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The Worst War: Syria 11 February 2011 Today is one of my best days in my life because I got a promotion today! I think it because of my great report. My report was about Tunisia and Egypt having a protest in January and February 2011, and the Tunisian and Egyptian rebels succeeded in a few weeks. Also, their leaders were overthrown and the new leaders were chosen in an election. Actually, Syrian citizens wanted the government destroyed and wanted to have a new leaders and good conditions. So, they empathized with my report because I was sharing data and stories about the inequalities between the wealthy elite and the regular citizens. I got a harsh warning by the Syrian government at the time. And even though there is a new government in other places, Syria is still controlled by Assad and he will not put up with too much reporting against his policies. To be honest, I'm scared. 17 February 2011 My only daughter feels upset. Her eyes had welled up with tears as she sat quietly in the corner of our house. She didn't eat today. It was because her boyfriend was arrested. She said hurriedly, "Dad! Please help me, my boyfriend was arrested." I replied, "Why?" She then explained what happen. "Actually, three days ago, a normal 14 years old student, Mouawiya Syasneh, and his friends sprayed anti-government slogans in their school's wall. And today they were arrested by a few strong soldiers. One of that students is my boyfriend‌..." After I heard her long explanation, I think bigger problem is they told too honestly. They said that they sprayed because they saw my report and they want to make change in Syria. When I heard the news, I was scared because they mentioned me. I think if they told that they sprayed for just fun, they will be not arrested and don't need to mention me. 22 February 2011 The students who sprayed on the wall weren't released yet. They are locked in the prison for five days, and they got tortured. The government spread pictures of the torture on the website. The citizens are infuriated. Citizens saw the boys getting tortured, and they began to organize protests and demonstrations. When I heard this, I grabbed my camera and set forth to the streets to cover the demonstration. (CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE FIRST PROTEST HERE‌some imagery needed -- go back to the video and describe a little more.) 8 March 2011 Bang, Bang, the soldiers started to use weapons to suppress the demonstrations. Plenty of people were died from the evil shots. The more soldiers killed protester, the more demonstration occurred. I think that this miserable sacrifice cause because of just 14-year old students' mural. It makes me sadder. But, it isn't their fault because I wrote the report about Tunisia and Egypt's success in revolution. I want to go back and cancel my report.

15 March 2011 Finally, most of citizens are infuriated and, they decided to use weapons to fight against soldier. And all newspaper said, "The Syria War Begin!" Even though Soldiers and citizen were born in same country, they fought each other. I really want to cover about Syria War because I want to solve my daughter's wish. So, I leave my old 1-floor house that has brown straw roof and three little windows. Also, it has one

grey door which almost broke. I planned to fix my house or buy a new house because of my promotion which made me decide to hold a celebration money and nest egg. Also, I have to leave from my family and I am not sure that I can come back to my home safely. And Syria might be very dangerous in the future. So, I make my family emigrate to the U.S. 'Now, real hardship begins. I promise that I will cover the most meaningful news in the world.'

, Mouawiya Syasneh and his friends sprayed anti-government slogans on the school walls

23 July 2012 I record after a long time. The reasons why I couldn't record diary are I had to record and took video what is happening in Syria. Running, hiding, make a meeting, taking a picture, I noticed my job, reporter is extremely hard work. Unfortunately, the things that I report are all about miserable events such as soldiers killed citizen more than 600,000 people since the Syria War began. And they are using bombs to kill citizens. The reason why I write a diary today is I want to inform one big miserable event. This severe event is Assad's government start to use chemical weapons. Obviously, using chemical weapons is illegal. Although, the U.S. strongly disagreed with Assad's government using chemical weapons, they already have some chemical weapons such as Chorine, Sarin, mustard gas. 20 August 2012 The U.S. President, Barack Obama announce formally "the use of chemical weapons would be a red line that would change his calculus on intervening in the civil war and have enormous consequences!" I totally agree with his speech. And there is one sentence which everyone sympathizes. "The chemical weapons must cause enormous consequences "Using Chemical weapons must cause terrible disaster such as whole citizens die or Syria collapse. 19 March 2013 I got a scoop today. It is about the Syrian government and opposition trade accusations over a gas attack that killed some 26 people, including more than a dozen government soldiers. And after this happened in the town of Khan al-Assal in northern Syria the U.N. investigation later found some gas of chemical weapons, nerve gas, but does not identify a culprit. 21 August 2013 Still terrible happens are continuing. Hundreds of people suffocate to death in rebel-held suburbs of the Syrian capital. They are suffering with many convulsions, pinpoint pupils, and foaming at the mouth. Finally, the U.N can't endure. Now, they lead to finish the Syria's chemical attack and try to find evidence in order to ban about using chemical weapons. So, U.N. dispatched investigators and they visit the sites and determine that ground-to-ground missiles loaded with sarin were fired on civilian areas while residents slept. The U.S. and others blame the Syrian government, the only party to the conflict known to have sarin gas.

Assad's government decided to use chemical weapons to block protester's demonstrations. But it causes tragedy.

26 September 2013

I have a very good news today. A brave hero, saver, White Helmets started to rescue victim in Syria. They are an unlikely group of heroes. Their former job is normal, such as tailors, bakers, teachers and other ordinary Syrians. And they are banded together in order to save the victims in Syria. Because of White Helmets, more life can be saved. We have a great team. I want to say "Thank you, if there are no White Helmets, more victims might die." 12 April 2014 Yesterday, In the town, Hama they got chemical attack. Today, the U.N. investigator said this type of chemical bomb is Chlorine. Because of they bombed chorine in here more than 2 people died, 5 people got seriously damaged and 12 patients. Also, except these people, more than 107 people affected. Then, I'll explain what diseases that chorine causes. It can cause irritate the eyes and skin. And it can cause permanent lung damage. Also, breathing high levels of chlorine causes serious pulmonary pain. I know how these diseases are painful. It is because I got this attack too. Unfortunately, I went Hama because I supposed to interview one member of White Helmets. And I got chemical attack. It was very painful even I can't describe how is painful. I have had terrible headaches since yesterday. Because of headaches I ate anything yesterday and I lied on the bed whole day yesterday. Also, I got lots of unconfirmed red dots and I lost lots of my essentials such as my expensive camera, some clothes and some foods. Fortunately, White Helmets rescue us again. They were expert. They saved most of victims in just 2 hours. 8 April 2016 During April, 2014~ March 2015, Syria government kept attacking with chemical attacks. For example, on 21, April 2014, Idlib got chemical attack by Syria government. It causes more than 3 people died and 133 people got big hurts. And 22, May 2014, Idlib was attacked chemical weapon, Chorine by government. In this attack, more than 4 people were died and 12 got serious damages. Also, Idlib got chemical attack again in 16, March 2015. This chemical gas made 6 people died and 30 people severe affected. But these were terrible too but better than yesterday. Yesterday, April 7, in Aleppo, they got the most extreme chemical attack. It causes more than 23 people died and 100 people got serious problem. They lost their safe life in a moment. Still U.S. investigation don't know what type of that chemical weapon. After this attack, some countries include U.S. warned Syria's action. And they made some organization that prevent Syria's chemical attacks. And the U.S. April 4, 2017 In Idlib, they got two severe chemical attacks two day in a row. In April 3, they got Chorine chemical attack and more than 2 people died and more 20 people injured seriously. Unfortunately, 2 people who died because of this attack are both young baby. It became big news around the world and many people became mad. Also, the organization that U.S. lead reacted with this attack. They started to make plan in order to attack Syria and prevent chemical weapons. Also, they got extreme Sarin chemical attack today. It causes more than 100 people died and 400 people got horrible hurt. This is the biggest, most terrible attack since the Syria War began.

29 April2017 Eventually, The organization that U.S. lead attacked Syria yesterday. They had planned this attack in the last 1 month ago. This attack was very successful. They broke the three chemical weapon storing places. Also, it made Syria government stop attacking for 2 weeks. All Syrian protester and other countries people cheered and celebrated. I hope this attack make Syria government conquer and Syrian citizen get safe place. January 24, 2018 3 days ago, I went U.S. to give my report to CNN. Actually, I plan to send my report to my original newspaper company, Tishreen. However, this was broken 6 months ago. Obviously, most of Syria newspaper companies were broken. Anyway, CNN reported my news successfully yesterday. And many people around world hear my report with effect. And I made more people notice what is happening in Syria. I think I succeed one of my hopes. But my whole hopes will not finish until the Syria War finish. I come back my house today. Beef, fish, 11 side dishes, my family greet me wonderfully. I'm very tired now. I have to have break for a week. Nobody knows about this question "Is the Syria War worth fighting?" because the Syria War doesn't finish yet. But for me, I don't think it is worth because many people were died, injured because of this War. Also, Syria government started to use the most painful attack, chemical weapons. Someday the Syria war must be finished. However, since it already gave catastrophic effects, there is no chance of developing the country once more.

The White Helmets are rescuing victims. They have saved more than 99,200 people since Syria War began.

The Worst War in the world: Syria  

This great journal is about history of Syria War. The main character is 30 years old reporter and he started to report about Syria War becau...

The Worst War in the world: Syria  

This great journal is about history of Syria War. The main character is 30 years old reporter and he started to report about Syria War becau...