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Mouawiya Plans for Revenge February 2011 I woke up at 3 am in the morning hearing only loud banging and shouting outside the door, I wanted to go open the door but suddenly, the door came flying down. 10 people came charging in saying, "Police, Get down!" I immediately dropped on the concrete floor. Panicking, the police came directly towards me, put hand cuffs on me, and dragged me away. I was screaming, terrified, I immediately knew that they came to me because of the spray paint. My parents were shouting at the police, "You can’t take him away! What did he do!?" The police gathered up my friends who also spray painted. They lined us on the side of the road and told spectators to keep distance. They were waiting for a transportation vehicle. When it finally came, I was terrified. Syrian police slogans were painted on THIS IS ME NOW FIGHTING FOR THE, FREE the side of the truck. I immediately recognized that police force SYRIAN ARMY tortures people who's done bad illegal things. The truck stopped right in front of me, I was frozen, I knew that they would take me somewhere far from home. They dragged us into the back of the van and put black bags over our had. As the vehicle slowly drove off, I could hear my father shouting, "Don’t worry Mouawiya, you will be fine." Finally, the car stopped. I suddenly felt a hard pull on my shoulder and I immediately fell off the truck. They were dragging us for a long time when suddenly the masks came off. All I could see was darkness. It was just me, sitting of the hard-concrete floor in the middle of the room. With one light swinging and dangling right above me. A door swung open. A tall man came, pulled a chair in front of me and asked me why. I wouldn’t answer the question. He stood up and punched me right in the jaw. They would whip us on the back until we bled. They tied our hands together and hang us from the sealing and whip us, they would leave us hanging for days until we confessed.

2013 It was a harsh day; my father had just got hit from a government missile. He was rushed to the hospital but when I got there, he was already dead. They had just killed my dad, my biggest idol. I had enough of the government so I decided to join the Free Syrian Army, an antigovernment military, called each other’s brothers because we all fought for the same reason. It was my first month into the FSA when I got into my first firefight. I could only hear the loud heavy gun fire coming over my shoulder, I was terrified. A grenade landed behind me. I was frozen, I didn’t know what to do. One of my brothers shouted, "GET OUT!" there was no exits near, only a window. I grabbed my gun and vaulted out of the window. As soon as I jumped out, Boom. Ears ringing, I slowly got up and waked to cover. I was dizzy, couldn’t hear anything and suddenly a stinging pain in my left leg. I was screaming. Blood gushing out of my leg, I couldn’t walk, crawl. The pain was so bad, I felt like I was paralyzed. I cried for help, and immediately, Mohamed came and dragged me away. I was dragged to cover. I could hear Mohamed talking on the phone, screaming, shouting, commanding for a transportation vehicle. Ten minutes later, it finally came. I was dragged on the van, there was a rebel doctor inside, putting his hands on my wound. They drove to my house, healed me up and told me I couldn’t fight for another 6 months. I’m glad I can finally rest. I turn on the radio and hear that Assad has used chemical weapons to bomb the city of Deraa. I can’t believe it, he bombed innocent people that didn’t do anything to him. I was furious, I wanted to kill him. I knew that when I’m fully healed, I will fight my hardest against him. One month later I get up to take a walk outside when I suddenly hear an explosion. I could hear buildings collapsing. I told one of the rebels to drive me there and when I got there. Full of chaos, dust everywhere. I could see people with white helmets, bravely carrying victims out of the bomb site. At this point, I was raging with hate.


February 25, 2018 I woke up early in the morning. Still with a limp I got 5 years ago. I walked towards the radio and I twisted the on button and crackling, the news reporter announced that we would have a 30-day peace treaty with the government. I was so happy but also angry. We finally get to rest from fighting every day. However, I still wanted to fight, I still wanted revenge for my family and friends. I wanted revenge for the families that has lost someone in the war. I wanted to kill Assad for all the horrible things he's done. I wake up my friends and tell them that we were at peace with the government for 30 days. They were all so cheerful that we could take a break from fighting. But Mohamed was still furious. I could see the anger coming out of his eyes. The way he crunches up his fists just THIS IS ASSAD, THE PRESIDENT OF SYRIA tells me that he doesn’t want to just kill Assad, he wanted to torture him, every way there could be. A troop of police were across the road from where we were staying. Mohamed picked up his weapon and charged at them. We tried to stop him but he was too strong and fast, he ran right through us. We were all screaming, “Mohamed, don’t do it.” He completely ignored us, stood in the middle of the road, pointed his gun at the police and BANG. A bus has been just in the way when we heard a gunshot. We all ran towards Mohamed only to find out that he was shot right dead center in the head. The police ran towards us yelling, “Get away from the body.” The war isn’t worth it, so many people, so many innocents has died from this. My family, friends, neighbors. Chemical weapons that were dropped on innocent civilians that didn’t do anything. The war wouldn’t stop now, it wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

Revoutionary voices journal  
Revoutionary voices journal