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反动派的日记(The Diary of An Nonbeliever Citizens of Mao) Revolutionary Voices Journal: The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution March 13th 2018 Clara Kim 8-5 This is irritating! My confidence in being a great professor has incredibly decreased. I thought I had taught my students well enough to be judicious to know what is right and wrong. On the other hand, I was utterly wrong. One of my students, Nie XuanZi, was one of the leaders of the group of people and which formed revolutionary units, who called themselves the Red Guards. Perhaps, Mao Zedong was too good at brainwashing. The Red Guards were established on May 26th, 1966. The characters of the Red Guards are who carries the Little Red Book and respects Mao. Which meanwhile, The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution have just started what I have expected. During along the road, I deliberately waited for the car in front of mine. The traffic was horrible as the abyss. Happily, it was next to the Tiananmen Square. Even though, from the The Red Guards are trying to kill the citizens who does long distance, it was easy to notice that the crowd of not believe in Mao. the Red Guards. Citizens, youths, and adults, with a green outfit were all over the place. There was Mao Zedong, the god of teaching, giving speech through the microphone. His voice echoed everywhere. I rolled my eyes, tiredly. The policies may sound benefit to the citizens. Still, the goods would return himself; this is a selfish thought. Selfish Mao has gained more power since there were more to advocate him. As what I have mentioned earlier, young citizens were fooled and educated to respect Mao as a "god". "One of the students in your history class got beaten up!"Mr Lang, a professor in the university, yelled breathlessly after running from a far distance; meanwhile, I was eating a serenity lunch break. My chopstick dropped with shock. I followed Mr.Lang until we got to the end of the building. "STOP" I shouted madly at those five sly students. My temper has reached the highest point. "What's the matter? Why do you have to do this?!" Answering loudly, he pointed to the poor young man. "It wasn't our fault! He blamed on Mao Ze Dong. Blood at the corner of the lips, purple bruises all over his body. The signal of the fiasco that would occur China have appeared.

Turning my face away from the propaganda "Destroy the Four Olds" have appeared. I took an excruciating text on the poster again: Destroy the customs, old habits, old ideas, and old culture. Feeling unlucky, they all related to history. History has always been in my life. Mao Zedong has announced the reason for that term that it was the only way for China to change. I still had a feeling China was feeling sad from the World War II. Nevertheless, this term will obviously not be going to fix this situation at all. That is all nonsense! Still, everybody believes him. Fast as the speed of light. I quickly ran into the study room. Selecting my favorite history books and went to my bedroom and cried. I lowered my head to be able to reach the space under my bed. Moved a large box away, opened one of the wooden planks in the floor before I stuffed the books into it. I put everything into place where they initially were. My room was kicked open by The Red Guards. Nearly scared of to my death. One of the four guards searched to my house. I couldn't move my feet. I was able to catch my breath was when they threw my property into the fire. Two guards starting at you, I watched my precious violin burned by the red flame slowing into black dust, along with uncountable valuable books. A drop of tear slowly came down the corner of my burning eyes; this is unacceptable! Around June 1966, middle school and universities The propaganda of "Destroy the Four Olds" making and throughout the country closed down. What was the result me feel like to put in the trash. anyway? I am no longer a university professor, my precious job at all time. According to Mao, he said that whose education is high is dangerous, or everyone would not be equal. Guess what; I honestly think he's not telling the truth. He may have an idea of higher knowledge which was harder to control and brainwash. From my room window, Red Guards in a green outfit started to capture and drag me out. Then I noticed there were one of my students in the school. I was sure they could recognize me, but it did not matter to them at all.

Over the past decade, I have never been so happy in my life. The devil of China, Mao Zedong is dead. I marked this vital date in my mind, September 9th, 1976, the time of freedom. His death symbolizes the loss of the paramilitary foundation of Communist China. When Mao's death was declared on September 9th in the afternoon, they have enabled NPC(National People Congress), State Council, and the whole party came throughout the country. A while later, the Gang of Four lost their remain power and were restrained, which includes Mao's third wife (Jiang Qing), and three Shanghai politicians. At this moment, Hua Guo Feng had an evident faith in Mao. Which at the : Mao's picture of a reminder in the Chinese Cultural Proletarian same time, it was ambitious that if he Revolution in TianAnMen (a famous place in Beijing) should support the "Mao's side" or "AntiMao's side". Despite both sides turned out to convince or forced to Hua's surrender power to them. The Gang of Four was especially an aggressive, profound, and forceful. They continued blaming others. One of the members, in the Gang of Four, has lived in prison for the past two decades while everyone else has committed suicide in 1991. I feel like they deserve the death of themselves. They have ruined all the uncountable horrified and cruel things to the Chinese citizens. China has met finally made reconciliation again. Finally. After that, I got married to a nice wife, and a 5-year-old son, I told stories to my child, and he said: "Was the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was worth it?" I thought that I had had a feeling that if I had said wrong things towards Mao, yet I said to him telling The Great Proletarian Revolution was worth it in some points, but I only can say that Mao was an inspiring leader who made the China's legacy significant enhance from today.

Revolutionary Journal- The Great Proletarian Chinese Cultural Revolution  
Revolutionary Journal- The Great Proletarian Chinese Cultural Revolution