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Luke Doiron

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Jonny Johannson -UmeĂĽ Sweden -48 years old

• Jonny Johannson’s collection for Acne Studios 2019 fall was centered around the young peoples perspective of high fashion and how they are attracted to different aspects of fashion. With defined silhouettes the collection was incredibly wearable. Ranging from pant suits to asymmetric leather, and textured knitwear the collection had some variety. The color matched with mostly neutral tones while few vibrant colors peaked through floral designs.

\ Antwerp Belgium Age- 60

• Dries Van Noten's fall 19 collections focused on elegant tailoring and a desire for color and escapism through bright colors. Floral prints played a big role in this collection being picked straight from Dries’s garden back home. He said that he didn’t want a pretty rose. He wanted to bring out the imperfections. The floral designs where eased in to the collection after a series of grey looks, first with a single rose printed on a grey button up. The floral patterns increased throughout the collection being seen on skin tone tank tops next long puffers.

Yoshiyuki Miyamae Tokyo, Japan 43 years old

• Miyake’s collections started out with the models walking out in pairs of two then splitting off into crisscrossing triangles. Using “Dough Dough,” the house’s proprietorial sculpt-able fabric. The Identical looks where sculpted into different shapes to show of the fabrics range. Contrasting with dough dough Miyake’s triangle panel Bao Bao bag material was a key part in this collection. Being used for geometric coats as well as some pants. There was no absence of knitwear with nubble knit used in multiple garments

Simon Porte Jacquemus Salon-de-Provence, France 29 years old

• The 2019 fall Jacquemus collection took place in a recreation of a colorful French town square. Jecquemus’s signature color such as bright pink, orange, and pastel blue came through in the clothes. Pantsuits, skirt-and-sweater combinations, and button-downs make this collection perfectly wearable for the office. There was a heavy workwear influence with utility pockets throughout the collection.

Cara Campagnoli

• Elliott's fall 19 collections spawned from a commonality between him and his new womenswear designer. They both come from the same coastal town of north San Francisco. Thus the concept was born of a atmospheric beachfront house. The show took place in the navy yard of Brooklyn dimly lit with wet floors to embed the beachfront feel. Muted tones and some natural indigo dyeing make up the colors for the collection. Elliott used wallpaper prints from his grandparents house on a couple garments in the collection. Collaborations where a key feature. Bringing back old collaborations with Jordan, in a two new shades. Down jackets with Descente and leather biker jackets with Blackmeans, both Japanese companies. As well as a new collaborations with caterpillar.

Fran Stringer

• Pringle of Scotland’s fall 19 collection was designer Fran Stringers first show back after a two season hiatus. She wanted to focus on what is at the core of Pringle of Scotland. Playing with modern silhouettes and classic materials Fran is breathing new life into this age-old company. Opening the collection with a cashmere tracksuit coming in brown and white the color palleted stayed neutral. Pops of vibrant colors were seen in tartans and classic patterns derived from the brands highland roots.

Miuccia Prada Milan, Italy 69 years old

• Between floral patterns, lace, elegant dresses, and military inspired garb Prada's Fall 19 collection was centered around juxtaposition. Miuccia Prada talked about her concern with the threat of war post show. And how those creative impulses don’t require change just for novelty sake. Its simply not that moment in fashion. Because of that the collection we received is at its core Prada. Three dimensional flowers, fur trim, and loose knits where used to romanticize the utilitarian uniform for a beautifully yet eerie feeling throughout the collection

Marry-Kate Ashley Olson

• Precision and minimalism are the first things that come to mind when viewing The Rows Fall 19 collection. From the cowl necks, to elongated jackets, and flared sleeves. Blown up volume is a consistent theme in this collection. With an entirely neutral color pallet the collection keeps minimalism in every category. As well as the incredibly simple detailing reinforces the idea of less is more.

• Thom Browne fall 19 collection was set in a business world. The first 11 looks where uniform with all the models wearing ankle sniped grey suits and a beige overcoat. On their way work all 11 models went into an office, suited with typewriters to start their workday. Browne bends the perception of reality through his design motifs. Such as dresses with a representation of a suit on top. As well as graphic rendering of people on a dress that you are lead to believe is a button up. Every look is built up by layers either being multiple physical garments, or the perception of layers on one piece. With classic Thom Browne fabric making up this business inspired collection

Francesco Fucci

• For Theory's fall 19 collection Fancesco Fucci is pairing modern and classic design at a below average designer price point. Fucci having previously spent time at The Row there is an emphasis on material and craftmanship of the garments. With both of these aspects in mind the collection is incredibly wearable being made up by entirely earth tones expect two looks being all red and the other blue. Moleskin is used for a large amount of the garments such as, pantsuits, parkas, and a double breasted coat. The moleskin mixes nicely with silk and tweed being used in other parts of the collection.

All information from referenced from Vogue and Business of Fashion

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Luke Doiron Designer File  

Luke Doiron Designer File