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13 May 2013

The Voting Has Begun!

Who will be the next Mr and Miss NWU Vaal?











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13 May 2013

Almost halfway and still so much to do Kinga Siejek

Can you believe the first opportunity semester exams are just around the corner? It felt like just yesterday that I was trying to get from one part of building 25 to the other through lines and lines of students registering. It really is amazing how quickly the year can fly when you have so much going on! Just recently our Campus hosted on heck on an amazing Alumni event for all our young and shinig Alumni from our Campus. Everyone had one heck of a good time, with dancing to the amazing vocals of L’loyd Cele. It was great to be around friends and family, be it my hip-andhappening folks, to my University family; everyone enjoyed themselves, and I am betting everyone can’t wait for the next one! A BIG thank you to Alwa Naude who organised the entire event! She is one snazzy lady, and defintely knows how to make everyone feel welcome and happy, whenever she is around. If you missed it, since you might not be an alumni just yet; don’t worry! The Alumni Office will keep you posted on all happenings from Graduation Day until the end of time! Now, while the Alumni event may be over; there

are still quite a few events to look forward to this year, like one BIG event that is happening just this weekend. Pretty much the BIGGEST event for our Campus... Open Day on 18 May. This is the day that all the staff and academics get together on Campus and prepare to host over 2 000 students from all over South Africa, to have a look at what we have to offer. It’s a big day for our Campus, and I just want to say a BIG thank you to all the students who have been helping or will be helping for the day. Another big event that is coming up, is the Mr and Miss NWU Vaal for 2013. I personally can’t wait for the night. To see the beautful ladies in their amazing evening gowns, and the handsome hunks in some of the snazziest suits. Oh, and of course to see who will be crowned the new Mr and Miss NWU Vaal. I guess another kind of big event that is happening soon is the June exams. Not exactly a time many students are happy about, BUT they come around every semester whether students like it or not. All I can say.. with what you might see some of the journalists in this Edition say as well; is that it is all up to you. It depends on no one else but you how the exams will go. So check your notes, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and study hard!

13 May 2013



Vuvu’s Soapbox Newsflash! Winter makes us SAD ! Quack! Okay, maybe not a newsflash to some but lately I have come to realise that reality bites – Quack! Some people have a legitimate reason to feel depressed, but not me. I am a happygo-lucky goose on the move… places to go, chicks to charm and people to meet! But the other day I woke up feeling sad and blue for absolutely no reason. This in itself made feel even sadder… I mean, how can I indulge in self-pity when there seems to be no way to justify it? How can I over-indulge in toasted sandwiches and pie crust whilst howling to the beat of Celine Dion if I don’t know why? People (as well as the feathered folk and the hooved herd) will start talking… and we can’t have rumours flying around about my impending insanity! Quack! I decided to take control and put on my proverbial thinking cap in an effort to find the source of my sudden onslaught of sadness – and then it hit me: summer is starting to be but a faint memory… and before long we would be neck deep in beak warmers, leg warmers, fleece jackets and hot water bottles! It is not that I dislike winter, it is just… well, apart from the slim pickings in terms of toasted delights (everyone is sipping on a hot cup of soup and staying indoors), I find myself feeling uncomfortable covered in layers and layers of fabric…it makes me feel like a stuffed chicken – and we all know that story doesn’t end well! As I understand it (and as my good friend Google puts it), there is a medically recognised condition, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that can kick in during the change of season – especially during the winter. Winter depression or winter blues can cause you to feel sleepy (although I think it has a lot to do with our pre-historic inclination to hibernate during

winter), have very little energy and make you feel depressed. The cure – I think: laughter! Quack! And by laughter I don’t mean a little giggle – I am quacking about a side-splitting, water-coming-out-of-your-beak, hard-to-breathe laughter. Grandmother Goose always said a good laugh cleans out all of the stuff and purifies the soul … and come to think about it, it would be hard not to feel better after a convulsion of hysterical laughter. So my plan to combat SAD is simple: find a couple of good friends and laugh away. Everybody has that one friend who, within minutes, can have everyone in stitches, tears rolling and noses running…



conferred. In terms of diplomas and certificates a total of 105 were awarded whilst 894 degrees were conferred – the latter including 676 Baccalaureus degrees, 182 honours’ degrees, 27 masters’ degrees and 9 doctoral degrees. I believe that a graduation ceremony should be seen as a celebration of distinction and achievement and furthermore that it represents the reality of a new and better tomorrow. Graduates are ambassadors of excellence and it is my wish that they will remain visionary and steadfast in their scholarly endeavors. A highlight of this graduation ceremony was the graduation of the first group of students


ear students

It is hard to imagine that within the next two months we will bid farewell to the first semester of the 2013 academic year! The first semester has proven to be filled to the brim with activities – both academically and socially. I trust that you have enjoyed the ride and that you have made the most of the opportunities that came your way. The highlight of the past month must be the autumn graduation ceremonies. More than 900 graduates were rewarded for their commitment towards academic excellence. The fourteen ceremonies, which were held at the Quest Conference Estate, saw a total of 999 diplomas and degrees being

13 May 2013

to complete the Diploma in Sport Science qualification. A special word of congratulations is extended to the top performers: * Hanrie Bezuidenhout (BEd) * Marinda Henning (BA) * Christel Labuschagne (B SW) * Tebello Thejane (BSc) * Diane Suku (BSc) * Aysha Ebrahim (BCom) May these accomplishments motivate each and every one of you to remain focused on your academic work and to apply your mind – and time, to the pursuit of excellence.

13 May 2013



On your marks; get set; READ! Annette Willemse

Following the success of the first Vaal Campus read-a-thon, the preparations were well underway for this year’s readaround-the-clock event. On 10 May the library – as you know it, was transformed into a reading circuit with the different residences each staking their claim in a different section of the library. At exactly 17:30 the different groups started to read – aloud, from a specified book whilst the different group members take turns (similar to a rely race) to read. You would however be forgiven in thinking that the fun stops here...

pressure is on to see if they can make it two years in a row. Team members will enjoy something to eat while burning the midnight oil. Snacks will be for sale and participants are reminded to bring along a pillow and a blanket. A special movie screening of the featured book will also take place during the event. Each team should comprise of 15 team members and interested students should contact their respective house committees as soon as possible.

After reading around the clock for 12 consecutive hours, the different groups then have to complete a test, based on the content of the book. Based on the marks they receive in the test, the winning residence will be announced. Last year the spoils went to the off-campus residence, Longfellow, and the

Who is your Top Lecturer? The time has come to vote for the lecturer who you feel you couldn’t live without.

representatives in colourful Tshirts, who will manage the entire campaign.

All students are able to vote for their #1 lecturer, and in the process might win a prize as well!

There are two parts with each students having to complete a survey and then vote.

The dates for voting are from 7 May until 21 May 2013. If you are not sure how or where to vote, have a look around Campus or your residence for the

There are a few different places where you will be able to complete the survey and/ or voting: • Both Campus entrances

• • • • •

(Main Gate & Taxi Stop) Lecture Halls Student Centre Computer Labs Library All residences, including Riverbend

For more help, contact the team leader, Ms Sandra Radebe (Academic Officer of the SRC) at building 5.



13 May 2013

13 May 2013



Univenture - Fun way to join the Family

Annette Willemse

Mobile phones are not limited to communication devices only. Today, mobile phones are used for different purposes - they have become entertainment gadgets with music, films and game facilities. As a matter of fact, mobile phones have become an integral part of the lives of people today. Young and old are using a mobile phone to make the user experience more exciting and enjoyable. With this in mind the Vaal Campus launched its first-ever mobile game – Univenture, to aid in the student recruitment process. This interactive game, developed by Martin Booth – a postgraduate student from the South African Serious Games Institute (SGISA), allows prospective stu-

dents to familiarise themselves with not only the academic offerings but also the campus environment. The SGI-SA is hosted within the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology. The purpose of the game – which comprises of several levels, is to aid Bob (a prospective student) to make a decision about a future career by visiting the different faculties and academic schools. The game can only be completed once Bob has acquainted himself with all seven academic schools. Each stage of the game represents an academic school and as you progress through the different levels you are informed about the necessary requirements for each

Beefing up security - Big Time Ronald Mhangani

If like myself you were wondering what on earth was going on in terms of the security in and around our campus, whether it was just a change of uniform or is there more to it than meets the eye? Well…fortunately Student 24/7 is hoping to answer all your queries and possibly make everything a tad bit more clearer. The men dressed in black with the red bandannas that resemble a blackberry, moments away from shutting down are actually part of a security company that has been recently instated to cater to the security needs of our campus. They are all part of… Stallion Security Company, one of the more prominent security companies in surrounding areas of the vaal, having successfully carried out their tenders with both Emerald Resort and Casino and Emfuleni, the question really wasn’t whether the merger would happen but rather when.

field of study. Along the way Bob meets various members of the campus community including the campus’s muchloved gaggle of geese. According to Martin, the marketing app has been successfully launched on the Google Play Store and you can follow the following link to go to the Univenture’s page on the store: com/store/apps/details?id=za. co.nwu.nwuvaal. The game is currently only available for Android devices and also boasts an Afrikaans version.

Stallion Security beat out four other competing security companies to stand alone as the winning company to be awarded the tender with our campus. Arguably one of the best, they hold tenders around the whole of South Africa with their main branch situated in Johannesburg, with a substantial amount of experience both the tender committee and student bodies agreed they were the most suitable to fill the position. Kobus Potgieter, Head of Security explained, “we are very satisfied with the new guys”, but not to give the wrong impression of the last security company which many would agree didn’t do a shabby job at all. After their six year long run with the Campus, it was decided in the best interest of both parties that they not renew their contract, though you may see a few of the employees at some of the student residences this is only because of their knowledge of the inner workings of campus security at large. “It was a little confusing at first, seeing the new security personnel and

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then again seeing some of the old employees at res so…I just figured that perhaps it was a double barrel kind of security situation”, Sizwe Gumede one the students on campus and res admitted. We can only hope that their affiliation with our

13 May 2013

campus will be one that will be fruitful and that they will keep on assuring us of their capabilities as a security company. So if you do see one of them on campus remember to smile and wave; oh and of course… show them your student card!

The radio station is opening soon Java Zwane

It has been a few months now since the auditions for the soon to open radio station were held. Students have been anticipating and waiting for it to go on air... Well good news, the days of having to wait are nearing an end.

The Student 24/7 team had an interview with the radio station manager, Itumeleng Bahetane, and he just happens to be the only person who has the answer to the question every student has been asking; “When are we going on air?”. As the station manager, Itumeleng is the one who recruits and trains on air talent and he makes sure that the radio station complies in all aspects from music to content. River FM is a student radio station that caters for all young students but can be listened to by young persons (age: 18 - 26) since the content and the type

of music that is to be played will cater to all. Its mission is to tailor for the modern trend of behaviour that is adopted by students. We asked Itumeleng, what he thinks makes River FM unique and this is what he said, “Most campus radio stations use their university name but I think what has sets us aside is the name we chose. It’s close to the university but I think for strategic reasons we went with River FM”. He said that the audience can expect “A very vibrant content and music”. River FM is a radio station which uses a ratio of 80/10/10, meaning that 80% is English, 10% is Sesotho/Setswana and 10% is Afrikaans. Student 24/7 also interviewed one of the stations presenters, Sechaba Masitsa and he said, “I have a passion for radio and I want to become an aspiring radio personality. I want to learn more about radio and prepare myself for this

journey or career that I want to go into. I think I was chosen as one of the people to be part of the radio station because of my style, charisma and my personality”. Sechaba a.k.a ChabiMas said that he would like to contribute towards the radio station by making it one of the freshest, one of the nicest radio stations in the Vaal. So, when you see ChabiMas on campus or anywhere else really, don’t hesitate to say hi. If you also want to become like ChabiMas, good news, auditions will be held at the end of each year so you too can get a chance to make your dreams come true. It takes a lot of work for a radio station to be put together and having to go on air is not as simple as people usually think it is. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, time and patience. The radio station should be up and running by May, Itumeleng said. So whatever you do, don’t forget to spread the word that the Vaal Campus will be making waves soon. Remember, the frequency. You should never forget it 87.6 River FM... This is how we Flow!

13 May 2013


Be an empowered graduate Roche Artz

As students, our main purpose is to study and complete our course of study. If not, what’s the point of being a student? But what happens when we’ve completed our course and become a graduate? So often we hear and read of stories regarding the high number of unemployed graduates. We may even be of the opinion that by holding a tertiary qualification, we should therefore be able to get employment easily, right? Well, that depends on you, the individual.

a student, is to work, just to get a foot in the door. Clr Maipato Tsokolibane (MMC [Municipal Mayoral Committee]: Local Economic Development, Tourism and IDP) said in her presentation that, “we need more people to study engineering”.

On Friday, 12 April, our Campus hosted the Graduate Empowerment Seminar at Building 25, Room G08 for the presentations and Room G06 for exhibits. Though the turnout of students was not so favourable, it reiterated the point that the CEO of the South African Graduate Association (SAGDA), Mr Thamsanqa Maqubela made, when he said, “What’s very important is a good attitude”. SAGDA is a non-profit organisation which help students prepare to form part of the working force of South Africa and the world at large. [More information can be obtained on: http://www. ]

All these instructions may be overwhelming, bearing in mind one still has to first complete one’s qualifications before heading out on a job-hunt. On the other hand, one is not to wait and do nothing. One has to build a portfolio of evidence which would also show your prospective employer that you’re one who takes initiative and is determined to achieve. As the Programme Director of the seminar, Dr Siphokazi Koyana said, “It is in your power to get a job”. She explained that “you must actively prepare yourself, do research, set up the interview, know how, be prepared, and be knowledgeable”. Linking up with what Mr Maqubela said, regarding that a degree is not enough, Dr Koyana added, “Don’t just stick to books. It’s important to get work experience”. She explained that by getting experience, you get to learn what the industry expects.

While delivering his presentation, Mr Maqubela, said “We want to ensure that graduate preparation is a must.” He went on further to say that “you have to be prepared as your degree is not good enough”. This statement should give one an idea as to how hard one, as

One of the students who attended the seminar, Mpho Masuku, 3rd year, BA (Public Management & Governance), said, “This seminar seems to be useful as it showed us how to carry ourselves in the workplace”. What was interesting of the few who attended

9 the seminar is that there were students who completed their course with our Campus and learnt through the Student 24/7 Facbeook page of the seminar, and so came along. One of these students is Josephine Letsoenyo, who completed her BCom (Management Accounting) degree, who said, “I liked most of what the CEO of SAGD said in terms of volunteering, doing part-time work and marketing ourselves”. She added, “I think this graduate seminar was a great initiative that our Campus did”. Faith Mbhele, who also completed her degree in BCom (Marketing) said, “I am here to learn more, get a bit more understanding and build on from the couple of things I’ve learnt from our Campus”. With the students who attended the seminar, even though the weather was not so good as it was a bit cold on the day, goes to show what Mr Thamsanqa Maqubela (SAGDA CEO) said, that we, as students, should “get out of your comfort zone”. A motto the Programme Director, Dr Koyana shared at the seminar is, “Never give up”. Let’s remember this motto throughout our studies.



13 May 2013

Green means go

using solar panels to power cooling systems in computer laboratories. The Vaal Go Green Facebook page proudly reports current and past green projects launched on campus.

The Vaal Campus recently got a major boost towards their Green Campus Initiative. The Institutional Office’s Community Engagement department has granted the Initiative a sum of R50 000 to fund projects that encourage staff and students to live more green and protect their environment. The Vaal Triangle Campus Green Committee is headed Prof Johann Tempelhoff from the School of Basic Sciences, who is an active researcher on the history of water management in South Africa.

The Vaal Campus is no rookie to “going green” – the Campus is situated on the banks of the Vaal River and in a proclaimed nature reserve with hiking paths along the river front; various game such as monkeys, black wildebeest and springbuck; as well as several dams on campus that are home to a flock of geese.

Anjonet Jordaan

A national green campus initiative was launched in 2012 and the Vaal Campus is doing its bit to contribute constructively towards the initiative. One such project launched by the Vaal Triangle Campus Green Committee in 2012 was the IT sustainability competition, which challenged students to come up with suggestions about how to make technology more sustainable. One of the winning suggestions was to use the rating system of EPEAT (, an organisation that identifies greener computers and other electronic equipment in the market place. Other suggestions by students included reusing old computers, switching off computers and screens when they are not in use, and

13 May 2013



Campus partners with SAGDA to prevent graduate unemployment Annette Willemse

The North-West University (NWU) recently became the newest member of the South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA). This partnership, the result of a cooperation initiative by SAGDA and the University’s Career Centre, saw the Vaal Campus hosting the inaugural Graduate Empowerment Seminar. The seminar marks the first in a series of seminars aimed at bringing students closer to the reality of business and the corporate world as well as to empower them with the necessary skills and techniques to find and secure a job. Topics that were discussed during the seminar included employment skills; how to develop a winning curriculum vitae; job search techniques; interview handling skills and employment opportunities available at SAGDA and its member organisations. The seminar was attended mainly by final year students as well as various high profile stakeholders and a delegation of graduate develop-

ment specialists from SAGDA. In his address, Prof Martin Oosthuizen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching-Learning at the NWU, reminded students that they hold the key to not only create a sustainable future for all but also to positively and pro-actively transform the world of work. “Many graduates that are registered on the SAGDA database lack employment attraction skills to be effective in securing jobs. Our commitment at SAGDA is to reduce and prevent unemployment of graduates in partnership with our members and partners,” said Mr Thamsanqa Maqubela, the Chief Executive Officer of SAGDA. * SAGDA is a non-profit organisation that aims to prepare students for the world of work and by doing so empower graduates to actively participate in the mainstream economy of South Africa and the world. Through partnerships with private and public universities, FET colleges, Sector Education and Training Authorities, municipalities and companies they champion high impact empowerment programmes.



13 May 2013

An epic day at Faranani Mangaliso Maduna

Unity, togetherness and cohesion, those are the words that are mostly associated with the Faranani residence. With 250 first year students, Faranani represents the largest off-campus residence of the Vaal Campus. Known for its academic excellence and diversity, the Faranani residence gathered together as they gladly organized the first ever home –coming event for its first years. It promised to be one of the most fascinating events ever, one of a kind. The event was lightened up by the presence of former primarious Molebatsi Rasego who served as an MC on the day. The event was also graced by the special guests from outside and CSRC. The event got off to a lively start with harmonious singing from first years. Thereafter Molebatsi opened the ceremony and offered a great piece of advice to first years as they were about to embark to one of their exciting yet challenging journeys of their lives. Momentarily first years stood up as they gave their primarious Ms Oratile Bantsho a standing ovation as she stood up and addressed both the parents and students. She harmoniously thanked the parents for sending their children to Faranani and urged them to have total trust in the residence leadership. She swore to parents that she will do anything in her power to ensure the safety of

their children and guide them through the difficulties they may come across throughout their academic year. She heavily put more emphasis on the significance of time and spoke strongly against ill-discipline and partying. The stage was then left to first years as they enjoyed their share of joy from the event, firs years choir known as the Bibos blessed everyone with aweinspiring songs which created an electrifying atmosphere and got the parents ululating. First years went on to show their creativity as two girls presented us with emotional poems about their experiences in regard to orientation and also thanking the house committee for its hospitality and guidance throughout orientation. The house committee then gave numerous awards to those first years that braced themselves during orientation. Rules were next on the agenda and the charismatic Vuyolwethu Mathebe kindly stepped onto the podium and articulated to parents who were very vigilant and observant. This was the most interesting part because it served as testament in relation to what is acceptable and unacceptable and the manner in which students are expected to conduct themselves. It also touched base with issues relating to alcohol and being found in possession of an illegal substance and their repercussions. Announcements were read

and the event ended amicably and parents were urged to sit down as the house committee had organized some decent meals and drinks. I got the privilege of talking to some of the parents on why they sent their children to Faranani and most of them vehemently agreed that they were impressed with its facilities and its conducive atmosphere for studying. Then students participated in volleyball and netball as parents watched in jubilation. I also had a heart to heart conversation with the primarious Ms Bantsho on the motive behind hosting an event of this magnitude and what were they trying to achieve. She said despite enjoying some bad publicity in the past they were trying to portray a favourable image for Faranani as it was associated with bad things in the past. She said their vision lies in ensuring an environment that is conducive for studying where everyone is happy at all times because that is what Faranani symbolizes “togetherness “.

13 May 2013



Nigdy się pożegnać, tylko do zobaczenia... There is one lady that pretty much every International Student will know very well. A lady who always has a smile for anyone, and a door open for a good chat. Unfortunately for our Campus, Mrs Angelique van Rensburg is going on to brighter pastures, by completing her studies full time. Student 24/7 would like to wish Angelique all the best for her future, and we hope that she becomes as great as we know she is...



13 May 2013

13 May 2013



Making a difference with my blood Thys Khiba

When you are donating blood, you are participating in a vital community service that saves and improves many human lives. Blood donation is voluntary and non-remmurated, a person can only donate if they weigh at least 50 kg or more, are over the age of 16 years, lead a sexually safe lifestyle and are feeling well on the day of donation. According to the member and the General Treasure of the Student Representative Council (CRSC), Akhona Dalisile, “donating blood is one of the best things that help so many people during the shortage of blood due to the car accidents and we are approaching a high time of accidents which is Easter and many accidents occur during this time of the year”. Other corresponding views of the Santrust residence and the Sports and Culture Officer, Joseph Sithole said “to donate blood is an important role because it makes a difference in someone’s life”.

Clinic attendent of South African National Blood Service, Robert Gubuza from Vaal Zone said “South African has a high shortage of blood so people must donate blood to make a difference in our country”. SANBS (South African National Blood Service) blood transfusions are usually given to: • • • • •

Patients undergoing surgical operations, Patients with cancer, Children and adults with severe anemia, Accident victims, Women: to treat bleeding as a complication of pregnancy, • Newborn babies for exchange transfusion. Blood donor day is celebrated globally on 14 June to raise awareness of the medical importance of blood transfusion. For more info about blood donation visit or Facebook and twitter, or call the CallCentre at 080 011 9031.



Rage at Mandela footage Selina Mokatsane

Anger is rife after the SABC televised footage of former president Nelson Mandela at his home on Monday, 29 April. These are his first pictures in nine months. The video and pictures show a frail Mandela, his legs covered in a blanket and his face expressionless as though he was not interacting with people around him. The 94-year-old Madiba, as he is affectionately known in

South Africa, returned to his home on April 6 following a ten day stay in hospital for a lung infection treatment. In December last year, he was hospitalised for nearly two weeks with a similar health condition and a procedure to remove gallstones. A Nobel Prize laureate and the first democratically elected president in South Africa, Nelson Mandela contracted tuberculosis during his captiv-

13 May 2013

ity in Robben Island, where he worked in the limestone quarry. This has deteriorated his eyes, of which he shut tightly when cameras flashed in his face during the controversial visit of Jacob Zuma and a number of ANC members. It is argued that the ANC’s visit is a publicity ploy and an exploitation of the anti-apartheid icon.

13 May 2013



Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Roche Artz

World Press Freedom Day. What does that day mean to you? If you’re not in the field of communications/ journalism, it may probably not mean much of anything, should you think so, but it does. Look at it from this angle, if members of the media have their rights infringed as professionals, then members of society are unable to know what’s actually taking place in their environment and at large. Can you imagine what it would have been like if you were never told in the media that Justin Bieber is coming to South Africa? Or, to bring it closer to us, can you imagine if you couldn’t read the story that Miss South Africa was at Mr and Miss Thuthuka’s beauty pageant? The horror. On Friday, 3 May, spanning across the world, many celebrated World Press Freedom Day. Be it that this is something to be celebrated or not, that is still questioned, as in South Africa, the Protection of State Information Bill was passed on Thursday, 25 April. The Bill has not yet been signed by South African President Jacob Zuma, yet if he does, it could easily infringe on the rights you, as readers, and media consumers, have the right to know as to what is taking place in the public service sectors. So, if there is any grave misconduct done in government, you, as mass media consumers, would not be allowed to know. This is where it becomes a secret; hence those in journalism refer to it as the “Secrecy Bill”. Shhhh, don’t tell. It’s a secret. Getting some comments from our Campus journalists as to what World Press Freedom Day means to them, Mamello Bless, 3rd year, BA (Communication) student said, “Freedom of the press is the freedom to communicate by expressing one’s thought and feeling via mass media without the interference of the government”. William George, 3rd year, BA (Communication) student said that freedom of the press is “allowing information [and] news to be shared [and] published to the public, accurately and fairly, with no restrictions from the State”. Portia Motsoeneng, 2nd year, BA (Lan-

guage Practice) student said, “Freedom to me as a journalist is being able to report on the truth as I discover it to the public”. Malenyalo Molemane explained that press freedom allows the media to “inform the public on what’s happening around the country or world without hesitation”. Wouter Pienaar, who is a Journalism Honours student said, “Press Freedom means that you have the right to have your own voice and to be the voice of the voiceless”. He further explained that it is to “strive for ethical and moral direction through the power of words and where the pen is mightier than the sword”. Mr Stopforth, who is a law lecturer at our Campus said in summary, “The Secrecy Bill theoretically empowers multiple public officials with a wide discretion to censor certain information for the sake of national security”. He explained that should we have lived in an idealistic world where we, as citizens of South Africa, had trustworthy and honest individuals, this Bill may have worked. Stopforth said, “I only have one thing in mind when considering the legal implications of the bill and that is, what democracy giveth to its people, the Secrecy Bill can easily taketh away which in this case, unfortunately, is an unqualified right to freedom of expression, and to access information”. That one idea: press freedom, could possibly be denied, should it be signed into law, could be said to have dire effects and consequences, not only for those in the field of journalism, but for you too, as being a mass media consumer. As George Orwell once said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations”.



13 May 2013

World Press Freedom Day

Malehlohonolo Motloung

“Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights,” states the United Nations. Press freedom is considered to be the cornerstone of democracy. If we have freedom of expression and freedom of press, then surely freedom to life should be a guarantee to all journalists? In December 1993, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 3 May as World Press Freedom Day. The aim of this day is to reiterate the importance of defending the media from attacks on their independence; and to pay tribute to the many journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The 2013 general conference theme was titled ‘Safe to speak’, which covered the aspect of securing freedom of expression in all media. UNESCO’s general conferences are aiming: • to make an awareness to secure freedom of expression in all media, • to ensure the safety of journalists and media workers, • to combat impunity of crimes against press freedom, and • to ensure online safety.

Despite the efforts made to protect media, journalists still get silenced, jailed and even killed for the sake of wanting to expose the truth. Surely there is still more to be done to ensure that the universal importance of journalists is recognised along with their rights. Every year UNESCO holds a general conference to award organisations and individuals who put outstanding contribution to the promotion of press freedom. World Press Freedom Day is considered an important day to all news associations and news publishers. The journalism code of conduct credits the public ‘freedom to truthful information’. Information brings knowledge and since knowledge is power; how can the public be empowered when information-giving tools are silenced, suspended and shut-down? Therefore every year we should commemorate 3 May with an awareness to fight and minimize, among many other battles in the media industry, cases of harassed and murdered journalists. We should also stand together in making sure that publications that feed the public with truthful information are not suspended nor shut down. It is everyone’s right to be informed with the truth. So let us protect and secure our universal information tools which are our journalist, all news associations and news publishers.

13 May 2013


F.Y.C!!—First Year’s Carnival Annelize de Lange

Acacia, Oryx, Faranani, Vergelegen, Jasmyn, Santrust, Thutuka and Longfellow all gathered on 19 March 2013 to celebrate the first years’ show. It was an opportunity to showcase their talents to the rest of the Vaal Campus, but most of all to battle for the carnival crown held by the defending champions - Longfellow. Acacia came prepared in purple after 3 weeks of practise with their carnival theme, and a message of combining unity between the first years and seniors. A small celebratory gathering was to be the order of the day. Should they win… “Ons Worry nie!!! Oryx had their theme drilled into the students with the amount of time that they spent on practice. They wanted the crowd to revive their orientation week with the first years and had one goal… unity in diversity all starts at Oryx. They had the crowd at their feet with individual performances by singer Gerhard Kemp and their dancer doing the ever famous Jaberwocky dance. The defending Champions came with quite a bit of support. Their theme was “the new generation”, with a message that they are the new generation, the born frees. After they had some late registrations, there were different categories, and they gave their all during practice session. After all they had to work hard to keep their trophy! Thuthuka’s Prim Palesa shared their theme of Sofiatown vs the New Generation. They wanted the crowd to know that no matter the time, you have the ability to adapt. Thuthuka’s goal was to show the seniors that they have an adapting culture within their new first years. It was time to see whether the hours of practice would pay off. As for Faranani, there was a message (or invitation) that Faranani is a HOME a Family, where they not only live together but LAUGH together as well. Going on stage, they weren’t even frightened a bit, these brothers and sisters stood by one another, and after practising


for so long, they were glad to be part of something big!! Santrust starting with an S… Same as Sofia town. These yellow T-shirt first years together with their HK’s showed that together they can achieve anything… which was also their main message! Should they not win, their biggest hope was to show the crowd how lucky each student is to pursue studies at tertiary level and that crime does not pay! The event started at 12:32pm at the Student Centre with a few incredible individual performances such as Masego from Santrust, MP Dlamini, Rifilwe, Karien, Dawid and Mr Oryx Performing an interpretation of AG Visser’s poem, Asekpoep (When I fart). Just a pity the sound was not right! But after all the excitement, all the entertainment, and all the other small awards, it was Long Fellow that took home the Trophy (AGAIN) Note: At the time of interviewing the Prims of each residence, Vergelegen and Jasmyn were not available



13 May 2013

Phantom of the Opera Visits Thuthuka

Malenyalo molemane

On Thursday 2 May, the Thuthuka residence hosted their Mr and Miss Thuthuka pageant at the Big Lapa. It was scheduled to start at 18:00 and end at 21:30, with an entrance fee of R20.00. The theme of the event was “The Phantom of the Opera”.

run of casual, retro and evening wear.

Jason Deolivveira, 1st year student, BCom (Charted Accountancy Extended), said “My girlfriend is a contestant, so I am here to support her”. The crowd cheered in support when the contestants entered on stage.

The MCs (Master of Ceremonies) for the event were, Paballo Moorasi, PRO (Public Relations Officer) and Transformation Officer of Thuthuka and Teboho Mofokeng, BCom Hons (Financial Accounting), made an apology for the delay and welcomed the crowd. After an opening of a prayer, the show began.

In the female category, Siphosihle Mdlalo, BA (Public Management & Governance), 1st year student, was crowned 2nd Princess, whereas Karabo Ramokopelwa, BA (Law), 1st year student was crowned 1st Princess and Mpho Mbonde, BE.d (English and History), 1st year student was crowned Miss Thuthuka.

The VIP judges consisted of Miss South Africa 2012/2013, Marilyn Ramos, and former Mr Thuthuka 2011/2012, Brian Tshabalala, current Miss Vaal 2012/2013, Phila Plaatjie and One Day Leader contestant, Ndumiso Hadebe.

In the male category, Nino de Rosario, BA (Public Management & Governance), 1st year student was crowned 2nd Prince, whereas MacDonald Legare, BSc (Financial Mathematics), 1st year student, was crowned 1st Prince and Thato Molefe, BCom (Economics & Risk Management), 3rd year student, was crowned Mr Thuthuka.

Getting a few words from Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos, she said “I am looking for potential models, both girls and guys who have confidence and embrace their natural beauty”. The evening was spectacular, filled with singing, dancing and poetry. The contestants had a

Miss Thuthuka, Mpho Mbonde said with excitement, “I am very happy that I became Miss Thuthuka, even though I didn’t expect it”.

Another night of glitz and glamour Pearl Mavunda

Style, fitness, beauty and brains!! Longfellow made a hit on one of its top events Mr and Ms Longfellow on 20 April 2013. It all started round 18:00 when all the pageanteers prepared themselves to this top-notch red carpet entrance and silver fixtures that bedazzled the ambiance. With high peaked judges from around the Vaal it was sure to be a fair-minded crowning which was confirmed by the audiences high-pitched constant ululations. The pageant was crowned by former and first ever Mr and Ms Longfellow (Maserame and Bafana). For the year 2013 Mr and Ms Longfellow was crowned to Itumeleng Kopung and

Dipolelo Lesenyego. We also congragulate Lerato J Brown and Romancia Vinchenzia Rasoul, Mothopeng Sam and Zama Nhlapo who took the 1st and 2nd postions. With all the well planned arrangement, the event was an accomplishment that not only checkered all odds but fulfilled triumph. ***Well Done Longfellow

13 May 2013



A little creative fun...



13 May 2013

13 May 2013


5 Things You Can Do When Feeling the University Blues Keleabetswe Narenti

It’s easy to catch a case of the blues just after the semester week and graduations and also awaiting the mid-year exams. Moreover, it’s likely you could just be experiencing one of those days when you can’t explain why you’re feeling bummed out or gloomy. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do to cheer up: 1. Write positive, self-affirming quotations on sticky notes and post them somewhere visible. You can search up inspirational quotations online and collect your favorite ones. Movies, books, music and philosophers are all excellent sources for encouraging quotes. Once you have your quotes, write them down on sticky notes and place them on your desk, wall, and laptop or wherever you can see them often. Reminders are always useful. Here is “Education is what survives when what is learned has been forgotten. ” B. F Skinner 2. Be thankful and write down specifics. Before you sleep at night, you can write three things, people, etc. you’re thankful for. Think about what you appreciate even it it is one of the most common occurrences or gestures such as

when someone holds open a door for you or when someone you haven't spoken to in a while randomly greets you. Whenever you feel unhappy, it sometimes helps to think of all that you’re thankful for so that you will become filled with gratitude instead of despair. 3. Take photographs. Taking photographs is helpful because sometimes when your mind is clouded by negativity, it's easy to forget how overwhelmingly beautiful the world is. Even the most ordinary subjects can look stunning if you adjust the lighting or approach it from a different perspective. You could probably say the same thing about life!


4. Listen to upbeat music and dance! Music has the capacity to alter your mood. Moreover, exercise causes your body to release endorphins which is a chemical linked to feelings of happiness. You can flail your arms to the beat of a catchy tune and try to overcome the blues. 5. Watch thought-provoking videos and television shows, featuring stimulating presentations by influential speakers. Occasionally, speakers may talk about pressing issues regarding social justice or sustainability. The latter has a variety of videos from all over the internet with topics that range from serious to humorous to educational. These videos could help shift your focus from your worries to world matters and concerns that offer a wider point of view.


Did not qualify Nontokozo Tshambo

Yep it’s that time of the year again...where you reap what you sow during the past few months. The time to get your participation marks and see if you qualify to write your exams! So, for some of you it is quite simple because you did all those assignments, homework and wrote all those tests, and keeping in mind that while doing all that you were actually giving it your best, which actually gave you good marks so you are confident that you do qualify for the exam. But for others, well...all those parties you went to, postponing your group meetings and shopping during the week, the list goes on... the possibility of running into the words ‘did not qualify/ geen toelagang’ next to your name or student number is quite high.


Don’t kick the bucket yet, there’s always next year where you are given an option to repeat the module. Well even if you do qualify for the exam that does not guarantee anything pass as of yet, unless you keep studying and preparing yourself for the exam, while sacrificing your leisure time and party time then the possibility of repeating a module is pretty high for you too. Now we can write all about all the tips of how to study, attending SI’s

13 May 2013 and drinking a lot water while studying blah, blah, blah... but it is all up to you. You determine if you are going to make it or not and you can only do that by trying very hard to understand your work, studying, asking for help where you don’t understand and simply showing up for the exam.

Semester test hangover, is it really over? Nompumelelo Twala

Semester tests are over now, the pressure is gone, we can finally feel free to go on the net and download movies or even the latest series. Go to the mall, start partying again, have girls night out, we can go drink with the guys out somewhere right? Just to relieve the stress and shred out your body tension. No people!!!!!! This is not the reason why you here. You soon will be getting your marks and I am pretty sure they also beg you to change your ways and start giving your books some attention. Stop fooling yourselves and know that you

are blowing your chances, in a few weeks the exams will be right here. Semester tests Most of you can agree that there were some tests that knocked you down so bad you even knew your mark before you could even finish the test. You might have been consoled when your friends said the same about the test, but are you here to compete with your friends or are you here to raise your bid to compete against the whole world? Your friends do not pay your fees and even if they fail, who knows what

inheritance they have been given by their parents and on your side what do have? Not to say you never studied hard for your semester tests, but do you think you studied to your level best. I’m sure you will agree to say that you would have done better than that. “I’m just saying you could do better,” a very popular phrase I reckon but do we apply what it says? We are always working on a break-even point. “At least 50% I’m certain to get it,” Like on the real now, you limit your capabilities to just half of your best and you say you qualify to compete with the whole world.

13 May 2013 Wake up and quit dreaming, the exam is your final chance to convince yourself that you can do much more than just average. Stress and coping with the pressure For those who have been doing justice to yourselves and have not really lost their reason for being in the Vaal Campus vicinity, I suppose you have devised a way to cope with the pressure. Perhaps you just make use of the beautiful scenery the school has to offer, just refresh your brain and si-



lently meditate, that is a highly recommended brain cooler. It also helps you to re-unite with your inner self which again is a double advantage because you remember what your dreams are and what it entails to achieve them. A short reclusive moment everyday can be your check point to doing the right things because you can think through things. The best person to seek advice from is no one else besides you. You know yourself better than anyone else; you know what things you are comfortable with and what things you tolerate, so

Did you know?

No one is left behind Deliwe Msibi

The Vaal Campus has many initiatives that aim to provide students with a friendly and supportive environment in which to study. There are facilities that offer a variety of support systems which are made available to us by our very own university. You didn’t know? Well look no further because you have come to the right place. The Academic Development and Support (ADS) programme was created for such needs. Not only is it for students, but it also caters to lecturers. The ADS provides services such as E-fundi support, reading assistance, Supplemental Instructions (SI) and mentorship programmes for students. It presents workshops for newly hired staff and hosts the Institutional Teaching Excellence (ITE) awards for lecturers. The Peer Mentorship Programme Coordinator, Mrs Johanna Ralekgokgo, describes the ADS as the heartbeat of the University. She believes that the support that the ADS gives to lecturers and students is of importance since it helps both to improve in their work. “With-

just give yourself some time for some self-introspection and get your dreams straight. In conclusion have fun your way, not the way someone else would love to have fun with you, set your own target and do not limit yourself. Know who you are and reconcile with your long lost inner you, work hard, make yourself and those who care about you proud. Walk with your head held high and keep a smile on your face, who knows maybe you are on CANDID CAMERA.

out one the other cannot exist,” she says. The ADS also employs students as Peer Mentors, Supplemental Instructors and Reading Lab assistants. The motto of the Academic Development and Support is “leave no one behind”, because they strive to accommodate everyone. Find your way to the ADS: • Academic Peer Mentoring- Johanna Ralekgokgo, building 9A office G01 • Supplemental Instruction- Dine du Preez, building 9A office G05 • Reading Lab- Lebo Khumalo, building 9A office G19, room 2 • E-fundi Support- Elne van Niekerk, building 9A office G19, room 7 • Study Skills Workshops- Manuela Fernandes Martins, building 9A office G19 room 11 Other campus facilities available for students: • Student Council- Maggie de Beer, building 24, room G61 • VTC Library- Thoko Tswaile, building 3 • Academic Literacy and Writing lab- Zhandi van Zyl, building 7, room 205 • Academic Literacy: IT Component- Jacques Heyns, building 7, room 108B • Keyboard Office- building 9A room 105

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• IT Services- building 8, room 104 • Student Affairs- Nothando Phandle, building 25 room G04 • Residence Administrative Office- Karin Venter, building 25, g26 • Campus Health Care- Sister Mpeete Mulumba, building 25, room G04 • Student Accounts- Lindy Malope/ Sunelia Ri-

13 May 2013

etkerk, building 24 • Bursaries- Tumi Mokoena/ Ruth Kgabung, building 24 • Campus Student Representative Council (CSRC)- Zakhele Gamede, building 25, room G01 • All other Emergencies Control Room, Building 1

As we officially welcome winter... Mpho Nakana

The month of May officially marks the beginning of the winter season in the country. For those living in the Vaal this means it is time to brace ourselves for a very cold and icy winter. Last year temperatures dropped so low that some of us even got to witness our very first snowfall; a really rare sight in the Vaal. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom just because it is winter. As freezing as it is, there are reasons to love winter. 1) Short days, longer nights - that means quicker lectures and more sleep for us 2) Fancy fashion- colourful scarves and fashion boots, need I say more?! 3) Cool weather- even those who love summer admit that the sun does get a bit too extreme at times. If you are cold you can put on more clothes, but when hot you just have to deal with it #sigh. Also, the cool air is quite refreshing. 4) Delicious soup- not only does it taste good, but soup also keeps you warm from the cold. Chicken soup is great for fighting colds and flu’s because it has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your immune system. 5) Hot beverages- coffee, hot chocolate, and more coffee.

6) Staying in- it is a nice time for being at home with a great book or your favourite DVDs. 7) No flies or mosquitoes- all creatures big and small, how we love them… but in excess they can be quite an irritant.

13 May 2013


A fragile heart Sebo Marobela

When you never realise how the words you say can break or build a spirit. When your jokes are always my nightmare. When I dress in the morning looking at my self in the mirror through your eyes. The thought of seeing you gives mixed emotions, most love hate. Worse is how the love I have for you is the wrong kind of love. I love you with the love of hoping you atleast learn to love me and stop wearing me down. I go to school to become successful and free my self from you. I let you in on my dreams hoping you would give me green lights and a smile. The smile I wish for is trashed with a mockery laugh. A kind of laugh the puts me down for days and I never know how to react to jokes. When I think of you am dragged through the mud hoping to hear a voice saying be successful and all I see is your face saying I'm a big dreamer


who forgets reality. When you call me a friend I smile with tears and wonder is this what friendship is?. I smile, a smile of a heavy heart that I wish you treated me better. I always plan to leave you. I always plan to divorce you. Plan to run with my heart to a place you cnt reach us. You have created in me a bad friend to others. You have made me never to believe there is Love in friendship. I see a friend as that person who tries to be better than me. I write this planing to treat you like you have always treated me. I have loved and hated you. I will not allow you in my bubble anymore. I will not run with my heart. I will treat you like every sin and ask for forgiveness for hating and loving you. Tears don't come anymore. Crying used to make me feel better. I cry no more not because I don't want to but because I cnt cry anymore. You speak back to my heart. You have won trust from my mind. I am my own enemy. I am responsible for my own success. This friend of my has a name. His a boy cause I thought we as boys would relate better. His name must be know. His no longer a part of me. He name is that 'NegativeVoiceInsideMe'.

Things will never be the same again Java Zwane

A friend once said that as a person you can’t miss something you’ve never had; but losing someone you’ve known for as long as you can remember, on the other hand, is a very painful thing to experience. It’s funny how such things always happen when you least expect them. Death is often so sudden; that we’re seldom prepared for it and this can leave us disorientated and feeling lost and confused. When one loses a loved one, they seldom give themselves enough time to mourn and come to terms with what has happened. Life has become so busy and has changed so

much that even expressing grief pending such circumstance becomes a difficult task and appears to be a waste of time. We are forever so busy worrying about the future; trying to get things done today that we need not stress about until tomorrow, that we forget to appreciate and cherish the present moment. It is no surprise then that we’re haunted by prolonged moments of regret as we have left important words unsaid. At this point what goes on in one’s mind however is when will the pain go away? How long does it actually take for one to come to terms with the fact that they are never going to see someone they love again? Does such a time even come at all?

As grief unfolds, one cannot help but reflect upon what has come to pass, and what it has all summed up to. When all is said and done, we don’t regret our actions so much as we do regret what we haven’t done. I guess the lesson in this is that it is important to live for the moment. Do not leave important words unspoken. Remember to always do what makes you happy, even if it means having to be a little selfish at times. There is going to be a point in life when you lose a person you love, and life as you know it will at that time seem very unfamiliar and so will everyone around you. When that time comes, remember who and what is important to you. Give yourself more than enough time to

28 heal if you have to. The most important thing to remember is that you should say what you want to say to a person and do what you want to do with them.


Because believe it or not, once that person is no more, you will never get another chance to say and do all those things, but most importantly get used to

Message in a cracked bottle (The knowing)

13 May 2013 the idea that things will never be the same again. *inspired by the recent loss of my grandfather.

By Lucas Pilgrim Serei

Dimples sketched on your cheeks even you yawn On those cold sun_kissed mornings.

I fear that one day we shall be yet strangers Your skin will slowly forget how my palms felt Psalms our breathe once held will no longer permeate the air. Memories meant to last will turn into dust... Once you were a host to my inn A part, my ambivalent heart fails to discard after all these tiring months Once you where the air in my lungs but in irony woman, you where breathe taking.

I know your past, the fullness of your scars I know the trajectory of your mood_swings by heart The scales that make up your laughter,a hymn to my senses Marvelled I’ll expand my pupils, seconds before you smile, causing the sunbeam to simmer I know the notion of what love is you have to mine is way simpler

Your colony governed my State_of_mind So when you moved an inch I followed suit, I mirrored your every move like magnates do I was drawn to you like gravity We can dust my heart for proof.

Forgive me but mine rumbles like thunder and knows no limits but wanders Yours exudes traits of a feather, and without effort can walk on water

You’re a habit I can’t seem to shake Needles pump you in to my vains Needless to say I tend to relapse No pen can write you out of my life When the palisades of our beings where open In you woman I felt fully human You where like a sinew When life easily tore me apart like a piece of tissue I know you and not OF you I know your perfume that still haunts the corners tinged in red in my room Your beautiful mind, habits that still inhabit my mind between dusk and dawn

When happiness seemed like a foreign place In me, your worries rested...their case Through toil,tears and sweat I offered Moulding your heart ,once Lead into Gold My persona had no form,like water I can fit into any cracks or mould, You could have tamed me But I envied your stillness so I buried my outcries, tongue tied and muffled. We where suppose to be simple, effortless Perhaps to merged like color and light Kept my part of the covenant to never play with your heart, cause feelings foster a fickle sport. Bedsheets yearning for your body to hug their screams But now as the coast clears, I lay here With a cracked bottle for a heart

13 May 2013



Feelings seeping through the crevices Hope you don’t loose yourself along the way my dear Feelings now house themselves in these tears

Hands shaky... I am abit hazy Still wondering how to finish this poem.

Falling in love with razor blades

No sex before marriage they used to say.

by Nakita Nokwanda

Part III There’s a woman living on the edge of life. I watch her as she weeps into her cupped hands While the sun slowly warms the liquid. She’s making tea she says. She reads tea leaves in exchange for every breath she takes. Now she’s busy reading our forgotten past to our Unborn offspring so they can always remember who they are. But is our past all that they are? Should we let their lives be re-enactments of Our unlived lives and our unfulfilled destinies? Should we go on chaining them to the memories of modern slaves?

Part I I come bearing gifts; These severed logs I call my arms. Razor incisions on each arm, Deep enough for a first attempt I guess. They are brandings, Like those found on the chests of slaves Marked to be traded for a slice of honey flavoured heaven. See, they lied to me: Told me the world is pretty and God is a man. But screw them. I cut myself now, Just deep enough so I can come here and show you, I know you’ll smile, pat me on the back and call me deep. Did I already say screw you? Nobody bothers hearing anymore, They just give you half an ear so you Walk away feeling like you’ve been heard. They don’t see you either, they just look at you long enough so they know how best to exploit you. Part II I am falling in love with lady razor blade; Dressed her up in expectations and taught her how to whisper “I Love you”. Oh don’t call me insecure like you are not, I know you’ve already seen yourself in me. Anyway, she calls me every night and sings me lullabies. She slept in my room the other night. We made love too. She came and came on my pillow and left it wet. Of course when she left the next morning I had to call her cum my tears. Couldn’t deal with the burden of shame they Used to teach me about in Sunday school;

Part IV . . .SHIT!! One of those days; Woke up feeling like just another figment of God’s imaginations. He’s watching me, I know he’s watching me as I pile up my frustrations so I can neatly stack them within the thin lines of my secret journal. I have to learn to fit them in my pockets, Coz my shoulders are all out of space. They told me this was my second coming; Don’t get me wrong I am no Jesus. But they told me I had died before. But, during that death they forgot to tell me to Scribble my dreams on the feint margins of my Good news bible so I could at least have a chance at a good and holy life. Now I’m stuck here; Falling in love with razor blades and Hoping that one day you’ll understand that these Casual sexual encounters with razor blades are not as Sinful and disgusting as they sound, after all, sex is another way of praying.



13 May 2013

Taking It On The Chin... Finding the Meaning of Life Ratanang Mogatusi

Life is complicated. We are involuntarily brought through time and space to the here and now by a benevolent force that we don’t fully understand, but adore. You might wish that you had never been born, but it’s too late to turn back. So we try to make the best of it. We find purpose, set goals, adopt friends, and cultivate relationships and thus give meaning to the chaos that comes with our existence. It all sums up to an unwritten journey of adventure, romance and untold wonders filled with both pleasure and pain. Thus, a question comes to mind… what is the meaning of life? Religious folk might say that it is to establish and uphold a relationship with God through praise, prayer & obedience of his word. The motivation for them might possibly be the promise of eternal life in the undying light of their creator, shielded from darkness, harm, disease and all evils. While I find this a comforting notion, I’m not certain that is it, as I refuse to accept that the same God in which they believe would condemn anyone who does not conform to any particular religion’s ideals despite how good they maybe. So what meaning does life hold for everyone else? As you go about your days in the norm that you have become accustomed to, you may come to realise how it all pretty much looks the same from day to day. But if you take a moment to look back on days gone by, every memory is unique. Each memory is a footprint of where we have been. However, when looking forward upon the future one is free to paint whatever picture they wish to upon the canvas of their own mind. The challenge in life is to manifest those visions into reality. Herein I believe lies each person’s own meaning of life. It is not written in stone where this journey will lead, despite the guidelines set out in books of religion because God’s greatest gift to mankind is free will and as such we should appre-

ciate it and exercise it as he intended. One should always keep in mind though that with free will comes accountability. With that said, I don’t know the meaning of life, but I do believe that each one of us holds potential, limited only by our own ambitions and imaginations. It is through the enjoyment of this freedom to stretch my imagination and challenge ideas that I have found meaning. I can only hope that each one of you is courageous enough to find yours too.

13 May 2013



End hunger today, save a child Sebo Marobela

Every year on 28 May the world takes a stand to remember the many countries and families that go hungry on a daily basis. World Hunger Day is an annual event which celebrates worthy and sustainable causes that seek to eradicate the challenges of extreme hunger and poverty around the world. The World Hunger Day initiative also aims to promote self-reliance by giving the necessary support to allow many to achieve 'hunger freedom'. This annual event is sustained through fundraising and sponsorships. The day is splashed with words of positive message and encouraging spirit to help; and share with those less fortunate in the world. Campaign messages such as 'Do something great to end hunger', 'Get Involved – join a challenge' and 'Empowering People, Ending Hunger' for 2013 bring awareness to people, that poverty and hunger affect us all. Remember, start with your neighbourhood and 'Do something great to end hunger'. The challenge is on! What are you doing to help feed a tummy and promote self-reliance? It all boils down to your neighbourhood. Join in the fight against hunger and share what you have. The hope of these people lies in your hands.



And the winner goes to... The Phantom of the Opera Roche Artz

It’s that time of year again, when the residences of our Campus show us how they showcase not only their beauty pageants, but also how they run them, either successfully, or, worst case scenario, dismally poor. In the evening of Thursday, 2 May, the Thuthuka residence hosted their beauty pageant, with the theme, Phantom of the Opera. It was held at the Big Lapa and had some very important people which, on average, one would not have expected to see at the event. Miss South Africa, Maria Ramos was one of the guest judges, alongside with Miss Vaal, Phila Plaaitjies, and One Day Leader contestant, Ndumiso Hadebe. Former Mr Thuthuka, Brian Tshabalala, was also a judge for the evening. Though the event was scheduled to start at 18:00, it started at approximately 18:30. Reflecting on past beauty pageants held at our Campus, when an event starts late, it often ends late too. Surprisingly, the Mr and Miss Thuthuka event ended on time, at 21:30. The opening of the event had

a dramatic touch to it. All was dark, music played by the musician, Yanni, in the background. Shortly thereafter, the contestants did a performance on stage. Once the Rector graced the event with a few words, the event was opened with a prayer. There were very few downsides to the event. The one that stood out the most was that there weren’t enough chairs. Some who arrived a bit

13 May 2013

later found themselves standing throughout the show. After the winners were announced, Thuthuka’s Projects, Arts and Culture HK, Siyanda Duma, closed the event with a note of thanks of which after followed a bash, just for fun and celebrations. The turnout of the event really showed the hard work and effort which was put in from Siyanda and his team who helped him with the event. To compare this year’s Mr and Miss Thuthuka’s event with last year’s, this one takes the prize, without a doubt.

13 May 2013



Taken yet again, the action never ends William George

If you liked the first Taken movie, then the sequel is a definite must-watch. Directed by Olivier Megaton, who previously directed the 2011 Colombiana and the 2008 Transporter 3, he has done a good job with Taken 2. It has done well in the foreign box-office and had success internationally. The action-thriller continues with the protagonist (Bryan Mills) former CIA agent, portrayed by Liam Neeson, being haunted by his actions from the first Taken, after killing men who kidnapped his daughter (Kim), the father of one of the dead men seeking vengeance against his dead son, and swearing that he will not rest up until Bryan pays for what he has done. Bryan is held hostage with his ex-wife (Lenore), in Istanbul

during a vacation, and their rescue lays on their daughter’s hands, with aid from Bryan, a man with “a set of particular skills.”

sons to be learned from this movie, of loyalty, dilemma and morals. From this release, it is difficult to tell if there could be Taken 3.

Taken 2 has more love than blood, a lot has changed. Now, Kim has a boyfriend, Bryan being an overprotective father; wonder how is that going to work out. Bryan’s ex-wife; is having problems in her current marriage. There seems to be a chance for the Mills family to get back together again. The film has twists and turns, it also has flashbacks from the first Taken. There are les-

These are some of the new sequels showing in cinemas this month:



13 May 2013

Of Alien Invasions and Love Triangles Asiphe Tsolo

Name of movie: The Host Director: Andrew Niccol Cast: Saoirse Ronan (as Melanie/Wanderer), Max Irons (as Jarred), Jake Abel (as Ian), Diane Kruger (as Seeker) Rating: 3,5/5 From the author of Twilight comes a new tale of passion, action and adventure. The Host, which features Academy award winner Saoirse Ronan as well as Max Irons and Jake Abel, is the new sci-fi movie and the latest offering from renowned author, Stephanie Meyer. The movie is about an alien species called Souls that have travelled across the universe and has now come to inhabit Earth. Wanderer (Ronan) is now brought to earth to inhabit Melanie (also played by Ronan), who was part of the Resistance until she got caught by Seekers (aliens in search for humans) while protecting her brother. Wanderer’s mission is to find out where the Resistance is. Upon inhabiting

Melanie Wanderer is shocked to find that Melanie still lives and is stuck inside herself, fighting for the dominance of her body. Controlled by Melanie’s need to see her family, Wanderer and Melanie embark on a journey to find her brother Jamie and her partner Jarred. They escape from the Seekers and run off to the desert where Melanie suspects they might be hiding. But as soon as they find them, they experience trouble as the humans refuse to accept Wanderer. New problems arise as the Seekers are determined to find Wanderer. With the Seekers looking for them, the humans struggle to survive. The fight within Melanie’s body increases as Wanderer falls in love with Ian, while Melanie wants to be with Jarred. The movie mostly takes place in the future but is unique from typical sci-fi movies that have cool gadgets and robots since it takes place in the caves. The host is filled with action, adventure and a complicated love triangle with three people and four minds. The movie could be regarded as a critique of mankind since it is centred on the self-destruction and violence of humans and offers an alternative to that which is a peaceful planet.

13 May 2013



The future is not so bright or CGI filled Portia Rampa

Imagine if mankind was threatened by alien souls taking over their bodies and erasing their memories and you were the only person to risk everything to protect the people u care most about, proving that love can conquer all in this treacherous world of today. Adapted from the 2008 novel by Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer, directed and screen played by BAFTA award winner Andrew Niccol. The Host, distributed by the open road films, employs classic sci-fi adventure that overlaps with action and romance and stars Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, Max Irons, Chandler Canterbury, Frances Fisher, Diane Kruger and William Hurt. Description The Host, a love story set in the future introduces alien species called Souls which invades planet Earth and its inhabitants. Melanie Stryder is one of the last human beings who battle against harmful alien souls, and who is later implanted by a Soul called Wanderer. This is an authentic cinematographic movie hence most viewers will assume it uses CGI but rather only a great deal of not so flashy visual effects. The Host soundtrack is composed by Antonio Pinto with a mixture of classic and smooth rock tunes. Viewers get to watch the movie’s extensive play of swerving camera angles which creates good proportion and also a movie that employs fascinating elements of a high quality film.

Will she be able to resist the total indoctrination of the Seekers? Enjoy the good acting, romance and cry at the scenes between Wanda/Melanie and her brother. Most importantly, enjoy the total sinister that is Diane Kruger as The Seeker.



Health views of beauty pageants Portia Motsoeneng

Once again it is that time of year when the ladies and gents of our campus get ready to strut their style and swag on stage and display their talents. Each year here on our campus, every residence gets an opportunity to host a beauty pageant and have the finalists go through to the grand event of the year, Mr And Miss Vaal Campus. As Mr and Miss Thuthuka took place on 2 May 2013, it seemed like a good opportunity to find out more about what the purpose of such events is and what the process of preparing to enter the pageants is from the organisers and students taking part in the events. There are many negative stereotypes surrounding the idea of beauty pageants. Project, Arts and Culture Officer, Siyanda Duma from Thuthuka was more than happy to enlighten us about the purpose and proceedings of such events being that he is one of the main organisers. Siyanda said, “Everything has been well organized; we the HK’s of Thuthuka have our judges in place and feel very strongly that, the crowd will feel we did them justice. Miss SA teen 2013 will be a judge alongside, Ndumiso Hadebe from the reality television show One Day Leader, and our campus rector Dr. Mariba. Siyanda went further on to say that, the reason he dismisses the stereotypes about beauty pageants is because he feels participating in such competitions is a mental stimulation and they can serve as a confidence boosters. Siyanda explained that they did not go about selecting the contestants according to their body weight or height, but purely on passion for modeling, confidence, and health knowledge. After being made aware by Siyanda that this event takes a large chunk out of the residences budget, however thanks to the effort of the other Thuthuka HK’s great sponsors are in

13 May 2013

the bag such as companies like: Red Square, White and Mackay and Original Ice. After a long chat with Siyanda, he helped me catch up with two of Thuthuka’s finest. MacD Legare is one of the contestants and shared a few of his personal views on health as beauty pageant and young person in general. MacD is currently doing his first year in Financial Mathematics. When I asked him whether this would be the first time to compete in a competition of this nature, he commented as follows “Yes this will be the first time I participate in a pageant. I was intrigued by the theme of the pageant which is The Phantom of the Opera, and decided to give it a shot.” Once we reached the health section of the interview, MacD cheerfully chuckled and said, “Staying healthy as a student is a challenge because one never has much time to slave over the stove and cook. However, I go to the gym and try eating a fruit every so often also; I drink a lot of water.” The second contestant I got speak to is Naledi Thapeli who is also currently in her first year studying Economics and Risk Management. When asked why she chose to enter Mr. and Miss Thuthuka she said, “I felt this would be a great platform for me to get my name and face out there because, I intend to be as active as possible here on campus in the future”. Unlike some of the other contestants, Naledi told us that this would not be the first time she has entered beauty pageants, but in fact has modeled professionally for six consecutive years in the past. In terms of getting ready for this pageant Naledi says, “I have changed my skin care products and started eating much healthier.” She expressed that, she feels health is also about good skin and hygiene care, eating healthy also has a good impact on ones skin, hair and nails. She went on to say, “Thankfully I enjoy cooking, that way I get to monitor what I eat closely. I don’t get much time to exercise but I watch what I eat when I eat, health to me is about feeling goo and comfortable in your body.” When asked what advice she would give to everyone interested in the world of modeling, she said, “Learn how to take care of yourself and except yourself for who and what you are.”

13 May 2013


Ponders on naps

But how much sleep is the right amount? Some people feel that five hours is plenty of sleep. But after eight hours you might still feel like a zombie. Some famous people , like the late Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton and Modonna , have flourished on five hours of sleep per night. Researches recently dubbed these people the “sleepless elite”. They also identified a specific gene that causes this behavior. But what is the solution for the rest of us? Or are we doomed to an increasing cycle of “sleep debt”? The neurologist Dr Claudio Stampi dedicated his career to sleep management. During his research, he noticed that short naps can be as good for you as a good night’s rest. In fact, he found that a 20-minute nap after a meal is just as advantageous as eight hour’s rest. “Sleep comes in phrases and sleep with slow brain waves does the greatest repair work in the body,” he says. “We tend to have this kind of sleep first, and that’s why it’s possible to be energized by shorter naps.” But before you start looking for the most comfortable corner in the office for a regular afternoon nap, remember that quality is just as important as quantity. To make do with less sleep, ensure that the night’s rest that you do get is deep and without disturbances so that you wake up as little as possible. Exercise also

37 improves the quality of your sleep. Dr Stampi discourages people from eating sweet foods or carbohydrates at night, because these give you energy. Cigarettes and alcohol also inhibit deep sleep. The same goes for any form of light-even from your cell phone’s light or your alarm’s lightface- because it disturbs your sleep. What your body needs, the big secret may be to not worry about it too much. Just like with food, there is normally a difference between how much we want to sleep and how much our bodies actually need. But if you suspect that too little sleep isn’t the cause of your fatigue, the following can help you find the things that sap your energy. Whatever the reason of your tiredness, you need to find it. It’s the least you can do to give your batteries a chance to recharge.

Pearl Mavunda A Million Miles From Normal



13 May 2013

selves. And as I promised some Star wars, Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo facts! May 4th is international Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! Return of the Jedi was originally titled Revenge of the Jedi - but later underwent a title change, due to the fact that, according to Lucas, A Jedi would never take revenge. In the first draft of Star Wars, the main character was named Luke Starkiller. The youngest mother ever recorded was Lina Medina who was 5 years and 7 months old when she gave birth to a baby boy. The oldest mother ever recorded was Satyabhama Mahapatra, a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher. Bonjour my fellow etudiants (students)! I apologise for my absence in the previous edition, but I am back and here now to give you the faits de bizarre (freaky facts) of May, which is the month of Mother’s Day, Star wars and Cinco de Mayo.

The most children born from a single birth were 4 boys and 3 girls, 7 children.

A female oyster over her lifetime may produce over 100 million young. The shortest horror story written by Frederic Brown only contained the sentence: The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door. Tmesis is the term for splitting a word by putting another word between it, like Abso-bloodylutely. There’s a ladder on the side of a Jerusalem temple that has remained there since the 18th century. In the small Asian nation of Tajikistan, the unibrow is considered a highly attractive feature in women. Cats can drink sea water to re-hydrate them-

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day but actually a holiday that commemorates the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). Cinco De Mayo is also celebrated in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and the United State.

13 May 2013


A note from the Sports Ed...


One of the sports that have gained massive financial backing over the past five years is cricket. The gentleman’s game has now turned into the businessman’s game, especially when one looks at the Indian Premier League (IPL). The competition, which started in 2008, is hosted in India, with franchises competing to be the best team in Indian cricket. This tournament attracts the cream of the crop, as the best cricketers from all over the world are auctioned to teams for staggering amounts of money. This year’s edition has been more extravagant than previous editions as a new tournament sponsor, in the form of Pepsi, pumped R 63 million into this years edition. Prize money for the champions are estimated at R 7 million, while players also get paid hefty amount of money.

Sport is a competitive business. It has turned into a commodity, with major stakeholders and advertisers pocketing huge sums of money out of major tournaments. This has left me to look at a sporting event that broke the bank in this past month. As a sports enthusiast I have always been intrigued by the fine line between entertainment value and the financial aspect of sport. To provide entertainment to audiences one needs to financially invest in sport. Too much investment, though, will turn sport into a business where the human spirit might be overruled by greed and a lack of sportsmanship and pride. Too little financial investment will also be a problem as professional sportsmen and women need to get enough backing to pursue viable careers.

Ajantha Mendis, the Sri Lankan offspinner, received R7.1 million to play in this year’s IPL, while Indian national cricket team captain, MS Dhoni, earnings stand at R200 million per annum. This makes the Indian wicket keeper the highest paid cricketer in the world. Numerous South African players, such as Dale Steyn and AB de Villiers gets lured by these hefty amounts of money each year, while even retired players, such as Adam Gilchrist of Australia, leaves home to play a month of cricket in India. The money, the spectacle, and sporting fireworks on the field are what make the IPL such a diverse and well followed tournament. It may be that money is controlling sport, but it has also done a lot to help cricket gain more publicity and a larger following, which would otherwise not have been possible. The IPL even has elements of Bollywood in it – There is drama, suspense, and even comedy. Be sure to watch and follow this cricketing spectacle in May and June, as this cash infused tournament will be ready to break the bank.



Interres games heat up Wouter Pienaar

It’s that time of the year again where residences compete to walk away with sporting bragging rights on Campus. It’s time for the annual NWU Vaal Inter residence games. The inter-residence games pit all the residences against each other over the course of April and May, while the semi final and final will be played after the winter recess period, with dates still to be confirmed. According to Mr Martin Mhlongo, the sports officer of the SRC (Student Representative Council), the primary aspect of the inter-residence games lies in the unifying factor behind sport. The main mantra behind the inter-residence games is that “it is not about goals scored and the matches won, but rather about how sport can provide a beacon of light under the institutions core values of integrity, accountability and responsibility.” Each sporting code in these games must be represented by a residence, which promotes full participation of the residence, as penalty points are awarded to residences who do not participate in every sporting code. Sportsmanship and good behaviour are also on the order of the day at these games, as a strict code of conduct is kept to make each sport both competitive and fun.

13 May 2013

At this point in time, two rounds of the group stages have been completed with both Oryx and Vergelegen showing early promise in rugby and soccer respectively. The third round of fixtures will commence on 8 May with the opening matches of each sporting code taking place at 17:00. Be sure to support your residence! Soccer First week: Longfellow 1-1 Oryx Santrust 2-3 Vergelegen 2nd week: Faranani: 2-0 Oryx Vergelegen 3-1 Thuthuka Netball 1st week: Jasmyn(9) - Santrust (5). 2nd week: Jasmyn (4) - Thuthuka (2), Acacia (11) - Faranani (10) Chess Vergelegen 2&half - Santrust got half. Oryx 2&half - Longfellow got half. Rugby 1st week: Oryx won Vs Longfellow Vergelegen won Vs Santrust 2nd week: Oryx won Vs Faranani Vergelegen won Vs Thuthuka Volleyball 1st week: Longfellow won Vs Acacia/Oryx Santrust won Vs Vergelegen/Jasmyn 2nd week: To be confirmed

13 May 2013



Faranani cruise past Oryx Mangaliso Maduna

Faranani began the defense of their crowninscintillating fashion when they trounced Oryx 2-0. Having played to a draw in their previous outing, Oryx were looking to salvage back some pride in their sinking ship, but it was not meant to be. Despite their impressive displays, the only thing eluding them is “lady luck”. Having dominated this competition over the past two years Faranani looked nothing like the force they were. With the inclusion of four new players, the coach had assembled a formidable crop of players with a view of balancing all departments. From the first whistle Faranani showed that they mean business by launching the early attack but was well-contained by the goalkeeper. Oryx responded immediately with pace and urgency but failed to make use of their chances. Faranani‘s defence worked tirelessly as they protected their goalkeeper amid persistent pressure from Oryx midfield. The first goal resulted in the form of a blunder by an Oryx defender and Ntobeko Manyama did not disappoint and capitalised to give Faranani the early lead. After the goal everyone expected Faranani to sit back to allow Oryx back into the game but that was not the case as they increased their fighting spirit even after the goal.

Longfellow and Oryx

A stalemate after a thrilling encounter Mangaliso Maduna

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the inter-res games, Longfellow hosted Oryx in a thrilling encounter that produced astounding fireworks from the very first whistle. Both teams were hoping to snatch three points and enhance their chances of gaining the top spot in their group. Judging from the teams line ups and the crowd‘s enthusiasm, the match looked poised to become a classic affair. It was a game of two halves if one may say. Although both teams enjoyed their fair share

The second half was lightened up by the introduction of Hlalele Ramaele . He was a thorn in Oryx‘s defence and frustrated their defenders. His versatility made it difficult for Oryx to contain him. Gifted with a great first touch and astounding eye for a pass. Ramaele was influential in Faranani ‘s second goal, he provided the ball to Tokelo Tshotetsi who made a killer pass and found Ntobeko Manyaka who slotted in home to complete his brace and gave Faranani a two goal cushion. It was a well-timed volley, most similar in the quality of Brazilian great, Roberto Carlos. Faranani marched on and claimed their first victory of the campaign. When asked about the overall performance of his team, Faranani coach Molefi Raditsela was not ashamed to show his delight over the performance of his team. Although his team claimed the three points he pointed out areas that needs immediate attention and also hailed Ramaele ‘s impact in the second half. “The game was a bit scrappy; they sat at the back most of the time which made it difficult to penetrate their defence. My players committed silly mistakes and lacked shape in the midfield which is something we need to work on before the next game, after all three points is all that matters and I am particularly happy with that”. of possession, Longfellow was the first team to pose the early threat when Tshepo Motaung fired a blockbuster but went straight in the direction of the keeper. The game got physical as rough tackles were flying all over the place. Oryx‘s inability to contain Longfellow ‘s defence led to the first goal of the match when Moshe Moremoholo fired in a long range shot and left the keeper in pieces. The game went into half time with Longfellow having the upper hand. As the second half resumed Oryx‘s woes continued from bad to worse. They persistently gave away possession easily in dangerous areas, which allowed Longfellow to counter at

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them. They were in need of a prolific striker who could easily convert goal scoring chances created as they continuously missed sitters. Oryx ‘s fortunes seemed to have been changed by the inclusion of substitutes who injected some self- belief and brought back the fighting spirit that was lacking in the team. Oryx started to throw bodies forward and gained total control of the match, for a while Longfellow were nowhere to be seen. Oryx‘s prayers were finally answered on the hour mark when Themba Mthimkhulu smartly beat an offside trap and granted Oryx an equaliser.

13 May 2013

One player who caught everyone‘s attention was none other than Mthimkhulu, the Longfellow midfield sensation. He was marvellous and continuously dazzled the crowd with his skill. He dictated the tempo of the midfield like a season pro and showed consistency throughout the game. The game ended in a stalemate thus leaving each team with a point a piece. For Oryx the real challenge is yet to begin as their next game is against the reigning champions Faranani

NWU Vaal women’s A team gives Jeppe C a hockey hiding Wouter Pienaar

Destruction. Domination. Determination. These are just a few of the superlatives that can be used to describe the NWU Vaal women’s A hockey team, after they thrashed Jeppe C 7-0 at the Isak Steyl Stadium in Vanderbijlpark on Sunday 14 April 2013. In only their second match of the season, these women showed that they never take things easy even against a lower skilled team such as Jeppe C. The previous week, they beat Jeppe B 2-1 in an away game to start their season off on a high note. NWU Vaal had all their regular performers in the starting lineup, such as the Hundermark twins, Cheryl and Janine as well as Leandi Janse van Vuuren. NWU Vaal, as expected kept possession for most of the first half and had a few very close attempts at goal, which could easily have ended up at the back of the net. Marlie Janse van Vuuren opened the scoring, after a skillful run from Stephanie Muteba carved Jeppe’s defense wide open. Chani Kleinhans then doubled the lead shortly thereafter, with Janse van Vuuren tripling the score. NWU Vaal then scored a stunning goal with Janine Hundermark starting and ending the attack with a scoop shot over the goalkeeper to extend their lead. Jeppe C also thought that an infringement had taken place, but ignored the whistle to their won detriment. Mita Mokoena scored seconds before half time to put NWU

13 May 2013


Vaal in a commanding five goal lead at the break. The half time talk only manifested NWU Vaal’s good work, “Keep up the good work, we just need to be a little less selfish” said the coach. The second halfwas a carbon copy of the first half in terms of NWU Vaal dominating every aspect of the game. Chani missed hit the goalpost for the second time in the match, but made up for it by scoring with a powerful reverse stick attempt from inside the circle. The match and NWU Vaal’s performance was summed up perfectly with Cheryl Hundermark scoring with a snapshot, while literally lying on her stomach. The seven goal margin puts NWU Vaal into seventh heaven, as they will continue to improve in their quest to keep the title they won last year.




13 May 2013

Hope on the horizon for NWU Vaal ladies Mangaliso Maduna

Almost every city or town in the world has its own traditional “El clasico” (derby). A game of intense competition, renowned for being chaotic and produces fireworks at any given time. We also have our own traditional friendly rivalry between NWU Vaal and VUT . Our ladies soccer team locked horns with their cross town rivals VUT in USSA Gauteng League. The game was being played in remembrance of a Longfellow student Tebogo Sepato who passed on the week before. Both teams bowed their heads and performed a moment of silent. Our ladies came into the game with heads held high following impressive performances in their previous encounters. The game got off to a lively start with VUT posing the early threat. Our ladies looked a bit unsettled at the back and gave VUT excessive pressure freedom which led to VUT dictating the tempo of the play. Sparks flew as VUT were persistently making explosive runs on the flanks and frustrated NWU ‘s defence. VUT finally broke the deadlock in the 25th minute when their captain Malebo Legodi blasted the ball at the back of a net. NWU Vaal responded with immediate effect after a work of genius from their goalkeeper when she found Palesa Mokoena unmarked and unleashed a powerful shot on target but inexplicably went wide. Kelly Moepulli was NWU standout performer

on the day as she denied VUT a handful of opportunities with her reflex saves. However one minute from half time VUT scored their second goal of the match as Malebo Legodi completed her brace in a fancy fashion as she impressively beat two defenders and tapped in the ball at the back of a net with ease. The second half resumed in scintillating style as NWU Vaal pressed more bodies forward in their quest to level the score. Their coach made tactical changes as he bolstered his midfield with a vision of creating goal scoring opportunities. Scoring seemed to be the problem for NWU Vaal because they were indecisive in the box and lacked composure in front of goal. Refiloe Janie blessed VUT with their third of the night from a penalty kick after NWU Vaal committed a foul inside the 18 yard. The game got a little intense as nasty tackles flew which got a few of NWU Vaal players in trouble with the referee and dished them with yellow cards. NWU Vaal experienced a communication breakdown between its defenders and VUT capitalised when the ever hard working Malebo Legodi completed her third of the match. Faith Mthembu and Varentia Khubekha had the final say as the score ended 6-0 in favour of VUT. In a nutshell VUT were the better team, now what is left for our NWU Vaal is to pick up the pieces and go back to the drawing board to check where it all went wrong and rethink their approach.

Goalkeeping: An art for the strong willed Archibold Bojosi

Back in elementary school, I had a friend who was an avid footballer, particularly a goalkeeper. Now of all the matches he played for the school I only recall two, why you might ask? Those were the games that would decide his fate for the rest of his elementary years. The first game was an away game and the team was buzzing on the day, my friend made some brilliant saves and the end result was a one-nil win for our school. What caught my attention though was that besides the coach and I, the

rest of his teammates didn’t compliment him at all yet the goal scorer who had just tapped in the ball in the net was seen as the main man of the match. The next match was tough, highly contested once again he proved his mantle and pulled some awesome saves, unfortunately the opponents were just too good and our school team lost by five goals to nil, unlike the previous game this time his teammates blamed him

13 May 2013


for conceding all of those goals and though the coach and I tried our best in motivating him, he never played football again. The morale of the story is though teams win games the keeper is always forgotten, but should there be a defeat he is the first one to be blamed. One can say my friend was not strong enough, but the reality was that he was the “go to man” after every loss and that unfortunately that’s the life of goalkeepers. If you are a goalkeeper or an aspirant keeper here are some pointers to help you improve your game: Aerial ability and coming for crosses This is a crucial part of being a goalkeeper and requires one to be confident, especially during crosses to be able to come off your line, catch the ball and at most times start your teams attack with a quick serve. Dealing with crosses comes with practice, practice coming out more when crosses are practiced. The more you come off your line the more confident you become. Have no fear of the bodies in front of you especially during set pieces after all the area is yours and you have the advantage. Communication and organization of your defence A fundamental aspect of any goal minder is that one must possess vocal skills, being understood by your defenders is pivotal as it will prove the difference between conceding and not conceding. An example is during a free kick a goalkeeper should be able to communicate effectively to his teammates how many players and from which angle to form a wall, to prevent the opponents from capitalizing from the set piece awarded, thus one must be very vocal with clear messages. Distribution Nowadays keepers are expected to play a role in the teams attack. Keepers are required to be able to kick balls over long distances and try to pass their teams attackers en route the opponents last third of the pitch. Kaizer Chiefs and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune is the best distributor of the ball by far; he has been able to get counterattacks going straight

45 away and has a several assists already this season. Shot-stopping and reflexes A goalkeeper should always concentrate on the ball and its direction, when stopping a lowshot, for example, the feet and legs should be close enough together so as not to allow the ball to go through should it slip through his hands. Also the stomach or chest should be well behind the flight of the ball when possible. For reflexes a goalkeeper should work on his reaction speed, a goalkeeper is advised to practice sprint runs on his line with as shots kicked from unexpected areas. Choice of gloves Mechanics use tools; pens are essential for us students and for goalkeepers’ gloves are the required tools. Goalkeeping gloves do not last a very long time. In fact after every single match, you will find a difference in the way they handle the ball. The right size will always ensure that your gloves last longer. Loose or tight fitting gloves will put undue pressure on the seams and on the latex, every time the ball strikes them. That will tear out the seams or wear out the latex quicker. Playing conditions vary and when you are buying gloves, you need to know what conditions you are buying them for. You have gloves for hard & soft grounds as well as wet and dry weather conditions. Remember they must fit and be comfortable. Being alert and mentally strong A goalkeeper has to be alert at all times. Since 1992 when goalkeepers were forbidden to pick up back passes, this then means a goalkeeper’s level of playing has also depended on ones concentration proficiency, one must always make the right call whether it is a quick back pass or coming off your line. A goalkeeper should be mentally strong, take for instance you concede a goal in the game and you drop your head, I guarantee you will concede more goals with that sort of spirit or your teammates lambast you for conceding you should rather stand your ground and prove them wrong by pulling saves and silencing them. After all the country can’t afford to lose more goalkeepers like my friend, who knows he might have oneday gone on to star for Bafana Bafana.



13 May 2013

Student 24/7 (Vol 3 No. 4) 2013  
Student 24/7 (Vol 3 No. 4) 2013