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Tom.Noh Fear and Death for Freedom! 1763 July 28 The situation is horrible, petrifying and causing very lethal damage to my friends and neighbors. We are almost end of the war against the British and everyone is cheering for the victory of France and the Indians, but it was a bright morning when things got mysterious. One of my best friends had a rough night and wanted to have a walk, but I was too tired, so my friend Mike went alone. After the step, he was extremely pale and looked like he was possessed by a mean devil. I thought he was about to die but he told me his fine, but I was still worried. After preparing a meal for dinner, he started to act differently and started to puke several times throughout the dinner and night. Two things have crossed my mind, either he is extremely sick or pranking me so bad that I would want to punch him like he was a British soldier, all of my friends love to pull pranks on me, so I was not so sure if he was sick or pulling a stupid joke. I still did not ask him why he was puking and having a severe headache and had no idea what he was going through. One day my friend Jacob comes to me and tells me about this rumors about people dying and having similar symptoms with my friend Mike. Now I realized that my friend Mike was in some severe illness and got infected when he went for a walk and I didn't. It was not only Mike that had these symptoms it was also French armies, and even some of my friends and neighbors were sick. Everyone was in chaos and especially the parents with children were more terrified. But no one had a clue where the illness came from or what it's called. The sickness is spreading out at an enormous speed, but luckily, I was not having those symptoms also my friend Jacob wasn't. Most people who I know are sick and has this circular mosquito scars all over their body and it is outrageous. I asked Mike about the day when he went for a walk and I needed some specific answers. I asked him about what he saw and the significances, "Where did you go for a walk?" Mike replied, "First, I went to the city center and went to a building that shaped like a pentagram." A building shaped like a pentagram is the Fort Pitt where the British are being besieged by the Indians. Mike kept going, "When I was running in front of the building through the gap between guarding doors, I saw 2 Indians wearing their traditional clothes and the British giving them some sort of blanket." I asked, "Do you know what the blanket Figure 1The picture describes how the British is giving away looked like or what it was for?" Mike said, "I followed infected Smallpox to the Indians and they have no idea how the guys into the woods and peeked what they were dangerous the blanket is. doing, and they just left the blanket in the woods. As soon as they left, I picked up the blanket with my bare hand and even smelled it, and it was nothing so special or wrong." First, it seemed bit confusing and curious why the British invited 2 Indians to the Fort Pitt even though they are enemies and why would they give them a blanket? The whole process was not apprehensible for me. But we still have to consider about the disease that is going around the city and making everyone sick and die from it. I have lost my friends and neighbors one by one, and lastly, it was Mike that I had to let it go. It's total

Tom.Noh madness and dreadful that we were almost end of the war and everyone is dying from an unknown disease, and even my best friend Mike is dead from that disease.

Tom.Noh 1777 October 22 My eyes are sorrowful and miserable for the loss of my best friend, Mike. He was a great friend with lots of smile and happiness. He died because his infection was caused by Small Pox and lived only a few days after he was affected. The disease infected everyone, and with no choice, we had to retreat but what's more important is that my best friend Jacob is still alive. After the retreat and the death of my best friend Mike, Jacob and I were waiting for the right time to revenge the British back and also for the independence of the country. It was the year of 1777 where the British had to come up with a new strategy to defeat the American soldiers, but no one had an idea what the new plan is, so we waited for the order from one of our Generals. Jacob and I stayed in New York City to defend the British troops from coming in and help to carry the box filled with bullets and fury. General John Burgoyne is one of the leaders of the British troops, and he is the dominant General who came up with a new strategy that we don't know yet. But one of the hunters that were in the woods and saw British troops coming in from Canada down to Hudson River to Albany. Under General George Washington's order, we trapped General John Burgoyne's troops in the upper state of New York. We have surrounded the force and had two small battles that were a huge victory for the Americans. The struggle was 18 days apart, and my role was to be a bait and lead the British troops to a particular checkpoint and after that let the American soldiers do the rest. It was simple, but it was perfect and practical. General John Burgoyne has lost his troops and had no more authorities or power left to him and had to obligate his strength and other Figure 2General John Burgoyne's troops are surrounded by the American soldiers and colonists in British soldiers including troops led by General St. the woods. Leger and General William Howe. After the absolute victory, I have noticed the strategy that General John Burgoyne was planning to do; it was merely dividing British troops into three different groups and led by three different Generals. One leading group with General John Burgoyne from Canada to Albany the upper state of New York, General St. Leger from Ontario and General William Howe from New York City. All three groups combine at Albany and start a new attack from there, but we have cut the route and stopped from all three groups combing and making a full squad with tremendous power and rule over America. Throughout the battle, we genuinely have shown our patriotism and the motivation for the freedom and the independence we need for this country.

Tom.Noh 1783 September 8th We have been fighting ferociously and endlessly with the British, during the journey I have lost lots my best friend Mike, family, and neighbors. Mike was infected by a deadly disease called Small Pox also my neighbors and my family during the battle against British. This journey for me is an exhausting and continuity of fighting and fights. I was not sure if we were going on a right path for our freedom. I have nothing to lose but myself; everything started from mind-blowing taxes on sugar, stamps, and teas that we don't even drink and all other necessities for living and unmanageable price were what it sparked the revolution. And wanting religious freedom and representation. It was, and has since, been viewed as such as an absurdity that religious liberty and representation weren't a part of the legal code until then. Also, the rights of slavery and women were crucial for the change in new government. After all these disastrous battles, treaties, and protests have come in the end once it for all. America and the British Government are having a convention where we ask for the independence of America and the freedom of everyone else. Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris, France and signed by representatives of Great Britain on one side and the United States, France, and Spain on other. The significance of Treaty of Paris is the official end of the American Revolutionary War and when the British acknowledge the independence of the United States. Also, new boundaries were established in America. Whole government and rules were changed and skyrocketed the economy of United States, and no more taxes were valid. Almost 20 years Figure 3The British, French, Americans, and other countries in Paris, France to sign the peace treaty later I finally have my own house with only me living and the independence of America. in the house because, when the British were the government they forced some colonist to provide their food and homes for the British soldiers. Now I'm free from that and have no more silly and annoying tax collector that knocks on my door every day.

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