney, new student Convocation, outdoor movie, campus life presentations, Playfair and FamCam.

• increase the number of male Eastern Advantage scholarship recipients by 5 percent from 2008. 14

Student Affairs Annual Report  

Eastern Washington University, Office of Student Affairs Annual Report 2009-2010

Student Affairs Annual Report  

Eastern Washington University, Office of Student Affairs Annual Report 2009-2010