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Important Programming Languages Which Bangkok Web Developer Must Be Aware Off Before saying yes to any it assignment: Web developer of Bangkok must be knowledgeable about full stack JavaScript programming language. JavaScript language does not seem to get replaced at any point in near future. This language can be used to code video games, desktop and mobile applications since it is platformindependent and an important part of interactive websites. Ever-increasing demand for smart phones and tablets python is another language which is still in used by many web developers of big MNC’S like Google, Yahoo and even NASA. Web developer of Bangkok should not considered python as a beginner’s language, this high-level server side script supports both web and mobile based applications. Facebook likes PHP; Digg likes PHP and the most important world most famous blogging platform WordPress also prefer use of PHP. Web developers in Bangkok can undertake many blogging assignments and web developments by showing a little bit concern toward this server side scripting language. According to some study front-side web developer in Bangkok earns higher on an average compare to server side web developers. Languages like HTML and CSS3 require proper understanding before actual work of web designing begins. Web developers, Bangkok has to understand their combination in order to design best navigating and user friendly websites. Ruby just like python supports mobile and web development but provide good base for web developers in order to learn more complex languages. Object oriented language Ruby powers

Ruby-On-Rails web development framework which is quite popular among the web developers of Bangkok on the internet. Content is originally taken from

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Important Programming Languages Which Bangkok Web Developer Must Be Aware Off