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Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - French Revolution Historical Fiction Journal of the French Revolution i. Estate General ii. Execution of King Louis XVI iii. Execution of Robespierre

Alicia Song 8–6 2018. 03. 13.

May 5th, 1789

Painting by Auguste Couder showing the Estate General.

You will never expect what happened today in France. A few months ago, King Louis XVI declared that France government would hold the Estate General in 175 years. Finally, the King got the point of people! I thought. But it was just a delusion. I knew that the reason that the King holding the Estate General is a problem about the taxes.

It started with my mother's mother's mother's century. It was almost the hundred and more years ago. Estates. That was the problem. I hate why we cannot be the noble. I want some social status to have the power to change the world. It's not fair that only Third Estates pay the taxes. Though we have money and technology, what about the other poor farmers and workers in the countryside? Our family was elected as one of the representatives of the Third Estates, so I gathered the people's ideas and thoughts about taxes. Their situation was worse than I think. Before I check the charges of peasants or other farmers, I felt that we are paying lots of taxes. When we made one artwork, we need to pay 50% of income for taxes. But compared to the farmers, we are paying much smaller. The government collects almost 70% of the crops for taxes, and they need to pay money to landowners for borrowing the land! How unfair the system is! After that, there's nothing left in their house. With those complaints about the taxes, I looked forward changing those things in my current status, the Third Estate. So I tried to persuade some of the nobles that I know because of selling my artworks. But the King, First and Second Estates ruined my expectation. I came out with those examples of hard-working farmers, but they didn't listen. Just a few minutes after I noticed that First and Second Estates' interest is only the voting system in the Estate General. First and Second Estates are trying to change the voting system into "First and Second Estates got two votes, and Third Estate got one vote for each representative." I disgusted about their behavior. Eventually, there was a fight occurred. One person from Third Estate stood up and shouted, "We can't participate in this partial Estate General. Dear Third Estates! Please come out and create our own convention!" Suddenly, the King announced the break-up of th e Parliament. Then I heard the strange rumor that only the King and other two estates are going to hold another parliament except

the Third Estate! Isn't it surprising that all of this happened in one day? It's a secret, but I am planning only Third Estate Assembly with other representatives of Third Estates. I'm very excited about it. I believe that we can change our unfair world.

Tennis Court Oath, Third Estates declared their own National Convention.

Wish successful revolution, LĂŠopold Du Toit

January 21st, 1793 It was such an ordinary Monday morning. But my feeling was genuinely excited that I couldn't sleep at last night! The way to get this result was tough. Today was King Louis XVI's execution day! I was extremely impressed by Robespierre. He was in charge of the King's trial. It was wonderful! When I started to join Jacobin Club, Robespierre was not the one who was noticeable. But when he began to talk about the "Execution of Louis XVI" – German copperplate engraving, 1793, death of King Louis XVI, I by Georg Heinrich Sieveking was shocked. His eloquence was fantastic that even the opposition of his would persuade. From today, I decided to follow Robespierre about the political issues. After reading an article about the trial about the King's trial, I looked out of the window. Some newsboys were delivering today's newspapers. I went downstairs to get Lé Figaro. Just in time, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and got the newspaper. Today's newsboy was talkative one. His eyes were twinkling, and grins covered his face. Before I say a word, he started to talk. "Don't you expect the King's death? I was excited! Everyone in our town is celebrating! I wish that horrible guillotine chops his head thrillingly.” I just smiled at him and gently closed the door. The time went fast, and I went to the Place de la Concorde to watch the King's execution. Already lots of people were crowded at there. Roaring, earsplitting, rousing, the group of people whooped at the empty guillotine. A few minutes later, the King, an unfaithful criminal come up to the stage. My ears almost are deaf because of screams from people. In front of people, a judge appeared. He quietened the crowd and proclaimed crimes of the criminal. "In June 1789, shut down the Estate General. Ordered army to suppress the citizens of Paris who are marching to Bastille. Promise the National Constituent Assembly but refuse it." And so on. The list of the King's crime is almost 33 clauses. The King's face is white. He looked pale and abandoned. His fat belly covered the stand of the guillotine. Sunlight shone on the silver blade. A whoosh of air came through my ears. I

shut my eyes tight. I heard the crowd screaming. I noticed that the execution finished. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the blood spattered on the stage. The blade of guillotine dropped red blood on the head-chopped dead body. The executor hold head into the air. The smell of blood reeked aloud. I made a wry face. It's not King Louis XVI is waiting to be guillotined. delightful to watch someone's death. I couldn't watch the end of execution and come back to home. At home, I got one letter from my old friend, Grégory Sadoul. He was my closest friend, but after he joins the Gironde, the time with him decreased. The message said: "Hey, Léo, I was exiled from Jacobin Club and also from the National Convention. You should take care of yourself. Robespierre is a merciless person. Dear, Grég." I was so worried about it. I think I need to visit him tomorrow. I wish the peaceful day after today. No more guillotines, Léopold Du Toit

July 28th, 1794 Terror. It's the only way to describe what Robespierre did in last one year. I'm so embarrassed that I have admired him. His excellent speech was just the way to attract people into a cruel, horrible, atrocious world. Now I realized he was only a dictator who is crazy about killing. I shocked when I heard his speech after he seized power. "Anyone who disagrees with me will be killed." His voice was steady that anyone could not disobey him. Robespierre carried out killing people as he said. According to Lé Figaro's news, he arrested 300,000 people, guillotined 17,000, and killed 10,000 people in prison or without trial. Isn't it horrible? Everyone in France might be living in fear because they could be caught whenever even they are meeting friends. A few months ago, I met my friend, Grég, who was exiled from the National Convention by Robespierre just after King Louis XVI's death. Grég reminded me of the violence of Robespierre, but I didn't listen to him. Then two weeks ago, he sent me a letter. It said: "Please take care of yourselves, Léo. Don't be the enemy of Robespierre but do not follow him. You should not be killed by that insane dictator who is crazy with the guillotine. Bye. Thanks for being my great friend.” It was terrible. How dare the horrible dictator kill my...! I was shocked in silence. I could not say any words. His execution was next day from the day that I got his letter. There wasn't any trial, and he just guillotined with several people quickly. I still cannot believe that fact.

Robespierre's execution by unknown artist which hangs in the Biliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France). Beheaded person is Couthon, the ally of Robespierre, and Robespierre is sitting on the cart, waiting for execution.

But today morning, I heard the unbelievable news. Robespierre, a tyrant, was caught! He was in jail and waiting to be executed! I was so surprised that I almost drop my hot coffee on my leg. I didn't think that someone could drag him down from power. Now the peaceful world without death is coming! Smiling but not showing, I went to the same place, Place de la Concorde, to watch Robespierre's execution. Strange feeling, I thought. I already saw lots of killings during the terror, so now it doesn't bother me to see the guillotined person. I even drew the painting of execution of King Louis XVI by someone's request.

The same situation always happens when notables' execution. Lots of people who even don't care about France's politics went to watch the execution. Screaming loudly, stomping intensely, the crowd blame a person. Then blade of guillotine fell, and someone's head roll. People roared again like the rioters. When I saw this kind of France, I always consider, "Was

the revolution worth it?". The situation didn't change. Still, stomachs growling, tax paying, everyone is suffering from the same reasons. Only the ruler changed, but yet a dictator though they both died. The one thing that revolution left was this. Blood by death. During the revolution, at least 40 thousand people died, includes my friends, my neighbors, and lots of innocent people. How can we change the country without violence and dictatorship? I started to support the revolution because I only want to be honor person, but now the only thing that I wish is peace. I want peace in France. I hope peace. Liberté. Égalité. Fraternité

In current France flag, blue represents Liberté, white represents Égalité, red represents Fraternité.

A dove flew outside of the window. Tranquillité , Léopold Du Toit

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité  

Historical fiction of the French Revolution. i. Estate General ii. Execution of King Louis XVI iii. Execution of Robespierre

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité  

Historical fiction of the French Revolution. i. Estate General ii. Execution of King Louis XVI iii. Execution of Robespierre