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So Yeon Seo 8-5 French Revolution Journals

18 June 1789 <I can speak up by my voice> The steamer heat was continued. My shabby house placed in the worst area with direct light in summer and typhoon in winter. Galluis was nice in the Spring but horrible in the summer. That day, I just finished a little bit of dinner. At that moment, a sonorous announcer of the old village, the Gallus shouted “We should not stay without having any reaction! We should have a movement against unfairness government! The representatives of the Third Estate will make an Oath at Versailles. I hope you join they’re with me!" Even though I surprised right before he yelled however thought of "fighting against the France government is unnecessary thing” passed through my inner head. I already realized that nothing will be changed if I'm sitting on a chair and act nothing, but the reality walked toward my face. After I think of these myself in my corner of the mind, one of my colleague came in and kicked down the door and cried "Your father has captured by soldiers and he will be sent to the Bastille! Just because of the saying about Louis XVI’s wrong govern system! " As soon as I heard that, I vividly feel my legs got weak and I suddenly sat down on the iced floor. The first thing that passed my head was the Tennis Court Oath at the Versailles. Without rush out from home, I began to pack out all stuff that I will be needed for new life at the Versailles. My young two sons and wife picking up on what I’m thinking about and they also packed their belongings instead of yelling. I grabbed my families’ hands and rushed out shabby, old, and crumbling door. Even though a little bit of the cold air rubbed our face, we continued to walk to reach the Versailles. Approximately after 2days, on 20 June 1789, we finally arrived at the Versailles and when I hurried, the Oath at the Tennis Court already had begun. That place was the 3rd Estates moved to a nearby indoor tennis court in rage. Hence, there they made an oath never to separate until a written constitution had been established for France. To the prodigious, three Christs were having the discussion in front of the Tennis Court and a person screamed by standing a desk. are bearing all the taxes Figure 1: Tennis on Court Oath at“We Versailles that the money that the 1st and the 2nd Estates are wasting! Do you think the equality is existing in our society?” Me, wife and two sons with full of curiosity, were glanced the Oath by the window and I unconsciously clasped dusty and wet window shell with confidence expression. Despite I just arrived Versailles, I could be more relaxed and have a confidence than Gallus.

On July 15, 1789 <Time to Return our Depression> Every day, every night my father cried out his resentment towards Louis XVI in my dream. Despite he doesn't actually appear in front of me, I could perfectly experience his anger by his expression on a face. Yesterday, I woke up from the same dream at a temporary dwelling place with a dusty blanket. Even if the dwelling only has built by the bunch of thin boards but since our, the Third Estates gathered around and collected power, we even obtain more courage to fight against Louis XVI. Yesterday was the day for rescuing several innocent citizens who have captured by Louis XVI’s unbelievable reason such as “saying” Louis XVI badly. This lets me to externally join on the French revolution at here Versailles and also join on yesterday’s a surprise attack on Bastille, a jail that never let out an alive person before. To save guiltless citizens include my father as many as we can. Way to reach Bastille was the fastest as much as my tremble mind. No matter what, it was the first experience that externally participating in the French Revolution. As soon as I reach the Bastille, a cloudy and gloomy atmosphere makes me terrifying. We crush through a few soldiers and half of us include me, right enter the jail and rescue innocent people. The other half of them search for the massive gunpowder that Louis XVI stores at here,2:Bastille. Thetoday in a flash. The sun Figure On the way reachpassed the Bastille went down and darkness fell. There were 100 closes to dead, but it was a successful attack. On my way to my temporary home where I could settle, my father and I said nothing. When I saw his father sitting in the corner of a prison after being emaciated just in several days, I became enraged at Louis XVI. Even though we obtained enormous amounts of gunpowder that the king had in Bastille storage, we lost hundreds of gallant revolutionaries at the brutal war, a storming of the Bastille. Their sacrifices revealed the future of others, and we are about to repay them. Tomorrow morning, we will slowly destroy the Bastille, the symbol of King Louis XVI’s power. We can’t stand inactively anymore. We will show our massive power to Figure 3 : Bastilles starts to collapsee by 3rd Louis XVI. Tomorrow is the day. Estates.

28 July 1794 <Sometimes, brutal way is the most efficient as a solution> Since the King Louis XVI intentionally send Austria and Preussen’s power to kill opposition citizens of him. Especially the Third Estate along with peasants, it was a continuance of the hardships. Our anger towards Louis XVI almost covered by reality. The value of money plummeted and attacks from other countries, it was a difficult time to even breathe. Fortunately, our previous flashlight, a Robespierre has shown up at that moment. Besides, he perfectly led National Assembly with a benevolent personality. Moreover, we finally arrest Louis XVI and succeed to go down on his knees in front of the guillotine. The guillotine, a machine for cutting off heads, cut off King Louis XVI. Millions of people thanked Robespierre and everything went well until he tastes a “power”. The happiness didn’t last long. Since Robespierre became a leader, he turned out to be just like Louis XVI. He falls into the temptation of power. He placed France in trepidation with the Reign Terror that led by Robespierre, who killed people that didn’t obey him. Our groups of people include me goes against him. A lot of people gathered within our ideas. We proved plenty times that we could make it possible anything when we collected. So, we thought "why not this time?" Figure 4: Guillotine waits for Robespierre to

Today, Robespierre will be executed here in the cut off his head. square, using the same guillotine, which cut Louis XVI’s head without hesitation. The people went excited and aroused again and again. The gloomy and melancholy Robespierre and 21 fellows stepped onto the stage, with a cry of “creaks,” the cut heads fell on the basket. People are still going wild though. I’m not convinced that this is the most efficient way to punish them but I think it was the best method to do so. The French Revolution was followed by countless sacrifices and hard times. Nevertheless, the French Revolution helped Third Estates to have the human rights. Moreover, it helped show how the government should rule and govern the country. No matter what process have we through, we finally possess our own land with liberty and equality in society.

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