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EVOKE BA Fashion Management Stage 2

Louisa Taylor “Couldn’t live without her straightners and mascara”

Dear you

Evoke; the second annual fashion management stage 2 magazine. What can I say? The name Evoke is there for a reason, we want you – the readers – to feel something, to think something, to speak about what we have done here, because, well, we’re proud of it. So far into my university career, this task has required more planning and work than that any other task, but it’s been so much fun at the same time – we had a blast. I speak for everyone on the course when I say that the hard work, the tears, and the tantrums have definitely been worth it.

in the rain but no matter what, we got our golden shots – the ones we wanted to show everyone. Fashion Management is such a diverse course, here you see our creative side, but as a management course we also do all the business modules. By dabbling in to several key areas of a fashion company we are preparing ourselves for the big bad world and what better way to do it than by taking on tasks that we may be required to do if we choose to follow this specific path.

On behalf of each of us students, I hope you From looking at last year ’s tremendous enjoy this magazine as much as we enjoyed magazine, each group drew inspiration, saw working on it. what worked, saw what could have been With love, improved and used this as a stepping stone in ways, there had been a bar set and in ways I think we broke this bar. Through speaking to my course mates we have worked on ideas that I didn’t think were really possible with the amount of planning, the time scale and around all of the other work we had to do around the same time, but we managed – we travelled, we shot under water, we shot in the snow, we shot

Stuart Spence



Styled by BA Fashion Management students, Stuart Spence and Louisa Taylor. Photographed by Andrew Downie. Modelled by Laura McGregor and Stuart Spence.



My coursework submission, got an A


My coursework submission, got an A