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June 19, 1789 Today was the day that we, as the 3rd Estate, planned for the general meeting where we can express our emotions. When I was 5, my great-grandfather told me that, tomorrow is the first meeting of the General Assembly since 1614. I heard from my neighbor that the main thing that we need to suggest vigorously is to get equality about paying tax system. After I listened to this, I started to question myself that, is it possible that the 1st and 2nd estates are paying 2% of tax which means 1st estate spends 1% of the fee and 2nd is paying 1% of tax? Is this a political problem? Because before I heard this inequality, I realized there is a problem. I thought this is the ordinary things that the 3rd estate should do. I cannot understand why does the all rich people do not have to pay a tax abundant for us, 3rd estate. While we're compensating 98% of the fee for the country which means it's truly unfair for the peasants who doesn't live in luxuries like those 1st and 2nd estates. June 20, 1789 - morning (before heading to the General Assembly/ Tennis court) Windy, the weather seems to rain. Dreaming weather might represent the General Assembly will end in a right way, and it will maybe alter something because of the wind to blow all the problems that. I hope the weather is our side and make the tax system equal. Now, I need to head to the General Assembly with my son Fabian. June 20, 1789 - After the General Assembly Louis XVI, a devil, is the king. He only listened to what the 1st and 2nd estates are saying. This was because of the voting system. The awkward voting system was that one estate could vote only once. I finally realized what's called 'unequal' is. The voting system that they were doing is prejudiced because we will always be outvoted by the 1st and 2nd even though we represent 85% of citizens in France. The high estate people even didn't think about the 1st and 2nd estate. They never try to respect us, try to listen what's our problem, the things that they did is ignoring us. After that, the king, Louis XVI just merely locked the door from the meeting room hoping that 3rd estate to forget. However, the opposite will happen because we will make a crew to get equality. Some of the 3rd estates were trying to excuse. I thought, again and again, forgiving at this point will be a thing that I will regret all of my life. Rest of people and I was convincing people those people who were trying to absolve. Robespierre, an angel, is the leader. He was stood up yelling, hollering and shouting “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" June 20, 1789 – The Tennis Court Oath The only thing that I can hear on the Tennis court is people full of anger. Notably, the people who stood up was Dom Gerle, Jean-Sylvain Baily, Robespierre and Joseph Martin D'Arcy. They were standing in the middle, leading the tennis court's pre-assembly. Son and I were not able to go inside because of the young son. We set on the window watching what the people are doing. Mysteriously, the wind blows andson I don't knowonwhy I have Figure1This was theagain, time when and I setting the window side and watching the Tennis Court Oath a smile on my face. It should be the pleasant thing that it will be happening in future and for the taxation. Majority of people asked me that “Why did you came here with your son? Isn’t dangerous?” the answer for the people was all

the same. My answer was to make the children understand how his country is working and to give him a notion of future. They swore an oath that they would not move until "the voice of the nation was heard" and their demands were met. After the first meeting, we formed the "National Assembly" which gave the power to the people from inequality.

July 12, 1789 Our crew and I went to Invalids to get gunpowder. Even though didn't get gunpowder, we got rifles, and we planned to go to the Bastille. It was the sign of frustration with the abolitionist system of the quills. July 14, 1789- morning before heading to Bastille I wear clothing with the big sigh. Hands are sweating, and legs are moving because I was full of nervous and concern. I get to go now. I expect I won’t die from the fighting between the armies. July 15, 1789 I opened my eyes, and I feel relieved. I came back to home, and I saw my son again. Huge sigh again. This sighing is different with before. Now, I feel confident, and part of my concern was left from me. The reason we went to the Bastille is that The Bastille was a prison with symbolic value. It was where the king would put all political opponents, without a fair trial. That means that there was no justice and they had no rights. At the day when I went to the Bastille, approximately 60 armies were keeping the gate of the Bastille. First, I thought it wouldn’t be possible to defeat the armies by agricultural Implements because they had a gun and unique weapons to defend. For us, we only had rifles of few people. The opposite happened I thought things that are impossible, it’s getting possible and for Figure 1- This was the time when we go inside the Bastille and 4 hours? We defeat all of the armies who we got accept by the king Louis 16. were keeping the Bastille. I went inside to the Bastille, and the things that I can only see is 7people in the jail. So, we released seven prisoners who had been imprisoned. Also, the surprising thing was that there were no political prisoners as people thought, three of the thieves, one of them freaks, and the other of them was the just insane person. We always thought we could defeat them because, in America, they were also succeeded. Same as us, we can do anything. July 16, 1789 The king knew that we started the revolution against the government and good thing happened! The king accepts the voting system that 1st and 2nd estate wanted to change in the General Assembly. There are only two choices that it could happen. One is maintaining peace forever, and another is causing a spark for the French revolution. It will begin. It will be the most extensive French history’s event in the future.

December 14, 1793 Hi, journal, I'm Raphael Dubois’s son. I miss you, dad. The time when I see my dad’s head chopped by guillotine the machine that cut off the people’s head, I was feeling horrible. My dad was a 104th person who was executed by a severe man called Robespierre. He started the Reign of Terror since King Louis XVI is also executed. The date he began the Reign of Terror was September 5, 1793. All the peasants thought that Robespierre is a generous person because he led The Tennis Court Oath and he pretends that he would not act as the king did. Majority of people believed him. He was a twofaced person. Us, the 3rd Estate thought that the reasons why he was amiable were because he just wanted to be a leader. Notably, my dad and I believe him a lot. In the Tennis court, he was encouraging us and tell them we could have “liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Reality? When there are people who don’t obey him, or doesn’t listen to him, he starts to execute people. He was such a nice guy, but now, he is evil. Maybe he was Figure 2- This is a situation when Robespierre was pretending like an angle during The Tennis Court ruling the Reign of Terror. Oath. I, as a Ra Raphael Dubois’s son, I thought that the Reign of Terror should be stopped. My neighbor has a child name, Napoleon Bonaparte. His age is 24; he is a genius guy. He knows how the government system works now and how the situations are getting worse. He even dreamed that Robespierre was executed by the citizens who were influenced the most. I hope he will be executed at the guillotine what he made. July 27, 1794 Finally, the dream comes true. Robespierre will be executed. The National Assembly arrested Robespierre and his colleagues. After that, he will take to Luxembourg jail in Paris. Supporters arrived to help him, but he refused to direct the new rebellion. When he heard that a national agreement had declared him an outlaw, he fired his head with a gun, but only hurt his jaw. Immediately after that, members of the National Congress attacked the De Ville Hotel and caught Roger Pierre and his teammates. The next thing that happened was 28 Robespierre, and 21 others were found guilty of murder in a revolutionary place without trial. Finally, I saw his head cut out from the guillotine he made. I hope my dad will be together. I miss you so much, dad. And dad! One great news is that the Terror is over. I hope my neighbor, Napoleon leads the power because he is a such a great guy to Figure 3- He is a guy who killed my dad and executed many people driven a country. From now on, French’s history will start again. who didn't obey him. I think this severe revolution wasn't worth it to me but, it was worth it to France. Because of this revolution, my dad was killed, and this is a big shocked me in my entire life. On the other hand, France was worth it because of abolition and getting rid of the status system. I don’t know how to correspond with this revolution.

Revolutionary Voices Journal: French Revolution  
Revolutionary Voices Journal: French Revolution