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history of ´ C E L I N E The company started with Celine Vipana and husband Richard in 1945 as a children’s shoe business. It was not until 1960 they decided to make ready to wear women’s clothes with a sports wear approach. Vipana was the head designer from 1945-1977.

2005 - Roberto Menichett 2006 - Ivana Omazic 2008 - 2018 Phoebe Philo 2018 - Hedi Simore

Phoebe had a tremendous impact at Céline, she took the brand and really made it own. She That is when fashion designer Michael Kors was changed the way women dressed by recognizing named the first creative directore for Céline in and respecting that women don’t have to wear 1997. During his tenure at Céline, Kors brought their power in a way that’s loud, or overtly sexual. modern femininity with a luxurious spirit. In 2004, he left the fashion luxury house to focus his career on his own brand.

PHOEBE PHILO Pheobe Philo will sadly be leaving Celine ´this year. Philo ´ indentity and a direction that was not gave Celine a true there before her time as creative director. Philo boosted sales from 200 mil to 700 mil during her time there. Philo worked hard to make a name for herself. She started out as Stella Mccartney’s first assistant. She followed her to Chloe in 1997 and then soon after became the creative director in 2001. Philo departed from Chloe in 2006 and took a leave to be at home with her children. She came back to the industry in 2008 to be appointed creative director of Celine in ´ 2008.

HEDI SLIMANE Hedi Slimane as been appointed the new artistic, creative and image director of CÊline. In a statement by the house’s parent group, LVMH, it was announced that Slimane, who has previously held tenures at Dior Homme and Saint Laurent, will commence his role in February of this year, with the first collection of this year debuting at Paris Fashion Week in September.


The Celine brand has always had a very minimalist style, with a touch a femininity to it. That’s why it appeals to so many people. When looking for a classic and elegant style whether it be a suit or a pair of trousors most consumers know that they can always rely on Celine to have the perfect piece.

While you can always count on Celine to find the perfect piece of clothing, the brand doesn’t stop there. Season after season Celine comes out with a new iconic piece of luggage and a new must have sunglasses that will be spotted on the masses soon after the show.




IN STORE ´ Celine stays constint with there brand and aesectic in there stores. The inside has a very organic yet structured feeling to it similar to the clothing. The stores usually consist of accessories like shoes, purses, sunglasses, etc.

ONLINE The brand has a very clean and minimalist theme going on throughtout their socail media, which is fitting with the aesthetic of the brand. ´ is quite behind´ on Celine the socail ´ media front. Celine recently joined instagram at the beginning of this year and while they do have a website, you can not buy anythig off of it.

COLLABORATIONS Celine ´ is not known to colabrate with fashion designers but more known for the collabrations with artists, most of the collabrations are made to compliment the Celine ´ pieces like furniture or display pieces for the stores.

In Celine’s ´ most recent collabrations the brand worked with artist Sabine Marellis, who created display cubes which are now in all Celine ´ stores worldwide. The brand has also collarbated with the brand Philo which have also been incorporated in her stores.


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