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Syria Under War Asma al-Assad Mar 20th, 2013 The civil war has lasted for two years, we are losing control of the situation, the rebels had just conquered their first province, the Raqqa Governorate. The islamism group including Al-Nusra Front, the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course the rebels. Different islamism group are disliking each other for years, but I can’t see any good of this. The first bomb attack at Damascus Our most important military power, the Menagh Military Airbase is under siege for 6 month, we are losing. Yesterday, I found a man, armed solider, sneaking and scouting around this building. I hid myself at the backside of the wall and called the guard. He tried to fight back, and got shot right between his eyes. Now, we can have a close look at what he was doing, “Bombs!” one of our solider calls out, “There could be other bombs around, we need to evacuate everyone in the building!” I went second floor and found my kids at the room in the east corner, “Mom, what’s wrong?” I respond. “Go to the courtyard, we found bombs in this building, I need you guys to be safe.” I guess we are just tired of this war, without another word, they stand up and walk straight to towards the front door. Multiple explosive devises were found in Damascus that day, we manage to keep the orphanage safe, still, there is few of them we don’t have enough time to, and that caused dozens of death around the city. I am sure that this is from the brotherhood, they had prepared for years, creating anger within Syria by unfair, brutal, and violence way of ruling people. All they need to do now, is to point all the anger to us, make us the focus point of everyone, and take control after we fail. Surely they are going to be supported, sense we are disliked by both the local people and the US at the same time. The condition is getting worse, we need to be protected by the Fourth Armed Force even in the Damascus orphanage, we can’t go outside without a bullet prove vest, I can’t even met Bashar anytime I want, cause there could be bombs right outside the huge barricade made of sandbags and armed vehicles. There is so many ways to die out there, so we can’t do anything other then sitting still and pray, !‫ﻻ ﺣﻮل و ﻻ ﻗﻮة اﻻ ﺑﺎ‬. (Help us, Allah)

Aug 21, 2013

Chemical weapon attack took place in the war, civilian casualties are involved.

We lost our connection with the Menagh Military Airbase in the last 24 hours, Numeer just send his best scout see what had happened over there. Hope they are still there, but I don’t think they are, no good news are coming sense the rebel force appears, and our only hope just went of line. Bashar came to the orphanage to visit us, this is the first time we’ve seen each other in 2 month, we were sit around the table for dinner, it was all silent. I can tell he is lost, I can see it from his eyes. After the kids went sleep, “I gave Numeer the to anything to use any necessary ways to secure Syria and suppress the rebels, the report of chemical weapon attack on the rebels came today afternoon.” I respond “Believe in yourself, you are the president, all the people will follow you what ever you did. Look at all those people here, armed and unarmed, they are here because they believe in you, never disappoint them, and me.” “Let me sleep please.” That is the last sentence from his mouth tonight. Again, the only thing I can do here is pray.

Sep 15, 2016 3 years had passed sense the chemical weapon attack, we took back what we lost, the coalition of our Fourth Armed Force and the special force from Russia are destroying the rebels, the air strike had stooped 3 month ago. We took back the control of the Menagh Military Airbase, now is only the matter of time before our army to break the last defence line at the Raqqa Governorate. This bloody revolution had changed nothing, this is just a waste of life, of trust, of the system Syria had build through years. The Arab Spring brought us war, and that is it. Syria has been developing on both economic Syria after air strike and bomb attack.

and politic system, the least thing Syria need is war. The system of Islamism taking control of the government is a politic system that is not going to last for a longer period of time, but the way to make a change is not a civil war, intact, this civil war is not going to change it at all. None of the changes this civil war had brought is good for Syria, 10 years before, I can walk on the street and see people with there job, I can go of on to the street with my kids and watch them play on the old abandoned court yard at the back of our house. But that is all gone now, the is nothing left on the street but ruins and homeless people walking around, searching for food and drink, or maybe there family. The orphanage in the safest place we can found here, intriguer bombs left on street. This revolution is just a waste of life and a destruction in Syria.

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