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Using colour to increase productivity in your work place

Great advice on how to make your office a more pleasant, inspirational work space.

Find out which colours are proven to raise efficiency‌ And which do the opposite?


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your new office starts right here... Most people spend more time at work each day than they do at home and yet, many will sit on an uncomfortable chair, in a dowdy and uninspiring office with grey metal filing cabinets for company... If this is you, then rest assured you’re not alone. We create attractive and inspiring places to work that will raise your productivity, improve efficiency and help to reduce absenteeism. A more pleasant and productive work environment will bring the very best out of your valued employees or fellow workers. It will also help to give exactly the right ‘first impression’ to important visitors and future clients. Whether you need a single office desk and chair, or a complete office refit and furniture installation that will totally transform your business, we can help!… We offer our clients a level of service, professionalism and real value for money that we believe is ‘second to none’. Regardless of whether your needs are large or small, please call us. Our advice and planning service is free and we’d be happy to come and see you at your premises, or alternatively you can come and visit us for a coffee and a friendly informal chat with pleasure! All without obligation. Call us today on 01302 830330 - We'd love to hear from you ! Stuart Thompson Managing Director


It's more than just an office... Your office is an incredibly important place. If you spend several hours every day at work, then why wouldn't you want to make your office environment an incredibly comfortable, pleasant and inspiring place to be?

Office design isn’t just cosmetic. We design and install pleasant and productive work environments that ‘really work’ for you and your business ... Imagine a comfortable, bright and airy work space full of happier more productive staff; inspiring visitors and clients from the moment they step in. Our advice and planning service is free, and good quality office furniture is an excellent investment that will often pay for itself within a very short time, so it really does make sense to think about how you can improve your work space ... It can totally transform your business !

So, if you really want to improve your office, where do you start? To assess what your space has to offer, try imagining the room without anything in it. First, stand in the room when the sun is shining and visualise how the light moves around the room, from early morning to much later in the afternoon. Making the


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best possible use of natural lighting and enhancing it still further is often the starting point to creating a more pleasant and productive environment. Avoid placing tall cupboards too close to window openings as these can obstruct the spread of natural light, causing subtle shadows and dark areas. In darker rooms, you can improve the spread of light by finishing walls in light, natural colours that will reflect a pleasantly diffused light back into the room. Modern office furniture in lighter wood finishes can reflect up to 50% more light into a room than some darker wood finishes, so this should be considered, as should floor coverings and seating fabrics which can dramatically alter the overall 'look and feel' of an office. With modern seating fabrics, you can choose between literally hundreds of colour options – Plains, patterns, high-tech meshes and textured fabrics that are full of visual interest are all available. Some fabrics have wool blended mixes for comfort, whilst others can be ‘easy-clean’

7 golden rules when planning your office 1 Natural light makes for a far more productive workspace, and it should be used and enhanced wherever possible. In darker offices, use lighter colours on walls, desks and chairs that can reflect up to 50% more light. 2 Think about how power sockets and data cables will be fed to each desk. Power and data cables need to be separated to prevent data corruption. Reduce ‘cable clutter’ by using desks with full cable management systems.

A more pleasant and efficient work environment increases productivity, so it's a real investment

or even ‘anti-bacterial’ – Ideal for use in more heavy-duty applications. We've even got an environmentally friendly fabric that is made entirely from recycled nettles! … Unsurprisingly, it's called 'Sting' !! When it comes to choosing the colours and finishes for your office, it is best to consider the scheme as a whole. What will you be using the workspace for and what kind of atmosphere do you wish to create? We all know that the colours that surround us can have a significant effect on our mood. Natural colours and calming pastels are therefore ideal for meeting rooms and reception areas as they can instantly create an inviting, airy and relaxed atmosphere, whereas warmer tones can be used to give a more intimate, friendly feel to a smaller office space. Carefully positioned plants and soft furnishings can also play a big part in creating exactly the right ‘look and feel’. Intense or vibrant colours can be used very effectively in the workplace, but whilst they can be striking, it is often best to use

them with restraint and in relatively small quantities. They can add splashes of colour that can be very welcome in any overall colour scheme in exactly the same positive way that a few brightly coloured flowers can add real colour to a garden. However, do be aware that bright and vivid colours can sometimes be more difficult to live with day in, day out… For example, an intense bright yellow ‘feature wall’ may seem fine during the winter months, but in the intense summer sun, it could become completely overpowering. Get creative and start thinking of your work space as being ‘far more than just an office.’... After all, it is a place where you’ll often spend a big part of your day, so why wouldn’t you want it to be a really pleasant place to be? … By helping to create a better working environment for you and your team, it’s an investment that will help to deliver improved overall efficiency, more pleasant and comfortable surroundings, and a happier, more productive workforce!

3 Doors, fire exits, and gangways must always be kept clear at all times. Allow plenty of space for people to sit behind desks, as well as get in and out. Storage must always be fully accessible with either the doors open or with the drawers fully extended. 4 If you feel confident, plan your office on graph paper. For small offices, use a scale of 1:50. For larger offices, you may need to use 1:100. However, do remember we offer a free planning service and we’ll give free advice for any size of project without obligation. 5 Producing a ‘mood board’ will ensure that when put together, all the elements give an attractive overall blend. Use the same amounts of each colour as will be used in the finished office. Pull accent colours together with small details like pictures, letter trays or desktop accessories. 6 Interior plants, interesting pictures and soft furnishings will add warmth to your office. Office lighting should be indirect, soft and adequately diffused. It should complement natural lighting levels, otherwise it can produce both tension and eye strain. A good supportive office chair is a must! 7 Ask for advice from an office interiors specialist. Our advice is free and friendly, whether it’s a total office refit or you simply need a single office desk or chair. Speak to one of our office furniture team on 01302 830330 …We’re here to help


reception areas...meetin People will work more effectively if they spend each day in a pleasant, highly productive and stimulating office environment 6

l intec office systems ltd l 01302 830330

Thank you for helping me with my home office which now looks fantastic. Great quality furniture, brilliant customer service and a real ‘can-do’ attitude from all the intec team… All done at an extremely keen price… A Great job, well done! Dave Woolass - Owner. Dave Woolass Fine Arts

ng spaces..


The Intec team have been involved from start to finish in our latest project, moving into a newly purchased, empty premises, which has become the Company Head Office and Training Academy. The successful design layout and furniture combinations in both the large open space areas and individual offices is a credit to the Intec team, resulting in a look our Company is very proud to show off. N. P. Wood - Financial Director. Stoneacre Motor Group

we don't just design your office... we inspire it!







l intec office systems ltd l 01302 830330

We'll help transform your office so it not only looks better, but it will actually work better too. Your work place will soon be full of happier more productive staff and be inspiring clients from the moment they step in the building. Better work spaces can actually help to transform your whole business.

Free Friendly Advice and On-Site Visit to your Office You can either visit us, or we'll arrange a mutually convenient time for us to visit your premises and discuss your requirements. We can offer as much or as little advice as you need. We can give free advice on how to use the workspace you currently have in your office, talk about possible desk and storage layouts, and work through budget expectations and time scales all without any obligation. We can also measure your office and take digital photos if necessary so we’ve got everything ready for the next stage … Planning !!

Free Design Service with 2D and 3D Plans Once we’ve sat down and established your initial requirements, your expectations and we’ve discussed some outline pricing, we can then put together an initial proposal that includes a simple 2D scale plan showing your office layout. At this stage we would also submit wood sample options and fabric swatches for your approval. For more involved projects, we can produce stunning rendered 3 Dimensional drawings that show you in great detail exactly how your finished office will look...

Free Local Delivery and Full Installation Service We offer a free local furniture delivery and installation service, and Nationwide deliveries and installs can be easily arranged subject to project size. We only ever use our own furniture delivery teams to ensure that you always receive the very best possible service. When we leave your premises, any desks, storage units, tables or chairs are left fully assembled and ready for use ... Any packaging or cardboard used to protect your furniture during delivery is removed from your premises for recycling. We give genuine ‘value for money’ combined with excellent quality and friendly customer service where nothing is too much trouble. Call one of our office interior specialists today on 01302 830330 without obligation to see how we can help, and make your office ‘really work’ for you!


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furniture specialists Haydn Office Furniture Project Manager Overall planning and site visits, project management & installations, desking, storage & seating specialist

Office Furniture is a “touchy, feely” product that can sometimes be difficult to visualise from a catalogue, which is why we invite clients to see our “living and working” showrooms at our premises in Doncaster…

mobile: 07917 350582 email:

Jenni Office Furniture Showroom Manager

Find us at… Intec Office Systems Ltd Unit 3, Yorkshire Way West Moor Park (Off Jct.4 M18) Armthorpe Doncaster DN3 3FD Tel: 01302 830330 to M62 Leeds

to Doncaster


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Office Furniture Project Manager CAD design and planning, site visits, project management & installations, desking, storage & seating specialist mobile: 07917 350587 email:


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into stunning reality 13

Human beings are not actually designed to sit, so doing so for long periods can be a challenge...

Do you sit in your office chair for more than 3 or 4 hours each day? Task Chair

Recommended for all-day use - up to 8 hours/day

3 height/width adjustable arms 3 active 'synchro' mechanism 3 height adjustable seat 3 adjustable backrest angle 3 'waterfall' front seatpad 3 adjustable seat depth 3 active lumbar support

Operators' Chae ir Recommended for us ax. up to 4 hours/day m th adjustable

Try a brand new office chair for FREE… Call to arrange a free ‘no obligation’ trial 14

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id 7 height/w nism nchro' mecha y 's ve ti ac 7 stable seat 3 heighttaadblju ckrest angle ba e 3 adjus fall' front seatpad 7 'water able seat depth 7 adjust lumbar support 7 active

If you’ve ever complained about back ache after work, then you're not alone. Eight in ten people in the UK will experience acute back pain at some time in their lives, and yet a staggering 92% of office workers sit in a totally unsuitable office chair. If you sit for more than three or four hours at work each day, then you shouldn’t really be sat in an operator style chair. A ‘task style’ office chair is designed for longerterm daily use and will offer increased comfort and durability, whilst providing significantly better lumbar support as a result of a tensioned synchronous mechanism - ideal for users who sit for longer periods. The seat and the backrest are perfectly tensioned, and give continuous support as you move in your chair - We call it ‘active lumber support’ - It maintains the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine, and helps to prevent fatigue while sitting. Many office workers who sit in unsuitable chairs now suffer from a pronounced ‘C’ shaped sitting posture that can lead to sciatic nerve damage and acute long-term back pain.

A good office chair is therefore a real investment in comfort and efficiency and can even raise productivity. However, a poor office chair can make people feel irritable, uncomfortable and worse still, can lead to unnecessary fatigue and can cause long term health issues. If you want to see what a positive difference a supportive, modern office chair will make to your working day, why not take advantage of our free ‘new office chair for a day’ service. You can ‘test drive’ one of our sample office chairs specially chosen to suit ‘you’ and your exact needs - All without any obligation.

“Research shows that over half a million people in the UK suffer daily from work related back pain” “We spend up to two thirds of our working day sitting, yet 92% of us sit in a totally unsuitable office chair” “Back related injuries cost UK employers over £400million every year in sick pay and lost production”. Source: The Health & Safety Executive

Office chairs? – Your questions answered. Q. How much will it cost to get the right chair for me?

Q. How does your FREE ‘office chair for a day’ service work?

Q. What Colours and Fabric options can I choose from?

A. We’ve got a wide range of office chairs in our showroom, many that we can arrange for you to try in your own office before you buy. Seating will vary in price according to specification and personal preference and generally speaking you get what you pay for, but if you want a good quality ‘fully featured’ task chair, it will probably cost less than it would to fill up the company van twice with fuel. And remember, a good office chair will last for years!

A. There is no single office chair that will suit everyone or every situation so we have many options available. We can come out to see you at your office, or you can come to us and see our showroom. We can advise you every step of the way so you get exactly the right office chair for you and your budget. You then try a sample chair for a day in your own office. If you like it – we’ll have one made in your choice of colour and we’ll deliver it within a few days. We don’t charge extra for this – It’s just good customer service and it’s entirely free of charge!

A. We’ll either match your new office chair to an existing fabric colour, or you can choose from over 1,000 different and new fabric options. Plains, patterns and textured materials are all available, with many at no extra cost. Visit our showroom and see the fabric options available, or we can bring the coloured fabric swatches to you in your office – The choice is yours!


mor more


A better, more inviting work environment raises staff moral, encourages creativity and gently stimulates the mind.


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re styles... colours...

re choice!

Client: Pullman

Fleet Services Project: To design and install a fifty person call centre operation from scratch including meeting room and managers office. Assist in planning a full relocation program, including 2D design and space planning over three floors of offices, including director’s offices and conference rooms. Full relocation and re-installation of all existing office furniture, and match up new to existing where necessary. Time scale: Three months to prepare and plan, phased implementation over 21 days. Summary: Extremely complex project that was completed within budget, and within available timescales. Importantly, the customer had no costly ‘down time’ and was delighted with the finished work.

On behalf of myself and the Directors and staff of Pullman Fleet Services I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks for the help and assistance provided by yourself and the intec team. Ian Colley

Middlebank Project Manager Pullman Fleet Services


One large US based company famously decorated their offices in a gently stimulating colour scheme and raised productivity by over 15%. People not only worked harder, but they actually seemed to enjoy work more. However, the more pleasant colour scheme was later removed from the washroom areas when management noticed that people were spending much longer when visiting the toilets.

How to use Colour in your 18

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It’s been known for some time that colours can influence our general mood, but why do certain colours have the power to make you feel tranquil, and others make you feel more irritable? Colour can not only subtly change our emotions, but it can also change the apparent shape and size of the room itself. So, when trying to create an office environment that really ‘works’, you will need to ask yourself a very simple question - What mood would you like to create in your workplace and which colours will help you achieve it? Before we start, let’s start with some basic rules. It’s best to limit the number of colours in a room to no more than three or four. Too many colours can make a room look busy or cluttered. Lighter colours are expansive and airy and make rooms seem larger and brighter. Darker colours can be more sophisticated and warm, and can be used to give depth, or give large rooms a more intimate appearance. But what about the colours themselves?


Red raises a room’s energy level. It is an emotive colour that can draw people together and stimulate conversation. In an entryway, it creates a strong first impression and has been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate. However, it can evoke feelings of rage and hostility, so it’s often best used as an accent colour rather than using it as the main colour in any room scheme. Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and it communicates happiness. It’s perfect for office kitchens and staff rooms, where a happy colour is energising and uplifting. In receptions and hallways, yellow can feel expansive and welcoming. It is however the most fatiguing colour on the eyes, so is best when used in relatively small quantities, or in spaces that are only occupied for short periods. Blue and Aqua hues are known to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate. These colours are considered calming, relaxing, and serene. Be careful though as a pastel blue that’s pretty on a small sample can appear unpleasantly chilly on a wall, especially in a room that receives little natural light. If you opt for a light blue as the primary colour, balance it with warm hues in the furnishings and fabrics. Avoid large expanses of dark blues however, as these can evoke feelings of sadness.

Green is considered the most restful colour for the eye. Combining the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow, green is suited to almost any room scheme. Dark greens can give a rich, executive feel, whereas a sage or medium green can be used to relieve stress and help people to relax. This is why on TV chat shows, people wait in ‘the green room’. Beware of those office romances however as according to ancient Chinese mythology, green is believed to help with fertility. Purple in its darkest values is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It’s associated with luxury and creativity, and as an accent or secondary colour, dark purple can give a scheme depth. Lighter purples, such as lavender and lilac are ideal as office colour schemes, bringing the same restful quality to an office as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly. Orange evokes excitement, and is an energetic colour. It is however not ideal as a main office colour as it can promote feelings of irritability and anxiety. It is therefore best used as an accent colour only. Neutrals (black, grey, white, and brown) All-neutral schemes fall in and out of fashion, but their virtue lies in their flexibility: Add colour to liven things up; subtract it to calm things down. Some colour experts maintain that every room needs a touch of black to ground the colour scheme and give it depth.

We can help you create a more productive and pleasant office environment, meeting room or reception area. Speak to one of our office interior specialists about our free friendly advice and planning service on 01302 830330.


The team at Intec have guided us all the way through the project, listening to our needs, offering advice and alternatives, being there when there were problems and speedily and professionally sorting them out. We look forward to working again on further projects in the future. Sue Spink, ICT Coordinator Brooke Primary School


l intec office systems ltd l 01302 830330


We’ll create a pleasant, more productive work environment that will really get the very best out of you and your team

What our customers say… We would have no hesitation in recommending intec for their customer service, prices and efficiency. Well done !!!

The design and planning service is excellent, along with their impeccable customer service and after sales support I would happily recommend intec to you

High Quality Furniture, Quick delivery, efficient installation at affordable and competitive prices. We can confidently recommend Intec Office Systems Ltd as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field

Lynne Neal and Chris Rice St. Vincents Medical Practice

Mr J Bell Balby Carr CSSC

N. P. Wood Stoneacre Motor Group


l intec office systems ltd l 01302 830330

My office has recently undergone a full refurbishment and the quality of furniture provided by intec is first class…. I would strongly recommend intec, as the initial impression made by a head teacher and their office will have a lasting impact on prospective parents, governors, external agencies and local authority officials Mr. J. McEnaney Woodlands Primary School


Intec Office Systems Ltd is proud to of gained CARBON SMART accreditation for our continued commitment to the environment. Any packaging or cardboard is completely removed from site following installation to be responsibly recycled. We monitor our Carbon Footprint annually, and have successfully reduced our CO2 output by over 11% in the last 12 months, with plans to cut CO2 emissions by a further 15% over the next two years.


Intec Office Systems Ltd has various options available to help you fund your office project including a leasing package offered in partnership with CHGMERIDIAN Capital Limited. This allows clients to finance their office refurbishment or workplace relocation project in a highly tax efficient way, whilst enabling costs to be spread over a number of years and maintaining a more positive cash flow. For more information about our leasing options, please contact us on 01302 830330 and speak to one of our creative office interiors team.

Fancy a coffee? To make your office ‘really work’… Call John, Haydn or Jenni today on 01302 830330

If you want a no-obligation chat, demo or advice, please feel free to call in to the showroom, where we'll be more than pleased to help.


from a single desk or office chair...

to a total office refit...

we can help. Intec Office Systems Ltd Unit 3, Yorkshire Way West Moor Park (Off Jct.4 M18) Armthorpe Doncaster DN3 3FD Tel: 01302 830330

The better Office Guide  
The better Office Guide  

The definitive guide to creating a more attractive, pleasant and more productive office that really 'works'.